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Bienvenidos A Los Estados Unidos (Welcome To The U.S.)

June 30, 2011 by  

Bienvenidos A Los Estados Unidos (Welcome To The U.S.)

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of some very patient teachers, I speak Spanish. Well, I speak high-school-distracted-by-the-hot-chick-in-front-of-me-in-class Spanish. All right, I speak well enough to ask directions to the bathroom, and I can order paella without the waiter delivering a gang of picadors to the table. I’m sure I sound about as fluent to the good people of Madrid as the Scandinavians who have developed an affinity for visiting my town: “Yes, please, I am asking to directions to the River Street, and you are thank you telling me?”

But I learned a smattering of Spanish because I already had finished seven years of Latin, and my parents thought it might be worthwhile for me to learn a language spoken outside the Vatican. I learned Spanish so I could order dinner in places where English was only good for curse words and baseball. Lately, I’ve noticed I might need to start brushing up on the Español, even when I’m at home.

But I live in the United States of America. Why in the hell should I have to learn anything but English? No one asks the people in Barcelona, Spain, to learn English; they choose to. Granted, it’s a wise choice, since there’s no way they’re going to convince their neighbors to spend €5 on some colorful trinket which was lovingly handcrafted by the kindly old woman down the street… in Taiwan.

As the Democratic-led U.S. Senate again tries to push through the amnesty-for-illegal-aliens DREAM Act, more and more often I’m noticing a sizable number of people who struggle with English the way I struggle with Spanish. And while no special powers of observation are required to understand the Democrats’ reasons for wanting to grant a vote to every Tomas, Ricardo and Jorge who manage to swim, tunnel or dodge his way across the border, perhaps the rest of us should consider the endgame in a country of more than 300 million souls which has abandoned a lingual standard.

Just a few weeks ago, Principal Crespin Esquivel delivered the commencement address to the graduating senior class of Whittell High School in Zephyr Cove, Nev. Actually, Esquivel delivered the address twice: once in English, y una vez en Español (and once in Spanish). Esquivel said: “I think it’s important for me to make sure all the families feel comfortable.”  I have no objection to Esquivel’s manners, but I think his logic is severely twisted. By offering “comfort” to those who have yet to learn Inglés, he’s reinforcing the idea that their comfort at a commencement ceremony takes precedence over their comfort on job interviews. Letting the Nation’s youths come of age without a common tongue allows for a grim outcome. The prospect is about as appealing as it would be to serve as Chris Matthews’ designated driver after Obama gets his clock cleaned in the 2012 election. The Nation would fall into Tower of Babel-type chaos, and we would all look forward to living in blessed paradise – much like the countries our Spanish-only friends fled for our shores.

We have already seen what that looks like. Last weekend, the U.S. Soccer team lost a match to Team Mexico. Given our track record on the international soccer scene, that’s not stunning. The fact that the crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Mexico shouldn’t necessarily turn too many heads, either. And I suppose it’s not too bizarre that the officials conducted the post-match ceremony in Spanish — except that the game was played in Los Angeles (yes, L.A. is still technically in the U.S.).

People in Spanish-speaking countries learn English because it helps to speak the language of the tourists without whom they would be selling colorful trinkets from Taiwan to each other. Also, while the French might be more famous for their disdain of Americans’ mangling of their language, no one really enjoys Los Gringos’ tendency to butcher languages the way President Obama butchers the memories of fallen soldiers. I’m not suggesting Americans are blameless in this cultural equation. I think learning to speak more than one language is worthwhile, especially if you want the hedges to be straight or you want to figure out which woman Ed Schultz hates the most today.

However, here at home, English is still the lingua franca of success. Should we fail to reinforce that success, then vaya con Dios, Los Estados Unidos (“Go with God, the United States).

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Don’t take it personally, Ben. English has been ignored and gutted by America’s #1 education-hating institution, the Dept. of Non-Education. English is an abused, diluted, dying language. You can say a half-hearted thanks to the NEA, politicians, uncaring parents and anyone else whose agenda puts himself first – and America last.
    The geniuses who think America should be a land of many languages know what they want, but I doubt if they will know what to do when/if they get it (even they have to answer to a ‘superior’). The simplest way to communicate is via a gun barrel.
    Maybe the self-made retards who hate English and the 2nd Amendment will have to think in terms of survival. That will be quite an education in itself (child-like adults with weapons). Sounds like a Hollywood B movie, eh?

    • cp

      I find your use of “retards” offensive. I’m not a PC person, but give my Down Syndrome brother some respect . . . he speaks English better than those of whom you speak.

      • Jeep

        Grow up cp:

        retard (re-tahrd) -noun From the Latin retardāre to delay, protract, to loiter, be slow. A person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: Congress is full of retards.

        Oh yeah, and it also means a mentally retarded person.

        • coal miner


          World Dictionary:

          re·tard   /rɪˈtɑrd, for 1–3, 5; ˈritɑrd for 4/ Show Spelled
          [ri-tahrd, for 1–3, 5; ree-tahrd for 4] Show IPA

          –verb (used with object)
          1. to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.
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          –verb (used without object)
          2. to be delayed.
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          3. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.
          4. Slang: Disparaging .
          a. a mentally retarded person.
          b. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.
          5. Automotive, Machinery . an adjustment made in the setting of the distributor of an internal-combustion engine so that the spark for ignition in each cylinder is generated later in the cycle.

          1480–90; < Latin retardāre to delay, protract, equivalent to re- re- + tardāre to loiter, be slow, derivative of tardus slow; see tardy

          —Related forms
          re·tard·ing·ly, adverb

          1. obstruct, check.

          1. accelerate.

          Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011.
          Cite This Source | Link To retard

          Explore the Visual Thesaurus »Related Words for : retard
          changeling, cretin, half-wit, idiot, imbecile
          View more related words »

          World English Dictionary

          — vb
          1. ( tr ) to delay or slow down (the progress, speed, or development) of (something)

          — n
          2. offensive ( US ) a retarded person
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          Medical Dictionary

          re·tard definition
          Pronunciation: /ri-ˈtärd/
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          Slang Dictionary

          retard definition

          a rude nickname for a retarded person. (Derogatory and unkind.) : That retard is having a rough time.
          a stupid person. (Also a term of address.) : Don’t be a retard! Get with it!

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            coal minor, thanks

          • Bus

            Thanks for wasting my time, I actually have a dictionary if I needed to look anything up. Don’t you have a job or something?

          • coal miner

            Bus says:
            June 30, 2011 at 12:43 pm
            “Thanks for wasting my time, I actually have a dictionary if I needed to look anything up. Don’t you have a job or something?”
            Answering your stupid, silly, rude insults: I am a retired coal miner.What is your excuse?If you don’t like it,don’t read it.

          • Jay

            That’s right bus, who told you to read it? However, it was rather lengthy, but thanks just the same coal!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually, as the father of a mentally handicapped son, I agree with CP! Walk a mile in their shoes and see how the lable feels!

          • coal miner


            You are welcome,I will try in the future to keep my post less lengthy.Again,thank you.

      • s c

        Cp, you ARE a ‘pc person.’ Life us too short to cater to those who are thin-skinned or plan to abuse you with your own half-baked permission.
        I reserve my disgust for ELECTED twits who are self-made RETARDS. If you don’t like it or understand what I mean, it’s YOUR problem. GROW UP, get on with your life, and STOP being a willing victim of pc insanity! Let me guess, you’re also concerned with groups that specialize in “rights” – right? WHAT is your childish problem?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you know me well enough from here to know I am anything BUT PC. I just feel that there are many more fitting terms of endearment you can use on your favorite politicians!! A$$HOLES, DUMBA$$E$, PEDIFILES, SKUNKA$$ SNIFFERS, GOATF#@KERS, OR ANY OTHER TERM YOU CAN IMAGINE!

    • Brian

      I disagree that English is a dying language.

      It is being butchered, that is true. The average person has a poor grasp of syntax, punctuation and spelling. They write phonetically (“foneticly”), and it is painful to read, but the LANGUAGE is not dying in the same way as French, for example.

      But to have a post match football game in LA conducted in Spanish!!!!! That is appalling.

  • Jeep

    It all begins with our view of American exceptionalism. We are either a great nation, or not. Since it has become the practice of the left to deny America’s greatness(and, too many have bought into that lie), so there is no need to assimilate. After all, why would one want to become part of a less than exceptional culture? Our European immigrant forefathers recognized America for the land of opportunity and greatness that she is. They recognized the ecomnomic and poilitical failings of their former countries and actually sought out a NEW beginning here. Of course, there were always the vestiges of the former culture that added a flavor to the fabric of America. This should be encouraged. But, always they believed that America was the land of opportunity, a great nation, that they wanted to join. Today’s immigrants, both legal and illegal, are no longer encouraged by those of us who live here to become “like us”.

    I do not lay all the blame for the current culture war on the new wave of immigrants and illegal aliens. The problem today is that the liberal left has convinced many that America is as Michelle puts is, “A down right mean place.” Not worthy of emulating, let alone assimilating. And, therein lies the rub. Why come here if it sucks so much? Because even a brainwashed liberal cannot deny the almost limitless opportunties this nation offers.

    • Lewis/Virginia


    • Cawmun Cents

      Well stated Jeep,….cheers!

  • Awakened

    “Limitless opportunities,” eh? True, unless one was actually born here.

    • Jeep

      LOL…yeah, that’s why I tempered the limitless opportunties statement with the key word “almost”!

  • Maryland FreeStater

    Buenos dias todos. It’s about time that English was mads the lingua franca of the country. I speak fluent Spanish: can also get by in Italian and Portuguese (in all fairness, cousin languages to Castellano, the type of Spanish spoken here); and can swear fluently in Polish (Mom grew up in a Polish-only household).

    I’ve been to 65 different countries and the only reason people learn English is financial (except for a Peruvian guy I met who learned English from Beatles albums to be able to understand the lyrics): NONE of them had such ridiculous linguistic laws as have we here. The only reason is pandering, trying to get Pedro Picopiedras and his wife Maria’s vote. It is time to end this madness.

    Learning a foreign language IS a good thing – makes the mind grow, provides privacy occasionally and really helps getting about in a foreign country. BUT, we need to promote English – only so that new immigrants acculturate to America. We can’t afford to become a Balkan state – if you want that experience, go to DC. Or, take Maryland – largest city in Central America…

    • mickey

      Ah, yes, Castillian Spanish, not the language of the largest sector of illegals.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Maryland FreeStater, we are already a Balkan state, take a trip around the USA. Sad but True!

    • Dan az

      Not patting myself on my back but I sign language one word in all languages! :)

  • Chuck

    It is sad that greed has overshadowed any resemblance of patriotism to our country. Large chain department/hardware stores have posted there aisle with directions in Spainish and for crying out loud the bathrooms where the international symbol for men/women use to be good enough for us ‘Americans’
    Also it has amazed me for years that our news correspondents go to third world counties, some our enemies, and they interview a peasant off the street who speaks better English than many Americans.

  • dansiler

    Political Correctness (the child of Godless Communism and progressive liberalism) has eviscerated the English language…and apathetic/progressive unionized teachers have allowed our children to be dumbed-down/retarded.The entertainment media finishes brainwashing
    the masses by appealing to the lowest common denominator with
    mindless sex and violence.
    Where are the orators and leaders of tomorrow ? In all probability
    you will not find them in the halls of socially-engineered/media-
    selected Congress.I doubt that those in Rome spoke much Latin at the
    Fall of the Empire.

    • truesoy

      I don’t know your point when trying to equate communism and liberalism as if they were one and the same. The truth is that they are the opposite; communism kills liberalism. Have you ever seen a ‘liberal’ commnist country? no, you have not, and the reason is that communism is a very conservative, yes, ‘conservative’ system where liberals are persecuted because of their believes of expanded freedom, etc. Ironically, conservatives here fail to realize how much they have in common with communism.

      • mickey

        I think the connotation is the liberals (ours) want a communal society–every one is equal and contribute to a commune. Whereas, a conservative is one who handles his/her own affairs, is responsible for his/her own “pursuit of happiness”.

        And don’t go with the “general welfare”. We have enough TSA, forced vaccinations, forced save the goldfish, to last us a lifetime. Trouble with most of this is, it started out with a real concern but escalated into a gross imagination of a “utopian world”.

      • Cawmun Cents

        “Liberalism leads to tolerance,which leads to expanding ideology,which leads to accepting things you wouldnt ordinarily accept,which leads to deviancy,which leads to accepting things you despise,which leads to ruinous behavior,which leads to carelessness,which leads to accepting things which no longer matter,which leads to accepting toatlitatrian control,which leads to fascism and communism.That is the order by which you see things happening now.We are at the ruinous behavior stage right now.”-CC.

        • mickey

          You are just about right. Do you have a way to fix it?

          • Cawmun Cents

            Yes….emphatically I say,repent.Turn back to God.Many of these issues we face stem from godlessness.Conditions which we did not have when we were God fearing,have arisen since then to plague us.After that I say we have a lack of character in our leadership.We need to avoid political voting and vote in people who display character and integrity even when they arent campaigning.Pointing the finger at others may look good on camera,but accepting responsibility for one actions looks better for integrity.But these things are a pipedream,because there is no integrity or character anymore.Just demographics and how to manipulate them.-CC.

        • Jay

          That is one of the best and most accurate definition of liberalism I have ever read, and so TRUE. Excellent CC!!!

        • Cawmun Cents

          Now if I could learn to spell “totalitarian”We could make some sense of it…haw!

    • Cawmun Cents

      Actually they spoke vulgar latin or what Romanians speak today,as a result of legion campaigns in Dacia,2nd century BC.Larevedere….-CC.

  • jimmy the greek

    I speake some greek .

  • Matt

    When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in the US do as the US does…speak English especially if you plan on becoming a US Citizen or here LEGALLY!

    • lkar

      The problem is not the legal immigrants, but the ILLEGAL ALIENS and their anchor babies! Since we are withdrawing from Afganistan, let’s send the troops to the border and secure/seal it. Deport ILLEGAL ALIENS and send them to the back of the line for immigration. By the way did anyone see the AP article where several demonstartors in GA “cameout” and revealed they were ILLEGAL ALIENS. The article went on to qoute these demonstrators as working in the US with fake ID and “borrowed” social security numbers. So the Democrats want to show compassion for their illegal immigration status, but how the he!! do they explain away the illegal documentation! This is also a good case to shut the flaptraps of those that advocate punishing businesses. This is the job of ICE not the HR director!

      • mickey

        obama funds LaRaza to do just this–11M of your dollars to give them the opportunity to steal your identity. Don’t you just love it? You and I are paying for these demonstrations and all the illegal activities with the blessing of obama.

        • DC/Tex

          Another example of taxation without representation by the Antichrist and his gang of the Chicago crime mobsters in whorehouse of the Islam States of America with aid of the evil nancy, greedy harry, sucker barny, tax dodger charlie, and many other corrupt, immoral, slim balls turning this once great country into a third world country.

  • http://n/a John Beach

    The monetary value of learning a foreign language is really debatable. Having learned four of them to the extent of a fluency used in a professional capacity, outside of government and airport-related jobs, there is very little opportunity to use or, now with computer-translation software programs, need to know foreign languages. On a recent trip across country doing the national parks West of the Mississippi, Walmarts are staffed primarily and, in some instances almost exclusively with Hispanics (Americans?) who, naturally, speak Spanish to each other but who DO speak English to the customer. Cities are known for their ethnic “ghetto” populations. It is a matter of necessity to live near someone who speaks one’s native language. “Qui se resemblent, a’assemblent.” The old “birds of a feather” concept or parrots of a tongue. If it is a matter of keeping costs to a minimum, how much money would be saved by NOT printing any public notice in any other language than English? If it is a matter of public safety, can we afford not to print in any language other than English? If and since we are a country of laws, they need to recognize “la frontera” and limit themselves by obeying our laws. It is as simple and easy as that. It becomes complicated and difficult for everybody when the laws are not obeyed. If we can’t understand them and they don’t want to understand us, why are economics the only commonality factor, especially as things are getting worse economically? To abolish or not enforce the immigration laws makes no sense whatsoever, except to self-serving politicians who see only their futures rather than the future of the country and its CITIZENS who have a right to demand law enforcement. If we don’t get what we pay for, we just cease to pay for it!

    • mickey

      Oh, I love the “cease to pay for it” which brings in the 16th amendment. We do NOT have to pay taxes. There is no law that states we do. Even IRS states it is a “voluntary compliance”. I am with you on this one.

      That also brings up the Constitional amendment they want now to balance the budget. If this goes through, are they in fact trying to back door the Fed tax issue?

    • lkar

      I agree with the public safety bilingual idea. But what about a graduation speech? How does this require duality of language in the USA. Are the graduates fluent in English? I guess they passed all their classes in Spanish. This means the taxpayer paid for those Spanish books. This is what we are sick of paying for. BS like this must stop.

      • mickey

        So if there is a concern about “public safety”, what about the other 297 different nationalities? Are they expendable in “public safety”?

        The first thing I learned in Germany was at the airport. I learned the symbols and language for “public safety”. It only took a few signs to realize what the language meant. And there were a lot of signs on the road before we ever reached an American base.

        I’m not hassling you, just that it doesn’t take much observance to know what the public signs mean.

        • Dan az

          There lies the problem with the bill they just passed that allows the mexican trucks to come in here and go where ever they want.I see a problem in the cities with school crossings and one way streets.Hell even up here you have to look both ways before getting on a one way street,And the tourist are from kalifornia.They don’t get it even when you don’t move over for them as they drive towards you,giving them sign language dosen’t bother them they just look the other way.How rude! :)

    • Bleh

      John Beach – “If it is a matter of public safety, can we afford not to print in any language other than English?”

      Yes we can… Learn the language or go the way of the dodo. Very simple.

    • independant thinker

      “If we can’t understand them and they don’t want to understand us,”

      The operative words here are “don’t want to understand us,” If they do not WANT to understand us they need to get on a slow ship to somewhere else. Those who truly want to be here and come here legaly mostly attempt to learn English at least well enough to get by. I know adults have more trouble learning a new language than someone of school age but almoat all of them can learn English well enough to communicate.

      • mickey

        Does it occur to anyone that keeping us separated by language is obama’s bliss?

        Think about it, we converse in English and know the ramifications of illegals replacing illegals, but if one doesn’t understand the “new citizens” will be replaced with illegals, then why shouldn’t they think obama is on their side? Yep, that language barrier is working for him.

        Wasn’t it the Tower of Babel where God decided a common language and ideas was working to well and flung the masses wide and far until language and ideas separated them? Not much of a bible person myself, but I seem to remember this part.

      • mickey

        This is funny. I was 35 when I went to Mexico, to learn another language. The oldest person in my class was 62, also in Mexico to learn another language.

        As adults, we don’t pick up the correct pronuciation always but we can converse, learn to read and write, just like the millions of legal immigrants. I don’t see children of the legals standing in for their parents.

        • eddie47d

          I. T.; There was a story on the web today about a Cambodian women who is 84 years old who was an illegal since 1985. All her family and relatives that made it out of Cambodia learned English and became citizens. After 26 yrs of being illegal she finally became a citizen. So not all can make that hurdle in a short period of time. It’s probably easier for those who know they are going to stay in America. Those who think they might return to, lets say Mexico,and do seasonal work don’t have that incentive and it shouldn’t matter. Once they are sure they want to stay it would be a wise time to apply for citizenship and then stick with it. My one grandmother came over here and never learned any English. Lived about 30 years here before she died. I thought it was sad that I couldn’t communicate with her although my mother did, so we both lost out. They also kept her in the house (my aunts) and she never went out. She shouldn’t have been “locked up” like that (1940-60′s) but they were afraid she wouldn’t fit in. That’s why I think all immigrants should get out and experience all they can in America so they can learn faster. I don’t hold no grudge against anyone who has trouble speaking English. Although I agree it should be encouraged.

          • Dan az

            where did your grandmother come from?What language did she speak?When you go to china town they speak chinese when you go to little italy they speak italian when you go toeast LA they speak spanish and when you go to Watts they speak Obomics!Kidding aside why would she need to be locked up every where in this country they speak differently!Just look at NY or New Jersey where they say the boid just crap on my head. :)

          • independant thinker

            And your point is eddie?

  • steve in AZ

    This is a non-issue. All of us here have more important concerns to discuss. In whichever language we are able.

    • Cecilio Mendez

      You are not looking at the big picture, sir. Albeit there are other important issues that need to be addressed, ignoring this one will come back and bite us all. While in America, foreigners must strive to learn to speak and write in English. And do so until it becomes their second language. No one will be excused. Everyone in my family (4) is fully bilingual (English/Spanish). My elder son also knows French, Portuguese and Italian, enough to communicate very well. He also “dabbles” in Chinese. Foreigners who willfully speak their native language, pretending Americans “understand” their “position” are only thinking of the day our Constitution becomes toilet paper!

      • mickey

        Well, thank you for that. Certainly proves that a Spaish last name doesn’t mean one that is ignorant and unable to lear English.

        lol, the whole English thing around the world was to control commerce. But, as with the US, English is the language, otherwise, we have babel.

        The Japanese were the ones to go to other countries to learn the trade partners language.

        • mickey

          Now if I could just learn how to spell Spanish and learn correctly . . .

          • Dan az

            Its your key board its made in china and has a mind of its own,I know mine does. :)

    • jibbs

      steve in AZ says:
      June 30, 2011 at 8:43 am
      This is a non-issue. All of us here have more important concerns to discuss. In whichever language we are able.


  • Jan Scallan

    Does “Texican” count as a legal language? My grandson’s Kindergarten commencment was done in Spanish and English although nearly everyone was obviously Anglo. WTH is that all about? You come here, learn the language and fit into our society or stay the hell out. That’s pretty simple don’t you think? You sure as heck wouldn’t go to Mexico and demand they speak english all the time.

    • DC/Tex

      If a child and his parents cannot speak fluent English they should not be in this country much less enrolled in school.
      “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica

  • mickey

    Actually, steve in AZ, I think it is a big issue. English is our language and every nationality in the world has learned it. Now our government wants a take over of the national language, also, leads to take over of the political factions.

    While I encourage anyone to learn a second language as it adds to the efficiency of the English language, that is an individual choice. Quite frankly I would learn the language of trade and that would be Chinese.

    However, if we are to be “international”, then all signs need to reflect our society–all 300 nationalities worth. It is either one language, English, or all of them–no exceptions.

  • eddie47d

    Apparently all that Latin didn’t do the author any good or bring him any closer to God or the Vatican.English is still the preferred language no matter where you go in the world so chill out. Europeans know multiple languages and dialects yet we throw a tantrum if we hear or see Spanish. We become more and more intolerant everyday and that will not bode well in world commerce. Since some Americans hate the immigrant but love the slave labor,(you know those jobs you won’t do)you should look at this as a bonus. If they don’t speak English very well they will stay in the poorer jobs and won’t compete for the”better” jobs that we all have. That should be a win for the immigrant bashers who don’t want them here anyway. If they learn English then they will be just like you …heaven forbid.

    • mickey

      Yep, the same old slave language “jobs you won’t do”. Sounds just like a hundred years ago. Most of us have been fighting the old slave trade for that long too. Ironic that so many are backing slave trade in this day and age. obama comes by it by heritage, I don’t know what is wrong with the followers. Moving human traffic illegally across borders for economical gain is slavery–PERIOD.

      BTW those jobs can be done by legals. WE told our legals they no longer had to do those jobs. Who did those jobs before the illegals???? Sooooooo just what do you think is going to happen when obama makes all of them legal?

      • eddie47d

        I hate to inform you Mickey but for the last 100 years Most farm labor was done by foreign laborers. There are exceptions but most Americans couldn’t “stand the heat”.

        • mickey

          Yep, and who were those before this current batch of illegals? And what did we call that? How many of those languages, and don’t tell me Phillipinos won’t work farms, were we to incorporate into the US?

          At least until about the 80′s, our own legal people used to migrate from farm to farm. We setteled those US citiznes “out” because machinery would take their places.

          I hardly think that “heat” enters into much since a lot of the world, including Mexico, has “heat”. obama just wants to focus on one group, make an upward scale for that group alone. No other foreigners need apply.

          So how does picking blueberries in Maine figure into the “heat” part? Or tomatoes in the Mid-west? Canning in the Mid-west?

          Wasn’t there an incidence where Asians were brought in, I think on the West Coast, and some group decided that they had to be returned (some paper dispute and coyote fees) because the conditions were deplorable?

          Please admit that ag is a small portion of the illegal issue. There are programs for that, just citizenship should not be offered, nor any other services the company cannot provide on its own–without taxpayers’ dollars.

        • independant thinker

          The last 100 years? That is BULL S#!T. When I was in high school there were many students who did farm work in the summer to earn extra money and in some cases help with their physical conditioning. There were NOT working on the family farm but rather going out of state to the big farms to work. I also know many families who would go to California to work in the fields and produce sheds.

          • mickey

            This is so true. Our teenagers, when it was okay for them to buy their extras with earned dollars, did the same detasseling of corn. They picked tomatoes, canned in the canneries.

            When Chinese workers get paid $154 dollars a week, I bet a whole lot of them would be willing to work the farms for what obama is proposing. Think about it, we would learn the new language of commerce.

          • karolyn

            You’re talking about how long ago? These days it’s hard to find young Americans who will do physical work. Here in rural SC, my friend pays the astonishingly high wage of $10 per hour for yard help, and she has a hard time finding people who will do it, and especially do it well. However, the Mexicans here work their tails off raking pine straw in the blazing heat.

          • independant thinker

            Way less than a hundred years karolyn.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          eddie69d, there you go again, Cranial, Rectal Insertion, the last 100 hundred hells bells eduardo “sesenta y nueve” I was born in 1937 and at age 12 my buddies mostly “Gringos”, we would go chop cotton, pick cotton, beans, lettuce and even do “mucho” yard work. This old Indian grew up poor and wasn’t afraid of hard work, many of us “worked our way” through college and never took a dime from the government. Now go back and continue drinking your Obumer kool-aid, dip your cigar ala Clinton and (offensive words removed) I speak my indian languages and three european languages, how about you 47d (richard cranium.)

          • mickey

            Well, Indian, except for your language, I agree 100%. Poor had respect then, we worked, not steal. It took us a little longer to get what we wanted but we could get it by working. Worse, we took some of that money and used it in a pot for the household. What a couple of generations did to the US . . . .

          • eddie47d

            Stop being so ignorant WIA . You and I.T. should learn to read for I did say there were exceptions. Foreigner have been allowed (at least for 100 years)to work our fields. Now WIA go back to your bar stool where you can cuss all you want.

          • independant thinker

            Ah, but eddie you implied those exceptions were few and very far between while WIA and I both proved you wrong. As high as 50-75% of the farm labor was American up until the last 30 years or so.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you are full of it!!! As a kid, I picked tomatoes, asparagris, apples strawberries and beans right along side a few LEGAL American/ mexicans in Michigan!! I knew quite a few kids that picked in the fields to make extra money!! Don’t tell me that Americans CAN’T do it! Maybe YOU can’t do it!

          • eddie47d

            I.T. You didn’t prove anything only more self gloating. Go back and check the 1930′s and earlier on the workers who came to the USA to pick crops. You back must be sore not from hard work but from all that praise you give yourself by back slapping.

          • independant thinker

            eddie I work harder in retirement than I suspect you ever did on your union job I do it in 100 degree heat at 60-80% humidity and love doing it.

      • s c

        Mickey, nothing has changed since early April. That is, good ole e47 just doesn’t get it. He rarely does. The issue now at hand is the idea that the English language is NO LONGER important in America.
        I’d try to explain it to e47, but he’s never taught anything, and as long as he’s a one-dimensional, ultraliberal progressive, he’ll never understand.
        What else can I say?

        • mickey

          I guess US citizens don’t live in the South, either, too much “heat”. Yeah, you are right, he is rather biased.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          s c. edduh is an ultraliberal, progressive, regressive “richard cranium” that’s what the “d”
          stands for.

        • eddie47d

          SC; The one dimensional perverted right winger …oh so predictable.

    • coal miner


      The old English language would be almost impossible to understand today.Modern American Engish in a couple of hundred years from now will bare little resemblance to the English language we know today.We have a huge influx of foreign words that comes from Italian,French, German,Spanish and other cultures.These words we hear everyday,so everybody better get used to it,English like Latin may be one day a dead language.So are the others.

      English is divided into three periods: Old English (ca. 449-1100), Middle English (ca.
      1100-1500), and Modern English (ca. 1500-). While many people think of Shakespeare’s
      English as old, Shakespeare wrote and spoke Modern English, albeit, an early form of it.
      Chaucer’s poetry, including his most famous work, The Canterbury Tales, are a good
      examples of Middle English poetry. Beowulf, which probably dates to some time between
      700 – 1000 CE, is an Old English poem. Old English is sometimes known as Anglo-
      It would be wrong to believe that the English language just changed from Old English
      to Middle English in 1100 and from Middle English to Modern English in 1500. These
      shifts took place over hundreds of years. It is important to realize that the wide-spread
      notion of a standard language or even of standardized spelling are modern notions only
      made possible by the printing press. Not only did the printing press made wide-scale
      distribution possible, it provided the ability to fix language in time on a grand scale,
      thereby slowing down the process of language change.
      However, while English was always changing, the dates 1100 CE and 1500 CE, while
      approximate, are significant for the English language. Although major grammatical and
      phonetic changes took place throughout the Old English period, the Norman invasion of
      1066 and its resulting influx of French words into the language meant that the English of
      1100 was much more different from the English of 1000 than the differences between the
      English of 900 and the English of 1000. Likewise, while English underwent a number of
      grammatical and phonetic changes throughout the Middle English period, the fifteenth
      century saw such a radical change in the pronunciation of English that 1500 serves as a
      useful date for the shift from Middle to Modern English.
      Old English makes use of unfamiliar letters, most of which derive from the runic
      alphabet, an alphabet used by the Germanic peoples. These letters are ” ” (thorn) and ” ”
      (eth) (often used interchangeably to represent the “th” sound of “that” and “thin”), ” ”
      (ash) (the vowel sound in cat), and wyn, which represents “w” and is rarely used in
      modern editions of Old English texts. If you look at a picture of the first page of Beowulf,
      you can see two capital wyns in the first line. They are the second and fifth letters:
      “H[wyn]ÆT [wyn]E GARDE.” When looking at the manuscript page, you’ll also notice
      one additional unfamiliar looking letter, ” ” which is the letter “g.”
      While Old English can look quite foreign at first glance, it can also look and sound
      surprisingly modern when one knows a few basics. Consider, for instance, the sentence
      which is repeated multiple times in Beowulf. ” ” represents a “th”
      sound. is the “a” in cat, and the “o” in god is pronounced just as if you were saying
      “go” but holding the “o” a little bit longer than you normally would. Knowing this, it is
      not hard to recognize the first three words as “That was good.” While that last word may
      be a little more difficult, it is still recognizable. The “c” in cyning is pronounced as a “k”
      and the word itself is pronounced just as if you were adding a “ing” to the word “kin” (kin
      + ing). Once you know how to pronounce cyning, it is not a stretch to see how the
      pronunciation of the Old English word could have simplified to our modern day “king.”
      Putting all this together, we can now recognize the Old English sentence
      to be our Modern English sentence “That was [a] good king.”
      Chapters 1 and 2 of The Electronic Introduction to Old English,, provide a more detailed
      explanation of Old English and its relation to Modern English, and chapter 16.2 provides
      more information on the Old English alphabet, including a picture of all the letters in
      Note: No one translation of Beowulf will foreground or even have all the poetic elements
      that exist in the original Old English. A translation that tries to be true to the alliterative
      verse may have done so by ignoring such features as compounding, formulas, and even
      variation. Likewise, translations that try to represent the phrasing of Beowulf, and thereby
      preserving a sense of the formulas and variation, will often have little or no alliteration.
      Alliteration: Alliteration is the repetition of stressed sounds, particularly consonants
      from the beginning of words or syllables. Poetically, alliteration can has a similar
      function as rhyme. An example of alliteration is the tongue-twister “She sells seashells by
      the sea shore.”
      Compounding: Old English poetry makes extensive use of compounding, the combining
      of two words to make a new word. An example is feorhseoc, literally “life-sick” (feorh =
      life, seoc = sick), which can be translated as mortally wounded. A more common
      example can be found in the first line of Beowulf: Gar-Dena, literally “Spear-Danes”
      (gar = spear, Dena = Danes). Compounding may be done to meet the needs of the
      alliterative meter, as part of a formula, or to make a new word.
      Kennings: Kennings are a special form of compounding that are metaphoric in meaning.
      For example, the kenning banhus (ban + hus), literally “bone-house,” refers to the human
      body; hronrad (hron + rad), literally “whale’s road,” refers to the sea; and rodores
      candel, literally “sky’s candle,” refers to the sun.
      Formulas: Like Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Beowulf makes use of stock phrases, known
      as formulas. Formulas are believed to be ready-made phrases which fulfill the metrical
      needs of a line or half-line, and are believed to be a standard tool of an oral poet. While
      some scholars argue that the existence of formulas in a poem must mean the poem has its
      origins as oral poetry, not everyone agrees with this belief. Extensive use of formulas
      tends to give a poem a lofty and highly traditional character.
      Examples of formulas in Beowulf are Gomban gyldan “pay tribute” (line 11), geong
      in geardumˆ”young in the courtyard” (line 13), folce to frofre “as a comfort to the
      people”(line 14), and (lines 529, 631, 957, etc.) are all
      half-line formulas, and all but are found in other Old English poems as
      Variation: Another common stylistic feature of Old English poetry is the use of
      variation, which is the restatement of a concept or term using different words. A simple
      form of variation can be seen in the formula used in line 429:
      (Beowulf spoke, the son of ). Here the second half of the line provides
      a second identifier for Beowulf. A more complex form of variation can be seen in the
      lines 1408 – 1411:
      (The nobleman’s son then passed
      the steep rocky cliffs, the narrow path,
      the narrow single-file path, an unknown way,
      precipitous headland, the homes of many water-monsters.)
      Variation is not used as filler, but fulfills a few important functions. On a practical
      level, as we can not just stop and check a fact during an oral performance as we can while
      reading, variation reminds the audience of important facts. Because the poet constantly
      reminds us that Beowulf is son, we are much more likely to remember who
      is when he is important to the poem. Variation also allows the poet to present an
      event, or image from multiple perspectives, each providing additional information or
      shedding new light on the events. Compare, for example, Grendel’s approach to Heorot,
      which is told three times in succession (lines 702b-727), or compare Beowulf’s report to
      Hygelac about what happened at Hrothgar’s court with the narration of those events.
      Versification: Beowulf, like all Old English poetry, is written in alliterative verse, a
      verse form that uses alliteration as one of the major organizing principles of a poetic line.
      While Shakespeare’s poetry, often written in iambic pentameter, uses a syllabic meter (we
      count the number of syllables), Old English alliterative verse uses an accentual meter of
      four stressed beats and an undetermined number of unstressed beats per line. A typical
      Old English alliterative line consists of two half-lines separated by a strong pause known
      as a caesura. The third stress of a line always alliterates with either the first and/or the
      second stress, and the fourth stress never alliterates. In Old English alliterative verse, any
      vowel can alliterate with any other vowel. (Rhyme is so rare in Old English poetry that
      the one poem that does rhyme is known as “The Riming Poem.”) Here is an example of
      Old English alliterative verse, taken from Beowulf:
      In the first line, is the first half-line and is the second
      half-line. a, and are all stressed beats, and oft is an unstressed
      beat. The line’s alliteration is on the consonant cluster “sc” (pronounced as our modern
      “sh”). The line could just as easily have read or
      . What is important is that the third stress alliterates with
      one or both of the stresses in the first half of the line.
      For a more detailed discussion of Old English poetics, including the rhythm of Old
      English alliterative verse, see chapters 13 and 14 of The Electronic Introduction to Old

      • Erik

        Your use of ‘copy and paste’ is awesome. However, your spelling needs checking. “Bear”, not “bare”, is the word you meant to use, I believe.

        • coal miner

          You are right.Albert Einstein made the same mistake.

          Can you speak Spanish?I can.
          Inglés dara a luz un poco parecido.

          • Dan az

            The next language is going to be this short hand crap that every one is using today on their phones.BTW It could look like gfys and wyai sysym.Now wouldn’t that JPUO!The kids today don’t use the phone for talking only texting,if you call them they refuse to answer but they will text you back in a second and not even look at the keys.I guess i’m just to old for this crap I still type with one finger.some times I just use my middle one when I reply back to eddie! :)

      • jibbs

        Coal Miner,
        hehehe, with all that information, you just overheated 47d’s small amount of grey matter. With any hope, he won’t be around for a week or two!!

  • Crystal

    Another thing that is being missed is many of the illegal immigrants crossing the border, don’t even speak Spanish very well. Oh, and please don’t ask them to read or write anything in Spanish, because many don’t know how. I learned that lesson at my son’s elementary school.

    • mickey

      lol I used to give my Spanish reports to several of the “new illegal” citizens to correct. None could read them.

      • Dan az

        In kalif. the teachers get paid to teach spanish to the illegals no kidding!

  • truesoy

    Ben, the reason Mr. Esquivel delivered the commencement address in spanish too, was for the benefit of the student’s parent, and not the students themselves, they apparently knew english. As with every generation the language of the old country starts to fade away until it’s gone. What makes it a bit different in this case is that the ‘spanish speaking’ immigration is a ‘self-renewing’ one that keeps the language alive; in other words, spanish speaking people keep arriving everyday. This goes without saying that certain immigrant groups don’t transfer he knowledge of the spanish language to their american born children, because they do, and this is good.
    Also when discussing the United States as an ‘english only’ speaking nation we are overlooking Puerto Rico, an spanish speaking U.S. territory (Estado Libre Asociado/associated state) with all the rights and priviledges of U.S citizens (even though residents of the island can vote in the primary, they can’t vote in the presidential election. But puerto ricans living in the mainland can vote in any election as any other natural born U.S. citizen. This should also clear the air from the mistaken assumption that all spanish speaking people in the United States are immigrants, legal or otherwise.

    • mickey

      Yes, and should I go to PR, I will speak Spanish, or at least attempt to. However, since many of the corporate phone lines are bussed to PR, the customer service answers in English.

      Question, do residents in PR learn Spanish in school? Read and write? I hardly think your arguement holds water here. Most of the illegals cannot read nor write Spanish. We are not seeing a brain drain of illegals who are educated, the educated come in through the front door.

      And an immigrant has papers. An illegal does not. PR’s are not immigrants; they are US citizens.

      • mickey

        So are you advocating a reversal of the melting pot? Or should all 300 nationalities be represented? Or are you stating Spanish speaking illegals are unable to learn English and therefore, should not be part of the melting pot? Excluding them from the natural order of what comprises the US?

        I only spent 9 weeks in Mexico City and I learned enough Spanish to get around. And no, all parts of Mexico do not speak English.

        It appears the illegals and the supporters thereof are calling them stupid.

        Question, when it comes to swearing in of legal immigrants, is the cermony given in all languages to accomodate the family members who do not speak English?

  • jopa

    cp: You find the use of the word “retard” offensive and so do I.I never gave it much thought until one day I called the Republicans retards and immediately I was chastised by Mr. Livingston.I thought for quite some time about his comment and I realized how offensive it is to families such as yours and the Palins.There is an actual movement today to remove the word from the English language as in the use of the N word and such.It would be nice if we could all agree to this one little act and take this word out of our vocabulary.

    • mickey

      Yes, let’s just eradicate the entire language. While we are at it, let’s eliminate “whitey” and make it a Federal crime to use it. Also, “terrorist” every time it is used as a reference to Tea Partiers. And since a lot of blacks use the “n” word, are they the first to go before Federal court? What about Swartznegger? I could translate that but it would get blipped. What about other nations that use negro, as in meaning black? That takes out the entire Spanish speaking language.

      FYI I would have had my mouth washed out with soap for calling a negro “black”.

      Are you also advocating that since I have a little black dog, I should not refer to his antics as a monkey, too?

      Get over it, retard is not meant to abuse those who are unfortunately unable to learn beyond a capacity but as a term to address one who acts like a person that is behind in thinking.

      Do you want to get rid of idiot too? Just what is on your list?

    • libertytrain

      Jopa, on this we agree. The way the word is used is far more than rude and cruel – in my opinion and unnecessary to use on this kind of forum.

      • mickey

        Well, yes and no. There is just a PC use of things now. Every time someone disagrees, “it’s take out the word from the English (meaning only US) language”. Yet, I find that most times the person throwing out the “word” uses a much more offensive word(s) in his/her everyday language. Sorta those without sins, cast the first stone.

    • s c

      J, how much are you paid to be an active member of America’s pc police?

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      jopa, do you mean Negro or Negrito?

    • Dan az

      That is very PC of you but the fact the the n word is used constantly in LA would you have them stop saying it?The fact that I’m part black part mexican part english part scottish part german and how knows what else climbed in to the sack my wife likes the word allot when she calls me to dinner and by the way its niga or spick depending what shes making me for dinner.I’m not offended in anyway because she irish and italian and german and we get a laugh out of it.but to each its own.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I guess it all depends on how easily your”Feelers”get hurt.
        I spent my entire life being called names and now you can say anything and it just dont stick to me.Actions offend me way more than words.If a persons actions are offensive,then they seem like a far greater threat to me than the ones who talk about it.A large man(from his tatoos I gather he was part of a mexican gang)threatened me in a store once,and I said,”You have got the talking part done…”and he realized that I wasnt frightened of him.He decided not to pursue his course of action,and he was probably wise that day.I pray that he has since grown smarter and doesnt try to intimidate people as much,but he will be lucky if he survives his anger,the way he was acting in the store.I am meek,but I am not weak.I am not easily intimidated either.Some folks tell me that I was the fortunate one that day.I think both of us were.-CC.

        • Dan az

          CC good for you :)

  • 45caliber

    The United States government is the only government in the world who believes we should all learn another language to run things. Everyone else believes they should learn English.

    • mickey

      It isn’t the objection to learning another language I have, it is obama’s role in promoting a specific bi-lingual nation.

      I guess, in order to stay PC, it is a fallacy to think obama is on the side of illegals. First, he just changed illegal and slavery to “economic labor”; how’s that for a transformation? Slave owners of past housed their labor, provided food, and healthcare. obama, the master slave owner, promises the entire US will do the same, sorta like he owns the US plantation.

      Then, supposingly, only a certain sector of illegals do not have the capacity to learn English. Sort of calling them “dumb”, if they actually understood the English translation. (notice, he doesn’t lump the islamics into this scenario)

      Then we have “make them citizens” when citizens are unemployed.

      With friends like obama, who needs enemies?

  • jopa

    mickey: You asked if I want to get rid of idiot also, the answer is NO you seem like there may be hope for you.

    • mickey

      Just would like to see your list. I didn’t notice you had any objection to Clyburn calling white people “terrorists”.

    • mickey

      lol you want to get rid of the term “retard” but not “idiot”. Idiot is a classification of one’s limited ability, a part of the delineation of “retard”.

  • Templar

    Having been around the world a time or two, I do admire and respect the languages, cultures, and many of the social customs of many countries, but have always returned with greater admiration for my home, the USA, and all it has traditionally represented. I now support the directive, “Love it or leave it!” This is an English speaking nation, certainly enriched by all the varied languages and cultures that have adopted it as home – that is the very point: those who came in the past adopted the USA as home, and did not try to change it to match the places from which they came.

    • mickey

      Yes, we are a melting pot of many cultures held together by a common language.

  • M.L.

    It stucks in my throat this morning when the Dems. said we needed the mexicans kids to get the dream act because there are not enough Americans with a college degree. Maybe they should checkout the numbers 16% of them are now working as buss boys 20% are bar tenders, because they can’t get a job in the field that they studied. You need to check this out. There is a new military man running for Senate from Florida. Iam sure you would love him. He covered everything we say here on the blogs that is needed to bring this country back to Americans and covered just about everything, he also received 8 standing ovations. His name is Mike MCcalister.Check him out.

  • wisdom

    Sorry, Los Angeles was abandoned when a Fed in a black rope shot down Prop. 187 in the 90′s. It will have an Hispanic majority forever.

  • David Warheit

    What BC (intentionally) overlooks is that everyone eligible for the Dream Act (and I mean absolutely everyone) speaks English as well as he does (probably better). Remember, each of them came to the US not of their own volition–they were small children–and each has shown a passionate attachment to the US. God bless every one of them.

    • mickey

      Oh, yes, we should just invite everyone and give them what we cannot afford. And don’t give me that they came innocently, their parents knew. That is kind of like saying I should encourage my kid to rob a store because he is “innocent” he should not pay for my sins.

      Get real, they stold the store and now want to own it.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      David Warheit, Yes sir, check out the Tucson Unified Public School system pay very close attention to their H.S. Chicano/Multicultural Ethnic Studies, yes sireeeee strong attachment to the USA.

  • Cheryl lynn

    I am a proponent of English only, but that proposition we passed a number of years ago did California voters no good when the activist judges ruled it unconstitutional.Living in the Antelope Valley of California would be an eye opener for the people of the North East and Mid West. They would see that the language of California now is Spanish. I can’t go any where here without hearing it spoken more frequently than English. America as we once knew it is over they are taking us over one baby at a time.

    • mickey

      And it will keep up doing so as long as they can support the habit with Federal dollars. Take away the Fed incentive and they will turn around.

      • Dan az

        Actually mickey I don’t think we have to wait for that to happen.Shortly the peso will be worth twice what the us dollar is worth and they will not need to come here for work,they just might go home on there own.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Is anyone aware that the Country of Mexico has already assigned a Mexican Governor (from Mexico) to take over California once the Mexicans have the majority vote? Our Washington politicians are allowing the county of Mexico to invade the United States without firing a single shot. How long will the re-colonization take before California is once again Mexican territory…30 or 40 years? At the present Mexican birth rate, it won’t be long. I’ve been told, “Babies first, then we take it over,” and “United States stole this land from Mexico…we take it back.” It WILL happen, and the politicians just sit on their hands hoping for more votes for their particular political party and to hell with our Country. The voting fools just keep re-electing those same worthless politicians? How pathetic.

    • mickey

      Yes, I have heard that. It will result in the same as Mexico. Calderon, nor any other, has succeeded in making Mexico a respected country. CA is already filled with radical groups, killing each other, why not just declare it part of Mexico.

      As far as tradition, we can readily see that the new migrants never went to school or they would know better.

      I’m surprised they don’t have women begging on the streets and children breathing fire yet. Seems a Mexican tradition.

      We could, of course, pull the 16th amendment and quit paying taxes–en mass. Maybe that would wake some up.

  • mickey

    Generally dictators get rid of their learned people. The irony of obama’s agenda is we may have a brain drain to such countries as China, which is more likely to be a world commerce power than the US.

    While China is moving toward capitalism, obama supports dictatorship qualities.

    I hardly think China would be much of a threat to most of us if we left. The US would be a bannana republic with about the same respect and economy of most of them.

    Hmmm me thinks a new language might be in order.

    While it may be an unpopular idea at the moment, we have to face where we are. obama isn’t the only one with these anti US agendas, we have plenty in Congress of the same mind. So the dilemma is,can we save the US from this tyranny? If we cannot, do we move on and go another route? Which of the two evils will be better for us? US or China?

    • Dan az

      With the NWO gang members taking over I don’t give china much hope.And as far as the USA goes I don’t give it much hope either.As far as mexico goes they have all ready taking back what they want except Arizona and Texas because we refuse to give in to the feds threats and are ready to show them the door.If kalif.wants them for their votes then let them feed and cloth them but don’t expect us to help with the cost it aint gunna happen!

  • M.L.

    Iam sick and tired of the Mexicans saying that we stole the land. Maybe someone should read to them (in spanish)about our 11th President James K. Polk who not only swept the the dirt with their asses in the Mexican, American war, BUT AS IS THE AMERICAN WAY, he repeated the offer he had asked before the war to pay for the land, and that he did.

    • mickey

      Hmm or the part that CA was a republic and begged the US to take it as a state because of all the corruption of the Mexico?

  • Raggs

    Ths Spanish are the “NEW” blacks.
    America has created a lazy worhtless bunch that lives on welfare and refuses to GET A JOB.. Ths spanish are simply doing the dirty work that the blacks will not do.

    • Raggs

      Did I forget to add that someday the Spanish will have a free ride.
      Oh… wait a minute… They do….

      • mickey

        Well, I wouldn’t equate that to the blacks I know but certainly obama is the slave master. He pushes slavery for votes, just the opposite of Lincoln who opposed the expansion of slave states.

        Just why do you think obama pushes bi-lingual? If they could understand American culture and language they would know why he pushes the language barrier.

        And blacks were done in by their own people. Their politicians continue to live in mansions while their people vie for welfare dollars. Too bad we didn’t have the likes of Adam West as a better leader for them.

  • mickey

    Does obama speak fluent Spanish?

  • chuckb

    no he can’t, however, he can quote the qur’an fluently in arabic.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    The display at the US/Mexico soccer match was disgusting. Booing the US team, making disruptive noise during the National Anthem (guess they learned that from Obama droning on while the band played “God Save The Queen” during his last trip to England in May 2008 — oops, May 2011).

    One of the fans stated that “my heart is still in Mexico.” Fine. Then go back there. It’s not far from LA to Tijuana; make the trek and live where you feel you most belong. Otherwise, your declaration of “heartland” is shallow and hypocritical.

    If you are here illegally, that means that it was worth it to you to endure the hardships and risks and come here by any means necessary rather than stay where your heart dwells. If you are here legally, then it was worth it to you to step through all the hoops required to gain legal entry rather than stay where your heart dwells. And if you came here and are now a naturalized citizen, it means that you swore a false oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic just so you could be here instead of in Mexico.

    So to all of you who come here by hook or by crook, usually because you can make a better living here than in Mexico (their booming economy notwithstanding), either embrace the country that actually offers you a life, or stay home. But by no means should you burden us with juvenile displays of “affection” for the country you decided to abandon in your own self-interest.

  • cae

    This is America…We speak English in this country. If you do not wish to speak our language go back to the country you came from and belong in! I am sick of the pandering..signs at stores in spanish..banks with their press 1 for english….airports giving announcements in Spanish and bi lingual education. Do we have any of these things in Chinese, Russian or any other immigrants language?
    I got an email from direct tv totally in spanish which i sent back to them informing them that this is America and we speak English here. If I receive another email from them in spanish I will cancel the account and switch to cable and intend to do so with any business that insults my country by not speaking the language of my country…English!!!

    • Cathy

      The REASON there are signs everywhere in Spanish and we have to “press 1 for English” is because English has NEVER been made the OFFICIAL language of the United States.

      I heard Harry Reid say during the debate that English is the official language of the US. My mouth dropped open! He TWICE voted against English being the “official language” of the US! (What a tool he is!)

      Many do not know that it’s not the “official” language. BTW, I do speak Spanish, not fluently but I’m getting there. Just wanted to learn another language and will come in handy when I move to Mexico or Ecuador.

  • coal miner
  • coal miner
  • scooter

    I lived in Miami 20 yrs (1976-1996). When I moved there Hialeah was basically where Spanish was primary language. When I moved it wasn’t
    unusual to hear “you’re in Miami now, speak Spanish” when someone from a spanish speaking county was speaking English. I was in a store when the clerk at the check-out counter when to check on a price. The man behind me in line said in Spanish and very loudly, “where is she?”. I answered in English, “She’s gone to check a price and will be back.” He looked at me said in perfect English, “you don’t speak Spanish?” I said “NO” and he then said “and why not?” I looked at him as I felt the red go up the back of my neck, “My forefathers settled this county and I don’t see the need to speak Spanish.” He responded with “OH.”

  • Erik

    Being required to speak Beaner in the U.S., is retarded.
    That was gratuitous.

  • Antonio

    Well, interesting article. I have been in the estados unidos por 12 años now. Yes, i have seen many disrespectful things since i have lived here. I learned English at a young age in Colombia (always something i wanted to learn). Somebody said here in a previous post that most mexicans cannot read and write spanish. Well, i would definitly agree. When i first came here (Texas) that is pretty much the people i met. I did not think that their Spanish was even spoken properly and many times when i would say something back they would respond with a (no entiendo). I learned real quick to not use big words or speak well spoken spanish because it would confuse them. Me, i like English, and i often try and teach somebody to speak it HA. They dony want to learn English. Just ask them why. Well there’s no need to speak it. Application in spanish, directions in spanish, documents in spanish, spanish tv shows, spanish radio shows, menus in spanish. UNBELIEVEABLE In Colombia there is 1 language Español. Yes, there are English speakers there who might cater to tourist or who work as translators. Here in the U.S. you have a BIG problem. Knowing your own language isn’t enough to get a job, you have to know spanish too. That a shame. You know, in others countries you have pay for a translator and pay to have a document printed in your language; but here, give me the application in spanish or your a racist. Whats up with that why did you people let get this way??? This country needs a total and complete overhaul. illegals sent back, spanish documents destroyed. and any kids who come with their parents from other countries who need to learn english; should be paid for by their parents to go to a special school to learn English before entering a public school. And thats just fair, you know, thats the way it is in other countries.

  • Average Joe

    I knew we were all in trouble the day that I heard…..Ebonics is a language…..NOT!…..Maybe we should go ahead and make this one letter form of communication (texting) an offcial language too…Then we could drop all of the rules of english into the dumpster along with punctuation….common sense and the ability to speak with any semblance of intelligence…..what the heck….communication is overrated anyway…..UGH duf bilfen tust loopy loopy schnickle twerd mufa?….yup….that works for me….. I hope eveyone got that….it was very important….spread the word….don’t be the weak link in the dumbing down of the world….get busy now…labsnoot purfy dwibdle dinkus!

  • i41

    WAI, is just another sioux-sioux, a generational rez running libatard. A first class affermative action failure like Anal Colin Powell and the niggardlt Onumnutts.We have some people who can not handle clear descriptions of morons, if they were livestock, a hole in the skull usually cures the problem up for being a retard.

    • jibbs

      i41 says:
      June 30, 2011 at 5:59 pm
      WAI, is just another sioux-sioux, a generational rez running libatard. A first class affermative action failure like Anal Colin Powell and the niggardlt Onumnutts.We have some people who can not handle clear descriptions of morons, if they were livestock, a hole in the skull usually cures the problem up for being a retard.

      After see the crap you post, your just a dork.

  • chuckb

    antonio, most of the mexicans in so. calif along the u.s. line speak border lingo, it’s spanish mixed with indian dialect and depending on the tribes, they have a hard time communicating with each other.

  • Shauna

    PRESS #1 FOR ENGLISH ???????????????

    We do live in the United States don’t we?

    Enough Said . . . . .

    • Gary

      The problem, with this sentiment, is simple: Many were born inside the United States, to whom English is a second language.
      Personally, had I not lost my hearng (at the age of 10, in 1971…I then attended the Georgia School for the Deaf, where it was obvious these people do not understand English as a first language).

      Thus, my thinking is simple: I am opposed to foreigners, coming into this country and demanding we honor their language (I mean, you don’t go to France and expect THEM to know English, do you?) and I am equally opposed to people expecting the native languages of the Deaf, as well as the American Indians to be ignored, when it comes to making a “State Language.”

      • Shauna

        Agreed Gary. You bring up a different and interesting point of view. I really don’t wish to have any particular native language or culture to be overlooked or ignored. I would just like EVERYONE living in the United States to have more respect for the English language and our Country on which it was founded; just like we would have to do in any other country i.e., Germany – German, Saudi Arabia – Arabic, etc.

        I get very angry with all these County, State and Federal government establishments and corporations – when I have to Press #1 For English – when I live here. Hmmm . . . Kind of makes you wonder exactly who is responsible for corrupting these public entities.

        We didn’t ask for any of these people to come here and infiltrate our country; our government; our politics; our economy; or our county, state and federal services to suit their own cultures. Now foreigners have invaded our political system with their own cultural preferences and vote themselves in. It’s getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on.

        If you don’t like English, the United States or the American Way – GO HOME!!!

  • Michael Douglas

    We need a constitutional ammendment to make english the official language of this country.

    • Shauna

      Hear Hear!!

  • J.O.

    It is ironic that the author uses the word “Democratic” for an organization that is any BUT democratic. Properly, they should be called Democrats.

  • coal miner

    Science News:
    Good Communication in Early Years Key to Success at School, UK Study Shows
    ScienceDaily (July 2, 2011) — A team of researchers in the UK has shown that although social background has a noticeable effect on a child’s readiness for school, what parents do with their children, even before they begin to talk, is actually much more important.

    The results showed that children who were taken to the library more often and owned more books at two-years-old achieved higher scores on the school assessment tests when they began primary school.

    Parents who foster a love of reading in a child’s early years are ensuring they get off to a flying start at school, according to new research.

    Researchers discovered that although social background has a noticeable effect on a child’s readiness for school, what parents do with their children, even before they begin to talk, is actually much more important.

    Children who were taken to the library more often and owned more books at two-years-old achieved higher scores on the school assessment tests when they began primary school.

    The research also showed that attending pre-school and having parents who taught them a wide range of activities had a positive effect — whereas extended exposure to television lowered their scores.

    The Role of Language in Children’s Early Educational Outcomes report (published 30 June 2011) looks at how a child’s very early environment — before their second birthday — influences their language and school performance.

    “One message coming through loud and clear is that how a child learns in their very early years is critical for smooth transition into the educational system,” said Professor James Law, Newcastle University, who was one of the researchers in the University of the West of England-led study.

    “Although we recognise that traditional indicators of social risk such as material wealth remain influential later on, what you do with your child and how you communicate with them when they’re under two is far more important than having a flash car or a detached house in the country.

    “This is a very positive message as it gets us away from the belief that a child’s educational future is pre-determined by standard measures of socio-economic disadvantage such as income, housing or the mother’s education.”

    The review, which was funded by the Department for Education, is based on data from the University of Bristol-led Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children — a long-term population study of children born between April 1991 and December 1992 to mothers living in and around the city.

    The research focused on the early questionnaires completed by mothers during the child’s pre-school years, and data collected from the schools on entry.

    It soon became evident that what the mother did with her child in terms of activities and interaction, the resources available to her, and how supported she felt in the first two years had an important effect on her child’s performance at five-years-old.

    Data from the study shows that children with a positive communication environment had a better expressive vocabulary by their second birthday. These children went on to achieve higher scores in language, reading and maths tests when they entered school. In the early years, the communication environment was a better predictor of children’s success with language than their general social background.

    In this study, the child’s communication environment is defined by the number of books available to the child; the frequency of trips to the library; the mother teaching a range of activities to the child; the number of toys available; and attendance at preschool.

    “Social disadvantage is often measured by parental income or education but this doesn’t tell us how parents choose to spend their time or money,” said Professor Law. “Simple activities such as visiting a library more often, playing games together or joining a Surestart group can help improve a child’s communication skills immensely.”

    Most children develop speech and language effortlessly, but some are slow to acquire these skills and go on to struggle with literacy and academic skills throughout their schooling and this project set out to uncover what factors contributed to these problems.

    Professor Sue Roulstone, Underwood Trust Professor of Language and Communication Impairment at the University of the West of England, who led the project, said, “These findings are an encouragement to all parents to provide a positive communication environment for their child from the very start of their lives.

    “The project did identify particular aspects of the communication environment, like having children’s books around and not having the television on too much. But the main message is that, as parents, we can have an impact on how our children learn to talk by providing a range of communication experiences. And the better our children at talking by the age of two years, the better they will do when they start school.”

    Four measures were used in the study, taken from suitable variables in the Avon Study dataset: socio-economic risk; the child’s early communicative environment; the child’s early language development; and the child’s school readiness at four to five years-old.

  • mary

    I live in AZ. and, when they take to the streets to tell us how things will be, they tell us this is Mexico and all Europeans are the illegals. They key our cars and threaten us. Been there. Here, they teach dissent and that Spanish is the language. (We have lawsuits over Ethnic Studies classes). They tolerate the rest of us. Barely. It gets rough. We get Mexican Army trucks on our side of the fence and have to call the Border Patrol to get rid of them. We have entire areas of this state posted by the feds. so we wont get killed by the cartels occupying them. Language is not the only sign of trouble. The invasion started at the last amnesty–1986.

  • Nancy

    Their were multiple amnesties during the Clinton years. Yes, Reagan did it first, but he admitted that it was a mistake. Has Bill Clinton ever admitted he’s made a mistake? Keep holding on, in Arizona- Supreme Court should help settle some of these problems. When I purchase items, I look for made in Arizona. Plan on visiting AZ nest year, and urging friends & family to support you folks.

  • NyNita

    Be thankful some of you are only having to see signs in Spanish. I don’t mind Spanish signs as I can muddle thru a few words since I took French many, many years ago in junior high and high school. If you had to contend with all the damned Korean signs everywhere you look, you’d be more than disgusted. I feel like I live in Little Korea (as a matter of fact, the smaller city I live in – population about 65,000 – there is an area about 5 miles long along one main road that is called “Little Korea.”

    If you think it’s been just recently the English language has gone by the wayside, think again. I worked for the University of Tennessee in 1980 to 1982 in the Financial Aid Office. The financial aid form was written at a 5th grade reading level, and the greater majority of the students and many of the parents couldn’t understand it. It was disgusting. My word, when I was between 10 and 12 years old, back in the 60s, I was reading at a 4th year college level, and I read for content which is something they do not teach in the schools now. At that time in my life, I was reading 1,000 plus page books with words that many older adults today don’t have a clue as to how to pronounce them, much less know the meaning – and I knew the syntax of all of the words I read back then.

    My husband is 1/4 Castillian Spanish, 1/4 Chippewa Indian, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Irish. His ancestors from Spain emmigrated (not immigrated) to Chile, and then to Sacramento, California. Once they hit the soil of the U.S., they never again spoke Spanish. It has been a wild ride all of these years I’ve been married to a man with a Spanish last name (not Mexican) as I always have people speaking to me in Spanish and I have to tell them “No hablo Espanol” (not sure if that’s spelled right or not and I don’t care since I don’t speak Spanish). However, I can understand a few words of several different languages just due to the fact I’ve lived in a few different states and have worked at jobs where I was exposed to many different cultures. I know a few words in Spanish, French (forgot most of the French since it was so many years ago and never used it), Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Latin. I was a child when I learned some Greek because the kids next door had a grandma who was from the Old Country and she was teaching us some Greek (the kids couldn’t learn but I did – I guess languages come easier to me – mostly due to the fact I have a very high IQ and I retain things more than the average Jane. :)


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