Bill Would Withhold Federal Funds From Schools With Irrational, Alarmist Idiots In Charge


There has been no shortage of knee-jerk idiocy on the part of American educators in the months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.


Children have been kicked out of schools or disciplined for making gun gestures with their fingers, bringing water pistols or other toy guns to school, building Lego guns and even simply drawing pictures with guns in them.

Outside of the bureaucratically controlled brain trust that is the U.S. public education system, average Americans have rolled eyes and sighed at most of the aforementioned incidents. After all, it’s child’s play: cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, soldiers.

Representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) must also be tired of hearing about American educator pants wetting over plastic toys and hand gestures resembling firearms. He has introduced a bill that would protect the “harmless expressions of childhood play” and disallow educators to teach youngsters to “be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.”

The Student Protection Act, H.R. 2625, lists several incidents where children have been victimized by zero-tolerance gun policies on school grounds which make even references to guns or gun-like things illicit.

From the bill:

Congress finds:

(1) So-called `zero-tolerance’ weapons policies in federally funded schools are being used to outlaw harmless expressions of childhood play.

(2) So-called `zero-tolerance’ weapons policies in federally funded schools are being used to teach children to be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.

(3) A school in Grand Island, Nebraska, this year demanded a three-year-old deaf boy in preschool change his name because its sign language expression resembles a gun.

(4) A seven-year-old Colorado boy was suspended for throwing an imaginary hand grenade.

(5) In Talbot County, Maryland, two six-year-old boys were suspended this year for shaping their fingers in the shape of guns while playing `cops and robbers’ during recess.

(6) A 14-year-old in Kentucky was not only suspended from school this year for wearing an NRA T-shirt that said, `protect your right’, but the principal called police to have him arrested.

(7) A six-year-old Palmer, Massachusetts, kindergartner who brought a plastic G.I. Joe Lego toy gun on a school bus was given detention and ordered to write a letter of apology to the bus driver and fellow student passengers.

(8) This government-sanctioned political correctness is traumatizing children and spreading irrational fear.

Stockman’s proposal would dissuade school officials from spreading irrational fear about gun imagery by blocking Federal funds to any school that punishes students for a select list of activities:

(1) brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a gun;

(2) possession of a toy gun which is two inches or less;

(3) possession of a toy gun made of plastic snap together building blocks;

(4) using a finger or hand to simulate a gun;

(5) vocalizing imaginary firearms or munitions;

(6) wearing a T-shirt that supports Second Amendment rights;

(7) drawing a picture of, or possessing an image of, a firearm; or

(8) using a pencil, pen or other writing utensil to simulate a firearm.

The fact that a U.S. Representative feels that American educators need to be reminded that those activities are in no way dangerous ought to frighten anyone with a smidge of common sense.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Dirty Daug

    Maybe this will take care of the stupid teachers who hate guns.

    • JCW43

      That would be great, but unfortunately, this bill will not get past that stupid Harry Reid over in the Senate and wouldn’t be signed or enforced by the narcissistic stupid idiot currently residing in the White House even if it did survive Harry Reid. Thus, stupidity will continue to reign supreme in Washington DC, and stupid “teachers” will continue to run rampant in tax payer funded public schools. Parents who can afford it need to put their children in private schools or else home school them. Otherwise, hyper vigilance and a good dose of publicity from Fox News are about all anyone can hope for.

      • Eugene Sevene

        don’t count on Fox News to cover this for they too are controlled by Obama and his Muslims. The only hope for this country is for the people to march and take our country back.

  • Mith Radates

    It will be fascinating to see what moves the prog/libs take to counter this tactic that seeks to counter their tactic of scaring the crap out of everyone about everything. They depend on universal fear to justify universal dependence of universal government. Lord help these cowering incompetents if they ever have to depend on themselves without recourse to big brother after the Schumer hits the fan.

    • Vigilant

      “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill
      because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It is up to you as teachers to make all of these sick children well — by creating the international child of the future.”

      — Dr. Chester M. Pierce, Professor of Education at Harvard, addressing the Association for Childhood Education International in April,1972

  • DigitheadRex

    These examples are a display of the lengths idiots will go to justify their agenda but the one example that outrages me most is the student who disarmed a boy on a school bus bent on harming someone else and was rewarded for his courage with a suspension for “being involved in an incident where a gun was displayed”. Honorable mention goes to the school that suspended two students who reported a gun because one of them had touched it and therefore was “in possession of a gun on the way to school”.

  • Edward Poullet

    What’s next a federal license to be able to
    point with your finger? What a bunch of MORONS!

  • Violet Angel

    Why is it that Hollywood can make billions of $$$ from promoting violence via tv’s and movies, surround themselves with armed guards and then pump $$$ into the anti-gun groups?

  • rick0857

    When liberals are in charge REALLY, REALLY STUPID things like this ALWAYS happens. It is a direct result of the ignorant and stupid leading the ignorant and stupid voters who put them in their positions. The only way to correct these problems is to simply ELIMINATE ALL DEMOCRATS AND LIBERAL RINO’s from any and ALL ELECTED OFFICES.

  • Vigilant

    Representative Stockman is no Conservative. He is attempting to marshal the power of the federal government to change the way states manage their departments of education.

    It is a progressive move, made out of frustration, but nonetheless just as much of an encroachment on 10th Amendment rights as other federal mandates. By fighting fire with fire, he is simply giving his seal of approval to the meddling of the USG in an area that is clearly a states’ rights issue.

  • Alan

    Unfortuneatly this bill will not pass because it makes to much sense and would allow kids to be kids. The lunatic legislators like Pelosi and Reid will not stand for it.

  • Quester55

    Let’s face it, those that teach our kids are the ones that also teach them to,” Hate Truth, To Love Lies, To FEAR Everything & Everyone that may think for themselves!
    The trouble is; Nearly half of you , could care less & the other half wants to pass the buck to the next person in charge!

  • securityman

    vigilant, there you go again. i,m thinking that you either don’t have any kids or they are beyond school, because what you are spouting is to have our kids afraid of any object that even remotely be thought of as a danger to others. well, lets see, get rid of the cars and go to horses. wait, they can kick and bite, so lets just go all the way back to walking. get rid of knives. really have to get rid of fire. get rid of paper because of papercuts. can’t you see how stupid that all this stuff is. instead of all this bullcrap, why don’t we just teach our kids to respect the danger and be careful with their life.

    • Vigilant

      I think you have mischaracterized me. I am not “spouting” anything, and I resent the charge.

      A little reading comprehension goes a long way, securityman. Read my posting again. IN NO WAY do I advocate what you accuse me of. I am a Conservative Constitutionalist, and I deplore very much the bullsh*t that leftist teachers are “spouting” to their kids about this issue.

      My point is that the feds have no right under the Constitution to dictate ANYTHING to the states regarding the management of their respective education systems. If you think that the feds have a right to do this, then you are another “living Constitution” progressive, NOT a Conservative.

      What irks me the most is that I pay hefty property taxes that allow these socialist bastards called “teachers” to promulgate this anti-gun crap.

  • boyscout

    Wow! This is big news. There are jackasses running our government and in control of public services !!! What should one expect when offered the choice of Jackass A or Jackass B ? And all candidates mega-funded by Jackasses C, D, etc.
    Perhaps one day Americans will tire of this crap sandwich.

  • Guest

    It’s no wonder children enter school as innocent little tot’s and leave as idiots.