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Biden Responds To Cheney’s Terrorism Remarks, Goes On The Offensive

February 18, 2010 by  

Biden responds to Cheney's terrorism remarks, goes on the offensiveVice President Joe Biden struck back at Dick Cheney this week, stating that the former vice president is "factually and substantively wrong" regarding his criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the war against al-Qaida.

Earlier, in an interview with ABC’s This Week, Cheney blasted the president’s approach to national security, including his decision to try 9/11 suspects in civilian rather than military courts.

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Biden said that the former vice president is ignoring the facts and is either "misinformed or misinforming."

"I don’t know where Dick Cheney has been," said Biden. "Look, it’s one thing again to criticize. It’s another thing to sort of rewrite history."

Cheney also lashed out at Biden personally, criticizing the former Delaware senator for publicly stating that the U.S. is unlikely to face another attack similar to 9/11 due to the current administration’s approach to terrorism.

"You don’t want the vice president of the U.S. running around saying, ‘Oh, it’s not likely to happen,’" said Cheney.

The former vice president also strongly defended waterboarding, the controversial interrogation technique used against terrorist suspects during the Bush administration, but officially banned by President Obama.

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  • Norm

    Biden tends to run off at the mouth, but he’s right about Cheney.
    Cheney has been factually and substantively wrong about nearly everything he’s said in the last 9 years. And, what’s worse, he never shut’s up.

    • James

      Norm, let me guess, you’re a Democrat?

      • Tim

        Whether one is a Democrat, Independent, or a Repuke matters little. Dick Cheney has been full of baloney and continues to be full of baloney, pretty much about everything! That is why his approval rating was under 20% when he left office. That is even worse than Bush’s approval rating, or even that of the Congress.

        • AZCHARLIE


          • Joe H.

            BING BING BING BING!!!!!!!

        • jeremy

          i know nothing about just a dumb country boy.but this year im voting for anyone who is for less gov and for fare tax. be a dem rep or lib.i suggest everybody do the same.

    • Warrior

      “Nobody messes with Joe” Probably correct. I’d rather be waterboarded than listen to this flap jaw!

    • George E


      I like Dick Cheney, and believe he’s been a pretty good representative for the conservative cause. He’s not going to shut up until the Democrats stop criticizing the Bush administration for its methods of conducting the war on terror. If you want Cheney to shut up, get the Democrats to shut up……

  • James

    As long as America keeps meddling around in the Middle East, and as long as our national borders remain un-protected, another attack is inevitable. We should remember that the 9/11 so-called terrorists were all here legally. They came here to avenge what we were doing to them over there. It would be naivety to its extreme, to assume that many others like them are not already here, awaiting their orders.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      You I believe are incorrect. They were purely Jihadist nothing else. This had been planned a very long time. They felt that if they take out America (which by the way was the plan) then they would have no trouble in taking out Israel. The reason I say it was all planned for a very long time is 1. The two muslim pilots were trained to fly in Venice, Florida which takes over a year to get their flying license (this was in small planes). While in school, they infiltrated learning more and more and especially about how the airports are managed and what would be the easiest approach. They had to get the money into the USa. If it were not for Bush and his immediate response, you wouldn’t be here blogging on this site in English.

    • George E


      Blaming the US for the 9/11 attack is like blaming the victim after being mugged on the streets of one of our cities. I don’t think it would matter whether we were in the Middle East or not to these Jihadist. They’re on a mission to kill us, and that’s what they’re going to do if we let them. Remember, we ignored and appeased these killers all throughout the 1990’s, but they still came after us all around the world. The only choice we have is to kill or be killed, I think. It doesn’t matter where we are, they are coming after us.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        George – CHENEY is a self serving ugly, poor excuse of a human being. He was a poor excuse of a representative for America and her citizens. His only interests were Halliburton and his port folio and he cared not for whom he caused to be killed or butchered as long as he met his goals. I also think he is a weak eyed pedophile and wife beater. I hope my thoughts are wrong there. No one needs to be treated like they are less than human by anyone.

        • cr747

          Dee D,, Why are you treating him that way if no one deserves it????????????

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Yeah….they don’t like it when they walk directly in front of their own mirrors, do they? Excellent comment!

            Fed Up Gal

  • http://internetexplorer Jerry G. Dunn, MsEd

    Joe Biden has no right to comment on Dick Cheney. He couldn’t hold a candle to Cheney on his best day. The man (Biden) is a buffoon. His facts are wrong, the success the Obama bunch have had with terrorists have been mainly due to Bush Administration techniques and plans. Joe has little or no credibility outside the Kool Aide drinkers circle. Obama is a total failure and so is Joe.

    • James

      Jerry, let me guess, you’re a Republican?

      • Ellen

        Come on, Grow Up! Rep/Demo/Indep non of us are perfect. Biden is a liar and would not know the meaning of the word TRUTH!

        This Demo/Rep/Indep makes the whole political picture look SICK! Who gives a rip

        • George E

          Well said. I know many conservatives on this site who will readily critize the Republicans for their acts, but have yet to see a liberal who will critize the Democrats, or especially Obama. That suggests to me that these conservatives tend to be more objective than these liberals, although I’m pretty sure the liberals will never see it that way.

          • MauraHennessey

            I know many liberals who can and do criticise the administration, which they see as ineffectual and dithering whilst iopportunity slips away.

            As for the Vice President, more often than not he turns out to be correct, and further, he speaks openly. Quite a change from even Former Vice President Cheney, who tended to conduct business from behind the shield of successive claims of executive priviledge and other claism that he was part of the legislative branch to avoid people looking over his shoulders.

            The big question about Mr Cheney si what to do with him now that he has loudly and bodly claimed responsibility for crimes that the United States tried and executed Japanese officials for after WWII

    • Tim

      Oh, is that why Cheney’s approval rating was below 20% near the end of Bush’second term? Bush’s approval rating was 36% for a long time, near the end of his second term. That is pretty pathetic too!

      In constant, Obama now has a 50% approval rating. That hardly makes him a “total failure,” as you stated. Biden has made some gaffes, but so has almost every other politician. Biden at least cares about mainstream Americans and doesn’t try to usurp authority over President Obama, like Cheney did former president Bush.

    • Norm

      Cheney is a draft dodger, war profiteer supremo, and an ass. He would love to dismantle the constitution and bypass the court system with his Hitler like tactics. Even Bush, for whom he had little respect, had to put a lid on him.

      • Dale

        Isn’t that what is going on now in Washington???

        • Ellen

          Approval rating, 50% for Obama? Those who believe that let them dig us out of the hole Obama has put America in! The ones who speak must still have a job, house, one of Obamas cars.

          • cr747

            Biden only wishes he was half as smart as VP CHENEY.. Cheney’s arse would make BIDEN a good FACE..

          • Joe H.

            And be better looking than the one he’s got now!! He’s streched his mouth too much with his foot!!!!

          • cr747

            Joe H,,that is true lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • s c

          Dale, I noticed that one of the ultraliberal progressives said that war profiteering is wrong. If that is true, then we must be fair (right?). If making seriously immoral war profits is wrong, and if fair is fair, then we DARE NOT leave out Queen Nancy Pelosi and her hubby.
          Now, are ultralib kookoids going to be fair, or is this just another example of concrete-brained ultraliberal progressives whizzing and moaning in the name of “honesty” and thin-skinned stupidity?
          I do so love it when those predictably hypocritical ultraliberal progressives just don’t know when to shut up. It’s like science gurus [Gore?] wearing parkas and staying near a heat source because of global warming.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            So funny, yet sadly true!

            Fed Up Gal

      • Charley41

        Gosh..I thought we had a diff. Administration now!

  • john

    CHENEY FOR PRESIDENT.He could wipe his butt with the amateurs in office now.

    • Ellen

      Anyone is better than Biden!

      • susan

        Why do I get the feeling that Biden’s middle name is Duh! Obama only picked him for his VP because it makes him look so intelligent, even though everything he tells the American people is B.S. You know…I think my dog is smarter than Biden……

        • George E

          Someone pick me up off the floor….LOL. BTW, what breed is your dog? ha.

        • JeffH

          susan, if that were the case, would dennisso be considerd a relative of Bidens?

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          Yep; I know my dogs (pugs) are! LoL……your comment: so funny!

          Fed Up Gal

  • Dale

    Biden was attending the Olympic opening ceremonies, a mentally disturbed man with false ID got to within 12 feet of Biden before they apprehended him. I bet the two of them would have probably gotten on quite well. Biden takes “Clueless” to new heights.
    Didn’t he say that himself and the Bamster won the war in Iraq, after they voted against the surge? Imagine this guy one hearbeat away from the Presidency . . . lol

  • jim

    I see Tim and Norm are out here Calling Cheney a warmonger and lier again. Again with no,facts examples or anything of substance. Keep on marching guys and see where Obama and Biden lead you.

    • Norm
      • Joe H.

        THE Huffington Post?!?! REALLY??? The Huffington Post?!?!?!? That5′s about as unbiased as Obambam himself!!!! The Huffington Post?!?!?

    • Norm
      • jim

        Hi Norm, The Huffington Post? Enqiering mindless need to Know. The lie- A source says he thinks Cheney might have lied to the 911 comission. An un-named source. For a guy that trashes Fox News and the people who watch, your sources really leave alot to be desired. Talking about the 9-11 commision do you think the outcome would have been different if they would have had the documents that Sandy Burglar took from the archives?

      • Joe H.

        What the hell is the booman post? Would that be a highschool paper?? that’s what it looks like from its site!!!!


    This man Curly Joe the VP, is a man without a saddle to sit on, he is all hat and no cattle, just as is his uncredentialed boss. His criticism of Cheney for calling the two of them out on the way they handle the security in this country is a American right to the freedom of speech. The difference is Cheney brings ammunition and a gun to back up his mouth but Bozo and the VP are reluctant to even produce one shred of written evidence to make their case, even when they have access to all the records and could easily dispute Cheney if they could produce the verifiable evidence.

    Yesterday the Un-Credentialed and the VP stood before the camera again to proclaim their victory over the present economic crisis by the way they have managed the ammassed fortune in tax payer monies. To many it sounded like the delusional speeches made by the German Reich in the 1930′s, full of blow and blather laced with double speak, it made many think that the medical plan afforded to these people needs to have the psychiatric care portion implemented immeadiately and that a long moratorium be allowed for recovery from this mental illness. How can anything that is put forth as proof by these inept clowns be considered verifiable in any way?

    Cheney is right to make them try and refute his claims, many Americans even if they do not like the ex VP know he is winning the war of words, he can produce evidence, BOzo and the VP will only spit and sputter like a wet fuse and do nothing to prove their case.

  • s c

    Thanks, PLN Desk. After pondering some of the more childish remarks here, I got a good chuckle seeing Biden’s name mentioned with ‘facts and substance.’
    That’s about as ‘accurate’ as Gore and science or Obummer and hope and change. The day Obummer stops using vibrator economics to try and solve a problem created by generations of a treasonous government is the day I’ll have a reason to say Biden and facts and substance in the same sentence. Unless or until then, Biden can join Dodd and they take their undeserved retirement, first-rate health care plans and unearned public service riches and disappear.

  • eddie47d

    This nation could have another terrorist attack no matter how prepared we are or how much security we have. Adding more layers of defense won’t change that no matter who is President. We’ve poured enough money into defending ourselves. Now it’s up to the individual American to keep their eyes and ears open and do our normal living. I thought that during the Bush/Cheney years that Cheney was President? But only if you could find him. Jim,any President or world leader who preemtively attacks another nation is a warmonger.

    • cr747

      Obama, Is probably helping his Muslim Brothers plan one.. That way Obama, and his family would know when and where so HIM AND HIS FAMILY could be sheltered somewhere safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • susan

        I wouldn’t be surprised. Obama changed the rules of engagement for our soldiers over there. We can’t engage them unless they have a weapon in their hand. So now they put down their weapons and walk up to our soldiers and taunt them. Gee thanks Obama for helping the enemy. You are obviously on the wrong side in this war.

  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    cr747- They may be planning one now but they will never top 9/11. The one that killed over 3000 of our citizens here on our own soil. BUT -
    what was bib lauden’s family members doing here in America and being wined and dined by whom and were flown out 9f Washington in the early morning hours hours of 9/12 on government planes. asked many times and never been givin an answer by anyone. WHY NOT AN ANSWER SMART PEOPLE?

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      I’ll correct my errors before you smart ones point them out to mr.
      bib -bin
      9f-of Sorry all finger stuttered.

    • cr747

      My Lips Are Sealed!!!

  • Joe H.

    Dee D,
    Who were the guilty ones?? His family or him?? Do you realize what targets his family would make??? There were people here right after 9/11 that wanted to kill anyone with a Muslim sounding name, let alone B. ladens family. What would you libbies be saying now if his whole family had been murdered? Just like New Orleans, you wanted to hang him for not coming there with troops when there is a law called posse cometis that forbids him from doing it and you would have hung him out to dry if he had and you know it!!! GET REAL!!

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Joe – Why did CHENEY/Bush break their promise and not get bin laudin? Why did they leave Afghanistan before mission was accomplished and take the thugs into Iraq in an illegal war based on lies that have cost so many more deaths and a lot of unnecessary butchering of many innocent people? Things sure smell fishy to me. Whole and truthful stories are not being told but a lot of propaganda is being spewed ny a lot of non thinking people.

      • cr747

        Dee D,, You need to ask Bill Clinton that..We where within arms reach of Bin Laden and Slick Willy said Now,,Now,,Not so fast Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warrior

    Damn, Joe’s got good lookin teeth and nice tan. I may have to get me one of those there jobs like he got.

  • Chris O

    1st susan is right about Biden, not a very inteligent person. 2nd 911 was a false flag!!! It was allowed to happen, then the buildings were imploded.m when tower #7 went down that afternoon it was very obvious, this tower was not even hit by a plane. the Patriot act was already wrote, it became law very fast, another 1000 plus page law voted in without being read!!! the passage of this act took our constitution & made it look like toilet paper. 3rd Cheney was CEO of Halibitron who got no bid contract to help with this war we do not belong in, the same copany has been raping the tax payer with inflated bills for gasoline & other products that are way over charged. 4th 12 of the bombers were from Saudi Arabia, did we attack them!!! No!!! it is all about control of the middle east, The Caspian valley has some of the largest natural gas reserves over there. Why do you think Russia fought them for 9 years??? They wanted to build a pipe line to deliver the gas to them, Bectel corp, Root Brown, Halbitron, they all want to build this pieline & control it. It is called money & power, the root of all evil.The muslims in this part of the world are crazy, they do not want to bring there part of civilization into the 20th century. We should bring our men & women home and let them live in the stone ages

  • cerebus23

    biden talking about rewriting history after taking credit for “winning” iraq is almost side splitting funny.

    oh but to leftists he is right on that point but cheney is wrong in alot of the steps that the current administration has taken has been shown in the past and not so distant past to be complete and utter folley.

    under clintion we tried terrorists in open court and our intelligence methods were put out in public and bin laden and co dropped off the radar because of it. numerous attempts to try terrorists in public courts have turned into pure farces by the defendants, resulting in long and costly trials that are dragged out costing more money than they should and taking way too long period.

    and the fact that obama claims the war on terrorism is over, did bin laden and crew get that memo mr president? how about your administration writing target lists that do not include possible islamic terrorists, but single out right wing and independent organizations that do not jive with your socalist, peta, elf loving ways. how elf cannot be counted in a terrorist watch list with the property damage and human injury they have cause just because they a left terrorist group is shameful period.

  • http://gmail High Plains Pat

    Every time we elect a Dem. every thing go to hell in a hand basket. Peanuts Carter let our military go to hell and we got the hostage sistuation, Weiner Clinton and his administraton thought it was a legal problem, and didn’t take muslims seriously, Bush 1 didn’t want to go after saddamm when Cheney said to wipe the desert and get a grip on the nut jobs, Chichen Powell wanted to back off and we had 9/11 and bush went back to the sand lot. Now we have another lawyer at the helm and wants to be loved by everyone. Don’t think he has ever been in a fistfight and we can just talk our way out of problems and bend over. All the wrong things with wrong people, whether Iran, Venzulland, N. Korea or toher nut jobs. Of course he has lived all his life off of taxpayers.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    2012 can’t come soon enough, I just hope the damage won’t be much worse than it already is.

  • Charley41

    Amen to That…

  • Dewayne

    It is so amazing how people can ignore facts, if a 9-11 event happens again it would be the total bleme of the Obama’s administration. So what administration was the for bleme 9-11, We were one step way from economic disater in 2008 and of course it is the current administrations fault. I am a conservative, but the reality is Rep/Dem/Indep we can not ignore facts. Regardless if you approve or
    disapprove facts or facts.

    • Joe H.

      If a new 9/11 happened and the mastermind behind it was someone that bush had been offered and turned down then I would blame him and not Obambam! If that wasn’t the case then it would, indeed, be the fault of Obambam’s presidency!!! Therefore I blame Clintoon for the attack!!!

  • 333maxwell

    Am I the only one.. oh wait, no I am not.. your average earnest hard working American is really getting tired of the politics of ‘sound byte’ from both sides.
    I talk to people all over the country every day, from all political ideologies, and my feeling is people are sick of the tit for tat mentality.

    Mr Cheney knows good and well preventing an attack on American soil while you are in office is a mixture of good intel, hard work, dedication and luck. Ya, luck..

    Seems to me when the largest attack ever in American history happened on our own soil during Mr Cheneys tenure at the White house, no one of reasonable mind blamed them too harshly for dropping the ball. In fact I jumped in with two feet and was actually quite pleased with the administrations initial responses.

    It seems to me Mr Cheney’s suggesting the Obama administration is dangerous and not guarding the country because he feels an on soil attack is somehow eminent is ‘abstract’ thinking at best, and partisan politics at it’s worse. It is one thing to question, it is another thing to point fingers at an administration over something that hasn’t happened, harder than his own administration received after something DID.

    I believe Mr Cheney is playing dangerous partisan politics and his motivations less than sincere. While I believe he loves his country, I think he hates Mr Obama and is willing to sacrifice any political capital with his dignity left, to try and bring him down, which of course at this juncture would bring us all down.

    Seems to me that with todays headlines that in the last two weeks we have captured incredibly high ranking Taliban officials, made a huge push in the largest ground assault since the initial occupation and as of a few hours ago air dropped special forces BEHIND enemy lines… it seems to me at a time like this, if Mr Cheney wanted to be particularly helpful, he would be on his knees asking God to give our present administration guidance, instead of showing up at any photo op he can grab to try and put a damper on such efforts.

    It is a time of war, and I honestly believe Cheneys remarks EMBOLDEN outfits like the Taliban, they certainly don’t discourage them any.

    Yes, Perhaps mr Cheney, whom I have long admired, should shut (words removed).. certainly he, nor any other administration in previous history, had an ex VP causing such a stink, grabbing at any spotlight our sound byte he can, to score his psychological/political points against the Obama administration. In fact I will say I have been quite shocked at Mr Cheney, after all, guys like me were saying the same thing when he was in office.. I was praying for his wisdom, not applying to the masses for his elimination.

    This is a time of war and great economic woes, and we are all in this together, and to blame any one administration, or a brand new one, is trite, and Mr Cheney certainly knows this, but can’t stop himself regardless.


  • Claire

    They are both pitiful politicians.

  • Rod

    Why wait for 2012? Lets impeach the dude in the Whitehouse. We can take back Congress and the Senate. Neutralize Obama while we kick him
    out of the country and send him back to Kenya, where he was born!
    I know Reid has lost the election now. Obama went to Nevada to stump
    for him. They just don’t get it. The American people are no longer
    buying their lies!

  • Senior Cesar

    Today Vice President Cheney said in the news that Obama is going to be a one term president. But if a one term marks a president as undesirable; then, George Bush Senior was an undesirable president. Yet after Bill Clinton in two terms did right to America, Bush Junior was railroaded by the swines of congress to bump out Al Gore, and the Bush’s legacy has left a horrible wound in the American economy. That is really undesirable leadership. And Cheney himself have been very undesirable since he did nothing but fattened his bank account during his vice presidency. The CIA and The FBI have to keep a watching eye on Cheney because he is dangerous to America. Voters beware.

    • JeffH

      I’ve heard that too many times to count. Isn’t it feeding time for you at the trough? Suey, Suey, Suey!

      • Joe H.

        Yes it’s feeding time, but only if you or I pay for the food, not them!!!!

  • cr747

    Hope all of you have seen the new Rasmussen poll about Obama breaking another record.. Tuesday 23rd, 2010 at 10:41 am the poll stated that Obama had only a 22% approval rating by the American people!!!!!!!!!


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