Bill Ayers: Obama Is Conducting Terror, Should Be Tried For War Crimes


Former Weather Underground member and a University of Illinois at Chicago professor Bill Ayers, who received much attention during the 2008 Presidential election for his relationship with Barack Obama, said in a recent interview that the President should be tried for war crimes.

While Ayers criticized the President’s foreign policy and use of drone strikes, he praised Obama’s personal style. Ayers also softened his criticisms against Obama by saying that all modern U.S. Presidents are guilty of war crimes.

“Every President in this century should be put on trial,” Ayers said. “Every one of them goes into an office dripping with blood and then adds to it. And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think that they’re acts of terror.”

Here’s a video of the interview from Real Clear Politics:


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Sam Rolley

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  • TombstoneLizard

    Hey, Ayers, we don’t need you spewing conservative “talking points.” You should be dangling from the end of a rope, you terrorist trash.

    • hippybiker

      Along with O-Homo and Holder. Not to mention super b*tch Hilary Clinton.

      • macgyver1948

        Wow, no hate here. Why don’t we include the little bush for all the Americans he got killed in his immoral invasions and for all of our money he gave away to his rich buddies and for cancer-ing our economy?

        hipshotpercusion, do you really think Obama is a “O-Homo”. Maybe no more than you are if you feel the need to call him that. Might it take one to know one?

        • hippybiker

          No hate here. You might want to talk to Larry Sinclair who admits to doing cocaine and having Oral Sex with Barry when he was an Illinois Senator. You might also want to check with the Bath House scene in Chicago where he is known as ‘Bath House Barry.’ You might also talk to the mother of the homo sexual Choir director of Barry’s church Donald Young who was murdered in 2007. Barry has a lot of skeletons in his closet that the controlled media has covered up.

          • macgyver1948

            Sounds like a lot of terrible stuff. I wouldn’t trust anyone like
            that. If there is proof, evidence, why hasn’t he been arrested. I
            mean if you know for sure why do not the cops? If you are going to
            try to tell me all cops in Chicago are corrupt and paid off don’t
            even bother. That many skeletons
            should be public and proven by now.

          • hippybiker

            Hey! Its Chicago where a corrupt mayor along with Tony Giancana put JFK in office. I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and Illinois is one of the most crooked States in the Union.

          • macgyver1948

            hipshotpercusion…There are degrees of corruption where ever there are politicians willing to sell themselves for the MONEY (or campaign donations). I
            strongly feel every damn congress person who signed that damming Norquist Pledge, over 270 GOPers in both houses have signed that MAFIA like pledge, owes everything to Norquist,“or else they are “TOAST” says Norquist, and not to their constituents. During this
            past presidential election Norquist said “Don’t worry about Romney he will do as he is told”. They paid a lot for him but some how, thank God, Mitt lost because we wouldn’t have Mitt running the Oval Office if Mitt “won” (Romney’s ownership would have been the
            greater of the 2 evils. Sad, huh, of what we have to choose from?). I read of many Norquist quotes and heard him say these things in interviews. You may not believe the size of the federal budget Norquist wants, or the time in our history he wants it to go back to,
            in order for so many programs die out as well as the people needing and deserving. We The People are meaningless to those signers as well as to the owners of those pledges and other things too. I also feel
            SCOTUS sold us out to Citizens United as well. I wonder what kind of money past through there for that betrayal but it is now legally silent so we wont know.

            And the corruptions from big corporations and the politicians they own. The Founders warned us about the evils of big corporations but we haven’t learned yet.

            By the way, JFK was one of the best presidents we have had, relatively speaking. I wouldn’t trust a bush if your life depended on it.

          • TombstoneLizard

            MacGyver: As conservative as I am, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Bush, and any future Bush’s who wish to run for office. I wasn’t even a Reagan fan, as I was poor and scratching for work after I got out of the military in ’83, with no real economic improvement in the Nevada landscape for years and years. The Patriot Act was absolutely the last thing I wanted to see come about, because it was obvious from the talk about beforehand it was going to rape the Constitution. 3000 lives lost means we have to give up our rights to allow the government to “protect” us? Who are they kidding? And our so-called “War On Terror”? Handled as efficiently and as effectively as “The War On Drugs.” Give me a stinking break!

          • macgyver1948

            TombstoneLizard…Except for the conservative part and when you got out of the service along with what state you are from we sound very much alike here. The Patriot Act is a contradiction to the Constitution. (“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin said this.) and it is a bushism. I liked Reagan when he was the Gipper.

            I was born and raised in NYC so when 911 came along, their 2nd attempt to down the World Trade Center, I was hurt as an American as well as a New Yorker. One of my best friends has a brother who owned a company I think on the 79th floor of one of the towers but my friend’s brother was away on
            business that day and he lost a good number of his employees. We were warned about this attack, just not the exact day. The only thing bush did correctly was to say we have to go after them, what ever them is
            defined, where ever they are or they will just take our “turn the other cheek” thing as a weakness and continue to come at us. Iraq was an immoral and wrong invasion and we are still paying for it in
            many ways. Thank you little bushy.

            You mentioned the war on drugs. What war is that, the Hollywood version? I am still laughing about why pot is in that war and knowing that tobacco is still legal for the same reasons pot was made and is still illegal is a joke on us. Economics, the economics of the very wealthy and the big corporations, for those who benefit from the poison of tobacco remaining legal and pot which is relatively harmless by comparison is in that “war”.

            Our government does what makes the most money for the powerful and We The People lose every time. We need to go back to the model the Founders set up for us but with todays budget needs. We need to ignore the Norquists and the Kochs and those who are fighting for the Plutocracy type of government they want. We need big and small corporations but
            we need to curb their super greed with righteous regulations. We need to rework agencies such as the FDA who pretty much work for the benefit and protection of the drug industry and we need a decent EPA.

            There is so much more but there isn’t room here. Let’s just say we need a government who cares about the people and would be maintaining needed programs for the people without stealing from them. And we need to
            outlaw anti America and anti people pledges such as the Norquist Pledge which strongly causes betrayal for the people by the signers of those pledges. And we need transparency in donation and not the secrecy of donations to campaign, or to government officials in any way, instead of the betrayals (betrayals by SCOTUS) asked for by groups such as Citizens United.

            Ok, enough ranting for now. Yeah, give us all a stinking break and we need to demand that break. We need to remind those we elect and have appointed they work for us or they will never work for us again. No business would put up with the C*R*A*P from employees we put up with in government, they would fire them in a flash. Government loyalty is not with or for us and that We The People HAVE to make the changes because government will not otherwise. To much profit and power in it otherwise for our needs to be considered.

            TombstoneLizard, I do not need you to start leaning Left or to agree with all I say. I just need all Americans who care about our country to stand together and to work it out for all of us. Then we can go back to being on which ever side of the damn aisle we choose but even then work for a better America from then on, perhaps so the Founders could be proud of their experiment and us.

          • TombstoneLizard

            Good reply, MacGyver. (I am technically a “MacGyver” myself, although I attribute it to my years as a graduate of the Ethiopian Automotive Technology University [E.A.T. U.])

            To me, being conservative means “To give things their due consideration; to work out a problem thoroughly before attempting to fix it by means which are uncertain.”

            I also refer to it as “The Intelligence Principle.” One should not be so open-minded as to be unrecognizable from a ventilation system; or so stultified as to not be able to see the forest for the trees.

            What I am aware of, either to the Left or to the Right, is that common sense lies firmly in the middle, and is overlooked far more often than not. To me, common sense is the practical application of intelligence; obedient to, and keenly aware of, the laws of cause and effect.

            The so-called “War On Drugs” and the recent “War On Terror” (the irony of the similarity in monikers certainly did not escape me) seems to be “buzz-words” created by those who wish the attention of American citizens diverted firmly away from their machinations of power and rule.

            Or, as Bruce Willis called it (in the movie “Lucky Number Slevin”) “The Kansas City Shuffle”: The move that leaves us open to attack on our lives while our attention is devoted to a meaningless point in space.

            In the case of American politics, all the power-mad consider themselves an exclusive club, not to be held to the rules of the laws they pass out in abundance. I am well aware that Republican and Democrat leaders alike must surely gather behind closed doors and laugh their collective asses off at the arguments and the shouting-down to each other they have helped “We The People” engage in, to divert our attention from the true evil lurking in their souls

          • macgyver1948

            TombstoneLizard…LOL. I only wish I was a Macgyver. I took the screen name in the 80s to use in the old AOL because I am a big fan of the TV Character.

            Your definition for being conservative “To give things their due consideration; to work out a problem thoroughly before attempting to fix it by means which are uncertain” can fit any open minded person who wants to learn what the issue or subject or platform is
            really about. It can be a person on either side of the whatever aisle. It is not a person who joins a group or club or party without really knowing who is at their top and then just go along with whatever they are told. I see way to many people here zombieing themselves to the party they chained themselves to.

            I prefer to study the issue and then learn about it. If the party I aligned myself with does not represent an issue in ways that would be best for us I wont support that issue. I would vote for a Republican if I could find one who is not owned by a pledge or a faction which
            is in business for us. What I see from the Libertarian Party is a lot of more Republicans. Ron Paul is not all there for many of us and Rand is, well, he sounds like a GOP Memorex commercial. I am not sure he is really alive or just a programmed recording. I am not totally
            happy with Democrats either but I sense they are the best we have for now. Sad huh?

            For example, one of the things I found out while reading ObamaCare and its background before it was made into law was there were a number of things that the GOP tried and failed to get passed in the early 1990s in Congress. Did you know that the damning Mandate was a GOP idea and forced into OCare by the GOP and Obama didn’t want their stuff included? Things you can find out if you are really into the truth and not just let your party tell you what is.

            “The Intelligence Principle.” huh? I try to always be open minded until I learn enough to realize what they might be about. Then I can decide which side of that team I would be on. Until I know who the people at the top ate and what they are about I can not intelligently or emotionally commit.

            You again bring up (“War On Drugs” and the recent “War On Terror” (the irony of the similarity in monikers certainly did not escape me))”. I suppose when a group in government, as in business, wants to create a need to form a department their goal is to strengthen and grow that need so they can strengthen and grow that department. Methods for different departments may be similar but they do what it takes for their goals.
            Maybe that is why you see similarity “ in monikers. I first noticed this similar method approach while I was in the Air Force but more so in civilian life as I got closer to the Execs in my corporate employee live.

            Your description with “of American politics, all the power-mad consider themselves an exclusive club, not to be held to the rules of the laws they pass out in abundance” is so true. They join their elite groups, sign their apathetic-to-us pledges and they forget about us in the process. It is only their careers that count and in politics it should not be that way, at least not in a kind of republic we are suppose to be. That is why, for examp0le we need to pout law pledges
            such as the Norquist one and make it so the elected work only toward what ill benefit We The People. Is that such a pipe dream at this point or can what the Founders have tried to build for us be done? The founders will never see their experiment achieved if greed wins or if big corporations or any special interest groups, including religious, have their ways with our officials.

          • hippybiker

            Sorry, my mistake. It was Sam Giancana.

  • Jeff

    Who knew Uncle Bob could so quickly change his opinion of Mr. Ayers? Of course, Ayers probably has the same view of every American President since Woodrow Wilson so we’re not dealing with Earth-shattering news here.

    • John

      Bob did not change his point of view on Ayers!!! He simply provided us with what the evil liar was claiming now. So we could do one of the following, puke, laugh, stare in amazement or scream. Different reaction for different folks. Only the evil democrats would allow a low life like this back in our country without executing him.

  • veniceneon

    From a guy who is at least an accomplice to murder and his wife who planted the Taraval Police Station bomb in San Francisco. A couple of pieces of excrement.

  • Rightleaning

    This a setup to make himself look good. He is so stupid.

  • gw111

    BA is a criminal and the academia of this country is so smug in their acceptance of him. It isn’t like he is repentant of his unlawful crimes. Worse then his crimes is that our universities accept him as one who has a legitimate point of view. If they let Charles Manson out tomorrow some college would hire him to teach classes on effective ways to start social riots. I am no fan of Obama, yet when we go to someone like BA for opinion we are not really looking for answers,
    Are our college professors so devoid of good since that they hire a man like this or do they hold the same opinion. It is time to over haul our University system.

  • $24100174

    Ok……clap, clap, clap…..who’s next!!!! You funny Bill!!

  • rg2142

    Benghazi was Obamas Creation, try that on for size.

  • guest

    I do not think he should be tried for war crimes, that would put our whole military at fault. I think he should be tried for knowing his father was from Kenya and becoming pres anyway. The office of President requires, by his own mouth, that the person be born of two US citizens on US soil which Panema was determined to have been at the time. I think he should be tried as a traitor for keeping the muslim brotherhood so close to him and putting them in power in other nations.

  • Darral

    I hate to say I agree with him but I do But He knows its not going to happen Obama is protected by the Democratic party Obama has also committed Treason as defined in the Constitution but nothing going to happen there either Protected by the Democratic party, and the Democratic Party is doing what ever it needs to do to stay in power, Dictators and tyrants Liars all

  • Rolf Johnson

    I think he should be tried for being a stupid, worthless, lying, hit for brains idiot and when found guilty barbecued on live tv!

  • foxxybey

    The bomber who wanted to over throw the government and taught Obozo what he knows since nobody can recall him at University. What a joke, the guy should be in prison along with his number 1 student.

  • Onegaishimasu

    I agree he should be in prison but I wonder what made him disown Wunderkind? What’s changed? Not enough people die yet, Bill?

  • American Patriot01

    This is al part of the Socialist plan. Remember bottom up, top down, inside out? Well, this is their attempt to get the bottom to rise up! they have been trying for a few years now to get the bottom to rise up against the government, remember the faux uprising of OWS, bought and paid for by the crew from acorn and the labor unions. Well that didn’t work and now they are trying a new tactic. Push the envelope and do those things that everyone thinks will get them (the people) to revolt and then label, incite and send in the dogs. They need the public to rise up in violent revolt to win this battle, but I think they are sadly mistaken. If they get the American Citizen to revolt en mass, they will not win.

  • Motov

    2nd term curse,…honeymoon is now over, Obozo stepped on AP’s toes.
    How many more scandals will surface? Time will tell. The question is what will be left of the USA, its Constitution when he is finally booted outta office?

    • ChuckS123

      Like Sara Palin said, scandals are coming fast and furious.

  • dan

    It’s all an academic debate…until you start planting bombs
    (or flying drones…or deploying hit-teams and invading countries)
    and blowing -up people….
    and then it’s terrorism


    Lol, old news repetitious behavior, colluding and conspiring and being complicit with criminal intent with domestic terrorists ,aiding and abetting them, then throwing them under the bus…….yep……….that was Bill Ayers alright! Marxist socialist POS garbage, why couldn’t one of the 46 deaths on fathers day w.e. in Chicago been his………..Glad he had an opportunity to confirm his buddy a Criminal though…… now lock them both up and throw the key away!

  • BarrackHussein

    Now is this the Boston Marathon bomb-guy or Obama’s friend. Oh, he’s really both. Now I understand.