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Bloomberg Does Not Want His City Drinking

January 12, 2012 by  

Bloomberg Does Not Want His City Drinking

The mayor who said he did not need to run for President because he already has “his own army” and vast power in his current position in New York is again acting as the city’s nanny.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to limit the sale of alcohol in his city after already successfully banning guns, public smoking, trans fats, salt and sugary drinks, according to The New York Post.

The New York Health Department’s Partnership for a Healthier New York City initiative proposes to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell booze through community “transformation” grants to be provided under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

One of the goals listed in the “request for proposal” document to community groups is “reducing alcohol retail outlet (e.g. bar, corner store) density and illegal alcohol,” a planning document obtained by the Post states.

There have also been discussions of banning liquor advertising seen by millions of passengers in the city’s massive public transit system.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith


    Government control, but only for what “I” want.

    We need lighter government conrol not only on guns and alcohol but for all sorts of things responsible adults can decide for themselves.

    What recreational drugs are appropriate?

    Who is a spouse going to be?

    How is a woman’s reproductive system to be used?

    And tons of other issues where the extreme right wants to mess with the lives of adults.


    • John Wilburn

      I hope you’re not implying Bloomberg is part of “the extreme right.” I live in Virginia where he meddled in our firearms market and caused undue grief for us rather than dealing with his own New York criminals. It amazes me that those voters continue to re-elect such a tyrant.

      • WSP

        John Wilburn, I do not know why you would be surprised the New York–GROUND ZERO FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA—-would vote for a thug like Bloomberg. New York is the scourge of this country full of control freaks and sociopaths who believe that they should be able to tell us what to think (the media), tell us what to buy (Madison Avenue), steal our money (Wall Street) and the corrupt Federal Reserve and their banking thugs, etc., etc. etc.

        Quite frankly, a sociopath criminal thug like Bloomberg is actually moderate considering the crime syndicate thuggery that New York represents. At the end of the day, if you asked God or whoever our creator is what the greatest sore on the earth is, I am sure he would point to New York.

        • 45caliber

          Naw. It is only a close second to Chicago.

          • WSP

            That is debatable but good point and point taken. It really depends on what you are looking at but in general terms, both are corrupt thug crime syndicates whose only mission in life is to loot the country, impoverish the country, and enrich themselves.

        • HKaufman

          Sounds like hollywood needs to produce “ITS A MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD”The certainly have the cast of comedians in politics to finance the movie…

        • Karolyn

          Actually, NYC us safer than it’s ever been via Bloomberg and Giuliani.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            In what way is it safer? “Crime” is a subjective term,so specify which crimes no longer exist.

          • WSP

            Nadzieja Batki, Karolyn makes an EXCELLENT POINT—-New York is probably much safer if you define “safe” as the ability of the citizens of New York to lie, cheat, and loot the rest of the country of its wealth—then yes, New York is probably the safest place in the world to conduct white collar, crime syndicate operations.

            Everything is relative. There are probably fewer blue collar “victims” in New York because they criminals cannot afford to live in New York. New York harbors high paid, sociopath criminals who “feed like parasites” off of a dying host —- Amerika—-a country that New York, Washington, and Chicago have been looting and destroying at an accelerated pace.

          • Robert Smith

            From Karolyn: “Actually, NYC us safer than it’s ever been via Bloomberg and Giuliani.”

            Violent crime is down all over.

            There are several “reasons” touted depending upon your inclinations…

            One is that the general criminal population is getting older.

            Another is that because of abortion a large segment of criminals weren’t born.

            Another is that law enforcement is better.

            Pick your reality or fiction and strong arguments can be made for all.

            My preference is from the data Gary Kleck put forth in his study: Better armed citizens have a lower violent crime rate.

            Of course, as mentioned elsewhere the crime of looting America isn’t counted in the discussion of street violence.


          • Karolyn

            Nadzieja – I remember the days when it was unsafe to walk through Times Square or 42nd Street in the daytime.

          • Cherry Girl

            You would be safer if you stayed inside behind bars and locks too. Do you really want to give up freedom to be safe? Do you really want someone else thinking for you? I am glad I do not live in NYC.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        He doesn’t plan to eradicate crime because that involves too much hard work. For him it is easier to go after easy targets since he is looking to control people, not eradicate criminality.

        • Karolyn

          Read my post above. Crime is way down in NYC!

          • WSP

            That depends on how you define crime. For blue collar crime, you are probably right. You are definitely right on “prosecuted crime”. However, if you look at moral crimes, New York criminal operations are at all time highs. Between the most dishonest propaganda media in the history of mankind which has been on “lying overdrive” in recent years, corrupt advertising “Madison Avenue” that wil absolutely say ANYTHING to get their way, to the disguisting financial district comprised of sociopaths that would sell their own mother on the street to make a dollar, well, crime is at all time highs in New York if defined by that standard.

      • FWO21

        From what I understand, Bloomberg changed the rules so he could run again for Mayor and got it. I was reading a part of an article where he donated $279.2 million to philanthropic causes last year. That would be a good thing if he wouldn’t take the tax credit he gets for donating to charities. It makes him and everybody just like him money, and that is why I am not impressed.

        Where could I get the information that would tell me if Bloomberg drinks alcohol, eats trans fats, owns guns, does public smoking, eats trans fats, uses salt and sugary drinks? Some of those people are hypocrites; it’s like do as I say not as I do attitude.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      He is of your philosophical leaning so why don’t you want to claim him as your own?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There is such a thing as personal responsibility. Your foolish decisions will not cross over into someone else’s life. Can you guarantee this? How many people making foolish decisions will destroy a society?
      Majority of the laws on the books of this country were made after the fact,as in people on purpose or accidentallyinfringing or destroying others’ lives. Laws were passed to protect people from being victims.

      • WSP

        Not necessarily—— many, MANY, MANY X INFINITY of the laws in this country were created to “protect” special interest profits, etc. The drug wars are all about money, most pharma laws are to protect drug company profits, most auto regulations are to enrich state governments, etc.

        Bottom line is the USSA has become nothing more than a criminal thugocracy run by sociopaths that create laws to enrich themselves and their friends—-AIDED AND ABETTED BY IGNORANT SHEEPLE WHO ALWAYS WANT MORE LAWS TO “PROTECT THEM”. So sad that Amerikans cannot think for themselves and want the government to solve all their problems.

        • Robert Smith

          From WSP: “So sad that Amerikans cannot think for themselves and want the government to solve all their problems.”

          Or they cede their lives in the name of their gawd and try to inflict their heard word upon the rest of us.

          I’m at the point where if someone tells me their god says so I tell them to go away. If they are foolish enough that’s their problem, not mine.

          The gods I see that aren’t so brutal truly have allowed the followers free will NOT to be taken away in thy name.


      • Karolyn

        So you’re for all these laws? If what you’re saying were strictly used, we would have even more laws. Everything we do affects somebody else.

    • smokey

      extreme right?? you have to be kidding or else you don’t know a thing about politics. bloomberg almost make puklosi look moderate. note i did say almost. just keep reading the comic pages – you’ll catch up

  • home boy

    this guy has to much money and time on his hands. just another rich moron

    • SweetOlBob

      Not always, but sometimes a person who has made lots of money will believe thata their opinions on everything and about everything must be shared and made manditory for everyone. This is another one of “those times”.

      • WSP

        Yes, they are called “sociopaths” and New York City is where most of them go—well, New York and Washington—most go back and forth as they spend their lives looting and impoverishing the nation to fulfill their sociopath ideologies and sick egos!

        • http://personalliberty larry k.

          right on.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      This has nothing to do with Bloomberg being rich so get over your envy. This has to do with his philosophical leanings and power and control over a population. He is nothing more than a tribal chieftain.

  • TML

    Banned ‘salt’ and sugary drinks? Seriously? Wtf?

    • Robert Smith

      Salt and sugary by themselves aren’t problems.

      It’s POLITICS when HFCS (high fructose corn serup) was used instead of the inexpensive sugar from Cuba…

      Sugar bad enough… HFCS much worse.


  • Ruth Fann

    Mr. Robert Smith, Are you seriously suggesting that Mayor Bloomberg is a Conservative on the right? Please research President Obamas administration policies in the Health Care Law and Mrs. Obamas agenda with weight and eating habits and you will find that Mayor Bloomberg is a Liberal. Thanks for listening to my opinion.

    • Ted Crawford

      Mr. Smith is a Libertarian, that appearently dosen’t understand that Libertarianism IS the far right!

      • Robert Smith

        Ted claims: “Mr. Smith is a Libertarian, that appearently dosen’t understand that Libertarianism IS the far right!”

        Actually I’m not a Librtarian. I’m a Goldwater Conservative.

        As long as Libritarians continue to pick guys like Bob Barr and Lyndon LaRoach to lead themselves they just don’t make any sense to me.


    • Robert Smith

      From Ruth: “Are you seriously suggesting that Mayor Bloomberg is a Conservative on the right? ”

      Nope. Just pointing out that Blooomberg isn’t the only source of oppression over Americans.

      The extreme right has issues also.


  • SweetOlBob

    It seems to me that NewYawkers did this to themselves. Did they not vote to let this munchkin millionaire dictator subvert the laws on self succession allowing him to run for a term outside those laws ?

    They voted in a despot and they deserve what they get.

  • CP

    Does anyone remember prohibition and all the good things that came with it, like Al Capone and his friends? Mr. Bloomberg will soon have to set up border check points coming into and leaving his city in order for that law to do much, and even then there will be illegal gin joints everywhere except where the Mayor lives.

    • Ted Crawford

      And he’ll likely be a nightly participant in their activities!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Most likely not. He needs somone to look down on.

        • USAF VET

          All he needs is a full length mirror for that.

    • 45caliber


      He won’t have an illegal gin joint where he lives because he will see a law passed that makes it legal there.

      • johnk

        at great prices to make millions for him and the syndicate.
        just like in the prohibition days

    • HKaufman

      Ahhhhhhh as the Rev Jim on TAXI,,, Better include -When Al Capone came to power, Nitti was put in charge of alcohol distribution operations. The alcohol was smuggled in from Canada and sold in secret “speakeasies” across the city. Capone developed a lot of trust in Nitti and trusted his judgements. Although his nickname was “The Enforcer”, Nitti rarely took part in violent activities, choosing to delegate them to underlings instead.

  • Ted Crawford

    This sad, twisted little deciple of Fredrick Engles and Karl Marx seems to have totally bought-in to their delusional Utopia! I prefer to follow the Founders “If people let the Government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under Tryanny” Thomas Jefferson

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Keep those Founders’ reminders coming.

  • jbird

    Ahhh, Bloomberg uses Obamacare to force HIS socialist utopia on New Yorkers……..BUT of course, Obama didn’t have this in mind when Pelosi, Reid, and Obama pushed the clearly socialist Obamacare through congress!!!!!

    2012! Correct the error!!

  • 45caliber

    Another “Do as I say and not as I do” politician. He simply wants to tell everyone ELSE how to live.

  • Gringo Infidel

    What a misguided fool Bloomberg is – New York deserves him!

  • http://none Bill Cook

    I’m glad I live in Nebraska where you can still enjoy being a free

  • JimH

    New Yorkers will be the healthiest miserable people in the world.
    Unless they sneak into Jersey for a drink, smoke and snack.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      NYC might set up checkpoints to determine who is coming back into NYC and were they having too much fun on the outside.

  • s c

    Obviously, Mayor Boom Boom has a mental problem. For those who think NYC’s ‘mayor’ is a conservative, you have NO clue. Boom Boom is a Specter clone.
    I can’t wait to see NYC residents line up and head for City Hall to tell their precious mayor what he can do with his latest utopian scam scheme.
    NYC without alcohol? Mayor Boom Boom, it ain’t gonna happen, you pathetic, devolved yahoo. You’ll get better odds in North Korea. PATHETIC!


    Someone tell me why this little pud Bloomberg has this penchant for telling others how to live? He tells the NY’ers don’t smoke, use salt and now lay off the booze whle he collects on tax money, has huge investments and is nothing more than a incumbent elite scared to death of the OW’s which managed to cost citizens a few mil$ to clean up after.

    You folks in NY need to get your priorities straight. You are adults are you not?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Mayor Bloomberg needs to let everyone know that he “cares”. It seems to be something that he hasn’t been able to convince anyone about.

  • Larry Castle

    Sounds like we are going back to prohibition, everyone get out your still.

    • Robert Smith

      Time to tolk up…. Oops that’s under a prohibition.

      Anyone else notice the wars on the Mexican border because of drugs?

      Didn’t we live through that kind of violence when alcohol was illegal?


  • Karolyn

    Just listen to the outcry! You guys act like he’s banning liquor altogether. In NYC you can buy beer in every little hole in town. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. Just saying “big deal!” Why does no one talk about the places where it is so restricted in conservative states like SC? This is just another article to keep the pot stirred.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why is South Carolina your concern? If the people of South Carolina don’t want the law they have an obligation to put a stop to it. If they are lazy about doing anything,then they have learned to live with the law.

      • WSP

        Pretty soon the people of South Carolina won’t have the choice over anything due to sociopath’s like Bloomberg. The problem with New York is after they establish a trend, they want to force it down the throats of everyone. The Civil War was fought over states rights and the states lost and the Feds won. It tool awhile, but now that the Feds have info tech, they are rapidly doing away with state rights—-what the Federal Government says goes—state rights and state governments are nothing more than propaganda puppet shows to make the sheeple/lemmings think they have a say—-YOU DON’T!

    • libertytrain

      Karolyn – perhaps the difference is that in SC the laws have pretty much always been against liquor sales, or limited sales. Bloomberg is continuously taking away and attempting to destroy that have been allowed for decades now. Not to mention the business he seems to have no problem hurting. Choices/Freedoms that have existed are being removed, apparently rapidly.

  • Karolyn

    NYC Crime rate chart. It is amazing how much it came down from what it was in the 80s and 90s!

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    Bloomberg has been taking to Obama .Obama is giving lessons
    on how to be a dictator and how to control the people .it’s
    easy to control the people let all the gays get married .
    new york is loaded with gay people you won’t have any problems .

  • Karolyn

    Did you know Bloomberg takes $1 per year salary from the city? Too bad more politicians weren’t like that!

  • Ghost

    The government is a crime, and the sheeple will never complain. Thank the Gods I live in Texas.

  • Buck

    New Yorkers are such saps , a demonrat turns republicat to get elected and then are surprised when he rules like a demonrat dictator just like the demonrat dictator in Washington DC . I am pretty sure that for all intents and purposes he and George Soreass and Michael Bloomingidiot are brothers in the progressive war on America .

  • Bob M

    Banned guns in NYC; keep telling yourself that Mr Mayor

  • Ben

    Bloomburgh is an out of controle illegal mayor that should not have been allowed to run for and be voted into office for a third term. He needs to mind his own business and stay out of the lives and business of private citizens and business alike.

  • AJ

    Bloomberg isn’t really a “Bafoon.”

  • Andrea B

    Welcome back to Prohibition. And why not? We all know what a resounding success it was the first time. Hardly anyone was killed, hardly any money was spent, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

    Great idea, Bloomburg! You should build a big ol’ mosque on Ground Zero, and change our flag to one with rainbows and unicorns. Apparently, your finger is on the pulse of America, and only YOU know what’s best for everyone.

    Ron Paul 2012


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