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Bill O’Reilly Exposes MSNBC and Obama

April 27, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Frank Auge

    I cant really say that this is all that much of a surprise after watching some of MSNBC’s coverage of the election and the first 100 days. It does explain just why they smother him with praise and squash any negative press.

    • http://IVHMarshalltownIa. Jonathan Morris

      I believe that the Republican Party are the New Nazis, Look at 1938 Nazi Germany, this is the start, of what they are trying to do, I believe in the Dem Party Bush and the Republican party put us in this Position, and as the Pres has said we have to make hard choices, and the best one in my opinion would be to get rid of the Republcan Party, they want to help only! the wealthy and to hell with the poor, and do away with the Middle class and push them down to join the poor and become slaves for the ritch! . I fought for this country, and The republicans have made me ashamed, what did I fight for, Hell I did my job when I ordered a civ aircraft shot down in the Pursian Gulf in 1988 because it was going to do the same thing to my ship that Iran did to the World trade Center, but that was a lie to.

      • http://JohnathanMorris Linda Charlene Isbell-Hart

        Dear Mr. Morris:

        What say you? I believe you and the DEMO’S are the new Alliens from Roswell, N.M. I honestly believe that the Demo’s have gone crazy along with the Swine Flu. I think that sir, you have 1/2 of a brain cell in your brain. It can’t multiply and make more cells for you are BRAIN DEAD SIR!!!!!!!

        • http://JohnathanMorris Linda Charlene Isbell-Hart

          I did not finish my blogg because I hit the wrong key. Excuse me sir for you and the rest of the CRATS or CRITTERS are nothing but baby killers, murders, extremists, sick and have the Swine Flu for I know sir you must have a fever for all the things you spew–HATE SPEECH. I would rather have a President who can speak from the HEART, make mistakes and not read from the prompert. Everyone said O’Bama was such a great speaker. How stupid are you and the rest of the IDIOTS that run the government? You have a president that can’t speak without reading a proompter. It was so funny that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN did not show the O’Bama MaMa make mistakes on his speech today–asked the person running the prompter, and O’Bama MaMa had to scold the person running the monitor which made him look like an A-Hole, ignorant, and most of all embarassing himself and the DEMO’S. I still keep laughing for I can’t not believe how stupid, in love with, and The Slobbering Love Affair With Barack Hussen O’Bama. They have a book on sell on Fox. Call and ask Bill O’Reily he can refer you to the right book site, then go on and buy Bill O’Reily’s new book.

          I think it is hysterical for all the lies O’Bama MaMa The Changes We Can Believe In? Really I am not buying the Bull Shit the Dems are putting out, they are liars, thieves, and money grubbing IDIOTS. What Say You?

          I say we have our next Tea Party on July 4, 2009 at the Alamo, at the Houston Astrodome, at Jerry Jones new football stadium, at Six Flags, etc., etc. I want them done anywhere we can do them. I will be happy to spear head the entire MOVEMENT. I am not talking about a bowel movement that the democrats have had since Barack Hussen O’Bama MaMa won the election. Yes, he won the election but “We the PEOPLE are taking our country BACK” The sooner the BETTER.

          Linda Charlene Isbell-Hart
          200 Circle Drive
          Point, Texas 75472
          903-440-2270–spouses #
          903-453-2221-work #spouses office #
          T& D Driving Academy–Linda’s Job

          • JCfromDC

            If anyone who knows anything about history, they should know this. Socialisn, Fascism, Communism are all stripes on the same tiger. Starting in 1933 with the downfall of the Weimar Republic, the Nazis started appointing Reichschansellors (like BHO’s czars) who were not accountable to the civilian gov’t, a “Youth Corps”, such as BHO advocates (as strong as the military), nationalized finance, industries (Volkswagen/Porsche/Audi), silenced opposing parties, newspapers, broadcasts (“Fairness” Act ring a bell here?). In a few years a weak republic was replaced with a cruel dictatorship. And getting praise from Lenin in Russia! All those items I just listed have been happening here ever since BHO took office. So how are the Republicans the new Nazis? If ever there was more dictatorial power usurped by a President and his congressional lapdogs (who have been running the show since ’06), I haven’t seen it in my lifetime. I have been around since Eisenhower was prez, tho very young.

        • kat

          I used to be a democrat , no more after Obaaaama !

      • bruce

        Sir, I’m afraid you’ll need to site some proof if you want to make this sort of accusation. It is silly to throw this crap out without any specifics facts. If you did in fact serve the country in the military, your service is appreciated by many, many Americans, most of them Republicans. Your rediculous assertions, however, do not serve your country well and only exacerbate the problems with the typical class warfare rhetoric that the Democrat party has been creating and extending for decades now. Think about it–when did they offer you anything but fewer rights, more government control and less take-home pay? Have you really thought about this??
        You are literally parrotting the same class-warfare BS that you’ve likely heard from your so-called “leaders” you whole life. Blame America and take from others because you’re a victim!! Why not focus on what can be done by people when they are given the opportunity without government burden?? There’s no one preventing you from being successful–except the government, which will try to make you look like a villian for creating jobs and making profit. What have they created that works well for you?

      • Penny Fuentes

        Mr. Morris, I feel very sorry for you. You sound exactly as the Nazi’s did in 1939. People fell in love with their “ray of hope” (hitler, as you have for obama). Very proud to be a dem, that is sad, if you truly knew the background of your party you would be ashamed. The democratic party has done more to enslave and degrade the people in The United States, sadly the truth about social and progessive ideals is not taught honestly in our schools.
        God Bless you Mr. Morris.

      • SCOOPNJ78

        The GOP being Nazi’s? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hitler wanted to be the Anti-Christ, God had other plans and the 3rd reich went down in a blaze. Obama now wants to be the Anti-Christ. Both of them parallel each other. MSNBC aka MS-LSD NETWORK is in the pocket with their left wing loon commentators. Even with DTV, DISH Network & FIOS now able to broadcast MSNBC, their ratings are still falling into hell !!!!!!!!!!!

      • bob hubscher

        Who are you.? Did you watch the the report?. Are you crazy? Your ,response is that of an idiot. Shut down the Republican party or the T party? Puhleeze, all of these wrong doers are Democrats as is the Presdent.You are attacking the wrong group.Exactly what world are you livivg in?.

        • bob hubscher

          This is a written apology to scooter. I read his response too fast and misunderstood his point.Sorry After rereading his comment I found that I am in total agreement in what he had to say. O Rielly’s report and laura Ingram”s comments were so accurate and appropriate I was searching around the house looking for any G.E. product that I may have purchased over the years to THROW IT OUT! Of course my next wish is to throw Odumddumb out. ASAP through IMPEACHMENT.

  • s c

    You are so RIGHT, Frank! It is not at all a surprise. Our sold-out media, power-mad political quislings (and some corporations) share the same lofty standards of a pimp and his/her highest-priced prostitute. People who have both feet in the real world realize this. MSNBC and GE are nothing less than a disgrace. If GE’s stockholders do the right thing, GE’s “leaders” will be history. Then, those same airheads can get a real job [in Washington] sweeping floors or cleaning toilets or escorting we smelly voters and taxpayers around the town. Enjoy!


    It isn’t just the biased programming. There are many truly junk “shows” that are also aired. I complained to a local Burger King about airing MSNBC on the in-store tv, but it is still choosing to run this station.

  • Sue Warner

    This needs ALOT of ATTENTION! Keep on it

  • http://IVHMarshalltownIa. Jonathan Morris

    In 1988 I ordered the sooting down of a civ aircraft in the pursian Gulf and I was kicked out of the Navy with my daughter in ICU in a Hospital in Orlando Fl, I believe that the Republican Party are the New Nazi’s look back at 1938 Germany, the I was also in Central America in 1985-86 when Bush Sr was running Drugs into this country from Panama, look-back to Noriega, and Iran-Contra, and Bush Sr, Policy. I believe in Pres. Obama and I believe he is going to do what ever he can to bring us back from the Obis that Bush and the Republican party has put us into, Oh yes while I was on active duty I was forced to live in my car while my Daughter was in that Hospital and was still expected to work I wor a uniform for this country and My own country would’nt even help me I had to borrow money from my father to take care of my family and I was on active duty ALA Bush Sr. fortunately my daughter lived but for 5 months, my last 5 months on active duty I had to live out of my car, then I was kicked out of the Navy for a make believe disability, and I was in the top 10 percent in my job in the Navy.

    • Mike Deveriich

      That top 10 % rating must not have included spelling. What is truely scary is the fact you were in the military and actually had access to weapons. You are the perfect liberal, I didn’t do anything wrong it’s not my fault. The problem with liberals is they think the Constitution guarantees equal outcomes when it guarantees equal opportunity. Semms you were born with an I.Q. slightly lower than that of a banana and passed those genes to your children, let’s hope their mother is a little more intellegent.

    • Mike Deveriich

      I read this post again and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it the 1st time. YOU ORDERED the sHoot down, what you were an officer. I call BS. The 1st lie you tell negates anything that follows.

  • Voice of Reason

    I don’t know how anyone can listen to the rubbish that comes out of Bill O’Reilly’s mouth. He really is a clown. Mr. O’Reilly skews the facts to create his argument as well as makes up fine essential details to fashion a story that is really not there. How can anyone take what Bill O’Reilly reports as factual?

    Truly, it is now becoming clear and really shameful in my opinion that this neo-conservative or ultra conservative movement is hiding behind a shadow. Just closely look at this website, and the Personal Liberty Digest’s economic crisis poll that many website viewers were ask to take. I don’t know if this Mr. Livingston fellow believes that most folks are really that dim-witted because these poll questions were so poised in such a way that it was biased, and could only be answered in such a manner. My question is how many that partook in this poll fully understand the questions or even comprehends the issues? Further support of the conservative movement going south, this Rush Limbaugh who broadcasted on his radio program that what ever county President Obama visits disaster strikes such as an earthquake or the possible full blown pandemic situation as Limbaugh describes as “Pig Flu.” Or this congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachman stated in a television interview the irony of a Democratic President was in office when the last swine flu outbreak occurred. She was referring to former President Jimmy Carter. Of course, her facts were incorrect because it was a Republican President, Gerald Ford when the last swine flu epidemic occurred.

    Anyway, Senator Arlen Specter returning to the Democratic Party because he voiced one of his decisions on that the Republican Party moving too far to the right, which I believe that Mr. Specter was being too kind. I do not see these staunch Republicans trying to return to their fundamental or conservative roots, but I do see many masking themselves as ultra conservatives. These are the “Republicans Gone Wild.” Not only are they stripping off their tops but chucking off their bottoms too. And oh please, this ultra conservative or neo-conservative act? Let us call a spade a spade because it is near Nazi like behavior…

    • Tom Cat

      Well…Bill O’Riley is not that bad…but I think you are right about him skewing the facts. It may not be intentional on his part, as everyone does this to some extent when presenting what they believe.
      On O’Riley’s former radio show, a caller asked him if he thought the Obama Administration printing all these trillions in unbacked currency would lead to inflation, and O’Riley said no. O’Riley said businesses would be crazy to raise prices at this time, because they would lose business when people searched out cheaper prices elsewhere. He didn’t go into it too much.
      But O’Riley couldn’t have been more wrong. printing money the way we are right now WILL lead to inflation, and businesses will have no choice but to raise prices, because their costs are going to rise as well. Printing money unbacked fiat, dilutes the purchasing power of money. That causes inflation, just as certainly as adding a gallon of water to a gallon of paint dilutes and ruins the paint.
      I don’t think O’Riley was lying, I just think he didn’t give the answer much thought. He’s certainly no Know It All. Take him with a grain of salt.

      But Just wait a minute when you criticize Bob Livingston. Bob is not part of any movement. I have been reading his private news letter off and on since the mid 1990′s.
      While Bob may be a conservative, I don’t believe he is a republican. Bob is above politics. He understands government in a way that most people don’t. I can assure, Bob is no supporter of the Republican or Democratic party, as he rightly distrusts both parties.
      Bob’s conservativeness, is less of a political conservativeness, and more of a personal and financial one. Anyone who looks to save money is practicing financial conservativeness.

      You should read a copy of The Bob Livingston Letter, and you will see, its mostly about investing and health topics. He doesn’t get caught up in the endless political nitpicking and bashing that many talking heads waste their time with. He is far above that. As I have stated, I have been a reader of the Bob Livingston Letter off and on since the 90′s, and I can say with certainty, Bob has an almost prophetic ability to predict financial trends.

      As far as both political parties go, I see socialists on the left and facists on the right. In reality, there is not much difference between them.

  • pete

    After reading the responses it just goes to show that people are so closed minded about their political party that even when they are wrong they see right. It’s their football team and they better win no matter what. It’s a disgrace and I honestly hope we kill Political Correctness in this country quickly. This sort of crap is what’s being taught in schools and embedding itself in the kids minds…

    • Teachroof

      I agree, Pete. I don’t care what you believe, I read some of the left and the right comments – calling one side Nazis…Really – are you serious. , and we are just pushing eachother further and further away from reality…which is in the middle. People are so turned off from politics because it is dishonest, and we do shove political views down each other’s throats. Can’t we be reasonable well educated Americans and see corruption for CORRUPTION, regardless of party. We all want safe communities, to be prosperous, good education for our children, to have a clean place to live…etc. Can’t we just try to understand one another and not spread so much hate. I mean you really are willing to say the republicans are the “New Nazis”? Really? You can’t be serious…

      • Mike Deveriich

        You identified the problem without knowing it. The answer is never in the middle, the middle is for those that have no strongly held beliefs and practice moral equivalency. Most things in life are right or wrong and 100 years ago we practiced that. Individuals and business’s stood on their own abilities, work ethic and financial acumen. The function of the Federal Gov’t was not intended to provide for individuals, it was to protect the citizens from the the tyranny of the gov’t, the seperation of powers would not let any 1 branch controll everything because that would lead to despotism. Since 1932 the seperation has become extremely blured and that is the biggest reason we are in the condition we find ourselves. More gov’t programs will not solve our economic problems just like the New Deal didn’t end the Depression, WWII did. Look arround the world and see how many socialist based economies are flourishing, zero. Untill we limit the size and power of the Federal Gov’t the economic future of the country will be in jeopaedy. The poltics in the USA have become nothing but what the is indicated by polls. We have no Leaders, no vision, and our moral compass is broken. I dare anyone to identify 1 Gov’t program that works as promised, War on Poverty? Social Security? Welfare? Medicare?

    • Paul Trood

      Pete you are bang on he money. In reality on the important issues there is little difference between the parties but this is not understood by the people. The parties put out their differences on matters that are of little consequence but are enough to differentiate themselves so as to maintain the support of their blinkered followers. People need to wake up and vote for the policies they support not the party, but what is really needed is a third entity that espouses the following of the constitution rather than just giving it lip service.

  • leonard hrica

    mr morris…you sound like “the missing link”….of course your charges are filled with hate and contempt for all things good…and we have your contrived view of reality….not to mention your poor spelling and bad grammar….yeah…you “hang on” to the “godless,socialist left” they will take you where you want to go….uva65

  • Lura

    Pete, you have it 100% correct!!! This ‘slobbering love affair’ with OBAMA is getting more sickening as each day goes by. Our Congress is sickening, too. Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank-(enstein), Gore, and especially OBAMA should be thrown out of office forever. I would still like to see an authentic copy of Obamas’ birth-certificate. Until then he isn’t my president!!!!!!!

    One Big Ass Mistake America O.B.A.M.A.

    • Paul Trood

      Well said Lura, Obama is a Wall Street shill and will destroy the U.S. economy. I live in Australia but have studied U.S. politics for over 15 years and the reality is the country is broke and the destruction of the dollar is close. I agree with Gerald Celente but there must be a bigger agenda which I cannot work out. If you can, buy gold before dollars are worthless.

      • Lura

        Paul, I only wish the American people, as a whole, could see the truth in what you say. It is absolute truth and this once great nation is broke! There is a much bigger agenda for our ‘elite’ government. Obamas’ agenda is for us to have to become part of the E.U. and a part of the “One World Government”. Have you read about the Illuminati or the Billderberg’s?
        Obama has already been asked to head up a U.N. ‘committee’ of select members to start a Global Tax in the USA. Have you checked out WHO paid for his college education and paid for his Campaign expenses. The home he lives in was also purchased by a Syrian (he also bought a home next to Obama). The homes were valued at over one million dollars and were then purchased for $300,000!!! This information hasn’t been brought up but once that I’ve found. I get a tremendous amount of information from and World Net Daily.
        I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but all of this is Prophecy being fulfilled. In the book of Revelation, chapter 18, it describes a “Political”
        Babylon that will fall in one hour. (Wall Street???) Some versions of the Bible say one day). It’s interesting and very sad that America is not mentioned in “End times prophecy” (because we don’t count anymore?)
        On the lighter side, I love Australia and have always wished to be able to live there! I love your people and your Government and the loyalty of the Aussies!!!!!!! God bless you and your wonderful people!

        • Paul Trood

          Hi Lura,
          Yes I am very much aware of the Bilderburg Group and the despotic way they try to shape government policy worldwide to benefit their own interests.
          I did not know about Obama’s home. I am somewhat religious and follow the teachings of Dr Schuller from The Crystal Cathedral Ministries in California. My mum and dad lived in L.A. for 8 years and thats where I suppose you could say ‘I found religion”. I do find though that my beliefs are often tested and some of the questions raised go unanswered.
          Glad you love Australia, we are very lucky here in many ways, helped by our geographic location we are removed from many of the problems that afflict other nations.
          I am very concerned with the status of the U.S.A. for if it falls, and I believe it will, we are all in trouble and there maybe no escape from the possible horrendous repercussions that such a collapse would bring. Maybe the “second coming” is really what is needed to wake up the world to the misguided path society has taken and the need to clean house.
          I write here quite often Lura and will look out for your posts. I wish you and your family peace and happiness,


        • CONNIE

          Dear Lura,

          America is in prophecy and all throught out the Bible. You must study the word and rightly divide as Paul the Apostle said to show yourself approved before God.
          You have to understand the word and not look at God’s act’s but learn his way’s. They are different and his way’s must be understood in order to understand his act’s. In Psalms the writter said that “the children of Isreal understood God’s act’s but Moses understood God’s act’s and ways.

          Daniel had a vision and saw four beast. One was a lion with eagle’s wings and then he saw the wings removed and an eagle appeared in the vision and the eagle also had the heart of a man. Have you ever stopped thought about the lion represents England and we came from them and we won the war of 1812. That was when the eagle’s wings were removed and took on it’s independence (America) and we are the only nation on earth that has two symbols. Uncle Sam and an Eagle. We are the only nation on earth that has acted like a nation with a heart of a man while you look at the history of all other nations in history and they destroyed other’s like a beast and never rebuilt and what nation gives more than another nation to national disaster’s and will even help an enemy when a killer earthquake hit’s them. We have never occuppied a control and took it’s natural resources whether gems or other resources. WE liberate and rebuild. I hate taxes and I believe Obama is wrong on this global tax. We have given so much in our history until now the UN wants nothing more than to occupy us and take advantage of us with taxes also. It is time to draw a line with the UN. Even God said he would not always strive with man. There is a time when God draws a line when folk take advantage of him while not worshipping him. AMERICA has fallen away from God and this same sex thing will get us in a lot of trouble with man upstairs. He destroyed a people for one reason and same sex was the reason. Paul listed in Ephesians the works of the flesh that we are delivered from when we come to Christ and sodomy is not listed anywhere. The Bible says Jesus was tempted in all sin common unto man and since sodomy is not listed then I feel safe to say that is a sin not common unto man.
          We defintley in the Bible. Go to Ezekiel 37 and 38 where it is prophecied that Bablylon (Iraq) today will be delivered in the endtime and she will live in prosperity for 7 yrs and then she will go back to her old ways and God will let her burn for 10yrs. We just fullfilled that prophecy which had to be fullfilled before the war of Gog and MaGog can come to pass which the last war before Armagaddon. Well Gog and MaGog have formed and alliance with Persia during Iraq’s liberation. An alliance that has never existed since creation. Russia, IRAN AND Iran’s daughter’s which are all the Islam countries are going to march down the dried up Euphrated River Bed which since Turkey built a dam on in the early 90′s and completed it in 1996 can
          now dry up that river bed by closing the door’s on that dam. The Euphrates river will dry up from Turkey to all the way south making it possible for this
          alliance to march and God say’s in Ezekiel he will put a hook in their jaw’s and utterly destroy them. Iran wil get nuked as will Russia. It is coming.

      • Gail

        Paul Trood: I am an Australian now living in the United States and believe me when I say Obama and the Democrat Party are truly sinking the USA into oblivion. I believe the Agenda might be so that Obama can take over as Dictator. He and the Democrats are soooo far left now, I don’t think anything can bring them back into line. When I send emails to my Senators and Representative, I do get answers back, but they too are just lip service. Believe me, I have blasted them very badly in the last two weeks, but nothing seems to get through to them. I have heard Obama and his goons plan to create an “Incident” around 11;59 pm, on October 29th, 2010, which would give them the reason and the power needed to declare Martial Law. As usual, they will do there worst in the middle of the night, just like when they pass bills unlawfully, because they can’t get the votes they need. This would effectively cancel any and all elections for the foreseeable future, giving Obama the opportunity to become the Dictator. I also think he is prepared to hand America over on a silver Platter to the Muslims. Americans need to Unite and start fighting this mad man NOW. I am an age pensioner and hardly able to walk most days, but if, as I have also heard, the people of this country declare civil war, I would be happy to support in any way I could. I have actually thought of returning to Australia, but that seems like the cowards way out. So, I have decided to stay and do what ever is necessary to survive. If I don’t survive, and this maniac takes over as Dictator, the only thing I would be sorry for, is that my son and his children would be living under that Regime.

  • George W.

    This is just sad.
    We don’t even have to have a birth certificate for being president and now we’ll get legal drug use and babies being aborted in dining bathrooms.
    Oh well, this is just a phase, then after a few years, America will then have enough and then probably SPLIT the country in half.
    Then we can BLOW up the pussies on the other side…..

  • Joanne M.

    Obama has broken every campaign promise he made. THIS is why voting on basis of skin color is a mistake. America never saw a valid birth certificate for this man. All of us “Tea Party” people are complaining about the stimulus package that was passed by democrats behind closed doors. This is taxation without representation. That’s where “Tea Party” comes from. It is an effort to non-violently oppose the destruction of America.

    Publishing America’s defense plans to our enemies is bad form if he is really trying to win the war on terror. When I see America’s President visiting and bowing to enemy governments, and they don’t bow back, it truly looks like a “we Americans give up”. He has not visited our allies. His promise of no torture isn’t going to keep radical muslims from continuing to behead their “enemies” who are not muslims. Going into debt to “save” corporations is wrong for a free economy. Car makers failed to improve engines to help with freeing us from the need for gasoline, and any economist will say let them go out of business, and new businesses with a forward thinking business plans will pick up the buildings and the labor. Soon we’ll have safe cars that run on mulitple fuel types. The corn oil called for by the congress is ruining our cars by putting water in the gas tanks. Why don’t they consult with scientists and engineers before passing laws?

    About swine flu. Obama’s failure to shut down the Mexican border immediately reminded me of how AIDS tainted the American blood supply. Politicians dragged their feet and let four years of contamination go on. Until one of their relatives got a poison transplanted organ did the government act. Just like we had to wait for “Fluffy’s” dog food to come in from China and kill some Senator’s dog did they take action. Many Americans saw that coming, and how outsourcing jobs and manufacturing would destroy our economy.

    Many democrats do not see the train coming because they do not understand business and economics. Unfortunately this gov’t uses politicians to double speak and soothe the uneducated masses while others recognize a fraudulent balance sheet published by Fannie Mae. The democrat comissioners ripped off millions from the fund that was supposed to go to help people buy homes. Even now that the agency failed, we do not see Democrat politicians going to jail.

    It breaks my heart to see the government punish our soldiers and border patrol agents who are doing their jobs. Yet they make way for mexican drug runners who turn around and sue America.

    I encourage all of America to look at all sides to understand what Obama is doing to our once Super Power nation. Please don’t let him destroy 200 years of success. Closing down the borders is respecting the Constitution: it is not a racist action. Shouldn’t black American men (50% of whom are unemployed) have the jobs taken by illegal aliens? I think so.

    • premo

      people should look way back into where he came from and hoe he was brought up. he was born in indonesia as a dam muslim, his real name as i understand it is barry saetoro religion — islum- born in indonesia. i would like to see our united states gov . to really look into the deseption of barry saetoro–alias barack hussain obama

  • ChuckL

    Perhaps Johnathan and Voice should take someone along with them to the Library and have that someone read a U. S. History book that was copyrighted prior to 1960.

    They may alsoi wish to take along someone who cn explain what was read to them.

  • jonathan morris

    I’ sorry but in 1990 I tried to stop 4 Mexicans from beating and raping a woman in Pensacola Fl. and they had to rebuild my skull and face, so I’m sorry if I’m not as smart as I use to be but I was just tring to make a point and sir, what I said was the truth. I do the best I can.

    • Paul Trood

      Jonathan if what you say is true I have enormous sympathy for you but what you have to understand is, on the big issues there is little difference between the parties as the REAL power lies above them, they are all puppets of the banking elite and others. Please forget party lines and vote for policy.

  • clifton

    All U.S. americans must come to understand that the Muslim Jihadist
    Terrorist war is a timely distraction that serves our enemy within that all elected officials have sworn to protect against.

    To fully understand the orchestrated road we are on see “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen. FIVE VITAL QUESTIONS page 289.
    Then see the solution beginning page 317.- How Does A People Build A Free Nation-. It is critical that our school systems be removed from federal oversight that has moved far left in not teaching Capitalist Economics. In fact teaching Socialist Economics since the Jimmie Carter presidency. Educate the public now that Capitalism is the most effective means mankind has yet discovered for ” sharing the wealth”. Teach the 15 principles on page 342 and reclaim The U.S.A. !!!

  • Robert

    Both parties are irrelevant they both bow to the money. Bad goverment is an American problem. They have us just where they need us, fighting eachother as they pick our pockets clean.
    Of course O’Rielly’s view points are skewed to his employers afffiliations as are the MSNBC’s talking heads.
    The real shame is that we will fight about these talking heads as if they make a difference.

  • Garr

    It is refreshing to hear that many of us are waking up to Obama. He is a fake. Premo, above, was partly correct. While Obama was born in Kenya, Africa, he basically receivded his education in Indonesia until he was 71/2 years old. His name was Barry Saetoro during those Indonesia years but for how long after, we do not know. AND his Birth Certificate has never been shown to the American public. Acknowledging “a live birth” from Hawaii is not sufficient.
    I have wondered since I first heard of a person named Obama might run for the Office of the President Of American, “Why would a muslim put his name up to run for this America’s High Office? Then when I heard that the Kennedy’s were supporting him, I became really concerned; and then many high Catholic Officials; and many High Jewish Leaders in this country. I could not believe that this country’s citizens would listen to them. But why would the do it? The staggering amount of money that was raised… that kind of money can by lots of votes – especially with corruption and many false names added to the list…
    Yes, I was disappointed and still am. I am dumb-founded that those people mentioned and other leaders behind the scenes were joining in allowing this neophyte to run rampant. Now that he is in, the mystery and disappointment continues. Both Houses of Congress are behaving and showing the skills and knowledge of medioce achievers at the 6th grade level. What has happened to the souls of the Leaders that the Citizens elected to represent them in Congress and other high offices across the land? They express so much hate; so much incompetence; so little care for their country; so little reasoning power; AND so little “guts.” Palosi a Leader? Barrack Hussein Obama a Leader for America? “GOD BLESS AMERICA” SO THAT WE MAY WAKE UP TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY… GR

  • Beverly

    Info to enlighten. Go here then click on General Electric after you browse through the general list. Look at the years vs money/party. Think what you may, those who are kool aid drinkers, the merrionettes are not running this country. Big money/organizations as mentioned above are running this country. They put people before you to mesmerize you and they don’t have a whole lot of lattidude.

  • Beverly

    Sorry…latitude. My system is telling me that there is only one t. The previous d was a finger check. (in case someone wants to critique spelling…which is a problem with us…we are sidetracked too easily)

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    If you are an animal you learn early in life to not bite the hand that feeds you. Well maybe G.E. just learned that lesson in their reeducation program. When Obama feeds and owns you do not criticize or you may not eat well.That is the same as biting the wrong hand.


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