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Beginning Of The End Of The Fed?

November 5, 2010 by  

Beginning Of The End Of The Fed?

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) has a new partner in his battle against the Federal Reserve — his son Rand, the newly elected Senator from Kentucky.

In an interview on Fox Business Wednesday, Ron says he and Rand plan to offer a bill to end the Federal Reserve on their first day of the new Congress. Ron Paul expects to have even more influence over the country’s monetary policy if he is named the new chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy. This will give him subpoena power, and he could then subpoena Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Fox contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the subpoena is the best way to battle the Fed considering that President Barack Obama would probably veto any bill to end or audit the Fed.

For the uninitiated, the interview by Fox Business’ David Asman of Ron Paul and Napolitano does a great job of clarifying the danger posed by the private banking cartel — known as the Federal Reserve — on our nation’s monetary policy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dan az

    these are the people that we need in office I ould like to see Napolitano run for holders seat and charge him with impeachment along with his boy obumer and pelousy an reid.If we can stop the the feds.then we can stop the NWO

    • FreedomFighter

      Ending the Fed will do more for national security than nukes at this point, we need nukes for MAD, we need the Fed for what?

      Can anyone even justify the existence of the Fed, somehow I doubt it.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Robert Bradfield

        Hi it is that South African again. One of the most prominent news articles in this country is that the Fed is going to print $500 billion in the next year and at least $3 trillion to try and get your country out of the recession.

        I see several long term problems with this, if it is done.

        1) inflation, inflation ….. inflation (a la Zimbabwe);
        2) a declining value of the US$ (a la the German Mark after the 1st world war);
        3) increasing hardship for your countrymen;
        4) production cost rocketing to the stratosphere;
        5) the future generations paying for the excesses of government spending today; and
        6) should I dare say: “the new world order gaining an increasing foothold in the world”.

        I hope I am wrong but all indications are that unless rationality sets in quickly, this seems to be the end result, even with the Republicans taking over in your Congress and/or Senate.

        • JC

          Robert, you’ve identified things pretty well. A good many of us are perfectly aware of this too. What we need is more people to understand that the “so called – Federal Reserve” is not Federal and has no Reserves. It just prints money up out of thin air….so it doesn’t create wealth it creates debt. And wondering if stimulus will or won’t solve the problems of our economy…is an insane thing to wonder in the first place because stimulus money out of thin air IS the problem.

          There is a deliberate agenda to tank the American currency and America better wake up to it damned quick!

          • JC

            For those that don’t know about the Conservative / Liberal history … Here is a condensed version:

            Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

            The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups:

            1 . Liberals
            2. Conservatives.

            Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sittingaround waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That’s how villages were formed.

            Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at nightwhile they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what is known as the Conservative movement…

            Other men who were weaker and less skilled at hunting learned to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly BBQ’s and doing the sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the Liberal movement.

            Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. They became known as girlie-men. Some note worthy liberal achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide the meat and beer that conservatives provided.

            Over the years conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant. Liberals are symbolized by the jackass for obvious reasons.

            Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare.. Another interesting evolutionary side note: most of their women have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, � personal injury attorneys, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood and group therapists are liberals. Liberals invented the designated hitter rule because it wasn’t fair to make the pitcher also bat.
            Conservatives drink domestic beer, mostly Bud or Miller. They eat red meat and still provide for their women. Conservatives are big game hunters, rodeo cowboys, lumberjacks,construction workers, firemen, medical doctors, police officers, engineers, corporate executives, athletes, members of the military, airline pilots and generally anyone who works productively.

            Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work for a living.

            Liberals produce little or nothing. They like to govern the producers and decide what to do with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were coming to America .. They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a business of trying to get more for nothing.

            Here ends today’s lesson in world history:

            It should be noted that a Liberal may have a momentary urge to

            angrily respond to the above before forwarding it.

            A Conservative will simply laugh and be so convinced of the absolute truth of this history that it will be forwarded immediately to other true believers and to more liberals just to piss them off.

            And there you have it. Let your next action reveal your true self…..I’m going to have another beer.

          • Michael J.


          • JC

            November 6, 2010

            Dear Friend of Liberty,

            Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced it was going to buy another $600 billion of government bonds.

            Dubbed “Quantitative Easing 2” (QE2), Fed leaders hope this move to pump money into the economy will lower interest rates (which are already near zero). Instead, it’s more of the same type of interference that led to the housing bubble and this current crisis.

            Printing more money out of thin air is not the solution, and this move has been criticized throughout the world. Even Paul Volcker, who was Fed chairman under Presidents Carter and Reagan, has said QE2 “probably won’t do much” to help our economy recover.

            The criticisms come as only part of a backlash that has been building since the Ron Paul presidential campaign and C4L’s founding. With our Audit the Fed movement leading the way, more Americans are becoming skeptical of the nation’s central bank and aren’t as willing to accept the usual story from Washington.

            During our fight to Audit the Fed this Congress, many of the legislators who cosponsored H.R. 1207 when it was “safe” to do so turned their backs on transparency when a thorough audit was on the line. We created a Hall of Shame to list these representatives – many of whom won’t be returning in the new Congress. On Tuesday, 24 of them were denied reelection.

            As if there couldn’t be any more attention put on the Fed, Congressman Ron Paul is next in line to become the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, the committee that provides regular oversight of the Fed. Stay tuned to as we report the latest developments on this front.


            The Federal Reserve is being forced to play defense like never before, and now is no time to back down. Grab a copy of End the Fed and keep spreading the sound money message! Its ultimate impact depends on each one of us.

            In Liberty,
            John Tate

          • Granny Mae


            That was a good laugh ! Thanks ! PS your a nut !

          • BrotherPatriot

            LoL…JC…I needed that!

          • Denniso

            Dan az has gone over the edge totally, and JC is nothing but a twit w/ nothing productive to say. Such geniuses they are…

    • refuse2lose

      Unfortunately it will take more than two people to force congress to allow an audit of the most criminal enterprise in our country. I would even go so far as to say that a congress full of conservatives would do the same thing liberals did earlier…. they don’t want us to know what the FR does or has done. There would be a revolution if we ever found out.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        If we contact our elected officials, and stay on them, they will get the point. Yes, the corruption is sure to be deep, but the newly elected will not be a part of what comes down. The Fair Tax needs to be enacted. If you don’t know about it or don’t understand it, google it. It makes so darn much sense!

        • Anthony

          What is fair about having to pay 25% tax on everything you buy??? How about “NO” tax. Yes get rid of the miss applied income tax an replace it with nothing! We did not have a income tax until 1913 when the (Federal Reserve starting robbing Americans) so why do we need it now?

          • Fighting Grandma

            Exactly Anthony! The US Government gets plenty of money through taxes. Cigaretts, gas, oil leases, etc. and they have their hands in every bill you pay. Once the USG is under Constitutional control, they will have more than enough money to pay bills. We need no Fair Tax of any kind. The IRS was just devised to take the money away from the American people. This money goes directly to the private, INTERNATIONAL, banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. They take our money, don’t tell us what they do with it, charge interest to the countries they lend our money to, and THEY keep it all. Yes, if the American people really knew this, there would most definitely be a revolution before morning!

          • jeronimo

            The end the Fed movement is about to become irrelevant. With Russia and China buying their oil in
            a currency other than the dollar the u.s. economy is toast.

            NO TAX on anything makes all the sense in the world. The Wall street banksters should pay ALL the tax.
            Everything that they have is STOLEN therefore they have no right to anything.

            Collectively we have to KNOW that invading foreign countrys cannot go on, look at the poor soldiers coming home broken and disillusioned…. the banksters must pay and the armament corporations have to go.

            Lets do it!

        • meteorlady

          There is NO SUCH THING AS A FAIR TAX. please…………..

    • Oldtimer (M Williams)

      If we audited and then abolished the Fed, wouldn’t we also be abolishing HALF the nations debt? I, for one, never signed any I.O.U.
      to the international banks that ARE the Federal Reserve. That might save the middle class, scheduled to be destroyed by hyper-inflation in order to pay off the nation’s debt @ a penny on the dollar.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Let’s hope so, Dan…America needs to shed the chains of bondage that the Fed represents. They have had us on the ground w/their boots on our throats for almost 100 years now. WE must END them.

      God Bless & so happy overall with how the votes went. We lost some…but WON soooo much more.

  • s c

    People, it’s good that the word is spreading about the Fed. However, odds are that it’s too little too late. Any individual or group that controls a nation’s money supply has connections and resources that make organized crime green with envy.
    We owe it to ourselves to do to the Fed what it has done to America for many years. At the same time, to expect it to fold its tent and disappear is beyond childish. When the Fed was created, it started with the knowledge that it already had absolute power in America. Anyone who thinks that power will be given up wilingly needs to buy my exclusive spa resort and hotel on Pluto.
    Wake up, folks. Any competent criminal can cough up an audit report. If the Fed has to sacrifice somone to ‘placate the masses,’ you can be sure there is a list of Madoffs ready to be handed over on a silver platter.

    • Dan az

      So what would you suggest?

      • s c

        Dan az, I have no battle plan. Our main problem is to FORCE our ‘leaders’ to honor and abide by the Constitution. Anyone who won’t comply ["friends" or 'others'] need to be pressured on a daily basis to leave Washington. If they want to be miserable every day, that can be arranged.
        I know. It’s a tall order. The alternative is to do nothing, be silent and let the bastards take over the nation without firing a shot (the way the Fed came to power).
        In particular, the pretenders in the White House need to be singled out and treated like the pimped-out sleazoids they are. NOW is the time to alert the nation and remind everyone DAILY of all the insanity that “America HAS INHERITED FROM THIS CRIMININAL ADMINISTRATION.” Sound familiar? In this case, it’s the TRUTH.
        Our borders are open through presidential incompetence and congressional neglect. Neither the prez nor the AG have any plans to protect America. Job security is the religion of those who should have been tossed out but managed to get re-elected.
        It’s a long list, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. The silent war starts NOW. We have too much to lose by letting ‘friends’ treat us as though we’re the enemy. Sift, sort, test and let the chips fall where they may.

        • Dan az

          Knock it off joe

      • Al Sieber

        Dan, you’ll have all the bastards in one place at the same time, what would you suggest?

        • Dan az

          Hey Al
          come on you know what I would do thats not going down on print.But you know it will work!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, I agree with you, all the big shots of the Fed Reserve in one room, we the people can have them arrested for high treason.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’m positive that’s exactly what Dan az meant!!! Fer sure!!!

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H, I don’t think it will happen but it would be nice, the military would have to do it.

    • FreedomFighter

      We are many they are few, yet powerfull they be, we the American people are more so.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Dan az

        100% correct!

        • BrotherPatriot

          ^^ True that ^^

          WE, the American people will win this fight. The NWO is going to fail.

          Yol Bolsun.

  • DaveH

    It’s about time that people are waking up to the evil created by the Federal Reserve against the hard-earned cash savings of good Americans when they casually increase the money supply.
    First Government (through the excess money creation of the Federal Reserve) robs the people of their own efforts to provide themselves a good life. Then Government offers themselves as the solution to restore that good life (of course with strings attached). We need to end the Federal Reserve. We need to end the Big Government enslavement of good hard-working citizens.

  • Tazio2013

    Anybody have an opinion on this:

    From: “Bix Weir”
    Date: November 4, 2010 12:13:51 PM CDT
    Subject: The Fed Returns to Jekyll Island…REALLY!

    I told you all it was about to get REALLY weird out there.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is holding a conference this weekend on JEKYLL ISLAND to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Banksters “evil plot” to take over the US monetary system!

    The Special Guest speakers include none other than Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke!

    The timing of this meet could not have come at a more appropriate time as we may be DAYS away from the END of the Federal Reserve.

    Here’s a few doozy’s that are floating around in my head:

    - Do the Good Guys plan to take the Bad Guys down exactly 100 years after they hatched the plan to take over the monetary system?

    - Will Greenspan FINALLY confess his involvement in the long term rigging of the gold price and the Implementation of a new Gold Standard

    - Will they create a new monetary system for the United States at this meeting


    Tick, tick, tick….

    Are you READY for the BOOM?


    • Bitter Libertarian

      Oh to be a fly on the wall with a recording device!

    • Ellen0

      Alan Grayson???? Enough said.

    • JC

      Anybody got a spare nuke lying around? ;)

      • Al Sieber

        JC, and a cruise missile, good one.

  • Tazio2013

    And for those of you who would like to know more about gold and god:

    I have been asked, by a power much greater than myself, to direct Road to Roota subscribers to a series of articles I’ve written over the past year entitled Conversations With God about Gold & Silver. This is for you “Newbies” to get acquainted with and refresh you “Seasoned Road Warriors” on this series as Part III is now in the works!

    Here’s the first two parts of the series:

    Part I

    Part II

    I’m not sure when Part III will be finished but it will be released on the Public Road when it is ready.

    All the best


    • vicki

      I was amused by the articles and will read part 3 if I get a chance but I am sure that bix is conversing with some liberal and not God. The evidence is in part 2.

      “God: Unfortunately, in the hands of most people a gun is more dangerous to themselves than it would be useful for personal protection.”

      So obvious a part of the liberal brainwashing against gun ownership.
      Now if God had said most liberals I might have been fooled. NOT :)

      • Richard Pawley

        The books the writer of these two articles looks up to is a phony. Many people purport to talk with God but we have only one reliable test of that. God or a spirit speaking for God will never say anything which opposes what is written in the Bible. That is a test such a spirit must pass and the Bible itself says that such a spirit must be able to say “that Jesus Christ is Lord”. Since the lord of many is Satan those who are his slaves cannot say it. I’m not talking about people now, I’m talking about spirits. The Bible says to “test the spirits to see if they be of God” so it assumes that Christians will be in touch with non-physical beings. Now, a lot more is written in the Bible than even some who know it well suppose, but it takes understanding to see it. However, I once investigated these books, purporting to be “Conversations with God” and they were clearly NOT. Those who believe what is written in such books are clearly being deceived. In fact some of the information given in the books admired by the author of these two articles was identical with the information given by the high priest of Satan worship more than 35 years ago. God and Satan are not on the same side as you know.
        The being accepting the accolade of “god” in these articles says: “Without understanding darkness you cannot understand the light. Without the knowledge of the bad you cannot understand the good.” That is clearly false and sounds suspiciously like what Satan said to Eve about eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, “so they would be like God.”
        People who fool around with spiritual things had better know what they are doing. God is not against liberals or conservatives or anyone else. He is only opposed to evil, sin, eternal death, that which will destroy his creation (mainly us). While you do have a point about what was said about guns sounding like a liberal anti-gun web site, one thing I would like to point out about God is that He is not chatty. He does not make small talk. He says what needs to be said without embellishment and although He may say something more (I’m thinking of the Epilogue of my autobiography) it will not be trivial. If you want to read a book that is truly things that God has said, this time to a woman in England before most of us were born, it is the paperback classic, GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell. It contains over 360 short, no more than a page and often just a paragraph, of things that are truth revealed. Many have found comfort and guidance in this book and I recommend it to all who truly seek God and want to ‘safely’ know more (I’m assuming that those who are seeking are already at least nominal Christians with some understanding of what the Bible teaches). The spirit in the articles offered by the writer in the previous comment does seem to offer information that is new, but in reality it is not new. God revealed well over a decade ago to one of his chosen that there would be rioting and food shortages here in the USA although in typical Biblical fashion the when was not revealed:
        As with the prophets of old the when is always a matter of faith and time. Faith that what was spoken was true and in time one will see it.
        In 1989 another man of God who has the mantle of prophet but who seldom talks about financial affairs wrote about a coming world wide financial crisis that would affect all. It was his mention of such that got me interested in what was really going on because I know he speaks for God. I mention him in both my books, especially since he more recently has said what is becoming common knowledge, words to the effect that fiat currencies are going to fail in all countries (but this could take years as we lumber along – in truth I do not know). More important he mentions the shortage or scarcity of food in the future which I go into some detail about in a chapter on famine in my latest book. As it says in the Bible, “in the end times knowledge will increase” and it is certainly increasing but what we need is not more knowledge, but more wisdom. It is unlikely in a hundred years that any reading this will care about the then current economic situation (unless the knowledge of how to extend telomeres is fully understood). Are we headed for hard times, absolutely! Is it hopeless? Absolutely not! God is still in charge. What this world is going through, the fight between good and evil, other worlds have gone through, although most did not survive the discovery of the harnessing of the atom. There is so much to learn but as Jesus told the woman in England who complained so many years ago about how much there was to learn, that there was eternity to learn it all! Most have little awareness of these things but we are not alone. God does indeed love us and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us more than He does already. All we can do is draw closer to him and we will find that He will draw closer to us. Just beware of those who purport to be speaking for God. Few actually do so. In the meantime do not ignore those who are begging one and all to learn about non-perishable food and to begin stockpiling a few months worth of things that will not lose their nutrition over the years. Freeze dried is safest but you must have a source of water and usually heat to use them. Personally I try to avoid any foods from China. They have 24% of the world’s people but only 7% of the world’s farmland so how can they export food when they need to be importing it? Sorry, I prefer local if at all possible. God bless you.

  • J.M.R.

    we thanks to bernanke we be feeling the pinch at the stores that we shop at

    • Al Sieber

      J.M.R., yeah, real soon, the price of food is already going up.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Prices going up here too AL.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Al Sieber,
        Have you looked at the price of gas lately?? Real close to 3.00 a gal here!! I heard they had another refinery fire!! Why the hell don’t they let them build a few more so it doesn’t effect it so much if they have a problem at one?

        • Al Sieber

          Joe H, where I live in Ariz. it’s $2.60 a gallon, a month or so it was $2.44 this is for regular. I just went to the grocery store and the price of food went up 10% in a month, thank god I have a garden. we eat deer and elk meat, or bison. don’t eat hamburger, or any store meat. too many chemicals, anti biotic’s, steroids, etc.

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H, the EPA won’t let us build any more refineries without jumping through a lot of hoops, thank the Enviro-terrorists and tree hugger’s.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            I know about the EPA (Extra Pain in the AZZ). And yes I was talking about regular gas as well. I haven’t noticed a big jump in the food prices here yet, but it’s probably coming! Heard theey’re saying this is gonna be a real hard winter as well. Just what we all need, higher heating, cooking, and hot water prices. guess I’ll just have to cut down to one shower a week whether I need it or not!!!

          • Dan az

            Hey joe dont do it. It will just make it easier for them to locate you!
            Hey al were getting 2.96 a gal. here and the markets are outrageous looks like hyper inflation time. Hows things going over there?

          • LeRoyZ

            Wow!! I live in western N.Y., and I can’t even remember $2.60 per gal. It went to $2.99 per gal something like 3 or 4 weeks ago! Don’t mind me…this is nothing new. I see all the time people quoting prices that are way lower than ours.

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, it’s between $2.60-$2.64 a gal.for regular in Bullhead City Ariz. the closest place to me, in Kingman Az. gas is .10-.15 cents more, but I buy off road diesel there for $2.33 a gal. for my backhoe, other wise diesel would be $3.00 a gal. or more. high inflation here is starting with the food. at least it cooled down here for the summer, and since it doesn’t get much below 40* at night in the winter, and the mid 60*’s in the day time, all I need is a few cords of fire wood for the winter.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            went out today and it was 2.99 a gallon at the sohio, gastown and the circle k in town!!! First day with that dirty four letter word, too!!! SNOW! LIBERTY DIGEST, don’t ban me for that slip, please!!!

          • Dan az

            Hey Joe looks like snow here in a couple of weeks too,Al thinks 40 is cold little does he know thats shorts weather here and possibly sun

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, anything below 60 is cold to me, I have to build a fire. you know how hot it gets here in the summer, 118*, 124* etc. my son lives near you, I know how cold it gets.

          • Dan az

            hey Al
            you better make your trip up here soon while the weather is nice.Ill keep a fire on for ya!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, as long as it’s at least 70 degrees.

  • Cliff Janney

    I am hopeful our new elected officials have the intestinal fortitude to fight and endure the hardships that we are going to face as a nation for the last hundred years of Government mismanagement. Yes, I believe the Federal Reserve is a good place to start, then we have to begin to deal with the Dept. of Education, Amtrak, Tennessee Valley Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Institute of Health, Federal Housing Administration, Federal student aid grants and loans, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Food and Drug Administration, control and reduction of entitlements, Home Land Security, and other agencies that are not mandated by the Constitution.

    As our new Florida Governor says, “Lets get to Work!”

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Right on!

    • independant thinker

      I would take exception to one item on your list that being Amtrak. As long as the feds subsidise air travel they must continue to subsidise Amtrak. When the full cost of air travel (airport security including TSA, airport infrastructure, air traffic control, etc.) is passed to the airlines them you can drop the Amtrak subsidies.

    • Richard Pawley

      All believers who voted for new people to go to Washington need to pray for them. It is unlikely that they have any idea of the temptations they are going to be offered, beautiful women, handsome men, money, drugs, power, anything they want, to vote this way or that. Remember the senator who was offered $150 Million for her home state if she would vote for Obama/Pelosi-Reid Care? Of course, if these new people are caught in some compromising situation they can be blackmailed as others have been as it is a den of vipers that they are entering into in the hopes of changing the system. They need all the help from us we can possibly give, prayers, and even letters of encouragement. Those who wield power do not give it up easily.

  • Tazio2013

    And you’ll definitely want to read today’s Daily Bell:

  • Daniel from TN

    One thing I agree with is an audit would be a complete waste of time. Phoney audits have probably already been prepared and scapegoats are already lined up. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people volunteered to be scapegoats; for a price. The only solution is to immediately end the Federal Reserve. If obama vetoes this idea, that’s fine. He’s just showing the American people more of his true agenda and hammering another nail in his re-election coffin.


    • http://?? Joe H.

      One real easy way to get around the problems with “volenteers is to try them for treason and put the death penalty on the table!! Works for me!!!

      • Fighting Grandma

        Yep, that is exactly what we need…works for me, too!

        • LeRoyZ

          Yahoo!! And if you’re trying people for treason, I’d like to throw in every single Dem in House that stood up and cheered when the guy from down south came up to our nation’s capital and attacked the Az. immigration law! That was the most appalling display I have ever seen!I’m not a violent man, but that was one time I think I could have done serious bodily harm to someone!!! On a lighter note, if anyone is reading this, I think I can give you a chuckle. Because of this incident in Congress, I have decided to re-register as a Democrat. The reason is as follows: I can’t guarantee that a Dem won’t win an election, but if I am registered in the Dem party, I can at least vote against the incumbent Dem and maybe help unseat him. I’ve gotten a lot of chuckles in my small town when I explain my reasoning to my friends, but I’m dead serious about it. I’ll never vote for a Dem again in an election, and will only vote to unseat an incumbent in the primary.

  • Tom SC

    I thought the Constitution said only the Federal Govt. could control this Nations Financial matters including the printing of our money. As I understand it for some obviously poor reasom this power was somehow relegated to a newly formed PRIVATE Federal Reserve in 1913.Evidently this was the beginning of the corruption permeating throughout our Federal Government.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Exactly! This criminal cartel of bankers have had their hand in every enslaving, murdering, warmongering & media manipulation event since then….1913- WWI, depression, WWII, Korea, Bay of Pigs, Kennedy Assination, Vietnam, Gulf War, to now 2010. What exactly will it take for AMERICANS TO PUT ALL THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER AND FIGURE IT OUT!?

      • Tazio2013

        IMCO, the sheeple will only awaken after a catastrophic economic/financial collapse and/or “Black Swan”. And for knowledge on these distinct possibilities from persons far more intelligent than I, suggest you listen to the interview with Nassim Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot:

      • Dena

        I’m not altogether sure its the bankers at the heart of this problem. Seems to me I read somewhere that European governments were delighted to discover during the middle ages (or somewhere thereabouts) that they could borrow money from “central bank” to fund their wars. There was no longer any reason to hold back on their quest for world empires. Of course the banks were complicit (and unconstitutional in the U.S.) but seems to me it was a tit for tat arrangement between the banksters and power hungry governments.

        • Fighting Grandma

          Dena, they fund both sides of all the wars – that way they never lose.

  • New World Order

    Rand and Ron, cease and decist immediately or you both will die in a mysterious manner in such a way where decades later, no one will really know the truth and circumstances of your death (see death of JFK, former US President).

    We are the masters and controllers of the Earth and we will retreat to our fortified bunkers where we have enough supplies for a thousand years and nuke the entire planet if this ends up being the only way we can hold on to our power.

    We are Gods in human flesh. Leading is our birth right. We don’t take kindly to folk who would deny us our birth right.

    you both have a real nice day now.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      LOL…I think your Overdosing on Viagra and the blood has left your shrivled brain.

      • New World Order

        sorry, wrong answer. We have access to incredible technologies that we don’t let the slaves dare have. I myself am 15 inches, even when I used to be like 2 inches before I became a member of the NWO.

        • independant thinker

          Go back to the wraslin ring.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Oh height challenged, huh?? If I was as short as you I would have a Napoleon complex as well!!!

      • Angel Wannabe


    • Al Sieber

      Hey NWO, if you “Nuke” the entire planet, and kill everyone you have no control over anyone.

      • New World Order

        We will have control over the vault dwellers with us (as certainly you understand it wouldn’t be just us underground – someone has to pamper us and provide for our every need afterall as we have never done any demeaning work on our own which is insulting for us God humans to take part in) and over anyone who would miracuolously survive on the surface. We should be able to easily control the surface dwellers as we will have functioning technology (helicopters, etc.) and the surface survivers might have dusty AR-15s at the absolute best.

        Also, you do understand that through such initatives as agenda 21 and various eugenics operations such as mercury filled vaccines, airplane chem trail operations, etc., that our ultimate goal is to kill off 80-90% of the planet. We love mother Earth and all of her bounty but we will nuke the entire planet to acheive that population reduction if you force our hand…. We would rather destory the Earth then to ever have our power destroyed.

        • New World Order

          Also, it should be pointed out that we funded that usueful raving lunatic, oh what was his name…. oh yes, Adolf Hitler, and never stopped funding him even as he gassed Jews. Many Jews at the time thought they would be imprisoned but didnt think they would be just killed as they thought the Nazis needed the slave labor. If we funded a lunatic to kill most of the Jews, why would you think we are incapable of vaportizing 80-90% of the human population in atomic holocaust?

          • JC

            And then what happens? Lmao
            you are a RIOT!

            But this isn’t the place for Dungeons and Dragon stuff.
            There’s other sites for that.

        • Al Sieber

          NWO, it looks like you win the “Twinkie” of the week award, are you still in mommie’s basement? or Dad’s garage now?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Me thinks he found a way to wriggle out of his straight jacket and snuck into the nurses wing to get to the computer!!!

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H., he’s probably in some mental clinic, and could be the head Doctor.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            I know who it is its flash on a acid trip!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, or “mushrooms”.

          • independant thinker

            NWO is Flashinthepan huh, I knew he sounded familier.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      Do the junior high students have off school today??

      • New World Order

        Nice insult. You are now on the red list and not just the yellow list….

        • New World Ordir

          I am already on the purple list which as you know is the list of the ones implementing the “final solution II”. Email me so we can work together and get these peons.

          • coal miner

            New World Order,

            You mean nut list.When did you get out the cracker house?Trying to induce panic?You flunk.That happen by accident sixty-four years ago.Website

        • Al Sieber

          NWO, I’ve been on the “Red List” for years, come and get me. you’re on my $hit list.

        • Al Sieber

          NWO, I wasn’t trying to insult you, I meant it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            At 15 inches tall he’s probably cowering in the corner in fear now!!! Shame on you!!!

          • Dan az

            Come on guys my eyes are watering and my sides are killing me!!!!!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan,Joe H, if he’s 15″ tall he’s coyote bait, ok, I’ll knock it off.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Ok now MY sides are aching!!!! HAHAHEHEHEHEHOHOHOHO!!!

    • vicki

      Cute. Well NWO if your birthright is to lead then lead. We will decide if we want to follow. :)

      Tyrants dictate the path. Leaders follow the path. Which are you?

      (P.S. I know that NWO is satire)

    • Claire

      New World Order–You are one sadistic and mentally unbalanced person. You will find that the average American citizen will fight you all the way. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched, because you are in for a rude awakening. I find your pitiful posts to be absolutely disgusting. Don’t count on taking me down the tubes, because I sure as heck will fight you all the way and if I go down I will take you right along with me. Go ahead, put me on your red list, your pathetic attempt to be “tough” is feeble. Take your idiocy and get lost. Permanently.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Claire, This NWO is exercising his Sal Alinsky, Marxist technics__Intimidation, threats which I’m sure Bob Livingston was onto right away. With the technologies today, I’m surprised anyone tries this.

        • Vicki

          Have you guys not heard of satire? The actual NWO (which is an oligarchy like object) would never make such statements in any forum.

          • Claire

            Satire?? Perhaps. But there are always radical “nutjobs” in every “organization” such as the NWO. This person can very well be legit or one of the nutjobs. Either way, I have no use for them.

      • coal miner


        Don’t take World Disorder seriously.
        We need a little diversion,I never laugh so hard,since the pigs ate my baby brother.He must be related to Cr474,they both live in the land beyond the forest.What ever happen to CR474?

        • Claire

          coal miner— Gee, I don’t know what happened to CR747. He hasn’t been on this site for months. The NWO does aggravate me. It appears all administrations have been involved in the NWO in one way or another for many many years.

  • Norm

    Most of the radicals who ran for the Senate were defeated. Rand Paul is the exception. Thank God he is only 1% of the group and will do nothing but take up space. Even Mitch didn’t support him.

    • Libertarian

      Sorry, Norm, you don’t know squat. The “radicals” are the Communists we are trying to get rid of. They call themselves “Democrats”. In order for the tyrants to stay in power, all the challengers must be discredited. This is what is happening to Ron & Rand Paul, who are absolutely correct in their assessment of the FED.

    • Robert S

      Norm Mitch is Obama with white skin.

      • New World Order

        How do you know he is white?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Norm… sour grapes?

      • JeffH

        Robin, the dufus forgot to mention Palin…???? OOPS!

    • DaveH

      You’re right, Norm, we got rid of most of the radicals. Now we have to wait until 2012 to get rid of the rest.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Come 2012 we will only have a few token dems in government!!! (THANK GOD!!)

        • http://naver sook young

          I’m thinking the same thing. Thank you all for supporting me this last month. I see that I’m on the right side in this fight and it makes me feel good to be able to do something for this country. All the people I voted for won and I’m glad. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • Ray

    When it was started the Fed Reserve was a good idea to stimulate the economy through monetary economics and at the same time get the USA away from fiscal stimulus. However the Fed has now become more of a fiscalist institution than monetary. They are playing with economics through the money supply and anyone with some understanding of Economics realizes that they are playing with fire. Does no one in the District of Corruption and the Government remember what happened to Japan when they played with the money supply via interest rates? Japan is still not completely out of their economic hole and it has been over a decade + now. Politicians are not much better at running the economy anywhere but into the ground. We need a very strong oversight Committee and Chairs that know about finance, economics and how to impliment policy on a steady gradual basis, not the force down the throat of our current Committee Chairs all the way up to the WHite House where without a teleprompter not even a simple speech can be delivered.

  • Libertarian

    Don’t forget we are still under martial law with the 1933 War Powers Act which can only be ended by Presidential proclamation. (12 USC, 95b, and Proclamation 2040). As long as the FED controls the president, they are safe.

  • Frank

    Can you all imagine the repercutions this would have across our nation and as far as joining into the WO, It would be like a kid saying, this is my ball and I’m not going to play anymore. The rest of the world would get mad and have to go find their own ball to kick around. As Donald Trump said yesterday on Fox, “Our enemies are laughing at us all over the world,” and that enemy is China, yet our leaders thus far could care less as long as they get rich and richer they are getting, without any restraint or anyone to watch over them. Though the hen house is controlled by the foxes, the chickens are beginning to outnumber the foxes, and it’s just a matter of time, before the chickens will be able to run the foxes out and take control of their own hen house. This is what Americans need to control and understand how our system works and why our American dollar will soon be worth O, as long as this kind of crap continues on without brakes.
    I wonder how many Americans truly understand our monetary system and how deep the corruption truly is within the laws of our land to let this type of decieving and raping of our citizens and their worth not go unrecognized through our public forum? What good are jobs, when, in time, all Americans will be working for nothing for that is where the dollar is slowly dropping towards. Being worth nothing.

    • vicki

      If the dollar does reach a value of 0 who would accept it in payment for work done? Supply/Demand affects EVERYTHING including wages. People will do as they did in the 80s. Demand and get more wages. I bet the unions have already started their strike plans.

      • David

        They won’t be able to strike…..if we do not buy any of the crap they produce such as gov motors.

    • Dan az

      As long as the printing presses keep churning out monopoly money we are up a creek with out a paddle.Its time to turn things around quickly before we reach O because thats when the world currency is going to change to one world currency.I say while their on that island we surround it and dont let them off like lepards that they are and only give them flouride water and hormone beef to live out their miserable lives.

  • Santi

    I wonder if these people in the fed have met the beast. Greenspan and bernanke belong to the builderburg group. These people want to do away with over half of the worlds population. I don’t think they will go down with ut a fight. Oh you think billgates will save us, he’s part of them as well. President Kennedy was killed by order of the Federal reserve, because he tried to get rid of it.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    I believe an “End the Fed” movement needs to rise up across this country. The Fed is the source of so many of the problems. People, I’m telling you if we keep sitting idly by and just complaining about whats happening, they will continue to steam roll us into poverty and a completely broken dollar….which is the goal. We NEED more Libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul, Stossel etc etc in office. As long as the Fed exists, it won’t matter how many conservatives you put in DC if they don’t share the same belief. The government needs to begin fearing the people rather than the other way around. It is time.

    • Al Sieber

      Strawberry, we need to educate the people first about the Fed. Reserve first, which is hard to do, as the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water…” I’ve made a lot of DVD copies about the “Fed” and handed them out, the only way to reach people is one at a time, but, that isn’t fast enough, we’re out of time.

      • Teresa

        U.S. dollar printing is huge risk -China adviser

        Nov 4 (Reuters) – Unbridled printing of dollars is the biggest risk to the global economy, an adviser to the Chinese central bank said in comments published on Thursday, a day after the Federal Reserve unveiled a new round of monetary easing.

        China must set up a firewall via currency policy and capital controls to cushion itself from external shocks, Xia Bin said in a commentary piece in the Financial News, a Chinese-language newspaper managed by the central bank.

        “As long as the world exercises no restraint in issuing global currencies such as the dollar — and this is not easy — then the occurrence of another crisis is inevitable, as quite a few wise Westerners lament,” he said.

        As an academic adviser on the central bank’s monetary policy committee, Xia does not have decision-making power but does provide input to the policy-making process.

        The Federal Reserve launched a fresh effort on Wednesday to support the struggling U.S. economy, committing to buy $600 billion in government bonds despite concerns the programme could do more harm than good. [ID:nN03163902]

        Xia said that it will take a long time for the global monetary system to improve and that China must be ready to hold the line on its currency policy and capital controls.

        “We must keep a clear mind. We must not lead the world in financial regulation, nor simply follow the deeds of mature economies. We must think ‘what is good for us’,” he said.

        China already has a regime of tight capital controls in place, limiting its vulnerability to the wave of liquidity that analysts say U.S. easing could push towards emerging markets.

        By closely managing the yuan’s exchange rate, Beijing has also been able to blunt appreciation pressure in the face of a weakening dollar.

        To better coordinate its policies, China should establish a team in charge of broad economic and financial supervision above its current network of financial regulators, Xia said.

        • David

          Exactly, it’s like cashing out of the stock market when one knows it is going to drop. The dollar will continue to weaken (so that we may increase exports??) so why would one blame China to cash out or at least counter our fed’s move?

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        Al I agree completely…and you are right we are out of time I just have an “it ain’t over till it’s over” complex. Lol

        • Al Sieber

          Apparently Strawberry, the “Fat Lady” hasn’t sung. LOL

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        thats what fox has been trying to do and has done a pretty good job at it.We need to take over the media from the progs and libbies so more people can get educated and start teaching our kids early in life that not all they are taught in the gov. schools is the truth.This site has opened up allot of minds and we need more of them to spread the word.Im not sure how I found this site but Im really glad that I did.Ive spread the word about this site to every one that I come into contact with and they spread it to all of their friends and family to.Its kinda like a pyramid its bound to reach millions if we can just keep at it.I know I will and I know you will and I know joe and dave and sc and kate and claire and all of the others here will be spreading the word So we may have a chance before its to late.

        • Al Sieber

          Dan, I’ve been doing the same, sharing and e-mailing this site to a lot of people, so we’ve been doing our job.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al did ya read what kate found its great they are falling apart by the seams.Obumer needs meds to cope and they are asking biden to start the impeachment proceedings.

          • http://naver samurai

            You mean he’s doing cocaine again? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Al Sieber

            Now why doesn’t that surprise me.

  • http://yahoo Cherokee

    senator Rand Paul will be a (strong) elected senator in Washington.

    Keep your eye on him for the next two years

  • Todd

    Bob, I am going to tell my Representative to vote for Ron Paul! On that note, I want people to see what I been sending to as many as possible. Take special note of number 33 and 34.
    With the recent elections we have a chance to take back America! For this to happen our voices need to be louder than ever. Below is what I am sending to my elected officials. Please take this information and send it to all your elected officials as well. If they don’t here from us, and often, history shows they will fail to legislate for what the majority of the people want. They will legislate in favor of special interests, foreign governments and cronyism. They need to be held accountable!

    I am sure you have heard many times that many elected officials think that we are so dumb, we can’t think for ourselves, and we don’t know what is going on so they have to think for us. This is just another very valid reason to send this to your elected officials. Show them you are not dumb, and you do know what is going on…you do know what they are doing to you.

    If you think you don’t need to send this to your elected officials because I may Have, don’t, send it anyway. To reiterate, the more they here from us the better our chance of taking back America.

    Please share this with as many people as you can.

    Thank you for taking these steps to take back America. This will insure the great America we have enjoyed will be that way for future generations to come.

    The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive.
    Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

    Now that the people have sent a message for change that benefits the people. Lets look at what the people feel needs to be done, or not done.
    1. Do not compromise
    2. Stand tall on principle
    3. Stop letting America turn into a socialist country
    4. No more ear marks
    5. Term limits for the House and Senate
    6. Do not discount the Tea Party. It will become stronger and will not put up with the past shenanigans in government
    7. Don’t go down the same road as the Republicans did under Gindrich
    8. Run the Country like a business
    9. Balance the budget
    10. Reduce the national debt
    11. Cut government spending by 30% or more
    12. Cut taxes
    13. Stop gutting the military
    14. Put military rules of engagement in place that allow them to win
    15. Secure and protect our borders
    16. Enforce our immigration laws
    17. Do not pass the Dream Act
    18. Stop the out of control special interest spending
    19. Stop sending money to Countries where it never gets to the people, only to their corrupt leaders
    20. Stop stepping on the Constitution.
    21. Legislate according to the Constitution
    22. Eliminate unconstitutional government agencies
    23. Repeal unconstitutional laws
    24. De-fund Obama’s dozens of unconstitutional czars
    25. Repeal Obamacare
    26. Never approve another government run health care program
    27. Be on the same health care plans as the people
    28. Do not try to pass the Disclose Act again
    29. Do not allow Cap & Trade to pass
    30. Do not allow social engineering to occur through the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619)
    31. Do not allow merging 401(k)s, IRAs, and other tax-advantaged private savings programs into the failed Social Security program
    32. Be on the same retirement plans as the people
    33. Stop the Federal Reserve from stimulating the economy into oblivion
    34. Eliminate or at least audit the Federal Reserve
    35. Require the President to prove his Constitutionally required eligibility to hold office (can’t believe he was even allow to run for office without doing this)
    36. Resign from the most corrupt organization in the World, The United Nations
    37. Do not allow the U.N. to remove firearms from Americans and leave them solely in the hands of a global military
    38. Do not allow One World Governance

    I am looking forward to progress in all the preceding! For the future of this country I hope you take this seriously and share it with others in Congress. I will be sharing this with your constituents, our elected officials and concerned citizens across the country. I would encourage you to do the same.


    • meteorlady

      We already have term limits – it’s called VOTING. If someone is elected and has not fear about being re-elected then they promote the agenda of whom ever financed their run. I hate the thought of term limits……

  • Howard R Gray

    At long last the monster of Jeckel Island will be subject to scrutiny, it may be a while yet but it will happen.

    Zimbabwe inflation is on the horizon if the Nation does not stop fiddling the currency. The point to understand here is that the dollar is just a currency it has less and less monetary value left. My shopping basket is costing more and will doubtless inflate monumentally if the Fed and the Treasury continue to dilute the value of the dollar.

    The need for an audit and perhaps in the distant future the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank could just happen. More power to Ron and Rand Paul.

    I would like to see some discussion of private or non statist money as an alternative to the dollar to begin focusing on the idea of money that isn’t just a currency with less and less intrinsic value. The most important feature of a non state money system would be value support, by intrinsic value, in short an investment assurance preventing the creeping devaluation or value theft by inflation of the currency by the political class and as an under girdle for freedom for all of us. It is time to revisit laws preventing private or non statist money, the sooner the better as the dollar might be on the Zimbabwean path to self destruction.

    Just to mention, as a cautionary tale, that I had my inheritance from my Grandfather in Zimbabwean dollars held in a blocked account preventing withdrawal of the funds, this was a stunt by the British Government and the new Zimbabwean government to avoid a flight of money when Marxist Mugabe took power. The kicker was the Marxist inflated the money out of existence so much so the funds have literally disappeared. If any of you think Weimar inflation isn’t possible I am pleased to tell you I have experienced it for real! The Weimar experience is coming to an economy near you in the next year or so, it could be that soon. Hence I implore folks to start looking at radical alternatives to the dollar currency, we need real money and we need “cash now” not paper later. Talk to your friends about non state and private money.

    Non state money issuing is possible it has been done in Scotland, you will find Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland notes out there, and private issuing of money is possible but the real need if for a money that is backed by gold and silver or other real value bases not just the right to print notes. Hayek is the economist to start with on examining private or non statist money. It helps to realize that the government is nothing other than a cartel of unincorporated bodies with special privileges to use money like ENRON without the drawback of bankruptcy or insolvency until it is too late. Only on the day the dollar fails will the government be in trouble. The simple message here is to begin the discussion about alternatives to the current system of providing money. Go figure folks.

  • http://n/a Robo

    Ray: PLEASE! The Fed was NEVER a good idea. You need to read “Creature From Jekyll Island” and see that it was an evil and subversive group and plan to undermine and overtake complete control of this country. The evil behind the Fed has been completely exposed for what it is and was from the very beginning. THE FED WAS NEVER A GOOD IDEA! One of the main psychos at the heart of the formation of the Fed was Paul Warburg of the European banking cartel in league with the Rothschilds. This same Mr. Warburg was also a cornerstone member in the formation of the Council On Foreign Relations just a few years later. He was later asked to demurely step down from his position on the board of the Fed prior to WWII because it became well known that his brother was involved, if not in charge, of arranging the finances for Hitler! (with able help from Prescott Bush and his Union Bank of New York—yes, the daddy of George H. W. and the grandaddy of George W.) We are engaged in a new war and I sincerely hope we are not too late in awakening. The very first thing one must do is summon up the courage to confront the true nature of the long standing evil that is behind the Fed, the NWO, Bilderberg and its’ tentacles: the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the CIA, the World Health Organization and the FDA, the World Federation of Mental Health, etc. Each of these, one by one must be fully exposed and taken down — and it will be a war. THEN we will get our country back and be the example for the rest of the world that we once were. When our forefathers started this country on its’ founding principles, it was “a bold experiment.” It is time to get bold again. It starts with taking down and running out The Fed!

  • Hannibal Smith

    I prefer to look at this issue thus ; with Judge A.Napolitano on our side, we can’t lose..

  • Carlucci

    The doctors Paul are very courageous to go against this truly evil malignancy known as the Federal Reserve. Every U.S. president that has ever tried to get rid of central banking cartels has been assassinated, with the exception of Andrew Jackson, who survived an attempted assassination. That in and of itself is a remarkable and miraculous story, as two pistols aimed point blank at his midsection misfired at the same time. Jackson was a huge foe of central banking. He was a war hero from the War of 1812, and was re-elected for a second term when he ran on a platform to rid America of the central bank. The citizenry of America back then were savvy to just how destructive the private fractional banking cartels were and are. If every American saw the documentary the Secret of Oz, there would be rioting in the streets – Please cut and paste this link above and pass it on to all of your friends and ask them to do the same. We have an edge over the citizenry in Andrew Jackson’s day, and that edge is the Internet. This documentary is absolutely fascinating and well done. We can take America back if everyone gets on board and educates themselves on what is really going on, starting with the Federal Reserve which has almost succeeded in killing the American dream with the help of the socialist democrats. Remember, watch the movie, and then pass it on and tell your friends to tell their friends, and so on, and so on…………

  • Bob Uda

    The Fed is a corrupt, lying, thieving, cheating organization filled with criminals. Kill it before it multiplies.

  • Bob Wire

    I’m interested to know what kind of steel is in the is man Rand Paul.

    He ‘s says balance the budget and they say 700 million dollar tax break for everyone first.

    The debit ceiling will have to be raised at some point.

    I see two intersecting point that collide.

    I’m going to find me a good seat to this.

    • Bob L

      The tax “breaks’ aren’t new, merely a continuation of the ones already implemented by the Bush administration. Taxing those who control industry, provide employment, is the last thing to even consider in a recession which is far from over.Overhauling welfare,the expensive health care plan,abolishing pork barrel deals will be positive steps. How can this nation afford to shelter and provide for foreign nationals for that matter.Good fences make for good neighbours was never more pertinent than it is today.Take a look at the sitcom in sunny California.

  • Bob L

    What,in the name of sanity, is a facade the likes of the “Federal Reserve” even doing in the United States of America? It is nothing but a self-serving front for international banking cartels, owning homage to its’ masters. It should never have been allowed to dictate to the nations’ congress and senate.Now this monstrosity claims the need to further indebt the country, devalue the dollar by more unnecessary buyouts of the national debt.They even refuse to name their overlords, deny the nations’ right to audit their agendas. The USA Can Not afford this insanity any longer. Abolish it now. The Pauls, father and son are so right.

    • Anthony

      Like the historical says … it took only 3 votes in Congress – during Xmas break – to shove this nonsense down our Country’s throat.

      Have you read Creature from Jekyll Island?

      And, do you know they are ALL staying there, this weekend, to celebrate 100 years of dictatorship over our currency?

  • DAVE


    • Al Sieber

      DAVE, I live in Ariz., and I’ll back it all the way.

  • Carol


  • http://none sean moor


    • Angel Wannabe

      Take a powder Sean, your only trying to start an argument!__Buh Bye!!!

    • vicki

      What proof do you offer that God does not exist?

    • http://naver sook young

      First of all, its resurrect (correct spelling)
      Second, don’t try this God don’t exist arguement. It only shows how really ignorant you are. Third, it seems that you have missed taking your meds today. Which one is it, valium? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

    • JC

      sean, the only thing you need to know about God is – You’re not Him.
      And people are free to worship as they see fit…until they start advocating the death of everyone who does not worship the same way.
      Then it’s time to Lock n Load.

  • JeffH

    I support the Paul’s for their Audit the Fed and hopefully abolishing the Fed but I wonder if some horrible accident or death will strike them for their persistance as has happened in the past. Think Lincoln and JFK!

    The Federal Reserve Banking system held its annual Monetary Symposium at the fat cat resort at Jackson Hole, Wyoming in late August 2010.
    In his address to the participants, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, cousin and agent for the ruling Rothschild banking Cabal of London, laid out the dilemma facing the Fed’s master manipulators by saying: “In many countries, including the United States and most other advanced industrial nations, growth during the past year has been too slow and joblessness remains too high. This list of concerns makes clear that a return to strong and stable economic growth will require appropriate and effective responses from economic policymakers across a wide spectrum, as well as from leaders in the private sector. Central bankers alone cannot solve the world’s economic problems”

    Bernanke has told the elite CFR gathering that a new overarching financial authority should be created by the government and empowered with sweeping new regulatory responsibilities. Bernanke also coyly indicted to the renowned globalist group that he believes a new international order could be fomented out of the crisis.

    “Some of the policies I propose can be implemented and developed under the existing authorities of financial regulators, indeed we are in the process now of doing just that. But in other cases, Congressional action will be necessary to create the requisite authorities and responsibilities.”
    “Effectively identifying and addressing systemic risks would seem to require the involvement of the Federal Reserve in some capacity, even if not in the lead role,” Bernanke said.

    Essentially Bernanke suggested that even more power be granted to the Federal Reserve, a private banking institution that has already failed as a regulatory body and led us into the current crisis through it’s engineered inflation of the credit bubble under Alan Greenspan.

    Bernanke’s suggestions echo those of Paul Volcker, an Obama adviser and former Fed chairman, who called for a similar regulatory crackdown in January, along with other members of the elite Group of Thirty.
    Bernanke reiterated that the central bank, U.S. Treasury and other regulators “will take any necessary and appropriate steps” to ensure banks have capital to “function well in even a severe economic downturn.”

    • Angel Wannabe

      I’m concerned for theyre safety too_ JeffH.

      • Dan az

        Hey Angel
        I think if we let the feds know that if any one touches a hair on their heads that they will be held responsible no matter who does it they will pay the price.

  • Teresa

    Fed to resume buying federal debt
    Government ‘making bargain with the devil’

    Now that the Federal Reserve has announced a willingness to tolerate a return of inflation, Wall Street eagerly anticipates the resumption of a newly contrived Fed policy known as “quantitative easing,” or QE.

    What QE boils down to is a resumption of the policy by which the Federal Reserve is going to buy more government-issued debt.

    Thomas Hoenig, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, said last week that more expansive monetary policy was “a bargain with the devil,” making it clear that even with the Fed there is disagreement about the wisdom of this policy.

    In less politically correct times, economists used to call the policy “monetizing the debt,” to characterize what was considered an irresponsible policy of a central bank deciding to print money to make possible the issuance of otherwise unsustainable levels of the government debt needed to finance out-of-control budget deficits.

    In the first round of QE that ended in March, the Fed bought nearly $1.7 trillion in U.S. government debt, the majority of which was Freddie and Fanny-issued paper, with only about $300 billion of the $1.7 trillion going into Treasuries.

    With the Obama administration booking its second consecutive trillion-dollar-plus federal budget deficit, the only question on Wall Street is how much Treasury Debt will the Fed buy this time?

    Fed has doubled holdings of Treasury debt since 2008

    Under the Obama administration, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has doubled the Fed holdings of Treasury Debt, going from $400 billion in 2009 to more than $800 billion today.

    What is under discussion is the possibility the Fed may buy as much as $100 billion a month of newly issued Treasury debt, beginning in November.

    This could easily double again the amount of Treasury debt held by the Fed, bringing the total near $2 trillion.

    The likely impact of this QE policy will be to increase inflation and weaken the dollar.

    Any stimulus to the stock market will be temporary, as the Fed creates a new bubble, much as the Fed helped create the mortgage bubble by keeping interest rates at 1 percent during 2003-2004.

    Truthfully, that that the Fed has no other tools left that QE demonstrates the Fed is out of monetary tools, having keep interest rates at or near zero for now nearly two years.

    As recently as last March, the Federal Reserve had announced terminating an earlier plan under which the Fed had purchased $1.25 trillion in federal government mortgage-backed securities issued by Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac.

    In October 2009, the Fed terminated an earlier program to purchase $300 billion in U.S. Treasury debt.

    Last year the federal government bought its own debt in an effort to keep interest rates low.

    Until now, the Fed has managed to keep federal funds rates in the historic low range of zero, a policy that traces back to December 2008.

    In the process of buying federal debt, the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve has gone from under $1trillion in 2008 to approximately $2.3 trillion today.

    Having the Fed buy federal debt involves a process economists typically call “monetizing the debt,” in that the Federal Reserve essentially is printing money to purchase U.S. debt in a process most Americans would understand as using the MasterCard to pay the Visa bill.

    Red Alert warns this market gain is just another financial bubble created by irresponsible Federal Reserve policies.

    Fed now setting targets for Treasury debt purchases

    Bloomberg reported Thursday that the Fed has asked bond dealers and investors for projections of Fed purchase of Treasury debt over the next six months, asking for best guesses on how the purchases will affect bond yields and inflation.

    “If they buy too much, I think there’s a real chance that rates are going to rise because people are worried about inflation,” Stephen Stanley, the chief economist at Pierpont Securities LLC in Stamford, Conn., told Bloomberg. “If they don’t buy much, they’re not going to have a market impact.”

    Market expectations appear to be that the Fed will not stop QE until a new $1 trillion of Treasury debt has been purchased and added to the Fed’s balance sheet.

    The market for U.S. government debt is estimated at $8.5 trillion, including debt issued by government agencies such as mortgage giants Fanny and Freddie.

    The use of QE as a tool of the Fed to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment is a novel and untested approach to monetary policy that has traditionally involved primarily the setting of interest rates by the Fed.

    Market insiders expect final targets for Fed purchases will be announced at the conclusion of next week’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.

    • http://none Judy I wanna know2

      The Fed Res. Has no money they tried to pay off China with gold plated money 2 years in a row. I forget the exact term they called it.Then China replied they were going to expose the corruption of Bankers and their affiliates. They have stole our money and handed it out to the elite. So we really are broke. The New Gov. will have to start some kind of monetary funds/ currency. When you consider over the last 13yrs or so they have spent our money creating tunnels with lavish and self contained Garden centers, kitchens, luxury suites and much more, with our money their is no doubt it’s gone. This org.has thought of everything. They have so much in the works to oppress us. Alien invasion and Christs return in holographs in the sky.To begin martial law and fill concentration camps all over the U.S. with people who don’t submit to this rouge society. They have the patriot act to support their efforts. The Gov. spends 2 I said 2 trillion a yr to run these new Organizations to follow all our transactions, emails,voice, text messages. Credit card purchases and scan our homes with helicopters for contents. which they read the RIFD tags on everything including Credit cards and Drivers L.When you walk in a store they know you ARE THERE. THEY READ TAGS ON CLOTHES YOU BOUGHT AND D.L.CHIP. Jesse Ventura has a good show on Tv every week on Friday nights it has been broad casted on TRUTV and one other. He has said all this and much more about poisoned food, Medicine, and Vaccines,with Sqaulene. One virus they put in the VETs vaccinations for Dessert Storm Anthax in the swine flu shot.It was given to 30,000 men and women serving. This undefined crime/ work to ensalve humanity. Make us all sick and depop the world is sick in the head. So where do we start, get rid of the Gov. across the board esp thgose involved with big oil,self endowments, and corruption to ruin the Constitution. They make Ammendments in the CFR’s to go around our Constitution. They slide bills of huge proportions through the house to make it impossible for them to read before they sign it to law. They threaten the reps to sign bills with awful consequences if they don’t agree. It reeks of filth. No NWO fire the CFR- FED RES and congressmen who take lobbists’ monies.

    • http://none Judy I wanna know2

      The Fed Res. Has no money they tried to pay off China with gold plated money 2 years in a row. I forget the exact term they called it.Then China replied they were going to expose the corruption of Bankers and their affiliates. They have stole our money and handed it out to the elite. So we really are broke. The New Gov. will have to start some kind of monetary funds/ currency. When you consider over the last 13yrs or so they have spent our money creating tunnels with lavish and self contained Garden centers, kitchens, luxury suites and much more, with our money their is no doubt it’s gone. This org.has thought of everything. They have so much in the works to oppress us. Alien invasion and Christs return in holographs in the sky.To begin martial law and fill concentration camps all over the U.S. with people who don’t submit to this rouge society. They have the patriot act to support their efforts. The Gov. spends 2, I said 2 trillion a yr. to run these new Organizations to follow all our transactions, emails, voice, text messages. Credit card purchases and scan our homes with helicopters for contents. which they read the RIFD tags on everything including Credit cards and Drivers L. When you walk in a store they know you ARE THERE. THEY READ the TAGS ON your CLOTHES that you bought AND your drivers L.,Jesse Ventura has a good show on Tv every week on Friday nights it has been broadcasted on TRU TV and one other. He has said all this and much more about; poisoned food, Medicine, and Vaccines,with Sqaulene. One virus they put in the VETs vaccinations for Dessert Storm Anthax in the swine flu shot.It was given to 30,000 men and women serving. This undefined crime/ work to ensalve humanity. Make us all sick and depop the world is sick is dispicable….. So where do we start, get rid of the Gov. across the board esp those involved with big oil, self endowments, and corruption to ruin the Constitution. They make Ammendments in the CFR’s to go around our Constitution. They slide bills of huge proportions through the house to make it impossible for them to read before they sign it to law. They threaten the reps. to sign bills with awful consequences if they don’t agree. It reeks of filth. No NWO fire the CFR- FED RES and congressmen who take lobbyist’s monies.

  • Idylewylde

    The Constitution has a requirement for checks and balances.
    The entire structure of the Constitution is premised on those checks and balances.
    Every branch of the Federal government operates on those checks and balances.

    So, tell me this .. how did the FED slip between the cracks?

    If you can’t check it, you can’t balance it.

    Audit the FED.

    The FED is operating illegally.
    Not auditing the FED is equally criminal .. in fact, anyone who blocks an audit is committing treason.

    Time to find out who the traitors and criminals are in both parties.

    • Anthony

      They out-sourced it ….

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Excellent interview with Ron Paul. I believe he speaks the truth in this video.

  • Eric Bischoff

    That is the only thing that I agree with Rand Paul on but unfortunately history has shown that anyone who has tried to force that issue has had an untimely death.

    • Vicki

      You’d think we would get suspicious after a while.

    • DaveH

      I’m sure Rand Paul would be pleased that an ignorant hoping and dreaming Liberal doesn’t agree with most of his stands.

      • DaveH

        I am.

      • DaveH

        There are two classes of people in this country that want Big Government. The political class (leaders) and their followers who are so full of themselves that they think they know what is best for the rest of us. The former benefit directly from Big Government, the latter are just ignorant in their vanity.

  • Eric Bischoff

    And while we are busy arguing, the Banksters whom we bailed out to supposedly fix our real estate problem and whom we should have thrown in jail for fraud are now using the money in foreign emerging markets. They are looting foreign central banks and pissing off the rest of the world. This is looking more and more like pre WWII. They borrow here at 1% and they are using it to speculate in foreign currencies. Meanwhile because we have such low interest rates, we Americans are not earning anything on our money.

    The only guy that intelligently challenged Obama and clearly spelled it out last election was Dennis Kucinich. But you all laughed at him.

    • Idylewylde

      It works like this …. use cheap money supplied by the FED. Any profit made does not come home, it goes directly into a multinational, like Halliburton, who then uses the money to buy cheap and/or bankrupt American assets, but sidesteps the federal and state taxation jungle.

      This is monolpoly, and they’re robbing the FED to use our money to rob us. The middle class shrinks, and the corporate welfare state is set in place run by ideologues who foist of corporate marxism from the Left, or corporate fascism from the right.

      The only way to control these criminal maniacs is to put a leash on the FED.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That explains it!! Eric is a Kooksinich backer. you know, the guy that says he saw a UFO and bankrupted Cleveland Ohio? The guy that suceeded him had it turned around in one term!!!

    • Al Sieber

      Hey Eric, how come ole Dennis sold out to Obama on the Health Care Bill? I thought Dennis was some what okay until that. do you think people should be forced to buy this health care plan? Ariz. voted it out.

      • DaveH

        Of course he does, Al. Eric in his imagined superiority thinks he knows what is the best choice for the rest of us, and he has no qualms about forcing his choices on us with the aid of the Big Government bully boys.

        • Al Sieber

          Yeah I know DaveH, I believe he thinks he’s “Cool Hand Luke”.

  • coal miner

    Federal Reserve:

    Gold Price Falls After Federal Reserve Stimulus Announcement
    Published on: Thursday, November 04, 2010
    Written by: Andrea Tse
    Gold prices dropped significantly after the Federal Reserve announcement revealed a smaller monetary stimulus than what some gold traders were anticipating. Another possible explanation for the easing of gold prices is that traders are more worried about a deflationary environment taking hold. See the following article from The Street for more on this.
    Gold prices were volatile and bleeding Wednesday afternoon as investors digested the Fed’s quantitative easing announcement Wednesday after two days of meetings.
    The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee ) announcement that took place at 2:15 p.m eastern time Wednesday afternoon and revealed the Fed’s decision to purchase up to $600 billion in long-term Treasuries until the end of June 2011, vs. the $500 billion that the market was expecting.
    “The volatility may continue as there were reasons for profit taking, and sell stops in the market were based on sell the news,” said George Gero Vice President, Global Futures, RBC Capital Markets.
    Meanwhile, Kitco analyst Jon Nadler said the Fed move was clearly not the “big QE2 transoceanic luxury cruise ship that the plethora of large gold bettors had anticipated (and exhibited in the markets) over the past two or three months. It was also not the trigger for the demise (again) of the U.S. dollar. What happens down the road remains a tad on the foggy side, but the immediate effect of the Fed news fell well short of the expected gold price fireworks.”
    He added that the Fed’s lack of a mention of buying mortgage-backed securities , and the fact that the QE2 program was only eight months long vs. the originally expected six months “likely rattled many an overly long (commodities) and short (the buck) speculator,” he said in a note.
    Gold for December delivery was falling by $24.40 to $1,332.50 an ounce at the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The gold price Wednesday has traded as high $1,364.80 and as low as $1,327.10.
    Though gold stayed in the red after the Fed announcement, EverBank World Markets vice president Chris Gaffney noted that gold was paring some losses after the initial sell off. “I think the reason gold got hit so hard was that the Fed’s larger QE convinced traders that the FED sees no near term inflationary pressures,” he said. “In fact, they are more worried about a deflationary environment taking hold which would mean there is less need to purchase gold which is typically seen as an inflationary hedge.”
    The U.S. dollar index was stronger by 0.3% to $76.91, while the euro was flat at $1.40 against the dollar. The spot gold prices were falling by more than $12, according to Kitco’s gold index.
    Before the Fed announcement, EverBank World Markets’ Gaffney said in a daily note that the dollar could find further support if more than one Federal Reserve policy maker objected to resuming the asset purchases. During the meetings, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Thomas Hoenig, spoke against the additional securities purchases, saying that it outweighed the benefits; the continued high level of monetary accommodation would destabilize the economy sooner or later, he said.
    Earlier gold for December delivery was up about $5 and the spot gold prices were up more than $3. Gold prices reversed action and headed for negative territory after the ADP employment report, published at 8:15 am eastern time, turned out better than expected.
    The report said the private sector added 43,000 jobs in October, beating the consensus expectation for gains of 20,000, according to, and vs. job losses of 2000 in September. Improving employment news was beneficial to the dollar but hurtful to gold.
    George Gero Vice President, Global Futures, RBC Capital Markets attributed the earlier price action to short covering ahead of the Fed meeting results Wednesday. He expected to see some paring of gains and book squaring until the U.S. midterm elections were completely over.
    Adrian Ash of wouldn’t be surprised if gold popped back up again. “Whether the Fed goes for 11 or 12 zeroes on its quantitative easing today, the dollar looks further than ever from paying a positive real rate of interest. Call it a speculative bubble if you like, but the bid for natural resources will only grow stronger as cash continues to lose value. The long-term case for rare, indestructible gold is very much intact,” he said.
    Silver prices were down 71 cents to $24.13, while copper prices were falling 7 cents to $3.77.
    Gold mining stocks, a risky but profitable way to buy gold, were trading in the red Wednesday afternoon.
    Newmont Mining(NEM_) was falling 2% to $58.71, while Kinross Gold(KGC_) was losing 0.9% to $17.79. Agnico-Eagle Mines(AEM_) was surrendering 1.7% to $75.85 and Yamana Gold(AUY_) was falling 2.3% to $10.79.
    SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)(GLD_) was down 1.4% to $130.65 and Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF(GDXJ_) was falling 0.5% to $36.58.
    This article has been republished from The Street. You can also view this article at The Street, an investment news and analysis site.

    • vicki

      Old data. If you are going to comment on the spot you need to remember the spot moves.

      Today Friday the 5th gold spot at 3:15 PDT is $ 1394.60

      The London PM fix is 1395/oz

      and the MSM is now talking rally in gold

      • Anthony

        It’s the Rothschilds that set the gold price – twice a day

        • Vicki

          They may set the “London fix” but gold dealers rarely sell that low.

    • Al Sieber

      coal miner, what’s your point, gold is trading $1394.10, silver $26.76, at 7:00 pm Ariz. time, Nov.5th.

      • Al Sieber

        This is in the after market.

  • bryan

    Paul has happily taken a good deal of money from the federal government as part of his medical practice, as many of his clients benefit from the Medicare program, which Paul clearly believes is a distinctly socialist program. And it is very likely, considering the demographis of this election, that the bulk of his supporters are older white men and women, most of whom would howl bloody murder if Medicare was eradicted. Hence, a hypocrite is elected BY hypocrites.

    • coal miner


      Amen brother!

    • JC

      And while you point out his having an interest in the Medical Business, you missed the upshot of it…

      He is advocating getting the government out of the Healthcare business.
      Not just putting a halt to Kenyan health care..but getting government right out…no price fixing or kickbacks.
      Overall, it might be fair to say he’s cutting his own throat financially.


    Both parties know, “The well has been poisoned by the antics of the Fed.” Secrecy, Monetizing, unlimited power all that which is forbidden by Constituional Law and the Federal Papers, our Declaration of Independence gives us the power to reform a government which has failed and it doesn’t not specify just how that will take place but as of this moment there is a need for a new difinitive Constitutional amendment(28th) to control the members of this government and law to guaranantee that all men are equal in the eyes of the law. If this takes a rebellious turn then so be it, we have set foot on the Bridge at Lexington once again to put a stop this predation upon the freedoms men have died for all over the world.

  • Anthony

    ONTIME isn’t far off – it most likely WILL take a 2nd American Revolution to rid ourselves of this Private Cabal of Banksters whose only hobby is selling arms to both sides of a non-existent conflict that bounces itself onto different spots on the Planet in a never-ending onslaught of mayhem. From my readings, we have been involved in over 257 conflicts of this nature since the FED stepped into our Country.

    MANY GOOD COMMENTS ALL AROUND …. Seriously! Are you directing your family, friends & neighbors to this website, so they (too) can enjoy the fun process of enlightenment? If not… why not?

    Here’s my take on several larger comments —>

    Fox Business’ David Asman is NOT someone you should be giving cudos to.
    He’s playing all of you …. watch yourselves … eyes wide open, people.


    Tom SC – Like it or not, there’s nothing in the Constitution that states our representatives are forbidden to outsource certain parts of running the Government.

    HOWEVER – why the rest of Congress would stand aside and allow the loss of monetary control that they once upn a time “held in their own hands” (????) .. is a mystery to me. Maybe they were good enough salesmen to get themselves elected, but not bright enough to know what they had gotten themselves into …

    ALL I KNOW – is that those who did try and stand up to the Banksters in the following year, were all somehow defeated in the 1914 elections. Money can be used in all sorts of ways. Have you not read the Rothschilds Rules of Engagement?


    DENA – brings up an incredibly bright point when she(?) remarks – “European governments were delighted to discover during the middle ages (or somewhere thereabouts) that they could borrow money from “central bank” to fund their wars. There was no longer any reason to hold back on their quest for world empires” ….
    [ This is a great way of phrasing it. SC - I noticed you didn't comment on this one .. you let it slip by? ]


    LIKE IT OR NOT, FOLKS –> NEW WORLD ORDER’s comments — are actually quite truthful … Now, certainly, he was being Disney-like in the conversation he(?) brings to the table. It’s a hoot to read – sorta like the cartoon-ish lines of the Disney villains who love the mirror so much.

    Question to everyone else – Did you google up any of what he said?
    You certainly boohooed it with boatloads of enthusiasm. Verify, people!


    RAY Said this: When it was started the Fed Reserve was a “good” idea to stimulate the economy through monetary economics and at the same time get the USA away from fiscal stimulus.

    Ray – I got news for you … you haven;t got a clue. And, you won’t see a clue for at least the next whole year. It will take at least that long for you to research the facts and get them in correct corrolation, in your head.


    What riles me .. is so much of our Government is either compromised or willing accomplices … who do not care about their extended families in the process. Understand that well.

    PS: Our Politicians haven’t RUN our economic policy since the inception of THE FED … ALL NEED TO STOP THINKING IN THAT MANNER … and this means no matter what you hear the CFR-controlled MEDIA spout off about.



    Libertarian says:
    November 5, 2010 at 10:24 am
    Don’t forget we are still under martial law with the 1933 War Powers Act which can only be ended by Presidential proclamation. (12 USC, 95b, and Proclamation 2040).

    As long as the FED controls the president, they are safe.


    ROBO nails it with his rendition of WHAT WE MUST GAIN COURAGE TO DO.

    All should copy his comment and tape it to your refridgerators !


    Finally, as most who take time to both comprehend (and research) what I post … I say I am on glad company. I wish more of my neighbors and daily friends were of similar intent. Sooner or later, all will find that time to face themselves and have no choice in what their next action must be, or forever lose what they thought… they had.

    In the last 6 months, I’ve found out that the AMTRAK Facility we have, has been secretly converted into a FEMA CAMP. It cannot be readily seen from the nearby Interstate, nor the closer local Street and if you try and drive back in that area, the MEN-IN-BLACK cars are there to shoo you away (and snapshot your license plate). IT DOES NOT GET NEWS TIME on any of the local networks. In fact, I’ve found that my State seems to have more Camps than any other State out there; and we’re not that large compared to many. Go figure.

    For the regulars – that chatter back-n-forth with tidbits of breadcrumbs to follow … I would ask you to post what steps you are attempting when it comes to coaxing the local Reps into changing paths(?) Here – we have a couple who are making the national stage – but I always worry about the one adage (of two) I heard awhile back …..

    “No one ever makes the national stage, politically (or in media) without the ‘blessing’ of the FED.”

    Yes – this means Hannity, Limbaugh, Colmes, Palin, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Jim Wright, Newt Gingrich … the List goes on almost forver. The only caveate I can find, is whether the person in question is gaining a significant following … then the Rules of Rothschild take effect and that entity is then compromised or eradicated. In this case, think of the recently deceased President of Poland and understand the true nature of what we really are dealing with.

    The OTHER adage – that ALL must remember … is this —>

    “If you are not (by yourself) worth at least $25-Billion…
    ….the, you ARE … everyone else!”

    Believe it, suffer it if you must, but know it in your bones….
    The Bilderbergers could care less about you – see GEORGIA GUIDESTONES

    Thanks, everyone (especially Personal Liberty)

    • Al Sieber

      Anthony, I know a lot of what “New World Order” says is true, I was just having fun with him, you gotta have a sense of humor. all the other stuff you talk about I’ve known for years. my father and uncle made sure I knew about the Govt. they left me a lot of books and info. use to listen to “Bill Cooper” before he was murdered.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Thank you very much, Anthony…for your continued work at helping to educate people to the truth.

      Yep…Rothschild, Bush, CFR, UN, TC, Illuminati = NWO. Simple…plain…facts.

      They are the greatest threat to the USA due to having infiltrated our government for sooo very long. Close on their heals…is the Islamic threat. Both threats require a informed people to combat. We need to wrestle the power (money control) away from them…end the Federal Reserve and take our Main Stream Media back away from the far leaning left & begin to have the MSM start reporting news instead of the propoganda that it spews out to brainwash our masses.

      Let the truth ring clear…continue spreading the word my brothers & sisters…there is hope still…my cup is always 1/2 full even when the chips are down. (wink) :)

      If anything happens to the Paul’s…I’m not going to stand down on this and I bet I’ll not be alone…it will be box #3.

      God Bless them and keep the Pauls safe as they push to end the Fed.

  • Bob Bean

    Let me see if I fully understand this process. The Fed borrows money by issuing treasury bonds to fund the spending of congress. By issuing regulations it can require the banks to buy this debt. It then prints money and uses that to buy back the debt thereby creating a guaranteed profit for the banks. Is this a great country or what?

    • Al Sieber

      Bob Bean, it’s a great country if you’re a banker, or belong to the Fed. Reserve.

    • JC

      And the bill goes straight to the taxpayer…with interest.
      It’s criminal to say the least.

  • meteorlady

    I was very happy to see Rand elected. Kudos the the people that voted for him – it was smart.

    During JFK’s presidency he signed and Executive order that would have effectively abolished the Federal Reserve. It said that our government was not allowed to borrow money from them which would have made them worth nothing. We all know what happened to JFK, but I think that the EO is still there and nothing has been done about it. Would that make it still enforceable?

    The Fed is the tool of the elites of the world that espouse social engineering and one world order. The Bildeburg Group and George Soros are the most vocal, and Soros is perhaps the most open. He says that we are the only country in the world that stands in the way of one world order and that he will bring us down economically in order to achieve his goals. When you google him and read his history and his views it is truly scary. He is arrogant and corrupt and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Some believe that as Wall Street started to collapse and Obama was behind in the poles, that Soros withdrew some $500 BILLION from the market in order to hasten the collapse. Two days later Obama was ahead int he poles.

    We really need to stop people like this who manipulate our currency and our stock markets through insider trading and currency control.

  • Viktor Leben

    Let’s look at the flip side of the coin ! Does eliminating the Fed mean that the value of the Federal Reserve Notes will stabilize ?

    So let’s say the Fed is eliminated. What currency are you going to use for financial transactions ?

    During the elimination of the Fed – won’t this cause the unraveling of social cohesion ? Won’t the Federal Reserve Notes become worthless ?

    It’s a damn if you do damned if you don’t situation !

    I think either way you look at it, the AMERO will become a reality.

    • BrotherPatriot

      We would lose our sovereignity if we accepted the Amero and the North American Union that it represents. The bankers can kiss the collective ass of America…true patriots wont let this happen. Normalizing is part of the equation that they NWO wishes to use to gain control over this world. I firmly believe that the Federal Reserve needs abolished and our Government should print it’s own currency. Unique AMERICAN currency.

      We also can save our Nation by legalizing hemp. Grow it, harvest it…create sooo much usefull products from it. Building materials, paper, clothes, oil, food, medicinal uses, recreation, rope,…everything. That crop can save our country if we just take off the chains that bind it down…just as the Fed has it’s chains of bondage on all the people of this great nation that is also keeping us down as well. You can harvest several crops a year vrs the multiple years it takes wood to grow in the same acreage. We need to return to common sense and get real again my brothers & sisters. Our forefathers told us to spread the seed around…they said this for a reason.

      It’s time to cut the puppet masters strings on us…end the bankers control. I say we call them out (audit them) and begin to truely become the free nation that we are supposed to be!!!

      God Bless.

  • http://BeginningoftheEndoftheFED Francis

    As far as I know, we can buy the FED back from its owners anytime for $450 Mio. It is somewhere written and apparently the offer still stands?
    Does anybody knows anything about this???

    • Denniso

      The prez appoints the fed chairman and has some say with the regional fed bankers. They are not owned by anybody and work for us. All this phony attention to the fed is bogus and just a distraction and handy target.


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