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Big Brother Considers Tracking Drivers’ Every Move

October 26, 2011 by  

Big Brother Considers Tracking Drivers’ Every Move

As lawmakers face the facts of soaring deficits and a mountain of Federal debt, they may opt to rethink the way that Americans pay for the roads and highways they use every day.

According to POLITICO, the Highway Trust Fund, money set aside for resurfacing and highway infrastructure, will be nearly $100 billion in the red by 2021, and the mass transit account will be about $30 billion short. The article says that because gas and diesel taxes have not been increased in two decades, the fund has lost about one-third of its purchasing power since 1992.

Reportedly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Trucking Association and AAA have all lobbied lawmakers for an increase in fuel taxes to re-energize revenues, but Congress stands nearly unanimously against the measure. Most lawmakers say that raising fuel taxes in today’s economic climate would greatly harm businesses that rely on ground shipping services to transport goods throughout the country.

Instead of raising the price of fuel, many lawmakers support what some Americans may consider an egregious invasion of privacy to raise funding for roadway repairs. The measure would require American drivers to equip their vehicles with a GPS tracking device to measure vehicle miles traveled (VMT). The device would not only measure the number of miles traveled but also where a driver went during each trip, which route he took and the hours during which he was driving.

Some proponents of the measure say the generation raised on Facebook and Twitter — proudly posting their every move for an Internet audience — probably will not mind being tracked in their vehicles by the government.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Patriot1776

    It is none of government’s business where I go or how I get there. The current tax on fuel is a consumption based tax and should be used to fund the repair and maintenance of our roads as it was intended. Like any private sector business, the government needs to learn to be efficient with the capital that they raise for this purpose. At some point government will have to learn that the tax payer’s pockets are not a bottomless vault that they can reach deeper into. It is always easier for them to find new ways to tax us rather than find inefficiencies in their systems and remove them so that they can operate within the funds that they have.

    I am absolutely opposed to allowing government to track my movements. If nothing else, it would give obama the coordinates to launch his drones at when we are declared “enemies of the state” for standing against his communism.

    • Candace

      Have you seen Progressive Insurance’s ad for their tracker? Making it look like a cute little, easy to install toy. It tracks your mileage and then they give you a discount if you drive what they establish as lower miles. Progressive is aptly named – owned by “one World Order” progressives!

      • wrsrvn67

        When is this insanity going to end.?? Whats the diff between a tax and installing GPS in your vehicle? None!!!! It still cost the taxpayer money. I am sure the insurance companies won’t pay for it. Wake up America

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I priced progressives insurance with the “snapshot” option and it was 150.00 a year more than I pay now. 35 years without as much as a parking ticket works better with other companies!!



      • Pete Sagi

        Lots of luck with that. Those 4 wheel drive cars belong to the state if you registered them as “motor vehicles.” You need someone to give you the game or you are phugged. See my other post. Also, see the video online, google “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception.”


    • Pete Sagi

      Nice rant! Unfortunately, it doesn’t address the central issue, which is why would govt. be within its rights to do this? The answer is the conveyance of ownership, and some specicifically defined legal terms.

      When a vehicle comes off the assembly line, it is shipped with a bill of lading known as the MCO or “Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.” The dealer is given this paperwork by the driver of the auto carrier truck. The MCO is the essential paperwork for vehicle “registration.” “Registration” is more than just recording … it is a transfer of title that is accomplished BY recording. Who does the recording? Why, the state DMV, of course!
      Once registered, THE STATE OWNS YOUR CAR AND IT IS NOW A “MOTOR VEHICLE.” You are merely a renter of that property for the annual or bi annual registration fee. If you are like most people, you never even asked yourself this question … “If it is my car, why does the state govt. get to issue a certificate of title? What gives them the right to do that?” The answer is that you did via the registration process. Since it belongs to the state, they get to require financial responsibility (usually insurance, could be a posting of a bond), inspections, a license to “drive,” etc. Since the vehicle is recorded to them, and since they own it, they can therefore require a tracking device such that you may be taxed by the mile.

      If, instead of allowing the dealer to send the MCO off to the state DMV … you pay in full, and take the MCO to the county recorder’s office and record your unencumbered (by the state) ownership of that vehicle (a vehicle OTHER THAN A MOTOR VEHICLE where “Motor Vehicle” is a specifically defined legal term in the vehicle codes) you may then TRAVEL BY RIGHT as opposed to “driving” by privilege. State issued license plates and a track and trace black box with the tax by the mile scheme simply do not apply.

      The only other problem would be the local oinksters, because they receive no training regarding the difference between traveling behind the wheel of a vehicle other than a motor vehicle and “driving without a license.” Put your local oinksters on notice ahead of time.


      • ChristyK

        Nobody truly owns their house/land either. With property taxes we are effectively just renting our homes. If we ever fail to pay our property taxes, the government will kick us out and own our property. It doesn’t matter if your family has owned the property for 100+ years and many generations and the property has been paid off for decades.

        • Pete Sagi

          100% true!!!!!!!!! If you have free and clear title to your property, you will find on that title the phrase “right of tenancy.” Lookup tenancy and/or tenant in the dictionary. HOWEVER … a very few folks hold property via land patent, also known as allodial title. A land patent is the true title, no property tax. If you want to capture the allodial title on land that you have surface rights on (usually what you get if your mortgage is paid off) then you are in for a fight. It can and has been won but not routinely. Back in the 19th century there were lots of folk who owned land via land patent tho.


      • Ben Dover

        Baloney,, sound like one of those guys who says you don’t have to pay taxes if you are paid in silver and gold…or the Amendment wasn’t ratified…”jailbird” is what you guys are eventually called…

        • DG

          Actually- If you go to President Reagan’s Grace Commission Report-(1984) you will read “…100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, All individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government .”
          AND -type in W-4 (which you are told to sign before getting a job) you will go to Title 26(IRS)USC 31.3402- section 31 is for “employment taxes”–I believe that means I am working for the Federal Government — and if you scroll down a ways you see that I am declaring what I make as “Income” and I am VOLUNTARILY giving a percentage to my “employer” –SO -in Title 26 CFR 31.3402(p)-1 (a) “In general. An employee and his employer MAY ENTER into an agreement under section 3402(b) to provide for the withholding of income tax upon payments of amounts described in (b)(1)of 31.3401(a)-3, made after December 31, 1970.”

          So apparently, in my opinion, Income taxes ARE voluntary and they do NOT pay for government programs

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If taxes are volentary, then why are there people called “Freemen” in prison right now for deciding that very thing?? They’ve tried the old ” I haven’t recieved a bill” To “Taxes are unconstitutional” and the judge still ships them off to the barred hotel.

        • Pete Sagi

          The income tax is, according to the US Supreme Court in the earliest of decisions on the income tax/16th ammendment, an excise tax, i.e., a tax on privilege. It is only MEASURED by the income or net profit derived FROM the privilege. A non resident alien derives income from within the US by privilege. Working for the federal govt. is considered privilege. A citizen residing abroad with foreign earned income under the protection of the flag does so by privilege. What about the rest of us, working occupations of common right within any of the 50 united States? We do so by right, and there is no tax liability incurred UNLESS WE PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL SECURITY. According to the Social Security Administration, use of an SSN is 100% VOLUNTARY and NOT REQUIRED to live OR WORK in the US. Write them and ask, they will state that in writing. Most folk find that hard to believe, but that is not because of any law … that is due to the policies of corporate Amerika that refuse to hire without that number.

          Use that number on the job and you are effectively a federal employee, going thru the federal govt. as if it was your temp agency. They demand, on your behalf, minimum “wage”, overtime regs, equal opportunity “employment”, maternity leave, OSHA regs, etc. If your contract was between you and the entity that hired you only, they couldn’t do that. They were invited in, by you and your “employer” as a third party to the contract of your “employment” and therein lies the taxable privilege.

          Cease any and all use of the SSN and you will never hear from the IRS.

          Look up those court cases where a patriot or “freeman” went to jail over a tax issue and you will find SSN use in the mix, invariably.


          • Robert Clay Allison

            How is this possible? Can I actually still be employed and can employers discriminate against someone w/out ssn? What avenues would one have to go thru to do this?

          • Pete Sagi

            For Robert Clay Allison … sorry, couldn’t put my reply right under yours, because of the limitations of the system, hope you get this … employ, employer, employee, employed, wage, salary, commision, and a few other words that you commonly use are also specifically defined legal terms when the government uses them. So the answer is no, you can’t be employed without an SSN, BUT … you can still be a hireling, a worker, or a private (notice I didn’t say “independent”) contractor, and, receive remuneration or compensation for labor or intellectual property. A corporate entity could expense out the cost of your labor under “other” on its tax filings and I believe under “miscelanious” if it was a person that hired you and was a taxpayer and needed to declare what they payed you as an expense … if done without a taxpayer ID number from you such as an SSN.

            In practical terms, considering the brainwashing regarding the SSN issue, no large company will hire you without an SSN … again, not due to any law. The work around is to start a corporate entity, have a service bureau hold all corporate positions (there are a number of these service bureaus in Nevada) and go thru that corporate entity that you control at arms length to provide a corporate taxpayer ID number to whomever you do business with. The Nevada corp. that you control can then remunerate you as a NON taxpayer, i.e., no SSN. The corporate entity will still have to file and pay on corporate profit, but, it need not show a profit. You control that thru your Nevada agent.

            Going thru life without an SSN is difficult unless you use a proxy such as a subchapter C corp or an LLC. Read Dave Champion’s book,
            Income Tax: Shattering The Myths


    • Rod Roberts

      Wow Patriot, you nailed that one! Who would pay for all these GPS devices to be placed in your car? Of course we the driving public would. And you’re right again saying we already pay a tax on our driving in every gallon of gas we buy. Washington has the highest gas tax in the nation; but most of the money goes into the general fund not road upkeep.



    • karel Eekels

      A sigh of relief Patriot1776 to share your eloquent remarks here. You are an oasis of sanity. I thank you for the gift of your knowledge, I know many of us agree with.

      This again is Big Government interfering with the economy, these libs want total control over our lives and they still do not GET IT that government controlled economies are much worse. They fail to understand that they need to manage the expectations of “we the people” demanding that these elite intellectual dishonest members of Congress need to be put on a rigorous diet.

      May joy and peace surround you and contentment latch your door, and all of us need to keep the finger on the pulse to stop this madness.

  • lkar

    I like how the reporting notes that the gas tax has not been raised in 2 decades. This is the reason the fund will go into the red. How about lowering the cost for road resurfacing? It never seems to cross a politicians mind that reducing spending is as effective as raising taxes!

    • lkar

      Oh, I failed to mention the unintended consequences of government mandates mpg and electric vehicle tax rebates! This lowers fuel consumption.

    • DG

      You couldn’t tell my EX-WIFE to stop spending either –Lucky we only had one credit card and the limit was $2,000 and she divorced me in 5 years–lucky ME–that could be like Obummer now

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I can only hope that we divorce nobrainer after a total of four years. Five would kill us!!

  • DanB

    Why with government is the answer always to raise taxes? Even if you can show when lowering taxes has increased revenue?

    I cannot offer any solution for this problem except that we really as the people ought to stop voting these people into political office. Because our politicians are stuck in rut, their blinders are in full force, and raising taxes is the only thing they understand other than spending. Of course, the real solution to the revenue problem is for them to stop spending on programs that should have not been a part of government in the first place and then perhaps they would actually funds to do the things government should be responsible for.

    • Candace

      What do you think the Tea Party is about Dan? We have to work within the system which does NOT include the likes of OWS protesters. My first meeting last month in New Orleans they covered corruption and the “oligarchy” of the Republican party in Louisiana.
      Political corruption has exploded as our morals and values have corrupted. It’s now ok to talk about bailing irresponsibility with public monies. It’s ok to preach hate and envy of those that have succeeded.
      Look at Europe today – the northern countries are paying for the bailouts of the irresponsible southern countries. They are going down…

  • Joe

    In todays depression climate, many families have to find work in other states in the same way that people had to chase work in the depression. This time instead of railroad cars, people drive many miles to other states for work while their families stay home. This would just hurt the common working man that has already paid the price of leaving his family to support them. This has happen because of the idiots in Congress that make the rules and policies that have busted this economy. They don’t realize how this has hurt the American Family. Now they want to put more pressure on them and again, Congress will probably exempt themselves from this transportation tax.

    • Ellen

      This is an excellent point. To add to it, there are many people who live near expensive cities who’ve had to purchase a home 40-50 miles away because that’s all they could afford. They drive a long commute daily into the city to work because they have no other choice. There are also people who live in small towns who have to drive similar distances to find work in a city. The people running this country have no clue about the realities of life in America, yet they are making decisions about our lives. It’s time to shrink the government and get them out of decisions they simply don’t understand.

      • sandcasstle


        I don’t think most people get the fact that the “commument” running this country could not care less about the condition of its ordinary citizenry–they are purposefully taking this country down. It’s not that they don’t get it–they have an objective and will let no one get in their way until it is accomplished.

        • Candace

          YOU have it right – you cannot watch what this administration is doing (not what they say) and fail to understand that their intent is to bust this economy and install restrictive socialistic government. It is blatantly obvious for those that get beyond the liberal media soundbites. Read about Agenda 21 – it’s crept into our system for almost 20 years. An off shoot of the United Nations, it’s meant to undermine the middle class lifestyle in order to internationally “spread the wealth.” Go to and type in Agenda 21. Watch and learn…

        • BGinTN

          Sandcasstle and Ellen, please read about the UN Agenda 21 and it’s mandates.
          They want you to live in stacked communities, not out in the country.
          They will do anything to get this done. The UN has progressed into a hydra-headed monster that we need to start chopping heads off of.

          • 45caliber

            The government has always preferred that we life in apartments.

            If you live in a house, even a rented one, they have to have a search warrant to check your house according to the courts. But an apartment is assumed to be owned by someone else and the manager is the on-site owner’s representative – who can give the police permission to check your place without the need of a search warrant.

  • Vic

    Stop wasting billions on wars, handouts to other countries like Israel etc., going to the Moon or Mars. Where do you think all this money comes from ? Citizen’s taxes of course.

    • 45caliber

      Vic: Just to make you happy …

      I saw a list of countries we give money to awhile back. This included ALL items such as free food and weapons, World Bank funds (that we provide), foreign aid, etc.

      India was No.1 – we give them a lot of free food. Russia was No.2 and China was No.3. In fact, nine of the top ten were Communist. Isreal, despite what you might think, wasn’t even in the top 50. But Palestine was.

      • j r

        That’s BS, Israel is the number one recepient of US foreign aid at over $3 billion in 2010. Egypt is number 2 at about half that amount. Get your facts straight.

        • 45caliber

          Conflicts with your liberal “facts”, doesn’t it?

          • s c

            45caliber, did you say you live in Texas? I just heard that Obubba has decided to let in another flood of semis from Mexico. Assuming that Obubba can find a way to be ‘fair’ about that insane vehicle tracking scheme, does this mean Mexicans will be forced to tolerate tracking devices?
            This should make the unions go crazy, as Obubba is supposed to be their #1 bud. Mexico seems to be a bit lax in maintaining their vehicles. I’d be inclined to look at a flood of semis coming from Mexico as vehicles that are almost ideal for bringing in illegals and drugs (weapons, terrorists, etc.).
            Washington has a most curious way of doing things, and if drugs are important (we already know what Washington criminals think about ilegals), then it would seem to make sense to be able to TRACK all those semis.
            What do you think, 45caliber? A bit confusing, eh?

  • Mike Houst

    The solution is to not have a flat tax per gallon of fuel (roughly 48.1cts/gal gasoline, 50.8cts/gal diesel); but to have it as a rate, probably 15 to 20% of total cost of the fuel. That way, as costs go up, so do the revenues proportionally. Theoretically, your fund should never go dry then. And you’d not have these constant bickerings over funding.

    • Candace

      Ah, there will always be “constant bickering over funding.” Democrats just want more, more, more for their social spending. Never enough and they along with RHINO Republicans have done a great job of busting America. SPENDING IS THE PROBLEM. Certainly not taking more of our money will ever stop the spoiled teens with OUR credit cards…

    • Patriot1776

      Unfortunately the problem with having it at a rate, the higher the price per gallon, the more the taxes per gallon. When gas prices rise, those living on limited incomes become less able to afford the gas that they need just to get to work and basic travel. If you are already living paycheck to paycheck exagerating the price fluctuation in gas will only hurt more people.

  • Cribster

    There are many things wrong with this tyrannical approach to raising revenue but the first thing that came to mind was that any money accrued by this program will be eaten up by the bureaucrats that run it. More government expansion, more theft of personal wealth.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Hey, the possibility of another bs law to enforce…awesome!

    The laws that increase govt revenue will soon be the only ones that will be enforced…

    • Bob

      You are right. that is why they enforce seat belts but ignore ILLEGALS.

      • 45caliber

        Most illegals don’t pay fines. They simply change their license plates (the junkyards are NICE for parts! Sneak in at night and you don’t even have to pay for them …) and/or they change places to live (not “homes”) so they can’t be found easily.

      • 45caliber

        Incidently, there is one sure way to identify illegals who are driving here – they are the ones who are driving 10-15 mph under the speed limit so they won’t be as likely to be stopped.

    • 45caliber


      There are a couple of towns here in Texas who have given their police department ZERO dollars for their yearly budget. The argument is that the police should be raising all the money they need from tickets instead of local taxes. One county even gave the sheriff a goal – his department was not only to pay for itself but also to raise half a million a month for the county use. They have a interstate highway that goes through the county. The county commissioners stated that the sheriff could get money from those passing through and not from the locals…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        sounds like Lindale Ohio near Cleveland. They have less than one mile of Rt 90 and they write more tickets monthly than any other city around them, some with as high as 10 to 15 miles of hwy. through them.

        • joe H.

          sorry, thats RTE 71

  • Big Daddy

    We cannot maintain the roads we havenow yet we keep the cronies working at high payuing government jobs building and planning new ones. Whats wrong with that picture. Devote all ravenue to repair and maintenance and stop building new highways we don’t need.
    Track my vehicle. COLD DAY IN HELL

    • 45caliber

      I agree. When I was growing up in Arkansas mountains, the roads were all dirt and gravel since very few people drove over them. Today they are paved – and very few people still drive them.

      I got back from a vacation there in July. I drove one highway there for over forty miles and never saw a single car. I didn’t see any lived-in houses either. The people who once lived there died or moved away. So why did they need to pave the road?

  • Doc Sarvis

    This may actually get us to using mass transit more or riding bikes and walking. The upside.

    • SHOF

      Mass transit is fine in a highly developed area. But not everyone lives in a metropolitan region. I’ve lived in rural Wisconsin and west Tennessee my entire life and none of these places would benefit from mass transit. The population is too spread out, the distances traveled too great and income too low for mass transit to be of any benefit….

      • 45caliber

        Obviously Doc lives in some place like New York City.

        • s c

          45caliber, obviouisly, ds and most of his like-minded government shills have been addicted to mind-numbing drugs for decades. In a utopian’s mind, if Big Brother isn’t looking over his shoulder every day, he doesn’t feel “safe.” The only Uncle Scam can make vehicle-tracking work is to hire people to ‘help’ track the movements of neighbors, friends and family. From the grave, 45 caliber, Lenin and Marx never run out of ‘friends’ who should have been part of the Bolshevik Revolution and all the many “blessings” that went with it.
          Privacy is just a word to such people. They also believe that taxes that are always increasing means we’re “blessed” with better government. Obviously, 45caliber, people lilke the afore-mentioned wacko utopian have no use for common sense. Obviously, utopians need to move to another ‘enlightened’ country where a Big Brother mentality is more advanced. So, when will those government-loving robots and closet back-stabbers be MOVING?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Here is one of Docs “upsides” to mass transit. My daughter, today, was waiting for the bus going to Cleveland state and a guy walked up to her and asked about the bus. come to find out, he was just getting home after 26 years in prison! Just the type of guy I want around my 21 year old daughter. Public transit is so beneficial!!!

    • sandcasstle

      Hey Doc,

      Get your head out of your liberal cloud and face reality–at 61 years old and living 20 miles away from my workplace with no mass transit anywhere close by, how in hell$ bells do you think I’m going to walk, ride a bus or bicycle? Hmmmmmm?

      • Doc Sarvis

        SHOF & sandcasstle,
        Gosh, simmer down and think a little bit. Car pooling is also an option.

        • 45caliber


          You obviously don’t live in areas where you have to drive like that to have a job. I live 36 miles from where I work. There is ONE (count him!) person who drives from the same area I do. And HE works different hours than I do. To carpool, we’d have to go in an hour and a half early for one of us and stay over that same time for the other. That doesn’t work.

          You are obviously living in a place where there are lots of people and don’t drive that far. I know people who drive over a hundred miles ONE WAY each day to work … because there isn’t any jobs closer.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Did I say this was for everybody? No.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            No, you just made a blanket statement that is supposed to fit all!!

  • Jan

    Instead of giving our money to nations that hate us, use the funds for infrastructure here.
    It’s none of the US gov’t business where I want to drive to, how long I stay there and how many times I want to go someplace.
    Time for term limits on all politicians, with ideas like this one, seem many have lost their way.

    • 45caliber

      But Jan! How are they going to better control you if they don’t do that? Don’t you know? They need to control you (like Big Brother) to insure you stay out of trouble!

      • Patriot1776

        Right, besides they need to condition us for the tracking implant that will be included with the sign of the beast that we can use to pay for what little groceries we are allowed. It is just part of the conditioning program from the communist hand book.

        • Raggs

          Your exactly right… All of this leads up to the mark of the beast..
          We can start with the “health-care” law that now everybodies health records are availible to the communist pig in the white house.. Tracking all of us with celular phones, credit cards and now vehicles.
          Next step is an implanted device…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Over my dead body! I will never get implanted. Not knowingly at least.

      • Boo

        They want to control you,
        we the awake, all know this.
        Though not control to stay out of trouble.

        The friken Alpha’s want you in trouble.
        In Trouble with Finances.
        In Trouble with the Law.
        In Trouble at Home.

        It is trouble that makes ‘their world,’ go around.
        Trouble good for lawyers.
        Trouble good for the the Military Industrial Complex.
        From out of Trouble comes money and power.

        Society Troubled, Society Preoccupied, Society Blind.

        Society Blind and hey presto
        before the end of this decade,
        the New World Order has arrived.

        The Alpha’s cocksure and belligerent,
        giving security and life (Their version)
        to the willing masses of Humanity.

        Which way do your slugs shoot 45 caliber?

  • Don

    Bad idea, and it won’t stop with first intentions. The fuel tax when it started was to be temporary, ending about 1969. How did that work out? To make the tax 10 or 15% of fuel costs would make the government push to keep fuel costs high in order to get more in taxes. The per gallon tax we now have is more than enough to build and repair highways. The problems are: 1. the government is in charge – so it’s in a mess. 2. The fund has been used for many non-highway projects (which might just be against the law – for example, it’s against the law to lie to Congress, yet they lie to us and are almost never punished). This GPS device would be required, and therefore its cost would rise because of forced demand. If I want to take ride to the mountains or the beach, it is none of the government’s business.

    • 45caliber

      Since most cars use gasoline or diesel, they can charge a fuel tax at the pump. But if they use electricity or natural gas or propane, they can’t easily charge the fuel tax. It would be too easy to refuel at your home. This is why those cars aren’t presently out – and this is why they want this new road use tax.

      About twenty five years ago, a guy invented a carborater that would double (or more) your milage. The government refused to allow him to sell it since it would cut their collected tax in half.

  • Jack

    I almost feel dumb working and saving money just so they can find a way to get it from me! Some days I think about heading deap into the mountains like Grizzly Adams and not looking back. Then I would surely be considered a crazy man outlaw.

    • 45caliber

      I think that is why they are working so hard to insure people can’t raise their own food. If you go back in the mountains, how would you live if you didn’t get a job and pay taxes so you could buy food? If you raise your own, they can arrest you for it – instead of charging you for not paying taxes.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I grow a lot of my food each and every year. I canned 52 quarts of green beans, 45 pints of tomato sauce, and this weekend I plan to freeze a couple hundred cabbage rolls. I do this every fall and it cuts my grocery bill quite a bit. I also can kiefer pears.

  • Franko

    I am constantly amazed that lawless makers of rules seem to always come up with new ways to increase taxes or institute new taxes, yet, there seem to be no ideas coming out of this bloated, pig-snout-in-the-trough government as to how to DECREASE SPENDING! If they focused just a small portion of their energies on reducing spending, like say, between morning coffee brake and lunchtime, then they could probably come up with several trillion dollars of savings for the American Taxpayer, who would possibly consider re-electing these porcines to office…
    That’s all I gotta say about that…

    • 45caliber

      They can’t decrease spending since most of what they spend is designed to buy votes. If they decreased spending, they might not get reelected. Wouldn’t that be horrible?

      • Patriot1776

        Not only that, but they have their lifestyle to protect. We’ve seen the latest figures that the AVERAGE income in Washington DC is the highest in the nation at $126,000. Obviously this has been skewed by the number of politicians that are there, unless of course Warren Buffet’s secretary has moved there…

        They need more money to fund their leisure retirement and health care plans.

  • TexRancher

    Let’s not forget the 20+million ILLEGAL INVADERS now in this country using not only roads, but many other services paid for by the taxpayer as well. Deport them as the law calls for and there will be multiple savings plus a relief on employment and demand on social services as well.

    Unless we tell Congress H E L L NO, they will keep adding tax on tax and call them something else. This nothing more than another way to tax us. We must get their attention even if it takes a tire iron from Sears across their knees!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes but most of those poor, poor babies haven’t committed any crimes?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT ILLEGALLY CROSSING THE BORDER?!?!?!? Lord,, these pols are CLUELESS!

  • Midman

    The GPS is an all-around bad idea. Please name specifically the lawmakers who favor the GPS plan. That way we can direct our ire at those who support such harebrained ideas.

    • 45caliber

      How about also using the GPS to monitor things like speeding and running stop signs? That is another part of this GPS scheme. It is to record when you exceed what the GPS says is the speed limit or where it shows a stop sign.

      I’ve seen numerous occasions where the GPS is wrong on both. In some cases the stop sign has been removed and a stop light installed. But the GPS still shows the stop sign so if you find the stop light green and go through, you broke the law. The same for speed limits. Several highways in this area have a 65 mph speed limit but used to have a 55 mph speed limit. The GPS still shows the lower limit.

      • Doc Sarvis

        There is a time-stamp on GPS data therefore if the light/speed limit change in a area individual and authorities will have the information on whether or not the law was broken for those instances.

        • 45caliber

          No, Doc. It means that you are guilty until YOU prove you are innocent. You are the one who must go to court and show that the speed limit really is what you were driving or that the stop sign no longer exists where the GPS says it was.

          My GPS doesn’t even show some streets and highways that have been in place for over 30 years. How can we expect them to show the modern stuff correctly?

    • 45caliber

      Oh, you can start with the Congressmen and Senators of Mass. That is where this idea first originated.

      • Jan

        Figures it’s Mass. with people like Barney Frank representing them. I wonder if Romney likes that idea? I hope someone else gets the nod for GOP, I don’t trust him. I have many family members in MA, not at all happy with the Romneycare he blessed tham with.

        • Raggs

          Jan.. I agree.

  • 45caliber

    I’ve been saying this is coming. What they want to do is tax the electric cars (and any other type that doesn’t burn gasoline.) But that doesn’t mean they will eliminate the gasoline fuel tax. They want BOTH taxes. You pay road taxes when you buy gasoline and then you pay it again when you get a bill for milage. And the price I’ve heard isn’t going to be cheap. It will add as much as another $100 a month to your driving expenses – or it will here in the South since we have further to drive than any of you in the North East do.

  • 45caliber

    Out of curiosity, how are they going to handle all the older cars without a GPS? Who is going to pay for all the GPS’s that will need to be installed in Welfare cars? (Wait! I forgot! They all drive the new big cars that come with one.) How are they going to tell if you have a GPS installed or not if you don’t install one? Come to think of it, how much trouble would it be to install a switch in the car to turn it off and on at will?

  • Raggs

    Ok let one of these brown shirt basturds stick a GPS on my car and I will stick a bullet in their head.

    • Doc Sarvis

      …and you will get stuck in prison.

      • Raggs

        Now look here dude… What gives the government the authority and power to do this?… Where the hell in the constitution does it tell the government that they can do whatever the hell they want to do?
        I most certainly WILL fight for my freedom against tranny of government intrusion into my personal life… I WILL NOT just sit on my arse and let them get away with this type of a dictorial rule. I had onstar on my truck and when I found out that they were spying on me I gave them a choice to cease or a lawsuit, their choice was to cease… The government likewise cannot spy on people and track ever move one makes… This is CRAP!!!!

        • s c

          Raggs, here is a quote from a great thinker (someone who probably never appears in a high school text any longer). The great Samuel Johnson said “Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.”
          Johnson knew what he was talking about. America’s useful idiot [public schools] are at the heart of this insanity. Uncle Scam relies on braindead parrots to get away with his nation-destroying schemes. The utopian kookoids who monitor this website are proof of it. Screw Uncle Scam. Screw utopians. Up the rebels!

          • Raggs

            Yup and as far as it goes these thugs that are keeping an eye in my hole can also eat my chit.
            When we fear our government than there is tranny and when the government fears the people there is sanity.

  • CP

    SHOF and sandcastle, those long commute low income areas are exactly where public transportation is needed the worst. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a number of people who would rather live there, but can not simply because they don’t drive, for whatever reason. As far as the mandatory GPS device, I doubt anyone will pony up the money to install that on all registered vehicles, as that would demand even more money out of a government pocket that has too little in it already. They may do it the way they did seatbelts, tell the states that it had to be done, then tell the car makers it is their responsibility to install these gadgets. As far as being able to turn them on and off, forget about it, as they will be built into the engine monitoring computer that only shuts down when the battery is removed and the engine is not running.

  • Bob McCormick

    First off I’m an electrical engineer, If they think thei’r going to start tracking me I will remove the gps and attach it to a stray cat.
    Second, which does more damage to the roads, a three thousand pound car or a fourty ton truck. The trucking industry has been taking advantage of the interstate highway system for years. Shure they pay fuel taxes and tolls,but if the Highway Trust Fund is running out of money, the trucking industry, the ones who are using the roads for profit need to step up.
    What am I thinking, the daily commuter is an easy target.

    • Doc Sarvis

      A stray cat will get you a lot of jaywalking tickets among other violations.

    • Patriot1776

      The trucking industry also pays a lot of fuel taxes on the millions of gallons of fuel that it purchases. They also buy permits for every state to help fund road maintenance.

      As far as the damage to the road goes, if you calculate the force per square inch of contact surface, a woman walking in heels applies more force to the road than a 40 ton truck.

    • 45caliber


      Just insert a switch in the system. It is turned off during the week and on only on Sunday when you go to church. What can they say then?

      • Raggs

        So you are saying that it is ok if they put a device on your car as long as you have a “switch” to turn it off at your leisure?

        I’m confused to how they can put such a device on your car in the first place… Not to mention that if such a thing was on your car that you could turn it off while trecking to grandma’s house. Well let’s get this straight… If you drive without this device you are sent to jail?… First off they will have to kill me on that note.
        Second you will recieve a terrible fine?.. See above mentioned note…. Third they will take your car, see above mentioned note. Or we could all lay down like a dog and do nothing and in that case I will shoot myself.

    • Jibbs

      Lic. plate for a semi-tractor is $5000 to $8000 and in some states even more.
      Most semi-tractor trailer combo’s pay $10,000 or more in road use tax.
      BTW, everything you own or buy was delivered by truck. Some tolls in IL. are over $15.00 and Indiana tolls are paid by the mile.

      Don’t forget the fuel tax sticker that you buy and the yearly saftey inspections, and the Authority fee that is paid every year and vari’s by how many states that truck operates in.
      I’ll ask the owner of my company if I left out any fee’s tonight when I go in.
      BTW, the cost of a basic “day cab” tractor is around 80 to 90k and a basic van trailer is over 20k. Cost to renew a CDL “A” between $55.00 to $70.00, hazmat endorsment is over $100.00 per driver every 2 years.
      Stop thinking or do some research.

      Don’t forget when the D.O.T comes in to look at all the records once a year…even if you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s, they will find a way to make you pay some kind of fine.

      It may have never been on a ship, plane or train, but you can bet your arse in came on a truck.

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    After reading this news story isn’t it obvious how a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul for President in 2012 equates to treason.

    By the way, Zionist controlled, Federal Reserve occupied, Big Brother USA, I do mind having my whereabouts tracked by GPS. Your surveillance cameras and RFID surveillance state I loathe tremendously and it won’t be long before your antichrist system comes to an end!

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    These politicians who want this should take a GPS and shove it up their asses! DON’T TREAD ON ME!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      What we should do is take the GPS, if it’s the size of that progressive ad, catch a canada goose, put it around its neck, and turn it loose!! could you imagine them trying to track you during migration??? Ha HA!!!!

  • LadySam

    This is a ruse, folks. It’s not about money. It’s about further interjecting “Big Bro” into our lives to track our patterns of activity. It goes hand-in-hand with the store membership cards given to provide discounts to their shoppers. Another ruse used to track our purchasing habits. This is all leading up to the day when none of us will be able to do anything if we haven’t shown ourselves to be in synch with the government ruling us. Step back & look at the bigger picture of all the little ways our freedoms have already been encroached upon under the guise of personal safety, public safety, health care, etc. All is not what it seems.

  • Altaica

    This is total bull. You better believe I’d find a way to disable this. It’s none of their business where I drive and when I do so. I’ll be fighting this every step of the way. If I want to share something that is my business, it is not their business. I’m sick of big brother getting involved with our freedoms!

  • James

    “The article says that because gas and diesel taxes have not been increased in two decades, the fund has lost about one-third of its purchasing power since 1992.”

    Why is that? How is it that 2011 dollars are only worth 66.6% as much as 1992 dollars?

    End the fed.

  • Candace
  • TML

    I don’t see this ever making it through to law. There are too many people that recognize that this technology can and will be abused. The interesting thing to me is that it suggests that we should be taxed on how many miles we drive, when we drive, and where we drive… essentially making every road in America a “toll” road. And what about the cost of computers that will be needed to process all this information? What about the cost of yet another alphabet gang or added personnel to manage it? And how would we all be billed for this tax? And another thought… how would they know if a vehicle DIDN’T have one of these installed? I’m guessing police would have an ability to instantly check this by calling up the GPS for a specific license plate, so they could ticket you for not having one? Sounds like a big mess that will never make it through, and the argument of the younger generation posting their every move on facebook and twitter is hardly valid since it is their own choice about what they submit to these sites. The equivalent argument would be that we make it law for them to post their every move. Ridiculous.

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    FWIW and IMHO this is a very bad idea that will end up in costing the tax payer far more than can be gained by the endeavor.


    Enough of this CRAP !! Mandated, regulated, taxed, porn scanned, spied on, molested, endless wars for the MIC. Restore the Republic. Ron Paul 2012, only ONE we can Trust!

  • Gringo Infidel

    YES – if only we had MORE government agencies snooping and watching us. Then all would be tranquil and good.

    What a load of bovine scat this is!

    How about this for a counter idea: We vote out the idiots who institute these ideas. If the vote does not work then …. Well, Americans will know what do.

    • Raggs

      I fully agree with you on that.. I have been saying for well over a year “look what good it does to vote”… we always get the same ole big headed POS politicans regardless of which “party” that they choose in order to lie to us from… Our COMPLETE system needs a serious overhaul meaning that ALL politicans can take the bus…
      Our system does not work when the “ELITE” have power over the people instead of them having power for the people…. If we can’t vote-um out than we should burn them out.

  • 1955thekeeper

    “On Star”, “Low Jack” anyone ever heard of these catchy names? Under the guise of helping society protect their vehicles as well as protecting the operators of those vehicles they use GPS technology to track your vehicle’s whereabouts. Everyone please wake up! The government doesn’t give a rats a$$ about the additional revenues, well maybe, no they really don’t. The hidden agenda is to be able to take away everyone’s anonymity. I really hesitate to use an overworked overstated phrase, but here it goes, Big Brother/Sister is looking for any way, any excuse possible, to continue to chip away at our individuality and privacy in order to keep tabs on ALL OF US! So quit focusing on taxes, personal security, terrorists threats, ad nauseum. None, and I mean none of that is the real reason why they want these things to come to pass. The government, those who are in power in Washington both Democans and Republicrats, are trying to push us into a violent, “American Spring” so they can enforce complete and total control over us, suspend habeas corpus, lock this country down and NEVER let it up. Please get off the small stuff about “what it will do to those with limited incomes,” garbage. Heck almost everyone I work with and know personally IS ON A LIMITED INCOME! And the incomes are becoming more limited daily with no argument. But, the big picture is that this board of governors we have want to stay in power forever. The ONLY way they can, because a lot of them are going to be gone if we are able to get to November 2012, is to cause a complete shift in the way this country runs. Under Martial Law, they stay in control for as long as they declare a state of emergency exists. During that state of emergency they will have the power to suspend the US Constitution. Then guess what happens then? Total chaos as hundreds of state free militias and the Federal Military battling it out for total control of what is left of this country. Sounds crazy and far fetched? Look back 20 years and imagine that we would be here in 2011 with all that is taking place. If anyone then would have told the people of this country that we would be in a $16 trillion deficit, involved in 3 to 4 MAJOR WARS across this planet, experiencing a jobless rate of 9.4%, and facing runaway inflation as well as the loss of preferred currency status, well, quite frankly, we would have laughed and thought him or her daft and delusional. Well, we are not laughing now are we? Stop looking at the excuses the government is putting out there for public consumption and scrutinize the reasons behind their actions. It is still not too late for us to save this country from extinction.

    • Pete Sagi

      True. The grand finale of the trend is to stick a microchip in everybody in the right hand or forehead in fulfillment of the famous prophecy in Revelation 13, verses 16 and 17. And the biggest roadblock we can throw up against that is mass refusal to use SSN’s.


  • KatieLou

    I think we need an entirely new way of choosing politicians. People who run for office are often motivated to do so for the wrong reasons, and voters are often not only misinformed by default, there is often a tendency nowadays to choose people who just look and sound good, without really finding out whether those particular people would actually do a good job serving in a particular capacity, politically. (And just because people say things about a politician, or a politician says something about himself or herself, it doesn’t mean it is true. I think we need a better way to find out the truth about politicians AHEAD of time, and not even ALLOW people to run for office if they don’t actually do what they campaign, or qualify for office, or MEAN what they say.

    And once elected, if they started doing things opposite of what they promised in the campaign, there needs to be a law in place that automatically ejects that person from office. Their term of office could be “annulled”, or something like that.)

    Rather than having people RUN FOR OFFICE, how about having a tested, accurate system that functions something like jury, periodically automatically summoning a good cross-section of people from the area that needs to be served. Choosing could be done like a jury would do it, too, based on certain important preselected criteria (and nothing else), such as whether a person was good at making decisions, was good at relating to those they’d serve, was good at understanding key issues in their area, had experience in those areas, and such like.

    There would be a standard length of time they would have to serve in this capacity, and a standard rate of pay (hopefully more than juries are typically paid–maybe every politician would be paid whatever is the average of all the wages of everyone in the area he or she represents, and he or she should have to do everything that they and their fellow representatives rule that their people have to do. If the standard of living went down, the politicians’ rate of pay would also go down accordingly. It should be a DUTY, not an opportunistic event, to get chosen to represent people in their and and in their/our country.

    It seems to me that part of the problem is that elections can be swayed (letting dead people vote certainly doesn’t help, for instance), and that often people don’t check things out before they vote. (Perhaps VOTERS need to be required to, say, take an economics class before even being allowed to vote, too, so they’d be a little better at understanding about what to look for in a candidate.)

    In my opinion, we need a very different way of doing things so that it would take a while for politicians to figure out how to manipulate the system again. Right now, we need some better people in there to help straighten some things out for we the people’s benefit.

    All this relates to the above-mentioned topic because it would confuse the politicians enough to get their minds off trying to control us by trying to make us put a GPS in our car so they can find a way to tax us even more. I’ve had enough, too!

  • wheninthecourse

    this is just the start:
    Check out what Farmington Mills Michigan is installing in their city:

  • Pilot

    If we had a rule that said taxes collected for a specific purpose can only be used for that specific purpose, we could just about pave our roads with gold. Instead, gasoline and license plate taxes go into the “general fund” and are wasted, along with all the other money the government spends.

  • jalbert

    It’s interesting that there’s all this hype about VMT charging and GPS tracking when ANYONE who has a cell phone can and is tracked all of the time. In addition, vehicles with onstar or a similar system are also being tracked.

    Your best bet is not to have a cell phone and drive a vehicle that was made before 1975.

  • Kevin Beck

    If there’s a stupid idea that hasn’t been dreamed up by a government bureaucrat yet…don’t worry, it will happen.

    I already have to fill out on my Schedule C with my income tax return the amount of miles I travel each year, and divide that between business, personal and commuting. That’s enough travel information to give to Fedzilla.

    Besides, there shouldn’t be a federal highway fund anymore. Since all the road repairs are actually done by the states (or their transportation departments), the federal tax should be abolished. The states should then decide for themselves on how to maintain the roads. This will also abolish the stupid 10% set-asides that go to non-highway maintenance projects in the current system. It will also get rid of the donor status with roads that some states have to endure, where they collect more in federal road taxes than they are allotted to spend by the federal bureaucracy. And it would eliminate an entire group of useless federal government employees that the tax has to support.

  • Teresa

    Is it not already obvious that the people who drive the most, buy the most gas.


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