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Between A Rock And A Slippery Place

June 16, 2010 by  

Between A Rock And A Slippery Place

It’s taken the biggest environmental crisis in American history to drive home a simple point—Washington’s energy policy has been reckless and could yet be the ruination of this once great United States.

The latest polls show that 38 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s handling of the Gulf oil crisis. Which makes one wonder, what would it take for these people not to support the President?

Of course there is the latest success that appears to be working almost seamlessly above the Deep Horizon oil well 5,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico. The containment dome is now trapping more than 15,000 barrels per day of spewing oil, up from just 6,000 barrels per day when it was first placed over the ruptured hole. That’s amazing; the Obama administration said that the ruptured well was only leaking 5,000 barrels per day to begin with!

The President has promised that the U.S. will bounce back from this cataclysm. “We will get through this crisis,” said the President, echoing the words of President Carter who declared that he would bring the American hostages home from Iran, even as the daily calendar on that catastrophe clicked forward endlessly. Will this one reach day 100, day 150, perhaps even day 200?

Better Than Ever
Last week Obama said that the people of the Gulf coast "are going to need help from the entire country," but that he is determined to see that the region will be restored to a condition better than it was before the BP well blew up.

Better? That is like saying Vietnam is better after being raked with Agent Orange?

It is estimated that BP is on the hook for $14 billion but that will never make things better. Not for them (The BP brand has been tarnished for decades); not for the wildlife and certainly not for the people along the coast that make their living from those waters. And that is if we don’t get another “incident.”

But wait! The Deepwater Horizon is not the only well spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. According to a Federal document a nearby drilling rig, the Ocean Saratoga, has been leaking since at least April 30. While much smaller than the BP spill it has nevertheless produced a 10-mile-long slick that can be seen on satellite images. Diamond Offshore, which owns the drilling rig, said that they could not comment on the ongoing spill but it appears as if a boat is putting dispersants on the slick.

It all adds up to one thing—even after BP antes up billions you can bet the Federal government is going to be on the hook for a substantial part of the tab. The President promises that he is going to squeeze every penny for the cost of this problem out of BP but Obama has a pretty poor record when it comes to holding companies accountable for their mistakes. Just ask bank executives who threw the economy into a tailspin then collected billions in bailouts and then gave themselves millions in bonuses.

Regardless of the cost, the Gulf of Mexico is not the real problem. The 2 million barrels of crude oil that will have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is a symptom of a much bigger problem; one that is getting progressively worse. I am talking about America’s unrequited addiction to oil which has been drilled dry within our borders.

The U.S. is now pumping less than 5 million barrels of oil per day. We pumped almost twice that much oil 30 years ago during the first Iranian crisis.

That leaves the U.S. dependent on harvesting petroleum wherever it can, including 5,000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico. It also leaves the U.S. importing more than two out of every three barrels we burn, much of that from countries that hate us.

Oil discoveries have been declining since 1964

As the graph above shows, the discovery rate for oil in the United States has fallen off a cliff. The U.S. is tapped out and drilled out. You have to go back to the 1920s to find a decade where less oil was discovered in the U.S. than will be discovered this decade. In case you are wondering, in 1920 there were 7.5 million automobiles in the U.S. Today there are about 250 million registered vehicles on the road.

Driven To Disaster
“Over the last 25 years, opportunities to head off the current crisis were ignored, missed or deliberately blocked, according to analysts, politicians and veterans of the oil and automobile industries,” wrote The New York Times.

The Times pointed out that as politicians heatedly debate opening new regions to drilling, corralling energy speculators, or starting an Apollo-like effort to find renewable energy supplies, analysts say the real source of the problem is closer to home. In fact, it’s parked in our driveways.

A whopping 70 percent of the 21 million barrels of oil the U.S. consumes every day goes for transportation, with the bulk of that burned by individual drivers. Americans’ daily use of oil is nearly twice the combined consumption of the Chinese and Indians.

Our nation’s dependence on imported oil has only kept growing in recent years, undermining the trade balance and creating a perfect storm for environmental disasters like the one happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

From Gaza To The Gulf Of Mexico
There has been no summer lull for the Obama administration. Consider:

  • June is turning out to be one of the bloodiest months in the Afghan war.
  • More than seven years after the U.S.-led invasion of the country in March 2003, bombings and shootings still remain common across Iraq.
  • Much of the world is outraged about events in Gaza, which may or may not have been provoked by America’s largest aircraft carrier also known as Israel.

The common denominator between these events and the Gulf spill is oil. If not for oil and America’s strategic need to secure the world’s last rich pools—most of which lay under Arab lands—Washington could pull its armies out of the Middle East, be an honest broker of peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. That would not only save American lives but also hundreds of billions of dollars that are being spent on a foreign occupation. It would also restore the reputation of the U.S. which would help usher in a new age of prosperity.

But don’t expect peace to break out anytime soon. The President has a lot to say about the need to go Green, but there are two realities:

  • The technologies needed to replace oil are not here nor are they on the horizon.
  • The only Green that this President seems to understand is the kind of green that BP gave him when he was running for office. After all Obama was the largest recipient of BP campaign contributions.

It seems that if you give the President enough mulla, he is willing to let all of us deal with the Mullahs.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Palin is the Problem

    Obama is handling this problem as best he can. He addressed the nation from the Oval Office last night and said he is doing everything he can to bring the spill under control. What does one expect him to do, get down on the floor of the ocean and stop this fix?

    Furthermore why is everyone forgetting who is really at fault — Bush and Cheney and their lax regulatory oversight. At least Obama is doing what needs to be done and wants to wearn us of oil.

    Thank God “Drill Baby Drill” is not our VP!

    • CJ

      You are obviously very short sighted, by your comment. Those who put practices in place that have contributed to the spill’s enormaty goes farther back than Bush. Quite a bit goes to Clinton and before. However, Obama has contributed mostly to this problem. There are MANY things he could have done to reduce the impact, and he just sits around pointing the finger. One thing that would have helped is set aside environmental laws that are preventing some of the cleanup praactices. As for your comment of Obama being FOR weaning us off oil, he’s pushing natural gas. By the way, we have to DRILL for that, too.

      • ceberw

        But natural gas would not cause this kind of damage even if there were a leak.

      • Marcia

        You are so right. When the oil spill hit the news Obama was playing golf and he did that for thee days then he and few of his czars were playin basketball and have a fun time. All if this we know and he knew that the Oil Rigg had exploded. Thirty days after he came to a state who had oil runnnig up on the beaches. Obama picked up a little piece of sand oil and looked at for a long time. He never when to the site of the problem as he was not sure who was responsible He went back to talk to his czar’s in a closed door meeting and then once they told him what he could do. He went out and charge BP with failer to keep a rig safe.

        I saw the movie of Manchurian Candidate and he is jus like that movie be we call him Manchurian President and it is on sale and has 4 prenting and so we know he cannot make a decision. He has to ask veryone what would you do.

        • bp

          Marcia: Seriously, if you want to comment on a blog, please take English 101 first. Can’t understand a thing you tried to say. (or are you another liberal troll?)

          • Cindy

            No bp, she is not a liberal troll. They don’t point out obamas inadequacies. We usually are able to spot the liberals because they are the first to complain about somebodies writing or spelling.

          • Jana

            You couldn’t understand her because you don’t comprehend common sense.
            Your bad.

          • bp

            Cindy & Jana; Are you reading the same blog I am? The comments are without sanity. These are not just typos. I comprehend English. I also comprehend that BHO should be as fast to CLEAN UP a spill as he is to lament “big business” and ask for handouts for the “little people”!! This blog should be about ideas and commentaries, finding like-minded people to exchange them with, and Marcia’s are a waste of time to read. Thanks for the feedback.

          • RoBoTech

            I read Marcia’s post and understood every word!
            Why are YOU being so arrogant as to take on being the Blog’s Unofficial Spelling and Grammer police?
            That IS a Libtard Tactic, and I am appalled at the arrogance of a “so called conservative” to play that game!
            Unbelievable. YOU need to just go away if you don’t like the GRAMMER of a post!
            Hey luk at dis, I not no whut the prob is, bro, u see I kin tipe and say wuteber I won’t. And there’s nothing you can do about.
            get a life outside the Internet blogs, Sir, before you fall completely into Dementia!

          • conrad

            bp , please don’t put Marcia down for her spelling , she may even have problems with her numbers , She may have had to go to public school

          • Jim

            You do not have to use proper english to leave a comment or to speak to anyone that has common sense, those that think you do are just plain stupid

          • libertytrain

            Jim – I agree with you -

        • Peter

          Oh really! This is SUCH an ignorant post, come ON! let’s start with this: “The technologies needed to replace oil are not here nor are they on the horizon.” Why are they not on the horizon? Because corporate America said “We will kill all non-oil based solutions we can, because oil-based solutions are all that’s bringing us MONEY!!!! We will buy up all the renewable vehicles and bury them deep. We will not allow research into stuff that will not make us MONEY!!!! Face it people, these corporate greed-mongers don’t give a damn about the ‘small people’ as the BP chairman called us today. They only care about MONEY!!!! PROFITS!!!! Why any of you fools back this capitalism at any cost system is beyond me! Socialism doesn’t work, but neither does unbridled capitalism! The truth is in the middle, and only Jesus Christ can bring it to fruition!

          • Dan Burke

            So what “bridles” capitalism? Hmm, oh yeah. You mentioned a very excellent solution. Turning to Christ and living His principles would go a very long way. Then you could have a capitalist with a moral code that he/she would follow. Then capitalism could go unchecked because it would be self-checked. In fact, government regulations actually tend to have the same problem as unbridled capitalism. Again, we need politicians with that same set of moral codes that would keep them in check (because as we can see the politicians only care about the limits, checks and balances, of The Constitution as it suits them–or as much as we will let them get away with it). I heard someone once say that we bid our executives create wealth for us without hearts and then we wonder why they embezzle. Did we not first remove their hearts (their morale code)? Look where “political correctness” seems to be taking us. We have long lived in a society that preaches moral decay. Take “chick flicks,” as an example. In addition to being a guy and so they normally don’t appeal to me, the few I have seen lately all seem to have the couple having sex before marriage, sometimes even just casually before such a subject comes up, so while there are a few chick flicks I do like, I generally avoid them like a very bad disease because I find these hidden moral messages very distasteful (like leaking oil the gulf but with the effects killing the moral compass instead of animals and plants).

        • Maryanne

          I agree, I don’t know why someone doesn’t find the power to Impeach that jerk, from his childhood, he has learned to hate white people and it’s showing up now, read the story on his childhood from WND news. He’s a pathetic case and getting away with murder daily and he’s so corrupt, we will never get America back in order. He’s already started his corrupt voting practices for November by sending the youth door to door pushing Democrats, it’s really sad to be involving the youth in this dirty politics, when he was voted in as President (sad day for America) that whole election in 17 states was corrupted by his millions and Acorn’s dirty illegal practices, what they should have done was canceled that day and had an new honest vote on some other day, I know the Constitution says the first Tuesday after the first Monday but nothing else is followed by the Constitution so why this, I don’t think he was even voted in as President, it was so corrupt and illegal as he is. Blow them all out of there in November!
          Best thing that could happen.

        • M.W. Franklin

          Hello Marcia;

          I bet you are a knock-out as In my experiences most inadequate spellers will knock a guy right off his pins. Anyway hun, pay no attention to those who would put you down just because you are not proficient in the King’s English. Remember that many successful people are on the verge of illiteracy. One spelling bee I participated in many years ago I went up against a girl who had won 3 years running when she and I were the only ones left standing and I sat her down she cried like a baby. Oh yes, pardon my sick observation that she was a dog wearing huge glasses that covered most of her face. Now my first wife who did photo shoots with Marilyn Monroe and was much more beautiful than her as attested to by my dad who said she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was atrocious in her spelling as was my second and last wife who was a Rodeo Queen in earlier years and owned a !2,500 acre ranch in Texas. So sweetheart, I’ll take a beautiful woman who lacks in orthography any day over a conceited self righteous never wrong speller.

          • bp

            MW Franklin; Very presumptuous of you! This is what is so wrong with our country today! “I’ll do it my way”, even when it comes to the English language!! And making excuses for others rather than encouraging excellence.
            “You have to stand for something, or fall for anything”-author unknown.

          • conrad

            It’s good to marry a person that looks good , has a lot of wealth and is very smart . I did that twice before , this time I married for Love and the other stuff wasn’t impotent . You could say I have it all now. If it well last only God knows. PS these blogs are for the most part very informative and interesting . I would like to see less condemnation (sniping) at each other, less rudeness .

    • gblatham

      “Obama is handling this problem as best he can.”

      I agree…which is one of the many reasons why he should NOT be President!


      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        It took me a couple of seconds to get that. Funny but true. He should of had skimmers from day one. His big failure is waiting two months to start the clean up. No one is faulting him for not being able to plug the hole but his response to containment has been met with incompetence.

        • s c

          Bruce D, Obummer is as ‘competent’ as Peanuts Carter and Bubba Clinton. He has as much leadership as a rotting bull muffin, and he cares about America the same way Hitler did.
          Is anyone surprised that this deep-water mess happened on OBUMMER’s WATCH? It’s just a matter of time until people understand that Obummer can’t boil water, talk without a teleprompter or find all of those FIFTY SEVEN STATES he claims America has ON A MAP!

          • William

            s c dont be coy. just go ahead and say what you mean. most of us knew from the start he was STUPID,

          • J.Micheal

            Every time I hear someone bring up these comparisons of Pres. Obama to Hitler, it makes me think they actually knew the man. So, they must be germans who grew up in the Hitler youth program. How come THE GREAT BUSH and CHENEY haven’t swooped in and saved the day??? The green movement didn’t start yesterday and basically, it’s been around for at least 30 yrs. so nobody’s done very much but blow it off,( mostly the republican’s). It’s been mentioned he has no leadership experience, but all the people you espouse,obviously republican, caused this,BIG OIL. There’s really no conversation here, it’s just Obama/Dem bashing. I wanted Hillary,but apperently Ken wants Palin(HA)!! What about the fact that BP has been lying about the rate of flow, typical business practice. bp, oh,yeah Bush was really stupid…where’s the WMD’s??? GO Samurai!!!! Oh, you know why they can’t find Osama? ‘Cause he’s in Crawford,Texas hanging with W.

          • DaveH

            The Republicans caused the spill? You Liberals are incredible. Have you ever in your life accepted responsibility for your actions? Of course not. If you did, you wouldn’t need to support the Democrats in their efforts to take the money from those who earned it legally and give it to those who sat on their rumps.
            Liberals can rail about those dastardly rich people, but then turn around and use government to forcibly steal money from others. And you have the nerve to feign that you have the moral highground, when in fact you are nothing but useless, greedy thieves.

          • kate8

            DaveH, the ironic thing is that the very people the dems support ARE those dastardly rich people!

            And they’ve made their fortunes by plundering America.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            In response to jmichael, Bush and Cheney arent in the White House anymore, and were gone almost 2 years before Obama allowed this rig into the Gulf to drill. So they cant come swoop in and save the day. But I do know this, they wouldnt have sat there for 55 days doing nothing but pointing the finger at BP. They would have come up with some plan, other than pointing the finger. Seems that is all this current admin is good at, pointing the finger. Thats how they got elected, and that is all they have done for 2 years, is point the finger. That is exactly why they are all on their way out, and why the democrats themselves are throwing his worthless hide under the bus, and arent even going to allow him to run in 2012. Think Im wrong? Watch and see. They will then turn their finger pointing to pointing at him, to save their hides. That is how the left works.

          • Jim

            Is there a difference between Obama and Hitler, the only difference I can see is Hitler was white.

        • DaveH

          He wouldn’t waive the Jones Act to let foreign skimmers operate in our waters, but he will ignore the flood of illegals coming into this country. The guy can’t make up his mind.
          So he gets on TV and uses the taxpayers’ money to push his Cap and Trade crap instead of concentrating on the reason for his appearance (the spill). He’s always in campaign mode. No wonder, he needs to be perpetually campaigning with all the enemies he is making. This administration is next to useless, but the Liberals support him because he tells them sweet-sounding lies.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            And that is, the way he rolls. Tell them what they want to hear, whether you mean it or not, or whether it is the truth or not. Flow which ever way the wind blows. That is the Obama admin.

          • J.Micheal

            Dave,I never said I was a democrat, I think both partys are so corrupt I don’t align myself with either one. You people are all sitting here bashing Obama/Dems I thought I just jump in. There really is no actual conversation going on here, just a biased ranting of ignorance and finger pointing. You make this a rich/poor argument, I bet you’d bring back slavery,dump civil rights,well while your at it why don’t you take all the republicans off medicare and medicaid and social security. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

          • JeffH

            DaveH, you seemed to have pushed a liberals button…

          • Jana

            J. Micheal,

            You are a liberal / socialist, and that is even worse than being a Democrat.
            You say:
            You people are all sitting here bashing Obama/Dems I thought I just jump in. There really is no actual conversation going on here, just a biased ranting of ignorance and finger pointing. You make this a rich/poor argument, I bet you’d bring back slavery,dump civil rights,well while your at it why don’t you take all the republicans off medicare and medicaid and social security. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

            Wow, it sounds like you are the one with the bad attitude. No one else is allowed to have an opinion unless it agrees with yours.

            You say you are NOT a Democrat but if you walk like a duck and talk like a duck, and even come across like a duck, ha I could have even replaced the word duck with idiot.

          • Steve

            LOL Jana, well said ;-) JMichael and his Bush bashers are just spinning their wheels with their ancient, and inaccurate history.

          • bp

            J.Michael: Maybe I shouldn’t bother, but it so fun to tease you because you are soooooo predictable! This is a conversation for grown-ups so CONTRIBUTE OR SIGN OFF!

          • Maryanne

            I agree with David H. He gives them all the perks they want and the power they are after and all the big jet rides home each weekend, I’m wondering if the pilot takes Pelosi to California each weekend, waits for there to have her fun and brings her back or does he make 4 trips back and forth when it costs $8,000.00 just to start the plane. That outfit are having a ball with $400,000.00 parties couple times a week in Washington, no tightening of belts there. I can’t wait to see them all get kicked out of their high expensive position, I only hope we have enough of the American people that have sense enough to get them all out of there big time.

        • TIME

          Bruce and others who have a Brain,

          During my research into this oil spill even I have found that in 1989 in the gulf of Mexcio a “all natural MICROBE” was used that eats the oil and does ZERO harm to the enviroment and let alone cost 1/20th of what the cost of what they are doing now cost.

          And again its “all natural” check it out google oil spin and tanker explosion in gulf of Mexico 1989. Or Microbe’s that eats oil.

          So as I see it BarryO has had the answer to the problem and has instead used this event to gain Political points to start the American Power act, or as its better known Cap & Trade.
          Note BarryO speach was all about it.

          So what will we do come November?

          Also Please get on your Senate people about the 2nd Amendment issues, the internet controls issue and The destruction of the First amendment strange its from Lierberman, yea hes a real winner.

      • William

        you are so right gblatham,

      • bob wire

        What engery policy? Take Iraq’ oil?


        • http://naver samurai

          Iraq, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! War for oil, baaaaa! Can you come up with some newer material? The stuff you continue to sell is getting to be pretty old by now, don’t you think?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Yeah what is up with that? First its Bush’s illegal war, yet all the democrats voted for it and stood up on live TV and said how Saddam was dangerous, had WMD’s and had to be stopped. Then it was Bush’s illegal war. How did that happen? Then it was Bush/Cheney/Halliburton’s war for oil, yet they never approached taking any oil, and it seems were still there, and since Obama and the democrats are in control, I guess its Obama and the dems war for oil. Unbelievable what these losers can come up with. They blame Bush for this oil spill, yet they didnt start drilling until February 2010. Didnt Bush leave in 2008? Reality is a hard thing for them to swallow, as it accepting responsibility.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          We do not get any oil from Iraq and only get 7% of our oil from the Mideast.

          • Bob Wire

            Right! it must have been real disappointing when the liberated people didn’t throw flowers?

            We haven’t had an National energy policy! Period! none, only talk of the need for one. ~ Iraq was as close as we’ve got! ~ If you say “NO!” I ask you why Chaney’s black opts? ~ They protecting and securing some holy sand dune or camel dug?

      • bp

        gblatham; Jimmy Carter just lost his title as “Worst President” EVER!!

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      What are you talking about? Obama has been president for one and one half years. He owns this one outright. Obama biggest show of incompetence is containment. He is the only one responsibly for that because of Fed regulations which prevent anyone from doing anything without his permission. Wake up before there is nothing left of this country.

      • Bob Wire

        No doubt about it Bruce D.

        It’s Obama’s Katrina.

        Let’s see what he does with it.

        so far, ~ 20 billion for clean up and 100 million for oil production lost in wages and production on the BP dime. And a Federal commitment to southern coastal restoration taking 7 to 10 years to complete.

        The sad part is, ~ The administration can’t cap the spill but only offer incentives necessary to get it done.

        Now that’s a place to start, but this whole process needed to be watched closely ~ the smell of money is now in the air! The jackals are not far behind.

      • bp

        Bruce D. “if you need to ask permission, you are not free”-anonymous. Honestly, I do not understand why the gulf state governors did not take control, either. Our government is worthless and expensive. Privatize everything, and return to our Constitutional foundation.

      • Maryanne

        This is what your dear so called President’s attitude is, out of his own mouth. . .

        No matter the political agenda of any American citizen, one reality should send shivers down every American’s spine. The Obama administration has made it known that according to their form of “justice,” NO soldier or citizen has “legal standing” to question anything about Obama, his many corrupt friends, his anti-American policies or his full court press to destroy all things American.

    • Ken

      See if you still feel the same when you’re paying $10 a gal for gas or there is no heating oil for the northeast. Like this administration says…”You never let a good disaster go to waste”. This is their chance to grab more tax dollars (cap and trade).
      Like his taking over the banks, like his taking over car companies and like his taking over health care, Barry believes that government should run everything. Problem is they don’t know how to run anything. See how well it’s working out in the Gulf. Everything they touch turns to crap and as soon as it does they want to blame Bush. I have a two year old granddaughter that can do that. Maybe she should be president. If you don’t want to govern get the hell out of the way. If you don’t want to stand up like a man and take charge then step aside. What a pussy! This country needs a president…to bad we don’t have one. But we will after 2012.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Sweet. You tell it like it is.

        • eddie47d

          President Bush forced the hand of Congress over the Iraq War with phoney manipulations. Cheney did want the Oil in Iraq but too many wells were sabotaged and their plan backfired. BP and most oil companies manipulated Obama and insisted on more drilling in the Gulf.They got their wish! Was Obama gullible and should have said no to more drilling? Would you have gone along with that? Maybe those who supported more drilling should accept responsibility for the incompetence of the oil industry,do you? Have you insisted on higher standards so these accidents don’t happen or do you wait until after the fact?

          • Jana

            Oh blah blah blah, same ole same ole. Get off your looney liberal mantra.
            You and your idol Obama just love to play the BLAME game.

          • airangel

            Yeah Eddie….like Obama and his cronies forced Obamacare via “phoney manipulations”…has a stink to it, doesn’t it?

          • DaveH

            “BP and most oil companies manipulated Obama and insisted on more drilling in the Gulf.”
            Do you have references to back that up Eddie, or is it just another one of your lies?

          • DaveH

            From a Socialist website. Eddie should eat this one up:

          • Cindy

            No Dave, eddies no longer hungry. He’s been following obummer around with a scoop shovel and wheelbarrow and……well…..I think you get the picture ;-)

          • Allan

            What progressives really want is to shut down oil, coal, nuclear, timber, mining, etc. They call it sustainability.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Drill baby drill. On shore, in ANWR, in the Dakota’s, in Wyoming, In Idaho, in Colorado. We dont need middle east oil, and we dont need to dangerously drill in 5000 feet of water like the environmentalists made them do. Do it safely on land. To all of you oil haters out there, we basically cease to exist without it at the current time. Life as we know it would shut down most completely without it. So being what it is, why not use our own, instead of giving billions to foreign countries that want us dead? Drill, and drill now, and drill often, on shore, not in the water.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            ok fast eddie, here is how it is. You brought up the levee’s. Are you aware, that under the democratic leadership, Louisiana has been given billions, I mean billions with a B, billions of dollars for year upon year upon year, to shore up levee’s, make them bigger stronger and better, and they never did a thing to them. But the democratic governor, and her father before here, would use a few million of it each year, to dredge a channel that her brother in law runs barges down to make his money. They have been given more money there than any state in the union eddie, and they pocketed it, spent it on their friends and their own business interests, and didnt fix one thing, which is why they failed during Katrina. Ive been down there 3 times after Katrina, serving on mission trips, and for all the billions they received to rebuild them, they didnt do much. They are still built on loose sand and gravel, and if the water levels get up like that again, they will fail again. Once again, they sucked up billions of dollars, and didnt fix things right. Question is, when they collapse again, will it still be Bush’s fault. Thats what I want to know. Its always somebody else’s fault with you guys. Amazing.

          • Bob Wire

            That’s because the “facts” have not changed Jana. ~ No matter how many years goes by.

            I know you’d all like to forget the Bush years ~ easy enough to understand why!

            but we’re “never” going to let up and permit you to forget.

            That’s just not going to happen.

            That you don’t like it , matter little to us. ~ In fact ! we love it where you cry and moan.

            The best thing you can you is not say anything that reminds us of those years. ~ We have more rock to throw then you do.

            So Don’t start none and there won’t be none.

            >>”45caliber. fast eddie doesn’t even talk a good game. He’s never provided the “source” of his rhetoric, just talk. Sounds just like Obama, a lot of talk without action…(failed leadership)”<<

            Hmmm? ~ well he can't stop the flow of the oil spill,that's true! But 20 billion, 100 million dollars drawn out of their pocket might make them blink once or twice and make them expedite rapid closure.

          • bp

            eddie46d; UnBELIEVABLE!!! This has nothing to do with the last presidency. Accidents happen. Investigations are still underway as to how and why. In the meantime, we have oil spilling into the Gulf and federal regulations are preventing anyone from doing anything about it. We should be thankful that BP has a camera set up deep in the waters; we can see exactly what is spewing, which is more than BHO has done! Looks like gaseous fumes at this point; most of the oil has been capped. Now, let’s

        • Doug

          Hey Eddie do we know what caused the rig to blow up? Nope something tells me there are some progessives involved! Also where were the regulators who were suppose to be regulating under the Obama Admin.? And I am tired of the crap about were running out of oil there tons of oil in the USA with the new horizonital drilling all these field that were drilled before where we barely got 20% of the oil out we can now get almost 80% or more with horizonital drilling and other new technology when getting oil out of shale. We don’t have to drill off shore there is tons inland!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            To those who rediculously blame Bush for everything, let me make a comparable stupid statement here. It blew up because Obama went out to see it, and smoked a cigarette, and when he threw his butt, it lit the place up and blew it up. So its all his fault. There, that is what it sounds like when you people blame Bush for everything. Kind of silly dont you think?

      • bp

        Ken; We can’t afford to wait for 2012! There are two possibilities here; either he is out to destroy our nation ON PURPOSE, or he is just plain stupid. No one can be that stupid.

      • JC

        Ken I agree, it’s called communism and it should be treated as High Treason.

      • Dan Burke

        The more I learn about this gulf oil spill, the worse our current administration in the oval office looks. For example, I learned that apparently this well was just going online within about a month of the explosion I think it was. Oh my! And this disaster is still GW Bush’s fault somehow?

        Another well is leaking and their using chemical dispersants… Wait! I thought the dispersants were more harmful for the environment and the administration just sits back and lets this happen? Not that I really think they should step in. First, because I don’t think government should be as big as it is already. Second, because I think government is only making things worse. Third, if the dispersants are worse, shouldn’t we just leave it alone and do less damage that way. But oh no, oil is ugly, slick, and we can easily see it. Why not use dispersants? Because that way the killer is invisible and we can just say things are dying off from global warming and anything else we find we want to blame it on. At least the killer is not ugly, sticking, and undesirable. A much more cleanly killer is prefered. Sort of like desiring to give up our freedoms to clean cut and well spoken government that looks great on vacation. I wanted to cry when Bill Clinton was up for reelection. Instead of saying, oh my, this is cheater, lier, etc. etc. and voting the guy out of office, the image of a great looking guy with great public appeal seemed to win the public and overruled common sense. If we are going to vote people into the Presidency because they look great and have great public presence, then the office should reflect that. Instead of having powers of government, it should be reduced to a public relations branch. In other words, if the White House is only about how we look to the world, then it should have no more power than our consulates on foreign soil.

        Anyways, back to the oil leaking. How long did it take to approve the dikes? And even then, only a partial approval. The leaking continued and everyone says the government is doing their part, then I learn that early on we had offers for help from over a dozen sources? And it took us two weeks, not to say yes, but two weeks to say “no, you cannot come here with your boats.” Now we might be reversing that decision? After even more time has passed.

        Earlier I wrote in comments somewhere else, maybe even on another topic here, or was it somewhere else? Anyways… I believe that it has been, and continues to be, in the interest of government to bungle this cleanup effort. Evidence seems to be around, if you look for it, that we could have contained a lot of the damages, perhaps even cleaned it up better, quicker, and for less than we are, have been, or will yet do. Sure, these methods I have seen and learned of wouldn’t have plugged the ongoing leak, but if employed, and if they had worked, we wouldn’t have had all this media that makes drilling oil virtually “illegal.”

        And oh, by the way, when they say things are dried up in shallow waters and on land, that is bogus. Sadly, it is cheaper to drill deeper. Which doesn’t make sense until you realize what an impact environmentalists and their lobbying makes. I have a cousin (not someone who knows someone who knows someone, this is my actual cousin) who is paid to work in an oil field in Wyoming. What does he do? Maintain the oil caps. Are these oil caps from past oil drilling? No. These are oil caps put in place for new wells when Obama became President. What happened? We were going to drill there. The holes were made. Obama gets elected and all the oil companies decide it is cheaper to drill in deeper waters, literally. As far away from the environmentalists as they could get.

        • airangel

          Yeah, we’re learning how much cheaper drilling 5,000 feet down is? Had this blast happened on land or in more shallow water, it would have been stopped already…this whole mess should be blamed on the environmentalists….hopefully we’ll learn a valuable lesson about drilling that far down and what it takes to have provisions in place in the event of a “crisis”…skimmers and help from the Dutch were offered on day 3..80 percent of this could have been contained had this “leader” acted as Commander in Chief acted with authority but that’s a law maker for you….can only respond if it’s written street thinking or common sense that isn’t written somewhere

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            You are correct. The whack job enviro’s are the one’s responsible for drilling in 5000 feet of water. If the dems didnt get in bed with them, take their millions and empower them, and play the appeaser to them, this wouldnt have happened. Appeasement fails each and everytime, and here it is again. Drill on land, where it is safe, where we know we have the oil. Drill, drill, drill. On land. Not in 5000 feet of water. Rediculous. Thanks environmentalists. You are at the root of the cause of this.

          • eddie47d

            and Beberoni, I’ve been reading about environmental issues for many years and have never once heard any “environmental whacko” as you put it,say we should be drilling off shore. In reality it is just the opposite. BLAME THE DRILL BABY DRILL CROWD,they have been pushing for more offshore drilling for decades. Does Sarah Palin ring a bell. She’s had plenty of oil spills in her state so on land drilling can create disasters also. There are many better ways to fuel cars and the technology has been around since the 70′s. What are you doing to help America out of it’s oil addiction? Are we going to have this same OLD argument 20 years from now? Do you want this great country to fail by just following the oil pied pipers? We still need oil for many products like plastics so why waste it on fueling cars? The oil companies are making billions in the Gulf and they are not going to give up on all that lucretive windfall. Aren’t you amazed that BP seems so casual about the oil spill? Is that business as usual?

          • Ronnie/s,c,

            I agree that Obama failed to act and failed to except help from other countries. ( I know the Jones Act,bullshit wave it get all the help you can)
            Can anyone tell me why on earth we have people picking up oil balls off the beaches by hand. Why not use 4-wheelers, tractors, etc. to pull a device that sifts the oil. Sand falls thru sifter and the oil balls are collected.
            Also, this country’s problems are related to it’s poor fiscal policies. All of you liberals/socialists just watch Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey. It will show you what responsible fiscal policies will do. Time to stop this madness. I am tired of giving my hard earned money to sorry/lazy individuals thru income redistribution policies of this government.
            I played by the rules; I worked ,saved, and lived within my means. I did not buy a new car every year, I did not buy a house that I couldn’t afford, (I saved 10% to 16% of my money because I knew the government entitlement programs were not going to be there for me) and I started an emergency fund in case I was to lose my job. (emergency fund: savings that amounts to six months of my monthly bills so if I lost my job I could survive for six months while looking for a new job and not touch my retirement savings). THE GOVERNMENT WANTS ME TO EXCEPT IT’S ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS,BULLSHIT!!! LET’S “GET ER DONE” IN NOVEMBER AND NOT FORGET. THIS IS A FOREVER BATTLE!!!!

    • tg7357

      So you think Obama is handling the problem? Then tell me why his regime did not insist that BP kill that well from Day 1? Why was it and why is it still being allowed to spew oil when it should have been plugged with a steel rod, cemented into place, and then covered with a cement cap? And don’t tell me it can’t be done, because it can.
      BP never had any plans to shut down the well. They are still pulling oil out of it to sell, their shareholders are going to get another dividend of several billion dollars, and we the Americans are going to get stuck with the clean-up, the dead wildlife, and the bankrupt economies of the Gulf states. Happy days for the Obama Regime!!! You noticed he ended his pointless speech last night by promisig to curtail our drive for independent energy, and a new tax?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Isnt it amazing how the liberal press crucified Bush over Katrina, made him out to be racist, because it took 2 days to get everything mobilized. Now this guy is what, 2 months in, and still has offered no ideas or solutions, just pointing the finger at BP, and the press gives him a free pass. Must be because its all rich white people that live along the Florida coast where this oil is headed, and he is a racist and doesnt care. See how stupid that race statement is, yet the national news plastered it all over when Katrina hit the gulf coast. Now, you hear nothing from them. Quite amazing. Quite.

        • J.Micheal

          First of all, the media is divided along party lines and the conservative press(FOX) have been spewing since the election about anything they can find,true or not. Bush knew the hurricane was coming,Obama couldn’t know this was going to blow-up. I’d like to know who was running the MMS. tg7357,you seem to know so much,why don’t you go fix it. Remember the Exxon Valdez-it’s still haunting us. William your an IDIOT!!!!! beberoni-you act like you where born yesterday,Obama didn’t allow this,you can’t just walk in and change things,don’t you know how the process works, corrupt politicians creating lame-ass laws that don’t mean anything because they have loop-holes in them to negate the very thing they are supposed to fix, like lobby reform,like Clinton deregulated Wallstreet and Big Oil bought-off the Bush/Cheney administration.(Oh, wait the didn’t have to they are Big Oil).Bush/Cheney had 8 yrs.,Obama 1yr 6mo. Then there was his dad and before that Reagan,smell alot of republican dung here. Anymore you can’t trust either party.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            You are a joke. Ive been up where the Exxon Valdez spill was, and it appears to be as pristine as it was before the spill. The clean-up is complete, and its as if it never happened. And the press is not equal. Fox news lets both sides present their stories, and actually reports what is going on, and doesnt spin the truth. Whereas ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC, we all know are propaganda wings of the democratic party, all hammered and blamed Bush for Katrina day in and day out for months, for in-action. But wait, facts are 2-3 days the effort was in full force but we had to sensationalize Ray Nagin’s racist motives, to cover the fact that he didnt listen when the Bush admin told him to mobilized those buses and get those people out. No, he let them all flood, and many left to die. But then its Bush’s fault, at least according to your liberal media. So no, the media isnt split along party lines. Fox reports the truth. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC and many others, report what the democratic party tells them, to save their face, and to place blame on others. Wait until the independants start gaining strength. These channels are allready attacking them, and they will come out in full force against them soon, instead of investigation and reporting all the dirty little deeds the left are pulling.

          • Robin, Arcadia, IN

            J. Micheal…. I watch Fox news because I believe them to be much more accurate and truthful than the other media outlets. What have you ever heard on Fox News that was a lie? They always contact ‘the other guy’ to let them have their say, too, but more often than not, they decline. What are they spewing that has led you to believe them to be lying to the public?

          • eddie47d

            Berberoni, There is a species of fish which use to feed near the Exxon Valdez accident which numbered in the thousands and now there are none. It shouldn’t take 12 years for any species to return so what you don’t see is just as important as what you do see.

          • DaveH

            Do you have any references to back up your wild claim, Eddie? Or is that just another of your Liberal lies?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Eddie, you spelled my name wrong. And is this species of fish, like the wooly worm in California, where before someone digs to build, they have to pay like 45,000.00 for a study to make sure they arent disturbing this wooly worm? I mean are we all gonna pass away and have lesser lives because some secret species of fish isnt there for 12 years. Oh my, its the end of the world. You need to come with something better than that eddie. That aint working for me.

          • bp

            J. Micheal (or is it Michael?) First of all, sorry, but FOX is the MOST WATCHED news, #1 with more viewers than all other networks COMBINED!!! mostly libertarian, and the only reason it comes across as conservative to you is because liberals are incapable of debate and decline invitations to keep it “fair and balanced”. Second, BHO is in office with a legislative Democrat majority and can pass anything he wants to, like “Health-care” (read socialist take-over). No other president has had that luxury that I know of. Can you name one?

        • DaveH

          A couple of notable things about Katrina. New Orleans is built below sea level. And nobody, not even the god-like Obama, can stop a hurricane like Katrina. Yet, the Liberals were all over Bush for that catastrophe. Some of the stupes even claimed it was caused by Bush’s inaction over Global Warming (the Liberal Farce).
          So, here comes Obama. He has been the champion of Green fanaticism which has all but shut down any non-deep-water drilling. So it really is the Obama administration’s fault for companies being driven into the hazardous process of deep-water drilling. And then Obama drags his feet for months, ignoring offers of help from foreign countries and American companies who think they could greatly alleviate the spill damage. Yet the same fanatical Liberals, who were all over Bush for Katrina, are not only silent, but they are vociferously supporting Obama in his non-efforts.
          The truth is that the Liberals could care less about the environment. Their agenda is nothing short of total government control and they will use any misinformation they can to achieve that.

          • J.Micheal

            Well, this has been quite interesting. People knew the levees weren’t up to snuff,maybe that would of helped some? Looking at what has been written, the real problem is the American people or at least the ones who vote the straight party line. Both parties are corrupt, you know what they say about power. Not sure about this tea party,either,and what about this deal in South Carolina. If you sit back and look there is enough blame to go around and has been for a while.The Republicans don’t care about the environment anymore than the Democrats. Polticians(most)only want power, they jump on something for the vote. And speaking of moral highground,coming from republicans that’s hilarious,but being the bible-belt party I guess you can say that,from a lesbian,S&M strip club. Besides,you can get all the egg-heads you want into the room, all they’re going to do is think about it, a bunch of ideas that are unproven. I prefer to get my news from Comedy Central although I do watch MSNBC,by the way JOE is a Republican and he gets on everyone no matter what party they are in. I worked with a Ph.D once,he could whip-out pages of math,but couldn’t make anything work. How come nobody has proposed this could be a terrorist plot? Sabotage? It’s somewhat hard to believe that BP would be so negligent,even though they did cut corners. I really don’t care what BS is coming from everybody,until the facts are all in we really won’t know, maybe we’ll never know. Maybe the real truth went down with those 11 people who died,maybe? Anyway, why don’t we quit using this to divide the country,act like we’ve got brains,because the USA is in a mess.

          • eddie47d

            A new low for you Dave and you really piled on the crap. So I will call you a liar. I read several environmental magazines and they do bash Obama over the Oil spill.(for allowing drilling and for slow response in containing spill). Oil companies have been drilling in deep waters for many years before Obama became President so that’s lie # 2. Under George Bush the Corp of Engineers wanted the levees strenghtened for obvious reasons. Bush vetoed their request and most of the damage was done from the levees breaking not just Katrina. So yes it was Bush’s inactions. Your bias is showing and it’s starting to smell like rotting Gulf fish.

          • JeffH

            fast eddie, I’d have bet that you believe your green magazines word for word. Sierra Club, CCX Quarterly, Save the Whales, Environmental Working Group, Friends of the Earth, Green For All, Green Party of the United States.

            Did you know: “In 1977, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) was slated to launch its Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Barrier Project, which called for the construction of levees at two strategic locations — the Rigolets and Chef Menteur passes — to prevent massive storms on the Gulf of Mexico from causing Lake Pontchartrain to flood the city of New Orleans (which is below sea level). A state environmentalist group known as Save Our WetLands (SOWL) believed that these proposed levees would negatively affect the area surrounding Lake Pontchartrain. Further, the organization was convinced that the construction of the levees would be merely the first step in a malicious plan to drain Lake Pontchartrain entirely and open the area to capitalist investment, which it regarded as a de facto evil. Thus SOWL filed a lawsuit to prevent the ACE from building the fortifications.

            U.S. District Judge Charles Schwartz, Jr. ruled in behalf of SOWL by issuing an injunction demanding that the Corps of Engineers draw up a second environmental-impact statement, three years after the Corps had submitted the first one. Ultimately, the project was aborted in favor of a campaign whereby the government would merely build up existing levees.

            In the aftermath of Katrina, Louisiana State University professor Gregory Stone said:

            “The floodgates [which ACE was preparing to build in 1977] would have blocked the flow of water from the Gulf of Mexico…into Lake Pontchartrain. This would likely have reduced storm surge coming from the Gulf and into the Lake Pontchartrain … [and] would have alleviated the flooding of New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina.”

            To think you’re still blaming Bush. My my!

          • DaveH

            Liberal Eddie said:
            “Oil companies have been drilling in deep waters for many years before Obama became President so that’s lie # 2.”
            Where did I say they hadn’t been? You, Fast Eddie, have put words in my mouth and then accused me of being a liar for those fabricated words. Talk about new lows. But then, you are a Liberal and Liberals are misinformers.

          • eddie47d

            “So it really is Obama’s fault for companies being driven into the hazardous process of deep water drilling”. Even though Horizons permit was executed long before Obama became President. So we can go back and forth on who is responsible for making sure the job was done right.

          • DaveH

            If Obama and his radical Environmentalist supporters aren’t allowing companies to drill elsewhere then, duh, I would say that is forcing them to drill in deep water unless they just want to give up and go out of business.

          • DaveH
          • JeffH

            Now DaveH, why did you have to burst fast eddie’s bubble…now no one will ever believe another word he speaks…then again, he was busted long before today. In other words…GOOD JOB!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Hmm. Well fast eddie, how you gonna reply to that? Youve been exposed as a lying left wing liberal. Busted.

          • eddie47d

            Why would you want help from Socialist Europe when you hate them.Why would they want to help us after all the bashing and trashing you give them? Because Socialists give a damn about more than themselves! The levees on Lake Pontchartrain were built in 1965 for flood control even though it was a natural salt water lake. It was built to withstand a category 3 hurricane and has been modified a few times but never above that category 3. That effort failed in 2003-4 when Bush cut all requested funding. I do wonder why they continued to habitat the city of New Orleans when they had this massive lake between them and the Gulf. Mobile doesn’t have anywhere near the problems N.O. has.

          • bp

            eddie47d: We want Europe’s help for practical reasons; we have a Gulf filled with crude oil sludge, they have skimmer technology which they offered to us, politics aside! And they probably don’t want it to be carried their way via Atlantic currents! This is how rational adults look at “accidents”.

    • Al Sieber

      Obama nor superman(who he think’s he is) is gonna fix this.oil is spewing out 20,000 to 70,000 psi, and the sediment has eroded the very walls of the well itself in several areas. this is now an uncontainable gusher that is spewing oil up from dozens of sites across the Gulf floor. the tapped oil pocket is sand blasting itself routes to the surface that grow in diameter due to the eroding walls and passageways, there is not a well to cap or fill, what’s left of the well is already dissolving. we don’t have the technology to fix this at the depth and pressure we’re dealing with. Obama needs to tell us the truth for a change. this is a disaster of epic proportions and we need to know what’s really going on.

    • William

      spoken just like an IDIOTIC yellowdog democrat, obama has you people mesmerised. if he told you and others like you to pick up a hundred pounds and walk out in the ocean a mile or 2 you’d grab a hundred pounds and run to the ocean braying obama rules!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Let me educate you, you biased liberal. This well was not even put into the Gulf and did not commence drilling until February 2010. Guess who was President since 2008? So your telling me, that Obama isnt allowed to change any regulations, and he isnt responsible for making sure, before someone drills 5000′ feet down, that there are safety mechanisms in place? That from the time George Bush came into being, until the end of time now, everything will be his fault, because no one came around and made sure things were safe on their watch? Come on man, get a life, and put your agenda away. This whole thing originated almost 2 years after Bush was gone, and you cannot serioulsly hold him responsible for this current admin sleeping at the switch, and allowing someone to drill 5000′ feet deep in water, and nobody bothered to make sure everything was done safely and correctly. Unbelievable. Stop blaming Bush. You want someone to blame, go to the source. The whole reason they drilled out there in the first place, is because the environmentalists and the democrats got in bed together, and wouldnt let them drill safely in Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and other places, or in shallaw water where things are done more easily, more safely, and cheaper. So lets place the blame where the blame is deserved, on those who forced the drilling to be done in 5000′ of water, and on those who were in power when this well was drilled, not making sure that safety regulations were being covered. Just in case your interested in any sort of truth, this is where the guilt lies. Of course, you can put your liberal spin on it, but to the rest of us, the truth is the truth is the truth, and you cannot change that no matter how much you try.

      • eddie47d

        Ther’s plenty of drilling going on in Montana.Idaho,Wyoming,Colorado, and Alaska,ect. More now than there was 20 years ago. Sounds like there will be drilling in N. Dakota real soon. We’ve been drilling way out in the Gulf for numerous years. At this rate we’ll really be sucked dry and America will be left high and dry. We need better solutions now not just depending on drilling.

        • airangel

          Eddie, even with better solutions it will take a long time to transition millions and millions of vehicles, heating units, plastis, candles, buildings, etc. You can’t just snap your fingers and be off oil dependancy..yes we can slowly start to ween from it but it will be a long process

          • eddie47d

            You (conservatives) have been saying that for 40 years and you still don’t change. You go right back to the oil trough and damn any new possibilities. So when are we really going to start for we are getting tired of “snapping our fingers”.

          • Jana

            OK mr. smart alec eddie

            Why don’t you go ahead and put your money where your mouth is. Quit using ANY AND ALL products made from oil or even created from petroleum based products. Get your bicycle oh shoot, the tires, nope, you can’t use that. So start walking buddy. Everywhere you go, even on vacations. Oops, can’t use those tennis shoes.

            Be careful now and don’t get sick and have to go to the hospital because most of their supplies are also made from—yep you guessed it, PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS.

            They are everywhere. So I bet you can’t stop using things created from petroleum based products. You would have to quit using your computer, your TV, your radio, your DVD player. You would also have to quit using electricity, but hey, for such a pure and politically correct man as you seem to think you are, that shouldn’t be a problem.
            Go for it!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          What eddie, like being dependant on foreign nations oil? I think its high time to get off their oil, and use our own, dont you?

          • Jana

            Yes, because like it or not that is what we have avaiable NOW. So for now we need to use what is available to us to use. We also need to at the same time encourage new technologies so that we can eventually get off oil. However, we can’t just STOP using oil all at once, it would throw our country into a worse financial fiasco.

    • ALFRED E


    • ALFRED E


    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Actually, had she been president, 10 to 16 years ago, this wouldnt have happened, because we would have been drilling on shore in Alaska where all the studies were done and safety precautions put in place, and we wouldnt have needed to kiss the environmentalists butts and go drill out in 5000 feet of water. Of course, this is just the truth, but I can see by your ignorant statements, that you are not interested in the truth in any way, shape or form. You have an agenda to spew, and that is all you seem to bring to the table.

    • A.W.

      With blatant ignorance on the loose like this (you) poor soul, who needs enemies. You should be in the OBAMA administration ! He is not only incapable of managing, but is alienating out best friends and allies !
      Keep your head in the sand, but move out of the way and let real grown-ups handle the true mess in the future.
      OH !!! don’t forget to use birth-control…………thanks.

    • Al Sieber

      Wean us off oil and do what? we don’t have the technology in alternative energy to supply this nation with energy. Bush and Cheney are not in charge, Obama is, that’s what’s scary.

    • bp

      Palin Hater: Obviously, you must be a left wing lunatic. As Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin invested 75% of her time dealing with oil companies, by her own account. Wish she WAS in charge! She would have managed this disaster from day ONE, not just given lip service!

      • Kinetic1

        “by her own account.” That’s a laugh. How many times do you have to be shown that “her account” changes to fit her needs?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Its been steady from day one. A model of consistancy. She does what she says, and proved it in all walks of her live. You liberal’s cannot handle the truth, and cannot handle someone actually doing what they say they are going to do. You cant handle a governor who balanced the states budget. So afraid of the truth. Its so funny you all are scared of a woman. Its great, and I love it.

          • Kinetic1

            According to Alaska’s records, she increased her state’s operating budget by 27%! She set a budget of $10 billion in a state that only brings in $3 billion through sales and income taxes. So how did she “balance” the budget? By charging the oil companies a windfall profit tax! Wow, if every state had that option we’d all be in the black. How about when she became Wasilla’s governor? They had zero debt, but she left them 22 million in the hole because of her sports arena debacle! Infrastructure went untouched despite years of neglect, but the stadium (and her new home) were top of the list.

            I’m not afraid of strong, competent women. My wife is internationally respected in her field and has traveled the world giving lectures and training others. The difference between her and Palin is, my wife doesn’t just claim to do the job, she does it!

          • Doug

            Wow travels the world and gives lectures! Does she work for Obama or is she just another professor who can tell you how to make love to a 100 different ways but never had sex in her life. People that can do do people that can’t get Govt. jobs or become professors.

          • eddie47d

            She’s a model of inconsistencies! Alaska get’s back $1.80 for every dollar it sends to Washington. Shucks, we could all balance our checkbooks with that kind of return. So your truth is a little untruthful.

        • eddie47d


        • bp

          Kinetic1; “ditto” Dave! It takes a real man to appreciate a real woman. Are you the “house-husband”, Kinetic?

    • http://naver samurai

      If “Osama” is doing the best he can, than I’m The Pope!

      • JC

        Obama is doing the best “he” can, which is why he should be fired. And Bless you your Holiness! ;)

      • Vicki

        Oh he is doing the best he can. What you should be asking your self is WHAT is he doing. I don’t think his plan is the same as the plan he tells us.

      • eddie47d

        Heck the Pope can’t control his flock either.

        • Jim H.

          Eddie, The Pope guides, not controls his flock. If you would darken the doorway of a church every once in a while, you would know this.

          • eddie47d

            I go to church every sunday. Maybe you ought to try it with your false assumptions and dark mind.

          • Vicki

            If you went to church (and paid attention) you would know that the pope guides (or sometimes leads) his flock. The pope does not control his flock.

    • 45caliber

      Bush and company may have been lax on regulations BUT YOUR HERO ignored them! This well was started AFTER he took office. He even approved the drilling! But he certainly didn’t make any changes to the regs, did he? That means he either 1) approved the existing regs or 2) didn’t give a darn. Which is it? You seem to speak for him so you should know.

      Blaming Bush for everything now is a little too much. Oblama has had over a year to fix things. All he’s done is push for a huge growth in government rather than fixing anything that might be wrong with it. Shame on you and him for continuing to blame Bush for Oblama’s failures. I think Bush did a lousy job but he at least was willing to take the blame instead of trying to blame everyone else for his own mistakes.

      • Kinetic1

        Bush accepted blame? This is the man who, 2 years after 9/11 couldn’t think of any mistakes he had made. “I don’t want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I’m confident I have. I just haven’t ‘N you just put me under the spot here, and maybe I’m not as quick on my feet as I should be in coming up with one,” No WMDs, no link between Iraq and Iran, no yellow cake uranium, no mistakes! Who was responsible for the “mission accomplished” banner? Oh, that was the NAVY! Yeah, Bush was well known for accepting blame.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Hmmm. I saw William Jefferson Clinton on live TV, before Bush was even a candidate for president, spouting out how Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and had to be stopped. Yes, I did see this, and yes, it was before Bush was even a candidate for president. Second, when Bill Clinton cut our intelligence and military in half, dont you think it made it pretty easy for these guys to get into the country, set up shop, and blow up the World Trade Centers? And you think its Bush’s fault? OMG. You are a sick and dangerous person.

          • Doug

            Excuse me you are all missing the point! Illegal immigration was the problem if we had been enforcing our immigration laws almost all of the bad guys would have never gotten to training and stuff to fly the planes they were all illegals who had not been thrown out when their visas expired.

          • Jana


            No yellowcake? Then why did Iraq just sell a humongous supply of this stuff to Canada about 2 years ago?????

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Thats what Im saying Doug. Because of us not having enough intelligence at the time, from Clinton cutting them in half, these guys walked in illegally, set up shop, stayed here undetected, and did their dirty deed. Had our intelligence been up to snuff, they wouldnt have gotten this done. But I do totally agree with you about illegal aliens, it has to be stopped, thats why I applaud Arizona. Obama should be ashamed to call himself an American, and chastize them for doing the thing the federal government should have done a long, long time ago.

        • 45caliber

          He accepted the blame for the mistakes HE did. Being President doesn’t mean accepting the blame for every mistake that everyone else makes too. Your man doesn’t even accept his own mistakes. All your examples are mistakes only in your eyes. And you blame him even if even you know it wasn’t his fault.

          I can’t really understand that sort of hatred.

        • bp

          Kinetic; I thank God (that would be Jehovah) that President Bush was in the White House on 9/11!

    • refuse2lose

      Are you really as mentally challenged as you sound?Obama is doing everything he can? HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION PALIN HATER?????He had every opportunity to allow foreign vessels in the Gulf so they could assist us and he REFUSED.Why was that???Because he cares more about the freaking unions than he does the people in the Gulf.And when he says he wants the Gulf to come back better than b4 he means he wants it to look like Detroit!!!!I swear I can’t figure out how liberals think…I guess it is true that…..


      • eddie47d

        I love a conservative who begs for foreign help. Are you swallowing your pride or is it just anti-Obama BS?

        • JC

          Funny thing to say…”Beg” for foreign help is not the point at all.
          “Refusing” help is just idiotic. And he’s right…the Dalibama is a control freak, not a leader.

          • JeffH

            JC, you’ve upset fast eddie…don’t you know that he carries his little “obama” doll with him wherever he goes.

          • JC

            LOL, Me Too! But I stick pins in mine ;)

          • kate8

            JC, what a great idea!

            BTW, I love your sense of humor.

            You were kidding, weren’t you?


          • JeffH

            JC, it passed my mind but I can’t justify the expense of buying the pins. I know I’d use thousands and those beady little eyes are so small.

          • Jana

            But his ears are so big.

            OOPS I didn’t really say that did I???

          • kate8

            Jana, I’ll go ahead and say it.


        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Obama is a foreigner you ditz. He is, the Kenyan.

          • MadArky

            It took forever to get a real pointed comment with meaning about Obumma’s point of origin (Kenya). I have major problems with a Party that allows a NON_AMERICAN (Unconstitutional) person to run for President and even less for a Congress that doesn’t have the kahunnies to throw him out. And they are all guilty – if they didn’t vote for him – they didn’t waste any effort defeating his ignorance and stupidity. His spending defies any logic and his desire to make the greatest nation on earth a Marxist, Socialist government proves his ability to review evidence of many OTHER failed governments is severely flawed. Those who support his actions are worse than incompetent and would be the first to abandon ship if he is llowed to continue.

      • bp

        refuse2lose (great name, by the way) On day 60 BHO promises to make things better for the Gulf after the “shake down” of BP for 20 Billion (that’s 20 x 100 million). Sure, and we’ll all be flying around on our unicorns!

    • Dave R.

      Blaming Bush and Cheney is absurd. The relief wells are expected to be completed within 4 months to a depth of 18,000 feet below the ocean floor. Thus it appears reasonable to believe that the well that has blown out was drilled after Obama became president. Until you can prove that the blown out well was drilled during the Bush and Cheney administration, your statement makes no sense. And until more information is obtained from the people who actually constructed, maintained and operated the Deep Horizon rig equipment including the non-functioning blow out preventers, we do not know the true cause(s)of this blow out and inability to shut down this well. Obama and Congressional investigators need to go back to basics and start investigating beginning with questioning the people actually and directly involved, not chief executives of BP et al. who are unlikely to know very little about the actual technology or condition. The interrogators should, of course, be looking for “smoking gun” communications from BP or Trans Ocean in which the executives in charge give orders to ignore any identified malfunctions or safety warnings.

      • Kinetic1

        They are investigating this. There have already been reports of workers pointing out broken pieces of the back up valve, only to be told to continue. We know that Haliburton’s cement job failed at least one test, but management decided to move forward. And we all know that BP lied over and over again about the severity of the leak, only to be exposed by our government’s experts, so let’s not suggest that this is not being investigated.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        They cant. Drilling commenced February 2010, long after Bush/Cheney were gone. Obama and his boys had well over a year to revisit any lax laws, and they should have been responsible to at least make sure safety procedures were in place when this was being drilled, but they didnt check out the blow-offs or nothing. They were no where to be found. In everything they do, they have this dirty little back-up plan. If things go bad, blame Bush. That is how they roll, and that is all they do. Place blame. Come on 2012, time for them all to go.

        • eddie47d

          Since Obama, as you say has had plenty of time to deal with safety regulations then I think the hammer will be coming down even harder on the oil industry. (more regulations,more safety inspections,more government workers). If that’s what it take to get the job done right then dig deep for that extra tax money. Also,the government workers who can’t do the job right should be fired,especially MMS.

          • Doug

            Where were the regulators when these infractions were being discovered? More of any govt involvement mean more problems and a diffent failure. Please provide me with any govt. agency or program that works??????? I am waiting?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            come on fast eddie, Im allready digging deep for more tax money, I mean, after all, it is the working stiff like me that is going to have to pay for Obama’s Socialist health care plan that they ram-rodded through in the back room sessions. All of us working stiffs are going to have to pony up more taxes to pay for it. Everytime a democrat comes in office, we all pony up more tax money. Your hero Clinton had more tax raises than any president in history. This is, what you dems do, raise taxes. Just like the people they represent, they dont want to work for the money, they want to take it from others.

      • bp

        Dave R.(an objective voice): I think he did nothing ON PURPOSE. He made three trips to the beach. Why? He knelt down to pick up a patch of sand oil and looked out over the ocean. Why? Maybe he was disappointed. NOT ENOUGH DAMAGE YET. He was waiting for the sludge to come in before making his speech to “the little people”. That’s how stupid he thinks we are, and how narcissistic and shallow he is. We couldn’t see the DAMAGE YET.

    • CaptTurbo

      The Leftys are responsible for the deep water spill. We could be drilling in shallow water where mishaps are managable instead of in 5000 feet so the rigs will be far offshore.

      Also we could be drilling on land. North America has more oil then the Middle East combind. The enviro whackos have purchased enough politicians to keep it from being used. I’m surprised the article was so misleading on this point.

      America is not tapped out with oil. We are just screwed by Washington.

      • Vicki

        John Myers (the author) writes:

        “I am talking about America’s unrequited addiction to oil which has been drilled dry within our borders.”

        we are not even close to dry within our borders. The Green (catch all for all of them) movement has simply convinced politicians and obviously a lot of thinking Americans that we are out of oil or that we must not drill where we know oil is.

        “The U.S. is tapped out and drilled out. You have to go back to the 1920s to find a decade where less oil was discovered in the U.S. than will be discovered this decade.”

        Of course for any given land mass there will come a time when we will know where all the oil is hiding. To attempt to prove that we are out of oil by saying we know where all the oil is seems to be a bit dishonest.

        “analysts say the real source of the problem is closer to home. In fact, it’s parked in our driveways.”

        Our driveways have bicycles and motorcycles and cars. The inference from your statements is that this is a problem. It is not. Americans learned many years before the rest of the world that personal rapid transit is the most desirable, most efficient and most affordable transit system invented to date.

        “Public transit” was available from even before cars however the ingenuity of the American people brought motorized transport down in cost to the point that it easily outdid “public transit” in what the customer actually wanted and needed. Fast, reliable, inexpensive INDEPENDENT transport.

        So the problem is not our cars it is our politicians who continue to take the desires of minorities (people who hate cars for whatever reason) and impose their will on all of us.

      • eddie47d

        Wdo plenty of drilling on land. Drive around out West and you’ll see.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thank you Captain, you hit a grand slam on this one.

      • bp

        Capt: He’s trying to bankrupt the oil industry now, for his cap & tax agenda.

    • JeffH

      Palin is the Problem, American Liberal or whatever you and your ilk call yourself today…Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk!

      “never let a crisis go to waste”
      EPA Analysis Makes Case for Senate Action on Climate Bill
      Statement by Kevin Knobloch, Union of Concerned Scientists
      “Our country has just gotten a huge wake up call that we can’t ignore, and Americans heartbroken by the damaging gusher in the Gulf of Mexico want Congress to rewrite our antiquated energy policy.”

      Obama exploiting spill to push climate change legislation
      President Barack Obama is exploiting the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to push climate change legislation, a top House Republican asserted Tuesday.

      Alliance for Climate Protection Founder and Chairman Al Gore issued the following statement on tonight’s President Obama’s Oval Office address: Now it is time for the Senate to act. In the midst of the greatest environmental disaster in our country’s history, there is no excuse to do otherwise.”

      Oil Spill, Climate Bill
      Last year, Rahm Emanuel advised the president to play it cool on cap-and-trade. Will the Gulf disaster change their strategy? On May 26, the president pledged to “keep fighting to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation,” and on June 2, he declared, “The time has come, once and for all, for this nation to fully embrace a clean-energy future.”

      Watch out folks, the green movement is alive and well and so is “CAP and TRADE”. This was an opportunity for Obama to drag his feet and blame BP exclusively, let the gulf disaster fester to get the public’s emotions boiling…the “WHAMO” right between the eyes…

      I believe in searching for affordable alternative energy, but now is not the time to pass another piece of legislation where “we’ll know what is in it after it’s passed and written”, trust the government to do the right thing…again!

      We need to get responsible leadership back, if that’s even possible.
      Keep writing and calling your representatives and vote wisely in November…this country depends on you to force the change that the American people want, not the “hope and change” we’re getting.

      • eddie47d

        Obama wanted climate change legislation before he was elected. So he’s not exploiting the oil spill. BP did that all by themselves. So stop rattling you parrot cage;someone will come along and let you out.

        • JeffH

          Gee eddie, you’ve no arguement so have at it…Polly want a cracker…baaarrraaaccckkk!

        • JeffH

          ast eddie says: “Obama wanted climate change legislation before he was elected. So he’s not exploiting the oil spill. BP did that all by themselves.”

          You obviously don’t know the meaning of “exploit”…you tell me if BP or Obama is doing the exploiting? I’ll take the high road and guess Obama!

          Definition for exploit(…or Obama’s exploitation of the oil gusher)
          - take advantage of somebody: to take selfish or unfair advantage of a person or situation, usually for personal gain
          - use something for benefit: to use or develop something in order to gain a benefit
          - exciting act: an interesting or daring action or achievement

          • Jana

            You have it right.

          • DaveH

            I don’t mean to interrupt you while you put Liberal Eddie in his place, but you should read this:

          • JeffH

            DaveH, I saw something earlier but haven’t had a chance to look into it. Thanks though, I’ll check it out and respond back.

          • eddie47d

            As usual you took the low road!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          We dont need his climate change bill. The climate constantly changes. Why just 2 years ago, Al Gore was all over the place, lying through his teeth telling everyone we were warming up, and that he and G.E. had the solutions, if we all would just give them billions of dollars. Now two years later, leading GEOLOGICAL scientists, you know, the real scientists that study this stuff, the kind of scientists that Al Gore never consulted, and they are all saying the climate is actually cooling. Oops, I guess Al isnt going to get those billions, unless some whack job like Obama and his band of thugs can get into the backroom again, and close the doors, and illegally ramrod more baloney down our throats. Please hurry up 2012, the damage is piling up.

          • eddie47d

            World wide April of this year was the hottest ever recorded and when he made that statement it was a very hot year.No lies and deceit just a difference of opinion.

        • Bob

          How far do you allow your mind’s eye to see.Possibly when Barry Soetoro(obama)was reading all the brief’s as a Senator.Did you ever notice prior to 2008 barry(obama)would always go to joe biden.They were always confering on everything.Think of it this way-search under the surface,get over the charisma,the worst election night of this country is over!the unveiling of the Truth is being exposed everyday and thousands each day are catching on to the mistake you all made in November 2008.

      • bp

        Jeff: “On May 26, the president pledged to “keep fighting to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation,” and on June 2, he declared, “The time has come, ONCE AND FOR ALL, for this nation to fully embrace a clean-energy future.”
        This is very suspicious. BHO ran on a no-drill platform (pardon the pun) and reverses to allow this rig to begin in 2/2010? and then it blows. I’m just saying….”Never let a crises go to waste”!

    • Aorian

      Palin is the Problem, really, you are actually going to try and blame Bush and Chaney?!! Give it a break, grow up and get a clue! It is called an “Accident”, they happen from time to time. There is nothing man-made in this world that is accident-proof. Now the real problem is that Oil companies are forced to drill in ultra-deep waters, instead of the shallow waters, so that tourist don’t see the oil rigs! If this breech had happened in a shallow water drill site, they could have put divers, not robots on the job and sealed the leak inside of a few days. The depth of the site, makes it extremely difficult to cap spills.

      Now for our President doing everything he can… B.S.!!! The Obama and his administration is either border-line mentally deficient, or he is intentionally prolonging taking action on address this disaster in hopes of a catestrophic event… hoping to produce a disaster of such scope and devestation, that everyone will be screaming for an end to oil drilling and he can pass his precious ‘Cap-n-Trade/Carbon Tax’ legislation! How can I say this, well lets look at the facts:

      *3 days into the disaster the Dutch offered 4 high tech oil skimming ships that would have taken 20,000 tons of oil per day out of the Gulf, and they offered to help build the burm along the coast lines that would have protected the LA shores, wetlands and estoraries… Obama flat out rejected the offer.
      * There are several skimming ship own by a Texas company that were offered to be used… Obama rejected them.
      * Millions of feet of oil absorbant booms sit in a warehouse in Maine, Obama has not ordered them being used.
      * Governor of LA, has begged the President to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to come and build the burm off the shores of LA to protect the waterway and wildlife of LA, as well as begging for more booming, the skimming ships and such, Obama has denied all the governor’s request.
      *The pre-approved burn of the oil spill was delayed for days, allowing the spill to become too big to successfully be contained and burned.
      *BP wanted to try the cap method to begin with, but all decision for action that BP takes have been going through the White House, but they didn’t want to try the cap method, allowing the leak to go uncheck for weeks before the cap was finally allowed to be used.
      *There are proven methods for handling these types of spills that the Shell Oil company used in the Persian Gulf, years ago, which involves using a few pumping ships to fill supertankers with oil/water taken from the spill area, then taking the oil to refineries that can separate the oil from the water. The success of this method is said to be 85% capture of spilled oil! Yet no one is using this method at this time.
      *Another method of cleaning the slick involves using straw/hay spread on the water to soak up the oil, then taking the oily straw/hay to processing plants where the oil can be covered. In fact there are several other methods for cleaning the spill, but to date, the gov’t. has failed to use a single one of these methods.

      I could continue, but I think I have made my point… there is no way anyone can be this stupid/ignorate as Obama and his administration appear to be, he has to be doing this on purpose, hoping for a hurricane to put the cherry on top! There is just no way to defend Obama’s handling of this spill. He is still harping on BP’s paying for this… how about containing, cleaning the spill and sealing the spill, then worry about finger pointing and who’s going to pay! If you stop drilling now though, on top of the seafood & tourist industries severe blow, you will destroy LA, MS, AL, and FL economies to the point of bankrupcy. To stop drilling is akin to shutting down traffic on all interstate highways, because of a multi-car pile up on a icy road.

      • Jana


        You made very good points. Thank you for this good post.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Very good and truthful post. It is the lefts attempt to get everyone mad at big oil, and make it as bad as can be, instead of being part of the solution, Obama admin is being a big part of the problem. Somehow the democrats have gotten people to believe that big oil and republicans are the same guys, when they are taking as much money from oil companies, probably even more, and they seem to want to let this stuff spread everywhere, as they are content to still point fingers and offer nothing, kind of like what they did to get elected. Something is rotten here, because all those things you listed could have been enacted to help, and not one of them was done, and all were turned down.

      • bp

        Aorian: Great analogy! Eleven men died in that explosion and I haven’t heard a word about them.

    • WarriorH

      You’re spot on correct. If we can be taxed more based on our footprint every problem will be solved. Good thing I’m only a size 8!

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      “Palin is the Problem”?? LOL!! I never heard Sarah Palin tell anyone in a wheelchair to stand up. I never heard her say anything stupid like: “We have to spend more money to avoid bankruptcy” or ‘It’s our patriotic duty to pay more taxes”. And she never had to be bleeped out when talking about the passage of Obummer-care!!…..I also find it pathetic to think of the millions of jobs that could’ve been saved and created had McCain/Palin won on 11/4/2008. Instead, we have BHO and his democraps, who’ve destroyed over 4 million jobs in 17 months. And unless we can stop the democraps’ Marxist agenda, many more jobs will be lost!!

      • eddie47d

        And what jobs would they have created? Were waiting.

    • CKono

      You are an idiot. And so is Obama for that matter. The Bush-Cheney blame game is over. I was no fan of the former administration and Obama is just more of the same, only worse, but back to the spill. The current lease on that well was renewed by the Obama admin, the MMS approved of the well, under the Obama admin. The Obama admin is refusing assistance from other countries and refusing to waive the Jones Act to allow foreign vessels to assist in the clean up. The Obama admin is refusing permits to allow the building of berms. The Obama admin refused to allow barges to collect oil due to insufficient life preservers and fire extinguishers on the barges. Obama did not even want to talk to the BP CEO. Obama is more interested in criminal charges and who to blame than cleaning up the spill and collecting the oil at its source. Obama is more interested in using this crisis to get “cap and tax” passed. So keep playing the “Bush-Cheney” game. The fact is, your boy Obama does not care about the spill, it is just another vehicle for him to further his totalitarian agenda.

    • texastar

      …and you my dear friend, are a communist.

    • Texas84

      This would not have happened if we could drill on land. Blame this on the tree huggers.

    • Gerald Cozier

      Its been two years now and all I continue to hear from the Democrats is EVERYTHING bad thats happened is because of Bush and Chaney….and everything good flows from Obama. Keep that line up and see what happens in NOV. Obama aLREADY HAS PEOPLE JUST TURNING OFF THEIR tv SETS EVERY TIME HE APPEARS ON tv……his real problem is that NOONE, except hard line Democrats, believe a word he says. Thats all that VAST experience he gained being a Communiuty Organizer. He has no idea HOWE to govern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lorenplanes

      IF drill baby drill was VP we would not be in the gulf



    • Ralph Pope

      The Carabou will do just fine drilling for Oil on High Ground in Alaska. Sarah is correct in her comments and observations , otherwise we will be that much more dependant on our enemies for Oil.
      Shallow Water Drilling is as safe as land Drilling, Deep Water Wells must use the the maximum safety measures available. That was not the case with BP. They cut corners to save a few bucks, (Greed or ??)
      We have no choice but to continue Drilling, at lesat for the forseable future, until Green Energy abundantly available in the next 10 yeras or so.

    • Richard HarriS

      Palin is not the problem. Lack of leadership is. Leading by committee is something you do as an organizer. leading by example is what you do as a President. We are now on DAY 63 of this disastor and he still has not waved the Jones Law so that we can get additional resources in to help protect our ecology. Instead he wants to protect the Unions. Instead of setting up a panel to investigate the accident with people who know the oil field and deep water exploration, he puts people on the panel who know how to teach global warming. This shows the complete lack of common sense that is missing from this administration.

    • Arlene Lennerth

      “Actions speak louder than words”. Obama didn’t respond until 43 days after the oil disaster. So far I haven’t seen much of what he has done toward fixing the problem other than visit some beaches several times. which was good PR. He waits two months to give a speech that he has done everything he could. My response to that is “Talk is cheap.” Suzie

    • http://Personalliberties Chuck Burket

      I thought that all the Jone`s town people were gone, but I guess there are still some who think Obama is god and he can walk on water. Sarah Palin has no power to affect anyone`s life,through laws or taxes but because she speaks the truth she scares the hell out of socialist in the white house and in America. Sarah and Tod both have experience in the oil industries and could have done a better job of the oil spill than the idiots in the white house. I also just learned that Goldman Sacks sold several billions of dollars of B.P. stock just before the explosion, knowing how the white house and BP are connected I smell a rat.

    • Wayne

      Poor old Obama, Mr. Socialist himself maybe all of Mr.Soc. problems belong to Bush Mr. Spoil child,country club King. No! It’s not Palin problems but us Americans. But that will change next Elections.

    • D.Averett

      If Obama would have been doing his job in the first place, He could have changed the “Bush & Chaney Regulations” instead he is only preparing for big government take over. Putting his nose in where it don’t belong. Now he has taken over the payout money BP is putting forth to pay for the damage. (How many of Obama’s people are going to get richer) If yo0u follow the money trail it will be like a classaction lawsuite, the people with damages get a little and the lawers get the most.

    • M.W. Franklin

      Stupid is as stupid does, hello stupid

    • D.Averett

      If Obama would have been doing his job in the first place, He could have changed the “Bush & Chaney Lelaxed Regulations” instead he is only preparing for big government take over. Putting his nose in where it don’t belong. Now he has taken over the payout money BP is putting forth to pay for the damage. (How many of Obama’s people are going to get richer) If you follow the money trail it will be like a classaction lawsuite, the people with damages get a little and the lawers get the most.
      Obama and his whole staff is a joke, I pray to God ya’ll wake up in 2010 elections and get this fool and crew in control.How stupid can you be? pull your head out for a good clear look. VOTE NO FOR OBAMA and CREW. I heard him say when he was running for presidant “He am half white but if I had a spong and could soak the white blood out he would”. He is in it for a power trip Vote the fool out.

    • Jim B.

      Obviously the lefties read the PLN also. The reason the oil companies are drilling in such deep waters anyway is the fact that because of the environmentalists and and a Gov’t that placates them at every turn the oil companies cannot drill on dry land or shallow waters anymore so, they have to keep going deeper and deeper. Our new marxist gov’t is going to use this as another way to add more taxes, restrictions and take away more of what we live in the USA for. In 10-20 years or less we will be a 3rd world country with few of the rights we now have unless we have a clean sweep of gov’t and get people in there that respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and are willing to fight for the American Way of Life and tell the UN to go to Hell. They also need to be firm and tighten our borders North and South. “O” is the worst Pres. we’ve had since Carter. He has done more to destroy this country in a year than GWB did in 8 years (IMO). Just my two cents.

      • gary

        Right on Jim B.I also think your post is worth more than two cents. It might just be priceless.

    • Jim Uphoff

      Now that you’ve taken your usual cheap shot at Bush and Cheney, why don’t you own up to who is really at fault? The democrats for forcing the oil companies to drill way out in deep water. We have millions of barrells of oil closer in and in Alaska. But the democrats have been preventing that for several decades now. That’s where the REAL blame lies.

    • George Dingman

      That’s right J.P. Just keep drinking the Obama kool aid. It’ll be better soon!

    • gary

      You darn tutin that Bush and Chaney are responsible for everylow down dispicable thing that has happened to mankind in the 21st century and don’t you forget it. I will tell ya they are both so slippery they would make Obama look like a piece of duct tape. They are sooo very slippery well, hey , do you know one of them could be with your wife, girlfriend, or mother at this very moment. You better go check now! We’ll tar and feather them,and run them outta town a rail when ya get back.

    • Victoria Coots

      The only thing Obama has done is talk, and now he has done a mafia shakedown of BP in his private meeting, where Biden tells BP, “either give us the $20 billion or we will take it from you!” Now, besides unconstitutionally taking over the auto industry, banks, medical insurance and the insurance companies, Obama has the arrogance to think he can take over industries from other countries.
      Over 60 days into this disaster by a company that donated handsomely to the Obama campaign, there is still nothing productive being done. However, the Netherlands with the equipment and know how to deal with this and had offered three days into the disaster to do just that was rebuffed by Obama, who could have suspended the Jones Act and let them handle this oil spill. There are also many American private companies chomping at the bit to get in there and deal with this, also with the equipment and know how. The problem is neither of these solutions are union workers, another group Obama is tied to politically, and has said himself he owes and is paying back with taxpayer money.
      This will be Obama’s direct pathway to cap and tax (trade), which will further erode our economy and very probably take us to the bottom of this red ink abyss we are in. The clear objective here is to totally collapse the American economic system based of free enterprise, which allows the American ingenuity to innovate. It is what has created the wealth of America, which she has been so generous (to a fault) with all around this globe. Our Constitution is also being shredded, which is what has created to opportunity for people around the world who come here legally to better themselves. Equal opportunity, however, does not equate to equal outcome. Obama nor anyone else will ever create that utopia they tout by stealing from some to pad the pockets of others…never going to happen. All its does is give them power over us, enslaving us to Government, who will live like kings on our backs. Wake up America, this subjegation is right at our front doorsteps.

    • http://none TONY DANCEL

      Palin is not a problem….
      you are the problem since you have a small mind who could never get the facts straight. If you are a lawyer who presents tainted evidence in court, YOU WILL LOSE, since you could not back it up with good evidence. You argue from your a defunct idealogy, not from thruthful evidence.
      The left keeps on blaming the past administration even if they have been gone for a year. THE OIL SPILL IS TODAY, THIS IS OBAMA’S KATRINA. He is handling it much worst since he offers no solutions for the past 2 months. All he is doing is FINGER POINTING, NO SOLUTIONS. That’s incompetence.

    • sonny

      Just like a stupid dem, pointing fingers and blaming others when Obama is at the helm and has been for almost 18 months now and has done more to destroy this country than any president in history.
      Sarah Palin is and has been telling the truth about Obama and you dimwits refuse to believe it. Sarah Palin has been and would be good for this country.

    • sonny

      Just like a stupid dem, blaming others when Obama has been at the helm
      for almost 18 months and has done more to destroy this country than any president in history. Sarah Palin tells the truth about Obama.
      His dimwit supporters just don’t want to believe it. Sarah Palin
      has been and would be good for this country.

    • http://gmail RAY FARMER


      • M.W. Franklin

        Hey Ray, didn’t I know you in the navy?

    • Bob

      How deep is your Ignorance to the fact that your paranoia allows you to speak out from make believe land.Oil is not your enemy-people that take your rights are the enemy.”We are going to make BP pay” sounds very threating to me.How does getting on the bandwagon for the people in the Gulf going to get you a dime in the North? As Govenor of Alaska,Sara Palin took care of the residents year after year with a dividen check from the oil company’s who ran their pipelines through the land. Mrs. Palin was on top of every situation about the oil companies-not one pipe line-many.So Sara Palin can speak from experience and inexperienced obama needs to take lessons on leader ship.The Federal Government was suppossed to have built a sand bar in the gulf so if something like this happened the oil would have been absorbed and the gulf shorelines would not be affected.When the Federal government reduces in size,and really starts to listen to the people of the land,(like obama pretended to do,and most politicians do when campaigning)and face these situations and actually do something about it(That’s called the PRIVATE SECTOR-WE GET ALL the WORK DONE Better and more effecient than BIG Government will ever do)I believe we would not have most of the problems in this country as well as the world-STOP TRYING TO CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE!!!

    • F. Smith

      It’s fascinating that “reality” depends on which end of the
      political spectrum one resides. If you are ultra-conservative,
      you think Obama is the worst president ever and should be
      impeached. If you tend to be liberal, you think Bush (the son)
      was the worst ever and should have been impeached.

      One wonders if these two groups, with their “all or nothing”
      radical opinions, will ever gain the insight and maturity to
      see that there are gaping holes..or huge blindspots in their perspective of one another’s political leaders.

      Bush, Obama…they came from us, from this multi-racial-religious-socio-economic body of life we call the fabric of America. The
      truth of the Bush and Obama presidencies will lie some where in
      the middle of the opinions of the radical right and the radical
      left. But who cares about truth?…”we just want to bash the other
      guy into oblivion so that the people begin to see our guy as the
      one most acceptable for political office.”

    • Maggie

      It would be silly to think we’d expect Obama to go down there and fix the disaster with his own hands, that’s not the problem. He should facilitate the efforts and keep things progressing as best as possible. The problem, however, is that the people (like you) who voted for him cannot think critically, so, of course, you think to blame someone else – but actually it’s your fault – or maybe you couldn’t help it because you did the best you could with your limited abilities, i.e. when you vote and comment. Maybe the answer is to find people with a certain IQ to handle problems that require critical thinking. Dumb people shouldn’t vote until their clear on what the consequences.

    • James Broom

      About time someone got it 100% right

    • Anna

      I will never under stand how people could have been so stupid as to vote for Obama,he is a lying son of a rat.he is a maggot.
      Sarah Palin,can do a much better job at running this Country.As well as Jan Brewer.
      Impeach Obama & his cohorts.
      I think what we need to do is Throw cherry bombs at all of the stuff that the mexicans bring in to the United States,Scare the Illegals into going back to Mexico.I do not want any one getting killed,if they get injured then that would be their falt,not the Americans.

    • http://msn roger brinkman

      It will be Bush’s fault for the assination of Lincoln next. Hope you like this change.

    • Dale on left coast

      Palin is the problem???? Really . . . what is she in charge of???
      Lets see . . . the Bamster turned down assistance and equipment from 13 countries, the Bamster took 60 days to sit down with the BP folks. The Bamster also received the most campaign donations from BP.
      And in your reasoned, logical mind Palin is the problem . . WOW!!!
      The alternative to oil tomorrow is what??? Living like Little House on the Prairie.
      Why are they drilling in 5000 feet of water? . . . because Enviro-Whacks like you won’t let them drill 500 feet of water or in Utah . . . where it would be 100% safe.
      And a decade from now . . . unhinged lefties like you will be saying “Bush Did It” . . . HOW??? Bama’s regulators DID NOT REGULATE, they were AWOL . . . as was their leader, guess the Teleprompter don’t work well on the Golf Course.

    • Kevin

      Wow how lucky is Barock Obama he will always have Bush/Chaney to blame for his problems and failures. He has already admitted that he will not protect the southern border because it will weaken his bill on immigration reform? His reform, even though border security has to be accomplished first, so I am thinking that this wonderful man? is allowing the worst ecological disaster this country has had to advance his agenda for cap and trade his speech was more about passing his bills than about the fix to the problem and who in their right mind would lay the fate of our beaches on a company that could care less about the USA B P’s only concern is about the bottom line as well as our illustrious leader!
      I guess that would be a man? who would give a foreign leader a standing ovation for coming down on an American state for wanting to stem the influx of thieves and murders from coming into their state illegally leaving behind a trail of trash, human feces and body’s and while they are carrying drugs into our country to further degrade our society!

    • sonny

      This country would be a LOT better off if Sarah Palin was president.
      She is VERY QUALIFIED and loves this country which is more than I can say for the current Marxist/idiot-in-chief. What part of “G.D. America” did you Obama supporters not understand??

    • Johnny

      This is to the “Palin is the Problem” respondant:

      Congratulations on being the worlds only living BRAIN TRANSPLANT DONOR!

    • Joe

      You’re an idiot!

    • Shavager

      Obumbler turned down the opportunity for oil skimmers from Saudi Arabia and Holland that could’ve skimmed oil from the surface, BP turned down tankers from Shell Oil that would gather the oil on the surface, Obumbler has not responded to a company in Maine that has a million feet of boom available. HE WANTS A CRISIS AND DISASTER for his green agenda and Cap and Tax. Harvard Research report says Obumbler NEEDS $7 A GALLON GAS THE ACHIEVE CO2 reduction he wants, HE PLANS ON SEIZING 10-13 MILLION ACRES OF WESTERN LAND TO PREVENT OIL SHALE PRODUCTION AND DRILLING. In the Gulf, George Soros funded group urged Obumbler FOR MORATORIUM. THOSE RIGS IN THE GULF WILL LEAVE FOR OTHER AREAS FOR REVENUE! Obumbler GAVE BRAZIL $2 BILLION FOR DEEPWATER DRILLING OFF THEIR COAST BY PETROBUS CORP. THOSE RIGS WILL GO TO BRAZIL AND PETROBUS. WHO’S A LARGE INVESTOR IN PETROBUS?? GEORGE SOROS!!! Obumbler gets the $7 a gallon gas he wants, stops drilling in the Gulf, force Cap and Tax on us, and rewards SOROS for bankrolling Obamunism in America!! Get your head out of the Obamunist agenda, He’s the biggest debtor and spender in the history of the U.S., NO COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN HAS EVER BORROWED AND SPENT ITSELF TO PROSPERITY AND THE U.S. CAN’T EITHER!!

    • Claudia Ground

      Sarah Palin is not the problem but the cure.she yakes a beating and keeps on ticking, if John Mccain had left her alone he would be president today,

    • http://yahoo Dan

      No sir you are the problem. Until there is an alternate energy source you are stuck with oil nimrod. Now drink that commie koolaid that is out to destroy America. You communists will fail you know.

    • David

      What planet are you living in? The reason Obama did nothing at the beginiing of the oil spill, even though he was offered international help, was because it falls right into his agenda, it need it to be a national disaster so he could push his Cap and Tax. The blame it on Bush, Chaney, Palin, God, Mickey Mouse, is getting old.

    • Sunny

      TO THOSE WHO SAY THAT obama IS DOING ALL HE CAN ARE JUST COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL. While our country “burns” obama plays. You have to ask the question – why has he remained so uninvolved? So calm and detached? So disinterested? Then one has to ask just who is obama “in bed” with? Where are the drilling rigs going to go while this moritorium is in affect? Where did obama lend billions of dollars to do offshore drilling that is NOT the United States? Who has vested interest in drilling offshore in Brazil? Who is pulling the puppet strings of barry hussein obama? Answer: George Soros. If you think obama is just incompetent and an idiot you need to dig deeper into his associations, his progressive agenda and his hatred for American Capitalism. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE BELOW THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN AND BELOW THE SCHEMES OF THIS KNUCKLE HEAD THAN THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW. SEEK THE TRUTH AND IT WILL SET US FREE —– AGAIN.

    • Kathleen

      Are we forgetting that President Obama took over after 8 years of a failed presidency? The Bush/Cheney Administration gave us two (yes 2) inwarrented wars, rampant deregulation which bred this disaster, a failing economy which gave us an economic meltdown. I can not think of any good that came out of the Bush/Cheney Administration other than they left us with the knowledge of what NOT to do.

      I have said from the very start of the 2008 election season – who ever gets elected will be a one term president because we Americans are fickle and fail to understand that WE helped create this mess that is called 2008-10. It is our failure to elect persons that will actually defend America against Americans. We want deregulation but wait we want regulation? We want homes now but we can’t afford them but we’re Americans so it is our right to max out our finances.

      We have the “Tea Party Patriots”. What do they stand for? Nothing but complaining and inaction. Sit on my lawn chair and bitch. When did Sarah Palin become the spokes person for America? She stands for anything that will keep her name in paper, on the television, in the public eye. I shudder to think that the Tea Party Patriots could actually get their candidates elected. Mrs. Palin cares for nothing but the almighty dollar. She and her family are part of what is WRONG with America. Gimme, gimme, gimme….

    • Paul Carnell

      Wait until you have to pay $10 or $12 dollars a gallon for gas, and then trll me how well Obama and his gang or doing. You might want to get better informed. Paul

    • Lamar Thereet

      Well! I can see where Mr. Obama’s playing golf and party schedule is considered doing all he can to address the oil spill. Some of the so called experts state that the spill could have been stopped in the first week with properly placed explosives to close the hole. I do not know if this is true but it seems reasonable. They state that BP would lose the well if they did and public opinion would not let them re-drill. If this is the case, it is a sad day for the American people and even a blacker note aganist the current administration and B.P.
      I can also see where denying expert help from outside the US to help contain the already leaked oil was a really smart move. I am sure the majority of the American people agree that Mr. Obama and the Administration is doing all they can to stop the spill. I am sure that the chemicals which experts say is much more dangerous than even the oil spill to the environment has been allowed to be dumped into the ocean. The chemicals are so dangerous they have been banned in other countries of the world. (remember Agent Orange)
      It appears we are bent on trying to prolong the damage and destroy the area not only by oil but by chemical means. Maybe another round of golf will clear all this up.

    • http://Personalliberty Dale

      Most ignorant statement I have read in a very long time. Typical snot blowing, slobbering, spitting Lib/progressive/socialist/communist idiot!

    • kevin kelly

      sarah palin is bad news,BIGTIME.

    • Mark Sullivan

      Exactly how is the problem in the gulf tied to Bush/Cheny?
      This President ran on a platform to force all new wells to be 50 miles or more off-shore, going against the recommendation of NOAA,who warned 4 different times that no contingency plans were in place.
      His Director of MMS rubber-stamped the faulty drilling plans twice.
      Obama, himself signed 2 different permits for this well, also against the advice of NOAA.
      The well(1 of 42,000 presently operating in the gulf) was started 7 months after Bush/Cheny left office. If you have a viable alternative for oil, tell us. Presently, wind, solar, and geothermal cost 4500% more, and require more damage to the environment than all 74,000 wells in America

    • L. Sintros

      Exactly what is it that you think Obama has done? So he went to the Gulf and looked. Big deal!

    • Margaret

      Obsessed, sick and dangerous: Barry or Barack or whatever his name and nationality is – he is threatening our freedoms each day. He does not believe in American democracy; he believes in dictatorial rule: sick and obsessed and a pyscho being used as a reader by other people such as Sorros and Ayers.

      Playing golf is really showing what concerns this fake while our Country regarding the oil spill.
      Was it an accident? Was it sabotage? This gang of lowlife lives and tries to grow in grasping at taking more and more in the midst of turmoil….just toooo many “accidents” recently.

      We are witnessing political violence today….more dangerous even than physical violence. Therefore we have to arm ourshelves psychologicall from this frother political babble/poisonous babble.

      Regarding Congress’ inquisition of BP: Babbling idiots/ embarrassing for our Country. What did it help????
      We have one Senator who was chewing “something” while he managed to read questions and repeatedly shook his fat finger and prefaced questions with “NOW”.
      Yes, I am ashamed of Congress – who are being rendered useless by the psycho’s czars – but, I think they do not want to face it.

      Palin in 12!
      God BLESS America!! Tell that to Rev. Wright and his prodigy.

    • http://karmel Mel HILLER

      A good Democrat never gives up trying to blame everyone else for any and every thing that goes awry. The louder the better even when the blame is there own. Three cheers for Sarah Palin! Love the phrase from Pres. George W. Bush-”MISS ME YET”.

    • NiCola

      Well…quit a stir to the original FOOL that started this WIDE variety of subjects. Face it, liberals have always been cowardly ! Who was it that DARED to venture West to expand our country ? NOT any LIBS ! ~~ Pres zer’O’ is a ‘showboater’ and a VERY bad manager of people. Palin in comparisen would make him look like the ‘school boy’ he IS ! Libs…get over it! Conservatives have BEEN the conservationalist LONNNNNGGG B4 the so called Democrats (which don’t EXIST anymore, since being HIGHJACKED !) that have tried to USE the ‘GO GREEN’ extreamists to ROB our nations taxpayers. Go figure…more LAZINESS !!!! ~~ As fare as the ‘hide-n-go seek’ on WMD’s….go check the MASSIVE GRAVES in Northern Iraq IDOTS !!! WHAT do U think they were killed with ???~~~ “BEAM ME UP GOD” !~~ Futhermore?? Wean us off oil??? Your IV tubing, in all of hospitals, keyboard & monitor housing your USING NOW…all plastic…from PETRO.~~ The REAL problem is the EXTREAMIST EPA that FORCED their IDOT ideas of moving drilling off SO deep that no SUBMARINE can even work on ‘em.~ Stop BAITING people into ‘entertaining the thought’ of ANYone going down to repair this volcano erruption of oil on our ocean floor. ~~ Big ‘O’ could have PROTECTED (HIS MAIN JOB as President!)our shores with the aid of our Navy ships, which are just SITTING at taxpayers expense. BP responsible ? WE SHOULD HAVE cleaned it up…THEN BILL ‘EM !!! They’re DRILL experts NOT CLEAN UP proficient ! EPA obviously does NOT know either. Because 90% are SITTING behide rules, regulations and DESKS !!!! ~~ LIBERALS…Wake up to your truely Earth ‘shattering’ thinking !!!

    • 4HIM

      “Palin is the problem” you can set down your glass now I believe you are drunk enough from the kool-aid. Why is it liberals can’t think for themselves and just keep on with the same old blame tactics ? And find someone new Mrs. Palin has more intelligence and common sense than all the liberals in this Nation combined. Maybe that is why she scares you so much. She is more in touch with the real America than any of the liberal dead weight freedom killers in office now. If you only had a grain of common sense you could see the truth.

    • Robert Hamilton

      In response to the below. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Still blaming Bush and Cheney. There is sooooo much Obams did not do and still is not doing. He will use this oil spill as an excuse to pass his Cap and Trade Bill. People mentioned he got the money from BP to pay people. Tony Hayward could have told Obama it is up to BP to pay the people and that is what we will do. Obama did not have the right or the authority to make Tony pay. What do you suppose Obama told tony to get Tony to change his mind??? EH? Clearly extortion Now Obama put the same man in charge of the money who has not given the money to all the Katrina victums. Obama took over the banks, lending institutions auto companies and now trying to convince the people that It is all BP’s fault while he is going to concerts, photo ops, playing golf. Peopl need to realize this man is dangerous!!! He needs to be Impeached!! ASAP

      Palin is the Problem says:
      June 16, 2010 at 4:34 am
      Obama is handling this problem as best he can. He addressed the nation from the Oval Office last night and said he is doing everything he can to bring the spill under control. What does one expect him to do, get down on the floor of the ocean and stop this fix?

      Furthermore why is everyone forgetting who is really at fault — Bush and Cheney and their lax regulatory oversight. At least Obama is doing what needs to be done and wants to wearn us of oil.

      Thank God “Drill Baby Drill” is not our VP!

    • cookiebaker

      Best get your bicycle legs in shape as the gas is going to go up to
      $7.00 a gallon or more since we are not drilling off our shores anymore but Obama gave Venezuela a whopping 50 million to drill off thier shores. How is that helping us? Could it be that Obama and Chavez are a whole lot in common such as communism?

    • carl


    • mlhtmilldr

      It’s the federal governments responsibility through the clean water act to keep the gulf, oceans, and waterways clean. Obama sat on his thumbs from day one when he should of been out in the gulf twenty or thirty miles from shore trying to contain and pick up as much oil as possible. They were offered skimmers which could of gotten eighty or ninety percent of the oil before it came ashore. Now we have forty-six and counting days worth of oil out there that is coming ashore. The problem is going to get a lot worse before it will get better. BP and MMS are responsible for the leak but the federal government and Obama not doing anything except playing the blame game. That’s inexcusable. We should be just as mad at the governments response as we are at BP. MMS passed the inspections on the rig and it’s Obama’s people in the MMS. This oil coming ashore in this quantity didn’t have to happen. Obama said he’s in charge. The only thing he’s in charge of is blaming everyone else but his administration.
      17 countries made offers of help with the oil spill, according to PJ Rowley in an official statement from the State Department. All but 2 were TURNED DOWN. These countries are…”Canada, Mexico, Korea, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

      Though the State Department receives the offers, it is BP and the Unified Area Command, led by the Coast Guard, that are the entities that decide which offers to accept. So far, the UAC has accepted skimmers and booms offered by Mexico and Norway. He deferred questions as to why only those offers had been accepted so far to the UAC in Louisiana.”

      Search for yourselves….the language I captured is from ABC’s Jake Tapper.

      His only skill is “How to ‘Orate’ while reading from a Teleprompter”; take that away and you have a self-serving, arrogant, fun-loving boob looking for photo-ops. The Gulf Oil is a disaster but his mis-handling of the problem has made it a monumental generational disaster. The Oil-Pollution Law states that the Federal Government should get involved immediately in the event of an Oil-Spill. But for 60 plus days he (Obama) was playing golf, making campaign speeches and having a fun time, and having hoto ops before the spill went from bad to worse.

      There has been, for 15+ years, technology available (super tankers outfitted to skim vast areas) to deal with such spills but Obozzo refuses to employ it using an excuse of the Jones Act of 1920 which requires all super takers operating in US waters be constructed by, you guessed it, union labor members of the US.

      So while our union members are happy and Obozzo gets his Cap and Trade, entire industries, ecosystems, and families are being destroyed along the Gulf Coast.

    • http://none chaelie26

      comparing Katrina to the gulf oil. Bush loses. He canceled all extra curicular activities till he’d taken care of Katrina as soon as the leadership in new Orleans let him. Obama has kept up his golf games and sports in the white house, basketball etc. and has the Governors and Senators and the democratic spokesman say Mr. President get down here. ‘WE’RE DYING DOWN HERE. Of course I’m sure his, Obama’s reaction was the same as when he was community organizor! Let nothing interfere with golf etc. Also as experience he out shines Bush. No practical experience in the service or in running a company or doing something that wasn’t designed to get him elected to president. So all you Obama supporters. Pat your self on the back he has done exactly what most of you would have done in the same situation. Of course I’m sure he has done just as you expected when he was elected. On Obama and Bush comparison on Katrina and the gulf the results speak for the democratic parties leadership and the President.

    • S Rubicon

      You can talk about weaning us off oil all you want. The very real fact is, wind & solar cannot provide us with more than 30% of our nations needs. Combined w/ conservation, we would be up to 45% short of our current needs. Technology today is not up to the task. We need oil as a ‘bridge’ fuel until technology can catch up. That will be about 40 to 70 YEARS from now.
      We can avoid using foreign oil. All we need do is open up shallow water drilling rather than use deep water driling that IS difficult. We can open up millions of barrels of oil WE have. So long as we send money overseas, our enemies & their enablers will use those funds to attack us directly & indirectly.
      Its not a matter of getting off oil. Its a matter of, what we have & what actually works. To assert we can operate on wind & solar is simply, a lie!


      Just one question? Why has Obama not stopped all the oil coming out of Alaska from going to Japan, China and other Eastern Countries? If we kept all that oil at home we would not have to drill in the Gulf.

      • http://none Beverly Sherman

        Well Schatzi, because you cannot see my lips, then read my fingers. HE IS AN IDIOT, A TERRORIST, AND WANTS TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. lOOK AT ALL HE HAS DONE AND NOT ONE BIT OF IT FOR THE GOOD.

    • Andy

      I put the blame mostly on BP for not having, in place, a solution to this problem long before it happened. When you drill at any depth you should always have a “What if” program in place to have a fix available for any scenario, including “What do we do if the pipe breaks at the well-head?” That’s my 2 cents worth.

      • Andy

        PS….I am in favor of impreachment also. Between Obama, Sean Penn and a host of other Socialist Dictator lovers we are on a fast track to total economic destruction in this country which is exactly what Obama wants. I just read that Greece and a few other coutries that are in economic trouble have decided to adopt a strict austerity budget to try to reign in their, out of control, spending. That should be a good thing, right? Obama had a hissy fit because of it. He wanted them to try to spend their way out of their recession like he’s trying to do here and failing miserably at. The man has got to go and take his failed policies with him, ie..Obamacare, Cap & Trade , etc. Every time I hear him wanting to do something else I start to get chest pains.

    • Phil Schieb

      You nebishes fail to recognize the cause of the problem. If the stupid response to a fire is dumping enough water on an oil fire to sink an oil drilling barge, then someone hasn’t been to a fire control meeting. The correct procedure is let it burn at the end of the pipe and shut the oil off somewhere down below. They stupidly sank the boat breaking the pipe so that no one could attach any control fittings to it, causing the problem

    • http://none Beverly Sherman

      Mostly what I have read is 4 or 5 of you slamming one another and not one of you has come up with anything useful. I don’t have an answer for the oil leak either, but I do know Holland called obumhead to offer all their ships to clean up the oil 3 days after it happened. He told them no, he had it under control and didn’t need them. Now his excuse is “I’m doing all I can do.” I think not – he has not said I am a liar, I am a phony, I am a communist and want to destroy your country because I pulled off the biggest scam ever pulled off in this country. The main thing he has not done yet that needs to be done more than anything else, he has not committed suicide.

    • impeachyomama

      Actions speak loader than words…
      The majority of people in the Gulf area now are saying that Bush responded better to Katrina then the current batch of Demogogues are.
      To accept someones pontification as some type of action is, at very least, simple minded specifically when no action actually occurs.
      To have the White House deny assistance from other countries at the very start which could possibly have helped is unconscionable and actually constitutes dereliction of duty.
      Obama – Not Ready for Prime-Time fraud, usurper, and, the most derogatory, Socialist/Marxist.


      Hey, . . Palin is the Problem, . . It’s mighty nice of you, . . an obvious Mental Midget, . . to have agreed with the vast majority of Americans and have stood right up and said so !!! . . . You’re right, . . AND THAT’S WHAT THE PROBLEM IS, . . YOU’RE RIGHT, . . AND OBAMA IS RIGHT !!! . . . “HE { “I S” } DOING ALL THAT HE CAN DO”, . . “HE’S DOING THE BEST HE CAN DO”, . . ON EVERY TOPIC, . . HE’S DOING THE BEST HE’S CAPABLE OF !!! . . .
      But, . . That’s where the problem lies ! . . HIS BEST is no where near being good enough. . . His mind is divided into a thousand different, . . incompatible directions, . . What with his Birth Certificate which doesn’t exist, . . his vast lack of knowledge and experience as a LEADER, . . and as an employee of the PEOPLE !!! . . The fact that he NEVER HAD A REAL JOB is showing up real clear now. . . But, . . As I said earlier, . . It’s mighty nice of you to admit all that. . .
      Now if you can get “ZERO” to admit it !!! . . .

    • Bob Stewart

      Scrap your car or truck and get yourself a wheelbarrow and see how far you get with that.

    • Barb Domek

      Sarah Palin has absolutely nothing to do with the oil spill! Bill Clinton was the one who approved off shore drilling in 5,000 feet water, and because he wouldn’t let it take place on American soil. As for the present oil spill? Our current president hasn’t done anything to stop the spill from spreading, nor, fix the problem with the pump. All he’s done is “discuss it? and go to see it (after more than a month I will add). What good does “discussing” the situation do?? Send everything and everyone, including those from other countries down there to give every single suggestion into reality. Lets clean up this mess with every invention the American Public and other countries have offered, and, let the people who know how to fix the pump leak, fix the darned thing! For heaven sake! Get off your dead butts and do some! Quit the (as my husband so graciously describes it) gum flapping and get the job done. Period.

    • SUE HECK

      Some people will fall for anything!!! Too Bad for this country….. and if “PALIN” was our PRESIDENT …… this would have been taken care and forgotten about by now! I can not believe how gulible you are or just a palin loon!!2 months and this Chigaco mobster hasn’t done a thing ezcept blame other people for his woes!!!!

    • Lainey

      Wa Wa WA,Boo Hoo – this prez. is incompetent and it has nothing to do with BUSH… get out of the dark ages. Barry promised to “change” things in Washington…
      DUH – we’re WAITIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lisa

      You should check your facts instead of spewing out propaganda. You should find out WHEN this well was originally approved, WHO was in office at the time, WHAT were the requirements and WHERE were they allowed to drill. A team should have been on site within hours and a plan in place to fix it ourselves if BP couldn’t. You can’t fix stupid especially when you’re stupid by choice.

    • IDGem

      I so agree with you. Sarah the Quitter as VP would be a bigger disaster!

    • John Sparks

      Let me be clear, every time Obama has said he is doing everything he can. He has lied to us.
      He said that about the housing crisis, when Waxman and his ilk used Freddie May & Freddie Mac as cash cows for them selves, and forced the Banks to make bad loans. Next we had the Banking crisis, caused by Bird same scenario. Now comes an accident by a Company, we are told has a bad history of safety. First question where were the Fed Agency’s that monitor them? Then we hear, they have thousands of dollars charged to the Agency for watching porn, yet no one has been fired, why. The reason BP was drilling that far deep is because of Fed regulations, our whacko environmentalist and stupidity. Did the Pres take steps to save our shores no, he chose to demonize private industry instead, instead of action to minimize damage, he compounded it by blackmailing BP to escrow accounts. Sad day for Rule of Law.

    • Jo

      Are you stupid. When obama ran for president, he implied that all current and future problems were his to handle. His blaming of EVERYTHING on Bush is his “joe winer” mentality coming out. A true leader would not be blaming someone for his problems but just fix it and move on. Did Bush blame 9/11 on Clinton because there certainly is justification that Bill’s policies were at fault for it happening. Bill could have had Osama killed by just giving the go ahead but he wimped out and didn’t even take the call. Obama is not doing “everything” possible but is instead milking this for reason we have yet to learn about. Why did the Coast Guard stop those barges from sucking up oil for “safey violations about life jackets”? Obama could say just forget it and keep working, but NO, he lets the barges sit there. Obama is the root of all evil going on in America today and needs to be removed from office.

    • Ron

      What rock did you come out from under? Take responsiblity for the problems that are happening now. Don’t blame it on some one else. Remember the last 4 years of Bush’s admin, dumocrats were in charge of the house and senate!!

    • John Code

      Ah yes blame Bush. Do you drive to work? Do you heat your house? when you go shopping, how does the stuff get there? Until you and your fellow pinheads figure out another way, we have to rely on oil. I`m not against other alternatives and am all for them. We have got to use what we have now. As for Palin, you must be afraid……very afraid.

    • J.Allan

      whoever sold drilling rights to BP and whoever would be getting royalties if the well went into production must share culpability with BP. The money gotten from drilling rights must also be used to help fill the relief fund. BP showed a cavalier attitude toward the spill issue and must shoulder much of the responsibility. Forget the ‘tough guy’ stance. This is serious and extends a dis-service to all the victims by going political. SHAPE-UP and get down to business!

    • M.W. Franklin

      Well now dummy, yes I would like for him to do as he said he could not do just for the sake of gratification that he is not the Messiah you think him to be and that being to get a straw and suck it all up and if he is your Messiah, he will succeed, but if not, so what, who cares???

    • Nancy

      Are you serious? Mr. Obama’s fingerprints are all over this. It is not a pretty picture. Why are we sending 2Bil. to Brazil for deepwater drilling at depths deeper than the Gulf while putting people here in the United States out of work with the Administration’s banning of DWD in the U.S. Motives are pretty transparent if you ask me.

    • Jacque

      the prblem started long, long, before Bush and Cheney. If you want to live in a Socialistic Society with everything owned and regulated by the Government. Then go live in a Comunist Country.

    • Rissa Ward

      Yes, alas, you are correct. Obama is handling the oil spill as well as he can. But, in this area, as well as numerous others, his best is very inadequate.

    • http://foxforum Doug Jenkins

      Palin would be best suited for, and the USA better served if she was President. Her credentials rather exceed that of a community organizer.

    • Janet Foy

      Sarah Palin would have taken the bull by the horns and taken care of the problem because she is a mover and a shaker instead of releasing a bunch of hot air like the president. Remember, it was the federal government,in the first place,that wouldn’t allow BP to drill in only 500 feet. BP asked Louisiana if they could and they agreed. It was the Federal Government that said NO. So they are partly responsible for this ill fated tragedy. When is this administration going to become responsible and accountable for their own “obamanations” (no pun intended). Get off the Blame Bush kick. Grow Up!!!

    • michael

      Is former Senator Obama weaning us off oil or our freedoms?

    • Kev in Texas

      Hey Palin is the problem and others….
      Pull your heads out of your posteriors and smell the cooking here….
      Bush and Cheney can no more be blamed for all our troubles than you can be blamed.
      Remember it Congress that has to appropriate the funds for any program.

      The Prez only has veto power and the VP has the deciding vote in the Senate of which has been used sparingly over the years.

      The regulatory agencies can be bought and sold for way more than their salaries could ever provide. Unless you can come up with an alternative to driving cars with internal combustion engines, then we don’t have an alternative. Accidents happen, clean it up, plug it up and vote all the incumbents out of office because if you haven’t noticed that if there is a problem, they are ALL a part of it, not the solution to it, I did say ALL incumbents!

    • kerbbie

      if we don’t drill, then venezuala will take over the oil sites and the oil jobs. then we can pay high prices for venezuala oil, while we lose our jobs.


      Well somebody got right (no pun intended). The problem has always been Bush and his warlord Cheyney who not only ruined and place the US economy (as well the world) in jeapordy with their pseudo war in Iraq but eneded replacing themselves with McCain and the blond bomber Palin whose only platform for presidency was sheer jingoism as they had nothing else to present without taking a round out Bush and Cheney. Besides it is BP, Haliburton, and Transocean TOTALLY!!!.Unfortunately OIbama just happens to be president not oilman who is able to stop the leak.

    • Tom Tower Sr.

      HI ,,, You are an IDIOT, NUFF SAId.

    • Jesse Simmons

      Have you completly lost your mind? You sound as though you have your eyes closed and don’t wish to look at the whole problem.

    • Laura Epperson

      The only Problem is OBAMA. Get rid of him.

    • Don

      Voted for Obama?? Embarresed Yet?

      If Obama is the answer the question was stupid

      Get a brain.

    • Jeannie

      What you wrote only proves one thing: “You are far too stupid to know how stupid you really are.”

    • Mary-Jo Wiese

      Why is this broken well Bush and Cheny’s fault? It was inspected by Obama’s inspectore just a few months ago, and they let the BP guys fill out the inspection forms! So now whose fault is it?



    • Jerry

      What in the world are you talking about? Who is president right now? The buck stops with the setting president, and the setting president is doing just that, except when he is playing golf or hitting the boards. Wake up and smell the coffee Obama is the worst prez since Carter and that is the truth.

    • Steve Lunsford

      Where and what planet have you been on for the past years? I guess that Bush is to blame for your birth! Must have been a mistake.

    • Michelle

      Remember the Obama administration’s motto. “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” The well isn’t plugged because they don’t want it plugged. The reason things are so bad is because they want things to be bad. The worse it gets the better for them. They are laying the foundation to push the “Crap and Trade Tax” through against our wishes.
      For all those who want to blame Bush……..Bush is no longer the president. Hasn’t been president for 2 years. Get over it! This is happening on Obama’s watch!

    • mac

      Yea Palin is the problem, what a dolt. Yes we should drill baby drill just like Palin said. She appears smarter by the day.

    • Dr. Ron

      The reality is we have Mr. Obama that has done nothing to date as he is so-o-o-o busy playinf sports. His lack of leadership is sad. He should resign. Let us remember the $85 million he enhanced his portfolio with from BP stock shorts.

    • swann2001

      I read with dismay there are still a few individuals who don’t seem to understand what is happening to our Country. Obama, Czars, terrorist bill ayers, Rev. Wright, Van Jones, and dozen of Obama appointees have just one thing the intend to do. To bring this Country to it’s knees while reaping billions of dollars for themselves and their supporters. Try and think of one thing, just one that will not have the intended consequence of bringing us closer to brink of bankruptcy. We will not survive to the end of his Presidency as a Nation if he is not removed from office. He is not incompentent, everything he has done up to now has been calculated to have the effect of doing this Country harm and so far it is working. Wake up before it is too late if you truly love America, Democrat, Republican it doesn’t matter, we are all in danger. He is working with Hilary and the UN to take our Second Amendment Rights away and with the FCC to control talk radio and News programs that alert viewers to the truth about his agenda. We are going to wake up one of these days and learn we have lost the First and Second Amendment Rights, after that nothing else matters. We can then be arrested and put in concentration camps for just speaking out against the annointed one. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Yet I never would have believed we would elect someone who will not even produce a valid birth certificate or who sat in a racist and Anti-American church for over 20 years and who’s best friend and his wife killed policement and bomb the Pentagon. What would the liberals have said if David Duke had been best friends with George Bush? At least as far as we know David Duke never bombed any of our military installations.

      • Lelinega

        Very well put but you didn’t state what can be done to get him and his friends out of power. Money got him in and will keep him in.
        Even if you impeach him he will stay just like Clinton. So what’s next?

    • Cathy

      All I can say is he turned down every single freakin’ offer of help… the arrogant piece of crap! A responsible “leader” would have accepted help from everyone and/or anyone who offered it. Instead, he’s worried about the union BS. Jerk…

    • Leo Knoblauch

      Palin’s not the problemIt’s the person with unknown parentage( at least not American0 trying to be a Clinton clone. although he didn’t have Oral Sex in a National Treasure( The white House Oval Office( NOT the ORAL Office). He should go back to Chit cago and hide his head. Although he did get us to realize one thing, ” We have the Best PAID FOR Government in the World,( Underline Paid for as in Bought & paid for!!!) The last REAL President we had was Ronald reagan.

    • steven artus


    • steven artus


    • Dakota Doc

      I see I can`t use profanity or name calling, even if I do think you are an Idoit, I won`t say so here.
      BUT… If you would be so kind as to publish your address, I`ll be more than glad to send you a pair of brand new knee pads and gloves for your next “Brain storming secession ” with your Democratic Pals!

    • moody


    • paul fredder

      Are you nuts? Pay attention to what he is not doing and use your head you moron.

    • Mike Austin,TX

      You really are blind aren’t you. You have no opinion of your own that wasn’t “fed” to you. Morons like you are why the country voted in these clowns. Bush was not the best but now he is nohwere close to the worst.

    • PJ

      Here’s the bottom line: the Obama administration is less effective that the W.H Harrison administration.

    • Lelinega

      Get your head out of the sand….. Obama was offered help from other countries and turned them down. Even Bush was smarter than that and said ok and we got help for Katrina. Like I said get your head out of the sand and do some research.

    • http://google not a puppet.

      Sit down and take some pure alone down time. Are you a puppet in action for the irresponsible, blame game that this administration is all about? Grow up. Stay in the present and help fix the problem like a responsible human being whom we all have to live together with. Is this what you are or would teach your child? Excepting responsibility or “IT’S SOMEBODY ELSE’S ACTIONS THAT MADE ME DO IT!” C’mon, think for yourself with your pea little mind. Are you going to help or continue to blame and divide this country of “WE THE PEOPLE” more? Not one body is the problem. IT IS GREED! So again I say, SIT DOWN AND TAKE SOME pure alone TIME AND LEARN HOW TO THINK FOR YOURSELF!

    • AZ Rifleman

      Obama is NOT doing everything he can ! His first reaction was to ignore the issue and “maybe it will just go away”. When he was first advised as to the BP spew his first and foremost -Immediate -response should have been to assemble a panel of exprets and begin the brain storming session. Instead after an few weeks he gathered a panel of usless attorneys and legislators for what purpose I’m still not clear…

    • GLORIA



    • don

      You cant use the Bush blame game so fess up to the miserable job obama is doing on the spill. 2 months to ask advice from oil experts around the world, nonrepeal of the jones act to allow outside workers and ships to help so his union $$$$$$ supporters could get fat, 2 months before conferrinf with BP exects.. Obama nothing but a illegal ignorant Bush finger pointing community ORGANIZER. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS NOT STUPID. GROW UP RESIGN.

    • Dorothy

      Stop blaming Bush, Cheney, and probably George Washington for the mess
      our country is in. We haven’t had anything nearly as bad as what the
      alien in the White House is doing to US right now! How so many people
      could be so dumb as to vote him in office, I will never understand.
      His middle name alone should have alerted some of you boneheads who
      thought we needed a change. America may never recover from all of the
      “changes” being made – I feel really bad for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They will never know what the
      “good old USA was like”…..makes one want to cry, but that won’t help
      anything either. Oust the alien and all his cronies now!!!

    • Shumaces

      I’m sorry that you do not see, that you use that oil on a daily basis. I’m sure that you have not quit driving your car, wearing your shoes, or using the products that come from oil.

      You, as a consumer of oil and oil products are as responsible as anyone.
      Obama has no intentions of caring whether that well is capped and taken care of. He and others will benefit from this disaster and so he has not made the decisions necessary that could have been of help at the beginning. He does not care for you or this country and is only concerned with himself and those he is working for (and that is not the people of the United States).

      He will sell you down the river. You need the oil just as do the rest of us. Our economy needs the oil. You need to make sure that you are willing to live the lifestyle it will require, if we do not have oil and the oil companies are forced out of business.

      Know what you are talking about before you are willing to sell yourself and us short.

    • Richard

      I figure GP screwed up, all the government regulations that exist or all the foolish ones you idiots can come up with will ever overcome the reasons behind this event; all you winning crybabies who have an issue with oil need to give up all related oil, using, burning or manufactured with petroleum by products items and we will need less oil. The problem has never been oil, the problem is population, way to many people for the available resources. That is of course a discussion that will never be held seriously. Liberals think we all should have as many children as anyone wants. No one wants to talk about the real issues, what they are and how to solve them; liberals are the problem at every place in society, where a problems exist, liberals need problems, in order to have a purpose in life. In a perfect country, liberals would have to kill themselves, nothing to complain about or to champion.

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      Noticed one person saying it isn’t President Obama’s fault but he and his administration rejected other countries help 13 times and refused to waive the Jones Act. 2 countries, far more qualified in dealing with the oil spill than us offered their help within 3 days of the spill and were rejected by Obama. Therefore, he very well has to accept some blame due to his failure to respond and also his insistence on using union people for the clean up as reported in the media when interviewing crews already at the location trying to help.

      Now, we have the moratorium, which has been temporarily overturned by the courts and his speech which was actually about “Cap and Trade” and reported in European papers as an embarrassment for Obama.
      There will be an estimated 135,000 jobs lost if the moratorium goes into effect and several businesses shut down. The “Cap and Trade” will create a large tax burden which the American people can’t absorb.

      Several previous administrations are guilty for not insuring BP was using proper safety and maintenance. Congress as well and the reason can most likely be traced to campaign contributions and look the other way. We not only need the oil spill cleaned up but Congress and the Administration as well. Both are corrupt.

    • Southern Goddess

      It is astounding to see just how little the folks on the Left really know about what is going on. Just because someone is from Texas does not mean they are involved with the Oil companies. And as you think they are…maybe anyone who is involved with known terrorists and radical preachers is involved with those same activities. Just when will Obama take responsibility for things happening on HIS WATCH. It’s time he grew up and faced the music for his own short commings. Stop making excuses. He obviously is not able to play with the Big Dogs, so he should just continue to stay under the porch. Remember, You can educate ignorance but you can’t fix stupid.

    • Jon Bodenet

      It is amazing how people who either cannot apply a rational analytical process of reasoning or choose not to continue to advocate fallacy. It is either due to being ignorant of the facts or choosing to espouse some falsehood for the sake of some political agenda that Sarah Palin and Bush are linked to the oil spill. I believe that most Americans now realized that they have been bamboozled by this king of illogical duplicity.

  • Roger

    Another thing not mentioned is our “free trade” mantra. This naturally will drive up oil use while companies pay $.50 per hour to have goods made in Asia or produce in Chile or Guatemala and then shipped back to the USA. Of course those ships and planes do not pollute the atmosphere or oceans in any way.

    Shipping costs would decline drastically if we made the goods we consumed here.

    • Dagney

      FREE trade, real free trade with developing nations will help lift them up out of poverty. Securing our borders to keep people in their own countries (and thereby be compelled to working at FIXING their own countries) and ensuring our jobs are available within our country to CITIZENS will ensure our employment stays high. Or, you don’t think that the jobs that went to India did any good for the people of India? Government getting out of the way, will ensure we can innovate and make more and more jobs for us AND be able to bring about prosperity to other countries who want it. With actual economic freedom, there is no limit to the prosperity that can be brought to all forward-thinking peoples. It’s been proven. However, it’s also been beaten down by people who are jealous of other’s success and innovation and want to control it, not nurture it.

      • 45caliber

        Yes, the jobs that went to India (and CHina, and Ireland, and many more countries) have helped those countries. That is the reason our employment is over 10% isn’t it? In fact, if you add in all those who have given up trying to find a new job or have dropped off unemployment because it ran out, our employment is up around 17%-20%.

        And you think that it is better to ship those jobs to other countries so we can help those countries? How the h*ll do you think those without jobs here are joining to be able to buy the foreign goods? Just print more worthless paper and give it to them to spend?

        • Dagney

          No, the reason unemployment is so high is because of the mortgage debacle started by Jimmie Carter, exasberated by Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, et al. (anti-freedom statists all) and the Wall Street people trying make bad mortgages into something they can make money on (which is NORMAL by the way). This decimated the mortgage industry. In other words, statists taking money from banks by forcing them to “stop red-lining” and give away mortgages to the undeserving and unqualified people who had no way to afford them in the first place. Then, on top of that, you have a government trying to fix their error (Yes, Bush started this part of it) by bailing out the banks and the insurance companies….stealing money again from the productive to give to the incompetents. When you have this type of lawlessness and unconstitutionality, you have a normal and natural contraction of the economy. When the economy contracts, you have unemployment. It’s all very explainable, if you care to see the truth.

          If however, you allow the market to freely operate all over the world, without statists trying to engineer outcomes they like, everybody will prosper. Sounds all sunny and rosy doesn’t it? It is, however, proven fact. That is not to say it is a perfect system. Nothing run by humans is. There will be circumstances that make for dips and recessions. However, if the statists had stayed out of the way, we would have been out of this depression long ago. How can the ecomony recover when you know this crew in government right now wants to retard it so that they can take it over? That is why the economy sucks right now. Not because of anything having to do with freedom. People who want to run their businesses and make a nice living for themselves AND their employees are AFRAID.

          • Kinetic1

            Where did you get the idea that companies want to make life good for their employees? Sure, there are some out there who care, but was Nike looking to make those kid’s lives better by working them in slave like conditions? Was GM looking out for it’s American workers when they moved to Mexico? Does it help America when a company moves their office to a mail box off shore to avoid taxes, but continues to use our country’s resources and services? You may be willing to take the word of some CEO taking home tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year when he says he cares about his work force (many of whom he had laid off just before Christmas to improve his bonus) but I don’t buy it.

          • Dagney

            I get the idea because companies are made up of PEOPLE. And, most people are GOOD. Circumstances exasberated by government cause companies and people to arrange their finances and businesses to their best advantage. That is called self-interest. Note the difference between “self-interest” and “selfishness”. There is a difference. If you don’t know what that difference is, look it up. People are mostly good. And, government by its very actions and its meddling is EVIL. The FREE market, if allowed, will root out evil in people and business. The only real regulations needed are the ones that will put an end to cronyism within governments and big businesses.

            You want companies and people to stop avoiding taxes by moving their businesses off-shore? Well, gee, what do you think the answer to THAT is???? MORE taxes???? More punitive regulations? Get real! The government has no right to the money off of other’s labor and productivity! The people who DON’T work don’t have any right to it either. That is STEALING. The sooner the people of this country remember this, the better off we will ALL be. NEVER vote FOR a new regulation on a business (except something that will stop cronyism) or a tax! That is giving away your and everyone else’s FREEDOMS.

          • Kinetic1

            I agree that most people are good, but that does make all corporations good. When a CEO calls for mass layoffs to create the appearance of improved annual profits, that’s not the action of a good person. When he does this to increase dividends and improve his bonus, that is not a matter of self preservation. When Ford and Firestone choose to risk the lives of their customers rather than fixing their SUVs, when Delphi proposes crashing their business to drive down wages, but first proposes huge bonuses to the execs, when Haliburton/KBR builds showers that electrocute our soldiers, those are not the actions of “good people.” This is greed, plain and simple and if you believe that even more of this would not go on if the government did not regulate industry, you are not paying attention.

            Conservatives have often said “It is in a corporations own best interest to do what is right, so let them regulate themselves.” This was GW Bush as governor of Texas, and their air quality suffered. Now it’s BP/Transocean/Haliburton overseeing their own construction and leading to a possible failure in the cement and the worst oil spill in America’s history.

          • 45caliber

            Perhaps I’m an exception but many of those jobs left the country before the mortgage fiasco. I know many of the engineering jobs did. Half of all engineering jobs are now done overseas, mostly in India.

            I know Texas no longer has any garment factories. Those all closed and the jobs went elsewhere. I’m not sure but I doubt if many are still open anywhere in the US.

            NAFTA got the job problem started. The mortgage problem just emphasised it.

          • DaveH

            To Paraphrase Kinetic “Where did you get the idea that Government wants to make life good for their citizens?”.
            Calling Government panels dictating the rules “Free Trade” (as in NAFTA) is an oxymoron.
            Our problem is not Big Business. It is the Government Spending that is sucking our economy dry. Also their regulations which unnecessarily burden the companies with useless paperwork.
            Look at the countries at the top of this list (the least regulated) and the countries at the bottom of this list (the most regulated) and tell me that regulations are the key to a good economy:

          • Dagney

            Kinetic1: As I said above, corporations are people. They are not some evil entity that wants to wipe us out. Now, that is precisely what the statist wants you to believe, however, and by your post, I guess their propaganda is working pretty well. Does not anyone understand what this country and what freedom actually is about? Please, please educate yourselves before you vote again. The lack of understanding of this country and its roots allowed an evil person who hates this country to become the President of the United States! (Don’t think he hates this country? What does “fundamentally transform this country” mean then?) People and corporations are allowed to make whatever amount of money they can. AND, they are allowed to do business wherever they want! That is FREEDOM!

            When mistakes are made and problems arise and people are hurt, then the company should pay. That’s a given. There is no sense in your argument that Ford and Firestone had a problem that killed people and they did it deliberately! Wake up! Use some critical thinking! They don’t want to hurt people. That hurts business! It hurts their reputation and it hurts the bottom line. You don’t even need to discuss what those people individually felt about their guilt in a mistake that caused people to get hurt. Have some common sense! That makes as much sense and saying EVIL CORPORATIONS want to pollute our planet. But, it is common thinking now, isn’t it? Critical thinking in this country is at a very low ebb. But, that is how the statist wants it.

            Regarding this oil spill. Over-regulating the oil industry (ie., GOVERNMENT) caused it along with some normal mistakes made by some businesses. The Obama administration must approve the site before a company can drill. They approved this drilling site with no knowledge about the oil industry or, for that matter, any business knowledge. But, that’s okay, right? How far out to sea and how far down through how many feet ocean do they have to drill? When there’s plenty of oil closer to shore (and onshore), where if a leak happens the oil company could fix it quicker? Why? Government and environmental regulations. Now, because Enviro-communists and GOVERNMENT caused it, you are going to blame the companies who made a mistake and are trying their best to fix it. And, you will allow the GOVERNMENT to sit back and do nothing and not allow people who want to help because of GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS for at least 2 months after this thing has been gushing. You know Raum Emanual said it best right after Obama was inaugurated, “You never let a good crisis go to waste”. So, because they are statists, they did nothing and allowed no one to help EVEN THOUGH WE HAD MANY OFFERS BY OTHER COUNTRIES, we have an even bigger crisis. Why would the Obama Administration allow this to go on? Why would they not allow other people and counties to help? Because they think that the bigger the crisis will allow them to steal the company and take it over. They don’t care about the environment, the American people, or anything but taking over our freedoms. We are seeing encroaching fascism here and you are complicit by your ignorance. Freedom is not all neat and clean. Freedom allows individuals and people who run companies make mistakes. Instead the fascists in our current government sit back, allow the crisis to get worse and think because for years they’ve been educating our population that oil and oil companies are EVIL they will have an easier time to steal the company and the oil industry. You watch, Obama is going to try to nationalize it. Do you really think that we will be better off? Yeah, Venezuela is doing well economically, aren’t they? Ha!

            45caliber: It doesn’t matter when a company chose to take some or all of their concern to another country. If their profitability was suffering and they can make their company do better and grow somewhere else, then they have the FREEDOM to do that. What we must do is look at what CAUSED the company to do that and fix that problem. The blame for this can usually be found in regulations. People are be FREE to do business wherever they can make a go of it! Some businesses will do better here and some will do better in other countries. Believe me, most people all over the world would rather do business here! However, they are being pushed out. If we want more of them to stay here, we must try to accommodate them. And, if NORMAL laws are broken (not fascist, anti-freedom, anti-constitutional regulations) where actual people are hurt, then they must pay for that. However, to use a straw dog argument to get another bill passed that will restrict more freedoms is what is being done. You should be complaining about that!

          • mac

            Spoken brilliantly.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Geez, then I guess Bush’s 4-1/2 percent unemployment rate looks pretty good about now, doesnt it?

      • SMRTNUP

        Americans are a bunch of simple minded, gullible dummies for having allowed our elected officials sell us a bill of goods over the past six or seven decades. . . They have bankrupted American society while enriching themselves FOR LIFE for having served ONE TERM in our Congress. . . And, . . at the same time, . . An American worker, wage earner has a hard time keeping a job long enough to ever retire at any level. . . What a bunch of fools we are !!! . . .

    • Kev in Texas

      Even my 8 year old son asks: Dad why is everything made in China????
      Damn good question son, I search for products made in America, I wish everyone did…..

  • Chipper

    It is not what Obama is doing to solve the problem, it is what he is not doing and what has not done, nor allowed to be done, during the past 55 days, that is the real problem. He can talk it to death, but if he can not get down there and cap it himself, he has no business crucifying those who are physically trying to plug the hole. Remember, as you drive your car to work (hope you are) and home, it is not running on water, electricity, sail, or sunlight.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are correct sir. It is what he is not doing, which is not being a leader and lending a hand to the solution. Instead he has taken the low road, jumping up on his soap box and pointing fingers and placing blame on BP. Maybe now is the time to stop pointing fingers and placing blame, and step up and be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Just because finger pointing got him elected, he shouldnt make it a constant. But then again, that seems to be all this admin knows how to do, is to blame others, and offer no solutions.

  • James Graf

    You are wrong. there lots of oil within our borders.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. There is more known oil in the US than all the rest of the world put together. We just can’t drill for it.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Because of the clout give to the environmentalist’s by the democrats. This is exactly why they were out drilling in 5000 feet of water.

  • MIKE


  • Steve S.

    We have only one choice, we need a race to the Moon type efforts to move away from Oil to alternative fuel. Natural gas is a by product of every well that is drilled and it is cheap. Tata Motors in India has a car that is powered by compressed air ( We have alternatives that we can move towards while other technologies are pursued. The electric car can’t be that far off.

    We need to move to a comprehensive energy policy that includes all interested parties. I am not thrilled with the idea of drilling off our coasts as we see what can happen. If we are to continue with it I believe we need to set strict conditions for it’s exploration.
    1. All rigs and tankers are inspected and registered in the USA only.
    2. All crews manning wells off our coasts are USA trained and
    3. At least 40% to 50% of all oil drilled off our coasts is sent to
    the USA. Not the open market.
    4. Iron Clad contract with Drillers, you spill it, you clean it and
    pay for the economic repercussions.
    5. All companies drilling off our coasts pay into a mandatory
    “Spill” fund so they can’t claim bankruptcy after a spill and
    walk away.
    6. Mandatory regular inspection by USA Inspectors only.

    This is a start, I’m sure there are things I’m missing.

    • 45caliber

      The electric car is here but was scrapped because the government couldn’t add a fuel tax to the electricity. The same for natural gas. It is too easy to “fill up” at home rather than some station where they can collect the tax.

      I rode in an electric test car back about 1970. The person testing it drove a 55 mile paper route every day up and down mountains in AR. It would do an easy 70 on the freeway and would run about 350 miles between charges. It used 6 regular car batteries – Sears Die-Hard. They put a meter on the recepticle used to recharge the car – her cost for a MONTH of driving was about $12.50 at that time.

      She drove it for two years. Then the company came to get it back. She offered to buy it or a new one like it. The manager told her they couldn’t sell; General Motors had bought them out.

      Now the only electric cars you can get cost about $40,000. They get a top speed of about 40 mph rolling down a steep hill and have – if you are lucky – a 50 mile range before recharge. And they use special batteries that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace.

      • everett

        EleCtriC CaRs …

        they will give off electromagneticwaves (EMW)

        such EMW are associated with more CanCers…

        so,…. even without testing that … these EleCtriC CaRs are nothing but hot seats for CanCer GroWth

        … dont fall for future lies that this is not so…

        • 45caliber

          everett: Really? And you are a … what? A scientist? An engineer? Or just someone who listens to too much TV?

          I’m a mechanical engineer and have worked in the chemical industry for about 35 years. I’ve never once seen this rumour proved to be more than a rumour. Do you have any proof?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            It seems every report anymore says everything causes cancer. Drinking milk causes cancer, drinking water causes cancer. What’s next, having sex causes cancer?

        • M.W. Franklin

          What kind of nut are you, look around dumbbell this country is run on electricity and petroleum so if you really believe what you are spewing out to others then I take it you are living somewhere in a cave without all the comforts provided by these elements I have mentioned. did you borrow someone’s laptop to complain, if so, are you wearing a protective suit against the E M W’s and I guess it is difficult to see the keyboard by candle light right or do you use tallow from bovine to light your hovel? Oh well, just like I told that other liberal nut, stupid is as stupid does, hello stupid.

    • WarriorH

      And let’s name another Czar right away to oversee the BP payouts. This is soo much fun this governing type stuff.


    Palin is the Problem, . . NO, . . YOU and your type of fools are the problem . . . Don’t you understand that “Big “ZERO” is a CROOK, a LIAR and a THIEF ??? . . . Where have you been’? . . Under a ROCK ???

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Probably in a cave in Afghanistan with his buddies.

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    There has been big finds of oil equal to that of the Saudis in the Dakodas. The eviromentalish are trying to stop drilling. Americans like big cars. The answer is not to stop being Americans. The answer is to get better gas mileage and develop our technology and the oil we have here. We do not want to have to think like a third world country or economy. Americans are unique in expecting more by being able to create more.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      The enviro’s in bed with the democrats are the only reason this well was drilled in 5000 feet of water, to appease them. Once again, appeasement is a total failure. And it was drilled in Feb. 2010. Gee, whose watch was that under?

    • JC

      More than the Dakotas Bruce. Montana and southern Canada (Saskatchewan) as well.

      • M.W. Franklin

        Hello J.C. my friend you failed to include the great Northwest for it abundance of shale oil and of course Wyoming and surrounding states who also have pools of the stuff that may take a little more effort to get to than those states that are flat surfaced in the mid west, but with all that we have here in the good ol’ U.S. we can supply the entire world till the second coming of Christ which I hope will be not to far off in the future. Have a blessed day my friend.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. The find was over 2 TRILLION barrels! More than was ever found in the entire Mid-East. BUT – we shouldn’t drill it! At least according to the “greens”.

      • coal miner


        Have you got the proof? What website? according to records,the middle East has got the largest reserves. · Wikipedia on Bing

        • coal miner
        • 45caliber

          See some of the comments below for proof.

        • M.W. Franklin

          Reserves? yes, in tanks above ground, but what is still underground is running out whereas ours is still untapped thanks to enviromental nuts and the demo’s that keep it there and away from the world that badly needs it. There is so much oil under us as well as shale oil that is not all that difficult to process with a little heat, but enviro-wackos think the snail darter and spotted owl are more important than human preservation. Ho-hum! I am but one and one cannot achieve more than what one can achieve.

      • JeffH

        The Green River Basin Formation oil shale deposit is estimated to hold 1.30 to 2 trillion barrels of oil of which about 750 billion barrels are recoverable. 80% of the Green River Basin Formation land is federally owned.

        U.S. Geological Survey assessment of 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate— Released: 4/10/2008 2:25:36 PM

        • JeffH

          Think the U.S. is running out of oil? Think again. The U.S. is sitting on the world’s largest, untapped oil reserves — reservoirs which energy experts know exist, but which have not yet been tapped and may not be attainable with current technology. In fact, such untapped reserves are estimated at about 2.3 trillion barrels, nearly three times more than the reserves held by Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) nations and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand — at today’s levels — for auto, truck, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.

          What’s the problem then? Why aren’t oil companies jumping to pump the black gold?

          Contrary to what some conspiracy theorists would have you believe, there is no cabal of oil companies and foreign governments blocking the way, bottling up U.S. oil production. The reality is much more mundane. Those untapped reserves are located in places that either Uncle Sam has put off-limits for environmental reasons or are too costly to get — or a combination of both.

    • 45caliber

      Back about 25 years ago, when we were still using carborators on cars, a man invented a carborator that would DOUBLE any car’s gas milage. His father had invented the first carborator and between him and his dad, they had over 80% of all patents on them. He was in his 80′s at the time.

      He went to GM – they weren’t interested in anything that they didn’t invent themselves. He went to Ford – they told him that they MIGHT be interested in another 20 years IF the government didn’t lower the gas milage standards again. (They did.)

      He went to the government. According to the Department of Energy, if you invent something to save energy, they will give you a grant to build a factory to produce it up to $250,000. He wanted to sell the carborators across the counter to anyone who wanted to improve their milage. They told him his invention would work – despite his papers showing it did. He offered to put one in their own car and they still insisted it wouldn’t work.

      Finally one of the government employees took him to one side. “Listen,” the man said. “We make billions of dollars a year on fuel taxes. If we allow you to build this and sell it, it would cut those taxes in half. We can’t allow you to do that.”

      I know of a car (Triumph) that got 75 mpg in 1968. Another car made by a man in California got 87 mpg. A boy in college adapted a VW bug to electric. ALL were bought out by GM and/or an oil company.

      We can get high fuel milage – but not as long as the government and the oil companies don’t want us to.

      • JC

        And that is the unvarnished truth. Its all about GOVERNMENT GREED.

        • eddie47d

          It’s mostly about one company not allowing another to profit or even start up. We look at GM and Ford ,ect as icons . Yet they helped keep us in the mess we’re in by buying out new inventions and not allowing anyone to use these patents to inprove our lives.

          • JC

            eddie even though there is probably some truth in that, you’re generalizing. At least Ford refused to be bailed out whuch is why I sold a 2008 Silverado and bought a 2009 F150.

            Still, I disagree with all major corporations being able to manipulate the market…which they can (usually) only do with government intervention.

          • 45caliber

            You are correct. A lot of inventions have been bought up. But I checked the ownership of both GM and Ford about twenty years ago. Exxon owned about 35% of Ford; Gulf owned 45% of GM.

            And I think that explains why the companies weren’t/aren’t really interested in fuel economy.

          • DaveH

            All those problems could be solved by a Free Market. Get the Force of Government out of the Marketplace. As Government grows, Corruption flows.
            Without Government stifling their competition, the Big Corporations couldn’t stop competitors from bringing better products to the marketplace. In a regulated market, the government is king. In a Free Market, the consumer is king.

      • M.W. Franklin

        Hi 45caliber!

        In 1969 I invented a carburetor that i dubbed a spinning carburetor as a component of same inside of the main body did just that. I will not go into detail of just how it worked other than it utilized the venturi concept. A mechanic I knew built the prototype and we put it on a 1955 Lincoln and drove it from Houston to Lake Charles, La. and back getting 60 mph. The mechanic informed me that he would talk to the money people who will fund it’s production and get back to me. After several days not hearing from him, I went to his garage and peering through the darkened windows could see he had moved out leaving a totally empty building. A few years later in the seventies I was living in Santa Ana, Ca. when I saw a full page ad for plans for a carburetor that would increase your mpg considerably out of B.C., Canada that carried his name on it so just for the heck of it I sent my $5.00 and guess what? I lost $5.00 as he never responded. My ex has the initial diagram for the carb along with other of my inventions I never followed through with as I just do not have $7,000.00 for patents nor did I then so I’ll take them to my grave just as my good friend Davy Crockett took his plans for drilling deeper for oil that Howard Hughes tried to steal from him in the sixties. Davy had always told me he would give me the plans for helping him in his every day living as he was in poor health, but one morning we found him on the floor next to his bed where he he had fallen after suffering a coronary. Not long after that someone did start drilling much deeper. Going off on a tangent, this is about the carburetor that will never be. Have a good day. By the way Davy was a descendant of the plainsman Davy Crockett.

  • Tim

    Had BHO put out the alert for all skimmers, booms, etc within the first few days, he wouldn’t be chasing the stuff all through the beaches and wetlands. He had to do a couple of fund raisers in CA, attend a few parties, a round or two of golf, and who knows what before addressing the big isssue. Notice that he only does anything after the media and some of his own party start geting after him. Face it, he doesn’t have a clue on how to lead anything.
    He’s still on the campaign trial, only this time for his energy tax. He will certainly take the country down before his time is up.

    • JC

      I thought he was too busy selecting a nice Italian made Boot, to put on BP’s neck. ;)

    • 45caliber

      You forgot to mention his “dates” with Michelle, vacations, and trips. And his EXPENSIVE dinners at the White House so he can get live entertainment.

      Yes, Sir, he has to keep his priorities straight!

      • JC

        And sentimental journey’s to his “homeland”, Kenya. Don’t forget those.

  • tg7357

    Obama has messed around 55 days with this problem: entire empires have fallen in the past in less time!! Lets just hope it isn’t OUR turn!!
    And I hope the residents of the Gulf don’t take his promises to the bank about making their region ‘better than before’. That sounds suspiciously like ‘We can make it better’.

  • Al Hamilton


    “Obama is handling this problem as best he can.”

    I agree…which is one of the many reasons why he should NOT be President!

    God I love this! Thanks gblatham whoever you are!

    More to the point; Peak Oil is REAL and has been for decades. Admittedly, we should have been working to get a viable energy plan in place for many years so there is lots of room to spread political blame around. The points Mr. Myers made in this article are all valid and in view of THE FACTS (facts is facts, man)and objectively admitting what is what in terms of leadership, debt, politics, etc. I do sadly believe we are F__k_d! America, bend over and kiss your a– goodbye.

  • carl

    Bob,you have the ability to try too let it sink in too the people that have ther head stuck too far up their _____.Like i said the companys are reckless too powerful.they control man kind and will only let inventions into the world when its too there best intrest…the oil spill thats destroying our country will be swept under the rug,,simply because they can do it!!!! This country is no more the “LAND OF THE FREE” we are all prisoners of the selfesh people that run this once beautiful country..The world is laughing at use,we give too the world and theres no thanks they expect it.. all these bleeding hearts,(liberals) want too feel good for all the stealing thats being done in this country…!!I am a american born in New York turned 60 years old in Febuary,feel like a traped rat,im ready to jump-ship…If i could ask the people in power one question it would be..why are you putting yourselves first the plaent makes all life exests.A human life is only like a strike of a match compare to our mother earths one heart-beat why just tell me why you kill your mother thats going too produce your off spring with out mother earth nothing exsist.. Please tell me something im missing?OUR MOTHER WILL DISTROY EVERYTHING AND START OVER WITH OUT MANKIND…

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      It is true that countries do not appreciate what we do for them. Similar to those on welfare. The more you give the more they resent that you did not give more. The American Government is now perceived as aggressors as they are trying to subvert the laws of other countries to fight the war on terror and drugs. Much the same as they are doing to our own constitution.

      • JC

        Kind of like the bird feeder on your sun deck. Let it get empty once and watch the birds crap all over your deck. Solution? Get rid of the bird feeder and let nature take its course.

        • 45caliber


    • A.W.

      Carl…….learn to spell, or is that too difficult with a constant headache and the pain you must be in…..get well and get a job !

      • bp

        AW: Don’t waste your bytes! Carl is a liberal troll.

  • DonJ

    Legalize hemp, Audit the Fed AND GET OFF OIL. No more oil burning cars. Alcohol should be our fuel. One phone one vote, get your paper trail with your bill. Vote issues not people. Let the no-news papers fail. Print the issues to be read and voted on. Where’s the birth certificate? He lies. GET OFF OIL.

    • 45caliber

      Legalize hemp???

      What are you trying to do, get everyone so high that they won’t CARE what is going on in Washington??

      • Kinetic1

        The hemp grown for rope, paper, fuel etc. is not the same. Or did you think our founding fathers were high all the time?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        As a teenager, we used to burn up the hemp, then go driving and burn up a tank of gas. I think he wants us to use more oil.

      • JC

        Actually .45, the non-smokable type is a very versatile industrial product. Major hemp plantations helped build 18th / 19th century America’s industrial base.

  • tg7357

    in the 1970′s the Arabs showed us just how bad and inadequate our energy policy towards oil and alternative enery really was. But instead of addressing the issue, American policitian chose to take payoffs from big oil to look the other way, and assure all of us that we have plenty of oil right here in the US, plenty of coal, etc. The problem is now that the nut in the White House hates coal power plants, takes campaign money from big oil, and has decided that the way to fix all the problems is tax us for exhaling. So when you see your local politicos campaigning for re-election this year, personally thank them for ignoring the lessons the Saudi’s tried to teach us with the 1970′s oil embargo and helping land us in this mess we are in right now. And thank them for pandering for votes to the tree huggers, too. Otherwise, the landscape in Colorado and shores of California would be dotted with shallow-water oil rigs!!!!!!!!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Shallow water oil rigs that wouldnt be messing up the shores of the gulf and all up the east coast. We sure wouldnt want to drill safely in ANWR or in shallow water. Lets appease the greenies and the democrats, and go out into 5000′ of water, so in case something happens we wont be able to fix it. You call that smart? Hello.

      • Steve

        EXACTLY!! That’s what the stupidos, the politicos, and the greenies don’t understand, and never will!

  • Al Hamilton

    Thia is directed to Carl;

    My sympathy…please seek help for those clogged arteries. Sixty years of age seems a little young for that feeling of haziness. Remember, an aspirin a day can keep alzheimers away. Good luck on the new health care plan Obama’s put in place for you. And when all else fails…call MOM!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Im still trying to find who is getting this free health care. All Ive talked to are either now paying more, getting less coverage, and some that didnt have it are now in the process of being notified they will be forced to buy it or be fined. So where is the free stuff? Is it just Joe the Crack dealer thats getting it? I havent asked him yet, but I tend to avoid people like that.

      • 45caliber

        It doesn’t kick in for at least 5 years. You have the taxes kicking in now. They want to build up a few trillion dollars before they start letting you have “free” health care.

        Of course, considering our Congress and their great leader, I wonder just how much of that “few trillion dollars” will actually be there when health care is supposed to kick in.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I guarantee you one thing, it will not be free for me. I work for a living. That means I WILL have to pay higher premiums, and I WILL get less coverage, and I WILL pay higher taxes, so that those who dont work can get free health coverage off of my hard earned back. Im not a fan of it at all. I dont care what folks supposedly from Canada have said in these posts, Ive talked to too many of them face to face, while IN CANADA, and all, without exception, have told me that we do not want socialized medicine here. I know I dont.

          • 45caliber

            I agree. One English-via-Canada doctor in Dallas said the same thing. He moved to Canada when England went with socialized medicine and then moved to Dallas. The reason? He wasn’t allowed to give the proper care to many of his patients. He worked at a children’s hospital in Toronto and saw the hospital go from 1200 beds with no waiting to 600 beds with at least a 3 month wait.

            Not long ago I saw an article where a 17 year old Canadian was told that brain surgery was too expensive. He came to the US and had it done. When he went back the local medical board (all politicians) refused to give him the needed medication. He was told that they had already told him that the problem was too expensive and weren’t going to change their minds.

          • JC

            And that, in a nutshell is the problem with bureaucracy the world over.

  • Eric

    We need to wake up folks. We ARE in an energy crisis…period. What needs to happen is for government to step back and allow private industry to develope a mass transit system for this country which would reduce dependence on oil/gas and move people and goods around much more efficiently. Trouble is, that would cause a reduced need for fuel and automobiles which would cause loss of jobs and reduce the amount of money padding our politicians pockets paid by big oil and big industry. I am not against oil companies or industry, I am against not looking at what is real in this country and its problems. We need to develope a comprehensive plan for the future in all aspects of our, I mean Americas, involvements and quit using storms, floods and oil spills as excuses to avoid the real problems and allow finger pointing. I hope someone understands what I am trying to say.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Exactly. When our government gets in bed with one type of business, and does things to stifle competition from another, bad things happen. Im not against big oil. I like to drive my car, ok? But we all know that the government is in bed with them, and other avenues have been stifled for years in order to protect them and their interests, and its not right. The government needs to let the free market system work, and get out of its ways with their rules and regulations. Only safety regulations should be part of the federal government, equal to all. Evidently, the Obama admin didnt care if safety regulations were met at all when they allowed this rig to be set into the Gulf, and commenced drilling in Feb. 2010. You see, its easier for them to let the uneducated public think that the republicans are big oil, and that Bush is responsible and to blame, yet he was gone almost 2 years before the Obama admin let them drill here. Quite amazing the national press doesnt hammer on this isnt it?

      • Eric

        You are right. The one thing we have to keep in mind is that the media, as well as the liberal agenda, is hard at work playing up “trivial” things, and please understand what I mean by trivial, so that the general public will not see and understand what is really going on which is, the destruction of America, the last bastion of hope for a truly free people! As long as our minds are kept on things like oil spills, storms etc along with other social issues they keep the attention off of their ammendments and governmental changes which quietly take away our freedoms. Then we wake up one morning and wonder, “When did that happen?” “When did government get that passed?” Well, it happened when we were all focused on BP and the oil.

  • Norm

    The problem isn’t Obama, the problem is BP(big profits).
    Drilling deep wells is pushing current technology to, and beyond, it’s limits. Add to that a total disregard for safety and the lack of concern for the potential inpact of an “accident” and you see what has occured.
    The government isn’t in the oil bussiness and can’t instantly solve this problem. The sad thing is BP is dragging its feet and misrepresenting the severity of the disaster. Even now, the concern over lost profits seems to trump any all out efforts to minamize the effects of the spill.
    This was an act of terrorism. While not intentional, the lack of good judgement makes it a crime and it should be dealt with as such.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      But Norm, why did they drill in 5000′ of water? Because the enviromentalist, in power with the democrats, constantly fought and would not allow drilling in ANWR Alaska and safe shallow wells, and basically forced them out to this deep water. Yes, BP is at fault, and so is the federal government, for not making sure that safeguards were followed and safety procedures were in place, and being that this well commenced drilling in Feb. 2010, we all know which admin was responsible for checking this out, and failed to do so. Now that we have this disaster, all I see is finger pointing by the Obama admin, and so solutions, except to grill BP, who is doing all they can to stop it and clean it up, while the feds seem to be getting in the way, instead of helping. Bush was grilled and crucified after 2 days when Katrina hit, despite mobilizing the national guard and organizing relief right away. Yet Obama and his admin get a free pass. They have become part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Placing blame and pointing fingers is shameful for the President of the United States. Maybe being a part of the solution would have gone a long way in repairing his bad image.

      • tg7357

        You got it all right in your post. If this would have happened during the Bush years, the leftist media would have been all over it. But since Barko and his regime are the darlings of the lame-stream newsies, its all OK for them to have waited so long. Remember, its ‘change we can believe in’ !!!!! Stand by for the New World Order.

      • JC

        Beberoni, Norm is an advocate of statism and believes everything that people and businesses do should be overseen and regulated by faceless bureaucrats. There’s no surprise in his version of things as it is always a push towards a complete loss of freedom for everyone and everything. If people like him get their way “Blue Jays” will have to file a flight plan.

        And naturally he ignores the idea that there’s no way BP wanted the costs of drilling so deep, they had no choice.
        Which isn’t to say that they are not responsible, they are, just ask them.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I totally agree, and I think it is unfair to demonize them so. We all willingly fill up our vehicles to drive them every week. We make that choice. Im thinking that BP isnt too happy over losing this oil, and paying billions to clean this up. And they are trying, they are formulating solutions, and they are spending millions upon millions trying to clean this up. They didnt want this to happen, and they sure didnt want to have to drill in 5000 feet of water, but the dems and the greenies forced this. I think the enviro’s should be footing part of the cleanup bill, since they are part at fault for this also.

      • Norm

        Katrina was a natural disaster and was not created by by greed and stupidity.
        I never blamed Bush for it or for his response. The fault was a lack of coordination between local, state, and federal authorities. But in the case of Katrina the available responses were much clearer and more direct.
        In the BP case I have no pity for BP. They didn’t drill the well because they had to, but because they anticipated profits. Fair and good. What’s very wrong is taking stupid risks, against the judgement of their own employees and “experts”, for increased speed and profitability. The Gulf Coast was not theirs to destroy. The fault of the government, for many years and administrations, is not properly regulating the activities of BP. I’m surprised you are faulting Obama for that.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You might not have blamed Bush, Norm, but every swinging democrat politician did, every liberal newspaper did, and so did ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN AND MSNBC. They didnt blame him for Katrina happening, they blamed him for not having it cleaned up the next day. That democrat Mayor Nagin is the joke. New Orleans didnt even flood until the day after, when the levee broke. It broke the day after. Bush had the national guard and help on the way 2-3 days in. Its 55 days now, and Obama has not offered anykind of solution, just to attack BP and make matters worse. I think he should be working with them for a solution, not demonizing them. I mean, the guy takes millions of dollars from them, least he can do is help. I have for a long time been against deep water drilling. What happens when something bad happens, and now here we are. Im all for land drilling, where a problem can be contained real quick with minimal to no damage. What this has caused is terrible, just terrible, and there is much more to come. It time to kick the greenies out, whom the democrats have empowered, since the greenies give them millions of dollars to legislate things the way they want. That is the only reason they were drilling in 5000 feet of water Norm, because of the environmentalists and the democrats. This could have been done safely, on land, or in shallow water. Now look where we are at, and the lack of activity from those at the top of our government. 55 days and they have offered nothing but finger pointing. Sorry Norm, to me that is unacceptable.

      • eddie47d

        What you are saying is that Obama (Govt.) dropped the ball and didn’t go after BP in the first place. Okay,but later on don’t be saying Govt. should be staying out of private business. Sounds like Govt. should be more involved as you pointed out in Obama’s “failures”.



    • Jeanne

      Thank you for stating the obvious

      • Norm

        Obvious to a fool.

        • JC

          Obvious to fools, children, alzheimer’s victims….and pretty much anybody who isn’t a brain washed Obamunista.
          The man is incompetent and a complete fraud.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            He is, the Kenyan.

    • sonny


  • A.W.

    The USA has OIL – you better sit down!

    Here’s an interesting read, important and verifiable information:

    About 6 months ago, the writer was watching a news program on oil and one of the Forbes Bros. was the guest. The host said to Forbes:

    “I am going to ask you a direct question and I would like a direct answer; how much oil does the U.S. have inthe ground?”

    Forbes did not miss a beat, he said:

    “More than all the Middle East put together.”

    Please, read this below:
    The U. S. Geological Service issued a report in April 2008 that only scientists and oil men knew was coming, but man was it big. It was a
    revised report (hadn’t been updated since 1995) on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota , western South Dakota , and
    extreme eastern Montana?!

    ….. check THIS out:
    The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska ‘s Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign
    oil. The Energy nformation Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 illion barrels. Even if just 10% of the oil was recoverable… at $107 a barrel,
    we’re looking at a resource base worth more than $5..3 trillion.
    “When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor. They had no idea..” says Terry Johnson, the Montana
    Legislature’s financial analyst.

    The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports:
    “This sizable find is now the highest-producing onshore oil field found in the past 56 years. It’s aformation known as the Williston Basin , but is more commonly referred to as the ‘Bakken’. It stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada . For years, U. S. oil exploration has been considered a dead end. Even the ‘Big Oil’ companies gave up searching for major oil wells decades ago. However, a recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken’s massive reserves…. and we now have access of up to 500 billion barrels. Because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels
    will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL! That’s enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 2041 years straight. And if THAT didn’t throw you on the floor, then this next one should – because it’s from 2006! U. S. Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World Stansberry Report Online – 4/20/2006
    Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world. It is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August
    8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction. In three and a half years of high oil prices none has been extracted. With this motherload of oil why are we still fighting over off-shore drilling? They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth. Here are the official estimates:
    - 8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia
    - 18-times as much oil as Iraq
    - 21-times as much oil as Kuwait
    - 22-times as much oil as Iran
    - 500-times as much oil as Yemen
    - and it’s all right here in the Western United States”.

    HOW can this BE?
    HOW can we NOT BE extracting this? Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent o foreign oil!Again, we are letting a small group of people dictate our lives and our economy…..WHY? James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we’ve got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels untapped. That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the
    world today, reports The Denver Post.
    Don’t think ‘OPEC’ will drop its price – even with this find? Think again! It’s all about the competitive marketplace, – it has to. Think OPEC just might be funding the environmentalists? Why do the Democrats keep blocking attempts to extract this oil?

    Got your attention yet?

    GOOGLE it, or follow this link. It will blow your mind.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. I’ve seen the same report. In fact, there is more known oil in the US today than all the rest of the world combined. But we CAN’T DRILL IT!

  • J.M.R.

    the only thing the dick-tater did last last night was blow smoke up everyones ass.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      But youve got to understand, that is all he has to offer. How did he get elected? He stood on a soap box and pointed fingers. Thats it. He offered no plan, no ideals, no direction, nothing. Just pointed fingers. And the uneducated masses bought into it. But there is hope. They have seen their mistake, and have turned on him, and soon, thank God, he will be gone, as will his whole ilk.

      • JC

        Oh come on Beb…he had a solid platform. “Hope and Change” and of course a big group hug while chanting “yes we can”. ;)

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I forgot. I think that was right after they sat around the campfire and sang Kumbaya.

    • bp

      JMR: This was very serious business for BHO. His speech was from the Oval Office (as uncomfortable as his desk was for him, probably his first time sitting there), usually reserved for commander-in-chiefs’ declaration of war. He declared war on an oil-spill! While we are looking at the sludge covered birds and congressional hearings and marshes turn into wastelands, he is about to ram cap & tsx down our throats, “for the good of the little people”!

  • Mr. TEA

    FLEX FUEL and use the corn husk to clean up the oil.

  • carl

    (Race too the moon,)(crawl under a rock and hide) hide your head in the ground0these things will not stop this phisical abuse that the corperations are putting on its people,I say take the bull by the horns and cut them off…who do you think is going to pay for B P mess…we paid for the banks mess in 2007 we pay for everything..We pay taxes and go away!!!pay pay pay…we have too stop paying and start damanding answers to were the money is being spent,,show me the bills,,lets see your income statements..after all they work for us.. the true americans lost all dingery,,we lost our calling.I ask every full blooded american and any-one who truly loves this country to but a copy of the decoration inpendence.lets take this beautiful country back from the few people that run there greedy corperations..

    • 45caliber

      carl: WARNING! WARNING! Your meds have worn off!

  • Patriot

    The speech was 54 days too late! During “our worst environmental disaster ever” his words, he has had time to take 2 vacations, I have not taken 2 vacations in 20 years, he has taken 2 in 6 weeks. Leadership to me means all hands on deck, trying to rectify the situation with all the resources at our disposable. I have lost all faith in our leadership, he was more engaged last night talking about how he was going to tax our consumption of energy rather then fixing this problem. We need a serious energy policy in this country, comprising of nuclear, oil, coal and other technologies that make sense. By the way Mr. President you cannot force people to think of new technologies for energy, this comes through time and individual ingenuity. If I heard you right let’s tax the one known energy source so that we can throw money at the problem and somehow we will think of new energy solutions. SOUNDS LIKE HOW YOU ARE HANDLING THIS CRISIS; how’s that working for you and us?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Who ever said he was a leader? This guy has never ever shown any leadership ability. He is a follower, and he flows what ever way the wind blows. No, he has never been a leader, or ever shown any kind of leadership skills in his life.

      • JC

        He is a puppet controller, who’s only qualification is “community organizer”, a thoroughly communist action in and of itself.

      • Norm

        He’s sure no GW Bush. Thank God.

        • Steve

          Abnormally Norm,
          Bush hasn’t had any control since 2006 when the liberal socialists took over congress. That was four years (4 years) YES, FOUR YEARS AGO Norm. It’s now 2010. Get into the present Norm because your blame bush arguments are getting so weak we’re going to have to start addressing you as “puny Norm”, instead of “abnormally Norm”

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          And thats too bad Norm. You see, there are many of the 12 percent unemployed that wish it was back down to 4 percent like it was when Bush was running things, before the democratic congress started screwing things up.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course, Obama will never tell the truth or give an honest answer as to why he and his democraps have been so negligent lackadaisical about cleaning up this oil spill. All BHO can do is point fingers – blame Bush, blame oil companies, etc …..BTW, Rush Limbaugh just came back from his vacation and honeymoon. He told a good one yesterday – Obama is no longer merely the POTUS. According to Rush, Obama can also be considered the AKOTUS. For all you drones and diehard liberals, this means: A**-Kicker of The United States!!!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      When you have nothing to offer, you point fingers and blame others. That is my final answer.

      • Norm

        Sounds just like you.

        • JC

          Gee Norm, why would you just say “neener neener neener”?
          You’re really running thin for valid arguments aren’t you?
          Oh well…Liberals and DoDo birds….

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Well Normy boy, its like this. If I were the President, Id be involved as part of the solution, not standing on my soapbox pointing fingers and placing blame, being part of the problem. I would have accepted the Dutch skimmers to come in and help. I would have done the burn off before it got too big. I would have done many things, but one thing I wouldnt have done, is pull out my soapbox, climb up on it, and start pointing my finger at BP and yelling, “your fault, your fault, your fault”. They know its their fault. Dont compount the problem, be a part of the solution. This guy has proven his imcompetance yet again. And for you to back him and not see this, proves you to be a blind follower, so get up on your soapbox and start blaming Bush/Cheney/Haliburton/BP/Palin/McCain, whoever it is you need to point the finger at to make yourself feel better.

      • Eric Seyferth

        Very good point Beberoni. Well said!

  • Robert Paiva

    From 1979 thru 1981 I had the privlage of working for an Exxon-Texaco oil jobber here in Arizona, you’ve talked about shale oil. I’d like to mention about a so called shale oil field that is not a shale oil field in the vacinity of Casper Wyoming. I personally knew some of the wildcatters that had been drilling throughout that area of the boom-town Casper, and some of the big-wigs of Exxon would come into our jobber office and would talk about the size of one of the most massive oil fields that had ever been discovered in the world to date. This field was so tremendous that they some of the oil producers were actually giving newlly drilled wells away. They said this field would put much of the oil in the middle east to shame. This field was forced to be shut down and capped by the demon-crats and it literlly broke private oil company owners and drillers over night. One of the oil men I personally knew-Wyman Shephard, (Shepherd Bros. Oil Corp) had built a modern super efficent oil refinery there in Casper and was forced to walk away and loose everything, the place sat there and rusted and was pilfered over the years-this man went from assets of $600mil to a couple of million$ over night. He owned many wells in the vacintiy of this massive Wyoming-Utah-Montana-North-South Dakota oil and gas field-everyone thought they were in the big moneys but the Dems-Serra club and other tree huggers lobbied in the halls of Congress and every oil well and gas well were forced to be capped, and fortunes were lost. Sure the big oil companies probably can hold out and not loose their leases but will be continually be bled by Obama-meally mouthed type-liberal dems, as long as they can continue to have their way. Yes, Texaco-(Conoco-Sonoco)-Shell-Exxon-Sinclare-Mobile-BP-these and other big Corp’s can hold out, and ride it out, but the guy who said Obama is doing the right thing and to be glad that Sarah Palin is not the VP needs to get a life and a reality check-my concolusion is God bless Sarah Palin she’s right-so Drill Baby Drill!!

    • A.W.

      Thank you !!! Right on !!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Amen brother. You are so correct here. If the Republicans would have been smarter, and ran a Palin-McCain ticket in 2008, we wouldnt be stuck with this poser that is standing on his soapbox pointing fingers day in and day out, never offering solutions, only adding to the problem.

    • JC

      A victim of legalized plunder.

  • carl

    Too al hamilton what does a aspern, an call mom!! have to do call your rabi..keep getting banged in the ___…you need more than a aspern. If want to talk the talk!!yoy better keep.on walking

    • JC


      • Steve

        too much koolaid ;-)

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      So is it alcohol, narcotics, barbituates, or some good weed? Wow, I really cant make out what this means. If I play it backwards, does it say something?

  • jopa

    Robert; If this story were really true why did’nt the Bush administration re-open these oil fields?

    • 45caliber

      Sadly, this story is true. I know of an oil field in AR that is the same.

      Every time someone mentioned opening an oil field when Bush was in office, the “greens” came unglued – and that includes the MSM. The talk went from “You’re going to destroy the planet!” to “We must keep it for our children.”

      My answer? My kids are grown and could use that oil now.

  • Al Hamilton

    Carl…I believe my point has been made in your reply…have a good day my man.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      What the hell did you give Carl, Al? I mean, come on man, spill the beans. What did you give him?

  • 45caliber

    Does anyone know the exact location of the well in relationship to the border the US calls the border of our country? I have a suspicion that this well was drilled in deep water because it is beyond the border and outside US influence.

    Further, for you Oblama-nuts, the regulations were changed by Bush, yes. But this well was started well AFTER Bush. If the regulations were so bad, why didn’t Oblama change them? The reason: Oblama didn’t think they were bad until AFTER the spill started. Was it Bush’s fault for changing the regs or Oblama’s fault for not doing his job – and do it instead of his vacations and golf games?

  • Dagney

    Oil is the engine of prosperity. We ween ourselves off of oil before a viable substitute is found, we will be thrown into the worst economic crisis you can imagine. Plastic is made from petroleum products. Obama wants to cut off and/or control our petroleum products. Can you say SLAVERY??? Just sit back and think where in your life plastic is used. LOL, now you know why the left is crazy about controlling oil.

    Where does the author of this article get his information that we’ve tapped out all our oil in this country? Everything I’ve heard, is that enviro-religion freaks have caused the stupifying regulations to be imposed on the oil companies these last 40 years and that they can’t even try to find new sources within our borders. Look at ANWR. There’s lots of oil up there. Yet, the oil companies can’t drill there supposedly because of a moose or two. Now, if they had been drilling there, they could do it closer to shore because noone lives there and will complain about the “unsightly oil derrick”. And, if they had an accident, they would be closer to the problem to fix it since they don’t have to go 5,000 feet down in the water. So, the spill could be contained much quicker. And, more importantly, no major tourist or fishing businesses would have been impacted. It just makes much more sense!

    People on the left, however, do not care about making sense. And, they do NOT care about people or the environment. All they care about is controlling the rest of us. They hate our freedom. They’ve had a stranglehold on it since before FDR and it’s getting tighter at an excellerated pace with Obama in office. Just think of all the innovation the oil industry could have made these last 40 years if they had actually been in a FREE country that allowed them to seek and extract the oil that we need. Yes, mistakes along the way would have been made. But, what happens when people are allowed to make mistakes? Well, if they are innovators, as a lot of business people are, they would have LEARNED from it! Imagine that! Restricting our freedoms does not make life better for us all. It restricts our progress and our ability to do things better. The left can’t stand it because they don’t have the talent or the ability to innovate. They are in actuality REgressives not PROgressives and don’t want anyone to succeed. They are jealous because they actually cannot have an original thought. They have no original thinking and, so, do not believe original thinking occurs in others. That and arrogance. Don’t doubt that.

    • 45caliber

      Tapped out of oil here? NO! First, they just found that huge 2 trillion barrel deposit up North. But the real reason is price.

      Back about 1925 or so, the oil companies forsaw that the price of oil would go up as it was used. So they passed a law capping the top price they had to pay for oil to the land owners at $6 a barrel – FAR BELOW what they pay elsewhere.

      But the government also put a 10% profit cap they could charge for the oil. In other words if they buy oil for $6 a barrel, they can only get 60 cents profit on it when they pass it along to the refinery. And the refinery can only get 66 cents a barrel profit for it when they do their thing.

      But the price of oil overseas is open. At $100 a barrel the oil companies can get $10 a barrel profit. As one oil man told me, why take the little profit when you can get the big one? Further, he told me that the reason they buy primarily from other countries is because they KNOW the other countries will take over the oil fields sooner or later. They want to use up as much oil from those countries as possible first to recover their costs.

      I know of several fields that have been drilled and then capped in the US. It’s there but as long as the oil companies can get it overseas and still sell it here, it wills stay where it is.

      Actually, right now, the US has more known oil reserves than all the rest of the world put together. (Of course, if the rest of the world is fully searched that will probably change.) But the “green” people don’t want it used.

      We also have massive amounts of coal. But the “greens” certainly don’t want that used! Yet we have the technology to reduce or even eliminate any pollution from burning it. It just isn’t allowed.

      There are several sources of energy. Oil and coal are most common. We also have natural gas, hydro power, nuclear, solar, wind, tidal, ethanol, and several more. But we’ve run out of places to put large hydro dams and the “greens” want us to quit using oil, natural gas, and coal. Solar is FAR too expensive and so is wind power – both in land and in production. Some years ago a “green” group protested at the University of Pennsylvania for wanting to cut a single tree to erect a solar plant to provide energy for one building. Imagine how many trees would have to be cut to proved for a city! And you hear every day about how terrible all the wind generators look.

      Nuclear is the safesty and best way to go – but the “greens” get hysterical when it is mentioned. “It might blow up!” For your info, fission plants – which are all we have – cannot blow up! Fusion plants might but we don’t have any.

      Interestingly enough one of the larger groups of “greens” want us to go back to horse and buggy days. They don’t want any technology used that was invented since 1900. And too many MSM and politicians listen to their complaints about our energy use.

      • Dagney

        Thank you. I thought the original premise of this article was bogus.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Very well said, very good post.

  • 45caliber

    The world’s last rich pools of oil are in the Mid-East??? I don’t think so! They just discovered an oil field in NW U.S. with over 2 TRILLION barrels of oil! That has more than all the Mid-East put together – before they began pumping there! Of course, our present administration doesn’t want to drill there …

    Further, the oil shale in NW US and Canada has more oil in it than ALL the rest of the world put together. Canada mines and uses it – selling a lot of it to us – but we don’t. Ever wonder why?

    If they can find oil in the US after all their searching, then you can bet that they can find it in most of the rest of the world that hasn’t yet been searched. But the local governments there are the reason they can’t look. After all, why look and find it only to turn it over to the government for free after spending all the money to look?

    Further, all the hooha about our driving habits is a little off. In Europe – and perhaps parts of New England – you can live within half a mile of where you work. In the US? Not really. In fact, many of the people who live near me drive at least 60 miles each way every day to work. I drive 32 miles each way. Can I get a job closer? No. Can I move closer to my work? Perhaps but it would cost me more than I can pay.

  • Mike Latham

    We elect a community organizer and we get exactly what we deserve; incompetence! Oh, and tell the people in the street that oil is NOT used to produce energy, it is used for transportation modes and the production of useable products; we WILL NOT be weened off of it anytime soon. And we have not depleted our reserves of oil; that is another lie. We haven’t even come close to using the known reserves in ANWR, government owned land east of the Rockies and in shallow water off the east and west coasts of the lower 48. Addiionally, we could have been transitioning to natural gas for transportation decades ago and been building nuclear power plants to produce energy like the rest of the world is doing; unfortunately we elect incompetent no-nothing idiots and surround them with academicians and trial lawyers!?

    Give me a group of experienced guys like Jack Welch, Mitt Romney, Lee Icoca, etc., etc., and we can solve every problem we have, or have a credible plan to so so in short order. If we don’t clean house in November, and we let these idiots continue to steer are ship, we will very quickly continue our slide to oblivion.

  • tg7357

    No matter how you slice it, dice it or fry it up, this entire mess is about politics, money and power. This spill is going to give the Obama Regime another excuse for a power-grab. The Gulf states will get nothing out of this except bankrupt state governments, more bureacracy in their own environmental departments without any funding from BP OR the Feds, and destroyed marine and shore ecologies to deal with for years to come.
    “never waste a good crisis’ Rahm Emanuel

    • 45caliber

      Money is the REAL key here alright! In most countries, the government controls the energy. And that includes oil. ALL Mid-East countries do, along with ALL third world countries.

      I think Oblama and friends want to nationalize all oil with the idea they will then get the money instead of some oil company shareholders.

      • Henry Lee

        Could you explain how Obama and company are going to get the oil industry proceeds?

        Carter had the right idea during the second oil embargo of the 70′s; graduallyy raise the tax on petroleum to a point where fuel would be at least $5 per gallon. That would make it possible for several fledgling alternative energy projects to get to market. Today we would be much less dependent on petroleum. And way ahead of the rest of the World. Carter was the most intelligent President since Woodrow Wilson.

        But NO, along came Ronald (damaged brain) Reagan and the oil industry to bring the crude price way back down. Look it up! That stopped cold all those good ideas that couldn’t penetrate the cheap oil energy market.

        Today’s Gulf disaster should be turned over to Oilmen G.W. Bush and Dick Halliburton Cheney. They would fix everything immediately.

        • 45caliber

          Were you ALIVE in 1973? I don’t have to look it up; I lived it.

          I can remember sitting in line to get 5 gallons of gas – and at the time I worked for a plant 5 miles from where I lived. We couldn’t afford to visit relatives and could barely afford to go to the store. Yet behind our house we had a tank farm – full of gasoline. The entire affair was an attempt to get the US to pay the same price for gasoline as in Europe. Of course, in Europe the people live close to their work and either walk or ride bicycles. One man I knew from there told me that he didn’t know anyone who lived more than 1/2 mile from their work site.

          New England is somewhat like that – but the rest of the country isn’t. Many who live near me must drive up to 75 miles each way every day to work because they can’t find something closer. And if they try to move closer to their work they cannot afford a house. I drive 32 miles each way every day.

          Don’t quote Carter as an intelligent source. That man earned the title of “Worst President in History” although Oblama may take it away from him.

        • 45caliber

          As to your question as to how the government was going to get the oil money away from the companies: The same way Russia, Saudi, Yemen, Mexico, Venesuala (my spelling), and other countries did. They “Nationalize” it and appoint their own CEO. The CEO becomes one of the highest paid people in the world and the government gets all the profits. Incidently, you did know that the richest man in the world runs the Mexican government’s oil program, didn’t you? It took him 5 years to do it.

        • 45caliber

          I forgot to mention: The reason the oil prices went back down was because of those full tanks of gasoline. The oil companies ran out of room to store it since no one could afford to buy it. So they started competing with each other again.

          When the price of gasoline becomes about 10-15% of your income, you don’t drive as much.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          How long have you been smoking crack? Jimmy Carter, though not damning to the United States like Bill Clinton was, was pretty much worthless. He just sat there, wondering how he got there. I cant believe I read you said these things. Kind of scary your free walking the streets. Wow.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Are you aware at all, that Carter started the, I believe it is called the Department of Energy, that was supposed to get us off of foreign oil? And now all these years later, this department consists of like 160,000 people on the government payroll, with another 100,000 people contracted through them, all on the government payroll, and yet our consumption of foreign oil has quadrupled during this time. How many of tax dollars to you think it costs us to pay these people year after year? Your boy Carter is still costing us, and a lot.

    • Raggs


      This “crisis” is exactly what obama has been waiting for just like the “swine flu” was an excuse to push through communist care.
      He is all about growing government and stripping our rights.
      Once he gains control over the oil companies the government will have 70% of the US corparations… I’m sure the Micky “D”‘s and Burger King will be next.

      • Henry Lee

        You’re jealous because Commie Cuba, the bad type of communism, unlike China, has better access to total healthcare than the majority of American workers.

        Well then there’s each and every Country in socialist Europe with National Ealthcare and Retirement starting in 1883. That’s the system Teddy Roosevelt wanted us to adopt in 1912. Eisenhower had high praise for the European model during his time as President. Uhoh I mentioned two of the recently recast RINO Republicans.

        Describe the total health picture in the truly conservative “Old South.”

        • Steve

          SAY WHAT???

        • JC

          Tower to Henry Lee, what is your vector? Are you requesting a landing approach? :)

          • Steve

            I think he has to don his tin foil hat, and have another sip of koolaid before he requests landing instructions JC. Then there’s the whole issue of putting on his space suit, and the antigravity boots. It’s just too much for a liberal who has to depend on somebody else to do everything for him.

          • Dagney


        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Can someone please give me an english translation on this? Im not sure what country it was from, but this American couldnt read it.

  • Robert Paiva

    I would like to answer Jopa with a question, when jopa asks if this were true? When Ronald Reagon the dumb republican cowboy actor ran for the presidency of these United States and won and went against and Demon-cracked controlled House he needed a demon-crat swing-vote in his personal Cabinet. The man to do that job needed to be a Vice President, George Herbert Bush fit this position, Question is, was Bush a Demon-Crack, or was he a Republican, or was he a Manchurian Candidate? So I ask you to use the brains that I know that you were born with, you go and figure it out? Like it or not, I told you the truth! I don’t have the foggiest why Bush didn’t act on this massive field? I’m not a mind reader?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni


  • Marilyn

    Obama has not handled anything with BP. BP has done it all and are still at it. BP has been writing out checks, not Obama. While all off shore drilling has been halted in U.S. by Obama, Obama lends 2 Billion dollars or our tax money to Brazil for off shore drilling. HUH? What the h___ is going on? Congress – Senators- sit around in Washington and dream up all sorts of legislature to agitate American Citizens when they should be putting their educated heads together and helping BP get the Gulf oil crisis under control. This is a time to work together and stop pointing fingers! And, to think that I voted for some of those clowns! Nonsense politics make me ill.

    We have a bunch of fatuous fatheads in Washington DC. I cannot wait for November to get here and the election in 2012!

    • Norm

      Obama doesn’t control $s. Congress does. But it’s more fun to blame Obama for everything from too much government to not enough.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      While this oil is leeching all over our coasts, our fearless leaders seem to think of more important things on their behalf, like re-doing our childrens school books, to teach them that its normal for Jimmy to have 2 dads and no mom, and to teach them that a bird crapped on a rock, the sun fermented it, and we evolved out of it, and total nonsense like this. Be part of the solution Obummer admin, not part of the problem. Will you do something, just this once?

  • JSmith

    The Government under the “leadership” of “o” has stifled the management of this well and disaster from the git-go. All regulations that are in place that even remotely restrain the response to this disaster should have been placed on hold, by executive order, at the time this started. We all know how “o” likes his executive orders, and yes we know how well they work also. So what if that was an overreaction. Then the various agency heads should have been instructed to get involved and take charge, exert some leadership. The only person even remotely involved is Adm Thad Allen. All the above assumes someone has management and leadership talent which we all know is nearly non-existent in this administration. So now we have what we have and it will fall on the backs of Americans to clean it up.

    In my opinion it took the Administration 60 days to get involved so that they could formulate their response. What response? By Rahm Emanuel’s own statement to “never let a crisis go to waste”. This administration and Democratic controlled congress is hell bent on raising taxes and more control over our lives. Look at what they are proposing as a result of this disaster more control and more taxes. Go figure.

  • George E

    It’s Obama’s and the EPA’s responsibility to clean up the spill, not BP’s. It’s BP’s responsibility to stop the leak and pay for the cleanup. This is current law (signed by Bill Clinton in 1994). So, when Obama says he’s doing all that he can to fix this problem, two things come to mind. First, I recall that he really had no practical experience in running and leading large organizations before becoming President, so I’m not really surprised that he doesn’t know how to lead us in the current crisis. (Examples: doesn’t lead by example, partying and shown little focus on the problem until recently. Playing politics by blaming previous administrations and trying to pass a new tax bill commonly known as “cap & trade/tax” instead of pulling the best technical minds together to help solve the current problem. Instead, he has relied on politicians and lawyers for advice.)

    Second, he has done pitifully little to organize the cleanup. He allowed environmentalist to talk him out of waiving current regulations in order to burn the oil at sea and build sand berms offshore to stop the oil from reaching the marshes. He allowed the unions to talk him out of waiving laws which prevent foreign ships from working in our waterways to help us cleanup the oil because they use foreign low wage workers, and also allowing local organizations from doing cleanup on their beaches without union workers. The list of failures goes on and on.

    So, politics aside, I just don’t know how any informed intelligent person can give Obama a pass on this one.

    • JeffH

      George E, very well said and on point…

      • George E

        Thanks Jeff.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Politics. Left wing liberal agenda based politics. And nothing gets done. what a waste.

  • joe dirt

    We need to get out heads outta ur asses. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Gov’t is performing CED (controlled economic destruction) This will pave the way for globalization of your life or redistribution of your countries wealth.
    If you are a dissenter against the gov’t and thier ill concieved desicions/actions you may be deemed a domestic terrorist or the like. This status allows the gov’t to arrest you with no rights whatsoever. No Miranda rights,no trial, no lawyer and detention for as long as THEY want. This is old news covered under the late great PATRIOT ACT. But nobody cared then…I guess nobody cares now, but a small few who see the light.

    • Al Sieber

      I care, and I’m aware of what’s going on, so it won’t suprise me when it happens. but first we need a crisis, or do we?
      we have the economy going to hell, plus the oil crisis and the war in the middle east an’ illegal’s aliens invading us, another possible war on the horizon, possibly with Iran. the American people are getting pissed and the Govt. knows it and are preparing for it when we finally revolt. and yes, your’re even considered a terrorist if you follow the constitution. so how did it come to this? and how long do we have?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        How did it come to this. I can tell you that, with one word. Liberalism. Plain and simple, Liberalism killed common sense, getting rid of the bad guy, God and goodness, freedom for all. Liberalism killed them all. Now we give lawyers to the enemy we catch in battle trying to kill us. Liberalism. We kill unborn babies in their mothers womb. Liberalism. We kick God out of school and most everywhere else. Liberalism. America, a Christian nation, tells students they cant pray and have Bible study in school, yet forces some to read the Koran as part of tolerance. Liberalism. That is exactly how it has come to this. Liberalism.

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama is using this oil spill to:

    Cripple and take over big oil through regulation and put another piece of the economy under socialist/goverment control.

    Push the biggest tax hike in the history of the world, that will do nothing for green energy, but will make many Marxist/socialist — Progressive liberal friends and associates insanely rich.

    This is a scam at the highest levels, Correct me if Im wrong but didnt Goldman Sachs and George Soros dump loads of BP stock — Just before the rig exploded? Smells really stinky. like a setup to me.

    Follow the money trail and you will find the enemys of America.


    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And the money goes straight from George Soros pocket straight to the democratic party. And that is a fact.

  • c mcadams

    Two things-one is that the amounts of oil spill and the amounts of oil available if drilling was to be done, are not up to date in this report.
    The other thing that is so apparent,the exploration and drilling has been held to next to nothing by congress and this administration!
    We need to have a leader President,better capable of doing the duties,and we need a better Congress capable of cutting spending and limiting gov`t size while both should study the Constitution and live with it!

    • 45caliber

      I believe we need a Constitutional Amendment that REQUIRES that our national budget be balanced, that if it is found that some item like health care was under-estimated to make is seem payable that it be canceled and that the ONLY way we can overspend is during a declared war – and it must all be paid back within 10 years regardless of what programs must be cut to do it. Further, all departments EXCEPT the military must suffer the cuts.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I agree. Good place to start is to quit giving members of congress 260,000.00 a year pensions for life for serving one term. How is it they get a retirement benefit for life, that is per year, more than they made while working each year? It aint right at all.

  • gymbo

    ANOTHER case of Obama flip-flopping. Act tough but then fail to follow through with it. Talk tough on BP but then ignore the situation. Lets list some of Obamas ‘accomplishments’:

    1) Increased the unemployment rate by 34%+
    2) Increased the national debt by $2.3 trillion in his 1st year
    3) Lied about televising healthcare negotiations
    4) Destroyed our healthcare system with Obamacare.
    5) Campaigned for Democrat candidates who LOST to Republicans.
    6) #1 politician in campaign cash from BP
    7) Granted environmental waivers to BP-result Gulf Oil Spill!
    8) Signed Legislation increasing taxes for ALL AMERICANS.
    9) Allowed a foreign leader to criticize our country and then clapped.

    • JC

      Let’s not forget his acts of subversion re: the 2nd Amendment.

    • JC

      Oh AND the DISCLOSE ACT….he wants the names of who is criticizing him. Tyrant!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      He also tried to pay off some democrats that were running against other democrats that he wanted to win elections, and they got caught. But no one got in trouble for it. Imagine that.

  • Robert Lebischak

    At 60 I may forget things, but I seem to remember that our good government has been saying for years that we have a problem with having to buy oil from other countries. Am I wrong? Well our government didn’t do much about it did they? I know that this sounds crazy, but with all that’s going on in Obama’s group, is it possible that the oil rig explosion was not an accident? After all the left doesn’t want us drilling at all does it!

    • 45caliber

      I work in the plastics industry. Oil is the base item for this.

      Some of our processes are dangerous if not controlled. We have so many controls on the systems that they cost about as much as the rest of the equipment does. There are fail safes after fail safes in ALL parts of the process.

      BP has similar plants. And as a result I have a VERY hard time believing that they left out safetys on their oil rig. Multiple safetys.

      So why didn’t those safetys work? All that’s been said is that the one on the bottom didn’t work.

      If you want to stop the safetys, you go to the control room and reprogram everything. That is called sabotage.

      Further, I cannot see how you could get TWO explosions, one at the top and one at the bottom, at the same time. The MSM says it was due to methane (natural gas). But again, there are flash surpressors to prevent any explosion. I’ve bought and installed them. And oxygen is a requirement for it to explode – which isn’t in the methane. It’s only at the surface.

      I’m not saying that this project was sabotaged – despite it being so opportune for Oblama and company. But there are certainly a lot of unanswered questions. And whatever the reason, someone is definately at fault for the 11 deaths.

      • George E

        Thanks for the input. You’ve given us some things to think about as we sort through all the other information we’re getting from various sources.

        I’ve also thought this explosion is suspicious because I’ve also worked in process industries and I’m pretty sure these companies generally take responsible measures to prevent spills, and certainly explosions. There is just too much downside and not enough upside for them to intentionally take irresponsible risks that would expose their companies to disasters like this one. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the cause is human error, or even sabotage, but I would be surprised to learn that it was something management intentionally did to increase profits like many on the left say.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        And I would not put it past the greenies to puposely blow this thing up, then stand back and point their finger, and say “see, I told you drilling was bad”. That is the way they roll. I mean these same guys, pound spike’s in tree’s, that make the chains come off and cuts guys arms and legs off, and they think that is ok too. I dont trust them any more than I trust a democrat with my tax dollars.

        • 45caliber

          I agree. Some years back a plant in Baton Rouge had a public meeting to detail all the safety measures they had to prevent any harm the to citizens who lived nearby. Several Green Peace people were there and insisted the plant wasn’t doing enough.

          Two nights later the security caught two Green Peace people trying to plant dynamite on a chlorine tank. They intended to blow it up and allow the chlorine to drift over a section of town to kill the people there. When they were charged with attempted murder they insisted that they were not going to kill anyone. The plant would be the one killing them. They were just going to prove the plant wasn’t safe.

          I think they are still in jail.

          • JeffH

            There is a lot written about animal rights and environmental radical groups causing harm in the name of “doing good”.

            Environmental terrorism: Environmental terrorism is the unlawful destruction of resources in order to deprive others of its use. The term also refers to the unnecessary destruction of the environment for personal gain.

            Eco-terrorism: The term eco-terrorism has been used in the media to refer to environmental terrorism. Usually however eco-terrorism refers to violence done to persons or property in the name of the environment or environmental causes.

            Economic sabotage: Described as the physical and emotional intimidation that are used by anti-vivisectionists (violence-inclined animal rights activists)


          • Claire

            JeffH–What you say is true. I consider myself an environmentalist, but I do know where to draw the line. PETA is showing up at dog shows again, I hear. That filthy group needs to be eradicated. I am not kidding nor am I bragging but if I come across one of those PETA people at a dog show they better get the heck out of my way and out of my sight. There is no way I will tolerate them.

  • Earthling

    The BP image will be tarnished for decades but it donned a thick coat of tarnish years ago when, with Enron and Al Gore, it created and fostered the carbon emissions trading scheme. And Obama has at least one arm in that tarnished coat.

  • Tom in Las Vegas

    Sounds like this is a “Cloward and Piven Stategy.” Obama is using this oil spill for his agenda, to him it’s a “Orchestrated Crisis.” Remember what Rhamm Emanuel said, “never let a crisis go to waste?”
    These people are twisted in their thinking, they are only following their 60′s radical heros “Saul Alinsky,” “Richard Cloward” and “Frances Piven” and their warped ideas. They are on the verge of pushing the US society to an economic collapse. To Obama, this oil spill is a perfect crisis. This president is no leader.
    The Obama drones better wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late, you are letting this man lead you right over the cliff to your demise.

    • Delores Smith

      You are right on the mark! In 2008, Obama has signers of his website…Frances Fox Piven (Cloward has passed on to his socialistic/marxist heaven), Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, etc. Obama is continuing his Cloward-Piven strategy, which is collaping our economy in an attempt to change our form of government and do away with our Constitution. I do not believe that Obama collapsed the oil rig, but he had the motive and the nexus.We go to the polls soon. Let’s try to rearrange The House and The Senate.
      Delores Smith

  • JayKay

    The “Discovery” chart is really not very helpful. What we should be looking at is “Known Oil Reserves.” We could be safely pumping multiple times the amount we are now pumping were it not for the restrictions on drilling put in place by the socialist element of our government. We will never be able to rid ourselves of the dependence on fossile fuels without new technology. This will require technology more advanced that the current wind and solar power. We will be bankrupt before that happens, if the Obama regime stays in power.

  • Kitty

    We need a common sense leader as in Sarah Palin! She knows more than any person in “leadership” in this country about the oil industry and generally being a REAL LEADER!!!!

    Our country is losing ground every day–we have so many challenges already–STEP 1—GET THIS PRESIDENT AND HIS CREW OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

    The list for reversing the changes pressed on us so we can recognize our country as the USA. Years of hard work is ahead to bring back a system that more sane and legally correct.

    As a citizen with no experience in government and its workings but even a person like me can see we are in terrible trouble at this point. We have legal systems to use and enforce toward keeping this “regime” from wrecking our wonderful country.

    • Norm

      Sarah is DUMB. You betcha she wouldn’t make a good dog wardon.

      • Steve

        ONE LAST TIME for Normie and all the liberals that CAN’T SEPARATE FANTASY FROM REALITY, and think Sarah Palin is dumb. SHE DID NOT SAY she could see Russia from her house. That was Tina Fey on Sat. Night Live you morons. Tina Fey=fantasy, Sarah Palin=reality. DO YOU GET IT??

        The good news for conservatives, is that you liberals are SO AFRAID OF WOMEN, that you will probably never get close enough to one to
        procreate, and overpopulate the world with your ignorance! Thank God for that!!!!

      • Dorothy

        Norm – Sarah Palin is not dumb!! She could get us out of the mess
        your so-called leader is getting us into……..whoever takes over
        cannot undo the damage

    • JC

      I’m not sure Palin is “President” material, but her record in Alaska in regards to the Big Oil / Ol Boys club is impressive.

    • 45caliber

      I don’t know if Palin would make a good President or not – but she CAN’T be any worse than Oblama is. I’ve relatives in Alaska who speak very well of her record there. At least she tried to cut costs there, which is more than I can say for any President back to Reagon. He tried at least. She did run afoul of the “Club” there that was so crooked but she managed to get past it before the MSM decided she was toxic. Then she got more vetting to the public in two weeks than Oblama has yet.

      • JC

        For sure. And she fired her security detail, because she carries her own heat. Gave up the Governors aircraft and flew commercial.
        Sensible woman in a lot of ways and apparently she has nerve too.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Im with you. She is a genuine person, and she stood up to big business and told them how it was going to work in her state, and she actually gave back money to the people. Ever seen that happen in politics? And she knows how the oil industry works, and the liberals are scared to death of her. Thats why they concocted lies to try to attack her with, because they couldnt find anything. Ill vote for her in a heartbeat, or a businessman like Mitt Romney working with her. We just might get something done then. But for now, Obama hasnt a clue, and who knows what Biden is doing. I dont think he knows. This admin has been a joke since day one, and its getting worse.

      • Cathy

        The dream team candidates would be Jim DeMint and Michele Bachmann, with Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury. How’s that sound? :)

  • Norm
  • jr bob

    remember when enviromentalists stopped nuclear power. well if it had been allowed we would not have had the need for all this extra oil and gas. it is dependable and safe. just look at france. they use our technology and it works; 90 percent of their energy is nuclear. all you envirmentalists and dumb followers now see what the results of their stupid ideas cause but you will still follow them to your demise. you hate progress and adore being led and dictated to so you deserve what you sow. I am only sorry that the innocent are being punished for your sins. politicians always look to contol anything and everything and thats all they care about CONTROL the people. dictating is their only cause. to hell with the people. well you got what you wanted and we suffer for your stupidy. vote them all out of office.

  • jr bob

    by the way mass transit uses just as much oil as cars.

  • angel-wanna-be

    The Government reminds me of a child, with Attention deficit syndrome. Rather than allowing oil companies to perfect oil drilling off shore, developing safe guards and strategies for prevention, capping and cleaning up spills. The Governments hell bent on gradually phasing out fossil fuel oil. A fuel that’s readily available in more places one can imagine. Along with coal. There is nothing at the moment on the horizon, in GREEN energy, to take the place of fossils fuels.__Nothing!Rahm Emanuel said “Never a Let a crisis go to waste!_And the Obama administration is pushing this Cap and Tax bill for all it’s worth, in the midst of the oil spill. What better way, to push a New Energy bill while a crisis is at hand!__
    Too much bureaucracy!!__The Dutch offered help to clean up the spill, a private company in Maine made an offer__Several entrepreneurs with damn good ideas, offered to help[ to clean the spill a swell, without caustic chemicals, to further harm ocean life. But with the JONES law, unions have to be the first granted access, regardless if they know what the hell they’re doing or not!!___This is all BS & bureaucracy and a waste of time!!!__I blame BP for NOT having an Emergency plan in place!

    • JSmith

      BP by government regulation had to have emergency plan on emergency plan in place, and approved by the Government before the bit went in the ocean floor. So much for Government regulation and oversite. We definitely do not get what we pay for.

      • 45caliber

        I understand that Oblama had to sign off on BP’s plans prior to drilling too. Yet it’s Bush’s fault.

        I was told (true or not I don’t know) that back in 1973 (the story came out then) that NASA had plans for a nuclear reactor they were thinking of using as a drive for a ship to Mars. It used gaseous uranium so it could be shut down by throwing a switch. It provided 1 megawatt of power and was the size of an office desk. It needed the equivalent of an 8″ thick concrete wall for radiation protection. It cost less than any other form of energy. And it used a much poorer grade of uranium which increased the amount available for use by about 1000 times.

        They supposedly went to the Atomic Energy Commission for permission to build one of these as a trial to insure it worked. The idea was to build these for energy use across the country. The AEC asked what safety problems they had run into during the operation of such a unit. NASA told them that they hadn’t built it yet because they needed AEC permission. The AEC told them that since they couldn’t provide actual running information, they couldn’t build the unit.

        Sounds like the government, doesn’t it?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Being that this rig was set in place and didnt start drilling until February 2010, I would say that the Obama admin was sleeping and didnt do their job making sure it was set up safely and correctly. But then again, they went to their old option # 2, blame Bush. Unbelievable.

      • angel-wanna-be

        JSmith, I think with the kind money these oil companies, and the Government make off of them, in regulation and permits, one would think they’d have enough sense to test this stuff out. I refuse to believe that NO ONE at BP, trouble shooted and created a strategy and/or did a mock oil spill,to learn how to cap a well off and then clean the environment!__I don’t believe it!__I think it’s all bureaucracy, politics and damn good timing for the oil spill to happen JUST AS the Obambi Administration decided to push the Cap and Tax Bill!!__ ALL OF THIS IS JUST TOO COINCIDENTAL!

  • Jeryl D

    Why is it that we hear little or nothing about the nearly 2 trillion barrels of petroleum reserves on the eastern side of the Great Divide? We have a shale oil reserve greater than the entire Middle East reserves put together. There are at least four companies who can extract that oil for less than $35 per barrel. In addition, shale oil can’t spew into the environment since it’s locked into the shale. The best move for us now is to develop the shale oil, start building a few more nuclear plants, then develop significant alternative sources of energy (i.e., solar, wind, sea movement/kinetic, and scalar). Methinks, however, this won’t happen until the power companies can get the mechanism in place to bleed us dry.

    • 45caliber

      First, the shale oil in the US and Canada has more oil than ALL known reserves in the world put together. Far more than the Mid-East.

      Incidently, I saw a recent report somewhere on the remaining oil in the Mid-East. It basically said that the remaining known oil there is less than 20% of what they started with and they expect it to run out within the next 5-10 years.

      In 1973 one of the reasons the gasoline shortage was broken was oil shale. The oil price went to about $50 a barrel. The companies who owned the oil shale could produce it at about $45 a barrel and started working on it. The oil companies, however, did NOT own the oil shale. They dropped the price to stop the oil shale research into how to recover the oil there.

      I don’t know if they bought the oil shale later or not – but since I hear almost nothing about it since I suspect that they do now. In any case, yes, it can be recovered at your price now.

      But 10% profit on $35 a barrel is far less than 10% profit on $100 a barrel oil from the Mid-East, isn’t it?

  • Tom

    All we see is hype and no perspective. As bad as the spill is, its not the end of the world. I have a mid sized pool (15,000 gals) in my back yard, and wanted to see if that pool was a scale model of the Gulf of Mexico, how much oil I would have to add to be comparable to the amount spilled so far (50+ days). Using the most exaggerated worst-case scenario of 4.2 million gallons per day, it comes out to be equal to 1/80th of a table spoon of oil. Thats a pretty small drop. And if it continues it will take 20 year for it to equal one tablespoon in my pool. In another analogy, if you emptied the Gulf of Mexico and let this spill run unabated with no evaporation it would take 86 million years to fill up the Gulf with oil. Some people are already saying things like it will blacken every beach in the gulf and all the wildlife is endangered. Its just not physically possible. Sorry! Lets not loose our heads. Just let the experts clean it up and stop politicizing it all to the extreme !! And by the way. The experts are not in the Government.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct – but that’s not what the environmentalists wants us to know. After all, if the truth was pointed out, they couldn’t use it as a crisis, could they?

      Several years ago now, the EPA was insisting that we needed to reduce the speed limit in a several county area here (we’re adjacent to Houston) to decrease the polution a car puts out. They wouldn’t listen to any argument about not doing it either. The district attorney in my county sued them to prove that it would work.

      I did some figures too based on the amount of pollution the EPA estimated they needed to reduce. It came out to less than a teaspoon full per car – 1.3 grams. The EPA backed off when faced with that going public. It was easier to reduce it by getting all the smoking cars off the road.

  • Ben Martin (Patriot)

    Response to President’s Take on the Gulf Of Mexico Oil Disaster

    In last evening’s address to the American people, President Obama talked about praying for those in need due to the disastrous oil mess invading the Gulf of Mexico. He should have mentioned praying for forgiveness in allowing man to brashly scorch Mother Nature in the name of greed. He throws money and punishment out as an answer to resolving every symptom faced while avoiding identifying and dealing with the root cause to our ills – poor moral values and a lack of relationship across the board. He, like his immediate predecessors, has become blinded in his leadership role by power, celebrity, and a lack of wisdom not to mention arrogance and a breach of humility and grace. I don’t expect our leaders to have all the answers; but I do expect a leader that serves his people in a timely matter addressing the key issues that warrant the assets he commands. A Commander in charge that focuses his energy and attention on finding solutions to the problems at hand in the most expeditious and beneficial manner possible – using all the resources at his disposal before tossing out blame and touting “they” will pay.
    “They” is us and the reality is that there is enough long term neglect and blame to be shared by everybody; but now is not the time for blame – a mute point at this juncture. Resolving a crisis, reconciling by curing an ill and positively pulling a nation together by collectively mending our ways and fixing a threatening situation will build more strength, character, and unity for a people who are in bad need of this type hope, faith, and love. We need to turn this most pressing liability into a cornerstone to new prosperity that will become the dawn of our generation’s ability to steward and meet the challenges of our time. The present is crying out for us to build relationships, witness how we are growing as a people, and acting for the benefit of our communities while recognizing we are not custodians of the almighty power that could renew the world in 7 days – reality is the opposite way around.
    If we wish to grow and prosper as a nation leading by serving, then we need to begin with one another – reconciling to our differences and banning “together” for our common causes that will foster freedom and prosperity for our sovereignty. A United States that leverages its diversity with the faith and relations that manifest to reality the true ideals that have made us a nation of enduring strength, a country of great compassion, and an example of hope to the rest of mankind, showing we are thankful for the bounty gifted to us and willing to share our spoils with each other. In turn, our beacon of light will entice others to pilgrimage for the betterment of mankind with the same spirit that drives us to shine (not for ourselves; but for the glory of those who have paved our way and in homage to our Creator who constantly gifts us with opportunity). When we act out of love, giving with what’s been gifted, we gain for all mankind – including ourselves. When we act to gain control and use the rationale of blame and pointing fingers at others for the faults at hand, we cut off the life blood of who we are as a people and steer our ship into darkened waters because we live without love and expect something in return as if it were us who own all the keys to the kingdom. Let’s start witnessing to the day and acting with intentions to meet challenges with faith that we’ll grow through these experiences rather than rush to judgment thinking we know all the answers, egotistically looking for immediate gratification under false pretense that only drives us farther apart from each other and destroys the core of our unity.

    If we can’t get beyond a win-lose scenario – like war leaving casualties on both sides of the equation – then we will miss out on the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. We need to realize that as we were founded, “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” is how we ought to be living in our time of stewardship. We have the chance to teach our future how to handle diversity, challenge, adversity, and every other test our Creator puts forth in order to build trust and relate in good faith to fortify long term growth. To display the spirit that constitutes us Americans as well as testify why we live embracing freedom with responsibility.

    • 45caliber

      One thing that really annoys me is that we could have erected sand barriers off shore to prevent the oil from reaching the shore. All LA needed was permission since the sand barriers would need to be in US waters rather than state waters. But our leader refused to allow it. Why? Because the state intended to use non-union contractors to do the work. They would do it faster and better than any union company and do it with less people. Several other ideas were also shot down for similar reasons.

      If this is truly the emergency Oblama says it is, why doesn’t he take any and all efforts to help instead of stopping people from doing it? I can think of two reasons myself: 1) he WANTS a disaster so he can push some legislation through (cap and trade) and 2) he is just so incompitent that he can’t decide anything useful.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      If he doesnt know Jesus Christ, his prayers go on deaf ear, so he can say that all he wants, his words are going nowhere.

  • Ellen

    There is plenty of domestic oil…..please don’t buy into the UN agenda that wants to cripple the US and the rest of the world by ignoring our huge oil deposits. At present, this energy source is the most efficient but it does not need to remain that way.

    What I’d like to see is REAL clean energy such as what Nicoli Tesla spoke about many many years ago that does not rape the people or present environmental issues. Put such energy into the hands of the people where it belongs, not controlled by mega corporations whose only criteria is to have all the money in the world. Many people have come up with wonderful energy solutions (wind is extremely inefficient, costly, and would not survive if not for being subsidized) but these very inventive people are usually forced to sell or give up their inventions or these folks simply disappear. Either way, everyone gets screwed again.

    Our country is controlled by a shadow government at the top with the mega corporations doing their bidding and it is ALL utterly corrupt. Obummer will no doubt use this catastrophe to further decimate this country and its quickly dwindling freedoms to force the crap & rape scheme in the fraudulent lie of global warming. God help us if he is successful.

    • 45caliber


      If we were energy sufficient and needed NO outside energy, we wouldn’t need to worry about other countries, would we? We could produce whatever we needed ourselves. And we could produce – probably at a lot lower cost than we can now due to energy prices – enough for most of the rest of the world as well. To give an example – we can litterally feed the world if our farmers weren’t hindered by government controls to “help” the farmers.

      But that wouldn’t allow the rest of the world to grow to be like us, would it? Particularly places like the Mid-East – who are going to be in serious trouble when their oil runs out. So the UN and many of the statists in Washington who want a world government (with them as leaders, of course) don’t want that.

  • http://gmail i41

    All you simple minded, or I should say no minded liberal socialists, you should remove your skull, from your anal vent. Since you have a computer, to be on this site, check out the Stansbury Report on the Rocky Moutains done in 4 – 2006. You will see it has over 2 trillion barrels of oil, at less than 1000′ down in places. When fuel was over $4.59 a gallon, and Bush told the BLM to get to drilling to bring oil on line, who sat on their anal heads and did nothing? You socialist liberal tree hugging puke brained democrats, thats who. Normy, don’t wet your dress, the Rochy Moutains and drilling. What the hell are you going to do, drink in the beauty and become a full blown communist country. Since last year several asphalt companies in Colorado are recalibrating their plants to use straight crude oil, since the tank farms are full and no place to go with the crude. Kind of a waste! Every barrel does not all become fuel. I know it is hard for puke, no brained socialists to understand facts. Who stopped the price of fuel to come down in 2006 and 2007, the socialist government controlling democraps. Did not hear a damn thing on the news, did the Americans get the facts, the government run media controlled what the people know. With the muslim spouting s–t since 2006 on the national stage, proved democrats are compliciate in high gas prices and not using our own oil. You noodle minded dems want to dispute the facts, you had better start dreaming up more of you green energy dung facts to spout. Your muslim smuck is getting nobel prized acadamia get together, to come up with more worthless theories, and will not solve a fricking thing, except waste time and have more waste of money. His commissions just waste money and don’t do a damn thing either. All of the National Socialist Democrats are mind locked to follow marxist beleifs and are even more attached to Hilter’s dispicable rectal beleifs of a puss brain like Obamee being a world leader. Let see if the liberal socialists can dispute the facts on the vein of thought. Oh, I forgot socialist don’t have a reasoning thought process on facts. To confuse a democrat, put them in a culvert and tell them to go releive themselves in a corner!

  • Conservative at Birth

    It is as clear glass, that Obama intentionally is letting the spill worsen, in order to pressure Senators to pass an energy tax. He stated his goal of Electricity and Gasoline prices Skyrocketing when he became President. I suggest that all of you call your Senators and let them know your sentiments immediately. It is estimated that the current Cap and Trade scheme will cause coal fired electricy generating plant rates to increase by at least in the range of
    50-75%. If the same is true for gasonline at the pump I would expect unemeplyment to increase by the same rate. Which means we will have unemployment rates equivalent to The “Great Depression”, which was a recession worsened by similar Government action (increasing taxes, excessive Government spending and borrowing.) This is by design. We will have rioting in the steets and a declaration of Marshall Law. Does anyone remember Obama’s statement in regards for the need for a National Police Force. Hmmmm… I wonder if these are his Brown Shirts, which will be used to collect all privately owned fire arms?

    • 45caliber

      Not a National Police Force – a National Internal Security Force. And yes, I believe it will be his version of the Brown Shirts. (Incidently, did you know that the history books no longer mention Brown Shirts in schools?) His “volunteerism” idea stresses that the students (similar to Hitler’s Youth Corps which became the SS) must go to a six week class. And they are supposed to learn things like how to search homes, etc. I suppose the best will be recruited for his NISF group. All I can say is that I hope they have special uniforms and emblems like the SS did. Then I know I won’t accidently cause the police and military any problems.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Good luck to the fools who decide to be one of Obama’s brown shirt boys. Man oh man, Im guessing a lot of them, and eventually all of them, are going to get shot up pretty throughly and pretty often.

  • Chas

    All the talk about a clean energy future is disingenuous. The President wants you to believe windmills and solar panels will replace oil, they won’t. Oil is a transportation fuel, wind and solar are only used to generate electricity. Google “electricity by source” and you will find only 1% of our electricity is generated by oil. As long as we want to drive cars we will need oil.

    • 45caliber

      Electric and natural gas operated cars are possible since they have already been built and tested but only when the government can determine how to tax it without setting home owners off. Propane is also available but you have to have a fuel tax stamp and the propane refuel stations have to tax it now.

  • Robert Moon

    Mr. Meyers you sound like the same ol chorus of American’s ADDICTION to oil is the problem. Addiction is a poor choice of words plus its a lie about declining reserves. America needs the oil, but that’s due by design. 99% of all products we use everyday are made from oil or oil by products, gasoline is only a part of why we need oil. The reason we have shortages isn’t due to low reserves, it’s because the US Government hasn’t built a refinery in 30 years and has most of the largest deposits of oil and oil shale off limits to drilling. Look at how much oil is being lost from this ONE well and there’s no end in sight for it to stop on its own. If the US Government would open up all of the huge known deposits of oil and Natural Gas on and off shore, open up the vast clean coal deposits, build at least two new refineries and two new Nuclear Power Plants, America would be self sufficient for more than 100 years, thus giving us ample time to invent, develop and build an entire new type Green fuel energy and get it in place to immediately get started across the whole Nation. As usual, our problem is not a resource problem but a government problem.

    • RL


    • uSNpops

      The government does not build refineries, private companies do. Nor does the government build Nucleur power plants, Private companies do.
      What the government does do however is control the private companies ability to do their job, and build these facilities.
      The EPA is in total control of what private companies can do. The EPA was originally designed to insure that private companies that could impact the environment, were held to environmentaly safe development of resources. They however now are so powerful that they can put a company out of business, even if it proves that a project is safe and sound.

    • 45caliber

      An oil man told me that we wouldn’t see any refineries in the US any more for money reasons.

      As I stated above, there is a 10% limit on profits on each stage of an oil product development.

      ALL oil possible is shipped on the ocean. That is by design. The moment it leaves a nation’s waters and reaches the High Seas, it is “sold” to a holding company in Hong Kong. When it reaches the national waters of the country it is destined for, it is sold back to the oil company. Hong Kong is used because that is the only place in the world where public disclosure of ownership of a company is not legally required. Supposedly if the ship sinks the holding company would be responsible for any spilled oil and not the oil company.

      The holding company, which varies from one oil company to another, is basically an office with a secretary or two and a manager. It can close and be empty in a hour if necessary. It can “charge” any amount for the oil when it reaches its destination. THAT price is the real price of oil rather than what it is bought for at the source.

      If we built refineries in the US they could be used to refine all oil here. But that means the holding company wouldn’t get involved so the price would be held down.

      Incidently, if you look at the building of the Alaskan Pipe Line, the original idea was to build a pipeline through Canada to California and build a refinery there. The oil companies talked the US out of requiring that because Canada might want to steal our oil. They then talked about bringing barges/ships down the coast – which wouldn’t take the ships out to sea behind the country limits. That was also shot down for fear of pollution.

      So guess where the oil is refined? Japan. That way it goes across the sea twice.

      He thought it was a great way to make extra profit and thought the oil companies were smart to do it that way.

  • RL

    America is going through the same thing that Rome did in it’s final days and for the same reasons. Over extending its military, lack of leadership and a totally corrupt congress and all of the so-called watchdog agencies who for lack of a decent income are now for sale to the most convenient bidder.

  • RL

    America is going through the same thing that Rome did in it’s final days and for the same reasons. Over-extending its military, lack of leadership and a totally corrupt Congress. All of the so-called watchdog agencies who for lack of a decent income are now for sale to the most convenient bidder. WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR COUNTRY IS ROTTING AWAY BEFORE YOUR EYES.

  • http://YellowDogsandDemocratHandouts. Lester Havens

    Mr. Myers say that our on-shore oil supply is depleted but I beg to differ with him. In North Dakota there is an area called the Bakken Reserve where light, sweet, crude oil has been discovered and by all accounts there are many billions of barrels of oil there. All one has to do is check with the USGS. Just type Bakken Reserve into your computer browser and see what you come up with. It is the Environmental Protection Agency that refuses to allow any real drilling there although there is some going on. But its potential is enormous and it is being held back by the environmentalists and those who want to “wean” us off oil.

    • 45caliber

      I have wondered at why they want to “wean” us off oil for transportation. But if you can’t move around very far it would be easier to conrol you, wouldn’t it?

      To offset the loss of fuel taxes if we went to electric, propane, or natural gas for cars, the government is looking closely at a road-use tax. The idea is that you pay taxes for each mile you drive.

      Someone in Mass. came up with the idea. Further, they want to tie it to a GPS built into your car. At intervals they would have receivers who would “read” your GPS as you passed. You would then get a monthly bill for your milage.

      To make things even more interesting (and raise the amount of money the government receives from you) they also want to GPS to note every time you go over the speed limit and every time you run a stop sign based on some mapping system. Then you get monthly tickets for that. I use a GPS sometimes and I’ve found serious errors in it. The errors may be a different speed limit than is posted on the roads but many times it is errors in mapping. Some areas where I am aren’t mapped at all – and the roads have been there for over fifty years. So how are you to be ticketed from running a stop sign that was changed to a red light about twenty years ago?

      Of course, this same system would allow the government to track where you go at all times as well. But they wouldn’t do that, would they?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Im sure that if they went to this system, many, many of us would figure out a way to bypass this device and defeat it.

  • JeffH

    Oil Shale Reserves : America’s Strategic Future
    Estimated U.S. oil shale reserves total an astonishing 1.5 trillion barrels of oil – or more than five times the stated reserves of Saudi Arabia. This energy bounty is simply too large to ignore any longer, assuming that the reserves are economically viable.

    “The technical groundwork may be in place for a fundamental shift in oil shale economics,” the Rand Corporation recently declared. “Advances in thermally conductive in-situ conversion may enable shale-derived oil to be competitive with crude oil at prices below $40 per barrel. If this becomes the case, oil shale development may soon occupy a very prominent position in the national energy agenda.”

  • Xstate

    Wow…what a winner. I don’t know who’s worse, the people who think they’re ‘conservative’ or those here who think they’re ‘liberal’ or whatever…this is like a bunch of old women arguing at a poker party. Of course Obama’s administration is dragging its feet. Yes, BP is likely to blame for this mess. Yes, it’s an environmental nightmare. BUt you people act like this is the end of the earth! This happens all the time in the Third world countries. In those nations, they’d just as well pump the sludge into your backyard and screw your rights. Whine whine whine…

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And your point is…….?

  • http://YellowDogsandDemocratHandouts. Lester Havens

    Almost everything today is made of plastic. Where do the people who want to “wean” us off oil think plastic comes from? If not for oil most of our appliances, radios, VCR’s, televisions, blackberries, automobiles, clothing, etc, etc, etc, could not be made. We need oil!

    • 45caliber

      I work in that industry – taking oil and making plastics. Personally I’d like to see all oil go to plastics rather than to fuel but at the moment we simply can’t do it. Just think. If we decided today to convert strictly to electricity how long would it take to replace all the cars now on the road and build enough power plants to provide the electricity?

      It’s like drilling for oil. When Bush was in power there was a move to start drilling. The enviornmentalists immediately came back: “It will take ten years if we start today to drill enough oil wells to even start on self-sufficiency.” So nothing was allowed to be done.

      But we’d be half way there now if we’d started then, wouldn’t we?

  • Dale on left coast

    Absolutely correct Robert . . . the only reason BP is drilling in a Mile of water is the enviro-whacks, no drilling allowed in shallow water or on land where problems are far fewer and easily corrected.
    There is NOTHING to replace oil tomorrow . . . FACT!!!
    Anyone who thinks there are millions of green jobs out there only has to look at Spain – who bought the lie and are now facing bankruptcy.

    • 45caliber

      Spain, France, England, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, etc. all have that problem. Germany is having that problem because they are taking their money to try to bail out Greece – without forcing Greece to cut back on their spending. (The Germans are getting angry about it since they cannot retire until 69 but the Greeks retire at full pay at 58.) We are just following in line while the environmental “greens” are doing their best to insure we don’t do anything rash like drilling for our own oil so we don’t depend upon the rest of the world.

      After all, if we were self sufficient, it wouldn’t be our problem if Europe caved in, would it? We could sit back and laugh at them. And that would be HORRIBLE!

  • Sue C









    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      All these floods, fires, earthquakes, and natural disasters are all foretold in Revelation, as the birth pangs of the beginning of the end. All prophecies have been fulfilled, except one, the revealing of the lawless one. Could be tomorrow, could be another 100 years. Who knows? Nobody knows? But be ready, He will come like a thief in the night, when you least expect it, so by all means, be ready. But God doesnt flood areas out to whack someone for their sin, and take all kinds of innocents that just happened to be in the way. We will answer for our sin in the end, we will all have our personal judgment day. But your suggestion that oil spills are floods are God punishing someone is way off base. I know. I know Him, and I know His word. He doesnt work that way.

      • Claire

        Beberoni–And I agree with your words.

      • Dorothy

        Hey, Beberoni – Ever consider running for President of the US?
        You’d have my vote!!!

  • Sue C


  • Dr. Mabuse

    The title of this article is almost a self fufilling prophecy…
    In the sense that most of the people who post here will get exactly what they ask for. Tribalism is the animus thats fueled conflicts between human beings on this planet from day 1. Here, in this forum I’ve seen Tribalism at its (sic) finest. MY side is right… this is followed by chest beating and ball scratching (regardless of the facts). Erudition is a scarce commodity in this forum and when it raises its head up its almost like a game of whack a mole is in effect. Oh, its so easy to castigate and be derisive of Obama. Its like a testerone junkie getting his (or her) daily fix. Where we are at right now as a country is the result of a progression… (not to be confused with progressive, Beberoni and Samurai) The world didn’t just pop into being when Obama was sworn in. Take BP, for example…
    These are the people that assassinated Mosaddeq (why? because he wanted BP to share profits gained from oil extracted from Iran with his people. BP, the greedy bastards, sought out FDR’s grandson and the Dulles boys (CIA)to put work in, the end result being the Shah of Iran. Here’s a snack for you pitbulls…. Bp was one of Obama’s MAJOR campaign contributers. As far as the Bush(es) are concerned, remember once an oil man…always a oil man. (footnote: The Nazi’s didn’t lose the war, they just relocated)
    Peanuts Carter and Bubba Clinton (thanx sc) mere pawns for the Fed.
    ‘specially Carter. Here’s a hint… Lets see who gets it…
    There’s tons of more stuff, but I’m not gonna do all your homework for ya.
    Spread the hate around a little more, ok fellas?

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Peak oil is a lie. Just like the global warming scam. As we can see the earth is filled with oil, it gushes out uncontrolably. Don’t be so stupid, this latest disaster was A PLANNED event. They are already talking about taking people to FEMA camps. They are starting in the south,and they will work there way up to Canada, diaster by disater

    • JC

      Can you expand on the “They” taking people to FEMA Camps?

      • Claire

        JC–Good question. I am glad you asked. Hope there is a truthful answer.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      What does diaster by disater mean?

  • chuck b

    dr. mabuse

    i can’t make out heads or tails in what you are saying, maybe thru my own ignorance.
    its not hate that causes the re-action of people who can see and hear what an inept person ( the leader of our nation) says. you would have to be ignorant to not hear and understand the lies this person (barry soetoro) told the u.s. audience last night. #1: he was on this oil spill the following day, #2 we have only 2% of the worlds supply #3 we have the ability to turn to alternative energy (we cannot)and probably never will, this has been a charade started by soros, al gore and the so called greenies. gore and soros are in it for the buck and yes gore is stupid enough to believe in it, however, he does know how to con the public, much like soetoro and knows there is money to be made there.
    the nation needs to demand this man step down from the presidency immediately while we have some resemblance of a country left

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Ok Chuck, my bad…
      Let me speak plainly…
      I’ll try to address each point in your post.
      1. Yes it is hate…. its the hatred of liars.
      Folks don’t like it when they’re being condescended to.
      My position is that that type of hate should be spread around some more… lets get inclusive… why just stop at Obama. throw all those corrupt azzes in the paddywagon. But some people (tea baggers included) don’t want to peak behind the curtain and challenge the power behind the throne. its just plain easier to Bama bash.

      Soros, Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, etc. We know these people manipulate markets. (and this is among their lesser crimes)
      But who is the boss of bosses?

      Finally, after we demand that this “usurper” steps down (and assuming he does)… We now have President Joe Biden?

      • JC

        You’re right about the controllers behind The Dalibama. They need to be erradicated before the US will be a Constitutional Republic again.

        Or as Andrew Jackson put it…”These International Bankers are a pit of vipers and must be routed from these United States”

      • chuck b

        dr. mabuse

        i don’t argue with your theory and you are probably right. replacing barry with biden is like losing twice, however, it would break up the mouth piece of the establishment, the hard core demo’s and the minorities worship soetoro and his only purpose is to speak, he has little knowledge of what he says, but his ability to read off the teleprompter is very good.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were one hell of an insurance policy Obama put in place, arent they?

        • Claire

          Beberoni–Yup, Pelosi is running the show. I find it disgusting and appalling.

  • 45caliber

    The environmental whackos – whose god is Al Gore – insist that CO2 coming from our breathing and from burning oil products and coal will cause global warming and destory the world.

    FACT: CO2 comes from all creatures. It is absorbed by plants which emit 02 which we need to breathe. Increase the CO2 and plants grow faster and do better, which removes more CO2 and emits more O2. If you want to reduce CO2, simply plant a few trees or other plants.

    FACT: There is equipment that can be built to remove CO2 from exhausts from industrial plants. But it is VERY EXPENSIVE. It actually costs more for the equipment than it does for the industrial plant in most cases.

    FACT: Al Gore, Soros, and others own these companies or at least own huge blocks of stock in these companies. If these companies can sell this equipment, all of them will make billions (not just millions) of dollars.

    FACT: Gore, Soros, and friends are doing their best to get their friends in politics to pass a law mandating that ALL industrial plants install this equipment. Energy is to be the first industry to be targetted for this action.

    FACT: If industrial plants like electrical energy generation plants are forced to buy and install this equipment the price will be passed along to all customers to cover the costs.

    FACT: The people who must buy this energy (or other goods) would object seriously to the needed price increases and would demand that the government stop the price increases. To do that, the governments would have to stop requiring this equipment.

    FACT: Gore and friends are doing whatever they can to frighten the population into allowing the government to pass this law.

  • jopa

    Why did BP DRILL 5,000 FT of water in the gulf. That’s where the oil is.Senators John Bonehr and Jack Ineoff have the solution for this problem. Make the taxpaying American’s pay for the clean-up.

    • JC

      BP has already offered to pay for the clean up. The good Senators should just relax and pound sand somehwere.

    • Claire

      Boehner? YUK! another sun-tanned George Hamilton that cares more about his looks than anything else. BP is at fault with their negligence as well as Obama. And now Boehner is rushing to kiss BP’s butt. How typical. Boehner is another jerk that needs to get out of office.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Why in 5000 feet of water you ask? Because the environmentalists and democrats fixed it so that they couldnt drill on land or in safe shallow water, so they went out there. That is why.

  • chuck b

    we must not overlook the fact, barry has contracted out the manufacture of windmill and solar equipment to foreign govts. china is one. this was part of the stimulus pkg. we have the ability to produce nuclear power, the cleanest, the most reliable and cheapest power we can get. we have more obtainable oil than any nation on record. yet we let these politicians in wash.dc convince the ignorant of our society that we are running out of energy and we have to depend on solar and windmills, what a joke on us.
    our country should produce our own energy (oil, nuclear) and not allow the oil companies to place crude oil on the commodities market. shut down all importation of foreign oil. build nuclear plants. if someone can invent a cleaner more proficient source of energy that is reliable and less expensive, then we can look at the alternative.

  • JeffH

    Obama lied again in his oval spin speech but what else is new.

    LIE: “From the very beginning of this crisis, the federal government has been in charge of the largest environmental cleanup effort in our nation’s history…”

    HALF LIE:(50 days later) Because of our efforts, millions of gallons of oil have already been removed from the water through burning, skimming, and other collection methods. Over five and a half million feet of boom has been laid across the water to block and absorb the approaching oil. We have approved the construction of new barrier islands in Louisiana to try and stop the oil before it reaches the shore, and we are working with Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida to implement creative approaches to their unique coastlines.

    HALF TRUTH:I have established a National Commission (made up of 100% environmentalists without one oil representative) to understand the causes of this disaster and offer recommendations on what additional safety and environmental standards we need to put in place.

    *I have issued a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling.* All drilling has ceased and any oil rigs shut down will more than likely be moved to other drilling areas. No drilling = no jobs

    LIE: After all, oil is a finite resource. We consume more than 20% of the world’s oil, but have less than 2% of the world’s oil reserves. And that’s part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean – because we’re running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water.

    LIE: Now, there are costs associated with this transition. And some believe we can’t afford those costs right now. I say we can’t afford not to change how we produce and use energy – because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security, and our environment are far greater.

    • JeffH

      Obama has lost his greatest supporters…go figure…

      Hell freezes as Olbermann, Matthews rip Obama’s Oval Office speech

      If you’re a Democratic president and even MSNBC can’t swallow your talking points, you know you’ve got a problem. The normally Obama-friendly Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman harshly criticized President Obama’s first Oval Office speech for lacking specifics and relying on detached rhetoric to address the Gulf crisis.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        This is all part of the Democrats plan. You see, once they have seen that Obama is un-electable in 2012, they are working towards throwing his butt under the bus, and they are going to run Hillary in 2012. Im telling you, I see it coming. And since they own the press, they can manipulate them into turning their lefty followers against Obama, then run Hillary whom they think might have a better chance for them to keep their power with. Its going to be better than a sitcom. Just sit back, and watch them unravel. Its coming real soon.

        • JeffH

          …That’s why it’s important to expose all of these Alinsky trained Marxist/comminist/socialists…I think Hillary is more dangerous to our republic right now…she hides in the wings.

  • DaveH

    How our elected Representatives think of us:

  • JeffH

    Radical environmentalists and the activist groups with which they are affiliated typically view free-market capitalism as an economic system that is inherently destructive of the natural world. They present themselves as watchdogs whose main objective is to defend the air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from man-made pollution and its effects. In the process, they engage in alarmist rhetoric that depicts the United States (and its capitalist economic structure) as the world’s leading environmental villain. Meanwhile, they ignore such salient facts as these:
    Air quality in the U.S. improved by more than 40 percent between 1980 and 1995. In the eastern United States, EPA data show a 60-percent reduction in sulfur-dioxide levels between 2000 and 2008, and a decline in emissions of nitrogen oxides (an ozone precursor) of more than 50 percent during that same period.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a 2008 report confirming that the United States is now gaining wetlands.
    Emissions of sulfur dioxide, chief cause of acid rain, fell by 32.2 percent between 1970 and 1994.

    Ground-level ozone, smog’s primary component, fell in the U.S. by nearly 20 percent between 1979 and 1993. Meanwhile, ambient lead concentration fell by 97.1 percent; the amount of particulates spewed into the air fell by 64 percent; carbon monoxide emissions dropped by 38 percent; releases of volatile organic compounds declined by 29 percent; and ocean dumping of industrial wastes was reduced by 94 percent.

    In 2006, U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions fell by 1.5 percent, marking the first time such emissions had ever fallen in a non-recessionary year. It is likely that the United States was the only industrialized nation where GHG emissions fell in 2006.

    With Al Gore as a chief spokesman, these environmental radicals attempt to frighten people into a willingness to be taxed and regulated to ever-greater degrees by an ever-expanding government that gains more and more control over the reins of the nation’s economy — all in the name of environmental protection. This anti-capitalist agenda is made plain by the words of many of the environmentalist movement’s leading radicals themselves. Communist political figures such as Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, and Evo Morales likewise condemn capitalism, in the harshest terms, as the major cause of pollution worldwide.

    • eddie47d

      I doubt if Chavez,Morales,and especially Mugabe are environmentalists by any stretch of your imagination. Maybe that parrot is talking in your head again. If Capitalism OR Communism creates pollution then let the guilty party pay the piper.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie says: “I doubt if Chavez,Morales,and especially Mugabe are environmentalists”

        My point exactly…they’re “ANTI-CAPITALIST, PRO-SOCIALIST AGENDAS” which means they are exactly like the radical enviro-extremists or vice versa but just like Obama, they’ll use these green wackos to further their Marxist/communist/socialist agendas. You are one of his green supporters, you should know this better than anybody.

        • DaveH

          Obama is a Hugo Chavez wannabe.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            He probably likes Sean Penn also.

        • eddie47d

          That’s a sick conclusion but hardly unexpected.

          • JeffH

            sick maybe, but the truth…something you either obviously don’t know or hide from…Which is it?

  • JeffH

    U.S. Policies Put Most U.S. Oil Off-Limits to Drilling
    (by Pete Winn, – Huge basins of untapped oil can be found on federal lands throughout the United States, according to a new report from the federal government. But much of it cannot — and may never be — recovered, because it lies under national parks and national monuments, or it is subject to environmental laws and restrictions that make drilling prohibitive.
    The report, which was produced at the request of Congress by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM), said there are 279 million acres under federal management where oil and gas could potentially could be extracted.

    More than half of it is totally off-limits to drillers.

  • Stephen Russell

    I heard we have 5,106 wells alone in the Gulf & 500 are deepwater & BP Atlantis drills deeper than BP Deepwater Horizon.
    From what Ive seen I urge this:

    o ALL Oil Corp have Offshore Emergency Drilling Disaster Plans
    o Business & Academia form Offshore Emerg task Force.
    o BP pays Fines.
    o seize BP assets even from CEO
    o Expand more Biofuels, wind, solar, geothermal etc Modes
    o Improve deepwater drilling
    o Use Computer 3D models & sims for Mock emergency drilling
    o Certify BP Atlantis.
    o Hey BP make changes NOW not 10 days from now.
    o Be Proactive IE Big Oil
    o Expand undersea Hydroturbine farms from idle offshore rigs.
    o & lobby for MORE DRILLING via robotics.
    & drill at Contin shelf depths.
    & sue the whole Eco Lobby for this Mess.

    Me I blame these:
    o Govt regs, rules
    o Oil Corpo mismgmt, NO mgmt, No plans
    o Environmental groups Denying US our Energy’
    SUE Greenpeace & Sierra club, Try them under RICO.

    Then see things change fast.
    & either buy UP Oil stock or sell fast.

    Maybe same for Unocal, Exxon, Shell TOO?

    NO exceptions.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe you need to be sued for helping to destroy the environment which we also depend on. Gee,5,106 wells and 500 of them are farther out in deep water.WOW that’s alot of wells that Obama forced out into the Gulf. I suppose there is no profit in that part of the business either? Several on this site have said it’s too dangerous to drill that far out but they are doing it and making lots of money.

  • eddie47d

    Jeff H. Wetlands are natures sponges and could have handled most Hurricanes and tropical storms. Our building damns and even levees and rerouting rivers has it’s own set of consequences. Some are good and some are catastropic. Maybe you should be reading some of them there magazines.

    • JeffH

      fast eddie, in my lifetime I’m quite sure I’ve spent more time and money in wetlands and wetlands conservation than you could ever dream of.
      Maybe you should make a point rather than imitating Obama, words without meaning.

      • eddie47d

        If that’s your conclusion after spending so much time in wetlands then you are a slow learner.

        • JeffH

          fast eddie, at least make a point of argument, not indigestible rhetoric without substance…up to this point you’ve not clarified what point you are making other than your a leftist liberal with pointless verbal dribble.

    • DaveH

      So, the Government should use other peoples’ money to bail out those who want to live below sea level? Talk about reinforcing bad behavior.
      That is the whole problem with the Liberal mindset. They want to take the money from people who make intelligent choices and give it to people who don’t.
      Fast Eddie and his fellow Liberals can pontificate all they want with other peoples’ money. They should try doing it with their own money.

      • Claire

        DaveH–I believe there are numerous Republicans that want the taxpayer to foot the bill on the oil disaster. Both parties are frauds.

        • DaveH

          True, but the Democrats are far ahead of the Republicans in the race to relieve us of our money.

          • Claire

            DaveH–My comment was about the oil spill. I already know about the insane spending. Sometimes I think it is “the age of insanity.”

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Can you name them? I would like to know who they are, because if they are from my state, I will contact them and voice my opinion to them.

          • Claire

            Beberoni–I am in Illinois, I would have to contact each and every one of them. Dems and Repubs alike. Kirk got himself in hot water again. He lies about his numerous “good deeds.” He is just like Blumenthal. It is pathetic here.

  • Claire

    BP gave $71,000.00 to the Obama campaign–They also gave $2.5 million to the Republicans. I am trying to prove a point here.
    Both parties are on the “take” from oil companies. The Dems AND the Repubs have all received money from oil companies. This is exactly why politicians “suck up” to the oil companies.

    • DaveH

      Companies contribute to both parties to hedge their bets. The problem is that the Government is way too deep in the marketplace. If it wasn’t, companies would focus on producing the best products and pleasing the consumers instead of trying to buy the politicians.

      • Claire

        DaveH–I know this has been going on for years and years but I am so tired of the corruption. “Corruption” is the correct word to describe politics. This situation has contributed to the mess this Nation is in.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Of course it has, they are all lawyers. The most corrupt profession in the United States of America.

          • 45caliber

            I think politicians beats lawyers as the most corrupt profession. Probably because the most corrupt lawyers become politicians.

    • Bob Wire

      250 million to McSame and 71,000 to OBama, ~

      They may well all be on the “take” but I see some disparity with such numbers, ~ so can we conclude it’s all a matter of degrees and all cats appearing gray in the dark?

      The GOP has long been in bed with big business and to a lesser extent the DNC as well. ~ 76 % of all pac money comes from special interest, so they say.

      Now the GOP is in a tough spot, as the administration put BP feet to the fire, ~ They want to help their buddies, but the whole world is watching!

      Maybe they should have gave the DNC that 250 million.

      or better yet, invested that 250 million 71 thousand dollars in safety measures and leave American politics for Americans to figure out.

  • Claire

    Of the current members of Congress who received money from Haliburton in May, seven of these guys are on committees with oversight of the oil spill and its aftermath. I find this very interesting. I can well imagine WHY they recieved the monies.

    • Claire


  • jopa

    The oil spill is about the same amount of square miles as Pennsylvania on the surface today. If you try and think how many cubic miles the spill actually is it gives it a whole new dimension on it’s total devastation.Anything that swims through the oil or the oil touches is almost certain death in plant and animal life.

  • gary

    I do not for a minute believe the graph or alot of what is said in this article. We are lied to about the oil so much and so many times it is getting sickening. They will never tell us the truth in Washington and that is how they control us.

    I think we have as much oil in the ground as some countries in the middle east and we need to be pumping it and discovering it. You can dream about alernate energy until hell freezes over, and that is probably when you will see it. Some of it is good, and some of it is no better than what we have. Do not believe what Washington tells you. Personally I think there are huge pockets of oil developing continually. Humans will never occupy this planet long enough to use it all up. I am really sick of the lies and scare tactics.

    We need to drill and discover new reserves. However we first need to create a safer way to drill and make sure it is done correctly to avoid more disasters like this one. New and more effective means to collect spilled oil, also needs to be developed NOW, NOT LATER. It will be a long time before an alternative energy is as practical as oil. SO Dream on if you wish but I prefer to deal with reality and we need oil, and a clean, safe way to collect it. Big oil is as bad as Big government and neither can be trusted.

    • Claire

      gary–We have been lied to for years and years. You really don’t expect the truth from any of them, do you?

  • http://gmail i41

    JeffH, edyee, is a giant government sponge, doesn’t do a damn thing in life but flog a tooth pick, and collects taxpayers hard earned money. The simple fact is Onumnut, cann’t have a bright idea, unless the Nobel Prize winner, along with all the other acadamic brain dead theorists, have sat on their dead azzes with Onumnut, and theorized away the problems. All the created agencies also sure mucked up the progress until their paper shuffling was completed. Omoron really showed his skill a a f–k up in office, never has had a job ecept working supposedly in a chicken shack with a falsified SS number. Once a muslim fraud always a compulsive liar and a bonified crook, always a crimminal!

  • Delores Smith

    John, I would not believe one word that escapes the President’a mouth with the excessive carbon. When his eyes look down, it’s the beginning of a lie. He was not genuinely upset by the Gulf Spill. He has an agenda that he even forgets sometimes. It’s SPEND and END. I do not believe that Obama caused the Horizon Oil Spill, but he certainly had the motive. The cause of the spill has not been identified, and Cap & Trade has already slipped from his carbon lips. I believe that Obama is destroying our economy deliberately via the Cloward-Piven Strategy. You do this, just before you put in a new form of government without the U.S. Constitution. We go to the polls soon to change what we can. When we have the votes, we have grounds to impeach Obama, if necessary. BP has shown us that we do have oil and lots of it. Now…if we could just turn it off!
    Delores Smith

    • Claire

      Delores–yeah if we could just turn it off is right. The economy, the lives of people, and the tragic mess in the wetlands, not to mention the marine life is suffering for the idiocy of all administrations and the oil companies.
      None of this should have happened, and since it did, then BP should have had the machinery in place to stop this horrible leak.
      I am to the point that the words “politics” and “politicians” have the same meaning as the word “devil.”

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Think about it. This crisis could’ve been prevented if all drilling were done inland, where there is plenty of oil – enough to make us energy independent. Why does it have to be off-shore?? Let’s remember – these Marxist flat earth/no growth environmentalist wackos are only a tiny minority in the USA. So why do the democraps (and sadly even some RINOs) cater to them????…..I say: “DRILL BABY, DRILL…..AND JUST SAY ‘NO’ TO THE ENVIRONMENTALIST WACKOS!!!!”

  • eddie47d

    JeffH,Dave H.,Beberoni, Such nasty tempers and you want to represent our country. Go back and read Dave H.’s report on the Deep Horizon Timeline which he said proved I am a liar.Scroll down to April 20 ,BP’s rig was built 7 years earlier “Quote by BP: 7 yrs. of no accidents”. You do the math and figure out who was President then. I know you all get a kick out of name calling but you shouldn’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. I know Dave was trying to rewrite history to put an anti- OBAMA spin on it and you fell for it. You Conservatives are just as gullible on many issues.

    • 45caliber

      You forget (on purpose perhaps?) that rigs are made to move. And they do. The previous seven years it was in service was NOT at this site.

      • eddie47d

        The issue with Dave is that he made it sound like Horizon was built during the last 1 1/2 years thus he put the blame on Obama when it was built several years earlier. The original permits should still be effective by MMS and Horizon is responsible to these permits. Maybe we do need new Government rules and more paper work for these companies since they can’t seem to do the right thing.

        • JeffH

          Your “issue” should be with Obama, but like Obama you prefer to cast the blame and take issue with the anti-Marxist/communist/socialist Obama crowd. How do you respond to the criticism Obama received from his MSM worshipers Kieth Olberego and Chris ” I get a tingly feeling down my leg” Mathews?

          • eddie47d

            I think you need some accupunture with some of your goofy comments you make. Want to borrow my “obama doll” so you’ll have something to practice on? You think if you blame everything on marxism the problem is solved. They tried that years ago (50′s) and all it did was bring out the paranoid crazies. Dejavu!

          • JeffH

            fast eddie, again you bring meaningless rhetoric with absolutely nothing to back it up. No facts, just meaningless words.

            meaningless – having no meaning or direction or purpose; “a meaningless endeavor”; “a meaningless life”; “a verbose but meaningless explanation”
            unimportant – not important; “a relatively unimportant feature of the system”; “the question seems unimportant”
            purposeless – not evidencing any purpose or goal
            unimportant, insignificant – devoid of importance, meaning, or force
            meaningful – having a meaning or purpose; “a meaningful explanation”; “a meaningful discussion”; “a meaningful pause”

          • JeffH

            fast eddie, go lick your wounds and heal them heal so you don’t appear too downtrodden to your family on Father’s Day.
            Hey, have a great Father’s Day by the way, not only fast eddie but all the fathers out their.

          • eddie47d

            What’s a MSM? Go back to your John Birch Society with your meaningless drivel.I’ve backed up plenty and very few on this site do. So you are making a meaningless point everytime. Your little more than a stooge for JBS.

          • JeffH

            fast eddie, I like it when you have to revert to the name calling of the liberals kind, it shows a certain weakness of not being able to provide facts with backup links but rather leftist rhetoric without substance.

        • Bob Wire

          Eddie, ` they are into blaming blow up dolls ~`It’s an Obama gangbang ~ they are having “their kind” of fun! ~ pulling what they can down to a level they feel more comfortable with.

          Rhythm or reason no longer necessary. ~ They attract each other. Goes for the whole Tea Party mentality.

          “We’re not happy! and we’re going to be noisy until we bored with being a clown. Cause we’re never going to be happy! “Willing to shot their own foot off just to show you how mean they can be!” Funny people! I think we are suppose to be scared or something with their alpha-monkey behavior.

          • JeffH

            …you’ve obviously chosen your bed partner carefully…

          • Sheila

            That time of the month again Bob? Take some Midol please…

      • JeffH

        45caliber. fast eddie doesn’t even talk a good game. He’s never provided the “source” of his rhetoric, just talk. Sounds just like Obama, a lot of talk without action…(failed leadership)

        Fact: Deepwater Horizon was an ultra-deepwater, dynamically positioned, semi-submersible offshore drilling rig. Built in 2001 in South Korea, it was owned by Transocean, registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands, and leased to BP plc until 2013.

        Fact: In February 2009, BP filed a 52 page exploration and environmental impact plan for the Macondo well with the Minerals Management Service (MMS), an arm of the United States Department of the Interior that oversees offshore drilling

        Fact: The federal Minerals Management Service said that a strong track record led the agency last year to herald the Deepwater Horizon as an industry model for safety.

        Fact: In September 2009, the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history at a vertical depth of 35,050 ft (10,680 m) and measured depth of 35,055 ft (10,685 m).

        Fact: The platform commenced drilling in February 2010 at a water depth of approximately 5,000 feet (1,500 m)

        Fact: Deepwater Horizon commenced drilling on Mississippi Canyon Block 252, referred to as the Macondo Prospect, in February 2010 at a water depth of approximately 5,000 feet (1,500 m). Macondo Prospect is located in the United States sector of the Gulf of Mexico, about 41 miles (66 km) off the southeast coast of Louisiana, and the mineral rights to drill for oil in Macondo are owned by multinational oil company BP. As of April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon was still working on the site.

        • bp

          Jeff: Finally, some facts, not just opinion! Thank you!

      • Bob Wire

        true 45 this one was a MV ~ but not all are such but anchored on the sea floor. The drilling depth required a MV , how they hold position to drill would be interesting to now, ~ It can be done with main engines and bow thrusters, but such efforts would easily consume 150 gallons of diesel per hour on a nice. Surly they have other means to stay in position.

  • Bob Wire

    Fact; The Deepwater Horizon was a MV (motorized vessel) with no full time Captain in Charge but a drilling manager.

    The seeds of maritime failure sown the first rattle out of the box! ~ I suppose they couldn’t afford a $400.00 per day Captain and $350.00 per day second Captain for 24/7 leadership.

    • JeffH

      By Theresa Vargas
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Friday, May 28, 2010

      FACT: Deepwater Horizon Captain Kuchta described a two-day period in which he went from vacationing at his home in Baltimore to jumping 75 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. He was in a life raft as an oil-fueled fire claimed the vessel under his charge, taking with it men under his command.

      FACT: Kuchta became the Deepwater Horizon’s captain in June 2008.

  • Norman

    I agree with Kate 8. It’s all about money. I spent 39 years in the oilfield with a certificate in well control. Believe me, this thing is a money grabbing circus. Not even BP is this stupid. Obama has it all under control. Put a tent over this thing and sell tickets.Does anyone know why Goldman -Sucks sold 250 million shares of BP hours before the disaster?

  • Bob Wire

    There is still a question of command ~ I failed to find the article I had read earlier this morning. ~ ~ But even according to your Washington Post article, ~ The Cap had been on vacation, and just returned and was playing video games. ~~ It fails to mention a relief or anything about a relief captain or 2nd captain.

    >>”The Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico was built in South Korea. It was operated by a Swiss company under contract to a British oil firm. Primary responsibility for safety and other inspections rested not with the U.S. government but with the Republic of the Marshall Islands — a tiny, impoverished nation in the Pacific Ocean.

    And the Marshall Islands, a maze of tiny atolls, many smaller than the ill-fated oil rig, outsourced many of its responsibilities to private companies.

    Now, as the government tries to figure out what went wrong in the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. history, this international patchwork of divided authority and sometimes conflicting priorities is emerging as a crucial underlying factor in the explosion of the rig.

    Rep.James Oberstar (D-Minn)., House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman

    “Today, these oil rigs can operate under different, very minimal standards of inspection established by international maritime treaties,” said Rep. James L. Oberstar (D-Minn.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

    Some offshore drilling experts, as well as some survivors of the explosion that led to the massive spill, say foreign registration also permitted a confusing command structure and understaffing — factors that may have contributed to the disaster.

    Senior members of Congress — including Oberstar and House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick J. Rahall II (D-W.Va.) — have begun looking into the inspection and staffing issues. The House Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation will hold a hearing Thursday on foreign-flagged rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Different types of rigs are classified differently, and the Marshall Islands assigned the Deepwater Horizon to a category that permitted lower staffing levels.

    Maritime attorney, Steve Gordon and his client Douglas Brown

    “Over the years, the manning dwindled down and down,” said Douglas Harold Brown, chief mechanic aboard the Deepwater Horizon, who had been assigned to the floating drilling rig since shortly after it was manufactured in 2000. “I believe that safety was compromised by this,” he said in an interview.

    Brown’s lawyer and others say the Marshall Islands licensed the Deepwater Horizon in a way that allowed rig operator Transocean Ltd. to place an oil drilling expert — the so-called offshore installation manager — ahead of a licensed sea captain in making decisions on the day of the explosion.

    • JeffH

      Bob Wire says:
      June 17, 2010 at 11:35 am

      “Fact; The Deepwater Horizon was a MV (motorized vessel) with no full time Captain in Charge but a drilling manager.

      The seeds of maritime failure sown the first rattle out of the box! ~ I suppose they couldn’t afford a $400.00 per day Captain and $350.00 per day second Captain for 24/7 leadership.”

      You said it, not I!

      There was a captain on board at the time of the blow-up and I don’t see where your arguement is going except nowhere. It in no way changes that fact.

      Perhaps you should call Deepwater Horizon and ask for the first mate if that would help you out any.

      • eddie47d

        Republican Joe Barton says the CEO of BP is a respected member of our corporate community. He says Obama should apologize to BP and not demand that they clean up their mess. That’s double talk in the orwellian Republican world. Even though BP has had 97% of all safety violations in the USA in the oil industry in the last 3 years. That’s how the anti-Obama mob thinks.

        • Claire

          The people in charge of Minerals Management Services, the inspectors, the regulators, all of them that are involved with the oil companies failed at their jobs. BP is at fault too. It will be a cold day in you know where before I would apologize to BP or to any of the corrupt people involved in this mess. They all need their butts kicked. They all need to get out. It is high time for decent and honest people to run these programs, committees, etc. The big problem is finding the decent and honest people.
          The Dems and the Repubs received money from all oil companies for their crummy campaigns. This is exactly why there is no honesty in government, oil companies, or anywhere.

          • Claire

            This rig was built in 2001 according to the information I have. Nine years old. I doubt if proper inspection was given and apparently no proper equipment on hand to stop a leak. I also heard BP has been fined numerous times. Anyone else hear this?

        • JeffH

          fast eddie, being a little deceptive with the 97% I think…that was the % figure of OSHA’s safety fines on the BP refineries not MMS figures. OSHA is not the regulatory agency in the offshore Deepwater Horizon case, MMS is the regulatory agency. Why is it then that the government has allowed BP to continue to operate in the US at all. With a record as bad as BP’s, it’s obvious that the government is being “paid off” by BP or the government is just plain stupid to allow BP to operate on US soil. I opt that the corruption within government has allowed the Deepwater Horizon disaster to become what it is.

          BP Safety Violations: Has Paid A Only A Pittance In Fines
          First Posted: 05- 4-10 12
          ProPublica-HuffPost Green

          MMS’ fines against BP have been the equivalent of a rounding error. From 1998 through 2007��”when MMS issued its last fine against the company��”BP has paid less than $580,000 in penalties for its 12 safety violations.

          In an analysis of civil penalties levied by the regulator, we at ProPublica found that over the past 12 years the average penalty has been $45,000. Currently, MMS can fine oil and gas companies a maximum of $35,000 per violation per day. The biggest fine an oil company has paid to the agency since 1998 was $810,000, paid in 2001 by Chevron. Overall, the Minerals Management Service has collected $20 million in penalties in those 12 years.

          Environmental groups say this simply isn’t enough

      • Bob Wire

        >>”There was a captain on board at the time of the blow-up and I don’t see where your argument is going except nowhere. It in no way changes that fact.”<<

        Me either! at the moment, ~ I managed to lose the piece that tied it together, sorry, me bad. But it does seem apparent, the vessel was not being operated or manned as a sea faring vessel,but more as an isolated outpost/work station.

        If it hadn't sank, todays problems being much more manageable. You can't help but get the feeling the fear of sinking was treated as a very unlikely possibility, much like the Titanic.

        It's hard to imagine something that big can go down in 4 minutes, but they can and do, creating a need for able Captain and crew 24/7. There should be a lot of work to do for a Captain returning for an absence, but is was not commanded as such.

  • jerryBB

    I have been reading these coments on this oil spill and other subjects of interest about the antics of politicians,big money men and there seems to enough blame to go around it doesn’t seem to make a rat ass diffrence if it is rep.or dem. they all just seem to be out to line their own pockets any they can and they don’t care how they do it or who they do it to. The whole us government is a circle jerk and the working people(tax payers are the piviot man). It is like aliamony its the F+#&% you get for the f+=%$#@ you got. there has been coruption in the governmemt for ever and will ever be as long as the people stand for it . If the people(voters) would get though on the ones that are corupt (house and feed them at a cross bar hotel it might deter some of them. If they don’t support you as they should then recall them or fire them. you should try to know what they are before you vote for them. All people should get involved selecting their rep in gov. .every one should try to get as many people to vote as they can . Most are decent people and most of the people that are surveyed are claiming to be christian why can’t they get the same type of person in office. they could if they would only vote. I have read thing after thing about voter traud perpertrated by acorn why weren’t they jailed and prosicuted instead of being shielded by the obama adm.. this is more coruption. when will it end if we don’t stop it now. This not allowing drilling for oil sells like coruption. Iread the report in forum that the oil companies were buying oil from other countrys because the could make the price what ever they wanted to.If drilling was allowed here the price would certainly be less because of regulations so a lot of money must be changing hands.I don’t guess it is right to say all politicos are corupt but far too many are that is why our country is in such bad shape. I think most of our problems are caused by the liberals(in both partys)that is why our econemy is in such bad shape.These liberal demorats have had control much too long.I don’t know where we can find an honest man to put in thr white house but we need one badly the one we have in there now and his appointies arenot to be trusted with your children or your wife(0r life).Gore and georgie boy i don’t like or trust. If it is treu that they dumpted a lot of bp stock just before bps drill platforf blew then that smells pretty hlgh too. that makes it sound like a planed event.I think that this bunch would stoop to any level to push their agenda foreward. if this bunch cared one little rats ass about the american people they wouldn’t have shoved their health care down our throat and made their selfs exemptfrom it. they also got a cola to go with it. That is adding insult to injury. as for the drilling platform it could have been built better and should have been .I am not a ingerneer but it seems to me if it had break over ball bult in the pipe at the bottom its a good posibability that it wouldn’t have broken out of the ocean floor. also it should be no problem to also put in an over flow valve to shut it off in case like this when the rig sank and the fell over. dosen’t every one know the difference boots and cow boy boots. the bull shi# is on the out side of the cow boy boots. have agood day*****

  • bp

    For those who come back for more Commentary: Here is a great reaction/analysis of BHO’s “speech” from the Oval Office;

    • American Citizen

      The only thing I think of whenever Obama gives a speech is that he is “The mouth that roared.”

  • Audry

    I think this article that talks about clean up of the oil spill is very pertinent and why it does look bad fro teh DEMS.

    June 10, 2010 – 5:41 PM | by: Brian Wilson
    Foreign companies possessing some of the world’s most advanced oil skimming ships say they are being kept out of efforts to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf because of a 1920’s law known as the Jones Act — a protectionist law that requires vessels working in US waters be built in the US and be crewed by US workers.
    Joseph Carafano of the Heritage Foundation has been studying the matter and wonders, “Are we accepting all the international assistance in the maritime domain that we can, and is the Jones Act an impediment to that?”
    The Coast Guard and the Administration are quick to point out that some foreign technology is being used in the current cleanup effort. Including:
    - Canada’s offer of 3,000 meters of containment boom
    - Three sets of COSEQ sweeping arms from the Dutch
    - Mexico’s offer of two skimmers and 4200 meters of boom
    - Norway’s offer of 8 skimming systems
    But that is largely technology transferred to US vessels. Some of the best clean up ships – owned by Belgian, Dutch and the Norwegian firms are NOT being used. Coast Guard Lt. Commander, Chris O’Neil, says that is because they do not meet “the operational requirements of the Unified Area Command.” One of those operational requirements is that vessels comply with the Jones Act.
    “Yes, it does apply,” said ONeil,“ I have heard no discussions of waivers.”
    Waivers to the Jones Act were granted by the administration of George W. Bush in the days following hurricane Katrina. And today, the Obama White House said waivers might again be considered.
    “If there is the need for any type of waiver, that would obviously be granted,” said White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs. “But, we’ve not had that problem thus far.”
    Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is not so sure about that. He’s hearing from the folks back home in Florida, where they want all the skimmer ships they can get. He sent a letter to Admiral Thad Allen today which read in part:
    “Admiral, I believe the orange mousse of oil that is now in Florida’s waters is more than enough evidence that we need to take advantage of every appropriate global resource. Please advise as to whether we are taking full advantage of the offers of assistance from other countries.”
    When asked about this by Fox News, Admiral Allen said, “If it gets to the point where a Jones Act waiver is required, we’re willing to do that too Nobody has come to me with a request for a Jones Act waiver.”
    After 50 plus days of oil flowing freely into the gulf, the question could be asked: Why do effective and proven foreign clean up ships remain on the sidelines? Carafano believes it may have something to do with the Obama administration’s close relationship with labor unions.
    “Cause this is a big thing for unions,” Carafano said. “The unions see it as … protecting jobs. They hate when the Jones Act gets waived, and they pound on politicians when they do that. So … are we giving in to unions and not doing everything we can, or is there some kind of impediment that we don’t know about?
    If the Obama Administration needs an example of what can happen when global assets are allowed to tackle a massive oil spill, they need look no further than Saudi Aramco’s clean up of a massive wartime spill off the Kuwaiti coast in 1991. Aramco summoned every available ship to assist in the cleanup. The company claims it recovered 900,000 barrels of oil in roughly three months. The industry views that effort as the gold standard in oil spill cleanups.

  • BenDover

    Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and Sarah Palin are morons, and so is any one who thinks they are competent enough to scrub toilets.

    • JeffH

      With a moniker such as you’ve chosen one really should understand the definition of moron before speaking.

      • Steve

        Careful Jeff. I think he’s advertising. Be afraid…. be very afraid ;-)

  • lepsoh

    The blogs are not helping because they are too personal. The problem of the oil spilling is so big, everything that has been done is not succesful. The problem is, “WE NEED THIS OIL” There is nothing yet available to replace it. So what is needed to have a drilling program that is SAFE. Work with the people that pump the oil up in a safer manner. Allow drilling in shallow water, make it more manageable and supervise it. Establish the best safety guidlines available and keep the poletics out of it. Some Oil companies can do it now and are safe. This oil spill is a problem for all of us and more so for the people on the gulf coasts. Help not hinder.

  • jopa

    DICK cheyney has a meeting behind closed doors for two hours with big oil and we have the biggeast environmental disaster the world has ever known.President Obama meets with BP for twenty minutes and comes out with $20Billion plus $115 Million for laid off oil workers.It’s self explanatory who’s corner America is really in.Thank You again Mr. President.There is no lawyer on earth who could come up with a settlement like this and no cap on it.Mainly I would as we all do is see the gusher stopped.

    • JeffH

      jopa…thanks for the insider informatiom on this…wasn’t Bush there too? That’s what I heard.

      Hey…if you have anymore insider info, let us know right away… That Obama is pretty slick gettig to BP so quickly and cutting a wonderful deal like that. Why did it take him 55 days to engineer the deal? That’s where I get confused over this!

  • Big Al

    I think Mr Myers needs to check on some more facts before he writes his article. The United States is not drilled dry. Alaska is full of oil. There is also a huge deposit under the great plains. There is oil off the coast of California. I understand we have more oil than Saudi Arabia. We are not allowed to drill for this oil. The environmentalists and the government won’t let us.

  • jopa

    Jeffh; It’s not a matter of being slick it’s more of putting thought into something before going off half-cocked like some lame ass cowboy.If a person thinks things through he will come up with more results and respect and a greater settlement.The US Coast Guard was on the scene from day one and still is and they can only relay what information or mis-information BP feeds them to the reporters and government officials.Some try to say it was a slow government response but I also watched this tragedy from the beginning and BP made things worse by lowballing the amount of oil being purged into the gulf.They were hoping to have it under control immediately but I guess that did’nt work.

    • JeffH

      jopa, just an FYI…wake up and smell the non Marxist, communist, socialist coffee…you really feel Obama has been the end all for this country as our POTUS.

      People are now asking whether there is a pattern of illegal behavior within the Obama administration? We know about the allegations of bribery when it comes to Congressman Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff … but ARE THERE OTHERS?

      When it comes to the corruption and lawlessness of the Obama administration, there are simply too many unanswered questions… questions that, if answered, would indicate that the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama may be a necessity… questions that the media refuses to tackle… AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE ANSWERS.

      With the multiple allegations of bribery, the pending implosion of our economy, high unemployment rates, the government takeover of entire industries and the ongoing frontal assault on our Judeo-Christian heritage, the impeachment option is now being seriously considered by many.
      The founders gave us the impeachment option as a way to remove a president mid-term in order to minimize the damage to the country.
      That’s why our founders inserted language into the Constitution that gave Congress the power to impeach the president for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” “High crimes and misdemeanors” is an old English Common Law phrase which means negligence, abuse of power, and abuse of trust.

      In modern terms this can be translated to mean incompetent leadership that imperils the country. Indeed, some have interpreted this phrase so broadly that it can mean just about anything. As former president Gerald Ford stated, an impeachable offense is, “whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.”

      I believe it is necessary to impeach a president if his policies and actions have so endangered and weakened the country that his removal is essential in order for the country to survive.

      Moreover, his recklessness and deceitfulness can not be attributed to simple rookie mistakes. Rather, this behavior clearly indicates that Obama is constantly and purposefully engaging in actions that reflect a hard-left Marxist ideology antithetical to America’s founding principles.

      Indeed, many believe that when it comes to his economic policies that Obama is following the theories of Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, two radical professors from his undergraduate university, Columbia, who advocated overwhelming the economy with so much spending and entitlement demands that the resulting chaos would cause people to clamor for more government intervention, thus leading to socialism.

      Of course, the Mainstream Media won’t report, or even acknowledge, these unfortunate truths.

      I magine A World Where There Is No Opposition To The Radical Obama Agenda.

      Obama is clearly dismissive of America’s Constitutional principles and obviously dislikes the role America plays in the world. He dislikes our Judeo-Christian heritage and detests America’s historical allies. He under-estimates the Islamic threat and is constantly apologizing to the world.

      He gives beautiful speeches but, truth be told, this man was not prepared to be president and never was. He has neither the experience nor the temperament to guide America during the troubled times we live in. Nor is his worldview consistent with the values and principles espoused by our founding fathers or even consistent with the vast majority of Americans.

      Less than halfway through his first term Obama has done more damage to America than any previous president in history. Some of the damage can be repaired, some can’t. Some of his policies will haunt generations to come.
      But we will never be able to repair the damage or put America back on the right course without the existence of organizations that are willing… able… and unafraid… when it comes to reporting the truth.
      Imagine, if you will, what would happen if there were noone there to counter the liberal lies and distortions when it comes to Obama’s extreme agenda.
      What would happen if media opposition to the extreme Obama-agenda simply evaporated… disappeared?

      I would like to invite you to join the

  • J. P. DePacta

    So in 58 days Obama spent 45 minutes with a message from the Oval office. He also played 5 rounds of golf, went to 2 concerts, went to 2 shows and played in the sand in the gulf states. And you call that doing something. Why not a press conference? Evidently you are just another sheep going to the slaughter and not knowing it.

  • Lisa

    America… Honor your right to vote, and get rid of the current Political Madness. Send a message to the world that, we’ve been duped and we’re taking our country back… with determination and the strength in numbers. find the resolve… dont bicker, make candidates accountable for their actions.
    If you are the better spoken, then be a leader of those that are not.

    Start emailing to take your nation back…

  • gary

    Dagney I think you are sucking up some of the drugs coming from Mexico. THe financial thing happened after the fact. The government and unions are what really drove manufacturing off shore, plus Americans demand for cheap High quality goods, so they can have more more more and more of everything. I have been watching this for over 40 years and it has been steadily progressing. This financial mess was almost the straw that broke the camels back. Hell, it might be yet. You can thank that pervert Bill, for the NAFTA crap. We cannot expect to trade freely with others and hold onto our high standard of living either. Their wages need to rise as ours fall a little. That is another item that I have noticed happening. Don’t worry, the Dems will finish us off quickly now that they have the ball rolling.

  • gary

    We have a crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, and we have people coming into the country everyday Illegally by the thousands, and to make things worse, we have little to no leadership. In addition to this Americans are losing their lively hood and unable to find even lower paying jobs to help them until something better comes along. I think we should all organize and find a way to get these idiots out of office now. Even though I don’t think it will be enough, I cannot wait until November.

    • JeffH

      gary, join up and sign the petition at

      “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, BRIBERY, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

      • Steve

        Thanks Jeff. I’ve signed and forwarded to my email list…..

      • Lelinega

        So he and his cronies gets impeached. So was Clinton and he stayed in office. Next?

  • mlhtmilldr

    The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training,” a campaign rival said. That was Joe Biden. Matbe we should of listened to old Joe?

  • mlhtmilldr

    It’s the federal governments responsibility through the clean water act to keep the gulf, oceans, and waterways clean. Obama sat on his thumbs from day one when he should of been out in the gulf twenty or thirty miles from shore trying to contain and pick up as much oil as possible. They were offered skimmers which could of gotten eighty or ninety percent of the oil before it came ashore. Now we have forty-six and counting days worth of oil out there that is coming ashore. The problem is going to get a lot worse before it will get better. BP and MMS are responsible for the leak but the federal government and Obama not doing anything except playing the blame game. That’s inexcusable. We should be just as mad at the governments response as we are at BP. MMS passed the inspections on the rig and it’s Obama’s people in the MMS. This oil coming ashore in this quantity didn’t have to happen. Obama said he’s in charge. The only thing he’s in charge of is blaming everyone else but his administration

  • http://msn Dale

    The only reason that this well is still unplugged is that Obama will not let it be plugged. As was demomstrated after the first gulf war when Saddam Hussien blew up and set fire to 750 wells we have the tecnology to plug damaged wells. The only difference is this one is under water. When Obama lets them plug it they will have to use the same robotics they used in the first place.

  • jopa

    Dale; Take a trip to HomeDepot buy a sump pump and as soon as you get the water out of the gulf I will call in Boots & Coots and we will have this problem solved.You are a genius.

  • conrad

    We The People … We have made bad choices on both sides of the isle in the past. Let it be known that this voter will be doing a lot more to find out about who the person is and I will be using there past records to better know who they are. ( not what the say they will do ) I want prof . It’s about time I start thinking of my kids and what and not ( what s in it for me .

  • conrad


    Better yet do nothing ( complain , snipe at someone )

    come up with your best idea ‘ this is your chance

  • magjoh

    If I am not mistaken the rig was drilling 50 miles from the cost. Isn’t that in International waters. Where no one has any jurisdiction over what happens. It just so happens that the waves comes into the Gulf and to our beaches. That is why we have to clean it up.

    U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits – Readers …May 14, 2010 … This kind of behavior is bringing us close to collapse of entire ecosystems … The drilling was done 50 miles out, 38 miles outside of US jurisdiction. …. fish and shellfish stocks in the mid-Atlantic are expected. ……/us/14agency.html

  • jopa

    Jeffh; Just came back from your anti Commander in Chief site,Looks like some kid put it together in an an afternoon of cut & pasting.Gary do’nt trust it. I have gone to some of Jeff’s other hate sites over time and it seems he does’nt like anyone but himself.I feel he should go to some anger management classes before he loses total control.

  • JeffH

    jopa, it is quite apparent that your talking points mirror that of other liberal leftists POTUS worshipers that liberally toss the “hate and anger” word around like cheap dice thrown in a back alley game of craps.

    Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk!


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