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Bed Bugs Can’t Kill, But They Cause Discomfort And Embarrassment

February 8, 2011 by  

Bed bugs cant kill, but they cause discomfort and embarrassmentA two-day National Bed Bug Summit was held in Washington, D.C. last week to address the recent infestations sweeping the United States.

According to FOX News, these critters have infiltrated millions of homes, as well as movie theaters and the most posh retail stores and hotels in recent years. Although bed bugs have never been shown to carry diseases, they do leave noticeable bite marks when they attack. In addition, the presence of these insects can cause a lot of embarrassment for homeowners, who may refuse to host social events in fear of ridicule.

Many sources recommend the hiring of a professional exterminator to eliminate bed bugs because, unlike some other species, these creatures are tough to locate and even tougher to eradicate. According to, there are several effective ways to treat bites: Resist scratching, use calamine lotion, apply an ice-pack to relieve swelling and disinfect the area with antiseptic soap.

Although bed bugs are typically associated with unkempt homes or apartments, warns that these critters can travel to any location, and they commonly move from place to place through furniture or pets.

The website recommends that homeowners check their bed frames, mattresses and behind their headboard for bed bugs. In addition, they should inspect their dresser table drawers and upholstered chairs. 

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  • Rachel

    Not to be a racist, but studies seem to indicate that the massive numbers of illegal aliens are bringing in pests like these. Tuberculosis, as an example, was once under control and it too is now on the rise again from the influx of illegals.

    • Tim

      That statement was very racist. The illegal immigrants didn’t bring these bugs into the US, the bugs have been here. You can blame the European settlers for that. Illegal immigrants live in conditions which allow bed bugs to thrive. Multiple people, even families in one house. People moving in and out constantly. Insufficient funds to properly treat bugs. Lack of education in bedbug identification and eradication. Scared to contact city officials or landlords (deportation).

      Besides the deportation these are all common problems in the poor areas of the US.

      • 45caliber


        I grew up in one of the poorest areas of the US. No bedbugs then. When the illegals started moving in, the bedbugs appeared. So I believe the bugs came with them. In fact, I thought bed bugs were a myth for many years.

      • kate8

        Tim – How is that statement racist? There are people from ALL races coming here illegally.

        It sickens me how our own government has sold us out. We are told that we must respect those who come here without “documentation”. Clearly, they don’t respect us.

      • ValDM

        Illegal aliens aside, we must address the issue before it becomes out of control. A lot of our goods come from China (where bedbugs abound). If you buy any kind of clothing, pillows, sheets, comforters, etc., bring them home and wash them straight from the bags. If you have more than one load, leave the other loads outside until they can be washed. Throw the bags OUT. To prevent infestation, or control it, try hyssop. In ancient times hyssop was tied to the legs of the bed. Bedbugs simply don’t like this medicinal herb. Grow this in your yard and dry it. To keep them out of your carpet, crush the dried leaves, sprinkle the leaves on your carpet and vacuum them up.

        • 45caliber

          And wash them in HOT water. Cold or cool water won’t work.

          A friend of mine got them into her apartment. She ended up having to take every item in the house and wash it in bleach. Then she sprayed, with a special spray, each item. Books had to have each page sprayed. She ended up having to throw away about 2/3rds of what she owned, including most of the furniture and then get the apartment sprayed.

          She got them from a cheap carnival stuffed animal her husband won for her. Made in China, of course.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Well Tim, then the illegals are responsible for the proliferation and spred of bed bugs.

        If their conditions are so appaling they should get the hell out of here and go home. Pronto!

    • 45caliber


      You are definately correct. In fact, tuberculosis is at epidemic levels now. We had a man (illegal, it turned out) working at my plant as a contractor. He had a lung hemirage and died. When diagnosed as tuberculosis we found five people who had been near him had also caught it. When we reported it to the government, the local newspaper was told by the feds to NOT report it. It might worry the people and make them more adament about sending all the illegals home.

      Another disease we now have to fear as well is coming in – leporsy.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        45caliber… That story should have been reported. What czar is in charge of telling the newspapers what they can print and what they can’t?

        • kate8

          45 and Robin – There was a time when the US prided itself on the eradication of disease and other health issues through sanitation and hygiene. Now, it seems to do everything possible to allow plagues and pestilence to thrive.

          Just imagine when the power grid, inevitably, goes down. No water, no electricity…Since cleanliness is the only thing holding them in check, we’ll be a hotbed of conditions for these plagues to catch fire.

          Cheery thought.

          • eddie47d

            Then it is time to stop making disparaging remarks about the EPA.FDA,CDC,HHS and what their role is. They may have grown in size but have little control over situations like this (bedbugs). They can’t make public announcements like they did many years ago(education). No one wants them interfering with a private company so this infestation gets ignored.They have to wait for a crises to happen and then be invited before they can act. Do you want good government or no government?

          • 45caliber


            A further thought. Back a hundred years + in the past, those susceptable to these diseases died, taking their genes from the pool. Now we give the kids lots of shots to prevent them. Those with the susceptable genes spread them freely. Now if we lose the grid and any of these diseases get started, how many of us are not susceptable and would live if we caught them? Things like chicken pox and measles (which used to be one of the deadliest diseases out).

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            It’s all part of Der Fuhrer’splan to make our nation a third world country. The bugs, leprocy, plagues are all necessary elemnts of third world status.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Hey eddie:

            YOu say the alphabet agencies cannot do naything about these issues of insects and deseases.

            Well, how about this agency? Ti’s known as the I N S. If there were DOING their yob mon the rest would not be an issue.

    • Betsy

      We had bed bugs just about eradicated. Same with TB. And smallpox. Used to be immigrants were quarintined [sp] and checked for diseases, and insects. They were given quarters and facilities to wash, [selves and clothes] and get clean after being unable to for a long trip. They were given a thorough physical and anyone sick was quarin[that word] and given medicine and gotten as healthy as possible. Now with the flood of illegals [of whatever color or nationality] we are seeing a resurgence. When will smallpox be back.

      • 45caliber


        Further, there used to be quaranteened areas for TB and other such diseases. Now, the government says it is depriving them of their rights to send them to such places; they get to stay in the population without others knowing where or who they are. Aids is a good example. If you really want to be upset, call all the Aids help lines in the US and ask if you should tell a prospective sex partner that you have Aids. All government ones will tell you not to tell and so will most others.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Yet if the partner goes to court and can prove the aids came from him and says he didn’t tell her he can and in most cases will go to jail!!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        As I noted abode. Think I N S. They are NOT doing their yob mon and the other agencies are busy over-reaching and stepping on the citizens.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      There is nothing racist about the TRUTH.

  • Sheryl

    Bring back DDT for a while. It is the only effective way to get rid of them for good.

  • 45caliber

    At one time these were almost eradicated. What brought them back? And I agree with Sheryl. Bring back DDT and get rid of them for good.

    • kate8

      45 – You already answered your own questions. No just ILLEGAL aliens, but the massive flood of third-world immigrants in general.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Probably came in on the clothing of the illegals.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Speaking of illegals, I wonder if Obummer brought any with him to the People’s House?

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          Good question. Do they have them in Kenya ???

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Old Henry,
          You know what pure justice would be? Have a person that has them take the long tour of the White House and sit in a few chairs!!! I could just imagine most of the Washington “in-crowd” getting them!!! It would serve every one of the loose border – amnesty group!!!!

  • barbm

    when i went to the doctor not long ago, i sat on a wooden table because all their chairs were upholstered in fabric. i won’t sit on fabric out in public any more. i jerked the carpets out of my home as soon as i bought it and replaced them with tile. carpets are unsanitary and give bed bugs, fleas, and other critters a place to hide and multiply. fleas are easy, but bed bugs are almost impossible to eradicate. you have to throw out your furniture, and i can’t afford to replace mine. i bought leather furniture for the same reason i got rid of the carpets. i have cats, so i could get infested by them if i had carpets and fabric furniture. if immigrants come here legally, they’re supposed to have a clean bill of health, but do they check their luggage for bugs?

    • 45caliber


      If you have a yard, have it sprayed regularly for fleas. Most of ours comes inside on our legs rather than from the pets if we don’t spray. The pets just offer an incubation point for them. Get to know your exterminator too. Most of them mix their poisons really weak so it will go further. They will offer to come back if it fails but that doesn’t do you a lot of good. Get one who is willing to make it stronger than needed even if you have to pay a little more. It doesn’t cost much for the extra poison since most of the cost is labor.

      • barbm

        i use beneficial nematodes in the yard. they die in winter, but they’re cheap so i buy more in spring after the chance of a freeze has passed. just have to water the yard at least twice a week. all they eat are flea eggs and flea larvae.

      • barbm

        forgot to say i have a colony of about 20 cats. most were feral when they started coming around, but now most are tame. i have a way with cats. since they roam, they bring them back with them. and, with that many cats, it’s too dangerous to put out poison. if they walk on it before it dries, then they lick their paws, they can die. i spent way too much money on having them all fixed and innoculated to let them die because of fleas. and i like tile and leather. a quick swipe with bleach, and all is well.

  • http://com i41

    edee, talking out your lower dump vent agin! Just what good is the EPA, FDA,CDC,and HHS, all do nothings but impede and abuse their control. The beltway manufactored agencies, are junk science idoits. EPA, outlawed DDT because it was believed it thinned out egg shells of bald eagles, which was a s–t story. Eagles weren’t eating enough calsium rich fish, DDT was the only thing to control maliara, and many swamps or wet areas in different countries beg the UN and the US to allow it to be used again, it also was used to eradicate bug bugs. So thank the envior scum bags for killing a lot of children all over the world, so EPA can be s–t canned. FDA, another government group of slubs, they sure didn’t stop meats coming out of China that has been raised on feed with “thin powder”, cause a speed up growth and muscling up of carcuss.(Clenburatrol) it keeps meat looking fresh for weeks, and makes consumers eating it sicker than hell. China will not comment or tell how many people have been killed or have been sent to hospitals. Also the allowing contanimate grown beef from S America, infected with foot and mouth virus that is quite contagious. So what good is the agency? CDC usually gets involved after a out brek or infected people show up in a doctor’s office, another sucking of taxpayers money. HHS (hore hound service) another enabler agancy for the massive welfare nanny state, designed for more government control. I would take no government, than the massive bloated peice of marxist/communist/totalitarian government controlled sewage comming at us. When immagrants came to America, they came first to Ellis Island, they were inspected and deloused and debugged, before going on. In several southern states there has been several TB indected organisms that were here and just wandered over the border, same goes for the anthrax infected beef coming across from Mexico in to the USA. Want to see a decline of food avaiblity, keep electing the Soros Socialist democrats and the marxist muslim moron in office and watch more illegal come here since it is like old hoe week.

  • Cindy

    Here is this with ‘replies’ at bottom for how to get rid of them, or at least best suggestions:

    YUK! U.S. not sleeping tight as plague of bedbugs renew bite


    Is it a crime to put insects into plain envelopes and mail to Obama family?

  • Munday/TX

    my grandmother said in the old days they would put the legs of the bed in tunna cans filled with kerosene. the bugs won’t cross that border. they also used lie soap-the strong stuff-to clean the houses out then kerosene. worked for them.

  • http://none Mike Berkwit

    It should be the Department of health responsible for delousing these
    dudes, If the people are here illegally then so are their bugs.They ae so used to getting bitten back where they came from, it doesn’t
    matter to them if they bring their little friends with them.
    Our government should take action to keep this place bug free and the
    associated diseases they bring with them. You can’t teach old dogs
    new tricks. If they live like pigs south of the border why should
    they change here. The have the idea that the are rapidly taking over
    Phoenix and soon we will be the minority here, They feel this city is
    already theirs, and with Obama doing nothin th change thatm it is the
    beginning of the end for live as we used to live it in this city.

  • http://none Mike Berkwit

    If Apario had his waym they would have all of them delousd rite at
    they border.


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