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Battlefield: America – Have the Terrorists Won?

December 1, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    Tyrant. Thy name is Republicrat. Or is it Demopublican. Hmmmmm….

    • Mary

      I’m sick and tired of these bastards want to be dictators. Both parties are the same tyrants. They do everything they can to step on our necks every day. Until when?

      • Joe H.

        OF COURSE!!! That way they make the rules, and all we can do, in their mind, is to abide by their OPINION of what things should be!!! They don’t figure the average citizen will allow themselves to be pushed only so far. They will rebell even if they have to do it with sticks and stones!!! Unfortunatly they will learn the hard way, if at all!!

        • Mary

          I now the day will come when those bastards will take our guns. I got a dog who wake me up when something moves around my home. I just pray God to give me the privilege to use my CZ and a least take two bastards with me before they take my gun from my cold hand. If I’m lucky I’m going to use stones when all my bullets are gone. I’m a rebel from birth. I hate abuse of power. I came to this country for the freedom and breaks my heart to see how those piles of Poo sold us out. Greedy hungry power bastards. In the union it’s the force. Never let them take our guns alive.

    • Mark Dabney

      Do you mean like these Hegelian Right nitwits that operate in the delusion that had McNuts gotten into the Oval Orifice that we would have balanced the budget – slain all the “terrists” and ice cream would have no calories but still be tasty? The Hegelian Left is not any better – Soetoro and various other political hacks are trying to co-opt the OWS movement – and the OWS people responded – get rid of or otherwise hold accountable those criminals – until then you have no credibility with us!

  • Stryder

    Whereas, we the people agree that;
    1. The actions of our avowed enemies on 9/11/01 were the “Pearl Harbor” of our time, and
    2. The President’s first responsibility is to American citizens in America and abroad, and
    3. America’s enemies are, and will always be, a threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and
    4. The President HAS authority under the Constitution to take action to deter and prevent acts of INTERNATIONAL terrorism against the United States.
    HOWEVER, We the people shall NOT allow the President the authority to use force contrary to the Constitution of The United States of America against American citizens on American soil.

    • Mark Dabney

      9/11 a new Pearl Harbor – fine – but do you mean by the innocent & uninformed view of Dec 1941 or the contemporary view that FDR did everything he could to provoke the attack – went out of his way to make sure that attack succeeded – and then flat out LIED by claiming that the attack was unprovoked and that it was a sneak attack on the part of the Japanese – rather than the traitors that are exalted among the deluded? I have demanded in writing the body of evidence that we were promised Bin Laden did it back on 4/6/2011 – carpetbagger typical a/k/a Rep. Phil Gingrich has yet to produce any evidence AT ALL.

      Remember your oath: defend the constitution – against ALL enemies – foreign AND DOMESTIC both the Hegelian Left and the Hegelian Right

    • Anita Anderson

      And all the people say “AMEN!”

  • Les

    I hope I’m not as crazy as these idiots in congress are when I get to be that age. Everyone that votes for this should be tried for treason since they all swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Funny how Bush was the one that stated “If the terrorists effect the way we live, they have won” and then on his watch we got the “patriot act”, HLS, TSA and a 100 billion a year Intelligence Community. According to his words we should declare defeat. Absolutely amazing…..

    • john j

      I have to agree with you Les , being the people that think that this bill , will be something good , and that it WILL preserve our freedom are NOT seeing the real picture here ! I’m going to try to word this , so that it WILL NOT get taken down , but , what this bill IS meant to do , is to try to make it IMPOSSIBLE for us to use the CONSTITUTION to remove the PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT from office for treason and other CRIMES inflicted on WE THE PEOPLE , when we have sufficient PROOF of said crimes , UNTIL ELECTION … THAT IS THE REASON !

  • Raggs

    I still yet have to wonder and come to my own conclusion of why our own government is afraid of it’s people as much as they are.
    It leads me to think that they like always have something to hide and when the American people eventually find out what it is that the government has good reasons for being afraid…
    A storm is brewing, one that they created…
    They created this mess for the soul purpose of gaining power and the control over people… It is NOT about terrorism or any other ISM.
    The government of the USA has declared war on it’s citizens.

    • Bleh

      I believe our own government is afraid of it’s people because it has been incrementally stealing the people’s liberty and people are waking up to that fact. Eventually the Gov will go to far or the wrong person will wake up to the fact and all hell will break loose.

      • Mushin

        It goes without saying – Mcain is a piece of garbage as are all of his “brothers and sisters”. This legislation which was “created in secrecy” is a no-brainer. Now we know who the REAL TERRORISTS are – your friendly government officials who are our employees and were placed in office by we (the American People) to prevent us from rising up and usurping THEM.

        The point to this legislation is OBVIOUS, isn’t it? UH-DUH.

        • bruce

          Yes we have a traitor in out midst and Mccain has been a traitor before he even come back from Viet Nam as a POW. Yes, it is known that he was a POW and he was allowed or released to return home to America. Mccain did not leave his status as POW while he father was Senator. You remember the movie Chuck Norris was in when he portraid a POW but a black man ( most definately not be critical of color ) had run of the camp? why was that trooper in charge is because he was a sympathizer of the enemy. As a solder my self i know a real trooper does not do and dealings in any way with the enemy as a POW! Why did Mccain stay as a POW when he could have gone home is easy to figure. How long can you be treated as guest if you are not wanted by any household I ask you. If you are at a place you are not wanted will they be happy to feed you 3 squares and give bedding? Maybe Mccains father traded info with Paul Pott so the enemy will be treating his son well?

    • Joe H.

      Friend, I have great worries about what they have just over the horizon that they need this passed to do it!!!

  • http://explorer Scout

    And the people continue to sleep. For a while anyway…

  • Hmthews

    Absolutely UNCONSTITUTIONAL the senators who vote for this Must be replaced. They must be held accountable for treason to America.
    In the mean time FIRE THIER ASSES

    • Mark Dabney

      Fire them? how bout hang them for treason? after a fair trial to expose their crimes of course!

  • simian pete

    It seems the Senate has made up their mind. Arrest “voters” without due process of the law.
    Also, remember, this law seems to be insulated (to a degree) from JUDICIAL REVIEW by the Supreme Court.

    Will President Obama veto ?

    Let’s see what happens. Maybe the President can’t veto this bill. Why ? The military needs the money to prosecute further operations against Syria, Pakistan, Iraq etc. ……

    What can be used to arrest the voters can also be used to arrest the Senators ……..

    Actually this law is a God send for a future “dictator”. It can be used to De Facto disband Congress by declaring all of them terrorist suspects ….. OR just arrest those members who won’t rubber stamp the said Dictators policies !!!! HA HA HA HA ! This is totally amazing !!!!!!

    These sure are interesting times !!! I’m just speculating. Please feel free to tear my arguments apart ….

    • Vicki

      Your argument is sound. In a galaxy far far away that is what the story entailed.

      Closer to home liberals should be shaking in their boots too cause when a Bush like president comes along guess who HE might throw into detention.

      Oh and if this does pass you KNOW that the democrats are to blame. Remember who has majority in the Senate.

      • Joe H.

        Do you honestly believe that Abummer wouldn’t throw AYBODY in his way into a jail without due process if he could???? Are you actually THAT naieve???

  • Hmthews

    The next thing will be taking of our weapons. Wheather you carry a gun or not you are intitled to carry one by the second amendment and it is under attack everyday. PEOPLE WAKE UP!! When people have no way to defend them selves from the Government we will be under tyranny. Do not fall for the bull the liberals put out, they will be the first ones to be arrested and put in a concentration camp. I know what you are thinking this guy is nuts. Tell that to Corrie Tin Boom tell that to the 3million JEWS who died because they allowed the government to confiscate everything they had. You say OH that can’t happen in America. Well you can be arrested for any reason they deem or see fit. You have no recourse? Why are we allowing this WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! This countryu is ours not thiers they work for us.Fire them. VOTE everyone out who supports this stupid unconstitutional Crap.

    • Vicki

      HMthews writes:
      “The next thing will be taking of our weapons. ”

      That would be a previous thing. Been going on since at least the NFA (1934) and a scattering of state laws all the way back to the early 1800′s

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    At the expense of being a gossip I am still going to say this: I’ve been told by some people (military and otherwise) that our Congressmen and Senators had a secret meeting back in March 2008 and were told that there were provisions being made by the government for their and their family’s safety when the American taxpayers develop “blood lust” against the federal malefactors for destroying the USA.

    It involves underground “safe-house” facilities both in the USA and abroad to protect politicos who have chose to violate the oaths they all took to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. I have to wonder if (1) that secret meeting actually happened, and (2) if it did occur were these scofflaws in the U.S. Congress and Senate granted “safe haven” housing and wealth when the “Main Street” taxpayers get wind of the details of all the dishonorable conduct of this “congress of baboons”?

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    • s c

      Thomas, yes, it’s food for thought. And, it’s much more. Because of what is at stake [the implosion of a once-free nation], we would be wrong to dismiss the possibility that our elected puppets have traded their souls for job security and promises that they will be “protected” IF the American people fight instead of surrender.
      Since we don’t have the full roster of who’s a complete puppet and who isn’t yet a complete puppet, every elected official would automatically appear guilty. It wouldn’t be a complete victory, if only because we don’t know who the shadow puppet masters are.
      For an elected ‘elite’ to disappear would be enough proof to most that absence in such a scenario would never make our hearts grow fonder. It would amount to a new Wild West version of vigilante justice.
      I hope it doesn’t happen, but there are still too many people who have programmed themselves into thinking that this is just another example of one side versus the other and that life goes on forever. Those are the ones who have the most to lose, and their families will pay the price for their “comfort.”

      • Joe H.

        Why all of a sudden do they need a new bunker at the White House??? At first they tried to state it was utilities work, then they finally admitted that it was a bunker!!!

        • s c

          Joe H, there are many ways to look at this. I’d
          start with the idea that since a bunker is a defensive tool, someone has allowed for the possibility that a prez might be in the W H when an attempt is made to ‘make life interesting’ in the W H. That would also assume that the inhabitant(s) did something so offensive that lesser mortals could no longer tolerate being abused.
          To keep this from becoming a dissertation, I’d say
          that those who ADVISE the W H know something is coming their way. What they can’t know for certain is WHO will be in the W H when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan. It’s a throwback to the ’50s, when we were encouraged to have a bunker mentality in case the Soviets got too bold.
          Maybe Obs has a guilty conscience and his #1 source of infallible info [Zbig] told him to ‘get ready.’
          I don’t know what to add. Maybe this is a way to tell the American people that our ‘best and brightest’ herd knows they’ve been hosing America for a long time, and that the pendulum of “social justice” is swinging back the other way.
          It could be that this is Obs’ way of putting people to work, though that would be a stretch. I’m tempted to say that the work was done via union labor . . . but I won’t. Maybe someone else can add to this chat, Joe H.

    • Raggs

      Thomas… It appears that you may have been thinking on a parallel line as me if you noted my post above.

      OH YES… they know damm well that they have royally SCREWED Amerika.
      They also expect a bloody war.

  • Travis

    The only answer to this problem is smaller goverment.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!
    Anyone else will approve of this law .. period!

  • FreedomFighter

    Congress has declared war on the American people

    The military in the streets of America

    Obama can take you without due process, jail or kill you

    America is NOW a battlefield and we Americans are the occupied.

    Take a stand for America, your freedom, your childrens freedom for surely they are taking it away at this very moment. You and all other Americans are now slaves and the slave masters are using our own sons and daughters in the military to enslave us

    The time of choice is upon us, choose freedom.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Anita Anderson

      I agree with Freedom Fighter. Now IS the time to stand up and do/say something. I believe that this aught to be front page, top story television news, and top radio story etc. There aren’t enough people, at this point, who know about this. I have no doubt that those responsible are counting on that, and it is my understanding it is a (get this) ’2012 law’, which means it is planned to begin the first of the coming year. Then ‘WE the people’ of ‘Government By the people, for the people’ need to exercise our bill of rights by petitioning our voted in (by the people)leaders in government, for a redress of grievances, among which are, Planned acts of tyranny, High Treason, and Conspiracy to sabotage all that the United States of America stands for. They are now terrorists in my book, and should be fired IMMEDIATELY. Whatever President who agrees with their tyranny should be impeached asap, and can go with them. There is no time like the present to make them account for their behavior, and stop them from carrying it through. As a closing remark, please remember that Hitler started his reign in exactly the same manner. Before he was done, he had full control, and it was done by undermining the peoples rights. First to go was the right to keep and bear arms. Are we in for an American Holocaust? If we say/do nothing, then WE are just as guilty as though we are involved in making it happen.

  • cjg

    mccain can kiss my ass, try to come arrest me an american citizen
    that was born and raised in america.

    you want to see a civil war within the u.s. just keep these
    stupid people in washington!!!

    bring lots of body bags, you will need them mccain. A>H>


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