Big NYC Guy Sues Over Lack Of Jail Uniform


NEW YORK, Jan. 22 (UPI) — A New York City man says wearing the same set of clothes in jail for eight months is just wrong even though he was too big for the largest institutional duds.

Elias Diaz, 55, filed a $1 million federal lawsuit alleging jailers made no effort to find a jumbo jail uniform he could wear rather than the single pair of sweats and T-shirt he wore every day of his incarceration.

Diaz, who weighs 400 pounds, had to wash his clothes in the shower. Adding insult to alleged injury was the fact the Vernon C. Bain Center has a tailor on staff, the New York Daily News said.

“No one has issued me institutional clothing or made any attempt to measure me, to attempt to make the clothing, or borrow, purchase or anything else besides talk about getting me institutionally issued clothing,” Diaz said in court documents.

Diaz was a size 7X when he was sentenced on a gun charge. His suit alleged the jail never seemed to be able to find a jumpsuit larger than 6X. He also claimed friends tried to send him clothing, but the packages were also rejected.

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