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Berkeley Course Demands Students Be Liberal

September 6, 2011 by  

Berkeley Course Demands Students Be Liberal

The biggest punch line in American higher education just got a whole lot funnier (or a whole lot more terrifying, depending on whether you have children approaching college age). One might fairly presume that at some point, churning out graduates who parrot leftist babble while lacking fundamental academic and societal skills will drag the University of California, Berkeley’s reputation lower than Vice President Joe Biden’s self-esteem after an hour at a Mensa meeting. If I took a spot as a senior administrator at Berkeley, I might even try to rescue the institution before it begins running late-night TV ads offering classes in TV/VCR repair.

Alas, I am not a senior administrator at Berkeley, and I am quite certain I won’t be showing up on their short list for hires anytime soon. Among other qualities which eliminate me from contention for future openings at what amounts to an incubator for the noisy brats who populate most left-wing whinefests, I am well aware of the old adage: “Those who can’t, teach.” Also, I bathe regularly.

Since I wield no influence over Berkeley’s curriculum, I cannot stop it from offering what may well be the first course which expressly demands students move up the grade curve by being as liberal as possible. Beginning this semester, Berkeley will offer students credits for course work in a class entitled: “Fighting to Learn, Learning to Fight: Building the Movement for Public Education and Equality.” According the syllabus, coursework includes “…an auto biography (sic) focused on one’s own poltical (sic) development.”

The course is conducted under the auspices of an ultra-liberal group named “BAMN.” BAMN is the spectacularly discursive acronym for the equally discursively-named The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrants Rights And Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary. As if someone outside BAMN is likely to mistake the “professors” — a pair of student instructors and a BAMN activist — for anyone in the English department (witness the above citation from the syllabus).

A perusal of BAMN’s website reveals standard Democratic Party rhetoric, albeit more grandiloquent than normal.  BAMN credits itself with “building the new civil rights movement.” Imagine the disappointment of the “old” civil rights movement. Among their predictable aims, BAMN supports the DREAM Act, which would grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Despite BAMN’s stated goal of opposing racism and some vague horror they call the “New Jim Crow,” it opposes California’s Proposition 209, meaning it subsequently supports racism and discrimination in public-institution admissions, which were rendered illegal by Proposition 209. BAMN even dedicates a section of its website to defaming former Berkeley regent — and BAMN opponent — Ward Connerly, even suggesting he is the “Spokesperson for the Campaign to Resegregate America.” Connerly is black, meaning BAMN is essentially calling him an “Uncle Tom.” Hey, maybe he’s the “New Jim Crow.”

I wouldn’t trust BAMN apparatchiks with walking a group of preschoolers through the adventures of Dick, Jane and Spot. The tykes would come home claiming Jane was running because Dick was trying to date-rape her, while Spot was the victim of animal cruelty. Yet BAMN is in charge of granting academic advancement to the kids whom Berkeley claims will “make key contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Bay Area, California, and the nation” at least until the illegal aliens sprung by the DREAM Act vacuum up all the paying jobs.

One hardly requires a MacArthur grant to recognize that higher education is rapidly falling victim to political indoctrination masquerading as instruction. And Berkeley has certainly earned its reputation as the ground zero of fatuous liberalism masquerading as intellect. To add insult to injury, according to the Berkeley website, close to 60 percent of the school’s nearly $2 billion revenue stems from State and Federal funding. Add to that the 18 percent derived from tuition and fees, and the taxpayers are footing more than three-fourths of the tab for nonsense like BAMN.

Unfortunately, “learning” to reflexively vote for Democrats isn’t the same as learning more worthwhile skills. At some point, Berkeley graduates will cease contending with the unemployment created by the ideological brethren of their professors and instead will contend with being simply unemployable.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    We’ll know that Berkeley’s anti-knowledge instructors are desperate when everyone who attends that school gets straight As and half of the school’s graduates can claim to be of the summa cum laude variety. McDonald’s is always looking for young people who want to make full use of their supeerrear, youniversitee knawledg.

    • Bud Tugly

      We must be vigilant of anti-knowledge forces on all sides of the political spectrum. Those who disavow evolution, and astronomy are just as dangerous four our country’s future as it indicates questionable cognitive capability that could lead to strange decisions on issues of national importance.

      • TheRealBob

        Those who disavow evilution are the ones who have the cognitive ability because they do not believe the fables, falsehoods, and fairy tales of the atheist/lieberal liars of the evilution crowd.

        • Bud Tugly

          You are willfully ignorant. The ear is a sphere… the earth orbits around the sun, the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, the tooth fairly is not real, you are dumb as dirt

      • Curmudgeon

        Because bogus Marxism has just so much to do with evolutionary theory. Take your spam elsewhere.

    • Old Henry

      Or, they can simply run for Congress.

  • James Andrews

    Boy…there’s a surprise! I mean, California is such a conservative state…….NOT! California is a socialistic nightmare, where taxes are through the roof, and they’re still in the hole. And people are losing more and more rights on a daily basis-gun rights, smoking rights, etc. etc.

    • wandamurline

      Is this why California is broke? They cater to the illegal transients, the homosexual community, and the progressive liberals. Well, this is just another chapter in a long running book….the kids will be even dumber than the last set that graduated because they are not getting an education, they are receiving an indoctrination.

  • Sam I am

    So called liberals support middle east warmongering. Come on people, sing it!!! Affirmative action for all except middle east men, women, and children, who die by the thousands!! Remember kids, democrats are fully authorized to warmonger and bathe in blood for oil or Afghanistan opium!! Republicans can’t but humanitarians like Obama can nuke the whole middle east!!!

    • eddie47d

      Pull you head out Sam for you are fogging your own brain cells. Liberals do not approve of Obama’s adventurism’s in the Middle East.That is more twisted “logic” from the right.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        They liberals may not approve of it but they sure are quiet about their dissapprovel.

        • TIME

          Yea thats a fact its so bloody loud ~~~ well its so loud that even with all the complaining, ~~ YET ~~ I still can’t hear a word about it, nor have I even seen word ~ ONE ~ written about it either.

          Strange how mass murder seem to go hand in hand with the NWO Progressive agenda Time after Time, as the QUASI ~ Liberals sit with their tin foil caps on saying NO ~~ Its Not SOoooo~~ No ~ go away.

          Yet the prestitutes media spin again by the NWO state that little old ladys with a sign or a cammera or not agreeing with the NWO mind set are all radical murder, hate mongering, fear mongering nasty Bigots and Raciest!!!

          But what the hell ever you do really watch out for any 8-12 year old Lemonade selling radicals trying to make a little extra money to buy school cloths due to the fact that their parents are Un Employed!

          Please also be very careful of any Guitar Luither that works for Gibson as they too are also just rage filled hater’s who want to keep their jobs!!!!!!!!!! Oh how nasty these people are.

          Yea all that loud complaining about what went on in Libia, hell I think it destroyed my hearing.
          Hey its almost as loud as the 9/11 event in NYC where the few remaning “First Responders are NOT allowed to be present.”

          Hum, but just how bloody odd that “Prostitute Politicians” will all be there with bells on letting all of us know just how wounderful they are and what great things we can all do if we just follow thier NWO plan?
          And did I note that the Prestitutes will be there making sure they bring you clear beautiful pictures you can frame of your “FAVORITE Politicial DEMI GOD.” Man I sure know I need more of these just about as much as I need a special picture of the bloody QUEEN, oh wait all I have to do is show up there as the QUEENS are now running NYC.

          Now thats really spells WOWIE to me, Nothing like some real deep SOUL baby, how about you?

          • eddie47d

            Time bombs blood pressure just soared past 200 and I thought he was going to explode …err he did! Wake up Time if the Liberals owned the press like you all make up with your false claims then those against the wars in the Middle East would have a voice. You hear crickets because the media is owned and controlled by Conservatives. They are far more entrenched in the NWO than the Liberals. We seem to be spitting in the wind since our shouting against these wars are no where to be found. I see pro-war information in the printed news each and every day but very little if anything on the opposing side. Pretty much the same on the Tellie.So who are the real prostitutes?

          • TIME

            Monkey boy 47 D cup,

            Did I say Liberals owned the media Monkey boy. No, in fact I didn’t, the AP as well as Reuter’s are owned by the Rothschild’s who are in fact the heads of the NWO.
            But I quite well understand thats far beyond your ability to grasp.

            As per your norm you who can’t comprehend what you read, thus again proving that Mental Midget status you hold with such pride is infact little more than your Darwin award hitting you in the eye.
            Perhap if you pinned your Darwin Award on that wouldn’t happen so often.

            Have a nice day, please do play again when your Lithium wears off. :-)

          • eddie47d

            Stop fawning yourself Time and you did indeed mention Liberals. Don’t be embarrassed and angry just fess up that you have the problem.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            eddie eddie Time never denied mentioning liberals he denied your accusation that he said the liberals owned the media.

      • Old Henry

        eddie, by sitting on their, ah, hands they are giving theri tacit approval of Little Barry killing men, women and children by the thousands in the ME.


    This is what is referred to as “THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA” by many conservatives. The liberals are anxious to promote this type of “EDUCATION”, because it is what keeps people like Obama, Debbie Schultz, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Alan Grayson, and a myriad of other rabble rousers in power in perpetuity. A large number of Democrat supporters cannot read their own Diplomas.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    it hasnt changed over the years still a hippie anti-war college i remember all of the demostions and these cowards who never served thier country.

    • slapjack

      Yes and these leaches still continue to suck the blood right out of this country. I’d rather be deadthan a damn Liberal libtard. Commie bastards don’t deserve to live in this countr and I would gladly join forces and drive them out.

    • 45caliber


      I remember Berkley trying to outlaw recruiters on campus and shut down their ROTC program in protest. The government threatened to shut down their funding and the professors almost came unglued. They tried to insist the government couldn’t do that – and then backed down on their “protest”.

      • eddie47d

        They didn’t want the governments blood money in bribing students to “join” the draft thus the war effort.

  • Jamrs R. Maxwell

    One thing for certain, if you are a Waco, Left Wing Socialist, Liberal and of questionalbe sexuality you would probly fit right in
    at Berkley. How it is has survived this long as an accrediated
    university is beyong all reason. But one thing you know for sure
    without nary a doubt, Berkley will gurantee you a job in Calif if
    no where else in the world.

    • eddie47d

      Every university has courses that don’t reflect someones elses values or how they would live their life. I suppose that Berkley tries to hard to be the social changer and experiments in having courses on every subject possible to see where it will take them. Being different can change the world for the better or as some of you have said only make you eligible for a job at McDonald’s. Isn’t free speech and individual rights wonderful? Now if you really believe in free speech and personal liberties then Berkley should be overwhelmingly accepted as a different way of doing things. So who is trying to shut whom down?? Ben always tries to bring out the negative on each and every subject that he presents and you love it. Negativity sells stories and conservatives are no different. Saying that Berkley courses demand that they are Liberal is like saying Liberty University demands that their courses be Conservative.Now for years Liberty U. never hid it’s discriminatory practices and sometimes seem to bask in them. I would say Berkley tries too hard and Liberty doesn’t try hard enough.

      • TheRealBob

        According to your post one would have to believe that you disapprove of the way the Huff Post (and other democrat controlled websites)limit the ability of conservatives to post. I suspect that you would also disapprove of the way the “moderators” on the Huff Post take sides and mock the few conservatives that are allowed to post. I would also suspect that you have a problem with the lieberal loudmouths who shout down conservative speakers anytime they try to speak on a college campus. Of course most of us here know that your post is all lies and hypocrisy because, as a leftist, you are the spiritual heir of hitler, lenin, stalin, mao, and pol pot and would, if you could, silence all naysayers to the lieberal plan to enslave humanity. That is the real you eddie and most of us here know that.

        • eddie47d

          Phony BOB,lying BOB, Ignorant BOB, Callous BOB,Pathetic BOB ad nauseum! Take your Hitler and Stalin crap and take it with you as you walk into the quicksand. You let your mind get pretty low as in low life dude. You must not listen or watch Conservative talk programs since they do the same thing that you make accusatory remarks about. Limbaugh is famous for it so get over yourself phony BOB!

        • bob wire

          proving or disproving anything can be next to impossible to do regardless what it is or to whom you are attempting to prove it too, much less “what”!

          For an example, prove to us that you are the “real” bob and not his alter ego or evil twin? You can’t. You are simply REAL Bob and not to be confused with some other Bob. The “real” means little, you could just as well be the unreal Bob.

          Huff post demand acceptable public “civility” from everyone. Many that post here would find that most difficult to do. This is an “angry site” as the anger jumps out at you from posting to posting.

          The lead-out posting is fought with “contempt” and “anger” as Crystal hits the hot buttons, the talking point that fuels the anger. That’s his function, part of his job, to feed the Tigers everyday, even on weekends!

          The people running our Government today are senior statesmen and have had little exposure to this “liberal academia” that is described as the evils of our educational system today.

          It is the seniors of our country that have dragged the bottom out of our boat and not America’s youth.

          So, you can accept this fact or get your panties in a wad and be a part of this lynch mob in the performance of it’s swore duty.

          Myself, I believe in keeping friends close and my enemies closer and view all of this as comic relief after a long demanding day where everyone is my Master as I place my interest and concerns last with a professional posture and mild indifference.

          I think that many of you ~ funny, as your sand box 101 skills fails you and you blame everyone and everything for your failures but yourselves.

          Not everyone here is like this ~ but this mob does have too many that are.

          With this failure of any moderation ~ you will give us Dick Perry into 2012.

          I’d greatly prefer another and I know you would too.

  • Cool One

    We should support their freedom to advocate whatever they want (though in this case, it is ACORN-style socialist/anarchist dismantling of our nation), but that freedom should stop short of doing it with state funds and granting college credit for the course.

    Where are the accreditors (WASC)? The next time UC Berkeley is up for reaccreditation, there should be a wave of complaints filed about this.

  • Thor

    Here’s an anecdotal history lesson for you, Ben: when I was a college freshman, I had a literature professor who was one of the Grand Dames of the lyceum. Her grandfather had fought in the Civil War and she had been teaching at university for 70 years. I heard her correct one of the young professors in the teacher’s lounge one day about referring to her husband in public by his first name. The young professor defended herself by saying that the practice was innocent enough and that the ‘old ways were too rigid.’ Her reply to that defense was this, “If we tolerate a liberal tongue to persist, even for a minute, it will force itself upon us insidiously until it has wasted our entire morality.” Of course ‘tolerance,”give peace a chance,’ and ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with’ were the motto’s of the sixties that became the morality of the seventies and eighties. Now those same tolerant folks seek to silence those who were tolerant enough to allow them to ‘persist’ even for a minute back when. Now, everybody is a swing voter and few can remember when genuine conservatives were the majority.

  • crystal

    I don’t expect anything different coming out of “Berkley.”

  • Charles O McVey Sr SFC E7 USA Retired CO

    Any Degree from Berkley will insure that you can get a well paying job at McDonalds ($7.85 per hour) in any of their “resteraunts” in the USA.

    • 45caliber

      Sad but true.

  • Harvey Goldstein

    It is not just Berkeley! I recall when I began my Phd. studies at N.Y.U. in 1967 after returning from Viet-Nam. I had an N.D.E.A. fellowship and a full N.Y.U. scholarship. First day in the grad student lounge I was called a ” Baby Killer ” I was wearing my only jacket.My U.S. Army field jacket with unit patches.
    All fellowship holders in my dept. were to teach an undergrad course at some time. Guess what. The two of us in the dept. who were veterans, were denied that option!

    I ended my academic career teaching Constitutional Law, and Foreign Policy in Massachusetts. I was one of the few Republicans teaching those courses in that benighted state. Unlike Obama, I had actually read the Constitution!

    • SweetPea Farm

      Harvey – Thank you for what you have done for America.. and what you continued to do GOD bless you you will always have friends down in Texas if the Liberal hits the fan

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Welcome home, brother!

  • TheRealBob

    This is nothing new, for years white, male students have been subjected to “Women’s Studies” and “Black Studies”; courses that require that they suffer through and then parrot back the lieberal, anti-male, anti-white, and anti-capitalist nonsense propagated by black and female professors in order to get a passing grade. These garbage courses illustrate how the American education system has been withering away since the 60s when Berkely students led the grossly mis-named “Free Speech” movement – a facist movement that sought to drown out everything but lieberal lies. The proof of the degradation of the American education system can be seen in the policies of the democrats and in the drivel posted by lieberal trolls on this website. If the system continues to be degraded by lieberal mis-educators,America will soon be “graduating” students who are more ignorant exiting the system than when they entered the system.

    • eddie47d

      Few of those are required courses so why did you take them? I suppose in your basket weaving class you had to make one black basket and one white basket and for extra credit you made one brown basket.

      • TheRealBob

        Thanks eddie – As usual your posts prove my point about the idiocy of lying lieberal liars and how their comments prove the failure of our mis-education system. And, as usual, you fail to refute my point and just make a snide comment that shows your lack of anything approaching intelligence. Post agian eddie and prove my point again.

        • eddie47d

          Oh I refuted your point alright and you are still a race baiter with a “quick..sand” mind.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            eddie the only thing you refuted was the idea that you might have any sense common or any other kind.

    • 45caliber


      I was taking Western Civ (loved the professor and class) when they first came out with Black Studies. He had to teach about them for a week.

      I always sat at the back of the room if I had a choice. I started laughing silently as he talked and he saw me. On the way out after class, he stopped me and asked me why I was laughing.

      I told him that I thought it funny that he was saying that the blacks were decendents of the Zulus and other warrior tribes in Africa. He laughed and agreed. It seems that about 99% of the slaves were members of tribes that were slaves of the warrior tribes and were sold to the slave traders. Most of the other things were false too.

      In fact, it was at Berkley where a black professor started telling the students that the blacks had started paragliding over a thousand years ago – along with other such claims. When it was pointed out that it was actually started less than a hundred years ago, he replied that yes, it had been discovered a hundred years ago or so – but it WOULD HAVE BEEN discovered by the blacks a thousand years ago IF they had been allowed to develope with the white man interference. So they should get the credit for it anyway. They had some special name for that thinking then but I can’t remember it.

  • Alice

    I spent three weeks in California a few years ago. The people were friendly, I enjoyed my stay. However, at restaurants I discovered a statement on the bottom of many menus telling customers that a 3% charge was added to each bill to pay for employee health care. It is demonstrative of California’s welfare state that it cannot pay for the welfare its citizens enjoy. So, they have to collect money from tourists to pay for the “so-called” free healthcare. Obviously, nothing is free;and taxes do not pay for all the on-the-house stuff California believes every citizen deserves. Someone has to pay the bill. I just deducted the extra 3% from my tip.

    • TheRealBob

      Good thinking and I hope everyone else deducts the three percent.

    • Alex

      Good for you! I’d have deducted the whole damn thing, and ordered water with my meal to shrink the size of the check as well. And then, just for good measure, I might have put a hair on the plate and bitched.

      • eddie47d

        I believe that is exactly what you would do Alex,you sly dog you.

  • William

    Well well we see the snake head of Nazisism again in America hidden under the guise of international Communism.Watch the line of bumbling fools who will follow it to the very end and collapse when it still doesn’t work!If one tries to lead a horse to water and he won’t drink; shoving his head under water will only kill him!”If the blind lead the blind they will both (all) fall in the ditch”!

  • Raggs

    Similar to the Hitler generation don’t ya think?

  • Carol J, California

    I remember the sixties. Think Joan Baez. My Mother had a Masters in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and my Dad an engineering degree. They both said that their alma mater was about to go down the tube because of her and others like her. I was unable to get into Berkeley for some reason I couldn’t figure out. I ended having to settle for Junior College. Looks like my parents were correct in their estimation.

  • Keno

    UC Bezerkeley’s academic credibility–with the exception of a few schools like Engineering–went down the tubes a LONG time ago.

    • 45caliber

      I know I’d have second and third thoughts about hiring someone from Berkley.

  • Lois Manning

    Well! Aren’t you all a lot of bitter little people. Still drinking your own bile, I see.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Strange. I went to an avowedly Conservative college, got a good education, went on to engineering school a while, and later to the University of Illinois on a scholarship. Never had any of the problems like Berkley’s. Guess my midwestern education was too tame??

      My kids went to various colleges and are well educated, productive members of society, and growing up in an environment with Christian ethics and strong educational ties seems to have warped them not at all; they have found careers in various fields from Engineering through garden work and beautification.

      My brother’s children are in very good situations and well educated, and he is enjoying a great working retirement! One of his children is in astronomical engineering working on a flight to Mars, for exploration.

      Never found the need to riot, or do dope or any of the seemingly popular things to do.

      I suspect good home lives, with conservative religious faith, made the difference.

      Or maybe be a problem with the air over to the far West!

      It can’t possibly be the ethical system shared in the family over the years.

      Or could it be the sharing of a common faith and a common desire to do our best wherever we found our special niche does work?

      Somebody needing a good degree subject might find such a a study interesting, and it will still be fairly easy to find such families, tho they do not get much publicity.

      • 45caliber


        I went to Arkansas Tech University after discharge from the Army. About two years into the program, the school football team got national recognition. The next fall about 50 Black Panther and SDS professional students enrolled to “organize the campus”.

        Every time they tried to hold a protest, no one except them showed up. They tried to get us to sign a protest against the shooting at Kent State – and most of us refused on the grounds the students were supposed to be studying, not causing problems.

        But they did manage to get a crowd at “Napalm the Dog Day”, one Saturday. They were going to throw gasoline on a poor mangy dog and set it afire in protest of using napalm in battle.

        The idea wasn’t to burn the dog but harang the people who showed up to stop the dog from being set afire. Five of us ex-military showed up in my bright red car and parked about a hundred feet from their beautiful (and expensive) stand and sound equipment. They had two quart bottles with wicks sitting on the handrail. We got out in fatigues and set up a couple of bottles of gasoline on the hood. About 300 upset students had showed up.

        One of them came over. “Oh, you are here to join our protest, huh? Thanks!”

        “No,” one of us said, “we’re here to see you get punished for throwing the gas on the dog. When he goes up, you go up too.” (We didn’t really intend to throw ours on them but we did intend to throw it under the stage and burn up the stage and equipment.)

        You should have seen their faces when the crowd began to chant, “Throw it at the dog! Throw it at the dog!’

        They dropped out and went to some other college – maybe Berkley.

  • Carol J, California

    How interesting. My comment is not here. I even refreshed the page and it still doesn’t show. I wonder why. Maybe it’s being vetted. I’ll check back later.

    • libertytrain

      huh? there’s a comment re Joan Baez a couple up from this one? I just read it.

      • eddie47d

        Have you ever been to a Joan Baez concert or listened to her music? She a great lady with an even greater message.

        • libertytrain

          I don’t know why you asked – but yes, I thought she sang well. I don’t know her personally – but apparently you do. There are a lot of fine people out there -

        • Carol J, California

          It took a while for it to show. Yes, I’ve been to a concert. Yes, she has a great voice. But——she was part of the trouble at that time. My grandmother lived in a senior apartment 2 blocks west of University Avenue and she was unable to go out by herself. Not even to the IHOP for breakfast without an escort. It was so bad that they had guards in the building and no one could enter until the person they were visiting came down and OKed them.

  • Dr. smith

    yea, as the Diceman sayeth, “don’t light up at the bus stop, but it’s ok smoke the baloney poney”. Otherwise, the pinkos would come out and protest.

    what a country.

    • Cawmun Cents


  • Don Fishgrab

    Basically it is nothing different than the Rhodes Scholarship program so many politicians have bragged about. Cecil Rhodes established his scholarship program specifically to indoctrinate promising students with his values.

  • JP

    My wife and I graduated from Berkeley in the mid-80s. I graduated in Mech. Engineering, she in some self-made major I can never remember. The engineering school was rated highly at the time. The faculty always bragged the engineering school was second only to MIT. There were some good professors, but maybe only one out of five or so, not enough to keep my interest in secondary education. Many were foreigners who could hardly speak English, much less articulate difficult concepts to students. I graduated with only about two professors knowing my name. I did take one or two of the types of classes you mention, Ben. I remember wondering how such classes could be given at a reputable university. The few Cal students I’ve spoken with over the years have been pretty clueless. It’s like they are living in a reality TV show about and for the left. My wife and I are making sure our kids choose otherwise if they decide to go to college. For now, it’s homeschooling. Thanks for the article, Ben.

  • CharlesEverett

    Bashing “The Republicans” or “The Democrats” is a waste of time and doesn’t solve anything. Most members of Congress go along with their party. The leaders of both parties have for many years promoted more government control over every aspect of our lives leading to their long term goal of World Government (aka New World Order).

    Political Conventions are just a means to provide a party to thank the hard working volunteers. The proposed party principles are ignored after the election. Consider this: Do you need to meet every four years, to get drunk in the aisles and scream and shout to determine your principles?

    Leaders of both parties promote interventionist policies that result in killing a lot of Americans and citizens of those countries that we (i.e. our leaders) pretend to be helping. The dictators rarely are killed. Sometime after giving billions to one dictator our leaders decide they want to force him out of control and put in a different dictator. Nothing changes. We just keep invading more countries. The difference between the war mongering presidents Obama, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton, Carter, Ford, Nixon, etc is just the name on the T-shirt.

    To see who is behind this empire building read “The Shadows of Power” by James Perlof, available at or go to Amazon Books and get “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. Five million copies of NDCIC were sole in the 1970′s. Considering that a book is successful if it sells 5000 copies, that is quite impressive.

    For those that panic at the word Conspiracy remember that a conspiracy is nothing more then 2 or more people acting in secret to perform an evil deed. Like a bank robbery.

    • Nomadr

      Just wondering: What does the empire state building have to do with anything? Is there a conspiracy to take it down too?

      • Jay

        Anything is possible with the progressive fascists!

        • eddie47d

          Another oxymoron from Jay. The Right is the Nazi’s and Fascists and the Left is the commies and socialists. You think you can keep that straight for a while or does it have to keep being brought up?

          • crisscross

            What part of National “Socialist” don’t you understand, Eddie? The extreme ends of that false continuum are just different shades of leftist tyranny that stand together in opposition to personal liberty and freedom at the other end of the true continuum.

          • eddie47d

            What part of crony capitalism don’t you understand? Hitler was no socialist so we can play that oddball game of yours.

  • 45caliber

    I might take this course for fun but I’m afraid I’d get kicked out too fast. I have a tendency to ask questions in class and I’m afraid the teacher (I’m not sure I should call him/her a professor) wouldn’t like trying to answer them.

  • mari morris

    It would be interesting if a secretly conservative Berkeley College student, wrote up a fake liberal autobiography and took that course so that they could record it and reveal the brazen brainwashing that passes for education. It could be as informative as “Rules for Radicals” has been in discovering what the far left if up to.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, “Rules for Radicals” is probably the text.

  • bob wire

    It appear Mr. Crystal pull another printed page out of thin air.

    Ringer & Crystal both have graced us with far right wing content lite gibberish this morning. I guess it was the long weekend and drafted on a uninspired Thursday prior.

    The essence of academic study is to teach students “how to think” and not “what to think”. I suppose Crystal finds this bothersome or perhaps “obscure”, seen as something too far beyond finger painting.

    Laying all of the worlds, or nations problems at the doorstep of another may have some “feel good” effect to it but it does little toward resolve and resolution or address hard issues.

    I share a double bed for several years with a younger brother as a child. On occasions he would pee in bed. It was very frustrating and the frustration compounded by the fact that many morning that we both looked guilty. Separate beds was the only thing that solved this issure.

    Since the far rights head-count less in number why don’t all of you move to Montana? Just think of the utopia that could be yours to claim. Wide open spaces, you could pee off the porch, ride your horses and shot your guns! Craft and champion a strong “states rights” agenda, be a beacon for like minded people. Build a statue of Jesus in the middle of the downtown square across from the courthouse. ~ Quit accepting federal money and maybe even print your own. Take your gold, gun and girls and go west old man!

    Now, allow me to say, I’d hate to give up Montana as I consider it a pristine premium state but I’m willing to, just so we might all know what the long term effects of “your kind of thinking” might create and not have to listen to this kind of garbage. ~

    I offer you a solution. If you don’t at least consider it, could you at least start wearing a diaper?

    • 45caliber


      You are right. The real reason to teach students is to teach them “how to think”. But when they are teaching a student to think ONLY in one way then they are not “teaching them how to think”. They are teaching them WHAT to think – which is completely different. You teach someone how to think scientifically or logically. You do NOT teach them to think be insisting they think only one way. That is a restriction on thinking.

      • bob wire

        no, that would not be good for anyone one or anything.

        If you only have a hammer in your tool box, every problem resembles a nail.

  • chuckb

    bob wire, i have solution for you. you and your ilk should annex the eastern part of the united states. then you could set up your liberal utopia, oh, i beg your pardon, it’s already set up. it seems your party has failed before it gets started, the economy is in the tank, your energy costs are through the roof and climbing. your so called president
    is and has been on vacation for almost three years,(ten million dollars worth before labor day) doesn’t have a clue what to do or how to run the country, can only speak thru a teleprompter. your unions have destroyed companies and driven the rest over seas. so i would be more than happy to concede to you your half of the country, that is, you must also take the illegal population with you, you know, your voting bloc. that would please me. i might throw in a few rino’s like boehner and mcconnell. you could name your country, the land of the free and welfare states, “weetacksyou”. then you would be forced to build a protective fence, to keep the free loaders in. great idea!

    • bob wire

      Hmm? ~ so I take it that we are employing some kind selective memory as to how we got where we are at today? The “conservative” has dominated the passed thirty years and the passed 10 Chuck.

      What the powers on the Hill are want you to do, is see it that black and white.

      But’s not ~ it’s all gray. Today’s conservatives on the Hill have little for you and offer you little but lip service. The Dem’s are little better, when they had the power in their hands they didn’t use it.

      In “O’s” little time on the Hill a filibuster Senate stopped the his drive cold it it’s tracks. ~ Blame “o”, blame the Senate, blame the GOP, blame the DNC. ~ So does all of this make you happy with things today?

      These notions of “conservatives” are like the little boy that cried “wolf” once too often, “Hard to believe” and that is your mountain to climb Chuck.

      They are conservatives with America’s needs and a LUSH with their own.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    Yup, the parents pay the high tuition costs for their offspring to be Californicated at UCAL Berkely. Instead of being taught the skill of critical thinking, they are being politically indoctrinated with crap that will never help them support themselves by any means other than anti-social endeavors, or worse, government employment or government subsidiized jobs. After all, they are entitled.

  • JIM

    it has to happen ,the left will have it no other way, this country is heading for civil unrest brought to you by the communist democrat party ,their union goons and the indoctrinated liberal left the commie in command the ” divider ” is doing all he can to incite class warfare ….lock and load people its coming

  • Jay

    Very disturbing Mr. Crystal, but not one bit surprising. One need only read the communist plan to destroy America, penned by non other then Albert Pike, to see the writing on the wall. Consider carefully, if you will, verse 3.

    1.”The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World.

    2.The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…

    3.We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

    4.Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

    5.This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

  • CJM

    Institutions of higher education are about TEACHING AND DISPENSING KNOWLEDGE—they are NOT about expounding personal political agendas. If I am paying a college or university to EDUCATE my children, I expect them to TEACH—and leave their damnable politics out of the classroom. People have the right to decide for themselves what political agendas they wish to follow–it is not the right of any school to enforce their beliefs upon those students. The University of California educational system receives a great deal of FEDERAL MONEY—Congress needs to begin defunding ANY institution of higher education if they are demanding that students follow the schools’ political agendas.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Not much different from most other Liberal Arts colleges. Unfortunately we all reap what they sow.

  • BillF

    In my circle of friends, all consider USC Berkeley a joke. No parent in their right mind would
    send their children there. It is a gathering place for communists, socialists and anti-American
    groups from around the world. The place should be shut down or all the anti-american instructors
    fired lose their teaching credentials.

  • Rob3

    I don’t have a problem with this school indoctrinating from a liberal slant. Someone pointed out that they’re called “universities” rather than “diversities” for the very reason that they are intended to produce graduates that have a particular point of view. I just won’t send my kids there. Conservatives who are concerned about the way our states spend our money ought to begin targeting certain state universities and do what’s needed to recreate them as conservative halls of learning: we’re too often inclined to rely on private schools for this and as a consequence we reach only the wealthier class of young student, reinforcing a sort of class warfare and missing the much larger population of college students. Not a comprehensive answer by any means and subject to challenge, just a thought about competing for young minds in a what is still a largely free country.


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