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Bill to Clamp Down On Federal Reserve Gains Steam

April 13, 2009 by  

Bill to Clamp Down On Federal Reserve Gains Steam

Rep. Ron Paul is pushing a bill (H.R.1207) that calls for the comptroller general of the United States to audit the Federal Reserve. And the bill is gaining steam as more members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican, sign on.

The bill is called the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, and it requires an audit of the Fed’s Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks be completed and reported to Congress by the end of 2010.

The Federal Reserve is a government-established private entity that can enter into agreements with foreign central banks and foreign governments. However, no agency has oversight over the Fed and the Government Accounting Office is prohibited from auditing or viewing any agreements. So no one, except for the Fed’s Board of Governors, truly knows what’s going on there.

According to reports, Paul says every problem with the American economy from the Great Depression to the current crisis results from Federal Reserve policy. It’s true. The Fed’s manipulation of money has led to inflation and a devaluation of the dollar that’s robbed the American people of their wealth.

No less an expert than former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan agrees. In a 1966 essay entitled Gold and Economic Freedom, Greenspan wrote:

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.”

The Constitution gives Congress the right “to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures” in Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5.

The Fed is a non-constitutional institution created in 1913. It was given a monopoly on the issue of all bank notes, and national and state banks could only issue deposits redeemable in Federal Reserve Notes or gold (gold ownership was outlawed 20 years later then reinstated in 1975). All national banks were forced to become members of the Federal Reserve.

The U.S. Government is out of control in many respects, and the Federal Reserve is one of them. Congress’ policies of increasing spending to prop up failing businesses, fund entitlements and expand government and pay for it by having the Fed print fiat money (money no longer backed by gold) are responsible for the loss of trillions of dollars of wealth around the globe.

This bill by Paul—now co-sponsored by 28 legislators—is a step toward fiscal responsibility. Perhaps, if it passes, the bill will show the masses the great fraud that has been perpetrated on them for the last 96 years.

Once that is done maybe, just maybe, a loud hue and cry from the masses will ensue, our country will go back to a gold standard, and some of the madness will end.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    This idea should have been popular about 80 years ago, when our congressional pimps/prostitutes/criminals/traitors surrendered the constitutional right to make money to a private corporation. The only way this will change anything is IF a certain new president has the guts to “abort” [what an appropriate expression!] the IRS.
    I’ll not be holding my breath, as I’m old enough to know better.
    Anyway, give ‘em hell while you can, Ron!

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      Sorry to tag on your comments, but I really do want people to read what I say here. There are so many great comments below (and off topic horrible). My point: People need to understand what a dollar is. What is a dollar? Where do you go to find out? There IS an answer. The definition of a dollar is found in the 1792 Coinage Act. This law still stands today, in full force (unfortunately, not ENforced). By law, the United States is REQUIRED to keep all accounting in accordance to the MONEY OF ACCOUNT as declared by law. The government is in violation of this still valid, unammended law, and they know it. They just decided to defraud the people. If memory serves, ONE DOLLAR, by definition of law as layed forth in the 1792 Coinage Act is to be 412 grains of 90 % pure silver. In other words, the old silver dollar. The biggest theft in history is not to be found in the ‘Guinness book of World Records’. Find an old Silver Certificate, and on it you will find it has all 5 of the requirements to be a lawful (not legal, big difference) note: How much, of what, payable to whom, by whom, and when. They then took away the promise to pay, and the people snored on, only to awaken with their substance ‘rendered out’. Did you know that Silver Certificates and ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ circulated side by side for decades? Check with a coin shop. As long as the fraud LOOKS like the real thing and acts like the real thing, why worry? When the trial balloon was not shot down, after sufficient time, simply remove the real thing, and ‘wala’ the people have had their wealth stolen and not a single shot fired! Paper money was ALWAYS known to NOT be money, but rather a RECEIPT for it, and you could go down and get the actual MONEY anytime you wanted to trade in the worthless paper receipt! Did you know Henry Ford said: “If people understood the nature of money, there would be revolt by morning”? The ‘Fed’ is not Federal at all. Ever heard of ‘Federal Ammunition’? Some private company that makes ammo. Big deal. Anyone can name a business ‘Federal’ such-and-so. It does make for a nice deception though. My belief is that the ‘Fed’ is a private company, foreign (at least in part, if not wholly) owned, and you are NOT going to be able to find who holds the Class A stock.

      • eric

        Thank you! Please help me in my endeavor to get this to all the “talking heads” on radio, and get them to talk about it! Don’t leave out Article 1, Section 10 where it states “No State Shall….make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt.” Ron Paul has been fighting these bastards for 30 years that I know of, God bless him!

      • PAUL


      • Rob

        Excellent explaination, very good. Its very similiar to something Bob Livingston wrote in his private newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter.


      • DeJay

        I believe you will find that the Elders of Zion and the Vatican own the Class A stock.

    • Mickey

      It is the only way to stop the Rothschild & its friends, AKA ,our own congress that will not obey the constitution, because it would upset their lifestyles over the people of our Nation. It will come a day when they push to far & its upon them,so what do thay do,they Sell out our Nation to the highest bidders,Soros & friends. Try to buy the most expensive 3 metals on earth & you will find them in short supply,Lead,Silver & Gold! My mother & dad taught me the real meaning of money,you had to work & produce a product that someelse would buy & need! T for Texas & T for Tennessee!

    • joe

      well it sounds good. they haven’t been audited since inception in 1913. so get off you asses and spread the word for people to stay on top of the assholes in dc with e-mails, phone calls and letters. it just might help, remember what your mom told you , the squeaky wheel gets the grease. support hr 1207 ,it goes to committee 0n the 27 th, don’t support hr 45 or any other gun controls or taxes or the global poverty act. i just find it hard to believe american people are so ignorant of what is really happening in the world not just here. we should be way more involved but we don’t really seem to have too many reps’ who really give a damn about the USA or us. there are some good videos on google that lay it all out the big picture(final cut) and on 9/11 misssing links. people say stupid shit like, it will get better, well i got news for you , it never gets better,only worse. this global warming bs is another thing that needs to be stopped, it’s un/ al gore propaganda to steal more of our wealth. check it out for yourself, most scientist studying climate change aggree that water vapor and termites create more co2 than all of mans machines! it is a farce like so much of the shit they put out there for stupid people to eat up and they are. joe

    • George

      Thank God for Ron Paul and all of us that took part in the Tea Parties around the country. He is truly a great patriot.
      Let the truth be known and it will set us free. Any business or bank that can’t make it without lies, deceipt and corruption should be sent into bankrupcy.
      Why should AMEX receive bailout $? I refuse to call it tarp.
      Thank you Mr. Paul. Keep it up, there are many of us praying for you.

  • micron26

    Considering how much blame Greenspan deserves for the current debacle, quoting his essays from 40+ years ago serves only to demonstrate what a complete fool the guy turned into since then.

    • Metalchemist

      Look who he married.
      Now, she’s a liberal spinster talking head.( The’re not Filthy RICH ! R they?)
      Not to mention he’s a C.F.R. member / Builderburg. Etc Etc…
      (Ultra Rich/ Ultra Liberal)…… Conspirators ?
      YOU MEAN FEDERAL EXPRESS Isn’t A Govt OWNED & Operated Company
      Ron Paul is one of the Smarter Politicians on the Hill,
      But the Status Quo Establishmentarians, link the Citizens Militia’s to him, to try and discredit him . When actually it’s a Honor. Citizen Trust….

    • Mike

      No he really is not a fool he is a paid for prostitute, if he was a fool he would be in jail.

  • amy hart

    The Federal Reserve is at the root of our financial meltdown. It’s time the American people were allowed to view this mysterious organization that has cost us all so much treasure and heartache since its inception in 1913. Thank you for bringing this bill to national attention.

    • P Alfonso

      Obviously you are very upset at the world.
      Is there anything that a man or a woman can do for you to make you happy?

      • Patriot1775

        P Alfonso,

        That is a ridiculous reply to Amy. She made a very correct statement about the Federal Reserve Bank. It has been the cause of the many financial crisises in the 20th century including two World Wars.

        • P Alfonso

          My apologies.
          My comments were not meant for Amy but for: TrueAmerican101 who made a totally out of context and out line remark and who’s comment should have been deleted.

        • Salmon

          To that you can add Korean conflict, the Vietnam war ,Iraq and Afghanistan!

      • Michael

        Yes, in fact there is something that would make me VERY happy and that is getting rid of all the congressional pimps/prostitutes/criminals/crooks/traitors such as Barny Frank and others alike for good. I am sure that would make me and SC both very happy.

        • pep

          Don’t forget about Nancy Pelosi the true Commander in Chief; we need to get rid of her! Then we should deport George Soros who is doing his best to crumble our economy and devalue our dollar as he did Britian’s ‘Pound’.

      • Popeye

        Alfonso, you have two drinks before you. On the left, a brand of Kool-Aid that will rot your brain; on the right, a toast to liberty and prosperity.
        Choose wisely grasshoppah.
        Master POpeye.

        • Charles W. Presson

          i am appalled to know- I did not that there is no over view of the Fed. How long has this been going on. (Forever). If Ron Paul stays, he can be President.
          Charles W. Presson

        • Jimmy Freeman

          The same bankers, OWN both parties. These banking families financed both sides of the US Civil War, and then the reconstruction era. This eventually lead to the US government not brining in enough revenue to service the debt they contracted with the private lenders. In short they were in default. The contract (debt) was varied by agreement, and the agreement included the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Between 1913 and 1933 they were given control over the US banks and where shipping the Gold and Silver coin offshore legally as payment for the debts that the US had contracted. The People were depositing silver and gold coin in exchange for silver and gold certificates. There came a point in time when the merchants were charging the People to use the Certificates to make payments and the People decided to go exchange their certificates for the silver and gold they had deposited. The problem was that the bankers had shipped it offshore and there was not to honor all the certificate in circulation. This caused a panic, the People started flocking to the banks only to discover that the banks did not have their silver and gold. They started getting ugly and were going to mug the bankers. The government had an obligation to protect their creditors (still do) and this is when FDR proclaimed the State of National Emergency (March 6, 1933) we are still under. He also amended section 5(b) of the trading with the enemy act of 1917 and officially declared the American People running on the banks the enemy of the State. Congress on March 9th 1933 approved FDR’s proclamation of emergency and the Amending of section 5(b). The biggest problem that the American People face is ignorance of the Rule of Law, and apathy. If we are going to save our nation we MUST organize and learn to use the Rule of Law to our benefit. The special interest groups understand this and DO use it to their advantage. There is nothing wrong with our form of government or the government itself. It us the People, and our refusal to organize ourselves and come to understand the Laws which govern.

          • J C

            That is exactly right, and its why voting is a joke. Take back America.

        • Rob

          Thats excellent Jimmy Freeman, you nailed it.

    • Delay

      Just in case many don’t know the way the Federal Reserve works. President Wilson was found our by rhe Elders of Zion the have had an affair with another professors wife whewn he was a professor. The Elders of Zion threatened to expose him if he did not sign over Congress’ power to coin and print money. If one president can sign away this power, another can take it back. JFK tried and look what happened to him. He was shot two times from the front and two times froim the rear.

      • Delay

        I forgot to add how the Federal Reserve works. When we had the power to print money, we didn’y have to pay interest on the money. Now the U.S. has to borrow from the Federal Reserve and pay them interest. What an utter insane arrangement that has been perpetrated on us for 96 years. The politicians know of this and are ignoring it.

      • J C

        Wilson confessed to his complicity on his death bed and begged forgiveness.

  • Used to be a liberal

    The "FED" a very interesting organization this "thing" called the "FED" About 2 or 3 years ago there was a report that the fed took in 590 billion dollars of unaccountable money, from very dubious sources.

    There have been a number of conspiracy stories involving the "fed" none of which can be verified. I find it very interesting just how much power and authority this organization can wield.

    It is interesting too, that when President John Kennedy decided to take on the "fed" with the plan of disbanding it, he and his bother Bobby didn't last too much longer. Was it the "fed" that was behind his or their demise?

    Ron Paul has cracked open a can of worms, it will now be interesting to see what negative factors are bestowed on Ron Paul. How soon will that crack in the can be resealed. It will be interesting to see just how far this bill, and or any investigation doesn't go. Who will fight against it? and what will Obama's teleprompters tell him to do. I don't think Obama can get away with just voting "present" on this one, so watch this bill die, and watch how the death of this bill is spun, and watch what "they" may do to Ron Paul, as it will be a warning to anyone else who decides to take on the "FED"
    The other thing that could happen here, depending on just how much media attention there is and how long this bill survives, would be the exposing of Obama for the puppet that he is.

    • Bill Connors

      Perhaps it was not a snake in the apple tree but the federal reserve board that convinced Eve to bite the gold apple ( a golden deliscious)

      • PAUL

        your a few thousand yrs off,bill !!! the FED. WAS ONLY CREATED IN 1913 WHEN ANOTHER LIBERAL PRES.WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE..,paul

        • Delay

          Paul, Bill is not so far off as you may think. From what I read, the Elders of Zion formed 458BC with the intent to dominate the world by gradualism.

          • J C

            My research picked up the trail in Frankfurt in the mid 1700′s with a fellow called Rothschilds. How far down the rabbitt hole do you want to go?
            Fact is all we need to know is that our government is not ours anymore. Now what are we going to do about it?

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      You forgot one thing. Lincoln died for the same reason as JFK. When the international banksters tried to commandeer the monetary system under Lincoln, being no fool, and knowing the treachery they had in mind he said: “Get out. I will rout you out you den of vipers”. His ‘routing’ days were quickly brought to an end. JFK said “The high office of the Presidency is being used to foment a plot against the American citizen. I intend to inform the citizen of his plight before I leave office”. He assumed room temperature 10 days later. Lastly, there are books on the subject of what happened Dec. 23, 1913. One I have recently heard advertised, but have not read yet, if I remember correctly, is titled ‘ The Creature From Jekyll Island’.

      • Mike


      • PAUL

        i hate that JEKYLL ISLAND GEORGIA is known for the place where the plan’s of creating the FED.was made and put into is a beautiful place to visit.

    • http://MSN.COM Reality Check

      I agree somewhat to you statement and explanation of how it works. But, knowing how much of what you said is fact, isn’t that in itself proof of how much effort on your part, (along with the rest of us) is needed to protect Ron Paul from the Pimping fallout that could follow? Isn’t it a fact that if we show the Pimpsters of Washington that we now mean business, (as a whole) we the people (Together) could truly make a difference once and for all?
      Maybe it’s time we “ALL” stand together and demand the truth of what happened to Kennedy be known and then we “ALL” can finish what JFK tried to do for us! I mean, come on! Look at what the white house whores have done to us. Look at what the next generation has to be stuck cleaning up and or paying for! We can use our votes to make a big difference, and slowly clean out the scum that crawls through the halls of the white house.

    • Salmon

      I have heard from an undisclosed source, that all the Federal excise taxes are sent directly to the Federal Reserve, and are not accounted for. There reportedly is enough excise taxes paid yearly, to cover our Federal budget. I can not (don’t know how to) prove this but would like to verify it to be sure. Any help?

      • used to be a liberal

        Hi Salmon, I have heard that before too, unfortunately not much of anything can be verified when it comes to the “FED” They almost seem to be a government entity unto themselves.

        The only thing that I can suggest is just type into your search window the fed, and or just type in a question into your search window, see what comes up, but the bigger problem will be trying to determine fact from fiction. There is a lot of information out there on the fed, and a lot of disinformation too.

        Good luck to anyone who can get anything factual that is not already public knowledge

        • PAUL

          Auburn University has a copy of the federal reserve act of 1913,they got it many yrs ago,its around 3,000 pages,and very interesting.i have studyed it there,a great place to study,regards,paul

      • J C

        ALL taxes are sent directly to The Fed. That’s who the IRS works for.

    • DieHardPatriot

      If anyone cares to they can greatly expand their knowledge read ALL of the information on this website noted below ( IT IS LONG- BE PATIENT!) and also go to the following URL and view the video-it is important that you pass the URl on EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Know what we are still under the rule of England and the Vatican whom by the way is in charge of all the Security Agencies in the world-KGB, CIA, FBI, etc. and obama takes his odres through the office of the archbishop in New York….or else he will get assassinated like Lincoln and JFK. So in other words he is a coward, a front man, and afraid but also arrogant and that is why he was elected as he is just as ruthless as his bosses. It’s time we stepped in to replace this despot treacherous, unresponsive government. We the people have that right and replace it with a government taht bows to the will of the people and the individual states . The conditions we are experiencing today have been carefully laid out for centuries a little at a time. END THE FED AND ARREST THE CFR MEMBERS and their other cronies in the US ASAP.

      Although off topic this link has a video that needs to be passed on FAST! I called the Department of Homeland Security about the details in this video and all I got was hung up on.

  • Nellie Pennella

    I can’t believe someone would be so gross to state the above comment.

    • Personal Liberty Support

      The first offensive comment about Sarah Palin has been removed. As well as several other comments that followed.

    • Gloria

      You wouldn’t happen to be holed up in some cave in Afghanistan by any chance, would you. You certainly don’t sound like any type of American to me.

  • Lee

    You are discusting, I feel sorry for you.

    • Gloria

      The spelling is disgusting – now, who should feel sorry for whom? It’s obvious that you cannot spell, so you obviously also have a problem reading.

  • http://SantaCruzKid carl rice

    a stupid statement such as yours about Sarah Palin shows you are one of the selfish, self righteous liberals who are destroying what this Country once proudly was, honest, compassionate, understanding and one Nation under God.

    • hopeforamerica

      Although I enjoy a good Palin bashing, I admit she has nothing to do with this subject. And on your other points TrueAmerican101; I completely Disagree with you. Under the bush and republicans we have seen more of our freedoms threatened than any other time in recent history, i.e. wiretapping, and gitmo. The Past (8) years we’ve seen More dishonesty, deregulation, Greed, and a All Pro business-screw the consumers, than ever before. And I think you must have been referring to “self righteous” conservatives and republicans who beleive in stuffing down our throats the what woman should choose versus a woman’s right to choose. And let’s not forget how the neo-cons and repubs believe they are the only god fearing people on earth! Lastly, don’t be brainwashed by the neocons and repubs. They’ve apparently confused “Loosing” the last election with
      Democracy! And as for more oversight, I see no harm in overseeing the Fed. Reserve or any other agency for that matter.

      • Gloria

        To my knowledge, gitmo was not for American prisoners but for Terrorists who were and are a threat to this country, and it’s “losing” an election not “loosing.”

      • tryingtoreason

        Although you enjoy a good palin bashing? That statement makes the rest of your comments so worthless.

    • Salmon

      Absolutley nothing to do with the Fed. She also has nothing to do with the other Fraternal organizations in the shadows. CFR/Tri-lateral commission, etc. Not a Bilderberger, or Rothschild, elitist, etc. She is a darn good American!

    • Delay

      Maybe because she was picked by John McCain to be his runnuing mate since he is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

  • Robin from Indiana

    True American…. Change your name. You couldn’t be any less American posting a comment such as you did. Crawl back under your rock and keep quiet. That way your ignorance won’t show!

  • Robin from Indiana

    This bill should pass because Obama promised us a more transparent government. And we believe him, right? Go Ron Paul!

  • MJM

    TrueAmerican101 who are you kidding? you are NOT a TrueAmerican.

  • Mischelle Watkins

    TeueAmerican 101 my arse -
    Grow up.
    keep your ignorant comments for bathroom walls. This is NOT a forum for your vulgarity kicks. Obviously you are one of the ‘enlightened,’ followers. The people will get the government they deserve. If you had ANY idea what came out of your head when you wrote that you would recognize what a MORON you truly are.

  • MJM

    This Bill needs to be passed. God Bless, Ron Paul

  • jane


    Being uneducated is at the root of our problems. You are exactly the type of people who vote for Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Schumar, Rangal, Obama and all the rest of the Socialists in DC.

  • P Marshall

    What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and TrueAmerican101? Sarah Palin is a 100% Class Act with values in life and for life and TrueAmerican 101 is a deluded piece of worthless human garbage. You are neither “True” and you certainly demonstrate you are not an “American.” You are a sick piece of human debris! Go swim in the sewer where your mind is.

  • Katherine

    Please remove the comment by TrueAmerican101. It is not funny. It is however crude and offensive. I have a disabled child. Plus, the comment has nothing to do with the article. Thank you.

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    I would guess that somewhere in the heirarchy of the set up of the Fed, there are politicians somewhere playing an important role in this. So question is, over the years, is one side of the aisle more dirty than the other, or have they just taken turns as different parties win the white house, in fleecing us the people as they do on every other front. Why is it that the most despeckable trade, lawyers, are the ones who run both the government and the legal systems, which both are broken so bady, because of these low live lawyers having set it all up so nothing gets done without their saying so or without their knowledge of it. Maybe thats where we should start, is investigating all the lawyers and eliminate the dirty ones, and when we get down to the two or three clean ones in the whole country, make him president.

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      I like the way you think, in part. I for years have referred to it as the ‘Republicrat’ or ‘Demican’ party. Lose, lose. I do feel the ‘Democrat’ party is now the Communist party. We won’t even talk about why there is a ‘Democrat’ party in a nation where the Constitution guarantees every state a REPUBLICAN form of government. Where I disagree with you is about having attorneys in office at all. I read an article that recently one of very few original copies from 1825 of the Constitution was found, which brings the total to 2 of these recently re-discovered. According to the article I read, the 13th amendment contained therein PROHIBITED attorneys from holding office! That makes so much sense! Is what I read true? I don’t know. I do know that attorneys belong to (beside go to) the ‘bar’. That makes them members of the same closed union shop that the judges belong to, and you and I do NOT belong to. Do you see a problem here?

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Yes I do. What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A start. Anything that has lawyers involved in it, revolves around someone making money, whether it be legal or illegal. Mostly immoral. I truly do not know how these guys sleep at night, when they for the most part work in an dishonest service, where they are to uphold the law, but instead they circumvent the law, change the law, set precedence of law, everything but uphold what is true and righteous. Your profession has become the scourge of society, whereas once people looked at you with admiration, we now all look at you with utter disgust because of what you have become. You are the vomit of this country, spewing out all over the place with disgusting putrid odor. How it came to be that you sit in offices of government, is beyond me, which further shows the corrupt character of your profession. Shame on you all.

      • Mike


        • azcIII

          I’m not sure which article Peon, 2nd Class read, but there is a ton of information about the missing 13th Amendment. You can search for it.

          The debate over the apparent unlawful removal of a ratified portion of the US Constitution has been going for some time.

          As for the FED, it should not only be audited, but also abolished and any who have had a hand in abetting the grand theft perpetrated by the FED and international banksters should be arrested, tried and punished for their treason.

    • Yankee Lady

      Mark…I’ve been running the internet looking for connections between all the ones that are in the top of our government. If they haven’t erased the information/sites suggest you look up known members of “Skull and Bones” and “Masons” (look especially for the top ones in these organizations. Notice: Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and members of both parties at the top of our government belong to these organizations and it sounds like they have meetings. I wonder what for. “Strange Bedfellows?”

    • Yankee Lady


      *A Judaic is an godless atheist or satanist who claims to be a Jew; but is not. The following Judaics operate Homeland Security:
      Michael Chertoff: former Secretary of US Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano is now Sec.
      Paul A. Schneider: Deputy Secretary of US Homeland Security.
      Fred L. Schwien: Executive Secretary of Operations of US Homeland Security.
      Jay M. Cohen: Under-Secretary for Science & Technology of US Homeland Security. (This Big Brother Jew is the one who will embed his micro-chip into your wrist or forehead).

  • Norm

    Are you Al Frankin hiding behind the trueamerican name? DIP S_ _ T

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    True American 101, no you arent. I dont care what side of the aisle your on, this is a sick and evil statement from a disturbed person. How hardened by the world are you man? Has Satan really taken you over totally? I for one will pray for you, because what you have become to make a statement like that, is less than human, and though you show your hatred by making such statements, I will show you love that the Father first showed me, and I will pray for you, because brother you need some help. I feel bad that there are such pitiful sorrowful people walking around in the darkness of this earth, and dont even know Jesus is all they need. Youll never know how much you need him brother, until he is all you have.

  • johnd

    I would like to see who the other congressmen who back Ron Paul’ fed bill is.This would show me who is looking out for the people who elected them.

    • JohnK

      John, you can go here and see the now 58 co-sponsors of this bill:

      • Mike


        • perry

          i`m from

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    To all who have contributed to this post, I need to make the following statement. Allthough I am not a betting man, Ill give you 100 to 1 that this trueamerican101 guy is a democrat. Anyone want to bet?

    • crocus009

      No telling, really. He (could be a ‘she’) could be just a goof-ball who gets his jollies by posting controversial comments on websites. I doubt there is much, if anything, of substance coming from his brain.

      • carrierpigeon

        crocus0009 – I think that is the point, not ‘much, if anything, of substance coming from his brain’ = democrat

        • Artie

          I don’t know what TrueAmerican said, it must have been deleted. But I take offense at people labeling other’s because they are Democrat’s or Republican’s. I am a registered Democrat and I voted for Obama, as the lesser of the two evils. McCain was saying we could be in Iraq for a hundred years, Obama was lying to us that we would be out of Iraq in one year. People really need to get over this false left/right paradigm. You need to realize that they are all just two wings of the same bird. Arlen Specter just changed parties for the sole reason that he “wanted to get re-elected”. The entire political process is corrupt. I am no longer affiliated with either of these parties. As a democrat, my favorite politician of today is Ron Paul. I look at all candidates with impartiality, no matter the political party. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and stop bashing each other as lib’s or neocon’s. They are all equally bad. We need to remake politics in this country. We need to put in term limits and remove any corporate campaign funding. We need to make government work for We the People instead of their corporate owner’s. It’s time to end the FED and the IRS, end these illegal wars, and yes, it’s time for a real investigation into 9/11.

  • bkf

    shame on you. Am sure you never had children nor would you understand that children are a gift from The LORD. How many sperm & eggs (children( have you killed in your womb?

  • johnd

    True American 101 didn’t come from a vagina IT (true american101) came from under a rock!

  • John Foley

    I also feel this bill should be passed. Onlt I feel a deadline of 12’31’09 is long enough as any longer will give them to much time to create “FUZZY NUMBERS”.
    Just cramm it down the Liberals throat like they have been doing such a good job of.
    Also include the Senate and all registered taxpayers with a copy of their findings. I don’t want to hear ” the taxpayers won’t understand it” stuff they always spew out.
    The truth is we will probably understand it better that them as we actually have to work for a living and continue to reajust our budgets so we can live on less and less while they keep taking and spending like there;s no end of themoney supply.
    I hope the taxpayers are finally starting to awaken and we give the majority of the Congress and the Senate their pink slips in 2010.
    We need leaders that actuyally care about us. Lets ge a two term limit also. These were never meant to be career positions.


    • http://MSN.COM Reality Check

      Well Said My Man. That’s exactly what we need to do and I for one am with you on this… Not to change the subject though, but what did I miss? I am a fireman with a broken spine, in wheel chair now and have loved many children in wheel chairs in the past. What is all this about what 101 had said?

    • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

      I don’t know where to begin! Yes, ignorance is the most expensive commodity we have. It appears that historically our country has been taken advantage of by selfish, dishonest, and dare I say, Godless men almost since its creation. If you truely considder yourself an American Patriot, then you WILL obtain a copy of our Constitution and The Declaration of Independance and READ them both. Then you will thank all of the brave men who gave up thier lives in war to protect and honor both of them!!! They didn’t do it to protect a bunch of selfserving and dishonest public servants! I believe that they believed that this country, which was given to us by the smartest, and bravest group of TRUE Americans is worth preserving. These men knew what oppression was when they were under English Rule and they formulated this amazing notion of government of, by, and for the people.Those bastards in washington are so fond of calling our country Evil and appologizing to the rest of the world for actions which the majority of its populace never have and never could perpetrate. It has always been America who has defended every other country in the world at sometime or another. The soldiers did it for completely different reasons and motivations than the Beaurocrats who sent them! Our foreign policy has always been how and who will profit financially? When was the last time you heard a report that a group of refugees died trying to immigrate to any other nation? If theyr’e willing to risk dieing to get here we must be doing something right! Don’t you agree? The idea that America is sick and Evil is so twisted that I start to shake when I think about it! It is not we who are behind it, it is we who enabled them to do it. By re-electing the same lieing, deceiving, thieving group of lawyers nothing is going to ” CHANGE” Our only “HOPE is to put our differences aside for the time being and come together as a nation to vote these cretins out.
      Then, when we have control of our government and lives again we can institute term limit legislation so that this can’t happen as easilly again!
      I don’t care whose side you’re on in congress you are a fool! They don’t give a Damn about you! But that is a topic for another time!
      Love thy neighbor….

  • Robert A. Ferriere

    I believe that both the FED and IRS are unconstitutional and should be done away with, if we want to SAVE this country from the strangeling hold of the MONEY cartel and power brokers. I believe that our constitution is in grave peril and that we are moving closer and closer to becoming the USSA (United Socialist States of America). Each day, our freedoms are being taken away from us in the name of security and the government is getting bigger and bigger. It is time to join ourselves together (Republicans, Demacratic & Independent) and defeat this enemy of LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
    May God help us SAVE the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vanessa

      Exactly. The demise of our constitutional rights sounds the death march of our country. Where will freedom minded people go once this great land falls to socialist and the communists continue to surround us? How can honest people build a nest egg when income is taxed? When inflation steals the value of what is put away? Thank you, Ron Paul, for giving us a voice. I applaud your courage.

    • http://MSN.COM Reality Check

      Robert, that is so true, and the last thing that people even think about. Now that we have at least gotten together here, how do we “ALL” get together in Washington to make the “American Change” that needs to be done. We as a people are the ones who should be calling the shots, not the government…

      Remember–> By the people, 4 the people, and Of the people?

      I sit and read over the constitution at times just to remind myself of all the abuse that is now running our country under the heading of “government” today, and compare it to the times of Linclon and then JFK. The truth is that it’s even written in God’s Word. We are in the 6th trump at this point…
      The generation of the fig tree is surely soon to be completed.

      I like your style Robert A. Ferriere.
      God Bless
      May we All Come to Truly Understand His Word!


    • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

      Amen Brother!!

    • Artie

      Yes Robert. We need to drop the labels and the political partisanship and come together as one united force, AMERICAN’S!!!


    Only when we stop the Jews who own he Fed Reserve will we get accountablility !! Look at Obamas people, they are all Jews, Obama is nothing but a puppet on a string. While Obama is the corner preachers man on a his soap box , the Jews are running the country into hell !!!

    • MomsRight

      You are wrong, Obama hates the jews! sure there are alot of liberal minded jews however, like America, Israel stands in freedom from the oppression of enemies on every side! Enemies without, enemies within! This struggle we (Americans) are in is much more than what we can see. It is a spiritual battle between good and evil, between God and Satan! It has been this way since the begining of time! Jews are always singled out by evil because they are Gods chosen people! If we want to win this battle we should stand by the jews! I read the book I know how the story ends! People like Ron Paul who stand up for what is right will become targets, However, it is better to suffer for doing right than to suffer for being insufferable! God send us more freedom loving people!

      • Paul Trood

        It is not of relevance whether Obama likes Jews or not. It is the fact that he is a product of them that should raise concern. This is one of the reasons he has filled his administration with them as with most administrations before. All U.S. presidents post JFK are products of the monetary system and this system is, in the majority run by people with jewish blood lines. Please don’t get me wrong I am not anti-jew, in fact some of my best friends are jewish but centuries ago the jews being a very smart race of people realized that to obtain REAL power in this world they had to be in charge of the monetary system so they set out to do so. Their success is to be applauded, just look at the Fortune 500 companies and who owns and runs them.
        I wish Ron Paul success with HR 1207 and if it is and the names of those who really run the “Fed” are disclosed I can promise you they will by absolute majority be of jewish ancestry.

        • Salmon

          It is not about Jews, Christians or sinners, it is about EVIL! The love of money is the root of ALL evil! There is not one mentioned evil, that can not be traced back to the love of money! (you don’t need to have any, to love it)

        • Paul Trood

          I agree that money is the root of all evil, but the most evil resides where the most money lives and that is as above.

      • Artie

        Well there needs to be a line of distinction noted here. There are Jews and there are Zionist’s. These people that we are dealing with are Zionist Jews. Dual citizens who litter Obama’s cabinet. That is another thing that we need to do away with, dual citizen’s in higher office in the government. I’d also like to point out that you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, although most are, if you know the definition of the term zionist. If Obama is putting some distance between himself and Israel, then that is a positive step. But, as it were, Obama is not the President of the United States. More realistically, he is the dictator of the Fascist State of America. We have strayed so very far from what our founding father’s ever envisioned. And now, our government is rapidly introducing more and more draconian legislation, or Obama is just writing EO’s. We are in deep shit!! Too deep to get out of without the structure crumbling. When that happens, it is up to us, the citizens of this country to put it back together in a way that replicates the founding father’s view but with stopgaps in place to avoid ever going down this road again. The FED is the fourth iteration of the central bank in this country and we must assure that it will be the last. It is the FED that has brought this country to it’s knees and the central banks, around the world, that have created worldwide economic disaster. Some say that we are coming back, out of this “recession”, but that is not true. Our fatally ill country is just raising it’s head up one more time before it dies. We haven’t seen nothing yet!! Hyper inflation is right around the bend and we still have the NWO to deal with. We have alot of work to do and we need to do it together.

    • Yankee Lady

      Michael Chertoff Ashkenazi…Head of homeland security (Note last name!)
      There are 4 at the top of our government that are zionists (if I’m figuring this out correctly). I’m still working on it.
      Can’t find the names of the other 3 at the moment. If I find them again, I’ll be back and add them.
      This goes way back to the beginning of our country when one of the presidents broke the bank when he discovered that all the money was going to be in control of this group. It looks like a revenge thing…If you check you will find that the ones at the top of the world banks, federal reserve and other top organizations are taking control of the money (and it does appear that they are zionists. There is another name for these people (and not Jew) but can’t think what it is at the moment.)

      • Teresa

        Illuminati or illuminata

      • annnort

        Emmanuels’s father is a radical zionist per Wikipedia. Emmanuel is Jewish.

  • Vince Calcaterra

    This bill should be passed immediately.

    Thanks to a true patriot: Ron Paul.


    • Artie

      Vince, the bill has been gutted down to ONE AUDIT period. We will get our audit but they will have time to hide alot of shit before we ever begin the audit.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    I gather from the crude, unrelated to the topic,comment of [trueamerican101] that he is happy with the morass that our country is now in and will gladly submit to any and all indignities that our present government will heap upon him. He is pathetic.

  • P Alfonso

    I agree with the concept.
    Having said that banks have always controlled our nation and most likely always will. John F Kennedy the last President that wanted to control the Federal Reserve did not finish his first term in office. Money has always controlled our policies and always will. We don’t elect a real governing figure we elect the puppet of those who own the money that rules the world. I don’t trust them anymore than you do but can we really trust the politicians?
    In order to be heard, we the people always end up having to do it ourselves for our elected politicians work for those who fund their elections and not for us.

    Therefore tomorrow April 15th, make sure to attend a TEA PARTY and make yourself heard for nobody else is listening.

    • Mike


      • Mike


        • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

          Did you realize that some of the banks were leveraged at 30 to one? As you know that means for every $100 they took in they were lending out $3000! And to people who didn’t have a prayer of paying it back! This was at the insistance of Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Alan Specter ,Bill Clinton et al. What really makes me fighting mad is the way Barney and Chris act like they don’t know what you’re talking about and moreover that it isn’t their fault do to deregulation. I guess these maggotts don’t know that we’re aware of personal accountability!

    • hopeforamerica

      P Alfonso; Anybody who would particpate in the tea party clearing has no understanding of economics, or how to our expand our economy and get us out of this recession! What you may do to rescue your personal financial life/solvency, is not the same remedy in this particular national economic crisis.
      The one time I saw a tea party protest made me realized just how many people are so ignorant and uneducated. Very scary. You fell hook, line and sinker for GOP propaganda. The same party who got us into this financial cluster %%##@.

      • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

        I’m sorry hopeforamerica, but untill you can type a coherent sentence that is spelled correctly, you have no business calling Americans ignorant! If you actually believe that over taxing people who work for a living just to give it to some dead beats who borrow irresposably and would rather stay home and play video games, a good and patriotic thing. Then contact me and I will gladly pay for the plane ticket that gets you out of here! The American dream I chase doesn’t include working to pay for the mistakes of others, whether intensional or not.
        By the way, you can’t blame only the GOP for this. Obama’s crew and the GOP are in bed with each other and if you didn’t know that, who are you calling ignorant!

    • Artie

      This is because we allow corporate campaign finance. These politician’s are tainted before they are ever elected. Once elected, they carry out the promises to their corporate donor’s before they even think about doing anything for We the People. The Supreme Court recently ruled to remove restrictions from corporate campaign financing. What the hell were they thinking??? All they did was to make a horrible situation that much worse! The fact of the matter is that the entire system is corrupt. It has to go, as we are told we have the right to replace them if we ever come to this point, in the Declaration of Independence. This government CANNOT be fixed. It needs to be replaced and rebuilt properly.

  • crocus009

    American 101…. congratulations….mission accomplished! You diverted attention from the subject of this forum to yourself. Comments such as yours should be totally ignored. Granted that’s difficult to do but I have an idea that would “get your goat” more than the responses…. though, the responses have been terrifically stated and right on.

  • David Wine

    It is rare that any nation that has gone down this path has ever changed. Too many vested interests. A collapse, or near collapse is usually required for real structural change. On the other hand, Repentance, also works.

  • Alex Eden

    Do contact your congressman and kindly ask them to support this bill.

    It’s one of really, truly bi-partisan issues that both sides it the aisle should support.

    If you will decide to write to your congressman more than just a line or two (which is perfectly acceptable), try to use logic and reasoning that will work with your congressman.

    In other words, your representative is democrat, than try to sound like a democrat in your email…

    • crocus009

      Well said Alex Eden. I was going to make a similar comment but you said it better. IMHO the main thing when writing to your Senators and Representatives is to be courteous. If someone sent me an email wanting me to do something and then was rude, I would probably delete it without giving it consideration.

      I know… it’s difficult sometimes to be courteous when you think of what they have done and are doing to the country. But we should try! :-)

    • Artie

      Unfortunately, been there and done that. All I got back every single time was a form letter. So I wrote a letter to Obama, bringing up many points. I waited for 3 months to receive a response. It began “Dear Friend”. The rest was, again, a form letter. These guys do not read our letters. We are wasting our time sending them. I doubt that they even get them. They are probably intercepted by staff members and just put in the mass mail response bin. Marches and protests don’t work. The people that these movements are aimed at probably never even see them and, if they do happen to spy 100,000 people amassed outside of Congress, they probably just say “oh it’s those nuts again” and go back to what they were doing.

  • Joe Hooker

    You should come here to N.E. IN some time.
    Because we’re one of the few states where duelling has never been officially outlawed, & I enjoy shooting craven cowards.

  • P Alfonso

    To those who are replying to TrueAmerican.
    Can’t you see that the object is to take away from the real discussion. Ignore this comment which should be deleted anyway and focus on the subject of the article.

  • Joe Hooker

    Does anyone even remember when a president tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve?
    I do.
    He was shot down.

    • Artie

      Joe, JFK tried to do it all alone. Not a smart move!! We need a Congress that has the balls to stand up as one group and excise the FED from our country. We also need for them to stand up, use the military, and go after the real terrorist’s, the NWO. Question!! Since we know who the NWO is and what their affiliate organizations are, why do we fail to even make an effort to arrest these creatures and put them out of business. As of yet, no government has turned their military might on these elite’s. Why is that? Maybe because it takes courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good to get the job done. I am out here all the time denouncing the FED and the NWO. If you think that I don’t have a target on my back, you are wrong. But I do it anyway because I believe in this country and I would rather die trying to save our country than to sit by, complacently and let them have their way. If you want to be a true Patriot, and this is to all of you, you have to be willing to put your own life at risk. If you are not willing to do that, then you do not deserve the freedom that, those of us who do, will win back for you.

  • Edward J Winegart

    It is indeed time to weed out this corrupt arm of the One World Conspirators.

    • Dirty Harry

      Maybe you should look into who pulls Obama’s strings. – Soros might be

      • hopeforamerica

        Obama was elected by an overwhelming majority. The only one’s who pulls his strings are the people who elected him . And so far, he’s doing an awesome job addressing his campaign promises.

        • Mike


        • Gloria

          Have you taken into consideration that the “overwhelming” majority who voted the puppet in was no doubt as mindless as you appear to be? The “overwhelming majority” was simply following the lead sheep down the sheep hole. Exactly what campaign promises is he addressing? And by the way, there is no apostrophe in ones in this case. By adding an apostrophe you are making it possesive (just a grammatical check). If we are to consider Nobama as “hopeforamerica” we have trully lost the battle.

        • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

          Here Hope, let me pour you another glass of Kool-aide!! It is after all the drink of Obamamaniacs and children!

  • Ford Stevens

    Honorable Ron Paul;
    Thur time, I have listen to many speeches,etc you have given, and this is my first writing to you, but always you are the only elected person that has it right, I have always believed you were right, and I do on the fiscal subject, you would have been a great President,I think you are a super person, God’s speed,and thank you
    Ford Stevens

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    To David Wine: You hit the nail on the head. The Greek Empire was huge, bigger than ours. They became decadent and wicked, and were handed over to their enemies. Rome became huge, perverted and decadent, and were handed over to a lesser enemy. The Medo-Persian empire was huge, and as they too became perverted and decadent and raised up their false gods and idols, they were handed over to a lesser enemy. None of these countries repented and turned to God. The United States was founded on the principles of God. In God We Trust. As we not only turn away from Him, we push him away and dont allow Him in our schools and our government, the more down the tubes we go, until His hand is totally removed from us, then we too will be handed over to a lesser enemy. If you dont learn from History, you are doomed to repeat it. Wake up America, before we all end up in the dark like American 101.

    • ALEEDA

      I don’t object to other’s beliefs in their God, or that America was founded on those beliefs, but for those with a non-religious belief, they should think about what the principles are that keep us existing as a cooperative, cohesive, compassionate society. We do contribute more to the needs of the rest of the world, than ANY other nation. What beliefs and actions of some are trying to make us all bend to their control? What beliefs don’t allow for independent thinking? What beliefs would control our everyday living, eliminate the incentives to work hard, plan our own futures, control our own destinies? What are the beliefs that want to take America away from “We The People”? Those are the beliefs to oppose.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I agree totally with you. The thing you need to understand though is this. Those who have no belief in Jesus Christ, will succumb to the want of money and the want of power, the greed, the selfish desire to control. The need to dominate, the need to be prideful and arrogant. The need to be dishonest and decadent, to be repulsive and perverted. Those who have no solid foundation will make money their god, and be this way. Heck, even some whom claim Jesus as their saviour have fallen this way. But on the whole, those who live without the light in their lives, are easily taken down this road, and unfortunately in this country I love, we keep electing God-less men to position of authority, and this is the result we get. It is easy enough for a Christian to get led astray and off track in this evil world we live in, let alone someone who has not had this guidance and power in their lives. They are powerless against the enemy who seeks to destroy them, and they dont even know it, but that is how it is.

        • http://MSN.COM Reality Check

          Beliefs are many. “But” The bottom line is:
          Depart From Me, For I never Knew You!

    • Bill Connors

      founded on the pricipals of God? How did you come to that conclusion? The third president wasn’t a Christian!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        When the pilgrims first came here, as you will recall, they did so to flee from persecution of the Europeans. They literally began their stay in their new land with the words “In the name of God, Amen”. They were followed to New England by the Puritans, who created Bible based commonwealths, who practiced the same sort of representative government as their church covenants practiced. All but two of the first 108 universities founded in America were Christian, including the first, Harvard, where the student handbook listed rule # 1 “Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, John 17:3; and therefore to lay Jesus Christ as the only foundation for our children to follow the moral principles of the ten commandents.” In 1777, continental congress voted to spend $300,000 to purchase bibles which were to be distributed throughout the 13 colonies. In 1782, the United States congress declared, “The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools”.
        I guess thats pretty much where I got the idea.

        • rolee

          Thank you for some honest facts. Amen

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      Most excellent and appropriate (as well as correct) comments. Thank you.

  • David

    It is time for the Citizens (We The People) to take our country back, from the den corrupt pinheads in the federal capital and all of the state capitals.

    Government, and those in government are there to protect and serve, We the People, and no one else, and defend the Constitution! This includes that they be transparent, with full disclosure, to what is going on in government, to be accopuntable to and live under the same laws as every other citizen and leagal immagrant as to. To weed out and prosicute corruption at all levels and all sectors!

    But it also takes an educated, informed people, and a people that are willing to be involved in the governing and what those we have sent to represent us in government are doing and hold them accountable for what they do and don’t do!

    Power corrupts and apsolute power corruts apsolutly, not my word, but they are true! Being a representative in government was nver ment to be a life long career. It was ment for a person, best suited to accomplish, the will of people in their district, ciity, county, or state, to be a voice for then, to keepmthem informed of what was going on, and to relay how and what the people they represented whanted the government to do. and after a term or two, you went back to your home and back to the private sector and perhapes local govenment.

    Please get involved, write and call your reps, in government, let them hear your voice!
    It is time the We The People take this great country back!

    • Artie

      Well let me stress this point. It is because of the complacency of the American people that this corruption has been allowed. Our responsibility doesn’t end with a vote on Election Day. We need to stay plugged in. I think the majority of us, myself included, are all guilty of this but it is now time to awaken and take this country back. We have paid dearly for our lack of interest but we can still take back out country now that we are awake.

  • crocus009

    The Federal Reserve should be audited and it should be done by an outside firm that would be trustworthy. Is it possible to find such?

  • Bev

    Hooray for Ron Paul. Let’s all call our legislatures and tell them that we want them to pass this. Help Ron Paul out here people.

  • Pat McGlone

    Unfortunately, people like you are part of the problem – not the solution. You are a disgrace to America.

  • crocus009

    This is from Ron Paul’s website. A list of the co-sponsors of the 33 sponsors.

    HR 1207 Co-Sponsors (as of 3/19/2009)

    Rep Abercrombie, Neil [HI-1] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Alexander, Rodney [LA-5] – 3/10/2009
    Rep Bachmann, Michele [MN-6] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Bartlett, Roscoe G. [MD-6] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Blackburn, Marsha [TN-7] – 3/16/2009
    Rep Broun, Paul C. [GA-10] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Buchanan, Vern [FL-13] – 3/17/2009
    Rep Burton, Dan [IN-5] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Castle, Michael N. [DE] – 3/17/2009
    Rep Chaffetz, Jason [UT-3] – 3/6/2009
    Rep DeFazio, Peter A. [OR-4] – 3/9/2009
    Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Fleming, John [LA-4] – 3/18/2009
    Rep Foxx, Virginia [NC-5] – 3/10/2009
    Rep Garrett, Scott [NJ-5] – 3/5/2009
    Rep Grayson, Alan [FL-8] – 3/11/2009
    Rep Heller, Dean [NV-2] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Kagen, Steve [WI-8] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Kingston, Jack [GA-1] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Marchant, Kenny [TX-24] – 3/11/2009
    Rep McClintock, Tom [CA-4] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Petri, Thomas E. [WI-6] – 3/10/2009
    Rep Poe, Ted [TX-2] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Posey, Bill [FL-15] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Price, Tom [GA-6] – 3/10/2009
    Rep Rehberg, Denny [MT] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Rohrabacher, Dana [CA-46] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Stearns, Cliff [FL-6] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Taylor, Gene [MS-4] – 3/6/2009
    Rep Wamp, Zach [TN-3] – 3/16/2009
    Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [CA-6] – 2/26/2009
    Rep Young, Don [AK] – 3/6/2009

    • Bill Connors

      Not one New Yorker? Perhaps Shelly Silver won’t allow this to stand!

      • Nancy B

        Not one in WA either… surprise – surprise – surprise… glad to see some movemetn in the right direction. I’ll be keeping an eye on this and sending ltrs to our reps.

        • http://google fogey60

          really no surprise i live on the east side of the mtn. no representation over here
          the politicians in this state are as corrupt as a lot of then

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Need to get Robert Byrd on there, that crook gets everything he wants.

  • Carole

    Amen…ha!ha!ha! Good one!





  • Doug

    Some people will say anything to get attention.

  • Eric Stratton

    Number One, if you people think there is any difference between a Republican and a Democrat your all fools. Number Two, all of you get sooo upset about what someone “says” something about Palin or anyone else. GET OVER IT! you sound like a bunch of bitchey little girls. It’s words people! They can’t hurt you! The action was meant to get a responce and you satisfied it. Grow up and get back on track. The Fed is destroying your country. You will wake up one morning and the intrnational bankers will own every thing, including YOU.

    • Bill Connors

      go back to school and learn the language!

      • Nancy B

        Yep, they are just words. They are unproductive and unnecessary words. I think there is a saying out there, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” A little “self government” in our world would be on the helpful side. But, that is a dream as there are many who are out there who don’t understand that concept.

        I do agree that alot of attention has been given to the pot stirrers here. That’s exactly what they are looking for, ignore them and they most likely will go away. What a waste of time and energy to respond to lame posts.

        I am glad to see this article about Ron Paul’s bill and hope it gains momentum. Let’s be focusing on the positive and help in all the areas that could make a difference. Let’s get on our Reps. to support this bill!

    • pep

      So Eric are you really “TrueAmerican101″? Are you the one that posted the disgusting joke about Palin or do you just think it’s okay for such a vulgar remark be made about Sarah Palin; it not only debases Sarah, but also her innocent child.
      I take offense to the filthy remark. Anyone with good moral conscience would.
      Sarah Palin is not the topic here.
      The only one sounding like a bitchy little girl here is you.

    • Paul Trood

      Bit late Eric, they already do.

    • Mike


    • Mike

      I have to disagree with you there, you say these criticism’s of Sarah Palin are just words, well to make a comparison, unjust laws on the books that are designed to remove the people’s rights and control the people are JUST WORDS also, but look at how much damage these WORDS can do to the people. Words that unnecessarily criticize and demean a person can also do damage just like unjust laws.

      • Eric Stratton

        Don’t mix up WORDS with LAWS. LAWS are legislative action, and can be nullified, they are not mearly words. Read the first amendment. All opinions and words are good, whether YOU like them or not. If we have to worry about what people say, we may as well give up now. Let’s all grow up people.

  • remoran

    Kill the Fed, period. After that, do the audit to see how they have stolen money, greased the palms of politicians have have destroyed our economy for the sake of naked greed. Banksters run the country and the Fed is the honcho of it all. Good post here.

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    Well Eric, your wrong on one point. The Fed wont ever own me, or the government. They might think they do, but no, not me my friend. I am not taking part in this recession, and Im not taking part in the banks, the government, society, or whatever you want to call it, owning me. It will never be. I have no fear of man, or anything he could possibly do to me, because they are not in control of me, and can to nothing to me without my Father’s permission. So once you realize where the real power is, it kind of minimizes the effect they can have on you. Ill be just fine.

    • Paul Trood

      Oh please spare me the religious zealotry. Do you have a social security number? They already own you.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Need a little light do you. There aint no zealotry here Pal. I walked in the dark for 40 years, and I got my eyes opened, Ok. I see things I didnt before, and I know things I didnt before. And they can have my social security number, my address, my name, and they can come take it all away from me and throw my butt in jail, but in the long run, as I said, they dont own me. If you determine someone running your life here on earth as owning you, then you have a poor outlook of your life. If this is all there is to you, how sad. Take a measuring tape from here to California, then keep going with it. From the start to the 1 inch mark is the time you spend on the earth. The rest of it is time spent elsewhere. What you do with that inch is pretty important. Understand?

        • Paul Trood

          Mark when I look around this world we live in I feel nausea’s at what people have become. We are truly sheep being led to the slaughter but the most upsetting part is the ignorance of this control mechanism. The majority just have NO idea how deep and entrenched the control and manipulation of the masses really is. I am not saying you fit into this group but you made a statement that you will not be taking part in the recession, the banks and the government. From the day you are born and issued with a social security number you enter “the system”. The day you fill in your first tax return you agree to pay Federal Tax, which is not a Constitutional requirement, and if you didn’t fill in that first return there is not a court in the land that could force you to do so. But you do because the “system” leads you to think otherwise. The Federal government can now do whatever it sees fit with your tax dollar. It can use it for productive measures such as improving infrastructure, health care, financial assistance to suffering third world countries etc, or it can use it to create a larger government and therefor only serving it’s own needs and not that of the people. It can use it for wars, be they legitimate or falsely represented as in Iraq. And now it is being used to bailout failed banks and other institutions which in my view should be forced to stand on their own two feet or be allowed to fail as is the right of every business. So if you are a tax payer you have assisted these recalcitrant banks who were always happy to profit off you in the good times but now also want too in the bad.
          The biggest farce in which we live in is “Democracy”. We elect a government via a democratic procedure of the majority wins, that maybe 51 v 49, then the government has basically free reign to implement whatever policies it wants whether the people are for them or against. Election promises are broken, special interest gets it foot in the door, Big Pharma the M.I.C. and others spend hundreds of millions lobbying congress to see it their way, and through nothing more than graft and corruption we the people are duped again, believing that all these people are working in OUR better interests. The reality could not be further from the truth. Democracy is a SCAM, and we have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
          In regards to religion, I am a scientist and as that require proof before I make hard determinations on any subject. Whilst I can admire your belief I struggle with my own acceptance, but hey thats life.

  • Cathy

    The only thing that worries me is the fact that JFK attempted to end the Fed and was assassinated for that action…

    Other than that, end the Fed and the IRS, and the US will quickly get on the road to financial recovery.

    • ALEEDA

      Cathy -
      Interesting assertion. I have not read of any proof that JFK was killed because he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Can you provide some documentation?

      • Cathy

        Probably should not have posted this. It was in the video “The Obama Deception.” I personally feel that the government is involved in many things we don’t know about.

        I don’t believe the “Warren Commission Report” regarding the Kennedy assassination. Quite frankly, I just don’t believe anything the government says! I have absolutely no trust left…

        • Bill Connors

          perhaps Barry’s advertisment has strong evidence?

        • Gloria

          I was around when Kennedy was assasinated and read the “Warren Report” which was just as much garbish as was Warren himself. Want to talk corruption? Poor Oswald and Ruby did not have a chance. The first one shot before he could utter a word and the other pumped full of what was called “cancer” while in his prison cell. That has been the American way, if it’s a threat, eliminate it – take a look at the Clintons and the bodies they buried, and now she’s strutting around pretending to be Secretary of State. I will have to view the video you are referring to, though just glancing at Nobama nauseates me, and hearing him speak does even more harm to my system, but I guess I can brave it through. Thanks for the tip.

        • Artie

          JFK had alot of enemies. He wanted to bring back all troops from Vietnam by the end of 1965, he wanted to end the FED and had issued government notes, he was attempting to put the CIA out of business. The only thing that we really know, at this time, is that it was definitely an assassination conspiracy and Oswald had nothing to do with it. He was a CIA asset and he was used and set up as a patsy. Who actually pulled the triggers on November 22, 1963? We may never know. Personally, I believe that LBJ was into it up to his eyeballs.

      • Mike


  • http://none Bob Boleo

    The current Fed is also the 3rd such onus and 3rd such scam. Lincoln also tried to do away with the Fed and guess what!!! Here is a link to give you a little history of our Bankers.

    • Cathy

      Right…I know that Lincoln also tried to end the Fed… Yep, and guess what happened?

      Very scary…

  • http://none Bob Boleo

    The current Fed is the 3rd such onus and alos 3rd such scam. Lincoln also tried to do away with the Bankers and issued the famous “Greenbacks” and guess what happened to him. Here is a link to give you a little history…..

    just copy and paste in your browsers address line

  • jeannette martin

    I am afraid of what is happening to our country. Why are Americans so gullible as to believe the spouting of a good speaker. Noone looks deeper into a persons soul. Ron Paul is very couragous. Lets support him . A Fearful he will silenced. Jenny

    • Artie

      The thing is, is that our government is working off of the NWO script! That is why Obama continued and ratcheted up the things that Bush was doing. He just picked up where Bush left off in the script. They are all traitor’s to this country. But bad as Bush was, Obama is much more dangerous!! Just look at the things that have become law since Obama came to office. BTW, he has spent hundred’s of thousand’s of dollars to keep his records sealed. Is it any wonder that people question his legitimacy? The longer he holds out the more guilty he looks. He also has some 13 or so social security numbers. Show us the records Obama!!!

  • barbara j.l. p.

    In the New Testament CHRIST JESUS refused to make the great deal with Satan, but he found someone else to accept his freedom robbing contract. Thank GOD for Ron Paul.

  • Patriot1775

    You are NOT a true American. You are just another uneducated, Kool-Aid drinking liberal who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. The post is about the Federal Reserve Bank; not about how you personally feel about anybody. Obviously, Sarah Palin knows a hell of a lot more than you do because she can run a state with a high approval rate. What do you do? Sit on your but and collect welfare.

  • Sherry Burdette

    Obviously you’ve been listening to the wrong side. Your perverted words betray you.

  • hammer160

    thats pretty good i just wonder if your big enough to say that in person, you might want to lay off the liberal obama kool aid

  • Michael

    You must have really used all the crap you have for brain to come up with such idiotic Q&A. You must have a lot of free time on your hand to come up with such nonsense. Go do some useful work and get off welfare.

  • Stewart

    Let’s don’t just oversee the Fed. Eventually let’s eliminate it and replace it with some type of insurance company that protects against things like bank robberies, only. With a return to the gold standard, and limiting the banks to loaning out no more than what they have in reserve, there will be no bank run threat to insure against.

  • Eric Stratton

    Jefferson on Banks

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
    Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)
    3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      Most excellent post. Thank you. Let’s not forget, likewise, that I believe it was Napoleon who said he feared the press more than any standing army. Wow. That was before electricity, computers, etc, etc, etc. Think we have a problem in that area today?….

  • Popeye

    To all posters on this extremely important subject; we should back Ron Paul to the hilt and ask him to instigate a march of millions of patriots on D.C. Sometime this year hopefully.
    To “unamerican 101″; your brand of eloquence makes a compelling case for retroactive abortions.

    • pep

      Great suggestion Popeye, we should support Ron Paul and push for our own million man/ woman march on D.C. I also agree with your assessment of “unamerican 101″! A TRUE American does not spew such vile despicable filth, but you hear it frequently from Liberals.

  • Rodger P

    Hey, TrueAmerican,

    How about you submitting to a durg test before you pick up your welfare check, food stamps and other Government freebees? No, that’s not an infringement on your civil rights or your human rights either. Simple test required of citizens who work for a living to see if they are fit to do their job. From your comments about Government Palin, it apears you aren’t fit to be part of the human race.

    • Gainer

      TrueAmerican a True Acorn member retard!

    • Gloria

      Spoken like a true Patriot – I like your style – infringement of rights of those on welfare by requiring drug testing as a requirement to this entitlement equals infringement of rights on interrogation methods used on terrorists – what can you expect from Liberals; look whom they have to emulate, Al Franken and his type who spew nothing but hatred with every breath they take, Yeah, I am now at the age where I am working from home but while in the job market, had to submit to fingerprinting, photographing, drug testing, more times than I can count. Let’s support Ron Paul and AMERICA – the AMERICA we grew up in and which our brothers defended.

  • Deeman

    I suggest everyone on this post look up the membership list for the (Council On Foreign Relations) You will see who runs this country.

    • Dirty Harry

      You should include the Builderberg group and the Trilateral commission on your list. If you are in to conspiracies.

      • Deeman

        I have been following all 3 since 1957, they are fact and not conspiracies. The supporters put us into that group so they brand us as nut cases.

      • Paul Trood

        You can add another, The International Monetary Fund.

    • Mike


    • Teresa

      and the Skull & Bones

  • pep

    TrueAmerican101, I say we waterboard you, then deport you to Iran. You are a vile weasel. ( and that’s being kind )

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      This guy is also the reason that some animals eat their young.

    • Gloria

      What a great idea – living in a cave should not be all that foreign to him/her/it

  • Pamie

    I think this bill should exclude any politicians being allowed in it’s info being gathered. Waiting until 2010 is in my opinion too much time for them to hide any information the public would want to see. The politicians should never have been brought in on any decisions concerning the printing of the US monies. God works in mysterious ways, let’s hope that there is something in this audit which will bring some clear light to the US citizens.
    It is amazing to me to learn daily of how little number of people are still depending on their regular TV news stations to bring the truth forward. Fox Cable news should be proud along with a several other news agencies and Christian organizations that are willing to bring the truthful news to us. Thanks Ron, I will say it for all my friends, we appreciate you and your efforts. Hope the audit comes to be.

  • American Citizen

    Our country is slowly but surely going to be completely owned by foreign countries due to Obama’s policies and programs he is forming. We cannot sustain the deficits he is enacting. The security of our country is also in jeopardy due to his dismantling to what has worked the past 8 years. We really have not lost any freedoms under the Patriot Act. You only have to worry if you are a terrorist or contacting a terrorist. How about those SEALS!? With men like them, I am not worried. The only worry I have is the socialists trying to gain control of our country, beginning with the top down.

    • Gloria

      Amen – my sentiments exactly. Those SEALS are so totally awesome. I truly believe that one of the main reasons that our country has remained “FREE” this long is because of our Superior and well-disciplined MILITARY and the sacrifices they are willing to make; and I am afraid just as you that Obama is bent on destroying this even if he is just a puppet on strings. Puppets are put in place for a reason and I have had no doubt from the moment I saw his name in the running that this was the case.

  • Carl Reiche

    Satan is clearly in charge on this planet. So what is the christian to do ????
    RESIST his tyranny…………..until our LORD Jesus returns for us.
    Maybe ,a bit of lead exchanged , for silver, in the meantime…….if need be.
    C. Reiche MD

    • http://ButWHYNOT!reason? Carl Reiche

      “will not be published”, apparently you disagree with the content …………….. is that an objective approach ?………………Clearly not !!!
      C. R.

  • drawlr

    It is interesting that JFK had signed an executive order that would have put the Federal Reserve out of business. Then, he was assassinated. Hmmm.

  • Dirty Harry

    My guess inner city trash would have such a reply. But who cares these idiots won’t last long. Either they will be thrown out of office or the country will fold up in to fractions. People who actually do something for a living will quickly get tired of these idiots such as the ” TrueAmerican101 “. Such scum are all dependant on people’s charity because they are definitely not smart enough to feed themselves. Thieves, liars, tax cheats, and cowards that is the democrat party of today.

    • Idaho girl

      There is no cure for stupidity, but we can get rid of the Federal Reserve. These Europeans anld their tag alongs over here have gleaned us for decades. We only have a chase if we stand up and independent states, tell the feds to back off, go back to the gold standard and print American money NOT federal bank notes. I’ve read books that JFK had plans to eliminate the Fed, and look what happened to him. If the citizens of this country take it back it will not come easily, but I believe it could be our only hope. If our citizens can find people of integerity like Ron Paul to push the measures through it will be nothing short of amazining.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      You forgot “appeasers”. They want to sit down and talk with the enemy, and appease them. Never worked, never will work. Yellow bellied cowards. You embolden and strengthen the enemy will all the anti american things you do.

  • StopBigGovt

    Action is needed: We should all be calling and writing our congressmen to make sure they support H.R. 1207! The Fed needs to be be accountable for its actions.
    Thank goodness for Ron Paul!

  • Dick E

    I forgot to mention the “two step plan to National economic reform and recovery:

    1.Directs the Treasury Department to issue U.S. notes (like Lincoln’s Greenbacks) to pay off the national debt.

    Increases the reserve ratio private banks are required to maintain from 10% to 100%, thereby terminating their ability to create money, while simultaneously absorbing the funds created to retire the national debt.

    Read all about it in “The Money Masters!”

    • Artie

      If the FED is printing fiat money with no backing, then it is worthless to begin with. So, to my mind, since the dollar is worthless to begin with, we owe them nothing!

  • Dirty Harry

    I understand NY state and city taxes are going to be 9 1/2 and 12 1/2 respectively that would combine for a 21 % state/ city income tax rate. I know there are several other states approaching these levels and then you combine with all the property taxes , SS taxes, and sales taxes. On top this you then add the new Obama taxes to get a fed rate of 35 or 39 1/2 %.. Now couple on the inflationary numbers cuased by the federal reserve. Someone tell me who is working for who or why work at all any more. The only people being screwed in this whole mess is the people who are trying to do the right thing.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Well first of all, New Yorks got Hillary, you know, the tax loving Clinton. Tax, tax, tax. Thats what they do. Look at almost all of our most impoverished states and our most taxed states, and you will find they are all run by the dems. Thats what they do, keep people dependant on them so they have power. Fact.

  • BobR

    I hope you all voted for Ron Paul, I did.
    The only way to change Washington is to not vote for an Incumbant for three elections, even your own “good” congressman/ Senator. Please pass this thought along to your relatives and friends.

    • Dirty Harry

      Show me a good one ?

      • Mike


        • deRodes

          Ron Paul is EXCELLENT! A+++ (Wish we had more in Congress like him!)

          On the opposite of the aisle – Dennis Kucinich is good.

        • Artie

          I totally agree but Ron Paul is not electable in the political system that is being managed today. RP isn’t CFR and he’s not one of the boys. That is why he was so minimized back in the 08 election. Until this entire system has been reconstructed we have no chance of having anyone of worth in the White House.

  • Nathan Modeen

    The only way we will ever defeat the fed is to elect Constitution and Libertarian members to Congress and the Presidency, not to mention state legislatures and governors. A Palin/ McCain administration would be doing the same things Obama is doing, only a bit slower. Keep in mind that the Bushes and Clintons got us into much of this and Obama is just pushing the accelerator harder!!!

  • Juli

    This explains about the Shadow Goverernment – IE: Federal reserve.

  • OrlandoRican

    WE, THE PEOPLE need to get it done. The schmucks in Congress will not and neither will the big “O”. Elections are coming. We need to keep reminding the schmucks (and schmuckettes) that we are going to throw their worthless arses out. Send constant emails to your Congresssman and your 2 Senators. Tell them what you think of them and tell them WE, THE PEOPLE are going to throw them out and afterwards, we will see that those that should be prosecuted will be prosecuted. Trust me, these worthless pieces of human excremnet, whom WE, THE PEOPLE elected, forgot who they work for. We need to remind them. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Gloria

      I have and I will continue to do so. I particularly want those worthless pieces of garbage Feinstein and Boxer out on their tushies. But the one that I want to see hanged, or at the very least tarred and feathered, is that demented lunatic traitor Pelosi. That woman is too dangerous to have power, or to be running around unsupervised.

    • Artie

      How is that going to work when the voting system is rigged in the first place. Our voices of dissent mean nothing to them. I am a computer programmer and can tell you that they can flip the votes by inserting about three lines of code in the program.

  • Karen

    We should wonder why within two weeks both president Lincoln and Kennedy after confronting the Federal Reserve were shot to death. Kennedy had introduced a bill saying that the Fed could not charge Americans interest on the money loaned since it was their’s in the first place. Lincoln wanted the Fed abolished. What will happen to Ron Paul?

  • Archie

    The Founders of our nation never wanted a central bank, preferring competition between various banks operating in their own interest. The first “central bank” was (The Bank of the United States) was desolved. Wilson and his League of Nations began both the push for One World Government and a central banking system. The League failed fotunately, because National interests of various nations got in the way of agreements necessary. The Federal reserve was created by wealthy bankers and polititions to remove the restraints of Treasury and create a means to profit by charging interest where it could not be charged legally by Treasury. That is why our bills say “Federal Reserve Note” instead of United States Note or Treasury. It technically is not Legal currency. The United Nations is just as corrupt an Organization, It’s only real purpose is to eliminate national soverenty to create a world government, that of course will create a two tier system, those in power, and the slaves who pay for them. Both organizations need to be eliminated.

  • Mark

    Hey everyone
    What do you think about us Americans getting together,getting rid of the federal reserve,and putting our hard earned tax dollars in the treasury where it belongs.

  • Gale Yates

    We the Legal voting citizens must stand firm with Mr Ron Paul, in demanding that
    the federal reserve be subject to the same inspections and standards as all other businesses. If this cannot be done, thier organization should be abolished. American representives,senators and congressmen should be held accountable for gross failure in performance of thier elected duty. America is being auctioned off to the highest bidder and those bidders are paying with our money.

    • Gloria

      America was auctioned off to the highest bidder – what was the price tag 668 million dollars?

    • Artie

      Not to mention the fact that A) The 16th amendment is unconstitutional because it was never ratified and B) our government committed treason when they gave over their Constitutional mandate that they alone could create “coinage” over to a private corporation. I say coinage because we were never meant to print paper currency. We can’t do anything about (B) but we can certainly repeal the 16th amendment. Actually, since it was never ratified, it doesn’t actually exist so we can just scrub it from the Constitution. All it takes is the votes in the Senate and the House, the President’s signature and the FED and the IRS are history. But in 97 years, no one has had the guts to do it. People have tried to do it alone, as Ron Paul is doing, but every Congressman and Senator should be unanimous in this action. Bye bye FED and IRS, take a hike NWO and welcome back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. So what are they waiting for? It’s that simple. Are they afraid that the entire U.S. Congress will get assassinated?

  • StopBigGovt

    I thought it was interesting that the WSJ reported today that the Federal Reserve is thinking about doing regular news conferences. Is this a PR attempt at transparency, and perhaps an effort to avoid being audited?
    Bernanke said in an interview with the WSJ that he thinks it important that we understand “…the government is trying to solve the problem.” Uh huh. Is there no common sense at the Fed? How can we spend our way into prosperity? I wrote and called my congressmen today, urging him to co-sponsor HR 1207.
    Hope you all do the same!

  • Captain Bob

    I have been advised by my investment manager that this recession blame goes back as far as the Carter administration. After reading the replies It is obvious it goes back much further than that. Then who is responsible? It is my belief, Congress!

    In 1999 a Republican Congress approved the Bank deregulation bill and it was signed into law by President Clinton. My first reaction was, Oh God, what have we done? And, why? I can only imagine why. The short sightedness of members of Congress and pressure of the Administration and banking companies.

    This recession is being blamed on the banks and lending business which I believe is only partially correct. The real blame should be placed on the greed of the home buyers that purchased homes they could not afford in hopes they could sell with huge profit. Sure, some blame must be attributed to the banks that approved obvious poor financial risks. Some risks were caused by excessive credit card debt, Again, greed is a basic cause and can also be placed on the banks and lenders that approved huge credit card debt. How many of us have received unsolicited credit cards in our mail? And how many have failed to destroy the cards. Unfortunately, there is more than enough blame to be shared by many of us.

    Maybe we will finally receive some protection from our elected representatives. But I won’t hold my breath until we do.

    Captain Bob

    • American Citizen

      You’re right on, this whole mess is really Congress’ fault. Those jerks have failed to do their sworn duty. They need to do as we in Indiana do, have a Congress that only meets a few months a year, then they go home until next year. They try to justify their existence by trying to take us over.
      The main reason for the Federal Government is the defense of this country at which it is failing miserably. It is bit by bit taking over states’ rights and Texas is now threatening secession from the Union. The government we now have is unconstitutional and becoming more so.

      • Artie

        Secession may be the only way to go. Both Texas and Vermont are talking about it. If they follow through, other’s will follow. That would be one way of throwing off the federal government. But of course, how much corruption is there at the state level?

  • brian

    this is most likely a dumb question but what would happen if a large percent of people at the same time emptyed bank accounts and put money in safes or home stash places would it do any damage to the gangster banksters just trying to think of ways to cut the head off the cancerous monster i mean what should we do how do we do it and whats the desired effect if these assholes are disregarding the law what goods trying to pass a law

  • Angie

    Obama, and the rest of his Bilderburg cronies need to be taken out of office and the congressmen and senators need to be investigated and have corruption charges brought up on them for not upholding the constitution among other things. We need to end the Fed and the IRS, and call your congressmen and senators and have them vote on the fair tax, also you need to call your represenatives and have them kill the bill which was approved behind closed doors in congress by Obama and Biden the bill (S.2433) it still has to go thru the Senate, it goes by the name of the “Global Poverty Tax” what this does is give billions of dollars to the UN and it will take away our constitutional rights as citizens our soldiers and regular people will have to be tried in courts under UN laws with no protection from our constitution.

  • s c

    Citizens can now understand why this issue is so important. Beyond that, people must understand why it is more important to get rid of the Fed. To audit it gives it credibility. To eliminate it solves the problem. Ending a problem always makes more sense than countinuing it.
    Ron Paul is right to bring attention to it, but the Fed is an institutional cancer that a free society cannot tolerate.
    It is illogical to let any destructive influence live and thrive in the same “house.” To let this problem continue will do nothing but justify its existence. It also proves how hard it is to end any gradual form of slavery that has been allowed to exist for so many years.

  • Bob Stabile

    I’m quite aware that our congressional leaders make all the rules and they own the rule book. This would come to an end if “WE THE PEOPLE” would endorse TERM LIMITS!

    • s c

      Bob, Americans must understand that term limits is a dead issue.
      Term limits allow these elected vermin to enslave us (do you really think the people who can pass the required legislation [politicians] will ever do it?).
      By NEVER letting a politician have consecutive terms, we can solve this issue. I sense that you still think political parties serve a purpose. They DON’T! Political parties are the same brand of cancer that the Fed is. We have to dump the Fed AND deny consecutive terms to ALL politicians. Please understand that. We can either continue the problem or SOLVE it.

  • deRodes

    Last I heard, Ron Paul’s bill, H.R. 1207, had 91 sponsors! We’re rounding the far turn and heading for home!

    In essence, the Federal Reserve is controlled by the Bank of England (who control parliament) which means we are still under the thumb of the ‘British Empire.’ That, in itself, is sufficient reason to get rid of the Fed.

    John F. Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 – to return the coining of money to the U.S. Treasury, has never been repealed, superseded or amended. His assassination may have been a warning to future presidents.

  • Karl Halter

    If you are going to quote God’s word, then please get it right.
    The bible says, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”.

    I believe that what Ron Paul is trying to do is very courageous.
    However, I believe we need to go much farther and get Congress
    to entirely eliminate the FED and the IRS. Congress had the guts
    several times in the past to get rid of the National Banks (1st National
    Bank and Second National Bank) by refusing to renew their 20
    year Charters. Why can’t we get enough of our current legislature
    educated and informed enough to put an end to these Illegal Uncon-
    stitutional organizations.

    Yes, Lincoln was probably assassinated for standing against the money brokers. JFK did want to end the FED, had signed the aforementioned executive order and even had large quantities of newly printed US Treasury $50 bills ready for circulation. Stand against the people who are truly in power and you get eliminated.

    Does it bother anyone else other than me that almost everyone in the press, government and elsewhere keep referring to our country as a Democracy? We were founded as a Representative Constitutional Republic and not as a Democracy. The founders of our country didn’t like the Democratic form of government.

  • Myke

    If you want to know all about this go to We The They are a group that is fighting the Federal Reserve. You can join and help them. They are meeting in different cities. You would be very wise to attend one of these meetings. I did and found out so much I was not aware of. I think you will appreciate this group.

  • s c

    Today, I was informed that the useful idiots/morons/airheads/prosties at the Fed can’t account for 9 trillion dollars “lost” over the last 8 months. If this is true, then Ron Paul is doing us a disservice by choosing to “live” with the Fed. The solution is to get rid of it. The Founding Fathers wanted nothing to do with any central banking system. Did he forget? Doesn’t it make more sense to solve a problem than to try and live with one? Is common sense dead in America?

  • Diny

    Good one Dan. It’s a typical liberal with no class and no brains. You are not a true American. Palin can out mind you with her brains tied behind her back.

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    I guess I just dont get this Palin attack scheme the left has. Are they that afraid of her? The woman has done nothing wrong, and from doing an educated search of her past and how she operates, she walks high above nearly any politician I have ever seen. Is it because she is a woman? Is it because she has looks? Is it because she is smart? Is it because she is fair? Is it because her and her husband have a good marriage? Is it because the people she governs like her, and her state is a success? I guess when something good arrives on the scene, the dems shudder and have to go into attack mode, as they have nothing to offer on the good side themselves, so they have to attack the others. FACT.

  • American Citizen

    The reason for the attacks on Sarah Palin is that she is pro-life. The pro-aborts are worried that if she ever becomes president, she would get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, which needs to be overturned. Flouting God’s laws is what is getting this country into trouble and will be our downfall.

  • annnort

    Sarah Palin has something the others do not have – common sense! She is also a great speaker. The dems are scared of her and Obama is panicked by her. That is why he says the Tea Parties did not take place. Remember Joe the Plumber? I saw him on TV after the election. He had ridden with McCain/Palin campaign for several days. Joe said he did not really like McCain after talking with him for most of one day, but Joe said, “Sarah Palin is the real thing!”

    I feel like having too many people running divides the voters. With Ron Paul and a republican ticket you have more chance for a democrat winning. If only Ron Paul would run on the Republican ticket with Sarah Palin, we may have a winner!! I think alot of the silent majority was at the Tea Parties. Many did not vote last time because they thought Obama would never be elected. I hope I am correct and they will vote in 2010 and 2012.

    Now, to write my congressmen again!

  • Artie

    Both parties are equally responsible for using trash tactics on their opponents. FACT!!

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    You got that right. Look what happened to the great Empires of the past, the Greeks, the Romans and the Medo-Persian Empires. They all became decadent and perverted and corrupt and pushed God out of the way where he wasnt allowed to exist there. They all soon crumbled, handed over to lesser enemies. Anyone see this coming? Wake up America, recognize which side your bread is buttered on. You aint got God, you aint got nothing. Just the way it is, accept it or not, but it will be revealed to us all one fine day.


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