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Barack Obama: The Ghost Of Columbia University

June 6, 2013 by  

Hello, this is Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual, he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one I met at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.

I’m certainly no “Johnny come lately.” For five years now (since 2007 when it became clear Barack Obama was running for President), I’ve been quoted in the media as saying that no one I’ve ever met at Columbia can remember ever meeting, or even seeing, our college classmate Barack Obama. Don’t you think the media should be asking questions? Isn’t this a very strange story?

I am a graduate of Columbia University, Class of 1983. That’s the same class Barack Obama claims to have graduated from. We shared the same exact major; political science. We were both pre-law. It was a small class; about 700 students. The Political Science department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). I thought I knew, or met at least once, (or certainly saw in classes) every fellow poly sci classmate in my four years at Columbia.

But not Obama. No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn’t someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him?

One of the speakers at the 30th reunion should have reminisced about “my days with the future President.” But no one did. You’d think Obama might have sent a video to tell us all how much he enjoyed his time at Columbia. You’d think he’d have sent at least a letter to be read aloud from one of his former college buddies. Right? But he didn’t. Because Obama has no former college buddies. No one that ever met Obama, let alone befriended him, was in attendance at our 30th class reunion.

Now you might argue this is all strange, but it’s possible. After all, Columbia says he graduated. And I take my college’s word for it. Would one of the world’s greatest Ivy League institutions participate in a cover-up, thereby risking their billion dollar reputation? And there is one single article written for the Columbia newspaper with Obama’s name on it. A single photo also exists of Obama in his Manhattan apartment with the man he claims was his college roommate — a Pakistani foreign student. USA Today described Obama’s roommate as a pot smoker, cocaine user and foreign student. Isn’t that lovely? And one single radical leftist Columbia professor who hates Israel also claims he remembers Obama. Quite a crew in the Obama camp, huh? Hard to even believe.

That’s the sum total of Obama’s existence at Columbia University, Class of ’83.

So I asked every classmate I met at our 30th reunion, many of them political science majors, if they ever met, or saw, or heard of Obama. The answer was a resounding “NO” from every one of them. I asked if they found this strange, or worried how this was possible? They all answered “yes.” I asked if they thought it was possible to be a political science major and never meet a fellow major in our small classes? They all gave me a very strange look and answered “no.” So I asked, “How could this be possible? Can you explain this?” No one had an answer.

Keep in mind these people I spoke to are all — to a man and woman — dedicated liberal Democrats who voted for Obama. I’m guessing 90 percent are major Democrat contributors. My Columbia classmates are the cream of the crop of American society. Lawyers, doctors, billionaire hedge fund members, stars of the media. They adore Obama. But they all admit they never met him in their four years at Columbia. I am proud of my classmates for their honesty and integrity.

One classmate told me he was present when one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a couple of years ago. The speech was followed by Q&A. This beloved professor was asked about Obama at Columbia. He said, “I have my doubts about the story.” The crowd was stunned. He immediately went onto the next question and never elaborated. So obviously I’m not the only one with doubts.

So here’s my take on this great mystery. I’ve never said Obama was not registered at Columbia. I’m sure he was. I’ve never said he didn’t graduate. If Columbia says he did, then I’m sure he did. But I’ve always said there is something wrong with the story. It’s rancid. It’s unbelievable. It’s impossible. It’s the story of a Manchurian candidate.

The question isn’t was he ever registered, or did he graduate? And it’s interesting that one photo, one professor, and one newspaper article exists — just enough to provide a thin cover. The kind of thin cover you might find created by the CIA or KGB. Really strange.

But the serious question the media should be asking is…What did Obama do for two full years in-between registration and graduation? Did he ever attend a class? Did he ever have a single friend other than a Pakistani national? Why is the only professor to ever come forward and claim he remembers him a radical leftist who hates Israel? What exactly was he doing when no one met him, saw him or heard of him? Why are his college records sealed? What has he got to hide? But my educated guess is he can’t, or won’t ever release those records. Because what we’d find would be shocking.

Now I know somewhere in America is an Obama defender that will accuse me of lying. But are all those classmates at our 30th reunion lying too? And if I wanted to lie, wouldn’t I better off saying I knew the future President well? If I wanted to malign the President, shouldn’t I be saying he was my close buddy and I witnessed all kinds of terrible things? If someone wanted to smear the President, wouldn’t they say they saw him snorting cocaine at a Columbia party? Anyone could make that claim. But I can’t say that. Because I never witnessed anything. Neither did any of my classmates. We didn’t know him. Never met him. Never saw him. He wasn’t at any Columbia parties. My story is simply the truth, and it’s the same consistent story I’ve told since 2007.

There is something wrong with Obama’s story, that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week same time, same place. God Bless America.

–Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Ray

    That is why government entities are given ambiguity now. One individual we know was summarily passed through courses of another government institution because of the color of his skin, although he had failed the examinations for qualification for the position he now holds!

    • Ron r

      Are you talking about G. Bush? Surely you must,because this president passed every course he took,and was given no grade he did not earn. If you have proof he did not present it. BTW what presidents transcripts do you already have ???

      • Trevor

        Ron R, you must really have a thing for Bush cause its been ove four years now and you’re still talking about him. If his policies were really so powerful then BHO should be using them to full effect. In fact he is and has been expanding the additional powers given to the executive branch thanks to Bush. Your conclusion that congress is more responsible for your current situation is flawed at the root. BHO has successfully implemented most everything he wanted, far more in fact than Bush ever was able to. So how can you reason that Bush was the more effective President and excuse BHO’s record?

      • Ron r

        No Trevor, congress has not worked win him and in fact met the night he was elected pledging to block anything he wants to do. Had this meeting been heald when Reagan or bush were elected it would have been considered treasonist. So what are you talking about??

  • milford berry

    That’s because he took online classes lmfao oh yeah they didn’t have online classes in 1983 just like his birth certificate flake fake fake as back in 1960s they hadn’t coined the word african american back then they called african americans negroid also the year was represented with onlythe two numbers instead of the 4 example they did 63 when there supposedare to wruite 1963 as well as you can see it was constructed in sections when in reality They were a one piece document not a computer program where you can take it apart in layers that means it was constructed on a computer program its fake, fake, fake just like the pretender in chief on crack insane O bummer.

    apartapartapartapart.inllayers.fake fake again I .repeat fake like the pretender in chief7

  • Ron r

    Well Wayne your story has been debunked so many times Iits become comical. One would think you have made enough money on this non story. I guess you need to visit the daily show again so they can expose you again for the fool you are!

    • jim

      Then show us the proof!

    • mark

      Ron R,
      Who has debunked this story? Why did BO seal his records and why did it take him so long to come forth with a birth certificate?
      Seems to me he has a lot to hide. Didn’t he admit in his book roots of my father he was born on kenya?
      I can’t believe after all the horendous actions BO has done you still believe in him. There is no doubt BO is out to destroy OUR constitution and become a dictator. He is already a defacto dictator – look at all the abuses by the gov’t agencies- IRS,EPA , HHS the list can go on and on. Under BO you are entitled to your opinion as long as it agrees with the left, if not you are subjected to retaliation. So much for the first amendment.
      Ron can you honestly answer your life is better under BO? Maybe you work for the IRS?

      • Ron r

        School transcripts are not a matter of public record. Did you see the last presidents transcripts? There is no need for this president or any for that matter to play the conspiracy game with the right or left, if WAR had been in the delivery room there would still be the same story or lack of, as for me.i know my life was bad under the two bush presidents and until congress gets out of the presidents way or start working with him it is yet to be determined how my life is effected by the president.

    • Random Erik

      So debunk it then.

      • Ron r

        It has been debunked many times. Show me proof he is not who he says he is????? Debunk him!

    • Steve

      There are lots of those who are actually sheepishly following along in the biggest coverup in history!

  • freebirds

    Our whole government less a hand full is a sham. Likely he never was there and likely he applied with out of country status which would prove he is not a natural born U.S. citizen and legally can’t be president, or he lied on his registry. What reason would anyone have to cover them up? When he 1st ran for president he stated that he would have the most transparent administration ever. Why hasn’t anyone ever point blank ask him if he remembers saying that, and if he says no, push a recorder button of him saying that, then ask him ” if your transparent why then are you hiding your transcripts?”. No one puts this SOB in the hot seat And what are they scared of?

    • Ron r


  • John Hudson

    There has to be someway ,someone ,somewhere that has the authority to receive the proof or lack of about this matter.
    Can anyone show me how I can pull this act off. I’d like to get a diploma from Columbia.

    • gnracer

      Ron you should check your facts. I remember the newspapers claiming that the results of the 2000 election AFTER the recount Bush garnered even more votes. So explain to me how HE stole the election? The Demoncrats are fully adept in stealing elections. And Oblabbers wife was the first birthed. Go to you tube. Check out the video of his wife speaking in Kenya. She states he was from Kenya.. Now if you want to debunk something, debunk his wife.

  • Diane Davis

    I’ll make this short and sweet. If I was in OB shoes, President of America, and wanted the support of the people. I would show EVERYTHING, birth certificate, school records, and anything else they wanted to see to prove I was telling the truth. That is, unless I had something to hide! Reason? Just think how much more OB could have gotten done, how much more support he would have had, if he would have put this matter to rest a long time ago! It would also have given him satisfaction of saying “I told you so!” to his doubters! But he didn’t. Reason? You tell me because I can only think of one. He’s lieing!

    • Ron r

      It is pretty obvious he has the support of the people,he WON the election . Does not matter by one vote or 100he won the majority. The far reich will never support him and why would WAR want them to support him. That would put hacks like him out of work. My youngest son is a college grad and there are people who graduated with him that he does not know and can’t remember there faces. Mr. Root has made a pretty good living saying he does not remember the president. I don’t remember everyone I went to airborne school with myself. Roots argument has been debunked many times so I guess he’ll have to go on the daily show again .

      • mark

        Ron r
        Your so misguded. Doesn’t the revaltions about the IRS intimidations bother you? Why did the Doj stop the voter fraud cases after the 08 election? Obama did win the election he stole it. Why would the doj sue states from cleaning the voter roles? BO should be impeached NOW!
        Does it bother you BO has said he will sign the UN arms treaty and inrfinge on OUR 2nd amendment rights!! This president has no regard for the constituttion and rule of law.
        The only recourse is to impeach him.

      • jp

        Its amazin hw so many peple that vited him into office were deceased when they voted him inti office. U r on the wrong site Ron. I hope ur on OB s payroll so u wont get hit by one of his drones..

      • Ron r

        Mark, JP, stop snibling with your voter fraud b/ s. the 2000 election was stolen and given to Bush by the highest court in the land. Every voter friar story you mention has been proven to be just that, a story. But if you have Obama derangement syndrome the truth does not matter.

  • Steve

    This has been the most well planned infiltration by an illegal candidate in American history! This will be the only thing remembered about this person. His name should be banned from ALL written documents & every single law, bill, declaration etc..must be reversed. It is appalling that so many Legal American voters were conned into following this imposter without a single doubt of his legitimacy! Could anyone really be so blind or ignorant of what was taking place? Was it just sheepishly a case of voting Democrat cause that is the only way they ever voted, regardless of the integrity of the individual or party? It’s past time to butcher the sheep & remove the waste!

    • Ron r

      Not to mention his mom and pop planing this prior to his birth,knowing as far back as when they hooked up that they would have a man child who would run for president. Outstanding !!!!!!

  • 1%er

    To Steve……No, it wasn’t. It was in direct response to the man- child Bush that anything was better than another Bush, in old fogey clothing, i.e., the stooge McCain. What voters don’t release, is that they have the re-elected Bush(s). The only difference, is, of course, that this Bush is disguised as an unapologetic, Jolson-esque version wearing black face. All the Bush’s, and any president AND/OR CANDIDATE, elected since the creation of Alexander Hamiltons Federalism, and especially sine the refination of that form into the Federal Reserve, every one has been anti-american and pro globalism. So, keep voting, pick your stooge and go for a ride into the tbird world. Whethet the carney operator is a homosexual, muslim kenyan, or an incompetent dekinquent

    • 1%er

      Delinquent, makes no difference. Each has his (or soon to be, her) puppet masters hand up their ass. So.remember, now, free american, anyone is better than another Obama…….so be sure to eally put on your thinking cap and push the next lever for……..Jeb.


  • James Whitsitt

    Well put

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  • Ken Hartman

    Maybe someone like Donald Trump could take on this challenge. Little more horse power then the average guy.


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