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Beg And Plead? No, Thanks!

January 5, 2012 by  

Beg And Plead? No, Thanks!

A few days ago, The Heritage Foundation published its “New Year’s Resolutions for Conservatives.” Near the top of the list: “Resist the Nullification Temptation.”

David Azerrad writes:

… please don’t start talking about nullification as the magical silver bullet that other conservatives somehow overlooked in their efforts to repeal Obamacare (or any other unconstitutional law, for that matter).

Heritage trots out an anti-nullification piece about every six months, so this doesn’t come as any kind of shock or surprise. I’ve dealt with their arguments before. You can read my response to a Heritage piece on North Dakota’s nullification efforts last spring here. You can also read Dr. Tom Woods’ refutation of the Heritage position here.

I understand where the folks at Heritage come from. Nullification doesn’t fit in with their “Hamilton-Lincoln” view of the United States. But I remain perplexed every time self-proclaimed conservatives come out against nullification, particularly when it comes to the Federal health care act.

They scream at the top of their lungs that “Obamacare” fails the Constitutionality test, yet they refuse to accept the one surefire way to block its implementation.

So, exactly what recourse do American citizens have to resist Federal usurpation of power?

Well, good news! I’m left to wonder no more. Heritage reveals the powerful remedy at hand!

“Are you unhappy with the constitutional abomination called Obamacare? Do you think that Congress has no power to compel you to purchase health insurance?” David Azerrad asks. “Good. Now encourage the repeal of the law, or wait and see what mood Justice Anthony Kennedy will be in next June when the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of Obamacare.”


That’s it?

We hope Kennedy gets a good cup of coffee the morning the justices consider the case? We rest the fate of our liberty on the off chance that the Supreme Court will hand down a verdict overturning an act of Congress, something it almost never does?

Failing that, perhaps we can channel the French knights of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” fame and “taunt them a second time.” Or maybe consult a medium, burn some incense and utter some ancient incantations.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

Azerrad reveals the feckless and lame position Heritage creates for itself with its rejection of nullification. In essence, he admits that the Federal government can do whatever it wants, and Americans have no recourse other than beg and plead with their Federal overlords.

“Don’t do that, pretty please. With sugar on top.”

How’s that been working? Not so good? Nope not at all.

And if the Supreme Court rules the act Constitutional and Congress refuses to repeal it (no indication exists that it ever will), what then? Presumably, we just take it. Because, after all, the Federal government reigns supreme over the universe, according to their line of thinking.

Do we really accept that the Founders, who had just fought a bloody war to free themselves from British rule, really intended the Federal government to wield absolute power and to serve as the judge of its own powers?


Earlier this week, I wrote a response to an Idaho newspaper op-ed making an argument similar to Heritage’s. Don’t nullify. Wait and see what the Court decides — and then live with it. That’s always the course we’re told to take.

I let Thomas Jefferson make my case to the people of Idaho — and every other State in the country for that matter, too. His words bear repeating here.

… the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government… whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force… the Government created by this compact (the Constitution) was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the constitution, the measure of its powers; but that as in all other cases of compact among parties having no common Judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.

Thomas Jefferson called nullification the “rightful remedy.” It’s time Americans quit wasting time begging the Feds and just stand up and say, “No!”

– Mike Maharrey

Mike Maharrey

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  • cawmun cents

    The”worlders”saw it coming.
    The day when they could nullify the Constitution of the United States of America,making it no longer a republic,but part of a one world government.
    They saw their opportunity to implement through Democratic Socialist International,what the dictators of the 20th century could not accomplish by means of a war machine.
    They would do it under the guise of”social engineering”.
    That would make the pile of fecal matter have a candy coating,which would make it easier to swallow for the unsuspecting Americans.
    Through actors and academics,they showed us the European Model,and some were beginning to buy the hype.The student crowd thought,”why not make everything affordable for all.”Never even suspecting that it was the start of the New Party line way of doing things.And just after the candy coating wore off they said,”This tastes like scat,and leaves me with an upset stomach!”
    But by that time,since their mouths and stomachs were as full of scat as their brains,They just shrugged their shoulders thinking,”at least I am not hungry anymore!”
    About this time,someone who had refused to eat the candy coated scat,asked why the ones who did partake wanted to use his/her money to pay for ther candy coated scat.
    “Shut up!”,they were told,”Dont you know that this candy coated scat is what is best for America!”To which he/she replied,”I dont see that it really is….”
    “Well”,said the Democratic Socialist International,”Your belly may hurt,and it might taste like scat,but at least you wont be hungry.Besides,we have already drafted it into law,making it a fine to not partake.”The folks who did not partake scratched their heads,wondering why this didnt sound right.They decided to go to the supreme law of the land for consultation.
    “Is mandated eating of candy coated scat possible?”,they asked.
    “It isnt found under the supreme law,but it IS what is best for you as citizens of the one world government.”,they were told by the supreme law(which was now just a fascimile of its former self)of the land.”Not only that,but you now have to pay twice as much for each piece of candy coated scat.”
    “But we thought that the candy coated scat would be less expensive if everyone had to partake”,said the ones who had refused to partake.
    “Dont you understand simple mathematics?”,said the Democratic Socialists International.”The necessity of creating more candy coated scat,make the candy coated scat more expensive to create.”
    Those who refused to partake said,”But you told us that it wouldnt cost anything,to produce that candy coated scat.”
    “We may have been mistaken…”,said the Democratic Socialists International.”But since we signed it into law,you just have to eat it and pay more for it!”
    Those who refused to partake said to themselves,”Didnt we have a supreme law to protect us from this kind of treatment?”
    The Democratic Socialists International said with a wink,”Its going to be okay,we are your supreme law now.The old one is no longer needed,for the world would never tolerate such a law.”
    Those who would not partake decided to go hungry.
    But since their actions were not allowed,under the new and improved world supreme law,they had to be relegated to the trashbin of historical note.The sad part of this story is,that it would only take the minds of their children to accomplish this task.Minds that were already programmed and indoctrinated to accomplish this task.The really sad part of the story is that those who refused to partake,paid for that as well.

    • FreedomFighter

      Good thing about kids is they hate a liar.

      One showing of Alex Jones explaining how goverment allowed companies to put Toxic plastic liners in Juice boxs and are putting poison floride in water and toothpast…


      The kid is turning plastic containers over reading the codes and throwing the stuff in the trash, refused to use CREAST toothpaste or any with floride in it, insists on reverse osmosis drinking an cooking water only.

      Now for the rest of the education. Good thing is that even kids dont like eugenics monsters that pray to satan… oh yea show them the Bohemian grove video… where our goverment types pray to satan… they will attenc church more after that. Scares them more than a vamp movie cause they know its real.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • cawmun cents

        You grew up with Santa Claus,and the Easter Bunny,didnt you?
        Lots of candy,on the days when candy was helpful to get you to believe lies,right?And yet you claim that kids dont like liars?
        Dont let them go to the revisionist schools then….just sayin’

        • FreedomFighter

          Yes children can be deceived and lied to, upto parents to show the lie, explain what why where how and who.

          Yes public schools are prison, indoctrination centers, for the most case. Great that we still have decent Christian Schools still operating.

          BTW kids come in all ages, if they still are at the santa stage let them stay a small child, a bit older is when you give them the truth.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Flashy

            And Christian schools don’t indoctrinate? ummm..what about instilling a belief in a religious sect’s mores and dogma? that’s not indoctrination?

            Public Schools should teach science, history, etc. Leave the dogmatic indoctrination to the parents. no religion in public schools….no state sanction of approval of any sect over another. And public schools should be well funded to allow everyone the same shot as those who can afford private schools.

            Now…what is wrong with that?

          • libertytrain

            flashman – - You (figuratively speaking) send your kid to one of those parochial schools, private schools, Christian schools, because you want a better education with folks that share similar ideas, beliefs, mores as yourself – but of course you know that and just thought you ought to make a ridiculous statement and further lessen your lack of credibility.

          • DaveH

            Public Schools should be abolished. Obviously if the Government is running them, they are going to be inclined to indoctrinate our children to love Big Government. Not to mention the fact that they are about double the cost of Private Schools and they produce less knowledge among the Children. We all need to push hard for Educational Choice, not just school choice. We need to get our Government out of the educational process.

          • DaveH

            The dumbing down of America:

          • Flashy

            Liberty…I was commenting on FF’s statement “Yes public schools are prison, indoctrination centers, for the most case. Great that we still have decent Christian Schools still operating.”

            i.e. Schools tied to a particular religious sect also indoctrinate.

          • libertytrain

            i.e. you may choose to use a term as cold as indoctrinate others may say guide them along -

          • Kate8

            Flashy – So, what’s your point?

            When parents choose a private school, they choose one which is in line with the values they want taught to their child.

            When you sent your child to public school, your kids are indoctrinate into ideas that go entirely against any values you may have, includng the value of family. And they have been declared by the court to be wholly unaccountable to parents. In fact, parents no longer have even the right to KNOW what their kids are being taught.

            And not just taught. CA is now coming into schools with vaccinations, such as Guradisil, for both young girs and boys. Parents are not to be notified when. Kids will be pressured, and most will comply.

            Girls as young as 12 can be carted off to doctors and for abortions without any parental knowledge at all.

            Not to mention outright promoting of lifestyles that go against parental values, to the point of being sent out for individual counseling to encourage them further to defy their parents and experiment in deviance…when they wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.

            Which would you rather have your kids subject to? Learning a little religion, or turned into damaged zombies with drastically abbreviated life spans? To have them be loving members of the family, or confused, defiant agents of a degrading system?


          • DaveH

            I must correct you. In response to Flashman you said “When you sent your child to public school, your kids are indoctrinate into ideas that go entirely against any values you may have”.
            I’m afraid Flasman’s list of values are pretty short. I’ve already demonstrated just on this page that Flashman condones theft and lying. I’m glad I don’t have to live by the guy. I couldn’t afford the security.

          • Richard Pawley

            Kate, you can sign up for Dr. Joseph Mercola’s free health and nutrition web-site and get all the latest information on the number of girls who have died and been paralyzed for life and such like from Gardisil. You may be a subscriber already, but over 100,000 health professionals subscribe because they want to know the truth about medicines and foods. I’ve been a subscriber for five years and I once thought I knew a lot until I began discovering the truth about these things, vaccines and GMO foods and all the damage some of them are doing. I learned that we give our young children twice as many vaccines as the Japanese do and OUR CHILDREN HAVE TWICE THE DEATH RATE OF YOUNG JAPANESE CHILDREN. A logical person might think that if we cut our vaccine rate to the Japanese rate which is half ours that more of our children might survive. Mercola will tell you about all the various state rules that will let you avoid poisoning your children with untested or useless vaccines, and the best schedule to give them the necessary vaccines. In any event, don’t be turned off by the fact that Mercola sells a few dozen products. They are truly the best, all scientifically proven and he and his family use them. He does this to raise money because he must keep four lawyers on retainer to fight off the lies of the big pharmaceutical companies and the big agriculatural giants.

          • coal miner


            I agree with you.Religion has no place in public schools.Years ago when I was growing up I had to put up with that religious bull sh*t in schools and at home.Schools should teach reading, writing, arithmetic and science.To teach any kind of religion in schools is a violation for and against religious freedoms.Schools should teach the studet,not to indoctrinate the student.

          • Kate8

            Richard Pawley – Thanks. Yes, I’ve subscribed to Mercola’s newsletter for a few years, and several others, as well. I also keep abreast of all the related topics, such as the agenda of WHO Codus Aliamentarius and the shenanigans of corporations like Monsanto.

            I’m glad that you are learning the truth about the FDA, BigPharma and the rest of the eugenicists in control today. Information is the only way we will defeat them.

            And we WILL defeat them.

          • Vicki

            coal miner writes:
            “Religion has no place in public schools. …. Schools should teach reading, writing, arithmetic and science.To teach any kind of religion in schools is a violation for and against religious freedoms.Schools should teach the studet,not to indoctrinate the student.”

            So you agree that (public) schools should stop trying to indoctrinate children. Good. We agree. Schools should stick to reading, writing, arithmetic and actual science. No more indoctrination thru (easy to falsify) history or the VERY subjective “social studies”. No more junk science like the global warming hoax.

            Good plan. I like it.
            Coal Miner and Flashy and I finally agree on something :)

          • Kate8

            Vicki – I always appreciate the way you think. :)

            As of this month, CA schools are indoctrinating kids in the gay and otherwise deviant lifestyles, by holding up specific examples of accomplishments by those so inclined, and encouraged to see it just as acceptable (and explorable) as any other lifestyle.

            Strange. I don’t recall ever being taught about this “hetero” hero, or that “straight” person of accomplishment. I don’t see a need to attach sexual labels to such people at all…they did what they did. Period.

            Of course, it’s all about mainstreaming all manner of sexual deviance, and encouraging our kids to have fun and explore.

            Funny, too, that liberals have no problem with this at all. They only have a problem with teaching morality. Yet, humanism is just the religion of the day.

          • eddie47d

            Dave H (atheist) doesn’t like religious schools and he doesn’t like public schools. I hate to inform you but that is where most American kids are educated. Keeping kids away from either type of school will hardly solve our education deficiencies. Most parents can’t afford to send their kids to private schools so apparently Dave wants them to stay home and be even more ignorant.

          • http://deleted Claire

            I sent my kids to Lutheran schools and I sure am glad I did. They learned math, science, history, economics, etc–everything they should learn in a school. Sure, they had a religion class but so what. They sure grew up to be responsible and rational adults.

          • http://deleted Claire

            An addendum–they were not allowed to use calculators/computers–they HAD TO USE their brain!

          • DaveH

            You lie, Eddie, as usual.
            Eddie says “Dave H (atheist) doesn’t like religious schools” and “Dave wants them to stay home and be even more ignorant”.
            Show the readers, you lying slanderous Liberal Eddie, where I have said any such things. You can’t because I haven’t.
            And while I can’t say that Coal Miner is wrong to say they shouldn’t be teaching Religion in Public Schools, I will say that private schools should get the same money that public schools get. And please don’t bore me with the Separation of Church and State BS. But they don’t, so Religious people have to pay twice, once to send somebody else’s kid to school, and again to send their own kid to private school. I don’t know how they have put up with such a travesty for so many years. Maybe it’s because they’re nicer people than the Liberals. Actually there’s no ‘Maybe’ about it.

          • JeffH

            eddie says “I’m a product of public schooling and I prove it every day by making ignorant comments”…like the one he just made to DaveH.

            eddie, will you ever learn? Think not!

          • joe H.

            you LIE!!! I’ve been on this site for a little over two years and I have NEVER seen DaveH say one thing AGAINST private religeous schools. In fact, I haven’t seen him say anything against religeon other than to say he doesn’t share our beliefs. Hen has been the most tolerant non-believer here!!! coal miner, on the other hand has been down right FILTHY in his protest against religeon!!! He is lucky that abortion WASN’T legal when his mother carried him. She would have probably threw him out with the wash water!!!

          • joe H.

            flashy is so pro law!!! I wonder if he likes that little law that makes it illegal to enjoy his nightly JOINT???

          • eddie47d

            Don’t quote someone in Parentheses Jeff if you can’t back it up. Which you can’t you lying dog! Now Joe …Dave doesn’t like religious indoctrination and he has mentioned that more than a few times. So I would say I was spot on! He has nothing against religious folks as long as they leave him alone so are you going to dispute that also. Now pull your head out unless you want to borrow my crowbar to get Jeff’s head out first!

          • Joe H.

            No,eddie, he has very politely said he doesn’t agree with our beliefs!! I’d call that being tolerant!!! coal miner, on the other hand, has even belittled his OWN mother because of her beliefs. He has called people here names and tried to belittle every Christian on this site. I would advise him to find another site if he doesn’t like any reference to religeous beliefs, cause I can guarantee him there are many here that will witness here when the spirit moves them. Nothing short of banning us all will stop that. So flip off little birdy and pout somewhere else, BOTH of you!!!

    • DD

      Awesome analogy!! Wish I’d said that.

  • DaveH
    • DavidH


      • joe H.

        I now have Fox business!!! I don’t know why, as I didn’t increase my package but now it is not shielded. Watched the Judge tonight and really enjoyed his show!

        • JeffH

          Joe H., Fox Business has become my go to news and information outlet also.

    • Karolyn

      Boehner said “The president would rather circumvent……..than work with republicans.” “Work with republicans”? What is that? Whatever it is, is it possible? I sure doesn’t look like it.

      • Flashy

        i know. So they now decide the law doesn’t apply to them. they don’t like a law/ It doesn’t apply. Don’t confirm appointees. Or uise some weird idea of ‘nullification”.

        So much for rule of law eh?

        i’m wondering what parts of the health care law they want to nullify. Seems they’ll next want to pick and choose. Are they going to state they don’t want the parts which allow offspring to be on parents insurance until 26 (i.e. through college), insure pre-existing conditions, no age discrimination, etc? or the part letting the states have a wide latitude in how to dsign their implementation programs?

        Funny….they want the Rule of Law to apply…except when it applies to them.

        • FreedomFighter

          Do you have anything besides barbed BS?

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Flashy

            yep. I always use the truth and facts. Too bad you have a dislike for being informed. Watch a lot of FoxMcNews eh?

          • DaveH

            Oh, Flashman, or whoever you really are, the truth is not something that you’re familiar with:

          • DaveH

            This guy (Flashman) expects us to give him any credibility at all?

          • Kate8

            Obviously, Flashman (no newsflash here) is one of the mind-numbed zombes who has been indoctrinated to believe that the government is the ultimate authority for all things, to which we must all accept complete powerlessness against and bow. It is, in fact, the beast which demands our worship, or we die. Or soon will.

            I wonder how Flash will feel when he’s confronted with “laws” he doesn’t like, which don’t offer something to him for free. Will he be so smug when they mandate forced vaccinations, which are for the purpose of population reduction? And that’s just the beginning…

            And how did the SCOTUS become god? How did it get to be that the “law” is whatever they say it is? Things in America were set up to make the people the supreme authority over government, with the right of consent, and the power to reject any law. Why don’t people know that, by law, there is a period of time in which we can come against any Act passed by Congress, and that any “law” in violation of the Constitution is not binding except by our consent (silence)?Yet, we’ve delivered ourselves over to the beast for a free (albeit temporary) meal ticket?

            It is expressly stated that our government draws its authority from the governed, and cannot have any authority that the people do not have. Such knowledge among the governed would change the whole ball-game. Are we going to just continue to bow to duress and FORCE to perform acts we find abhorrent, and to have all of our natural, God-given rights taken away by men as merely mortal as we? While, at the same time, they declare themselves to be exempt from such force of “law”?

            Why do they declare themselves exempt? Could it be, perhaps, because they know what we don’t…that such infringments cannot be binding to the sovereign?

            Why does no one ever use, against these egregious and unConstitutional Acts of Congress (and EOs for that matter) the defense of Quo Warranto (by what authority)? Because the authority does not exist, not in the Constitution, and certainly not in natural law as determined by our Creator. Quo Warranto exists as a defense against ALL overstep, and was intended for just this purpose, yet is never mentioned. Again, I ask, why not?

            I would say it is not used because it would stop these impositions on our personal and collective sovereignty cold in their tracks, and it seems to me that the court battles are nothing but window-dressing for what they consider an inevitable and necessary control mechanism for the NWO.

            We, as a people, had better wise up, and fast, because as long as we accept their assertions of absolute authority over us, it is deemed so, and we have no defense against the truly horrific plans they hold in store for us.

          • Vicki

            Flashy says:
            “yep. I always use the truth and facts.”

            Sarcasm. Nice. Oh wait. You were probably serious.

            I notice that you never provide any evidence if your truth nor any for your facts either. Is there a reason for that beyond the obvious that, like the OBC, it doesn’t exist?

          • eddie47d

            I think Freedom Fighter is the one with the “barbed BS”. It’s private companies who put Bisphenol A liners in juice containers. Liberals are demanding that these PRIVATE companies take them out. You know those pesky environmentalists who want the kids to be safe.The same with fluoride in Crest and most toothpastes. It’s Private companies doing that to enhance their product but you try and make it some conspiracy being pushed by Alex Jones. No wonder some of you act like you just jumped out of a box of Fruit Loops.

          • NC

            Freedom, you sign off with Praise be to God. That’s fine! I was in the Corps and the first thing they taught us was to keep our head down in case God wasn’t paying attention.

          • DaveH

            As usual, Eddie is throwing out more of his Fabricated Facts. Show us Eddie where the Liberals are responsible for doing something to stop the BPA and Flouride in water.
            Freedom Lovers certainly don’t want Flouride added to their water. They are talented enough to add their own if they think it necessary.

          • vicki

            eddie47d says:
            “It’s private companies who put Bisphenol A liners in juice containers. Liberals are demanding that these PRIVATE companies take them out. ”

            You know eddie I couldn’t find any company anywhere that make liners from bisphenol A. Usually they use a polycarbonate, a thermoplastic resin usually made from bisphenol A and phosgene. Now as with most chemical reactions the result (resin) will have very different properties from the ingredients. For instance the thermoplastic resin made by chemically combining the 2.

            In the above case Bisphenol A is not very toxic. Phosgene however is so poisonous that it was used as a WMD during WW1.

            So what is all this about juice liners being made from bisphenol A? No one is whining about the Phosgene.


          • Joe H.

            Nc probably pronounces that corps CORPSE, just like his hero ABUMMER!!!

        • Brian

          It’s a good thig Republican George Bush never used “signing statements” to allow himself to break the laws he had just signed. Oh, wait. My bad. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats.

          • Flashy

            next thing you know, they’ll be accusng President Obama of dealing with the enemies of the US. oh wait…that was Reagan …

          • DaveH

            References, Flashman, References. You surely don’t expect us to take your word for anything?

          • Flashy

            The Birthday cake, Ollie North, Iran/Contra scandal. Need a refresher course there Dave? I believe the marine barracks being blown up had a controversy at the same time…something about the War Powers Act and Reagan deciding it didn’t apply.

            We can also go into the promises by Bush I and Cap Weinberger to give sworn testimony as far as what they now about the cake, Ollie’s unlawful acts, the Contra arms scandal etc. they requested it be performed post election as they did not want “national security’ to become a political football in the election. Funny how that was shoved under the rug after the election eh?

          • DaveH

            You just don’t get it, do you Flashman? Your words are meaningless. I want some references to back up your claims that Reagan was “dealing with the enemies of the US”.
            It’s likely that you are equivocating, so we need you to provide the actual acts in their context, so we can judge whether or not you are once again distorting the facts.

          • Flashy

            i gave you references the Dave. look up iran/Contra, look up good ol boy Ollie north, look up the Iranian birthday cake and reagan. And yes, look up about those promises made by Cap Weinberger and Bush I and how they never followed up once Bush I won the election.

            Then you can talk … until then, best get moving, your third grade teacher is calling you back to class because recess is over.

          • MNIce

            Flashy, you’re revising history (again). Oliver North admitted in testimony before Congress that the Iran/Contra scheme was his idea and his operation from start to finish – the only person above him who had any knowledge or control of the operation was Admiral Poindexter. Both were told to resign or be fired by President Reagan, and Admiral Poindexter faced criminal charges (Col. North demanded and received immunity in exchange for his testimony).

            Col. North talked about how he sold obsolete missiles to Iran at a grossly inflated price, gave some money to the Contras, and turned the rest into the Treasury – far more money than the scrap value of the missiles. The US made money on the deal. No wonders the liberals were angry!

            You might have forgotten that the whole thing came about as a result of “the Boland Amendment.” Representative Boland got a line inserted in a 1000+ page Defense Appropriations bill prohibiting the expenditure of any funds to assist the popular revolt against the communist government of Nicaragua. (If your White House hero had any such restriction placed on him, he would whine about it being improper interference in his ability to conduct foreign policy, then ignore the restriction completely.)

          • DaveH

            As usual, the Liberal Flashman won’t provide references, preferring instead to insult me. Typical Liberal.

          • Vicki

            DaveH says:
            “As usual, the Liberal Flashman won’t provide references, preferring instead to insult me. Typical Liberal.”

            No surprise actually. Flashman won’t cause he CAN’T. And he is not as good a forger as the person who did the LFBC Obama posted in April of last year. And, being a typical liberal he attacks you rather than actually provide a reference.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – Did you see where Obama’s eligibility challenge is set for January 26?

          • eddie47d

            Then learn your history Dave and then you might know what he’s talking about instead of acting like you are always in the dark.

          • DaveH

            The Troll speaks. With forked tongue as usual.

          • joe H.

            With all the forks in eddies tongue, I’m suprised he can THINK let alone talk!!!!

          • JeffH

            But, but joe H., eddie says he doesn’t lie and no one ever proves it but he proves the rest of us(you, myself and DaveH)lie all the time.

            …’scuse me while regurgitate from laughin’ so hard…

          • eddie47d

            (offensive comment removed)

          • Joe H.

            right on cue,Jeffh, eddie gives you your proof!!! offensive comment removed!!!! Now I’M regurgitating!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

        • TML

          “i’m wondering what parts of the health care law they want to nullify.”

          All of it. To compel a man, by law, to furnish funds for a product or service that he doesn’t wish to buy, or need, is tyrannical. Any “law” which violates the natural right of an individual, even in this way, justifies nullification of said law and any part of it.

          “So much for rule of law eh?”
          “Funny….they want the Rule of Law to apply…except when it applies to them.”

          Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.

          • Marcus

            THIS!!! Couldn’t have said it better!

          • RivahMitch

            Well said!

          • joe H.

            It’s worse than that! Not only do they want to compell a man to buy something by force, they only want to compell CERTAIN people to do it. Certain people of low income, they will provide for, certain people in unions will be exempt, certain government employees will be exempt. The law is supposed to be applied EVENLY, not pick and choose!!!

        • Big Woody

          “Rule of Law” Just because it is passed by Congress does not make it “Rule of Law”. It must be allowed by the Constitution to be a rule of law. Obamacare has no Constitutional standing and needs to be repealed and or negated by each and every state. All Congressmen that have voted for it need to be replaced by people that believe in the Constitution and are willing to respect the rights of the states and of the people. Flashy needs to go meet at Rev. Wrights church with Obama and do whatever socialist, America hateing SOBs do with each other. Be advised that those of us that believe in the 2nd Amendment are fed up and will be pushed only so far. Note: Guns and ammo sold in record numbers for Christmas 2011. Just as they did after the election of 2008. Obama and people like Flashy are the reason we have a 2nd Amendment. We the people have the right to defend our families and property and are willing to do it if our representitives fail to do so in D.C. I will now “Lock & Load” and post my “Don’t Tread on Me” flag at the end of my driveway.

          • NC


          • TML


            “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

          • DaveH

            Did you attend any of the funerals of those 13 people who were gunned down at Fort Hood, because thanks to Bill Clinton they weren’t allowed to carry arms to protect themselves?
            And why are you SHOUTING? Do you think somehow that shouting makes your invalid comments valid?

          • DaveH

            NC, do you actually believe that a man willing to kill somebody (the most heinous crime of all) is going to worry whether guns are illegal or not?
            For those, who like NC, think the Second Amendment was about hunting:
            The Second Amendment:
            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

          • Flashy

            Ummm..last i heard the Health Care Law has not been ruled unconsitutional by SCOTUS, and has a split decision in the lower courts. Seems to me until the SCOTUS states it violates the Costitution…it doesn’t.

          • DaveH

            You really exist in a Dream World, don’t you Flashman?
            It is Unconstitutional whether the Supreme Court says so or not.
            The Supreme Court is a branch of the Federal Government, so naturally their inclinations are to uphold the Federal Government. Their word was never meant by our Founders to be the last word:
            No doubt, Flashman, you would hire a Fox to guard your Hen House.

          • Flashy

            Dave….sorry to disappoint you. here…you might want to glance at this as far as who and what determines a law or act in violation of the Constitution.

            Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

            Good thing we don’t leave it up to yahoos who cut and paste without even reading what they paste eh? Oh wait…that’s referring to you. Apologies if the shoe fits ya.

          • DaveH

            I said Founders, Flashman.
            It’s obvious that you didn’t read the article. The Supreme Court can’t just give themselves the Last Word.
            You wouldn’t need to do the personal insults, Flashman, if you had any legs to stand on.

          • DaveH
          • DaveH
          • Flashy

            Dave…when you refer to the “Founders”, please be specific in which ones you are referring to. There was the First and Second Continental Congress, there was the Congress of the Confederation, there was the First Congress. And of course Hamilton never sat in either if memory serves me correct, neither did Washington. to be accurate, since all those members had differing opinions..which members are those you consider to be “Founders” and which ones aren’t considered by you to be “Founders” ?

            So…which one are you referring to? or is it just a “catch all” phrase with no meaning?

          • MNIce

            Flashy, in this context, Founders refers to the delegates at the Constitutional Convention and a number of other prominent politicians of the time. In particular,John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin are among this group. James Madison was responsible for much of the formulation of the Constitution, so he is often called “the Father of the Constitution.” Jefferson was very concerned that the judiciary was made too powerful, and strongly dissented with Madison and the Federalists on this matter. He must have found Marbury vs. Madison to be an ironic vindication of his concerns.

            Have you never heard the old Roman question, “Who will watch the watchman?” If we accept the judiciary as the watchman, who watches them?

          • DaveH

            Flashman, you may be able to dazzle ignorant Liberals with your name-dropping but it means nothing to me.
            Obviously the members of the Constitutional Convention would be the people to refer to when it came to understanding the intent of the Founders when they wrote the Constitution.
            And your memory, as usual, is faulty since none of your name-dropping attempts included the correct name of the Convention and both Hamilton and Washington WERE there. Yet another reason to insist on references from you rather than take your word for anything.
            Here is my reference:

          • http://deleted Claire

            NC–Come on. get off the dang caps! I will never read your posts unti such time you type in lower case like the rest of us. Geez.

          • Vicki

            NC yells:
            ” (something derogatory about big woody) ” Thus suggesting his liberal nature. then goes on to prove it by yelling:
            ” (something illogical about funerals being caused by inanimate objects and includes some sarchasm directed at big woody) ”
            And now if we had not already profiled him correctly he yells:
            I’M THINKING ”
            Which he obviously didn’t and then tried to draw a connection between the right of the people to protect themselves from clear and present dangers and the British government circa 1780 (one of those dangers) and some random mass killing in 2011 (another of those dangers) where the victims had been disarmed by their government. The rather difficult connection he appeared to be making was that defense is good (1780) unless it is bad (2011).

          • joe H.

            I have had my 9mm sitting in my bedroom for about two years now. do you know in all that time, it hasn’t shot a single person???? That little bugger must be lazy or something!!! I even had a prowler in the back year the other day and it didn’t do a thing!! Luckily all I had to do was poke my head out the window and THREATEN to put a bullet up his scrawny little azz and he ran off!!! I will bet, however, that the lady who was alone at home with her baby the other night that shot an intruder in her house and KILLED him is glad her gun shot!!! The other guy with him was wise enough to stay outside and surrender. HE is facing charges for first degree murder while the lady is NOT being charged!!! I can’t help but wonder, had she not been armed, would she and her infant still be alive? The ba$tards were there to try and steal drugs!! I personally hope they FRY the second dude!!

          • Big Woody

            Sorry to disappoint you N.C. but my mailbox is plain old grey with baseball bat dents in it just like most of them on my street. No antlers either. But I do have an American flag on my “Made In America” car. I do regret I was not available to go to the funerals of any unarmed people that were murdered while they were defenseless and under the false belief that law enforcement could protect them. But I do understand that the police did show up later to write their reports. And again I did not see where those police reports stated the people were killed with recently purchased guns. It is a good job of creative writing on your part to make that connection. At least you did not claim they were killed with the “Fast and Furious” guns Holder is stonewalling the investigators about.

        • 1minuteman

          anyone who labels all republicans as the same is either completely stupid or a flaming liberal. same thing i guess. the tea party reublicans for the most part get it but they are still outnumbered. to label all republicans is just dumb.

          • Karolyn

            To label all democrats is dumb too, as well as labeling all of any group. There are too many varying viewpoints within any labeled group.

          • Vicki

            We know that. We most often point out the common ideas that many Democrats have that are dumb. Such as taking money at gunpoint from someone to provide them “protection” from illness.

        • ernest

          FLASHY you like that saying ( the rule of law ) that means the LAWYER rules this country ( they make the laws, argue the law, and all the judges are lawyers ) they even put clauses in where they are not included, we think thats why we have so many lawyers & other countrys don’t want them? think of all the things they do to us.

        • USNR

          “Flashy” is one of those indoctrinated children trained by the democrat/communists to eat the candy coated scat… and love it! He clearly loves the scat. Hey flashy i’ll have some more ready for you soon.

          The federal gov’t is supposed to be restrained by the Constitution of the United States of America. The facts are simple… there is no provision in the Constitution of the United States of America that allow the fed gov’t to force a citizen of the United States of America to buy anyone’s product, anytime, anywhere, for any reason.
          The very act of offering any such law for consideration is an act of TREASON by any and all parties involved!
          The electeds exempt themselves from all such laws too.
          If they are such good laws why are the electeds exempt from them???

          • Flashy

            Hey…you should be asking them why they exempt themselves. I believe there is a GOP Congressman, a self prolaimed TPer..who stated he voted to exempt Congress from the health Care law because he ‘had free health care already’. So much for abiding by proclaimed principles eh? (and yes, that was at a town hall meeting and i believe still on You tube)

            So it is your belief that the SCOTUS is not the final say on what is Constitutional or not. Marbury v Madison…decided in 1803 and recognized since then for the past 200+ years as the deciding case on the issue…doesn’t count? Then who is? If it is the citizenry…then I say it is constitutional. There ya go. Problem solved.

            No need to thank me, glad to be of service.

          • joe H.

            When Flashy was a kid, someone jokingly told him that the rabbit droppings in his back yard were “Smart Pills” and he’s been taking them ever since!!! THAT’S why he’s so “smart”!!!

        • ChristyK

          You don’t seem to understand insurance & economics. If a person is able to not buy insurance until they get sick, then the cost of the insurance will be so high that nobody can afford the insurance. The only way insurance works is if a large group pays and a small group collects. Part of the reason that insurance is so expensive now is it pays for every little expense with the patient paying nothing. The patient isn’t motivated to ask “Is this medicine/test/procedure really necesary?” or “Is there a cheaper alternative that might meet my needs?”. Insurance should only be for the unforseeable major expensive like cancer or a massive heart attack or a major accident. People should plan/save for normal expenses like annual checkups or seeing the doctor about a normal illness like the flu or strep. If a patient had to spend a little (even a very small amount) for each medicine or procedure, the patient would ask the doctor if this was truly necessary. If we reform tort law, then the doctor wouldn’t be motivated to do extra tests to “protect” himself. Most of these preventative tests can either do harm or cause additional procedures that can do harm. They are expensive and harmful. This is how you reduce medical costs, not anything in Obama care which will greatly increase costs and reduce the real level of care.

          • Vicki

            It’s a little more complicated than you describe. Short form

            Purpose of insurance. Protect ones assets.

            Economic effect. A few people use the insurance to pay for VERY expensive treatment that is VERY expensive because only a few people need it and using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY can pay. If people couldn’t pool their funds then the people selling the product would have to lower their prices.

            Now all this is fine and works until you add the force of government to make EVERYONE ELSE join the insurance pool. Now those few people have A LOT MORE of OTHER peoples money to spend so the supply/demand curve acting on both the product AND the money itself causes the seller to charge a LOT MORE for the product.

            Thus by making many more people pay for health insurance you increase the amount of money available for the seller of health services to collect so they raise their prices. Hence Obamacare can not possibly lower the price of healthcare. It just changes the flow of money from choice to force.

          • joe H.

            I have what I consider very good insurance and I pay 25 for office visits and 50 for emergency visits. I pay a percentage for my prescriptions till I hit an out of pocket max, then I get them free. I went into the hospital for a heart cath and after three days i paid 400 bucks. actually, I don’t know anybody anymore that gets all healthcare free from their insurance. In fact, the only ones I know of that DO get it free, are the ones on welfare, disability or SSI and WE pay for them!!!

        • professor

          We all know that obamacare is not about health benefits! So, why don’t we hear the Republican candidates..or any of our politicians..pointing out the “Truth of obamacare.”

          Obamacare funds the “million-man civilian army” that is to be loyal only to obama! Why don’t politicians discuss that fact or the fact that obamacare gives government the power to confiscate gold from private citizens! Americans have no idea of all the powers that obamacare gives this imperial regime. And, remember the “stated need” for obamacare was to provide health benefits for the thirty-million uninsured “residents” in this country (and that doesn’t necessarily mean they were referring to thirty-million U.S. Citizens.)

          The States need to tell the Fed “No to obamacare” regardless of the SC decision! The author is correct in that Americans have no obligation to obey unconstitutional laws and in fact have a responsibility to remove any government that turns to tyranny. There is no doubt about they “tyranny” as the illegal just stated that he will no longer cooperate with Congress. As dictator he will pass the laws he wants with two to five executive orders a week! And why not! His power to use executive orders has never been questioned.

          It is quite frankly disturbing that the American people sit-by and enable the Marxist regime to take this country hostage and declare a dictatorship. Not unlike Americans obeyed the unconstitutional imperial presidency of Abraham Lincoln. No wonder the illegal likes to compare himself to Lincoln. Lets just hope that hundreds of thousands of American lives are not sacrificed this time.

          Americans like good little boys and girls are obeying unconstitutional laws and mandates! The illegal alien usurper in the oval office has no “right” to power or position. He obtained that power and position by fraud and deceit! Not to forget the illegal alien was swept into the presidency with the help of ALL the politicians in Congress without a whimper of protest. There will be no help for Americans from Washington. We are on our own..

          • joe H.

            What does any gold sale over 500.00 has to be reported have to do with healthcare?? IT’S IN THERE!!!

          • Vicki

            $600 actually. Took effect 1-Jan-2012

            “But hidden in Obamacare, and undiscussed, is a provision that, effective Jan. 1, 2012, gold (bullion or coin) transactions must be reported to the government by gold dealers if the amount of the transaction is $600 or more. So unless the bottom drops out of the gold market, buy or sell one American Eagle coin and it gets reported to Big Brother.
            Why does our government need to know about that small of a sale when it cannot even manage our multitrillion dollar budget? Is it trying to dissuade citizens from owning gold?

            And what else is contained in that bill that Pelosi did not want us to read?”

          • Joe H.

            that’s so when they need it to back up some screwball borrowing deal, they can declare it illegal to own once more and come to your door and confiscate it like they did before!!!


      Apparently nobody in Congress has “the balls” to begin impeachment. The self-proclaimed Emporer will become “Ditator-for-life” unless someone in Congress starts the proceedings.

      • NC


        • Free Mind

          Get your head out of the sand. Can anyone really be as naive as you with all the credible information out there? WAKE UP & get educated.

          • Dennis48e

            NC needs to get his? head out of his a$$ and learn to release the caps lock key.

          • joe H.

            I didn’t see what he said. I don’t read any posts that are ALL CAPS!!!

        • DaveH

          Why all the personal attacks and shouting, NC? Is it because you know you can’t argue facts so you must resort to adolescent manipulative techniques?

        • DaveR

          Obama should be identified by what he does and how he does, not by what he says about himself, e.g. being a Christian. Does a Christian promote homosexuality and refuse to uphold laws after taking an oath of office to do so? I think not.

          • NC

            DaveR, take a walk around any American town and count the Churchs. What does that tell you about what “Christians” agree on as to what “true Christians”should believe?? I’ll ask you what I asked Walt. Where in the bible does it say that DaveR gets to pick the right church and what’s a true christian? A church on every corner seems to indicate that a lot of true “Christians” have had a problem deciding what is righ,AND WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?


          • Karolyn

            Duh, I am personally acquainted with Chrsitian homosexuals. One man’s Christianity is another’s blasphemy; it is all in the perception.

        • DD

          To NC

          Obama says he’s a Christian? When & where di he ever say that?

          He did say ON VIDEO TAPE that he is a Muslim. He did say on video tape during the last election that “John McCain has not made an issue of my Muslim faith”.

          Read his books. “If things turn ugly, I’ll stand with the Muslims”.

          He is entitled to his religion, as I am to mine. But don’t try to camouflage what he is, and what he stands for (I love America, now I’ve got to change it to something else).

        • Walt


          Well I guess that settles it then, doesn’t it. If Obama says so, then it must be a fact….dream on NC. You are so incredibly naive.

          It’s empty brain pans like you that elected the empty suit socialist, community organizer-in-chief.

          • NC

            Walt,I don’t see Obama as bad as those christian right preachers who have been caught fathering bastard children and sleeping under their male gym coaches and smoking dope.Where in the bible does it say old walt gets to pick the christians??

          • Karolyn

            Walt – And you are an almighty psychic who absolutely KNOWS ALL! As it happens, when someone listens to the same thing over and over, it becomes his truth.

          • joe H.

            NC and karolyn,
            There is more evidence from Abummers OWN MOUTH that he is a muslim believer than he is a CHRISTIAN!!! You may not choose to believe or see it, but it IS there. you BOTH are like an alcoholic who sees the proof DAILY but refuses to admit he has a problem.
            BTW NC,
            If you would rather be governed by a muslim, I suggest you go to the middle east where you can have your wish. I really don’t think you’ll like it tho!!!

        • hipshotpercusion

          how can you tell when O-Bozo is lying? Answer:He opens his Pie Hole! The Maggot is incapable of telling the truth.

          • NC

            HIPSHOT, who is the last president that you KNOW that did not tell a lie?

        • Gary

          Just because you believe him, doesn’t mean he isn’t lying.

          • eddie47d

            You mean Bush the “decider” and his sidekick Cheney…… Now Colin Powell take these little vials to the UN and tell them that Saddam is trying to kill us all. We need proof even if it’s phonied up proof!

          • joe H.

            Show me where anybody here has said that Bush, Cheny, or any other politician doesn’t lie. I do, how ever say that Ron Paul has NOT been caught in a whopper in his carreer. He says how he will vote and he does JUST THAT!!!

        • Vicki

          NC Yells:

          Not very impressive when compared to the national debt. You could do a LOT of impeachments for that kind of cash.

        • James

          Nc check those facts newt tried to keep us from impeaching bill Clinton he did NOT push for it he and bill Clinton had a deal worked out to fix social security, the dems told Billy that if he and newt went forward they would sign on to convict Billy for PURJURY not for receiving favors from Monica and potentially imprison him. By the way I am no fan of the self serving calista, I mean Newt Gingrich

      • Big Woody

        Try to Impeach all you want. Without a 2/3 majority you connot get a coviction and too many in Congress have much to much dirty laundry to stand up and point their finger at anybody. My question is, “Why has no one in the Democratic party challenged Obama for the nomination in the 2012 elections”. Most voting Democrats are not as far left and radical as Obama. Gov. Richardson for one, appears to be more of a working man’s politicion than the group we have in their now. There are several othe govenors that would get widespread support if they would step forward. If we replace one half of the Senate with our govenors, we would probably get more real work done in D.C. Term limits and cut the retirement packages for Congress. Make them do the job and not go home as millionaires because of their service in Congress. VOTE 2012

        • NC


          • steve

            If you would rather be governed by a turk than a christian that tells me a lot about who you are, what you understand and why you think the way you do. You have no credibility in this nation are indeed an anti-Christ. I say to that, the door is open, don’t let it hit you in the @ss on the way out. Be sure to take your wife with you and see how she likes it. Have a good life.


          • eddie47d

            That was weird Steve?

          • joe H.

            Since when is the truth “Weird? you really think NCs wife would LIKE the muslim world and their rules for women after living her life in the US?? I think not!! NC has said his little “rather be governed by a turk…” thing a few times here so perhaps the statement you call weird is actually quite ACCURATE!!! I would give NC about two weeks MAX in THAT world and he would want to come home crying to momma!!!

    • rb

      Which one would that be…The POTUS, nearly all the members of the United States Senate or House of Reprisentatives run by a bunch of thieves? House Speaker Boehner makes Judicial Watch’s list of the top 10 most corrupt people in Washington. I think we start NOW and change the entire diaper THIS NOVEMBER!

      • Think about it

        Obama has made the list (5) times.

        • http://charter howe

          You need to cut back on the drugs, you are hallucinating again, that always cause you to lie like your daddy in the Whitehouse. The top ten list that surfaced from a reliable poll is as follows: • Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL)
          • Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
          • Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
          • Attorney General Eric Holder
          • Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)
          • President Barack Obama
          • Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA)
          • Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)
          • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
          • Rep. Don Young (R-AK)
          Now if you want to get any more details get engaged and do some research before you overload your alligator mouth with your hummingbird booty.

          • Flashy

            who conducted the “reliable” poll? and how recent?

          • DaveH

            Who are you addressing, howe? Your reply makes no sense to me.

            And Flashy, it isn’t a poll. It’s what the Judicial Watch organization has decided:

          • Flashy

            Dave..unless you can cut and paste it fom another site, nothing makes sense to you. Howe stated “The top ten list that surfaced from a reliable poll is as follows”.

            I asked about the poll. Sorry your comprehension skills are so limited. Maybe you can try and repeat third grade next year.

          • DaveH

            It is your comprehension skills that are lacking, Flashman. I simply informed you that it wasn’t a poll.
            You’re really reaching the bottom of the barrel, aren’t you Flashman?

          • JeffH

            This seems to be a common complaint against those of us that choose to “cut & paste” the facts and the links to those facts by the progressive hacks that never have backed up their own opinions but rather expect tht their word is in fact…the facts.

            Flashy says “Dave..unless you can cut and paste it fom another site, nothing makes sense to you.”

            Well Flashy, if you could refute what Dave posts you’d be doing it yourself…problem is you can’t so you instead change the scope of your arguement to a frivolus and meaningless complaint about “cut & paste”. Could it be that you’re just not “smart” enough to “cut & paste” yourself?

            You have no credibility Flashy, nada, zero, none. We’ve heard this liberal complaint all to often…your’s is no different.

          • Think about it

            LMFAO, I didn’t say he was on the list (5) times, I said the dumb f-uk has made the list (5) times, do your research A-Hole.

      • rb

        I correct myself. Speaker Boehner did not make the actual list he and Nancy Pelosi simply benefited from insider trading that got Rep. Spencer Bachus on the list.

        • Buster the Anatolian

          I know Pelosi and I think Boehner made the dishonerable 7 list that follows the top 10.

  • s c

    This problem is due to a prez who combines a rare form of stupid with an old form of ‘I deserve complete power because I’m that special.’ By itself, it’s unAmerican and diametrically opposed to freedom.
    When combined with a limp-wristed Congress that loves inaction and has no compass, it’s like having TWO dictators in Washington. Should the Supreme Court find a way to trade common sense for ‘a new direction,’ the there will be no way for Americans to ignore the importance of the 2nd Amendment.
    People, when a system is BROKEN, you either FIX it or you SCRAP it.
    When people who were [SOMEHOW] elected don’t listen, you REPLACE them. Our drunk on power slave masters will respond if they are forced to do so, but they won’t until they have no choice.
    Find the right ‘language,’ and you have the right tool. If the false omnipotents in Washington don’t like it, let them find another country. Finally, remind them to take their twin, 900 pound pink poodles [aka political parties] with them, too.

    • joe H.

      Abummer IS special. Special like a miss hit coin. Those are usually tossed into a scrap bin and re-smelted to make a GOOD coin!! While they are collectable like clown statues, they aren’t quite right!!!

  • walt

    With the 535 congressmen in Washington all being corrupt and greedy no one challenges Obamacare which is totally socialist and illegal. We need all new congressmen with a 2 term limit and no extra benefits. Recently in our recession they voted themselves 3K more per month to cover expenses. This is the problem

    • http://charter howe

      I somewhat agree with you since 237 members of Congress are millionaires out of 535 total Congres people and most were not millionaires before becoming Congress Senators and Representatives. It begs the question as to whether either party is serving themselves or serving their constituents. In the case of the 70 socialist democrats in the House, I can tell you for sure that most are self serving. Pelosi has gotten filthy rich with insider trading that she had a major part in legislating like the Visa credit legislation. Then there is ole Harry Reid and his numerous land deals, the last one being a 160 acre tract of land near a bridge that he earmarked in legislation under the rader. Made himself a cool 1.1 million bucks on that deal. It goes on and on. Get engaged people, these sleezy lawyers are out to rape our country and the Constitution is at risk.

      • NC

        Howe, you just insinuated that Pelosi and Reid had engaged in illegal conduct. Several years ago there was a list of crimes and conspiracies that were pages long that accused Slick Willy and /or Hillary of committing.Do you know how many crimes on that list the accusers have been able ot get tried or convicted?NONE!

        • joe H.

          Had you been watching the news with some modicum of intelligence, you would have noticed that there has been many transactions of insider trading by the pols as they consider themselves exempt from the laws!!! There is actually an investigation going on as I type this post!!

          • Vicki

            And thgere is the Fast and Furious investigation. Lots of evidence of wrongdoing and lots of evidence of coverup.

    • Walt

      Hey Walt…since we are both using the name “Walt”, to avoid confusion, I will change my comment tag name to Walt-2 from now on.

  • Bob

    The people in DC are not stupid. Between this and the NDAA, they’re getting the mechanism in place to rule over us and keep us under control when the economy collapses. From wherever they are, the Founding Fathers are shaking their heads in disgust. The country blew it.

    • professor

      Abraham Lincoln during his imperial presidency murdered arrested and imprisoned Northern citizens without charges. He declared martial law, closed businesses, arrested politicians and journalists. Lincoln seized private property and conducted an illegal war without constitutional approval.. Lincoln committed lawless acts and ignored the Constitution just as the illegal and his imperial presidency of today.. Should we expect the same from the illegal and NDAA. Why not, it has all been done before..

  • bogbeagle

    I’ve been working towards a similar end, here in England.

    This is my logic.

    A man/or State can exert authority by one of just 3 means … Consent, Coercion or Deception. There is no 4th alternative, that I can see.

    Now, we are told that we are taxed and governed with our Consent. For Consent to exist, there must be some way in which to withdraw that Consent.

    In England, no such mechanism exists. There is no option but to submit to Governance of the State. (I did ask Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, btw)

    But, istm that it may be possible to create my own mechanism for withdrawing my Consent. To this end, I have refused to have my name upon the Register of Electors. That is, I have refused the vote. This, then, removes any doubt that I reject the Governance of Parliament. This is nullification, but at the personal level, rather than the State level, I suppose.

    Of course, being one man, they simply ignore me. If 10,000 of us were to act; that would be a different matter. It would force the State to begin making threats, which could only be resolved in a Court, with the opportunity to air the dirty linen.


    Anyway, that’s my “work-in-progress”.

    • Walt-2

      Hey bogbeagle,

      Knowing a bit about English history, there have been numerous times in it’s history that your countrymen got fed up with tyrrany and revolted with arms.

      Of course, now they have taken that option away from you and it seems that it would be impractical to storm Parliament with pitchforks.

      We Americans, unlike you and the Australians, still have the means to address tyrrany….if it comes to that.

      • bogbeagle

        If it comes to it, the cops will provide all the guns that we need.

        • joe H.

          If ten thousand of you abstain, all they will do is pass their laws with ten thousand LESS VOTES!!! Do you honestly believe they VALUE your vote????

      • Gary

        At least for now.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Hamilton’s Curse, is well and alive. It will require a great deal of education of the average American to combat these evil men. I think I may join Patri Friedman in Honduras. What say you?

    • Flashy

      where do you want me to send the Spanish English Dictionary ? Have a good time in your chosen country … and don’t forget the shards of glass on the walls so the poor who don’t have a safety net can’t get in to rob and steal for survival.

      • DaveH

        So now Flashy openly admits his disdain for morality. That’s a refreshing bit of honesty from HFlashman.

        • Flashy

          Cb stated he might nove to honduras. I was simply offering a helping hand in his transition to his new country.

          • DaveH

            Flashman fits in well here:

          • joe H.

            AWWW, now you done it DaveH!!! now Flashy will start crying about your ability to cut and paste. Probably because he CAN’T do it!!!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        None of your business. I certainly don’t want people like you to know my address. why don’t you read some more propaganda. By the way; I had Spanish and French language lessons in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. What did you study? Stupidity?

        • Walt-2

          Buena suerte en tu nuevo pais mi amigo.

          • Jeep

            Et bonne chance à vous, mon ami, ici en vertu d’un dictateur tyrannique!

        • Walt-2

          By the way…what is this thing about Patri Friedman all about?
          Who is he and what is he doing in Honduras? Just curious.

          • eddie47d

            Capitalist wants to move to a really poor country with a real dictator.

          • DaveH

            Do you ever tire of spreading your manure, Eddie the Troll?

          • eddie47d

            I’ll never be able to pile it as high as you do Dave. LOL

          • Dennis48e

            True eddie you enjoy playing with the manure with your bare hands too much to stack very much.

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        “he poor (in honduras) who don’t have a safety net can’t get in to rob and steal for survival.”

        Why do you think that the poor need to steal for survival? Unlike liberals the Honduran people know quite well how to fish and how to gather food from the plants around them. They do not need to rob or steal from anyone to survive.

  • Patriotic nut

    The correction can be made. It will, however, take a long time to correct what we have allowed for the last hundred or so years to happen. Nullification would be a good start but the actual beginning will be to elect local and state politicians who believe the way we do, that the federal government is out of hand and completely tyrannical. The medicine is going to be nasty but the states must start telling the feds no and stop taking federal dollars. That is how the fed controls the states so easily, “don’t follow our rules we take our dollars away”. If we look at the cost of following their rules, in the long run it will cost much more than if we just stop taking their dollars now, in dollars and, more importantly in freedom. I for one am quite ready for my dose of that medicine.

  • Michael in Iowa

    The Heritage Foundation is a farce, Neocons rather than true conservatives.

  • William Cocker

    You stil don’t get it! You have a loose cannon in the White House, who uses assassination as a political tool. He is surrounded by thugs and sycophants. He pays no attention to the Constitution. What is it going to take to wake you up? Does he have to use tanks, CBW, tactical nukes to break up demonstrations? Does he have to assassinate or imprison his polital opponents and rivals? This man, your president, has no morals, no ethics and no conscience. Do you really expect him to let you VOTE him out of office in November? Dream on!

  • http://Yahoo Rob

    Our Dictator in charge just signed into law “Indefinate Detention of Citizens”. WOW and NO ONE, No Where from our elected Reps. to Tv programs(Liberal or Conservative), or Citizens are speaking out about this issue? It is the fault of ALL of us LEGAL citizens for allowing this to exist.

    • Karolyn

      He’s not the one who introduced and voted on the bill.

      • http://Yahoo Rob

        Your statement may be true, but whomever introduced this proposal, Obama has/had the opportunity to NOT sign it into law. This law is QUITE disturbing. Please do not tell me YOU are comfortable with this new law. This law has unlimited ramifications that affects us ALL.

        • Flashy

          Pres. Obama specifally signed a note stating he was not adhering to those parts of the bill…namely the ones which you object to. it is for one year and comes for renewal next year. We shall see if the GOP insists on renewing those parts. He had no choice but to sign as it was a military budget bill. The clauses you object to….look at the history of the bill and see who put those in and insisted on keeping them in or the bill would be held up.

          • DaveH

            Oh, the liar-in-chief proclaims he won’t enforce a law and we are supposed to believe it? Give me a break.

          • Flashy

            OK Dave…what should he have done? veto the bill in its entirety? And pray tell..what immediate ramifications would a veto and the subsequent delays in trying to get the bill back through Congress without the GOP added language have had on our military?

          • Buster the Anatolian

            yes he should have vetoed it flash in the pants telling exactly why he did so. Congress could have then resubmitted and passed the bill immediately without the detention of citizens portions and sent it to obama for signing. Minimal delay and negligable effect if any on the military.

          • DaveH
          • DaveH

            So now, Flashy, the readers know that you condone lying and stealing. Anything else we should know about your lack of morality, Flashman?

          • JeffH

            Oh Flashy, will you never give up? Here’s another dreaded “cut & paste” just for you. You see, Obama lied to all of us once again.

            President Obama, who pledged to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), has now signed it. Of course, his promise was only for public consumption. After all, lying to your enemy is what invading corporate takeover armies do. It was the Obama administration all along that demanded the indefinite detention provisions be added while at the same time telling the American people he was fighting to protect their rights. This is treason on parade, in your face all out despotism– that is, for those paying any attention!
            Paul Joseph Watson
            Wednesday, December 14, 2011

            UPDATE: Obama has dropped his threat to veto the bill and is now expected to sign it into law. Remember – it was Obama’s White House that demanded the law apply to U.S. citizens in the first place.

            As Senator Carl Levin said last week, it was the White House itself that demanded Section 1031 apply to American citizens.

            “The language which precluded the application of Section 1031 to American citizens was in the bill that we originally approved…and the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section,” said Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

            Senator McCain also told Rand Paul during a hearing on the bill that American citizens could be declared an enemy combatant, sent to Guantanamo Bay and detained indefinitely, “no matter who they are.”

          • Joe H.

            What would the immediat ramifications have been??? Well, for one, I might have had a minute bit more respect for the man for KEEPING HIS WORD!!! As it is I have even LESS respect for the man(?), IF that is possible for lying through his teeth!!!

          • Vicki

            This Obama failure simply underscores the importance of “One Subject At A Time”. Too many bills are passed because our representatives HAD to vote on it even if it had stuff in there they didn’t like. Write your congressmen and tell them that this has to stop. No more excuses.

            Feel free to use this system to easily write an email. Just think if the NDAA had stayed to the subject of funding and another bill was created for the (obviously illegal) detention then Obama could have gratefully vetoed it.

            Of course had it been it’s own bill even the democrats would have voted it down.

      • DaveH

        A typically naive response from Karolyn.

        • Jeep

          Apparently, if you do not “introduce and vote” for a particular bill, but only sign it into law, you are no longer responsible for any negative influence on the economy, suffocation of individual freedoms or other ill effects. But, if it works, then take as much credit as possible! Liberals live in a confusing world full of unfathomable rules…

          • DaveH

            They never lose, do they? They just change the rules.

          • Joe H.

            That applies only if there is a (D) after you name!!! In THAT case you can get away with MURDER!! Case in point?? The Clintons and Whitewater????

    • TML

      I do find it incredibly scary that no one is speaking out about it as well.

      “To Bereave a man of life or by violence to confiscate his estate, without accusation or trial, would be so gross and notorious an act of despotism, as must at once convey the alarm of tyranny throughout the whole nation” – Federalist Paper #84

  • marty9957

    I agree, nullify Obama Care. Send a message to all the Democrats especially Pelosy, “It passed, we have seen it and we don’t want it!”

  • Brad

    They are going to over come anything you aply by crushing the economy.

    This is why the stock market is going up and down for the last 4 years.

    Every day it is up and down the next. When it is up the ones in power sell sending it down the next. In essence they end up with all the money while flooding the print presses crushing the dollar causing the little people to become drones

  • FreedomFighter

    If you really want to send a message to DC:

    If you get an return, file taxes, if you owe…dont pay, put it off, when they devalue the dollar you will make out.

    File an extension on your taxes, do it in a legal way.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Tom SC

    Attn: Nancy Polosi, You have passed a mistaken peice of fecal mater for law. We have read it and discovered just how bad it smells. We don’t want obamacare or obama. NULLIFY!!

  • Zeke

    The Heritage Foundation was STARTED by a Woman that was also a very big wig in the Council on Foreign Relations (a one world think tank). Yes watch out for ravenous wolves in Patriot’s clothing. There are many ‘conservative groups’ out there that are nothing more than sticky paper to nullify those who oppose the One World Governance and One World Banking system. Look for key statements that are a denial of conservative values, that will tell you who might be a traitor to the USA.

    • Zeke

      Kathryn Davis , Heritage Trustee since 1994
      Partner, Shelby Cullom Davis & Co., LP, New York, New York

      Much of The Heritage Foundation’s success in foreign and defense studies can be traced directly to the guidance and support of Dr. Kathryn Davis and her husband, the late Ambassador Shelby Cullom Davis.

      An adventurer, scholar and visionary, Dr. Davis has exercised her interest in foreign affairs for more than three-quarters of a century. She celebrated her 1929 graduation from Wellesley College by searching the Caucasus Mountains, on horseback, to find an obscure Muslim tribe. She holds a master’s degree in international relations from Columbia University and a doctorate from the University of Geneva. *************** She was a researcher for the Council on Foreign Relations throughout the 1930s. ****************

      In 1991, she and her husband received the first Clare Boothe Luce Award, Heritage’s highest honor. Six years later, Dr. Davis established the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies at Heritage. The Davis Institute today addresses virtually every aspect of foreign policy with analyses produced from four study centers: the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, the Asian Studies Center, the Center for International Trade and Economics and the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom.

      • Zeke

        So she did not found the H F. But her work with the Council on Foreign Relations shows what camp she is in.
        Birds of a feather ……

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    What we need to nullify is Obama! What is trying to hide from the American people?

  • JimO

    Obama going around the Senate in appointing people to positions in government? He says he has to because Congress won’t act. This sounds familiar; Reichstag fire?

    Chamberlain : Hitler
    Boehner : Obama

    We are being done-in!!!

  • T.A.Wathen Jr.

    When did health care become so expensive that you had to have insurance to afford it? When I was a kid and we went to the doctor, dad paid the bill out of pocket.

    • DaveH

      Yep, Government meddling is expensive.

  • SFDennis

    Bravo. Well said. Concise, completely accurate and to the point.

  • logician

    At this point WE either hang together or we’ll Goddamn sure be hanging separately.
    A WELL informed AND educated populace is essential to a successful Republic (unless, of course, you control the electronic voting machines).

  • Power to the People

    Our system has been high jacked for years. Both parties have collaborated to undermine the rule of law…our constitution and replaced it with fiat refactor law. The Supreme Court has partcipated in the end runs around constitutional rule of law and left us with a closet version of dictatorship by the rulers in DC.

    We are allowed to believe we still are relevant with our votes. What needs to happen and what does happen are at odds. What I mean is there are ideas shared here such as voting out the majority of the thieves in DC, but there is no concerted organized effort. We are but a few….how do get the masses to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late? Obummer is half of the way through our down fall….another term and he finishes us off. The Repubs do offer any ideas to fix our system, to save hhis country from financial ruin or preserve our culture.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    We are living in a world of great deception and I wish I could say that it will get better before it gets worse. In the last days “perilous times will come” according to God’s Word and we best seek God’s Wisdom for a time such as this. Many in our world will be deceived by the spirit and even miiricle’s of anti-.christ. (Rev.13) but be careful you are not deceived. Having said that, pure Christianity is being spread in many countries of the world with exception of the west. Sad to say that it is taking the shed blood of many of the Saints of God in many countries of the world and it very well may be here before long. Sad to say that many do not know what they have untill they lose it. “SEEK THE LORD WHIE HE MAY BE FOUND..

  • Power to the People

    It should say the Repubs do not offer….

    Using my IPhone and can’t type

  • Power to the People

    Henry, I hope the Lord can be counted on to step up for us all before we reach the abbis.

  • tjsmema

    Personally, I am for the Affordable Care Act. And I am proud of our President for all the hard work he did for us trying to get the best act possible passed. I do wish people would stop saying Obamacare, as it is what we asked him to do for us when he was running for office. It has much of what we wanted and more to come as we move along. It is so aggravating to have to go to the emergency room for a serious problem and there is a room full of people waiting to get care for normal day to day problems as they know they can say they can’t pay and therefore, we pay! It should be stopped now and the affordable care act is a step in that direction.

    • Joe H.

      Speak for yourself, paleface! I didn’t ask him to pass this crap filled piece of excrement!!! Number one, it has too many things in it NOT connected to helthcare! Number two it is not applied EVENLY among the populace as laws are SUPPOSED to be! Number three, I have good insurance NOW without this that I pay for myself, obviously unlike the ones that support this piece of crap. I can’t take you off my taxes as an exemption, so why the hell should i have to pay for your healthcare??? Take care of YOURSELF!!

  • DavidL

    Let’s try to get a grip on our constitutional reality:

    1. Nullification, whereby a State may refuse to follow any federal law with which it does not agree, is a legal argument that has been resoundingly rejected during the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960′s. If there is a conflict between State Law and Federal Law, FEDERAL LAW WINS!

    2. Article VI clause 2 (Supremacy Clause US Constitution) states

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

    2. Mr. Maharrey quotes Thomas Jefferson. I agree that Jefferson wrote it. I do not agree with what Mr. Maharrey believes Jefferson meant. Here is the bull point to Mr. Maharrey’s argument:

    “…whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force…”

    The obvious question in desperate need of an answer is how is this overreach by the federal government to be addressed and remedied? Mr. Maharrey argues that the individual States, on behalf of its people, can just ignore (NULLIFY)the law. What if residents of a state attempting to nullify agree with the law and want it to enter into force? For instance, they do not want to pay for free-loaders with no insurance going to the emergency room and passing the bill onto them? Or, they like the law because insurance companies can no longer deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and thereby forcing the patient to face bankruptcy or death. These elements are in President Obama’s health reform act.

    3. When the Federal government passes a law which is thought to be, by some political interest group, an overreach of its authority, how should that question be decided? Rule by political power or rule by law? The answer is obvious. Rule by law! Our court system addresses and remedies the matter. That is our system. We just have to be patient and let the system work its way. Follow the law first, and then challenge it in the courts within the rules is the design of our Constitutional system. If we do not respect and follow that, chaos and anarchy is the result.

    • DaveH

      DavidL says “What if residents of a state attempting to nullify agree with the law and want it to enter into force? For instance, they do not want to pay for free-loaders with no insurance going to the emergency room and passing the bill onto them”.
      First the Liberals force us to pay for the medical bills of others, then they use those “free-loaders” as an excuse to take away our Freedom to forgo Medical Insurance. How convenient for the Liberals. Remember that, Folks, when those Liberals’ hearts bleed with your money. Once you join their Mafia, you can never leave.

    • DaveH

      DavidL says “Let’s try to get a grip on our constitutional reality”.
      Yes, David, let’s.
      Basically what David is trying to say is that if our Naive and Ignorant ancestors were persuaded to let the Federal Government take powers NOT given to them by the Constitution, and if those powers were proclaimed “constitutional” by biased Federal Courts, that we should just sit down and shut up.
      Sorry, DavidL, but good people are awakening daily to the prison that Liberal Leaders have sentenced them to. And we are going to take our Country back, DavidL, whether you Liberals agree or not.

      • DavidL


        I never used the words naive or ignorant when referring to our ancestors. In point of fact, my views of the Founding Fathers is exactly the opposite. Let’s stop the liberal bashing and other irrelevant rhetoric and stick to issue at hand. Can a state government nullify (ignore)a federal law? The unequivocal answer is no. You may not like that. I may not like that. But that is the way it is under our system and legal history. A history, I might add, that has also been established by numerous conservative jurists. I will bet you anything that Justice Scalia would agree with my view stated above and not yours or that of Mr. Maharrey. That is our historical and legally REALITY! If you do not agree with this reality, then the legitimate way to address it, under our system, is through elections and not cowboy unilateralism which devolves to anarchy.

        Just because someone claims something is unconstitutional, doesn’t make it so. We have a system to resolve legal disputes peaceably and lawfully to decide such questions, and our system is using it.

        “The Supreme Court is not final because it is infallible. The Supreme Court is infallible because it is final.”

        Let’s wait to see what the Court says. If you don’t like its ruling, then get more people elected to Congress who think like you and change the law. This is our system. This is reality. It is pure psychotic delusion to think the way you and Mr. Maharrey apparently do.

        • DaveH

          First of all, I didn’t mean to imply that you did say our Ancestors are Naive or Ignorant. That’s what I am saying about them. They have put us in this difficult situation due to their laxity and lack of knowledge.
          And you just don’t seem to get it, DavidL? I’m saying the Supreme Court, being a Federal Branch, is biased. Of course they’re going to stick up for their own first unless there becomes too much public heat for them to stand.
          Show me where in the Constitution, DavidL, that it says the Federal Supreme Court has the last word. I’ll make it easy for you:

        • DaveH

          From the below article:
          “In the early years of the American Republic, no political leader or statesman waited for the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution; and the Court did not have the monopoly of interpreting the Constitution or of enforcing it. Unfortunately, in practice, the federal judiciary is not “independent” at all. It is appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and is from the very beginning part of the federal government itself”.

          “But, as John C. Calhoun wisely warned in 1850, once we allow the Supreme Court to be the monopoly interpreter of governmental–and therefore of its own–power, eventual despotism by the federal government and its kept judiciary becomes inevitable. And that is precisely what has happened. From being the instrument of binding down and severely limiting the power of the federal Leviathan, the Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary have twisted and totally transformed the Constitution into a “living” instrument and thereby a crucial tool of its own despotic and virtually absolute power over the lives of every American citizen”.

  • FreedomFighter

    With Obama taking his place as dictator of America, it would be a good idea if everyone buys


    Dictators have been known to GAS entire populations, of course it would be just to incapacitate you to take your guns and put you on the bus to the RE-EDUCATION WORKCAMP all set up and ready to go by FEMA.

    Dont be surprised when they use the:


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • professor

    How do you “Rule by law” when the liberal activist judges are as corrupt as the government to which they have become obligated.

    There is no “legal remedy” through courts for the unlawful illegal alien usurper or his treasonous laws..Otherwise, he would not be squatting in the presidency.

    To believe differently is futile.

    • DavidL

      That’s your opinion, isn’t it? Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it so.

      Here is a reality about “activist” judges. If you agree with the decision, from the left or the right, it isn’t judicial activism. If you do not agree with the decision, it is judicial activism. Both sides claim the same argument to use it against the other. So what else is new?

      • DaveH

        Odd, isn’t it DavidL, that when it’s your opinion it’s fact, but for somebody else it’s just opinion?

      • Joe H.

        the supremes are supposed to be unbiased, right? They are supposed to hear the arguements from both sides of the fence BEFORE they make up their mind, right? How many times have you heard supremes make statement of fact BEFORE a case comes before them??? Just like being a jurist, you are supposed to hear the defense AND the prosecution BEFORE you decide whether a man/woman is guilty or innocent. these judges are OPINIONATED before they make decisions!!! Hell there was one judge a few years back that admitted he SLEPT through most of the cases he sat on!!!

  • Laith

    If we can take the argument the a state government (legislator) can nullify a federal law even if found to be constitutional by the US supreme court, then why can’t citizens nullify state laws they believe are unconstitutional under their state’s constitution? what would we have here?chaos and not liberty.
    The best argument against state nullification is it work both ways and democratic (liberal) controlled state government can do the same to laws passed by conservative presidents.

    • DavidL

      Yes sir, exactly right.

    • DavidL

      Let me also add the following factual reality. Nullification, especially during the civil rights movement of the 60′s, was the legal justification used by the racial bigot.

      • DaveH

        Let me add the following Reality — Two wrongs don’t make a right.
        Again, I challenge you DavidL to show me where in the Constitution that it gives the Federal Supreme Court the Last Word:

        • Laith

          Article 3 sec 1:” The Judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme court…..”
          Sec 2:” The judicial power shall extend to all Cases, Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution,….”
          That makes the supreme (being supreme) have the last word on the constitutionality of a Law.

    • DaveH

      How can you expect the citizens to willingly obey the laws when the Federal Government has set the precedent of disobeying the Main Law of the Land — The Constitution?
      As with any people, including those people in Government, the best that we can do is set an example. The Federal Government does not do that.

  • Americanfreedom70

    2012 Political Reform Petition

    All public servants i.e. senators, congress persons, judges, governors, and all appointees shall from this day forth be restricted to no more than 8 years in office.
    No members of the above mentioned group shall receive compensation to exceed $60,000.00 annually.
    No public servants shall receive any insurance paid out of public funds with a co-pay of less than 50% including but not limited to premiums.
    No public servants shall receive any retirement paid out of public funds.
    No public servants shall be eligible to trade in open markets during their time in office.
    No public servants shall receive any additional funds, or other means of compensation from private individuals or corporations during their time in office.
    Housing outside of the public servants home area will be provided by the people in the form of public housing not to exceed 1500 square feet per family. Any deviation will be paid “out of pocket” by the public servant seeking such accommodations.
    Meals will be provided at public expence to include no more than 2000 calories per day of the basic staples of good nutrition.
    All special interest groups, labor unions, and corporate officials shall be restricted from any public buildings in an official capacity.
    Violations of the above binding guidelines will result in immediate termination and loss of benefits.

  • NC

    Steve, I hope you are a Catholic instead a of Prostestant. You ridiculed me about the statement of rather being ruled by a competent Turk instead of an incompetentt Christian. You called me the antiChrist for having such thoughts. Do you know who actually said that? IT WAS MARTIN LUTHER!! THE FATHER OF THE PROTESTANT SECTS. WHERE WOULD LIKE TO PLACE MR.LUTHER HIM ON THE LIST OF THE ANTICHRISTS?

    • http://deleted Claire

      Martin Luther did in fact say: ” I would rather be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian.”

      • Joe H.

        Yes, Claire, but to NC, ALL Christians are foolish!!! I hope one of these days he is hyjacked to a Turk country and held under a “WISE” Turk!!! I’ll bet he BEGS for a “foolish” Christian!! Such an azz!!!
        Him, Claire, not you!

  • Tom W.

    These are perilous times that we are living in, medical expences have become so artificially inflated that in order to pay for an accident or illness you must have insurance or face the threat of losing everything you own. And insurance companies don’t make fortunes insuring sick people, so the only ones who get covered are the chosen and, or well to do. This isn’t health care, it’s extortion and social genicide!!! Old people having to make up their minds whether to have cat food for dinner, fill their generic prescriptions, or throw caution to the wind and buy a lottery ticket. It’s going to be scary enough being me when I have to stand before Jesus, I damn (Pardon the pun!)sure wouldn’t want to be a doctor or lawyer!!! (Matt. 25:31-46)

    • DavidL

      I agree with you, Tom. It is immoral that the United States of America, the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth, does not provide universal health care to all of it’s citizens. The alternative, in our for profit health care system, is a choice. If you have the money, you live. If you don’t have the money, you either go bankrupt, die, or both.

      • DaveH

        I love how you Liberals twist the words to suit your own purposes. Stealing is Immoral. NOT Stealing and redistributing other peoples’ money is NOT Immoral.
        If you want to be Compassionate, DavidL, do so with your own money. To be compassionate with other peoples’ money is just theft.

        • DavidL


          What in the world are you talking about? If you believe Social Security, Medicare, etc. is socialism, does that mean when you are eligible, out of principle, you will refuse the benefit? Of course you won’t and shouldn’t. You will have paid for them.

          I never said anything other than people enjoying these social programs should have paid for them.

          We have many, yes many, terrific socialist institutions and they have contributed to making this country great. Here is a short list. They are all single-payer government run institutions:

          US Military
          Public Education
          Pulbic libraries
          Police department
          Fire department
          Coast Guard
          Veterans Health
          Social Security

          All our citizens, without exception, have a right to see a doctor.

          • Joe H.

            I take exemption to the veterans healthcare. That comes about as a benefit connected to a “Contract” signed by both the veteran and the governments “Agents” upon the veterans enlistment. This is why I believe the veterans of the US should be able to get up a class action suit against the government for every benefit they refuse to deliver on. This is classic BREACH OF CONTRACT!

      • DaveH

        And putting aside the immorality of it all, the practical results of the Welfare State can be seen right now in Greece. I realize that Liberals, in their insane jealousy, just want everybody to be equal — equally poor.
        The practical results of DavidL and his cohorts:

        As anybody who takes the time to read the report can see, there is an inverse relationship between the size of Government and the quality of the economy.

        • DavidL

          The US is not Greece. Stop reading and regurgitating from the Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, Republican thug playbook.

      • professor

        DavidL, here is another of “my opinions” for you..Granted it is only an opinion.

        First, what you believe to be “moral” would be a “socialist State” where government controls healthcare!

        The government would decide which patients would get healthcare and how much each patient would be entitled to get. Those decisions would be based on what “value” the government placed on the life of each patient! That doesn’t sound “moral” to me.

        Secondly, the government controlled healthcare system would not be “limited to U.S. Citizens.” Obamacare mandates that everyone will be entitled to benefits including those here illegally.

        Third, this country cannot afford obamacare because there are many social mandates funded through it that have nothing to do with providing medical care. Obamacare is more about social engineering and the usurping of additional powers by a tyrannical government.

        Fourth, with some rational realistic legislation there could be a fund to provide care for those few “citizens” that face debilitating, catastrophic illnesses or accidents. Medicaid fulfills some of these needs already.

        We do not need to destroy the best healthcare system in the world and replace it with outrageously expensive substandard care that would be “rationed” according to the government’s agenda! To me, that is “ill moral.”

        • DaveH

          The Liberal Leaders have quite a scam going. First they screw up an industry (in this case medical) with their meddling. And then after the prices go sky high and the services go south, the Liberal Leaders come in to offer themselves as the solution.
          So many ignorant people. So little time.

      • Vicki

        DavidL writes:
        “It is immoral that the United States of America, the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth, does not provide universal health care to all of it’s citizens.”

        What is really immoral is you demanding that everyone give up their money that they need for their own health-care so that YOU get to have it.

        DavidL: “The alternative, in our for profit health care system, is a choice. If you have the money, you live. If you don’t have the money, you either go bankrupt, die, or both.”

        You could try a not for profit health care system. But do you really want to trust your health to a slave? After all health-care is not magic. It is a service provided by people. If they are not being paid then they are slaves. If there is no profit then they can’t be paid.

        DavidL also ignores the obvious. It is BECAUSE some people have money that they can spend on for profit system that there is incentive for people to make that system better.

        • DavidL

          When you turn 65, very many years from now I am sure, you will be enrolled in Medicare and you will truly appreciate the fact that when you get sick, the profit motive won’t deny you coverage. You must be taken care of. Why must you wait until you are 65 before you have that security and peace of mind? It is immoral to have to wait. No other industrialized country in the world makes you wait. All of its citizens are covered as a mater of their moral imperative. But in our system it’s cash and carry.

          What is truly immoral is a four year old child with cancer dying because the parents cannot afford the $400,000 plus cost of keeping him or her alive. IT HAPPENED TO A NEIGHBOR TWO YEARS AGO. IF THE CHILD LIVED IN ANY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATION, SHE WOULD BE ALIVE!

          What is truly immoral is a for-profit health system which denies women health coverage because of the pre-existing condition of having a cesarean.

          What is truly immoral is a for-profit health system which denies health coverage to anyone after years of paying the required premiums.

          Everyone, everyone, has a right to see a doctor. For me, and hopefully you, it is a moral imperative

          Vickie writes: “What is really immoral is you demanding that everyone give up their money that they need for their own health-care so that YOU get to have it.”

          Vickie, I have insurance and have had it for years. I’m a millionaire!
          Is it okay for you, or a member of your family to, God forbid, have an accident and you cannot afford to pay the medical expenses? Is it okay for our system to put you in the position of either bankruptcy or the death of YOU OR your loved one. I don’t believe so, and if you were in that position you would change your opinion to mine. THIS IS THE REALITY IN OUR CURRENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE REFORM HAS NOW CHANGED THAT. YOU, OR A MEMBER OF YOU FAMILY, CANNOT BE DENIED COVERAGE. ALL YOU, ME , AND ANYONE ELSE HAS TO DO IS PAY THE PREMIUM.

          • Vicki

            DavidL writes:
            When you turn 65, very many years from now I am sure, you will be enrolled in Medicare and you will truly appreciate the fact that when you get sick, the profit motive won’t deny you coverage.”

            Profit motive doesn’t deny me coverage now. What was your point. What the profit motive DOES do is give incentives to inventors to invent/discover new methods to heal people. If the people had to pay directly they would have the incentive to make these discoveries cheaper. But since YOU and everyone else is forced (at gunpoint) to pay they do not make the methods cheaper.

            DavidL “You must be taken care of.”

            Why? because the government puts a gun to your head and says please? Nice morality you have there.

            “Why must you wait until you are 65 before you have that security and peace of mind? It is immoral to have to wait.”

            What is immoral is you using the force of government to steal money and give it to one industry.

            DavidL: “No other industrialized country in the world makes you wait. All of its citizens are covered as a mater of their moral imperative. But in our system it’s cash and carry.”

            It is hard being moral in an immoral world. But we have to do it and show the way. That is our destiny. To deny that destiny by trying to be just another den of thieves in the world will not give us Grace.

          • Vicki

            DavidL writes:
            “What is truly immoral is a four year old child with cancer dying because the parents cannot afford the $400,000 plus cost of keeping him or her alive.”

            And the parents can not afford insurance either? Btw in this discussion (in general not just on this thread) there is a bad habit of mixing 2 different industries as though they were 1. This just makes the issue confusing.

            Keep in mind that PROFIT gave the people who found a possible cure the incentive to look for it. Without that motive there would not be a cure at ANY PRICE.


            Is there some reason the parents didn’t move to “some other industrialized nation? The US is not known for refusing to let people move out of country (yet).

          • Vicki

            DavidL writes:
            “What is truly immoral is a for-profit health system which denies women health coverage because of the pre-existing condition of having a cesarean.”

            The Health system in the US does not deny anyone based on any condition. In fact our health system gives medical care to millions of people every year. Even those with out money to pay. (Some may note that they do so at gunpoint)

            Health INSURANCE is a different industry. Tell me, if you ran an auto insurance business how long would you stay in business if people bought insurance AFTER their accident. Buy health insurance BEFORE you get sick.

            DavidL: “What is truly immoral is a for-profit health system which denies health coverage to anyone after years of paying the required premiums.”

            Now there is something to fix. Please explain how Obamacare fixes that without creating so many other new problems. Oh and do you have an example story?

            DavidL: “Everyone, everyone, has a right to see a doctor. For me, and hopefully you, it is a moral imperative.”

            Last time I checked I can see a doctor any time I want. When rationing kicks in with Obamacare how will I be able to do that? So much for your “moral” solution.

          • Vicki

            DavidL writes:
            “Vickie, I have insurance and have had it for years. I’m a millionaire!
            Is it okay for you, or a member of your family to, God forbid, have an accident and you cannot afford to pay the medical expenses?”

            Is it ok for me to hire some thugs to steal YOUR money to pay for my mis-fortune??? How about if the middle man is government instead of street thugs. You seem to have a VERY twisted sense of morality.

            DavidL: “Is it okay for our system to put you in the position of either bankruptcy or the death of YOU OR your loved one.”

            Our system (neitehr health care nor health insurance) did not put me in that position. MY choices and MY (mis)fortune did that. Is it moral for me to take YOUR money WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT to get me out of my own mistakes/misfortune?

            What our system DID do is provide MANY MANY MANY more options for surviving mis-fortune. Both in improved health care and in options for paying for that care (health insurance).

            DavidL: “I don’t believe so, and if you were in that position you would change your opinion to mine.”

            Do you really think I am going to start hiring thugs (government) to go to you and steal your wealth (you an afford it. You’re a millionaire) so that I can get out of MY mistakes. I think NOT.


            What did they change again? Oh right. now we HAVE to buy a product. Tell you what. My little company makes a product. How about I get a couple of thugs to lean on you and explain how you HAVE TO buy my product. Would you find THAT moral?

            You DID remember that Obamacare is something you HAVE to buy? Right.

          • Vicki

            To all. Sorry about the multiple posts but DavidL has SO many mis-conceptions that it would take pages to even briefly answer them and I felt that most of them needed to be addressed. I decided breaking them up into pieces was the best way. I would not even have read the posts if they had been in just 1 entry.

          • Vicki

            This may have been mentioned before but I just realized there is another gotcha in Obamacare. Now you HAVE TO file federal tax forms every year. That way they can collect that premium and they get to keep better eyes on you.

            The law before only required that you “voluntarily” submitted the form. And if you had no taxable income you didn’t have to file at all. Used to be they would try and bribe you with a “tax credit”. Now they just put that gun to your head and encourage you to “volunteer”.

          • Joe H.

            Canada has a state run medical plan and people are dying of cancer there because of long waits to see an oncologist!!! that’s why they are coming here in groves to get diagnosis and prognosis!!! Canadas health plan is so good they are discussing going back to a private insurance type of plan as it is bankrupting the country slowly but surely. Same with England. THEY are already offering private coverage in some cases!!

    • Joe H.

      Tom W.,
      Even illegals are not turned away at the ERs!! In fact, there was a Mexican man that was in a coma for over a month at a cost of over a million dollars. He was finally sent to his home country where they let him die under their goverment “care”!!! I have seen people that have no coverage what so ever admitted to the hospital and the hospital write off their whole bill, except for the Dr. A lady down the street from me had a bill of over 40,000 dollars and the hospital wrote the whole bill off. she ended up owing the Dr. 500.00 and even HE wrote off 20%!! Don’t give me your bleeding heart crap!!!

  • simian pete

    Well, that’s what the American voters wanted – Obamacare – we tried telling them it was a bad idea …. here comes the death squads ! Heh Heh !

    Most people are social Darwinist and eugenicist. They just don’t realize it in an explicit way.

    One way to FIGHT Obamacare is to MAKE ALL THE MONEY you can. IF you are RICH $$$ you can afford better medical care – overseas…

    Another way is joining the political elite ….. good luck on that !

  • ScaryCheri

    great article Mike Maharrey. Thank you

  • Sancheleezy

    Thomas Jefferson is right and so is Dr. Ron Paul and also the ex Governor of New Mexico, Mr. Gary Johnson. When the Federal Government oversteps it’s Constitutional bounds, it is the right of the people in the United States of America to Nullify in respect with the 10th Amendment. Wake up America now!


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