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Blaming The Banking System

November 15, 2011 by  

Dear Bob:

I have a question. I enjoy reading your newsletter and agree with much of what you say about the economy and so forth. You say you’re ultra conservative, which I consider myself the same. In the last column I read of yours (October 2011 BLL) you talked about the upcoming fire storm caused by quantitative easing. Your quote:

‘Quantitative easing’ is a cover and codename for currency debasement and destruction. For you, my dear middle class American, this ‘quantitative easing’ is an involuntary transfer of wealth from you, the taxpayers, to a narrow financial elite. It is by far the largest looting in the history of the world.

Oh, it is not difficult to understand. It is just ruination via the printing press. History is full of it. The people who perpetuate this crime against all holders of the ‘trusted’ dollar are faceless. They seldom pay for their crimes.

The Federal Reserve is supporting the corrupt banking system and the political rot euphemistically called democracy?

I understand the problem with printing money and all but you nearly sound the same as the OWS protesters. What is the difference between your anger at the Banking System and the protesters anger? How can both opposite mind sets blame the Banking System, but one side align with Obama and you with Conservatives?

Who are the Financial Elite? Are these the same as the 1% the OWS speaks out against and also the same that Obama wants to raise taxes against? Or are the Financial Elite some other group, politicians, Socialist and Communists who normally garner all the wealth while claiming to hate the rich. I’ve been basically supporting this 1% against Obama and the OWS , thinking that this 1% is the wealth builders and job creators, rather than crooks and thieves. Who is right?


Dear Robert,

The financial elite are the money creators. They have names like Rothschild, Morgan and Rockefeller. They are those in the United States and Europe who received bailouts. They are those who are stealing your wealth, using their fascist co-conspirators in government, the crony capitalists that infest the capital. To truly understand who the financial elite are, you must understand the Federal Reserve and what created it.

The OWS protesters are onto the problem but don’t truly understand. The solution most of them seek does not involve eliminating the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money, but rather the imposition of more government totalitarianism through increased socialism or communism. The Obama Administration is siding with the OWS because the President wants to be a dictator and that is what they are clamoring for.

But don’t get caught up in a false left/right paradigm and think that because many Republicans are ridiculing OWS that they are on a different “side.” The elites in government all want one thing: more power and more control. This is the same for both Democrats and Republicans. All of it is a diversion for the controlled populace and a means to a greater end by the elites.

Best wishes,

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DanB

    “The OWS protesters are onto the problem but don’t truly understand. The solution most of them seek does not involve eliminating the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money, but rather the imposition of more government totalitarianism through increased socialism or communism.”

    I would have to agree. They might be crying out about a problem but their solution is actually more of the problem, not less.

    • Mark Are

      I think this video on youtube sums up the OWS movement. If you can watch it and disagree, well, move to Russia.

    • patrick H.T. paine

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

      Unfortunately, Mr. Livingston, doesn’t get it either……although ending the FED and restoring sound money……appear to promise a solution, neither is……the problems are systemic, the chief problem
      being an unevolved understanding of economics, and a top down heirachical authoritarian system, which has failed historically in every instance, yet keeps asserting itself, in different configurations, whose only difference, is the amount of available
      energy input……( limited natural resources ) which are available cheaply at first, but whose use is applied inefficiently and largely
      wasted…….which fails to account for depletion of the resource, depreciation in terms of what is produced, and the failure to understand the negative impact that will surface eventually as a result. ( when these effects become apparent, they will be denied by
      those who understand the status quo to be in their perceived self interest, as well as those who aspire to the same status.)

      What is particularly ironic about this condition is that, the statement of the above reality is easily seen in the positions of other’s, where perceived self interest is being threatened, while remaining completely oblivious to one’s own contribution to the PROBLEM!

      In terms of “government”, the ability to see what is “unconstitutional” is abundantly clear to many…..unfortunately,
      these prounoucements lack any intelligent analysis, ignore or
      revise relevant historical context, and disparage any demand for consistancy. Compounding this, if this weren’t depressing enough, is that the actual state of the present jurisdiction of government of the UNITED STATES, has negated any realistic understanding or application of what is written in the “constitution”.

      I submit to you that this site is in MR. Livingston’s self interest,
      as indicated by the topical choices offered above starting with HOME
      and ending with SHOP! Unfortunately, since the offerings are daily
      and multiple, whether this has any benefit for YOU is questionable, since the end result, is mindless babble with ad hominum attacks,
      six times a day, five days a week…..signifying nothing. ( although it does seem to indicate that even the self made, self reliant, rugged individualists here, require some form of social interaction
      to affirm all those qualities and opinions they claim to possess. I would have thought that there wouldn’t be enough time left over for any of this, but that could just be ME?)

      But I should probably end this little exercise by returning to the
      original “solution”…….since banking is a neccessary function,
      as is government, and since these are already corrupted and controlled, as well as the money supply….neither ending the the FED
      nor a return to sound money will matter……since there is no way to accomplish this, without telegraphing it….those who have the most fake money, can convert to the sound money….and nothing changes.

      They will still have MORE than you, and as long as this condition and the ambition to achieve it remains the stuff which DREAMS are made of,
      this will continue……POWER CORRUPTS……of course you may wish to be just like them and are simply envious that you are not, only you can know for sure.

      Actually SOLVING all of this will require a bit more effort, intelligence and understanding than what has been demonstrated here……

      “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls………”

      • DanB

        I heard someone in church Sunday say that money would not exist in the millenium when Christ reigns upon the earth, and a few other things like communism would suddenly work and everything would be bliss. I so had to bite my tongue. Perhaps I should do more of that online too.

        It so happens that I agree with some of what you say. The problem is not so much the Fed. As long we fail to fix the problem we are likely to change nothing. However, I do believe the problem can be fixed. I just don’t believe America will make the necessary change. All we can do is change ourselves. If enough of us fix our addiction to debt, then our addiction to the Fed and many other debt based institutions would end.

        By the way, while many here believe in some conspiracy it was educational to learn that the Rothschilds bank was behind the move to fiat money. What I learned is that their bank was failing and they pushed for this system because it allowed their bank to survive. Their bank still failed like a canary forecasting the Great Depression if I remember correctly. While eventually a fiat money would become the standard of the world perhaps we could learn from the Rothschilds. Changing the system may have bought them time but it did not stop the failure. I read that in this past year there is concern that the successor to the Rothschilds’ bank was looking like it could be the canary again forecasting tougher times ahead yet to come….

        • patrick H.T. paine

          ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ”

          Yes, Dan, the problem can be fixed……provided we have the ability to grasp what the PROBLEM IS! Unfortunately, this has not occured.

          We need only peruse the range of responses to this rather simple topic, to understand the ease with which numerous “causes” are advanced….fingers pointed…..conspiracies cited….none of which
          is relevant to the topic…..or the proposed solutions.

          Result: no understanding, no focus and misdirection of energy.

          Purpose: Mr. Livington’s potential customer’s will return tomorrow
          and the process repeats. Cui bono?

          “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

      • Hank, MO

        Patrick, I think things would be much clearer if you simply refrained from commenting. Such a long-winded diatribe without making any clear point or conclusion makes me wonder if you are writing to express your opinion or just to try to impress those of us unfortunate enough to have waded through it with your composition skills. Effective communication, however, must convey information clearly and concisely. You certainly missed the mark in that regard.

        • patrick H.T. paine

          “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

          My apologies, Hank, but since the topic here is clearly defined….
          “blaming the banking system” and the solution proposed is two fold,
          “ending the FED and sound money”….my response should be quite clear.

          These are not viable solutions and the reason why they will not work
          is also stated clearly.

          If you failed to grasp this, you could have asked a question….which
          this topic was prompted by…..Mr. Livingston’s response to a QUESTION, and my response to his simplistic “solution” which will
          FAIL because it does not address the “systemic” problem.

          Since this is yesterday’s topic dujour, that you will even see this is questionable…..but if you do, and you have the occasion to read
          another diatribe by me……which confuses you…..please feel free to
          pose a question or a relevant response… the main, I agree with you that any effort here, by me to challenge this tower of babel, whose primary function is to support Mr. Livingston’s perceived self
          interest ( and his coterie ) is probably a waste of my time.

          “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…………”

        • Mike in MI

          Hank, I agree completely -
          This bird has all the droppings but no fertile seeds that can develop or grow into anything usefull that I can see in his self-important, self-congratulatory, self-exposing and hyper-prideful, muddy-minded dump on everybody else because he just opened his third jug of wine today – and hasn’t got another.

  • don

    Those of us who are of like mind should be cautious about stating our anger in too specific words. Although few of those we wish to influence (the government and Liberal voters) would ever read these sites, the CIA, FBI and TSA monitor these sites for “Troublemakers”. As in Europe of past, names and addresses are being recorded.

    • DaveH

      And they are getting these names and addresses HOW?

      • Chris

        That part is one of the simplist in this day and age! You have and I.P. address, supplied by your Internet Service Provider, that address is constantly tracked and always goes back to just your house, even the rotating ones. All this information is required to be stored for the government by the service provider, by law!

        Everything you write online is stored in several sites, it is tracked by the government, sometimes directly, mostly by the Providers. This information can be recalled anytime and is constantly searched, both by the government and by advertisers.

        Not only is Big Brother watching, they are examining everything you say constantly! They do specific searches for words, phrases, and patterns, 24/7 of all internet traffic in the United States and most of the world. Just how do you think they “uncover” those “plots” and insert one of their people into the mix, so they can sell fake materials to the “terrorist”?

        Someone somewhere knows everything you buy, where you live, where you shop, where you play, where you sleep! There is no method of effectively dropping off the grid left to any civilized person, desiring any of the creature comforts of the modern world! You and all of the rest of us are under an intense microscope all day, every day of our lives now.

        Some things can go under the radar, at least for a short while, but nothing goes under the radar if it is online, not here, not anywhere in the world!! Remeber that, if you say it, some program is looking at it and deciding what to do next with it. If it raise the alert, you are tracked, if it raises the alert again, you have people looking at you and all of your habits! If they think you are even a tiny bit of a problem they will come to your door, count on it! Only someone living under a rock does not understand this today, but then that is why they thwart most of the “terrorist” plans, they think they are living under rocks!!!!!!!

        • Cliffystones


          I’m in the process of teaching my kids this. Sad but true.

          And while I have much harsher phrases in my mind, wouldn’t it be great if we could take all of these “Rothschilds. Morgans and Rockefellers” and simply “Wish them into the cornfield?”

          And just to throw off the word sniffers, let them eat candy canes and play with puppies!

        • Mark Are

          Soooo…what exactly was the reason the founding fathers left us with the 2nd amendment? “They” rule by FEAR. Quit being fearful and plan on doing what you are going to do anyhow some day. DIE! Why not pick the day rather than have it happen happenstance? I figure, if I’m attacked by PSYCHOS on the street, I’m defending myself. I figure if I’m attacked by PSCYHOS wearing badges, I’m defending myself. I’m not going to bend over to these lying, murdering nut cases. So I don’t GAF who has my address or phone number. If you’re in the gooberment taking notes, take this note…if we screw with this guy, we can plan on body bags. And I want them to bring at least a hundred. That is my prayer, 100 to 1. Seems like a fair exchange.

          • patrick H.T. paine

            “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

            Very impressive, but since you are going to wait for them to come, you are no threat… why would they bother? But I’m sure they appreciate the warning and your sense of fairplay…..unfortunately,
            for you they do not operate in similar fashion. Take care…..

            “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls………”

          • Mark Are

            You are right Patrick. They don’t operate on any fair play basis. They are psychopaths and have no conscience and for them to come out at any hour and murder everyone in the house, church, bus, car, building, is not a problem to them. And the reason we as a whole DON’T pose a threat to them is because we have a conscience and don’t really want to go out and shoot people in a preemptive attack. But the day may come that most will see that there is no choice but to attack first because they will know what is going to happen if they don’t. I pray that if I am attacked I can get away and start from there…but who knows? What will be will be. And I know one thing, I’m going to die so I’m not going to be afraid of death.

      • Your Internet Provider

        That’s right, we are your friend! You can trust us. We would never share your personal information with the government. Heh, heh, heh.

        • nanc

          R I G H T Give us another Song and Dance

  • jay Lindberg

    That is a very good assessment.

    While Obama is taking the side of the OWS in public I can speak as an OWS supporter and tell you right off that the OWS does not support our half black messiah. They see him as a puppet of the cabal as much as we do.

    They recognize that Obama and his democrats have sold out this country right along with the Republicans. These people do not want more government either and recognize our Guberment is the problem. They are blaming Americas problems on abuses of Corporate power and we recognize that global corporate power is controlled by the Financial elite.

    The only real difference I see is that we understand the importance of protecting our second amendment rights and they are trying to overthrow the corporate elite with non-violence and civil disobedience, good luck with that. When the gun tooting libertarians and the second amendment coalitions join their ranks, we just might see some real reform of government (Revolution).

    • DanB

      I forgot. Communism is less government. I had it wrong all these years…. (/ sarc)

      • DanB

        My apologies. I can be better than just some snide comment. My problem with the statement that occupy is about less government is their varied list of demands and complaints. There was a reason behind my choice of communism as an example.

        Communism is a great example of the argument for equality leading to total government with a new class of elite versus the commoner…

        Occupy: do away with banks? If not banks, then if not private then must be public = government.

        Occupy: environment. Government.

        Occupy: education. Government.

        Occupy: forgiveness of excesive personal debt. Government.

        The list goes on. I hope you find the pattern. Almost all of their problems they want solved by government calls for more government. The seem to argue for less government while calling for government solutions to their list of demands. The height of irony? Sure they say they don’t have the solutions to the problems but if you use uour brain can you come with an alternate method to force these things to happen? Probably not. If you do find an alternate means to do this without bigger government, you might belong in the libertarian party who demand government STOP doing everything for us. There are those of us who believe that if government did less and stopped trying to fix things…. But I hear demands and no solution except for government to do these things. How else do they expect to enforce wealth redistribution.

        • Mark Are

          You think you know, but you don’t know. You are simply parroting the lies the system wants you to believe. OWS isn’t about communism. Sure, some in the movement may think that more government is better, but they HAVE to be in the very small minority. I see so many that think like me out there, that it is giving me hope. How to I think? Believe me, it is FAR from communism.

    • Mark Are

      Jay, we are heading the way you state. There isn’t any doubt in my mind just watching it for the last 25 years. The psychopaths that are in control are loosing control and are going to resort to all kinds of not too nice methods to maintain their control. They have no conscience, so to rob, rape, and pillage isn’t a problem for them. To shoot you, me, my wife, your wife, kid, dog, cat and who knows what else is no problem for them as they have no conscience. Burning your church down while you are in it is not a problem for them. Shooting women holding babies is no problem for them. Shooting 15 year old boys in the back is no problem for them. The reason we haven’t taken back this WORLD from them is that we don’t want to kill. We have a conscience and unless backed into a corner we just want to be left alone and live out our lives. But THEY insist on pushing and pushing and pushing and somewhere along the line someone is going to say ENOUGH IS F&^KING ENOUGH. THE OWS movement is made up of a lot of those people. And as soon as the libertarians and right wing red necks join the ranks, you are right the PSYCHO controllers and their protectors will find out just who the boss really is. Just like King George did.

  • ThunderFunder

    “Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws.” — Mayer Amsched Rothchild, a prominent European banker in the eighteenth century

    Here’s to limited government & a gold-standard currency! Vote Ron Paul!

    • Mark Are

      Here is to a government who’s only function is to call together men in case of an invasion and to GOLD as currency, not gold backed currency. I don’t trust and never will trust someone that is in control of paper. PERIOD. Vote Ron Paul or don’t vote.

  • Kenneth Alexander

    Very interesting report: “I smell a mass collective conspiracy, should be fun developing a theory.” Late President JFK, before that grievous day was scheduled to sign into law ‘SB 1111′, causing printing of the American dollar back into hands of the Federal Government and removing the same out or the printing powers of the 1St Bank of New York (now Bank of New York/Mellon). Saw information of this Bill many years ago and misplaced it.

    Question 1: Particulars of the SB 1111 now read differently now- providing instead information of 1885 Veteran Association; Nursing Association and information about EPA regulations.

    Question 2: Why is not “Bank of New York/Mellon mentioned or named in this idea of ‘Quantitative Ease’, clearly they have a fair role here?”

    Without appearing to contribute an unfair preference or distorting statistics, isn’t the Jewish community, by and large, owner’s and/or controllers of Global currencies? And finally, why have not the Jewish community also been targeted by the Current Administration for a greater contribution toward addressing economic concerns as this community process great wealth in liquidated and unliquiadated global assets? Someone Please help me out here!

  • Kenneth Alexander

    “The Bank of New York was founded on June 9, 1784,[2] making it the oldest bank in the United States. Alexander Hamilton wrote the new bank’s constitution, and became the individual most actively involved in the organization of The Bank of New York, guiding it through its early stages. The bank opened for business at the Walton House in Lower Manhattan only a few months after the departure of British troops from American soil. It opened with a capitalization of $500,000″

    “The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE: BK) is a global financial services company formed on July 1, 2007 as result of the merger of The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation.[1] The company employs more than 48,000 staff worldwide and has over US$ 1.2 trillion in assets under management and $25.5 trillion in assets under custody and administration thereby being the largest deposit bank in the world.[2] It operates in six primary financial services sectors including asset management, asset servicing, wealth management, broker-dealer and advisory services, issuance services, and treasury services.[3] It is the oldest banking corporation in the United States, tracing its origins to the establishment of the Bank of New York in 1784 by Alexander Hamilton.”

  • Dorian Douglas


    I finally see that I’m not the only one who understands the system.

    I’ve said for years that the only difference between Dems & Reps is HOW & ON WHAT THEY WANT TO SPEND US INTO OBLIVION.

    But they are all Progressives, meaning one world order, redistribute the wealth, and gain control of the finances.

    • Mark Are

      They have had control of the finances once paper money was reintroduced by King Lincoln back during the war to invade the south. Since then it has become totally consolidated in the hands of psychopaths who could care less about the future.

  • Money Masters

    For an eye-opening explanation of the banking elites Bob is referring to check out the video documentary called “Money Masters”. You can see it via YouTube, etc… Though produced in the 1990s it is of course still accurate and even more powerful. When explained in the correct context, the quotes from past presidents and bankers took my breath away. I believe Ron Paul is quoted in the film as well but I didn’t know who he was until after I saw it the first time. He’s been on this trail for 30+ years… unlike any of his POTUS 2012 counterparts.

  • Papa

    Make no mistake, when you hear things like “Government and Business Working Together” you’re hearing the siren call of MARXISM with all that it portends. In other words, THAT’S THE PROBLEM, not a solution!

    Whether it’s some Bank or General Electric matters not. The collusion of government and business is the problem, and our Constitution does not allow it. Government is nowhere authorized to conspire with business to promote anything.

    Taking business (money) out of government is a good thing, but it can only be accomplished by taking Government out of Business! Putting the cart before the horse only confuses the issue and keeps the masses churning in endless circles…

  • n2trophies

    In 1913 the federal reserve was created by several rich people. their goal was to control Americans fortune. For each paper dollar there is an insterest payed to the federal reserve ie. the rich people. The only thiong federal about the system is the curent pesident appointes the federal resrve chairman. so how does inflation work? If you print money with a product to cover it your money buys less. In other worde you spend more money for the same product. The unions love this approch; they clame if they get a raise six month ahead of you they are richer than you. It ios a conver belt to bankruptsy.

  • PATRIOT 101

    To Robert’s question of Bob L.:
    There is a difference in the OWS and the people that want to audit the Federal Reserve (on the right). OWS wants the wealth of the 1% of the richest Americans redistributed (to them). The people on the right and the right side of this issue understand that the people that are causing the problems in the united States are not this 1%, rather the 1/1000th of 1% that truly are the “money makers” that control US monetary policy and worldwide monetary policy.
    These few are now in complete control of the monetary system and have turned it into a worldwide financial booby trap. A trap to which they (the very few and the very rich) have the trigger to. They will trigger this debt bomb (at some point). They “pretend” to have the interests of the people first and foremost (and perhaps) a few of the brainwashed actually think they can control this debt bomb, but they can’t.
    The debt bomb is nearing critical mass. In other words, it is about to blow! The only people that will not be affected by this debt bomb are the ones that will trigger the collapse of all fiat money in the world. A very select very rich very few.
    Most “Millionaires and Billionaires” will be in the same shape as you and me when this debt bomb goes off. Money (cash or fiat notes) whether Euros or Federal Reserve Notes are going to worth next to nothing.
    “Stuff” will be worth something as barter for the real valuable items such as food and fuel.

  • Jerry

    I am not much for name calling, but calling the OWS people fleabaggers is not much different than calling them OWS people. It is just a description that fits.

  • Robert

    If we are not real careful we will have no rights. It won’t be your local yocals who will be coming after your rights. Your house, property, guns, etc. It will be some Pole, Czech, Italian, German,and sad to say even a “Red Coat” (British) all members of the United Nations. A One World Government !!!! They don’t like you although you haave sent BILLIONS of dollars trying to buy their friendship. They won’t have any trouble killing you if you don’t fall into line. I read a few monthes ago of a man from Castro’s take over era. His family supported Castro and thought they wouldn’t have any trouble since his family owned a small hardware store in Havana. Wasn’t to long before soldiers showedup and told them to move their belongings into one or two rooms in their house because two other families were moving in. Also they didn’t own the hardware store anymore, the government did, but continue going to work there!! Now that’s distibution of wealth!!!!

  • Ridge Runner

    I am like some one said in these comments i don’t want any trouble and i try not to start any.I just want to be left alone to live out what little time that i have left.I have worked all my life to get what i have and it wasn’t given to me i payed for it.I worked and payed social security starting at 16 years of age until i retired at 631/2 years old and it angers me to hear these thiving politicans call it intiliment.All i want is what is mine that i worked for and payed for and if they come after me and i can i will resist to the best of my ability.I will not stand idily by while some one takes what is mine.

  • aaron

    Robert you all falling into their trap. You cannot judge Obama but what he says. That is what he wants you to do. You have to look through his populist haze at what he does and the consequences. Just look at who he keeps around him, people like Geithner who is directly responsible for making the too big to fail bigger.


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