Black Louisiana Senator Wants Black Americans ‘Free At Last’ From Democratic Party


Senator Elbert Lee Guillory, a black State lawmaker in Louisiana, announced a change in Party affiliation in June, from Democrat to Republican, evoking the late Martin Luther King Jr. in saying that he was “free at last” from the Party that has destroyed black America with liberalism.

In the video below, Guillory explains why he is a Republican:

Guillory has now announced the formation of the Free at Last PAC, a political action organization with a mission to elect more black conservatives to political offices throughout the Nation.

“Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America. And now it’s time for black America to return the favor,” the former Democrat said in a YouTube video.

Guillory, who will serve as the PAC’s honorary chairman, says that he believes black America’s values are those of the Republican Party, “But somehow the Democrat Party has created the illusion that their agenda is what’s best for Black people, and we intend to shine the light of truth on that falsehood.

The Free at Last PAC plans “to continue using both traditional and new media, as well as grassroots campaigns, to reach out to Black Americans about Republican values.”

Watch Guillory’s explanation of the Free at Last PAC’s mission:

Sam Rolley

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