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Black Leadership Group Slams Liberal Group For Trying To Silence Andrew Breitbart

November 8, 2010 by  

Black leadership group slams liberal group for trying to silence Andrew BreitbartA group that promotes freedom of speech for African-Americans has expressed disgust following liberal backlash against the television appearance of a conservative commentator.

Project 21 claims that left-wing professionals showed contempt for the First Amendment by opposing the appearance of Andrew Breitbart, who is white, on ABC News' election night coverage. The liberal group Media Matters for America said that the network was putting its credibility on the line by associating with Breitbart.

Leaders of Project 21, which is an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research, accused the liberal organization of being hypocritical by claiming to be champions of openness and decency while, at the same time, trying to suppress Breitbart's views.

"Silencing speech is the consistent theme used by progressives," said Project 21 full-time fellow Deneen Borelli. "Progressives will conveniently play the race card or launch smear campaigns in their desperate attempt to control conservative thought."

Borelli said liberals also disregarded the First Amendment when NPR, a left-wing media organization, fired Juan Williams for expressing his feelings about Muslims during an appearance on FOX News.

An editorial in The Watertown Daily Times urged citizens to demand that Congress halt all funding for NPR following the termination of Williams, who was the only African-American news commentator on the public broadcasting network. The news provider claimed that Williams was fired for being honest and expressing views that were not liberal enough for NPR.

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  • DaveH

    I don’t blame them. If my logic was as shaky as the logic of Liberals, I also would be afraid to let others speak their piece. How can they control a knowledgeable populice?

    • Dave

      You are all so brainswashed to think that Liberals are trying to control you. The unfortunate face is that you often confuse control with education. When someone tried to teach you something they are not trying to control you. They’re trying to explain something. I’m not sure how I feel about Juan Williams being fired but I know there’s more to it then just that one item. He had a history of warnings. At the very least the firing was poorly handled. To cut funding for NPR because of that would be ridiculous. NPR shows both sides of a story and they never embelish the the truth like some networks do.

      • Jude Goss

        The most significant weapon of Communism/Socialism/Marxism is the control of information to the people. With the free exchange of thought,news,and information comes the death of all these ideologies. Does it not make sense for Liberals to attempt to take away this freedom–J. Williams, A. Breitbart–even from their own if they express views not in tandem with them? Read The Plant by Jude Goss if you want to know where this free exchange is going. As goes freedom of speech, so goes all of our freedoms…read The Plant if you dare! Scary stuff!

        • Ed

          I thought ‘liberals’ liberally advocated free speech. In fact, nowadays the only ones who discourage it seem to be ‘conservatives’ fearful of losing ‘their’ money to ‘liberals’ advocating taxation of the wealthy.

          ‘Libertarians’ seem to be ‘conservative liberals’ who advocate the smallest government possible, consistent with their needs only.

          ‘Anarchists’ seem to be ‘conservative conservatives’ who don’t believe in government altogether.

          This name-calling is very confusing to a long term liberal who believes the ‘nation’ ought to be politically ‘unified’ in order to get through the present economic ‘crisis’.

      • http://Alaska Wild Bill

        You are one who is ill advised to speak about brainwashing.NPR has,is, and will be a tool of the REgressive/socialists that infest our Republic.The only time that I have ever wasted listening to NPR they indeed present both sides of a story,the leftist view and the extreem leftist view.Face it Dave,the citizens of our great Republic are waking up to the incessent lies and half truths being excreted from the liberal media.This last Tuesday the American electorate told you people where to stick it.
        Wild Bill

      • don george

        i guess you havent seen the whole other side not shown and you have then to research yourself to find very left media try it some time tape a news from any media then research yourself to find all but one is telling it as it is sorry you dont see that don

      • http://fromthepottothekettle no1patriot

        Dave: You’re drinking the kool-aid, buddy, when you think for one minute that NPR and the media allows the conservative views. Did you know that George Soros, billionaire whose trying to destroy our money and our livestyle, just gave over a million dollars for them to hire 100 new reporters? What does this tell anyone? Also, Bill Moyers, the host that all think is so great, was a leading civil rights activist in the sixties along with Stokely Carmicheal who served on the board of SBCC along with Sherrod, Shirley’s husband, who was just awarded over $1.9 million dollars for supposed discrimation from the USDA in the sixties and now they want to use her as a spokesman for reparation for 88,000 black farmers in the south when we never had that many blacks farming in our lives-I know, I live in the south. Obama has set aside over a billion dollars to give these new found farmers their discrimanation monies. There are very few conservatives ever allowed on NPR, just listen sometimes…You need to research some of the items I just told you about if you are brave enough to do just that…are you? I have another friend in Pa. that’s just like you even as he loses monies from Obama’s policies, he still doesn’t look at anything but public television and their views, plus the Huffington Post…I didn’t know all this until about a year ago when I started researching. It’ scary for the American way…Ever heard of propaganda????????????????

    • 45caliber

      Exactly. They dare not allow anyone to think for themselves or they would find that few follow them.

    • DaveH

      I don’t think Liberals are trying to control me. I know they are. They want control of my choices. They want control of my wallet.
      Why is it that ignorant people are always trying to control my life? Does it somehow make them feel less ignorant if they can control other people?

  • dave miedema

    Liberals can’t win a debate on ideas and policy with a knowledgeable conservative. So, their response (see Obama, Jimmy Carter, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and other left-wing fruitcakes) is to play the race card, shout down and otherwise demonize those who don’t march in lockstep with them. November 2nd showed what most of the country thinks of liberals.

    • Dave

      First of all I haven’t really heard a knowledgable conservative in many years so I’m not sure who you’re comparing to. Secondly, the election showed us the number of people that money can bring to the polls. It also showed us that if you elect a black Democratic President people get so worked up that they will say or do anything to make them fail. We also saw how misinformation put in the right hands can lead otherwise intelligent people to make a bad choice. We also saw a bad economy caused by a party who then took advantage of the anger of the economy still not being better and blamed it on their enemy to win back power. This will only be a 2 year experiment while the Republicans manage to make things even worse for this country and let down all of the bright eyed actual conservatives who thought this time it would be different. Think what you want abuot “YOUR” so called win in the elections. This country is still not majority conservative and the rest of us won’t let it be because we are too committed to moving forward instead of backward.

      • Phil

        AND exactly WHAT do “the rest of us” want to “move forward” into? The race card about Obama is SOOOOO old now. It’s about “policies stoopid!!” It’s about the liberal “progressives” trying to “progress” this country into a socialist quagmire, then of course the ultimate goal maybe a soviet state. Conservatives believe in the US Constitution where “liberals” want to “evolve” it into Marxist ideals. You know, since it’s really “outdated” and all…PHEH!! heh. THAT’s where the rub is. You guys need to figure out and finally admit that Marx was WRONG!! His system is/was corrupt and the only way you’ll get it to work is to do mass lobotomies turning the “proletariate” into obedient servant zombie “worker ants”, lol.

      • Phil

        Also…last I heard the Dems outspent the Repubs on this campaign if you’re statement is saying/hinting that the repubs brought votes to the polls via their “money”,etc. The dems side we have ACORN, and the Black Panther thugs in front of the Philadelphia polling place. Yeah…..the dems are all about “freedom and democracy”…yeah right. How many dead people’s votes got thrown out in Ohio? You guys want to blindly follow a guy who not only won’t provide his birth certificate but wants us just to “pass the bill before you read what’s in it”. (see Pelosi) How bout that “citizens police force” in the Obamacare bill?

      • Vigilant


        Your comment supplid such a target-rich environment, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll start at the top:

        “First of all I haven’t really heard a knowledgable conservative in many years so I’m not sure who you’re comparing to.”

        That statement alone reveals you to be close-minded, so any argument you might forward will be known as born of ignorance. Tell you what, Einstein, I’ve hard a lot of knowledgable liberals over the years, and I’m honest enough to admit it. I don’t agree with their point of view, but I don’t call them dumb or ignorant.

        “Secondly, the election showed us the number of people that money can bring to the polls.” Got no argument there, but once again only a cretin would claim that only the Repubs were doing it.

        “It also showed us that if you elect a black Democratic President people get so worked up that they will say or do anything to make them fail.”

        He was elected by many of the people who now see him for what he is, and vored against the socialism he represents. I would just make a wild guess that the people who voted for him and then saw the damage he was doing, also knew he was black when they originally voted for him.

        “We also saw how misinformation put in the right hands can lead otherwise intelligent people to make a bad choice.”

        I thought you just said you hadn’t really heard a knowledgable conservative in years. Hint: knowledgable, intelligent people see misinformation coming from a mile away.

        “We also saw a bad economy caused by a party who then took advantage of the anger of the economy still not being better and blamed it on their enemy to win back power.”

        As I just said, “knowledgable, intelligent people see misinformation coming from a mile away.” We see the meltdown for what it indeed was: A Democrat-caused crisis due to them suspending of all sane rules of finance in giving people mortgages who would never have qualified in the first place.

        “This will only be a 2 year experiment while the Republicans manage to make things even worse for this country and let down all of the bright eyed actual conservatives who thought this time it would be different.”

        It will indeed not make much progress because the Democrats will do everything in their power to obstruct the changes needed to return the nation to fiscal sanity and Constitutional principles. Will you call them “obstructionists” then? I doubt it.

        “This country is still not majority conservative and the rest of us won’t let it be because we are too committed to moving forward instead of backward.”

        I guess you didn’t read the election results. This country has ALWAYS been center-right, and with God’s help, we’ll continue to be so.

        • JeffH

          I heard that SLAP! Well done Vigilant.

        • DaveH

          Get him, Vigilant.

          And talk about money. Obama has done his best to buy the votes with all his free spending of our money. At least when the Corporations buy the vote they do it with their own money.

        • don george

          guess what my friend mr EINSTEIN was a republican his relatives lives in albany ca if you wish to learn yourself points don

          • Vigilant

            Would someone be kind enough to tell me what that nonsense means?

      • Lewis Munn

        Dave, take out the earphones from your lib-tuned radio so you can hear truth from both sides, and compare.

      • http://Alaska Wild Bill


        “We also saw how misinformation put in the right hands can lead otherwise intelligent people to make a bad choice.”

        Sometimes you libs amaze me.On one hand you denigrate our intelligence,and in the next breath you make OUR point !!

        Yes indeed,there was misinformation put into the “right hands”,can you say NPR and the rest of the maindrain media?.How in hell do you think that an unqualified,disbarred lawer/community organizer could be elected to the highest office in our Republic?.

        In your next post I fully expect you to “educate” we conservatives as to the “genius” of Ben Bernanke concerning his and the Obahamster’s plan to monitize the federal debt by printing roughly a quarter trillion dollars of worthless paper which will create a period of hyper-inflation that has not been seen since wymar Germany.

        Dave,when you and your “intellectual equals” are starving after the collapse of the dollar and living in public restrooms for the heat,and eating the leftovers out of a McDonalds dumpster,I will think of you and will not be able to suppress a laugh.Nature does have a selective survival process after all.The fittest will survive,while you self proclaimed “intellectual elitist” types will starve and freeze to death rather than admit that your thinking is out of touch with reality.—-ROTFLMAO

        Wild Bill

      • don george

        give me a break obama won with majority of the vote now all of us is not black so how did he win so dont give this crap because hes black which hes half black but we voted no color but he had programs not suitable for all is that wrong to disagree with his policy don

      • http://fromthepottothekettle no1patriot

        Well, Dave, you haven’t heard a real conservative speak, now have you? Obama raised money, over $800,000 and we still don’t know where all the money came from-his hope and change and “transformation” of America is working out really good, isn’t it? Millions out of work and he’s giving away the “stimilus” monies to other countries and to people who are “so called poor”-at least in my state, we received over $600,000 to buy new appliances, heat pumps, hot water heaters, and weatherize homes but I bet you didn’t qualify, did you? The Bush era was a set up with Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and others that forced banks to loan for houses to people who couldn’t pay for them. In fact, Obama was the lawyer for ACORN that sued Citibank to force them to loan to the “poor”, just another of the Cloward Piven stategy to overload the American system and break it down..Where do you want to live if this continues? Will it be China or Brazil or who will take us over because of our trillions of dollars in debt and no new manufacturing jobs coming, they just shipped Maytag to Mexico with the government’s blessing and closed the last GE plant making regular light bulbs in Virginia since we are going to be forced to use flourscent bulbs with mercury in them that must be put in a special waste system because they can’t be thrown into your garbage anymore after this year…Good ole EPA and auto companies are screaming now about the “new” regulations set on them by the EPA-without any consent from congress-that will drive up their costs again and how will we be able to afford decent cars anymore? I bet you read that letter from the “democratic party” about there being no problem with social security since it has Treasury notes in the vault where congress has stolen our money and put it in the general fund thanks to Jimmy Carter, who’s also the maker of the law that now allows illegals to draw social security at the age of 65..We paid in the money, not them, but they are going to receive it too????We are in a mess, thanks to the liberals and Obamacare and the new financial bill that lets big firms like Goldman-Sachs off the hook and doesn’t stop the bleeding at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which really caused the whole upset of our system…They want more billions to stave off foreclosures or bankruptcy right now-do you want to give them anymore of your money??? Just think, I thought, okay, first black president-he’s going to really do good things like Martin Luther King-boy, was I ever fooled-this man hates capitalism and if you read his books, it’s easy to see where he’s coming from…shame, a gifted, talented man wasting his life on breaking down America after he swore an oath to uphold and protect our constitution…Man, you need to see the other side too if you want to be prepared to live after the meltdown is complete under the smooth talker Obama with Soros’ help…

  • Dawn Marie

    the liberals are to be laughed and scoffed at! liberals lie, cheat and steal (votes)—they try to change the laws or rules to benefit themselves—and then turn it around on the conservatives!

    • 45caliber

      But it isn’t fair if the conservatives use their own tricks to get back at them!

      • Dave


        • maggiemoo

          Yes, really.

        • 45caliber

          That’s what the Dems say.

  • jr neal

    what the blacks should look at is the president of the united states
    he has put the blacks in an even lower class ,
    mr obama is the real face of racisim

    • mickey

      This is so true. lol, though, blacks are so infuriated as they realize this that they are fighting back.

    • Bob Wire

      It only true, that Obama being elected President has brought out “racism and bigotry” that lurks in the dark corners of men’s minds.

      You are left to blame him for his? for what’s in the minds of others?

      Just more deferred guilt and responsibility the party of “NO” has developed into a “science”.

      • Rod

        Bob Wire: You are so blinded by your own racism and bigotry that you just cannot see what is happening in your own country. Love, kindness, tolerance and understanding (to name a few) cannot be regulated by law. These principles can only be taught, and then only by someone who has those attributes. Please, it all starts at home. We are not born racists and bigots, we are taught this ugly attitude by others, and it probably started in your own home.

        • Carol J

          Wrong!!! It’s not always learned at home. We were taught that all people are equal in being human, just different shades of brown. I got my first taste of bigotry when I was in the 4th grade and the first black was brought into our school. For 3 weeks they prepared for this. I was looking for something different from the people I saw everyday. I was very disappointed to find out she was just another girl only darker than me. Later I learned that I was hated by some because my skin was lighter than theirs. I still don’t understand why this should be, and I’m almost 70.

        • 45caliber

          It didn’t start in mine. My family said absolutely nothing about blacks and racism when I was growing up, partly because none lived in the area. In any case, I had no “taught” racism before I went into the Army. I can remember in Basic Training on pass when seven white men all walked out of a restraunt when they refused to serve a black soldier who had come in hunting a hamburger.

          But all the racism I’ve been taught has been from the blacks. I’ve seen some white racism but the worst I’ve seen has been from blacks. Example: I offered one black woman a ride to her car about two hundred yards away in the middle of a downpour and she turned me down and walked because I was white. She didn’t want to get “contaminated”.

          • Dave

            Maybe that woman didn’t get in your car because she didn’t trust white people because of frequent discrimination. Your very story shows how not being brought up around overtly racist people doesn’t mean you’re not. When you never know black person you can become racist just because you haven’t know a black person and you think they’re so much different from you. How his that woman not getting in your car a racist action? She was afraid of you because you are most likely a white redneck with a gun rack and that site scares her because she thought you might kill her. That’s the product of racism not the symptom you idiot. You people live in a dream world. It’s not even a good dream. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 45caliber


            Not according to her cousin. He stated that she (and others of his family) were very racist. In fact, he told me a week before the rain that she would NEVER ride with a white man for fear of contamination, regardless of the reason. And he also pointed out that she would use a can of Antibac a day on the chair she sat in because some white person might have used it during the night while she was gone. He was right.

            What you are trying to do is project racism on me without knowing either of us. According to you, simply the fact that I’m white makes me a racist regardless of the lack of the training you said was a requirment for me and all other whites to become racist. And you immediately assume that she, as a black, is racist free and simply afraid of all whites. Isn’t that the classic racism???

          • DaveH

            Wake up to what, Dave? That you are a typical name-calling, fact-fabricating Liberal? Sorry, but we already know that.

            For any fools that think discrimination is a one way street:

          • eddie47d

            Caliber; There are alot of women and some men who would never get into someones elses car and it has nothing to do with racism. So don’t take your situation so personal.

        • Bob Wire

          “You are so blinded by your own racism and bigotry that you just cannot see what is happening in your own country. ”

          Well Rod, it’s true and that’s the nature of bigotry.

          Now if you find bigotry in my statements as you say, please point “IT” out.

          I’m thinking you have well exceeded anything written by me and have little to rebuke my statement with.

      • Dagney

        It’s not the “party of NO”, it’s the party of “HELL NO”. That’s HELL NO to socialism, HELL NO to Marxism, HELL NO to bail-outs, HELL NO to a justice department that refuses to look into any case of vote supression where the victim is white, HELL NO to “the cop obviously acted stupidly” (if you don’t know that was the racist remark of your fearless leader on July 21, 2009 regarding the Skip Gates case), and HELL NO to you who spout talking points with no facts to back it up!

        • mrbenz7

          Let’s get one thing straight, the party of “NO” should be spelled, the party of “KNOW”! Because nowhere yet has “NO” not been quantified with an alternative other than just saying no!

          • 2WarAbnVet

            That comment reminds me of something that happened during the War Between the States.
            There was a lieutenant in Nathan B. Forrest’s force who pestered him several times for a furlough, and was turned down each time.
            The third time, an exasperated Forrest wrote on the Lt’s application, “I told you twixt g*******t know.”
            In my youth, I took the response to be indicative of Forrest’s limited education. However, in the fullness of time I’ve come to realize that it was the perfect answer. It meant at once, your request is denied, and also be aware that your request is denied.
            I believe the American people have said to Obama and his minions,” I told you many times g*******t know.”

        • Bernadine

          we have to have conservitives that say No. when you have a bunch of bullies running government. Some one has to say NO. So thank the ones that say NO. And Say A prayer they Keep saying No, Maybe with God on Our side and the ones who Say NO TO OBAMACARE we will survive this mess the regessives have got us into. GOD BLESS AMERICA

          • Kate8

            Bernadine, You bring up something I’ve been thinking about.

            Progressives have launched this big campaign against bullying in schools and other places where children gather. They even have grade-school kids arrested by police for ‘bullying’.

            While this is a terrible thing, children have done this since forever, and there are valuable lessons to be learned by all. Plus, if handled correctly, it builds strenth of character in those bullied. And anyway, government should stay OUT of it altogether. But I digress.

            Progressive democrats are the biggest bullies of all, telling us all how we must think, act, live, speak, what cars to drive, what things to buy, how much water and energy we can use, what our children must be taught, what foods and medicines we can have….

            Hypocrites. HYPOCRITES.

        • Dave

          The party of NO said yes to everything that brought the economy down. Then they appeased the idiots out there but saying no to everything because they couldn’t be seen working to make this coutnry better with a Democratic Black man. Even the healthcare bill you all love to hate would have been completed sooner and woul dhave been better if the Republicans had helped. Instead they stalled and gutted it and spread lies to make sure people were mad and then took advantage of you all. Now they’ll go back and screw everything up some more. The only thing they’ve fought for to make the economy better is an extra tax break for the wealthy which will worsen the deficit. I wish you all would stop drinking the kool aid, turn of Fox and just join the discussion. Join your fellow countrymen and work out a way to make things better, not more of the same.

          • maggiemoo

            Get your facts straight, Dave. The republicans were shut out of any discussion/debate about a “healthcare” bill. What the progressives came up with was then shoved down our throats without even letting us know what was in it. You really should quit drinking the cool-aid, man.

          • Vigilant


            I’ve been trying to disabuse the lefties of that mean myth for some time now, but they are as dumb as dirt. The truth of history is the most inconvenient truth for them.

            But then, Dave gets his “facts” from the likes of Matthews, Maddow and Olberman. Forgive him, for he knows not what he does.

          • Bob Wire

            Now , ~ I then ask you, what compromise can be found in “NO” ?

            and so it is, ~ The GOP has been most uncompromising while claiming the DNC has been uncompromising! my not sure who that make any sense too, but not me.

            It appears, some would wish it seen in another light.

            So here we are today, with big issues to address the need for a climate that can and will bear fruit that jobs can be created in.

            But Mich McConnell would rather focus on anything that might limit Obama to a single term. So I’d not be looking for any improvement over the next few years.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            Dave, You “must” make an appointment with your proctologist, when he takes care of your cranial, rectal insertion problem, do some major research and the many recommendations made by the GOP, then be very polite and go F%$# yourself.

          • DaveH

            If you weren’t so damned ignorant, you would pick up a copy of Thomas Sowell’s “The Housing Boom and Bust” and learn something.
            By the way, Congress was controlled by Democrats in 2007 and 2008.
            And why would any rational person want the Government running our healthcare choices? They have done nothing but screw up everything they touch. And why would any Freedom loving person want to have his/her choices taken away?
            Also, get it straight, thieving Liberal. The Rich aren’t getting “tax breaks”, the Government is simply stealing less of their money.

          • Vigilant

            Bob Wire:

            “Now , ~ I then ask you, what compromise can be found in “NO” ?”

            When a nation, like a woman, is being raped, she doesn’t compromise by asking the rapist to just go slow while he’s doing it.

            There are simply some things in life that are uncompromisable, and the only way to save this country is to say “no” to the things that will destroy it.

            How ironic (and hypocritical) that a political party, after riding roughshod over the stated will of the American people and refusing to even include the Republicans in the negotiation process, now want to “compromise.” I wonder if the election had anything to do with that.

          • eddie47d

            Maggiemoo,No one was shut out of the healthcare debate. The doors were open on many occasions. The Republicans (Boehner) made sure no one dare cross the line and participate.They were the reason the debate dragged on for over a year. Obama should have said enough of this nonsense and moved the issue forward much sooner.

          • LeRoyZ

            Yeah, right Dave….the Repubs wouldnt’ help…give me a break. The incident tha sticks most in my mind was during the healthcare debates when Sen. John McCain tried to weigh in on the discussion and the ‘Anointed One’ said, “John, the election’s over; I won.” I have hated that man with all my heart ever since. He hasn’t got it in him to make even a smidgen of the sacrifices John McCain has make for this country. Anyone who knows John’s story knows what I’m talking about.

      • kenneth

        The liberals have turned the conservative supporters into the party of no. No more social experimentations that cost our economy billions, no to change that takes away our rights as a citizen to choose, no to the lefts idea of what our country supposedly was and should be today, no to Sharria Law, no to taking prayer out of our lives, no the idea Christians are to blame for everything, no to marriage other then between a man and women. If that is the party of know you are talking about you are definitely right. That is the party that was elected to take back what the left has done to this great country. No to big government, no to more debt spending, no to changing our schools into the history of lies and deceit. No to the constant blaming of our economy on Bush when the liberals have been in control of the senate and the house now for 4 years and the presidency of 2 years. No to spreading the wealth which is why our nation is where it is today. The experiment you all were working didn’t work and time to stop blaming anyone but the ones involved and it wasn’t the party of know who did that. Now we have to pay the price of the experiment and now we do have to say no. NO MORE!! You can’t fix stupid but you can say NO to it.

        • E Morgan

          How about “NO” to professors and teachers, teaching Communism, Marxism and Socialism in our Universities and schools. Why are they allowed to freely attempt to subvert out our children.

          • Will

            Hey hey hey…..Remember the 1st amendment.

          • Robert Smith

            From E Morgan: “Why are they allowed to freely attempt to subvert out our children.”

            Are there ANY such cases on record?

            Oh yes, there is one where the school tried to subvert the children, and they LOST in court. It was in Red Lion, PA, where the extreme reich wanted to teach creationism in schools. Yup, that was an attempt, and we need to continue watching because they are at work in Texas now. Yup, subversion is all around us.


          • 45caliber

            E Morgan:

            But it wouldn’t be FAIR to deprive them of their way to make a living! (And the fact that they are teaching progressive thought is simply a plus to the liberals.)

          • Vigilant

            For Robert Smith:

            “From E Morgan: “Why are they allowed to freely attempt to subvert out our children.”

            Are there ANY such cases on record?”

            There are THOUSANDS of cases where students have been marked down or outright failed because they didn’t subscribe to their leftist professors’ creed, and voiced that opinion.

            You would be wise to take a sabbatical and do some actual learning before you open your ignorant mouth. But I know you won’t.

          • http://naver samurai

            Robert, you’re such a moron! How about a girl middle school student being kicked out of her class because she wrote “GOD BLESS AMERICA” on her notebook? This should count as trying to subvert students to the left wing extremist behavior. Of course, you have no real facts or sources to back up this liberal rhetoric comming out of your mouth. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Robert Smith

          From kenneth: “No more social experimentations that cost our economy billions,”

          Which cost more, the Great Society or the ‘Nam war? Which costs more, universal health care, or two wars that have made the world a more dangerous place?

          More from kenneth: “no to change that takes away our rights as a citizen to choose,”

          YES! I think women should be able to choose about their own reproductive lives. If you are talking about medical care…

          For most of us it is “choosing” a doctor who is in plan and having to drop one I’ve been seeing for a decade. That to me isn’t a choice. With universal health care I will be able to go back to the doctor I want and not have to worry about fat insurance companies who are just out to make money for fat executives and stock holders.

          “no to the lefts idea of what our country supposedly was and should be today,”

          Really? What “was” our country? What do you think those on the left want? This list is Rush’s screed, not what I’ve seen.

          “no to Sharria Law,”

          Remember the Constitution of the United States of America? There will be NO state religion. (note the period at the end of that sentence) That sharria law is just another hateful rant from those who brought you torture and a very bad recession. BTW, look at the freedoms taken away by the Patriot Act. That is shameful.

          “no to taking prayer out of our lives,”

          Anyone tell you you can’t pray? BTW, schools are for kids of ALL religions. If you need the government to support your chants and prayers then it can’t be much of a religion in my humble opinion.

          “no the idea Christians are to blame for everything,”

          Nobody said they were except when they prey on others without their efforts being wanted. KEEP YOUR CHRISTANITY TO YOURSELF, like most other religions in America. I don’t need my ticket punched to my heaven because I snagged you into following what I do. IMO it must be a pretty crummy religion that needs to have EVERYONE on board for it to succeed. Oops, I’m sorry there must be “others” to hate. Let’s watch…

          “no to marriage other then between a man and women.”

          Why do you hate gays so much that you would deny them the same declaration of their love and life benefits marriage in this society offers? Remember marriage in America is a CIVIL contract. Even atheists can get married. Ohhhhh, I get it! It’s that hate thing.


          • marvin

            Robert Smith
            what an insight in to a sick mind

          • 45caliber

            The Vietnam War was fought to keep people’s attention OFF the Great Society’s changes. It is simply another part of the Great Society’s spending.

          • Vigilant

            And Robert Smith once again puts his feet and arms in his mouth:

            “no to Sharria Law,”

            “Remember the Constitution of the United States of America? There will be NO state religion. (note the period at the end of that sentence) That sharria law is just another hateful rant from those who brought you torture and a very bad recession.”

            And I say to you, remember the Constitution of the United States of America? Sharia Law militates against most of the rights and freedoms laid out in that noble document. Or didn’t you know that?

            State religion has absolutely nothing to do with the imposition of Sharia law. Or didn’t you know that?

            The Dems brought us this recession. Or didn’t you know that?

          • Vigilant

            Still another gem of ignorance from Robbie Smith, Ambassador-at-large for the history-challenged::

            “no to the left’s idea of what our country supposedly was and should be today,”

            “Really? What “was” our country? What do you think those on the left want? This list is Rush’s screed, not what I’ve seen.”

            Our country was a place where Constitutional freedoms were respected and cherished. Where the Supreme Court and leftist judges didn’t violate that Constitution by re-writing it. It was a time when private property was sacred and when people who worked hard weren’t imposed upon to give up their gains for the lazy and indolent.

            It was a time when government didn’t gratuitously insinuate itself into private businesses. A time when we afforded equal opportunity and did not reward the less talented with discriminatory quota systems. A time when we could at least expect our representatives to listen to our concerns.

            Above all, it was a time when the leftists were recognized and rightly condemned for trying to destroy everything that made this country great, for trying to fix that which was not broken, and for advocating the utter disrespect for the Constitution, the Law of the Land.

          • Vigilant

            Another one from the great Robert Smith:

            “More from kenneth: “no to change that takes away our rights as a citizen to choose,”

            “YES! I think women should be able to choose about their own reproductive lives.”

            It’s fine to have that belief, but when that belief entails the use of taxpayer money to further its ends, you’ve gone off the track.

            It also shows a calloused disregard for the deeply-held moral beliefs of many people that abortion is murder, pure and simple.

            For the purposes of discussion, I’m not taking either side of the moral argument, simply the position that taxpayers should never have to help shoulder the financial burden of a practice that deeply offends their beliefs.

            Then again, liberals have never been known to be sensitive to individual rights, notwithtanding their public persona. Like the pharisees, they go through the motions but their hearts are never in it.

          • Vigilant

            And lastly, from the maw of the sophomoric Smith:


            The left is always so passionate about the First Amendment right of free speech, unless it regards the freedom of a Christian to state his/her beliefs.

            What a hoot!

          • eddie47d

            Vigilante; Before the 60′s there were few minorities who “were afforded equal opportunity”. You are not re-writing history on that one.

          • eddie47d

            Vigilante: “The Dems brought us the recession”. You are going full throttle on revisionist history. It may sound good but the Reublicans had a big hand in our nations undoings. To quote yourself,”Knowledge,intelligent people see misinformation coming from a mile away”. Man o’man did we see you coming!

          • Lewis Munn

            Having vented your spleen, Robert, do you feel happier?

            You have leveled a lot of charges; are you sure the inverse does not also apply to these issues? Seems to my you demand your way as the only right way, while condemning others who do the same, and presuming everybody who is not on your side has no basis for their views. You have quite obviously never looked into the other views, to see what leads to it, what factual evidence there is.

            People like you project your errors and intolerance onto those you wish to bring down, just changing the blame you throw. And invective, unsupported allegations, and projecting your attitude of hatred onto others just does not fly in civilized debate.

            It is the defensive attitude of someone who knows they are in error, but will not admit they know, and so has to project their attitude onto everybody else.

            You are using the “holier than thou” attitude you accuse the others of!! It is really quite humorous!!

            Brought a smile to me; thanks for the insights into your “reasoning”.

          • Vigilant


            When you say, “Before the 60′s there were few minorities who “were afforded equal opportunity”. You are not re-writing history on that one.”

            Pssssst…your stupidity is showing. Are you insinuating that conservatives are NOT for equal opportunity? Why the insertion of a time line here? I said NOTHING about WHEN, you were the idiot who did that.

            OK, let me bring it down to your elementary school level intelligence: I would be re-writing history ONLY if I had said, “before the 60′s there were MANY minorities who “were afforded equal opportunity”. Did I say that? Did I imply that? NO!

            Take a course in reading comprehension before you again so wrongly interpret a statement.

          • http://naver samurai

            First of all, edduh can’t really look things up. Libs don’t beliee in studying. Second, Rob you really need to get off of that weed you’ve been smoking. It’s rotting your brain. Ooooops! Too late, its gone. Third, I guess I have to give a source to back up what I’m saying, so here is one for edduh and rod “weed” smith:

            “”Religion is of general and public concern and on its proper support depend, in great measure, the peace and good order of government, the safety and happiness of the people. By our form of government, the Christian religion is the established religion; all sects and denominations of Christians are place upon equal footing, and are equally entitled to protection of their religious liberty.”

            Samuel Chase 1803
            Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

            So Rob, this would mean there is to be school prayer. No gays, bisexuals, or other freaks trying to force their immoral lifestyles on us. There also shouldn’t be any Christians being arrested for praying at a gay rally. Sorry gentlemen (I use that term very loosely), but this is a Christian nation and forever shall be that way.

            Oh Rob, before you say this nonsense about “We the People,” remeber this quote also. When our troops were marching towards the Ardennes in 1944 (Battle of the Bulge), one of General Patton’s aides (Colonel Coddman) asked him about the fixed fortifications at Verdun and Metz? The general looked at him and said: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man. If mountain ranges and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.” If our rights are given to us by the people (man made), they can be changed or overcome in time by the authority at hand. If they are given to us by God, they can never be overcome by anyone, no matter how strong the oppressor is. Get your facts staright before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            Vigilante; Maybe it’s your ignorance that is showing. You are the one who said “It was a time”. Did you mean the 1920′s,1970′s or what is your timeline that you so smugly talk about. The 1960′s is when big changes occurred in America on Rights issues. So no ignorance here;you just failed to explain yourself properly.

          • eddie47d

            Another one who supports ignorant comments as long as they are in right field.

        • Dave

          You just said no to Shaaria Law, which no one has EVER proposed for our country and then you go right into saying NO to spearating prayer from our country. Well, those are the same thing. So you’re saying no to running a government based on one holy book because it should be based on another. That’s the problem right there. This coutnry was not built as a theocracy and the founding fathers but safety measures in to assure it wouldn’t. They could have made it so then and they didn’t, for a reason. Government and Religion have no place together and we should take every care in the world to ensure that lest we end up like Afghanistan, or Iran.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            How about the cop who ticketed me for speeding (42 in a 35) when he was hiding in a church parking lot? I should have fought the ticket on those Seperation grounds.

          • Myron J. Poltroonian

            Well, Dave, as I always say (about people like you:: “At least an ostrich has enough sense to stick it’s head in the sand and not some other dark, smelly place”.

        • Vigilant

          For Robert Smith:

          “Which cost more, the Great Society or the ‘Nam war? Which costs more, universal health care, or two wars that have made the world a more dangerous place?”

          ‘Fraid you stepped on your member, Robbie. The Great Society FAR outspent the Viet Nam war. As for UHC, It will indeed outspend Iraq and Afghanistan. Pull your head out of your propagandist backside.

          • eddie47d

            Spending money on the Great Society is a much larger winner than the Vietnam War by far.The Vietnam War was about inflamed egos that were too crooked to give up. There were mis-steps in the war on poverty and that cost plenty but I’ll take those wrongs over the killings in Vietnam anyday.

          • Vigilant

            Once again, eddie misses the smart boat. The discussion was about which COST more, nothing else. All the diversionary pontificating simply distracts from the subject.

            Take that reading comprehension course, sonny, you’re in bad need of it.

          • eddie47d

            Gee, Mr Pious One with all the knowledge that no one dares to challange. I get it;It is your interpretation or nothing. You are one smug,arrogant,full of yourself ogre. Do you stand in front of the mirror and stroke your ego several times a day?

          • Vigilant

            Yeah, Dumbo, about 10 times a day.

            Always the predictable response from the left: when confronted with facts, either change the subject or insult the messenger.

            In point of fact, I’m one HELL of a lot smarter than you, wiseass!

      • marvin

        Bob Wire
        you are a blind biget it was your idel obama that said repubs can go to back of bus being 75% of repubilcans are white,and telling hispanic people to punish there enemy,s us white people obama is a citizen of the world and cop are stuped it ok for mexico to tell us how to run are immigration,in short obama is a racist and you are a moron

        • Bob Wire

          It’s Bigot and in the land of the blind , the one eyed man is king.

          You posting is but a reflection of “self”.

      • Kinetic1

        I commented further down on some of what was left out of this piece, but I neglected to point out that “Project 21″ is an arm of The National Center for Public Policy Research. You remember them, they are the conservative think tank that laundered money for Jack Abramoff while he was on their board of directors. Imagine that, a far right wing group coming out to defend Andrew Breitbart.

        I tell you, the more I dig into the facts surrounding the article, the more disingenuous I see that it is.

        • Kinetic1

          Before any of you jump in, I apologize if I implied that the article did not disclose the connection between Project 21 and NCPPR. My point was that Project 21s’ place as a “black leadership group” is secondary to their conservative bent. There was nothing racial about Breitbart being un-invited by ABC, so pointing out that the group is black and Breitbart is white does little more than obscure the fact that this is a conservative organization responding to “the Liberal Group, Media Matters.” Of course that is hardly news, now is it.

      • Vigilant

        Well, Bobby, you’re at it again.

        “It only true, that Obama being elected President has brought out “racism and bigotry” that lurks in the dark corners of men’s minds.”

        I guess you had your head up your backside when Obama summarily blamed the Cambridge Police for acting “stupidly” in arresting a black man before he even knew the circumstances of the arrest. And you must believe that Obama was dragged to Rev. Wright’s “church” for 20 years and didn’t object to the racist spouting of Black Liberation theology because he never heard it. And you would probably paint those who voted for him and then switched allegiance on Nov 2 as born-again racists and bigots.

        No, sonny, the race card has been so overused it doesn’t even register any more.

        “Just more deferred guilt and responsibility the party of “NO” has developed into a “science.”

        Love your armchair psychiatry. Are you licensed?

        • Bob Wire

          It grows old to hear people attempt to validate their thoughts and reaction by what someone else did, said or was.

          Can’t you not take responsibility for your own thoughts?

          This is something I learned well, while going through a divorce.

          By responsible for what “YOU say and do.

          Yes “O” is black, can we move on?

          • Vigilant

            “It grows old to hear people attempt to validate their thoughts and reaction by what someone else did, said or was.”

            A most interesting comment (that adds nothing to the discussion), but let’s take a look at it. Yes indeed, everyone I know validates their thoughts and opinions based on what someone else did, said, or was. And what do you do? Pull them out of your navel?

            I personally find what the Founders did, said, and were to be very inspirational, and I proudly admit that they are a fine influence on my thoughts and opinions about what’s right and what’s wrong with this country. I find the Bible to be inspirational, as well as the writers of the “Great Books,” the Enlightenment philosophers, and the modern thinkers like Buckley, Goldwater, Thomas Sowell, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and others. I study history to determine what great people like Lincoln, Ghandi, King and Churchill did, said and were. From these and a thousand other sources I develop a world view and a philosophy. Do you have a better method?

            “Yes “O” is black, can we move on?”

            Yes, it is we conservatives who wish to move on, but the loons on the left keep playing the race card to try and slow us down.

          • eddie47d

            Vigilant: So when Breitbart plays the race card or Rush, do you condemn them? Why do they keep bringing it up. You sneaky devil,you!

          • Vigilant

            eddie, I’m getting tired of correcting your badly handled education.

            Breitbart did not play a race card. Breitbart reported via video a clear case of racism within the NAACP. NAACPs ridiculous statements since that time simply prove his point.

            It was the NAACP who played the card.

            Wake up and understand the difference. If a news organization reports that Black Panthers were intimidating voters and the DOJ failed to prosecute, that’s called reporting the truth. When the NAACP summarily accuses the Tea Party of racism without a shred of proof, that’s called playing the race card.

            I know it’s a difficult concept for you. Maybe you should print it out and read it about 20 times, then maybe you’ll understand the diffrence.

          • Rebel44

            Sorry Bob,but “o” is multi-colored.

          • eddie47d

            Vigilante;You are denser than the Hoover Dam. Breitbart is still a racist for manipulating a video that said just the opposite of what he was implying. He deserves no respect and if there are NAACP members who harbor racial thoughts without proof then no respect should be given to them either. Life is actually pretty straight forward on most issues. It’s the snakes like Breitbart and even Sharpton who throw a monkey wrench into the works.

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      I agree, jr neal. It’s pathetic that a huge majority of black and Jewish voters still vote for the Democrap party. If you’re black, what have Democraps done for you?? NADA!! They only want to make you dependent on government as they exploit you for their greedy political gains!! I hate to admit this, but my late grandfather was like Archie Bunker – often grouchy and bigoted, especially against blacks and Jews. But unlike with the fictitious Archie Bunker and the Meathead, my grandfather always voted for Democraps while his son-in-laws voted GOP. They couldn’t convince my grandfather to vote for Reagan over Carter, even though we saw what a disaster Carter was!! So I say to all Black and Jewish voters, when you vote for Democraps you’re voting for the same party my ‘Archie Bunker’ grandfather voted for!!!!

  • CowboyHerb

    I’m feed up with them playing the race card and launch smear campaigns. All these people like and want to do is use violence, as the unions do. You can take the NAACP and the other names they used along with SICU & their muslins buddy, and some of the unions . These people and groups like them are far more that “Hypocritical.” They are part of the “Enemy Within!” They being the lead enemy! They are hell-bent on destroying everything that is our American Republic! Reducing us t…o a nation of starving serfs as they set themselves up as wealthy Dictators!
    I say if they want a war then bring it on and lets get it over with, I dont need to hear any more of your nasty a$$ mouth, because all that comes out of it is s#!t anyway.
    We must stop these Anti-American monsters even if it takes an armed revolution!

    • Al Sieber

      Cowboy, the race card is all they have, and they’re running out of time.

      • Craig

        The race card does not work anymore. People see the libs for what they are, destroyers and racists.

        Anytime a lib calls me a racist, I thank them. I know when they call me a racist. They are basically saying I do not agree with their failed ideology. That’s something to be proud of in my book.

        • Kate8

          The good news is that more minorities are wising up to Pregressives and joining conservatives. We need them to spread the word.

          The Republican party was formed to give the freed slaves a voice. It wasn’t conservatives who changed. It was Progressives who fostered a lie to promote their agenda and people fell for it.

          It’s time the truth be told from the airwaves. Minorities of good character who love freedom and truth can find a good home on our side.
          They don’t have to be slaves of the Left any longer.

          • http://naver sook young

            You go girl! I agree with you 100%. I know I’m a minority (Korean) and I couldn’t for the lief of me support the progressives/liberals. I just can’t seem to support the party who hates Christians, loves gays, and tries to further the cause of killing babies because the mother isn’t mature enough to take care of it, like she should be doing. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

        • 45caliber


          Right on!

          • eddie47d

            I kind of figured you are one of those who love his” chocolate marxist” comments. Craig wears his racism on his sleeve and is damn proud of it. Either you are or you are not and it’s fairly easy to spot.

    • Teresa

      AMEN babe, well put!

    • Robert Smith

      From cowboy: “All these people like and want to do is use violence, as the unions do.”

      I didn’t realize that the murders of Dr. Tiller and others were union members.


      • 45caliber

        Maybe not, but I know of a lot of other murderers who were.

      • Vigilant

        Snatching at straws now, aren’t we, Robbie? Union violence is well known and has a history of such as far back as communism.

        Tiller’s murderer was not representative of conservatism, regardless of your implication. For my money, I don’t condone murder, but Tiller got what he asked for.

        Tell me, one justifiable homicide of a baby killer outweighs the thousands of infants who were murdered by this butcher?

        • eddie47d

          Vigilante; Tiller was performing a service that people requested. They came to him, so that hardly made him a butcher if a women’s life is in danger. Abortion is not as simple minded as you make it out to be. It’s hardly an easy decision so he did not get what he asked for. So it’s unfortunate that you condoned his murder.

          • Vigilant

            “Tiller was performing a service that people requested.”

            Taking the life of a baby, and you call that “performing a service?” So much for liberal sensitivity.

            “They came to him, so that hardly made him a butcher if a women’s life is in danger.”

            (1) The vastly overwheming number of “services’” as you put it, were performed with absolutely no danger to the woman. The baby was merely an “inconvenience.”

            (2) Butchery is butchery, whether upon request or forced. Would you want, as a human being, to kill a full-term or nearly full-term baby that could well survive outside of the womb? Well, that is the law in Kansas, and that’s what that poor excuse for a human being did.

            “Abortion is not as simple minded as you make it out to be. It’s hardly an easy decision so he did not get what he asked for. So it’s unfortunate that you condoned his murder.”

            There’s nothing complicated about the those sentences in the Declaration of Independence that tell us our Creator endowed us with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (emphasis on “life”). What part of that don’t you understand?

            As for Tiller, my father used to tell me that there are some people that this world would be better off without; Tiller was one of those persons.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry Eddie, but a murderer is a murderer, no matter the person in sanctioned or not. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • eddie47d

            If the mother’s life is in danger. That is not something that you have the right to determine. She can go on and take care of her husband or other children. If she dies then a greater burden is placed upon that family or even society (welfare). Our Constitution is deffinetely talking about her LIFE.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry edduh, but just because something may be legal it doesn’t make it right. The woman has to prove that she, the baby, or both of them would die before having this procedure. This would require a physical signed by a licensed physician, one in the womans current state of residence. If the woman can have a c-section and have both of them live, then she should have the c-section. Remember edduh, when a woman is pregnant, or has children, their health and welfare come first and not the mother’s. My wife and I know these things because we have 3 sons and 1 daughter. As my wife has stated before, many women only want an abortion because they are immature and refuse to take the responsibilities to raise a child. Such a woman is not a good American, nor a patriot (My opinion only). FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            Samurai; You are making too many assumptions about other persons lives. I would say your crystal ball is getting rather cloudy on too many issues. I’m not fond of pole dancers and think they degrade themselves for money,but I would never think of doing harm to one. The same with drug users,prostitutes or even a gay person. You seem to look at too many people as lower than you are. Instead of looking at the circumstances that brought these people to the situations they are in. Be thankful you have a good life and/ or get out there and lend a hand in helping the down and out.

          • http://naver samurai

            I already help the down and out as much as I can. I give blood to the Red Cross every 4 months for someone who may need it, write monthly checks to the Salvation Army, the Faith Mission (A homeless shelter in my hometown.), give clothes to Goodwill, give money to the Pearl S. Buck foundation, bought and gave blankets to the local orphanage, assist in clothes and food drives for church to help the needy, buy cups of coffe and sandwiches for people begging on street corners and sometimes giving them money, etc. Are these things good enough, edduh? I know I can’t give as much as Bill Gates, but it is still good in God’s eyes. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Vigilant


            Don’t let eddie sidetrack you. The discussion was about the sanctity of life.

            Almost laughably, eddie says: “I’m not fond of pole dancers and think they degrade themselves for money,but I would never think of doing harm to one. The same with drug users,prostitutes or even a gay person.”

            He forgot to add, “but I have no problems with killing an innocent baby.”

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks very much, fellow patriot! With people like edduh on this site, the good fight is far from over! Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Myron J. Poltroonian

          So, my dear less-than-vigilant, let me see if I’ve got this right. If we, as the “Progressives” are prone to do, simply turn the meanings of words around to suit our prejudices, instead of theirs, the “Good Doctor” simply had an involuntary “Postpartum Procedure” performed on him. See? Now, don’t you feel better? An unviable tissue mess was excised from the body politic by an advocate for children too young to speak for themselves and far too young to beg for mercy from those who are supposed to care for them.

          • Vigilant


            A great comment, indeed!

            I would only change one word; in your sentence, “An unviable tissue mess was excised from the body politic by an advocate for children too young to speak for themselves and far too young to beg for mercy from those who are supposed to care for them,” I would use the term “cancerous” instead on “unviable.”

          • Myron J. Poltroonian

            Thanks Vigilant, You replyed: “Vigilant says:
            November 10, 2010 at 12:47 am
            A great comment, indeed!

            I would only change one word; in your sentence, “An unviable tissue mess was excised from the body politic by an advocate for children too young to speak for themselves and far too young to beg for mercy from those who are supposed to care for them,” I would use the term “cancerous” instead on “unviable.”

            My point dear sir, is that the ” … children too young to speak for themselves and far too young to beg for mercy from those who are supposed to care for them.” are described (in that progressive, double think, double speak way as “Unviable Tissue Masses”. Not as unwanted children.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        By others, did you mean other baby murderers like Tiller? Anyone who practices partial-birth abortion and those who condone it should have a bounty on their head.

    • Robert Smith

      From Cowboy: “Reducing us t…o a nation of starving serfs as they set themselves up as wealthy Dictators!”

      How much are Gworge Bush and his buddy Dick worth?


      • marvin

        Robert Smith
        your hero obama went from a welfare baby to a million air at tax payer expence bush was rich befor he got in to goverment you must be the flash

        • eddie47d

          How did Obama get rich at txpayers expense? He wrote 2 books and made a bundle off of them. No different than most authors.

          • http://naver samurai

            Did his books really start selling after he was elected president and not before? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Teresa

        You are so caught up in the past and in Bush’s flaws and errors you can’t see the future and the destruction of our very Constitution of the Obama’s administration in which he is leading us. Bush never showed any form of racism in which this is what I thought we were discussing. Why can’t you face the FACT that YES Obama and others HAVE in fact used the race card for their own personal agenda??? NO, I do not owe Obama anything, not respect, not anything for he is Deliberately tearing OUR Constitution apart and with the ignorance of people like yourself it is being allowed.

      • Craig

        Hey genius, Bush and Cheney are gone. We cannot do anything about the past. But we can do something about the Ahole in the white house and his socialist/communist loving buddies.

      • 45caliber


        They are worth less than some of the Demos like Soros.

      • JeffH

        Robert Smith, did it ever occur to you that Bush and Obama feed at the same trough and answer to the same master? The biggest difference I can see is that Bush tried and succeeded to be a POTUS while Obama, the community organizer, continues on with the campaign trail while failing miserably in the POTUS department.

        • Lewis Munn

          Pertinent point! Worth careful consideration. Thank you.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Who cares, they didn’t steal it like career politicians do. They earned it or their families did. Cheny started out pushing a broom in a hardware store in Montana. How much are you worth and where did you get it ? You class envy creeps make me sick. You’re too lazy or too stupid to become successful so you throw stones at those that are. Go to work and tell the company owner that he makes too much money.

    • Dave

      Hey Cowboy dumb A$$. First of all ,that’s some pretty incendiary talk. What kind of evidence to do you have for threatening war on citizens of your own country. It sounds like you’re a terrorist to me. Let’s see, someone told you that this country was yours because of your religion and they told you that “the others” were the enemy and that you should just trust them. Hmmmm, sounds like you’re on a jihad buddy and it sounds like you’re a terrorist just like those poor kids in the middle east who grew up with Madrasas. Secondly, you rednecks tried that one already and guess what, you lost, accept it. Thirdly, when educated people speak about a possible raise in taxes to give healthcare benefits to a sick child how are they the ones destroying America and trying to coopt it for themselves? The other side of the argument is that the sick child doesn’t deserve health coverage because his parents lost their jobs because the Republicans sunk the economy. That kid deserves that becauseit’s Gods will somehow or something like that. Who’s the bad guy there? TURN OF FOX, puyt down the gun and get a real job a$$hole. Save your crazy rants for the other jackA$$es you know. When Barack Obama wins a second term you’ll still be complaining to those same idiots abuot how you’re take this coutnry back someday. Meanwhile you children will end up having insurance even after you go to jail because of Obamacare and then you can just sit in your cell and think about that as you plot your terrorist acts.

      • maggiemoo

        Hey dumb A$$, (to borrow your word), even the dems are talking about getting Obummer to not run in ’12. I’m pretty sure nobody really believes he’ll win a second term. As far as health insurance for the “little boy”, nowhere in our Constitution does it call for the federal government to mandate ANYTHING about health care. If the states want to mandate it, they can try to pass it in their own legislatures. Also, if we don’t put the brakes on it, there won’t be enough doctors for you to pick and choose anyway. Statistics show that 50% or more of doctors have said they will retire rather than be forced to follow the rules laid out in the “healthcare” bill. Good luck getting timely medical care then.

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          Who would the Dems. run in 2012, Hillary? She’s just BO in a dress.

          • http://naver samurai

            Maybe Harry, Pelosi, or Boxer? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • JeffH

        Are you fast eddiot using a different name or just closely related? You two sounds so similar.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Hey Dave, Your the dumb A$$, look up Dhimmitude (page 107) in BO’s HC bill. You need some edumacation.

      • DaveH

        Once more the Liberal Dave shows his ignorance. Those sick kids are going to get less healthcare, not more, if you ignorant Liberals succeed in impoverishing our nation. Look at Cuba. They send their doctors to other countries to gain much needed revenue. Their own citizens go wanting for good healthcare as a result. When they do send their doctors abroad, they aren’t allowed to take family with them. Their families are held hostage for good reason. They would never come back!
        And don’t pretend to be charitable, Dave. I’ve known enough Liberals personally to know they are only charitable with other peoples’ money. That kind of charity is nothing more noble than Theft.

  • Dennis

    All things are racist if they do not agree with it. Thye are the souce of most of the race peoblems today. White people can not voice their opinion about anything to do with balcks, muslims, gays or any so called minority, when they do they are labeled as a racist. Well I for one am tired of the politically correct crap, tired of worring if some one will get their feelings hurt, tired of people that holler that it is wrong. The scream about race to get their way. The courts and powers that be are afrid to bring this mess to a halt, the ones on DC all want to get re-elected to their life time jobs. The working people are afraid to say or do any thing that causes people to look at them. The “guvment” is just waiting to jump if they see the white folks say or do anything, yet the Black Pnthers can show up at the polls and hold bats to stop white from voting, DOJ will not take steps to correct this, after all they are being lead by a black person in the white house.

    • Mick

      Dennis says:
      November 8, 2010 at 10:48 am
      All things are racist if they do not agree with it. Thye are the souce of most of the race peoblems today. White people can not voice their opinion about anything to do with balcks, muslims, gays or any so called minority, when they do they are labeled as a racist. Well I for one am tired of the politically correct crap, tired of worring if some one will get their feelings hurt, tired of people that holler that it is wrong. The scream about race to get their way. The courts and powers that be are afrid to bring this mess to a halt, the ones on DC all want to get re-elected to their life time jobs. The working people are afraid to say or do any thing that causes people to look at them. The “guvment” is just waiting to jump if they see the white folks say or do anything, yet the Black Pnthers can show up at the polls and hold bats to stop white from voting, DOJ will not take steps to correct this, after all they are being lead by a black person in the white house.

      Dennis,,,,,If we continue to shut our mouth we will be totally screwed.
      We are dictated by blacks, illegals, crooked representatives and the Unions just got rejected by delta ‘s flight attendants but would it end there ? Hell NO !Democrats always use democracy as a crutch and violate the sam democracy when thigs don’t go their way, now The union will depend on the mediation board to do their dirty work…

      ((( Delta Flight Attendants’ No-Union Vote May Be Overturned By U.S.
      Posted by Miriam Gottfried

      Yesterday’s vote by Delta (DAL) flight attendants to reject union representation may be voided by the National Mediation Board, a senator and an analyst told Bloomberg News.
      The three-member board, in which Democrats hold two seats, moderates discussions between labor and management at airlines and railroads. It ordered a new election for Delta technicians in August and will do the same with the flight attendants, analyst Ray Neidl told Bloomberg.
      Senator Johnny Isakson, a Georgia Republican, echoed Neidl’s assurances, arguing that demanding a re-vote represents a lack of respect for employees.
      The flight attendants rejected union representation with 51% of the votes cast against organizing.))))))))

    • steve

      Just a spelling correction. “Guvment” be wrong. Dat be Gubmint – as in da “gubmint chee”.

      Thank you.

      • 45caliber

        actually, it is the “guvmint chik”.

    • eddie47d

      Racism can spread like wildfire;The authors on this site did a splendid job awhile back on the black panthers. Mainly and most importantly no whites were forced away from any polling place but you will all spread that myth. Only one black man had a baton and he never used it against anyone. The other black man lived in the building and had every right to be there. So it comes down to a one man conspiracy out to intimidate the whole nation. (at least in the minds of those who want to perpetuate and up the fear ante on this incident).

      • featheredchick

        I beg to differ, but it was voter intimidation at it’s best. Where did you come from? Don’t you pay attention to what’s going on around you? It was proven, the black panthers admitted it, and the Black House dropped it. There is a coup here and it’s being overlooked by folks like you. Liberals want to scream racist if things don’t go their way. Your president does it best. Take this country into a dictatorship and posibly a mus.lim state and if you disagree with that, you’re hit with “racist.” You are not only sick to give up your freedoms, you’re blind to boot.

        • eddie47d

          You sure are playing loose with the truth. You’re rants were iffy at best.

          • Craig

            How can you say somebody is playing lose with the truth, when you have no clue about truth?

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            Now eddie69d, the truth will set you free, now be polite and go F%$# yourself.

          • eddie47d

            Craig and WIA. The nasty boys. They ought to make a movie about you. A very short story indeed.

          • JeffH

            foolio fast eddiot, they did make a movie about you called Dumb and Dumber…by the wat, Jim Carrey didn’t play your role, it was Jeff Daniels that paled you, the real dumb one!

          • eddie47d

            I should have known we’d hear from the 3rd Stooge!

      • Craig

        Eddie, you aint the brightest. Nobody has to be turned away from a polling place to be intimidated. The intent of the Black Panzies was to intimidate, that in of itself is illegal. Those clowns should be sitting in prison along with Mochelle Oidiot for electioneering.

        • 45caliber

          And Shiela Jackson Lee. She went into the voting place in Houston and was telling the voters AS THEY WENT TO THEIR MACHINE AFTER SIGNING IN, “Please vote for me!” Then she claimed that she had no idea that it was illegal to do that within a hundred feet of the building.

      • 45caliber

        That’s right. He never hit anyone with it. He just raised it and shook it in their faces. (Good thing I wasn’t there. I’d have gone to get my own. And I’m good with it.)

      • Phil

        OH… it’s “ok” for thugs in fatigue uniforms holding batons to stand in front of a polling place and intimidate voters they don’t like huh? Just because the “one guy” might not have really used the baton doesn’t mean the threat isn’t there. Then watch his rants afterwards eh? “Kill all white people”,etc. What they did was a felony and illegal no matter what their color.

      • Cliff

        You, as I’m sure most liberals, miss the point completely. That sort of behavior has no place anywhere, much less near a polling place. I’d bet the ranch that if a white man dressed as these Black Panthers were showed up at a predominantly black precinct you and your Ilk would be calling for their heads on a stick.

        • eddie47d

          Maybe this one panther was using an old Klan trick. No matter which way you try to paint that incident you are trying to use it to further hatred of blacks. Pure and simple. So get over it.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Dennis, did you know that there are more whites who get money from the government than blacks?

      And then you can add in the bail-outs for all those (what race?) bankers, stockholders, GM, etc.


      • Vigilant

        “Hey Dennis, did you know that there are more whites who get money from the government than blacks?”

        OK, smartass, what PERCENTAGE of blacks vs. the PERCENTAGE of whites?

        You must have read the book, “How to Lie with Statistics.”

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          I think that blacks are about 15% of the population. By the way the most common name for new babies born in England is Mohamand. It’s probably Jose or Manual here.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Robert Smith, you can’t cross an apple with an grapefruit and get a watermelon.

      • DaveH

        Duh, Robert. Since Blacks comprise only about 15% of the population, it wouldn’t mean much if more whites got help, would it?

    • Dave

      Since there has never been a case of a white guy doing something wrong and the DOJ didn’t press charges. It happens all the time. You only care about this one because it was a Black Panther. Black people have gotten in trouble for hurting white people. How many white people blame black people for crimes they did. It was Bush who first did not want to press charges over the incident you’re referring to. This does not show any kind of pattern. What commentary about black people are people afraid to say? That they’re inferior? How could that be bad to say, right? What are you so dying to say that you can’t? Would the tea party have even existed if Barack Obama was white? Would the birthers exist?

      • Phil

        Last I heard it was OBAMA’s DOJ that dropped the charges. No matter, and no matter if it was Black Panthers or KKK, in either/any case this kind of thing must be stopped.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        If people don’t want to be stereotyped they shouldn’t act so damn stereotypical.

    • Lewis Munn

      Can we get a crew together and repaint the white house black? While Obama is away overseas?

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    It seems liberals use a different set of rules. It’s okay for them, but not conservatives. As far as Juan Williams getting canned…. he didn’t play the race card, which I am sure some were expecting he would. Why he still leans left is beyond me. When they ‘shoot’ their own you would think it would be a good time to take stock in their values and decide if they really are the ones you want to be associated with!

    • Dave

      Maybe Juan has some intelligence and doesn’t change his life long values based on the decision of ONE person. I don’t agree with all Liberals just because I’m a liberal. How about how come Republicans can see proof that trickle down economics doesn’t work but it’s the only answer they ever have the for the economy?

      • Vigilant

        Might be because it DOES work.

        Name me ONE, just ONE economic system that works better than Caiptalism, and I’ll become a died-in-the-wool leftie.

        • Vigilant

          …and even before you answer, I’ll say, “I knew you couldn’t!”

        • Vigilant

          Well, Dave, it’s been over 24 hours and I’m still waiting for a reply.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Dave, what Empire, Civilization, Nation or State, taxed and spent itself to prosperity? One will suffice.

      • DaveH

        Why can’t Liberals see that Trickle Up Poverty doesn’t work? Your policies have failed in country after country. Doesn’t that mean anything to you ignorant people? Oh, I know, it’s different this time. This time it will work. Dream on.
        For those who want to learn about the kind of country that Liberals are trying to turn us into, look at those countries at the bottom of this list. This is where they want to take us:

        • DaveH

          Liberals have one thing in their favor. People desperately dream of having the kind of life that Liberals promise. So their message appeals to those not intelligent enough to know that it is just a Dream.

          • Vigilant


            You’re absolutely right. The liberal dream appeals to those who want something for nothing: the lazy, indolent and, as you say, those too intellectually inferior to see a con game coming at them. The criminal element, for its own power hungry satisfaction, foments class warfare and hatred of the rich to achieve their ends. Sound familiar? Russia, 1917

            Capitalism in a free society appeals to the talented, hard working, and conscientious who achieve their dreams by application and steadfastness. Without them, no jobs are created.

          • eddie47d

            Vigilante; So “no jobs were created without capitalism”. Where did all the people of the world work before capitalism. Farms(self- sufficient) Blacksmiths, shop keepers,woodworkers,etc. and every town and village had them for centuries. When capitalism took over they invented sweat shops and monotonous dead end jobs. Capitalism was just a evil as communism. Capitalist may have won the day but nowadays some are nothing but thieves and whores for other wealthy people. Hardly a decent label.

        • DaveH

          And, Dave, if Liberal policies are so desirable, why must you enlist Big Government to force your policies on the citizens? If the outcomes of your policies were good, people would accept them voluntarily.
          Liberals – Forcers and Thieves.

          • Vigilant

            When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always take the money.

        • Vigilant

          eddie, must I continually take you under my wing to force a little education into you?

          So “no jobs were created without capitalism”. You think you can misquote what I said and get away with it? Read my post again, this time with comprehension.

          “Where did all the people of the world work before capitalism. Farms(self- sufficient) Blacksmiths, shop keepers,woodworkers,etc. and every town and village had them for centuries.”

          Yes, AND IT WAS CALLED “CAPITALISM.” My God, you don’t even know your definitions, do you?

          “When capitalism took over they invented sweat shops and monotonous dead end jobs. Capitalism was just a evil as communism. Capitalist may have won the day but nowadays some are nothing but thieves and whores for other wealthy people. Hardly a decent label.”

          Your description of capitalism implies that the conditions of the 19th and early 20th centuries were frozen and remain that way today. I could as well say, “in America blacks were used as slaves,” as if that still applies today.

          “Capitalism was just a evil as communism.”

          (1) So you admit that communism is evil? Well, you’ve come up a notch in my estimation (not much, but a little).

          (2) I repeat my challenge to you, as I often have on this site, but have never received a reply: Name me ONE, just ONE economic system that has created a larger percentage of prosperous people and lasting contentment than has Capitalism?

          When I have hurled that challenge, I have NEVER received a reply. I don’t expect one now.

          • eddie47d

            There you go again putting life in terms of wealth. If you have it you are the good guy;if you don’t you aren’t squat. Capitalists can be the most vile,wicked people on the face of the earth. We don’t need proof of their dastardly deeds or the immense good that they have done. There were good hard working communists too but their leadership took them down an ugly path of self destruction. Capitalist leadership is full of the same self loathing destructive people who can bring whole nations down. Capitalist greed could be the total undoing of America. If they choose to do business in a fair manor and try to be honest they might survive and thrive. Which way are you pushing them?

          • Vigilant

            And you, sonny, didn’t take the challenge and answer the question.

            It’s the easiest question in the world to answer, but no leftie has the balls to admit it. Consider yourself emasculated.

  • mickey

    I watch very little of mainstream media since the 2007 election. It was a travesty not to treat obama like any other candidate and to vet him. I am no McCain lover but the media destroyed any credibility they had. I guess the reason more of us look to the internet to find news good or bad.

    NPR, with public funding, fired Juan Williams because he spoke the truth about the nation’s silent thoughts? They thought police is on patrol.

    If one shares Chavez’ view (controlled media), then the US is not the place for them. There should be where they are happy and comfortable, not in a free speech nation.

    Opposing views are not bad, it is the “control” of all mainstream media that is bad.

    • Robert Smith

      The “main stream” media is BIG BUSINESS. They are far from “liberal.” And, they are among the most heavily regulated businesses in the world.

      Wanna talk about free speech? Excuse me, I’ll invite Janet Jackson. Millions of $$$$ were levied in fines over her free expression.


      • Craig

        Showing a boob on national TV is not free speech, moron.

        • Robert Smith

          Why not, Craig?

          Aren’t we as free as France, England, and most of Europe?

          Their airwaves are not constricted in such a way.

          BTW, do you know what all those little kids who might have been allegedly “hurt” when a boob was on television (besides GWB)?

          They thought “LUNCH!”


          • Teresa

            I have finally figured it out…you are so jealous of Bush you can’t stand it…why else do you harp on him so much?

          • Vigilant


            The left is so bereft of logic and so hostile to the truth that they have only two things to say: (1) It’s all GWB’s fault and, (2) if you’re a conservative you’re automatically a racist.

            They haven’t caught on to the fact that even moderate liberals see it for what it is, a paltry attempt to divert the discussion. And, the more they use it, the less effect it has (they haven’t caught on to that either).

          • Vigilant

            Little Bobby Smith gurgles, “Aren’t we as free as France, England, and most of Europe?”

            Actually, we’re not. Thanks to the leftist pressures in this country, we are now number 8 on the list (of economic freedom).

            Regarding the airwaves, I was in the Netherlands about 10 years ago when the leftist TV station decided to “document” a homosexual love affair. “Graphic” is the kindest word I can use to describe it. They showed everything, the oral sex, the sodomy, etc.

            The outcry was so great from the people that they discontinued it.

            Amongst decent people, you don’t abuse the mantle of freedom to cover any topic you like if it devalues the moral fiber of the nation.

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree with the both of you, fellow patriots! Rob just doesn’t understand what our freedoms are about and only understands what he is told by the ones who pull his strings. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • featheredchick

        If the MSM is not liberal, I’d hate to think what is. As far as Janet Jackson and her malfunctioning wardrobe; filth is filth. Free speech is not meant to protect perversion, any more than privacy rights are meant to protect pedophiles or rapists. That’s why the country is where it is today … filthy perverts and their allies, the MSM hiding behind free speech. Liberal garbage. Brains on permanant vacation.

        • Vigilant

          Right on!

          The left doesn’t know the lamestream media is liberal because the left is farther left that the MSM. I wonder what they were deprived of when they were children?

          Come to think of it, they’re still chidren (mentally antway).

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Hey Robert Smith, tell that to George Spookie Dude Soros.

    • 45caliber

      But it is a lot easier to report whatever is handed you than it is to actually find news and write it up to report. And by reporting what you are told, you also don’t have to worry about annoying the PTB (powers that be).

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Truth and Justice are blind. Until now?

  • Bob Wire

    “Project 21 is an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility has not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment.”

    I’m not too peach keen on such organizations. Refusing to accept the premise, as I find it “not” being rooted into the notion of what America and Americans are all about.

    Don’t demand, I take into accounting your ethnicity, I find it insulting to both parties.

    I know “it’s done” but not by me.

    This is the first line of defense against bigotry. ~ Inside one’s own mind.

    As long as “affirmative act” is alive, a precursor to bigotry is alive and well.

    • Will

      ‘Affirmative’ (here) means ‘preferential’!!

      • Robert Smith

        Isn’t this the same place where anything out of junkie millionare Rush’s mouth is gosspittle?


        • Craig

          Poor wittle robbie do not likey anybody telling the twoof. Robert you are an imbecile.

          • Kinetic1

            Truth? Are you suggesting that Rush only speaks the truth? Where shall I start?

            Rush quoted President Obama as saying “that we all must learn to live within our means and not expect the values of our homes to go up 10, 20 percent over our lifetimes ever again,” as proof of his assertion “This is what I mean by him talking down the economy.” What President Obama actually said was that we should “not assume that housing prices are going to go up 20, 30, 40 percent every year”

            Rush claimed that “people who have no transportation … were told to walk to the Superdome or to get there on their own, however they could get there. … ‘Bring your own food. Use the hoof express. Get yourself to the Superdome.’ ”

            Nope! The Times-Picayune chronicled the use of public buses to transport people, including stories on August the 28th and 29th about the exodus to the Superdome.

            Rush was quick to jump on the band wagon about President Obama’s India trip costing $200 million a day. Fact check, what’s that?

            I could go on for days, but why beat a drugged horse.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Robert Smith, No! This is the place where Dumb A$$es like you are welcomed to make total fools of yourselves. Now be polite and go F%%$ yourself.

      • Bob Wire

        “‘Affirmative’ (here) means ‘preferential’!”

        that is correct, right, an affirmative.

        and it holds the seeds of contempt. A contempt I can not bring myself to argue as being invalid.

        Affirmative Act needs to go.

  • http://comcast E. Kortum

    This has been going on for ages. Ever since a true American, Manning Johnson, was killed by the progressives because he wanted true equality for blacks. The agenda at that time and now is to use blacks for the push of progressives.
    Please do not quote “Media Matters” as a source of opinion since Hillary Clinton organized this group. When you issue a report of “Media Matters” please attach, “…the group formed by Hillary Clinton…” We must know the whole truth.

    • Robert Smith

      When you issue a report of “Media Matters” please attach, “…the group formed by Hillary Clinton…” We must know the whole truth.

      Please try to get folks around here to give their ministers and Rush credit for the hate, bigotry, and generally abusive atmosphere created by several around here.


      • 45caliber

        Sorry, Robert.

        Any hate, bigotry, etc. that I may have was learned from those I “hate, etc.”

        I was raised without any comments on others to cloud my thinking as an adult – and I was raised to make up my own mind about others. I have nothing against any group as a race, etc. Just how they think – or don’t think as the case may be. And you are a member of that group.

        As for Rush, etc. – why should I bother to listen to them? After all, they don’t tell me anything about those who fail to think that I haven’t already learned from them – like you.

        And “hate” is such a bad word – I don’t hate anyone (except maybe pimps who push children). “Contempt” is the word that best fits what I feel about people like you and your friends.

        • Bob Wire

          measured words and I’m in accord.

      • http://naver samurai

        Darn good desciption of yourself rob! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Bear

    Lots of interesting comments here……and a lot of truth. America is watching and we ae tuned in to the “thought police” and their attempts to silence freedom of speech. It’s these billionaires like George Soros that cause me the most concern. They think that all they have to do is throw some money at their problem to make it go away and if the problem happens to be that the individual’s thoughts are not in line with those of the billionaire, that individual no longer has a job. I.E., Juan Williams after his O’Riley interview on Fox. It’s people like George Soros that need to go. He is the root of the evil that is backing the destruction of our nation. Get THAT straight right now.

    • Teresa

      Well Stated!

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Can’t someone get him in their crosshairs ?


    LOOK,Let’sget to the real problem—Obadma was born,raised, educated and still IS A MUSLIM and that EQUALS [With his suck-alongs] Democrats=Liberals=socialism=communism=total government control= Muslims=Islam=Sharia Law= BEHEADED and if you don’t believe this you must have your head in the sand like the Ostrich

    • Robert Smith

      I’ll bet you believe that GWB had the twin towers blown up and that men didn’t really land on the moon too.


      • Kinetic1

        Did you hear that Obama blew up the twin towers to cover up his plan to take over the moon for Muslims!

        • Lewis Munn


          I thought they were blown up because the takeover pilots got the twin towers confused with the UN building they were supposed to hit, to take out the Israeli ambassador.

    • Lewis Munn

      Head in the sand makes the beheadings easier!

  • alpha-lemming

    Funny how censorship is the first/only/ultimate weapon of the party of “tolerance, enlightenment, and champions of free-speech (as long as the speakers are radical Muslims, radical minorities, radical alt-lifestylers or anti-American/Constitutionalists)”.

    The article is actually about the recent (~50-60yrs) spate of “indentity politics/representation”…. aka “only a gay/woman/black/left-handed club-footed transgendered midget can represent gays/women/blacks/LHCFTMs”. If true, and there’s ample evidence it is, there are OBVIOUSLY no tax-payers remaining in Congress.

  • http://com i41

    The white male is the minority, and has been since 1993. The chocolate crossbred marxist muslim is and always has been in favor of the illegals over Americans, since he was old enough to read. But his reading was selective, as well as his friends, radical marixists and communist ideologly, and domestic terrorist thugs as close friends, a perfect blend for a domestic explosions and destruction of the USA. When his Black Muslim thugs buds spout vicious bildge that would get any fringe white group arrested, get to walk away even when they were a no show at a hearing. Makes the trigger fingers on people not in the beltway, get real twitchy and senses hypersenstive.

    • eddie47d

      i41 always has a knack for saying what is really on a conservatives mind. Not much different than Breitbarts. The truth about how you all feel always comes out and it doesn’t take long.

      • Lewis Munn

        I guess I must not be a real Conservative, since that is NOT at the front, or back, or side of my mind.

    • Angel

      “chocolate crossbred marxist muslim”? How do you REALLY feel? You really do conservatism a disservice with this garbage!

      • Karolyn

        What I’ve always thought, i41 must be a KKK member. How do you feel about Jews, i41?

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Karolyn, wrong again he belongs to the SLA, the Weather Under Ground and Zionist International.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        sounds pretty accurate to me. where is the falicy?

  • James

    NPRs reason for firing Juan was for stating an opinion that directly reflects on NPR…which he contractually was prohibited from doing. Even though it appears right were infringed upon, Juan should have known he willingly gave up that particular right when he signed his name to his contract to work for NPR. Even so, I do not condone these types of contracts and believe that he had every right to say what he wanted while not in his official capacity as ‘On-the-Job’ for NPR.

    • eddie47d

      NPR was too quick in canning Juan Williams. A very unwise move.

  • Port Rev War Hero – Peter Francisco

    The Republic Rising is the only solution.

    It is not Bushlicans or Obamacrats they are two sides of the same coin.

    Return to common sense, sanity, family and American Way with God’s guidance.
    Join us:

    End DEMOCRACY and the unlawful Lawyers’ Monopoly in DC (see Original 13th Amendment).

    Remember this “country” survived without IRS and the FED for 100s of years and in less than 100 yrs of IRS and THE FED we have had instability by design to Enslave as all as paxpayers or taxtakers.


    • Robert Smith

      From Port…: “Remember this “country” survived without IRS and the FED for 100s of years ”

      We also survived without any laws opposing abortion, recreational drugs, speed limits, bans on gay marriage, etc.

      Or do you pick and choose which laws are relevant from the past? How’s ’bout slavery, do you still support that?


      • featheredchick

        Rob, Does your brain ever kick into gear?

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Robert Smith, you lost your brain while suffering from cranial, rectal, insertion. Your only purpose in life is to open mouth, insert foot and try to implode.

        • Lewis Munn

          …And he hasn’t yet even succeeded at that!

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        we’ll just change the name to welfare and eliminate the work, but the concept is the same. somebody else owns you.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        RS: Actually we do still support slavery, with our tax dollars. we’ll just change the name to welfare and eliminate the work, but the concept is the same. somebody else owns you.

      • http://naver samurai

        Rob, this arguement is about as old as your breath, give it a rest! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Kinetic1

    Talk about your hit pieces. Did The “Personal Liberty News Desk ” think to mention that Breitbart was lying about his involvement with ABC? I’ll accept that Media Matters may have crossed the line in expressing their view about Breitbarts’ involvement, though that opinion is based on the fact that Breitbart is one of the rights’ biggest muck rackers, but ABC never even intended to put him on the TV! He was offered a place in a “digital town hall”, but was cut from the group when he continued to insist on his site that he was going to be a “political analyst” on ABC News’ election night TV coverage. The only thing stopping Breitbart from being involved was Breitbarts’ ego.

    Now, on to the end of the article where the PLND say the “An editorial in The Watertown Daily Times”… “claimed that Williams was fired for being honest and expressing views that were not liberal enough for NPR.” So who is the Watertown Daily Times? Did a major newspaper really come out and suggest pulling funding from NPR? Well, not really. The WDT only has a circulation of about 100,000 readers, and even if they were one of the big boys, the writer isn’t even on staff. This is just an op-ed piece submitted by some guy named Fred Mason. So why not be honest and say that “Some guy named Fred says we should cut NPR”? Maybe because the opinion of one guy named Fred Mason from Tupper Lake doesn’t sound like much, which it isn’t. His opinion is no more or less important to the average joe then yours or mine. And besides, he gets it wrong!

    NPR simply has a strict policy regarding their news personalities expressing personal opinion. In fact, Williams had already been shifted from a position as staff correspondent to analyst in response to his opining on FOX in the past. His statement on O’Reily may have been honest, but it undermined his objectivity, and while this may be ok on FOX, it’s not on NPR. As for his “freedom of speech”, the government his not stopping him from saying anything he wants, which is all that is guaranteed. It’s time that people like Mr. Fred Mason of Tupper Lake and Mrs. Sarah Palin of Wasilla learn that freedom of speech does not mean that you are protected from any consequences related to what you have to say.

    • Will

      About ‘big boys’ and ‘little boy’, wait a few years, maybe 4 or 5.

  • cheryl lynn

    I wonder if the liberals know they will have to live under the ternary of their leftest mind set? I don’t think so.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Cheryl, the extreme right is trying to take reproductive choices away from women. That isn’t so nice either.


      • 45caliber

        Actually, Robert, I believe that those “reproductivity” things should be decided by BOTH the mother AND the father of the child.

      • featheredchick

        Rob, you mean the right to murder? Nice mothers! Have a blast, kill your problem, do it again…over and over and over. I can’t imagine why mothers don’t seem to have the instincts to protect their children anymore; but I’ll venture a guess. Progressives have been at it in the education business, lying like devils to move their evil agenda forward. Make those women useful idiots. Let them believe they’re free. Then let them claim the right to kill. Way to go. By the way, it’s not the woman’s own body. The baby is an entirely seperate entity, who should be in the most protected place available.

        • 45caliber

          You are giving them credit for actually thinking a little.

          Actually, the entire abortion thing is that they want to have women who will agree to “free” sex on demand. So they teach that women should be feminists and liberal. The abortion thing comes from the male not wanting to pay for child support after the woman shows up pregnant. It is always better to make them believe that abortion is okay, just as “free” sex is. Then they can have their fun (on both sides) without have to pay for it.

          No thinking at all.

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          If the real reason for an abortion is inconvienence to the mother, sterilization should be manatory.

      • http://naver sook young

        Abortion is nothing but legallized murder, plain and simple. Don’t tell me that it’s a woman’s right to choose, because you are wrong in that assumption. I’m a woman and if I got pregnant, I would be responsible to carry it to term, give birth, and then be a mother to the child. If a woman thinks about herself first (As is the normal case with abortion.), then she isn’t a good woman, but a very immature person who only thinks of herself first and not what she’s supposed to do. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • http://com i41

    Well I see frick and frack put down their blow up dolls. No Karolyn, I’m not a KKK, that is too democrap thinking and beleif, just like all the gang banging hoods, you socialist dorks coddle. edee, yes conservatives do tell you the facts and they mean what the say. When we tell you to stay off of our private property, or we will shoot, it is something you marxist wards of the state can bank on. We don’t need some leech lawyer to write up a 2000 page complaint. Do ignore your warning and you will not have to worry about doing that again. Of course when you are raised as a ward of the federal government, brain washed in communal ownership, living, free food, education, and medical care, telling the truth on facts and real life is pretty hard for socialist liberals. Must have some black Americans waking up to that fact. That the cholate muslim and the NMCDUP has been hosing them for decades, with negative results. It has turned this group into wards of the govenment. Since you don’t beleive that white American male is the minority, go try and place a bid on any fed monied project, with out any experience or clue how to do the project. You will get the nod, because you two clowns are ranked as minorities, a indian oand a woman can bid 10% over my bid as a white male and I’ll lose every time. It is been that way for years, and now we are the minority it is time to raise hell with affermative action, and that is a fact.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey 141!

      You said: “You will get the nod, because you two clowns are ranked as minorities, a indian oand a woman can bid 10% over my bid as a white male and I’ll lose every time.”

      Did you know that Vets get points too? And those points are DENIED to those who can’t serve in the military. I suspect you don’t want to give gays equal access to any “favoritism” either, huh? Just keep the Army for whites. Only THEY are good enough to die for America.


      • 45caliber

        Actually, the military is open to anyone. The only requirement is that they keep their minds on the job. The real problem with gays in the military is not that they are gay and in the military – many are already there. The problem is that many of those gays who say they want to join, if allowed, will sexually harass their fellow soldiers and then expect those same soldiers to protect them in battle.

        The DADT simply is designed to give the military a chance to get rid of those (on both sides) who won’t leave sex where it belongs – outside of the job – without having to spend a lot of costly time-consuming ways to prove sexual harassement to get rid of them.

        And keep in mind that in the military, you are on the job 24/7. It isn’t like a banking job where you work 8 hours a day and the rest is your time.

        • Bob Wire

          there something seriously wrong ! I’m finding us in agreement far to often today.

          maybe it’s just a dream?

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind that the crime rates among those on Welfare actually isn’t a “Crime”. It is only redistribution of wealth without government aid. And it’s okay because they have been taught by the government that no one should own anything. It is all communal property. So they simply do not steal.

  • Dad

    Those that always see the world in terms of race…. are racist. Purely and simply, liberals are at the core of racism in America… including our effeminate pres.

    • Bob Wire

      glad to see it’s so “pure and simple” to you.

      There is only one race , the human race. At the core is a chocolate candy center.

      If the world was full of people of the color but being short or tall.

      We’d find something to be offended by their verticalness.

      That’s just the way people are, trite and small when assembled in groups. That’s one reason I don’t affiliate with a group. And beside any group that would want me as a member, found unworthy to consider membership.

      Obama’s presidential tenure has brought forward this great divide. It was there all along, just cloaked, hiding in the edges of darkness.

      I see this whole process as a good thing, a growing thing. Nobody likes to grow and develop. Most all having a bit of Peter Pan to contend with.

      Where you/I manage to get beyond it is a big question at the moment. It’s seem doubtful at times.

      Affirmative act must go first and I’d like to seem this administration make it happen. If any administration can do it, this one can.

      I’m all for “equal” playing fields and equal rights for all citizens.

      Until affirmative act going away, Racial bias is planted in the mix by the FED and it breeds contempt that is justified.

  • Carol J

    Once again I will make this point. Racism is a convenient coined word. It doesn’t exist. There is only one race here. The so-called human race with different nationalities, cultures and ethnicities.

    • 45caliber


    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Carol J , “Racism” is a coined word defined by Gus Hall. Master-mind of American Communism.

  • http://com i41

    Yes I know all about the Vets getting points, because diabetics cann’t serve in the military, they get hosed to, but I don’t hear them bitching like the queers and minority pervs do. Vets have volunteeried to maybe lose their lives. Queers want to be poster child for pervs and minorities.. I have never witnessed a Vet going off as to being discrimainated on a job or p-ssing and moaning like queers, minorities and woman have. Veterans have more experience on depending on them selves and doing a job.

  • Carlucci

    Robert Smith,

    The U.S. Army and other armed forces aren’t just for whites, and nobody is “dying for America”. Anyone who joins up is doing so voluntarily (at least for now), and is doing a job, which is primarily setting themselves up to be cannon fodder. Their boss is the POTUS and they are not “protecting our freedoms”. That’s the slogan they are fed (along with the American people) to get them to join and to get the American people to accept yet another phony “war” which is nothing but an invasion. Iran is the next target of all this egregiously expensive imperialism. Ron Paul is right – not only can this country not afford it, but the U.S. military needs to stay out of foreign countries and come guard our borders. Of course, the criminals in the district of criminals will never go for that as it makes common sense.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      The invasion started in 1492.

  • bill

    Well .here we go again,Not saying “Leadership Group” but it must be that
    “Black Leadership Group” that insinuates “class distinction” of American Citizens.Just more “mothers milk” for the race baiters.Step right up folks,and get your Kool Aid.cheers

    • Lewis Munn

      Make sure you keep the chocolate, the creme, the cherry and the licorice koolaids separated!

  • http://aol Tom Ryan

    Liberal mogals and speechwriters go out of their way to promote minority groups political and civil views. They need to start supporting the new minority, “WASPS” or the caucasion group. With all the ethnic and poor minority groups added together, the “White” person is definately in the minority, especialy a white man looking for a good job. With the ACLU and other groups like them, the white male has to contened not only with ethnic groups, but groups within the white community. This can be seen as liberals harald the breaking of the glass cieling by women, minorities and homosexuals. Now, this said, the liberals will do anything and everything to keep power within their grasp. They got their tails wacked on Nov 2,2010 and they still don’t get it. The American people, the color blind side of society, are sick and tired of the news media and ACLU types demanding that we sit in the back of the bus. There are no meaner, less tollerant people than those that stand to the left of center. Look at the threats that Democrats in Congress and Senate had to put up with from Harry and Nancy. We don’t know all that was said, but you can be sure that behind closed doors with either one of these two people had to be like standing in a police line up. Open, transparent, these are words the left and their organisations do not know the meaning of, to include President Obama. Obama declaired he would not play the race card if he was elected. Supprise, supprise. More broken prommises. If it were not for the left wing groups and people like Obama that keep the race card going, The United States of America could truly be color blind. It works in the Military! I know, I spent twenty years searving my Country’s Armed Foces.

  • http://com i41

    Marty, you must be a member of the NMCDUP idoits club. Ol purple lips own words claimed he was a marxist bedore the election, he is a crossbre muslim raised leader of the jackass party. So BFD if facts bother you pusified idoits. I’m just glad the black Americans to have the guts to tell the NMCDUP, they seeing government isn’t your friend! All you democrats are brain dead idoits and apperently beleive thuggery even the supposedly elected officals to threaten and make deals to screw all the citizens. By the stats, the white race and especially white males, pay the vast majority of all TAXES and fees.

  • JeffH

    Kudos to Project 21 for slamming Media Matters. As time move on, the liberal media continues forward with their “foot in mouth” disease and just like NPR will keep on taking the hits for the Democrats and Obama with his far left Marxist/socialist/communist agenda. Anything to throw the dogs off track.

    Is anyone surprised that the Soros funded Democracy Alliance heavily funds Media Matters. Media Matter’s Treasurer, Rachel Pritzker Hunter, a DA board member, is among the Who’s Who in the George Soros $100 million clearing house known as the Democracy Alliance.

    Media Matters founder David Brock has a whole nest of Soros vipers backing him like John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton administration and the head of the “progressive” Washington, DC think tank, the Center for American Progress. A gaggle of Hillary Clinton supporters and the notable Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corporation and a longtime consort of anti-American leftist George Soros.

  • Angel

    Andrew Breitbart for news analysis? Who’s next – Johnny Knoxville? Bozo the clown? Defending Andrew Breitbart is like defending a cow pattie. He gives the conservative movement a black eye and should be shunned.

    • Port Rev War Hero – Peter Francisco

      That could be said about EVERY LIEberal but you have built a whole institutions to DEFEND THEM.

  • guyb

    Lets be honest,NPR does not show both sides to any issuse…. The main stream media tries to keep America seperated by race and by doing so they get to report more stories… Look, everyone puts there pants on the same way,one leg at a time. Everyone needs to eat.Eveyone needs to shower after a good workout,get the point….The media should be trying to unite America instead of dividing us… Lets focus on what we can do and stop fighting over things we do not need to fight about…How about making America compeletly independent… We can grow all of our food,make all of our products,and yes—WE CAN DRILL FOR OUR OWN OIL>>>>> Here in America we have over one trillion barrels of oil we can drill for and its on dry land and easy to drill for… How about we stop giving muslim nations 1 trillion dollars every year for there oil and we can keep that money in our economy and we could create over 5 million jobs just by drilling for our own oil and building a new refinery and all that goes with it… OH, I forgot,our elected officals have sold us out….

    • 45caliber

      I think it was Julius Cesear who said, “Divide and Conquere”. That is exactly what the progressives and MSM is trying to do. Divide our country into as small of groups as possible so they can conquere it.

      • Teresa

        Divide until we are at our weakest..then attack…that is what is happening!

        • 45caliber

          But you only attack one group at a time. The rest will cheer you on since you have made them think that the small group you are attacking is the real problem instead of you.

      • Bob Wire

        So are you suggesting FOX is not?

  • Anti Government

    It is an outrage that Breitbart was on a NEWS organization over the twisting of the facts with the black lady from the Dept. of Ag. I would expect this out of FOX because they admit they are not a news organization. All of you should ostracize people that use lies to further their cause no matter right or left. If ABC used an “ACORN” personal on their panel should there not also be outrage? Since he is a right wing lyre it is OK. News organizations should be non-partisan and that is not the way it is. Fox holds the right and MSNBC leans to the left. But make no mistake; they are corporate shills. If we do not live by our principals what do we stand for?

  • gofer

    “Go from the presence of a fool when no wisdom is found in him”…Conservatives here need to take that advice and stop wasting your breath arguing with people who are angry they lost, big time. Let the losers be losers.

    • Bob Wire

      How can we identify a real true conservative? I’m not sure I’ve seen one of late. Self proclamation is no validation of conservatism if history is to be considered. My uncle being the last I’ve seen with no teeth yet within excess of 752 million in assets and holding. You ever see an old man gum a nice steak? It’s a sight to behold.

      “The good news is that the Obama Administration has scaled back its estimate of this year’s budget deficit to an estimated $1.58 trillion (down from $1.84 trillion in May). The bad news is that this is by far the largest budget shortfall in U.S. history — nearly $900 billion more than last year’s deficit — and it accounts for 11.2% of GDP, the largest percentage since 1945.”

      But the “brief history” really goes off the tracks when Suddath recycles every liberal Time magazine myth about fiscal policy in the last two decades of the 20th century:

      President Ronald Reagan’s economic and foreign policies — tax cuts combined with substantial increases in Cold War-era defense spending — led to a string of deficits that averaged $206 billion a year between 1983 and 1992. An economic boom and increased tax revenue under President Bill Clinton reversed the trend, and in 1998 the U.S. notched its first budget surplus in nearly 20 years.

      In the Reagan-Bush years, liberal reporters constantly suggested a partisan spin over fiscal fact: they claimed deficits were caused solely by Republican tax cuts and defense hikes –>>>> AND COMPLETELY OMITTED OUT the “large domestic-spending increases” coming from the Democratic spenders in the House majority.<<<< ( * I looked for this "alleged" spending, I wanted to know what it was for) When the budget goes into balance in the Clinton years, Time makes no mention of the Republican balanced-budget pushers in the House majority. Fiscal policy is caused by presidents alone in their history book. ( okay? there was some republicans pulling back on the reins, WOOOO Wilber ! Easy big Fella)

      The online version of the Suddath article sounds a little less partisan — the print version is different — but it still strains the facts:

      The balanced-budget acts of 1990 and 1997 helped reverse this unprecedented level of peacetime spending, and in 1998 the U.S. recorded its first budget surplus in nearly 20 years.

      But when Suddath claims deficits averaged $206 billion from 1983 to 1992, she neglects to mention that Reagan's last three budgets had lower deficit numbers ($149.8 billion in fiscal 1987, $155.2 in fiscal 1988, and $152.5 in fiscal 1989) than after the supposedly deficit-cutting Bush budget deal of 1990 (deficits went up to $269.5 in fiscal 1991, and $290.2 in fiscal 1992.) Federal outlays went up faster than tax revenues.

      To put all that in perspective, Reagan's last three annual budgets had lower deficits than some of the monthly deficits in fiscal 2009.

      Read more:

      * Domestic Spending. Overall domestic spending growth was relatively constrained during the Reagan presidency, particularly compared with that of other presidencies. In fact, domestic spending grew at a slower real rate under Reagan than under all other recent presidents. Moreover, domestic outlays as a share of GDP fell from 15.3 to 12.9 percent from 1981 to 1989 (Table 2). But the reductions in domestic spending were substantially smaller than required to balance the federal budget, cut taxes, and finance a military build-up.

      ( so somebody is lying? ) I don't remember such a large spending domestic spending during Reagan myself. So does this support a conservative argument as the conservative writer of this piece attempts to inject a "BUT" and lay once again blame on the DNC doorstep.

      I'd say "no" history fails to afford a good argument for conservatism on the part of Conservatives.

      Being a golfer don't make you a conservative, it makes you a golfer, one who enjoys working with an inapt instruments to overcome great adversity and place their ball in a small hole in the ground in less attempts then their opponent.

  • Carl Jakobsson

    Andrew Breitbart’s big claim to fame was his efforts in the production of a carefully edited video of a speech by a Department of Agriculture official to a conference of the NAACP, to make it sound as if the message of the speech was the exact opposite of what the real message was. In effect, he put a lie out into the news that caused serious trouble for some innocent people. If ABC News gives this person the credibility to be a news commentator on their Election Night coverage, then in my estimation that compromises the credibility of ABC News.
    The NAACP has a long record of accomplishing positive change in America. Because of this, the NAACP has in my view a lot more credibility than Andrew Breitbart.

  • Rose

    I did not even know that Juan Williams was African American.
    I thought he was American. He doesn’t talk with any accent.
    The only African American I have ever known talked like a Brit.
    Oh by the way. He was Caucasion.

  • M.A.Copeland

    carl you obviously love your kool-aid

    • Bob Wire

      the man took great “liberties” and you approve of such activities?

  • Charie

    >>>>“This will only be a 2 year experiment while the Republicans manage to make things even worse for this country and let down all of the bright eyed actual conservatives who thought this time it would be different.”<<<<

    I don't believe it's possible for them to make things any worse. The only bright spot right now is entrepreneurs who manage to use brains, brawn and ambition to manage to start up businesses. They struggle to work their way through the myriad government regulations and laws and still manage to come out on top. I admire them, not envy them.

    For those who still believe conservatives are right-wing extremists, you keep right on thinking that way. It makes no difference what you believe because right now conservatives are in the catbird seat. I sincerely hope they can put the brakes on this near trainwreck our country is becoming. A good portion of the entrepreneurs are Tea Partygoers and the same middle class that the Dems have been so caring about the past couple of years (not in actuality!). The only ones who want to get rid of the middle class (bourgeoisie) are socialists and communists because they are the keepers of a society's moral compass. Our country is not suited to be populated with amoral people which is the reason the Left keeps after them with more and more rules and regs. Once the middle class is destroyed it will be relatively easy to make the people succumb to various forms of Communism and/or Socialism.

    Sorry to jump all around in my post, but there were so many to which I wanted to reply, it was hard to stick with the ones I wanted.

    P.S. With the government running the printing presses night and day right now I don't think it will be long before inflation hits us big time, so perhaps we will have that trainwreck even before the conservative Republicans are in office.

  • 1776Reloaded

    American Mother + American Father + Born on United States soil = Article II Section I Clause V Natural Born Citizen within the meaning of The Constitution eligible for United States Presidency.

    American Mother ( Barack Hussein Obama’s Mother/Barry Soetoro on his Indonesian school registration/Soebarkah on his mother’s 1965 Passport ) + FOREIGN Father ( Barack Hussein Obama’s Father ) + Born on United States soil = DUAL CITIZEN NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a [[ USURPER ]]

    A USURPER CAN NOT SIGN A BILL INTO LAW. EVERYTHING HE HAS SIGNED IS NULL AND VOID. The longer he is in office the more damage he will create.

    LTC. TERRY LAKIN v. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA New Date Announced For Trial: December 14-16, 2010 (Tuesday Thru Thursday).

    On behalf of the members of The Veterans Council:

    Paul Vallely, Maj Gen (Ret),
    US Army Jim Cash, BG (Ret),
    USAF Harry Riley, Col (Ret),
    US Army Michael A. Trudell, Capt (Ret),
    USN Harry Soloman, Lt Col (Ret),
    USAF Carmen A. Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret),
    USAF Greg Hollister, Col (Ret),
    USAF Richard C. Morris, Lt Col (Ret),
    US Army William Harker, Cmdr (Ret),
    USN Bill Little, Cmdr (Ret),
    USN John Johnson, 1st Lt (Ret),
    USAF Luther B. Neff, Capt (Ret),
    USAF Fred Herndon, Capt (Ret),

    USAF The United States Patriots Union, LLC Sheridan, Wyoming Public Release:

    October 5, 2010 This document is the fourth in a series of White Papers concerning the courts-martial of LTC Lakin and the future of constitutional freedom and justice in America. Background for this fourth White Paper is posted #1 here -#2 here and #3 here. It must be stated that the authors and legal vetting team for these documents have not been directly contacted by the Lakin defense team, but that we have been privy to communications from that team via USPU Veterans Council members. Latest Developments Following a flurry of misguided steps by his original defense team, LTC Terrence Lakin has terminated his defense team and hired none other than renowned UCMJ attorney Lt.

    Col. Neal Puckett as his new lead counsel, introduced by Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and the USPU Veterans Council. USPU has also assembled an “A Team” of expert legal counsel to support Puckett and Lakin as the case takes a new direction, in accordance with all previous information offered in the prior USPU White Papers.

    God Bless these men for defending the U.S. Constitution and doing what Congress has failed to do.


  • Boo Ewald Taylor, IL

    I love it when true colors come thru, as in the firing of Juan Wms., libs profess to love free speech, as long as you agree with them. But good things come from bad, ugly things, and now we have Juan on Fox news, I feel that is very good.
    As to the previous post, yes, I too feel that Obama is not even a US citizen, let alone eligible to be president, but in the last 2 years he’s gotten away with all this crap.Why?

  • 1776Reloaded

    I put this together to define the word ” income ” within the meaning of the Constitution so everyone will be able to understand it. I call it [[ GAIN ]]. Read in it’s entirety to understand the TRUTH.


    Amendment XVI
    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.


    “”16Th Amendment provides that Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived..””

    1) DEFINE ” INCOME ” WITHIN the meaning of the 16TH Amendment.

    2) DEFINE ” SOURCE” WITHIN the meaning of the 16 Amendment. “whatever” does NOT define “SOURCE”.

    3) DEFINE “DIRECT TAX” WITHIN the meaning of the U.S.Constitution.


    U.S. Supreme Court
    BOWERS v. KERBAUGH-EMPIRE CO., 271 U.S. 170 (1926)
    271 U.S. 170

    BOWERS, Collector of Internal Revenue,
    No. 173.

    Argued Jan. 25, 1926.
    Decided May 3, 1926.

    “After full consideration, this court declared that INCOME may be defined as GAIN DERIVED from capital, from labor, or from both combined, including profit gained through sale or conversion of capital”…


    What is the definition of [[ INCOME ]] in the 16TH Amendment?

    Example: If I came to an agreement to trade equally my private individual labor (my time) for 10 chickens an hour, Do I have to pay “INCOME” tax on those chickens to the irs. Answer NO! how could I? Give them 5 chickens of my 10?

    If I came to an agreement to trade equally my private individual labor (my time) for 1 troy oz of Gold an hour ,do I have to pay “INCOME” tax on my labor to the irs. Answer NO! What would I do cut it in half and mail it?

    “Trading” EQUALLY my time (private individual labor) for 10 chickens is not ” INCOME” as defined in the 16TH AMENDMENT. INCOME IS GAIN. I did not gain anything.

    Income is [[ DERIVED ]] from capitol, from labor. [Meaning if a business owner has 10 employees and spent 20 dollars after paying them, including overhead, he got 40 dollars back. So he made a " PROFIT ". That extra 20 dollars was derived from the labor of his employees.

    That extra 20 dollars is a "GAIN/PROFIT/INCOME DERIVED FROM LABOR"


    Congress did NOT and does NOT have the Power to pass it's Powers (Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 to be exact to this particular) to a foreign entity. That in itself NULLIFIES the federal reserve.

    1) Marbury v Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176; 2 LE 60 (1803) "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."

    2) Miranda v Arizona, 384 US 436, 491; 86 S Ct 1602; 16 L Ed
    2d 694 (1966)"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate them."

    3) Norton v Shelby County, Tennessee, 118 US 425, 442; 6 S Ct 1121; 30 L Ed 178 (1886) reveals that "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; creates no office. It is as inoperative as though it had never been passed.


    The ONLY direct tax embraced within the Constitution are "CAPITATION" taxes and taxes on land.

    A tax on income is a direct tax. That can't be because direct taxes in the Constitution are only described as capitation taxes and taxes on land.

    A tax on your income regardless of the source, is an unaportioned "direct tax" and just as UNCONSTITUTIONAL today as it always was.

    Congress did NOT and does NOT have the Power to pass it's Powers (Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 to be exact to this particular) to a foreign entity. That in itself NULLIFIES the federal reserve.



    Oliver v. Halstead, 86 S.E. Rep 2nd 85e9 (1955):

    "There is a clear distinction between `profit' and `wages', or a compensation for labor. Compensation for labor (wages) cannot be regarded as profit within the meaning of the law. The word `profit', as ordinarily used, means the gain made upon any business or investment -- a different thing altogether from the mere compensation for labor."


    Lucas v. Earl, 281 U.S.111(1930):

    "The claim that salaries, wages, and compensation for personal services are to be taxed as an entirety and therefore must be returned by the individual who has performed the services which produce the gain is without is not salaries, wages,or compensation for personal services that are to be included in gains, profits,and income derived from salaries,wages,or compensation for personal services."


    Conner v. U.S.,303 F Supp.1187(1969):

    "... whatever may constitute income, therefore, must have the essental feature of gain to the recipient. This was true when the 16th Amendment became effective, it was true at the time of Eisner v. Macomber Supra, it was true under Section 22(a)of the Internal Revenue Code of 1938,and it is likewise true under Section 61(a)of the IRS Code of 1954. If there is not gain, there is not income ... Congress has taxed income not compensation."



    1) Marbury v Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176; 2 LE 60 (1803) reveals that "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."

    2) Miranda v Arizona, 384 US 436, 491; 86 S Ct 1602; 16 L Ed
    2d 694 (1966) reveals that "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate them."

    3) Norton v Shelby County, Tennessee, 118 US 425, 442; 6 S Ct 1121; 30 L Ed 178 (1886) reveals that "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; creates no office. It is as inoperative as though it had never been passed."


    U.S. Supreme Court

    COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE V. CULBERTSON , 337 U.S. 733 (1949) 337 U.S. 733 COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE v. CULBERTSON et al. No. 313. Argued Feb. 7, 1949. Decided June 27, 1949. [ Commissioner of Internal Revenue v. Culbertson 337 U.S. 733 (1949) ][337 U.S. 733 , 734] Mr. Arnold Raum, Washington, D.C., for petitioner. [337 U.S. 733 , 735] Mr. Be jamin L. Bird, Fort Worth, Tex., for respondents. Mr. Chief Justice VINSON delivered the opinion of the Court…..”Furthermore, our decision in Commissioner v. Tower, supra, clearly indicates the importance of participation in the business by the partners during the tax year. We there said that a partnership is created ‘when persons join together their money, goods, labor, or skill for the purpose of carrying on a trade, profession, or business and when there is community of interest in the profits and losses.’ This is, after all, but the application of an often iterated definition of income-the gain derived from capital, from labor, or from both combined-to a particular form of business organization.”….

    U.S. Supreme Court

    GOODRICH v. EDWARDS, 255 U.S. 527 (1921) 255 U.S. 527 GOODRICH v. EDWARDS, Collector of Internal Revenue.No. 663. Argued March 10 and 11, 1921.Decided March 28, 1921. Mr. Justice CLARKE delivered the opinion of the Court. …..”And the definition of ‘income’ approved by this Court is: “‘The gain derived from capital, from labor, or from both combined, provided it be understood to include profits gained through sale or conversion of capital assets.’ Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189, 207, 40 S. Sup. Ct. 189, 193 (64 L. Ed. 521, 9 A. L. R. 1570).”…

    U.S. Supreme Court

    MILES v. SAFE DEPOSIT & TRUST CO. OF BALTIMORE, 259 U.S. 247 (1922) 259 U.S. 247 MILES, Collector of Internal Revenue, v. SAFE DEPOSIT & TRUST CO. OF BALTIMORE. No. 416. Argued Dec. 16, 1921. Decided May 29, 1922. Mr. Justice PITNEY delivered the opinion of the Court. ….”In that as in other recent cases this court has interpreted ‘income’ as including gains and profits derived through sale or conversion of capital assets, whether done by a dealer or trader, or casually by a non-trader, as by a trustee in the course of changing investments. Merchants’ Loan & Trust Co. v. Smietanka, 255 U.S. 509, 517-520, 41 Sup. Ct. 386, 15 A. L. R. 1305″….

    Lavin v. Marsh, 644 F.2nd 1378, 9th Cir., (1981)
    “Persons dealing with government are charged with knowing government statutes and regulations, and they assume the risk that government agents may exceed their authority and provide misinformation”

  • Bojangles

    Right vs Left

    Ecclesiastes 10:2 ( NIV )

    ” The heart of the wise inclines to the Right,
    but the heart of the fool to the Left”.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Everyone who voted for and supports the Obama administration helps in the death of America and has her blood on their hands.


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