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Bill Would End Visa Lottery For Immigrants

July 25, 2011 by  

The visa lottery may be on the way out.A bill that would abolish the immigration visa lottery was recently referred from the Judiciary Committee to the full House.

The Associated Press reports that Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) introduced the bill that would abolish the Diversity Visa Lottery, which was introduced in 1995 to increase the diversity of immigrants to the United States.

The chances of winning the lottery are slim. For example, nearly 15 million people reportedly submitted their names for the 55,000 slots in 2010.

Critics of the system — which has issued more than 785,000 visas since it was introduced — say that such a lottery is bound to lead to corruption.

“It has long been fraught with fraud; fraud from applicants and third party brokers,” said Representative Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.). “A lottery by its very nature is a gamble and it’s a gamble our national security cannot afford.”

Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said that the system was flawed, according to the news source.

“It’s an open invitation for fraud and a jackpot for terrorists,” he said.

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  • s c

    I want to thank Lamar Smith for his comment ["It's an open invitation to fraud and a jackpot for terrorists"]. With what’s been happening over the last two and a half years, his words are also a fitting way to describe the current administration.
    Those responsible for their false concern about
    “diversity” in America need to jam that idea wherever it feels best.
    Diversify, folks. You DON’T have to limit yourselves to using petroleum jelly to make it feel good. Use your imagination.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Illegal immigrants have received a free pass for years. All administrations have allowed it to continue. It is time to end this farce. No lottery, no nothing. Close and secure our borders and do it now. Amongst the illegals there are quite a few criminals, we do not need to add more of them to the population. Crime has reached a new height and it is astounding. The illegals should be weeded out, and the criminals included. Sure, it would cost money to do this, but what’s a few more trillion?

    • EddieW

      Claire, the DEMS want illegals…especially to vote leftist!..
      They like and want to keep “anchor” babies for the same reason, and that amounts to over 100,000 per year..Eventually there will only be leftists, and the rest of us will be crowded out, or be done away with, as “Unable to be retrained”!! It is coming, unless we can stop the anchor babies!! Remember? Obozo our Liar in chief wanted to make a State of Puerto Rico? it’s still in the works! it would add a few million more leftists, Liberals…Dems…whatever you want to call them!

      • Lynn

        You are so right Eddie…very upsetting that all of us have to pay for these people. We don’t want this for our country and yet we end up paying for it. No choice. Very discouraging. I hope more people will rise up against all of this! My Husband and I are trying to do our part. No illegals, no amenesty, no anchor babies and very limited immigration, non if you are not sponsered or will not have a job. We also need a cut in welfare for the able bodied do nothings. Also work for prisoners to make our country better… ie agriculture, roads etc. Things the taxpayers are paying through the nose for. We pay through the nose for everything! Actually it is amazing how many people still want to work and support this system!!! Pride still reigns within some souls.

  • Reckless1

    Although I am in agreement with the getting rid of the lottery system, I also would like to see an increase in immigration allotment. The blood that runs through our great nation is the blood of the immigrant. Our countries population over the past 60 years have not been taught nor experienced the hardships of why their families were blessed to be able to come here. I believe these lessons are what structures the strength of our nation. Increasing legal immigration far benefits the country as a whole.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Reckless, don’t you worry about the total of our population NOW? There are so many people here today that have no jobs. Our utilities are over burdened. Yes, I understand that majority of people in America came from immigration, but that was many years ago, when the government required all that were arriving to assimilate to the American way of life. Now, those immigrants arrive and demand WE assimilate to them and our government passes laws to protect them by declaring them to be “minorities”. There are laws for all “minorities” now. When you put that many different types of people together, and everyone is fighting to have their way, it’s a mess. Today, you have the “legal” mexicans here fighting to give the “illegal” mexicans the same rights as Americans. Everyone wants America to be what THEY want, instead of what America has stood for for 235 years.

    • Ellen

      Reckless1, I agree with you about the diversity aspect and the thought that our country was founded on this principle. I think our country has evolved to the point though where we need to limit all immigration while we have a high unemployment rate. After unemployment has returned to a lower percentage, we need to manage immigration to limit the number of unskilled laborers, as we have a glut of them. Further, our failing education system provides us with an enormous quantity of unskilled laborers with 49% of blacks and 45% of Hispanics dropping our of high school each year.

    • GL

      True, our country is made up of LEGAL immigration. Those immigrants were also controled. Two percent of those immigrants were returned due to illness. Yes, those immigrants were subject to health inspection among other things. Nothing ever said about the 40% who didn’t stay. In any event it was a controlled immigration. Deadly deseases have been reintroduced into this country. They are breaking our charities. Obama wants to increase funding to those who do not and never did pay into the system. What about Pelosi’s comment that Social Security was SELF funded until 2023?? Why is Obama threatening our Social Security payouts if this is true. Are they lieing to the American people? Politicians spent it, that is why! Now they cannot pay it back! I also paid into Medicare through my payroll over the years. Why are we giving money to countries that hate us. Why are we rebuilding mosqes in the middle east? Why can’t we get rid of a few czars and cut studies like the size of a mans penis related to his homosexuality? I am sick of the tree huggers and oil production in this country. Obama wants wind generated energy and the tree huggers say it kills birds. This administration needs to get on the same page! Obama and all the Socialist establishment wants to turn the US into a third world country. Hungry, needy people are easier to control.

    • DanB

      I happen to concur.

      Here is a couple differences between a legal and illegal immigrant.

      While both groups contain hard working individuals, the legal immigrant obeyed the law. This does not guarantee that they will obey all laws, all the time. But the foundation that they obeyed the first law of legal immigration does create a foundation to obey future laws. In contrast, as long as the illegal immigrant continues to break the first law they violated by being an illegal immigrant, it can make them comfortable with the law they have broken and thus lead to ignoring other laws or seeing them as not applicable to themselves. If the first violation continues to be a bother for them, it will still encourage them to practice dishonesty in employment or other means to provide themselves with food shelter and clothing.

      And natural born Americans have gotten lazy through the entitlement system in the United States, so I would gladly take a bunch of legal immigrants. For if they are doing this legally, what are the odds that they have a strong work ethic and are self-motivated? These are people that could make great entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, and laborers. The legal immigrant could be instrumental in rebuilding America. Perhaps with a large enough infusion of legal immigrants we could have actual honest politicians in America again because the few legal immigrants I know of actually seem to care about the quality of their representative then the average citizen. There is Canadian at my day job who just got his US citizenship and I was amazed how much more interested he was in just who the politicians were and there stands on the issues than the average person. He actually care about the future of American and not just the here and now that we get so caught up in. Could be just the limited exposure I’ve had to legal immigrants, but I will currently take them over the nanny-state children we’ve been raising.

    • Lynn

      Totally do not agree….

  • Dolores Cruz

    Speaking of visas, we already have plenty. We need to remember the elephant in the room: the massive diversion of American jobs away from Americans. Not just offshore outsourcing, but even jobs here in America have been cordoned off from American applicants. Tens of thousands of jobs on American soil are being advertised in foreign countries by foreign staffing firms seeking foreign clients. They even have American job fairs in places like India. They then bring them here via an alphabet soup of available work visas. Bright Future Jobs (.com) documents this for IT jobs, but it’s happening in other fields, too.

  • Raggs

    Immigrants have a greater chance of the “American Dream” than America’s citizens…..

    • sandcasstle

      Raggs, you are right on the money!

    • Bob

      One subsidized by the American taxpayers.

    • 45caliber

      I talked to a missionary from SE Asia a couple of years ago. He was trying to work with some Vietnamese in camps in Thailand who had fled Vietnam.

      He said he had an almost impossible time trying to get them to get jobs and helpt themselves. The reason? The Feds were always telling them that when their immigration number came up they could come to America and get cars and nice houses and TV’s and …

      And they did. As soon as they arrived the government would move them into apartments with two months rent already paid. And as soon as the two months were up, they started receiving welfare checks without even having to apply for them. I think it is San Mateo in California that has more of them on welfare than they have citizens. They interviewed one of them and he was all excited about being able to spend his welfare check to buy a new entertainment system.

    • Lynn

      They get a hand up…while the rest of us get a slap down!

  • Bleh

    Hey lets enforce our Immigration laws and secure the border first. Then we can tweak the Legal means to immigrate here.

  • James

    Right, we really need a greater diversity of citizens.

  • Trista

    I worked in a family medicine practice for a year. We would diagnose many new immigrants (about 5-10 a month, mostly from Africa) with HIV. I was always curious how they were going to pay for HIV maintenance, with little to no English skills, how were they to find jobs that would support HIV maintenance. Why is this now an American taxpayer’s problem? Is there some silly law that says it would violate their civil rights if we were to find out they had HIV PRIOR to getting accepted to this country? Give me a break America.

    • 45caliber


      According to some lawyers, finding out ahead of time is the equivalent to forcing them to testify against themselves – against the 5th Amendment for American citizens. You would be taking evidence from their physical forms without a search warrant. And after they are accepted, it is also illegal for the same reasons. And if they are here legally (or even illegally according to some lawyers and libs), then they are guaranteed medical treatment even if they can’t afford it. One reason that the entire argument about why we need Oblamacare is false.

  • jopa

    This does sound like a good bill.Anything to stop some of the leaks in our borders.All immigration laws should be enforced to the fullest extent.I was watching a show called Locked up Abroad where this drug smugggler from South Africa got caught in Brazil.He spent a few years in prison was released but could not leave the country for like seven years and if he did he would be locked up when he came back.He was granted a thirty day leave to go home and never did return to Brazil after he overstayed his visit.That’s what this country needs is some sort of penalty so the same ones are not crossing the borders when if caught they just get a bus ride home.


    There should be ZERO immigration until all illegal immigration is stopped and those that are here are deported or absorbed , preferably the former .

  • choppinwood

    This is a great bill, and everyone on this site should look it up, read it and get all of our freinds, and relatives to call in to back it up. I can’t believe how nuts our current administration is, Eric Holder fights for terrorist rights. And our Home Land Security makes us out to be the bad guys! NUTS cases!

  • 45caliber

    I open this and enter a single comment – and it gets kicked out because I’m making too many comments????

    • libertytrain

      45 – Bob mentioned earlier there is problem with the site that will be resolved in a couple days and to be patient… so I guess that’s what we need to do.

  • 45caliber

    Let’s end ALL immigration unless we have some reason otherwise.

    We dont’ need ANY immigration from third world countries because of “economic hardship”. We have that here. Let them straighten up their own countries instead. If we NEED someone’s expertise, then we can allow them here. But a “need” isn’t for some company to be able to hire someone at a cheaper wage.

    • Ellen

      I agree. Along with a temporary stop to immigration, we need to stop all welfare and free medical care for immigrants. If we moved to France today, we would not be allowed to get on their socialized medicine for 5 years even though we’d have to pay taxes as soon as we arrived. That’s common sense. Instead, people come here illegally to get free medical care, housing and food. And, of course, we reward their illegal presence with citizenship for their offspring. These ridiculous actions are not the correct way to run a country. Is it any wonder we are bankrupt?

  • chuckb
  • chuckb

    speaking of immigtrants:

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Each new person coming here uses food and fuel driving up the prices but the demos simply think of adding to their numbers no matter the cost. We are overpopulated and adding to environmnetal damage of which the demos often show concern.


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