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Blame Bush, Blame Obama, But Don’t Look Behind The Curtain

December 19, 2011 by  

Blame Bush, Blame Obama, But Don’t Look Behind The Curtain

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, some (most) members of Congress and big banksters around the globe are breathing a sigh of relief today. A poll shows most Americans are now blaming President Barack Obama for killing the economy.

For three years, Obama and a complicit media have done a good job of blaming Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, for the dire state of the economy. After all, the meme goes, Bush spent money willy-nilly, cut taxes and got us into expensive wars. But Obama has spent more money and started more wars than Bush. So now there’s a new scapegoat.

The aforementioned group of elites and their string-pullers are quite happy with the news because, as long as Americans remain in their stupor, nothing will change. Americans will blame this President or that, but they will never go to the root of the problem for a solution. And it’s a problem that must be removed root and branch.

That’s why they’re working so hard to defeat Ron Paul. He knows where the problem lies, and he’s said he’s willing to remove it root and branch.

The problem is the Federal Reserve and its insidious inflationary policies. Not one person in a million understands this.

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Some Americans call America a republic. After all, Benjamin Franklin responded to the question about the new government as he left the Constitutional Convention in 1787 by saying, “[It’s] A Republic, if you can keep it.” And Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution guarantees each State a Republican form of government.

But most people now call America a democracy. They are wrong, but not for the reasons you may think. They are wrong because America is fascism under the feel-good misnomer of democracy. It is simply Nazism with a pretty face.

The rule of law is gone. Our lawmakers make laws for us to live under while exempting themselves. They game the system. Many enter the Congress as paupers and leave rich. The rich get richer. How that happened was hidden for years by the corporate media.

Now, everyone knows what we have said for years: The President and Congress are owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the big corporations. They play for pay. And they stack the deck against the American people.

We know they (legally, though immorally) trade in the market on insider information. You and I would go to jail for this. Members of Congress apologize, feign contrition and say they will pass laws so they won’t do it again. But there is no recompense, no repentance. The fox is guarding the henhouse.

But the light is shining on them now. The Internet has allowed the free flow of information to make this possible. No more can the corporate media hide the malfeasance of governance from us. So they are working on laws to kill the Internet, too.

Unfortunately, many people see but they still do not comprehend. Goldman Sachs rules the world, but most people are clueless.

Paulson, Robert Rubin, Jon Corzine, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti are just a few Goldman alums.

Where they go, money-printing follows. Congress bailed out Goldman Sachs and their bankster buddies to the tune of $700 billion in TARP. Now we know Bernanke also handed out trillions of dollars more to banks in the United States and abroad without so much as a “by your leave.”

The Federal Reserve is a criminal enterprise. Congress is an accessory and a criminal enterprise in its own right.

Is there a Presidential candidate saying this? One only.

Money-printing is a gangrenous rot on society. Fiat money steals wealth like gangrene steals life. It spreads throughout the system slowly, but surely.

It allows the government to play Santa Claus and spread wealth around to its criminal partners and create a growing dependent class of takers. It gives more and people take more until the system inevitably collapses. See Greece, Italy and Portugal for examples.

Meanwhile, the gang of thieves in government finds new ways to spend. It matters not which Party controls the purse strings. Then, government cries about the spending and tells the people they must sacrifice for the good of society. They imply that massive debt is the people’s fault, and that the producers must produce more so government has more to take from them and spread around to their buddies and the “less fortunate” — a group that their policies helped to create and enable. The War on Poverty has been underway for almost 50 years. Is the end near? No, there is more poverty than ever.

Federal debt is a world-class delusion. There can be no debt when fiat money can be printed ad nauseam and to infinity. Ask yourself: If you had the power to print money as needed, would you have debt? Certainly not, no matter how much you wanted to buy. And neither does the Federal government.

The deluded fall into that trap every time. Right now, the debate in Congress is about how a payroll tax cut will be paid for. It’s doublespeak, and the populace falls for it again.

Class warfare is ginned up over such nonsense as this. This creates the diversion the criminals need to continue their enterprise.

The government propaganda machine corporate media continue to say there is no inflation. Most people who are products of the government non-education system don’t even know what inflation is, but they accept that there is none. They see prices rise, and the corporate media and criminals in government tell them prices are going up because all corporations are greedy monsters.

But inflation is not the same thing as rising prices. Rising prices are symptomatic of inflation. Inflation is money-printing. It’s an increase in the supply of money. It’s a reduction in the value of those strips of paper that you carry in your wallet.

Inflation steals the wealth of the saver. It punishes those who are doing what the old-timers told us we should be doing: saving our money, paying as we go and staying out of debt. No matter where you hide your money, inflation steals it from you.

But the banksters benefit in many ways: They get to spend it first, before the economy is flooded with new, less valuable dollars; they use it to prop up the market, so they can play both sides against the middle; and they lend it to borrowers who can’t pay it back and then steal the borrowers’ collateral. The Federal Reserve — which is neither Federal nor holds reserves — benefits because it lends to banks at rates below 1 percent and pays 2 percent or more to borrow it back. But it’s not anything of substance. It’s just digits on a computer screen.

Americans continue to seek a culprit, but they are looking in all the wrong places. They blame the pretty face and the daily orator.

Meanwhile, behind the curtain, the coffers of the banksters are filled to overflowing. And they say: “Give us more.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    It’s really a pretty simple concept. I think what causes most people to not understand is the fact that they don’t want to understand. It’s scary to face the truth.
    When more dollars are created, the dollars previously outstanding become worth less, because more dollars chasing the same amount of goods drives up the price of those goods. Those people with cash savings or those with fixed incomes are robbed of their buying power. With future consumer price increases their savings or fixed incomes will buy less.
    And to believe that the Government and the Federal Reserve are taking those actions innocently, is just plain Naive.

    • FreedomFighter

      end the FED

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Lastmanstanding

        google…”the $100,000,000.00 penny”…you tube video

        • voteright2012

          This is the “CHANGE” Obama was talking about in the “HOPE and CHANGE” hypnotism.

          • Mark in LA

            Yeah, it just started under Obama. Remember Reagan telling us how Carter doubled the national debt to 1 trillion and Regan promtly tripled it by the time he left office. Yeah, it all started under Obama.

          • DaveH

            It started under “honest” abe, Mark. So what? Because Evil has been going on in high places for over 150 years, we shouldn’t fight against it?

          • Mark in LA

            No Dave that’s not it. The partisan nonsense that somehow Obama “is the worst” is what I was trying to point out. I would bet the guy blaming Obama even thought Reagan balanced the budget, I know a lot of people did.

          • MRMO


          • DaveH

            I hope, Mark, that when Ron Paul fails to balance the budget because Congress keeps him from it, you don’t blame Ron.

          • Mark in LA

            DaveH you consistently post nonsense showing you don’t know much but what you read on the Mises website, but if you think Reagan would have balanced the budget if not for Congress then I have a bridge to sell you. Reagan’s massive wasteful defense spending was a big reason for the deficits and a reason the Democrats wouldn’t budge on cuts for social programs.

          • DaveH

            You can say I spout nonsense all you want. Personal attacks are the hallmark of uninformed Liberals. Please post your evidence that Reagan wouldn’t have balanced the budget without Congressional interference.
            Here’s mine. Reagan vetoed 78 Congressional Bills, of which 9 were overridden by a rabidly spending Congress. How many Bills has Obama Vetoed?
            How many Modern Presidents have you known that would say this?

            Ronald Reagan was on fire for the first year, but his own party members, most notably Bob Dole, hung on him like a ball and chain, telling Reagan that he needed to “compromise”. Now where have I heard that before? And the Democrats were whining majorly about “cutting the budget to the bone” when in fact the Federal Government was spending more each year. The “cutting to the bone” reductions were simply cutbacks in Projected spending. Now where have we seen that recently?

            You’re an ignoramus, Mark. Too bad because you seem reasonably intelligent, but unfortunately intelligence doesn’t guarantee knowledge.

          • Jibbs

            Mark in LA,
            Your public education is showing just how brainwashed you are….wake up!

        • Brad

          This video gives a great perspective and visual effect

          • DaveH

            Excellent, Brad. I hope it sinks in.

        • Andy

          Wow, thanks for suggesting that. Maybe some day this war will end.

      • jimmy the greek

        But that well just pissoff the zionist that run the central banks . that’s the reason they hated Hitler so much he shut them out of the money and banking . Goldman Sachs , what kind of names are they Irish ? French ? Spanish ? Greek ? I think not ! Ron Paul has got them quaking in there oxfords .

        • William L Collins

          thats why i’ll vote only for ONLY RON PAUL

          • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

            You may like and want Ron Paul BUT you ALL better vote for the Republican that wins the Republican nomination in Nov.. Our first hope in getting things back in order is vote out “ALL” DEMO-RATS!!!

          • Bleh

            Trainman, why would we vote for just any Republican nomination?
            Ron Paul is the only real candidate that represents change. Romney and Gingrich represent more of the same. A vote for them equals a vote for Obama as they will do zero things differently…

            No thanks, I refuse to vote for “More of the same” ever again. I will be writing in Ron Paul should he fail to get the nomination.

        • DaveH
          • Capitalist at Birth

            What are you going to do when Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination, which he will not? Write him in, in the general election and you will insure Obama’s re-election. Then, what will you do? I am planning a move to Honduras, myself. You may want to consider that as well.

          • jimmy the greek

            Capitalist they eat white boys down there ! If Ron Paul is not the one on the ticket , then let obongo have four more years because America well get what America deserves

          • speedle

            Jimmy the Greek says blah blah blah “………..because America well get what America deserves”.

            Greek, you are a simple minded —hole. I just hope your childish attitude is not shared by the majority of Paul supporters.

          • jimmy the greek

            @Speedle It IS

          • DaveH

            I certainly will not vote for the lesser of two evils, Capitalist. Lesser or not, evil is still just evil. It’s people like you who have gotten us to this point in time. Government will never shrink until we actually elect people who want to shrink it.
            And what will you do, Capitalist, when Ron wins? Are you going to cry?

          • JC

            Speedle, rest assured, JTG is a stand alone racist moron.
            He isn’t representative of anything that isn’t totally repulsive.
            Probably a KKK stooge.
            But make no mistake, there are a great many noble minded American Patriots supporting Ron Paul.

          • speedle

            “But make no mistake, there are a great many noble minded American Patriots supporting Ron Paul.” Dave, I don’t doubt that for a minute, because Paul has some very good ideas. I just find it incredible that apparently so many of Paul’s supporters seem to be refugees from “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” with their conspiracy obsessions.

            IMO it is really quite damaging to the cause of freeing up this country. Entertaining off the edge mysterious “what ifs” while under the influence at parties and bars is one thing, but when one starts making this crap part of a serious political platform that platform is fatally compromised. Personally I am seriously in this to get these “progressive” statists the hell out of power, so this is no game.

          • JC

            Speedle, I’m not sure what conspiracies you’re referring to.
            RP is for a Constitutional USA. That’s much more than a good idea, it’s a founding principle of the nation. He wants to decrease the size of Government and the number of Departments and agencies it employs…to control us. That’s not a conspiracy either, it’s an observable fact.

          • speedle

            JC, that is the part of the Ron Paul platform I applaud. But he has some veiled implications about people in the Bush government being part of a 9-11 conspiracy which the nut bags have taken it to all levels of extreme black helicopter paranoia. That is the stuff that defeats the Libertarian agenda, and that makes me angry.

          • former walmart person

            Paronoia about black helicopters and the like? You do realize that in the NDA, the military can arrest you and indefientely hold you, as a US citizen I assume, without charge or trial. The same military that many brain dead idiots think for their “service” in conducting Arab genocide around the world. Believe me. I am in the military and I know what I am talking about. More Army soldiers that went to Iraq and Afghanistan have died to suicide than death from insurgents. Think about that. Maybe if we were actually fighting a moral and just war like world war 2, we wouldn’t be so quick to off ourselves from extreme guilt.

            Go ahead and “thank” the military for their “service” The military will kick in your door, by and large, and haul you off if it serves the state. My hope is that people in the military refuse these unconstitutional orders, but I guess we will see soon enough.

            I don’t blame the elites for all of our ills. I blame the world’s police and military forces. They are the actual implements of destruction. The elite can’t be bothered from their nightly cocktail parties and have never know a day of sacrifice in their lives. Its too bad we can’t sick the police and military dogs on their masters rather than on the peasants.

        • john graham

          I’m curious Jimmy. What other groups do you hate? French? Spanish? Greek? Irish? Scottish? I’ve met and seen many men who are jerks, should I assume all men are jerks? No?

          • Vigilant

            Jimmy has a problem with the learning curve. He does not understand that no one pays attention to his anti-Semitic tripe. Even has the audacity to imply that Ron Paul is anti-Semitic.

        • danN

          yes trainman, that will surely fix things. how about voting for the person willing to do what they were elected to do, not just what their Political party wants. Jeez!

          • JeffH


        • bsimolian

          Interesting comments all. Especially when someone–i think from the right side of things, starts spouting epithets. Sorry, bud, but the moment your argument resorts to name calling, you lose, no matter what side you are on.

      • http://Steve Steve

        Bob, if possible could you please explain your ideas on how we the America people can ever actually end the Fed?…(perhaps an idea for future article)…what the senario would look like in your opinion…what would need to happen and what the repercussions would be to us citizens for upsetting the puppetmasters by taking away their control of our currency…They the banksters control everything now from wars to inflation to ourr media….and believe me I want them out like everyone else but it would be good to know from someone as informed as you what we can expect to happen and how it would or could go down…..

    • Flashy

      It’s very simple. The dollars are being set aside, creating a need for more, as the GOP labelled “job creators” (the wealthy and Big Corporate America) sit on them and drive the remainder of the population in economic servitude and slavery.

      Dave, here are a few points for you.

      The article states the Dems, both the liberal and the Moderates, continue to blame Bush for this economy. OK…true enough. the question you should be asking is why aren’t you? Because fact is…Bush/Cheney and their supporters as qwell as those who did not object…ARE to blame! Even the best twist on any other argument would have to be that this administrations policies have not brought us out of the Bush/GOP economic debacle…it canot be said they put us there.

      Second. When this administration took office, we were losing close to a million jobs a month. The Stimulus halted that slide. Since then, every attempt to correct the wrongs of the past administration has met with a resound “No” from the Party of “No”. The GOP and the far Right and those wealthy elite aren’t interested in you. Not one bit. They are placing power consolidation and getting rid of this administration above any concern for this nation. And you suport these attempts? How else can anyone explain the GOP insisting on giving the wealthy more and more in tax breaks and welfare, and refusing to give ordinary wage earning Americans a tax break of $1,000 average per household. Go ahead…explain how we can afford to refuse to have the wealthy pay a fair share…and yet insist more of the burden be born by us.

      There are so many more inaccuracies in today’s article…to keep this short I’ll just ask one other question for now. The artilce states Pres. Obama has started more wars than Bush. I know of two Bush got us into. Iraq and Afghanistan. I do not know of any wars Pres. Obama has led us into. Anyione care to state what wars Pres. Obama has led the US in?

      He’s kept us free and clear and looking good with his movements and positioning during the Arab Spring, he has to date successfully thwarted Iran’s attempts to build a nuke (you may want to do some research about Iran complaining about being hacked and scientists ‘disappearing” as well as meeting “accidental deaths”, about materials and shipments not arriving, electrical grid failures at the most important imes wrecking centrifuges, etc). And he’s keep China at bay as well as he could waiting patiently for the Chinese economy t implode (which it will, and i have written many such posts along these lines of China notbeing our biggest danger in the future as it faces an economic crisis which is building steam with each passing day)..

      So there ya are Dave…chew on that for awhile.

      • JC

        Kind of missed the whole point didn’t you?
        Doesn’t matter who the politicians are the Fed controls everything they do. End the Fed.

        • eric siverson

          Maybe Obama will figure this out too . George Bush and even Paulson claim they knew nothing about the federal reserves trillion dollar loans to foreign banks . The president of the federal reserve bank in MPLs Minn. did not know either . I don’t know why I should care either as long as I dont have to stand back of these loans . I don’t trust the federal reserves money at all . but than again I have more faith in the value of a goat than the value of gold , so who I’am I to say?
          I fear a evil government may try to take away my land , then where can I keep my goat . The bible says a evil govornment always seperates the poor from the land . by that defination we have a most evil govornment

          • Flashy

            Bush denies knowing…no surprise, Bush doesn’t have a brain. Paulsen not knowing? Give me a break. This from the same guy who denied knowing he was giving TARP I monies away for free with no promise of payback?

      • clarence swinney

        Greenspan cut Clinton 6.5% rate to 1%. Increased money supply by twice as much in first five of Bush as in prior ten years. Increased money so much stopped showing M-3 Total Money Supply in Fed reports.
        Plenty Free money.Big Banks come and get it. Buy Mortgages.Bundle sell as securities instead of selling to tight wade Fannie Freddie that is limited to max of $300,000 mortgages. More porfit $500,000.
        Easy cheap money created Housing Disaster.

        Obama took 5700B of Debt to 11,900B. Shame on him
        Obama big spender took 1800B budget to 3500B.
        Obama big liar told 935 with 11 of his staffers to lead a nation into invasion of a poor, unarmed nation of 15 Million adults.
        Obama encouraged his wall street buddies to go wild in Casino Derivative Of America betting on how many would be killed next week in Iraq.
        Obama sorry job killer lost 8 million jobs in 2008. Jerk.
        Obama sorry China lover sent 2,300,000 jobs to just China in 8 years.
        I say Trial and Hanging in Public square ala his pal Saddam Hussein

        • joshgeek

          How exactly could 8 years of jobs to China be all Obama’s fault when he’s been in office for less than 3 years? You and everyone else pointing fingers at one side or the other after reading this article, one President or the other have reading comprehension issues. Therefore any argument you out forward i s invalid.

        • Bruce

          Re: Obama sorry job killer lost 8 million jobs in 2008. Jerk.

          Obama wasn’t inaugurated until Jan. 20, 2009. You can watch it again here:

          When you get such a basic, simple fact completely wrong it’s really hard to take anything you say seriously. Do some research.

          Now remind what country Obama invaded again? It is really nice we have finally got most of our military out of Iraq, leaving to the Embassy and private contractors. Got them home in time for Christmas.

          • Bleh

            Invaded? No not necessarily I guess, but he did preside over the bombing of Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and Northern Somalia while stepping up the war in Afghanistan.
            So to say Oblamo is completely innocent here is a tad bit inaccurate.

          • Valerie

            what an interesting point of view being given by so many
            the President is being blamed from everything possible
            many events are a result of previois action
            we as a society should also look at some of our actions
            instant gratification.
            Anyone in the House will be used as a scape goat but I think this President is realy not being given a fair chance.He is supposed to fix everthing. well he may be the President but his hands are shackled he is not a Lone Ranger (there are others behind the scene)

      • TriumphOver Evil

        Flashy, Obama increased the war in Afghanistan, began illegal wars in Lybia and Tunisia, and he’s setting up wars to being in Syria and Iran which will probably being in September 2012 as an October Surprise so Obama can be relected, or declare himself a temporary dictator until the bankers have completely taken over America.

        Since Kim Jong has passed away, I’m watching closely for another war with North Korea. But the declaration of wars come from the bankers – not the cowardly presidents or Congress who dare to stand up to the big bankers. Those corrupt crooks will stop at nothing in taking over the entire world because if they don’t finish what they begun they know their worthless lives and illegal wealth (counterfeiting) are at risk.

        We need more Americans to open up their eyes and realize that positive ‘change’ only comes when people make changes – not politicians. If we had a president like Ron Paul we would at least have a chance to make those positive changes to pull us back to a free Constitutional Republic where the laws apply to all, and not a Democracy where the laws apply to the majority. All men are created – not just the majority.

        • Flashy

          “Obama increased the war in Afghanistan, began illegal wars in Lybia and Tunisia, and he’s setting up wars to being in Syria and Iran which will probably being in September 2012 as an October Surprise..”

          Tunisia? What the heck are you talking about. Want to clarify how Tunisia could be considered a “war” under any definition? Libya…ummmm..i don’t recall any war with Qaddafi. I don’t recall using our military in Libya with the exception of a minority partnership with NATO in assisting the rebels against Qaddaffi. And i do not recall any fatalities due to hostile actions in Libya.

          Certainly a stretch on Libya, no clue as to Tunisia. Afghanistan…he didn’t start that war. Bush did. From going after bin Laden and al Qaeda for 9/11, Bush expanded that mission and started a war with the Taliban. Seems these last few years Obama has brought the war to al Qaeda, where it should have been all along. Heck, just ask 22 of their leaders…oops…can’t do that, we snuffed ‘em.

          • DaveH

            I would cite, Flashy, that Obama has increased the National Debt more than twice as fast as Bush did. I didn’t like Bush’s drunken spending. I sure don’t like Obama’s. But then, it’s obvious from your response to Triumph that you would just deny it with no backup references, as is usually the case for you.
            Yes, Obama got us involved in Libya, and he did it illegally. Even one of his own fellow Democrats was trying to impeach him over that military involvement:

            The thing is, Flashy, with your obviously false statements, you have rapidly lost any credibility that you might have enjoyed on this board. I can back up every claim I make with references. Can you, Flashy?

          • Mark in LA

            US Special forces were in Libya and we resullplied the NATA effort. Those are acts of war declared or not. We probably have special forces in Syria right now.

            As for this other piece of pure speculation:

            Second. When this administration took office, we were losing close to a million jobs a month. The Stimulus halted that slide.

            You nor anybody else knows anything about the job losses. The Stimulus has generally been considered a massive failure. No trend lasts forever. There are some jobs that will be there regardless. Just like during the Depression where 75% of the populace still had jobs.

          • Flashy

            Sure Dave..the statement was about Obama starting a “war’ with libya. Not the involvement. Are you decrying the ovethrow of Qaddaffi at the cost of no American lives?

            As far as the assistance to NATO forces being illegal…errr..just how?

            Finally, the deficit increases. Starting with the year of his first budget…2010. Now just how uch of an increase in deficit spending was there from what he inheritied from the Bush GOP and what he proposed?

            now..let’s use a baseline of 1980. From the year prior…where does this President stand in INCREASING the prior year’s spending increasnf the deficit in spending?

          • eric siverson

            Well actualy president Reagan started the Afgan war by helping Osoma bin Laden setup the Taliban in Afghanistan . All of our presidents have been on the wrong side in the war against Islam . In evrey instance we have supported the most Islamic side against the more moderate side . We say we are not at war with Islam .

          • Sancheleezy

            Flashy is nothing but a Democrat and an Obama Lover. So why even waste your time trying to reach his surface only thought process comprehension level, and as he didn’t even understand Bob Livingston’s message in the article submitted above. This is the problem with the political process in The United States of America, most people are not truly educated enough to understand what is going on so that they hide their heads in the ground ,just like the ostrich. IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Comprehend the truth and vote Dr. Ron Paul in 2012.

          • DaveH

            You’re equivocating, Flashy. Poop is poop by any other name. So is war.
            And it’s interesting that you said earlier — “Afghanistan…he didn’t start that war. Bush did”. So, it’s war if Bush is involved, but not if Obama is involved? Wow, Flashy, do you think you have a shred of credibility on this board?

          • Flashy

            Dave…Afghanistan is a war. We have ground troops, folks shooting at each other, and our folks dyin’ and killing. We have a military presence there. We have long term established military bases there. And we’re doing the vast majority of the fighting and spending money rebuilding.

            Libya. ummmm….we tossed in a few missiles and, from what i could find in a quck search, flew less than 25% of the air Sorties in support of the rebel alliances. (the vast majority were French, followed by the British). We have no military bases, no ground troops, no “presence’ on the ground. No lives were lost and no direct engagement of forces.

            To say we had a ‘war” with Libya is stretching it more than a tad bit.

          • DaveH

            You can play the semantics game all you want, but we were involved militarily in Libya. Whether we had boots on the ground or not is purely speculative on your part. Somebody had to paint the targets for the laser guided missiles at the very least. Our military was killing people, people who attacked our country in no way, which made it both against the Constitution and against the War Powers Act:

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Flashy,

            Ask those Libyans whose homes were blown to bits and whose family members were killed by American-made bombs dropped from French, British and American aircraft and by American-made Tomahawk missiles and by hellfire missiles fired from American drones if it was a war.

            Ask those Pakistanis who have been killed by American drones if it is a war. Ask those Africans who are being killed by American drones and by African soldiers trained by American soldiers (a scenario that led to Vietnam) if they are in a war.

            Best wishes,

          • Thinking About

            Dave, it going to be some feat to talk to killed.

          • Flashy

            bobh…with all respect, the question was whether we were in a war, not if those unfortunates were in a war.

            From what I can ascertain, any incursion overseas from your and Dave’s perspective is an act of “war” requiring declaration by Congress (excepting acts which are require to prevent an immediate attack).

            I proffer differing points to consider.

            1. Treaty obligations. Such as NATO requiring we aid and assist member nations when they are involved in a conflict. By ratification of the treaty, Congress gave it’s consent subject to the decisions of the then president. Thus, if a military incursion was required BY treaty, it canot be illegal as Congress had foreseen such an event and approved of it via treaty ratification.

            2. The very definition of what constitutes war is confusing given the Consitution’s vagueness in the area. In fact, Jefferson fought the First Barbary War without a formal declaration of war by Congress. Congress passed legislation providing for the defense and protection of American shipping interests…Tom took that and ran with it.

            3. In mthe case of Libya. explain why, in light of US assistance to the rebels, far less than french or british, Qadaffi never declared war on us. Seems to me if he thought the US was at war with him, he’d return the favor in having common declarations and hostilities.

            4. Pakistan. We have troops on the ground, supply routes, airbases. Do you see Pakistani troops in formal organized pitched battle against US forces? ’nuff said. The government of Pakistan calls us “allies”. Last i heard, one doesn’t call someone you’re at war with an “ally” .

            Thanks for your views. Hope you find my response interesting and thought provoking.

          • DaveH

            No Treaty can override our Constitution, Flashy. And it matters not that various Politicians have ignored our Constitution. Is that the kind of country you want, where Politicians don’t have to obey the Law? If yes, then I can only say “it figures”.
            If it’s not a war, then our military has no business being involved. Methinks you probably threw a fit when Bush got us into Overseas Wars without a declaration of war and without being directly attacked (Iraq). If so, it is pretty hypocritical of you to condone similar actions by Obama. But then, you are a Liberal and Liberals’ morals change depending on whether or not the current Administration is one of theirs.
            And you want us to explain why Gadhafi didn’t declare war on us? Are you serious, Flashy? How stupid do you think he was?
            Sorry, what I found your comment to be was grasping for straws in a desperate attempt to salvage your pride, Flashy.

          • eddie47d

            Dave H always attacks and rebuts “liberals”when it comes to wars but almost never responds to Conservatives who have actually supported those wars. So he always turns it into a Liberal/Conservative or left/right scenario.

        • eddie47d

          Triumph: The potential war with Iran was started in 1953 with the overthrow of the Iranian government. The threats against Iran increased under Ronald Reagan and he helped to set up the Iran-Iraq War which Killed over a million. Bush also threatened sanctions against Iran so Obama is only following his handlers who set this scenario up years ago. If Iran is a threat it is because we made it so.

          • Flashy

            Don’t forget Regan’s treason in selling arms to Iran….

          • Phil

            @Flashy Don’t forget Clinton’s treason by selling our ICBM missile guidance system to the adjutant general of the communist chinese army through Johnny Huang for a $300,000 illegal re-election campaign contribution. When caught of course they gave the money back……did we get our guidance secrets back from the chinese? Probably not huh? Also how about wanting to “lease” Long Beach Naval base to the communist chinese shipping company Cosco? Wonder what other plans the Clintons had for closing a bunch of our military bases?

          • JC

            Of Clinton’s complicity in assisting Saddam in gassing the Kurds…They’re ALL rotten, like the whole system we live under.

          • eddie47d

            How is Clinton involved in any of the Kurds being gassed?The gassing occurred in 1988 in the city of Halabjia during the Iran/Iraq War. They were war casualties and victims of those 2 countries lobbing chemical missles at each other. Bush used that incident as an excuse to start the Iraq War and said that Saddam had gassed his own people deliberately. It was an awful event and shows the dangers of chemical warfare but no different than dropping A-bombs on Hiroshima. They both created innocent victims and only proves the follies of war.

          • Mark in LA

            Well eddie it just goes to show you that those more interested in arguing Liberal/Conservative than the truth stretch the truth and outright lie on both sides. One guy wants to claim that Clinton had the same economic problems as Bush. This guy wants to claim Clinton had a hand in the Kurds gassing when it was Reagan who sold Saddam the ability to make the gas.

        • Linda

          I like Ron Paul and plan on voting for him in the primary. My fear is, that even if Ron Paul were to be elected President, he would be asassinated by the banksters, just as Kennedy was.

          • Palin16

            I am currently reading a fascinating book called “LBJ: Mastermind of the JFK assassination.” Through 600 pages, the author meticulously provides evidence that Johnson ordered the shooting, with a little help from his buddies in the CIA and also from J. Edgar Hoover. LBJ was the guy who planned the motorcade route through Dealey Plaza, who told the Dallas police to stand down prior to the shooting, and who ordered the doctors at Parkland Hospital to release the body to him without an autopsy, contrary to Texas law.

          • speedle

            Oh my, Palin is going to drag the long dead JFK conspiracy carcass out of its tomb, dust it off, ignore all the proven facts that the entire mess was concocted, planned and carried out by one deranged commie sympathizing whack job who got off a couple of lucky shots, and tell us how there is absolute proof that LBJ and the CIA conspired to git er done.

            Get off the JFK conspiracy stuff because it is a waste of time (unless you just like moving air (or typing). At least fantasize about a political killing that could possibly (maybe 10% chance) have a conspiracy element like the RFK murder. There actually are questions about that event that have not been answered.

          • former walmart person

            Awesome, speedie. Have fun at the local FEMA camp when our government stages a massive bio attack against us as a pretext to lock us down and completely remove our freedoms. Always, remember, it doesn’t matter if a crisis or real or concoted. THE SOLUTION PUT FORTH BY THOSE IN POWER IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS GIVE US MORE POWER AND CONTROL!!!!! MORE POWER. MORE CONTROL. HAND OVER MORE MONEY. That alone should tell you everything. Will governmnet ever get off our back? Never. Government will only grow and grow and grow and grow until it is powerful enough to litterally destroy most of us like a giant behemeth or it will collapse under its own weight.

      • James

        What a shame someone as literate as you can still be so intellectually shallow you miss the point of the article and for you not to have the capacity to see on your own that the various defense departments are able to defend this country IN SPITE of Obama, by the way it is in his interest if he wants to get reelected to continue defending this country he chose not to destroy the uav the irainians now possess his excuse was that Iran would try to say it was an act of war, now they say it was an act of war just being there any one who has been there knew they would say that so why did Obama the great defender of the U.S. fail to destroy it, maybe we should look at his decision through the prism of project gun runner

        • jimmy the greek

          So you are saying it was meant to land in mexico but went off course a bit and landed it Iran , Now i see .

        • James

          Bob Livingston, Again, I am not the ‘James’ who wrote this. If you would ask this ‘James’ to add something to his name, to differentiate between us, I would appreciate it. I’m sure I was here first. Thank you.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear James,

            I have made the request.

            Best wishes,

        • Flashy

          Sure james…now just how would you have destroyed it? It was frippin’ hacked and the controls taken over by the Iranians. They landed it on a runway and whisked it off out of sight. So Sparky…just how would you have destroyed it?

          My view? The military screwed the pooch on this one by not having self-destruct systems in place on those UAVs. Are you blaming President Obama for that?

          • Bleh

            I have to agree on this point at least. It is completely absurd that there is no “Self Destruct” mechanism built into these things.

      • wandamurline

        Barney Frank, who is now stepping down as Frank Dodd did because they know their fate at the polls, was overseer of Fannie and Freddie…Clinton started this pitfall by demanding that banks give people loans they could not pay…the cycle started and it continued…to the point if you had a job and could breath, you could buy a home and buy they did…a lot of them on loans where the interest rate changed. When Bush asked for regulations of Fannie and Freddie….at least three times from 2003 to 2006, Barney Frank stopped it by taking up for Fannie and Freddit and stating they these organizations were doing just tine. I don’t just blame the Democrats and Obama, I also blame the RINOS and Bush and Clinton and Bush Sr and even some on Reagan, but it goes back to two Democrats that really started this economic era…Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat, who in 1964 took social security out of its interest bearing account and dumped it into the general fund and began issuing worthless bonds (IOUS) to social security to the tune of today being 1.5 trillion dollars of the bonds that social security holds…can they cash them in and get the money back to put back into another interest bearing account? Naw, they are worthless. Then you had Jimmy, peanut farmer, Carter, another Democrat who nearly by himself took America into economic crises…interest rates under Carter were at 21% (I know I was there and in the housing business), he was also responsible for giving freebies to the illegal aliens…this is when it started, along with giving away the Panama Canal that was built with American blood and money. This is not something that started in 2008…it has been building a long time…and yes, all of these corrupt SOBs are to blame…on both sides of the aisle and the Fed also…Allen Greenspan would be the first to really blame because under his watch, interest rates went to nothing….virtually, wiping out any savings account anyone had…why invest your money when you cannot make more than .29% on your money…you’d be better off buying gold and silver and sitting on it and that is what a lot of retirees have done…instead of investing and helping the economy, they are sitting on their money…a lot of banks also because they are afraid of losing what they have. Bernake has just exacerbated the problem. They are all to blame and in 2012, anyone who has been in congress longer than 10 years needs to be fired….even Ron Paul who has been there for over 30…like it or not, he is one of the problems also.

        • jimmy the greek

          If carter was elected to a second term he could have given Texas back to mexico !

          • Flashy

            And that’s a bad thing how?

          • jimmy the greek

            I live In Texas ! let the mexicans have New York !

      • Kevin Nathan

        You can look up these figures for yourself on goverment websites if you don’t believe me:

        Bush deficits:

        2001 -127.89
        2002 158.01
        2003 377.81
        2004 412.90

        2005 318.59
        2006 248.57
        2007 160.96
        2008 458.55

        Bush’s first term total = 820.83
        Bush’s second term total = 1186.67
        Both terms total = 2007.50

        Obama deficits:


        Obama’s first three years of deficits are more than twice the amount of Bush’s *total* eight year deficits.

      • JUKEBOX

        I just wonder if you have noticed how the Payroll Tax Cut is going to be funded? They are going to add a $15 fee on every new mortgage. They might as well add $1 to every toy sold that comes from China, because it makes as much sense. Why not charge the FED 15cents for every piece of paper money they print. That should get someone’s attention.

        • Bleh

          I think it is absurd to wonder how a tax cut is to be funded. You don’t fund tax cuts.
          You cut spending if you cut revenues, or you increase revenues elsewhere so you don’t deficit spend.
          Spending requires funding, tax cuts do not.

    • Mike


      Sadly, with so many idiots who know nothing about what is going on behind the scenes in this corrupt government, nothing will change. No doubt more are learning the truth, but not enough to throw the bums out, both parties, it is time for a powerful third party by the people, the way our founding Fathers originally intended.

      • clarence swinney

        Simple Simon says

        A Law that members of Congress and White House can accept nothing=O of Value O=nothing

        Fed fund elections-Candidates cannot use $$ O=O
        Stop this stupid 2 year non-stop TV chattering.
        6 months-3 primary 3 general
        Free equal tv time -Debate a week gives enough exposure to give information to evaluate candidates.

        SIMPlE — will close K Street and Lobbying.

        Why do we continue to be so dumb?

      • Flashy

        I asked this before. i’m voting gainst the incumbents if they are primaried…and if there’s a sane GOP opponent, they’ll be given some very serious second and third looks.

        But how many here who blame Congress will vote against their Congressional representation….or are they one of the few “good guys” ?

        Polls show that amongst both the Dems and GOPs…Congress has less than a 10% approval rating. Yet 40% of the Dems, and a smidgeon over 50% of the GOP would reelect thier current Rep and Senators as they are “good guys”..and it’s those in the other states electing the rot.

        • DaveH

          Because, Flashy, people have bought hook, line, and sinker into the “lesser of two evils” paradigm. If we paid attention to our reps actual votes and their other actions instead of just taking their words as gospel, and if we started voting only for Principled candidates, and if we made sure that once elected they really did keep their promises, we could have some pretty good representation.

          • Flashy

            Dave..without commenting on how we would view “Principled Candidates’…I agree with you. Absolutely 100% agree.

            Know why it won’t occur? Because of laziness of people to be informed, propaganda and money.

            I have no doubt whatsoever if people were able to vote knowing the true state of affairs and the full ramifications of certain policies and programs, it would be a Moderate to Left Moderate majority every time.

            hey…what do you think of Gingrich’s latest proposal? Arrest judges and remove them from office if they rule the “wrong way” ?

          • DaveH

            There is no moderation of morality, Flashy. You either are or you aren’t. Helping yourself to other peoples’ money is not moral, whether you do it directly, or by dint of filling out a vote form for your favorite gang.

          • Flashy

            Dave….you had me agreeing with your comments..then you had to toss in a subjective ‘morality’ statement.

            Let’s put it this way. I do not begrudge the making of money. it’s part of the way of getting stuff done. I do, however, object to those making money getting a free ride off the lbor of everyone else. People should have to pay their way, and if they are too poor to pay anything in the kitty, there should be a form of safety net to ensure they do not spiral down and become a danger to society.

            There’s no ‘wealth distribution’ to it..unless you want to count the massive transfer of walth these past 10 years from the Middle Class to the wealthy 1%. Now there’s a transfer of wealth unequalled in this nation’s history.

            Under your definition, the GOP is a neo-socialist party since every move is to transfer all wealth into the hands of a few, and leave the many without.

          • DaveH

            Who’s getting the free ride, Flashy? Certainly not the company owners who work long hours, risk their reputations and their money, and put up with Government intrusion into their business.
            If you think the workers are being taken advantage of, the solution is simple. They can start their own companies. What’s keeping them? I mean if their employers are taking advantage, starting and running companies must be easy to do, right?
            Liberals are all talk.

    • FL dude

      Right on, Dave. And please, those who think a republican will be any better must be sniffing glue. Both major parties are fully controlled and owned by the bankers and their minions. Only Ron Paul is legit and cares about the people of this country.

    • Pimpernel

      Economics 101: The more there is of a commodity, the less it is worth. A gold dollar will buy the same amount of something that it would 100 years ago (or very close). But paper dollars? No way. Why? Because there are incomparably more dollars (not backed up by anything) than there was 100 years ago

      • Mark in LA

        If gold is a constant, then why was it 250 dollars an once ten years ago and 1600 dollars an ounce today. There are not 6 times as many dollars in circulation nor did the dollars purchasing power drop by 83%. Gold is no more a constant than anything else and it is a stupid brake on the economy. Why not base our currency on something that can expand if necessary like commercial airplanes or compute chips?

        • Bleh

          There is however nearly twice as many dollars in circulation and and a buttload in computerized digits.
          What we know is the Fed printed $700 billion in TARP money and $15 trillion on the side when no one was looking.
          Just because you do not have physical dollars floating around in circulation does not mean their are not imaginary dollars being exchanged diluting our dollars monetary value.
          That pretty much says you are absolutely 100% dead wrong.

    • Phil

      How do we educate enought people to do something about it. We need to sweep Washington DC clean and start all over. I don’t think that’s possible. Every incumbant should be voted out every election until they start to follow the will of the people. Ther should be term limits for everyone including Supreme Court Justices. Lifetime appoinments mean abuse of power. Problem is most people pay more attention to their favorite sports team than they do whats going on in Washington. So the real problem is the American People who just don’t care enought to get envolved in the poticial process.

      • Thomas Springfield

        Suggestion to Phil: America will not ever even get started cleaning up the mess unless and until enough Americans stop complaining and start using the existing system against itself. Stop wasting time talking about “ending term limits.” Americans need to start limiting the terms of every single incumbant running for re-election to office in 2012; and then do the very same thing again in 2014, and in 2016, 2018, and so forth, until the average term length for all members of the House is less than 4 years (preferably two years and out) period. The same for the Senate except they have 6 year terms; so let’s vote out all senators running for re-election in 2012, 2014 and 2016, and then get to see fresh faces everywhere in congress by the year 2017.
        Let’s get to work!

    • Thomas Springfield

      I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who repeatedly warned all his peers and future American leaders involved in creating this nation in 1776 that there is only one thing more dangerous to individual freedom and liberty than a standing army: that thing is a central bank. However, Alexander Hamilton and others ignored Jefferson and created a central bank anyway, thereby setting the stage for the Federal Reserve System which allegedly was created by bankers to prevent exactly what is now happening. And so the love of money continues to be the root of all evil on planet earth. Will humans ever learn? Probably not unless the Second Coming occurs.

      • JC

        “The love of money” is the key to that statement alright.
        Money is merely a medium of exchange, supposedly with an inherent value. Quite unlike the paper currency we presently use.

        “Government is the only agency that can take a valuable commodity like paper, slap ink on it, and make it totally worthless”

        Ludwig vonMises.

  • Michael J.

    It’s not very often that I am accused of possessing the understanding of “one in a million”, but I humbly accept your decree. While I agree with your sumation that the fed is a problem, and have personaly visted the epicenter of this man-made disaster (Jekyl Island), it is not the root of all evil. That dubious distinction goes to the family of Rothschild. No sense in being long winded about it, demolish the house of Rothschild and the whole world would breathe a sigh of relief. Anything less only manages to garnish a snicker from the ultimate elites.

    I will vote for Ron Paul come Hell or high water, but even that is like going after Godzilla with a flyswatter, or shooting a freight train with a BB gun.

    • jimmy the greek

      But But That would be anti semitic To put a finger on the Rothschilds .

      • Lastmanstanding

        jimmy…you know how the truth can be ugly…an construed as racist.

        just look at that pussy holder today…your picking on me and barry because we’re black…folks, we are in big trouble.

        • jimmy the greek

          A lot of people on here think they know were my head is at and call me racist , well let me shock you a bit . I have no problem with black people ! blacks were brung here in chains , by dutch jews ( Google Jews In The Slave Trade ) However i do believe because of that blacks should be given a part of the country as a home land as should whites . I guess what i should be called is a separationist races were never meant to live together However we don’t have to hate on each other . WE can work on fixing what is wrong and each race would prosper the only people i have a problem with are the zionest and them dam wetbacks that are over running the country from south of Texas were i happen to live . I guess you could call me Archie Bunker .

          • jimmy the greek

            Let me add to this The third part of the country should be for the people that want to mix and live together .

          • Wyatt

            Say Jimmy , what about my people , the Native Americans . After all this was our country before the Europeans stole it from us . Maybe a better idea would for all the Europeans go back to What ever country the came from , all those of African decent go back to their continent,
            and Asians go back to what ever land they are from .
            To claim you aren’t racist is laughable and by your very words have already shown that you are anti-semitic .

          • DaveH

            No, Jimmy, we would call you racist, which you are. If bigots didn’t discriminate against skin color, or religion, they would discriminate against Big Noses, or Narrow Eyes, or Tooth Gaps, or who knows what other physical feature. It’s just Human Nature. But we are supposed to be the intelligent ones. We need to transcend that primordial behavior and strive to treat others like we would like them to treat us. We need to learn to use the intelligence that we have had bestowed upon us.
            Bigotry needs to be eliminated, not by Force, because Force only creates resentment, but by Education and informed Free Will. The only way we are ever going to exist in a peaceful society is to learn to be respectful for our fellow human beings.

          • jimmy the greek

            Wyatt Your people had no country, no government lived like dogs trashed the place then moved on . Then the white devils came from Europe they showed you how to live in houses read and wright put you on nice reservations ( that you turned into ghettos ) How do i know i have been on some of them . Every Columbus day you should get down on your hands and knees and thank the god of the white devils that the Europeans came here and upped your standard of living .

          • Karolyn

            Jimmy – You need to reread your history about Native Americans. The Europeans were the ones who trashed everything and then moved on, pushing the Indians out of THEIR land and cheating them, as well as killing them off with bullets and disease. They were doing just fine before the Europeans came along. They revered the land and were at one with it, not like the Europeans who just wanted to get what they could and use up the land and other resources. Native Americans were introduced to alcohol by the invaders, and that was a big downfall that has hindered them to this day.

          • Karolyn

            And you sure are proud of what you are too! WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! ALL HUMAN BEINGS with the same wants, needs and feelings. You need to go to the “What Is Race” exhibition that is travelling around the country. There is no such thing. I’ve known quite a few Greeks and have to say that you are pretty typical of old Greek men.

          • jimmy the greek

            Thank You Karolyn Like i always say There Are only two kind of people in the world GREEKS and people that wish they were GREEKS .

          • DaveH

            You might have had a valid point until you said “I’ve known quite a few Greeks and have to say that you are pretty typical of old Greek men”.
            Unbelievable. Put down that magic mirror, Karolyn, and work to improve yourself, because you aren’t the ‘fairest of them all’. Your mirror is lying.

          • Thomas Springfield

            Lookie here now jimmythegreek: Don’t you be sayin’ that you ain’t no racist and also be advocatin’ “separate space for every race.” And what about the greeks, who you and everybody else knows actually started most of these “lazy white man” problems in the first place. Greeks were layin’ around in their togas drinking wine and eating lamb, goat meat and grape leaves prepared by dark-skinned slaves from other continents a long time before nomadic Jews had pots to pee in. Everyone on earth has been taught how advanced the Greeks were, livin’ in splendor, talking about the higher forms of mathemetics and solving the riddles of life when other nationalities were wandering around in the deserts starving and looking for decent places to sleep besides layin’ up against some stinkin’ camels. Can you tell the rest of us what happened to the Greeks between ancient days and now?
            (PS: Just kidding. Seeing if you can take what you like to give out.)

    • DaveH

      The blame squarely lies in the lap of the Politicians. Without their use of Force, the Rich Crony Bankers or other Rich Crony Capitalists would have no choice but to compete fairly in Free Markets. Why have we innocently given our Government that power? Because we have lazily neglected to do a little bit of homework to learn what’s really going in Big Government. With the Internet, there’s hope of educating Joe Public, which is why the Status Quo are doing everything in their power to control the Internet. Will they win? It’s up to us to stop them from that.

  • Al

    3000 years ago hebrew clerics, while reviewing the writings of earlier clerics, made a momentous decision, whether influenced by God or themselves. They decided “neither lend nor borrow with your hebrew brother”. The smartest of them (not all) became moneychangers to convert debt to gold, copper, and silver. When the Catholic Church accended to popularity, their clerics found that hebrew law wasn’t christian, so they disuaded catholics from being lendor’s. But they had no problems borrowing from the hebrews. It was hebrew money that financed the search for the new world, borrowed against public debt. The banksters have financed all wars, all industrial progress, all resource consumptions, all of it with public debt and the share of it they keep for themselves.
    This is a worldwide problem.
    Until we have a worldwide solution that the banksters can get behind, there are no other solutiuons.
    If any of those dolts in OWS think they can identifiy the 1% they are nuts.
    In a world of 6,000,000,000 people that would be 60,000,000 is the 1%.
    The number of the superrich elitist banksters is a much smaller number. Maybe 1,000,000. But their ownership of the public debt has enslaved us all to their monetary system. Don’t think for a second that they want to have this system not work. It is their overwhelming desire that this systems works every day.
    The UN, WTO, IMF, WB, WC, BIS are setup to keep as much of the system working as possible. We are stuck with this until someone has a better idea.

    Here is one:
    Seperate all transactions into:
    Class A, cash, coins, currency, savings or deposit accounts. Require 100% reserves for class A accounts. Printed at maximum levels per capita. Based upon silver values.
    Class B, (Fiat) Debits, checking, credit accounts, stocks, bonds, no guarantees of any kind on this class. Class B can never be converted to Class A, but class A can be converted to Class B.
    Yes I understand there are problems with this. But it’s only an idea.

    • jimmy the greek

      Someone tried to fix the problem way back in 1933 .

      • JC

        Kind f missed your calling didn’t you?
        I’ll bet you fantasize about throwing babies into ovens you sick freak.

        The problem is Central Banking criminals…just plain criminals.

        • jimmy the greek

          That Happen to be a bunch of zionest!

          • JC

            Which you wouldn’t know the meaning of if it slapped up the side of your head. (you can’t even spell it)
            Zionists are a cult masquerading as Jews.
            Do some damned homework Racist!

          • jimmy the greek

            Yes And the israel you love is run by zionist not the real jews . Most zionist are khazar jews.

          • JC

            You have no idea what I do or don’t love, racist.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    The ows are useful idiots for soros and the commie unions.

    • Ken

      They are bringing attention to the problem of the Fed and corporate greed. How does that make them idiots? Some may be Soros stooges,but not the bulk of them. The rest can be reasoned with and many are Ron Paul supporters. Nobody down there is going after small business owners or doctors. Quit buying into the Fox News b.s. and instead go and talk to them directly and find out what they want. Many of the things that they want, you’ll find that you want to. A few are misguided communists, and obamacrats. Most are just pissed off and patriots.

      • jimmy the greek

        Sir I think your on to something , I have to say your right !

      • DaveH

        The problem is, Ken, that many (if not most) of the OWSers don’t really know what the problem is, and as such can be easily led astray by emotional arguments instead of logical ones. Is that a reason to dislike them? Obviously not. But we do need to make a sincere effort to educate them to the real enemies, and the real enemies are not everybody wealthy, but instead the politicians and their Crony Capitalists who work together (politicians pass the favorable rules, the Cronies fund the politicians’ re-elections) to take advantage of their Competitors, their Consumers, and the Taxpayers.
        We can end that incestuous relationship simply by getting Government out of the Marketplace except to protect the citizens from Force and Fraud. And I’m not talking about Potential Force or Potential Fraud. I’m talking about actual incidences of Force and Fraud. There is only one Political Party with the Principles to Free our Markets from manipulative Politicians. If we want to get our country back, we must support them every way possible:

        • ricman

          Remember WE, THE PEOPLE are supposed to be the Government, so take charge…
          The solution is not to get the Government out of big businesses way, we need to get BIG BUSINESS out of the Government… (Not small business-I’m talking about the Multi-National Mega-Corporations.) If they are too big to fail, break them up into smaller groups that are small enough to fail (on their own), and that will also deplete their power to influence policies and as a bonus it will spread the wealth amongst more people. A smaller government is good but not until we make the Multi-National Mega-Corporations smaller or they will be the Government, even more than they are today…

          • DaveH

            ricman, pick up a copy of this book from the library or buy your own. It will be an eye-opener for you:

          • Bruce

            You hit the core problem ricman. May I add that corporations need to have their classification as “persons” revoked.

            Small business isn’t the problem, the mega-corporations that have the power and money to directly influence laws, including subsidies (oil depletion credit, anyone?) and regulation, or more accurately lack of regulation early 2001 (thanks to Clinton, not W). Without regulation forcing transparent pricing in markets, adequate reserves, and truthful debt ratings you get things like the mortgage debt meltdown.

            None of this has been fixed, although Dodd-Frank tried to start.

    • eddie47d

      Sean is a stooge for Fox and needs his rabies shot.

      • Mark Dabney

        Sean Hannity should be shot? Well, not out of the context of due process of course! ;-) I recall a lil Cuban boy – there was a mistranslation when they told him they were going to give him a shot – he thought they mean he was going to be shot – as with a gun. He saw the other kids crying – he thought they were weeping that their lil pal was going to get kilt. When he found out that it was just an injection you never saw a child so brave about getting a needle stuck in him!

        Personally, it is clear that the Political Bias Syndrome [research Dr. Drew Westen - PET brain scan studies] impacts BOTH sides of the Hegelian Divide – both sides obsessed about the real flaws of the other while dismissing their own. Perhaps they should lay off the do-it-yourself brain surgery – this is best left to professionals!

        • jimmy the greek

          Hannity is a tool every thing out of his mouth is oh israel he is more worried about israel than the USA

    • Mark Dabney

      In fairness to OWS – the Hegelian left has attempted – and is trying to coopt the popular discontent as has the Hegelian Right has seduced a faction of the Tea Party into TeoCons – BUT not with the measure of success that those on the Hegelian Right make it out to be. There is much I find commendable about their pledge – especially discuss IDEAS not PEOPLE – this is where they commend the noble example of Ron Paul – especially where there is a RESPECTFUL AND CONSIDERATE difference of opinions.

      I am setting out to put forth a major revision of the first line of their pledge that has engrained via repetition. But what I find SORELY lacking among certain erstwhile “conservatives” [that typically do NOT even know what that term, properly understood, actually MEANS] those that use offensive and slanderous terms in lieu of earnest discussion. To be clear: both sides use this tactic and when people take to heart a collectivist emotionality ["conservatives" are just as bad, if not worse] I find that error becomes camouflaged among those that agree in being mistaken – because they agree – they both see each other as “right”.

      Much of the remedy is to take people as INDIVIDUALS that have a unique set of life experiences which requires talking WITH people instead of TO them. This also applies to labels such as “AntiSemitism” “Homophobic” and other loaded terms that obstruct clarity of thought.

      May I encourage you to dialog with your local gathering of OWS – but please, if you value meaningful and edifying conversation – leave the disinformation based prejudice and bigotry behind should you go to them. With honest candor, humility and grace you might just be astonished how much you and they have in common that is being minimized by those that engender disingenuous strife for their own selfish ends.

      MarkAnabaptist AT ATT dot net

  • Patrioticnut

    The real problem with all of this is that we have bought into it and allowed it to continue for so long that the cure may be worse than the ailment. The only true fix is to go back to a barter system for a period of time to get rid of the present currency then replace it with something of true value. Good luck with that one.

    • DaveH

      Not at all. The fix would be relatively easy. We end the Fed, back the existing dollars with hard assets (preferably gold), and get back to a Free Decentralized Competitive Banking system, where the only rules are that Banks can’t lie to their customers. Competition would do the rest.
      Where would the gold come from? Well, for one thing Government owns about 30% of our land. They could sell most of that, and many other assets they have, and use the money to buy gold to back our currency. And after that, no more paper currency could be issued that wasn’t backed by hard assets. Preferably we would get back to coins made of precious metals.
      Here are Ludwig Von Mises’ ideas:

      • Mark in LA

        Using a worthless scarce blob of metal to control the amount of currency in circulation is a stupid idea. Allowing people to willy-nilly create currency is bad as well but limiting the amount of wealth that can be created by the amount of gold than can be pulled out of the groud is also a stupid idea whose time has come and gone. The problem with asset backed currency is that the value of the asset changes too. Silver used used to back currency as well as gold. In the old world silver was actually more scarce in proportion to gold than in the new world. When the comstock lode was found the German government took their currency off a silver standard.

        • DaveH

          You speak from a standpoint of ignorance. Read this book and get some knowledge:

          • Mark in LA

            Dave plase with the Mises stupidity already and just try and think for yourself. If every dollar had to be backed by gold at a fixed rate and there were no more gold dug up, then no more currency could be put in circulation regardless of how much more food, cars, computers, or anything could be produced. How does that work? The prices for everything would have to go down. The cost of borrowing money would be prohibitive in a real sense because even if you borrowed to produce more and were sucessful, the drop in prices could still mean default as you can’t get any money to pay your debts.

            A hard money world is no panacea it just creates different problems.

          • DaveH

            What is “stupidity”, Mark, is your attitude that you know more than the highly educated economists at Mises Institute.
            What would be wrong with prices going down as productivity increased? That’s the way it should be. It isn’t that way because Big Government and their Cronies are taking advantage of the rest of us, and sucking our wealth into their coffers.
            Sure the Central Banks want to create more money and more price inflation. They directly benefit from it. But Mom and Pop get screwed when their life savings and their fixed incomes dwindle in value because ignorant Liberals like yourself aid and abet the theft of the Central Banks and Big Government. The fact that you try so hard to apologize for their actions makes me think you might be one of the takers.
            As far as new supplies of gold running out, that’s a non sequitur. It hasn’t happened yet, and even if it did, a fixed supply of money would just mean lower prices for everything over time and the marketplace would adjust.
            Why would that change the cost of borrowed money? The market would adjust the cost of borrowed money depending on personal time preferences. If most people had low time preferences there would be more money to borrow and costs of borrowing would go down. If most people had high time preferences there would be less money to borrow and costs of borrowing would go up. The cost of borrowing would reflect more closely the real costs of funds, thus creating much more efficient uses of the money, rather than the boom conditions where the money supply is rapidly expanded by central banks and interest rates are low creating conditions whereby people make risky and unworkable investments (malinvestment) which are followed by busts like the one we’re currently in.
            You show your ignorance, Mark, when you refuse to learn what expert economists have to say. But then, you are a Liberal.

          • DaveH

            And Mark,
            do you really think people are going to put any stock in your comments when you say such ignorant things as telling me what I do or don’t know (as if you have any idea what my knowledge is), and saying Mises Institute is “stupid” without studying their writings? That is a sign of pure ignorance, Mark, and a closed mind. Aren’t Liberals the ones who say they have “open” minds? Sure.

          • Mark in LA

            No Daveh what your problem is you put so much faith is a small subset of practitioners of a pseudo-science.

            What is “stupidity”, Mark, is your attitude that you know more than the highly educated economists at Mises Institute.

            Economics is not science. If it were there would not be the various “schools” of econmic theory. Do we have the Harvard school of particle physics? No we don’t because that is real sciences. They make theories that can be proved and falsified. I can always come up with an argument for why what I predicted yesterday didn’t come true today in economics. So braying about the “highly educated economists” means nothing. That wouod be like saying the highly educated stock picker or sports tout. They all use the same techniques. The only difference is the stock picker and sports tout admit they are doing little more than taking an educated quess and are dependent on being a little smarter and more informed than the rest of the pack.

            You have bought the Austrian worldview and assume everything else is wrong. There is something to be said about easy money creating bubbles but bubbles existed in the hard money world as well so the central bank can’t be completely to blame.

  • Tazio2013

    Sunday, December 18, 2011
    Prediction: Your Standard of Living is Going Down in 2012

    George Ure and Gaye Levy, Contributors
    Activist Post

    The Sure-Fire Four Hour Personal Financial Plan

    This year has been for most people a terrible, sucky, bad year for personal financial statements. The reasons are pretty simple: stocks have been hard to pick, gold and silver have given up most of their gains, and this coming week (December 21st) the National Association of Realtors will update housing prices going all the way back to 2007 because of apparent over-reporting of sales.

    Sources tell us that it hasn’t been uncommon for people counting deeds in courthouses in different areas of the country to count things like foreclosures as sales, since training on number-gathering does take some attention to details.

    The first part of this article is a bit “numbers intensive” but hang in there, the results are important.

    While real estate has gone down, there hasn’t been much of a recovery on the jobs front, either. The latest unemployment report claims that 8.6% unemployment was recorded in November 2011, but upon inspection we note that the civilian workforce was placed at 153,883,000 and the number actually working was cited as 140.58 million.

    How does the employment for this November compare with year-ago figures? On the surface, we’ve seen a major improvement: November 2010 saw a reported unemployment rate of 9.8%. On the surface employment picked up 1.2% for the year.

    When we look deeper, however, some continuing weakness becomes clear. The civilian workforce a year ago was pegged at 154,007,000, which might cause the clear-thinking reader to wonder “Unless America shrank in population, where’d the missing workers go?”

    • Ken

      Globalization is an attempt to bring equilibrium to the wages of the world’s work force. That means that we have a ways to go yet before we’re at equal wages with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, corporations like walmart extend their monopolies in order to kill off American manufacturing, bring lower prices, and impoverish the workforce further. The fractional banking system takes your little bit of savings and multiplies it in order to lend it out and the Fed devalues it further by creating more money out of thin air and sending it out into the world and causing more inflation. All this happens while your wages stay the same. It’s choreographed. You don’t notice the inflation because walmart, where you’re forced to shop because they drove the mom and pop store out of business, has lowered their prices through their monopoly. On the Fed side, your savings is diminished due to inflation.

      Big corporations are aiding in the attempt to reach wage equilibrium. All of you who hate the unions are getting your wish. They’re disappearing little by little. Jobs are being sent overseas and the money comes back to the owners and is not taxed. We just print more money in order to pay unemployment and government health benefits.

      Now China and Russia are screaming for the world to use another currency for international banking transactions and oil purchases. Iraq did this too, we invaded. Libya did this too, we bombed them. But, China and Russia are too powerful to bomb. At some point, they will get their wish. When that happens, the dollar will become worthless and America will crumble. People will no longer be able to buy food due to hyperinflation and many will die. Our destruction will be complete.

      We don’t have to let this happen. The powers behind this are counting on your apathy. That’s why OWS is so important. They may not have everything right. But, they’re not apathetic. Instead, they’re out there bringing attention to what they see as a problem. Just because they don’t understand things completely doesn’t mean that they don’t see the problem. It’s there and, it you can’t see it, you’re either blind, blissfully ignorant, or one of the elite. Let’s talk to them, reach a compromise, join them, and take down this corrupt system. Then let’s put a president in office that has the balls to face the Fed and say, “you’re through!” The time for regaining control of our country and destiny is now. Ron Paul 2012!

    • eddie47d

      Thanks for a voice in the wilderness. You and the author are close to being on top of the situation.

  • Dreamerdick

    To get a grasp of how bad it really is, listen to:

    There are those that will dispute minute details of the above interview but even if the facts are only 75% true – we all need to stand up and demand action.

    • Flashy

      Criminey…of course our standard of living is going down. Keerist…..the downward decline bragn in 1981 and except for a few years during the Clinton Administration, has continued downward unabated. The past 30 years, who Has been attacked relentlessly and blamed for these evils?

      The victims. The Middle Class, the unions, the small business, the homeowner, the small farmer, the small exporter, those who dare begrudge the wealthy and big Corporate America their welfare system.

      For those old enough on this board..think back to ‘the good old days”. What was present and had been present for years to create those days? Strong unions, a strong middle class composed of one wage earner families, schools which were well funded, a modern infrastructure, health care affordable AND regulated, regulation of the largest corporations and banks (not keeping them from growing, but insisting they play fair and pay for their welfare state), fair and equal tax burden.

      Astounding isn’t it? The very same make up which was present during our “good old days” are the very same which have been attacked and weakened …and which y’all still attack as you are instructed.

      • clarence swinney

        On Target Thanks

      • Mark in LA

        Well mostly right except for this:

        for a few years during the Clinton Administration, has continued downward unabated

        Clinton had a bubble to hide to downward slide just like Reagan and Bush did, the only difference is Clinton bubble popped on Bush’s watch and Bush’s bubble popped on his own watch.

        • Flashy

          If you’re talking about the tech bubble..that burst mid term for Clinton. We were enjoying some nice stable years in 96-99. And everyone had forecast as correction for 2001…no growth, but a short period of stagnate economy. Which Bush truned into a full fledged recession by doing three things. He came on TV in December and smack in the middle of XMas shopping seqson said ‘it’s worse than you think”…and look at the data…shopping stopped right then. With two weeks to go retail sales nose dived. There went consumer confidence. He then killed the surplus via tax breaks to the wealthy and his cronies, and implemented a huge spending spree with his wars.

          And y’all stood back and let him do this…cheered him as he did this. Applauded when he resumed the attacks on the unions, regulations, the Middle Class safety nets. fact is fact…

          • Mark in LA

            What I would like to know is are you just a liar or an idiot or both? The NASDAQ peaked on March 10, 2000. How does that fall into the midterm of Clinton.


          • Flashy

            Mark…please explain what you are taling about? In what way does NASDAQ peaking in mid 2000 have any bearing on what i wrote?

          • DaveH

            You said, Flashy — “tech bubble..that burst mid term for Clinton”.
            The tech bubble hit its peak in the spring of 2000. And the real Bust came shortly thereafter in late summer, early spring of 2000:

            Really, Flashy, you need to do some fact-checking before you comment. You have basically lost your credibility with those of us who pay attention to your comments. You could still get it back for later readers, but you have to make the effort.

          • DaveH

            That should have read “late summer, early FALL”. Loose nut on the keyboard.

          • eddie47d

            LOL Dave! I just couldn’t resist for that fits you to a T. “loose nut on the keyboard” Have a great day.

          • El Gringo

            Flashy, some of your summations comprise a grain of truth, just a grain, but, you also have a marvelous capacity of turning them into your Marxist fantasies.

          • Flashy

            I stand corrected on the mid term statement. From Wiki “The dot-com bubble (also referred to as the Internet bubble and the Information Technology Bubble[1]) was a speculative bubble covering roughly 1995–2000 (with a climax on March 10, 2000).” I seem to recall it crashing in 98 or thereabouts. My apologies and thank yous to those who pointed this out.

      • eddie47d

        Bush was clueless about economic solutions. When the economy started to dive in 2006 he told everyone to spend money and “go out and shop”. No one saved or prepared for the looming crises. That is where he lost his Conservative credentials.

        • Mark in LA

          They are all clueless, they were all dependent of Greenspan’s easy money policies to drive interest rates down and start another bubble. We went from the S&L/junk bond/leverage buyout bubble of Reagan to the dot com bubble of Clinton to the housing bubble of Bush and we have a bubble in the bond market now. I don’t know how anybody can expect 3% for 30 year bonds to last unless there is a full blown deflationary depression.

        • DaveH

          NO! They are NOT clueless. They know damn well what they’re doing. They’re feathering their own nests and those of their Cronies at the rest of our expense. It is we, the electorate, who are mostly clueless. And the leaders happily take advantage of that.

      • DaveH

        Put on your thinking cap. Unions acquire higher wages how? Does money grow on trees? Of course not. When the Unionists acquire higher wages and work rules, they necessarily produce less for more money. Where does that money come from? Their employers must raise their product prices, or lower the pay for their non-Union workers, or layoff workers, or lose money and go out of business, or move their business out of our country. When Unionists gain, the rest of us lose.
        What would happen if everybody became Unionized? We would have more money and work less, which of course would result in fewer and much more expensive goods which would eat up easily any gains in wages. And meanwhile, we’d be paying all those useless Union Leaders for doing nothing but causing conflict. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.
        The problems in this country stem from the fact that we have turned our heads to Immorality and allowed some groups (e.g. Unions) to take advantage of other groups through outright force or coercion. We need to get our Morality back. We need to get back to Free Markets where consumers voluntarily trade with each other, absent the coercive and corrupt force of Government. Of course the Leaders and their Cronies will kick and scream, as they would lose big if we got back to Freedom. We need to ignore their tantrums, like any good parent would ignore the tantrums of their spoiled children.

        • Flashy

          Dave…we totally disagree about the working man’s right to unionize and bargain for their labor collectively. I take it from your post that the growth of our Middle Class and emergence as a world power was mere coincidence in coinciding with the growth of the union movement and the Middle Class. And pure coincidence that the attacks on unions and the working man also coincided with the beginning and rapid decline of our economic well-being.

          • DaveH

            Don’t put words in my mouth, Flashy. As a Libertarian, I believe people are free to join Unions. But they aren’t free to use coercive force to take other peoples’ money. Their employers have invested their money in plants and capital equipment, thus employing many people with their risked funds. Instead of being grateful for their Voluntary employment, they turn on the Employers and use coercive tactics to extort more money from the Employers.
            We are NOT FREE to force our way on other peoples’ bodies and property. Only immoral people would even think of it.

          • Flashy

            Dave….I’m trying not to put words in your mouth…simply asking for calrification. So you do agree strong unions brought us to the levels of prosperity we enjoyed the mid to latter parts of the 20th century. Correct?

            I myself advocate a change in the union structure. Making it far easier to organiize, maintain the Right to a Closed Shop, but limiting unions to an industry or trade and not a huge conglomeration such as the monopolist AFl-CIO.

          • DaveH

            No, I don’t agree. Far from it. Did you not read my earlier comment?
            Read this:

          • Mark in LA

            The problem DaveH is maybe you don’t know that much about business and how it is really structured. You talk as though these companies are owned by a single person or family when they are public corporations. As such, the management is every bit as much an employee as the workers on the floor. Why are the guys on the floor the bad guys for trying to get more while the management who usually do more damage the good guys? The jobs are NOT going overseas because of unions. They are going overseas because of management trying to goose the stock price up to collect bonuses. More companies have been wrecked by bad management looking to make a quick buck than by the greed of the unions. Look to Germany on how unions and management work together and keep the best jobs in Germany.

          • DaveH

            I’ve been studying matters economic for 40 years, Mark, and have been a quite successful investor.
            Mark says — “The problem DaveH is maybe you don’t know that much about business and how it is really structured. You talk as though these companies are owned by a single person or family when they are public corporations”.
            I didn’t say anywhere that companies are owned by one person or a family, Mark. You are putting words in my mouth. What else? You’re a Liberal. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that there are numerous types of Corporate Structures. And there are Private as well as Public Corporations. Most of both types have multiple owners.
            To tell me how much I know about business just proves your Liberal Ignorance. You have no idea what I know about anything.
            Now get back to class, I think your recess is over.

        • Mark in LA

          Well Dave when you post stuff like this it really proves my point:

          Their employers have invested their money in plants and capital equipment, thus employing many people with their risked funds. Instead of being grateful for their Voluntary employment, they turn on the Employers and use coercive tactics to extort more money from the Employers.

          The people making the decisions to move plants are NOT the people who have risked capital. They are the hired hands who by virtue of getting their buddies on the boards of Directors make decisions not always in the long term interest of the company and not in the interest of the shareholders. Maybe if you worked at such a company and seen how useless most of them are then you would know why I would not take their side. They provide almost nothing of value for the company, going to a fro to meetings babbling some idiotic crap they got out of some book by Jack Welch or at a management seminar. Then when business slows down their ownly answer is to cut the workers while the biggest waste of air in the management offices still stays on.

          • DaveH

            The owners elect the board members who appoint the officers of the companies, who also are usually owners, Mark. And if the owners don’t like the direction the board members and the officers are taking the company, the owners can replace them.
            It is strictly your opinion as to whether or not the officers are doing a good job. I sure wouldn’t put my money on the opinion of a Liberal.
            As I often say, Mark, if you can do it better, then pool your money with your like-minded Liberal blowhard friends, start your own companies, shut up, and do something real. Anybody can talk.

          • Mark in LA

            Daveh it is obvious you have never owned any shares of stock. For if you did you would realize how stupid and worthless those proxy votes are each year. Those “elections” are even more of a farce than the government elections where anybody on the street can register to run. Do you know who Carl Icahn is? If you did you would know how much trouble he has when he tries to get even one or two guys on the board of directors of a company he has become a major shareholder in. The existing board fights him tooth and nail to make sure their free rides continue. He has to get the list of sharefolder and run hus own campaign to out board members at his own cost.

            Only in your Mises or Ayn Rand fantasy world do the shareholders control the board.

        • Thinking about

          DaveH, you missed the truth on how unions bargain and it is probably a task you have never had a lot of experience in doing so. Bargain is based on the profits already made by companies and since the bargained for employees has performed the labor which resulted in those profits. In the past years wages has gone flat for the labors and has ran out of range for the executives. Why are you not on the overpayment of executives? Do you think their high wages does not cost anything? Ergo, the OWS views.

      • DaveR

        Overall, an excellent discussion is occurring on this website precipitated by the lead article.

        I have a different perspective than Flashy, and am old enough to remember Johnson’s launch of the Great Society, and witness its failure to overcome poverty in USA.

        The Fed is certainly key to the problem. So is the government’s insatiable appetite for more in the form of taxes on wage earners. My first full year of employment was 1969; my annual wages were about $10k. I was done paying SS taxes around September, my state had no income tax, my city had no income tax and state sales tax was 3%. I was able to save almost $200/month despite living quite well including a nice apartment, car, clothes, frequently eating at restaurants and entertaining others and traveling. But that all declined. As time progressed, the rates of existing taxes increased and new taxes were added. I eventually found myself paying SS throughout the year despite my wages being increased, and then Medicare tax was added. My state’s combined sales/use tax is now at least 6% with local communities and counties tacking on up to 2% or more. In sum, the growth in my wages through COLA and merit increases appeared to outrun inflation, yet the fraction of my total wages consumed by taxes grew larger and larger. Oh, and the union and the companies I worked for are more dead than alive; they have even outsourced administration of their pension benefits. When I recently called to obtain information on collecting that due me, after waiting (and wading) through a telephone queue, I was connected to a lady in the Philippines! Government and its taxation systems are like one-way ratchets — ever tightening their grip on all. This, too, needs to be broken, but will not under the present system that allows and encourages politicians to make promises and dole out “benefits” from public funds without limit in order to buy re-election.

  • Ken

    I get it, and it should be the number one issue of the election. Ron Paul is the only one who will get it done. The others are lying and will not dare cross their buddies at the Fed.

    Most people don’t realize this either. newt and mitt have already lost the election. They are unelectable and just don’t know it. I’ll explain. In order for either to win the general election, they will need the votes of Ron Paul’s supporters. They will never get them (this viewpoint is spreading rapidly throughout the internet). They don’t understand that, for us, the thought of voting for one of those Federal Reserve stooges makes us want to puke. We could never vote for the destruction of our country by the Fed and a war mongering and meddling foreign policy. We want to save our country and be free. Therefore, we will vote for Ron as a third party candidate or write him in if necessary. newt and mitt will never be president. We won’t allow it. At this point, the GOP has two choices. They can back Ron Paul and ease off with their attacks or ensure another four years of a fascist obama presidency.

    You see, we know that obama, mitt, and newt are all turds of a different smell. But, they’re still turds and each will destroy us in his own way. We are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s their turn to do that. So, I repeat, newt and mitt have already lost. They may as well endorse Ron and get out of the way. They will never get elected.

    If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, pass this idea around so everyone knows where we stand. If you’re not a Ron Paul supporter, take a closer look at his ideas. There’s a great new video out about his foreign policy which explains it pretty well (I think you can find it on youtube). You’ll see that he has the best foreign policy. Otherwise, you’ve been warned. Don’t waste your votes.

    • jimmy the greek

      Ken you made my day . thank you

    • Realist


      Best philosophy about Ron Paul to date.
      I just hope all patriot minded folks feel this way.

      I will be getting the word out. Biggest objection will
      be a vote for Paul will be one for Obama and that just shows
      how weak others are with their true feelings.


    • Mark in LA

      Not only will they not get Paul voters but they won’t get the large number of Democrats thinking of voting for Paul. If Newt or Romney get the nomination, they will vote for Obama.

      • DaveH

        That’s what I think also, Mark. I read an article by a woman who makes a pretty good case that establishment Republicans purposely want to throw the Presidential election, so they can convince the voters that we have no choice but to accept establishment Republicans in the future. I can’t find the article unfortunately. Maybe a reader knows what I’m talking about and can find it for me.

    • eddie47d

      So true since each and everyone of the Republican candidates (except Paul and maybe Huntsmen) have flip flopped on major issues and have no honest credibility.

      • S.C. Murf

        Amen fast eddie, we agree

        up the hill

  • Donald

    The Banksters it is along with some crooked capitalists starting with Enron. When will the bankers who orchestrated this disaster be sent to jail, so far none have. Do not hold your breath.

    • eddie47d

      We all know the banksters made piles of money off of the housing industry and mortgages yet refuse to help those they swindled with rotten deals.

      • DaveH

        Explain how they needed bailing out by the Government, if they made “piles” of money?
        No doubt that money went somewhere, but to blame all the Bankers, is like blaming all the people because one psychopath kills dozens of people.

        • Mark in LA

          DaveH the money was made on the left hand side of the bubble. It should have been given back on the right hand side. That is where the bailout came in to make sure nothing made on the left hand side had to be given back.

          • DaveH

            You’re spouting nonsense.
            What caused the bubble, Mark? You have no idea do you?
            Perhaps instead of pestering me with your nonsense, you should do some reading at some sites where they understand economics, not Hoping and Dreaming like the Liberal sites do.
            Here are a few:
            Or pick up some books by Thomas Sowell on the Boom and the Bust.

        • Bruce

          DaveH, if you had some sort of a real clue of the repeal of Glass-Steagal and CFMA, which forced lack of any regulation of derivatives; the awarding of billions of dollars in bonuses for “profits” that were legally booked immediately after the “AAA” derivatives were placed with our municipalities, pension funds, etc., rather than when said derivitives actually matured; the practice of merged commercial/investment banks using 40 and 50 times leverage backed with depositor funds on such risky investments, followed by the $27+ trillion bailout of the “too big to fail” banks (both native and foreign) without any clawback of those bonuses, you would sound a bit more intelligent.

          The Liberal-idiots who don’t know how to start and run businesses crap is annoying. Tell Soros he is an idiot that doesn’t know how to make money–hell, tell Buffet, as he must be a liberal for wan’t to tax the rich and reinstate real regulations.

          Rather than hanging your hat on an obscure Austrian economist born in 1881, whom died in 1973. He is simply one of several schools of economic thought with a libertarian bent. Ayn Rand loved him. He Austrian School has strengths and weakness, just like the Keynesian, the Chicago School and all others.

          As an example of an inherent modern day clash between libertarian economic theory lets look at von Mises belief that socialism was doomed to fail because demand cannot be known without pricing. Yet in the last decade the biggest part of the bubble, the various derivitaves based on pools everything from mortgage to student loan to credit card debt lacked any transparency in pricing due to the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, the final bill Clinton signed into law. This very fact caused the credit market lockup when things finally went to hell. This market has grown to well over a $QUADRILLION annually (you read that right)or 20 times the entire WORLD GDP.

          But another way of looking at it is that von Mises core idea of transparent pricing is basically right. The problem is without the appropriate level of regulation transparent pricing doesn’t happen. Sometimes it requires deregulation, as in the case of airlines and trucking, some times tighter regulation, as in medicine and the financial markets. It is the transparency in pricing that is important.

          Here is a short list of recent boooks you might want to read to broaden your knowledge base:
          “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” by Michael Lewis

          “The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall Street and Made Financial History” by Gregory Zuckerman

          “Fatal Risk: A Cautionary Tale of AIG’s Corporate Suicide” by Roddy Boyd

          BTW I am a Progressive (not a Liberal), have a double-major Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Business Finance, have been involved with or founded about ten or so companies in the almost 30 years since I finished college and have been investing for more than that long. I do know a little bit about structuring companies, building teams, making payroll and taxes, creating and rolling out products, and an awful lot of other stuff about growing a business.

          Libertarianism is a fine idea in a vacuum, but in a world where mega-corporations wield more power than many countries it simply enables corporate “persons” to run roughshod over “the 99%”. The 1%’s trillions sitting in derivatives trying to get another 10 basis points doesn’t do the general economy any good, and a strong case can be made that it actually harms it.


    While I appreciate your through analysis of the root problem in America today, there seems to be no methodology proffered to rid this nation of the scourge you have identified.

    There is a plan to not only to do that, but it recovers the looted Treasury that has been stolen for nearly 100 years of theft by deception and fraud by filing a class action lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank. Additionally, by way of the R.I.C.O. Act, the plan also will use the conspiracy laws to arrest all those who have allowed this misery to be with us for decades.


    Or go to the link below for an outline of the plan;


    • jimmy the greek

      Just gassing them would be much faster and more fun to see .

      • JC

        Ya know what you sick freak?
        The last thing Ron Paul needs is the support of a
        Nazi Racist like you. Why don’t you just go back down to your basement and practice your goose stepping?

        • jimmy the greek

          To old ! I never could see how they could get there legs up so high like that , But they look cool as hell marching .

        • eddie47d

          Bingo! JC

        • jimmy the greek

          Ron Paul needs all the support he can get ! he is the only one i ever sent money to . The reason i like him is because of his foreign policy then for wanting to deal with the fed .

          • DaveH

            Ron Paul is an honest, moral man, Jimmy. I suggest you try to be the same.

          • jimmy the greek

            I am i say what i think and people can’t handel it . LOL

          • JC

            It’s not that they can’t handle it…it’s that you are repulsive.

  • Downs1

    One day all this corruption and immorality will simply implode! Man is simply incapable of fixing what he has created. But, when anything goes wrong, he always, no exceptions, looks for someone to blame. Wars have been waged because of this kind of corruption. The problem is to make it look “just” so that it is acceprable to the “little guy” who was ripped off to begin with. The little guy creates the wealth for the “big guys” and he is the one that must be manipulated to make him feel like he is important. And so, history repeats itself yet again!

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    Good note Tazio…where did all the people go? The truth is that the real unemployment rate is probably between 13-16%. The worthless media would never challenge the “official” numbers….tis, tis, may make someone in office look bad.

    The fed has stolen from all of us with the support and backing of our government for years. All the candidates running except Ron Paul are either blind or complicit to the theft. Where do I sign up for the class action suit?

  • 4-just_us

    I think I would blame our congress for most of Americas problems. Our legislators don’t have the back bone to do the job their supposed to do, like look after the peoples interest instead of their own. Ron Paul is running a gauntlet against the corporations who are trying to discredit and marginalize him. I view him as a real warrior against corruption in Washington. He gets my vote.

  • Dave26027

    One well written no b.s. down to earth and honest article. I am damn proud of Bob Livingston. A patriot that bleeds red white and blue.

  • Daniel

    It seems that only the first three posters get it and then Flashy comes on with the same old tired lines about Dems versus Reps and does not get the fact that the same people own both parties. People wake up and look behind the curtain. Kennedy signed an excutive order to audit the Fed and ten days later he was dead and the first act of Johnson was to rescind the order. Get a clue people, a very small group of people run the world and here is a hint – it ain’t you or the Jews. This has nothing to do with relegion; only money and power. When you blame the Jews you are falling for the same tactics that Hitler used. Check the membership of the Bilderberg Group and you will find senstors of both parties are members. All relegions are represented also. Political affliations are just window dressing. As Stalin once said, “No matter who wins the election we always win”.

    • Flashy

      Dan…I think i also used ‘and their supporters’ as well ( I did not review to see if I did, if not, I add that here). fact is fact. Anyone who tried to defend the rights of Americans and ease the crushing burden, who tried to keep the playing field level, who came out against favoring the corporate and wealthy welfare system we are burdened with today, who pointed out the wealthy are not ‘job creators” but every man and woman who make up the Middle Class is… they were attacked and vilified. Still are.

      Y’all are blaming Obama for policies and directions which have been in place for years. And as he tries somehow to correct them, you are cheering the ones who are defending the status quo and saying “no” to every position…INCLUDING giving the Middle Class a payroll tax break !

      • Brad

        Flashy, just one real quick question, why didn’t the Ohmama adminstration and congress just quit spending money we don’t have? As an after thought why has Ohmama taken from social security and medicare in the form of a payroll tax cut, that’s 2% or 200 billion this year not going to help fund SS and medicare. You are willing to sacrifice SS and medicare?

        • Flashy

          1. Obama had no choice but to stimulate the economy as we were bleeding almost a million jobs a month when he took office. How many of those public works jobs which were implemented were decried by the GOP…yet they were the first to stand for the photo ops bringing in the jobs?

          When Obama took office, he said first was to get the economy moving, then to attack the spending and deficits. What he didn’t know was the GOP determination to sacrifice this nation for the sake of their own wealthy elite supporters and for solely political purposes. Who could even think that the GOP and the TP would sacrifice this nation’s well being as they have?

          As for the tax breaks for wage earners. One, it’s temporary. Two, it was paid for before the GOP objected and halted it saying the Middle Class could afford the tax increase but the wealthy could not afford such an increase.

          How’s this…apply the SS and Medicaid taxes to all employees at whatever level of income and not cap it at $100,000 and everything after that is free from the hit. Seems fair doesn’t it/ Now ask yourself why the GOP is so vehement about it never occurring…

          • El Gringo

            Come on Flashy, do you not think the “wealthy elite” are not subsidizing Obama and the Democrat’s? Obama received more money, and continuies to do so, than the Republicans. Quit being blind and an ideologue. It becomes tiresome.

          • DaveH

            Of course Obama had a choice, and it would have been the moral choice. Taking money from the private sector and giving it to somebody else does not create a better economy. It is like digging the sand from a hole on one side of the island, piling it on the other side of the island, and telling people the island now has more sand. In fact, it is even worse, because much of the money taken would have been used investing in productive capital equipment to produce goods that consumers need and are willing to pay for. Instead that money was distributed to people who either weren’t productive at all or were producing things that people don’t demand. If they did demand them, they would buy them voluntarily from the private sector and at a much lower cost. Think Solyndra, for example.
            If Government Spending was the solution, there would be no poor countries, because any ignorant self-serving Government leaders can spend money.
            Here is the reality between the kind of Big Government people like Flashly want, and smaller Government:
            Bigger Government, Worse (much worse) Economies.

          • DaveR

            Temporary SS tax deductions and unemployment benefits that are extended again and again are not temporary. The failure to pass a federal budget thus far in the Obama Administration indicates this is not temporary. Where did the stimulus monies go? Who really benefited? I got higher utilities, gasoline, food and health insurance bills (Yes, I have to pay for my own), and forceful letters from my Congressman that I need to use those wonderful CFL bulbs, two of which have burned up in their lampstand sockets.

            If you want to understand and predict what the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Administration is all about, scrutinize every proposal from them and ask yourself whether or not the proposal if enacted would help build or help weaken USA in the long run, and make everyone if possible dependent on the government for nearly everything in their lives. Obama’s mission is fundamental change, and that includes destruction of what made America great. Wake-up, America!

          • Flashy

            Dave … since the wealthy elite have been given their more than fair share of tax relief….can you explain just where these jobs are that should have been created? With record profits, and record amounts of cash on hand…would you care to explain how those are creating jobs?

            Can we agree the Bush years were a product of a housing and construction bubble? And that the level of manufacturing went south, not up? Would you agree that in 2001, with the “temporary’ tax breaks to the rich in which he gave away the chance for a surplus, the GOP also subsidized outsourcing of US jobs with massive tax breaks…allowing in reality a 30% subsidy? And that in 2009 and 2010 the GOP refused to cionsider any repeal of that tax loophole?

            Can you explain why since the myth of ‘trickle down” became part of our policies, wealth has concentrated and grown at the top, but shrank in the middle?

          • DaveH

            Right off the bat, Flashy, you are spouting nonsense. If you knew what you were talking about you’d know that the wealthy pay the majority of the taxes:

            And Government not only spends 40% of our GDP, they also have cadres of bureaucrats doing all they can to burden companies with paperwork hoops to jump through, whether they be good companies or bad companies. Is it any wonder our economy sucks?

        • eddie47d

          I don’t see where the GOP is fighting for jobs or the Middle Class. So that is a dog and pony show on their part. The Democrats have tried to put too much on their plate so they don’t get a free pass either.There is a reason that Congress has an 8% approval rating and it doesn’t look good for either side. CEO wealth has increased 27% this year alone while the Middle Class has remained stagnant. The banksters are overflowing in money yet people are losing their homes and that takes the Middle Class down with it.Why is wealth trickling upward yet those job producers aren’t producing. This is either a mirage or sick joke on the rest of us.

          • Raggs

            Ed.. I figure that if oblama would STOP blowing my money on the unions and investments in China that the private sector would be much better off. Not to mention the hundreds of new regulations oblama is choking American with… oblama is Anti-business so the sooner he moves on the better all of us will be.

          • eddie47d

            Most jobs going to China did involve the private sector and that mostly occurred more than a decade ago. In order to reverse that wages will have to be lowered and then good by Middle Class. Since that is already happening welcome to the real world. Free markets mean that companies can go where ever they want so that puts supporters of capitalism in a bind in who to support. They(private corporations) also help pick the winners and the losers.

          • Jim

            There’s 25 bills in the Democrat senate that could get jobs moving. Why won’t the senate vote on them? How about the pipe line that Obama won’t sign. Again I say to you eddie, is the truth so hard to take?

          • Flashy

            Jim…what bills are those? the ones giving even more money to the wealthy so they can stash even more than they now have stashed away?

          • JeffH

            Jim, you’re absolutley right and there may be even more proposed legislation that the Reid controlled senate refuses to acknowledge.

            25 House-Passed Jobs Bills Stuck in the Democratic-Run Senate
            Posted by Speaker Boehner’s Press Office on December 05, 2011

  • JoeRepublic

    I’ve been saying things like this for years. Ron Paul has been saying things like this for decades. The banksters have been hiding this from you for a century. Now, and only now, that the general sleeping populace is beginning to show some signs of waking from their slumber, be forewarned. This sleeping mass of blubber will soon become an angry mob of rioters and looters. It is coming folks, and even when it finally comes, these fools still won’t understand the true enemy.

    Yet, when the rioting mob sweeps through a town near you, destroying their own backyards, you can surely bet the bankster solution is laying in wait. The economic wounds will fester long enough for the public to outcry for a solution. A solution indeed will be offered by the same scum that deliberately created this problem. That solution will be the introduction of a far more sinister and global reaching monster. The world dollar will be introduced and will be hailed as the stabilizer of the global economy, much in the way the Federal Reserve was offered in 1913. Once in place, the world as we know it will effectively be over and global tyranny will be ready for play.

    Let’s face it folks, the jig is up. The game is nearly over. Just as the Monopoly board is eventually taken over by one of your tyrannical family members that sits and giggles as each roll of the dice further enriches them while putting you further in the hole, the banksters have even further rigged the game. They own the board, the dice, all the cards, every piece of real estate and they control the bank. If you play their game, you will lose.

    So, what is the solution to this mass madness? The answer is simple yet will require the effort of each of us in a way that I think many are too lazy to actually accomplish. This answer is simply the removal of your participation. Just stop. Stop it all. Grow as much of your own food as you can. Barter with local small farmers for your other needs. Drill a well and provide your own water supply. Take the time to build your own power generation system from the ground up. Distill your own fuel in your backyard. When you’re confident in your own independence, help others you know do the same. The level of freedom and independence you desire can only be measured by the amount of hard work and pain you’re willing to endure.

    Sadly though, most will continue to consent to the tyranny. They will continue to blame the wrong perpetrators. World tyranny will be installed and the future of the human race will be left in the hands of a few corrupt swine that managed to swindle us all. The greatest confidence scam pulled off by the worst grifters and shills the human race has ever known is almost complete. May God help us all as I have only discussed the financial aspects of this scam. Wait until you see the social, medical, evolutionary and technological nightmares that will be rolled out in the coming years.

  • Daniel

    Sorry – Senators

  • Raggs

    Stupid sheeple are happy sheeple.
    Most people would prefer to be dumb than to know the truth and thats why we have oblama…

  • Jim

    Don’t worry Obama will not stop blaming. It’s part of his nature. Remember Obama has never been wrong and he is the smartest kid on the block. Now if don’t believe me just ask the media or better yet ask Obama himself. Obama will tell you that its us out here in middle America that’s stupid.

    • eddie47d

      You and Raggs are also locked in the blame Obama charade and he does deserve a licking or two. Yet you are so blinded with Obama hatred you can’t see what the Republicans did and are continuing to do.

      • Jim

        Like What?

      • DaveH

        Eddie, do you ever tire of the personal attacks?

        • JeffH

          DaveH and jim, isn’t it amazing that the real haters love to accuse others of hating when there was nothing in jim’s comment that projected any hate towards Obama. Gotta love those haters huh?

          • DaveH

            Actually, Jeff, their ignorance makes me nauseous. I can’t understand why they don’t just remain silent so that people just THINK they’re ignorant, instead of commenting so that people KNOW they’re ignorant.

      • Jim

        Are you having trouble with truth? I take it that you don’t listen much to radio and TV. All I hear is how everything is the blame why we are in this problem with the economy except Obama policy.

        • JeffH

          Jim, he’s always had trouble with truth.

      • eddie47d

        Do Jim,Jeff and Dave ever get tired of personal attacks?? Maybe you should be the ones to stop posting.

  • Dan

    The real blame isn’t with the Fed, it’s with the American people who vote for the idiots that run the country. Even the article mentioned that people are ignorant of the Fed and how it is destroying the country. Calling for an end to the FED means nothing unless the voters put elected officials in place who are willing to do something about it.

    • Kenneth

      I believe the international bankers/powerful are using our country’s financial system to control the rest of the world, at this time. Its seeds were planted during world war II. As victors we were in a position to make this happen. The Fed is but a convenient tool being used by the ‘world power group’ to coordinate this financial influence. They bail us out as needed and the also print money to bale out Europe and others. However, the basis for currency value is now in trouble on a global level because we have more takers than makers. Countries that are high producers are driving currency value at this time(i.e.China). Because we are a free people, flexible to change and have a strong production potential, we can eventually solve this world problem as we are allowed to do so. This administration does not want us to succeed because they are after a communist world government and not the world government that we already have with the USA in charge. By solving our problems and increasing our production, we can remain in ‘charge’, but still run by the ‘world group’ using our country to do so. To think this is going to change because of an election is naive. It can get better and we can live under of constitution, but as long as we play on the world scene, we will be influenced by this shadow ‘world group’. It dose not matter who is elected, as long as they are for the country and can make it prosper and not diametrically opposed to it as is the current administration.

  • Jack Carter

    Just as during the great depression, the banksters have reduced the supply of money available to to average Joe or company. I believe they cut the supply by 1/3 which created a dollar shortage and those who ahd these dolars clung to them.
    WE see the same thing today. Banks do not want to loan the money they have and the terms have become truly burdensome to those who have to have borrowed money to weather cash flow problems inherant with running a business.
    By using the income tax,implemented by the banksters at the same time the Federal Reserve was founded, businesses must drain their profits or give them to the government via taxes. The end result is a business starts every year at a negative just to pay taxes and insurance. This forces the business to use the bank until profits allow repayment of the loans. Paying 6.1% interest on borrowed money that doesn’t exist except as an accounting entry, creates inflation.

  • DavidL

    I’m with you Bob Livingston. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is the least fact-challenged, the most consistent (no flip-flops), and not a hypocrite. All the others are the opposite, and worse, of Ron Paul.

  • Raggs

    Isn’t this the “redistribution of wealth” oblama was talking about doing when he confronted Joe the plumber?
    What I’m saying is this is the plan and it has always been the plan.. They are stealing our money via inflation…

  • budman

    I are perfectly aware this country is a Republic. I am also aware of the secret on goings between the Federal Reserve and the banks. How many know of the 1.6 trillion recently loaned to the banks to include foreign banks. I am aware of this administrations cabinet loaded with Socialists and the large number of Socialist Democrats in Congress whose goal is to change this country to Socialism.

    Do you not think all the other candidates for the Republican nomination also see this? You seem to think Ron Paul is the answer but the fact is he is so wrong on so many other issues. His views on Iran are in fact insane and dangerous. You might also note that he did say in a recent debate that he would not eliminate the Federal Reserve but would make changes and obviously needed. It will be interesting to see if any president can actually pull this off since there are influences outside the United States that would hamper his efforts.
    The bottom line is Ron Paul as the Republican nominee will insure the reelection of the worst president in our history. I will vote for him if he is the nominee but I know I will casting my vote for a certain loser just like McCain.
    I know I will catch it for the Ron Paul backers but I stand on what I said but they must consider why the liberals and Socialists want him as the nominee as well.

    • Mark in LA

      More nonsense on Iran and Paul:

      What can we actually (in the real world, I mean) do to stop an Iran who wants to build a bomb. Stop reading comic books and watching movies, there is nothing short of a massive nuclear strike or an invasion than would dwarf our Iraq misadventure that can stop them. As far a Paul ending the Fed, even Paul knows there are limits to a President’s power. He has already said what he would like to do but admits he is limited Constitutionally.

    • DaveH

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” — Benjamin Franklin
      Nor will they get either Liberty or Safety.

    • DaveH

      The United States is second only to Russia in the number of Nuclear Weapons. And I’d hazard a guess that ours are in better condition.
      The United States is the only country ever to have used a nuclear weapon against another country.
      The United States has their meddling military in well over 60 countries around the world, and we are actively involved in several conflicts far from home.
      And there are some here who would be hypocritical enough to say we should strike the first blow against another country for simply arming itself? That, in the minds of any logical thinkers, would make us the aggressors. If any other country did similar to us, we would consider it to be an act of war.

  • Falcon

    According to the CBO, When Bush was appointed to the White House we owed $5.4T and were projected to have that paid off and a $1T surplus at the end of 10 years. When he left office, we owed over $10T and the $1T surplus had evaporated. That means Bush effectively added $11T to what we owed. I have heard numbers lately stating that we now owe $15T, not $20T which is where we would have to be for Obama to even match Bush, much less spend more. What kind of math challenged moron does it take to arrive at the conclusion that 15-10=5 is more than 10-0=10? Never mind, a right winger obviously wrote this so facts and logic were not a part of the authors equation.

    • Mark in LA

      That was a stupid projection based on the continuance of the dot com bubble so I suppose it was possible in Never Never Land.

      • Mark in LA

        Not only that but Bush used that worthless projection to goad Congress into giving him the tax cut.

    • DaveH

      What kind of “moron” would say “When Bush was appointed to the White House we owed $5.4T and were projected to have that paid off and a $1T surplus at the end of 10 years. When he left office, we owed over $10T and the $1T surplus had evaporated. That means Bush effectively added $11T to what we owed”?
      That is the most convoluted logic I think I’ve ever encountered on this board. The truth is that between 2001 and 2008, the Bush Administration presided over a $5 Trillion dollar increase in National Debt. And since Obama has been in office, the National Debt has increased from $10.7 Trillion to the current $15.1 Trillion for an increase of $4.4 Trillion in just 3 years, which is more than double the rate that it grew under Bush. Not that it makes Bush any less of a Big Spender. But it certainly makes Obama a Bigger Spender than Bush.

      • Flashy

        Dave…count the ’09 budget and not the ’01 budget. You might stand a better chance of believability…though even then the numbers are skewed. Those are the real numbers as Bush inherited Clinton’s ’01 budget, and Obama inherited bush’s ’09 budget.

        • DaveH

          as usual you’re mixing apples and oranges. Obama has made no efforts to reduce Bush’s spending, and a man who can push through a very unpopular Health Care Bill, could certainly manage to cut Bush’s spending. He hasn’t.

        • DaveH

          And newsflash, Flashy, I was using the conventional method of accounting for each different President. Of course it’s a simplification, because in reality all of them inherit budget momentum from the previous Presidents, but anybody with half-a-brain knows that Obama has done nothing to resist the spending and everything to encourage it.

  • bob wire

    When did 22.3% of “voters” become “most” Americans?

    Horse shoes and hand grenades !

    If we enjoying the playing with words so much, it’s a game that two can play.

    O has 4 more years and another 4.7 Trillion dollar to spent, to double the national debit as his predecessor “W” managed to do.

    But Mr. Livingston is correct, it’s always been the man behind the curtain. The deals stuck on the back nine. Decisions made well in advance of any boardroom meeting.

    We have systematically been bought out and sold down river by persons with no faces, no titles, no positions.

    Since this is a common thread that runs deep through out the world today and not just in America. This common thread will lead you to it’s source. And as many have said over and over again, it leads straight to Banking.

    The current president inherited this system with it’s corruption and the debit. The next president will do much the same.

    To made the needed corrections in this current system will affect and damage many and it too will be very unpopular with 22.3 % of Americans.

    This is large why the GOP refused to endorse and support Ron Paul. What Ron Paul offers will alter feed trough positions a diet restriction.

    If Ron Paul does manage to secure 1 chair position the GOP will have to make some serious changes or fight like they have fought 44.

  • Bob Wilson

    I always think of the following when I vote and remind others of it also.
    A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.”


    REMEMBER “The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is
    to be governed by men worse than themselves.”-Plato.

  • Robert the Swiss.

    Yea right, he’s real bad. The worst about Obama is that he is even messing up the weather, even over here in Europe – bastard >:-)

    Bob, as long as I have time to waste, I love reading your utterly ridiculous column – what a nerd – GET HELP, BOB

    • eddie47d

      That is an assumptions Robert on the weather problem so maybe you are the one who needs to seek help. LOL

    • JC

      Gee Robert, you don’t have a clue what’s going on over here do you?
      Oh well, back to the flugelhorn for you!
      Reeeeecolaaaaaaaa ;)

    • JC

      Hey Robert, just for fun, here’s a quick explanation of just how well you Europeans have organized yourselves….very impressive! :)

  • Bob Wilson

    Don’t let them fleece us again!!! Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. One hundred Senators, 435 Congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country. What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. We should vote all of them (who didn’t read Obama-care before voting for it) out of office and clean up their mess! What more is there to say?

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    The gig is nearly up….Obummer and his buddies are close to the tipping point in the percentage of Americans on the public hook via subsidies. The percentage now is around 48%. With so many indebted to the government, the masses will vote for the candidate that keeps the checks flowing. Self reliance died long ago. The sheep will not walk, but will run to slaughter. 2012 will be a tipping point for this country and very possibly the entire world.

    I agree Ron Paul has some strange views on foreign policy and relations with other nations, but his view of the Fed I like. We are faced with another election with mediocre candidates when we need a true patriot. I fear though this person…if he/she came forward would be decimated by the power brokers.

    • Aurelio

      Ron Paul is right about the economy and Washington, but his views about the world were good two centuries ago. Washington advised the country to stay out of European conflicts, then President Monroe effectively stated his famous doctrine. But today is a very different scenario; we are facing a cultural clash that threatens to erase the western way of life out of existence.

      • JC

        Are you seriously suggesting that we are “supposed” to be meddling in the politics and economies of over 150 nations and using American kids to enforce “American Interests” aka; Corporate Interests?

        naww…couldn’t be, nobody’s THAT ignorant.

    • DaveH

      The view that we should trade with our fellow countries, and not meddle with their politics, is far from strange.
      What is strange is thinking we can achieve Peace with War.
      Leaders create wars to further their personal goals at the expense of the rest of us. It has nothing to do with securing our Freedom. In fact, just the opposite, as our Leaders piss off people around the world and increase the numbers of people who want to see us gone. The sooner that people wake up to that fact, the sooner we can get back to being a prosperous peaceful nation.

      • Karolyn


  • Barbara

    I was pushing for Ron Paul in 2007. The media ignored him….why?…because Soros owns the media and
    Obama is his puppet. Hope America wakes up now….GOD HELP US

    • eddie47d

      The Conservative Murdoch’s and Malone’s own the media and I doubt if Soros has much to do with Paul’s popularity.

    • DaveH

      The Media is owned by Media Moguls who would rather make their money by supporting Politicians who in turn favor their Corporate Cronies with special protective regulations and such, than to face the vagaries of Competition in Free Markets. That is the major reason the MSM tries to suppress Ron Paul. It’s all about money (as usual).

      • bsimolian

        Um, i think you’d better check what media moguls actually own the media. I think you’ll be surprised. The majority of the media in this country is owned by a few conservatives. Take a look and I’ll bet your eyes will open wide shut.

  • Dr. Edward Duffie, Jr.

    Must read for anyone who wants to understand all this is G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” it’s the story of the Federal Reserve System and the extraordinarily perniscious effect it has had on the world’s financial system. In this book Griffin points how the political scientists and the financial scientists exploit and manipulate the system to their own, and nearly exclusive, benefit. He presages almost all of Mr. Livingston’s comments above. Good, if scary, reading.

  • ROGER,Canadian Libertarian

    NO it didnt start by any particular action in our lifetime, it all started when the first Europeans arrived with their Superstitions, Prejudices and lack of understanding that TRUE Freedom was meant for everyone, including the Original inhabitants of this continent and the Africans they brought as slaves and later the countries they invaded to steal resources and murder millions of Men,Women and Children..THAT is what MOST Americans( and Canadians) dont understand and is EXACTLY why we are coming full circle.

    We are REAPING what we have SOWN or, what goes around comes around

  • Wiliam E. Land

    All of this is well and good, True, I suspect, but it won’t matter one iota whowe elect as president in 2012 if we don’t elect enough Conservative senators to control the senate. Presidents cannot change laws by them selves. It’s the senate, stupid !!!!!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    As with all fiat currencies, War will certainly follow. It is part of the plan. How long have we really been a peace? Think about it. I grew up in the 60′s and mistakenly supported the War in Vietnam. War is a form of population control, pure and simple. Nationalism is used as the pretext for all Wars, to keep us distracted from what is really going on. I believe that we must audit and expose all of the actions of the Federal Reserve, then eliminate the privateers that control it. Yes we will suffer some in the interim, but at least we will regain our freedom. Long live John Galt!

  • stevor

    If O’Bummer weren’t so wet-behind-the-ears, he wouldn’t have those frauds in their places, but since he is also a FRAUD, we have what we have.

  • Raggs

    I seen a new poll on FOX this morning that shows 64% of Americans believe that the government DOES NOT represent the people, this leads me to believe that people are NOT liking big government control over our lives… I can only imagine how much more government rule we will have if oblama gets another four more years as king… The only thing holding his power grab back now is “re-election” and I beileve that if he is “re-elected” will would very soon see his true socialistic destruction of this country.

  • eddie47d

    The government has indeed gotten too big. I believe it is lousy policies of duplication and waste that is creating this division. Most Americans want good government not Presidents who dip into the Social Security funds for pet projects or Presidents who declare unwanted wars. We the people are the ones who have to sacrifice for them. We have to be accountable while they are unaccountable and becoming wealthier on our dime.

  • Aurelio

    It seems that good living, and good food are helping to reduce the brain. You can blame anybody you want from Obama, Bush, the Fed and the Jews, (the eternal scapegoats), but if your government spend more than what it takes, this is what happens. If a household spends more than their combined income grants, they lose everything. Honest to God, as subject this is a triviality. The government is not the solution; the government is the problem, compounded by the people who continue to believe the opposite.

    • Karolyn

      Good food? Not good food; it’s all the chemicals that are in our food and all the chemicals we breathe and take in through our skin, and the lack of nutrients in our soil resulting in less nutrients in our fruits and vegetables.

      • El Gringo

        What in ‘ell are you espousing, talking about?

        • Karolyn

          Did you read Aurelio’s post? I am responding to his assertion that all the “good living” and the “good food” we eat is shrinking our brains.

  • Al

    For all us Ron Paul supporter’s remember something. Only 6 presidents in our history have been verbally against a central banking system. 4 of the 6 were assasinated. Reagan was hit. Jackson was the only successful one. And soon as he was out of office, the bank came right back.
    If Paul wins, there isn’t anything they won’t do to stop him.

    • DaveR

      And they tried to get rid of him by impeachment!

    • DaveH

      Everybody who pays attention knows Ron Paul’s antipathy towards the Federal Reserve. Thus, if assassinated, he would become a very dangerous martyr. It would be the worst move the PTBs could ever make.

  • Patriot

    Another great article, Bob. Fair and balanced, unlike a number of articles/videos that appear on this site.

  • ronnyo

    Here’s the deal—big government and big business have teamed up to provide roadblocks to anyone who is not wealthy, which eliminates competition from smaller businesses(the taxes, licenses, and fees involved keeps anyone but those with a lot of money from participating)—but the biggest problem with all of it is that it provides a monopoly for those who are participating–the grease for it all is the excess money these people have to maintain their control.. All this leaves the majority of Americans on the outside looking in with no way to effect any kind of change to the system(no money). When a large corp can buy an elected official with campaign contributions–the public has no access to that representative(no money)—so they–collectively can run any kind of scam(laws, rules, and regulations) to continue their control. The fact that these corps are allowed to gouge and run roughshod over the consumer in the name of “free enterprize” tells you that our government(in it’s current form)–is as much the problem as those doing the gouging(elected officials keep their offices by contributions by those big businesses)–and neither of these parties will allow their rank and file to deviate much from the “Party Line”(not much different from the old Soviet Union)—so in turn—nothing gets done.I am a Ron Paul supporter, but having said that–I have as many problems with some of his positions as the next person—but in the end–he’s saying a lot of the things that most of have been thinking for a long time————-and the bottom line is–the whole country has been crying for change in the last 2 general elections–voting for someone who supposedly represents that to us in our minds–only to find out after you’ve voted for that person, that it’s really the same-old same-old. So I would say to you that Ron Paul represents the very best chance to get that change you all have been craving for years—-it’s a radical thought that scares most people-change usually is not that pretty—-but, if you’re really being honest with yourself, voting for a DEM or REP has little chance of giving you anything but cosmetic change(which does virtually nothing)—and unless you’ve got another candidate that I haven’t seen yet, he’s the last chance you have during this coming decade to get anything but the same-old. If you don’t do this–the chance of 2013 being a very violent year for America is very good–because the changes the rest of them are suggesting will do little more than inflame the already growing protests(and not just OWS) against big business and big government. If not Ron Paul then who—and don’t give me a Dem or Rep–I personally wouldn’t vote for either!

  • lisa

    “But Obama has spent more money and started more wars than Bush.”

    You just lost ALL credibility with that statement! Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas, but when you spew CRAP like that, you only hurt his cause. The mess we are in is all Bush inspired and GOP continued.

    • JC

      Th Kenyan has spent more in 2 1/2 years than all previous Presidents combined.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest texas teacher

    From Texas Teacher

    Ron Paul cannot win. Please, please do not allow Obama to win.
    Please vote for the Republican canidate and we will remove Obama.
    He is destroying our Nation.

    • jimmy the greek

      Then we suffer for four more wears ! Better Than having some RINO in there

      • Mark in LA

        Yeah, Eddie remember when Shrub told us all that “I’ll see you at the signing ceremony” for his “immigration reform”. Luckily for us there were some intelligent Republican Senators. Imagine if McCain had been elected what would have happened on that front.

        • JC

          Aw come on Mark, didn’t you buy into the McCain campaign ad that had him walking the border with a Border Gaurd who was telling McCain “You’re one of us”, because of McCains concern for border security?
          What a sick crock THAT was! LOL

  • ICE


  • chuckb

    a vote for ron paul is a vote for barry.

    • JC

      And a vote for Romney or Gingrich is a vote for Globalism.
      I can’t see a difference, can you see a difference?

  • dn3s

    lol, godwin’s law

  • Sharon S

    Will one of the candidates please challenge Barack Obama’s eligibility to run in 2012? Everyone needs to pray for Sheriff Joe. If a candidate runs on the platform of abolishing the IRS and initiating the fair tax ( tax spending – not income), taxing imports, and challenging BO’s eligibility, he – she would be a shue in

  • SomeSense

    There is talk here about the people taking back control of their government etc. That is going on right now with the Occupy movement. Yet these people are branded hippies and weirdos by the “right”. So I ask all respondents, what is the proper way to take back the country? Would the perfect movement be “exclusionary” (racism hidden here)? Should it only apply to “certain” people? Do they have to be a certain age to be taken seriously? Would it be more acceptable if it were just “white men”?
    OK. So you want smaller government. But many of you use that as a ruse for shall we say … less accommodating reasons?
    So what’s the correct plan?? From what I see and read most people on the right want less government but they also want to make my moral decisions as well. Where the hell is the freedom in that?
    “Don’t Tread On Me!”

  • Jon Enigma

    Republican / Democrat; look these same clowns have worked for both administrations and thus you have the answer as to why things never seem to change.

  • Brenda Choate

    Instead of blaming everything and everyone for the problems today take a good look in the mirror. Are you the one that wanted a house you could not afford, government handouts the nation can not afford, more concerned about the environment so the governemnt could interfere, more concerned about social issues that should never come under governmental control? But most improtant, are you the one that keeps re-electing the same people over and over again despite their incompetence?

  • TML

    While one should not be ignorant of the players within the Fed as named, does the responsibility for doing anything about it (ending the Fed) not fall squarely on the shoulders of the President?

    I don’t think the heat is taken off people like Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner… as evident even in this article… but if the President has the most power to do something about it this entity that is damaging the economy, and fails to acknowledge it, then in essence it is still he who should be ultimately blamed, even for the economy, for not leading the charge to stop these people.

  • Idylewylde

    The concept of a FED is as old as the Republic.
    The New York Exchange fixed money values once a national currency emerged in the American Republic.
    President Jackson went to war with the New York Exchange. He was fed up with their irrespeonsible fiscal antics. He demanded that the Republic abandon paper money and go to gold.
    Jackson was just yanking their chain. But, ironically, a decade later the California gold strikes forced the New York Exchange into the gold market and the American Dollar onto the gold standard.

    We can keep the FED if, and only if, 10% of our GNP is backed by gold, and other precious metals to offset inflation.

    The Banksters know this. Yet the Banksters want fiat currency that has no backing. They want runaway inflation.


    This, ladies and gentlmen, is a shell game. The Banksters are buying up all of the assets as smaller banks and businesses fail.
    This is Corporate Fascim brought to you by the Banksters, the DNC leadership, and the traitor RINOs.

    Gingrich wrote the book on this shell game.

    • TML

      “We can keep the FED if, and only if, 10% of our GNP is backed by gold, and other precious metals to offset inflation.

      The Banksters know this. Yet the Banksters want fiat currency that has no backing. They want runaway inflation.”

      Thanks for the history lesson, but then why keep the Fed? Isn’t that like letting the wolf gaurd the hen house? Or playing another man’s game?
      End the Fed and be done with it.

      • Idylewylde

        It is an infrastructure issue.

        To support infrastructure, you have to fix pricing to keep energy costs down. By that, I mean electrical power generators, not the oil and gas industry. They’ve destroyed the cheap hydoelectric infrastructure, which is why energy costs are soaring and the oil companies are sticking it to us.
        FED, as a concept, was designed to protect infrastructure resources. What we are seeing now is the complete opposite.

        The Presidential candidates aren’t addressing this issue.
        Ron Paul wants to do away with the FED entirely. I can’t blame him. But, sooner, or later, it comes back to infrastructure.
        Without a sound infrastructure, Capital markets are pressured by arbitrary speculation driven by arbitrary energy prices.

        It’s not like this is new concept.
        The early colonists built infrastructure first, then launched their capital markets.
        The Industrial Revolution reinforced the infrastructure requirements.
        Electricity drove the 20th century infrastructure issues, and still does.

        We need to quit electing economic theorists, like Gingrich and Obama, and start electing business people who understand hands on economic reality.

  • Scott D

    We all know that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. So to stop the insanity- do not vote for any incumbents or professionnal politicians. Lets get back to a congress of citizens. There may be some confussion at first, but that could not be any worse than what the pros in congress are doing. Just stop the insanity by doing the same things again and again.


    I believe your making a bigger deal about the banksters getting all the benefits against the people getting nothing. You should not blame Obama for 100 years of developing financial madness by both Republicans and Democrats in every state in your country and ours. The people wanted public works and the got it just like Boston got $14 Billion for the BIG DIG in Tea Part Habour Territory. Who paid for those tunnels under Boston? Who got the contracts for machinery, concrete, engineering, who where the workers who got paid for the twenty years it took to complete? Which businesses benefitted when those workers went home to spend their wages? What happended to the corporate dividends paid to the shareholders of the corporate organisations who must have supplied goods or services to the grand program of getting rid of those overhead roads going through Boston.? Did anyone pay taxes on their earnings? I bet they did. WAS IT WORTH SPENDING THAT MONEY ON BOSTON? I THINK SO. BUT NO ONE WANTS TO PAY…EVERYONE WANT TO KEEP THEIR MONEY IN GOLD BUT PAY NO TAX. Many of you have the greek disease…you want to make money in a free enterprise manner but not contribute to the circulation of money which benefits everyone. So what politicians do to gain your favour…they agree to borrow instead and the Federal Reserve and the Banksters will help.

    So now the chickens are comming to someone has to pay back the loans or the interest but not the tax payers…so just like in greece..your having financial woes and disagreements and blaming OBAMA because he is in the the hot seat when the musical chairs run out. Some of you people are disgrace by not being honest not only with the readers of these blogs, but yourselves by trying to blame OBAMA.

    So what is my explanation of why the federal reserve helped the banksters and not the people. Simple…if they went under…every bank holding the savings of all the people and large and small businesses would have folded…and ALL THE LITTLE PEOPLE would have lost ALL, YES ALL their savings, businesses, superannuation EVERYTHING LOST. All the little peoples shareholdings …also LOST. DID THEY MAKE MISTAKES YES…there should have been many more conditions and control on executives taking bonuses etc …but i put that to panic and fear if something was not not done FAST. Lets hope your deal makers in Fed Reserve are working on a better deal next time by taking shareholdings and bonds in exchange for help and BAN bonuses for criminal executives…etc when next time comes. [My qualifications are I have family relatives living in Boston for over 100 years] And according to outside financial journalist Terry McCrann of HERALD SUN in Melbourne…There are signs of improvement coming out of the USA he said yesterday.

    • JC

      You missed one very significant and important point.
      Your tax dollar (same in Australia) does NOT go to public works or infrastructure. It goes to pay “part” of the interest on loans out of thin air by the central banks of the world. There is a major fraud taking place here…and there, that everybody needs to be aware of.

      The Reserve Bank of Australia, explained:


        Your right JC, but no one asks the question until they are asked to pay some years later, just like the Greeks. The Greeks are in a financial mess because they borrowed to maintain their lifestyle and now they got rid of their fall guy President, thinking the next guy wont let them accept the punishment. THEY CANT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY AS A NATION, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. So now they having more strikes, still dont want to pay taxes to balance their unbalancable books. They’ll kick out any President who increases taxes and sacks overpaid lazy public servants… they want to go bankrupt without the pain, thinking they can get away with it and the Germans are trying to help them out. BAD MOVE. Let them go broke and let them starve, dont help them…they got to learn to live within their means, otherwise no one will pay their loans, ever.

        What would happen if American banks were to forgive peoples bad loans? The good borrowers would feel cheated and they too might decide not to pay either. The world needs a lesson and the Greeks need to be sacrificed to show the real pain to pay if governments dont pay their loans by real hard work and austerity.

        • JC

          Spot on! keep in mind though that credit is part of the fractional reserve banking system fostered by the central banks themselves.
          We’re “all” going to get a taste of what the Greeks are going through before this is over.

    • Mark in LA

      No the savings of the “little people” would not be wiped out. If Citicorp was taken over, all the money used to bailout the banks would be used by FDIC to make the small savers and regular commercial accounts whole. The bank holding company would cease to exist (or be in bankruptcy court) and all the shareholders and bondholders of the bank holding company would be broke. The New York offices and accounts would have been sold by FDIC to a smaller regional bank that services the area to get some of the money back. That is what should have happened.

      • Idylewylde

        Yes .. the big banks should be allowed to fail so that the solvent smaller banks can pick up the assets and make them productive.

        What we saw was the scammers bail each other out, and now they’re sitting on tons of money waiting while the economy cripples the little banks .. then they move in and buy the assets.

        Even if we have a Depression, those assets pay off in the rebound.

        Less than 2% of our nation is buying up the nation .. with the active support of the DNC and RINOs. They’re using our tax dollars to shaft us.

        Until we flush the toilet and get rid of the career polticians, start fresh, and level the playing feild, this is just going to get worse.

        The bought politicians are passing laws to facilitate a Corporate Fascist takeover of not justthe economy, but all private property.

        Gingrich was in on the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac scam that went too sour too fast. Now he’s going to save us.

        Yeah .. sure.


          Gingrich is a disgrace and he needs to move over to at least give Ron Paul a chance sooner rather than later. In theory the big banks should have let go under, but the reality…it would have affected the total economy with a run on all the smaller banks and destroyed any chance of delaying the inevitable unwinding of the bad policy directions. But having said that ….your going to need someone much better than Ron Paul to dislodge OBAMA at the next Presidential elections. Where are the real candidates hiding?

          • Mark in LA

            You are just trying to hold onto your belief that the bailout of the banks was needed by inserting that “run on the smaller banks” stuff. There is no proof that would have happened. There were no massive outflows from other brokerages when Bear Sterns needed a bailout or Lehman went under.

      • JC

        If the dollar fails, they all fail. That includes the FDIC.

  • bob wire

    Big day for everybody, you all have been busy sorting out the worlds problems I see.

    Good! So what’s the plan?


  • The Matt

    It’s interesting to read the comments on this thread. You have so many people arguing with each other, which is exactly what the establishment wants. We all agree that the establishment is the evil, and yet we allow ourselves to be divided by the smallest differences in opinion. As long as we remain divided, there is no winning. If people spent the time and energy they spent arguing with each other on finding a constructive solution, the entire situation wouldn’t seem so hopeless. “If we all come together, they can’t divide one”

    Who cares if a person is less intelligent, less informed or misinformed, the fact is that we’re all in the same boat anyways, so we either construct a mast or we can continue to argue which way the wind is blowing.

    • libertytrain

      nicely said.

  • paul

    Don’t be scared of 4 more years of NObama, just place your vote for RON PAUL and freedom. Or YOU will gurantee 4 more years of NObama, or other progressives that are still playing the same song of divide and conquor. Do your own research and use your own brain to do your own “homework”.

  • bozo

    should we just invite the whole 3rd world, how many is enuff

  • bozo

    paul is rumored to be another insider, are they all just puppets

  • bozo

    everything at walmart is made in china, are they turning us into a serf state on a global plantation

  • bozo

    who is it that wants this war in iran so much,will they give us another falseflag

  • bozo

    why does the avg sheeple fail to notice anything, but get emotional when told the truth

  • bozo

    is it really possible to take apile of paper and a barrel of ink, then loan money to the gov’t

  • Bobilinck

    Obama simply is not” American”, as his demeaner dictates. His “change” is to alter the free society for a captive order. It will
    be too late after we wake up one day to that fact. Everything he does
    is diametrically opposed to a free society. He does not undrstand how
    a free economy works in conjuction with a free society. He is the enemy of the State, supported by our secret enemies both abroad and within. The president takes an oath to protect our citizens from enemies within as well as without. He is bought as congress is as well. Its the blind voters fault as they elect both congress and the
    president. The greatest tragedy in our the history of the USA is
    to raise the white flag without firing a shot and allowing all of our
    soldiers blood to be sacrificed for nothing in all the wars of the history of our country that fought for the freedom we are giving up.

  • Kevin Beck

    Regarding the Washington Establishment against Ron Paul: I get to hear these commentators vilifying Dr. Paul for his ideas about the Gold Standard with their straw-man arguments about us being beholden to the amount of gold mined in South Africa. They will not talk about the amount of gold held by the Federal Reserve (actually, they don’t do so for a different reason: There is none.) that should be backing these dollars; gold that was stolen from our parents in exchange for paper. They don’t want to admit the truth about the decline of our nation since Nixon ended the gold standard in 1971. I even heard one commentator say that the gold standard was causing stagflation back in 1971! Up to then, it made sense to measure wealth in dollars, because each one was worth a specific weight of gold. But since 1971, the average American has seen his “wealth” destroyed by the actions of the Federal Reserve.

    Currently, it is not rational to measure wealth in dollars or any other fiat currency. Start thinking of your wealth in terms of the amount of gold (or silver) measured in ounces it will buy, rather than in the amount of dollars or other paper currency units you may have. Gold has consistency over time; your dollars will buy a lot less today than they did 40 years ago.

  • 4204life

    (F)iat (U)sury (C)urrency (K)abbalists
    (T)hat (H)ave (E)njoyed
    (F)omenting (E)conomic (D)estruction

  • Jim

    You can blame congress, blame Obama, blame Bush, blame Regan, blame Lincoln, or blame anyone you want it won’t change anything at all. In the past there was not a lot of differences between the two parties. One party leaned towards social issues, the other towards Capitalism, yet was not far apart on most issues.
    Today that has changed. We have a party that is very liberal and believes in socialism (government control), the other party believes in capitalism (free enterprise). No way can socialism & capitalism co-exist. You can’t compromise with these two ideological views. It seems that only the Republican Party does all the compromising these days. The Democrats hold onto their principles by walking out, refuse to bring bills to the floor for a vote, name calling on how unreasonable the Republicans are. They stand fast and are very united on what they want. They do not let public opinion influence their vote, as socialism is their goal at all cost. I feel that the Republican Party does not have the resolve to stand for their conviction in light of public opinion.
    Republican Party feels that the middle of the road is the way to win an election. They forget the election of 2010, the election 2004 the election of1980 all conservative votes. Case in point, the two month extension on the tax bill, pipe line in the tax bill gone, Bush tax cuts that they caved on until 2012. So look out we may see Obama win a 2nd term by default of the Republican Party.

  • http://msn margaret

    i blame obama

  • Jim Monroe

    Bob Livingston wrote: “Now, everyone knows what we have said for years: The President and Congress are owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the big corporations. They play for pay. And they stack the deck against the American people.”

    Gosh, am I reading the daily kos???

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jim Monroe,

      No, you are reading the truth. That’s what we deal with here, and we don’t worry about who’s ox is being gored because of it.

      Best wishes,

  • J T G FAN

    Hey, Jimmy The Greek, You are not alone ! You say more in a few words than most of your bleeding heart opponents say in paragraphs.
    There is an old saying: “One half of the world blames Whitey,the other half blames God.” I’ve seen more racism and intolerance from blacks, Native “Americans,and other arrogant minorities than from Whites. We can’t use the Race card BS,but they can,and DO,all the time. Now it’s Ron Paul the Leftards want to destroy.What better way than to call him a racist. Anyone who has read “B-O” Bama’s book,or listened to his Sow wife,can see who the real racists are! But that doesn’t matter,only Whitey is the wicked one.
    I will vote for Ron Paul out of principle,whether he wins or not.Unfortunately,I believe our ONCE great Country is now so regressed and deranged that we deserve 4 more years of “B-O” so he can totally destroy us.
    By the way,native “American,”who did your people steal the Land from?You were all killing each other like fies before Whitey ever came here.

  • Word

    Best Article I’ve seen written. I couldn’t have said it better. Join the Revolution.

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