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Bipartisan Letter Asks President To Hire More Government Watchdogs

May 20, 2011 by  

Bipartisan letter asks President to hire more government watchdogsA group of legislators have urged President Barack Obama to hire more inspectors general in order to help prevent waste, fraud and corruption in the Federal government.

Eight lawmakers, including four Republicans, three Democrats and one Independent, signed a joint letter to Obama, expressing their concern over the lack of watchdogs in various departments, according to The Wall Street Journal. There are nine inspector general positions currently vacant, including at the State, Justice, Homeland Security and Labor departments.

“Many of these vacancies involve departments and agencies responsible for oversight of several of your Administration’s most important initiatives,” the letter reads.

Eight of the nine positions require Senate confirmation. Many of the officials who previously assumed the inspector roles were controversial figures, which may explain why they have not been filled, the news provider reported.

Meanwhile, Obama has withdrawn the nomination of attorney Paul Tiao for inspector general at the Department of Labor. According to The Washington Examiner, the candidate was harshly criticized by Republicans and members of the business community because of his perceived bias toward organized labor.

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  • libertytrain

    I can’t imagine what would be so terrible about leaving these 9 positions unfilled –

    • Dan az

      I would like the name of all of them just so we can fire them for wanting to expand the guvmnt some more.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hey Dan az,
        This is the only way nobummer knows to lower the unemployment rate!!!! Hire more gov. workers!!!

        • Cawmun Cents

          You mean you cant see the merit of hiring watchdogs to watch watchdogs?But then we will need watchdogs to watch those watchdogs too won’t we?

      • Christin

        That’s what I was thinking, Dan az… the less government employees the better… less liberal leftist harsh oversight by them and LESS spending, too!
        We don’t need more enforcement of freedom killing laws.

  • Mick

    I have no doubt that the issues of waste, fraud and corruption need to be addressed but where in the hell are we going to find people honest enough to do this task ???

    • Colleen

      This is kind of like asking to find 7 faithful men in a whore house!
      Or another one: the fox guarding the hen house!
      I don’t think there are any really brave and honest souls who would qualify or even do the job! You would have to investigate the White House and that wouldn’t last long…..and neither would your job!

      • Mick


        You’re exactly right that is why I asked the question.

      • DC

        AMEN! It’s all about power and greed throughout the US government, these politicians talk about corrupt governments like N. Korea, Iran, Libia, Afghanistan,and others. But, they are no worse than the US with names like Peloske, Rangel, and of corse the Antichrist and Chicago gangsters in the White House.

  • Warrior

    Possibly, if the size of guvmint is reduced, we could do away with these positions. Hmmm. This is a joke, right?

  • DanB

    We don’t need more watchdogs. The problem is that the watchdogs aren’t doing their jobs. So why do we need more watchdogs doing the same failing job?

    Here’s the biggest watchdog of them all not doing their job: The American people.

    Why do we keep electing the corrupt? The liars? The cheats?

    • Mick

      Exactly Dan…..We will never recover at tis rate……

    • Jeep

      Sure we need more watchdogs…you know, to keep an eye on the other watchdogs, who probably need watching so they can report to the watchers of the watchdogs that needed watching in the first place.

      • DanB

        Well, since the group of watchdogs not doing their job is the American people themselves, we’ll need a group of watchdogs to watch Americans? I thought that is what the TSA, FBI, CIA, the executive branch, and what the Patriot Act was for.


    We sure don’t need any more government employees.We need term limits on all politicians including OBUMMER.If only we could impeach this creepy Socialist.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    They are admitting that they can’t be trusted.

  • Crashaxe

    Ya like obama would hire anyone of integrity that could be trusted.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      He may not be honest but you would be surprised how honest he wants people around him to be.

  • takemymoneyplease

    yes we need a “dept of finding waste and fraud in our government spending” with a budget of 35 billion dollars. yes we need that like holes in our heads. more bs from career socialist and communist politicians.

  • eddie47d

    Since voting in Congress is proof of the pudding where Republicans stand on transparency in our government I don’t believe they come out very well. They have delayed most of these nominations for two years now and could care less if our government functions.They dislike whistle blowers who expose any wrongdoings and deny funds to tackle fraud cases.They vote against making Wall Street responsible for their shenanigans so it always comes down to business as usual. You can’t have honesty in business or government if you don’t have people in place to run those departments. You can’t stop government employees from watching porno on the Internet if no one is around to expose them.I know it’s hard to fire a government employee yet that can change with the right people in place. Not union busting like I’m sure a few of you are thinking but a stronger accountability of who’s in charge to make sure they are doing their work.

    • Jeep

      And, exactly how did the Republican party delay “most of these nominations for two years now” when the dems had a super-majority until Jan of this year? I’m curious how that works, eddie. Please explain. Maybe the liberal elites dems were just too inept. Was Pelosi a failure? So, again, could you tell me how it is that when you have all the votes, you can’t get your agenda through?

      • Thamera

        Exactly Jeep and how has Obama been doing exactly with transparency Eddie? hahahahahaha LOL

        • eddie47d

          Even with a majority in Congress the other side, in this case Republicans, can keep a nomination from going through. Anything over a year in delay isn’t right for either side. When Eliot Spitzer had indictments against several Wall Street bankers the Republicans shut him down. They discredited him because of a prostitution scandal instead of forging ahead in prosecuting the thieves on Wall Street. I definetely think the Republicans don’t want transparency in our financial sector and I am in favor of that changing.

          • Vigilant


            Both of your above statements show that you need to take a civics course in how our government runs.

            White House nominees to those positions are confirmed by the SENATE, not the House. Ever hear of “advise and consent?”

            Secondly, to accuse Repubs of holding up nominations is something you pulled out of your backside. On the contrary, a number of Czar positions, such as Berwick, were to be vetted during hearings that the Repubs were just drooling at the mouth to have done. The purpose was to put before the American people the true nature of these wackos being assigned as czars. Obama, in a typical untransparent move, pushed through a number of these appointments during recess and on weekends to avoid the public scrutiny.

            NO ONE in government but the White House holds up nominations.

            Marvel Comics is not the optimum source for your knowledge of the workings of government.

          • Vigilant

            And for your further edification, Spitzer was Attorney General and later governor of the State of New York. Tell me what that has to do with Federal Government.

          • eddie47d

            It was the Republicans who kept him from prosecuting those Wall St cases. Doesn’t make any difference if that was Fed or State.

          • Victoria Larsen

            Eliot Spitzer is a crook! I am from NY and he is a scum sucking, political crook! And now he’s got the nerve to have a TV show! Someone take the scumbag out and shoot him. He was Attorney General and HE was breaking the law. Why didn’t he spend time in Jail!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I guess eddie doesn’t understand the difference between a simple majority and a SUPER majority!!! Eddie doesn’t understand that under a super majority, the side that is in power, can ramrod anything through and the opposition can’t do a thing to stop it!!

          • eddie47d

            Joe; You and Vigilante better read a little closer. The Republicans and /or Democrats can also stop a bill from passing.Stop being so flippant!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Why eddie, cause it makes you look so DENSE???? You are what you ARE, eddie!!!

    • Jeep

      Oh, heck, eddie, since you’re throwing it out there (with very little thought.) Can you also explain who has been putting “people in place” while you guys have held the white house, the senate and the house? Apparently, you don’t think “they” were the “right people” to give “stronger accountability”. And, since you had a super-majority, who was “in charge…doing their work”? Again, it must have been the dems.

      I am glad to see that you are upset by the lack of “progress” that your friends were able to make while “they” were completely in charge.

    • Dan az

      Hey eddie
      At least you didn’t throw in bush to your rant.The thing is your buddy is all most done with his 4 yrs and what can you blame on others that would prove your point that he was so great?He is about to become history and he has still done nothing to fix anything except spend like a child in a candy store.I hope one day you will see that!

  • Joann

    I would like to know who the 4 republicans are so the people can go after their jobs next time around, we don’t need and more corruption in Washington Obama has that market cornered

  • Gayle

    The inspectors are passed through congress, so obama knows his picks would not make the cut. He doesn;t want anyone to know how really bad things are.

    • Jeep

      Who would want the job? Didn’t some panel make a bunch of deficit reduction recommendations that were soundly ignored by this administration? Yeah, that’s right, the Deficit Reduction Panel! Now, what ever did become of that nonsense?

      • Vigilant

        Same thing that happened to the conscientious lawyer in the DOJ who outed Eric Holder & Co. for selectively applying Votings Rights Act violations to only those cases where a black was denied justice. If you’re white and your voting rights are violated, tough tittie.

  • Push comes to shove

    The government needs to be watched, but not by appointed people look how that has worked out for the Supreme Court. They should not be elected posts because then they will be backed by the organizations those gov’t departments are supposed to oversight.

    So what do we do?

    I say continue voting out the cronies and letting the new ones know we want a reduction in gov’t size, laws not allowing organizations or lobbyists to make donations (only individual people (US Citizens) should have the right to donate), and sever penalties for those in the gov’t that breach our laws and trust.

  • Mike

    I believe that if we want to reduce the amount of spending by the Government, one of the best ways is to stop the waste. Some of the biggest wastes are through earmarks,entitlements,outright fraud (especially in welfare) and waivers. Waivers to Obamacare are only given to those who are friends and high dollar supporters of certain congressmen(women). If it’s supposed to be so good, why are waivers given to “anyone”? I would rather pay for additional inspectors (not appointed by Obama, Congress or any particular party) to look for these types of waste than for the President and Congress to increase spending because “we don’t have enough money to take care of the programs we have”. Abuse of these programs is rampant. There is a woman who has had 7 children out of wedlock because she gets $18,000/year in welfare for each of them. Abuse of the system should mean you are kicked out of it. If they are unwilling to conform and play fair I’m sorry if it hurts them or their children,but they deserve what they ask for. If we let them get by with such things, we are hurting several others who can’t get what they do deserve. Lets find the unwilling to conform abusers and get them out of the programs. We’ll save trillions.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      While I agree with all you say, could you show a site for that 18,000 a year for EACH of those seven kids? I want to read that and send it out to my entire address list!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Come on, guy! I’m not trying to jerk you around, I’m serious!!! Show me a site!!!

    • DC

      Another big savings would be to take all the money in the federal pension plan and put it in social security and now not tomorrow let all these greedy politicians collect social security like many hard working retirees. Cut all politicians pay to a maximum of two times minimum wage this way if they want to make more they must raise minimum wage. Also limit the number of there staff that the tax payers are paying for, after all we elected them to read the bills not pay someone else to read it and tell them what it says while the politician is figuring out how to keep from paying taxes. If they can not understand the bill pass a law that all bills be written in high school level language. If they are caught cheating or breaking the law they will be fired,not just chastised by their friends and fellow crooks. Do you think you could keep your job if you were caught with your hand in your employers till, these politicians are suppose to be working for the people.


    There is no need to grow the government, it is already insufferably huge and expensive, therein lies the solution, let’s just take the suffering and cost away and reduce this behemouth, reinstate state’s rights and hold this Central government syndrome in check, as was intended by our Constitution.

    Let us put in place term limits for our elected officials and then put forth a yearly public audit of all elected and their appointees in order to preserve the integrity of service. We need to abolish the punishing IRS progressive taxation and put in place a national sales tax reviewable every ten years by national ballot, this would place a budgetary requirement upon the Federal Government and ensure accountability.

    • Dan az

      Right on time as usual I agree!Just by cutting the size of the guvmnt in half for starters would saves half a trillion there.

  • azwayne

    I want to see the names of these requesting, that’s what we need to watch. They obviously owe campaign favors. Anyone who thinks we need ONE more government person is brain dead. Let’s correct the REAL problem Is this more poor journalism or just entertainment? Notice how like to stir up conflict, it’s entertainment not journalism anymore.

  • Patriot66

    And who in turn will watch these guys?…

  • chuckb

    maybe we should hire more policemen to watch over the current departments and end police corruption. what a joke, these congressmen are so crooked they’d reach around a pole and steal their own hat.

    to think they have the audacity to ask for more oversight on themselves;
    we should audit each and every member of the house and senate once a year and we hire the auditors from each state, unknown to them.

    the first year this would be in effect, half the congress would probably resign before the audit.

  • Raggs

    If anyone wants to get rid of fruad and corruption they should vote for someother canidate in 12 besides obama…

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    All of them have put their John Hancock behind BIG GOVERNMENT, including four RINOs. What are their names? May they live to rue the day.

  • chuckb
  • missing2u

    How can they ask for watchdogs, when the biggest worst liar lives in
    the white house destroying this planet on purpose, on orders by the
    high command of satan, lucifer the devil himself.

  • Anne of Oz

    The BIGGEST corruption in the White House are Obamas lapdogs, his CZARS, NOT EVEN ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE! Obama appointed these criminal Gestapo thugs without them being elected, vetted, or approved by Congress.Many have very suspect backgrounds,links with islamic, and communist radicals..they do his bidding and i agree with the 7 Senators,watchdogs are needed to investigate I think, Obamas lapdogs..Obama is milking the US Treasury with payments and perks to his favorite peeps … and we can predict WHO are the beneficiaries! those who funded his presidential campaign, and no prizes for guessing WHO the foreign Middle East contributions totalling MILLIONS came from..Hamas LOVED him,Gaddafi, called him a muslim brother and Americas MUSLIMS , and Nation of Islam, VOTED for him..
    The watchdogs should be NON GOVERNMENT members of the public, concerned about Americas safety and economic welfare.. Pam Geller..Noni Darwish,Frank Gaffney,are some that come to mind, they are aware of the approaching danger America faces from those who would destroy Her from within..

  • jopa

    Our Government has gotten so big we are unable to control the waste and fraud.Solution: Make it bigger.What are they thinking?

  • Gloria Jimenez Ross


    • http://?? Joe H.

      for that to happen, ALL the people would have to wake up!! Some like the progs posting here are in a perpetual sleep!!!


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