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Biden Calls Local Store Manager A 'Smartass' After He Asks For Lower Taxes

July 2, 2010 by  

Biden calls local store manager a 'smartass' after he asks for lower taxes Vice President Joe Biden may have done more harm than good while recently campaigning in Wisconsin for Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wis.)

During a campaign stop at a local custard shop in Milwaukee, Biden was caught on tape firing back at the store’s manager after he told the vice president that his dessert would be free of charge if he convinced the administration to lower taxes, according to Fox News.

"Don’t worry, it’s on us," the manager said to Biden after he inquired about the cost of the custard. "Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even."

After initially walking away from the employee following the remark, Biden responded several minutes later.

"Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a ‘smartass’ all the time?" Biden asked the man. "Say something nice."

In an interview with WISN-TV, the manager said that the vice president later whispered to him that he was just joking, although he added that Biden did not seem pleased with his offer.

The vice president did not take questions from reporters, although he did again suggest to a group of supporters that the Bush administration is responsible for the struggling economy, both in Wisconsin and across the country.

"We inherited a godawful mess," he said. There is "no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not misplaced, lost."

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  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    Somebody oughta ducktape Bite-me Bidens mouth shut!__I haven’t heard anything credible, coming out of his mouth, since he took the office of VP, other than we he touted, “Obambi will be tested”. Obambi’s being tested alright, tested by the American people. As far I’m concerned, Obama get’s an “F”!__ BTW, Obama’s riding that “Blaming Bush Pony” for all it’s worth too__Suggestion, Change horse’s guy’s, that horse is dyin, and you have the reigns’!

    • Jim H.

      Angel, Instead of shutting Biden up, we should have microphones on him 24/7. His mouth just really lets people know what this administration really is.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        JimH, Good Point!!

      • Carol Dines

        Perfect, wish we really could do that to all of them

        • http://none lindymaeusa

          Carol, even if we could “put microphones on them,” “WHO” WOULD DO ANYTHING TO PROSECUTE THOSE DEVILS?

          ALL of the “Washington Wolf Pack” have been, are now doing and will CONTINUE to “DO AS THEY PLEASE” and WHY DO THEY DO AS THEY PLEASE with our Laws, our Constitution, our Culture, our FREEDOMS? . . . because THEY KNOW THEY CAN! No one has stopped them yet! . . . have they?!?!

          Get used to this fascist, marxist, socialist, anti-American government because “we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

      • Claire

        JimH–Wouldn’t it be fun to be with Biden for an evening–get him drunk–I bet we would find out everything!! He would talk non-stop. I started to say he reminds me of an old bloodhound, but I retract that statement since I love dogs!

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest enough?

          the very serious issue is the utter contempt that this ‘administration’ has for every American citizen.
          this no longer is about political differences, it seems that this ‘administration’ really dislikes the American people.
          my wife and i love America and it’s people. For the first time in our lives we are worried about what this ‘administration’ will do
          against our parents, children and our grandbabies. Contempt seems
          to be their response to anyone who raises questions about actions and statements THEY make.
          Anytime a government acts above the ‘rule of law’ it ends with civil disorder and economic collapse.
          We Americans must wake-up to this threat…NOW!

          • JC

            You’re right, this isn’t about political differences anymore. There’s nothing left to debate and the fight for American survival has begun.

          • Jana

            I have noticed the same thing. Even on these sites, some liberals have the same bitter contempt for any conservative ideas or ideologies. We are attacked in every way, and they are getting meaner and more obnoxious about it every day. On the same note we have a few liberals on these sites that are good decent people.( Misguided, but still decent.)
            So much for the so called ‘better’ party, because they definitely are not a nice party. It seems like most of them have such a drive of hatred and inolerance to anone who doesen’t agree with them or their agenda.
            On the other hand the Republicans seem to give up and give in to the Democrats on most issues.
            Take the Supreme Court Justices. When the Republicans had the votes, they still bowed down to who the Democrats allowed in as a SCJ. But boy the Dem.’s picks seem to just sail right on through. Even the ones who have extremely liberal and socialistic agendas.
            Its almost like the Republicans have no gumption or willingness to fight for what is right for this country. This is a major concern to me, and we need to pay attention to who we elect.

          • DaveH

            In my lifetime, I don’t recall the Democrat Party being nice at all. I will say that they generally don’t agree with the US being the World’s policemen. That is a good thing.
            But the rest of their platform calls for running roughshod over people’s ownership of their money and property. They want to do away with the voluntary contracts of Free Markets and instill instead their heavy-handed regulations to achieve what they think best; damn the public.
            There is little nice about the Democrats. Nice people don’t force their way on others.

          • libertytrain

            DaveH – as always – well said

          • JC

            DaveH, Jeff, Jana, Claire…everybody!
            You need to check this out.
            The Kenyan says he is going to find a way to cut 100 million from the budget…
            To put that in perspective, click on the link.


          • JC

            And this one regarding “Stimulus” :


          • billy

            JC, I was shaking my head in amasement…

          • JC

            It’s all a shell game billy, run by con artists. If you keep playing you lose everything. So it’s time to stop playing “their” game.

          • JeffH

            JC, kinda tosses a dose of reality at ya doesn’t it.

          • JC

            It sure does.

          • Jana

            Did you hear that our illustrious out of touch congress has passed a no limits budget? Just more out of control spending. they just don’t get it. We have a bunch of brain dead idiots runni8ng our country. They didn’t even vote on it, just pushed it through. Nancy Pelosi needs to go along with everyone else.

          • JC

            Jana, It’s completely in line with the agenda to destroy the US, its economy and its people. They want one world government and we’re the only thing standing in the way. Make no mistake, they intend to push as far as they can and I’d bet my last dollar that they have martial law on the menu. (What are all those FEMA camps for anyway?)

          • http://NONE COLLEEN

            Without a doubt my friend, Obama even made a comment stating in effect , If the American people think these changes are bad , they are really going to be pissed with whats coming … hmmmmmm

    • marvin

      Angel-Wanna-Be ever heard loose lips sank,thats big mouth biden ,let him talk,biden is like odimbo, you know liberals are the only people i know, to walk with one foot in mouth and the other in somebody ass

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        marvin, at’s pretty funny!!

        • independant thinker

          very funny indeed.

      • American Citizen

        What a picture!! LOL

    • Jane

      Biden is an arrogant fool just like the rest of the Obama Chicago gangland mobsters. He’s got all the class of a pig in a sty and it shows. It’s embarassing to have this fool representing America in any manner.

      • Proud Conservative

        @ Jane…you are 100% right! Obummer is an embarrassment to anyone who considers themselves a patriotic American!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Let him be!!!! He’s the best democrat liberal on our side!!! Every time he opens his mouth he shows what an incompetant boob Odummer is since he CHOSE him to be his Vice!!!!

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        JoeH, point taken!! :)

  • John Pernell

    What do you expect from a lier who said he went to a college and didn’t.He need to keep the other person lower than he is. biden is nothing more than a common thug. It seems the people that are running this country are people that couldn’t make it in the real world if they had to work a real job,sweat,and get dirty! He wants to be the cat’s meow, but comes off as the cat ass! It is amasing he forgets where he came from. Again just another street thug.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Actually, he did go to college and graduated. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree from Univ. of Deleware and his Juris Doctor from Syracuse Univ. College of Law.

      • Harold Olsen

        Yes, and he plagiarized his term paper.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Yes, I said he graduated, I did not say he excelled.

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          Harold Olsen__GO figure!

      • Jane

        Wonderful. But there’s a saying in Yiddish, just because he sat in a classroom and warmed the seat doesn’t mean that he learned anything. Sorry, but regardless of how long a fool stays in a classroom it doesn’t make him either wise or a scholar, it only makes him a fool with a piece of the skin of a dead animal (sheepskin) with some scribbling on it that he can hang on the wall. Abraham Lincoln didn’t go to college but believe me, he was more of a scholar than Biden ever was, is or shall be. What he has is, (again in Yiddish) setzfleish (a padded backside), not wisdom and certainly not class.

  • http://Msnhotmail David J Berard

    Joe Biden has a lot of nerve calling a real businessman a wise ASS Joe wouldn’t make a pimple on a real Vice Presidents ASS

    • Harold Olsen

      I thought he WAS a pimple on someone’s ass.

      • JCfromDC

        Yeah, on Obama’s. But he can’t just squeeze it off, so he tries to hide it as much as possible

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          jcfromdc, then he has to wear a hat!!!!

        • momof4

          So true!!!! hahahahahaha

    • DaveH

      So now we’re “smart asses” for wanting to keep some of our own money. The Silver Lining in this cloud is that the current administration is revealing like never before what these politicians really think about the citizens.
      Here’s another one revealing the contempt these politicians have for the citizens:

  • Ricardo Palmero

    If BiteMe Biden said somethig like that in Texas, he would likely have a manager come over the counter and administer what normally happens down here, A Country AssWhoopin. Because of that legacy of independent but respectful thought, Asses like Biden and othere in D.C. don’t function very well in the Lone Star State. Thank you God.

    • Kinetic1

      Look guys, it was a bad choice, but we are not getting the full picture. For one, this article fails to mention that the store manager said he had a good time bantering with Biden. If you look at the video, Biden fails to respond to the original comment, which the manager says did not seem to please him. It’s several minutes before the “wise ass” remark, and there is a lot of noise in the room. The two men are facing each other, but we can’t hear what, if anything the manager is saying. What we do “hear” has to be reinforced by captioning, and the news only tells us what they want us to hear. For all we know, Biden is responding to another comment as well. If we knew what was being said, his remark may have come off as more of a humorous response. If the store manager says they were having fun, save for the tax reference, why do you question his honesty?

      No doubt about it, Biden’s mouth gets him into a lot of trouble. I don’t know what sort of family dynamic he grew up in, but it must not have been too genteel. Still, given what we have heard coming from the mouths of other politicians when they were not aware that they were being recorded, we know he is not alone.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Thank you for the clear headed clarification.

      • American Citizen

        You must not have heard the store manager’s interview on Hannity. He said Biden did not seem to be joking.

        • Kinetic1

          Honestly, no I didn’t. Though I will listen to a lot of Fox TV, I have a hard time listening to Hannity for vary long (a subject for another time.) I was speaking about the managers response to questions that day.

          I have no doubt that V.P. Biden was not pleased with the comment. It has been hard to convince the American people, even though the statistics are there to see, that they have already cut taxes for the middle and lower income earners. If I had put through tax relief during one of the worst economic periods in history, I too would be frustrated by people who failed to notice.

          So I will admit, as I did before that he did not look pleased by the comment, but I’m still curious why he waited to call him a smart-ass until several minutes later? Did the manager have anything to say about that on Hannity?

          • DaveH

            Hannity does come off as very partisan, but he makes no pretense about his ideology.
            My favorites on Fox are John Stossel on Fox Business Network and Judge Napolitano (Freedom Watch) on Fox Business Network.

          • DaveH

            I just read the rest of your comment. Tax Relief? Who are you kidding? The huge increase in spending has to be paid by somebody and if it is the rich they will just increase the prices of their goods and services to the public or they will go out of business which will cause a shortage of those goods and services (thus higher prices).
            There is no free lunch. The sickening thing is that as the economy declines further, the politicians will suggest more poison (regulations and spending) for the cure, and a large part of the ignorant population will support those errant policies.
            Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

          • American Citizen

            Biden probably is not a fast thinker and couldn’t think of a reply immediately. I think he was angry he was shown up, so came up with that stupid remark a couple of minutes later.

    • JC

      Biden would much rather us “peons” just do whatever we’re told and like it…because Hey! Only the government knows what’s good for us and we should all behave the way we’re supposed to as we’re led one more day towards slavery.
      Be Nice and do as you’re told.

      OR Stand up and let up and let these parasites know
      that they only exist at our good graces, period.

    • Bud in San Antone

      So true brother. Your like minded friend

  • woodbutcher

    Biden may be laying blame on bush for this mess but we all know that when it comes down to it that the obama / biden crime family are working for the same people that the bush /cheney crime family worked for .Until America realizes that NIETHER the rethuglicans or the dimwitocrats are both working for the same master’s and that we need to remove ALL dems and ALL rep’s we are going to have just more of the same . we need new political partys that are willing to promise and follow through with term limits and that will shut down the federal reserve and take back control of our currency and to shut down at least 15 of the 16 known intel agencies that protect the banks and oil company intrests over the well being of the american people

    • Mike

      woodbutcher, I share your frustrations about our gov’t. However, I am of the opinion that we simply need to vote everyone out of office in both parties and simply put new blood in. I don’t think we can get a third party elected, it would just split the vote. The more viable answer is no matter what your party is, vote in new people. This will send a clear message. And if that fails, do it again. I guarantee you this will straighten things up the fastest. I can not believe anyone with half a brain can be happy with the way our country is being run. The blaim runs deep but ultimately we are to blame if we do not ‘change’ things by voting them all out.

      • JC

        Mike, woodbutcher makes a valid point. Until we shut down the Fed, it doesn’t matter who we vote in, they’ll end up bought off in no time.
        And if cash doesn’t work on them, threats will.
        End the Fed and we might have a new place to start.

        • JeffH

          JC, end the Fed would be a great start, unfortunately Ron Paul’s “Audit the Feds” bill was defeated by the Dems in a somewhat close vote…the Democrats don’t want accountability in government.

          As for Biden, what else can one expect. The manager at the Ice Cream store did say he didn’t think Biden was kidding with his “smart ass” remark and that Biden was trying to schmooze him with an apologetic “just having fun”. Biden is just a classic oaf.

        • JC

          Jeff I read about the bill being defeated. You want to bet that the good ol boys over at the Fed spent a small fortune buying politicians and coaching them on just how to keep the good ol boys over at the Fed out of the limelite.
          Funny thing about cockroaches hey? They scurry when you put them under light.
          It’s a blow to the freedom movement at any rate, and I guess it’s one avenue of civil protest that’s been shut down which is leaving us fewer options isn’t it?
          Still, there is always the final option….

      • George McM

        I agree that we need to vote the politicians out but we need to be selective. There are a few that are constitutionalists and they should be left untouched. In my State (SC) I have my Congressman, Joe Wilson, and I want him untouched. My 2 Senators fall into 2 categories. Jim DeMint is a keeper. In fact that is where I am spending my money, backing his choices all around the country. Graham, on the other hand, is a RINO and needs to go. When he comes up for re-election, it is our job to replace him with our candidate. We the people have been the cause of the mess in DC and we the people must be the cure.

        • rwnut

          George McM…You are right. There are some Republican Congressmen who are fighting for the Constitution and America. Joe Wilson is a Hero for calling “THE LIAR”,a liar! He is the only one we heard the truth from that day.Vote out the RINO’s. Keep the Constitutionalists.

      • Jim Wright

        I agree with that 100%. ALL the incumbents need to go and get some just plain common sense citizens in there.

        • http://NONE COLLEEN

          Then why do 97% of encumbents get back in??

      • DaveH

        I have been hearing that “don’t split the vote” mantra since Jimmy Carter trashed our economy. It’s bogus. We will never, I repeat, never get our Freedom back by voting for the lesser of two evils. Both major parties are complicit in growing Government and you’re hoping and dreaming if you think that will change by putting in new Republicans or Democrats. Both parties abhor Freedom. The Democrats don’t respect your ownership of your money and other property, and the Republicans don’t respect your ownership of your body. Both parties want Big Government.
        The only way to get back to the country that our founders established is to vote Libertarian – The party of principle.
        Libertarian’s think theft is wrong, whether done by individuals or by people in Government.
        Libertarian’s think killing is wrong (except in self-defense) whether done by individuals or by people in Government.
        We don’t make exceptions for our morality.
        And we don’t pretend to know what is best for other people. We don’t try to impose our individual lifestyles on others (that includes religion).
        If you want Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government, there is only one choice:

        • JC

          Them’s the facts DaveH.

    • alpha-lemming

      Hmmmm…. I don’t disagree that both administrations may have, for lack of a better word, had puppet masters. However, in the B/C case they would have been capitalists… worst case scenerio of the robber-baron variety, whereas O/B are communists. The two systems are antithetical to each other. Rather than a third party (unless Libertarian) the best thing for the country would be a really healthy dose of anarchy. And I mean that in the classic OED definition.

  • JC

    2011 W-2 Tax Forms and Obamacare

    If this doesn’t get to you, then check your pulse. You may be a flatline…

    Should you want to verify this, go to, enter “HR 3590″
    in the search box and look for “CRS Summaries.” This is what you’ll find.

    Title IX Revenue Provisions—Subtitle A: Revenue Offset
    “(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee
    the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage
    that is excludable from the employee’s gross income (excluding the value of
    contributions to flexible spending arrangements).”

    Starting in 2011—next year—the W-2 tax form sent by your employer will be
    increased to show the value of whatever health insurance you are provided.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re retired. Your gross income WILL go up by the amount
    of insurance your employer paid for. So you’ll be required to pay taxes on a larger
    sum of money that you actually received. Take the tax form you just finished for
    2009 and see what $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 additional gross income does to
    your tax debt. That’s what you’ll pay next year. For many it puts you into a
    much higher bracket. This is how the government is going to buy insurance for
    fifteen (15) percent that don’t have insurance and it’s only part of the tax increases,
    but it’s not really a “tax increase” as such, it a redefinition of your taxable income.…provisions-sec

    Also, go to Kiplinger’s and read about the thirteen (13) tax changes for 2010 that
    could affect you.

    • Anthony

      THIS IS SOMETHING THAT ALL NEIGHBORS NEED TO HEAR ABOUT. Spread the word folks … print it out if you have to… but, spread the word.

  • Richard L. Parker

    Biden is known by conservatives as the “dumbewt man in the Senate”. He works for a simpleton, a Chicogo PUNK, aka “the annointed one”.
    Many Americans would love to see the boypresident resign. But who wants BiteMe Biden to be turned loose on the Nation. Lord, we are in trouble, and look at who is number three in line, Miss Bimbo CA. Wake up Folks!

    • Palin12

      ….and fourth in line is the Hildebeast! God help us!

    • Tango Uniform

      What would be funny if it weren’t such a horror: All those fools and lemmings that voted for this pariah because he is half-black only got more white people to enslave them. Ignorance breeds ignorance and like another item I read today, the horror is not this incompetent amateur sitting in the Oval Office, but the societal situation in this nation that would bring people out to vote for such a disgusting amateur to simply ink the paper of the enslavers. Stupidity is permanent and hating Bush the progressive resulted in getting the same damn congressional monsters lead by that moonbat scumlosi. May God have mercy on our souls.

  • http://LibertyNews Jim

    Sorry, I agree with the Vice President. He should had took the money and then nicely ask the Vice President about cutting taxes for small business. You all still sound like Hater of this administration. Please let it Go!! This country will move forward regards of all the Hate. There is more good people in this country then bad hatefully people.

    • Jim H.

      Jim, If telling the TRUTH about this administration makes us haters, it doesn’t say much for this administration.

      • TIME

        If you have an infection that will kill you how would you handle it, A, Would you let it go?
        B, Talk to your dog about it?
        C, Ask someone who knows nothing – how to fix it?
        D, Get a real pro to help you?
        E, Call them a smart ass, due to the fact they
        grasp how money works?

        This administration is full of Marxist, and the last time I looked this was still the United States of America, land of the FREE, not the land of Slaves to a Marxist Godless Government that these SOBs are working so hard to bring us.

        By the way, do you recall Barry Soetoro, saying that people making under $250,000.00 would not pay one dime more in TAXS?

        Well guess what when you add in the HCR bill, plus the fact that they are now pushing a VAT, and all cost have gone up to inclued State taxs guess what?
        Your going be paying far more than a dime – I figure alone with what they have done just to this point your taxs will be 25% higher overall for 2010, that spreads out over “all Taxable items” and IRS tax’s state Taxs etc.

        Thank God we sold out home and left due to the $38,000.00 per year Property taxs from last year they have just jumped up to $59.900.00 for 2010. I am Glad we left, even though we loved living there.


      Jim your first step is to go forth and get educated, then write replies.

      • Jim

        Sorry George, you need to get educated and get over it. The USA will move forward with this administration. The Vice President Biden is a good man.

        • http://naver samurai

          Sorry Jim, but this country will only continue to move forward when we get these fools out of office and elect new leaders. 2010 elections are just around the corner and you have only a few choices in this matter:
          First, choose a candidate that supports the ways of the current administration. This means shredding our Constitution a little more every day and forcing policies on the people, when the people do not want it (Osamacare, cap and trade, etc.).
          Second, you can vote for someone who wishes to take our country back down the path set forth by our founding fathers. This would mean lowering taxes, smaller government size and control, abollishing the self destructive welfare state, etc.
          Third, you can just sit at home and do nothing. If you look at the percentage of people who turn out to vote in national elections, there is never 90% or more voter turn out.
          Which one will you choose to do this coming November? Hmmm…?

          • JC

            Hopefully, we’ll be taking out the trash.

          • http://naver samurai

            My thoughts exactly, JC. Keep up the good fight! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • JC

            For God and Country

    • Mike

      Jim, Our leadersshould not have to resort to name calling of a bussiness man that was using the situation to make a point. It only goes to show his inability to handle a situation with dignity and honor. Just imagine, they were only discussing desert. How is this showing his ability to handle real confrontational situations. He failed this test.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Miffy

        If one looks at a picture of Biden and a picture of the Dems mascot, the only way to tell which is which is that the mascot doesn’t speak. God help us all if Comrade BO and that clown Biden aren’t tossed out of office SOON!

    • JC

      Hate is too strong a word Jim. I “Despise” the Kenyan and everything he is doing to tear down these United States. He has NO loyalty to Americans. He has NO loyalty to our Constitution. He has NO understanding of our values. He has NO integrity, he’s a bought and paid for pawn. He has NO eligibility to even hold office.
      He is a cancer on America and he has to go.

    • http://none John Detwiler

      Jim, I’m at a loss on what to say to you. One thing is clear you are obviously one of those people that Neal Boortz calls (THOSE STUPID PEOPLE WHO PUT OBAMA IN OFFICE.

    • marvin

      Jim-so we hater you say should take a chill pill smoke a joint and say we love ya man never mind are country has been put in the crapper by his hignass odumbo and liberal nutless wonders i feel so much better now don,t you,all hail the king odumbo

  • BruceOne

    If it’s possible, Biden is worse than Barack Obama. The worst administration since Jimmy Carter.

  • sean murrey

    what do you expect from a villege idiot.

  • DougH

    Apparently our Vice-President doesn’t understand there are people out there who disagree with him and his boss. In my neighborhood, those who revert to name calling realize they are losing, and they can’t do anything about it.

  • J.M.R.


    • marvin

      J.M.R i have been called dumb [offensive word removed] smart [offensive word removed] and horse,s [offensive word removed] and most times i just considered the source and smiled other times i showed them what a [offensive word removed] i really was

      • Palin12

        :-) Don’t worry marvin, I get the gist of what you were saying, and I agree.

  • Warren White

    I have been hearing how the current economic situation is all the previous administration’s fault and I looked in to it. What I found was the highest market numbers in the history of the DOW were achieved the in October 2007. Hmm I wonder was there anything going on to edge it over? Let me see there was bad mortgages by Fanny May and Freddie Mack and the threat of a completely unfriendly political oppressor looming in the future; you know, spread the wealth around, the kind that finds profits in the pockets of illegal immigrants. Of course with all the promise of change in the air there would not have been anything for the corporate world to worry with. If you agree with that statement you are part of the problem for you can not see the forest for the trees.

  • Momo

    Biden is a real piece of work. The businessman was asking for a tax break because of the following FACTS: 40% of the people in this country pay no income tax, 27% of the people get more from the federal government than pay into it, that leaves 33% to foot the bill. Guess what, we’re tired of paying through the nose for these liberal experiments that don’t work. Remember, unemployment wasn’t supposed to go above 8%…mmmmm. We’ve had bailouts of the banks, Wall Street, the auto industry…what’s next? As for blaming Bush, that’s getting old quick, this administration, and I use the term loosely, has been in office for 18 months its THEIR problem now.
    Obama has no experience in running anything, except his mouth, and Biden is a career politician, what more can we expect from these people? NOT MUCH!

    • blamesomeoneelse

      There is a solution:
      one of the most powerful and influential politicians in America, Nancy Pelosi, making the absurd claim that jobless benefit payments provides a major stimulus to the economy… and that they create jobs faster than any initiative you can name.
      now get unemployed and help this country. If Bama/Biden blame themselves for the poor economy then it means their plans didnt work, hmmmm.
      Lets blame Bush and the repulicans in office when Clinton was prsident the Bush senior, then…
      Lets face it the USA bubble has burst, now what? a dictator

      • JC

        Historically speaking, yes dictatorship comes next.
        Arm yourselves to the teeth.

        • Claire

          JC–Arm ourselves to the teeth? Does this mean I have to get a grille? If I had to get a grille I guess I could bite and shoot at the same time. Just teasing!!

          • JC

            LOL Hey Claire, I’m not sure where the expression came from but it seemed appropriate.
            I guess I could have said…keep a sufficient supply of firearms and supporting supplies on hand in the event we need to fight a prolonged domestic or civil war to vanquish seditious elements hiding among us as fellow Americans, but who’s true goals are to bring us into a global fold of sub servience and to erase the American character forever.

            Naw…I like the first one better ;)

          • Claire

            JC– I could have diamonds inserted in the grille! Then I would really be flashy. All kidding aside, my husband is totally prepared.

          • JC

            I’m really glad to hear that Claire.

      • independant thinker

        Too bad we cannot call Pelosi out in public about the statement. If she were correct unemployment would be dropping rapidly not staying stagnent or going up.

  • Robert

    Biden is just following his “leader”. Heaven help us if something happens to Obama. His comment about inheriting a 3 trillion dollar deficit doesn’t hold any accountability. How does the present administration explain the additional 10 trillion they have added trying to spend us into prosperity.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    I think the owner of this custard shop should write off the “gift” of the custard to the VP on his income tax return. Public officals cannot accept gifts, from anyone! Then, the custard shop owner should report the VP to the IRS for Biden not showing the gift on his (the VP’s) income tax return!

    • Ed Kennedy

      That is an OUTSTANDING idea!! Wish I had thought of it. I don’t know how to contact the store owner but we ought to all write him and encourage him to do it.

      • JCfromDC

        As Spock from Star Trek would have said, “Fascinating, but improbable.”

    • JeffH

      Not one to defend the Potus or the VPotus, Biden did offer to pay for the Custard cones and the manager asked him to pay back by lowering taxes…then get’s called a “smart ass” for an honest question…Biden looks down on all of us just like most of our “representatives” do. 2-1/2 years to a new regime and just about 5 months to regaine control of Congress.
      Keep the pressure on and never let up.

      • Palin12

        JeffH, don’t forget Biden’s remark that it is your patiotic duty to pay (higher) taxes.

        • JeffH

          Palin12, gee…it seems I’ve seen that written in these blogs by the liberals that like to accuse others of not “paying their fair share”, all the while not applying that mantra to the less fortunate, druggies or the plain lazy who are looking for the “free” handouts.

  • Jon Weiss

    Bidens opinion of the store owner notwithstanding, Biden is and always has been a joke. And a bad joke at that.

    • JCfromDC

      How can any of us complain when is it WE who keep sending these “people” back into their tax-paid-for offices every 2-4-6 years? We get the bad government we deserve. When Franklin was asked at the end of the Constitutional Covention, “What have you given us?” He repiled with a sigh, “… a Republic, if you can keep it.” Key word in that reply was “IF”. What IF we can’t, or are too apathetic to bother to question ourselves, “WHY?” Because when we have to ask “WHY?” it will be too late, ad we will have lost it.

  • Joyce

    I have had the unfortunate chance to visit Marion, OH, home of the filthiest mouth children I have ever seen in my life. Ten and twelve year old children walking around using the “F” word and other filthy words. When the VP of our country has such a filthy mouth, what do we expect from the children of this nation? Is this our future? Idiots with no respect for themselves or anyone else? Biden is such a disgraceful VP, but was appropriately selected by a disgraceful Obama. For the first time in my almost sixty years, I am ashamed of my country because the people voted for such as this.

  • Harold Olsen

    It’s very clear that Biden has nothing between his ears but a vacuum. Every time he opens his mouth and says something he shows how utterly stupid he is. People used to make fun of Dan Quayle, whom I agree was an idiot. However, compared to Biden, Quayle was a genius. What the heck–compared to Biden, the chair I’m sitting in is a genius.

    • JCfromDC

      I, for one, DO NOT agree Quayle was an idiot. A “deer in the headlights”, maybe, unprepared for the office, certainly. I used to see him on the Armed Services Committee hearings on C-Span years ago. “Who IS this guy?”, I thought. He was articulate, on his game, and argued vociferouly well for the systems and weapons our military needed. I forgot who he was til GHWB dragged him onto the ’88 ticket {mainly because he was young). Put him in the spotlight and he admittedly… choked. But in the committee rooms, he was a tiger. Good Senator, giddy VP.

      • American Citizen

        Dan Quayle is, as you say, a very intelligent person. He was made fun of because of his misspelling of the word “potato”. He put an “e” on the end probably because of the way it sounds. It’s common of people who spell phonetically. Highly intelligent people can have a problem with spelling of ordinary words. We all learn differently. Some are auditory learners, some hands on and some by sight. Talk to any teacher, he or she can tell you this is true. I worked as a tutor in our school system and learned I had to develop and IEP for each student with whom I worked.

        • libertytrain

          it’s also a difficult word because the plural is potatoes.

  • Tim Maiers

    I hope and pray that all Americans, will see the picture of what is to come for the future generations. History does repeat itself. Placing blame on Bush’s era and now the Obama reign, only keeps the blame going. People wake up. If we truly believe in the principles of our fore fathers intention, we be able to see the whole picture.
    Many great empires fell and if we don’t make changes this great nation will be a thing of a past. We are doomed if we the American people start demanding change in the process of elections, how they are funded. Nearly are the problems can be attributed to money greed and power hungry. I truly believe the current administration is advocating socialism and our spending/debt will cause our demise. One has to ask; how did we get there? We are each individually responsible for our well being and when a society demands so much of government to provide our exsistance; then maybe we can understand. It took only five years under Germany’s reign for Austria’s citizens to be under control of socialism before the death camps came to exist.Our rights in speech, right to bear arms, ownership, etc are being etched away. Wake up People.

    • JCfromDC

      I keep hammering this, but no one listens. I tell them to go online or to a library, and look up the Fall of the Weimar Republic. READ ABOUT IT!!! I already knew this stuff as a student of WWII and its leadup.
      The parrallels are frightening:
      Nationalization of Industry, Banking, Medicine; establishment of a “civilian army” as powerful as the military (Brownshirts, Youth Corps); shouting down and shutting down opposition radio (Fairness Doctrine) and newspapers (The Washington Times); An eloquent and crowd pleasing “orator” elected by an apathetic people looking for “change”; All this branded by a striking Icon/logo in a circle, posted everywhere, representing a Party and a Personality; Promises of all kinds for the “good citizens” (those who fall in line) and punishment for the rest capitalism/industrialists). And they were ELECTED!!!!
      And they call the conservatives Nazis?

      • independant thinker

        Excellent. Obama and Hitler have the same ability to mesmerize an audience ang get their support without the audience knowing what was actualy said.

        • Carol Dines

          This is what my 90 year old mother said before the elections. Of course there was no choice left by the time it got to us in Oklahoma. I read his book and realized that Obama was someone I would never vote for, that left McCain.

          I sincerely hope we can find some people to vote into office who share the view most Americans have now that we are in big trouble and need to straighten things out, returning to the Constitution for guidance and eliminating any policies which negatively affect us.

          I would like to see the “FairTax” proposal voted into law, the elimination of the IRS is step one, if you haven’t read it yet, listen to the 1:30 pm broad cast (presumably EST) on Fox Business News on the 4th, not sure the time in all zones, but I will be watching. It is the best thing Congress has had a chance to do in years, so they probably won’t.

        • JC

          The Kenyan was the first one in the US to hold open air chants…like…Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can….
          Zeig Heil, Zeig Heil….

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Doc Sarvis: Yes, Biden probably got his BA at the University of Deleware which as far as I know doesn’t exist. It may have been Delaware. In any event, I find it hard to believe he graduated from anything without a lot of help or someone taking the tests for him because he is dumb as a rock. The Administration needs to put a muzzle on him because he is an embarrassment just like he was in Congress as the talking head saying nothing of substance.

    I feel the same way with President Obama. They compared former President Clinton with him and I agree that Clinton is far more intelligent, has more common sense and certainly more experience in Government and International matters. I took the internet test asking “Are you smarter than Obama” and had a higher grade than he did. My entire family is more intelligent than I am with IQ’s between 136 and 148 and I didn’t even make Menza. So, you have to wonder how he actually got through with his education since that information is not available to the public. He is a smooth talker but they are a dime a dozen.

  • L.J.

    Just to show you how low politicians have sunk, just look at the way BOTH Biden and Osama bin Obama carry themselves publicly. Their behavior is intolerable and they can’t even take the blame for their own failed policies–they choose to blame Bush! Truth is, the MAJORITY of Americans are damned sick and tired of them blaming someone else for their petty arrogance and mistakes, It’s sort of like the old school playground where a kid starts a fight and is guilty, but points the finger of blame at the one he fought with and says, “HE started it!”
    Biden is such a damned fool that he cannot keep his mouth shut—ever. He thinks that being the V.P., he can do whatever the hell suits him. I’d like to have a couple of hours alone with that rat bas$*&% alone in a dark room and give him a beating he won’t forget.
    The REAL smart-ass here is Joe Biden as he is known for his dumb-assed remarks and the shop owner is a patriot for standing up to these over-hyped a-holes who come their way spreading propaganda!

  • http://none John Detwiler

    Democrats are still blaming the last Admiss.for the mess that we are in trying to get us to forget that the Obama anmiss. has spent more than all the presidents before him. How is hell do they expect us to get out of the hole they are digging, when all they do is spend and force rediculous spending programs on us. If we don’t get those clowns out of ofice this fall, we will never recover. If not look forward to a Chevez type government.

  • s c

    I won’t tip my hat to him, but I DO want to say ‘thanks’ to Mouthflappin’ Joe. Now, there can be NO doubt as to his ZERO character. Is there ANY doubt
    that progressives attract a wide assortment of NON-TALENT?
    In case some folks are hesitant to express their outrage (and laughter) in Joe’s direction, I’ll say it for you. Biden is an arrogant, not at all bright, motormouth, geekoid twit who doesn’t know when to shut his HUGE mouth.
    Almost every time he opens his mouth, he jams both feet into that mouth. The guy he insulted knows PERSONALLY that we’re temporarily stuck with two world-class LOSERS. What Herr Obummer doesn’t dream up, Biden does. Between the two of them, they will destroy their own ‘reputations.’
    They will prove to the world that progressives can’t be trusted to come up with ANY real leaders, AND we know there MORE eruptions coming. Think of Joe as a two-legged OIL SPILL. And no, Herr Obummer can’t make him shut up, either!
    KEEP IT UP JOE! Show us what you can do! I can’t wait for the next GUSHER. Let ‘er rip, MOTORMOUTH!

  • Charlie

    We all have asses and there are two kinds of them smart or dumb and I like the store manager am a smartass and Joey Biden as you guess is the other, a V. P. DUMBASS!

    • s c

      Charlie, the guy who was insulted by Motormouth Joe should have reminded him (and the media whores) that what kids used to say on grade school playgrounds many years ago still rings true. That is, ‘it’s better to be a smartass than a DUMB ASS.’
      Of course, in Joe’s case, someone would have to explain that to him. He reminds me of Gore in so many ways. I wonder how much that “education” cost him. It must have been ‘on sale’ when he got it.
      Now I’m wondering who had more to say about Joe’s outburst (Herr Obummer, or the puppet master who controls both of them).

  • refuse2lose

    I have a new nickname for our prez and vice prez…..


  • Annie Ladysmith

    What can anyone expect from a crook like Biden. He has lived his entire life as a parasite sucking his pay from the blood of Americans. It’s a trait with a racial significance, go figure it out.
    They know of no other way to live, they certainly can’t work for a living. How very bizarre that they are all physically addicted to deinking human blood for their Kaballah/elite rituals.

  • Bob Wire

    I expect much of what we seen happen, real people making real conversation with unfiltered jabs and barbs. Why make something else out of it?

    And the “Joe Bite me” ~ I just don’t get, it’s void any humor or inspiration. Combat humor, best left for combat personal usage and the setting it happened in. ~ Combat humor was rarely funny, but more a way of just coping with the absurd. ~ Unless you are seeing people with arms, legs and head blow off and attempting to reconcile it. “Bite me” is not “yours” to enjoy, appreciate or use. ~ Your are only acting like a patriot, repeating what you hear. Something this “crowd” seems to enjoy, having few thoughts of their very own to claim, depending on “outside sources” to both chew and digest their food.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Bob Wire, well, if ya don’t like the comments here, there are other blogs???

    • marvin

      Bob Wire all you got to do is close the door behind you if we are all clones and can not think for are self why would a smart person like your self stay here i don,t think my dumbass self and friends will miss you

    • JeffH

      BW, don’t let the door hit you in your “smart ass” on the way out…in other words, “bite-me”…BW!

      • Bob Wire

        no , think I’m stay, ` you need someone to disagree with you. ~ This isn’t a “love-in” but political discourse. If you are wanting a “love-in”, it’s you that is in the wrong place.

        What are you going to do when you get out into the “real” world and people don’t agree with your rhetorical comments? act ugly, pick up your toys and leave? Don’t you want to win with brains or just hope they are small enough you can intimidate them and make them go away?

        I’m offering you the chance to develop your banter here! So you might be stronger for it. Maybe even leave the safety of “here” and make meaningful change in the real world!

        What novel idea!

        You only need to get passed me. ~ is that so hard?

        Show me what you’ve got beside a hand full of empty fingers and a head full of bad ideas and mean spirit.

        I don’t agree with you and I’m not worried about what you think of me or looking for someone that does agrees with me.

        I’m right and your just being small,ugly and plain wrong.

        Let us start from there. try biting me, I’m hard to chew and impossible to swallow.

        We said a lot of thing in the military that wasn’t for mass consumption.

        If you going to be a patriot, just remember, I’ve heard it before and it’s come back at you twice as fast.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Well put. There are far too many personal attacks and far too little intelligent discourse on this site.

          • http://naver samurai

            Bad words, baaaaa! Don’t attack the libs, “Osama”, etc., baaaaa! Why don’t you sheeple just go back to your “messiah”, pack your things, and go back to Kenya or Indonesia with him. I’ll even open the door to let you out. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • JC

          Blah blah blah….commie this commie that…
          I’ll stick with the Patriots.

          • Doc Sarvis

            more name calling and more lack of substance.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            jC___AwwwWWW, SHUCKS, Let’s letem’ stay, we just have to play nice!!!!

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            DS, For God’s sakes lighten the hell up!!__Again, if ya don’t like it, take your dollies and go home!!!

          • Doc Sarvis

            I am here because I love the United States of America and I want my country to be the best it can be. That requires serious discussion of important issues. Some folks seem to think this is a place to call others names as opposed to being patriotic. That is not me.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            Doc Sarvis__I would suppose, you think the rest of us Patriots feel differently than you, just because we don’t talk seriously 24/7.__ My friend, even God himself took a day off, and that’s the Sabbath Day.___This is the beginning of the 4th of July Holiday, no matter how bad Washington is, or how much we want it changed, it’s not gonna happen yesterday!___ I intend to enjoy the birthday of our Great Nation___if an off beat sense of humor bothers you, you need to take a look, at how bad things can really get in ones life, maybe you’ll lighten up__Tomorrow is another day!

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            BTW Doc, People don’t stop doing things, just because they don’t suit you, Washington is a prime example!!!

          • Doc Sarvis


            It’s a four day holiday now? No wonder we are in trouble.

          • JC

            Doc, I’m bored to tears of debating liberal policies with you socialist types. You’re morally, statistically and etically wrong 99 times out of 100. But like a rash you keep coming back. I’m basically just waiting for you morons to collapse the country with your well intended ignorance so we can begin to rebuild, hopefully with a lesson (once again) well learned that at the first sign of someone advocating socialism, they should be committed to an asylum…on an island…far far away…

          • Doc Sarvis

            There is a HUGE difference between social programs (which our country has always had) and Socialism (which we have never come close to. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • JeffH

            Hey Doc, you can “bite me” too…as for BW, the only challange you present is getting through your banter and diatribe without losing my lunch or falling asleep from boredom…like I said before and I’ll say again…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…one mans poss is another man’s gain…

          • JC

            We’ve never come close to socialism? OH MY GOD!
            Doc that is exactly why there is no point trying to speak with you idiots….you’re just palin absolutely and completely too stupid to talk to.
            “Never come close to socialism”…how ignorant of facts can you possibly be?

          • Doc Sarvis

            I can tell you really thought hard on your response to me.

            If you must know, I’m hardly at all ignorant of the facts.

          • JeffH

            Doc, so glad you noticed…sure didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out…and that’s the bottom line!

          • http://naver samurai

            Well, doc? As soon as you libs leave the site we can start right away.

          • Bob Wire

            yea! jeff does that a lot, ~ He’s got the inside skinny on all matters and we are just stumbling around in the dark! Which would be fine and I’d enjoy if it were true! A voice for the “burning bush” is always welcome.

            and Sam, ~ as long as there is a need for us here, we will stay. As it’s been discussed earlier, this is not the Love Boat and any leg humping not appreciated. We don’t agree with you and we are telling you why we don’t agree. So get use to it. ~ Someday , you be in the company of friends and politics will come up. We want you to speak with a command of the issues and not embarrass yourself in front of friends. Is the medicine so hard to take that you must run and us chase you down to administer?

            We have a vested interest in the process and don’t mind being seen as a turd in your party punch bowl. Can I be any clearer as to why we are here or why we will stay?

          • JC

            Thanks Doc, But I don’t need to know anything about you. You’re a head in the sand communist and I have no use for those.

          • JeffH

            BW, therein lies the problem, you’re right in your mind and that’s all that matters, especially if it make you feel superior…and as you like to brag so much, I guess the rest of us are just uninformed and unintelligent…Stick around if it gives you a better feeling about yourself, as you’re the only one you need to satisfy.

          • http://naver samurai

            BW, bring it on! Roll the dice and take your chances!

          • JeffH

            samurai, BW is a man that loves to speak nonsense. Remember the Joker in Batman? Riddle me this, riddle me that!

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          BW, Me Thinks, one of your wires is loose!!!

          • Bob Wire

            angel, thanks for you concern about my wires, ~ but it sounds as if your are attempting to get personal, I thought this was a political discussion? ~ Am I aboard the Love Boat or something?

            The Tea party movement is a sad joke on many levels. But basically it’s failures and poor focus is due to it active members and their inability “to focus” and find it more fun and easy to just get nasty and attack from no point of reference other then their mutually unhappy lives.

            They are unhappy and wish to share their unhappiness with the rest of the world. jeff is an unhappy man, can’t keep his food down and most willing to tell us about it. ~ Was it big chucks or small chucks jeff?

            You have the right to “pursue happiness” and I have the right enjoy watching you try.

            I’m looking for the “good” that might come of all this “movement” it must be sad, to find your party has abandoned you and stuck you with the party tab. ~ well hell, we tried to tell you but to you, we were as stupid there as you think we are now! So what wrong with this picture?

            Have you ever considered you might be wrong? Nawww!

            Your happiness or lack of it, is all about you and has little to do with others.

            Politically things are as they have always been, your just on the bad side of the argument, if you can remember what it even was about.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            __Well Bob Wire, Stir the pot and agitate___Only one problem Bud, it ain’t working! :)

          • Bob Wire

            You mean it’s not working for you Angel, As you , your group and capital hill GOP/RNC “work” to see that it don’t work! ~and then claims it’s not working! ~ That’s pretty funny ~ I love your reasoning ~ every considered stand up comedy?

            maybe if there was some effort in being part of the solution instead of the problem it’d work even better and much much faster! We having to drag you around on our backs really slow the process, Don’t ya know? ~ The health care bill could have moved along much faster, it was impart ideas offered by previous GOP leaders. Banking reform, much the same thing, and we gave up attempts to curtail “Too big to Fail” the GOP stood in the way, it would have taken too long, and the out come uncertain. We failed to reach the “Sacred Cow” to many GOP member’s in the way.

            Now it “Immigration” are they to deal with the realities of the issue or stick their head in the sand and butt in the air? Hoping it’ll just go away? ~ They like cheap labor! they like not recognizing there’s a problem. They like having things both ways! While you want to pretend it’s 1880 and the problem simple, just send their butts home!

            wanna be ~ what? wanna live the American dream? ~like evrryone else?

            I thought you had “big doings” and was leaving us.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            BW_Ya know what Bud, living the American dream, isn’t handouts or entitlements, when your perfectly able to go out and find a job, making burgers if need be!!!__IT’s about hard work and rolling with the punches!__Our dream is not about, accepting abortion, as if one is merely having a tooth pulled. It’s not about taxing the rich so much, the companies & jobs move out of the country, this is not the early 1900′s(besides if you are envious of the rich man, your free to build your own empire)__Our Dream, It’s not about taxing, regulating and trying to unionize every damn industry in the country, to the point, that the bones of empty companies lie deterioration, rather than bristling with creativity, work, and filled with employees. Employees, who have families & homes to keep, and lives to live. The American dream isn’t about, exposing our borders and keeping them exposed in a timely(political) manner, to allow illegal aliens to infiltrate, when there’s isn’t enough work for America’s own people.___ I’ve NEVER EVER heard of, and American Administration who, sues a State, in efforts to stop the use, of the very same bill they themselves created!!!! Arizona made Obama look bad that all!___Our dream, It’s not about ignoring, the closing of our borders to underhandedly allow, the use of insurgent illegal immigrants, who will eventually vote, and help win an election!__Nor is our dream about__dragging our feet in disastrous oil spill, in an already down turned economy,(TURNING AWAY HELP FROM ALL CORNERS),and leaving coastal livelihoods, in oil soaked ruin, so the Administration can to push there energy reform and eventually eliminate fossil fuels___Our dream, It’s not about telling us what we can eat, where we can smoke, and control us, with politically correct conversation, to keep us from truly from speaking our minds!!!__nor is it our dream, the FCC to control our right to free speech, especially since the Democrats may lose BIG TIME come November!!___BOOB WIRE___WE KNOW your agendas and why,___ Save your breath, no need to answer, your on one side I’m on the other, I don’t agree with your reasoning__ nothing you or your ilk, can say will change my mind, to do that you need those confused folks that are on the fence, I don’t know of any here!!___Your playing to an empty arena,____SAAVY???

          • JeffH

            Angel-Wanna-Be, very well said and I agree with you…a blowhard is a blowhard no matter how they put it. BW would rather listen to himself “stir the pot”. Reminds me of a used “anything” salesmen…what could be said in one or two sentances has to become a verbose oration.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said and I agree with you 100%. If you were running for a position in Washington, D.C., I’d vote for you in a heartbeat! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Barb Wire,
            Well I will admit you DID get the part about seeing you as a turd in a punch bowl right.

        • rwnut

          Bob Wire…Here comes the orator!with his flood of words,and his drop of reason. (just a word of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin)

          • Bob Wire

            well, I’ve got you three cut out of the herd. Now stay pull while I go get the medicine.

            It’s very easy for anyone to offer up whats “not”

            I’m not for pigs to ever fly.

            Hold on, I’ll be back. `

          • Bob Wire

            >>living the American dream, isn’t handouts or entitlements, when your perfectly able to go out and find a job, making burgers if need be!!!__IT’s about hard work and rolling with the punches!_<<

            It's only a guess, ~ But I feel that many that are complaining today are in fact living on such entitlements you speak of, maybe even you, wanna be! But fear they may be changed or diluted with any "reform" ~ This fear, prompts this resistance to "any change" ~~ can't say I blame them.

            We got people working their butts off today and still can't afford the basics. People working two and three jobs. Women mostly! ~

            However, there's is cases and sound reason for your complaints and I'll be with you on it every time.

            But, we need a larger view, ~ we had too many people and too few opportunity's today. ~ Automation, out sourcing and a run away NAFTA has created a void in our center! ~ These people hurt! Until this imbalance is dealt with, we've got serious economical disparity.

            I work for a huge cross section of American for over 40 years, ~ sometimes I work for Senior's. ~ Some at quick to say, Hey! I'm on a "fitted income" help me out here! To which I say, " I'm on No Income, unless I chase it down" ~ so be prepared to pay for what you bought! ~ Maybe you are like me, if you can't afford it, maybe you shouldn't buy it? ~ I've learned you can't make a living working for people with no money. ~ It's been a hard lesson to learn. ( I also learned, they got the money, they just don't want to let go of it. They've got more money the god! just tightasses,try to chisel a working man out of a dollar.

            So your story cuts both way wanna be.

          • billy

            Who’d have thought that I’d start 2008 as a simple stay at home mom, and end it this way? That a simple newspaper article would turn into radio and tv appearances around the country? What a wonderful, crazy, wild and beautiful year its been! God has richly blessed us this year. He’s made so much clear to us about His plan for our lives. Beyond the success of this blog, our son who has Asperger’s has made great strides–strides we’ve waited years to see–and so its been a GREAT year!

            Before I begin recapping some of my favorite coupon deals of the year, I wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for all of your help, your support and your faith in me! Hearing your stories really spurs me on. I love hearing about your successes! I pray that for each and every one of you that 2009 will be a miraculous year. I bless each one of you in the name of Jesus, and pray God’s blessings and bountiful harvest upon your life!

            Okay, on to the deals:
            •$2.25 off Electrasol? (Just wait, a $2.50 is rumored to be coming this weekend!)
            •Free Cottonelle!!

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            Boob Wire< if ya don't like where your at, how's 'bout YOU, do something about it?_ college, can't afford it?_ changes jobs, so you can afford college??!!!___Ever hear of STARR PARKER??___she was the impitome of a low life, drugs, welfare, the whole nine yards, and she'll tell you that!___she's now running for I believe congress!___Think You got the balls to do that??____Don't hand me your idealogic stuff BOOB, I was suppose to have been an abortion, and lived and damn neared again after that!__, my mother was sick all of my life, and all but 11 years of hers, took care of her til she died in 96____Ever stand and watch your home burn, and can do nothing???__ in 90 my family and I lost pratically everything in that fire_ we crawled out and lived to tell about!___at 38 I was told I was going blind.___Now ya wanna talk about survival and guts????___I ain't nothing special friend and you ain't either___ nothing in life is fair, get over it, and Get a life!___ talk some down to earth sense!
            AND BTW__FYI,The only thing I'm running for is my Grandkids, at 1 and 6 they have more sense than LIBERALs like you!!

          • JeffH

            a-w-b, once again you’ve excelled, despite your pain and suffering, to continue the fight for the American dream. BW lives in a different dreamworld, totally his by choice, and really isn’t worth the paper he writes upon. It’s way to easy to fool a fool.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            JeffH, My God, I’ve never seen a guy like BW, type so much, and say so little!!!___Happy 4th to you and yours!

  • jopa

    Well at least there are’nt any smart asses calling people names on this page.Or oh wait a minute I better reread this.

    • Bob Wire

      yea jopa, your right! but i41 hasn’t showed up yet. ~ For now , just sit back and enjoy the passive aggression, .

      Joe Biden to me, is more of the Ed McMann in the Obama lineup. Colorful but not overwhelming, metered, constant, with a spark of capriciousness that keeps you alert for a zinger.

      Obama thought he had the stuff to help him get elected should be clear to everyone. The fact that he did, equally clear ~ or does anyone want to come forward and argue the matter. I’m open for debate here! No?? hmm? oh well. I Guess this dead horse ain’t going to get up!

      • billy

        Say it ain’t so Joe Biden is at it again. If you need any more clues that Washington is full of elitist egotistical politicians this little confrontation with Joe Biden in an Shop with it’s owner tells all you need to know..

        Seems like Joe asked what he owed and when the owner responded by saying “Lowering my taxes” .. Say it ain’t so Joe responded with “don’t be a Smarta$$”.

        Here was an American Entrepreneur making payrolls and paying taxes.. and Joe Biden completely shows his lack of class.. Joe has never held a job except on the public dime and he has no clue what it takes to run a business in America.

        This whole Government has so lost it’s touch with the public that it no longer serves the people.. They believe we are there for them. It’s no wonder no one has any faith in our Government that is unless you have your hand out

        5. “Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.” –Joe Biden

        4. “A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States — Barack America!” –Joe Biden, at his first campaign rally with Barack Obama

        3. “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.” -Joe Biden, apparently unaware that FDR wasn’t president when the stock market crashed in 1929 and that only experimental TV sets were in use at that time

        2. “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.” –Joe Biden, speaking at a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire

        1. “Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.” –Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair, Columbia, Missouri, Sept. 12, 2008

        • Bob Wire

          Maybe JB (like me) knowing Federal Taxes the lowest of anytime in history thought the question completely absurd? If the gentleman wants lower taxes, he needs to contact city and county officials.

          Remember?, Reagan got the Fed off the peoples backs, so city, country and state could jump in with both feet!

          • billy

            According to WHO statistics, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide rates all over the world have increased by 5- 62% in the last two decades. Hardly any country is immune to this disease. Whats disturbing is that more young people are killing themselves than ever before.

  • Carolyn



      Right-On Carolyn That Is Short And Sweet And Oh So True, But Take That Times Tiny Tim Geithner, Eric No-Hold Holder Plus 36 Czars Which We Will Call “Loose Horses” And Nancy Pelosi And Harry “Balls” Reid Causing A Stampede Of Zombies, Yikees No Way Dumbass’S Obama Zombies.

    • Bob Wire

      what story? did i miss a story? what talk, what did he say out his a$$. ~ I’ve only heard one word come out anyone’s a$$. Short word with lasting lingering thoughts and consideration. Like , see ya later! when the room clears.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Why can’t Biden talk out of his azz??? I just read a post by a turd in a punchbowl!!!! Namely MR BW!!!!

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          JOeH____SHOT SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TOM


    • Bob Wire

      yea ! It’s a good thing our DARE “just say no” members are there slowing the process of creating jobs and opportunities for Americans ~ without them we really would be in a mess. ~ We might get well and peace break out.

      • rwnut

        Bob Wire…The Dictator is in control. He has control of both Houses. The “just say no” members don’t have the vote to stop anything. So,where are the jobs and opportunities,Bob?

      • billy

        The bill has three essential failings. First, it lacks any strategic vision. This $825 billion bill has to be passed within weeks. There’s no time for fundamental rethinking or new approaches. Instead, there’s a sloppy profusion of 152 different appropriations — off-the-shelf ideas that mostly create costlier versions of the status quo.

        The committee staff took the kernel of President Obama’s vision — infrastructure programs to create jobs — and surrounded it with an undisciplined sprawl of health, education, entitlement and other spending. There’s money for nurse training, Medicare, Head Start, boatyard support, home weatherization and so on. Eleven of the programs in the bill account for the vast majority of the actual job creation. The rest may be worthy or not, but they have little to do with stimulus. The total package is so diffuse, it costs $223,000 to create a single job.

        • Bob Wire

          >>. The rest may be worthy or not, but they have little to do with stimulus. The total package is so diffuse, it costs $223,000 to create a single job.<<

          can I quote you on that?

          Could you clarify the definition of "single job" ~ I'd think it'd take one or two people just to carry that much money around.

          • billy

            I am actually qualified to write on this subject simply because I believe I am one of them. Over the years I have made it my business to be inquisitive and consequently I have acquired considerable knowledge on just about everything. I am not overbearing, and I do not give advice when it is not requested, but I am opinionated. I actually think that is why I love this website so much…I get to express myself and I am not worried about what other people think about what I have to say.

  • Marilyn

    BS. the debt started way before Bush and this administration is adding to it each day in amounts that will far pass any other administration. Take the money spent on Illegal Immigraton and apply it to recovery. Illegals have cost the American taxpayer MORE than the war in Iraq!!! Look it up!

    • Bob Wire

      My info months old but 4 trillion?

      You really think illegals have cost us that?

      4 trillion is a lot of money Marilyn

  • marvin

    you know people when you walk around with one foot in mouth and one in someone ass must be hard to walk but these clowns obama and biden have told some of the best fiction stores, but what that you say the anointed one can leave oil on water and change your money in to his,make 20 million illegals in to legals,what a great nimrod he is oh praise the great and want to be king of the world odumbo


    Joe Bitme has the brains of a chicken and is on a long leash in the hand of the unions. Had the owner of the shop retorted and called the VP a Dumbass he would have been absolutely correct and that would have made the shop owner a real smartass, who wants tax relief.

    • Bob Wire

      and what wrong with collective bargaining by labor Sir? It’s been a major force in building this nation. And if insurance companies and oil companies are allowed to lobby then what’s you objection to labor?

      Explain that please?

      And if it’s bad for JB to be sympathetic with labor, explain that as well?

      • billy

        The unionization of teachers and support staff unleashed a new dynamic in the public school system. No longer was it possible for locally elected officials, working individually with parents and teachers, to operate public schools freely and simply as they saw fit. By its very nature, and by the dictates of the state legislature, unionization instead required a formal process by which agreements concerning the running of the school would be reached. This process is known as collective bargaining, through which school boards and unions attempt to reach a consensus on the terms and conditions of employment.

        • Bob Wire

          >>No longer was it possible for locally elected officials, working individually with parents and teachers, to operate public schools freely and simply as they saw fit.<<

          So elected officials influence on school systmes has been deluded is more or less what you are saying. I see that as a good thing, perhaps you don't.

          • Fuzzy Navel

            Keep playing until you run out of questions, or until the littlest kids start to squirm. No matter how long you play, be prepared to say nothing.

          • Bob Wire

            there is no limit to the questions. So i’m safe! ` And if you think elected local officials should override educators and their legal presentational, I just have to disagree with you. ~ Ms Angle a perfect example as she pick and choices what she wishes to call “act of God”. Can’t she make a decision founded it her faith, without feeling the need or compelled to openly deferring to it?

            As adults we grow beyond the need to offer, “My Bible tells Me so” for all to hear. ~ We’ve been warned of people that pray too loudly, wishing all to hear that we are truly Christian. We know Christians by their deeds and not their words ~ and this is so.

            Ms Angle is a nice lady, i don’t question that, but not a leader of men, the job in which she lobby’s for.

          • billy

            Legislators are elected to make ongoing tax and spending decisions in the light of day. That’s why we elect them. They should not be hiding behind a constitutional provision that makes decisions for them and that is unpredictable and unreasonably rigid.
            Public policy helps shape the physical form of a community, but it’s the people who give the community its soul.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            By your opinion. Opinions are like azzholes everyone has one!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            some, like yours, just stink worse than others!!!

          • JeffH

            …just another floater in a sea of floaters…

          • Bob Wire

            With the exception of Rand Paul, so far to date, this grass roots movement has offered us little but ” Not yet ready for prime time players” Brown included.

            Find us another Rand Paul out there! surly there one or two!

            When Angle flops! Remember You heard it here first! While you was sniffing my backside and showing little regard for my opinion.


    Now Lets See If Pres Obama Is Not A US Citizen Without A Real Social Security Card And Born In Yenya, Yikees, That Makes VP Joe Biden Pres Of The USA And Nancy Pelosi VP, Oh My God!! Yikeess Correction Election Coming Soon In Your Town.

    • Bob Wire

      Doubting Thomas, keep a going and connect your dots ~ but who placed them dots there?


    Now Lets See If Pres Obama Is Not A US Citizen Without A Real Social Security Card And Born In Yenya, Yikees, That Makes VP Joe Biden Pres Of The USA And Nancy Pelosi VP, Oh My God!! Yikeess

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Actually, no because the whole election would be deemed illegal and all would be thrown out till there is a special election!!!

  • David

    Our opportunities to avoid the complete failure of this nation and it’s founding principals will come this November and again in 2012. However if we have mediocre candidates we will see mediocre results. We ran weak candidates against Barry and Bite me and for that the nation has paid a terrific price. If no real leaders comes forward, by that I mean a strong conservative constitutionalists we are done.

    Was it Jefferson or Hamilton who thought a revolution every 20 years would maintain the republic?

  • Tony

    So did this lameduck jackass of a vice president pay for the custard or not? If not, I would have had the idiot arrested. When oh when is some one gonna give these scumbags what they deserve?

  • Carol T.

    This is my belief. The recent problem with greed in this country was bred from the philandering antics of then President Bill Clinton. Where were those 460 White House employees when Bill’s private member was receiving some personal attention from Monica in my oval office. Yes, I said my oval office. That oval office belongs to each citizen of these United States. When the president showed this nation he could do whatever he wanted to in property of the citizens of this country he was telling every CEO they could screw their employees and their stockholders and try to get away with it too. These recent bailouts prove some CEOs figured if Bill could put the screws to the country so could they. And darned if the past and present administrations didn’t use our money to clean up a huge mess created by a few individuals greed. We have car manufacturers union members being paid not to work. We have ranchers paid not to raise angora sheep. We have farmers paid not to till a field. When is this country going to get back to producing something instead of manufacturing blame. Since when does the President of the United State spend his entire term in office campaigning for the next Presidential Election? Since when did our political parties go to war with each other? They draw the attention away from the evidence that our house and senate care more about their own wages and health plans, which respectively go up and are premium, than what is going on in this country. They should be subject to the same laws they pass.

  • Carol T.

    More to the point of the ice cream. I believe Biden does not know how to be funny. He was trying and failed. He should stick to written speeches.

  • Raggs

    Well I wonder what Rome would have done?

    That’s right I remember, Tax the poor to feed the rich.

    Ok so then (offensive word removed) biden and cut his nuts off so he cannot “spread his marzism”..

    • Bob Wire

      John, exactly how are they the enemy and you are the good guy?

      I know something about them, quite a bit actually and nothing about you as you proclaim an open declaration of war on them.

      What have they done to be enemies of the USA? ~ You seemed to have left that part out.

      And far as a “General Election” yepper,it every 4 years rain or shine.

      And every time someone wins and someone loses. But the unique thing about America is, we don’t get mad, we don’t riot in the streets, we have accepted this system of government for over 200 years, through good times and bad, through lean and abundance.

      Now if you are expecting any help with this “war” , I’d expect some clear talk from “somebody”! and until you or someone provides it, you are considered only malcontents and talking foolishly.

      There’s 347 million people in America today with a new one created every 14 seconds. It’s true not all 347 million vote, say less then half do. 120 million. ~ I suspect your numbers to be from 7 to 14, pushing for 20. Do you see the wide spread in these numbers? I certainly hope you understand the significance of the disparity and the folly you consider.

      The math suggest you’ve got your work cut out for you. Now if by some off chance you wish to follow Ms Angles lead and whip out a 2nd Amendment solution if you fail at the polls, you need to put some money back for the wife and children for that type of conduct will void any life insurance policy coverage you might have in case of your demise and another 4 to 7 grand if you wish to be interned in some dignified manner and not at the expense of the state. You’ve got a few months.

      best of luck

      • billy

        We’ll reserve judgment on how it happened that Bob Dougherty came to be glued to a toilet seat, and also on whether it happened once, or twice.

        But we do have to say that someone who apparently hopes to collect $3 million by suing over a prank doesn’t exactly enhance his credibility with a “lie detector” test – because such test results are suspect in almost any context.

        • libertytrain

          hmmmmmm she said with a sly smile.

  • Another Voice

    Joe Biden rocks!

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Another Voice , yeah he rocks alright, rocks the boat, and it’s sinking!

    • JC

      Rocks? Ohhhh…the ones between his ears!
      Yeah he sure does. :)

      • Bob Wire

        I don’t know a lot about Joe really. I know that his wife died days or weeks after he entered public life. Leaving him a single father and long train ride to work and back every day. To suggest that was difficult would be an understatement. I know people do it , everyday ~ But I haven’t, have any of you? I don’t suppose he rides the train anymore and misses his train buddies. Among other things , he’s been called Joe 6 pack as his life history not from the social elite.

        The Military is traditionally rooted to right wing politics. That’s always been accepted and understood. It’s also been understood, when we want a military opinion, we ask for it. ~ That said, this Rolling Stone article did some good. It got the little train that couldn’t out of the line up. ~ As far as policy, there never been or is there now any good policy ~ except to get out, as soon as possible! we should have started withdrawal in 92. But It took us 5 years to get out of Nam. I was there and helped the First Div pack, or should I say “procurement” is what we called it, we had need of their “stuff” and no order to leave. It was all green and anything green was ours! or blue or gray ~ to tell you the honest truth, we wasn’t too picky about color. Abscond, Commandeer, procure, whatever. `

        The problems we had when Obama took office and stared making plans for withdrawal was ” what are they going to come home too?” We as a nation must prepare from these men and women to have something for them to come home too! Jobs! Opportunities! The very reason many joined up to begin with! There being no jobs! on opportunity’s! ~ Obama was against the war from the offset, but he or I didn’t get our way in the matter. ~ Since taking office he’s tripled troop strength in the region in a attempt to get it “done”, bring it to a close.

        We’ve got work to do, as the GOP plays their “obstructionist” game, attempting to run out the clock and hoping for future political gains. They don’t give a “hang” about the American people or our men and women in uniform. if they did, they’d behave differently, they only “talk” a game. But their only game is protect special interest ties, that all that matters to them.

        Time is a luxury we don’t have today! But the GOP/RNC thinks otherwise as they play a “defeatist” game. maybe you do as well?

        • billy

          Wall Street earnings analysis has been proven to be inaccurate. Few would argue this. Analysts, instead of being proactive when establishing earnings estimates, have become reactive. Rather then form their own opinion on a company’s earnings prospects, they have chosen an easier path and now take direction from the public companies issuing guidance (whether truthful or misleading). Rather then forming their own research on the strength or weakness of a company they have to come rely on corporate reports or a corporate executives direction to form an ‘estimate’. More importantly, the relationship they have with that company often provides the basis for a favorable opinion or an unfavorable opinion regardless of a company’s fundamentals. It’s not surprising that over 90% of the analyst coverage out there is positive, while less than 10% is negative. This statistic holds today and held throughout a three-year bear market (2000-2003) when stocks fell. And the analysts and brokerage firms that don’t have relations with a company are usually trying to form one (or woo a client), so that analysis is almost always bullish or positive (again, regardless of the companies fundamental standing). This conflict of interest is only one of several reasons why analyst research and earnings estimates have lost credibility. It’s the reason why the legendary and retired investor John Templeton has declared, “Wall Street is broken”. Unfortunately there are no signs that it is changing.

          • Bob Wire

            It appears to be a shell game to me ~ the location of the pea no mystery to some, while other’s willing to stand in line to play. Educated guessing time and position! Like swimming with sharks, maybe they will eat your friend first and you can get away! ~ But someone going to loose! You know that from the beginning!

            I think Wall Street is a den of snakes.

          • billy

            The managed mutual funds are a scam. Specifically, they are a variant of a particularly clever scam. So what happens is that someone creates a family of mutual funds, with different managers, styles, and sectors. After a few years, some will have done very well, and some will have done poorly. Funds that do well tend to attract lots of investment, because people irrationally believe that past results do predict future performance. So these funds will swell, and the others will be quietly closed.

            Many industry participants may not even realize its a scam – after all, its perfectly natural to tout your winners and toss your losers.

          • Bob Wire

            too many people are attempting to use money to make money ~ without going though the process of buying, warehousing, stocking and serving. ~

            playing a gamblers bet! the few middle men involved ~ are of the same cloth and caliber. Little get produced that I can count or see.

            If there be a place to tear down, start from scratch and recreate ~ Wall Street would be my personal choice.

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    OK, I’m gonna beat feet outta here, ya’ll have Great 4th of July! remember what it is, that makes America Great__

    Our inalienable Rights, from the Lord our God, The Constitution, and her people._ Those who believe, in themselves and their families, who take risks, and roll with the punches. The Military who are called to arms, to defend our ONE NATION UNDER GOD, AND THOSE OF US WHO WILL LIVE FREE OR DIE!___HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

  • Carol T.

    You have to admit he does have a great smile. That in itself sways alot of votes!

    • Claire

      Carol T—I will agree, Biden does have a “nice guy” smile. He looks so friendly and like a “good egg.” What a waste.

      • JC

        Hmm…my first impression was a used car salesman.

        • Claire

          Jc–True, also an insurance salesman. Can’t trust either one.

          • American Citizen

            There are ethical insurance salesmen. Ours just got us on another supplemental with the same benefits but a lower premium.

          • Claire

            American Citizen–Good for you. Sometimes good does come through. I was thinking about car insurance, and what I hear from people I know.

  • Richard

    I’m from DE originally. Biden always was a buffoon and he still is.

  • Larry

    As for Joe the Shmoe Biden, what do you expect to hear out of the mouth of a BRAINLESS IDIOT!!!!!

  • Anthony

    Bottom Line here is this — Biden isn’t acting any differently than quite a few of the Politicians who work in DC and not just back in their elective States. Start jotting down how many times you’ve heard or read about one of these schmoes exhibiting such attitudes… Seriously!

    And, the reason for this brazen behavior is…. something’s about to happen, and everyone of these people all think they are protected from being hurt by it.

    The bad part about such nonsense – is that once their usefulness is over – they are EXPENDABLE.

    On Lyndon LaRouche’s PAC site – you can view video discussion of how it is considered a common belief that Obama is now expednable … he got the Health Care Act passed … and Cap & Tax can wait for the ‘next saviour’…. and MI-6 wants to (let’s say) visit.

    All I know, is things are coming to a head and we’re also getting closer and closer to the election. Is your neck itchin’… mine is!

  • John Pickett

    Well I like all that put their two cents worth on this one and am proud to be Americans with you all. I know one thing when someone comes along and punches Americans the wrong way WE wake up and the war is on. Maobama and Bitemebiden forget in their so called infinite wisdom that WE are their BOSSES. I pray that this will be the biggest wake up call ever! Congress and their little minions in D.C. evidently have forgotten also that fact! With out firing a shot we will destroy this enemy. Our oath is to defend these Great States from any enemy both foreign and DOMESTIC! Do it now before November, tell all you know. Write, Call, Use the internet, anyway you can get out this info. To arms People. May God bless us all and may God bless the U.S.A.

  • Marcus

    Hi, what do you guys think about this?? The NWO wants us alone and undefended. We need to stop being overwhelmed and start building from the ground up. Remember that a strong family comes first. Build up your food, energy, and defensive resources. Next strong community, get out and share your strengths with your neighbors, build each other up. The NWO doesn’t have enough people to defeat us if we stand together, and the military and police won’t want to take on a strong community. Then build community relations between each other. Then start working on the states taking control of themselves again. Then start working on the federal government. The states should start their own banks to take control back from the FED and start sponsoring small farmers and businesses again. The states need to break up the National Guard Bureau and regain control of their military. Hold onto federal tax receipts, and pay the FED only for legitimate costs. There’s a lot that we can do, but it starts with the family.

    Thanks for listening, Marcus

  • American Citizen

    Biden showed in this encounter that he’s slow on the uptake just like his boss.

  • Bob Wire

    Right Marcus, it start with families and family values and offering strong examples. ~ Another thing that would be good for America and Americans and that would be to disperse, thin out the huge cities and develop an updated version of a rural setting. We are living on top of each other today and this brings on a host of issues and not all of them good.

    The Pier pressure that school children endure is for the most part destructive. I would think there are ways of toning it down some.

    I was watching Fox a few nights ago on a personal “dare to compare” probe. I found both subtle and major differences in them and the other network stations. From content, to advertising, to eye candy.

    Fox is very big on eye candy, pretty people and vibrant graphic and colors. ~ Msnbc more hen mud duck in comparison.

    The issues, Fox, skims the top and moves on, while MSNBC wallows on a issue like a dog in a cow pie. You know what’s in that Cow Pie by the time the show is over.

    Fox will cover the on-going ex governor of Illinois and Al Gore’s legal problems, MSNBC skips the issue completely. ( I think Rupert and Fox watcher are looking for some wrong-doing on Obama and his charge) I don’t think they are going to find it ~ but glad they are looking, just in case!

    Advertisers, Fox; AARP, Perdential, Insurance, Cadillac, ~ MSNBC, GiCo , any SUV’s and Cialius “for when the time is right”

    I was somewhat amazed and initially struck by something FOX did highlight. ~ Something that beginning to take place around the country. And basically that is “share cropping”. ( they didn’t dare call it that however) People having land and can’t work it for lack of knowledge or man power and people have both the knowledge and desire but having no land, are coming together and creating a desirable setting of commerce and life style.

    Having came from share cropper stock, I though “Oh No! that not good. ~ but really it is good! My people lived through the depression and didn’t go hungry like their counterpart city dwellers. It was a humble existence ~ but it was “clean” living. ~ Egg money was the only money in the house! except for odd jobs, like pulling stumps for .50 cents a day ~ or selling a bail of cotton or a few bushels of corn or field peas.

    We could use more clean living and clean thoughts from everyone about now. I think we could do it “share crop” better now then ever before.

    My family worked on the thirds, ~ 2/3 for the land owner and 1/3 for the farmer and it worked ~ until WWll broke out and took the farmers sons away.

    We got so much that “needs” to be done today and yet unemployment is high!

    We will have to get creative before this storm has blown over. We can’t depend on just government. Too many Americans are sitting on their money today, waiting to see what’s going to happen. They are older and that’s all the money they got! and they are too old to work! You can’t fault their judgment or their uncomfortable feelings on the matter.

    But the thing is, We had some notions of lower taxes would create wealth and jobs! The whole country invested in this idea. It was sold to us as such.

    We got a log jam of ideas and uncertainly on our hands. There is two sides to every coin and it’s unclear even to me how to proceed. There going to be a lot of howling taking place soon if something don’t change.

    As far a JB,~ during the VP’s debates; I thought JB most gracious to Ms Palin, actually encouraging her to take front and center while he stood by hands folded in gentleman fashion, refraining from launching an attack. ` ” I’d expected no less of him”

    • billy

      How then could the Philippines retain its seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council when even the United Nations’ own special rapporteur states that the country’s military is responsible for the majority of the extrajudicial killings in the country?

      • Bob Wire

        My guess, There’s a rogue element in the Philippine military, that’s a force to be dealt with, yet not being recognized publicly.

        Much like the Los Peppies of South America. ~ “You can be touched” ~ your bookkeeper and his whole family end up dead. Then your Attorney and his wife. Until you are isolated and no one wants to be seen even talking to you.

        Those tiny people have been playing “Hard Ball” longer then we have.

        • billy

          The most prominent concern is the incidence of so-called “false positives” or “falsos positivos” and the most publicized examples are the killings of young men from Soacha in 2008.
          The key question is who was responsible for these premeditated killings? On the one hand, I see no evidence to suggest that these killings were carried out as a matter of official Government policy, or that they were directed by, or carried out with the knowledge of, the President or successive Defense Ministers.
          On executions by paramilitary and other rebel groups the rapppoteur said that despite the efforts made by the Colombian government to reduce the violence produced by them, the problem has not been eliminated.
          Could the issue be of intimidation and threats made upon human rights defenders and the accusations they receive by high level officials of sympathizing with rebel groups?

      • JC

        The same way a delegate from Iran can be the chair for a council on women’s rights. The UN is at best completely incompetent. We need to withdraw from it altogether.

        • JeffH

          JC, the UN is just a tool of the “one World Order” globalists…time to tell them to “exit stage left”.

          • JC

            You bet it is!

  • Colo43

    money and Politics breeds ignorant people.
    Talk about ignorance, Biden fills the Bill.

  • http://personallibertydigest Charles Rentschlewr

    Who makes all the laws and approves them in the end? NOT the president. His veto can be over ridden by congress so don’t believe it was all Bushes fault for the situation we are in economically. It was the democratic parties majority that did it. If they could damage the Republicans image by allowing some things to go through that wouldn’t reflect on them they would and did. They did the damage mostly on their own. Without Bushes help. Remember, CONGRESS MAKES THE LAWS not the Presidency. If you want to make a difference in November VOTE out ALL incumbents in office. Any one that has been in office more then 1 term unless they have made improvements to our well being. AND then only 2 terms max. Politics is not meant to be a career move. The position is meant as a tool to help it’s citizens. ONLY it’s citizens and NOT to improve ones financial and social status in life. Our founding fathers were mostly wealthy already and were giving back to a new nation. They did it for the common man. Which is NOT what is happening today. They want this country to become socialistic and take away our freedom of speech(eventually will happen)Then it will be the very wealthy ruling the common people (middle class if there is any and the poor) Sound familiar?

  • mehoward


  • Bob Wire

    I like your “point’ Charles. ~and want to agree with you on many levels.

    But does your thoughts take into consideration of the power and forces behind the politicians? And if so, how might that be addressed ? I don’t think that they are willing to quietly ~ go away!

    And it true, that Congress makes the laws, but that’s not where the ideas of a bill starts. It starts many places, on the golf green, over lunch, from books people read, the oval office, many ideas are chewed on and discussed in many ways before it ever get to congress. Even the consideration of support is mustered. The Administrative office is not setting in a “void” during this process but in fact popping the whip and twisting thumbs back and making it’s will known. That is a more realistic view in my opinion then to suggest congress create the laws.

    The problem with shorter terms, is by the time a statesman develops the skills to be very effective as their job, it’s time to go!

    We see much the same problem with County Grand Jurys, ~ It’s held to being a 3 month tenure. ~ The first 2 months a jurist is learning, ~ Finding out what the powers of the Grand Jury truly are and that the Police and DA office engage in a lot of “creative writing” ~

    This process creates a window, a 30 day window, that the DA office and the Police have little control over the Grand Jury. So what does that mean?

    Well it means if they have a weak case or some bad police work to hide, they run it through a fresh, spanking new, Grand Jury that is in it’s vertical learning curve period.

    how does a new juror spot this? ~ he doesn’t! but there is a flare, a warning of such a event, If the incident of the case took place 60 to 90 day prior and defendant is still being held.

    I like you ideas, ~ but how can we get around these, these “Gaps”

    • billy

      I have noticed that recently meaningless drivel has gone from a forum for nonsensical decussion, to a rant and rave forum.
      I love the freedom this of forum, but is it really necessary to make posts that are racist, offensive, ignorant or just posted to piss people off ?
      I know I have the choice to read or ignore topics, however these days I am finding less and less on this forum which is worth the time it takes to read.
      There is no nation in the world that is perfect. There is no system of government in the world that is perfect.
      There is no religious belief that is right or wrong they are all “beliefs”.
      By venting frustration, anger or abuse in postings the only achivement,is that the posts get less and less interesting to read. Not to mention senseless to reply to.
      I hope that in the near future we can all get back to using this forum for the purpose of enjoyment as a group, rather than at other peoples
      While I’m at it I just want to say that the person who invented browser popup windows should be held accounted. Why can’t I go to a website to read the news without a window poping up tell me I am a lucky winner of something I don’t want or trying to pursuade me to buy something I have no use for?
      I know that it may seem contridictory to rant in a posting, when that was my first conplaint however the topic is diatribe.

      Life is just too short. Enjoy it while you can

      • libertytrain

        I agree with your post as I frequently do – I’m not sure why both sides get a little nasty on this truly great site – perhaps folks just got a little more testy this week. Sometimes the subject seems to raise more ire than other times.

        • Bob Wire

          Yea, and I’ve noticed “some people” follow posting with non-germane post to either thread or prior post. Which is much better, but makes one wonder? What’s that got to do with the price of bananas?

          It’s hard to stay on thread topic, It’s not that rich a topic,~ kind of anal of you ask me. Off the cuff banter between a pastry cook and the vise president? give me a break. It will be a sad day when our leaders “refuse” to get out among the people and take the gaff head-on just to avoid a “political” incident.

          As of all the name calling, if this Tea Party movement is ever to get off the ground and fly, you’ll need to thin your membership of the fools and idiots. That will be a job, for their numbers many, they are crass, noisy, thinking that’s the way it’s done. D1ck Army is largely responsible for this I suppose as he directed the “crashing of town hall meeting” event in such style. ~ Overrun and intimate! Appealing to the lowest common denominator of mankind. Storm the gates!

          We watch! we see, we listen, and we hear.

          • Bent Cable

            Just an observation…
            Try not to become emotionally involved during your interactions with such people. Most Know-It-Alls feed off conflict. Therefore, a good way to derail them is to remain neutral throughout your conversation.

            Adopt a laissez-faire attitude towards winning. Most Know-It-Alls gain their satisfaction from winning arguments. Such comments as “Whatever you say,” or “You’re right,” will usually stop these annoying people in their tracks.

            Keep your humor. One of the best weapons against difficult people is a good sense of humor. The next time a Know-It-All butts into your conversation, simply go along with them and have a good laugh at your expense. Once they realize that you won’t be goaded into an argument, they’ll promptly give up.

            Ask them to cite their sources. Many times a Know-It-All will mask fact with fiction in order to make their opinions seem reasonable. Asking for references will give you a strong foothold on the validity of their claims.

            Know your topic. If the Know-It-All is out to sabotage you, immerse yourself in the topic of debate. Be sure to have references to go along with your facts (See previous step).

            Avoid the Know-It-All at all costs. Sometimes the best way to deal with difficult people is to avoid them. Take the long way back to your desk, ignore their attempts at attention or simply say that you are too busy and cannot talk with them. Hopefully, they’ll take the hint and go bother someone else.

          • billy

            I have noticed your erroneous accusations regarding Dick Armey, ie Freedomworks, and the Tea Party movement. 1st off, there is only one Tea Party movement and it the peoples grassroot movement. There are others with the Tea Party mantra attached like clingons such as the Tea Party Express and National Tea Party which have no affiliation with the original grassroots Tea Party movement, but you have made up your mind on this matter, so be it. You can be ignorant of the facts, that is your choice, which really doesn’t matter anyway. One man’s opinion does not make anything a fact. Only the facts do that.

          • Bob Wire

            No billie,

            I’ve yet to make up my mind about this movement, ~ for change is due on Capitol Hill. But we could easily move from the skillet into the fire and find ourselves in much worst position then today if we are not careful.

            We are and have be under siege for a good 30 years, by special interest, turning the American people into a “Cash Cow”

            This group is an unhappy bunch of campers, but its the timing of their “unhappiness” that concerns me, for they should have been unhappy many years prior.

            Then too, by nature, some are just unhappy with anything and willing to jump of “anyone’s” unhappy band wagon.

            I failed to find “just cause” or much focus in much of it while they are playing into the hands of “special interest” via distraction and diffusion.

            This attempt to warp ourselves in the flag, claiming virtuous patriots while attacking the incumbent that stands guilty of no crimes I find distasteful and unbecoming any American’s that truly believe in the spirit of the Constitution.

            Like I say, I haven’t made up my mind.

          • billy

            Group? What group are you speaking of with such knowledge and wisdom?
            Surely not the original grassroots group known only as the Tea Party movement! You have not a clue other than the clue you’ve developed from your best news sources. Only those in the know, actual participants, know that such fabricated accusations cannot stop the truth from emerging, which has been proven repeatedly time and again beyond a reasonable doubt. Ill-informed or un-informed? No matter what moniker you choose is a telltale signal of oneself.

          • Bob Wire

            Well Billy, if you’ve got a well full of pure, clean water, why is it so hard to get people to drink it?

            When I bear down on you and ask hard question or press you, you all fall apart, get lofty, mean and nasty.

            Maybe that’s why so few drink from your well? Maybe your well is not so pure after all?

            I know this, we’ve got big problems to solve and it’s going to take rational people with bright minds to address them. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. ~ I’m finding only a few such people “here” with such minds. The rest are just angry and pissed off, striking out at anything and everything they don’t approval the label of in lynch mob fashion.

            This kind of behavior is not going to address issues and solve problems but acerbate currents ones. Or at it’s very best, trade one set of problems for another.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be


        • Bob Wire

          Well Thanks wanna be! I consider that an invite!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      There is no such thing as a “statesman” in politics at this time!!! If you don’t agree with this you are diluded!!!

      • JC

        You’re right Joe, for the most part we have self serving politicos who are mostly lawyers.
        When as you say, what we need are statesmen.

      • Bob Wire

        Joe H. so true, Gop/Rnc is very lacking in statesmanship and this accounts for their current position. The GOP has no “head” the Rnc has no “head” ~ They have allowed political entertainers to spearhead the “conservative agenda”. It was great in “keeping the message sold” but bad at “selling A message”

        The DNC has fared some better, ~ but still, it too lacking men and women of Statesmanship caliber.

        we need them on both sides of the isle.

        • JC

          While on the other hand the DNC now has a full blown communist and foreigner to lead them in their “yes we can” chant. Pretty disgusting all around really.
          It really is time to mop up the system.

          • Bob Wire

            Can you document any of that JC? verify it in any way?

  • Bud in San Antone

    Ricardo Palmero
    Well said brother. 90% of America needs to come to Texas and take some whoop ass lessons. We have a bunch of undocumented folks down here to practice on. Come one come all (legals that is).

    • Bob Wire

      Yea Bud , we took it away from them , remember? They do.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        And they took it from the natives just like us! We also took from the Russians, the French and the English. Big Freakin deal!!!! We now own it!!!

      • JC

        We “took” it from them?
        Actually the territory was Mexican at that time. People, both brown and white, fought a battle against a tyrant named Santa Ana to win their independence.

        So I guess in your analogy we “took” America from the British as well.
        Maybe we should just give it back…Bob?

        • Bob Wire

          It’s a matter of just how far you wish to look back, I regress three generations, you regress 6 or 12. ~ The point I make is that memories fade slowly. Recent memories being the clearest and holding the most passion. Or would you like to argue that?

          We are dealing with people that still hold family deeds and personal effect passed down from Grand,great,great,grandfather. Where you wish to appreciate this is another story. But trust me, they haven’t forgot.

          The same applies to the Japanese, ~ gloss over it all you wish, but memories fade slow. The harder the pill to swallow, the longer it takes.

          The Treaties of Versailles was a precursor for WWll.

          It ain’t over until it’s over.

          • Bob Wire

            and the tyrant named Santa Ana was military general with orders from his Supreme Emperor.

            First he was to get the Emperors cannon back, and Second he wanted an assured allegiance to Mexico and a token gesture of good faith as previously agreed.

            Now if that makes him a tyrant, so be it. ~ He’s was a firm man, it’s true and “no” was not an acceptable answer.

            There is no need to twist the truth to around to make it sound better. ~ And I don’t have to be on one side or the other. History stands alone without my help or interference.

          • JC

            He was operating under orders from an Emporer as you say.
            An Emporer is a tyrant by definition…at least I’ve yet to read about one who wasn’t a tyrant.
            So Santa Ana was carrying out the orders of a tyrant…semantics.
            Now! Are we to return the United States to England or would you prefer us to sit on our hands and wait for the New World Order?

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            boob Wire__Yes, I’ll dispute that, in your words( The point I make is that memories fade slowly. Recent memories being the clearest and holding the most passion. Or would you like to argue that?)___The Sense of smell can, and does evoke powerful memories!___Your serve?

          • Bob Wire

            Any memories of smell apply to a first person singular experience therefore making it fairly recent, inside one persons experience anyway.

            Thank You wantabe for your validation, for smells and scents surly do bring pictures to the mind. Smells can jog the memory releasing a flood of feelings and emotions that’s been hidden for years. May all of your be pleasant.

            My grandfather’s old steamer trunk is much like that, I only have to unlock the hasp, lift the lid and breath in and he is with me. It’s all there for me to touch, the old photos,letters,hack licenses,WW11 ration stamps, wood spin top, marbles, razor strap and razor, an old flint lock pistol still in the same old sock he kept it in, many things of the past, a story with each.

            It would be foolish to think, I was the only one with such memories. And that’s why I say, they having forgot.

        • Bob Wire

          no ? just quite saying things that requires someone to step forward and defend history. If Santa Ana was a tyrant, then what was Sherman?

          and on a side note, I ask, did we take America from Britain or from the Native Indians?

          It’s interesting to note; The thought of “owning land” was not inside the Native American’s context of understanding. However, I’d be slow to discount their territorial nature to defend it.

          I too hate the fact that life is so complicated! But it’s this effort to understand the nature of human kind that must be considered in all things as we seek to overthrown the bonds of government or wish to improve what we presently have and “enjoy”.

          The ideas of creating a safe home, a place for the Jews after WWll might well have seemed a noble thing to do. But in doing so, look what we’ve created. Grandmaw, soap will never wash that idea clean.

          so we need to be as accurate as possible with words and thoughts as their results are long lasting.

          Chaos is the nature state of affairs ~ It is men and women working very hard that keeps chaos at bay keeping respect for rule an order something we should all aspire too.

          • JC

            But not as a communist or under a One World Government.
            Liberty or Death. (not necessarily my death either)

          • Bob Wire

            That is noble JC, and I believe that you are in the majority with such thoughts and they founded in solid reasoning.

            The US was not really for NAFTA much less anything as ambitious as “world order” This idea centuries away when man’s humanities has caught up with his technology. ( if there be such a time)

            Science fiction writers suggest at sometime in the far distance future this may be a possibility. But this is far beyond your children’s children’s children.

            There will come a day, that will bring the world together as one by shear need. It won’t be pretty and “man” won’t be the enemy.

            Until that time, let us address what’s before us today. A country ruled by special interest, a two front war in the middle east while our southern neighbor’s government is being overtaken by a Drug Cartel and the Mexican people all but giving up hope, no longer bothering to vote as 12 of 18 seats in their Parliament are Gulf Cartel Associated. As the cartel takes over every aspect of day to day existence, extortion and corruption the norm. Every shop, every vendor works on the payola and at the pleasure of 3 different cartels.

            So they flee to the US and find us not too excited to see them here.

            So? ~ what can we do about all these things?

          • JC

            Interesting response Bob, I wasn’t expecting that.
            I’m actually all for open borders, but not with the system we now have. What we now have would be destroyed as we simply can not afford to carry the weight of the world. Those days are gone.
            When the corruption that is inherent to statist theocracy has vanished from the planet, and people are raised to understand the tenets of responsibility and liberty, then perhaps open borders and open commerce between people and nations will become a reality.
            For the moment we have (in my opinion) another battle to fight with those who would oppress and “organize” us.
            I already understand responsibility and liberty…and I sure as hell don’t need anyone to organize me beyond a code of justice that we should all live by.
            Until then…soveriegnty of person, property and nation are my guiding principles.

          • Bob Wire

            we have much before us JC, let us choose our battles wisely as all are not winnable.

  • Claire

    Biden and his wife are in Iraq. I thought this was nice, and I hope they are sincere in their decision to be there for the 4th. The soldiers do need some acknowledgment and recognition for their service to America and all Americans. Our soldiers have given their all and it is time the government gives them their “all.” Our soldiers must know that we Americans do support them. Always.

  • http://gmail i41

    Several of my children, neices and newphews are in the military, one thing they all keep saying is, how assine the rules of engagement are. A common theme over the past several years, is ever year, more the civialian feel good idoits get, the more fatlaties their friends suffer. In 2007 and each year since it has gotton much worse. We cann;t point to anyone but, Omoron and his pansy assed socialist democrat party rubes. Talking and trying to reason with muslim morons and their followers of the same ideology nut groups. It just doen’t work, trying the soft feely meely crap. Omoron doesn’t want any of his pedophile worshipping diaper headed bros, to get hurt. The eleitist boneheaded advisors and weiner minded dems don’t like the order, to shoot the bomb carrying freaks and talk later. Another case of the socialist democraps, not having the brain function to understand what it means to fight seriously.

    • JC

      It’s way past time to bring them home. Our nation could use a little border security provided by our best and bravest right here at home.
      As opposed to having them die in foreign places in “wars” they’re not allowed to fight, for the sake of an entry on someone’s profit ledger.

      • Claire

        JC– I totally agree with you.

        • Bob Wire

          it was much the same way during the final years of Nam. ~ They had to be card carrying Viet Cong that lay at your feet. ~ It made it harder on soldiers. ~ Requiring us to take precautionary measures that took many forms, some I’m still not at liberty to discuss.

          This with phase of the war, will be tough ~

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The ROEs in Nam were rediculous from the start! See uniforms and call in for permission to fire and get told negative may be friendly troops!! Had they not listened to civillian opinion and kept bombing Hanoi we would have had a chance to at least end it like Korea, at a stalemate. the supreme commander of the NVA stated this in the documentary VietNam the 10,000 day war!! Then there was the farce called the Christmas Cease fire. We were the only ones that honored it!! Thye Cong just used it to resupply and set up boobytraps!! If you were actually there, you would know this!!

          • Bob Wire

            If you were actually there, you’d know, there was a lot of things we soldiers “didn’t know” at the time Sir. ~ It’s a Rank & File world in the military and if you were “actually there”, this, you too would know. We covered our a$$ests and our buddies the best we could under the circumstances.

          • Bob Wire

            and what do you think US troops did during the Christmas Cease Fire? Bake a cake and send it home to mother? It was a declared Cease Fire, but war goes on 24/7. I would think everyone should know that. ~ maybe they don’t? I never considered people possibly that naive on such matters. It makes it hard to discuss matter of armed conflict with such people.

  • Bob Wire

    Yes! it’s time to bring our children home. Every one of them!

    I was reading McCain’s must recent remark on the planned withdrawal this morning. He worries Al Quada will return ! ~ well of course they will!

    It’ll be up that nation as what to do about it when they do return! We can’t keep our men and women in harms way forever waiting on them to grow a pair! McCain wants us to stay and keep an American presence there as special interest positions themselves for future mineral extraction. Seems rather apparent to me. It’s not about Al Quada, never was. The powers that promoted this whole affair thought it would be easier to do and take just a few months. Well? it didn’t work out that way.

  • DaveH
    • JC

      What a complete and toatl A$$ that Stark really is.

  • Bob Wire

    I wasn’t his brightest moment was it?

    This is much “in kind” with Angle’s “2nd amendment solution” ~ if the vote didn’t please her ( or her crowd) “More or less saying VOTE for me or else I’m going to put some nasty on you”

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    First, ‘Joker’ Biden:“….did again suggest to a group of supporters that the Bush administration is responsible for the struggling economy….” What else is new? Blaming Bush, never mind the fact that Bush has been out of office nearly 18 months!!…..Second, “Joker’ says: “”We inherited a godawful mess,” he said. There is “no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not misplaced, lost.” Same old BS!! What “joker’ Biden and (elephant ears) Odumbo inherited was just a normal economic setback. But Odumbo and his democraps turned it into a disaster!! As for the banking crisis, put the blame where it belongs – on Democraps whose policies forced banks to make risky loans to deadbeats who couldn’t afford to pay them back!! As for trillions lost – again blame Odumbo and his democraps, who took Bush’s largest budget deficit and nearly quadrupled it to unsustainable debt for years to come!!…..Third, ‘Joker’ says: “….say something nice instead of being a ’smartass’ all the time?” All the time?? How does ‘Joker’ know that? He only saw him once!!…..Fourth, you said: “Vice President Joe Biden may have done more harm than good while recently campaigning….” That’s a funny irony!! Looking back 2 years, I think American voters were asleep and very ignorant!! IMO, just having this motor-mouth moron as a running mate alone should’ve caused Barack Hussein Odumbo to lose the 11/4/2008 election…..BTW, I haven’t seen any more comments from a so-called commentor named “Palin is the Problem”?? LOL!! Given all that has happened over the past 2 years, only drones, losers, morons or diehard liberals would disagree that Sarah Palin would’ve been a far more intelligent VP, or a much better POTUS than ‘Joker’ Biden or Barack Odumbo!!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest. Veda B.

    ltered one whit

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest. ConfoundMeoncebut not twice

    Too Close to the Truth Here..I Suppose ! My Total Comment just Flew off into the Wide blue Yonder ..All but that ‘ itered one whit. !!! And after my spending the past Half hour trying to Warn you people.. ( That you REALLY should NOT be Fighting Against One another..But Should Search out the best course of action to Help this country OUT of this Mess the Bush REgime has Set into motion..To Bring this Republic down to Far Worse Shape than Any Banana Republic You can name ! WAKE UP Before Their Plan gets even more Perfected ! We are American Citizens, in this fight together. NOT Just Demos and Repubs. S Join hands and Realize There Is Not even a thin line of difference in you both that Should Warrant This Bickering and Nothing getting Accomplished That IS Good for our Country. I will do my best to redo my Lost ? earlier a later Moment.


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