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Bay State On The Right Path?

April 8, 2011 by  

Bay State on the right path?Massachusetts has long been viewed as one of the most liberal States in the union. The Bay State is home to the most famous left-wing family in politics, the Kennedy's, and it has voted blue in every Presidential election since 1984.

However, a new poll reveals that a majority of Massachusetts voters support a re-election bid for Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.). Furthermore, a separate poll indicates that many residents oppose the State's landmark healthcare law, which served as a model for President Barack Obama's controversial healthcare reform.

In January 2010, Brown shocked the nation by defeating Attorney General Martha Coakley, a Democrat, in a special election to become the first Republican Senator representing the Bay State since 1979. Brown filled the seat formerly held by longtime Senator Ted Kennedy, who died in August 2009.

According to a recent Suffolk University/7NEWS poll, approximately 55 percent of Massachusetts voters said that Brown deserves to be re-elected.

"Brown is beating all expectations," said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. "His popularity hasn’t diminished as most expected, and at this point in time he’s going to be tough to beat."

In a separate poll conducted by the college, about 49 percent of respondents said that they believe the 2006 law requiring most residents to obtain healthcare insurance is a failure, according to The Boston Globe. Approximately 39 percent of voters said the individual mandate, which is a staple of Obamacare, has been a success. 

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  • Vigilant

    Scott Brown’s popularity doesn’t change the liberal bias found in the state of MA, it proves it. He has been a great disappointment to many who thought he was more than a RINO.

    • http://naver samurai

      100% agree, fellow patriot. As long as John “Flip Flop” Kerry and the Kennedys are still there, I don’t really see to much of a real “change” in that state. Scott Brown is a disappointment, but at least he kept out another lib traitor and coward. Have a good weekend, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • crystal

      Thank you. I supported Scott Brown when he was running and to this day he is just another far-left-wing-liberal. I’ve watched how he has sided and voted in the Senate and I really want to know if MA has any conservatives in that state at all.

      • wandamurline

        I worked the phone banks for Scott Brown from Texas through a tea party affiliate. I knew that he was a RINO, but I worked to get him elected because he was called Republican and I knew it would be a tuff in the Democrat’s feathers. Now, next election he runs for candidacy, he will not have that tea party affiliation…he will be on his own because he is a RINO and not the conservative that he portrayed himself to be.

    • barbm

      don’t call him a cowboy ’til you’ve seen him ride. i saw him ride, and i call him a dem in rino clothing.

  • Nikita63

    As A lifelong native Born denizen of Massachusetts, I will uncategorically tell you that Brown is an aberration; not only in Massachusetts, but in the swamp known as Washington, D.C. He has done exactly as he said he would do during his campaign; that he would NOT be a party shill and vote for party agendas over the wants and needs of his constituents. I do not always agree with his votes,DADT,
    for instance which I do NOT support because as a former combat veteran, I believe it necessary for those you must depend on to have the same system of values the majority have. DADT worked, the repeal of a sane operational procedure will not,especially in Staightleg Army and Marine units in particular. However, Brown is a disappointment only to those who failed to take him at his word. He has been the most effective Senator I’ve seen in my lifetime and I am 66. And, Senator Brown has something most of the others do not have, nationwide; INTEGRITY! I hope he is a harbinger of things to come in this state and the country as we csan simply not survive liberal policies and programs designd to continually favor illegals over citizens and increasingly tax the few with jobs to provide entitlements to them for which native born and nturalized citizens are not eligible, or this penchant they have for ignoring the Constitution and rule of law whenever it suits their needs and having no qualms about denying individual liberties or submitting to the rule of the UN in domestic American sovereignty as they would do by ageeing to the UN Small Arms Teaty; thereby in part at least abrogating the Second amendemnt. Republicans aren’t any better and often posture but DO nothing to stop the left. The only real hope of this country for action to implement change is the Tea Party. They at least talk to each other and try to remedy the wrongs we suffer. All the established parties do is fight each other’s agenda’s but; the liberals have moved so far left in this country you have to wonder if you are living in the U.S.! Those state Senators who fled Wisconsin rather than provide a voting quorum are a perfect example and in my opinion, every one of them should be removed from office for malfeasance. They are supposed to represent ALL the citizens of their state, not just special interest groups like labor unions. The fact is, the people who would pay for the benefits the govenment employee unions are demanding are in fact, their brothers and sisters
    in PRIVATE sector unions who have no accesss to the unlimited funding the Government can and will provide for union VOTES. Stupidity is RAMPANT in the U.S. at this time and has been for decades which nis why we are in the situation we are. We need a clean sweep in the next election and a greater number of Tea Party candidates successful. The lamestream media will not acknowledge that the Tea Party is even viable most of the time. I think they will find America has had more than enough of the status quo , and of THEM, in the 2012 election. Here’s hoping. We need people who will address problems, not try to undress each other politically while ignoring the needs of the people.

    • Tony

      Amen brother, i agree with you 100%.

    • Bus

      keep in mind that a Massachusetts liberal is a Marxist Communist and a Massachusetts conservative is slightly over the medium line.

    • Hank, MO

      Never thought I’d agree with anyone from Massachusetts about ANYTHING, especially one calling himself ‘Nikita’, but I do agree with just about everything you’ve said. Now, if you can just move over a little farther right and bring Mr. Brown and a whole lot more of your fellow citizens along with you, perhaps your state can yet be saved from the Kennedy insanity which has afflicted it since Old Joe was an ambassador kissing up to Hitler and the Nazis.

  • GoldenRudy

    ” … approximately 55 percent of Massachusetts voters said that Brown deserves to be re-elected.” WOW! Meaningless statistic, I feel. What percentage voted for Teddy K (’68 Olds) election after election? What percentage continue to vote for Kerry (“I served in VietNam.)? Brown will not get the enthusiastic voters that put him into office if he continues to be a RINO and constantly being worried what the Boston Globe has to say about him. His problem will be another Republican or Independent running that has the support of the Tea Party. That will make the Democrat candidate a union shoe-in. Look at the last two elections for MA governor as an example of the “strawman” putting a Democrat in office.

  • Ellen

    For an electorate that repeatedly votes in some of the worst Congressmen, I have little faith in anyone they elect. Kennedy, Kerry, Franks…. Unfortunately, all of America has to suffer because of the foolishness of Mass. voters. The same thought is true for California as well. It’s time to end the ridiculous notion of spreading the wealth and go back to an era of personal responsibility.

    • Bonnie

      Ellen I agree with you. We have two states, MA and CA who continually send the left of left politicians to Washington. These two states are way to liberal or should I say progressive with their political choices causing chaos in DC. Kennedy, Kerry, Frank, Boxer, Pelosi, Waters, the list goes on and on. I was glad to see that the population in these states is declining, due to state representatives that are of the same ilk. This decline will reduce the number of politicians they can send to DC.

      • Ruby

        California here…I agree with both you and Ellen. And I REALLY thought Carly and Meg would win this last fall! Bummer…maybe when Feinstein is up for re-election…….one can only dream….

        So what does Jerry Brown do as soon as he’s elected…raise taxes.

        The sheeple here actually BELIEVE the craziness behind higher taxes…to pay for all the crazy programs. I have a sister that actually believes the state (actually the taxpayer) should foot the bill for children of illegal immigrants to get their vaccinations…what the?! They shouldn’t be here in the first place!!!!! And try to argue that one with this type of mentality!

        • Robert Smith

          Ruby, your sister is correct: “I have a sister that actually believes the state (actually the taxpayer) should foot the bill for children of illegal immigrants to get their vaccinations…what the?!”

          When disease is left unchecked the superbugs develop. Diseases like smallpox have almost been erradicated.

          Of course denying this kind of health care isn’t pro-life for the born.

          Why does the extreme right call themselves “pro-life” if so many people would die if they had absolute rule?


          • Don

            And your way of thinking is why we are in the mess we are in, proof, we live among the idiots !!!

          • Tattoomama

            Rob: (1) You completely missed the point of Ruby’s post. Her sister IS NOT correct in her assumption that you, I, and every other tax-payer should have to pay for ANY medical care for anyone who is here in the country illegally. I have to pay for our own care, why should law-breakers be given more than a tax-payer receives? (2) Lack of vaccination has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the development of so-called superbugs. They come about because of mis-use of antibiotics–and that actually can be directly traced to places like Mexico where antibiotics are not regulated like they are here and are in fact available for purchase over-the-counter in drug stores. People get and take them for every little sniffle and sneeze. Then the illegals cross the border and bring their superbugs here to infect the rest of us. (And just for fun, goggle Morgellons Disease–is it a coincidence that CA, with a huge illegal population, is also the state with the greatest number of confirmed cases?) Just one more reason–as if we needed any more reasons–to CONTROL OUR BORDERS! (3) Smallpox HAS been eliminated and has not been found anywhere IN THE WORLD except in laboratories for decades. My oldest child is 30 and smallpox vaccination had not been required for years BEFORE he was born. (4) No one is talking about DENYING anyone health care–we only want them to have to pay for their own health care just like the rest of us do. (5) Your comment about the “extreme right” and “pro-life” and “so many more people would die” is pure hyperbole–’nuff said. And I’ll leave you with this: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.– Mark Twain (1835-1910)”

          • Vigilant

            So, now we add to RS’s resume that he’s not only pro-murder (abortion), he’s also pro-ILLEGAL alien. What a moron!

          • Jay

            And these idiots breed like cockroaches!

          • Thamera

            Excellent post tattoomama and that is funny barbm.

          • Lynn

            Rob, lack of vaccinations does not cause the rise of “superbugs”. Over use of antibiotics for every little sniffle, be it bacterial or viral, causes superbugs. And baby, we got ‘em!

        • barbm

          i sympathize. i have a son who voted for obama and thinks abortion is a great way to keep the population down. i want a dna test!! how can this be my child? :)

          • American Citizen

            Ask him if he knows who would not be alive today if you had had an abortion when you found out you were expecting him.

          • barbm

            i was going through a hard time and was pretty sure i was going to be divorced, so i actually thought about it. i kept thinking about what he might be and how much we’d love each other, and i couldn’t. i did get the divorce when he was 5-days-old, and have NEVER regretted my decision even though he is a democrat. we find the occasional thing to agree on.

          • Lewis Munn

            DNA testing might not prove anything. Opinions come from training and environment. Th Bible correctly says to train up a child in the way he should go, and if he is trained in other ways, for example in a liberal school, he will go other ways, departing from your wishes.

        • Bud Tugly

          from the NY Times – food for thought:

          Republicans have once again gone all in for voodoo economics — the claim, refuted by experience, that tax cuts pay for themselves.

          Specifically, the Ryan proposal trumpets the results of an economic projection from the Heritage Foundation, which claims that the plan’s tax cuts would set off a gigantic boom. Indeed, the foundation initially predicted that the G.O.P. plan would bring the unemployment rate down to 2.8 percent — a number we haven’t achieved since the Korean War. After widespread jeering, the unemployment projection vanished from the Heritage Foundation’s Web site, but voodoo still permeates the rest of the analysis.

          In particular, the original voodoo proposition — the claim that lower taxes mean higher revenue — is still very much there. The Heritage Foundation projection has large tax cuts actually increasing revenue by almost $600 billion over the next 10 years.

          A more sober assessment from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office tells a different story. It finds that a large part of the supposed savings from spending cuts would go, not to reduce the deficit, but to pay for tax cuts. In fact, the budget office finds that over the next decade the plan would lead to bigger deficits and more debt than current law.

          And about those spending cuts: leave health care on one side for a moment and focus on the rest of the proposal. It turns out that Mr. Ryan and his colleagues are assuming drastic cuts in nonhealth spending without explaining how that is supposed to happen.

          How drastic? According to the budget office, which analyzed the plan using assumptions dictated by House Republicans, the proposal calls for spending on items other than Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — but including defense — to fall from 12 percent of G.D.P. last year to 6 percent of G.D.P. in 2022, and just 3.5 percent of G.D.P. in the long run.

          That last number is less than we currently spend on defense alone; it’s not much bigger than federal spending when Calvin Coolidge was president, and the United States, among other things, had only a tiny military establishment. How could such a drastic shrinking of government take place without crippling essential public functions? The plan doesn’t say.

          And then there’s the much-ballyhooed proposal to abolish Medicare and replace it with vouchers that can be used to buy private health insurance.

          The point here is that privatizing Medicare does nothing, in itself, to limit health-care costs. In fact, it almost surely raises them by adding a layer of middlemen. Yet the House plan assumes that we can cut health-care spending as a percentage of G.D.P. despite an aging population and rising health care costs.

          The only way that can happen is if those vouchers are worth much less than the cost of health insurance. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that by 2030 the value of a voucher would cover only a third of the cost of a private insurance policy equivalent to Medicare as we know it. So the plan would deprive many and probably most seniors of adequate health care.

          And that neither should nor will happen. Mr. Ryan and his colleagues can write down whatever numbers they like, but seniors vote. And when they find that their health-care vouchers are grossly inadequate, they’ll demand and get bigger vouchers — wiping out the plan’s supposed savings.

          In short, this plan isn’t remotely serious; on the contrary, it’s ludicrous.

          And it’s also cruel.

          • Vigilant

            Good God, you quote the NY Times as a legitimate news source?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Isn’t that the New york SLIMES????

    • crystal

      You are absolutely correct about MA and CA. I live in CA and most people are surprised to find out that it’s Southern CA (where I live) that is predominately conservative. There has been a plan on the table for many years to separate Northern CA from Southern CA. The dense population from L.A. to San Francisco is the only reason they can call this state blue. Orange County down to San Diego County is red and we’re sick of the 9th Circuit Court and Sacramento forcing liberalism on our families.

      • Tattoomama

        As one Californian to another–AMEN! (And unfortunately I live in that hot-bed of progressivism–the dreaded Bay Area.) Ugh–hopefully I’ll be able to retire soon and can thus leave this ridiculous state and all the morons who vote for the likes of Boxer, Feinstein, Brown, Pelosi, and Miller behind.

      • da norseman

        You are absolutely right, Crystal!!! Spot on! I used to live in the Bay Area where the liberal garbage have dominated cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley (they also dominated Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge) from the time our family moved to central Contra Costa County back in 1973 at a time when cities in that area east of the Berkeley Hills, like Walnut Creek and Concord (the largest city in the county), were more conservative and not as populated. That was until Yuppies started flocking over from East Bay cities during the late 1980s, particularly from Berkeley (or “Bezerkely” as I love to call it), and Walnut Creek became another Berkeley as liberals began to gradually spread out and dominate that city as well as Concord, but that didn’t stop there! South of Walnut Creek they started dominating once rural Alamo, Danville and San Ramon all along the I-680 Corridor all the way to San Jose by encompassing the bay.

        No city anywhere in California, Northern or Southern, can beat out Oakland or Berkeley as being the most liberal since the Flower Power Movement (which originated at Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco in 1964) moved into these areas during the late 1960s. While Los Angeles may be overwhelmed with liberals – Hollywood being the worst – it does not come close to what is happening in the Bay Area, but it is heading more and more in that direction since San Francisco-style politics has spread its tentacles there. Fortunately, Orange County has remained conservative for so long, even in many areas along its northern boundaries, which has been, amazingly, a real success story! San Diego, depending where you’re at, still has strong support for our men and women in uniform stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

        Orange and San Diego Counties as well as all the rural counties north of San Francisco and Sacramento are all that remain in the hands of conservatives within the California Socialist Republic.

        • Ruby

          norseman: thank you for explaining so clearly what my point was.

          I live in San Jose. At one time, it used to be more conservative; however, still more conservative than San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley. Anyway, even some conservatives I speak with here are barely moderately conservative. I love this area for many reasons, but it may be time to move where there are more like-minded people around me.

        • Ruby

          Sorry…it was tattomama’s post the really drilled down on my comments above.

  • newspooner

    Scott Brown is a RINO, Neocon, Country Club Republican. As such, the best you can hope for is for him to vote correctly about 50% of the time, like McCain, Graham, etc. If you understand Zeno’s Paradox, you realize that being legislatively correct 50% of the time ultimately still leads to 99.9+% tyranny.

    Brown was only elected because the Jan. 19. 2010 Special Election became a de facto referendum on Obamacare. Many thousands of voters who were not planning to vote ultimately did turn out and vote for Brown because they thought that as the “41st” Senator he would be the stopper of Obamacare. He was, temporarily, as we remember how the Establishment soon cheated it through anyway. Brown would not even have been in a position to take advantage of this temporary voter backlash if the election was just a Republican against a Democrat. In the months before the election, almost all Republicans nationally had written him off as having little to no chance of winning. But when Joe Kennedy (the good one, not the bad one) entered the race, it changed the whole dynamics, and eventually the national Republican support materialized in the last three weeks of the campaign, the Obamacare vote arose at the same time, and the neophytes in the Tea Party movement got involved. That is how Scott Brown won. Definitely not as bad as the socialist Democrat candidate, but definitely not one of us.

  • da norseman

    I’ll have to see it to believe it! I’m originally from Massachusetts and born the year before Ted Kennedy took the senate seat and when his brother was president, so I know that the Bay State is still as liberal as ever. To see more of the conservative side of Massachusetts one would have to go to the sparsely populated western half of Massachusetts, anywhere west of Worcester!!!

    • newspooner

      The problem in Massachusetts is that many of the “conservative” citizens don’t bother voting, while the socialist Democratic Establishment is very effective at getting out the vote, including fake voters who vote in place of many of the registered non-voters. Election fraud is still rampant in Massachsuetts. Add this to the illegal exclusion of good candidates from the Ballot, and the oppressive disclosure requirements for candidates, and it is very difficult to get normal people elected. Right now, the last disputed election for State Legislature in the entirre nation is in the process of a new election. The conservative Republican in the Sixth Worcester District won the November Election by 4 votes. A highly observed recount resulted in the victory being narrowed to one vote. But here in the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts winning by one vote is not enough if you are part of the opposition to the one-party rule. A corrupt judge ruled that the results of the election could not be sure because of possible voting irregularities, so a new election was ordered. This, in spite of the fact that any voting fraud and irregularities were in favor of the losing socialist Democrat incumbent. Pretty neat trick, isn’t it: We have elections that car won by 50%+1 vote, but if the results aren’t what the Establishment wants, have a do-over and bring in the labor/acitivist machine to make sure that the citizens “get it right” the next time. This isn’t the first time that a good independent Republican or Democrat candidate has had an election stolen from him in Massachusetts. Hopefully, the Tea Parties will get energized enough to do something about it, but hope is dim.

      • da norseman

        I cannot agree with you more. The irony of the whole thing is that the conservative base is just too laid back or they just don’t care as far as drumming up support for any true conservative candidate within any part of the Commonwealth is concerned. Many of these voters tend to flip flop a lot between Republican and Democrat candidates. The question remains, however, are conservatives in Massachusetts conservative enough and can the Tea Party convince the minds of these voters? I used to live in what is currently the 5th Congressional District of the Socialist Reublic of Massachusetts until 1973.

        Taxachusetts, I remembered, had the distinction of being the state with the highest taxes until that distinction fell to neighboring Connecticut around the 1990s. More recently, California has attained that distinction slightly ahead of Connecticut and other states like New York and Massachusetts.

  • Jobless in Midwest

    Regardless of who’s in or who’s out, if voting could really change anything, it would be illegal. Not that I don’t vote, but this machine is completely out of control. I hope and pray that things really do change. I feel that this “house” is condemned and can only be burned to the ground to eradicate all aspects of the past. Only then can a true rebuild ensue

  • Antonio

    Tattoomama That was one of the best posts i have read in a while and absolutly correct. I just had to copy it and paste it to my word and saved to a file named rob got knocked out.
    You have my vote in 2012 see you

  • John J Kiernan

    Governor Mitt Romney, using the Powers reserved to the States and to the People under the 10th Amendment of the constitution introduced a State health care program in MA. President Obama has had no authority given to him by the Constitution to introduce a National Federal Health Care program. For thus breaking the law as laid out in our Constitution, which he swore to uphold when he took office, he should be IMPEACHED and driven out of office.

    • Antonio

      Yes well its nice to know that you have woken up a little, but if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about one little bitty health care bill being unconstitutional, because that is only one little bitty ornament on their big christmas tree. You have a federal resevre that is unconstitutional and an IRS also an ATF. Don’t forget about entitlements like food stamps, WIC, section 8 housing and so on all unconstitutional. Don’t forget about the foriegn military troops here on USA soil training for martial to haul you off the the FEMA camps also unconstitutional. Don’t forget about these wars that are unconstitutional. Don’t forget about the body scanners and RFID chips they will start implanting in you are also unconsttutional. I could probably go on but i think your getting it now. Has anybody ever been impeached for all that ??? Apparently not!! jeje so just prepare yourself for the big fight and I’m on your side

      • Lewis Munn

        Sounds like Mass will have do-overs until the voters are trained to do it Pavlov’s dogs!

        Or go back to paper ballots. Easily remarked in the counting procedure.

        Or call up Harry Reid; his voting machines always come up with the correct vote, when the Union Electricians have adjusted them for optimum performance.

  • jopa

    Lynn: When you claimed overuse of antibiotics causes superbugs that is not quite true.Superbugs come about when people taking antibiotics start feeling better and don’t finish taking the full prescription.The bug they have is knocked down but not dead and becomes able to mutate into a superbug.This would mean the problem is the under-use of antibiotics.

    • Thamera

      Yes Jopa, that is also true but that is also an abuse or misuse of antibiotics which are widely over used….Certainly not attributable to an “under-use” of antibiotics which quite often should never have been prescribed in the first place.

  • chuckb

    jopa, NDM-1 is thought to have developed through the overuse of antibiotics in humans and food animals in India.

  • jopa

    chuckb; I don’t plan on going to India but the bug could make its way here in no time in today’s world.What the world needs is a massive campaign on how and when to wash hands.Simple solution that would save billions on health care.


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