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Bloomberg Using Dead Cop To Push Gun Control Agenda

December 19, 2011 by  

Bloomberg Using Dead Cop To Push Gun Control Agenda

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg invited Congress to attend the funeral of a slain cop with him on Monday, saying that it might urge lawmakers to do something about the flow of illegal guns.

Bloomberg said on his radio show on Friday that he wants members of Congress to come to the funeral of NYPD Officer Peter Figoski, who was shot and killed last week with an illegally purchased handgun, according to POLITICO.

“If you could get Congress to come with me and sit with me in this church on Monday — wouldn’t that be wonderful if they finally got some understanding, and in memory of this officer said, ‘We can’t bring him back, but we’re going to make sure his kids and his parents are protected by getting guns off the streets out of illegal hands,’” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg was responding to a Twitter user who asked why New York wastes so much time pushing for additional gun control measures.

“When I read that I thought to myself, maybe the guy wants to join me out in Babylon on Monday sitting in the church where the funeral is for Officer Figoski,” Bloomberg said.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Bloomburg is an a hole using a dead cop has he asked the family about this? he really wants to take our guns away from us.

    • http://yahoo don

      bloomburg, i wish you’d dissapear. if you had your way innocent people like m eho owns a gun would lose them. i wonder what the percnetag of our populatio is that uste guns in crime. probly about 1/10 of 1/10 precent of the population if not smaller. why don”t you elitist dumassesshut up and quit trying to take away peoples rights. everyone has to pay for what a small number of idiots do. wwhy don’ you go for more severe penalties for using a gun in a crime instead of robbing everyone. n, taking everyones guns away is easier.

      • http://personallibertydigest michael

        Amen… I own a weapon/ rifle… Them words ring true…. Thanks….

    • William L Collins

      now if you took all his gun toteing guards away from him where he had to look out for his own saefty you couldn’t get this coward to come out of his hidy hole now you take people like bloomberg every where he goes he has armed guards around him and his house pluse his wife has to and he wants gun control well then take all his guards and protection away and then ask him what he thinks of gun control now these are the tipe of people that wants someonelsa to take his bullit for him just so its not him thats another thing thats rong with our so called government got too many cowards in our government would rather some one elsa to die in there worthless asses then them all cowards do

      • James

        The ‘period’ key is just below the third finger on your right hand, it would help if you would use it now and them.

        • BJ

          Thank you!

      • wandamurline

        Just like the Liberal Congressman from SC who voted for every antigun law submitted by Congress…but then one day a buglar invaded his home and guess what? He shot him. Like all liberals, they believe that they have the right to own a gun, but the rest of us don’t have the same rights. Bloomberg is a rich elist who believes he is smarter and better than the rest of us….he will get his, just wait for it.

      • Mac

        I don’t waste my time reading crap like W. Collins just wrote- it verges on the incomprehensible- babbling like an infant.

        • http://personallibertydigest michael

          Collins said was dead on…. I agree with him take all his guard weapons aways and let his dumb ass watch out for his self. Then he would want a weapon/gun

    • ernest

      with liberals its always the gun that did it NOT THE CRIMINAL he,s one of them?

    • Trudie

      Why wait for the flow of illegal guns? They can wait for American government does another ‘gun running’ mission and they can use American guns to do the job. Somebody wake up

      • Bus

        Start a collection for a vacation fund for the Mayor, we could send him on a trip to visit the nice border towns along the Mexican border. Maybe he could track down some of those Fast and Furious guns that the govenment lost track of?

  • Sbrdude1

    Another liberal hack who thinks they can control others. Unless people decide they want to do something ie voluntarism they won’t. He’s nothing more than a power hungry liar.

    • eddie47d

      Don’t worry dead kids at Columbine didn’t stop the flow of guns in America so one dead cop won’t even registrar into anyone conscience. Actually incidences like this increase gun sales so this could be another victory for gun runners and misfits. Since police are armed and well trained having a weapon apparently doesn’t protect you does it? This issue goes far beyond the 2nd Amendment so at least open up one eye to the damages and well as your civil rights to protect yourself.

      • Brad

        Like the gov’s fast and furious was a great success, 2 dead on our side of the border and hundreds dead on the other and hundreds if not a thousand fast and furious guns are still on the streets here and in mexico. By bloomberg using a dead police officer to get his point across is weak, a lame excuse for more gun control legislation when NYC has some of the most restrictive gun control legislation on the books. It still won’t stop the criminal eliment, so your futal arguement won’t hold water eddie.

        Eddie said, “This issue goes far beyond the 2nd Amendment so at least open up one eye to the damages and well as your civil rights to protect yourself”. The issue isn’t the 2nd amendment the issue at hand is the criminal eliment breaking the law and the law not enforcing what’s currently on the books, that’s the issue. When you legislate more you only hurt the law abiding citizen, lets legislate and get rid of cars because they kill more US citizens then guns do, what do think about that eddie? That’s 30 to 50 thousand lives saved annually!

      • Tim

        @Eddie. That cop would still be alive but not for the liberal judge that let this guy out even though the prosicuter asked to keep him locked up.

        • eddie47d

          We have a guy who committed serious Federal offenses in Colorado. So what did the FBI do? They used him for undercover work back in the late 80′s and this guy with his new found fame and “authority” went out and killed several women. He mutilated their bodies all while “working” for the FBI. He wasn’t caught for almost 20 years and an innocent man went to jail for those crimes. Not much different than the Fast and Furious debacle.

          • Opal the Gem

            Ah yes, eddie the guy who has not met a stricter gun control proposal he didn’t support and has not met a relaxation of gun laws he didn’t oppose.

  • Kruger

    This sad sack of sh** states the problem himself, illegal. If the criminals brake the law to get illegal hand guns now, would they follow new gun laws.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Don’t know why these guys beat the drum…10 of 10. 100 of 100, million of a million Americans will NOT give up their weapons…every day it becomes more apparent that the more that politicians like bberg speak…the more that the founders were right in instituting the 2nd Amendment.

    It is unfortunate about the officer…with all that is going on..bberg probably gave the perp the illegal gun personally.

    I pray everyday that when the bankers and politicians give us no choice that they will be on the playing field with us.

    They have hid in plain site for a 100+ years…time for change.

  • James

    Bloomberg has body guards armed with him 24X7. He is the most anti-constitution mayor in this country. What he should do is let law abiding citizens in N.Y. city get their conceal carry permits. Then the criminals will fear their potential victims. And when a criminal attempts to take a victims life, the law abiding citizen can lawfully use deadly force.

    Anyone who wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens, or restrict access to guns for self protection is evil and can not be trusted. If law abiding citizens would have been allowed to carry conceal anywhere in this country, including pilots of commercial airplanes the 911 attack would have failed. Think about that!

    Guns are not to be feared. It is the dictators who want to disarm peaceful citizens that must be feared.

    BTW – Was this a “Fast & Furious” gun? Was the funds of the Mexican drug cartel used for the purchase of this gun?

    • eddie47d

      Just the facts James ..Just the facts!. What does a death of a policeman who already has a weapon have to do with a civilian having a gun? In this situation it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference except for the fact that it was an armed civilian who did the killing.

      • Brad

        JUst the facts eddie and it was an armed criminal a civilian wouldn’t shoot at a police officer for fear of them shooting back!

      • James

        Eddy, Here in Ohio conceal carry citizens when confronted by these criminals wanting to use deadly force against us or family members use our weapons to defend our God given life.

        Criminals pay a high price from their actions. Chances are that this criminal could have been already shot & killed or wounded by a law abiding victim citizen. Every day across this country citizens protect their life with firearms. All documented here with news and police reports.

        You can go back years and read the reports.

        • James

          James, if you would add something to your name, it would be appreciated. That way readers wont get us confused. Thank you.

        • texastwin827

          Same here in Texas…once the concealed handgun laws were passed and the Castle Law was passed, there was a dramatic drop in violent crimes (not that they don’t still happen). That seems to happen in almost every state that has concealed weapons laws…because the criminals can’t tell, who does & who doesn’t have a weapon.

      • James

        I’m not the ‘James” who wrote the upper two comments, I’m the biblical constitutional ‘James’.

      • http://personallibertydigest michael

        Eddie it wasn’t a civilian that killed the cop it was a criminal…… Point is he broke the law…. Tougher penalty on braking laws with a gun…. Not new law….

    • coal miner


      I agree with you.I believe every law biding citizen should be alowed to carry any kind of weapon,concealed or out in the open.We don’t need to change the laws,we need to enforce the existing ones.We need to send a message to these hysterical gun control freaks like Michael Bloomberg that their horse sh*t doesn’t sell, “Bloomberg, peddle it some where else.Gun control doesn’t work,enforcing the laws does”.Excellent post.

      • coal miner

        The right to defend oneself from criminals is a basic human right, and a gun is one of the best tools to protect … -

        • coal miner

          Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. [...] the right of the citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government and one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.

          – Hubert H. Humphrey, 1960

      • coal miner

        I meant allowed to carry a gun.

    • Jag

      If I were to live another 75 years, I would still not understand how anyone with a Jewish name could be for gun control. Bloomberg as well as all the other anti gunners that want all weapons in the control of criminals in and out of government do not deserve to have armed guards paid for by taxpaying citizens, and if it was up to me, all security would be pulled from service for these individuals.

      In my early working career, my first job, I worked for a Jewish man that came here from Russia, broke. He said he said he had been blindfolded and put in front of a firing squad, but for some reason they didn’t execute him. He opened a shoe factory in a large city, then expanded his manufacturing to a small town. He was fun to be around, he liked Jewish jokes and I never heard him say everyone should be disarmed.

  • Brad

    My condolences go out to Officer Peter Figoski family, but Bloomberg needs to get off his high horse and comply with current gun control legislation. He just needs to create a gun control task force centered on tacking down the criminal eliment trafficking in illegal guns, plain and simple. But NO he want’s more regulation which over time only affects the law abiding citizen, the criminal eliment will continue down the same road. Mayor Bloomberg when are you going to get a brain and use it, make logical decissions instead of knee jerk decissions that only have long term affects against the wrong group of people.

    • MRMO

      He does not need a brain, he has money.. Thats why they want new laws, so that magicly one may work and all the bad things that happen with guns will stop. Fallow the laws come on! I don’t think that half the criminals (mostly gangs members) know to read, other wise they would fallow the laws.
      Don’t you think so????? hahaha

    • homer

      Why don’t the people of NYC boot this idiot out of office before he completely capitulates the city over to the criminals, muslims, and
      communists? Vote the SOB out of office. I don’t care how much money the shithead has he is not above the ballot box. Get rid of him. I for one am sick and tired of listening to the liberal piece of sh– run his ignorant mouth. How did he get rich? It was certainly not with his brain cause he don’t have one gray matter to spare.

  • Jim

    Wasn’t that one on the guns that BATF sold to hoods in Mexico? Just a thought.

  • Brian

    So the answer to broken laws is more laws. Yep, that’ll put the criminals in their place.

    • eddie47d

      One problem is that there are thousands of gun laws throughout the nation and conflicting ones in all states. Little can be done about a crime being committed until after the fact and the perps who have guns know this. Their rights are also protected until they have done their deed. Confusing laws allow loopholes for everyone so the solution is to plug the holes and make the laws more uniform. The laws should protect the rights of homeowners and help stem illegal buyers. I see no one way street on this issue so who has some solid reasoning for or against. None of this “cold dead hands” hype.

  • dale ellsworth

    i wonder if the gun used to kill the cop was one of the guns being illegally sold by the cops in nyc they arrested about a month ago,or maybe a gun from the atf hhuuuummm

  • http://ALL WESLEY


  • Mike

    Any death by any means is heart breaking when by accident or criminal, but to use the death of this fine officer as a means in which to further his gun control position is pathetic. Just as was the case with Gifford, all these anti gun zeolots come out of the woodwork, yet you never hear about the cases where a life was saved due to someone having a gun during a crime. You have to be an idiot to think gun control has helped the situation with regards to killings, the criminals will always have access to guns, just ask the Justice Department and Eric Holder since they are major suppliers to the mass killers out there.

    • James

      Operation Self Defense

      • James

        Again, I am not the ‘James’ who wrote that.

        • Mac

          I know a dozen people named James; are you one of them, or a different one, James?

        • Mac

          I’ll clarify that a little, James. What does it matter what James wrote if you use the same name as the other James?

          • James

            Mac, I’ve been using ‘James” for two and a half years here. I’m sure I was here first. Bob Livingston has suggested to this other ‘James’ that he add something to his name to set us apart.

    • http://personallibertydigest michael

      Two young grammar school kids where home alone n Texas getting ready to go to school mom just left for work and kids walking out the door sister forgot a book ran upstairs to get it brother wired by the door man kicks n door sister runs to dads gun man goes after her she shoots him dead…. End of stories girl safe brothers life…. She isn’t even tore up about it… Was a action justified.

  • JB

    Politics & the Media – - what a pair (it’s about penalties, not gun flow)- ! ! ! !
    But, how pathetic that so many posters resort to vulgarity, potty mouth, filth and garbage to use publicly – - – what eloquence, and elevated mentality ! !
    Impressive expression ? ? ? ?

  • tom sherman

    Remember the Cops have guns to protect themselves!!! “NOT YOU”


    • MRMO

      Remember when your gun is handy, the cops are only minutes away…

  • T-Texas

    I hope if Newt gets elected he will add rogue mayors,Governors and other that swore to uphold the constitution and then go against to his arrest list.

    • independant thinker

      Don’t hold your breath waithing for newt to do anything pro gun. His track record on guns is mixed at best.

      • T-Texas

        I know that Newt is some what anti gun but that was wishful thinking that he would go for anti constitutionalist also.He hasn’t returned his questionnaire for support of the 2nd amendment from the American Handgunner.

    • TML

      “The American challenge in leading the world is compounded by our Constitution…” – Newt Gingrich 1995 Speech to the Center for Strategic and International Affairs

      Hope that Newt does not get elected, or you may very well lose your constitutional right to bear arms.

      • MRMO

        And that would be just the start. Newt is big with do as I say not as I do…

  • David in MA

    Maybe bloomberg would use his time better in convincing the NYC council to overturn the right to firearm ownership restrictions as the Constitution allows. Strange that a city with a very strict “gun control” law is also a city with a high crime rate, as are other area’s with their so called “gun control”…, build a large prison and lock up the criminals, get them off the street, remove restrictive gun laws and watch the crime rate come down… the death penality, dead criminals cannot commit crimes.

  • TML

    “…who would deprive men of the use of fire for fear of their being burnt, and of water for fear of their being drowned?”

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

    My condolences to the Officer and his family
    It’s a tragedy, and the violator should be made an example of to anyone who dares commit such crimes again. Seeking action against the gun, rather than the person, is logic purely misguided by blind emotions of the matter. Attending a funeral for this officer, emotional as it may be, would not at all make me want more gun control.

  • Distinguishedandwise

    Mayor Bloomberg or any other official will never get my guns. If they show up at my doorstep I will simply say What Guns, as they will have been long since hidden. Here in the state of Texas, there may be a little problem getting guns away from honest law abiding citizens, as f they try most will not have hidden there guns but will answer in a violent manner. So my message to Bloomberg and his gun control advocates…Don’t mess wit Texas.

  • Unsystematic

    Yo dumb5hit – people kill people, a gun in this case was the tool – it could have been anything… Given your line of reasoning silverware should be regulated because it helps make people fat.

  • Hanz

    Mr bloomberg, Why didnt you take congress the the funeral of the murdered Officer that was killed by “your” BATFE. All under the pretence of furthering you lame gun control positions. We all feel for these people who have lose loved ones in the line of duty. But the criminals need to be punished! not the law abiding citizens of our great country! bloomberg should have been removed from political offeice years ago.

  • CanCan

    Hmm, I think Bloomberg is too little too late in offering such a suggestion. There has been a run on guns and ammo of all types in this neck of the woods ever since Obama was elected in 2008. I like the one suggestion, in that yes! Maybe Bloomberg should give up his armed guards first, before telling the rest of us what to do with our guns. He can show us “little people” how well he does all on his own, all by his little ole self. We would see soon enough if he can defend himself without either one. I dare say he would be the first one to piss all over himself the minute SHTF.

  • Joey Biden

    Besides being a money grubbing sensationalist, Bloomberg is an idiot. He preys on the weak of mind. If current criminal laws were enforced he’d have to find a new cause. The real crime here is that he uses a murdered policeman and his family to serve himself. Attn: NYC, Please oust this dumbass next election.

    “From my cold dead hands”

    • MRMO

      What gets me is how Bloomie and all the gun grabber friends have turned a blind eye to the fact that in every state that has passed laws to carry open and concealed , has had the crime rates drop. That tells me they are on the wrong side if they want a crime free America. Lets face it guns are only good for them not us… Also that way we can not protect our self from them!!!

  • Todd Hunger

    Eliminate the DEA and the gun runners at ATF and make our country SAFER!!!!

  • Ben

    Bloomburgh can stuff it in his shorts let him come down here to the South to see how far his Gun Control ideas will get him. I think it would be better to dump the ATF, and a few other alphabed soup agencies as well that would make us as in US safer and also cost us less money in taxes.

  • ranger hall

    The Politicions have Guns, The military have Guns, The Police have Guns, The crimnials have Guns, The courts have uphelt that these people do not answer to the People, They answer to the Powers to be. And that is not us. With out Guns, WHAT do the average people have to protect themselves. The powers to be want us defenceless. THEN we are nothing but SHEEP. A great man once said that Americas military could be Defeated, BUT the only thing that keeps us FREE is that Americans are armed and no Country in the world could defeat and control US.THAT we could not br defeated without BUT we could be DEFEATED from WITHIN.

  • ranger hall

    The powers to be control the Military and the Police, And as time goes by you will see that these same people we THINK are for our Protection Are being trained to Control the American People AND this Power is being exspanded to include The World. In a simple form. The Powers to be will control all the MONEY, All the LAND. And all the ARMED Military and the World. And you can see where this leaves US the People. NO big thing let them disarm us. WE git what WE deserve.

  • Khash

    The key here is illeagally purchased. In NYC only criminals have guns.
    I choose not to carry a gun where I live however, I feel safer out there knowing that if I were in a bad situation that just possibly one of the good guys nearby would have one.

  • Spyder dalton

    4,000 gun laws on the books and not one affected criminals. Lets make 4,000 more. Criminals do not obey laws.
    What part of this doesn’t a liberal understand? Why do we have such stupid people in power?

  • Tom

    We can only blame the cretins of NYC for the rest of us having to endure this blithering idiot! He has no idea why he wants to outlaw guns, he just does! Like all liberals, Bloomberg can’t think for himself! One of his lackeys told him gun control was a good idea. Now if only he could be convince him move to China!

    • Bob from SoCal

      He knows exactly why he wants to outlaw guns. The elites are afraid of an armed populace. Even our military could not take on the entire population of gun owners. Not without WMD’s that is.

  • coal miner

    Those) who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it’s not an individual right (are) courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don’t like.

    – Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School

    The right of self-defense is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

    – Henry St. George Tucker (in Blackstone’s Commentaries)

    “Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms.”


  • hitthedeck

    Politicians who support gun banning are often in fear of the people rather than the guns. Their fear is not of criminals but of good law-abiding citizens who live up to the Constitution and support the second amendment. The power lies in the People and not in the government and when the politicians try to be the government the people should retain the tools to counter tyrants. 911 calls can not save you but a gun can.

  • Jan

    The mayor is just relaying the Democrat mantra, not letting a crisis go to waste..Bigger problem is, laws passed in NYC eventually affects the rest of NYS..Time for separate statehood..

  • hitthedeck

    A gun in one hand guarantees the other hand can call 911.

  • Rennie

    It’s typical in every cop shooting I’m aware of, the killer SHOULD have been behind bars but crafty lawyers or liberal judges let them out, in this cas eteh gunman had been arrested, should have been held for extradition but was released without even having to post bail. That policeman wasn’t killed by loose gun laws he was killed by that judge. Yes, being a policeman is dangerous, that is why they have training, physicals, firearms and strict regulations they are supposed to follow, unfortunatly little or anything can be done about judges who are required to do little in the way of compliance with the law or their job description. It is time we had a better system for reviewing the behaviour and judgement, of judges in this country, to make sure they are doing their jobs. Until then we can only vote out the party that appoints or nominates bad judges.

  • Mac

    What about the word “illegal” doesn’t Bloomberg understand? If the courts and Justice Department would just do the job they are supposed to be doing there would be fewer criminals let loose. The cop was not killed because of the Second Amendment.

  • Idylewylde

    This has been going on since the Bill of Rights was ratified.
    What we saw earlier in history was the urban centers ignoring the Bill of Rights under the mantra of public safety.
    The urban elitists have been hostile to the Bill of Rights from day one.

    Fine. If the urban cyborgs want to live in a police state, let them.

    But, oh no, now they want to extend that urban dictatorship into rural America.

    The real war here is, and always was, between rural America, which cherishes the Bill of Rights, and urban America, that always was a corporate fascist sham that despizes the Bill of Rights.

    Bloomberg is a Corporate Fascist.
    I can prove it.
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it still might not be a duck.
    But if it craps like a duck .. then it’s a duck.

    Seig Heil Bloomberg.

  • JimH

    Just exactly what does the mayor want congress to do? The killer used an ILLEGALLY obtained gun. It was ALREADY against the law.
    More effort on enforcing existing laws would go farther than another law that just hinder’s the law abiding citizen.
    What percentage of people who have a legal conceled carry permit been convicted of a felony?
    What percentage of felonies are commited by people with a conceled carry permit?
    Those are the stats you will never see.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • Bob from SoCal

    If Bloomberg wants the flow of guns to stop, he should go straight to the top. Send in his undercover goon squads to Washington and arrest Obama and Holder.

  • WickedPickle

    In any case, it would be as useful and effective as the war on drugs is today.. It’s true, when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.. What’s not to understand about that phrase? Remember, locks were made to keep the honest out but it sure as hell don’t have any deterrent for the criminal. Maybe once this political goon gets his way, the first time he parades down main street, one of his ten most wanted (who will not adhere to his proclamation) will put him out of his misery with the first gun that was deemed ‘illegal’..

  • sfcpete

    Is Bloomberg certain that the weapon(s) were not brought into the city
    by the DEA?

  • Jay

    Examples Of Armed Citizens Coming To The Aid Of Officers In Peril
    CCW Saves Lives

    There is NO evidence to support the assertion that law enforcement officers are put at risk by law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms in their car. There are no studies, even ones with twisted statistics, that draw this conclusion. How can that be? Because there is NO record of a law enforcement officers having been injured by a CCW permit holder during a traffic stop, anywhere in the 44 CCW states.

    We can, on the other hand, offer numerous examples of armed citizens coming to the aid of officers in peril:

    Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, FL
    Driving to work one morning, Jim Povia, of Sarasota, Florida, saw a state trooper with his service pistol drawn, confronting a trio of male suspects during a traffic stop. Povia, a right-to-carry permit holder, pulled over and grabbed his .40 cal. pistol and went to the aid of the officer. The two held the men until backup arrived. The driver of the vehicle was driving with a suspended license and a gun was found in the rear of the vehicle. The three men were charged with felony weapons possession.

    The Post, Houston, TX
    In the finest tradition of armed citizens who take on crime in their communities, Texan Travis Neel helped save a wounded Harris County deputy sheriff’s life. Witnessing the shooting by one of a trio of Houston gang members after a traffic stop just west of Houston, Neel–who was on his way to his pistol range–pulled his gun and fired, driving the officer’s assailants away. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy also came on the scene and joined Neel in covering the deputy, whose life was saved by his body armor. The trio was captured after a manhunt.

    The Bulletin, Norwich, CT
    While the situation ended without incident, armed citizen Michael Acree stood ready to lend a hand when a police officer stopped a carload of unruly teenagers outside his Salem, Connecticut, home. Noticing the youths scuffling with the officer, Acree retrieved his pistol and went out onto his lawn. When the youths saw Acree and his handgun, they calmed down and the situation ended peaceably. Acree earned the appreciation both of town officials and the officer.

    The Daily Commercial, Leesburg, FL
    Vincent McCarthy wasn’t afraid to lend a hand when he noticed a police officer struggling with a man and woman at the side of the road. He tried to help subdue the man who was kicking the officer in the face. Despite McCarthy’s warnings, when the man pressed his assault, the tour boat captain shot him once in the leg with a pistol he is licensed to carry and stopped the attack. Neither the officer nor McCarthy were seriously injured.

    The Observer, Charlotte, NC
    A North Myrtle Beach, N.C., citizen was credited by the city’s public safety director with possibly saving the life of Police Officer Richard Jernick. Jernick had pulled over a suspected bank robber’s car after a chase, when the suspect charged the cruiser and pointed a gun at the officer, who was still behind the wheel. At that point authorities said, the robbery suspect saw that James Beach, a semi-retired electrician who had joined the pursuit, had a pistol pointed at him. Startled, the robber ran for his car, and Officer Jernick was able to shoot and wound him.

    Just a few examples folks of the other side of the coin. Of course, you will never hear about such incidences on sh*t for brain media!

  • Idylewylde

    When politicians spend more time defending the rights of criminals …
    When politicians spend more time trying to disarm the citizens …
    When politicians spend more time trying to turn the Bill of RIGHTS into revocable privileges …

    Then the real Crime Wave is in City Hall, the Governor’s mansion, and DC.

    2012: Vote the Crime Wave Out.

  • Pilot

    The logic doesn’t hold up. The cop was shot with an “illegal” gun. So there is already a law the perpetrator broke just by obtaining the gun. It’s already against the law to murder someone. So what new law does Bloomberg want Congress to pass? The only one left is to take the legal guns away from people who did not commit the crime. Only that can be his goal.

    • http://personalliberty larry kemp

      Sure, they can disarm the law abiding citizen but who’s going to protect that person and or that person’s family, the cops? after that person is laying dead the only thing cops can do is ask questions. they can’t prevent you from being killed but, if you are armed you have a better chance of surviving. I do hope that every armed citizen knows all the laws and safety rules in handling a deadly weapon (gun) and when and how to use it and when to use deadly force.

  • A_Nobody

    What this country needs is controls on people like Bloomberg and the MSM. Free speech is one thing, but anti constitution messages are treason.

  • Kevin Beck

    Why doesn’t Doomberg just look at the part of Washington, DC that tried to create a program to outlaw guns by allowing them to be sold illegally and transported to Mexico? I know he was looking into this, but he too had an agenda: He said those guns were coming to New York City. Was he programmed with those lines by our Criminal General Eric Holder? Some of us would call that a conspiracy, since it did involve the agreement by two (or more) individuals to commit a criminal act.

  • AJ

    Bloomberg why don’t you ask Holder about the illegal flow of guns?

  • Steven Jokinen

    The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. History, in general, only informs us what bad government is. A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. Most bad government has grown out of too much government. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread. The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson 1776 Lets start the revolution !!!!

  • Steven Jokinen

    New Bill For Dec 2011

    H.R.822 – National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
    National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 Introduced.National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009 – Amends the federal criminal code to establish a national standard for the carrying of concealed firearms (other than a machinegun or destructive device) by non-residents. Authorizes a person who has a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm in one state and who is not prohibited from carrying a firearm under federal law to carry a concealed firearm in another state in accordance with the restrictions of that state or as specified under this Act

  • Maxine

    Why dont the people in Ny dont recall Bloomnut He needs to go

  • Sue Jordan

    So the guy disobeyed an already existing gun law. But he will obey a new one?


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