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Bernanke Warns Congress To Minimize Budget Deficits

April 16, 2010 by  

Bernanke warns Congress to minimize budget deficits Testifying before Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on April 14 that he is cautiously optimistic that the moderate economic recovery will continue, although the job market may sputter in the coming months.

Bernanke also urged lawmakers to recommend further budget cuts to help minimize the record federal deficit and help improve the nation’s long-term economic health, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

"Addressing the country’s fiscal problems will require difficult choices, but postponing them will only make them more difficult," he warned the committee.

The Fed chairman pointed to several signs of economic improvement, including the 1.6 percent increase in retail sales in March and the minimal inflation boost during that time. Bernanke also reiterated his pledge to keep interest rates low for an "extended period" to support the recovery.

During the meeting, Bernanke admitted to some mistakes regarding the Fed’s unclear role concerning consumer protection, The Economic Times reports.

"I can understand why some advocates would want to have a purely independent agency," he said. "While we have acknowledged being late on these issues, I do believe we should receive some credit forr a much better performance in recent years."

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  • s c

    Has America ever had a Fed head who really cared about America? I ask because if it’s happened, it’s news to me. Frankly, having a private corporation control a country’s money supply makes as much sense as letting a professional criminal live in your house and have ready access to your bank accounts.
    There are so many who don’t understand the significance of letting the Fed do what it does [devalue the dollar] that it’s almost like trying to teach a new language to someone who refuses to speak any language.
    In the case of the Fed, we never needed it. It violates the spirit of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew what would happen if we allowed central banks to exist. Add the reliance on ‘public education,’ and you get a nation full of ignorant people who don’t know much about freedom, and aren’t inclined to learn.
    A central bank has a strictly negative influence in any country. The Fed is worse than a ticking time bomb, and its short fuse has been burning slowly ever since its creation. Two great Americans who understood what a central bank could do to a nation were Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson.
    If we could talk to either Jackson or Jefferson, they would be horrifid to learn that future generations could be so stupid and so indifferent to a domestic form of SLAVERY.

  • Yes we did

    8 years of republicans took this country down…

    • JC

      Small minded observation. Actually almost 100 years of unelected, unnacountable, privately owned central banking and fiat currency took this country down. And now with His Hopiness…well, it’s almost over.

    • s c

      You forgot rule#1, YesIAmAnObummerParrot. Every time you parrot back the Bush routine, you have to include 12 years of FDR, 8 years of Bubba Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt, Airhead Wilson and Peanuts Carter. That’s a seriously long line of LOSERS.
      Your useful idiot trainers didn’t teach you very well. Polly wanna cracker? Don’t forget to find your way back to the nearest Obummer pet shop.

  • Raggs

    Ber-spanky is an obama lover he will do anything to please his master.

    • s c

      Raggs, if we had politicians who weren’t afraid to tell us the truth, odds are that Obummer works for Bernanke. Livingston knows EXACTLY what I mean.
      What we see is a stage production, designed to keep people stupid and silent. Those who think the Fed is good for America are some of the same MORONS who ranted about the ‘establishment’ back in the ’60s. They never understood who was running things, and they still don’t get it.
      Show me a president who dares to stand up to the Fed, and I’ll show you a president who is living on borrowed time. If you think I am stretching the truth, it’s because you don’t know who pulls the Fed’s strings.
      Trust the Fed, and you’ll get ripped a new one. See it for what it is, and you have a chance to survive.

      • Raggs

        This is true… we all know they sleep in the same bed of slavery for the dumb-witted…

  • Norm

    If MCCain had his way we’d be bomb bomb bombing Iran as we speak. Bombs cause long wars and cost tax payer dollars and worse American lives.
    America has been in more wars in the last 50 years than any other nation on earth. Why is that?

    • s c

      Normy, you did it again. Obummer’s lame magic tricks keep you entertained, but he’s just making you focus on one hand while the other keeps you wowed. Obummer demands that you see him as a problem-solver. Who told you that Obummer brought the troops home from Irag/Afghanistan? THAT might qualify as an accomplishment.
      At the moment, Obummer is moving our military out of Iraq [but NOT back to America]. He’s moving them to Afghanistan. That makes Obummer a major Bush imitator. If Bush was so bad, then WHY is Obummer continuing and expanding a Bush policy? In the real world, that means you’re far beyond confused, Normy.
      Obummer is NOT worthy of praise or adoration. He’s using parlor tricks. Like the Wizard of Oz, Obummer shows people what he wants them to see. Obummer is a fakir. He’s a charlatan. He’s a three-card Monte con artist.
      Open that curtain, and take a hard look at your ‘wizard.’ Are you sure Bush is no longer in the White House? When it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, is there any difference between Obummer and Bush?
      Next, you’ll want us to believe Obummer is Christ-like, and can do ‘anything.’ Even your incompetent, sold-out, over-priced media whores can’t make anyone believe that.
      This is your wake up call, guy. Wakey, wakey.

    • JC

      Because there’s money and imperialistic control in it. It’s “The American Way” and it has got to stop. Time to get back to the Constitution.

  • Che King

    You rejected Republicans seem bitter and unhappy…. I don’t believe the world you are looking for is possible .. It must be horrible to always feel like the victim… Some of you seem very paranoid and delusional and filled with doom.. I’m sorry for you.

    • s c

      Welcome to the monkey barrel, CK. As I recall, it is the ultraleft side of the aisle that specializes in promoting social engineering via victimology. Normally, ultraliberal progressives count on dead voters, ethnic groups that have been sold multiple bills of goods, union groups that refuse to believe their Bolshevik roots, and networks of useful idiots who will believe anything they are told (in the name of togetherness and group ‘superiority’).
      If you are childish to believe that some will live in interesting times the while the (supposedly) pre-chosen ‘elite’ are untouched, you weren’t taught everything you need to know.
      When the layers of an onion are peeled back, they can’t be put back – no matter what you’ve been told. Savor the flavor. It never lasts. Be very careful what you wish for. As the rest of the saying goes, you just might get it.
      ‘Et tu’ applied 2,000 years ago. It still applies.
      Think of it as cosmic ‘karma.’

      • Jeep

        wow SC that was easily one of the best replies I have ever had the pleasure to read!

        so, Che King take that, you…uuhhh…you know…ummm…just read the post from SC! :)

    • JC

      And so speaks a communist. I’m not unhappy at all. In fact I’m looking forward to some great changes that will bring back the real American Way. Do us a favor “Che”…make sure you’re waving you’re Obama button when the conservatives come out to play.

  • Raggs

    OH…Che chang chu….
    You have been hit….
    The magical indoctrination dust has hit it’s mark upon you..
    Your non-dimensional BS falls flat on your ( empty )head..
    You must have placed it ( your head ) up a hole… maybe down a hole ?

  • C J Madden

    Now that Obama’s “healthcare” is a “law,” Bernanke now says that what the Republicans said all along is correct–the bill is too costly to be effective. There is no provision in the US Constitution that sets up a Federal Reserve Bank and, therefore, has no Constitutional protections. We had a nation without it and did very well so it’s time to put the Federal Reserve out to pasture as a failed agency.

    • JC

      Speaking of the cost of Obamacare CY, here’s a few of the new Departments and Agencies that come with the bill.

      Below is a list of new boards and commissions created in the Obamacare bill.

      1. Grant program for consumer assistance offices (Section 1002, p. 37)
      2. Grant program for states to monitor premium increases (Section 1003, p. 42)
      3. Committee to review administrative simplification standards (Section 1104, p. 71)
      4. Demonstration program for state wellness programs (Section 1201, p. 93)
      5. Grant program to establish state Exchanges (Section 1311(a), p. 130)
      6. State American Health Benefit Exchanges (Section 1311(b), p. 131)
      7. Exchange grants to establish consumer navigator programs (Section 1311(i), p. 150)
      8. Grant program for state cooperatives (Section 1322, p. 169)
      9. Advisory board for state cooperatives (Section 1322(b)(3), p. 173)
      10. Private purchasing council for state cooperatives (Section 1322(d), p. 177)
      11. State basic health plan programs (Section 1331, p. 201)
      12. State-based reinsurance program (Section 1341, p. 226)
      13. Program of risk corridors for individual and small group markets (Section 1342, p. 233)
      14. Program to determine eligibility for Exchange participation (Section 1411, p. 267)
      15. Program for advance determination of tax credit eligibility (Section 1412, p. 288)
      16. Grant program to implement health IT enrollment standards (Section 1561, p. 370)
      17. Federal Coordinated Health Care Office for dual eligible beneficiaries (Section 2602, p. 512)
      18. Medicaid quality measurement program (Section 2701, p. 518)
      19. Medicaid health home program for people with chronic conditions, and grants for planning same (Section 2703, p. 524)
      20. Medicaid demonstration project to evaluate bundled payments (Section 2704, p. 532)
      21. Medicaid demonstration project for global payment system (Section 2705, p. 536)
      22. Medicaid demonstration project for accountable care organizations (Section 2706, p. 538)
      23. Medicaid demonstration project for emergency psychiatric care (Section 2707, p. 540)
      24. Grant program for delivery of services to individuals with postpartum depression (Section 2952(b), p. 591)
      25. State allotments for grants to promote personal responsibility education programs (Section 2953, p. 596)
      26. Medicare value-based purchasing program (Section 3001(a), p. 613)
      27. Medicare value-based purchasing demonstration program for critical access hospitals (Section 3001(b), p. 637)
      28. Medicare value-based purchasing program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 3006(a), p. 666)
      29. Medicare value-based purchasing program for home health agencies (Section 3006(b), p. 668)
      30. Interagency Working Group on Health Care Quality (Section 3012, p. 688)
      31. Grant program to develop health care quality measures (Section 3013, p. 693)
      32. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Section 3021, p. 712)
      33. Medicare shared savings program (Section 3022, p. 728)
      34. Medicare pilot program on payment bundling (Section 3023, p. 739)
      35. Independence at home medical practice demonstration program (Section 3024, p. 752)
      36. Program for use of patient safety organizations to reduce hospital readmission rates (Section 3025(b), p. 775)
      37. Community-based care transitions program (Section 3026, p. 776)
      38. Demonstration project for payment of complex diagnostic laboratory tests (Section 3113, p. 800)
      39. Medicare hospice concurrent care demonstration project (Section 3140, p. 850)
      40. Independent Payment Advisory Board (Section 3403, p. 982)
      41. Consumer Advisory Council for Independent Payment Advisory Board (Section 3403, p. 1027)
      42. Grant program for technical assistance to providers implementing health quality practices (Section 3501, p. 1043)
      43. Grant program to establish interdisciplinary health teams (Section 3502, p. 1048)
      44. Grant program to implement medication therapy management (Section 3503, p. 1055)
      45. Grant program to support emergency care pilot programs (Section 3504, p. 1061)
      46. Grant program to promote universal access to trauma services (Section 3505(b), p. 1081)
      47. Grant program to develop and promote shared decision-making aids (Section 3506, p. 1088)
      48. Grant program to support implementation of shared decision-making (Section 3506, p. 1091)
      49. Grant program to integrate quality improvement in clinical education (Section 3508, p. 1095)
      50. Health and Human Services Coordinating Committee on Women’s Health (Section 3509(a), p. 1098)
      51. Centers for Disease Control Office of Women’s Health (Section 3509(b), p. 1102)
      52. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Office of Women’s Health (Section 3509(e), p. 1105)
      53. Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 3509(f), p. 1106)
      54. Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 3509(g), p. 1109)
      55. National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council (Section 4001, p. 1114)
      56. Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health (Section 4001(f), p. 1117)
      57. Prevention and Public Health Fund (Section 4002, p. 1121)
      58. Community Preventive Services Task Force (Section 4003(b), p. 1126)
      59. Grant program to support school-based health centers (Section 4101, p. 1135)
      60. Grant program to promote research-based dental caries disease management (Section 4102, p. 1147)
      61. Grant program for States to prevent chronic disease in Medicaid beneficiaries (Section 4108, p. 1174)
      62. Community transformation grants (Section 4201, p. 1182)
      63. Grant program to provide public health interventions (Section 4202, p. 1188)
      64. Demonstration program of grants to improve child immunization rates (Section 4204(b), p. 1200)
      65. Pilot program for risk-factor assessments provided through community health centers (Section 4206, p. 1215)
      66. Grant program to increase epidemiology and laboratory capacity (Section 4304, p. 1233)
      67. Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (Section 4305, p. 1238)
      68. National Health Care Workforce Commission (Section 5101, p. 1256)
      69. Grant program to plan health care workforce development activities (Section 5102(c), p. 1275)
      70. Grant program to implement health care workforce development activities (Section 5102(d), p. 1279)
      71. Pediatric specialty loan repayment program (Section 5203, p. 1295)
      72. Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Program (Section 5204, p. 1300)
      73. Allied Health Loan Forgiveness Program (Section 5205, p. 1305)
      74. Grant program to provide mid-career training for health professionals (Section 5206, p. 1307)
      75. Grant program to fund nurse-managed health clinics (Section 5208, p. 1310)
      76. Grant program to support primary care training programs (Section 5301, p. 1315)
      77. Grant program to fund training for direct care workers (Section 5302, p. 1322)
      78. Grant program to develop dental training programs (Section 5303, p. 1325)
      79. Demonstration program to increase access to dental health care in underserved communities (Section 5304, p. 1331)
      80. Grant program to promote geriatric education centers (Section 5305, p. 1334)
      81. Grant program to promote health professionals entering geriatrics (Section 5305, p. 1339)
      82. Grant program to promote training in mental and behavioral health (Section 5306, p. 1344)
      83. Grant program to promote nurse retention programs (Section 5309, p. 1354)
      84. Student loan forgiveness for nursing school faculty (Section 5311(b), p. 1360)
      85. Grant program to promote positive health behaviors and outcomes (Section 5313, p. 1364)
      86. Public Health Sciences Track for medical students (Section 5315, p. 1372)
      87. Primary Care Extension Program to educate providers (Section 5405, p. 1404)
      88. Grant program for demonstration projects to address health workforce shortage needs (Section 5507, p. 1442)
      89. Grant program for demonstration projects to develop training programs for home health aides (Section 5507, p. 1447)
      90. Grant program to establish new primary care residency programs (Section 5508(a), p. 1458)
      91. Program of payments to teaching health centers that sponsor medical residency training (Section 5508(c), p. 1462)
      92. Graduate nurse education demonstration program (Section 5509, p. 1472)
      93. Grant program to establish demonstration projects for community- based mental health settings (Section 5604, p. 1486)
      94. Commission on Key National Indicators (Section 5605, p. 1489)
      95. Quality assurance and performance improvement program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 6102, p. 1554)
      96. Special focus facility program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 6103(a)(3), p. 1561)
      97. Special focus facility program for nursing facilities (Section 6103(b)(3), p. 1568)
      98. National independent monitor pilot program for skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities (Section 6112, p. 1589)
      99. Demonstration projects for nursing facilities involved in the culture change movement (Section 6114, p. 1597)
      100. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (Section 6301, p. 1619)
      101. Standing methodology committee for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (Section 6301, p. 1629)
      102. Board of Governors for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (Section 6301, p. 1638)
      103. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (Section 6301(e), p. 1656)
      104. Elder Justice Coordinating Council (Section 6703, p. 1773)
      105. Advisory Board on Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (Section 6703, p. 1776)
      106. Grant program to create elder abuse forensic centers (Section 6703, p. 1783)
      107. Grant program to promote continuing education for long-term care staffers (Section 6703, p. 1787)
      108. Grant program to improve management practices and training (Section 6703, p. 1788)
      109. Grant program to subsidize costs of electronic health records (Section 6703, p. 1791)
      110. Grant program to promote adult protective services (Section 6703, p. 1796)
      111. Grant program to conduct elder abuse detection and prevention (Section 6703, p. 1798)
      112. Grant program to support long-term care ombudsmen (Section 6703, p. 1800)
      113. National Training Institute for long-term care surveyors (Section 6703, p. 1806)
      114. Grant program to fund State surveys of long-term care residences (Section 6703, p. 1809)
      115. CLASS Independence Fund (Section 8002, p. 1926)
      116. CLASS Independence Fund Board of Trustees (Section 8002, p. 1927)
      117. CLASS Independence Advisory Council (Section 8002, p. 1931)
      118. Personal Care Attendants Workforce Advisory Panel (Section 8002(c), p. 1938)
      119. Multi-state health plans offered by Office of Personnel Management (Section 10104(p), p. 2086)
      120. Advisory board for multi-state health plans (Section 10104(p), p. 2094)
      121. Pregnancy Assistance Fund (Section 10212, p. 2164)
      122. Value-based purchasing program for ambulatory surgical centers (Section 10301, p. 2176)
      123. Demonstration project for payment adjustments to home health services (Section 10315, p. 2200)
      124. Pilot program for care of individuals in environmental emergency declaration areas (Section 10323, p. 2223)
      125. Grant program to screen at-risk individuals for environmental health conditions (Section 10323(b), p. 2231)
      126. Pilot programs to implement value-based purchasing (Section 10326, p. 2242)
      127. Grant program to support community-based collaborative care networks (Section 10333, p. 2265)
      128. Centers for Disease Control Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      129. Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      130. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      131. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      132. Food and Drug Administration Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      133. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of Minority Health (Section 10334, p. 2272)
      134. Grant program to promote small business wellness programs (Section 10408, p. 2285)
      135. Cures Acceleration Network (Section 10409, p. 2289)
      136. Cures Acceleration Network Review Board (Section 10409, p. 2291)
      137. Grant program for Cures Acceleration Network (Section 10409, p. 2297)
      138. Grant program to promote centers of excellence for depression (Section 10410, p. 2304)
      139. Advisory committee for young women’s breast health awareness education campaign (Section 10413, p. 2322)
      140. Grant program to provide assistance to provide information to young women with breast cancer (Section 10413, p. 2326)
      141. Interagency Access to Health Care in Alaska Task Force (Section 10501, p. 2329)
      142. Grant program to train nurse practitioners as primary care providers (Section 10501(e), p. 2332)
      143. Grant program for community-based diabetes prevention (Section 10501(g), p. 2337)
      144. Grant program for providers who treat a high percentage of medically underserved populations (Section 10501(k), p. 2343)
      145. Grant program to recruit students to practice in underserved communities (Section 10501(l), p. 2344)
      146. Community Health Center Fund (Section 10503, p. 2355)
      147. Demonstration project to provide access to health care for the uninsured at reduced fees (Section 10504, p. 2357)
      148. Demonstration program to explore alternatives to tort litigation (Section 10607, p. 2369)
      149. Indian Health demonstration program for chronic shortages of health professionals (S. 1790, Section 112, p. 24)*
      150. Office of Indian Men’s Health (S. 1790, Section 136, p. 71)*
      151. Indian Country modular component facilities demonstration program (S. 1790, Section 146, p. 108)*
      152. Indian mobile health stations demonstration program (S. 1790, Section 147, p. 111)*
      153. Office of Direct Service Tribes (S. 1790, Section 172, p. 151)*
      154. Indian Health Service mental health technician training program (S. 1790, Section 181, p. 173)*
      155. Indian Health Service program for treatment of child sexual abuse victims (S. 1790, Section 181, p. 192)*
      156. Indian Health Service program for treatment of domestic violence and sexual abuse (S. 1790, Section 181, p. 194)*
      157. Indian youth telemental health demonstration project (S. 1790, Section 181, p. 204)*
      158. Indian youth life skills demonstration project (S. 1790, Section 181, p. 220)*
      159. Indian Health Service Director of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment (S. 1790, Section 199B, p. 258)*

      *Section 10221, page 2173 of H.R. 3590 deems that S. 1790 shall be deemed as passed with certain amendments.

      Now throw Cap and Trade and all the other goodies we’re on the hook for into the mix and we might see that our economy is in sky dive mode straight into the toilet.

      • JC

        Sorry, should have been “CJ”

      • s c

        JC, there’s no doubt about it. Obummer “cares” so much for America that he’ll stop at NOTHING to increase the budget to make room for all of those extra agencies.
        Can you FEEL the “love,” America? Obummer is making LBJ’s attempts to socially engineer us to death look like a family picnic. Obummer might have to float a loan from everybody’s pal – George Soros – to be able to make it work.
        It never stops, does it? Obummer finds more ways to prove that he loves us. He loves us “to pieces,” doesn’t he?

        • JC

          It’s so ridiculously stupid I can’t believe we’re letting them get away with it…so far anyway.

  • Victor L Barney

    The Biblical “Jacob’s trouble” is soon coming, probably by the middle of September and this guy(Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke)also did not have “only” a small part in it! Watch!

  • chuck b

    victor l barney

    don’t think you have to wait until sept. it started in november 2008

  • Stephen Russell

    To boost Economy 101 for leftists:
    Dump Tax rates
    Revamp or scrap IRS
    adopt Flat Tax so ALL pay.
    CUT regulations alone.
    CUT spending.
    Cut waste- see

  • chuck b

    stephen r

    you forgot one main thing, dump congress and barry

  • http://gmail Dodad

    Stephen r, you have to go back to bacic math for liberal socialist. If they manage to abscond with them taxpayers money, even 5 dimes, and then tell them you want 7 coins, they will probably tell you it is taking all of their money and if they get any given to them to, it will be gone. They never understand addition and subtraction. All democrat socialists want you, to give up your money for their social engineering program shortfalls or shortages. But don’t touch their government job or healthcare, or my rocking chair money from you, the taxpayers. Chew Chings must be some more of the Asian illegal imports, most all are dem voters in Acorn ilk, that only know how to bootleg fake products. They were raised as communists, socialists, and the only difference is one group is a Maoist and Oidoit is a muslim. Communism is their high point in life, as an advisor of programs. Economy 101 is too hard for and too advanced for 5th grade duff asses fetching up.

  • Anthony

    I would ask Bob Livingston – to resource some Articles that speak to the “falseness” of the Left/Right Paradigm.
    ON THIS, there can be no mistake. Over the last 50 years, most of the financial damage has occurred whenever Democrats are in power. Further proof of this is in the fact that of the three recent Presidents to offer TAX CUTS, two of them were Repubicans. The other being John F Kenndy (and we know what happened to him). Reagan & Bush 2 are the Republicans.

    I would also ask – that he try and find any articles out there that demonstrate a refusal by Communities to allow Libertarian Candidates as an option for our votes. I understand there has to be a certain percentage of any Community interest (signatures, etc) that would then permit a Libertarian Candidate to be listed. Are we seeing efforts to denounce this at the grassroots level?

    THE BIGGEST ISSUE OVERALL – is for everyone (like it or not) to gain a real foothold on the knowledge base that speaks to the real cause of our current situation – financial debt and how it was created and for what reasonings(?)

    Hamiltonian-ism states: Debt is good, as it helps to create Credit.
    [This is actually a Rothschild World Central Bank theorem, for one reason lony – it aids in the collection of power over others, without any real force, other than monetary)

    Jeffersonian-ism states: No Government should ever borrow any more than they need for the immediate issue (our being attacked by an outside source, nature-causeed catastrophy, like sunspots warming to the point of drought or lack thereof as we saw in the Dark Ages where it became too cold to grow drops at all). What’s more, Jefferson’s Philosophy demands that any Debt creation affect only the immediate Generation and not be carried onto the Next Generation if at all possible. This is the exact opposite of Hamiltonian-ism, as it avoids the “free handout carpetbagger” approach to Society as a whole. It works to prevent it. It also espouses the elimination of Government Debt whenever possible AT ALL TIMES.

    In our current Lifetime – none of our Presidents (the last four especially) have had any attitude other than the Hamiltonian approach and the two fold reasoning is (as we know) 1)Debt creates Credit… this is so bogus, seriously; 2)A Country’s Government should not need to care about what their Citizen’s think – a Country should be run from the top down, like a Monarcy or a Dictatorship.

    So – while many on here waste the time of others – they are “really” just wasting their on time that much more.

    Here’s a great way to view all of this – since you probably don’t have a secreted position in the Groups who do have current power (without our votes, like it or not) – is this:

    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE a Net Worth of at least $10billion in assets and property and it is being efforted to grow on a constant basis (not just a set amount)…. THEN YOU ARE EVERYONE ELSE.

    Better learn to gain agrasp on this real logic – because, at this point in time – IT’s THE TRUTH

    Hamiltonian-ism is the death of Freedom in this Country and any Country at any other place on the Planet. It is the slavery of the masses, by design.

    • Anthony

      Post Note – I am not ignoring the damage that’s been done to civil liberties by the Bush Adminsitrations, either. My comment about “financial damage”, however, is closer to the truth than many can grasp… until they learn what Hamiltonian-ism really is.


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