Black Louisiana Senator Wants Black Americans ‘Free At Last’ From Democratic Party


Senator Elbert Lee Guillory, a black State lawmaker in Louisiana, announced a change in Party affiliation in June, from Democrat to Republican, evoking the late Martin Luther King Jr. in saying that he was “free at last” from the Party that has destroyed black America with liberalism.

In the video below, Guillory explains why he is a Republican:

Guillory has now announced the formation of the Free at Last PAC, a political action organization with a mission to elect more black conservatives to political offices throughout the Nation.

“Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America. And now it’s time for black America to return the favor,” the former Democrat said in a YouTube video.

Guillory, who will serve as the PAC’s honorary chairman, says that he believes black America’s values are those of the Republican Party, “But somehow the Democrat Party has created the illusion that their agenda is what’s best for Black people, and we intend to shine the light of truth on that falsehood.

The Free at Last PAC plans “to continue using both traditional and new media, as well as grassroots campaigns, to reach out to Black Americans about Republican values.”

Watch Guillory’s explanation of the Free at Last PAC’s mission:

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  • MARY


    • Bob

      Thank Senator Guillory for so eloquently articulating the truth.
      Both blacks and whites are being enslaved by the government and their
      give away programs. Welfare rewards you with more money with every new child born into the family. Obama-phones, food stamps Obama-care. A new shackle is locked on with each program.
      Free government money is the new Crack. Once you try it it becomes very difficult to get off it. Stay on it long enough and your addicted.
      The enslaved will do anything to keep their drug dealing slave masters in power. They have successfully bought your vote with their free money.

      It will be men like Senator Guillory that need to show them an alternative
      and help them free their shackles.

      • Ron r

        And thank the Republican Party for continuing to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer and in shackles. Also, thank god for Fox “News” for keeping the lie alive. Over 50% of America spoke in the last election, and republicans as only they can , take the position that the votes of millions means nothing if they don’t agree with the outcome.

  • Tfunk

    I’m glad another person has seen the light…not necessarily that the Republican Party is the answer, but that government most definitely is not.


      Yes, you’re right, but we got a better chance with the Repubs. than the loony libs….they are TOTALLY HOPELESS!!

  • The Reader

    G-d Bless and keep you safe Mr. Guillory.

    • David R. Nemirow

      Just consider the courage it took for this man to go against the grain, and to tell it straight with conviction. Imagine a ticket with Guillory and Dr. Ben Carson. I would go out and recruit voters from the gates of hell for them both.

      • Ron r

        Thease men are stating their beliefs . There’s nothing courageous about it. Unless for some reason you have reason to think they are some how turn coats. They do not speak for blacks any more than I or you do. There are black republicans you know.

        • David R. Nemirow

          Of course there are black republicans. I meant, and rightly so, that when they do speak their beliefs, they become the targets of the true racists of this generation: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Malik Shabazz, and the rest. They will surely go after anyone, black or white, that doesn’t dance to the sick music of this formerly great Democratic cabal. I do not think they are turncoats at all. I am very encouraged by the very existence of men like these. I have no doubt that with a nation filled with leaders of their ilk, America would rise up again as a wonderfully inspirational country.

          • Ron r

            They will be challenged if some one disagrees with them. Michael Steel is republican and he was never attacked like you mentioned. Or is he a republican since he does not appear on Fox “News”. In spite of what you may see on fox or read on blog sites like this one. Blacks are like other humans, they research, they have opinions, Good to hear from you Richard. Call anytime. 869-6056

            Ron Radcliff many of those of John Lewis generation actually took part in civil rights. If Ran Paul can be treated with dignity and respect at Howard university the two of them will be ok. But again , they don’t speak for black America and neither does Sharpeton.

      • Jeff

        Maybe it’s courageous if he wants to get along with Black people, but to get ahead in the larger society, any Black Man who announces he’s a Republican has the red carpet laid out for him by Fox News et. al.

  • ActualConundrum

    What a wise man, a man who really wants to help his race. Sounds like stellar man.

  • David R. Nemirow

    It amazes me that so few blacks realize that the Democrats fought like hell to prevent the freeing of the slaves, and that a Republican wrote the Civil Rights Act in the 1800s, and another, Eisenhower wrote it again in 1953 but was stalled by DEMOCRATS. The black members of Congress want to keep them down as well so that they can campaign on their “Fight For The Minorities” which is nothing more than a ruse. If the Democrats manage to take the House, and Keep the Senate, all is lost for this nation for generations to come. Unions will be given the power to run this country and to enslave every worker by virtue dues payments. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the unions have destroyed companies like Hostess, and cities like Detroit. Bailouts by the Democrats are more for the Unions who donate to their campaigns than they are for the general population.

    • Ron r

      It amazes most blacks that so many think blacks don’t know the history of both parties. From emancipation to the civil rights act and Barry Goldwaters stand on civil rights, MLK and civil rights in general. Mt poi t that Reagan was a democract holds true. So if the Democratic Party was on e the party of racist (and it was) then why wa s Reagan ever a member. And why did he become a Goldwater republican ??? Yes blacks know the history of both parties , past and present.

      • ItsJo

        Hey genius, then You, should KNOW, it was the Republican Party that was for Civil Rights for Blacks….or, don’t you know? Lincoln who freed the slaves, was a Republican btw.

        • Ron r

          Yes genius, and the key word is was. Yes , was for civil rights, now for voter surpression , was for civil , until the Goldwater extreamist. Check your history. Was for civil rights until Goldwater brought over the Dixiecrats of the old south. Or untill Reagan became a republican or did you know he was a democract befor he switched parties and hooked up with Lee Atwater and implored his southern strategy. Or did you know that. The fact is that like others, blacks vote their intrest and are informed voters.

      • Jeff

        Yes, Rand Paul went to Howard University to “inform” the students that Lincoln was a Republican, leaving out all history since 1964, the complete shift of the South from Dixiecrat to Republican, and the exodus of all Northern, moderate Republicans to the Democratic Party. The Party of Lincoln hasn’t been that for 100 years and for the past 50 years has become increasingly the Party of Jefferson Davis.

    • real talk 1

      How sweet your words thank you.

  • Adolf Schmidt

    Looking forward to hearing more from this man!

  • Curly

    A very intelligent man. I hope his message spreads and he is listened to.

  • Bill Budd

    I can only agree and give encouragement. God’s Blessings good sir.

  • guy r west

    Now if other blacks will listen beleave and spred the word . who knows mabye some things might change we can hope and pray

    • pbob67

      Here in Louisiana the Demotards, will try to disgrace the man, hell the black libs and civil rights activist may even try to physically harm him, the liberals, and democrat politicians have a gangster mentality history… how many have went to prison…. but the tide is turning, and good people are starting to embrace the real truth!

      • real talk 1

        Lets hope but the republicans can better help our party if they would acknowledge that it’s the white liberals who are seeking the conservatives demise so they can gain power and get the revenge the feel they have coming since the civil war, control the blacks and other minorities and they get sweet revenge, Obama is just a prop and nothing more.

      • Ron r

        They won’t have too because republifascist wil make him their model Blackman like they are here. And if he saw some of the trash written about Obama and the names he’s called he would not want one vote from some on this site.

        • pbob67

          Your are way off base. and you sir are a liberal troll who don’t know what he is talking about! it is about time you went to get some more of that cool aid that the brain-dead liberal slim keep spinning… you need to stop listening to the spin and smell the stench that it really is!

          • Ron r

            Whatever .

    • real talk 1

      Now if only the white liberals would listen and believe things might change and the minorities can hope and pray after all it’s the same fight left over from the civil war!?

  • Gayle

    The Democrats have treated the Blacks much like the Native Americans, put them in the consolidated Projects (reservations) in the Inner City. So they don’t bother the rest of the population. Throw them some money (welfare, Section 8 Housing, tax rebates, more children more money, etc.) Generations have been held down because it was easier getting handouts than working. It is time we break this trend and get everyone to work – all races

    • Ron r

      They must have abandoned the blacks for poor whites since there are more of them on welfare than blacks, more on food stamps. Public housing ( where housing) has been replaced by poor blacks being moved to the suburbs and whites moving further out or back to the city. Besides, if this gentleman visited this page for two days , after seeing some of the post I’m sure he would be disappointed. Because he is what most here feel is RHINO. BTW did you know Reagan was once a democratc??

      • Don in Ohio

        What is RHINO???
        I was a Democrat one, so what?
        I wised up after seeing what Johnson, Carter and slick Willie did to us.

        • Ron r

          Clinton left a surplus for Bush to squander .everone made money when Clinton was in office.

          • ItsJo

            Hey dumbo, it was because the Republican Congress held Clitnon’s feet to the fire. He had raised taxes, but the Congress made him ‘tow the line’ Again, stop your lying, and try telling some REAL facts, Troll.

          • Ron r

            No it was not you idiot!! Now that we are past the name calling. It was compromise that got the Clinton surplus , and the idiot republican government shut down that backfired on them .

          • Don in Ohio

            “everone made money when Clinton was in office.”
            Clinton’s 8 years was the WORST of the 45 years I’ve worked.
            Maybe not his fault, but hey, I can blame him anyway. ;-)

          • Ron r


      • Don in Ohio

        What’s so unusual about more whites on food stamps than blacks? There are a lot more white people, period. If you want to see the end results of Democratic rule, look at Detroit.

        • Ron r

          I mean RINO, the biggest problem was urban flight and manufacturing flight overseas. People of both parties made money and exploited Detroit . For the life of me I don’t see it as a fault and certainly not the total fault of labor. I’m sure we disagree on this but that’s the American way . Spirited debate.

        • real talk 1

          You are a sad man in a sad country run by whites whether you like it or not the man you should despise is your brother a white liberal.

          • Ron r

            Unlike you I despise no one.

          • Don in Ohio

            Real talk 1, why do you think I’m sad?
            I’m just concerned that the US is headed in the wrong direction.
            And I agree the liberals, both colors, are a very big part of the problem. The liberals anit-business bias is bad for all. When business thrives, we all benefit, “a rising tide raises all boats”.
            The reason I mentioned Detroit is because when thing were going pretty good 30/40 years ago, the workers (unions) demanded too much and the companies promissed too much.
            Then things went sour for MANY reasons and the companies couldn’t keep their promisses.
            The same thing applies to the city of Detroit, they promissed more than they could deliver!
            And now the liberals are blaming everyone but themselves!
            The country is headed in the same direction.

      • pbob67

        Nice try, just like a planted troll, already starting to demonize the man. just like a progressive Republican, or better a liberal! This guy is twice the conservative than you… and he does care about the black community, and before you skin him, why not go to the ghetto in New Orleans and try to work with the Drug addicts … and you will be schooled why the poor black are still poor!

        • Ron r

          1 I’m not a conservative , 2 this is an ultra conservative page, 3 I know just as much about the black Comunity as he does , maybe more.

    • real talk 1

      Now where did you come from that was straight and smart and to the point . thanks

  • BEN CARSON IN 2016


  • Walter S. Dyer III

    Thank you for being a clear voice in the cacophony of unfocussed mainstream republican thought. I look forward to hearing much more from you in the future. We need to get them out of our pockets and into a much smaller government footprint. The fallout from the IRS scandal is deeply troubling.


    Walter S. Dyer III


      Thanks for your service & May God Bless you& yours always!

  • Jody

    If only there was a way to get this message out to those who need to hear it. Thank you Senator Guillory for your courage to lead your people to the truth.

  • Don in Ohio

    Much of what this man says also applies to the poor/middle class white people. The Democrats attempt to control us with welfare, tax laws and tons of regulations. Borrowing $1 of every 3 spent will enslave all of us.

    • Ron r

      Except that a democrat gave us a surplus and a republican put us into a depression. Yes it was a democract who came up with welfare reform and welfare to work. But because of spend it all republicans we find ourselves here.

  • beowulf32

    Please think with your mental power`s and not emotion, this may well be another black man just like Obama. Obama told the libs just what they wanted to hear too, and he was ‘not” Vetted and look what we got. Now there is all kinds of Black men coming out on the wood work, and guess what, there not going to save are party. There going to tell you what you want to hear, they know what makes us tick and there going to try and play on us for that very reason.

    • Motov

      This is why we must look at their histories, to see how they lived their lives. If they are walking their talk, they wouldn’t be spending millions to conceal their past from those who have the power of vote.
      Instead they would be proud to showcase it.

      • real talk 1

        Please check your people with the power of the vote, There would be no black president without the power of the white liberal vote and the white liberal money.

        • Motov

          Re-read what I said, I said people should do their homework before they cast a vote. It doesn’t matter what the candidates spend, if their past doesn’t match up with their promises, they shouldn’t get your vote.

    • real talk 1

      We also have all kinds of white men coming out with the conservative label but they deceive us term after term like John MCcain Lindsey Graham just to name a few, Like Rubio to name another and just as a reminder most of the liberal protest come from white liberals after all they have the means and the money, there are a lot of blacks that don’t want to see America fail .

  • Jeff Noncent

    if we the black people would listen to the senator it will do us good and study history we won’t have this type of Government, of what the Rat turn this government of the United States to be

  • Jim B

    The next POTUS ‘Elbert Lee Guillory’! Amen!

    • Ron r

      I must say he’s the first catholic I know who says he was healed by a witch doctor. This guy changes political parties more offten than John Bohner changes bar stools

  • Jeff

    When does his show on Fox begin?

  • tonylove

    Thank you Mr. Guillory for standing up for your believes. Thank God, the good people of Louisiana are finally getting people in office that truely care about them, not just their vote.