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Bishop Under Fire For Comparing Obama To Hitler, Stalin

April 24, 2012 by  

Bishop Under Fire For Comparing Obama To Hitler, Stalin
Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky has been criticized for comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

A Roman Catholic bishop from Illinois compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin during an April 14 homily, setting off a firestorm of controversy and leading one group to file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service.

“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and health care. In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama, with his radical, pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path,” said Bishop Daniel Jenky.

Jenky urged Catholics to vote in November.

“This fall, every practicing Catholic must vote, and must vote their Catholic consciences, or by the following fall our Catholic schools, our Catholic hospitals, our Catholic Newman Centers, all our public ministries — only excepting our church buildings — could easily be shut down.”

Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, believes the bishop overstepped his bounds. Lynn, who accuses Jenky of violating Federal law, has filed a complaint against Jenky with the Internal Revenue Service. (Because churches are considered tax-exempt institutions, they are not allowed to conduct political campaigns.)

“Outrageous, offensive and completely over the top” was how Lonnie Nasatir, the regional director of Chicago’s Anti-Defamation League, referred to the bishop’s remarks.

“Clearly, Bishop Jenky needs a history lesson. There are few, if any, parallels in history to the religious intolerance and anti-Semitism fostered in society by Stalin, and especially Hitler, who under his regime perpetuated the open persecution and ultimate genocide of Jews, Catholics and many other minorities,” Nasatir said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    Bishop Jenky is entitled to his opinion. As for parallels, stay tuned. The way “history” is taught in Uncle Scam’s schools, it needs to be re-written. It’s going to get interesting, no matter how you define interesting.

    • FreedomFighter

      Test of Fire: Election 2012

      “Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? Some things are more important than high gas prices or a faltering economy. They are life, marriage and freedom. This November, Catholics must stand up and protect their sacred rights and duties.”

      Im not Catholic but as a Christian will stand up and protect their sacred rights and duties because my rights may be next on the chopping block.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • s c

        This is a teachable moment, Freedom Fighter. When Caesar (the state) decides to flex his muscles, churches will have to endure his wrath. THIS is the best reason for churches to AVOID tax-free status. When Caesar OWNS Amerika’s churches, you’ll finally understand who owns Amerika’s churches and WHO owns Caesar. It’s a lousy way to learn, but there are times when it’s the ONLY way for people to learn ANYTHING.

      • Charles Bill L.

        Your rights are already on the chopping block.I ask you where have you been my friend out in space somewhere?Dont you know that the atheist and ACLU have been taring down Christian churchies? attacking our schools? Christian folk are the states enemies.WAKE UP.

      • Jay

        sc, absolutely superbly stated!!! In fact, your comment, for the uninitiated, could be expanded into a three hour sermon. I totally agree, and completely understand your condensed, treasure laden, statement!

    • wandamurline

      Actually, if you read about the rise of Hitler, Hitler’s insanity, his speeches of “hope and change”, it doesn’t take long to see the resemblance, so this Bishop is not far off the trail. If you have not read history of the rise of Hitler and what happened to Austria after they “voted” for Hitler to run their country, you should because if we don’t vote this reincarnation out in November, we may get the same that Austria got from Hitler. History is truly repeating itself and not in Germany, in America.

      • eric

        the playbook that the DNC and obammy are following is called ‘mein kompf’. except obammy has decided that it doesnt go far enough …

      • Steve E

        I think the good bishop can see what’s coming.

      • securityman

        Actually, the catholic’s supported hitler in his quest. if you get into their history archives that they won’t let any body go into you will find that they have supported ONE WORLD ORDER CHURCH for their entire history.its just that ob wants his own ‘church” and that is not them. so they are against the dictator this time…..

      • JUKEBOX

        In Mein Kampf, Hitler said you can tell a big lie, keep it simple, repeat it often, and before long it is accepted as the truth. Does that sound like anybody in the Oval Office today?

      • Jeff

        What you say is not only crazy; it is easily shown to be so. I suggest you get help. Paranoia of this magnitude is psychotic. If Obama were actually the equivalent of Hitler, Stalin, or even Mussolini, would you dare to write such nonsense? Would Rush and Sean, etc. still be spewing their nonsense on the airwaves? While I suspect you’re no scholar, I bet you know the answer.

      • Opal the Gem

        ” If Obama were actually the equivalent of Hitler, Stalin, or even Mussolini….”

        It took Hitler and Mussolini time to consolidate their power (a short time but time nevertheless) Stalin is a different case because he inherited an “in place” internal security apparatus.

      • Jay

        securityman says: Actually, the catholic’s supported hitler in his quest. if you get into their history archives that they won’t let any body go into you will find that they have supported ONE WORLD ORDER CHURCH for their entire history.its just that ob wants his own ‘church” and that is not them. so they are against the dictator this time…..

      • Jay


      • Larry


  • JimH

    The Bishop wasn’t campaigning. He mentioned no candidate to vote for. He just urged the people to vote.
    Lonnie Nassatir must think the truth is “Outrageous, offensive and completely over the top”. I’m sorry Lonnie feels that way about the truth.
    To bad some people don’t realize that Bishops, Priests, Rabi’s, Minister and Cardinals in the U.S. are U.S. citizens too. That means they have the SAME 1rst Ammendment rights as EVERY other American. To bad Lonnie you just help prove the Bishops point..

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It does not matter that the bishop didn’t mention any specific candidate. The Leftists assume that who he means is already in office and that people should vote him out. That is a big no-no in their handbook. They are actually admitting that they have been propagandizing the population but only they are allowed to do it.

      • JUKEBOX

        Here in Alabama we have a saying: “The first hen that cackles is the one that laid the egg”.

    • box-bb-car

      I believe this restriction was put into place in 1954 after a souther preacher in Texas spoke in opposition to LBJ. He then lobbied to silence ALL religious organizations. More “tolerance” by a liberal Democrat.

      “A politician is the lowest form of life. A Liberal Democrat is the lowest form of politician” – George S Patton

    • Patriot1776

      The reverend Al Sharpton and the reverend Jesse Jackson can drive racial hatred and spew their garbage with praise from his royal majesty and his sub-potentates in the hate mongering groups of the anti-christian, pro-homosexual, anti-American, anti-decency liberal left. If it opposes their view, they do not want it spoken. If we choose to allow these groups to mandate what may or may not be spoken, we will deserve the train ride to the concentration camps of obamaville.

      • JUKEBOX

        Are all of these clowns racist? You betcha, big time!

      • Jeff

        Dear Patriot:

        Ain’t it the truth though? Racism was invented by Al and Jesse just to give them something to do and to give great patriots like you and Bull Connor heartburn.

    • Jerry

      When the government supports abortion, gay marriage,laziness through handouts (taking working peoples tax dollars to support lazy leaches) , etc. This truly an administration that Satan would be proud of— so God would hold religious leaders responsible to tell the truth.

  • burt

    The truth always hurt Dems…..The Bishop just stated a few facts.
    Dems cannot win honestly, so they want their people to vote many, many times

    • Sirian

      You’re right burt, “they want their people to vote many, many times.” dead or alive. . .

      • hambone

        How true.


      Remember, Hitler took over complete control of Germany with only 10% of the people.

  • Ted Crawford

    What possible charge could they find to level against this man? Perhaps it’s Defination of Character. It’s no more outrageous than Obama comparing himself to Reagan!

    • box-bb-car

      Normally that would be “Defamation of character”, but your spelling comes closer to the truth of “Definition of character”. It fits

      • Peter

        No box-bb-car, I believe the closer word is ‘definition’ of character. It’s certainly much closer to the truth!

      • Peter

        My apologies box, I jumped the gun on my reply!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    This bishop appears to be a very prescient individual.

  • Buck

    The Bishop has the communists all shook up , I am considering joining the Catholic church because the protestants are proving gutless in the war against the DEMONRATS and their master , SATAN .

    • Jeff


      Isn’t it hard to type with both arms in a straight jacket? Give my regards to Nurse Ratched.

  • Tbark Knives

    I am a Christian Catholics are Christians according to their doctrin therefore were the same except in doctrination of their church , that being said its the duty of Every Christ like Human to Vote against Evil as we see it , If your truly trying to be Christ like (Christian ) you must weigh the pro’s con’s of both , Here is the delimma dnc,rnc is both being controled by a Bunch of Evil people ,we can plainly see that if we look at our disapearing freedoms even under the rep congress , We absolutly Need constitutionalist controling our country . if you check out the last vote on The National Defense Authorization Act one of the most infringing act’s against the constitution to date look an see how many rep/dems voted for it , they need to GO ! Rand paul , Jim De Mint ,an 7 others voted against it , read some of the ammendments to the bill , Sodomy,Bestiality,Child rape , all No longer illegal in the military , (WTH) , American Citizens can be arrested an detained without due process , Ron Paul , is our only viable Canidate for president for the Christian , Herman Cain would have been ideal , Allen West would be ideal , but the establishment is trying to discredit these people because if they win the est. looses control , when you vote according to your pocketbooks this is what happens , when you vote according to Christ in your hearts you will make the right choice ,t

    • castaway

      I definitly agree that we should elect Ron Paul, but no negro has what it takes to be president of this or any other country. They will always be for their brothers and sisters, first and foremost, no matter what they say. Call me what ever you want, cause I do not give a darn. History is history, and facts are facts, like it or not.

      • JUKEBOX

        Ken Hamblen, the Black Avenger, said a few years back,that you cannot find a major city in America with liberal, black leadership, that does not have serious financial problems. That is as true today as it was back then, only it applies to the United States now.

    • Jeff


      Take it easy, big fella. You’re under the influence of some powerful drugs. I think the only person who can save you is Dan Aykroyd in his Jimmy Carter persona.

  • pete kennedy

    Let me see now. Black churches are the center of numerous political “visits” by
    “corrupt” politicians who preach the gospel of Democratic re-elect me so I can become richer and gain more power and allow me to give you crumbs from my table
    that is okay.
    prelate speaks truth and a warning (free speech) from puplit concerning the attempt to discard the First Amendment and a move toward Presidental rule only
    some brainless individual files a complaint to the IRS.

    • Sirian

      Hmmm, “some brainless individual files a complaint to the IRS.” Yep, Bill O’Reilly had Lynn tagged right for sure, “you’re a paranoid crazy.”

      • castaway



      Obama calls that a “FAIR SHARE”. NOT!!!!!!

    • THG

      Was the same complaint filed on reverend Wright , I’m sure he plugged for obama

  • joeupyours

    liberal demoRATS along with unions are the highest from of evil on the planet,joeupyoursMF’S!

    • castaway

      Right on!

  • DavidL

    Should the Catholic Church really be throwing stones about dictatorship and totalitarian edicts?

    • Patty

      Maybe if the Rabbis had warned their members this way in Temple services about Hitler, 6 million plus of them wouldn’t have been killed! A Tornado warning alarm going off AFTER the Tornado has gone through is useless. An ounce of PREVENTION, is worth a pound of cure. If only the people who voted for Obama were the ONLY ones who had to suffer from the effects of him, then I’d say they got what they deserved, unfortunately we ALL have to suffer from the effects of him being in office.

      • Steve E

        You are right. I would not lift a finger to help any Obummer voter who is about to get on the box car to the death camp that awaits them. I would, however, fight to help prevent a Constirutionalist from the death camp.

      • Patty

        I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t help someone who voted for Obama, but I might have to say, “I told you so” to them first.

      • Jeff


        What’s a nice girl like you. . . .Can you be a little more specific. I know all the stuff you guys like to accuse Obama of planning, but what has he done that is even close to as damaging as the things Mr. W did? The truth is this deficit was caused mostly by the Bush tax cuts, deregulation, pre-emptive wars fought off-budget, and the Republicans’ refusal to pay for anything they did during 8 years of Bush rule. If the country survived 8 years of Bush (just barely), we’ll do quite nicely when Obama beats Sir Mittens. It’s also true that had the republicans stayed in power, they’d still be saying “deficits don’t matter.” Apparently, they start to matter the minute a democrat gets elected president.

      • Alex Frazier

        No Jeff, the Bush tax cuts only eliminated the surplus from the Clinton budget. That didn’t cause a deficit. Deregulation doesn’t cause debt. It causes growth. And we only had one war that wasn’t demanded by the people. America wanted justice for 9/11. It wasn’t preemptive. Iraq was a mistake.

        To be clear, the national debt increased about $5 trillion during Bush’s eight years. They absolutely paid for stuff. If you have proof to the contrary, please provide it.

        And we survived eight years of Bush with $5 trillion in additional debt. So far, we’re almost not surviving Obama with an additional $6 trillion in debt in three years, with a projected total national debt of $26 trillion by 2017 if he is reelected and continues his spending as is with the addition of Obamacare starting in 2014 at $800 billion a year.

        But all that aside, news flash. Bush hasn’t been president for almost four years now. It’s time to start putting the blame where the blame belongs.

      • Patty

        Thanks Alex,

        For all of Obama’s promises he made for his first term, the only one he’s kept it seems is to create change. Change is all I have left after being laid off by one of his TWO council members sending American’s jobs overseas. He said he was going to have a transparent presidency and then he promptly sealed, or in some cases removed, ALL records related to him. He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every time he takes AIR FORCE ONE out, using the fuel he’s against to promote ecology. Anyone who tries to investigate him ends up dead, disbarred, or sued. He lost America’s AAA credit rating, he has totally trashed the Constitution, he’s making deals with the Russians under the table, he’s running total industries like Coal out of business. He’s wasting money on green companies because they contributed to his campaign, like he really needs fundraisers when the Presidency was bought and paid for already by Soros, he associates with terrorists, he’s had dictators, and entertainers who create songs about killing ex presidents in the White House. He submitted forged documents as proof of eligibility when he NEVER should have been on the ballot to begin with, he does everything he wants whether it’s legal or not like Libya for starters, is that specific enough for you Jeff, because I could go on and on til the cows come home. Bush may not have been perfect, but at least I never doubted his loyalty to America and its citizens, its LEGAL citizens. I’ve never been so scared to be an American in my life since Obama got elected, and that includes 9/11. I’m not even scared of terrorists from other countries as much as I am of our OWN government. Maybe you and I can meet and discuss this further if we end up in the same FEMA camp. And before you accuse me of being racist, I’m Caucasian and Catholic, the first guy I ever fell in love with is Hispanic, the second guy is Black, before I got laid off about 90% of my coworkers were Black, my nieces husband, who I think the world of, is Jewish, I have friends who are Muslim, Indian, Lutheran, Jewish, Black, Asian, Russian, and Hispanic, and I have a gay relative. So take your best shot at calling me racist.

    • castaway

      David you have a right to your opinion, but should not insinuate that the church is like what you say. At least they are consistant about their core beliefs, and yes they should comment about this election coming up.

      • JUKEBOX

        If you read your Bible, we are commanded to speak out about evil, and he is following the commands in the Bible.

    • JimH


  • Chester

    The good Bishop is allowed to have a political opinion, yes, but he is NOT allowed to push that opinion on others through his bully pulpit. Seems more than a few evangelists have gotten in hot water by campaigning from the pulpit, and several protestant churches were spanked for having political materials out for people to pick up as they entered and left services. If it is fair to do to one, is fair to do to the other, be he catholic, satanist, or whatever religion he follows.

    • FreedomFighter

      Wrong, free speech is for everyone, he may lead his flock as he see’s fit.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Jeff


        It’s not a question of free speech. He can say whatever he wants, but if he engages in politics, the Church ceases to be a religious organization entitled to tax exempt status. Let him pay taxes on the money he cons people to give him This stuff isn’t brain surgery, but you do need to go a step further than “Rush good. Obama bad.”


      Is it fair for Sharpton, Jackson, Farakhan, etc. to stand in the pulpit, and tell all of their members to vote for Democrats in complete lockstep like some Communist country?

  • joeupyours


  • chris

    It said churches are not allowed to conduct political campaigns, but yet Obama gave a speech urging Churches “black churches” to push voting for him…..Not surprising, but anyway glad the Bishop stated the truth, “The Truth Does Hurt” but not as bad as that Tyrant of a so-called President they elected

  • MontanaGrandmom

    So they have to employ their gestapo IRS to do their dirty work.

  • Joan

    God Bless You, Bishop Jensky! The truth is something we are not hearing these days.
    We are supposed to stand idly by and watch our people be abused and our nation
    be reduced to a 3rd world country, and pretend that Obama was not sent to do just
    that. We all need to get on our knees and ask God to spare us from this fate. God does hear our prayers

  • June Gibeau

    Time is running out folks! Our liberties and values as we know them are slowly being taken away. Bishop only stated the truth and I did not read one word about him pushing any one politician over the other. He just stated that we should vote for those who will do their best to bring America back to the people. GOD BLESS AMERICA and those who will speak up.

    • Elton Coleman

      Seems like people read into statements what they want to see. I too see no reference to any candidate or party, just truth to what is happening to this country…

      • Karolyn

        He directly talked about Obama.

      • Ted Crawford

        ” He talked directly about Obama ” Perhaps he, like many commonsense Democrats believe that their party as well as the Nation would be far better served should they nominate a real Democrat instead of this leftist despot!

  • Rich

    So much for freedom of speech. I wounder if the these Progressives aka Marxist have read the Constition. It’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Calling in the goverment to punish the church? Isn’t that what Hitler and Stalin’s minons did. The Progresives use the Black churches to spout their hate for this country and the media doesn’t go bonkers over that. So now the shoe is on the other foot and they can’t handle it. The church and the Bishop will alway be in my prayers.

  • Mountain Saint

    The Black churches preach politics all of the time and noboby complains. How come the IRS didn’t crack down on Rev. Wright’s political sermons?

    • tg sherman

      Comparing Obama to Hitler is an insult to Hitler!! We can’t change what Hitler done but at least he resigned, in a Bunker!!


      • JON

        You are so full of BS that you let a few brown spots!

      • castaway

        Sherman I could not agree with you more. LMAO

    • Doc Sarvis

      The IRS has not done anything here yet either and I doubt that they will. A complaint has been filed with the IRS which I assume they will investigate.

      I agree with Nasatir’s quote in the last paragraph of the article. The bishop needs a history lesson and needs to gain some appreciation of the horrors of Hitler and Stalin. Of course there is NO comparison.

      • hambone

        that may be, but they didn’t just start out doing all those horible things.
        they had to win the peoople over first, by fooling them.
        It’s just about the same here now. a lot of people have been fooled, but some have started to wake up. Doesn’t the bible compare things all the time? So why should what the bishop said be any different?

      • Ted Crawford

        When we compare Obamas rhetoric to the late 1920s and early 1930s speeches of Hitler, they are not that dissimilar! Given these similarities we can also assume that if Obama is reelected he will as Hitler did after consolidating his power in 1933!

  • Rick Smith


    • castaway

      I think a very slow hanging, with toes on the ground, and greased rope and hands, would be much better. Suffer Maggot!

  • ObserverUK

    Its not just a matter of the separation of Church and State now. Its a separation of those who support good standards of conduct and bad. Unfortunately concerning the separation of sheep and goats, many sheep lack guts to stand and join the BUTTS in compromise. Uphold the standards on which America is founded. The Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Father of Jesus Christ. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Pat

    If the shoe fits wear it! Good job Bishop!

  • Karolyn

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it not a rule that for churches to maintain their nonprofit status, they are not to talk politics to their congregations? Sure, it’s OK for him to say “Get out and vote” but not to talk about specific candidates and voice a personal opinion.

    • Ted Crawford

      Oh really?? Try that little speech on Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, Rev. Wright, ETC.! Progressive hypocrisy knows no bounds!

      • Karolyn

        Well, Ted, we’re not talking about them. I haven’t seen anything about them preaching directly against or for anyone from their pulpits. Do they even have pulpits? I do not support them anyway. I’m just stating fact.

      • Ted Crawford

        Have you forgotten this?! Most Patriotuc Americans sure haven’t!
        Al Sharpton is a Traveling Minister for the Pentacostal Church and No one, including Jackson, is able to determine what, if any, Faith Jackson claims to represent!

      • Ted G

        I do believe that Karolyn is right here. The restriction is for churches and individuals acting in their capacity as a leader of the church. If any church really wanted to get involved in politics (from the pulpit) then they can simply reject any tax free status they currently enjoy.
        Put simply if the bishop wanted to remove his collar and as an individual go out in public and make political statements that is allowed. But he cannot represent in any official capacity the church when he does so.

    • JimH

      Karolyn, One of my co-workers is also a Baptist minister. I ask him about this. He said he can tell others how he will vote, but not endorse anyone. He can state what the polititions are doing that goes against the Church doctrine or agree’s with it. He can also state what polititions agree or diagree with the Churches teachings. He can say who he is against, just not Who they should vote for or against.
      The rules are not as stringent as some believe or some want.
      So far no church has lost it’s tax exemption because of political reasons.

      • Ted G

        JimH, I believe that this is fairly accurate and correct.

    • THG

      You do mean like the good Reverend Wright did with Obama , is that what you mean Karolyn

  • Joanne Newnam

    Priests are voting citizens of this country and entitled to free speech under the Constitution of the United States. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have just drawn the battle lines with the Obama Administration. See Vincent Munoz, associate professor of political science and law at Notre Dame recent article outlining the bishops’ stance. The statement by the Bishops Conference sets up a dramatic showdown between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church and their statement goes beyond defending religious liberty for just the Catholic Church but also include those persons of conscience that run private businesses and do not support the made up mandates of Sebilius and Obama.

    • Karolyn

      You are just plain wrong! They cannot pick and choose what laws to abide by. it is against the law for preachers of any religion to bring politics into the pulpi t! (Whether you like it or not, it is what it is.)

      • JON

        Sorry Karolyn, but Joanne has got blinders on! She’s like one of many on here that can’t handle or accept reality. Her saying “Catholic Bishops have just drawn the ****battle lines**** with the Obama Administration” says a lot about how she perceives the reality of the world. Sad isn’t it?

      • Ted Crawford

        Again with the hypocrisy! If the people are expected to follow that rule, shouldn’t the President also be held to that standard? The President chose early in this administration that his administration would not defend the Marriage Protection Act!! Physician, heal thy self!

      • Patty

        Uh, politics are discussed in churches all the time, Joseph and Mary were going to Bethlehem for a census not a family vacation, then there’s the story of the tax collector, there are many examples of POLITICS in the Bible. So politics are discussed anyway.

      • GregS

        Karolyn says:

        “You are just plain wrong! They cannot pick and choose what laws to abide by. it is against the law for preachers of any religion to bring politics into the pulpi t!”

        Karolyn, it’s YOU who are “just plain wrong.” The latest ObamaCare mandate from Kathleen Sebelius is clearly a matter of the government, NOT religion, “brin[ging] politics into the pulpit.” The priests and bishops have every right to talk about a “law” which is a clear violation of separation of church and state, as well as about those who would FORCE that “law” upon them. The Church did NOT choose this fight. The Obama Administration did!

        If ObamaCare isn’t completely struck down by the Supreme Court in June, the Sebelius mandate WILL get struck down. Several states have already filed suit against it, and the Catholic Bishops,as well as other groups, will probably join in.

  • Ro

    The good bishop has every right to speak out against evil leadership and the evils of our times; it is his place and his pulpit! This kind of freedom of speech in our church is past due and very much needed to face the deluge of criticism of the tenets of faith as practiced by millions of committed Christian Catholics. The first president in our history to ignore The National Day of Prayer, but more than welcoming to thousands of Muslims on their prayer day, is enough to spark a controversy, while the leftist press continues to accept every decision made by this man whether or not it is good for the country and its citizens or not. Tsk! Tsk! someone has to have the backbone and the courage to speak out. Yes, the good bishop was right in his profile of the president and the Socialist/Marxist tactics he employs. All one need do is look to the reality of the 35 “Czars” Obama appointed to control all departments of our government. And we the people…where do we stand?

    • Karolyn

      He most certainly does not have that right in the pulpit unless he wants his chuch to start paying taxes.

      • castaway

        Shut the f up you are annoying me! I will contact the bishop personally, and have him take his robe and church garments off, and then he can say the same truth. Would that please a dummy like you. It is clear who you support, and what direction you really want for this country.

      • Doc Sarvis

        You annoy castaway because you are correct.

      • Karolyn

        Well, you annoy me too, racist! You need to be cast away! :-)

      • Beenhereawhile

        He certainly does have the right to preach “good and evil” from the pulpit. He also has the obligation to keep his parish informed of what is going to happen, in the near future, to the Roman Catholic church holdings and what his parishoners can do to protect the the church. Simple cause and effect.

        The parishoners need to know who is the enemy of the Church and of Christian beliefs.

    • JON

      You said “Evil leadership”. Seriously?!? You sound so ridiculous for even say that. And the Boogieman is hiding under your bed!

      • castaway

        Yes and under yours too!

      • Patty

        Save your breath, some people wouldn’t realize Obama is evil if we shaved his head and exposed the 666 on it.

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    Speaking not only for my self, also for my readers, WE are proud of you Bishop for speaking what was and is rattling around in our heads. Your statement has just earned you 7 “ATTA-BOY’S”.

  • Karolyn

    Of course, most of the people here side with the Bishop. So, I guess because he’s on your side, he can break the rules? Laws are laws. A church cannot preach politics. Of course he can believe what he wants and in his personal life do what he wants, but when it comes to preaching, politics is a no-no. Of course, the Catholic Church has so much money it could afford to lose it’s nonprofit status, but the individual churches would go out of business if they had to pay taxes.

    • hambone

      all kinds of laws are broken every day, the law of conscience is above all other laws.
      it’s a God given.

    • castaway

      He really was not preaching politics, and if he was and was breaking laws, what about the obama administration and law breaking?He felt he needed to warn people of the truth and that their ability to worship god will be challenged in the very near future, by Communist Party of America (Democrats). How many of them are card carrying? At least 70. You need to go to the Communist Party of America website, and get some learnin.

    • JimH

      Karolyn, The Bishop broke no rules.
      He stayed in the boundries of the law.

  • GLJ Texas

    Heavy on the FACTS and hold the HYPOCRISY – It is beyond amazing to me that this Bishop could speak such nonsense considering the “Churches” record of aiding and abetting pedophiles dressed in sheep’s clothing for hundreds of years.

    • Brad

      GLJ, You are from Texas? Where I want to know so I can come see YOU. We don’t allow traitors in TX, best be careful!!

      • jopa

        Brad you sound like a frightened little altar boy.of the past.Perhaps the good Bishop will let you stay with him one more time.

    • Ted Crawford

      Great post! It has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand! Nice try Comrade, but we’ve read the books too!

    • Patty

      As opposed to the ADULTERERS in the White House???

  • JON

    Yes, he is entitled to his opinion, but not to share it publicly as a Catholic Bishop. That is being political. It was directed toward the President. Those type of comments are why many churches should lose their tax exempt status for being political.

  • 45caliber

    It is okay for Jesse Jackson and other black ministers to tell their congregations to vote for Oblama but it is wrong for any to tell their people to vote against him.

    Besides, it is wrong to ever tell the truth about someone in politics. It is easy to blast someone for lying but it is much harder to hide the truth. And how can people get reelected if everyone knows the truth about them?

  • Steve E

    Many of us soon will be able to say anything we want and not have to worry about the IRS Gestapo methods in the future because we won’t have jobs to pay taxes and won’t have anything to worry about if they try to take anything. We won’t have anything for them to take.

    • FreedomFighter

      FEMA work camps till you die.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Steve E

        Good point, but I would be dead first. And also take down all of them I could first.

    • castaway

      They can take your life! You will either be put away as a political dissadent,or murdered.

      • Patty

        One of Obama’s council members already has taken my life one way by giving my job to someone overseas, so they may as well take it permanently too, because the way this country, and the whole world is going, it’s not worth living anyway. The world seems to be on self destruct.

        • securityman

          they are really glad for people like you. give up and letthem them do what they want.

      • Steve E

        Dying as a Martyr is one of the best ways to die.

  • Dave Gunn

    The bishop might be right on target. If Hitler had died 2-3 years after he came to power, he would have gone down in history as a great leader who had done his nation much good, and died before his time. Now make no mistake, Hitler was an evil man from the beginning. However, we did not know it until later. Obama has, little by little, shown his totalitarian traits. How far would he go?

  • hooder

    Don’t back down bishop. Obama is worse than any one in history and if he had his way he would even top himself!

  • castaway

    I believe it is time for every American Patriot to speak out against this evil regime of obama’s. It is important for the health of this republic to get the truth out to everyone possible.Take to the streets, protest, and organize. We are stronger than the evil ones if we stand together. We can no longer afford to sit on our butts, and do nothing. It is now time to do something, and even if it has been recently declared illegal. Do you really want to save this country or are you just muttering the words?

  • Helen Siefert

    But it’s okay for the standing president to call over 2,000 black churches, urging them to get their people to vote for hime. This is outrageous.

  • Carpenter

    Yesterday I downloaded the “Collected Works of Joseph Stalin” volumes 1 – 14 (translated to English) for FREE from

    And after scanning through some of Stalin’s personal writings, letters, memos. ect.. I am shocked. You’d think that this stuff was written by Barack Obama. I am dead serious!! I mean its the same Class Warfare / Tax the Rich / they are oppressing the poor / blah blah blah / what we will do for you / Democrat pandering that Barack Obama preaches from his pulpit.

    And if I didn’t know any better I’d think that Stalin traveled into the future and studied under Obama! I a serious. Joseph Stalin was a BIGTIME Obama Supporter before Obama even existed.

    You have to see it to believe it! You have to at least the chapter titles. Stalin is preaching DEMOCRACY and Democrats and FAIRNESS.. It’s pure Obammunsim. Its like Stalin is channeling Barack Obama. How is that even possible? Did Stalin have a crystal ball? Or did Obama use a Time Machine and go back and help the Bolshevik Revolution?

    • castaway

      What you say Carpenter is totally true, but it is really difficult to open people eyes, and minds. Go to the communist party web site for america, and you will see exactly the same crap. They have accomplished much in the last 30 years, and obama is just the finishing touch, because he is black and of course a minority. When the communists get what they want, they will have no further use for obama, and he will disappear. He is just a tool they are using to their advantage. Remember, the communists have no use for minorities, like the blacks esspecially. This time it will not be the jews being eliminated.

  • Beenhereawhile

    As far as I can see, the man was just trying to keep the doors of the church schools and hospitals open. He did not tell them who to vote for. Problem is, the bishop happens to be conservative and is not allowed to preach on the same topics as the liberals.

  • Jim W

    So I guess it doesn’t count or it is ok for liberal Democrats to go to liberal Black churches and campaign from the pulpit but not for a conservative Christian to state his opion of the actions of elected liberal democrats. Kind of sounds like a biased approach.

  • DH

    This is what happens when you criticize or have a negative opinion of the Obama administration. You have them investigated or you get sued. Why is this happening with such regularity? EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE IN FEAR OF THIS ADMINISTRATION. Baffles me why anyone would give this turkey four more years. I will probably disappear off of the streets for these comments, as Obama has the right to do now. Talk about Hitler?

  • Charles Grimes

    The Bishop is commenting on something he feels is evil. His duties require that he address evil as wrong, which he has done. Condeming a politician for doing something evil is not politics and is not a political campaign. All religious have the right to comment on evil from the pulpit regardless if the person is a politician or not. This right is contained in the First Amendment of the Constitution. To use an element of the Government (the IRS) to punish that person is unconstitutional and should be condemed by all if we are to retain our Constitutional Rights. More power to the Bishop for standing up for his rights, we need more citizens to do the same before there is nothing left to stand up for.

  • Jim in NY

    Someone needs to go on an immediate diet. As a Catholic this man is an embarassment.

  • kyl

    “Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, believes the bishop overstepped his bounds. Lynn, who accuses Jenky of violating Federal law, has filed a complaint against Jenky with the Internal Revenue Service. (Because churches are considered tax-exempt institutions, they are not allowed to conduct political campaigns.)”

    I guess we’re supposed to accept as the Gospel Truth that Jeremiah Wright never once got the least bit “political” and encouraged his congregation to vote a certain way or work to influence politicians or elections?

  • Dens

    Why is the Bishop being attacked? The truth should not set off a “firestorm” except in the minds of obvious Communists like Obama, and his comrades in Congress and the media who lie about his, and their, beliefs and intentions on a daily basis. The Bishop has stated the truth.

    Those railing against the Bishop and the truth are the ones who should be punished starting with those members of Congress who swore to defend the Constitution when they took office….and….at the same time, are leading members of the Socialist Party of America (Communist?) which is hell bent on destroying the Church, Constitution and America.

    As far as the so-called “groups” mentioned in this article who are leading the attacks on the Bishop, these same people come up on the left side (anti Christian side) of every issue. They profess a desire to insure the separation of Church and State. This is another lie. What they really are shooting for is the elimination of Church from the State and thus making the State God.

    Stalin and Hitler used such “groups” to help further their Communist/Facist aims too. They also used the KGB and Gestapo to bring those who would dare oppose them into compliance. Obama uses the IRS to threaten and coerce those who dare speak out against him. History and Obama’s actions show us the good Bishop’s comparison is precisely on target.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Bishop Jenky has a right to his opinion. That’s the great thing about America. Everyone can talk about and debate a particular issue. In regards to the Bishop’s statements I believe he is wrong. Primarily because I believe he is wrong in the comparison but also because I feel such hyperboilc rhetoric is not helpful and creates more problems then it solves. If Obama’s policies are terrible then just call them terrible. If you believe he is a bad president then just call him that. Do your best to show evidence of such assertions and you will have an effect. Comparing any one to Hitler or Stalin is unreasonable and all it does do is get everyone bogged down in debating over whether the particular person truly could be compared to ether. In this case it most certainly does not. Obama has no desire to harm any religious institutions and he is not pushing a Pro Abortion agenda.

    • securityman

      hey jeremy, how much do you make working for ob. if you think it will help you in the end, you are sadly mistaken. only ob,michelle, and a couple of others will take over. you,my friend, will be kicked to the curb without a second thought..

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually I don’t work for Obama. I am an independent minded person who happens to be a member of an independent party. I just agree with Obama enough that I am willing to vote for him. Also one of the principle reasons I said the Bishop was wrong is because comparing Obama to Hitler and Stalin will hurt his case which I believe is to get Obama out of office. If I was working for Obama why would I want to stop his opponents from hurting their own attempts to get him out.
        In addition what can Obama do in his second term that he apparently has not done in his first. What is he waiting for?
        Is he waiting till his second term where invariably his popularity and thus any power he may have will lessen. And where he will only have about two years before he becomes an “incumbent” at which time his influence will decrease even more. So Obama is waiting to push his radical agenda until his power and influence are at their weakest and when he has the least amount of time to implement it before the next President comes in. Forgive me if that dose not make sense.

        • Dennis

          I must disagree with you Jeremy Obama is at his weak point right now. He is finishing his first term where he a few accomplishments, some of which are under question. But
          with a second term he will feel empowered and emboldened and then the house that was “freedom” will have its foundation blocks knocked out and it will come crashing down. I fully expect that with a seeming mandate, on his part, the government will metamorphose into a totalitarian Marxist regime and we will inch closer to a UN lead one world government carried out through their “Agenda 21” scheme.

        • TA

          Jeremy, you seem like a reasonable person. Their is a DVD out that you may find very intersting and enlightening. It’s called AGENDA. Check out and you may find the reasons why a second term could be absolute disaster for this country.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I disagree with your disagreement Dennis.
        I believe Obama has no desire to became a totalitarian dictator. And I don’t believe he would propose or try to turn our country into a UN lead world order. For the sake of argument I do not believe anyone, including those in the UN, want a world order run by the UN.And even if anyone did want that, the American People would never allow it. So I do not think there is anything to fear from an Obama second term.

        • Dennis

          Jeremy, Google Agenda 21 and see what the UN has in store for this country and then realize that Obama is in complete agreement with this policy.

  • TA

    The vast majority of Demon-rats have drunk the Kool-Aide of an ELITE GROUP OF COMMUNISTS that have been force feeding and agenda of chaos and disruption for decades. Crazy you say. They don’t use the word communist but they do use words like progressive and politically correct to keep the objectors inline. We are in the final phases of that agenda before we have our entire system in total collapse. Our economy is almost at the brink with deficits now trumping our total GDP. It can’t be sustained and they know it. When it does come crashing down and society reverts to chaos, they will come onto the scene , take over, and abandon the constitutuion. Sound like anyone we know from the 1930′s. You will now be part of a society ,if you survive, that no longer values the individual and human spirit. Their will no longer be a place for religeon or christians and that is why everyone of faith must stand together and not allow them to divide, pick on any religeous group and conquer. This coming election is the most important election of our lifetime.

  • Terry E

    Having started 1st grade in September of 1941, 3 months before Pearl Harbor, I grew up in school during WW2 & the Korean War. As to the parallels between Obama & the Hitler regime, one needs to study how the propaganda minister, Jos Goebbles in concert w/Hitler conducted the dictatorial takeover of Germany. It is my belief that Obama & his puppetiers have studied it extensively & have been implementing it from day one. The bishop is correct in his assessment. We MUST rid ourselves of this dangerous cancer that now occupies the oval office!!!!!! Watch out for what he tries to do to keep from being removed from office. This ass is the most dangerous man on earth & I believe he is capable of doing whatever it takes to become the “supreme leader”!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dad

    (Because churches are considered tax-exempt institutions, they are not allowed to conduct political campaigns.)

    However, the first ammendment allows for any American to speak their mind. His job is to preach the Bible… which Obama and his liberals are in clear violation. The Roman Catholics, so far, are free to vote any way they want… nothing has changed… no “firestorm.”

  • jayhenrymadison

    I live in Detroit. For years, the Baptist ministers, all black, have become a highly organized, political arm of the Democrat Party. They allow politicians to address thier congregations and openly take sides on political issues, always falling on the Left.
    Why is it permissable for black, Baptist ministers to have an official, political agenda, but a Catholic bishop cannot even express his opinion?

  • Edmund Burke

    When your organization is under attack, you have the right to self defence and to advise your members to engage in self-defense. Can those trying to destroy you say that is against the rules they made up? They can try but it makes no sense. Free Speech in a Church should be protected from Government encroachment under the First Amendment or I don’t know what Free and Free Exercise mean.

  • Charles Bill L.

    Its amazing how the libs can say anything they wish but the the right wing cant say a thing without getting jumped on.I( totality agree with the reverend Jenkins remark.What I want to know is where is all the so-called christian churchies today?Why are the not in the streets?Why are the not on the capitol steps in Washington DC protesting the abuse that the left has piled upon her?Dont we have people with guts anymore?God is the only one who can help us now.

  • Henry

    Well the (Because churches are considered tax-exempt institutions, they are not allowed to conduct political campaigns.) is unconstitutional, it is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

    The United States would not exist without preachers conducting political campaigns.

  • Willie

    Why is Obama even campaigning ??

    He should be disqualified as he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN with a forged birth certificate & illegal

    Social Security Number not to mention that the parents he claimed to be his parents were even

    his parents.

  • paulrodenlearning

    You all have drunk the Kool Aid of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right wing and MSM. Obama and the Democrats can not be at the same time Muslims, socialists and fascists at the same time. Any study of history of religions, economics and politics would tell you that if you thought for yourself and thought critically and not be Zombie repeaters of the right wing message. All of Obama’s economic team comes from Goldman-Sachs, hardly socialists or Marxists. Why would Warren Buffet give him money if he was a socialist, or a fascist? Think logically and with reason and stop parroting the Karl Rove and Frank Lutz line.

  • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

    I think this toad just wants to be seen (a good strategy to drum up more tithes).. Actually he should start paying taxes if he wants to spew more hatred. Whatta maroon. Every catholic should be shaking their head in disgust because of this hypocrite.

    • JimH

      The Bishop doesnt need to pay taxes to tell the truth in his pulpit. Since when is telling the truth spewing hatred?
      I’m a Catholic and I’m holding my head high, not shaking it.
      Catholic is with a capitol C.
      I don’t know your faith, but I wouldn’t call the equivilant of a Bishop in your faith a maroon or a toad. JUst because you have no self respect, doesn’t mean you should disrespect others.

    • Patty

      Speaking of shaking their head in disgust, your spelling teacher is probably shaking theirs. Maroon is a color, by any chance did you mean MORON?

      • JimH

        Patty, On the old Buggs Bunny cartoons Buggs would say “What a maroon”. Meaning moron. That’s where he got that from.

  • General “Bull” Shipper

    I think if we could somehow tax stupidity and apply it to the national debt, we could make a huge dent in what is owed in a hurry.

  • Dennis

    The comparison to the men does not compute. The comparison of their policies and his however do compute and the output is most disturbing. Is there not one brave member of The House of Representatives with the kahunas to offer up a bill of impeachment on this President, there is more than enough to charge him with.

  • Harry Stewart

    When the Christian Church ceases to be the conscience of the nation then we should take of the motto of our nation “In God We Trust”. This man of God has only done what his conscience dictates he must do. Retired Bible Pator Harry Stewart. Prous to be an american under God, not under Mr. Obama. For this we can be thankful for a little while. Vote your conscience 2012.

    • Dennis

      I’m sorry Pastor Stewart but at conjuncture in time conscience must be set aside and practicality must step in. It is a practical fact that B. H. O. is destroying this country and must be shown the door marked “out” in a back hall of the White House. I personally don not want to live under his form of equality, that being, everyone is equally miserable living in an equal state of poverty. He must I repeat must be removed before the country I gave twenty years of my life defending gets sucked up by the black hole that has devoured other great nations of the past. God bless you and yours.

  • laura4basics

    Obama’s favorite line is “Yes We Can” and guess what it was also Hitlers line. Should we put Obama up for plagiarism? Actually – Obama is following in Hitlers footsteps with the signing of many of the same types offensive bills against humanity.
    And please, also explain to me why he needs so many thugs with him in OUR WHITE HOUSE? I also think all of those democrats in congress that agree with this evil propaganda are no different – so really what does this label them?
    Sorry but we do not have a president – he is a dictator and I believe he will do great harm to all of us given the opportunity. The Bishop is Right!!!

    • Patty

      We need to change his line to OH NO YOU CAN’T !!!

  • S Brekin

    Maybe little Barry Lynn should report another to the IRS. OBummer’s right-hand Muslim, ValeriE Jarrett, spoke at Rev Wrights church on Easter – with CLEAR political pandering for her boss. No one seemed to have a problem with that. If a priest spewed 1/2 the violent rhetoric that Rev Wright has for over 20 years, the FBI would be on their doorstep. MORE HYPOCRISY BY THE LEFTIST IDIOTS.

  • S Brekin

    Charles Bill comments: ‘Where are all the christians?” The same place Republicans are: AT WORK. Dems, Acorn Black Panthers, Pimp Al Sharpton and Union Mob enforcers have the time for sit-ins when called upon by the White House.

  • LeeS

    Actually Obama is much worse than Hitler or Stalin! Those two tyrants didn’t hide their ambitions like Obama has done for the last three and a half years, they just came right out and did their destruction of their countries. Obama is much sneakier, he hides his agenda behind little changes. But his goal is the same as Hitlers and Stalins – he wants to take over this country and turn it into a muslim/socialist state. That is unless we stop this bastard in November and send him back to the Chicago ghetto where he belongs.

    • Patty

      He “belongs” in PRISON, we don’t want him back here in Chicago either. If he gets sent back anywhere, it should be Africa, where he REALLY came from, and where he’s funneling America’s money.

  • Jay

    Comparing Obama to Hitler is something that the liberal/left used to blame on the Tea Party. However, posters and signs showing Obama with a Hitler moustache were inevitably traced to followers of Lyndon LaRouche. They sometimes tried to portray themselves as conservatives, but in reality LaRouche is a former Marxist who ran for president as a Democrat. They like to cause deliberate political confusion.

    Now that an educated Catholic Bishop with knowledge of history and a commitment to religious freedom has made the comparison, however, the national media cannot decide on how to respond.

    When I saw the headline, “Bishop Compares Obama Policies to Hitler, Stalin,” over an article on Newsmax, the conservative website, I thought at first it must be an error or exaggeration. Was a Catholic Bishop actually being this harsh? There have been many reports on the reaction of the Catholic Church to the Obama Administration’s birth control mandate affecting religious institutions. The Catholic church called it evil and demonic and has suggested the church will be persecuted and ministers jailed for resisting the federal onslaught. But comparing the President personally to Hitler and Stalin?

    The Newsmax headline about the charge concerned a story from LifeSiteNews. The Daily Caller titled it: “Illinois Bishop: Obama ‘intent on following a similar path’ as Hitler, Stalin.”

    I went to the LifeSiteNews and the headline over its story was only slightly
    different: “Obama taking ‘similar path’ as Hitler and Stalin: Illinois bishop.” The question then became—were these stories somehow exaggerating what the Catholic Bishop said?

    Here is the full text:

  • William

    I agree with the Bishup. Obama has acted more like the type of goverment that Hitler had. Another term for that joker would fix us for life.

  • tom kelly

    Does this same person go to the black churches and listen to their reachers tell them how to vote. I’ve been to one and heard this happen

  • good time charlie

    Go Bishop Jenky, we have your back. Its about time someone with authority spoke about this imitation of a president.

  • John

    Wonder why the SO called rev. Jeramiah Wright got away with his slanderous and crazy remarks without a FIRE STORM from the leftist Organizations into his IRS standing

    • veterenpatriot


  • veterenpatriot

    Yes, the Bishop can say whatever he wants EVEN IF IT’S TRUE. this is a somewhat free America for the time being, As well as Ted Nugent, when people speak the truth they, (this administration) will try to distroy their credibility.
    If enought people speak out and force the Liberal Media to EXSPOSE THE SCAMER AND CHIEF maybe, JUST MAYBE those Americans that see no wrong in obama will wake up SMELL THE SOCIALISM. For me, I need a leader and chief to restore Honor to the whitehouse. I’m looking at Dr.Paul.


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