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Better Be Glad Obama Won

December 14, 2012 by  

Better Be Glad Obama Won

I’m beginning to think it doesn’t much matter whether this country plunges over the so-called fiscal cliff in two weeks. Regardless of whether Congress and the President reach some sort of accommodation over how much the “rich” will be taxed, a financial train wreck looks almost unavoidable.

Consider a few of the warning indicators that are flashing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported that 847,000 new jobs were created in the United States in the past six months. While that’s not enough to make a meaningful dent in the unemployment numbers, it’s at least a step in the right direction, right?

Not when you read the fine print in the BLS report. When you do, you’ll discover that 73.3 percent of those new jobs are in government. That’s right; of all the new jobs created in the United States since June 1, the Labor Department says only one in four were in private enterprise. All of the rest are new government employees. No wonder government spending is going through the roof.

Speaking of government spending, in the first two months of Fiscal 2013 (which began Oct. 1), the Federal government spent $638 billion. But it collected only $346 billion in revenue. This means that it borrowed 46 cents for every dollar it disbursed.

Some of that money went to all the people who have been added to the food stamp rolls — more than 1 million in August and September alone. I haven’t seen the numbers for November yet, but I doubt if they’ll be much better. The Labor Department reports that some 350,000 people left the workforce last month — nearly three times the number who actually got jobs.

The short-term picture doesn’t look very good, does it? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that the longer-term picture is even more alarming.

The latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office are that Federal deficit spending will surpass 100 percent of the gross domestic product of this country by 2025. And that it will double from there after another 12 years, reaching almost 200 percent of GDP by 2037.

But don’t worry about these astronomical levels of government spending. We’ll never reach them. Long before that can happen, the economy is going to crash. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said: “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

The Federal behemoth will run out of “other people’s money” long before it is gobbling up 200 percent of our GDP.

So what happens when the feathers hit the fan? What happens when unemployment soars and tax revenues fall? What happens when it becomes obvious to everyone and his brother that our massive entitlement programs can’t be sustained?

The Federal government won’t be able to borrow its way out of the mess it’s created. And it won’t be able to print its way out, either.

Oh, sure, for a while it will try to do both. That’s why I’m so certain that the dollar will continue to decline in value, while tangible assets (with gold and silver leading the list) will continue to climb.

But sooner or later, things are going to get really messy. And when they do, I hope there will be a massive repudiation of the tax-and-tax, spend-and-spend policies that brought us there.

Sadly, that’s not what happened during our last economic catastrophe. The Great Depression got blamed on capitalism. As a result, the country took a massive turn to the left under Franklin Roosevelt and his comrades.

But even the talking heads on MSNBC will have a hard time blaming the coming crisis on the right. When that day comes, conservatives should be very glad that Barrack Hussein Obama won re-election in November.

That’s why it’s so vital that we conservatives hold our ground, that we continue to defend and promote the principles we know are true and that we do everything in our power to explain the economic facts of life to our families, friends and neighbors.

At a time when the future looked even bleaker than it does today, George Washington said: “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.”

That’s the best advice I can offer today to help sustain you in the difficult days that lay ahead.

Oh, and one more thing. Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Gillysrooms from Australia.

    Chip your a worry wort aren’t you. How many of the 350,000 who left the workforce where people who retired? How many have jobs or got jobs in companies who won contracts from State and Federal government departments? How many jobs would be lost if the government decided to stop the $billions of contracts it awards to American companies every year? How much could be saved and how many extra jobs would be lost and how many of those people have private pension plans or need to get onto welfare and at what cost to the Federal Government? How many government workers retired due to old age last year and how many have been replaced with younger people of those 847,000 new jobs were to replace retired of people who died? Which jobs are those 73.3% actually doing at what cost I’d like to know? What do those government 620,000 government workers across 50 states average 12,400 people actually do and where do they spend the 2 plus $trillion on? and what would happen if the Federal government retrenched 1 Million workers and how much would be saved in expenditure and government contracts and what type of contracts do you believe should be axed apart from Greeny type activities? How many jobs would go with all those axed government contracts?

    These and many other questions would need to be answered Chip before getting too upset with Obama.

    • FreedomFighter

      “As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said: “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

      Obama Parasites

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • G Smith

        Not in a country that has the worlds reserve currency and the printing press to print with.

      • Howlingmad

        “ONE” to ANOTHER . . . there it is ! “SEMPER FI” ! ( Class of 71 . . . “WE”, an ONLY we, “STAND TOGETHER”. )

      • SarahR

        I am replying to you Freedom Fighter because you seem to have been there, done that. Our government is sending troops to Turkey to help fight the two-generation Assad family dictatorship and bring democracy to the people of Syria. Who really don’t want democracy. Our heroes are fighting and dying in foreign countries for those countries to have democracy. Again they really don’t want it. The Muslim Brotherhood or Al Quida will then take over and those countries are back to square one. Here in our own America we are fighting a dictator. A Muslim dictator. Why can’t we bring home our heroes to fight for freedom in our own America?

      • eddie47d

        Because Sarah to answer your last question few troops would be willing to over throw any duly elected President. Calling our current President something he isn’t won’t endear you to any clear thinking American.

      • SJJolly

        Eddie47d: “Calling our current President something he isn’t won’t endear you to any clear thinking American.” As you’ve certainly noticed, clear thinking Americans are not in the majority of Personal Liberty Digest posters. The majority here think Pres Obama is something “Bad!” They don’t agree on what kind of “Bad!” Or consider that someone would have to never sleep, and have a double attend his public appearances, to even begin to engage in all the Satanic plots he is accused of. I consider reading the postings here to be akin to visiting a zoo.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        SJJolly, apparently you believe it is all right to have an outright Liar for a President. Is that how you conduct your personal life and your work life?

      • eddie47d

        Show us fact in why you believe that Nadzieja?

      • roberttitle

        We are suffering more from FASCISM than socialism (we have enough of that with public screwls, the Post Office, our national rail system, FEMA, FNMA, Freddie Mac, the IRS, Social Security and Medicare). It’s way past time to stop listening to Israel and their AIPAC lobby about continuing to attack other nations that have not attacked us. Support our troops, bring them all home.

      • Vigilant

        roberttitle says, “It’s way past time to stop listening to Israel and their AIPAC lobby about continuing to attack other nations that have not attacked us.”

        Be so kind as to furnish just ONE quote or reference that would confirm that statement.

      • Robert Smith

        “continuing to attack other nations that have not attacked us.”

        Do you mean like Bush one and Bush two did with Iraq?

        Speaking of lies, how ’bout that whopper Bush two did to get us into Iraq? Found any weapons of mass destruction yet?


      • Old Henry

        That was a great link FF! Wild Bill espoused A LOT of on the money wisdom. He really nails it.

      • Old Henry

        No SarahR, our troops are fighting & dieing to feed the the banksters, politicians and Military Industrial Complex.

        The last president that tried to buck them lost the back of his head.

      • Granpa David

        To Robert Smith on Saddam & Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction: Both Clintons said Saddam had them, U.N. said it, our intelligence said he did, France said so, etc., etc. and it was reported that Russia sent trucks in to Iraq to move them to Syria, but the media covered that up. Now everyone fear Syria’s use of them on their own citizens.

      • BR549

        These new taxes coming up in 2013 have nothing to do with paying off the debt; those taxes were thrown upon us to further eviscerate the economy, faster than the year previous, and STILL, the left believes our leaders are there to help us. We stopped owing any reasonable debt to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families well over 100 years ago, but they always manage to threaten some politician’s family or his seat in Congress, and well, life goes on ……… down the crapper.

        Iceland had the best idea when they told Goldmann-Sachs to go pound sand. If anyone wants to get a great lesson in how these bankers work, read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, by John Perkins. These types of bankers aren’t the warm and fuzzy neighborhood banker types who wish to help you get into your dream house, no, these globalist bankers have made it a habit of using bribery, coercion, student demonstrations, coups, assassinations, military takeovers, and the media to get their way. Meanwhile, the average chowderhead sitting in his recliner with a beer, just thinks all this is nature running its political course and flips the channel to another mindless ball game.

        The list I just gave (bribery, coercion, student demonstrations, coups, assassinations, military takeovers, and the media) has been the plan to impose US foreign policy, for a long time, most notably since 1953 when democratically elected Mossadegh was ousted in Iran by the CIA under Operation Ajax. Why? Because Mossadegh simply wanted to nationalize his country’s oil supply to better the lives of his countrymen. Whenever any leader threatens to do that, to “mistakenly” assume that their resources actually belong to them instead of to the US or Britain, their country is labelled as a rogue or terrorist state and the troops are eventually sent in to force them to abide by US (now globalist) dictates.

        The hard core right will still sit back on their front porches, watching the flags on their front lawn in the mistaken belief that the US is the greatest force on the planet, while the left will go trusting the government to solve every problem and keep the people safe from the boogeyman.

      • RivahMitch

        Semper Fi! (Locked and loaded here too!)

    • steve

      gilly, in your mind it’s okay to do deficit spending and watch the economy go down the drain. is that how you run your household? do you constantly go to the bank for more money that you know you can’t repay? is that bank crazy enough to give the money to you? is your household hiring more people to do the work that you should be doing just for the sake of lower the unemployment #? these are question you need to answer. you have been eating to many bloomin onions at the back out steakhouse you sent over here.

      • Mimi

        Forgive me, but this is Obama’s grand plan… He is printing more money, and spending more, because his intention is to BANKRUPT the Country, and rebuild under One World Government. It isn’t even a secret anymore. Google it, no digging required…..

      • eddie47d

        MIMI: We can all google just about anything to prove our point such as the imminent End Of The World. Most people aren’t buying it anymore than the false claims that Martial Law was going to be enacted by the 2012 elections. There is no deliberate intent by Obama to bankrupt this nation and establish a NWO. That could happen whether a Democrat or Republican is in office because of all their unfunded pet projects

      • Kinetic1

        Yours is a tired and oft used analogy that just isn’t relevant. You are, of course correct in your assertion that, when money is tight in your household you cut back or take another job. You either decrease the spending or increase the cash flow. Your situation (and mine) are limited. Our spending does affect our neighbors and their business’, but only to a limited degree. The forces of our household spending are not felt unless there are many, many households acting in the same manner.

        Government, on the other hand can stimulate or stall an economy with their actions. You can pay a company to come out and fill in a pothole on your driveway, and it might employ 2 workers for an afternoon. Your city, on the other hand can contract for an entire neighborhood to be repaved, and your state can contract for a stretch of freeway. The few dollars you spend will help with a few groceries, but the money paid to the city and state road crews can buy weeks or months of groceries, allowing the store to keep or even hire employees who in turn will spend their earnings, and on and on. And when the government cuts back too much, when they initiate austerity measures, well I’m sure you have seen what is happening in Spain.

        There’s little question but that the government needs to be conscious and concerned about what they spend and where they spend it, but they also need to be aware of the consequences of rapid, drastic changes. Cutting back on household spending will almost always have a positive affect in your life, but Government austerity can tank a weak economy in the blink of an eye.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Eddie47d; If you search the Federal Reserve act of Dec.23,1013, it was President Wilson whom enacted it. Pres. Wilson’s plan was to futher the New World Order, and so is the plans of most presidents. It includes Obama. Remember the speach JFK gave not long before he was killed, warning the people about that there is certain people and organization that is trying to take over every thing. That organization is the NWO. While your at it search for the Rothchilds, Warburg, Jekyll Island, etc. And also check out the one dollar, in the eagles claw is 5 arrows. Those arrows represent the 5 Rothchilds sons. The Rothchilds, Builderburgs, Rockefellers, and others own the banks, media, entertainment industry, our presidents, and some of our Congressmen. There are some in congress that don’t like what’s happening but too afraid to do anything about it, because they would end up dead, or a family member dead. If you don’t think they won’t kill them you better think of all these wars that they finance both sides. They want a one world order, and several presidents gave speeches saying so. A good read is–Eustace Mullins book—Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Mullins did a lot of research in the library of Congress and other government institutions, and he gives references. You can read it on line free.

      • SJJolly

        So, what’s the Conservative Republican plan for dealing with the deficit / debt? Other than, basicly, to keep cutting taxes on the rich, slash regulation on big business and industry (“You can trust us. We’re rich”), greatly increase funding of the military and domestic security, and pay for it all by dumping the American middle class and working class onto the tender mercies of the free market. (“Get a job, Grandma! Pay for your own nursing home care!” “TS, disabled veteran. You knew the risks when you signed-up.”)

      • SJJolly

        Julie: There is a new world order (lower case) spawning, yes. But, it is in the boardrooms and ultra-private conferences of the international corporations, as they endlessly plot to make national governments more accomidating to corporate interests Is there some overall global plan behind it? Probably not; that would require too much thinking too far ahead.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        SJJolly, you actually approve of Americans stealing from other Americans by government?

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        SJJolly; I think you better some research on the New World Order, and whom is behind it. You will find it is the big bankers, and it goes clear back into the 1800′s. You will also find that Warburg and Rothchilds were behind it. Who do you think finances all the wars, on both sides. Do you know some other organizations that are promoters of the NWO? How about The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and also the Tri-Lateral Commissiom. Both of these organizations have members on all 3 org. The CFR is not a part of our government. Our congress had nothing to do with it being instituted.

      • Bob

        Where does democracy actually exist certainly not in this country we’re just trying to force corporate fascism down their throats. We are the most incarcerated people on earth that should tell it all right there.

      • Gillysrooms from Australia.

        Steve, Governments are not businesses, they are run like charities to bignote the politicians so they can get re-elected. The more you promise, the more votes you’ll get. Thats what our conservatives do to win in Australia and then they do the right thing and break their spending promises thank god. They could not win an election any other way and maybe the Republicans could take a look at Australian politics on tactics on some of the ways on how to win government. I’ve been advocating they break any spending promises but they wont discuss such good ideas until after they win..if they win that is.

        Our poorer non working voters have been fed on getting something for nothing for so many years from both sides i might add, that they cant see why they cant keep taking at the expense of the diminishing number of asset owners and taxpayers. Deficits are the price both side pay to win votes andcant break those promises, but in the end you only have two choices…and both deliver higher unemployment but the less spending route ends up costing people their assets too. In my opinion inflation will be a small price to pay to avoid total collapse and those with the knowhow can avoid losing most or all their assets. Pension funds will be lost, government bonds will be worthless, but real estate might be ok…at unknown values.

      • Gordon

        Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. Right? Facts are that if someone somewhere with a plan were not trying to run the whole shebang nations would all be 3rd world countries. Face it: The average Joe has so little common sense and intelligence that they are unable to analyze and pragmatize the basic concepts of government. I bet that more than 80% of this Nation’s citizens of high school age and older cannot even explain the simplest difference between a republic and a democracy. I also bet that that same bunch has little to no plan for their life beyond waking up in the morning, watching “the news”, and feeding their overweight bodies. Simple observational abilities will show you that the vast majority are just here with no purpose or goal in life. So if there weren’t someone somewhere with a plan, then the system would implode.

      • Vigilant

        Kinetic1 says, “There’s little question but that the government needs to be conscious and concerned about what they spend and where they spend it, but they also need to be aware of the consequences of rapid, drastic changes. Cutting back on household spending will almost always have a positive affect in your life, but Government austerity can tank a weak economy in the blink of an eye.”

        You seem to making assumptions that anyone in Washington is attempting to even make mild changes to spending. They are not.

        The politicos have not tried zero-based budgeting since Carter. Instead, they employ the “baseline” budgeting system, which preserves existing levels of expenditure, justifies only variances from past years, and includes automatic spending increases due to inflation, etc.

        Both parties are guilty of this hoax on the American people. They depend on you believing that “spending reductions” are just that; they are not. They are reductions in the rate of growth in spending. Spending STILL goes up.

        As I said, both parties are remiss. The Dems will have you believe that tax increases on the wealthy will reduce the deficit and debt, when (1) those increases will in no way be used to pay down the debt, and (2) the level of revenues received will pay for only roughly 8-20 days of government, depending on whether the $800 billion or $1.6 trillion (over 10 years) figure is used. In NO WAY will taxes on the wealthy improve the economy.

        The Repubs are as guilty as the Dems in massaging figures to make them say what they want them to say. The newfound term “revenues” is an attempt to weasel out of their “no tax increase” pledge. They are as self-serving as the Dems in failing to address the spending reductions that are needed to have any impact, i.e., in entitlements, military and welfare outlays.

        Do you have a money printing machine in your household? I didn’t think so. This whistling though the graveyard approach by the Fed merely puts off the inevitable. And we will all find out after not too long what a deleterious effect this has had and will have on our future and our children’s futures.

      • Vigilant

        Julie says, “Remember the speech JFK gave not long before he was killed, warning the people about that there is certain people and organization that is trying to take over every thing. That organization is the NWO.”

        Julie, do yourself a favor and read the transcript of that speech. Either that, or go to a site that shows the COMPLETE speech, not just the out-of-context portion.

        JFK was CLEARLY talking about Communism, not some NWO Bilderberger conspiracy. The thrust of his speech (to newspaper reporters and organizations) was about both openness in government and in the duty of the press to report honestly (something today’s media would do well to follow).

        There may indeed be a NWO conspiracy, but JFK’s speech in no way addressed it, and it’s irresponsible to pin his assassination on it.

    • cathy

      We won’t be the world’s reserve economy. That won’t be long happening either.

    • Mary

      “keep your powder dry” Chip are you suggesting people who are not happy with their government take up arms against it? You do realize the government is elected by the people. I assume you do realize that the military would be called in to control the situation if the local police and National Guard could not handle it. You do realize they have access to more powerful weapons and drones and the vigilantes would be captured and tried for treason or killed. Maybe you should not be saying such things,.
      We have a much more powerful tool and it is called a VOTE and is usually done peacefully even though the right wing tried their best to supress that right during the recent election..
      This is not about Democracy and what the majority wants. It is about those on the right who are ticked off because they did not win an election and they will continue to promote rhetoric against our governement as long as the Democrats are in office. This is the truth ,or the right would have been saying and doing the same things when Bush was in office causing huge problems. No, they were silent.
      As for gun control, NO ONE wants to take away guns that people hunt with or protect themselves with. As far as control goes, yes it should be just as difficult to own a gun as it is to own a car. Everyone should pass an exam to make sure those people are fully competent and aware of the proper use and safety of their weapons. Lets face it, if you need high powered guns, designed for mass murder or war, then you need to call in your local Police Dept because it is a much bigger problem than you should try to deal with.

      • Sandra

        Mary, this is a Republic not a Democracy. Look it up.

      • matforce

        Question: Would the USA Government, with the authority to dispatch its military forces, align itself with the Plutocrats, or would the Government side with “we the people” in the event of a revolt?

        • Tony Newbill

          with the bureaucracy of technocrats that advise the Policy makers that world wide depopulation is needed to stabilize the planet that is a very good question ……

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Sandra, Mary wants this country to be a Democracy like all the rest of the countries in the world.

      • Clint McInnes

        Okay, to begin with, if voting actually made a difference, they’d figure a way to outlaw it. Instead, the various political machines control the outcomes, placing those in power who will carry out their will. Remember the recall vote in Wisconsin? When at least one district reported that 119% of registered Democrats voted, and another where ZERO Republicans cast a vote? Yeah. Who votes makes no difference. Who COUNTS the votes is what matters, and it has been like that for a very long time.

        And this is not even about Democrats vs. Republicans (a hegemony that I think of as Republicrats). This is about responsibility vs. irresponsibility … and those with a responsible mindset were screaming just as loudly when the Bush Administration pushed through the biggest infringement on personal liberty in at least two generations (the PATRIOT Act) as they are now that the Obama Administration is pushing for the demise of our currency. His policies cannot HELP but lead to hyperinflation. Can you not see that? If not, why not? This same scenario has played out a few times over the course of Western history. Paper currencies are simply not durable.

        Also, please don’t pretend that you don’t know that “keeping the powder dry” is a metaphor for readiness in a crisis. If you think a bunch of semi-literate yahoos are going to try for a coup d’etat … no, I won’t even go that far. You’re simply being disingenuous with such glaringly misinformed comments.

        The same goes for your statement that “NO ONE wants to take away guns that people hunt with or protect themselves with”. That is EXACTLY the position of the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center and Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and most other overtly anti-gun organizations. They want to disarm everyone. They’ve made no secret of this. Read their literature. The “bottom line” is that gun control isn’t about limiting crime, it’s about controlling the populace. An unarmed people have no recourse against violence.

        Doubtless my words fall on deaf ears, but maybe if you see the truth enough times, some of it will sink in.

      • ron . r

        Stay on this site and never leave. The rest of the world real lives on. Remember, Abe did not shoot Booth.

      • SarahR

        Mary you need to wake up. No one won the election. America lost. The middle east is afire and Obama is fueling the fire. He is a Muslim and he is turning over the middle east to the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Quida. Only Israel and the US are a free people and we are next in line. Obama will turn both of us over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Howlingmad

        Your comment is very DISAPPOINTING, Mary . . . but not really SURPRISING. Like most people today, you’ve simply just “PUT YOUR HEAD, IN THE SAND”, an doing a “LOT” of PRAYING, for things to just GET BETTER, but your in for a RUDE AWAKENING . . . Lets start, AT THE TOP . . . If the Government even “TRIES” to take our firearms ( IRREGARDLESS of “TYPE” ) it “WILL” trigger, a CIVIL WAR . . . that “ALL” the military ( With the exception of the “Marine Corps” . . . “THEY” would NOT raise their arms, against the American People.) could NOT even “HOPE” to win, an it would expose our country to ATTACK, from the “OUTSIDE”. . . which would only make things WORSE. You obviously have no actual “GRASP” of history, ( Every “MAJOR” war by “THIS” country, was STARTED by a “DEMOCRAT” . . . WW 1 ( Wilson )an 2, ( Roosevelt ) KOREA, ( Truman ) an (“MY” war ) VIET-NAM ( Kennedy, an Johnson . . . Nixon got “STUCK” with it.) . . . what’s going on TODAY, can not really be classified as WAR, only the “KOREA” model of “POLICING”, or a “POLICE ACTION”) if you did, you would see how SILLY you sound. . . YOU, like the vast majority, are going to have to LEARN . . . The “HARD WAY”. As a former Police Officer, your comment makes PAINFULLY clear, you DON’T understand HOW, or WHAT, Police actually “DO” either. . . again, your like “MOST” people. I could go ON an ON about what you “DON’T” know, so I will leave you with this simple statement . . . If you want to comment on things of this type, you need to do some “SERIOUS” RESEARCH. People like “YOU”, are the reason were “IN” this mess, in the first place . . . because of the “LACK” of knowledge.( It relates to something my FATHER, used to say . . . “Nobody REMEMBERS anything, anymore . . We have to keep doing things, OVER an OVER, after making the “SAME” mistakes, AGAIN an AGAIN.. ) My Dad was a “SMART MAN”, I the older I become, the CLEARER it is to “SEE”, how true his words were. I’m “DONE”.

      • Kinetic1

        I long ago learned to ignore typos and misspelled words on this site, but there are a few grammatical faux pas that I just can’t let pass.
        “( IRREGARDLESS of “TYPE” )” Regard is defined as concern, respect or attention. Regardless is defined as without concern, respect or attention. Irregardless, if it were an actual word and not an abomination would be defined as without a lack of concern, or as we who speak english would say, regard. Please help me wipe this “word” from the American lexicon.

      • Howlingmad

        Your “RIGHT” Kinetic . . . It WAS a “GOOF”. My only defense, is I HAVE heard it used, but simply DIDN’T make the connection, either. .

      • Paines Ghost

        Last I heard we live in e CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. And while you may claim that the majority ELECTED Mr. Obama, the facts don’t bear that up. The popular vote only about 300K difference between winner and loser. And in OHIO, 59 districts with OVER 100% voter participation and NOT ONE ROMNEY VOTE!?!?!?

        No, Mary, the election was STOLEN and yes, we are angry. Our Constitution has been under assault since 1913 (earlier actually) but that is when the FEDERAL RESERVE got its hooks into us. The banksters that are crony capitalists in an unholy alliance with lefties in DC have done everything they can to tank the economy, and it is working. This is not histrionics and a bunch of right wing whacko’s out there freaking out.

        This is every sane person I know becoming very concerned. Storing food and fuel, water, Guns and ammo, cash, gold, trade goods. Anybody that cannot see the collapse coming is either a complete fool or can’t do simple math. You cannot print your way out of a recession. And any number of nations have rolled down socialist roads only to find that the death toll gets real big real fast.

        The Federal Government along with state and local governments have usurped the authority of the People, and it will soon come to be time to take it back.

        Are we angry? Yes. Do we have cause? YES! Liberal LIARS have turned many of our citizens into welfare droolers that produce nothing but take continuously. They rampage and destroy, demanding MORE all the time. They create chaos and confusion, and Obama gives them free phones and goodies to vote for him. The man in the White House is an immediate danger to the nation, and the combined “wisdom” of the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court are allowing this. In a few years, barring another revolution, we will be a pauper nation, ruled by a TYRANT with no plans to EVER relinquish power.

        Yeah, you libtards have done us a real favor. And you wonder why we are angry.

        If you had the IQ points and the awareness, you would be angry also.

        • Smilee

          Paines Ghost commented on Better Be Glad Obama Won.
          in response to Mary:

          Last I heard we live in e CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. And while you may claim that the majority ELECTED Mr. Obama, the facts don’t bear that up. The popular vote only about 300K difference between winner and loser.

          SIMPLY NOT TRUE, IT’S AN OUT AND OUT LIE. OBAMA WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 4,654,478 VOTES (51%-47%five presidents have won two elections for president over 50% and four were in the last century and they are F. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Obama and that’s not bad company to be included with and sure shoots down your BS when he won twice by larger than normal numbers so you make no sense what so ever when the real facts are looked at (AND IN THE ELECTORAL COLLAGE BY A VOTE OF 332-206, 62% TO 38% and over 60% is considered a mandate) This was a big big win

          and only And in OHIO, 59 districts with OVER 100% voter participation and NOT ONE ROMNEY VOTE!?!?!?


          No, Mary, the election was STOLEN and yes, we are angry. Our Constitution has been under assault since 1913 (earlier actually) but that is when the FEDERAL RESERVE got its hooks into us. The banksters that are crony capitalists in an unholy alliance with lefties in DC have done everything they can to tank the economy, and it is working. This is not histrionics and a bunch of right wing whacko’s out there freaking out.
          This is every sane person I know becoming very concerned. Storing food and fuel, water, Guns and ammo, cash, gold, trade goods. Anybody that cannot see the collapse coming is either a complete fool or can’t do simple math. You cannot print your way out of a recession. And any number of nations have rolled down socialist roads only to find that the death toll gets real big real fast.
          The Federal Government along with state and local governments have usurped the authority of the People, and it will soon come to be time to take it back.
          Are we angry? Yes. Do we have cause? YES! Liberal LIARS have turned many of our citizens into welfare droolers that produce nothing but take continuously. They rampage and destroy, demanding MORE all the time. They create chaos and confusion, and Obama gives them free phones and goodies to vote for him. The man in the White House is an immediate danger to the nation, and the combined “wisdom” of the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court are allowing this. In a few years, barring another revolution, we will be a pauper nation, ruled by a TYRANT with no plans to EVER relinquish power.
          Yeah, you libtards have done us a real favor. And you wonder why we are angry.
          If you had the IQ points and the awareness, you would be angry also.


      • John

        Mary, the election was rigged like all elections in this country. Enjoy your slavery.

      • http://google gary gerke

        You are truly an ignorant individual!

      • WIA Ben

        Mary, put down the Pipe and Glass, what ever your smoking and drinking has affected your brain, that is if your have one. Go to an Federal Indian Reservation and ask and see what a government will do for you.

      • Bob

        Your a sheeple might as well get in line for the FEMA camp idiot!

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Bob, I’d like to see a FEMA camp for myself. Can you point me to one?


      • eddie47d

        All those FEMA camps in their dreams?

      • MindyR

        Mary, In the past I voted based on who was best for the country – dem or consv did not matter. They used to be just slightly different. That is not true anymore. Additionally, we have a conflict of interest in America, those who believe they are responsible for themselves and those who believe someone else is responsible for thier them – you would be one of these. This is a free republic Mary and those who are attempting to create a complete socialist nation – well these are called traitors. Oh yes, lets us discuss the votes that were illeglaly allowed in this nation, the illegals that were illegally given “amnesty”, let us also discuss the 100′s of big businesses which backed the socialist Mary, ask yourself why big business would back this regime Mary if it is consvs and not libs are pro big business. Mary, open your mind, use your brain – do not blindly defend what is wrong. If people don’t start looking at the truth of what is going on – it will hurt you before it is over as well. God Bless you if God so chooses Mary.

      • Toy

        Is that an electronic vote?

      • Gordon

        Rob Smith: FEMA camps are easy to look up on the net. Find someone to do it for you. Then take the time to go look at some. I did. I travelled several thousand miles into several states. In CA where my friend lives he showed me one out a little travelled blacktop highway. I stopped in the road to take pictures and in less than 4 minutes Suburbans came from both directions to intimidate us… on a public highway. After you do this several times, it makes your mind begin to wonder what the heck is going on.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Spoken like a true socialist/communist/government shill.

    • Walter & Renee Agard

      Don’t blame it on OBAMA. Blame it on BUSH For that reckless spending on his war .War breaks a country down, regardless if it is rich. Roam took so many years to build, it took just 1 day to be destroyed.

      • ron

        How long can you blame Bush. The Democrats have controlled the purse strings for 6 of 8 years Bush was in office.

      • eddie47d

        Democrats controlled Congress 2 of those 8 years.

      • WIA Ben

        Roam? Where in Obama’s h hell is that. Or maybe two of you can’t spell yet.

      • Gordon

        Get off the spelling gig. Understand that people are products of the US educational system and can’t spell worth a darn, don’t care, and use words that are inappropriate for the situations. Others spell pretty well but just can’t type worth a nickle.

    • Don White

      will be the best thing to happen as he trys to move the u n in to take over he will give us the excuse to kick the whole bunch out and start over useing a rigged election was their biggest mistake

    • Marvin

      Only the sore losers will blame Obama. The Republicans in Congress have not compromised at all. It’s their way or the highway.

      • jungle man

        Uh… are you deaf, dumb and blind? It’s plastered all over the media, Obama’s quote on the negotiations: “I will not compromise”…. what does it take for you liberals to SEE what he is saying and doing?

        • BR549

          Jungle Man wrote (in response to Marvin): “……. what does it take for you liberals to SEE what he is saying and doing?”

          Answer: a brain

          It’s the same political pathology that myopic bible-thumpers had during the Bush regime, but since these lemmings happen to be Democrats, they somehow think their party is immune to corruption. S.S.D.D.

      • eddie47d

        Boehner has also said he won’t compromise. Its nothing but gamesmanship in the twisted political world!

        • Tony Newbill

          Our Government is reacting to a Scared , confused and ignorant electorate , and eventually this will lead to a Top Down Force the likes our generation has never seen before .

      • SarahR

        Liberalism is a mental illness. Really. they analyized liberals and they were found to be mentally off balance.

      • cathy

        I thought that’s what Obama said.

      • eddie47d

        No that was Boehner who was unbalanced after his last drink! LOL!

      • Jeff

        And the fact that Boehner can’t even come up with a proposal from his own members will show people the real source of the dysfunction in Washington. Even those who disagree with Obama have to see that the T.P. Republicans have no intention of governing. They came to destroy the country and may well succeed.

        • Piped Piper

          I am a Tea Party I would think. No hand outs to the lazy and able and no special treatment to the rich. You would think that a 2% tax on the second million would not be as bad as all the other taxes that now will fall on the all of us and the millionaires. I would of voted for the Plan B. But if The Great Obama did not have one spending cut in that bill I would of voted with the Tea Party. You give and you get. Obama only wants to get………he is a joke.

          • Jeff

            Obama has been all too willing to compromise with the right, too willing as far as I’m concerned. He compromises even before there’s a solid offer on the other side. What cuts do you have in mind? Remember, Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.

          • Piped Piper

            Well where could you start. When Obama became president. To run the government, it /salaries it was 400, billion, now it is 450 billion. They had a pay freeze but with an executive order gave a bunch of his left bonuses instead, got around the pay freeze. I would cut the medicaid before I would cut medicare and make them see doctors instead of emergency rooms. Start with a hiring freeze. That was one thing that Romney was going to do. Never will get that chance. They just want a bigger government at any cost to protect their voting base. If it were not for the goernment the democratic party would not exist. The right/conservative wanted to raise the medicare to 67 years of age. I would disagree with that. How about raise the age for retirement for goverment worker or the years that they work and lower their pensions. You try to do the right thing and you get your butt handed back on a platter for trying. The Tea Party is trying to do something but it seems they don’t have a leader. The Tea Party in the Senate are a little smarter. They wanted them to except Plan B. I wasn’t there but I know OBAMA REJECTED ALL SPENDING unless you can tell me what he had on the table I will stand completely on what I say/said. State and local governments are going bankrupt because they have to many people in the cookie jar now. But everyone wants their share of the pie. So now you have NO ONE/NO BODY to do the right thing on the left so they just keep on putting in crooks to do the dirty work. I think 15 % of the right are greedy and useless at the top but I also think 70 or 80 % of the left are. When they keep hiring social workers that for some reason can’t get the job done and it keeps getting worse. I think it has become job security and they want this country to FAIL. We complain about 30 thousand of spending for each prisoner’s upkeep and we let the drugs come in and will not close the border. DRUGS ACCOUNT FOR UP TO 85 TO 95% of the people in prison today. You tell me what is the problem. I think this country wants to keep job security for their people and inturn lets this country go to hell for the law abiding and hard working to find security for themselves. Where do you want me to start.

          • Piped Piper

            Good talking point. Could you repeat that. Good talking point could you repeat that. Good talking point could you repeat that. NOT

          • Jeff

            I’ll bet your mother told you you were just SO CLEVER. Guess what? She was lying.

          • Piped Piper


    • texastwin827

      I’d like to answer your questions Gillysroom.

      The 350,000 jobs that were lost are newly unemployed people as our government does NOT count dead or retired people.

      Of the jobs created, the fact that 1 in 4 are only in the private sector, does not bode well for our country. Other than their withholding (Income) taxes, the 3 out of 4 government employees do NOT generate revenue. Only private sector jobs do, through production. The more production you have, the more employees you need. So, basically, the government employees benefit is only by what they buy and when you factor in their employment benefits (retirement, health coverage, etc), they do not “spend” enough to sufficiently offset the expense of hiring them and certainly do not provide “revenue” in excess of what they make. While a private sector job also provides “income” through income taxes and buying, just as the government employee does, the company they work for also provides revenue, via their increased taxes on increased revenue. If you do not have increased revenue from the private sector, your economy will tank, just as ours is doing.

      As for over 1 million people being added to the food stamp program…that’s a strong reflection of those who are still unemployed or “under” employed, if they are working a part time job. Those people are no longer counted, which artificially keeps the unemployment rate, suppressed, when in actuality, the real unemployment rate would be much higher than what our government is saying it is . When your unemployment benefits run out, welfare is your only option left, thus you see an increase in the food stamp numbers because people have to find a way (and qualify once they have no income or a really low income) to feed their families.

      • MLR

        You think maybe you should blame big business? They don’t want to hire Americans, have to pay to much, lets outsource everything we can. Except of course Management. Right wing conservative business and government have been destroying this country since the early 1970′s, granted with help from the left also

    • Elton

      Better to just keep your aussie ass in Australia. We do not need the opinions of others interferring with what we here think and do …..

      • Elton Robb

        Ah, someone else with my name. actually, lets call libs “Statists.” I really don’t think that the Statists understand what they are advocating.

    • Bungal

      Are you in Walkabout? We also attribute the fact that bigger government brings about more controls and less freedom and we are not looking at illegal activities in this. Example: Those that lead healthy lives and seldom if ever see anyone except their Dentist will now pay for those who refuse to act responsibly in their lives. Most in America have overeating problems and sugar addiction. I am asked to pay for others actions in a backseat or a bedroom that was, according to their desire afterword, irresponsible behavior! Obama is even attacking those who have moral reasons for objecting to much of his healthcare, which should be. Obama has violated his oath of office and should be impeached. This would make others who do so take a long look because many do so. When we served our Country what would happen if we violated our oath while serving? Obama is the first President to do so! He should be the last one to do so.

    • ron . r

      Chip, you and others blame Obama for everything bad already. Sun don’t shine, blame Obama, lost my savings due to a gambling habit, blame Obama. You and others like you should be registering reich/ ultra right (no difference) to vote in 2016. Instead you are here spreading hate a fear.

      You could expose the segregation academies in your part of the country Mississippi, and Alabama. I am surprised a righteous and opened minded guy like you would not have brought this issue to this site long before now. Is it not a cause worth taking up? Besides, you could blame it all on Obama. Get the backing of a few right wing zealots in Washington and maybe impeach him. You could do this all while helping educate young Americans in those segregation academy states. Unless you believe separate is equal.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We don’t blame O for the things that are controlled by nature, how stupid you are. He took it upon himself to be a leader and a figurehead for America let him act it.

      • http://don'thaveone. Dana

        Ron, I moved to Alabama from the Boston area 10 years ago because my husband is from Alabama and we decided to live here because his job was more important than mine, I can work anywhere because of what I do. Anyway what I wanted to know is what you are talking about regarding the “segregation academies”? I have not seen one. What do they look like? What is their purpose? I do not know where you live but I have never seen a segeration academy in Alabama. I doubt they exist except in your world. Wow. Also what I want to say to the moderators of this posting area is why do you not allow comments that you perceive as “racist”? Who decides what is racist and what is not? I thought this was a liberty forum and that one could post whatever he or she is thinking regardless of it’s content. I thought it was the left and the liberty haters that scream racism all the time. Apparnetly I was wrong. That is ridiculous!!!

    • Richard Babin

      Obama, when he was a US Senator and Bush was President stated that Bush’s deficit spending was totally irresponsible. So, what would you call Obama’s deficit spending, which by the way, makes Bush’s spending look harmless?

      • tlgeer

        That’s easy to answer. Circumstances change.

      • Joy Thompson

        Situation ethics.

      • Elton Robb

        Bait and Switch politics.

    • Bob

      It’s a shame that all those people get paid for sitting on their ass like their entitled not to work. A safety net is required but enough is enough bring back jobs. Why don’t these unions get pissed about having to compete with children and slave labor? Job protection starts with the feds and their all bought off by corporate lobbyists. This is all a bunch of BS when are we going tell these pricks to stop destroying our country and that would be both parties equally their both out to destroy us isn’t it obvious??

    • Mark Forde

      Gilly…what part of 73.3% of NEW JOBS did you not read? Not jobs from people retiring, etc. NEW JOBS…jobs that are paid for by tax dollars. A simple check with reality will show that when the tax base gets smaller, real tangible income will vanish.

    • Philip McKee

      Get too upset with Obama I think 75-85% are upset with him. He has got things in a mess and knows it, and that is just what he wants. It is all his doing that got this once great country in the mess it is in. If you like him so much take him please, maybe he can mess up Australia instead of the U S A..

      • Smilee


      • tlgeer

        “Get too upset with Obama I think 75-85% are upset with him.”

        Considering that the majority of voters in the last election wished to keep him as our President, your numbers are not coming from reality.

      • Joy Thompson

        “Entitlement mentality” and voter fraud got him elected.

    • http://google David

      The government has never earned a dime or produced a profit. So take your statistics of “logic” with your next suppository. Care less how you get there, there are a million unemployed. You can not spend or tax your way to prosperity. The currency is going to take a hit by licentious executive orders and decades to recover. He contends to have our back. In reality this anatomy is incorrect. He has us by the throat.

      • Smilee

        Government and business are two very different entities. Business;s exist to make a profit governments do not exist to earn a profit so to compare them is ridiculous and management skills for the two are also different as day and night and to apply business principals to government is a$$ backwards and we have too many elected officials today whom do not understand the difference and try to run government like a business and that is a lot the problem.

    • K. August

      Well Gilly, If you worked long enough to earn a pension, you might welcome retirement. But if you’re in your 50s and it was a complete surprise, you might have a different view of it. I know a fellow who can’t find a nuclear engineering position anywhere. What 7-11 convenience store-owner wants to hire him to sell candy and cigarettes to walk-in customers while they gas-up?

    • tombo0055

      Hey, weve got enough American liberals here, go back to Australia we dont want you here!

  • Vicki

    Liberals will still blame President Bush.

    • eddie47d

      …and Vickie will always blame Obama so what’s the difference? How about go to the heart of the matter and blame arrogant politicians from both parties that are only interested in defending their own turf.. How about blaming lazy welfare recipiants and Corporate thieves. How about blaming unethical banking practices and mortgage schemes. How about blaming the dirty practices of Bain and all the manipulative practices of the Enron’s. Go ahead and blame unions but be willing to blame greedy CEOs right along with it. Stop Insider Trading cold whether done by Democrats or Republicans or Hedge Fund managers. That is stealing no matter how you wrap it! Blame the private health care business and Big Pharma who reaped huge profits at the expense of sick patients. Some of those companies have done tremendous harm to families by over charging which digs into people pocket books. Blame the big polluters who leave a trail of sickness where ever they go. Then the taxpayer has to cough up millions to clean up the messes they make and the health problems they create.

      • m0i4t1c9h57

        Obama is in charge as president Eddie47d, the buck stops with him, for about 4 years now.

        “Watchmen on the Walls”

        Be more informed Eddie47d

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Mikey

        Eddie, that’s actually pretty well put, I still think there’s hope for you.
        The problem is that most of the people in this country continue to vote for the Obamas or Bushs that are propped up for us by big money. The don’t want to take a chance on the third party candidates like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. If either of these men had won this election, there would be major changes being made right now. And there is a good chance we could avoid this “Cliff”.

      • Joe

        Eddie, great points. Aren’t all of these things symptoms? These symptoms are a result of a disease called the United States Government… democrat and republican. Not one or the other. My guess is the guys who pull the strings just sit back and laugh when they see us arguing with each other over which side is less worse.

      • Nobody’s Fool

        So, eddie45 or 47x or whatever, you would blame everybody EXCEPT oBlamer?!?!?!? I think you’re right, of course, since he isn’t an American he can’t be blamed for what happens in America. Right??

      • S.C.Murf

        fast eddie is starting to get it, way to go eddie

        up the hill

      • eddie47d

        Nobody’s Fool: Obama is hardly innocent in stopping this nations hemorrhaging. I spoke out in his initial Libyan War because it wasn’t approved by Congress. I did approve of his giving out cell phone to help the elderly but that turned into another freebie program by young people who gamed the system. If he couldn’t demand accountability on that program then it should have been stopped. The thing is I despised Romney’s tactics (Bain) much more than Obama’s. When it comes to Bush I actually dispise Cheney far more than Bush himself. Another thing I dislike is the constant Obama name calling which you are very good at.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “…and Vickie will always blame Obama so what’s the difference?”

        Presumes (falsely) that I always blame obama. Since he has only been active in politics for a few years I have not always blamed obama. I do notice that he is currently occupying the Whitehouse and thus might have a wee bit of blame after 4 years there.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Vicki says, “Liberals will still blame President Bush”.

      I’m not particularly “liberal” except in comparison to most on this site, but George W. Bush DID preside over the things that have contributed the most to our present deficit. Two unfunded wars, an unfunded Medicare drug plan, and two tax cuts for the wealthy account for most of the deficit, and W’s BORROW and spend policies were major contributors to the debt. Why wouldn’t ANYONE blame him?

      • Vicki

        What is amusing is that obama does the same thing only more of it (spending) and liberals STILL blame bush. Oh and obama forgot to end President Bushs wars and started a few of his own.

      • Robert Smith

        Really????? The war in Iraq has ended.

        Sadam is dead and GM is alive.


    • nc

      Vicki, you say liberals will still blame bush> If you, to any degree, blame Obama for the state of the government after his four years, please , please compare the figures at the end of Clinton’s terms to the figures at the end OF bush’s terms! There was a great difference called our ” second worst recession.” If you are going to blame Obama who do you blame for those figures?? bush ??? Can you see that “the bush figures” are closer to todays America than to Clinton’s America! The independent voters and others not in denial sure as hell can!! See 08 and 12 Presidential elections for the punishment of the Republican Party for the ‘sins” of bush!

      • wandamurline

        Remember one date….January 3, 2007….that is the date that the Democrats took a majority in both the House and Senate….they were in charge for the last two years of Bush’s presidency… and they have the balls to blame Bush? They kept Barney Franks over Fannie and Freddie when Bush had asked for regulations because he felt that they could hurt the economy if they failed. They kept Chris Dodd over the Financial aspect of the government….and where did the economy tank? Fannie and Freddie and the banks and Wall Street. Since Obama was a voting senator during this time, then if he inherited anything, he and the Democrats inherited it from themselves….not Bush. It is time to set the record straight and these are facts.

      • Flashy

        Hey Wanda…the Dems took control over Congress in 2007. The Great recession began in the Summer of 2007 and we were in a fast fall by 2008. Now…given the Great recession was cused by years of graft, corruption, and the Middle Class getting hammered since 2000…what do you suppose could have been done by a Congress in only 6 months with both the GOP and Bush II stating nothing was to be concerned about?

      • Smilee

        The real facts; the dems took over both houses in 2007 and in the senate still do but lost the house in 2011 so in the senate from 2007 to date the dems are the majority but only from July 2009 until January 2010 did they have 60 votes enough to control it and stop the republicans from filibustering which is in effect veto power held by the republicans for all of this time but 6 months and they have used it in record numbers never seen before so in effect they bought ownership of much of what has happened as they refused to let democratic policy’s and laws to be passed and since 2011 the GOP in the house has also refused so only for six months has there been dem in total control and in that time Obamacare was passed or it would have been stopped too. It is call grid lock and that means no party is in control and the new no tax policy held fast to by GOP whom almost all have signed that pledge and with that gun to their head have refused to compromise on very much of anything and compromise was the founding policy of this country or it would not have come into existence. Republicans are also responsible for what has happened in this time frame so your blame is misplaced. Part of Obama’s goal in the fiscal cliff is to force republicans to not honor Grover Norquist’s pledge and this finds most republicans between a rock and a hard place either way and the public opinion is strongly behind Obama on this and his approval rating has shot up to 57% since the election when it was 51% and not long before was down to 41% so you can see that public opinion is not in the GOP’s favor and thus they are at loss and now dragging their feet hoping for a miracle which is not very likely.

    • Robert Smith

      Vicki, Vicki, Vicki… “Liberals will still blame President Bush.”

      That’s because it’s the truth. He took a balanced budget and with tax cuts and a couple of wars drove the economy into the ground causing the worst recession ever.

      The facts don’t change because you don’t like Obama.


      • Nan

        Yes. Bush did this because he had a DEMOCRAT House and Senate and couldn’t stop anything. He tried to stop Bernanke but they wouldn’t let him, etc. He did warn about the housing bubble. No one listened to him. Everyone has their own simplistic reason for the failure of Bush. Why do people keep deflecting the problems of the last four, and soon-to-be eight, years of the country’s administration on Bush? How about we start analyzing what Obama is doing, such as saying one thing to the public in his flowery speeches, and doing another (in dictatorial fashion) behind the scenes?

      • The Big Easy

        rob,rob,rob,———COMRADE———There was NEVER a balanced budget in reality,only on some stupid PROPAGANDA form the lilly pink left wing progressive liberal flea-infested flea-bagger’s sent out to the state-run propaganda media outlets.Just like the PROPAGANDA that mo-bummmmmmer-care is going to SAVE every AMERICAN money——-Look into the FACTS,if you DARE ?????????——I think you are very afraid of the TRUTH about your other COMRADES on the left.Admit it,your SCARED of the truth !!!!!!!!!————-What a puke——————-

      • Robert Smith

        Nan bleats: “How about we start analyzing what Obama is doing, ”

        OK, the economy is better. It ain’t all the way back, but it was in a big hole.

        There are more jobs.

        We are out of one war and about to be out of another.

        There is optimism that those who got such huge tax breaks at the top will again start paying their fair share.

        I’d say that’s all an improvement.

        Sad to say but it looks like Bush wrecked the car and you are blaming Obama for not fixing it fast enough.


      • Smilee

        Nan says:
        December 14, 2012 at 8:25 am

        Bush only had a dem congress for only two of his eight years so your statement is misleading and in 2007 when the dems took the majority (not super majority(60) in the senate so the republicans held veto power over the dems in the filibuster) and we went into the recession 6 months later the worst since the great depression in the thirties. Only a fool would believe any party could cause that in six months it had been years in the making with a lot of help from both parties but mostly the GOP, so can the spin

      • S.C.Murf

        rs you are full of BS

        up the hill

      • Smilee

        The Big Easy says:
        December 14, 2012 at 8:31 am

        The budget was balanced with a surplus that was supposed to be used for paying on the debt but it never happened as then Bush took over and reversed that, it is a fact and even Gingrich admits that as he wants credit for it too as many other GOP members do, Many people mistake this as not balanced as they say the debt still existed and it did but that does not mean the budget was not balanced and it had us is a lot better place than after the GOP starting in 2001 reversed that big time and started us on a down hill projectory ending up in the mess we are in today and this could have been avoided had Clinton’s policy’s remained in effect

      • Smilee

        S.C.Murf says:
        December 14, 2012 at 9:35 am

        With Obama’s approval rating now up to 57% it is clear public opinion does not agree with you

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        Why are they ignoring BUSH’s faults and blaming OBAMA for it. OBAMA is trying his best to bring things back to normal. How much more they want him to do? This country’s economy is badly damaged with that war Obama is not god, he is just trying .Why dont you all try to help him with suggestions, he welcomes them, Or because he is BLACK, you are ignoring BUSH’s faults?

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Rob; did you read the article? The numbers he stated are true. You can research them yourself. As far as wars, other then Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama got us into other countries wars. You need to check the Pentagons website. As far as taxes, since you are not a tax preparer, you might want to check with a CPA on what the tax rate is for the rich and why they pay that rate. And if raising the rates on the rich would matter.

    • Joy Thompson

      That was my first thought. If they could vote for Obama irregardless of the overwhelming evidence not to, they won’t be blaming him or his administration for anything. Everything happens for a reason…and the Bible says, “…The authorities that exist have been established by God”. Romans 13:1, and “He has brought down rulers from their thrones…”, Luke 1:52. Most of it makes no sense to us, but perfect sense to God, for His intents and purposes. Praise God.

      • Robert Smith

        Clue: Bible babble ain’t gonna change the economy or anything else.


      • Nobody’s Fool

        Rob whined “Bible babble ain’t gonna change nuthin.” I say to Godless Rob, go find a communist website to lurk on.

      • Joy Thompson

        @ Robert Smith: So you say. In the meantime, we who believe the Bible to be the Word of God can look at what is happening and know that our patient, loving, merciful God, is giving us ALL sufficient insight, warning, and guidance to prepare for what He says is coming. Observing all of this and seeing how it corresponds with what has been predicted in the Bible is designed to convict you of your need for a Savior. I hope it does. Proverbs 14:12: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” We are all going to stand before God one day, (whether you think so, or not), and give an account of what we did while we were here. We’d better be able to show that we were on God’s side when all is said and done. Why don’t you take a minute and read the last pages of the Bible babble (as you call it), and see for yourself that GOD WINS!

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        HI Robert Smith, you best dont ignore that BIBLE BIBBLE-as you call it- Things are happening in this world today and I am sure you ignores them.The times are very short .You better take them into your prospective.

      • nc

        Joy, God(?) had three choices! Obama, Romney or the death of both! If He(?) is all powerful and controls everything then he chose Obama to win! I can live with that if you can!

      • Robert Smith

        “we who believe the Bible to be the Word of God ”


        Show me that “god.” What your bible babble includes is the killing of everyone on Earth except Noah and his family, the crushing of a couple of cities, etc.

        Quite frankly I want NO part of such a brutal god. Please keep him to yourself.


      • Joy Thompson

        @Robert Smith: I liked that you said “please”. I’m not going to pay attention to what you asked, but I liked that you were so polite about it.

        Please read Genesis 6…consider it an interesting fiction story if you want. God created Earth and put mankind on it. He gave mankind “free-will”, and they chose to use this freedom to do wicked things and “every inclination of the thoughts of (mankind’s) heart was…evil all the time…the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence…”. This grieved God, and His heart was full of pain. He said, “I am surely going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.” Noah believed God…he was a righteous man who walked with God…and he was blameless among the people of his time. He found favor in God’s eyes and God told him “…I will establish my covenant with you…” . God instructed Noah to build the ark…a way of salvation. As ridiculous as it sounded, Noah obeyed God. While he was building the ark, (for over 100 years), he was laughed at and made fun-of…much like those of us sounding the alarm today, don’t you think? So, for over 100 years the people were warned of impending doom and offered salvation from it.

        God has given us over 2000 years of warning. That sounds like a MERCIFUL God to me.

        The Lord continues to be merciful, today. It has been said that “mercy” is not getting what we deserve, and “grace” is getting what we don’t deserve. We deserve to be punished for our sins…”For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23. Please accept God’s mercy and grace while there is still time. Please read II Peter 3…His patience isn’t going to last forever. God Bless You.

        • tlgeer

          From the time that Jesus was executed, every single generation has been claiming that the end of the earth is near. EVERY SINGLE GENERATION!

          What you are claiming is not new, is not supported by evidence and has shown that the people making those claims are so far out of reality that it’s no longer funny.

          Jesus said that NO ONE will know when he will come back. Not even you. You are not an exception.

      • Joy Thompson

        Au contraire, Robert Smith. We serve a very merciful God, who doesn’t give us what we deserve…eternal hell…if we repent of our sins and trust in Jesus. “Repent”. Where we admit that we are sinners and ask to be forgiven for our sins. “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word has no place in our lives.” 1 John 1:8-10.

        Regarding Noah: Did you know that Noah worked on the ark for over 100 years? That people were given the opportunity to “repent” for over 100 years? That sounds like mercy to me.

      • Joy Thompson

        @ Tigeer: What was it I said that indicated that I knew exactly when the Lord is coming back? I made no such claim. I said that He has been/is patient. The signs depicted in the Bible are that He is coming soon. We are thankful for that. “What may be known about God is plain…because God has made it plain…For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-His eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:18-20, (part). Did you get that? WE ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE. In the meantime the Lord is just and is/will be judging our country for turning it’s back on Him…for doing what is obviously contrary to His will. “The Lord reigns forever; He has established his throne for judgment. He will judge the world in righteousness; He will govern the peoples with justice…the nations have fallen into the pit they have dug…the Lord is known by His justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands…the wicked return to the grave, all the nations that forget God.” .” Psalm 9:7-17, (part).

        • tlgeer

          “The signs depicted in the Bible are that He is coming soon.”

          This is the type of statement that I was calling you on. People have been saying this for over 2,000 years. It hasn’t happened yet, so what facts lead you to believe that it will happen now? BTW, the other generations also used the Bible to back up what they were saying. They were wrong then, what makes you so sure that it will happen now?

          “Did you get that? WE ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE. In the meantime the Lord is just and is/will be judging our country for turning it’s back on Him…for doing what is obviously contrary to His will.”

          Nonsense. God will judge us on the way that we act as individuals. He does not, and hasn’t for 2,000 years, destroyed countries because they so-called turned their backs on God. God does not choose between his children, and we are ALL his children.

    • aland

      Real conservatives blame Bush, too. Bush I got us into the “first” Gulf war. Bush II into the next ones. Compassionate Conservatism is liberal solcialism retooled to sell it to the GOP and is RINO (look it up).

      • nc

        Aland, who was our last “real conservative” President who did not raise taxes in any form on anyone nor got us tangled with the problems of other countries! I want to place them in their proper place on our march to become the greatest nation in the world but for the life of me I can’t think of a one who meets those specs. since the Civil War and our start to the front. Could it be we have never really needed one?

      • tlgeer


        “our last “real conservative” President who did not raise taxes in any form”

        What facts lead you to believe that not raising taxes is part of being a conservative?

    • Bungal

      Certainly Vicki. Do we remember when any Liberal has ever been up front an truthful including the Liberal media which is about as ignorant and dumb as a lamp post in automation.We need to stop calling those that are not Liberals, what they really are. Many are devout Communists and an enemy to our own Nation. This, it seems can include Obama. Note we are not sending to our enemy, F-16′s. They are Israels enemies and Israel has always been our friends, always! Obama needs to go for our Nation’s sake.

      • http://don'thaveone. Dana

        Bungal, I agree with you almost 100% except for one thing you posted. Israel is our ally but not our friend and they are only our ally because they need us to keep them from getting blown off the map. Just ask the sailors that were on the USS Liberty in 1967 if Israel has always been our friend. They use us for money and portection and let our men and women go to war to save them from destruction. No, I know bibically that we are supposed to protect Israel and for that reason I do not say everything I could about them. Over the years, they have done many petty and cheap things to us and we let them slide. No Bungal, allies yes, friends no how no way!!!

      • tlgeer


        “Many are devout Communists and an enemy to our own Nation.”

        What FACTS lead you to believe this? Because the majority of the voters in this country don’t agree with you, does that mean that they are communist and are an enemy to our own nation?

      • Mike in MI

        tl geer-stripped -
        Research Lt. Col. Alan West’s lists of Communists in Congress and the Senate. Almost all of them (90 some) are Damnedocrat leadership in one way or another.

      • tlgeer


        “Research Lt. Col. Alan West’s lists of Communists in Congress and the Senate. Almost all of them (90 some) are Damnedocrat leadership in one way or another.”

        I asked for facts, not someone’s opinion. According to the fact checkers, the list of supposed Communist’s in Congress is, quite simply, true in the slightest.

        BTW, Congress is made up of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

  • Warrior

    I wonder, in few short years, which Dept will be running the “public/private” partnership farms? EPA or Agriculture? This new “partnership arrangement” is the latest “craze” of the big city “progressives”. They coax their “cronies” into sponsoring (tax) new pet projects. See, there’s other ways to cook up some “pork”.

    BTW, what ever happened to that famous legislation passed by the “progressives”? I think it was called “PAYGO”.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Each of the top 20 Defense contractors receive more than the Food Stamp Program.

    • Warrior

      Control the “food supply” and you will “control” the population. The “gubmints” defense strategy is just another “make work” program, albeit, one of the most dangerous. But hey, “right to work”; “right to life”, they’re all “rights” right?

    • NativeBlood

      Doc Sarvis says:
      December 14, 2012 at 7:11 am

      Each of the top 20 Defense contractors receive more than the Food Stamp Program.
      This is not a fair comparison. I mean, comparing leeches with producers? Not even close!

      • eddie47d

        Halliburton who reaped millions of dollars from the taxpayer and can’t account for what they spent it on isn’t considered being a leech? Hmmm! Defense Contractors always overcharge with little accountability.

      • Bobbie Barnett

        Just because a person gets food stamps doesn’t make them free loaders. Most or many of them are working but can’t find a job that pays enough for them to eat without food stamps.many have lost their jobs because of the poor economy. I just wish some of you talking about the needy would have to live as they do for a while, you would feel differently about them if you did.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Most of us in the Middle class are just one or two paychecks away from needing assistance. I guess if you’re main concern is for the 1-2% at the top you will always look down on those with less.

      • ANNA

        Defense contractors are producers; those on welfare are not. As the wife of an employee of a defense contractor, I can assure you we are not wealthy by any means…my husband works damn hard to put food on the table for our family. How DARE you compare him to welfare leeches!

      • nc

        NativeBlood,, I believe the effort is to cut the cost of OUR government not just the cost of THEIR government. The” food stamp crowd” that includes the middle class out of work and the poorly educated who can’t find work at a level to support their families do have children that we cannot let starve and still claim to be the greatest nation in the world! However, in times of war, guess who makes up vast majority of our FIGHTING FORCE? Not the defense contractors but “the food stamp crowd.” Like our greatest generation, many of whom by necessity were working on ” government made jobs” during the depression who immediately went into the service to fight our war!

        Incidentally, if the cost cutters get the full Paul Ryan plan who is going to feed the children of the 700,000 to 1,000,000 Americans who are predicted to lose their jobs? You do know that those “cut programs” are run by people( American citizens) with dependents! Also the private companies who do business with the “cut programs” and those who RELY on programs like the parks to bring in customers are going to have to fire people TOO?

        All of that is going to jump the cost of the food stamp program! That is a government program So we are going to cut programs just to enlarge other programs? .Be careful of what you ask for!

      • Flashy


        i don’t believe Doc was saying they were comparable. hard to think of an employee of any industry being compared to the aristocratic leeches receiving so much benefit from the Welfare for the Wealthy programs.

        i believe part of what Doc was conveying is the fact that spending on Defense has a low multiplier effect. That is the bang for the buck in being spread around and creating jobs and economic activity. Defense spending is one of the lowest of any sector of economic activity. I believe it barely edges past a 2:1 multiplier. Compare that to say…the auto industry (5:1) or construction (almost 9:1)

        Want to waste any meaningful economic impact from spending? Spend it on Defense Contractors.

      • matforce

        Yea, why don’t these “freeloaders” simply throw themselves on their own sword and martyr themselves for the sake of our Plutocrats who have offshored our magnificent manufacturing sector that, just 18 years ago, had its tenticles extending into every conceivable niche imaginable, but has now been displaced, boarded up, and move offshore in favor of sweatshops in Red China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage), so our “Power Elite” (CEOs, Board of Directors, Boards of Trustees, and our Executive Teams in the realms of “multinational corporations, high finance, and investment) can continue to influence our Big Bad Government for influence and favor that has perpetrated this mess against the massive middle class, a type of “blame the victim? Sure there are those that abuse the system; I know them, you know them. But to place every “person” into the catagory of “leeches” that finds themselves in a bind because of our elite’s blind pursuit of short term profit, and more pointedly, our elected officials’ allowing themselves to be prostituted with filthy lucre and there-by allow this Great Sell-out to happen on their watch, is adding insult too injury! To say, “Just get a job!” when the jobs available don’t pay anywhere near what it takes to sustain a displaced worker’s mortgage payments, electric bills, insurances, taxes, etc., I can’t say I blame a working stiff for seeking help when the rug is pulled out from under them the way that it has.
        A closer look at these “leeches” would reveal that a majority of them are “people” from our proud middle class workforce who’ve worked hard all their lives but who’ve been displaced by this mad rush to large, short term profit margins by our elite, or have been working for years with disabilities that they endured while they had work, but now that they have been displaced in favor of sweatshops on foreign soil to increase the profit margins of our “multinationals”, they face either losing all they have or make the painful decision to ask for help, citing the disability they’ve endured for years while they had a job.
        Our corporations are sitting on $5 TRILLION in cash. But when anyone suggests they put their shoulder to the wheel to help out with this national crisis, cries will go up, usually from the right, about “class warfare!” While the right keeps denying any of this economic treason has happened, and trots out its usual cries of outrage to fan the flames of their base’s prejudices, our nation declines, and more and more of our hard-working citizens are sinking into the ranks of poverty by playing by the rules!

      • Smilee

        ANNA says:
        December 14, 2012 at 8:35 am

        Defense contractors are producers; those on welfare are not. As the wife of an employee of a defense contractor, I can assure you we are not wealthy by any means…my husband works damn hard to put food on the table for our family. How DARE you compare him to welfare leeches!

        Just because government defense contractors and others are producers does not give them justification for them stealing so much from us in the many scams they engage in to do so. A large percentage of those who work hard today get some welfare the biggest most often is the earned income credit (child care assistance, medicaid food stamps etc and others as well) and many do not see this as welfare but it is. Corporations lobbied hard for it and Reagan signed it into law in 1986 and it has been expanded since giving Corporations cover to now pay less than living wages and they now do. Do you qualify for it?? if you do you are getting welfare benefits but may not even realize it. I much rather some poor person got some of my tax money than some thief but a lot of conservatives feel the opposite, welfare for the poor is much less in dollars than corporate welfare (seldom identified as such, but it is) and corruption but conservatives see the poor as much more the problems and since the eighties we have instituted much more welfare than we ever had before and most of it for working people as companies so often today are underpaying their employees witch is also indirect welfare to corporations as it benefits their bottom line greatly. When you look at the whole picture we see you are misguided in you statements.

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        Hi Anna these people are just letting out air, they just dont know what to say but saying things that dose not make any sense and no facts to back it up Also they take things and make it to their own meaning.

      • Marvin

        Who says the so called producers are not leeches too!! They know how to soak the taxpayers

        • Tony Newbill

          with our producers mainly just resellers of an imported product the need for overall product supply expansion in key areas where growth is needed to bring down cost of living the term leach can be assessed

      • eddie47d

        Conservatives should hate Defense Contractors since they work for the government they are part of the 47% as are all military personel.

      • GALT

        Since when are “defense contractors” producers?

        Oh wait I know, because a “producer” is someone who “makes stuff”.

        What does Wal-Mart “produce”? ( other than “employee’s who qualify for food stamps?)

        The Columbian Drug Cartels make cocaine from plants, they are producers!

        Terrorist’s make war, they are producers!

        Of course, let’s try a little more “common sense”……..

        There are 100 people seeking work, there are 50 jobs……50 people will be
        “hired” for those jobs and will become “hard working”, the 50 people who were
        qualified for those jobs but were not “hired”…….are not “hard working”, they are
        parasites……..when Anna’s husband loses his “job” he will become a parasite,
        as will Anna.

        When one uses “common sense”, one is employing “naive realism”, which is
        what “children” do…….

        In a “common sense” world parasites are BAD, the solution to “parasite’s” is???????

        Defense contractor’s are PRODUCERS!!!!

        Just use your “common sense”?

      • tlgeer

        Bobbie Barnett,

        Don’t forget those of us who are either disabled or elderly. We cannot work. Period.

  • Paul Wells

    The left will still blame Republicans, just as Obama does now. The beat goes on. The main stream media will bleat like sheep that yes, it’s as Obama says, the trouble he inherited, just too massive, nasty republicans, tea partiers, lions & tigers and bears, Oh My!

    • Warrior

      And just wait until 2016 when billary will have to fix the mess she inherited from “booosh”! Er, was it Cheney? I get those two confused.

      • nc

        Warrior, I can understand the confusion! bush and Cheney only had one head between them and it seems it was “Chocolates and Flowers” Cheney’s! That was a blessing because it would have been even worse if bush, with no head at all, had called all the shots!

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        I can’t understand. Which side are you on ?I want to get a good picture so that I could get the right comment on your comments.

      • Warrior

        easy W & R – I’m on my side. Who’s side u on? LMAO!

    • http://don'thaveone. Dana

      Sorry Ron you were the only one who I could find a reply button on your post but I am really commenting to the Argards, Renee and the husband. Which ever of you is doing the posting should stop. You make no sense and even called Rome Roam. Renee, if your husband is the poster, take your name off the post and visa versa. Some people should not own a computer. OR should check what they write instead of making crazy comments for people to read. I forget the husband’s name but the woman was Renee. Dangerous people with no sense to speak of.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone: Both sides will be blamed. Read Peggy Noonan’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, she explains this in full detail. Maybe, this is good for a third party could finally take control or the two mainstream parties will change their ways. But, that’s left to be seen. TGIF!!

  • Frank

    A Revolution is coming! We are going to have to fight the government to get America back!! As well we will have to fight the blacks, gays, and other special interest when the money and the free stuff runs out!! Like he said …keep your power dry, get armed and store ammo!!! God Bless America! God Dam the Liberals!!!

    • eddie47d

      Spreading a little Christmas cheer there Frank? Some here will love your call for violence which is exactly what the right accuses the left of doing. We have a Conservative columnist (Mile Rosen) in our local paper who said violence is normal and natural in America and we have to accept it. Also said “it was part of our original heritage”. Yes there are blood thumpers on both sides so no excuses that one side is worse than the other.

    • Johnny

      you’re an idiot…………..oh wait, can I say that??? I would say me calling you an idiot is not as bad as you threatening liberals with death by gunfire… idiot

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Frank wasn’t threatening Liberals….you jerk! learn to comprehend what you are reading…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But johnny wants to advocate gunfire, so he can turn around and blame the PLD with instigating trouble.

      • eddie47d

        Do you have a comprehension problem Bob Peters. He sure did threaten! Sounds like he wants a war with gays too!

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      AMEN Frank!!

    • ANNA

      I normally would never sincerely ask that God “damn” anyone, but in the case of the liberals who got us into this mess, YES, I say I pray God does damn them to the lowest parts of Hell.

      • Mike in MI

        Anna -
        God won’t “damn” them. He doesn’t have to do a thing. The way Judgment works is they, by the words of their own mouths will condemn themselves, whom they serve with the service of their own hands and in what way they walk by the placement of their own feet will ultimately requite to them what they deserve.
        God had written a long time ago just what He will do to and for mankind, same for one as for any other.. The expectation has always been that those who care what God thinks will first seek to find out. He, then, sets it before them to either hear or study and decide what they think about His opinions. If they like His ideas – good. If they don’t like it and reject Him – not so good. It’s fate is always up to each individual soul’s choice.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Frank: You see man, this is why conservatives are looked down upon, laughed at, and are marginalized because of such stupidity. You’re playing at the collective expense of normal conservatives. You better read the writings of the late William F. Buckley, and Jack Kemp. i’ve said this upteen times, yet, i’ll say again. If not conservatives will be vanquished. Then, a Stalinistic type regime will truly get hold in this nation. Thereby, think in the future before saying such rubbish. BTW, look at demographics, it would be against you. You’ll, either, end up like Custer at the Little Big Horn, or the Nazis at Stalingrad. Think about that also. TGIF!!

      • Smilee

        Buckley and Kemp;s conservatism is not the conservatism that controls the GOP today, if it only was we would not have to contend with these radicals that are in charge today with things then being much better, those guys also were intelligent and would cooperate to a much larger degree rather than always my way or you can got to Heii mentality of the GOP today.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Smilee: True sir, True. I wish the people on this website would follow this advice. TGIF!!

    • http://don'thaveone. Dana

      Frank, I agree with you but your passion will earn you some serious name calling. I, too believe a revolution is coming. A race war is on the way for sure. It goes without saying that blacks are angry with whites and whites are angry with blacks. The poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson need to keep themselves relevant and having Obama in office is not helping the situation. He gave 2 billion dollars to black farmers for “What they experienced in the past.” This went

      virtually unreported except for in media outlets such as this. People are giving up on the mainstream media and only an idiot can’t see the covering up for the democrats and Obama that they have done. It used to be subtle but now it is “in your face”. They no longer pretend to be unbiased but rather are open with it. The election was indeed stolen and what gets me is why Romney said nothing. If I were him, I would have went on the warpath. I have friends all over the country and family too. Many said the same things to me. Identification was not asked for in some states and if it was shown, the owner was told to “put it away” that was in MA. In Ohio bus loads of Somali’s were being brought to the polls to vote by left leaning “community organizers” and because they spoke no English, they were told how to vote. Areas of PA had districts where Romney got not one vote. Does that not sound fishy to anyone else here? I know some fairly conservative black folks who believe in conservative values and are staunch Christians yet they still voted for Obama. Why or why do white people not stick together like other races do? Why are when crimes committed by whites against blacks is it always a hate crime but when reversed it never ever is a hate crime? This is the stuff that is fueling the coming race war and the powers that be have no intention of stopping it. I cannot believe that Obama got re-elected and know it wouldn’t possibly have happened IF the elections were not rigged. If he wants to win by cheating, then that says more about him than it does about anyone else. He is a dangerous man, a non citizen, Muslim, American hating,Christian value hating meglomaniac. He needs to go but with the power of the mainstream media protecting his every move, he is here to stay. Herr Goebbels himself would be green with envy at the power of the press that Obama and the left have at their disposal. What a shame is it not?

      • tlgeer

        “He gave 2 billion dollars to black farmers for “What they experienced in the past.” This went virtually unreported except for in media outlets such as this.”

        Please cite the bill number that was passed.

        “I cannot believe that Obama got re-elected and know it wouldn’t possibly have happened IF the elections were not rigged.”

        You know no such thing. At the most you are just Imaging things. IOW, you wish to believe this because you wish to believe it, and for no other reason.

        “He is a dangerous man, a non citizen, Muslim, American hating,Christian value hating meglomaniac.”

        This again?!?!?!

        Obama was born in Hawaii and is therefore a natural born citizen. Period. That you don’t want it to be true does not matter.

        There is no evidence that Obama hates America. Not one piece of evidence.

        He has never been a Muslim. Period. That you prefer to believe propaganda against verified facts is not very surprising to me.

        Christian value hating megalomaniac? What FACTS lead you to believe this? He has been a Christian for over 20 years.

        Dana, grow up. Stop believing things just because you want them to be true. Look at FACTS, not rumors, not unfounded statements. IOW, start living in reality.

      • Mike in MI

        tlgeer-stripped -
        In fact you are the one who needs to reorganize things. Like Obama being a “Christian”. He lived at one point in Indonesia. While there he attended a school that indoctrinates boys in the Koran and how to be a good Moslem.
        In Chicago he went to Rev. Wright’s black liberation theology circus. Black liberation theology is as “Christian” as Malcolm X. But it IS a church – a place where peope go to sit in pews and listen to somebody say, “God this – and God that. and Oh, je-ee-ez-zus.”

    • tlgeer

      “We are going to have to fight the government to get America back!!”

      Why? Our Government hasn’t gone anywhere. You just don’t like the way that the majority voted.

      “As well we will have to fight the blacks, gays, and other special interest when the money and the free stuff runs out!!”

      What money and free stuff, exactly, are you talking about? And what facts lead you to believe that only the minorities get money and free stuff?

      “Like he said …keep your power dry, get armed and store ammo!!! God Bless America! God Dam the Liberals!!!””

      First who is “he”?

      Second is that you contradicted yourself. You say God Bless America, they you advocate damning a good half of our country (which is NOT America, it is the United States of America. There are a LOT of other countries in America. We are only one of them)

  • Motov

    I think Gary Johnson, or Ron Paul is what this nation needs,…..Not Omoron,….The sooner we restore Constitutional Law,…the better!

    • G Smith

      only if it repeals the federal reserve act of 1914 which I can assure you Barack Obama had nothing to do with

      • Johnny

        come on G, you know this plan was hatched by Obama and his ilk far before Obama was born, but it was planned, they planned for his mother to have him and he was going to be a harvard law professor and then president, the liberals and commies hatched this plan way before Obama came to power by his coup, LOL

  • roger gunderson

    American people are themselves to blame. Everyone in congress should have been voted out in the last election.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      what about the Senate?? Harry Reed and co.

      • Average Joe

        Congress consists of both the House of Representatives and the Senate….


      • Motov

        Only 1/3 of the senate is up for election every 2 years, That’s the way It is set up .

  • Sal V.

    Just face facts this president is just a front for the elete powerful, to move us to the
    one world government.Agenda 21, UN, and no one in authortuy will call him out.
    so they all must be with him. Of course i am sure they have been warned

    • NativeBlood

      Sal V. says:
      December 14, 2012 at 7:35 am

      Just face facts this president is just a front for the elete powerful,
      To insult the rest of us while placating the food stamp crowd.

  • NativeBlood

    Chip be done said: Better Be Glad Obama Won..
    I can only say “Nikka Pullleeeez!

  • Fedup

    Government is the problem – period! It doesn’t make a damn who is running it; it will always eventually become the problem; and we have reached that point in the history and evolution of this once great nation. That is the plain damn truth.

    • Warrior

      Wait, I heard it was the “tea party” that created all these problems? Who’s “right” or “rights”? Oh never mind.

  • S.C.Murf

    Did anyone hear what Reed said the other night? ” We don’t have a spending problem we have a revenue problem, we don’t take in enough for what we want to spend.” Such an old fool, they indeed are going to break the U.S.

    up the hill

    Hey fast eddie I’m still waiting for that roll down the hill, might be fun, haven’t done it for awhile and we now have some snow on the ground so it will make things slicker (kinda like our politician’s)

    • eddie47d

      I might be able to climb up the hill with you but will have to roll with you to get down. LOL!

    • Mike in MI

      He’s right. That’s what they do.
      They spend everything they take in in revenue. Then, since they want to spend more they go around with their hands out to our enemies and borrow as much as they can to spend on their friends – who, then, give the Dems kickbacks in the form of “campaign donations”.



    • Doc Sarvis

      More fear from the Conservative side. I seem to remember many Conservatives saying that there would be Martial Law imposed before the election so that President Obama would retain his office. The same fear mongering as some “October Surprise” folks here were promoting to strike fear in Americans.

      Americans are too brave and smart to fall for this un-American promotion.

      • Bob666

        Doc, very good point! I have more faith in American to get through this mess that was created by both parties.

      • FreedomFighter

        Plan A: Obama wins by massive voter fraud…

        Plan B: Obama declares martial law

        Plan C:….

        Just because plan A for Obama came thru, does not mean Martial law was not considered, and Martial law is still on the table – when the dollar crumbles Read the NDAA and all the Obama Pres-orders.

        America as we have known it – is gone. What comes next is still to be decided.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Motov

        Plan C,.. continue lying to the American Public that everything is going good (for Him at least)

        Plan D:…. Implement more con-games and rip-offs plans to totally destroy what’s left (or right, he doesn’t care now)

        Plan E:.. Make plenty of time for more golfing, traveling around in air force one, while cooking up more schemes

      • http://don'thaveone. Dana

        Doc, you cannot possibly believe that Americans are too smart. Can you? Americans are dumber by the day. They are taught revisionist history in the public schools. They are taught about people like Rosa Parks but not about George Washington anymore. They know little or nothing about the Constitution and what is in it. We are far far behind other countries in basic learning and on every subject. We used to have the smartest and most resourceful working unit in the world. Now w

        e are a pack of drooling idiots. I blame affirmative action and incompetent teachers. Also no sense of competition because it might damage some poor little kid’s self esteen if the others are smarter than he is. Everyone gets a trophy because we cannot play favorites. This sort of backward thinking is what is the problem. When I was in school things were much different plus I had the advantage of attending Catholic schools that gave a much better education. If you were smarter than some of the others. it was duly noted. There was no sense of everyone is the same. Sure we were the same in the fact that we were all given the same education but not equal in the outcome because some studied harder than others and some were just plain smarter. I have several great nieces and nephews who attend public schools in nice suburban towns but they are taught terrible things about our founders being evil slave owners and white supremacists and so on and so forth. Also they are taught that we brought disease and nothing but trouble for the Indians and that we never would have survived here if not for the Indians. What kind of nonsense is this and why are our children being taught this stuff? White children are being taught to hate themselves and their race while black kids and others but mostly blacks are taught that they have a fine history full of great art and ingenious inventions. I do not care if they teach some black history but be honest about it. Do not teach innocent children fairy tales to boost their self esteem. Self esteem can not be taught, it has to be earned and we are doing these children a great disservice by not teaching them that very fact. We need to get competitive again with the rest of the world even if it means getting someone’s feelings hurt. No where in the Constitution does it say you have the right not to get your feelings hurt. It is just nonsense and not right for the children of this nation, black and white.

        • tlgeer

          “They are taught revisionist history in the public schools. They are taught about people like Rosa Parks but not about George Washington anymore.”

          LOL Where do you people get these insane ideas? My 4 Grandchildren (the youngest is 12, the oldest is 18 in her first year of College) were all taught about both the Civil Rights Movement as well as our Presidents, including George Washington.

          There were, also taught about our Constitution in Civics Class.

          “There was no sense of everyone is the same.”

          There wasn’t when I went to school, my children went to school, or my Grandchildren going to school. Where, exactly, did you get this idea?

          “I have several great nieces and nephews who attend public schools in nice suburban towns but they are taught terrible things about our founders being evil slave owners and white supremacists and so on and so forth. Also they are taught that we brought disease and nothing but trouble for the Indians and that we never would have survived here if not for the Indians.”

          There were Founders that were slave owners and racist.

          We did bring disease to the Indians. That is a fact, and is not up for an argument. Anyone who has ever read the actual correspondence directed to and from the Department of Indian Affairs, and I have many, many times, knows that this is true.

          We never would have survived the beginning years without the help of the Indians. We were not prepared for the weather conditions or what could be grown in this new country. This is, also, a fact.

          It seems that you need to educate yourself, using evidence based material. You, quite obviously, have no idea what is real or not.

    • tlgeer


      Do you have any facts to back this fear of yours up?

  • Right Brain Thinker

    More of the same old “the sky is falling” talk from Chip. To address just a couple of his points:

    Chip says, “That’s right; of all the new jobs created in the United States since June 1, the Labor Department says only one in four were in private enterprise”.

    Chip neglects to mention that the largest job losses during the recent “troubles” were among government employees—governments are now finding their way clear to rehire—and those government jobs and paychecks DO stimulate the economy and help make people self-supporting. The best way to “stimulate” and create jobs seems to be via government right now—-create the demand that will then stimulate business. The greedy rich cry-babies are sitting on their piles of money because “It’s too risky and too uncertain and I’m afraid I might not be able to continue to accumulate obscene wealth if I ‘create jobs’, so I’ll hold back”.

    Chip also says, “The latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office are that Federal deficit spending will surpass 100 percent of the gross domestic product of this country by 2025. And that it will double from there after another 12 years, reaching almost 200 percent of GDP by 2037″.

    Ah, the wonders of math and the cherry-picking opportunities they provide for those with bias. 2025 is THIRTEEN YEARS AWAY—-look at the damage George W. Bush did in just eight years and be hopeful that a reversal of his mistakes will turn things around long before 2025, perhaps within just a handful of years. And Chip says things will DOUBLE by 2037? YES, and we can project that they will be double that by 2049 (or 400% of GDP), and double that by 2061 (or 800% of GDP). Not to beat a dead horse, but PROJECTIONS are just that—-a snapshot of what MAY occur based on analysis of present data—-change the data, the projections change.

    In line with that last thought, one horse is never too dead to beat. Recall the “projections” of the “supply side”, “trickle down”, “don’t tax the job creators” mythologists. IT DIDN’T WORK, but many shouted from the rooftops that it would and a certain R & R team lost a recent election partly because the public was smart enough to know that.

    • Flashy

      Nice article. It plays fast and loose with numbers. For example, the CBO report is qualified by stating the assumptions are based partially on tax rates remaining the same and spending increasing at ‘historical rates”.

      Though we all realize numbers are always played with and reports are “surgically reported”.

      Let’s look at some hard facts. The Euro’s. In 2008-09, the Euro’s undertook the economic programs which the conservatives and extremists here were insisting we also enact. Austerity in spending and cutting taxes on business and the wealthy. Hmmm…. See where that has them today? Their reliance on severe monetary growth, merciless welfare cutbacks, cutbacks in R&D and investment in new growth industries and business tax breaks has led to massive increases in unemployment, more spending on entitlements, lower revenues and even higher debt loads as consumer spending falls every month.

      Or…take Japan. Know what the Japanese call the 90’s? The Lost Decade. Know what they did to combat a severe recession as the 90’s began? Uh huh, you guessed it … severe brakes on monetary growth, lower business taxes, cut entitlements and spending.

      These policies insisted upon by the extremists and conservatives (and adopted by the Euro’s) were rejected by the administration when it took office in 2009. Spending was not cut, nor was it increased. It was held flat-lined. You can look it up, this administration has the lowest growth in federal spending for the past 50+ years. Taxes were lowered for the Middle Class, held steady on the Upper Incomes. Programs created targeting new emerging high tech industry.

      The result? We are ahead of the industrialized nations. We have growth, we have a falling unemployment, and we have an economy ready to spring into the final and third phase of any recovery from recession … job growth. The extremists and conservatives bewail our current economic situation. What they fail to reveal is that looking at what has occurred in the countries which adopted their “solutions” Not what they claim would occur…but what will occur.

      • Richard Gozinya

        Fascinating. Well, I’ve learned something. Silly me, I’ve always had the notion that Private Enterprise was the growth engine of the economy, not the government. Well, according to your wisdom, there is a simple solution. The government should make all citizens government employees and get rid of private sector employment and business altogether. Then we should be incredibly prosperous! Brilliant, my man!

      • tlgeer


        “I’ve always had the notion that Private Enterprise was the growth engine of the economy, not the government. “:

        No, people working is the growth engine of the economy. Government workers spend, and therefore, increase our tax income, the money that is spent for items helps to create more jobs because the manufacturers and sellers need to have more personnel to work for them.

        Government workers pay the same income taxes, they pay for the health plan (out of a lot offered) that they have chosen. This, BTW, includes the Members of Congress.

        This works just the same as private workers.

  • RobZombie

    >But it collected only $346 billion in revenue. This means that it borrowed 46 cents for
    >every dollar it disbursed.

    While ‘disburse’ is grammatically correct, I think ‘disperse’ would be more accurate!

  • ToughGuy1

    President George Washington said it the best!

  • Doc Sarvis

    “…73.3 percent of those new jobs are in government.”

    This article and the source article do not break that out at all. I am sure the vast majority of those jobs are at the state and local level. Also, 73.3% of a small growth period is NOT a big number in relative terms.

    • Tony Newbill

      I actually believe the reason why the Politicians are Crippled and unable to work together on policy is because of the long term over view of world population growth and the relationship a Consumer driven economic system that needs this Population growth to value the process of supply-side expansion .
      I grew-up up here in Oregon on a Dryland Wheat and cattle ranch and we ran Mother Cows on BLM range , and that range had a Limited Capacity to feed a Herd of 200 cows 6 months , and to tell you the truth over the years I saw that range say 30 years was what I saw of it , and it actually is an above average range compared to the majority of western states ranges it was better off when we would run 20-30 head less . There is just so much production , sure Innovation can help to expand supply , history is on our side with this BUT a Finite element cannot be ignored and population growth can get ahead of these innovative periods that result in supply expansion , and I think we are entering one of these times , much like what we saw in Europe and Asia back 100 years ago when the 40-50 years period between the late 1800s that saw famines , conflicts , genocide all a result of overall supply production not keeping up with population growth and it was not until after the 2 World wars that we saw a Massive Innovative Period that Expanded food supply starting in the 1900s with the industrial age of machines that evolved into our last 80 years of World supply expansion and peace through a greater abundance but I think we are at this cross roads again , only this time we have a free market full of Free Thinkers who freely through a pricing system are collectively without Political influence through pricing are telling us there’s a supply shortage ahead !!! look at the Long term Bond market that’s a lack of Trust to hold Long term Debt Investment to Convertibility ,a d this is why the Governments in the world have taken over and are printing money and buying their own Bonds !!!! That by itself should be a warning to be telling us ahead of time with this Uncertainty along with the volatility in Commodities that we have seen in the last 6 years or so , that Spiked Violently before the crash in 2008 that the last period of this phenomenon of conflict and radical Government reactions , like after the Weimar Hyper Inflation era , this was due to their not understanding this until the population would swell up and create a shortage that was to overwhelming all of a sudden to the overall supply and that’s when conflicts and dictators would rise up out of this confusion and nasty things would alleviate the problem for a while .

      Given the Limited capacity of a Finite element such as Earth is and its ability to sustain population expansion at the rate of 100 million a year and the way the resources are limited like drinking water . This article gives us 20 years before water is a problem , I saw half of 200 cattle run out of water before and you want to talk about CAHOS , just imagine if we do nothing and billions of people start fighting over a lack of water ,

      Everything I read says 30 years in food at the currently rate of population growth and things get messy but if water is a problem in 20 then that takes priority . They will not allow us to get there before intervening , and I think this is what we see talking place with the credit gone out of the private sector free market in a overall financial sense like it was before 2008 . And as we Bleed out our private principles of cash reserves we see more and more people that run out become more and more dependent on Government , this election showed us that the majority are to scared to trust the free markets enough to give up on whatever Gov assistance they have now . And this is exactly what the Governments in the world are doing to rein in their Population with the Capital consolidation into the Government to Control the rate of Consumption very Methodically but without being in the open , and I think this way of handling the issue is wrong because it breeds Confusion in the Intellectual mind of society as a whole and conflicts break out because of the lack of understanding .

      They should just grow some balls and come out and say it , make it the talking point about the reality of it all . People are not so stupid as to not see this logically and assess the situation and organize by processing this thought and once this rational is understood as a society I do believe it would lead to a society that chooses to accommodate this with personal choices and people in general after having this knowledge would then get out of their self and become less confused and focus on the future and set forth on a direction that would work out the need for what it is that we would create to sustain current and future society without a Top Down Forced mandate that confuses the society even more and results in conflicts due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the future problem we face .

      • Flashy

        Tony…while not necessarily agreeing with some of what you opine, it does give rise and merit to thought and pondering. Such is what is needed these days. good solid debate using sound reasoning and thought. which many in this forum have severe shortage of.

        Nice post. Something to dwell upon.

        {Pendleton? Prineville? Baker City?)

        • Tony Newbill

          Prineville , actually Powell Butte

      • Right Brain Thinker


        I second what Flashy has said. If we want to really look at the future, we must bring global warming and climate change into the picture also.

        A great book on the subject of the future is “The World in 2050″ by Laurence C. Smith, who looks at the things you have mentioned and more. The good news is that the U.S. and the other seven nations of the “northern rim” (Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia) look like they may fare much better than the nations around the equator.

  • Faye Shamblin

    All we need to do is get rid of Obama and his rear kissers and get back on the American track of having more jobs instead of taxing us to death If we don’t get rid of Obama we will be in trouble he intends to be a dictator and he is communist thats the reason for kissing the unions rear they pay him off and then he takes vacations plays golf on the tax payers $ as well as the fat hussy he is married to she takes trips on tx payers $ and they don’t claim it on thier income tax he has lied stole and killed more than any president I have known in my 77 years.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      I’m with you Faye! These young know it alls know nothing but the propaganda they are fed…Obama is Poison and is nothing more than a puppet for the NWO! Bush,clinton,carter are all NWO ! they have you fighting each other and divided..But you know it all ignorants fall right in to their trap and contribute to the destruction of the country…I’m old and my days are numbered but never will i surrender my dignity and reside one single day under communism…Promise!! We fought for your freedoms and asked nothing in return except for you to preserve it…Thanks!

    • eddie47d

      [comment has been edited] Faye lets talk about how many have died while Bush was President or maybe Reagan or even Clinton. There are some astonishing numbers out there if you can handle disappointment.

  • G Smith

    fiscal conservatism went out the window when the bush administration allowed the high end tax cuts to remain in tact even while government engaged in a spending spree on steroids in the form of two unfunded wars and an open ended so called war on terror, big mistake, because this was an open ended invitation for more fraud and abuse than we could ever have imagined with this so call department of homeland security. Now there isn’t much to cut .. get over it. Paul Ryan’s so call wonder budget just beat up poor people. Even Ron Paul would have had difficulty in finding where to cut but at least he would have I think had the courage to take on the pentagon, the federal reserve and the department of homeland security all of which have blank checks. Also letting our manufacturing base leave the country entirely for cheaper labor countries is absolutely nuts. …

  • Neva Roa

    The good governor of Colorado announced this morning that he will have our legislature start discussing gun control the first of the year. I expect all hell to break loose about then. I don’t think he has any realization that Colorado as a whole is well armed and there are enclaves up in the mountains that are well fortified and are probably better armed than the military, plus the fact that folks on the plains have been building underground shelters. Are these people really as stupid as they appear. We are on the brink of a Revolution in this country.

    • http://yahoo bob peters


    • Flashy

      Neva…I guess the shootings at the Oregon mall are “just because’ and the access to an AK was “just coincidental’ and the easy access to guns ‘would have prevented’ the shooter ?

      or how about the 11 year old (almost 12) who had a pistol and tried to carjack from a woman in a parking lot? (the kid is white was his 7 year old accomplice)

      Neither family owned these guns. They were borrowed in the first, stolen in the second.

      So….what was that about being anti-gun control because easy access to guns and their proliferation are not an enabler of senseless violence?

      • Vicki

        If guns were truly easily accessible then those incidents would NOT have happens cause criminals want to survive to steal again.

    • eddie47d

      Neva Roa will be then pleased with the newest massacre in Connecticut. Gotta love them guns!

  • G Smith

    Ok everyone … listen up and pay attention … Recorded history did not just begin in January of 2009 with the inauguration of Barack Obama … you will be well served by a quick 25 minute education that you can access here. with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts … he even has a road map on what you must do to protect yourself RIGHT NOW, beside just whining about Obama have a nice day ..

    • eddie47d

      Thanks, G Smith

  • BR549

    All this assumes that we actually owe anyone anything. Where are the discussions about why Congress allowed wealthy banking families to overtake our system of government? Where are the discussions that those families are now controlling the elections?

    The fact remains that the American people have been treated like mushrooms; feed them siht and keep them in the dark, because if the public understood one iota of the truth, it would be livid and Congress would would no doubt be vacant of the rubberstamping bobbleheads we have now.

    If we ever did have a president who would stand up and try to tell the public of this, he’d probably be taken out. Eisenhower touched the surface, but the wealthy bankers weren’t about to have an elderly, popular, outgoing president assassinated. It just wouldn’t look good. But then we had JFK, who pushed the bar up considerably. He was too dangerous to them and was “removed” as a result.

    Goldwater was probably one of the last true conservatives before that moniker became a cussword. He had these people figured out and was politically sabotaged for having done so.

    It really doesn’t make much difference what party made it into office as long as they were Constitutionally and fiscally oriented. I mean, think about it, if both paths led to the same end, who would really care? But the problem now is that both paths have nothing to do with fiscal responsibility or adherence to the Constitution. Republican voters will continue to see only two choices, fed to them by a corrupted media, and all they can see is bad and worse; so they choose bad. The same hold true for the Democrat supporters. Neither one of these (and I’m referring to both the hard-core progressives and the grain-belt bible thumpers) have done a lick of research into looking at the larger issue. They will continue to spew chapter and verse about how only THEIR party can be our salvation, or only THEIR party has enough of itself intact to rebuild it.

    These people are living in a fantasy world while Rome is burning down around them. They take the newsbyte pablum as they are dutifully instructed to and then march out into the world, as the pawns they are, to defend the rulers, little realizing that they’d all been had, like a cheap slut. It isn’t until we drag history into the current quagmire that we begin to see the ugly heads of Edward Bernays, the Huxleys, Margaret Sanger, and Codex Alimentarius, Operations Garden Plot and Paperclip, and a whole host of others that have been used to push people in power into positions of absolute power, while driving the common once sovereign US citizen into a state of blind servitude.

  • richard brooks

    bush and obama have both taken pages from the reagan play book. adding govt employees to lower unemployment was a favorite of reagan. he is the republican icon. a god that is worshiped by the believers. obama will be the same. no one will ever remember all of the damage.

  • nc

    Wandamurline, you say the Democrats in charge during bush’s last two years are the cause of bush recession? If thing were going so well under bush and the Republicans why did they lose control in 2006? They had had complete control of every committee in Congress for his first six years plus the previous six and they couldn’t fix what was wrong?? They must have had their heads up their butts and their minds in neutral! Americans must have seen something wrong prior to the 2006 elections with that Republican strangle hold that conservative republicans refused to see! Denial is a disease of the mind.
    The first thing the Democrats did was to give bush the stimulus package HE was begging for to save his collapsing economy that had started BEFORE the Democrats were sworn in! REMEMBER??

    All of this collapsing was occurring when Barney and Chris had ONE VOTE EACH and the Republicans controlled every committee in both houses That is two smart Democrats who can take one vote each and control policy in their house!
    The whole Republican lie of Barney and Dodd pushing Fannie and Freddie and bush resisting their efforts can be clearly seen in the video of bush, well into his SECOND year in office, PRAISING FANNIE AND FREDDIE for their efforts with providing support for low income housing purchases especially with the ones with bad credit histories! Those turned out to be the most toxic and bush was ALL FOR IT!!! Type in “video of bush praising Fannie and Freddie” and spin that for me!!
    Also don’t forget that the bush you are trying to take off the hook for government money in the housing market as late as 2004 pushed for and PROUDLY signed into law a bill that used TAXPAYERS’ MONEY to make the DOWN PAYMENT FOR THW LOW INCOMW PURCHASERS!

  • douglasdauntless

    Obama is not going to tax the rich, those who gave him big bucks like the movie stars, Obama has made them free from taxation, he isn’t going to tax the hand that feeds him millions of dollars to destroy the USA. We the people on the low end will be taxed to death, Communist Doctrine, look it up I did.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Actually O will tax the rich, any rich that disagree with him. The other rich who go along with him will be helped to hide their money, to make money, and to continue making money.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Dearest Nadzieja, (may we call you “Hope” for short?)

        You say, “Actually O will tax the rich, any rich that disagree with him. The other rich who go along with him will be helped to hide their money, to make money, and to continue making money.”

        That is quite a leap you have made—-how complicated do you think they will have to make the tax code to allow for rewarding or punishing those who agree or disagree with O’Bama? Sounds like they may need a new cabinet post—-the “Secretary of taking care of O’Bama’s rich friends but not O’Bama’s rich enemies” perhaps? The posters on PLD will go bonkers over this one.

        (and do David, Melvyn, and Michael approve of what you do in your spare time?)

    • Tony Newbill

      I agree the Lower classes will be taxed with Hyper Inflation on cost of living because your Income is not going up with the rate of Inflation it never has before in the event of inflation and inflation is coming because of what this guy Craig is talking about Thanks for the Video G Smith !!!!

    • BR549

      DD wrote: “Obama is not going to tax the rich, those who gave him big bucks like the movie stars, Obama has made them free from taxation, he isn’t going to tax the hand that feeds him millions of dollars to destroy the USA.”

      Actually, that level of millionaires will get slammed as hard as everyone else. Unless they’re in the multi-billionaire club or higher, they won’t be allowed in the clubhouse. Brad and Angelina, along with the rest if this list are all in for a huge surprise:,_2012#Actors_and_actresses

      There are, I must admit, a number of them who, like myself in the 2008 election, voted for Obama because in 2012 they couldn’t wrap themselves around Romney. That I understand and I doubt we will ever really know what percentage of those on this list would have chosen another candidate beside Obama had that candidate been a viable one.

      But for these people to think that they are going somehow be exempt from this madness, these people should just O.D. right now and avoid the pain that’s coming.

    • nc

      Douglas, are you as sure Obama is not going to push for a higher tax on the rich as your other like kind here were that Obama would cancel the 2012 elections and declare himself dictator? Do you people just think “it is going to happen” and it becomes the truth?? 2012 is almost over and so far you conspiracy nuts are batting O for 2012 on your predictions. Your losing streak goes all the way back to 1913!! You are way below the Mendoza line!!

    • eddie47d

      Doug: Obama should and will raise taxes on those who benefit the most from our economic system. That will also include his “buddies” and himself.

  • Rafe

    Bush is NOT, NOT, NOT to blame for the last recession! Yes, he over spent and increased our national deficit $0.5T/year but that is less than half as much as by Obama’s $1.25T/year rate.
    How convenient it is for the left, to forget that the last two years of the Bush presidency, both the House and the Senate were controlled by the democrats. It was during this time that by the rules and regulations insisted upon of ignorant lending practices that; between the banking industry and the housing authority’s (Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac) that ridiculous liberal lending regulations were nonsensically imposed, which by the way George Bush tried to stop. Unfortunately, Bush was unsuccessful and the lending industry was revolutionized; allowing the marketing of housing loans to those who could never afford to pay them back and then prompting these worthless loans to be bundled and passed on by the banks to unsuspecting investors. When the loans came due and could not be paid, this practice ultimately resulted in the collapse of the housing market with colossal foreclosures and bankruptcies. Thus began the recession; a downward spiral in the stock market began causing massive business austerity and layoffs. This was followed by a momentous reduction in consumer confidence and spending, further propagating the recession.
    Yes, Mr. Obama took over a bad situation but it was caused by his own party! And nothing noteworthy over the last four years has been done by the left to rectify this? All we have seen is more and more wasteful spending!

    • nc


    • eddie47d

      Thankfully I have seen that video where Bush praises the housing market and “home ownership for all”. Rafe is a little confused on that and parts of the banking industry involvement.

  • Leonard Harview

    When our current executive branch of government implodes within, it will leave a vacuum to where the likes of the UN and quite possibly the BRICS nations to come in under the guise of chaos control as well as be in direct control of our current military. This scenario could very well be avoided if we the people assemble a legal provisional government laying in waiting. This legal provisional government is in no way intended to overthrow the current executive branch. If the UN and/or the BRICS nations come in, this could result in a multi-million man casualty civil war. To prevent such, the legally recognized provisional government I speak of could be in line to fill the vacuum and legally enable the authority to direct the military in a protect the people mode because the military can only legally operate under the authority of a legally recognized government. For additional information on this incredible matter, please go to: to listen to a 50 minute conference call presentation explaining what I present here. God save our republic!

  • NOW2 taxes

    This is ridiculous, we can,t blame political leaning citizens. We are all Americans and are in this together, if you like it or not. We also will have to work together as a community to fix the mess that we allowed. Blue or Red doesn,t matter. Our govt has been taken over by international elites that offshored our manufactoring industries and our pride and dignity along with our wealth. UN has been very effective without saying a word. Govt of course gets less revenue coming and thinks they can prolong the Biggest Crash of USA currency and the entire economy, but Keynes economy doesn,t work. Republicans and democrats have to stop bickering, because we will have to fix this together as a unit. keep your powder dry, grow a garden and stock up

  • The Christian American

    Obama’s playing the game just the reverse of Bush. Bush had us looking overseas while he performed his wiles at home and Obama has us looking for the buck at home while he plays his games overseas. With his recognition of a bunch of mercenaries that invaded Syria as the legitimate government, he’s set the stage for war in Syria. This one’s going to bring Russia and China into it. They’re more aware than the American people are of America’s agenda, that is to takeover the Mid East and African oil countries. My concern is, will Russia and or China stage a preemptive strike on America? They know we’re above that.

    Look the buck is counterfeit dead without some kind of a commodity backing them and there aren’t any left in America. That paper we’re using as a medium of exchange will to have gold, silver, the weath of America, something that a holder can exchange it for. There aren’t any in America. What’s a gold certificate going to say? You’ll need 1,800 of these to purchase an ounce of gold? Obama , if he wasn’t before, is now a Caligula. If I am man, then my subjects are something else. If They are men, then I must be something more. Forget about the Consitution. The politicians in robes do.

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? Clearly, ~ we are not getting out of here alive!

  • JJM123

    “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.” When the nonproductive can vote themselves more of the national treasure, votes will be bought with promises.
    “The Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported that 847,000 new jobs were created in the United States in the past six months.” Sounds like a lot of jobs until you realize that the US Census increased from 1990 to 2000 by about 250,000 average PER MONTH.
    BO will be remembered in history, but it will be negative.

    • Sandra

      73% of those were government…Big Brother..

  • mark

    Oh, for once I agree with Chip Wood. I am very glad that Obama won and that the Tea Party and the Conservatives have been delegitmized. Now we have a chance of working our way out of these bad unemployment numbers down to a more reasonable 5-6% unemployment with higher revenues – and a president who will stand up to the wealthy plutocrats who have raped and ravished this economy for years with zero regard for the working men and the struggling middle class.

    • Sandra

      Just keep taking those Happy Pills. I also have some Rose colored glasses for you..Obama is no hero or saviour nor were any of the last 15 Presidents..Greed, corruption, favours, debauchery…shall I go on. Our officials..and that is pretty much the whole lo..t dance to a totally different tune and trust has nothing to do with what is good for this country..It’s all about greed and always has been


      5 or 6% unemployment…you mean like seven of the eight years bush was in office?

  • Brooks Farrell

    Americans were stupid to vote this President back in. Just shows how ignorant they are.

    • Sandra

      They say “Ignorance is Bliss” I truly wonder how many of those who voted for Obama simply did so because of Party affiliation, ethnic background, or because they like being taken care of by the governement. The saddest part is that eventually if not sooner, all those programs WILL run out of money and then where are we?? Greece, Spain, !!!Perfect examples of dependence on the government. Government is “By the People, For the People…hmmmm…or has that been deleted too???

      • nc

        Sandra, I first voted for Obama because of party affiliation!!! That was McCains’ and Caribous Barbi’s party affiliation to the Republican Platform of more breaks to the rich who need it least and it’s disdain for the right of the working class to organize! I have always had faith that our Democrat candidates would be true to our middle class friendly platform!! Have never been disappointed by a single Democrat president! I didn’t vote for Romney because he was never sure where he stood on the issues thanks to the pressure of the extreme right to say what they wanted to hear to give him the nomination! I didn’t care for that position and evidently neither did a sufficient number of Americans!

  • Richard Cole

    Obama is nothing more than a lying piece of trash, a puppet whose strings are being pulled by Soros. [remark promoting violence deleted]

    • eddie47d

      Must be that quick trigger,right Cole? The left could just as easily say the Koch’s or Sheldon Adelson tried to buy the election for Romney. They were by far bigger players than Soros this time around. Are you the puppeteer or the sharpshooter ?

    • mark

      What you have just written is an appeal to murder the president. But don’t worry this won’t be taken down on this site. You will be hearing from the authoriities, though, and so will your employer. Count on it.

      • Sandra

        Geezz, are you looking for some sort of reward dude..Get a grip.

      • eddie47d

        Sandra are you looking for the bullets ?

  • Richard Cole

    Obama is nothing more than a piece of trash. He is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by Soros. [remark promoting violence deleted]

    • Tony Newbill

      No No No Richard that’s not the way to find resolution to our problems !!! We must debate and define our problems to the point that the majority is in agreement then influence the politicians to honor the will of this majorities desires !!!

      • Robert Smith

        And Obama won the majority.


  • Jack Worthington

    The story of the camel and how one more straw broke its back is instructional. Suppose the voter records were open so we know who votes for whom, no I’m not suggesting it, just hypothisizing. Now, those who voted for obumma are in fact those who approved of adding more straw to the camel’s back, but suppose that those who didn’t vote for obumma chose not to be “camels.” Then the obumma voters would be denied the power to force the non-obumma voters into assisting/supporting the camel, and in fact the obumma voters would be piling straw on their own backs whilist simultaneously trying to support the camel. An interesting physics problem for someone to explain. The point is that the obumma voters would then be fully responsible for their loot A to satisfy B crooked philosophy as they would be denied the power of looting the non-obumma voters. Thus the obumma voters would come face to face with the fact that they are looting themselves. This is the honorable way for the the obumma voters to go. It is ethical that one must loot himself first before ever looting anyone else. Ignornace is bliss but it leads to the abyss.

    • nc

      Jack, what you accuse Obama of is exactly what Democrats for the past 80 years have been accused of> The use of some government funds to aid those who are less fortunate by a mile than the independently wealthy! Republicans argued EVERY election cycle since 1928 that this philosophy is socialistic and will ruin our economy! Would you care to see a chart of how well the economy of this country has fared under the Democrats as compared to other party as the Democrats have remained loyal to that policy when they occupied the White House???



  • John R. Howell

    Obama and his ilk are determined to take this country down the road to communism and ruin. They may succeed, but out of the ashes will rise a new nation, and all the communists will be killed or sent to prison.
    John R. Howell

    • Tony Newbill

      While we say why each party leader is wrong or trying to screw up the country has anyone cared to wonder why they are doing the things they are doing ?????

    • BR549

      JRH wrote: “Obama and his ilk are determined to take this country down the road to communism and ruin.”

      I hate to burst your bubble John, but Obama is just the most recent runner in a globalist sponsored marathon to dismantle the Constitution and turn the US over to control by the banking families.

  • Poor Old RAY

    Democrats=Socialist party #1; Republicans=Socialist party#2. Both parties are owned lock, stock and barrel by the same very powerful group of people and together the just make us think we have a choice. For example; Romney governed Mass. almost exactly the same socialist way that Obama and his appointees are governing These United States. America doesn’t have good government because Our beloved but very sinful America doesn’t deserve good government. The ONLY hope for America is that if we as a nation would get down on our knees and ask our loving God to forgive us for thumbing our collective noses at Him and His commandments. Then we would hear from heaven and He would heal our land. The God of heaven is still in control folks and He WILL do His good pleasure.

    • BR549

      Ray wrote: “Democrats=Socialist party #1; Republicans=Socialist party#2. Both parties are owned lock, stock and barrel by the same very powerful group of people and together the just make us think we have a choice.”

      Shhhh! If you say it too loud, all the libtards and bible-thumpers here will be jumping up and down, vehemently denying any association with socialism. They would insist that there is absolutely NO possibility that the two parties have anything in common.

      It reminds me of the inane battle between the Judeo-Christian religions and those of Islam; both brothers born of the same father, yet each one professing to be the only show in town and condemning the existence of the sibling. At some point, as both sides spiritually mature, one would hope that they see each other for what they have in common instead of perpetually trying to blow each others’ heads off.

      But as this pertains to the Dem and Rep parties, instead of both of them embracing their participation in this grand democratic republic, BOTH parties are hiding from the American public that the parties REALLY answer to the banking families.

  • Elton

    I would dare compare the brains of liberals to those of my mixed breed dog, but I don’t want to insult my little mutt. Not a compliment to say she’s smarter, she is actually smarter than most humans….Yes including myself…..

  • Eveofdestruction

    The Communist is in control and the middle class will surely take the toll. Murderers and Cheats they are and willing to destroy our Constitution and our way of life by turning this great land into a “Would you like fries with that society that can’t sustain a decent living – sounds like China. Next is prison camps and you and your family will live out your lives behind fences and told exactly what to do and to think and how to act. F-WAshington and F-their Communists Regimes that have infiltrated our once strong government. The people have let the dogs come in and if you lay with the dogs – you’ll get flees. Thanks to all the libtards that voted for the scum. the Republicrats are the same.

    • nc

      Eveofdestruction: My how that names brings back memories of my 1940s childhood sitting by the radio (AM)listening to the Bible thumping preachers telling us we were on the EVE OF DESTRUCTION! JESUS IS COMING BEFORE NEW YEARS!! GET READY!! I STOOD OUT BY THE ROAD WITH MY CLOTHES PACKED WAITING FOR JESUS UNTIL I WAS 17 AND TOO COLD TO GIVE [expletive deleted] ANYMORE! WENT BACK IN THE HOUSE AND GOT READY FOR COLLEGE!

      You are at the right place with your message here in the Valley of Doom A/K/A CONSPIRACY CENTRAL! Do you recall when you got your notice of doom and who it was at Faux Noise who told you??? Oh! Never mind! I forgot there is a right privacy between you and your pastor!

  • Howlingmad

    With all the CORRUPTION of this last election ( “NOBODY” is going to tell me that he actually “WON”, without it . . . ) This is just ANOTHER sign, of what’s coming . . . an its going to be “UGLY”. My country is “DIEING” . . . an all I can do, is WATCH, an this in 2 words : SERIOUSLY “SUCKS” !

  • Ron r

    Big deal Chip, you guys blame Obama for everything now.sun did not shine today,blame Obama. Instead of writing crap like this you should be out registering reich wingers and others in 2016. Instead you and others will continue to write crap for crap readers to take seriously. Why don’t. You write about the segragation academies in Mississippi and other southern states. If you blame their existence on Obama you are sure to get the problem corrected.

    • eddie47d

      Hey that is the League of the South’s little secret besides if they can’t be team players they will just secede.

  • Charles Moore

    People just don;t get it and have a desire to keep burying their head in the sand. Obama and the Democrats don’t want to extend “ANY” of the Bush tax cuts. “NONE”. ZIPPO and NADA. Do a search on Bush Tax cuts. Wikipedia goes into detail. Extending the tax cuts for those making over 200 K costs 750 Billion over ten years. This almost a trillion in Revenue that Obama talks about is “OVER TEN YEARS”. Meanwhile it costs 2.3 trillion over ten years to extend then for those making under 200K a year. So it brings in 75 Billion a year for those making over 200K a year and the Obama plan is to spend 50 Billion of that in Stimulus spending leaving 40 Billion which this Administration spends in less than a week. Extending it for those making under 200K costs 230 billion a year or three times as much. Letting both expire brings in over 300 Billion a year in Revenue or 3 trillion more to spend in then years.This is why Obama is making unreasonable demands such as being able to bypass Congress on raising the Debt Limit etc. Obama wants to let them expire. This is common sense. I am Retired and don;t care about Unemployment. I want the Fiscal Cliff. I pray for it. I will be able to buy low in the Stock Market just as I did in 2009 when people were sucked in to blaming the wrong people and I just have to wait for it to go back up.

    I wish to thank the people who voted for Obama and keeping the Democrats in control of the Senate so they can continue to shelve all Legislation passed by the House and then blame the Republicans for doing nothing/ The Republicans are just as dumb for allowing it to happen and not bringing out the facts.

    • Sandra

      Finally, a person who has intelligence…
      “You cannot tax yourself into Propserity”…hmmmm who said that??

      • WTS/JAY

        Actually, you can, tax your way to prosperity, Sandra. But who’s prosperity? That’s the question.

    • murray c

      actually extending tax cuts does not “cost” the government anything,, unless you believe that the government owns all our our hard earned money, therein lies the fallacy of your reasoning.. our money belongs to us,, and it is being stolen by government to give away to those who do not work for it

  • William

    Its sad to see that so many people have this Ostrich mentality syndrom ! 95% of our problems are caused by the people that are supposed to be working for us and blaming 1 person for this is ridiculose ! This cancer has been spreadsing for decades and it shows no signs of slowing down unless the sleeping giant finally awakens and reels these infiltrators in ! Most of the crap we are being forced to eat is being rammed down our throats by authoritarians that were “ASSIGNED” by the offshore banks to these offices that have corrupted and taken this country over and were not voted in ! Anybody who believes that their vote held any water has an empty cup in their hand and is in for a rude awakening ! We either ALL get off our collective ass’s and take this country back or we ALL will suffer tremendously once these idiots get everything in place ! There are over 300 MILLION American people in this country being told what to do by a few thousand !!! NOW you tell me whats wrong with this picture? These are the same people that are trying to racially divide us, poisoning our food and water, allowing these BIG $$$ corporations to inject us with toxins and then they tell us that we have to buy in to their agendas and that we have no choice ! We are being distracted by so many sides that most have no clue which way is up but make no mistake this BULLSH*T MUCT STOP !!! LOOK around you and if you can’t see the writing ion the wall your blind ! This country has become a banana republic and we are letting it happen right before our eyes and IF we don’t wake up soon WE will ALL be up the proverbial creek without a paddle and it will be Nazi germany revisited !!!


    Obama and Bush have nothing to do with the destruction of America. You want to look at the real culprit, Mr. Woods, look to the FEDERAL RESERVE!!! There’s you’re Vampire! Not these silly little office-boys, gophers and puppets, that we call presidents and politicians. It’s the private banking-cartel, affectionately known as the FEDERAL RESERVE that is robbing this nation blind. Good grief, man, when will this non-sense of blaming the puppet-president stop???

    • TIME

      Dear Jay,

      We fight a loosing battle with many of these special nano wits who post daily, they just can’t seem to figure out how to add 1+1 and get an answer based in logic.

      If the Staph writers. would explain the real problems and address them daily until people got it, I think this sight would rock, ~ but it seems that they would rather promote zombie talk. that begs the question ~ why is that?

      Peace and Love Merry Christmas, Shalom, Happy Chanukah

    • BR549

      WTS/JAY wrote: “Obama and Bush have nothing to do with the destruction of America. You want to look at the real culprit, Mr. Woods, look to the FEDERAL RESERVE!!!”

      Well, as to the first part, that is only partly correct. Obama has been to two Bilberberg meetings, while Bush was at least present at the 2004 meeting in Italy. Both Clintons have been to Bilderberg; McCain, Romney, Edwards, Kerry, the list is a long one, and the point of these meetings is about global domination. Bush, Obama, and Romney etc. would not have gotten as far as they did had they not been officially blessed by the Bilderberg Group. Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller’s all time favorite PUPPET, went from a 4% Jimmy Who? popularity to win the presidency in part because Hedley Donovan, Time Magazine’s editor in chief and Trilateral Commission member, had been instructed to make Carter, Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year”.

      The Fed was just one tool that the banking families used to pry open the US treasury.

  • Ali Is

    Frankly, this a;; is an issue above and before Obama got there!!! The rich are more capable of sustaining and giving based on them stealing most of the time. It is difficult to make 100K and give 28% back to the federal government because you don’t have or want a wife, kids, or anything they dictate over on the planet. The problem with most of our government is they have all the power and the people don’t! They are bought by lobbyists who make it ok to secretly purchase the people in leadership. Additionally, government offices of this amount of power should be a maximum of 8 years just like the president… We don’t need to continue with senile mental case politicians who are too old and set on stupid to face the needs from a realistic perspective within this decade, in preparation for the next one. I am considering moving into a political arena because we are consistently faced with stupidity and people who are over educated, over rated, unethical and focused on themselves. I would hold topical voting sessions for every office I held, to figure out the need and want of the majority in the ward, district, county, state or city. This is too much like right though, but the young America will indefinitely change a whole lot because they are educated and tired of the poor decisions made by these prehistoric, small minded, 20th century focused politicians. It’s kinda like the old would say in opposite: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. However these methods and practices are broken and we have to fix it!!!!!

  • TIME

    WOW, ~` The New World Order Shill are out in force today,

    Oh ~ its Friday ~ pay day ~ and we all know that after a hard week of fingering your butts its now time to get busy making some bucks.
    So the world gets twisted just a tad tighter with more La La land mindless zombie talk, so you can pay for few dozen Fudge bars to keep that trim fit look.

    Oomen or Bomen 2 – or Comen or even Bomen 1~ is there really any differance? NO.

    Has there been any policy changes, since Bomen 2 as in under Oomen ~ NO,

    ** have gotten more extreem, as in far more in line with Adolf Hitler / Stalin / Mao, { but hey the frogs now up to near the boiling point.} So thats really normal, oh yea Oomen has taken away “”Posse Comitatus””, let alone made the 4th amendment totaly irrelevant, as well the 5th is now also gone but now you have Oomen SICK care too so the missing 5th is no big deal,
    Oh and the 1st Amendment is nearly gone or ~ well on its way out the door, the 10th Amendment ~ well you folks in Washington State, Colorado, and Calie are about to find out all about that.

    Now what other ZOMBIE talk can you marvels of IQ come up with?
    Oh forgive me ~ I mean, you MUSHROOMS what else do you have to share with us all on IMPOTENCE / ~~ ah – I mean ~ Dysfuncion? Oh, what ever.

    Hey ~ Can we hear the one about the Donkey Bear and the Elephant Bear and how they hate each other even though they really are the same unit.

    Oh come on ~ I just love it when you lie to me. {{ Really its just so special.}}

    Please ~ OH Great Mindless Ones ~ “regaleus with your pearls wisdomless verbiage.”

  • nc

    Vicki, your reference to a Fox News “follow up video” to the famous “bush praising Fannie and Freddie” video of Oct. 2002 is a real hoot. Fox News starts out by saying the “bush administration’ was wanting to rein in Fannie and Freddie as early as April of 2001 because it was dangerous> They did so WITHOUT EVER explaining why bush was so complimentary of Fannie and Freddie FOR doing what they do 17 MONTHS LATER! DID HE FORGET THAT THEY WERE BAD AND DANGEROUS AND NEEDED TO BE REINED IN!


    • Vicki

      I need not defend it. It stands in sharp contrast to your claims of who did what to whom.

      Oh and as long as we are on such subjects please to explain why with full control of the house, senate and presidency for 2 full years the miracle of Pennsylvania avenue fixed none of the ills supposedly caused by those “evil” Republicans.

      And for amusement try this video.

      • nc

        Vicki, The miracle of Penn. Avenue fixed the ill of a need for affordable health care and stopped the war that was killing our young people! He stopped the loss of thousands of jobs a month and began the addition of new jobs.

        When will you people learn that Fox News videos only get you in trouble! They are paid to be biased and it drips from every pore! They are the laughing stock of the entire world that seeks the truth! Truth is not what they are about!! They are about saying what the sheep want to hear and selling them another doormat or coffee mug! DRINK UP!

    • Combat seabee

      You obviously have forotten about Dodd-Frank!


    No crystal ball is necessary to predict that a turning-point in the history of money and banking in the United States is drawing nigh. The burden of governmental debt – much of it made possible only by central-bank “monetization” – has approached levels unsustainable in real terms even with drastically increased confiscation of Americans’ earnings through explicit taxation. But Americans seem reluctant to accept more taxation to fund the never-ending follies of a spendthrift welfare state. Thus, repudiation of the debt (in whole or in part) through extreme depreciation of FRNs and bank-deposits denominated therein appears likely, if not certain.

    For this looming debacle, Americans can thank the FRS, the “experts” who administered it since 1913, the politicians who wed it as a “cover” to finance their own careers, the bankers who profited from their monopoly over the emission of “legal-tender” paper currency, and the “intellectuals” in academia, the press, and the media who (quite unlike their counterparts in the last century) remained strangely silent on the issue of money and banking. That is, Americans can properly thank these people if Americans become aware of what the FRS is, what it does, and why it is responsible for having undermined to the point of collapse the nation’s once proudly prosperous economy and staunchly republican political process.

    Hopefully that day of a new national awareness will soon be at hand.


  • NoteToSelf

    If they can keep the spending cuts and come to some agreement on tax cuts it would be good for the economy. If it’s good I Obama will be blamed for that. The so called fiscal cliff cuts amount to only $68B this year. That’s less than 6% of the deficit this year. It would actually be good to spend less of our private sector money at least from our economic future, even if it’s just a little. Eventually we would be leaving more money in the private sector where it belongs. The damage of taking money out of the private sector to pay for government spending is never factored in.

  • deepizzaguy

    I remember going to a safety meeting at a pizza company years ago and the director of the meeting said the burden is on the leader of a company if his or her policies fail. Since Obama is our ahem President the burden will be on him if his liberal policies kill our economy. He can’t blame George W Bush this time around.

    • nc

      DEEPIZZA, it is the supporters of daddy’s boy bush who should blame bush for Obama because it was bush’s total incompetence that beat McPain and made Obama President! If bush had done enough to have even a 40%approval rating there was no way a black man with a Muslim name could have become President with two wars against Muslims on our plate! Now that bush is gone and we are no longer losing 500,000 jobs a month and Iraq is history we express our thanks to bush for returning the Oval Office to the people!

      • tlgeer

        “it was bush’s total incompetence that beat McPain and made Obama President!”

        Not only that, it was the fact that McCain picked Palin (IMO, one of the worse decisions that he has ever made) and that he kept changing course during his campaign, and that he admitted that Economics was not his strong suite. He said that, along with the statement that our country was doing fine, just days before the bank crisis. He even went so far as to stop his campaign in order to go back to Washington, D.C. when he was not even on the Finance Committee!

        Obama, OTOH, had his campaign, and issues, mapped out before the campaign. And he kept to it. He was knowledgeable about what he was talking about, had it all put onto a website, yet acknowledged that he couldn’t do it by himself (that’s where the “Yes, I can” phrase came from). He wanted to change the way things were done in Washington, D.C. (NOT change our country!), which is where the “Hope and Change” phrase came from.

      • Mike in MI

        tl geer-stripped -
        OK, It seems to be The Time of people like you in history, a-a-ah-ahg-again. Don’t complain or resist when they call you in to have the RFID chip inserted in your forehead so they can focus the laser beam at your skull (if they want to, either because you quit obeying or — just for practice—), similarly to what they do with the Dish TV systems to deliver programs. The difference will be that when the controller pushes the button … the laser fires … and, then, your forehead vaporizes.
        BUT, in YOUR case that will probably only affect the Pre-frontal and Frontal Lobes, which is where people think and exercise cognitive abilities. Sort of a vestigial organ in your situation.

  • Void1972

    Here we go! The end of gun rights in America, under the same type incident that occurred in England back in the early 20th century. The obamanation crying for sacrificing the lives of our children, and the savage blacks condemning gun laws on all news channels!

    These savages disgust me, using a horrible liberal act as this to justify taking away all good Americans guns, so the savages can control the population!

    Every gun event in the past year has been the act of liberals, and we the people need to wake up to the reasons this is happening.

    Another Obama, government created red flag operation to confiscate our weapons, and destroy this country once and for all!

    God have mercy on all the innocent children and the families of the innocents.

    Pray for the parents and family members of these children.

    • tlgeer

      “savage blacks”

      This is called racism. Stop it.

  • Shel Baker

    For all you idiots who always call for ‘compromise’. This is a fight for our lives – and that of our family’s. COMMUNISM VS CAPITALISM! So, should we just agree to ‘partial’ Communist theory? Take a side! And if some of you are ‘confused’ about your recent rigged election and the WH Muslim’s role in promoting the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, etc, do some investigating. There is no way that millions of illegals can swarm this country and receive free cash, benefits and non-taxed income – and NOT cause the bankruptcy of this country. It’s in the plan.

    • eddie47d

      I’ve never seen so much lying within the Conservative ranks and its getting worse. The only thing rigged is the bomb you placed between your ears. You need to go back to praising your idols in the Aryan Brotherhood and your plan to create hate and division in this country.

      • Mike in MI

        ed -
        all this Hate, rancor and strife seldom surfaced until union trolls writing from talking points on daily “Discussion Agendas for Trolls and Shills”. But, I think you already sold your soul to the first bidder.
        So-o-o-o, what the f+++. You’ll say anything now, to anyone for any reason or no reason.
        Nothing to lose from that point to infinity…right?

  • Alex Frazier

    I recently spent some time working on my book, which although completely unrelated to politics, nevertheless necessitates in depth historical research that has familiarized me with several eras in history, socially, economically, politically, etc.

    Most recently, I was reading through Theodore Mommsen’s History of Rome to find his opinion on the dating of the Treaty of Brundisium. But instead of finding his text on the conflict between Antony and Octavian, I instead found the text concerning Caesar and Pompey, who also had a conflict at the same location.

    While reading through this section, it quickly moved forward into Caesar’s consolidation of power, his crossing of the Rubicon and installing armed troops in Rome. Then, once Caesar had declared himself dictator for life, using the military to make good his claim against the objections of the Senate, Caesar began making a large number of social and economic changes to the Republic that were completely contrary to the traditions of the founders of the Republic.

    I even found it laughable that Cicero remarked that all of Rome’s aggressive wars against other nations were promoted by the Senate as being for the safety of Rome, or in defense of this ally or that.

    Some of Caesar’s changes included free corn for the poor, higher taxes on the wealthy, price fixing, an outright active campaign against free markets, and a number of other things that I can’t reasonably recapitulate here in this brief response. But the free corn caused people from all over Italy to move to Rome, until the corn had to be limited and portioned. After a while, only so many people could actually get it. The rest were on a waiting list, and could only get onto the list of those receiving when someone gave up their free hand out or died, thus opening up a spot to be filled from the waiting list.

    The end result of all this, though the public adored Caesar for all the free crap they were getting, was that the money eventually ran out. And when it did, the people rioted. Rome came near to ruin. It was broke. And even then, the people, so conditioned, believed it was the fault of land owners and the wealthy, entirely ignorant of the fact that the wealthy had already been taxed so excessively that they were no longer able to provide proper industry anymore.

    It took more war and more plundering from neighboring countries to bring Rome back to some semblance of solvency, but it was never the same, and the wars fought between the triumvirs and Brutus and Cassius, then later Antony and Octavian, Octavian and Pompey, in addition to a number of other campaigns in Spain, Syria, Parthia, Illyria, etc., during the space of only six years from the death of Caesar left no option but to tax the “middle class” of Roman citizens. Everyone was being taxed to the point of poverty. Famine ravaged Italy.

    As time went by, the oligarchy morphed into a monarchy between the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius. By the time of Nero, it had fallen into complete despotism under the rule of tyrants. It took barely more than a hundred years to take a Republic that had thrived for six hundred years and turn it into a full blown tyranny, where people had no rights, where they could be killed for saying the wrong thing. They were taxed into poverty to cater to the excesses of an emperor.

    While reading Mommsen’s account of Julius Caesar’s socio-politico changes, I couldn’t help but think to myself that, in essence, the same story has been replaying itself for at least 2,200 years, and with the same result every time. We are nothing more than the latest, greatest empire of Rome. We even have a Caesar who has crossed our Rubicon and brought 20,000 troops onto American soil. For the time being, he pretends to honor our institutions, just as Caesar did. Yet, out of his own mouth he said that he would be the first since Roosevelt to serve a third term. He is actively fighting against free markets. He is putting as many people as possible on the public dole. He is destroying private industry and replacing it with state sponsored projects that have no lasting productivity. He is leading us into war after war, and has gone so far as to rebuff Congress, ignoring their Constitutional authority to declare war. Caesar did the same thing. He defied the Senate and made his own rules.

    All we need is for him to declare himself President for life and we would quite literally have a repeat of the fall of the Roman Republic.

    • Void1972

      Through the blood of patriots comes freedom!

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Nicely written, Alex, and makes a lot of sense. Of course, you neglected to mention that the U.S. has a long way to go before it reaches the stage you describe. Mainly because it is NOT the wealthy in this country who are being plundered to provide “bread and circuses” for the masses but the other way around. Income and wealth are being siphoned UP to the 1% from the 99%. We may have riots, but they will be because the wealthy HELD ONTO their riches rather than were stripped of them.

      And what’s going on today really doesn’t parallel “back then” all that perfectly anyway. It’s a far different world, mainly because of the fact that today we have free markets run amok and perverted capitalism in control.

    • tlgeer

      Will and Ariel Durant’s books on the History of Civilization are excellent. Well research, with citations. Those are the first ones that I go to when I want detailed but generalized information (I know, those two seem to contradict each other, but they don’t.).

    • Mike in MI

      Mr. Alex Frazier – Huzzah, to you, Sir. Thank you for the synopsis of your work.
      Let’s remember something else about those Caesars. They at first were suggested by others to have the bearing of gods. Because they wanted to believe themselves to have such status, eventually they worked it out to have themselves declared and WORSHIPED as gods.
      Now, I don’t think that The Obumstah is smart enough or disciplined enough to be able to qualify himself in the World’s eyes as deserving of that status – that will take a while and somebody a whole lot more conniving, devious and ambitious than The Obumstah. (But, who knows? When you sell your soul to the Devil he takes one over and can make a pig appear to be an Arabian Stallion…or, a gold-lined silk purse.)
      Let’s remember, folks, that the world we live in is spiritual in nature and our senses are totally incapable of portraying to us the entirety of the medium in which we exist. Either GOd’s Word is true – all of it – or “His Word” is all just more lies like everything else. Truth or tripe and facts or fantasy.
      Jesus Christ and the Apostles dealt either with the world as it truly IS – or, the Word of God is all just lies and what WE perceive is reality (BECAUSE WE’RE MORE “ADVANCED”).
      Which way you gonna GO?

  • Gillysrooms from Australia.

    A reminder to everyone, Governments are not businesses, they are run like charities to bignote the politicians so they can get re-elected. The more you promise, the more votes you’ll get. Thats what our conservatives do to win in Australia and then they do the right thing and break their spending promises thank god. They could not win an election any other way and maybe the Republicans could take a look at Australian politics on tactics on some of the ways on how to win government. I’ve been advocating they break any spending promises but they wont discuss such good ideas until after they win..if they win that is.

    Our poorer non working voters have been fed on getting something for nothing for so many years from both sides i might add, that they cant see why they cant keep taking at the expense of the diminishing number of asset owners and taxpayers. Deficits are the price both side pay to win votes andcant break those promises, but in the end you only have two choices…and both deliver higher unemployment but the less spending route ends up costing people their assets too. In my opinion inflation will be a small price to pay to avoid total collapse and those with the knowhow can avoid losing most or all their assets. Pension funds will be lost, government bonds will be worthless, but real estate might be ok…at unknown values.

  • jopa

    Sorry folks but if Obama wanted to destroy America all he would have had to do was quit the race and let Mutt Rummy win.We were losing over 600,000 jobs a month during the Bush term and all charts show an immediate reversal to this destruction by the GOP as soon as President Obama took control of the wheel.

    • John Bucko

      Yes and the housing market problem could have been 100% reversed if the government borrowed another $trillion from the Chinese and payed off everyone’s bad mortgages. Yep that’s a solid solution slopa jopa. Spending borrowed money you don’t have is wonderful solution, which effects lasted long enough for Obama to get re-elected to another term leading to economic failure and long enough for you to print this garbage and possibly believe your own idiocy. Do you manage your own finances or just collect a welfare check and food stamps? If Romney were Pres, he would have reduced regulations and freed up the energy companies access to drill for Oil and gas, creating real wealth, leading to more jobs and real money (not borrowed)in the economy and then reduced federal spending. No panacea, but a step in the correct direction. The problem with Bush was that he was a compasionate conservative, spending like a democrat thus doing for the Democrats what they would have done, but having to take the blame for it instead of it falling to a like minded Democrat president.

      • jopa

        John Bucko;No I am financially secure in retirement with a good pension 401k to draw down on and a few other retirement incomes.And another thing Mr. Sucko is that Bush was not the entire problem, there was also all the GOP members of that regime putting forth spending bill after spending bill in the so called Conservative way.During the Bush regime there was not one single spending bill that Dick Chaney and Tator Bush said no to.So suck on that for a while my good man.

      • MLR

        Just what the country needs, more money for big oil and more income distribution from the lower and middle class up to the top. Talk about welfare, we give one hell of a lot more to big business than to anyone on foodstamps

  • Jess Phelps

    as James responded I am surprised that anybody able to earn $9974 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this web site FAB33.COM

  • Mary

    Some times it looks like Obama was suppose to take the blame for every thing, like it was set up this way.

    • Old Henry

      It will never hajppen Mary.

      Little Barry has the communist MSM covering for him at every step.

  • Dan

    Hurry up OWO I’m going home!

  • sunny

    you can’t dispute the fact that Obama has ties to the muslim world — and none to this country — his mother’s background is NOT your normal background for a mother of a president – his father spent a few years here and was here in a parasitic capacity .. he only wanted what he could get out of the USA — Obama’s Patriotic roots are very swallow -he’s the first president that you can say that about .

  • Old Henry

    “So what happens when the feathers hit the fan? What happens when unemployment soars and tax revenues fall? What happens when it becomes obvious to everyone and his brother that our massive entitlement programs can’t be sustained?”

    Simple. We blame Bush and make Little Barry Soetoro the communist foreign national Kenyan king. That’ll fix it all. Then the guvment slugs and the parasites can go after even more of the producer’s property. Exept….. by that time the well will have dried up. Damn that Bush!

  • Philip McKee

    Eddie47d, you did mean call him what he is right?

  • Newspooner

    Individual racism is bad. Institutional racism is worse. Governmental racism is the worst of all.
    Government is out of control at all levels.
    Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

  • Danilo Smith

    Is this thing working?

  • Danilo Smith

    I feel save because of Barack Obama. The world is a safer place thanks to him . I am just being real. Follow me.

    • Joy Thompson

      @ Danilo: I am confused. Do you feel saved or more safe because of Obama? Which is it? If you feel more safe, Safer, how? From what/whom? If you feel saved because of Obama…we need to talk.

  • Samuel H. Scrutchins

    I fully agree, fiscally, with everything that Chip posted. However, as a libertarian, I wish to remind Chip and other conservatives that liberty means freedom. The freedom to be whomever one wants to be. In my view, that means gay rights, women’s rights, religious rights, and the right to practice any conceivable lifestyle that does not harm another human being. If being a conservative suggests that some ideology has the right to suppress the rights of others (i.e., bigots who would attempt to impose their will on others), then I will fundamentally disagree with all that is posited.

  • Dwight Mann

    FBO and the NWO and the UN and the IRS and the FED and the MUSLIMS and the COMMUNISTS and the GAYS. . .

  • Dwight Mann

    What? I have to spell it out?

  • Don the britton

    Obama thinks that the Obama tax cuts just sound better than the Bush tax cuts and the only way that can happen is to go over the cliff and pass his version of tax cuts later.

  • Gary

    What is an “Executive Order” if it is not a dictatorial action?

  • Vince B

    They speak of marshall law it was already put in place after 911 gave the UN the right to enter any country including the United states to control the populations that a foreign force landing on our soil . We lost are soveirgn rights when katrina hit and they past more legistration to allow this to happen

  • Bud. USMC


  • Florida Conservative

    Re: Mary & Smilee: You are both true Lib/Marx as expressed in your posts.
    Re: Clint McInnes, Howlingmad, Paines Ghost: EXCELLENT posts.. you all deserve an A+. Have a great weekend.

    • Smilee

      That is a typical response for a far right wing conservative as they are not capable of understanding any other beliefs than that and typically respond in the manner they have been programmed to do which you have clearly demonstrated here. I am a center moderate not a liberal but sometimes they do get right and seldom do far right conservatives as yourself but real conservatives do sometimes get it right too. As for Marxism, that leaves you way out in right field and passed your range of vision assuming you are not totally blind.

  • Tunaman


  • Vedana

    Bud at USMC,

    Unfortunately, I believe you are right.

    We are now in a situation where it is The Political Class (a.k.a. The Ruling Class) versus The People. This happens when capitalism is transitioned into socialism which is ultimately the staging ground for communism.

    The Ruling Class and the Wealthy become one, and everyone else becomes poor so that there are basically two classes. The wealthy sponsor legislation that protects their wealth, and the ruling class passes it thereby protecting their wealth and status.

    Wealth is sucked out of who is left and small business collapse because they do not have enough wealth to buy legislation. You cannot have a middle class in communism.

    Another key to communism’s success besides disarming the population is the propaganda machine a la Joseph Goebbels for Hitler – we have that in spades with our media, and that coupled with a dumbed down population is dangerous.

    Unfortunately, there are some liberals and socialists who think Utopia can actually exist (the fact that it has never worked before is inconsequential, it just hasn’t been done right in the past, it will work this time if only we….). Others are think like “have nots” and resent others who have wealth instead of thinking of the possibilities for themselves to achieve the success they resent.

    The liberals/socialists and “have nots” are about to get their wish – if we the people do nothing, we will all be poor and miserable together.

    Let the Liberals and Socialists be – they believe what they they believe for a variety of reasons that can never make sense to the rest of us.

    Name calling and nastiness is beneath us. Besides, there is irony in the fact that we resent them and what they are doing to our country as much as they resent us: we who stand for personal liberty, a civil society, accountability, capitalism, success (however an individual defines it). And, if we truly believe in liberty, then they have the liberty to believe what they believe.

    Here is the good news – we are living in unprecedented times. Goebbels called the power of the radio “the eighth great power”. All good communists know that you must control the media in order to control the population – the media is the propaganda machine. I contend that the left already controls 90% of the media and attempts to marginalize the other 10%.

    We have the Internet. Things are more transparent then they would be without it. Yes, they will attemp to take it away, and one thing we have going for us is that even the left wants their Internet and their fun.

    We have the power to spread the news to millions and to do it in seconds. More importantly, we have the power to congregate across miles and in seconds.

    The question now becomes, what are you going to do about it? What action are you going to take? What organization are you going to join? Will you put your money where your mouth is? Where will you get your education? Who will you educate in turn? What time sacrifice will you make? What will empower you and others?

    Or, are we just going to rail against the machine?

    • Bud. USMC


  • Piped Piper

    I am thinking about getting off this site. There is too many people on here that talk out of their ass. I can not even understand where they are coming from. Too many people that blog on this site live in their own little worlds. I think I have had enough.

  • Piped Piper

    Another reason. I can not even find my comment. And they are out of date to when they post. See You Don’t Want To Be You…..

  • HKaufman

    Lets play theprognostications game, dogs and cats will fight, humans and fish will always remain at worlds end,the the Phoenix is myth and will not rise ever,the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, bears dump in the woods,birds dump on cars and bald heads,Bush was the leader factor in debt crisis, GOP lost 2 elections because of back poor candidates, still want to play, ok put this up your shaft, the Gop is DEAD just like Osma the Gotten.. GET over your losses, gop, but that will never happen because this party has a hell of a big problem, called pigmentation..

    • Piped Piper

      What in hell did you say or what are you talking about. You wasted your time writing and my time ready your sh…. that I don’t even know why you wrote it.

    • Piped Piper

      What in hell are you talking about. You wasted your time writing and my time reading this bunch of sh….. Get a brain and write something that will make us all go in the same direction instead of around in Fu……ing circles.

    • Joy Thompson

      You say, “there is a hell of a big problem, called pigmentation”. What in the world does the color of skin have to do with a person’s ability to solve problems? You said the kind-of thing a racist would say.

  • Chris Condon

    An excellent analysis. The coming collapse could be an historic turning point. Up to now, the left has been incredibly lucky in being able to shift the blame for its own blunders. It will probably be impossible this time, though they will try hard. The outcome will probably be much better than during the Great Depression. During the 1930′s, there were only a handful of Americans who understood what the problem was and how to solve it. This time around, however, there are countless Americans who have read books by the likes of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises, to name only a few. There are today more people who understand the problem and what to do about it in Stamford, Connecticut than there were in the entire USA in 1930.

  • Daniel

    I am not surprised by this tax hike. This is the first time in history a country has fought two wars and lowered taxes. Not to mention the war on terror. All together that could account for over 4 trillion in debt.
    Japan is actually the most in debt-ed nation with over 500% to GDP debt. Some would say that it could be because of FDR’s economic bill of rights. Which was added to there constitution after ww2 but omitted from ours.
    It is true that socialist governments tend to “run out of other peoples money” however I don’t think that our current gov meets that criteria.
    In some middle eastern countries such Saudi Arabia universal health care is paid for by oil money. Its a conundrum as to how to fund it here in the States. Maybe if a “socialist” gov nationalized the oil supply? Although that’s incredibly unlikely.

  • James

    The republicans will get blamed for taxes—-it will be said that the republicans wouldn’t go along with Obama. Obama campaigned on raising taxes and I don’t think people realized. We are now over 16 trillion in debt and it keeps going. The taxes will only help for 8 days. and what are they going to do when they drain the rich?? There aren’t enough rich people to give people STUFF they want !!!!!!!!!

    • Piped Piper

      Now you know why the gun buying is going on, soon the government will run out of money and you will have to protect yourself. When the government said they were maybe going to ban the assault weapons they started buying them up. The ones that were on the fence. The is a big game for the liberals and it is going to blow up in their face..

      • Jeff

        Fewer and fewer people are buying more and more guns. Maybe we’ll eventually confine all the gun owners to one state. What state might that be? Texas? Alabama? Wyoming?

        • Piped Piper

          Take your pick, I think they are at least 30 RED states.

          • Jeff

            Romney carried, I believe, 23 states. My point was the trend is toward fewer people owning increasing numbers of guns.

        • Piped Piper

          Where would you get that information More guns to fewer people. Romney carried 23 states and the House of Representitives carried how many more. Even Michigan sent republican members. This isn’t about Obama, the liberals would like to think so. But After Obama policies the first 2 years the republicans took the house in 2010 and they decided to keep it because of the same policies and I think the amount of states the house of representitives is about 30.

          • Smilee

            Republicans lost seats in both the house and senate so they will be weakened next year in both houses while retaining the majority in the house but votes are counted by members voting and not states so you argument does not hold water

          • Jeff

            The only reason Republicans held the House is redisticting and gerrymandering. Democrats won more votes for House seats, but even in states Obama won handily, the Republicans got most of the seats. In Pennsylvania, Obama won by 10 points, the Democratic Senate Candidate won handily, and Democrats collected more votes than Republicans, but Republicans “won” 13 of 18 seats. Maybe Democrats will wake up and start voting in mid-term elections. They count too.

          • Smilee

            I agree with that too


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