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Big Bird Probably Tastes Like Chicken

October 11, 2012 by  

Big Bird Probably Tastes Like Chicken

Mitt Romney never said he wants to kill, maim, fricassee or deep-fat fry Big Bird. In fact, quite the opposite is true. During a debate in which he reminded nearly 70 million Americans that President Barack Obama needs some time in remedial academic instruction, Romney said: “I like PBS. I love Big Bird. … But I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it.” That’s a far cry from forcing poor Elmo to get tickled for change on a subway platform.

But the Democratic panic over Romney’s nefarious plans for the “Sesame Street” gang is about winning an election, not telling the truth. And, as we’ve learned during Obama’s almost unprecedented Presidential mendacity, when it comes to electoral politics, the Democrats and the truth seldom meet in the same sentence. And when a beloved icon that is more a nostalgic reminder of the past than a real part of the future of television is forced to confront life off the public dole, the liberal fearmongers take center stage.

While Obama tries to deploy Bert, Ernie and the gang to make America forget not only about his debate disaster but also his bald-faced lying to the Nation about the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other victims, Accomplice General Eric Holder and the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up, record gas prices and record national debt, he’s unwittingly reintroduced a fair question to the National debate:  Does taxpayer-funded public broadcasting even deserve, much less need, our dough?

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting rakes in close to $500 million per year from you and me. PBS has been swallowing our cash for generations. And of the most compelling characters who ever called “Sesame Street” a home, one still lives in a garbage can and another is a vampire who struggles with counting to 10. Kidding aside, “Sesame Street” pulled down more than $120 million in revenue last year alone. That means Oscar may live in a garbage can, but it’s one of the really nice ones next to Mr. Hooper’s old store (now a Dean & Deluca’s, I believe).

And once we leave the serene surroundings of “Sesame Street,” we find ourselves in a public wasteland of liberal bloviating. In return for our investment, we get:

  • “Democracy NOW!,” a program hosted by shrieking liberal harpy Amy Goodman and the Igor to her Dr. Frankenstein, Juan Gonzalez. A quick check of their homepage on Tuesday afternoon showed a top story about multimillionaire gasbag Danny Glover celebrating the “reelection” of Venezuela’s communist dictator Hugo Chavez.
  • Anti-Semite Bill Moyers has used your money to push agitprop videos backed by racist hate group Common Cause, the same bunch that called for the lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • Tavis Smiley, whose racist babble is available on both NPR/PRI and PBS. That means he’s double-dipping into the public pocket to spew his venom.
  • “A Prairie Home Companion With Garrison Keillor” is worthwhile programming, but only for self-important types who talk with their eyes closed and host wine-and-cheese parties in their brownstones.
  • Nina Totenberg. I know I’m enormously gratified that my money is spent to fund bile that includes wishing AIDS on someone’s grandchildren.
  • And we all remember that unfortunate business with NPR execs groveling for cash from terrorist sympathizers while berating the Tea Party.

“Car Talk” is probably the only worthwhile radio program on the public airwaves. And Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s program is the kind that makes radio account executives want to — ahem — tickle Elmo. They could sell out their entire commercial inventory in about 10 minutes; 20 if they stop to figure out what’s causing that rattle under the dashboard.

Are there greater wastes of our tax dollars than PBS? Of course, there are. Hell, cutting off Michelle Obama’s clothing budget ought to save us more than a few nickels. But when the PBS CEO Paula Kerger knocks down $632,000 per year (more than the President of the United States), the CPB mission of providing free, quality entertainment has already gone off the rails. CPB likes to point out that around 85 percent of its funding comes from member donations, corporate grants and member stations. If its programming is the public boon it says it is, then that number should be 100 percent.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • GALT

    President WILLARD and your future…..
    “business as usual”….

    GALT says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 10, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    You might think, and in being generally ignorant, I would predict that you do believe, that the “state income tax” you may be paying goes to the state you are working in?
    Sadly I do not have time today to “tease” you so rather that set you up, which is not particularly hard and since MY SUBJECT today is Willard, possibly President Willard, I will get right to the point…..

    In 19 states this is NOT the case……take Kansas, as a specific example….AMC theaters, which moved it’s HQ from Kansas City Missouri, to Leaward Kansas, 10 miles away…….which simply shifted jobs across state lines…..but in exchange the CORP gets to keep the “state income tax” collected although their employee’s are “clueless” ……( as you are ) How much is this worth to the owners over the TERMof this agreement…..a mere $47 million, basically chump change, right?

    Who owns AMC theaters? J.P. Morgan, Apollo Mgmt, the Carlyle Group and Bain Capital Mgmt. No jobs created, just moved……

    But as I said, there are 19 states that have done these deals…..and 2700 corps which have arranged them….to include, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Proctor and Gamble…as well as foreign companies,including Siemans and Electrolux……… as well as Japanese, Canadian and European Banks…….

    Further ignorance on your part, re; the revolution and the phrase “no taxation without representation”… that the CROWN was not the problem…..nor was taxation, British subjects at HOME, were taxed 25 to 50 times as much……the PROBLEM was the EAST INDIA COMPANY…..a state sanctioned MONOPOLY…….is a patternbeginning to develope for you? No? If you had read Power, Inc. or any of the “other” books on the list of MY required reading…..….the revelation above would not be SHOCKING NEWS…… would just be another piece that FIT the picture of our present…….

    And one final blow for today……….this time the median WAGE which in 2010 was $29, 448…….in 1966 it was $392 DOLLARS LESS………SINKING IN YET?

    Oh wait, just one more FUN FACT for today, there was a time when banks charged a $6. fee for a bounced check…….the banks costs for this was 30 cents, the present day cost is ONE CENT…..the fee is over $40 although you probably won’t know until it happens.
    It is always a pleasure to talk to people who believe they have a RIGHT to their opinion…….insistence on sharing ignorance has always been useful to someone……..willing victims do make the BEST MARKS, after all…and such PATRIOTISM should not go unacknowledged…..hopefully President Romney will leave the $200 something Social Security DEATH BENEFIT intact..rather that removing it as an excessive entitlement?

    FINALLY, the FACTS presented here are intended as a WARNING, not as an endorsement for the current President…..nor are these FACTS….NEW……..and we have just BEGUN to explore them……and in the future you will begin ( hopefully ) to understand that you are living in a “nightmare” which began many decades ago……two examples of which are Eisenhower’s “promise” that nuclear power would yield “abundant power too cheap to meter” and that “competition and free markets” would result in lower costs……as in the breaking up of ATT.

    What is business as usual? You are about to find out……stayed tuned…

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Crony capitalism as practiced by the NAZZI party in 1930′s Germany. A model incorporated very nicely by F.D.R. and most of the Presidents that followed.

      • Elda

        Each state is able to try to do things the best they can and if it fails can just change tactics without taking down every other state with it. If a business wants to move to a less expensive state, it is good business practice. It teaches the state they moves from that they are doing something wrong and need to rethink their program. Take California, they are driving business out of the state because of all the regulations and taxes. That causes the loss of business and jobs. IT IS FAILING and the citizens of CA are paying for poor government decissions. Low taxes and fewer regulations will bring back businesses and jobs which will bring in more taxes. It is simple.

      • GALT

        To Capitalist……..crony capitalism = ” free market unregulated capitalism ” which is
        what you have NOW……..FDR was not responsible for it………his policies and the WAR
        made the “middle class” possible……..but not to worry……that “mistake” has been corrected……..

        To Elda……….yes, I can see your point……that the state of Kansas was collecting “income
        taxes” was bad, so in exchange for the movement of their H.Q. AMC Theater’s NOW
        collects those “state taxes”……..since Kansas is one of the 19 states, one has to
        wonder how many other Corporations have moved there as a “good business practice”
        and are able to “tax” their employees. ( in the name of the state. ) Just for fun, since
        these “revenues” are needed for state government functions, and are being diverted
        to “business” what do you think will be the future of “state income tax rates” in KANSAS?

        But there is an UPSIDE…….this does explain future President Willard’s plans to repeal
        the present “national health????care law” and let the individual “states” take care of it….
        after all “corporation’s are people too, my friend”……….right?

      • Karolyn

        Yeah, right, Elda. That’s why SC has so much business and is prospering so well – NOT!
        (Plus – It is also a right-work-state.)

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thank you for sharing real, understandable information. I appreciate it! It’s hard to unscramble puzzles when you’re dealing with “chemo brain”. I’m working on it!

    • r b

      you are trying to use facts in response to ignorant propaganda. the ignorant will not be able to comprehend your facts. tis a reason the education system is a failure.

      • John J.

        Yes, the education system, especially public schools, has been used to dumb down the populous for some decades now.

    • Elda

      I do agree the banks are robbing the customers blind in so many ways.

  • eddie47d

    We sure know who is good at distorting the truth and he’s been good at it for some time now. Why worry about what Paula Kerger makes ($632,000) for running a major outlet when Rush Limbaugh make $400 million as an individual. Now that is someone else who distorts the truth! Oh I forgot Rush is only a Conservative fear monger!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      What on earth does that have to do with the article.

      • HH

        Cap @ Birth, it has nothing to do with this blog but it makes perfectly good sense coming from eddie47! He post so much crap on so many different blogs he forget’s which blog he’s posting too!

    • justin

      Hey Eddie, how much of Limbaughs is my tax dollar and how much of my tax dollar is Paula Kergers? I don’t see this admin paying anything to Limbaugh, but Kergers is entirely tax dollars. Focus on what the subject is about please. Thanks.

      • Daveh234

        Kerger’s is not entirely tax dollars. Don’t you read?
        It was brought up in this diatribe going on here.
        Only a percentage of the PBS budget is from Tax dollars.

    • Randy W

      @eddie47d: Why worry about what Paula Kerger makes ($632,000) for running a major outlet when Rush Limbaugh make $400 million as an individual.

      Rush Limbaugh recently signed an eight-year, approximate $400 million contract, making his annual earnings approximately $37 million.

      • Elda

        AH…..isn’t the free market great! If you don’t like Rush, don’t listen to him. I would say LOTS of people do listen to him or he would not be so rich. If you have nothing to say on the radio you will not last 2 minutes. It is the way everything should be, it incourages people to do and be their best. If it is just given to you and not earned the system will become what Obama is trying to give us and it has been tried and failed before.

    • Opal the Gem

      Ah yes, eddie loves to compare rotten oranges to horse apples.

      • Paul Wells

        LOL…great one! :)

    • eddie47d

      Tsk Tsk! Conservatives never will make the connection when it involves their sugar daddy of amusement. Big Bird never should have been brought up by Romney and was nothing more than a political ploy. Big Bird educates kids and Rush insults everyone’s intelligence. If you can’t see the difference then you are as blind as Heller Keller!

      • Opal the Gem

        More rotten oranges vs horse apples from eddie. Now he is reduced to trying to compare Big Bird to Rush when the conversation is about Paula Kerger and Rush.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Eddie, the nazi-in-chief comments his leftist crap once again, bow to the liar-in-chief.

  • r b

    mitt doesn’t want to borrow from china for pbs, but he has no problem borrowing money to fund the subsidies to corporations, (oil), farm blocs, foreign aid, etc.

    the fight is over who gets to spend on our tax dollars and how they get spent.

    no one is lowering the spending.

    that should be the real issue.

    i would prefer we spend money on big bird in america, than to keep sending those vast amounts over seas.

    we could save a lot of waste if we reduced what our elected officials rake in.

    it is amusing to watch the gop whine about the debt. it is their borrow and spend policy that started all of this.

    where was ben when reagan, bush and bush was amassing the majority of the debt?

    • John J.

      The real problem is not what a president will do, but the fact that there is a private company (the Federal Reserve) which controls our entire economy for the benefit of world bankers and which is resulting in our financial collapse.

    • Elton Robb

      For Reagan, in school, same place I was. :)

  • gaaak

    And let us not forget all the cash PBS makes through the licensing of Sesame Street characters to toy makers, and the producers of the Muppet movies.

  • Elda

    I used to donate lots of money to PBS, but when the programing started to lean heavly toward the left, it always sort of left, and they were “brought to you” by advertizers, I stopped. They get lots of money from big business and don’t need money that has been forced out of the hands of people like me that do not agree with their agenda. As a US citizen I am able to “vote” if you will for products and services and in this case programing with my money. I do not support the liberal agenda of PBS (we in our home call it Pure Bull S***) and NPR. I am happy that fauset will be turned off. Big Bird and his friends can spread their agenda on the money they make selling licensed products like everyone else.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Sesame Street to survive has to work harder now for their money. O and his minions using one of their puppet characters for political ads to counter Romney will backfire on them and possibly their sales will plummet.

      • Karolyn

        PBS does not need money from the govt. Only one-tenth of one percent of its budget is federally funded. And – PBS has asked that Big Bird not be used in political ads.

      • Daveh234

        Romney made the swipe at Big Bird and PBS as if it would have the effect of helping to balance the budget. Which it won’t and even hundreds more like it will caus little to happen. It’s just a snide comment bearing little fruit. For some reason all the conservatives love it. It isn’t “needed”. WHy spend money. That money can better be given to the corporations and rich elite to gain more power over the less successful.

  • Karolyn

    There’s a lot more on PBS than what Ben listed. Where else can you find shows about art? NPR provides information on all kinds of things with interviews of people across the spectrum. Very informative and educational. It’s too bad that so many people are so limited in their interests.

    • Vicki

      And we have no problem with NPR and PBS continuing to broadcast. Using money they get by VOLUNTARY contributions from individuals and corporations. Using money they get by making and selling things like BigBird puppets etc.

      What we DO object to is the government sending ANY of the money we pay in government taxes/fees to them.

      • eddie47d

        Yet where is the argument from Vickie over big oil receiving tax dollars/tax breaks from the Federal government while they are making multiple millions. Romney takes a cheap shot at Big Bird but leaves Big Oil alone.

      • uvuvuv

        eddie, oil companies drill dry holes all the time at losses of millions and they are entitled to deduct this. it’s just like when someone stole your crayola crayons you deducted that from your 2011 taxes.

      • phideaux

        “… over big oil receiving tax dollars/tax breaks from the Federal government while they are making multiple millions.”

        eddie and others have made this claim repeatedly but not one of them has ever offered a shred of proof that I have seen.

  • JimH

    Remember, “Our ambasador died, but Big Bird is still alive.”

  • alpha-lemming

    I had to do a double take….

    Is that Sally Wasserman Schultz I see in the lower right???? When dd she become a cast member????

    • r.p.

      Whutt!! Yer right, or the picture’s right? The guy in the trash can looks familiar. :)

  • NoteToSelf

    I think Chick-Filet should introduce a new menu item for an extra large portion of chicken called The Big Bird.

  • Elton Robb

    I’d rather have PBS receive a 43% reduction in their public subsidy.

  • David

    Chick-Filet doesn’t need to stoop that low they are a sucessful company because they are well managed not being stupid. I believe that PBS should not receive government money nor should the Koch brothers or anyone else. Cut out all welfare from the top down. But we all know that is not going to happen.

  • Dee

    I’ve heard that PBS makes millions, so they don’t need a subsidy. We don’t need to borrow any more money from china. Don’t trust them.

  • uvuvuv

    where i worked we had to fill out time sheets at the end of the month, so that they could tally up taxable expenses vs non taxable. for example engineering time spent on an existing product was non-deductible, but if we were developing a new product or making significant improvements to an existing one this was deductible. the govt does this to help the economy overall by encouraging new technologies and processes, not to give this certain company a windfall. if this arrangement is hateful to you kindly get into your way-back machine and encourage the 2009 or 2010 presidency and congress to close these loopholes. oh wait, no need, obama got right on that.

  • michael

    the whole Big Bird “controversy” [i.e. manufactured news] is a good example as to why liberals are so misguided on money matters. We are 16 trillion in debt, but nobody wants to
    cut anything-Medicaid, Medicare,Food stamps,Social security are all off the table, and apparently even Big Bird is too much off a sacred cow. Liberals are always bloviating about how kind and benevolent they are, as long as they are spending, as they always do, other people’s money. The fact is if we taxed EVERY millionaire & billionaire in this country 100% of their income, it would run this government at the present state for TEN days. Romney is absolutely correct in his assessment that if a program is not worth borrowing the money from China, it should be cut.

  • Robert Berger

    Right-wingers all over America are angry about contributing CHICKEN FEED out of their tax money to support NPR and the arts in general, yet they don’t seem to complain much about having had to contribute a heck of a lot more tax money to suppoirt the futile and disastrous Iraq war and other terrible mistakes of the previous administration . This is the height of hypocrisy !
    Mitt Romney is just cynically pandering to conservative Americans when he says he will defund Big Burd and PBS etc. This is like trying to lose wieght by clipping your fingernails !
    I wish Big Bird could fly ,so he could crap all over Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their expensive suits !


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