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Big Bird Makes Appearance In New Obama Ad

October 10, 2012 by  

Big Bird Makes Appearance In New Obama Ad

Forget the economy; President Barack Obama’s attention has shifted to saving Big Bird.

Following Mitt Romney’s statement that he would stop the subsidy to PBS, Obama and company have come to Big Bird’s aid. Since Romney’s remark, the “Sesame Street” icon has become a fixture in the President’s campaign.

On Tuesday, the Obama campaign released a new ad featuring the yellow avian.

“Big. Yellow. A menace to our economy. Mitt Romney knows it’s not Wall Street you have to worry about, it’s Sesame Street,” the ad says.



Democrats think Romney’s strategy is absurd, not the new ad.

“When asked how he would cut the deficit, Romney’s answer is to eliminate PBS and ‘Sesame Street’ — an absurd solution,” said the Obama campaign in a statement. “You would need to cut PBS more than 1,000 times to fill the hole in Romney’s budget promises!”

The Republican National Committee has responded with a picture of the Count.

The Campaign Count

It is unclear where Big Bird stands on the issue. Big Bird has supported Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative as well as Barbara Bush’s push for children’s reading.



But it is clear where Sesame Workshop stands. The PBS-affiliated non-profit behind “Sesame Street” said in a statement: “We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Fran

    Can’t handle the issues, so now he’s a comedian. All those Hollywood buddies might come in handy as a reference for his next gig.

    • eddie47d

      Romney threw the first condescending remark out in attacking a children’s program. What did he expect a bouquet of roses? Yes we know the diehards in the Republican Party want to throw the baby out with the bath water on many other issues too. This is only one of many salvos but since they can’t seem to take down the big guns they will start with softer targets. Aka Big Bird.

      • Travis

        Eddie – it’s not like cutting the funding to PBS is the only cut on the table.

      • David

        Condescending remark? Romney didn’t say he would shut down Sesame street, he said he would end government support. Big Bird will do just fine without tax payer money.

      • wandamurline

        PBS makes around 211 million dollars a year with sales of stuffed toys, etc. They have said before that they do not need the money from the government, so this is a good place to start downsizing the monies from the tax payer coffers. Like Romney says, the department must pass the test, if it is not important enough to “borrow” money from China to keep it afloat, then it needs to be cut. The government is over inflated “fat” and it needs some of Moochelle’s diet meals like the kids have to now eat in school, which they are throwing away. Romney is the first candidate to start talking about cutting the size and scope of this monostricity called the federal government. I love it…it is time.

      • Dussty1

        NPR should also be cut, as well as National Endowment for the Arts. Getting our national debt under control is priority one. It’s a matter of national security, period.

      • eddie47d

        Wanda: I have seen kids throwing food away in schools back in the fifties and 60′s. That is nothing new. Can’t argue with cutting the budget because it has to happen. Yet we seem to getting ourselves into more and more wars which always increases the burden on taxpayers. Instead of making attempts to increase the military budget and declaring war with Iran before he is in office Romney should concentrate on that bottomless pit.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Wandamurline, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if the house and senate dining rooms only served moochelle’s lunches? The whitehouse chef, too? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, I volunteered in school lunchrooms for decades. If you gave the kids something they liked, they ate it and asked for more. If you gave them something they didn’t like, they threw it away! For people to somehow THINK that they can FORCE kids to eat what they don’t like is stupid! The day may come that the kids are starving. Only then will you MAYBE be able to get them to eat what they don’t like. Keep in mind, when WE went to school, they didn’t try to force us to eat this crap, and YET hardly ANY kids were fat back then! Kids (and adults) are fat today because of the gmo foods that they’re eating! It’s already been PROVEN that gmo’s cause obesity and YET, the government wants to make the parents feel as if it is THEIR fault! The whole thing is a scam for the government to step in and regulate what WE can eat!!! They want to regulate EVERYTHING we do!!!

      • eddie47d

        My lunch was packed each day and I ate everything. I was only observing those who bought their food. I’m also strongly against GMO foods and work for proper labeling of those products.

      • uvuvuv

        nancy, gmo is the lurking cause of another quirk in society lately, the sudden increase in the numbers of gays. eddie goes back to 1947 i would assume, and like me looking back at his high school and college years, can he recall anyone who was gay? i lived in close proximity with lots of guys in the dorms and there might have been a prissy case or two, but i never saw anyone who you would call a homo (the term then). it was in the 50s also that food additives started to outnumber the real food ingredients. if chemicals like analasepolychoride-2,2 sound appetizing, the gays just love them because they wouldn’t exist without these being in our food. of course there have always been the creative gays and i actually respect them, with all their brilliance (not being sarcastic) a wire or two might get mis-routed and so they turn out gay. it’s these genetic mutants that are causing all this strife in society. but this is way off subject. the discussion is big bird. wow, politics is on such a high plane these days.

      • http://Libertynews Peggy Churchill

        I don’t think over 4 million a year is a laughing matter though obama seems to think so. That is what the taxpayer is currently spending on PBS. I just know that commercial companies will pick it up, and you do too eddie.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “I don’t think over 4 million a year is a laughing matter though obama seems to think so.”

        Compared to the US budget it is almost nothing. However, you have to start somewhere and when you get enough 4 million cuts it adds up to something of significance.

      • JTB

        Hey eddie at least we don’t KILL the baby before they’re even born. Get a clue and then get a life!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        uvuvuv, I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute. I know there’s anecdotal evidence that the chemicals in our waterways were causing sexual changes in fish and amphibians. I know that there are now, record numbers of men with low testosterone levels! You NEVER heard about that 50 years ago. I don’t think that gays choose to be gay. I think that their DNA has been screwed with. I still think that it’s a sin to perform homosexual acts but theyre gay through no fault of their own. I feel sorry for them, that this has been done to them! Instead of directing their anger at those who say its not normal or natural, they should direct their anger at the chemical companies who did this to them! Their numbers keep rising, yet no one stops to ask WHY???

      • Frank Kahn

        Typical Eddie, trying to say someone said something other than what was actually said. Some of us actually watched the debate and understood what was said. He said cut government funding for PBS, not, get rid of BIG BIRD.

        Just like his statement about the 47%, he did not say they are unimportant so much as saying that they live off of government entitlements. This statement places them in the corner of being more likely to side with Obama for his liberal generosity with our money buying them things they need without having to worry about the source.

        And, no, I do not say everyone surviving on SS are moochers, many of them paid into the system and deserve to benefit from it if they are at a point where they are UNABLE to work and have insufficient means without it.

        The moochers are a different breed of people that covers a wide range of situations. Anyone who can work and does not want to bother is a moocher. A woman (and man) that has children out of wedlock and then just goes on welfare is a moocher. A millionaire that insists on receiving SS checks (not from need) just because they paid into it is a moocher. If you are driving a new SUV when you go to the welfare office to get your benefits you are a moocher. If the father of the children lives in a different house so you can claim single parent head of household on income taxes you are a moocher. If you immigrated from another country and filed for SS here you are a moocher. If you came here Illegally so you could have your baby become a citizen and get welfare benefits, you are a moocher.

        10 or 15 years ago I saw a show where this woman (race not stated) said her doctor determined that “psychological inability to cope with authority” was a disability that prevented her 13 year old son from having a job. Forget the fact that he is too young to work anyway, and lets be honest, he was just a spoiled kid, but this woman managed to get him SSI payments of almost 800 a month. That is a moocher, and if I went into the total specifics of her story, the SSI she was getting from all 8 of her children (baby included) came to a little over 6,000 a month. Wish I could make that kind of money for just having kids.

        It is those who abuse the systems that are the moochers (and the ones making it impossible to pay for).

      • eddie47d

        I won’t disagree with your statements except Romney did lump everyone into that 47% category. He is the one who inserted foot before engaging mouth. So are you “typical Frank” defending your guy?

        • Frank Kahn

          I am defending a concept, not a GUY. I was pointing out the nature of the situation that is the impetus for his ill considered remark. I try to explain why those 47% (many o which are moochers) will most likely vote for Obama, if they vote at all.

          I find it to be most humorous to hear the other side always talking like this equation is true.

          Entitlements = Poor = Democrats

          And the strange logic of

          Democrat = no car = no ID

          And the brilliant defense of Obama’s record

          Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. (GM is a Corporation not a living organism)

          The Affordable Health Care act will improve health care in our country

          And, then there is your, often touted, lets just talk about W’s wars.

          The economy, foreign policy and the wars (not really wars) are very complex and intertwined things. To state that we SIMPLY need to do one thing is ridiculous. To say we can stop our involvement in armed conflicts immediately is naive at best. To say cutting the budget for the military in half would solve our deficit problem indicates a total lack of understanding about its effect on the economy by loss of jobs.

          And Obama care (AHC) will not improve healthcare in this country, it MIGHT increase the number of people with insurance to pay for the health care. However, if the people that are talking about it are telling the truth, if we lose a large number of healthcare professionals due to the act, then we will have more affordable healthcare but nowhere to get it. And, quite frankly, who takes up the slack in the cost for buying all this insurance for those poor people who cant afford it?

          I am not for a person, I want good, logical and obtainable goals for solutions of the problems with our economy.

          Obama cant do this for the reason that he always puts forth a partisan effort. He wants it his way with little or no compromise. This makes his goals unobtainable.

          The credit rating of our nation was not reduced because of the Republicans. It was caused by the intransigence of the administration. You cannot have bipartisan actions if the bills are totally one sided (democrat or republican). You cant solve the DEBT crisis by increasing the credit limit instead of balancing the budget. Yes there was a deadlock fight in congress over the debt ceiling, but it was truly bipartisan in nature. Neither side would make significant concessions to the other side to move towards an agreement. They agreed to disagree.

      • nickkin

        Yah….that’s all you demo-marxists can support….the puppet jock-strap that has all the obozo’s puppets in the whitehouse……obozo has got his hand inside your shirts and you dumbo puppets are so darn lazy that how you think best when somebody is pulling your strings.

    • reelman1946

      16 trillion of debt…growing daily…and the dimdem utopian socialists cry about cutting 8 million…so what will the democrats cut? Greece, here we come.

    • Larry K.

      PBS has told the idiot to take down that add.

    • momo

      The big turd is worried about the big bird! Forget main street, the big turd has got to save sesame street.

      • eddie47d

        MOMO is flattering as always! Since Romney brought it up wouldn’t he be the “big turd”? Since the members of Congress who are mostly Republicans and responsible for their low approval rating shouldn’t you be focusing on their behavior. Nothing can be accomplished with all the squabbling in the hen house.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        We MUST distract the people from the REAL issues!!!

      • momo

        Eddie47d, isn’t the turd in the White House supposed to supply leadership? And as far as Congress goes the Republicans only control the House, your Democratic comrades control the Senate.

      • eddie47d

        So shouldn’t your “comrades” work with our “comrades” or visa versa? LOL!

      • momo

        That’s the way its supposed to work, but I don’t see any “comradeship”!

      • Opal the Gem

        “So shouldn’t your “comrades” work with our “comrades” or visa versa?”

        Good idea eddie. That is it would be a good idea if the democrat controlled senate would consider the bills sent to them by the house. Since Reed and company won’t even allow the bills to be brought up for discussion they are the ones blocking things and are the ones refusing to work with the opposition.

      • eddie47d

        Go back to sleep clueless Opal! Its Reid not Reed so stop trying to be smart when there is still nothing between those ears. Besides Its R- Mitch McConnell who has been blocking the bills.

  • Paul Wells

    Typical of Obama. Bereft of any ideas on how to put people back to work, he plays the oldest game in the world. Diversion. Hey, fugettabout it, you aren’t so bad off now that you can find work in my marxist economy, look over here at the bad man. He’s trying to take away Big Bird! Wow o Wow. What a menace! What fools the Dimwits are, to be taken in by this very obvious ploy, look over here boys and girls, see this shiny, shiny object while my “other” hand slips into your wallets and takes your money.

    For the record, and for the last time, you liberal idiots! Romney isn’t trying to shut Sesame street down, he’s just trying to get it off of government dole, which it should NOT have been in the first place. PBS survived many years on a donation, volunteer basis. Get the government back to what it is supposed to do, which is protect us from foreign invasion. Defeat Obama in November!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If people want Sesame Street and Big Bird for their kiddies let them stick their hands into their own pockets and contribute and buy the products. It is a big business so let it stand on its own merits if can after this airing of the ads.There is a reason that Sesame Street is distancing itself from PBS, if they go down Sesame Street will also.
      It seems that anything O and his minions stick their hands into to do mischief to the country it turns to dust.

      • eddie47d

        G Bush’s policies turned this country to rust. It can work in both directions Nadzieja!

      • Capitalism is Best

        Go back a little farther wil Bill Clinton and Algore. Their push for NAFTA is what has driven this country to the poor house and of course obama has only worsened the situation. Socialism has never worked anywhere and most that imbrace it doesn’t either.
        You fault Bush, but the democrats were in charge (out of control) the last two years of Bush’s Presidency. Think about it.

      • eddie47d

        NAFTA was Gingrich’s baby who conned us all.

  • ma

    Obama This is what you do best. You cannot lead our country or even tell the people what you are going to do. You talk about Romney and how bad he is. You are not a leader you need to give it up. Instead of always talking about Romney why don’t you tell all the American people what you are going to do to fix the country. The reason is because you don’t know how to fix it just make it worse. You have no news ideas and now you are using Big Bird against Romney. You are a laugh joke to the United States.

    • brett

      actually, obama’s been perfectly clear with his policies, it is mr. etch-a-sketch that’s been evasive. maybe if you diversified you news sources you understand this.

      • Patriot1776

        Yes, obama’s been clear on his socialist agenda. He has also failed to do anything to help America.

      • eddie47d

        As long as America is run by crony capitalists we will always have these wild ups and downs. Our economy fluctuates all over the map and the Wall Street spin doctors fatten their wallets at the expense of the Middle Class. You need to dig a little deeper than blaming it on socialism for that isn’t the only piece of the pie. YOU also need to concentrate on what those stubborn members of Congress haven’t done to help this economy!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Brett, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, he’s been clear about what he SAYS!!! What he DOES is another thing altogether!!!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, you don’t have to dig very deep to know that THEY want socialism for US, and crony capitalism for THEM!!!

  • pete0097

    obama is trying to raise the level of intelligence in his administration by using Big Bird. Big Bird wants to help everyone whereas obama and his minions just really want to help themselves. They are all very self centered and primarily pander to self interest groups commonly refered to as Special Interest Groups.

  • Corkey

    The choice for President this year is Shemp vs Curly. The joke is on the American people. We would be better off if they both quit the race and let Big Bird be our President. Totally disgusted

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with YOU!!! Big Bird for president!!!

  • Warrior

    Don’t worry libs, the bird will live on. Now stop your incessant whining everytime a cut is mentioned that doesn’t involve “defense” spending.

    • eddie47d

      Warrior needs to pay more attention to defense spending and stop doing so much warmongering which is dragging America down.

      • Don

        Eddie, warrior ????? seems to me you must be referring to dumbo, Bush has been out of office for almost four years, our troops should be home protecting us from our own government !!!!!

  • duif100

    Apperently Big Bird ia more worthy of protection than ambasador Stephens and his staff.

    • Common

      “Apperently Big Bird is more worthy of protection than ambasador Stephens and his staff.”

      Great comment! We should send this line to every elected official in the country as well as everyone on our email lists!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You said it!!!

    • Paul Wells

      Ab-sol-freakin’-lutely! Love this comment!

  • Mary Nordbeck

    If people would study the Constitution we were not suppose to be a give me government. PBS should have never gotten funding in the first place. What ever happened to entrepreneurship and people really working to make PBS good on their own? Our government started as a republic and was for protection for our country and our freedoms. The debt is so high now we have to start somewhere and that is only a drop in the bucket for what really needs cut.

  • Dussty1

    It shows you how desperate Obama’s promoters are to grasp at such small straws to divert attention from the dire problems facing this country, which were exacerbated by Obama’s policies. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Obama’s got his hands full with the investigation into the Benghazi attacks and Big Bird won’t be talked about for long once this gets underway.

  • Dad

    Big Bird (who incidentally is NOT real… it’s a puppet, libs) can go to cable and do quite well. The propaganda being used with Big-Birdgate is exactly why PBS has no value to the average American… PBS can hawk their socialist agenda on their own money and merits based on their ratings.
    Cutting this budget is a start… but cutting should go very deep into the government expenditures. We are so broke, that we can only afford necessities…

    • http://n/a AmFer

      Right on! I cut all my donations to PBS years ago due to common sense (an “ah hah” realization) that it is “…totally funded by viewers like you”….this is their mantra when trying to get donors………that’s an outrigt lie!!

    • eddie47d

      Then puppet Rush Limbaugh can’t possibly be real since you are always allowing him to pull your strings. We are all puppets to those blowhards so take a closer look at the political ads and you will see that Republicans and Democrats are equally manipulating demonizers.

      • momo

        Your last sentence actually makes sense, what happened? Hit your head on a wall or something?

      • JeffH

        momo, don’t be fooled by the fool.

        Take note that eddie jumps to defend Obama and his Demo/liberal partners at every turn…but likes to insert a “both sides do it” to cover his arse”. He likes to repeat things he hears even though he doesn’t have a clue what they mean…i.e. crony capitalism, banksters etc., etc. He wears his emotions and his admiration for Obama and socialism on his sleeves…anything otherwise if pure fakery.

        Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes but that doesn’t change the fact that the squirrel is still blind.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie, eddie, eddie! The libs want you to think that Rush is our guru. He isn’t really! He’s just entertainment. The only time I hear anything about Rush is when you or the media bring him up. And dam*ed if I won’t defend him! Freedom of speech, baby! Freedom of speech!!! and we’d better ALL defend his right to say stupid things whether we agree with him or not! We’re very close to losing our 1st Ammendment rights! The UN is squawking about an international law limiting offensive speech. When obumass was speaking at the UN, ALL of his outrage was directed at the so called offensive video instead of the terror attack on our embassy. Then his administration contacted google and tried to get them to take it down! You can NEVER know where censorship will end!!!

      • eddie47d

        Poor Jeff still has his nose stuck up the Republican Party and will always bow down to those masters. Like I said years ago some of you who claim to be Libertarians are no more than Republican clones. Look in the mirror you deceitful one.

      • nickkin

        Conservative radio hosts have to much real knowledge without lies that no liberal will ever comprehend….big bird is their wealth of knowledge.

  • RichE

    Why don’t we come up with our own list? Apply Romney’s criteria to everything and then we can jointly decide on what should be done.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    obama ‘obsessed’ with Big Bird…..I would think he should be obsessed with the safety and adequate protection for our Ambassadors and the military in Embassies hostile territories. Now that would make too much of an effort and defeat what he has in store for America.

  • Jerry Nappi

    Appears there should be a law being violated here. After all taxpayers money to fund PBS and stimulus money again taxpayer dollars, then using this guy to stump for him. Not a lawyer, but have and use common sense. Guess it’s okay if politicians do it but if citizens do it they go to jail for fraud. Something STINKS

    • Paul Wells

      Actually…news flash…Sesame street has asked Obumass to quit using Big Bird in his campaign, which makes total sense. As a subsidiary of the PBS brand, they have to at least “feign” neutrality, which is what they are doing.

  • Bruce Fouraker

    According to PBS they have a total public media audience of 171.3 million. If everyone in this audience gave $2.60 that would cover the loss of federal funding. More realistically if 20 million veiwers/listeners gave $23 each, 10 million gave $45 each or 5 million gave $89 each that would cover the shortfall, some funds may need to be shifted to rural stations that do not raise as much funding and need the subsudies.

    It is much better for PBS to be fully funded by veiwers than to have the network take money from a government running a deficit of $1.2 trillion and debt exceeding $16 trillion. Surely enough individuals will help PBS and allow funding from the sourses that should provide it.

  • Larry D. Miller

    Romney’s lack of interest in the education of working class children is made obvious by his comments

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It is obvious that you don’t have any children of your own because you would not be using the collectivist bilge to make your comment.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Seriously?!? Are you kidding?!? What a moronic statement!!! I will never defend romney but that is just ignorant bilge!!!

    • Robert Robbins

      Isn’t it funny how the liberal idiots think.

      • Paul Wells

        Or fail to at all!!!

  • Bob Rice

    IF BIG BIRD and PBS are only thing OREO has to talk about,hes out of his mind,ive been saying for 3 1/2 years that this POTUS WANNABE,is a F—–G IDIOT.

    • momo

      Eloquent and correct!

  • Alex Frazier

    It’s worth saying that this issue with Big Bird is precisely the problem we are facing in Congress. Everything is sacred. Nothing can be cut. Every proposal is shot down. You can’t cut a failing Social Security program. That’s attacking old people. You can’t shut down the subsidies to a television station. That’s attacking Big Bird.

    If we aren’t allowed to cut even Sesame Street from the Federal budget, what can we cut?

    Again, this is what has made the budget problem so difficult in Washington. It’s not that there aren’t things that can be cut to get our budget under control. It’s that no matter what someone suggests as a cut, it is a suggestion to be ridiculed and blown off.

    Romney isn’t attacking Big Bird. The Democrats are attacking sanity.

    • Karolyn

      Well, i heard government money is only one tenth of one percent of PBS’s budget, so it’s really a moot point, though good for some leverage with some people.

  • godhelpus

    That is the biggest joke for an ad I have seen. You see what Obama mind is on and it’s not for the jobs or the economy. All Romney was saying is that the government gives 350,000.00 million dollars for this station or was it billion, big deal. They have a fund raiser every year where does that money go. The head of PBS gets paid a 6 figure salary maybe he should help out and give some of that back. If this is all Obama has to get back at Romney he is in big trouble.

    • Paul Wells

      You’d think Obumass would be in trouble….but thanks to the brainless brain dead twits that voted for his empty agenda in 2008, he will make it a close race, if not win it out right. And if he does…well…like your nick, God Help Us!!

      • RichE

        And Romney’s agenda is to get rid of Big Bird? Wow, he’s really got a full agenda there. Go after the little kids. What’s next, women’s rights? Picking on women and children. What a man!

    • Paul Wells

      Right on time! I was expecting a brain dead liberal to respond, and one did! Are you really that dumb, to think that Romney’s entire platform is to defund PBS? You, sir, are a typical Obama supporter! Keep drinking the koolaid!

      • RichE

        What’s the rest of his plan Paul?

      • Paul Wells

        Watch the debate next time, numbskull…Romney detailed his plan about as much as one can with exactly 2 minutes to speak after each question. You’d know that, if you hadn’t had your head in Demo. underground, dailykos, or other nutjob websites.

        • RichE

          Paul, then it shouldn’t be hard for you to list one.

        • RichE

          I’m still waiting for the list. According to Jon Stewart it doesn’t look like Romney has one. Do you think you imagined it?

          Jon Stewart took a closer look at Romney’s plans for how he’s actually going to deal with that immoral national debt. And he found that there’s almost nothing Romney wants to cut besides PBS. “In fact, Romney hasn’t specified a single deduction,” Stewart said. “Dude couldn’t be more vague if he were an HBO season finale.” So his only conclusion: “Are you a wizard?” Watch it below.

          • Frank Kahn

            Cutting the funding for PBS is aimed at reducing the deficit not the debt, to reduce the debt you have to have a surplus first.

          • RichE

            Good point Frank. I always forget that.

  • RichE

    “…start somewhere…” good point. Where would a seasoned businessman start by eliminating paper products? “If they want to wipe their butts they can bring their own TP!” This is an example of how out-of-touch Romney is. A real businessman would go for the most bang-for-the-buck or institute an overall percentage reduction, but Romney chose a liberal splinter in the eye of his party.

  • Senor Loco

    Iam appalled at the cheap shots taken at our president. As a person of color I applaud the presidents stance on this very important issue. Whenever racism rears its ugly face government must take charge. I looked forward to Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton to take charge in this blatant attack on minority rights. If this bird was white we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    • RichE

      Good point! Big Bird is yellow. Where are the Orientals?

    • Robert Robbins

      YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NAME, U R NUTTIER THAN HELL. Obama is a disgrace to this Country and nothing u lame liberals can say will change that.

    • alpha-lemming

      (…. sound of head banging against the desk top…)

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are the one who chose to throw the race stinkpot on this forum so if anyone throws it back at you it will cover you stinkfully.

    • alpha-lemming

      Since you opened the door, I’ve got to add….

      The ad campaign “Sesame St. vs. Wall St.”….. this is so rife with symbolism this little blurb will barely scratch the surface, but hopefully will inspire some independent thought. Sesame St. I suppose can/could be a good educational program, but…. My kids learned a lot from it (including dropping the pots and pans down the stairs while exclaiming…. 10,, PIZZA.. PIES !!!) but that was back in the Mr.Hooper era. The “all ghetto.. all the time” format is disturbing to say the least… the “hinted” story line that Bert and Ernie are gay, the African AIDS puppet yada yada yada. Talk about your brain-washing…. geesh….

      “This weeks episode brought to you by the letters… O W S” !!!

      • RichE

        “…inspire some independent thought” That would take will power.

      • deepizzaguy

        Thank you for sharing the information. Sesame Street has gone downhill from the days of my youth in the 1960s.

    • Paul Wells

      Absolutely despicable to try to place the race card, here Senor Loco. I’d submit you’ve already had way way too much loco weed if you are serious. If your “president” that you are so enamored with had behaved more like a president than a welfare freebie troll, he perhaps wouldn’t be in the fight of his life to continue in office, but he is. I think it is YOU who are the racist one to even call racism about this socialist president. In fact, I’ll just say it’s RACIST to vote for Obummer again. Stuff that in your pipe, Jessie & Al, and you too, Senor DumbLoco!

      • RichE

        Senor Loco: Next time use the word OREO. That seems to get through the race filters.

      • Frank Kahn

        I could be wrong, since one of our levels of reading comprehension is lacking. I took his comment as tongue in cheek sarcasm not an actually serious comment on racism.

  • TallDarkAndHandsome

    Why don’t o-Dud-a”,respect the law(copyright)and drop big bird from his ad???of course you can’t expect that of him,look how many laws hes broken already!!!!but what the hell,whose most important anyway…Big Bird Or the Nation???

  • Jay

    The public opinion pollsters are telling the world that the race for the White House between President Obama and the Republican Party candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney is still too close to call, but Obama has already lost the election when it comes to the elitist bankers and officials of the semi-secret Bilderberg Group.

    Bilderberg held their annual meeting in Chantilly, Virginia at the end of May. Romney reportedly attended the meeting, but Obama did not. Events since then leave little doubt that a key sector of the ruling elite of the NATO countries now want Obama out, and Romney in.

    This development, if confirmed, is very ominous for world peace. Obama was the Bilderberg candidate of 2008, but the financiers now think he has outlived his usefulness. Many key groups in the Democratic Party have been antagonized by Obama’s repeated betrayals. Internationally, Obama’s trademark color revolutions have been stopped by the courageous resistance of Syria and its allies. Given Russian and Chinese refusal to approve aggression against Syria, the NATO elites want to go back to a Bush-Cheney confrontation policy.

    Romney has been running as the biggest warmonger in either party, attacking the trigger-happy Obama as a weakling. Romney says that he wants to option of a sneak attack against Iran in his hands, and not just on the table, as Obama says. Romney also proclaims that Russia under Putin is the number one geopolitical enemy of the US. Romney has signaled that he would junk the latest START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between the US and Russia – one of the few results of Obama’s “reset” – thus
    starting a new nuclear arms race. Romney is also calling for 100,000 more troops to be added to the Pentagon’s forces.

    • Karolyn

      Just what we need, all you died-in-the-wool republicans, MORE WAR!

  • Karolyn

    I just heard on the news yesterday that they were asked by his owners to remove the big guy from any advertising.

  • uvuvuv

    the dems in town here are giving out yard signs, suckers for obama. i heard they aren’t paying the printer for them because they misspelled the first word.

  • RichE

    Besides PBS does Dumney have anything else in mind? I’ll take any answer. Don’t worry about spelling.

  • Patriot007

    The mask has been off for a long time, Politicians have practiced open season on tax-payers. They fund so many things that we can joke about cutting wasteful spending. Want to balance the budget? Cut Section 8, HUD, HHS, SSI, abolish Dept. of Education, DOE, and DEQ. All Politicians required to fly civil airlines and sell all the politicians jets and helicopters. Remove retirement benefits and perks for tenured politicians. Those will be good for starters. Cut wasteful military spending, you know the multi-billion dollar toys that our boys will never use. Cut meaningful funding to the UN. Get rid of Obamacare and remove state sponsored- (privately funded through customers) territorial insurance monopolies. There’s more where that came from. I’m not advocating a total elimination but, a radical change on how people expect live. Expect people to work for what they eat and where they live instead of under the guise of being a tax-payer.

  • deepizzaguy

    What a crappy attack ad. If I were Mitt Romney I would be laughing out loud Barack Obama lives in Fantasy Island.

  • jopa

    Big Bird is really not the issue here and the scary thing is what Romney is afraid to say publicly and lose the election.All economists say the only thing Romney is touting are the loopholes he will close and the only ones left that are a major revenue source for the government are mortgage interest exemptions, charitable deductions, inheritance taxes and medical expense deductions the middle class rely on to keep from going bankrupt.All this so the millionaires can get an extra $250,000.00 tax break.Time to face reality folks unless you are a multi millionaire Romney is not for you.

    • RichE

      jopa, You left off the personal deduction. Bottom line, the middle will pay for Romney’s military.

  • jopa

    Romney also came back after the speecch and said he would kill Medicare as we know it and go for the voucher system, no pre-existing conditions will be covered and no students staying on their parents policy until they are 26.If he didn’t have any hair he would be a lying two faced bald headed pr— man.

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    Jopa-Watch the debates!!!!Maybe the big ”Bird” ads are one way” O-DUD-A”is using to give Romney the”BIRD”,Or is it the other way around???? Tea,and Music anyone????

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    PS- You can’t get blood from a turn-up Romney will have to create jobs,before he can collect taxes,that by the way,is some thing O-Dud-A has not been able to do!!!!

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    Jay-I Disagree!!!Romney is not a WARMONGER.and Russia has never been a true friend to the U.S.A.Romney never once,came out and said ,in the debate,that Russia was our enemy(Of course any one knows that it was Russia that brought on those ”Wonderful Years”,of the cold war!!!!!)We should have listen to Gen.Patton !!!


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