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Barack Obama And The Imperial Presidency

January 10, 2012 by  

Barack Obama And The Imperial Presidency

I tend to avoid reading the tea leaves fluttering in Washington as predictive of some burgeoning conspiracy birthed in the bowels of the Barack Obama White House. Before you scoff, let me clarify: I have no doubt that Obama daydreams about appointing himself an eleventy-star generalissimo, wearing a garish uniform he found on Tinpots-R-Us (jodhpurs with those ears would make him look like a violin in a Salvador Dali painting) and assigning himself a title which would make Idi Amin blush. But the dream and the reality of imposing a dictatorship on the United States live a far cry from one another. All the same; just because it won’t succeed doesn’t mean Obama isn’t going to try.

Witness Obama and the Democrats’ latest ploy. Last week, Obama decided he was tired of hassling with that pesky, Constitutionally-mandated separation of powers and appointed Richard Cordray to the position of director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—itself one of those Constitutionally-nebulous “czar” positions which have sprung up during the Obama Administration like fungus in a fleabaggers’ squatter camp. Although the Senate was—and IS—in session, Obama and his accomplices recognized his minions—including the sycophant corporate media—would blindly march to whatever beat Obama drummed up. Armed with that understanding of liberals’ willingness to forgive any offense committed by their dear leaders, Obama bypassed the Senate and “recess appointed” Cordray to the post.

Patriots, stunned by the brazen nature of Obama’s latest crime, howled derision and outrage. Obama not only overstepped the bounds of executive authority, he spat in the face of precedent, violated the terms of the Dodd-Frank bureaucratic monstrosity which created the position in question (which requires Senate confirmation of the office holder) and ignored the opinion of his own Department of Justice. Try to imagine how deep down the rabbit hole Obama fell in order to offend Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder’s Constitutional sensibilities.

The left fired back with predictable unanimity. Obama led with ludicrous assertions that Congressional (Senatorial) intransigence imbued him with hitherto unknown super-Presidential powers; specifically the right to bypass Congress when the mood suits him:

“…I have an obligation as president to do what I can without (Congress).”

Is that how that works? If Congress stands up to a President whose increasingly unhinged decisions fly in the face of precedent, logic and law, then the President may determine if their session isn’t “session-y” enough; and issue edicts by fiat while liberals far and wide cheer his naked power grab.

Meanwhile, noticeably silent on the matter was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who endorsed pro-forma tactics when the Democrats used them against President Bush in 2008:

“We don’t let him have recess appointments because they are mischievous… there will be no recess. We will meet every third day pro forma…”

Reid, who I suspect was left in the dark about Obama’s nefarious strategy until after the fact, issued a halfhearted endorsement of the wannabe-dictator’s latest offense; claiming to “support President Obama’s decision…” without making any reference to the Constitution. Of course, the corporate media horde carefully omitted any references to Reid and the Senate Democrats’ own employment of pro forma sessions to block Bush nominees.

In recent months, the President has signed the abominable National Defense Authorization Act; which—among other things—empowers the government to stuff you somewhere really remote (I’m thinking the vegetable drawer in Michael Moore’s fridge) until the 12th of Never without so much as a parting gift. He has been as forthcoming as a Gambino button man on the subject of Operation Fast and Furious. His cronies have benefited while working Americans suffered through fiscal disasters like Solyndra, Lightsquared, General Electric’s new Chinese-employment-at-the-expense-of-40,000-American-workers program and pretty much everything which has sputtered off a General Motors, Fisker or Fiat/Chrysler assembly line (and directly into the shop).

Successful businesses like Gibson Guitars face interminable battles with Federal authorities which reek of political gamesmanship. The so-called “Occupiers”—who can’t be more than one or two felony convictions from out-thugging the labor unions—are mutating into a liberal brute squad. The dovish candidate Obama has blossomed into a saber-rattler, Nobel be damned. And then the President announced last week that he gets to make up the rules as he goes along.

It’s time for Obama to face demotion. Don’t expect the Democrats to help; they’re just following orders.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Perhaps a handful of ‘Democrats’ understand the depth of Obummer’s obsessive behavior. So where are the rest of the caring, ‘compassionate’ bastards? To be fair, where are the so-called Republicans?
    It would be interesting to see a hand-picked group of those “BIPARTISAN” retards trying to teach America’s kids about government. I wonder if a sincere, curious youngster could get a real answer as to WHY Congress and the Supreme Court are no longer a part of American government.
    MANY Americans should be asking that same question and DEMANDING answers. In the interim, WHAT do we do? Americans are NOT represented in Congress. We are NOT represented in the White House. Is this not a textbook exmple of pre-George Washington TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?
    RMN deserves statues across America for restraining himself. The same utopians who screamed about a rope for Nixon are curiously quiet when it comes to Obummer. They never did get the “hang” of STANDARDS then. It’s no different NOW. So WHY are they being PAID?
    I suggest teams of psychiatrists surround the White House and demand that the blatant paranoid schizophrenia residing there slither away and head west. It’s come to the point where either drugs or a long vacation in a laughing academy are the only easy solutions, people.

    • Gustyj

      You are right about pre George Washington TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTAYION And we should do the same as they did them, ARMED REVOLUYION TAKE THEM OUT and I don’t mean “out to dinner”

      • Andre

        We need to organize our selves into one group to be able to impose a take down! Start here and now.

        • skip

          Crystal and your responses are so far off the wall they defy belief! Where in the universe are you guys coming from – your are a bunch of terrorists, pure and simple. Use the Vote, guys, and if you lose, obey the laws, and do your best to make the country better from your better angels, not from your centers of hate; but don’t rail into the wind and scream at the tides. This is not LIbya, as much as you want it to be, and Billy-the-Kid tactics are not what this nation is all about. I guess Timothy McVeigh is your hero, but he isn’t mine.

          • fedup

            Skip the Tory!!! What gives you the right to flush my rights and liberties down the toilet with yours? Obama has clearly stepped over the line on countless occasions and chumps like you say ” Yes Massa!” He’s just a Black Bush! You’re a blind fool. Sheep led to slaughter. Have a nice trip:P

          • eddie47d

            The problem is the Republicans think they are going to march back into office as liberators. Sorry there isn’t gong to be any parades for you either for you stoked the fires of the economic downfall and the loss of civil liberties. Your shameful actions(or inaction’s)might get you in the front door of the White House but no choir will be standing there to sing Alleluia!

          • Vicki

            Skip writes:
            “Use the Vote, guys, and if you lose, obey the laws,”

            And when the people we vote for, If they really are the ones we voted for, DON’T obey the laws?

            4 boxes we have to defend liberty

            Soap box – Badly damaged. Peaceful Protests require “permits”. Mass Media seems to be owned by those mysterious folk called “the powers that be”.
            On the bright side at least the Internet still allows us to speak out.

            Ballot Box – Badly damaged or destroyed. Multiple evidence of corruption has been reported recently.

            Jury Box – Badly damaged. Juries not told their full duty and responsibility ( currently not responding but juryduty(dot)org is)
            Or possibly DESTROYED (NDAA 2011) Of what use is a jury if no one knows you are imprisoned.

            Ammo Box – Badly damaged. NFA (1934) GCA (1968) so many laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms in various states.

            These 4 boxes are in disarray and badly in need of repair. Let us use the tools in the proper order to get the repairs done before we are forced to repeat a rather unpleasant element of many Republic histories.

          • Gary Hench

            We know who your hero’s are.
            Saul Alinsky
            Michael Moore
            Jerimiah Wright
            Karl Marx
            …… Dorne
            H. Rap Brown……you get the drift, don’t you?

          • JUKEBOX

            SKIP, what makes you think that the peons should obey the law, when the fraudulent President and Eric Holder think they are exempt from obeying the law. We are not living in the times of King Henry VIII,

          • John Bowman

            I see where you come from Skip boy!

      • Old Henry
        • Kate8

          Yes, Old H. I’ve mentioned this before, and was wholly ignored.

          Quo Warranto. By what authority. Because there is none, except for the “shut up and just do as I say” from the head mouthpiece for the corporate global banksters. In other words, the current US CEO for the NWO.

          Armed revolution may yet be coming, but it must be a very last resort, because it may not turn out the way we’d like. We’ve already got OWS and other front groups stirring up the tools. Besides, the elite are working overtime to start all-out WWIII…then, all bets are off.

          Better, I think, to continue to spread resistance…refusal to cooperate with anything they try to mandate. There are so many illegitimate “laws” coming down that more and more people are being harrassed and detained for absolutely no wrongdoing. I’m thinking of the lady in CO who has worked to expose gov’t corruption in Larimer county, and the horrors of Agenda 21. The guv has taken her child away from her, her only “crime” being that she demands guv adherence to the Constitution. She has also been forbidden to even bring up the Constitution in her defense. And, lest anyone think this us just the Left, Larimer county officials are largely Republican.

          This is the next phase, BTW. Open ridicule and marginalization of the Constitution. It is being made irrelevant. Watch the Progs pile on this bandwagon.

          Are we really going to just sit back and take this? Haven’t we had enough yet?

          • JeffH

            Kate8, Hear Hear! :) You just can’t put frosting on a steaming ???? and make it edible, no matter the circumstances.

          • Bus

            The revolution will happen when its discovered that the election is fixed or when the current occupiers of Penn. 1600 refuse to leave after being defeated. No wonder they need to expand the Union roles.

          • Old Henry

            Good points Kate8 and a very good question to end it. I think the revolution is building – slowly. With all the unconstitutional laws they seem to be attempting to “head us off at the pass” as I believe they see it coming.

            I had not heard of the woman in CO.

      • jennyp63

        I have a really stupid question. I am not a constitutional scholar; just know the basics of the Constitution from high school Civics class. (Yeah. I know; that makes me OLD!) But wouldn’t it be easy for Congress to just oppose the non-recess appt and waive it?

        • Bus

          The Senate could easily do that but as we see Harry has lent his backbone to Michelle so he would rather sacrifice the integrity of the institution (Senate) than stand up to the Pretender in Chief.
          The house controls the purse strings and should be figuring out a way to starve some of these agencies out of existence.

      • gary w

        I had the secret my house for saying[save AMERICA kill obama]He and the rest of them should be tried for treason then shot. obumba is not an AMERICAN.

    • 45caliber


      Why do you think the schools no longer teach Civics? That was a mandatory class when I was in high school. It told the students what their rights and responsibilities were under the Constitution and the law. Now they seldom even tell the kids what the Constitution says – because they believe the government decides what it says on a moment-by-moment basis. And tell them what their rights are? They haven’t any rights any more! Not unless the government gives them the rights. After all, the government is both ruler and God!

      • Old Henry

        Yeah 45 I know, but when you were in high screwal they did not have electricity… LOL!

      • Kate8

        45 – Nowdays, if a kid has ever even heard of the Consitution, they are told that it is just an antiquated, meaningless relic of our history, and can have no relevance in today’s society.

        • Bus

          It is a required subject in about 1/2 the states but consider who is teaching it. A great program exists known as “We the People” which is run through the “Center for Civic Education” sadly it doesn’t hit a very large group of students.

      • JUKEBOX

        Some good soul in Alabama must have sudied his civics book, because two different men have filed suits here to keep Obama off the ballot, because his CT SS# shows up as a mismatch on E-Verify.

      • Marty S.

        And the government is Momma and Big Brother all wrapped into one huge sprawling entity which is literally sucking the life out of this once great country.

    • Handyman

      I am not alone?

      • Kate8

        Handyman – Not by a long shot.

    • Old Henry


      What makes you think the communist Kenyan will not succeed in annointing himself as dictator?

      • Average Joe

        Was getting ready to post the same video link….good thing I read before I post. Exellent vid….Liberty given away with a cheer…how sad :(

        • Old Henry

          The result of dumbed-down, brain-dead, parasites.

          • gary w

            you have that right.why work,big brother is here. we should stop working for 1 week,see what they do then with no taxe’s.

      • mark

        Old Henry, Obama has about as much chance as becoming dictator as you have of being elected president: absolutely zero.

        • Old Henry

          Well Lil mark, i’m not running and the Communist Kenyan is. And do not kid yourself, he has every intention of becoming dictator. What’s to stop him? The Constitution? The spineless, gutless Congress? The people?

          Better wake up and smell the coffee my boy. Do a little critical thinking, or just do some thinking.

        • eddie47d

          Come on Henry enough of the fear mongering. There won’t be any dictator.

          • Tom W.

            “It is not enough merely to realize how freedom has been won. Essential also is it we be ever alert to all threats to that freedom. Easy to recognize is the threat from without. Easy too is it to see the threat of those who advocate its destruction from within. Less easy is it to see the dangers that arise from our own failure to analyze and understand the implications of various economic, social and political movements among ourselves. Our danger arises from too great a concentration of power in the hands of any individual or group. The power of concentrated finance, the power of selfish pressure groups, the power of any class organized in opposition to the whole – any one of these, when allowed to dominate, is fully capable of destroying individual freedom, as is excessive power in the political head of the state,” – Dwight D. Eisenhower, Inaugural Address, Columbia University, Oct. 12, 1948
            I never realized how sharp Ike really was!!! After reading that go to this excellent site that was given to me by my new hero FreedomFighter whom I pray was only funnin’ a little earlier! When Kennedy first took office, he started doing all the things that Ike feared that he would. But it didn’t take Jack long to figure out that the old man had been right with his fight against the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). We need you FF!!!

          • eddie47d

            I liked JFK and his open society speech but the rest of the video was tainted with propaganda and manipulated history. Freedom Fighter is like that in having a catchy name and comes across as being for those freedoms we all want. Then he becomes an angry extremist only fighting for self interests.

          • Old Henry

            Good link Tom W.

            It becomes more and more apparent that JFK was our last real president.

        • gary w

          hitler made it!

    • BigBadJohn

      simple solution


      Vote against anyone who is currently in congress regardless of what party they are in. if They are Democrat vote for the republican. If they are republican vote for the democrat. Maybe if everyone cleaned house in their district once in a while, the pols would start listening again….

      • Kate8

        BBJ – But then you still get a bunch of Democrats and Repubicans.

        Explain to me how that is better.

        • gary w

          I thought this was[was]a republic,why then do we have dam-o-crats.

    • eddie47d

      I read through the comments and I would say that Ben has really cranked up his Dream machine on this one. It even includes the bubbles to enhance the babble!

      • JeffH

        Well eddie, maybe you can tell us all what Ben said that irks you, other than Ben’s ridiculing of Obama, Holder, libs and the Dems and the Repubs?

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “I read through the comments and I would say that Ben has really cranked up his Dream machine on this one. It even includes the bubbles to enhance the babble!”

        Eddie47d demonstrates ad hominem attack so typical of the left when they run out of valid points to debate. You will note that this happens often with liberals in general and Eddie47d in particular. No points. No cites to backup the non-points. Multiple logic fallacies, the ad hominem attack being the most popular.

        • Brad


          You have to remember Eddie has always been clueless, but then he was a union man…

        • eddie47d

          What is there to back up Vickie? No need to write a book every time a person posts. Get right to the point and get on with it.

          • independent thinker

            Providing sources and/or links is not writing a book it is backing up your claims and accusations.

          • eddie47d

            Clueless is like Brad’s comment above which says nothing and doesn’t provide any useful information. The good thing about the Internet is that sources are at your fingertip if you dispute someone. Learn to fact check before you deny someones comment. No need for anything else.

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d writes:
            “The good thing about the Internet is that sources are at your fingertip…”

            So if they are right there why don’t you show them? Or, like the Birth Certificate, you can’t show what does not exist.

    • Runninbear

      only one thing to do IMPEACH Him ?Its long over due

      • Vicki

        Nullify his Presidency instead. That way he doesn’t get his presidential pension AND all of the laws he signed become null and void without having to take them to the Supreme Court.

        • gary w

          Right on Vicki!!,Point well made.

      • ChristyK

        Impeaching Obama won’t do any good. The House can Impeach him, but the Senate gets to do the trial. With the Democrats, especially Harry Reid, in charge, there is no way Obama will be removed from office. It would be a waste of time and money and would provide ammunition for the Democrats during the election. Unfortunately, the truth doesn’t matter anymore in Congress.

    • mark

      They should send that same psychiatric team to your house, s c.

      • Vicki

        Mark says:
        “They should send that same psychiatric team to your house, s c.”

        Mark demonstrates ad hominem attack so typical of the left when they run out of valid points to debate. You will note that this happens often with liberals in general and Mark in particular. No points. No cites to backup the non-points. Multiple logic fallacies, the ad hominem attack being the most popular.

        Hmmmm… Is there an echo in here?

        • mark

          Dear Vicki,

          See my remarks to Brenda. I make lots of logical points there. s c says that Obama needs a team of psychiatrists. Why don’t you criticize s c’s ad hominem attack on Obama? Be consistent. Attack all the ad hominem attacks against Obama on this site. I don’t know if you will have the time, though. It could turn into a full-time job.

          • Vicki

            Mark writes:
            “s c says that Obama needs a team of psychiatrists. Why don’t you criticize s c’s ad hominem attack on Obama?”

            Cause I am so busy criticixing all the liberals ad homienm attacks on people here.

            Mark: “Be consistent. Attack all the ad hominem attacks against Obama on this site.”

            You do it. Your a big boy.

  • Pierce Smith

    It is sort of humorous in a way, but this article reminds me that he, Barack Obama is trying to emulate the President of Venezuela

    • art

      He only gets his instructions from Venezuela…

  • peter

    It seems that Americans are happy with Obama and he knows it. The problem is that the opposition has not the candidate of “real substance” in order to dethrone this arrogant fellow, so he will not only be in power for 4 more years, but perhaps a lot longer than that if my judgment of his ability to con the folks is anything to go by. Welcome to another dictator. I never would have believed that anyone could establish a dictatorship in the USA but I was wrong. I still do not trust him and never will. Thank God he is not my president.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      I truly do not believe the nation can survive four more years of Obamunism.

      • BigBadJohn

        ?? We survived 8 years of Bush……

        • Kate8

          BBJ – Well, not so well. Just look how far we descended during that time.

          If you were observant you would see how Bush, Clinton, Bush were just at the end of a long line of globalist shills who set up the conditions for Obama to run with. Now, he’s making good on his promise to gut our whole system and eliminate any pretense of liberty for America.

          How is it that so many cannot bring themselves to assign any blame to Obama? Can you guys really not see that they are partners in crime?

          • JeffH

            Oooohhhhh! Kate8, partners in crime? C’mon, don’t you know that it’s all on those conservatives, Bush/Cheny? Obama’s not a conservative either is he? :)

    • Virginia

      I am not happy with Obama. Is time he was impeached.

      • Kate8

        Virginia – To bring impeachment would only validate his legitimacy to hold office. A usurper cannot be impeached. He must be invalidated, and every act and signature be made void.

        • mark

          Dream on. He will be in the Oval Office until at least Jan. 20, 2113 and probably until Jan. 20, 2017 with the collection of beauties the Republicans are running against him.

      • mark

        Just because you are unhappy with someone doesn’t mean they get impeached. I was unhappy with Bush II for 8 years, he never got impeached. In fact, he’s a hero to many today. After all, he wrecked the economy and got 5,000 U.S. troops killed and 40,000 wounded for absolutely nothing. And for that people walk around today with buttons of his face on their lapels that read: “Do you miss me yet?”

        • Vicki

          Mark writes:
          “After all, he (Bush) wrecked the economy….”

          And how, pray tell, did he do that? And if he, as president, had that much power why hasn’t “the one” used the same power to fix the economy.

          Or are you saying that Bush is a god walking amongst us and constantly thwarting “the one”? (leading the witness. My Bad :) )

    • Alex Frazier

      He won’t be in there longer. The day he makes himself Caesar, there are many who would take on the mantel of Brutus or Cassius.

      • mark

        Another appeal to treason. Another tough guy fantasy by some nerd on the internet.

        • Vicki

          Is it really treason to uphold the Supreme Law of the land?

          Or is the treason being committed now by those who are sent to represent the People and who themselves are ignoring the Supreme Law of the land?

          • mark

            George W. Bush violated the Supreme Law of the Land by going to war with Iraq in Mar. 2003 without a Congressional Declaration of War as required by the U.S. Constitution. But not a single Tea Party demonstration by conservatives or libertarians protested that illegal, immoral, unconstitutional war. Not one! Like you, they proved highly selective on what constitutional violations bothered them. Those by a white war monger were fine. Those by a black liberal were a grave threat to the nation. The Supreme Court will rule on Obama’s recess appointments as on his health care bill and may very well declare them unconstitutional and rescind them under the law. But they will never rule against Bush’s unconstitutional war that killed 5000 Americans and 185,000 Iraqis.

            That’s not a egregious violation like appointing people to consumer protection and labor boards. Now those last 2 by Obama are real atrocities that will end all our freedoms in America! 185,000 dead Iraqis? Well, those are just the breaks, tough luck Iraqis. That constitutional violation was no big deal and led to zero calls for impeachment. The Tea Party slept through that one. No, I’m wrong they cheered the war monger-in-chief on. After all, he was only killing non-white, non-Americans. And as all conservatives know, they don’t count.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – It is obvious that mark and the other progs are on the march to stop all reference to the (now defunct, in their minds) Constitution.

            How else could you explain their cheering so many unConstitutional statutes, demanding that we all comply with them (Constitution notwithstanding) and that we submit to any and all (albeit illigitimate) authority of government?

            You are right, of course. The Constitution demands that we oust any laws and government violate the Constitution, since from their inception they are void.

            More and more, we are being forbidden to cite the Constitution (and personal sovereignty) in any defense of our liberties and rights…under extreme penalty of force.

            The progs have been mutated to look to guv for all things. They bring grave shame on America, and untold suffering will be the result.

          • Vicki

            Mark writes:
            “George W. Bush violated the Supreme Law of the Land by going to war with Iraq in Mar. 2003 without a Congressional Declaration of War as required by the U.S. Constitution.”

            You really should try facts sometime. It would make your case a lot stronger. Of course you don’t happen to have any facts do you.

            There is for instance no Constitutional requirement for Bush or Obama or any president to go to “war” in order for them to use the standing army to attack other countries. And of course therein lie the problem. We are not even supposed to HAVE a standing army. Our forefathers would be greatly upset to find that we do. WE the PEOPLE were supposed to be the direct defenders of our country. Hence the 2nd Amendment. WE the PEOPLE were to be well armed and well trained (well regulated militia). As such we would be the most formidable army in the world.

            Now let us look at the law.
            “At the urging of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and others, Bush did, in the end, seek a vote by Congress to authorize his attack on Iraq and he got that authorization in October 2002.”

            “In the case of Libya, President Barack Obama has consulted with congressional leaders, but sought no authorization for his military operation against Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s regime.”

            So you should stop blaming Bush for not getting “permission”. He did.
            The much more important question is Obama ignoring the “law” which was Constitutionally put into place in 1973 (war powers resolution). Now why are there no liberals in the street yelling for Obama to step down over that? Hmmmm?

  • Warrior

    And do you think that maybe little harry and his queen nancy had more acceptance of little barack because he would be easier to manipulate than billary?

  • Brenda Choate

    When obama spoke of fundamental change to America during his campaign, no one ever thought that the change he had in mind was the taking away of our freedoms, ignoring the constitution, and living a life style of an imperior. He is no trying to emulate the presidnet of Venezuela, he is trying to become the president of Venezuela.

    • skippy

      Please speak for yourself Brenda. I NEVER TRUSTED A SINGLE WORD HE SAID….EVER!!!

      • Honestly


        • Kate8

          Amen and Amen. Brenda, there were millions of us who saw EXACTLY what he was up to, who recognized that the media was creating an image to herd the masses down the chute…

          We must wake up to the fact the media is owned by the corporatists behind Obama (and the rest of them, for that matter) and that we CAN’T TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY. They are the masters of illusion, and are working AGAINST us, not for us.

      • Vicki

        skippy says:
        “Please speak for yourself Brenda. I NEVER TRUSTED A SINGLE WORD HE SAID….EVER!!!”

        Well you should note that though he can’t be trusted he did tell us the truth when he said things like prices would necessarily skyrocket. That he wanted to have a civilian armed force as strong as the military. That he would have to raise taxes on “rich” people like Joe (the plumber). And my favorite. Hope and Change. He didn’t define “change” but we could and we knew it would not be the change the starry eyed “useful idiots” were expecting.

      • Brenda Choate

        Neither did I. I have always felt obama wanted to pull a Chevez on us from the start, and nothing he has done in the past three years has convenienced me otherwise.

        • skippy

          Right on Brenda!

    • Michael

      The big mistake made by most of the US citizens is, we do not think. For these omissions, we get Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, et al. We are the ones to blame for this mess and it can only be turned around if we take the neccasary steps to do so.

      • Walt

        So very true. Stupid is, as stupid does. Let’s hope we improve in 2012.

      • Kate8

        Michael – People do not think because they are addicted to, and hypnotized by, media. They CANNOT think.

        Our people are trained NOT to think from the moment they are old enough to watch TV and go to school. They are plugged into the matrix, and are forever freed from the burden of thinking and self-awareness. We have become the Borg.

        Of course, there are always the very few who seem to be immune to indoctrination. They are considered to be dangerous, and are being labeled as such.

      • eddie47d

        Can’t disagree with you on that one Kate.Television is a great baby sitter for all ages and many are glued to stupid 24/7.

    • http://google rose

      I heard and understood every word he said and he is doing everything he possibly can to do what he said. Many weren’t listening to the change he was speaking of. When I would try to explain to people what he was saying they would just say yeah, great. So many people tell me they want socialism and it just boogles my mind. The flouride must be working on their brains. Revolution. Ron Paul 2012!

      • Vicki

        They want socialism because they do not really understand that the other people who will pay for these programs is them. They do not connect all that spending with the large chunk of money “withheld” from their pay checks.

        Many/most of them were probably taught to look only at the bottom line of their pay check. The net take home pay and think that is all that they earned.

    • mark

      What freedoms has he taken away, Brenda? Are all the churches, synogogues, and mosques in America closed down by government troops? Has a single newspaper or television station been closed down by the govermnent? Is freedom of speech ended in every community and venue in America? Has the internet been shut down by Obama? Has voting in a single federal, state, municipal or county election been cancelled by the government? Have all political parties been banned? Has the Congress been shut down and occupied by gov’t troops? Has the Supreme Court been arrested and imprisoned by the executive branch? Has even a single gun been removed from a single American citizen under Obama?

      Just about everything you say is nonsense. We still have ALL OUR FREEDOMS. We are in the middle of a very vigoruous election campaign (like the last one in 2010 held scrupulously within the law that removed 60 of Obama’s allies from the U.S. Congress and 6 from the Senate). Our current election may very well replace the president with a new executive in Nov. 2012. That election will be held on the date scheduled like all U.S. presidential elections in our history. And the voters will decide by exercising their Constitutional freedom to vote. All this paranoid claptrap adds nothing to the process. Get real and get off the fear and paranioa cuckoo train. You don’t like Obama, then be an American and vote against him on Nov. 6th! It’s simple.

      • CB JONES

        Mark you are not going to change the mind of people who hate just too hate, President Obama will never be seen as a President interested in changing the old policies put in place by people who are only interested in filling their pockets. The average person who listens to people like Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity are listening for hate, they will never find any good in the President. These comment are filled with hate, they are not looking to help the President, regardless of all the good he has done, they only see black, not a person who has gotten rid of the same people Bush and his Father put in power, or the money now being saved in healthcare, and other wonderful things being done under his watch. Mark you are trying to get haters to see truth but you have to remember all Americans are not smart enough to see the big picture.

        • Kate8

          CB – Take your idiocy elsewhere. I guess you didn’t get the memo…that tired, stale mantra just isn’t going to work for you.

          We refuse to be intimidated by your incessant, pointless accusations of hate (’cause that’s all you got), when it is YOU, my little man, and your cohorts, who are the true purveyors of hate.

          Run along now, and try to somehow make yourself useful.

          • mark

            You want to talk about HATE? Just take a look at Bimbam’s remarks at the bottom of this site. Bimbam is a conservative. He’s one of yours.

          • Kate8

            I’ve not yet seen those comments, mark, but pointing fingers to justify further nastiness is lame.

            All any of us can do is monitor our own speech. And what you progs consider “hate speech”, others of us just call the truth.

            We recognize that part of the Alinsky strategy is to hurl accusations of hate and racism in order to silence the resistance. It may have caused some discomfort in the beginning (because most of those who fight for what’s right don’t condone lies and false accusations, and don’t even think that way), but we’re on to you now, and it just isn’t going to work anymore.

            So, go ahead, accuse away. It only shows us who you are, and makes us more determined to stop your destruction of our country.

      • Vicki

        How about we start with the most recent freedoms lost (NDAA 2011) which impacts the Constitution specifically Amendments 4,5,6.

      • Vicki

        Then let us look at SOPA and it’s affect on both free speech and its impact on the amendments 4,5,6.

      • Vicki

        And that was JUST December. Lets look for fun at ObamaCare and the freedoms IT crushes.

      • Vicki
      • Vicki

        But don’t worry mark. The trains will run on time.

        • mark

          But you don’t refute a single one of my statements in my post. Because they are all true. We still live in a free republic and excercise all of our important Constitutional freedoms. Obama has take none of them away.

          • JeffH

            mark, mark, mark says “We still live in a free republic and excercise all of our important Constitutional freedoms”

            Just for the record could you tell me which Constitutional freedoms are important and which one aren’t mark? I’d really like your take on it.

            The top 10 violations of the Constitution by Obama and the 111th Congress.

          • Vicki

            Mark writes: “But you don’t refute a single one of my statements in my post. ”

            You are correct. I ignored all of your “red herrings” and answered your question (what freedoms has he taken away). Since you value your red herrings I will however respond to one of them.

            Mark writes: “Has even a single gun been removed from a single American citizen under Obama? ”


          • Kate8

            Wow! Great comeback, Vicki! Dynamite.

            You, too, JeffH. Let ‘em have it.

            BTW, that was my first thought, too. Just which are our “important” liberties? And whose scale are we using to judge?

          • Vicki

            I really could have had more fun with Mark’s comments but we were focusing on freedoms lost on Obama’s watch so I ignored his red herrings. Just for fun though lets look at another one.

            Mark wrote:
            “Are all the churches, synogogues, and mosques in America closed down by government troops?”

            Note the word ALL. So for us to say that we had lost the freedom to worship as we choose based on his red herring government troops would have to close down ALL churches etc. That means a tyrant could close down all Christian and Jewish churches and Mark would be able to say that we had not lost religious freedom. Note also the phrase “government troops” which conveniently skips over federal agencies like the IRS when they close down some church for claimed inconsistencies. It also ignores the “chilling” effect of IRS rules about what Church leaders can speak about to their flock. Fortunately some church leaders have placed their faith where it belongs.

            Meanwhile under a different watch churches HAVE been closed down. By Military grade government troops. Single key word. Waco.

  • Barbara

    He has gone so far with such a little opposition that we must seek the help of God to restore America. Will we? We can envision a day when Allah is not only a demon-God but the one we must bow to with our rears in the air.

    • Kate8

      Barbara – Islam has been perpetuated as a means to incite war. Muslims have been bred with hatred toward the West, and the West has been blindly fed a combination of suicidal PC and terror of Islam. Religion has been used by psychopathic control freaks as just another part of their plan to bring about, not the dominance of Islam, but the annihilation of the world’s population.

      Belief is the cause of all our grief. There is only One Truth, and that Truth is One God, which is Perfect. All else is illusion, held in place only by belief.

      And there are my words of wisdom for the day. :)

    • mark

      Absolute paranoid nonsense. How pathetic it must be to live in such irrational and delusional fears. All I can do is feel sorry for you like the crazy man who lives near my apartment and walks around in old, tattered clothes, unshaven, unwashed screaming everyday about how the world is going to end today. But guess what? The world keeps going on.

      • Jefferson Thomas

        “The world keeps going on as before” said the Babylonian on the eve of the invasion on the Medes and Persians, said the Persian before the invasion of the Greeks, said the Assyrians before the invasion of the Babylonians, said the Egyptians before the invasion of the Romans, said the Romans before the invasion of the Huns, said the Arabians, Egyptians, Turks, Indians, Russians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Romanians, Serbians, Syrians, Mongolians, Afghans, Albanians, Sudanese, Iranians, Spaniards, French, Croatians, Serbs, Poles, Armenians, Chinese, etc. before the invasion of the Islamist Fascists. But don’t worry my friend, empires never fall, and there has never been a currency that failed in the history of mankind :)

    • Glynn A.

      Even though no less frightening today than it has ever been, none of this is new to me. I have studied and researched Islam for forty years and am more convinced now than ever that ISLAM spelled backwards is MALSI, another off beat, tongue-in-cheek reference to satan; among his many other titles. This whole idea of turning piracy into a religion was the brainchild of a renegade camel herder who happened to marry into money and used it, and a paranoid vision to turn his otherwise dead in the water future into a mega empire, worth untold millions. Of all the world’s 1.2 billion muslims, savvy old Muhammad was the only one with brains. There hasn’t been one of his intellectual and cunning brilliance since.

  • Thomas B

    obama has established the precedent of lawlessness. If he doesn’t respect us, then we get rid of him….in any way possible. We will not have a dictatorship in this country. He must disappear.

    • LarryH

      Lawless one? Messiah? Man of Sin? ……You don’t suppose…..

      Nah. If he were the Antichrist he’d only play by the rules for 3-1/2… years… Uh-oh…. Watch out come this July! lol

  • http://PersonalLiberty Robert V

    How is it that the constitution is clear about what the process is and what the branchs can and cannot do yet for this President the other two branchs say little. In the international press they title him King Obama and scorn our people and the press. When has our repesentation gone?

    • 45caliber

      Once we do get rid of him it will be interesting to see what history has to say about him.

      • Handyman


      • Jon

        If America takes too long to get rid of King Obama I, there won’t be any history books anyway.

        • Kate8

          Jon – Good point.

          Except instead of a good ol’ fashioned book burning, all they’ll have to do is change a few words in a computer, ’cause everything’s going kindle.

          Remember the book they sold, and then said there was some kind of copywrite infringement? Everyone who had purchased it had it simply disappear from their kindles, at the press of a button somewhere.

          Can you all see where this is heading? How the PTB are working to control ALL information with the use of electronics? How they are working hard to pass laws that will shut down the free exchange of information on the internet?

          It’s happening in every country (internet censorship). We’re coming up next…

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “How the PTB are working to control ALL information with the use of electronics?”

            Long live the hacker.

            Kate8: “How they are working hard to pass laws that will shut down the free exchange of information on the internet?”

            True. See SOPA and why we must stop it.


  • slapjack

    Impeach the Kenyan Pretender, NOW. Deport George Soros after we have confiscated his billions and Clean out the rest of the Kenyans scumbags he appointed to any office. I don’t want to pay a lifetime retirement to him either. Deduct the extravagent lifestyle he’s living till the day he dies.

    • Vicki

      Do not bother to impeach the pretender. Nullify his Presidency and all the laws he signs just go away.

      Of course they could come back as new bills with new debates. :)

    • CB JONES

      Slapjack you are so wack, get a life and stop worrying about things you and all the other nuts can’t and won’t change. I hope you are working with the candidates who are showing us how dump, stupid and out of touch they are regarding current events. If you haters thing they can do a better job, please stop all the talk and get busy working on their campaigns, afterall if the Republican party was doing a great job we would not have a Democrat for President. If your candidate is successful we will have another war, the economy will fail, your taxes will be higher and America will one again be headed for total disaster. To tell if someone is a fool, you only have to listen to what they say, it seems there are a lot of foolish people on this blog.

      • Vicki

        CB JONES says:
        “Slapjack you are so wack, get a life and stop worrying about things you and all the other nuts can’t and won’t change. I hope you are working with the candidates who are showing us how dump, stupid and out of touch they are regarding current events. If you haters thing they can do a better job, …..”

        Hi Millicent. So this is one of your alternate post names.

        So many ad hominems, so little time.

  • OkieRon

    While the Foaming-At-The-Mouth Patriotism of you RealAmerican SuperPatriots is touching now that Obama is president, where were you when Cheney was President? He conducted Imperial secret meetings with his former chums at the oil companies and you C-R-O-W-E-D and smirked with pride how great it was to have “Mourning In America” again and chanted “C-S-A! C-S-A!”–and gas prices blew through the roof and President Cheney wrapped his hiney in the flag and the “Draft Dodger President” proceeded to drag us into the longest quagmire in American history–and according to Ron Paul’s estimates will have cost us that $4 trillion dollars that we’re holding poor people upside down to get the coins outta their pockets for.
    You just couldn’t contain your orgiastic, smug pride during his tenture and you called anyone who didn’t want to sign that nitwit’s blank check a traitorous UnaNonaRealAmerican.

    If just ONCE you’d admit the BS that you foisted on us and took responsibility for the disaster of Cheney 1.0, I’d be inclined to listen to what you have to say about “Imperial Power” exploitation by a President that’s been so moderate and compromising that lefties can’t stand him.

    But then, responsibility and apologies and humility have never been strong suits of the Party of John Wilkes Booth. You still think the Civil War was a good idea.

    You may well succeed in foisting Cheney 2.0 (whoever the most rabid among you ever permit to survive the swiftboating process that Republicans invented) upon the American people. And we may have to live under your war against intellect and wisdom and book-learnin’.

    But make no mistake; though you may bully us into living under your olde-timey version of America circa 1860, we will NEVER welcome you as liberators.

    In 2012 we’re not going to choose between CommuNaziHomoSocialism and Right”Christian”Republican Plutocracy , as you would have us believe; We are going to choose between living in the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

    • Karen

      where were you when Cheney was President?

      Duh! This stupid person must have been somewhere in “reality world”, a place you seem not to reside in. This redneck just don’t remember Cheney’s presidency.

      • OkieRon

        It’s okay, I suspect a lot of you guys were somewhere else and didn’t catch what was going on in the midst of all the fakey-patriot flag-waving. Dick Cheney was unelectable as a conniving, manipulative power-monger since the days of King Nixon I. The American people never would’ve elected him legally, since they knew in their gut he would do exactly what he did when he seized power. So he used a dumbsky, Bubba Dubya, to get y’all to vote for a guy who you felt comfortable enough to go out and get a DUI with, and once W was in, Cheney ran the show. Didn’t it ever seem odd to ya that W could give a 20 minute State of the Union Address with a teleprompter and act like it was the first time he’d ever read it, whereas President Cheney could go on Meet The Press and speak for 60 minutes, without notes, and completely elaborate and define the policies of the “Bush Administration” in the run-up to Operation Iraqi Liberation? Cheney brought us Halliburton and Halliburton/KBR brought us Blackwater Security–America’s first corporate army. You guys are busy spinning like tops cooking up vast, weird, ObamaHomoSocialist Kenyan conspiracies spanning all of human history, and the Republicans are busy carving up America into a corporate puppet state right in front of your faces and you don’t get it. Private corporations fielding armies. Private corporations running a vast for-profit prison system that locks up more of it’s citizens than any other country in the western world, with lobbyists throwing cash around to make sure more “customers” are locked up, and a Supreme Court that just handed our entire electoral process over to the highest bidder…and since the Cheney Tax Cuts foisted more money into CEO pockets than at any time in history, they have all the power and all the money to set the agenda. You’re murmuring darkly about “second amendment remedies” and scratching your itchy trigger-fingers…and it’s already over. They just installed a new Confederate States of America right in over you and you don’t even realize it. You foamed at the mouth when they barked “hate big government!”–and they sold you out to Big Corporate and you c-r-o-w with pride and line up to kneel and kiss their ring.

        • eddie47d

          It’s always good for a laugh when the Republicans say we are losing our freedoms when those freedoms were flushed down the toilet by Bush/Cheney. Their long term dementia memories are impeccable or is that selective memory? Yes Obama has the NDAA to contend with and should have learned to say NO on that bill like the Republicans do when it comes to helping the economy. Now the Republicans financed Blackwater Securities in Iraq and helped set up the rouge police state they invoked.They then brought their practices back to America and it’s now accepted as a normal way of doing business. Thank You Republicans! We should all do our best to get NDAA overturned or renegotiated to protect our civil liberties. That issue needs to be presented at the Republican debates and at the future Obama vs Republican candidate debates. That’s a hot button topic for the left and the right and they are both on the same side. There are dozens of petitions on the Internet to repeal the incarceration of American citizens.

          • Vicki

            We DID point that out at the time. But you like to confuse by claiming that RINO = Republican = Conservative. I will remind you yet again that we DID complain at the time and we DO notice that Republicans who control the House DID vote for the NDAA. We ALSO NOTICED that Democrats voted for the NDAA. A Democrat President was in the PERFECT position to STOP the NDAA.

            Did he? No. He signed it into law on Dec 31, 2011.

            What is the difference between a Demopublican and a Repubicrat?

            The speed in which they are carrying us to their destination in that hand basket

          • Kate8

            So true, Vicki. When conservative leaders overstep, we DO notice, and we don’t excuse them.

            Unlike the Left, who will defend their treasonous, low-life snakes right to the end, no matter how grievous their offenses.

            Case in point: a usurper in the WH who, to this day, is using OUR money to keep from having to reveal to us who he even is. And who refuses to tell us by what authority he is “fundamentally changing” our country and trampling our Constitution. It doesn’t matter how brazen the threats against those who would expose him, the Left rallies ’round and sings “la la la…”

            More and more conservatives are seeing that the system is rigged, that they’ve all turned on us, that NONE of them are worthy of our trust, nor our respect.

            When are you guys on the Left going to wake up? What’s it going to take?

          • eddie47d

            Now your playing the fools Vickie and Kate. I said I didn’t approve of NDAA then you go and say I/we defend the NDAA or choose to defend the approval of it. Terrible reading comprehension!

          • JeffH

            eddie, as usual you are the fool…so sensative…neither Kate8 or vicki called you any names or even a fool but you just can’t resist the personal attacks can you…speaking of not being able to comprehend.

          • Tom W.

            Congratulation Eddie, you just won a free night out on the town with Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

          • Vicki

            eddie47d continues to demonstrate my point about liberals debate style by writing:
            “Now your playing the fools Vickie and Kate.”

            One of your gentler ad hominems.

            eddie47d: “I said I didn’t approve of NDAA then you go and say I/we defend the NDAA or choose to defend the approval of it. Terrible reading comprehension!”

            I re-read what Kate and I wrote. I could find no statement that said or implied that you approved of the NDAA. You then said “…I/we….”. Who is this “we”? You got a mouse in your pocket? Simple reading comprehension would indicate that you were using “we” to denote a connection between you and the people of the left. This is because Kate specified people of the left in her comment. If there is a different group then you might want to be specific.

            Now as to the left approving of the NDAA we only have a few clear examples.
            MOST democrats are or consider themselves to be left or liberal or both. Guess how many voted for the NDAA in the House. (95) That’s a lot of support. Just over 50% of the democrats who bothered to vote.

            Looks pretty defended to me. By DEMOCRATS or are you saying those 95 people are DINO’s?

            Note the Republican support for the bill was way larger. But keep in mind there is still a Democrat controlled Senate and a Democrat President in line to stop the bill. Did they? Of course not.

            What all of us need to do is note who voted for the bill and write them and object (I have already :) and be sure to vote against ANYONE of EITHER party that voted for this bill when they come up for re-election. Vote on your party side if you wish but vote out the incumbent who voted for this bill.

          • Vicki

            Now, eddie47d, lets see how the Senate did on the NDAA

            45 voted for it. 45. That seems mild compared to the 95 in the house but 45 is MOST OF THE DEMOCRATS. Only 6 voted against the bill. I would call that heavy approval. You (eddie47d) might not approve but MOST of the people in a good place to stop the bill DID approve and they passed the bill on to the last gate.

            Had those 45 all voted on principle (not likely, they are politicians) the vote would have been 51 against and the Republicans could not have stopped its defeat. Of course not all 45 would have to show some spunk. Only 39 would have to uphold the Constitution. 6 Republicans had the spunk too so 12 senators (12% upheld the Constitution). (39+6+6=51)

            We all know what the President did. The ‘one’ did the deed and signed the bill into law.

            So you, eddie47d, may not approve but those who represent you did and it is now law.

          • Vicki

            Now Eddie47d, I mentioned that I had already written to Congress complaining about the NDAA. You can too. And since you do NOT approve of it I expect you to do so. Here is a very easy way and it even explains why the law is of such concern.


            I tried reading the law and it looked innocent enough. Maybe that is why all those demopublicans and republicrats were tricked by the evil demopublicans and republicrats into voting for it.

            here is what found

            * REQUIRED military detention of foreigners that are suspected of being terrorists
            * Military detention as the preferred OPTION for American terror suspects
            * No charges need to be filed, and no trials must be held
            * Prisoners to be held “until the end of hostilities”

            These provisions can be more accurately described as “kidnapping” — which is a crime whether it’s done by individuals, gangs, or States.

            I urge everyone who reads this to go to the site and send your protest today.

          • eddie47d

            I’ve already sent cards to my 2 Senators and Representative last week on my disapproval of NDAA.I do it all the time on several issues.

          • Vicki

            Thank you Eddie47d. We should probably do that every day. That is why I tell people about They make it easy to send several emails protesting or just petitioning for change each and every day.

        • LarryH

          I suppose since the left insists there are ‘Right wing Wingnuts’, there had to be left wing wingnuts out there somewhere. Thanks for the demonstration.

          • eddie47d

            So Dear Larry is also endorsing the Right Wing nuts instead of grasping the harm both parties are placing upon us with the Patriot Act/NDAA.

    • http://google rose

      Lol. he he yeah when was he president?

    • LES

      Frankly I would rather live in the Confederate States of America.

      • mark

        Of course you would. You could get up every morning and whip the slaves. Laugh with a mint julep in your hand as you ride out into the fields watching your slaves work from dawn to dusk. At night enter the female slave quarters and pick out your belly warmer for the night. Oh, I’m sure you would have a grand ol’ time. And best of all you could lead a large cavalry unit uniformed in gray into Washington DC to burn the capital to the ground and celebrate later with the rest of your fellow traitors. I’m sure you’d have a ball.

        Only one problem. You guys lost. We (I’m from the North) kicked your butts while you all cried like babies afterwards. Deal with it.

        • Jefferson Thomas

          Your reply is ignorant at the least. It may be time for you to call in your time for the day to the village idiots association, get out of your pajamas, climb the stairs out of your mom’s basement, and ride your bike out to get a cheese burger at McDonalds.

          I would suggest that perhaps you should do some more study on the civil war. Perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions about the war instead of accepting every thing you are fed in the government school that you were passed on through. eg. “what percentage of the people in the south owned slaves”? Did big trading houses in New York and Boston profit from slavery? Were there parts of the south that were still loyal to the Union? What are states rights? Did the Federal Government want to consolodate and increase it’s power at the expense of the states? Did the large plantation owners promise to feed the soldiers of the confederacy and then after the war started and the price of cotton went up what happened? Were foreign powers and American Indians involved in the conflict? Was Robert Lee opposed to slavery? etc.

          Although I don’t live in the south (I have ancestors from there)I find your caricature insulting and to use your terms “racist”. If you don’t know what this means refer to the top of my post for my caricature of you Huffington Post basement boy.

          • Kate8

            Democrats were the slave-holders then, and they are the slave holders now. They’ve just come up with a new method of bondage. It’s called “entitlements”.

            Just look at what happens if a minority attempts to leave the reservation (party).

          • JeffH

            Kate8, :) :) :)!

        • CB JONES

          Hey Mark I’m from the south but agree with your great reply.

  • Stephen

    America and the American people, of all party affiliation are under attack. The coup d’Obamir monarch wants it his way only and screw everyone else except for those who will keep him in power. For the sake of the country (himself), Congress and the Judiciary can step aside. The Pied Piper-in-chief leads his minions and lemmings into the abyss with him, however. They support him because if they do not, they’re gone. Too much mafia-Chicago-politics will put 99% of the US population in the government dependency poorhouse. Every day it’s like “what LAWS can I break today?” from this guy. It’s obvious that no laws pertain to him. He’s got to go.

    Congress needs to step up and impeach this dictator wannabe. Harry Reid needs to take off the rose colored glasses and get out of the way. I cannot believe the election results from Nevada in 2008; the “fix” was in. How many “non identified” votes does it take to win an election? And Pelosi…please. The only jobs she’s giving in San Francisco… The Obamir keeps those key people in power to deflect any harm to himself. It’s all about party-power to these elite, but question the emperor and you’re gone.

    The Constitution is the law that prevents this behavior from happening. The Obamir placed one hand on the Bible (and one behind his back with fingers crossed) and swore (lied) to uphold the laws stated within. He immediately declared the Constitution as “out of touch with America today”. The law says, however, that he must go.

    Let’s not wait until November, please. Let’s slap some hands right now and begin proceedings on this out of control presidency. Americans, 2 to 1 already fear a second term for this boss and his thugs. That’s right, fear. Where has America gone?

  • http://love4you gary martin

    Wow..Wow, I am without words as we enter a whole new ‘ERA’ the OBAMA CZAR

    NON-CONSTITUTION debt ridden, hole infested, corrupt and scandalous group

    of thieves that make up the rules as they go along, led by no other than thE

    obama twins. We truly need our Heavenly Father’s intervention, as now they

    have not only ‘BANKRUPTED’ the USA, but have also rendered the essence of

    this Tri-Part government, THE CONSTITUTION and this Democratic Republic

    redundant. We as a nation Father God, beseech your ‘INTERVENTION’ ‘NOW’

    on behalf of THE UNITRD STATES OF AMERICA that has always tried,

    pre the Obamas to be a GODLY nation…….THANK YOU SIR.

  • TIME

    This post is not to make you angry at me but it is posted to
    “”WAKE YOU the HELL UP.””

    #1, Walk away from your TV set, #2, turn off your NEWS radio its all 100% total Bull Sh*t.

    #3, Start digging up the TRUTH, you have the tools they are called the COMPUTER, and the INTERNET.

    WILL you all PLEASE wake the HELL up and stop with the mindless dribble. Most all of your “opinions” are based on “Flawed Intel” so they have no value of any kind.

    For you that can handle the “TRUTH” please do yourself as well as many others as you can this kind gesture to aid them in getting it before its to just late.

    “GOOGLE,” no matter what you think of Google just use the sight as it was set up to do, be a SEARCH TOOL.

    Place in the SEARCH bar;
    How can a country exist in two completly differant forms.

    This is by far the most simple format I have ever seen bar none to understand whats really going on and has gone on over the last 150 years.

    READ it, “”understand it”” and then embrace it as its the TRUTH that it is.
    If you all don’t start getting with the PROGRAM really soon then what you think is a FREE Nation will slide into the something far more dire than the dark ages.

    Your choice, you either work to fix the problem or “you are the PROBLEM.”

    Out of 44 POTUS, 43 have been related by BLOOD, can you grasp what that means?

    Who in the GOP gang thats running for POTUS is related to this BLOOD LINE any ideas?

    Who in the GOP gang has worked for this BLOOD LINES end game?
    The answer is everyone but, Dr. Ron Paul.

    The first answer is Mitt Romney. Can you get your heads around that?

    For you that can’t grasp this TRUTH, “Obama” is related to the other 42, as in he to is in the “BLOOD LINE.” HOW clear can I make it?

    Nothing I posted above is my OPINION, its all FACT, as well the TRUTH rather you like it or not.

    • Kate8

      TIME – That is an incredible site! Everyone should read it.

      Of course, hardly anyone will. It’s more fun to just complain than to actually do something to learn the facts, ’cause then we might have to take some responsibility.

      Good work, as usual. Thanks, bro.

      • JeffH

        Time Hear Hear!

        Kate8, thanks for posting the link…I’ll get into it later when I have more time.

      • TIME


        As many of us know, I am sure you do, when the City State of DC is crossed into no matter what party one thinks they voted in, they all become a member of the “board of Directors” of the Company known as the United States Inc.

        Only the fools who think that they are FREE, and have any form of Media that is HONEST, let alone of any value.

        The good news is our numbers are growing and very fast, so they are now in fear of vast numbers of Americans learning the TRUTH, Thats why the crazy Acts are being passed and why SOAP is in the works they want to shut down the Internet. Per day now YouTube is taking down over 10,000 feeds per day, so for you all get your grove on and spin a CD so you have a hard copy to show others.

        I will post more youtube feeds later.

      • TIME

        Kate & Jeff,

        While these are still on Youtube, google – William Billy Foust, his youtube feeds are all related.

        If you learn all of what he has posted you can start on the road to TRUE FREEDOM.
        His first feed is just super when he explains that all the law books behind him are worthless. As not a single one of them is a TRUE law, they are all ACT’S. He was a Great speaker and a REAL TRUE American, unlike all the wankers who like to blow hot air out their butts, oh mouths forgive me.


        • Kate8

          TIME – Thanks for this.

          However, don’t you think we are coming to a time when none of this will matter? They’ll just haul us off for it.

          The lady I spoke of in CO…She was labeled a homeland terrorist because, they said, she had declared herself to be sovereign. She said she did not, but she certainly had the attitude of a sovereign. Mainly she exposed government corruption and spoke out against Agenda 21.

          She was forbidden from using any mention of the Constitution in her court defense. The judge made it clear that he didn’t care about the Constitution, and the police involved acted like gestapo.

  • Steve

    The three day pro forma tradition is firmly grounded in Article I, Section 5, Clause 4 of the Constitution. If the adjournment is for less than 3 days, then Congress is in session. If Congress is in session then the President may not make a recess appointment in accordance with Article II, Section 2, Clause 3. He must seek their advice and consent in accordance with Article II, Section 2, Clause 2.

    The Senate was in session on the 3rd and the 6th of January. Sorry, Mr. President, but you may only make recess appointments when the Senate is actually recessed. What’s next, weekend appointments? What a usurper!

    The Constitutional remedy is impeachment, but I seriously doubt the Republican leadership in the House has the guts to force the issue. Afterall, they didn’t impeach him for committing our troops to Libya after consulting with the Arab League and the United Nations instead of with Congress, so why start enforcing the Constitution now?

  • Gringo Infidel

    It must be good to be king.

    Some ‘leadership’ this is an example of – like a thief sneaking behind the backs of the lawmakers and he claims it as ‘leadership.’

    What an embarrassing moron this person shows himself to be time and time again.

    • mark

      “Embarrassing morons?” Have you read some of posts on this site? Obama appears like one of the geniuses of the ages in comparison.

      • Jefferson Thomas

        I have read your posts and “ignorant shill for statist propagandists” comes to mind to describe you.

        • Kate8

          Jefferson – How accurate you are.

  • JC

    Keep in mind folks that Obama is merely the latest puppet in a long line of puppets working to destroy American Sovereignty.
    The audacity of their actions is a pretty good indication that voting or reasoned concerns addressed to your (so called) Representatives will do little to put us back on a Constitutional path.
    It’s probably going to take something more drastic.

    • JC

      If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. ~ Samuel Adams

  • Had it

    America is being transformed into something I don;t recognize and do not like. The challenge is what to do about it. Our representatives we sent to represent us are just collecting pay and I suspect payoffs. Now what? They must feel that they need to pass more laws and make more regulations daily. We have 40000 more laws and regulations to restrict us and keep us in line while they live in luxury on our dime. Sorry I should tell it like it is 15 trillion is more like it not a dime. The silence of our representatives may have been bought and paid for out of the stimulus money. Boy were we suckered on that one, we have no clue where it all went do we? Think about it 5 years ago if someone would have told me that we would give a president almost a trillion dollars and not know where it would be spent. I would have told them that would never happen but it did. How in the world did we ever get here? This is what happens when congress is allowed to run a muck with no oversight.WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM!!

    • Jenasus

      The Declaration of Independence says it is our right to abolish or alter our government if it no longer serves the people or gets to big.

      • skip

        Right on – with the Vote!

      • Blue Devil

        Jenasus — The last portion of that quotation is, “…and to establish new government.”

  • Darold Boucher

    I’m tired of all of the conversation. If the Republicans can do anything about this situation, then just do it for heavens sake. Don’t just keep telling me how bad it is. Go to work R’s in Congress, just do your job. Go to work!!

  • Dredd

    This type of thing is getting to be bipartisan, which implicates something more than just presidents alone.

    • Jenasus

      Democrats and Republicans are on different sides of the same Totem Pole.

    • eddie47d

      The Republicans are getting the dysfunctional government they have been craving for by constantly avoiding the “awful” job of filling positions. If a position isn’t filled Then It Can’t Function and that has always been in their bag-o-tricks. If Obama is handicapped by Republican inaction then that could guarantee a Republican victory. Are the two parties working together for a better America? Fat chance of that happening or maybe when pig’s fly.

  • Jenasus

    Dooms Day USA 02/29/2012

    Bye bye Miss American Pie…Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry…Them good ole boys were drinkin’ Whiskey and Rye…singin’ this’ll be the day that I die…this will be the day I die.
    Don McLean “American Pie”

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    • Marty S.

      Actually I think that song was in reference to the plane crash and death of some rock star many years ago.

  • Tazio2013

    Once again the electorate will vote for the lesser of two evils or the evil of two lessors; i.e., distinctions without differences:

    Ron Klain in Bloomberg View on Congress and Romney In 1995, House Republicans had weakened President Clinton by obstructing most of his initiatives, but as Clinton gained more support, Congress’s popularity declined and they backed off. “Could the 2012 election year shape up the same way? Could the most do-nothing, gridlocked Congress in memory change direction … by cooperating with President Barack Obama, even if it undercuts the party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination, Mitt Romney?” Klain thinks it could, though he points out important differences in the ’96 to ’12 comparison. But he argues that Obama’s poll numbers and economic signals show a similar turn-around, making Congress more worried about their own popularity if they continue not to work with him. Added to that is the party’s already “tepid” embrace of Romney as the nominee, much as it wasn’t very enamored with Bob Dole in 1996. “Think it can’t happen? Ask Gingrich.”

    Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times on Romney’s authenticity problem Mitt Romney embodies the odd pairing of a candidate who can’t energize voters but who is nonetheless sweeping all the early primaries. Goldberg says the persistence of his detractors isn’t because of some inability to take on President Obama. “Romney can sell ideas, and he can criticize Obama well. But he has a very hard time selling himself,” Goldberg says. He rehashes several unlikely statements Romney’s made in the past few weeks, including that he’s feared “pink slips” before, or that he hasn’t always been politically ambitious. He links Romney’s lack of authenticity in selling himself to low turnout in Iowa in a year when voter energy against Obama should be high. “The most persuasive case for Romney has always been that if he’s the nominee, the election will be a referendum on Obama. But that calculation always assumed that rank-and-file Republicans would vote for their nominee in huge numbers no matter what. That may well still be the case, but it feels less guaranteed every day.”

    It could be worse; imagine Sarah McCain as POTUS or another term of Cheney Bush

    • LarryH

      McCain/Palin would not be worse.
      They wouldn’t be much better, McCain is still a Globalist and Palin still inexperienced, but they wouldn’t be worse.

      • Bimbam

        Everytime someone says Sarah Palin is inexperienced I think about BO who never held a job, never proved he was a real lawyer, never ran a company, NEVER ran anything!!!

        So Sarah can easily qualify to run as PRESIDENT and COMMANDER IN CHIEF. She was the former governor of Alaska, straightened that state out, booted corruption and became the most popular governor in America.

        I would like to see Sarah as president just to annoy you because I know you are afraid of women in power.

    • Beverly Teboe

      Mitt Romney is a rich kid, raised in an environment where men are everything and women are to be kept pregnant and in the kitchen. This explains his attitude toward “pink slips” (and we’re not talking lingerie). He’s never had to worry about being fired. Money, and plenty of it, have always been available to him. Who cares if he works. The bills are going to get paid anyway. This is also why the majority of of Americans have a real hard time relating to him. Most of us do worry about money and the bills and what might happen if we lost our jobs. Romney is a real prince.

  • OkieRon

    “I pledge allegiance
    to the logo
    of the United States of America, Inc.
    And to the Companies that purchased it,
    One wholly-owned multinational subsidiary,
    under Greed
    completely divisible
    and available for off-shoring,
    with liberty and justice
    for all
    who can
    still afford to purchase it
    from the Republican Supreme Court.”

    • Blue Devil

      Has H Flashman changed his name again?

      • 45caliber

        I’m fairly cerain that Okie is black. I don’t think Flashman was but I’m not sure.

        • OkieRon

          Aw, thanks, guys. ‘Comin’ from y’all, I’ll take that as high praise! But no, I’m a caucasian-little bit o’ Cherokee mix. I have been reading history since I was a little kid, and I do know that one thing all xenophobes do is assume they are the Only Innocent People Left In The World. You can’t burn people at the stake or shove large parts of humanity into ovens or own other human beings as slaves without that wonderful trait of holy self-righteousness and uncompromising conviction that you are the Last True Patriots Left.
          The Nazis didn’t kill Jews because they woke up every morning and said: “I think I’ll commit crimes against humanity today.” They did it because they were the poor, misunderstood, heavily-armed defenders of the Reich, constantly ridiculed and under attack by a vast conspiracy of conniving liberal Jewish intellectuals who made fun of them because they weren’t educated elites. How do you argue with people who have read books when you can’t? That’s easy: BURN THE BOOKS. If we can marginalize and humiliate everyone with an education, it makes it very hard for them to disprove or question the ideas rolling around in our skulls. That’s why tyrants in 3rd world countries always start their overthrow of the people by shooting the people with glasses (i.e., they might be potential educated “elites” who would need glasses to read). Rising up with guns and exterminating them becomes an easier proposition to embrace all the time as we whip ourselves up for it with the righteous hatred of ideas in opposition to our own. We condemn and execute those who compromise and collaborate in order to protect our “democracy”. We can pre-destroy those who might have views contrary to our own in order that we can convict them as evilduers before they’ve actually carried out any of the threats we’ve imagined they have in store for us.
          It’s called the “Bush Doctrine” of pre-emptive war. Once we swallowed that one, law and order goes to the guy with the biggest gun.

          • 45caliber


            Again you are wrong. The Germans didn’t hate the Jews because they belittled the Germans. They hated them for two reasons – they were different and they loaned money to people who shouldn’t have borrowed it in the first place. Just as they did in New York – and probably still do. The Jews learned early to keep their opinions to themselves.

          • CB JONES

            Very well stated.

    • eddie47d

      All in Congress should do as NASCAR does and wear patches on their jackets and display any corporation logo that they have taken money from.

      • Kate8

        Now, eddie…That is a great idea!

        You seem to be showing some signs of life here lately…

    • Marty S.

      We have to give him some credit for his creativity on this perversion of the pledge.

  • http://aol stanley t.

    Problem is people love to complain, but not get involved. When the issue of taking Prayer out of Schools was happening. People sat back and declared it would never happen.It didn’t stop there as we are all aware of. Get your mail flowing to Washington to your elected person. Demand a stop to the unlawful acts. People like Nancy,Harry and others,(both parties) went to Washington thinking they won a lottery. I guess they did when you read the report of the bank accounts declared when they went and the millions they have now. We The People have better become WE The People once again,

  • Raggs

    If king oblama thinks that he has a chance of losing in 2012 he will come up with a way to by-pass the elections… And guess what… Congress will not do a damm thing about it.

    • 45caliber

      My biggest worry is that either he will declare marial law due to some “crisis” or will “delay” the elections due to some international crisis that requires that those most familiar with the mess remain in power since they know how to “fix” it.

    • CB JONES

      Raggs your education is showing, you spelled the President name wrong, it shows a little dumbness.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    every one knows now about Obama he is a dictator and a
    socialist . and look at the rest of the democrats . they
    think he is the greatest president we ever had .they let
    this man do anything he wants .even against the constitution
    and not the senate or the congress will say or do any thing
    about him .

    • Beverly Teboe

      That’s because they are waiting for their chance to throw the constitution under the bus.

  • ranger hall

    Does anyone out there know how many american Citizens WORK for a Living not DEPENDENT ON ANY FORM OF gOVT mONEY., How many Americans and Non Americans that RECEIVE MONEY from the Govt. in some form or another. This will give you an idea as to what WE face. WHEN 47-48 % of the people in America are drawing govT. money we have an automatic DICTATORSHIP. tHESE pEOPLE WILL SIDE WITH THE GOVT.To protect there INCOME even when our Govt is WRONG.The Military and the Police will side with the Govt Right or WRONG. A great man once said Americas Military can be defeated BUT what keeps it FREE is its PEOPLE. Americas People can not be defeated from outside BUT ONLY FROM WITHIN.

    • 45caliber


      The last figures I saw was that 53% of all people in the US draw their checks from some form of government position. This includes federal, state, local, and school positions. And it does NOT include those on Welfare. I’m not even sure if it includes those on SS.

      And since ALL money to pay these people comes from the rest of us working in private jobs, we are sadly outnumbered.

  • sandy

    REVOLT? that would be playing right into obama’s new marshall law. You all would just be arrested and the key thrown away. The proper way to handle a president thats a trader, criminal etc, is to FLOOD your congressmen, senators and represtives with emails and phone calls. It worked before it will work again. I always admired Lindsey Grahmam SC until he voted yea for marshall law. Shocking. I emailed, I said we put you in and we can take you out. Sure, we’d love to overun the white house but what can you accomplish when you’re locked up forever? Nothing. Always stop and THINK before you act. This seems to be a very delicate matter as no one has attempted to stop Obama from doing everything illegally.

    • Walt

      A revolt can come in many ways. Don’t assume that Americans will take to the streets with pitchforks and buckets of tar and feathers. More realistically, the revolt may come from the established military, as it did in 1936 Spain.

      Much like our government today, Spain elected a very socialist government comprised of communists, anarchists and socialists, who quickly made efforts to nationalize all manner of traditional Spanish institutions. The Spanish Catholic school system was made secular and all government funding stopped. Private farms were nationalized and redistributed to the peasants. Close to 8,000 priests and nuns were executed openly in the streets by roving bands of communists in hundreds of villages throughout Spain. The rule of law by the government was conveniently ignored and the socialist government ruled practically Stalin type dictatorship.

      Only after several years of mass social and economic chaos, and political abuse by the socialist government, did brave military officers get together and appoint General Franco, as the head of the Nationalist effort to take back the government.

      This started the civil war in Spain in 1936 that led to the final defeat of the communists and socialists in Spain by 1939.

      So it was not the conservative or traditional Spaniard taking to the streets to overthrow the communist that proved successful; but instead, it was the young military officers, determined to save Spain from the communists that rose up and marched against the Stalin support Republican Spanish government.

      Don’t rule out that the same might happen here, if things continue to deteriorate. Many in the military leadership are disgusted with the way the political class is destroying our nation and will only take so much before they cross the Rubicon and take matters into their own hands.

      • 45caliber


        I’m still not sure that revolt in Spain really aided their country all that much – and I hate Communism, etc. What it did do was make a police state of the country for many years, long enough for most of the people to get used to the loss of freedoms they had once had.

        But I also fear any attempt to have an armed revolt. True, I don’t believe our military or even most of our police would support them – but on the other hand, they have their finger on the nuclear button. Suppose some strong force did announce they were going to Washington to kick everyone there out and start over. They call for all supporters to meet them at some starting place in the US. Does ANYONE really think that at least one of those people in Washington would hesitate to drop a nuke on them just because there would be a lot of innocent people also killed? I certainly don’t! In fact, I would be willing to bet that the day after such a nuke was dropped, every news group in the US would have their crews there taking pictures of innocent children, etc. and pointing out to the world that these horrible people attempting to overthrow the legitamate government were the only ones responsible for this horror. And most people would take a look and decide they didn’t want to be among the next group of victims.

      • mark

        The Spanish military established a monstrous fascist dictatorship that murdered hundreds of thousand and crushed freedom in Spain for nearly 40 years. Some heroes! Their chief allies were Hitler and Mussolinni. The Spanish Loyalist committed many errors and atrocities as you note but they were nothing compared to what Franco’s goons perpetrated. The Spanish Civil War also became a training excercise for Hitler’s stormtroopers and Luftwaffe. I would certainly not cite that Spanish military that rose up against an elected, constitutional government as champions of freedom. Once in power like most military regimes they trampled on the freedom of the Spanish people for nearly two generations!

        • Jefferson Thomas

          How many years did the Islamo-Fascists trample on the rights of the people of Spain? How long did the Romans do it?

          How many years did the Spaniards trample on the peoples of Central America, South America, The Philippines, etc.?

          Is your point that statist institutions have too much power and that there should be checks and balances on statist power that is extremely limited with something like say a Constitution that says Lex Rex not Rex Lex? Is that what you mean Marky?

  • Wyatt

    Hell , I’ve been saying this for months now but no one listened . I warned them that he would try to impose his will on America and even attempt to circumvent the elective process . He still might as his taste for absolute power has increased simply because Washington Democrats allow it . Senile old Reid half hearted endorsement of his actions last week , and Nancy ‘the Queen of Evil’ Pelosi giving him an enthusiastic thumbs up clearly show that the two party system we have had for nearly 200 years has now become a power struggle with the Democrats seeking total power and control of America in their belief that America is not capable of knowing what is good for it. They wish to tell us what is good and how we should act and what we should believe . Seems to me we did pretty good for 200 odd years , why change things ? Social welfare hasn’t worked to well for the Dem’s , just created a welfare class who sit back and live off of the workers ( sound like Communist ideology ?) but Democrats refuse to believe that there great plan hasn’t worked . Obama now backs the OWS protesters who want a share of Wall Street when they haven’t worked a day and the vast majority come from the so called 1% .
    The sooner the American Public get their heads out of the sand and rid Washington from these lifetime politicians the better America will be and the sooner we can get back to what our founders dreamed of .

    • 45caliber

      But THEY know what is best for us! THEY are the intelligent elite and we should recognize and honor them for it. THEY have proved they are the elite by being born to wealthy families. The rest of us should just shut up and let them run things.


    I am sure that obummer would love his new dictatorship and he will do anything to make it come true. But I have seen many dictators come and go. Over the years some have been conquered, some have been stabbed, some have been shot, some have had their heads removed. There is always that danger. The biggest danger is that america may get their head out of their and wake up.

    • skip

      The dictator(s) are the Tea Party and the House of Representatives – they say NO to absolutely everything and paralyze the government. For you to start talk of stabbing and shooting warrants that you be locked up – there is no room for that behavior in anything called civilization. Where in the stratosphere were you cooked up, Joseph – there was a major slip up somewhere when they assembled your ethics axis.

      • 45caliber


        I think we’d all be far better off if the government was “frozen”. If they didn’t get one thing done, how much would that harm us? All checks will still go out. But it would cut costs a lot and do very little real damage to any of us. And it would stop this “spend to buy votes” regardless of whether the money is available or if it is even a good idea to spend the money on whatever they are trying to pass. Any government that can pass whatever they want whenever they want cannot be trusted. Saddam had that and see what happened to Iraq. Just because our leaders are American (or are supposed to be) doesn’t mean that we don’t have people here who wouldn’t be delighted to have unlimited money and power.

    • OkieRon

      And of course, the Republican Party was sold by Nixon in 1968 to the former Confederacy (according to Kevin Phillips, his former campaign strategist who crafted the “Southern Strategy”, which made Nixon the first Republican since Lincoln to sweep all the former Confederate States. He has since come to regret the idea, because he believes it’s torn America to pieces). Reading this comment about shooting and stabbing–in addition to comments from rulers in the Republican Party murmuring about “second amendment remedies” and right-wing partisans clearing the shelves of gun shops while whining about their victim-hood–I’m reminded that you may well choose to take with the bullet what you lose with the ballot. And you have turned the Party of Lincoln, ironically, into the Party of John Wilkes Booth. While the Bush Doctrine certainly wrote into law the notion that you can go to war without provocation against anyone you believe may someday, potentially, possibly harm you–I’m reminded that the Nazis shoved 9+ million people into the ovens through their racist, xenophobic fear that they were the poor, rage-filled, undereducated and armed-to-the-teeth, helpless victims of a vast, clever, liberal Jewish conspiracy to destroy their way of life and so they killed in pre-self-defense. They certainly convinced themselves that their menacing justification was appropriate, but that didn’t stop America from hanging them as war criminals following their downfall. I think nowadays you’d be ready to say they were right and the “holocaust” was just some liberal hoax to make you feel bad. You are gunned-up and angry, long on firearms and short on book-learnin’, and I suspect you will take over…but that doesn’t mean the American people will ever ‘welcome you as liberators’.

      • 45caliber

        I must disagree with you about why Nixon won the South.

        The South has always been conservative. When Johnson was in office he “discovered” that he could get block voting from minority groups. So he started Welfare to buy those votes. Those conservative voters in the South objected – but didn’t have anyone other than the GOP to vote for. The GOP didn’t fool the Southern voters or win their votes … the Democrats drove them out to the GOP. Until then the South was strongly Democrat and had been since prior to the Civil War.

        • OkieRon

          Well, that may be the spin on it, for sure…like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck spewing racism and hatred for years and yet being able to dress Obama up in a Hitler uniform and suddenly getting white folks to somehow buy that for the entire Third Reich, Hitler had been (secretly, I suppose? The Nazis were always pretty vocal about their hatred of “Kike und Neggermusik”)a precursor to Obama. If you can wrap your brain around that one, you can swallow anything. Kevin Phillips was pretty clear about his motivation and strategy, as he elaborates in “American Theocracy”. The South and xenophobic northern Whites were always disposed to support the Democrats–precisely because they USED to be the party of hatred and small-minded intolerance–and ran George McClellan against Lincoln in 1864 to get the Union to cut a deal with the Confederacy and stop the war. The Democrats back then were violently isolationist and xenophobic. It was (liberal-by-today’s Republican-standards) Lincoln who prosecuted the war to redistribute wealth away from wealthy plantation owners and into the hands of people who didn’t even have American birth certificates (the libs call it “freeing the slaves”). Lincoln carried on class warfare against America’s “job creators”, destroying the single largest economic engine in America at the time: owning other human beings. And he dragged the South, kicking and screaming, into the 20th Century, when they’d have preferred to keep things the way they’d been for 200 years prior. (“Hey, Lincoln. How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ for ya? ‘Better angels of our nature??? ‘Sounds like cut-and-run to me.” ‘Guess that’s why they swiftboated him at Ford’s Theatre. Bottom line: The political parties flip-flopped. The Democratic Party (and I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, for what it’s worth) of today more closely resembles the Party of Lincoln, circa 1865–or the Party of Dwight Eisenhower, for that matter–than does this greedy corporate shill calling itself the “Party of Lincoln” today. The modern Republican Party looks more like the Party of John Wilkes Booth.

          • 45caliber

            I think I’m a lot closer to the truth than you are. I grew up in the South and saw both before Johnson and after. Let me tell you, most of the people in the South were upset about the minorities and could care less about your other theroies. Some of the rich/intellectual might have gone along with what you said, but not 80% or more of the actual voters.

          • 45caliber

            Actually, Okie, the South – except for some 1200 or so plantation owners – cared nothing about slavery one way or another. Only the plantation owners owned the slaves – and many of them, included Robert E. Lee, had freed their own prior to the war. (I know, Lee had inherited some slaves he was still freeing when the war began.) The war was fought primarily over state rights. The South insisted the states controlled things like the economy while the North insisted the feds were the ultimate political power … especially since they controlled both houses. They used the slavery argument to influence the young Northern men to fight – and refused to free their own slaves until some ten years or so after the Civil War was over. The only reason they did then was because the vets in the North suddenly realized that there were still slaves there and threatened to hang many of the slave owners. Once they were freed, that began the real western movement as the ex-slaves headed somewhere else to be free.

  • skip

    You all better read Okie Rons blogs – he has it right.

  • Patriot

    One simple solution that needs to be addressed; all laws set by Congress need to apply to all Americans which include those making the laws. Once this law is set in motion we need to determine which of our elected elite class has violated the public trust and enriched themselves at our expense and toss all of them into Prison alongside Blago!

    • 45caliber

      I personally think that every public official in the US should be investigated regularly to insure they are NOT committing some crime, whether they are suspected of a crime or not.

  • LarryH

    “But the dream and the reality of imposing a dictatorship on the United States live a far cry from one another.”
    Don’t try to take that to the bank. We HAVE lived under a serial dictatorship for a few decades now. The powers behind the throne have simply accumulated enough power now that they don’t feel it completely necessary to hide behind the form of law. Keep telling yourselves that the Illuminati is a myth and there are no conspiracies. It makes it much easier to control you that way.

  • ranger hall

    ITS Amazing How we are so Brain washed about what IS a HERO in this Country. Look Back to When THEY started this Brain washing and how well we took to it. EXAMPLE All OUR MILITARY pEOPLE ARE HEROS, aLL OUR FIREMEN are HEROS, ALL our POLICEMEN are HEROS. SORRY i Disagree. I do not take away from these People their Danger in these Jobs BUT I give credit when deserved. WE have given HERO status to the few and have missed so many, Think about it. Govt.workers are Our Heros. REG working People WE have forgotten about. A HERO is someone that is SPECIAL above the average Person. I Have known Only a few in my time. MOST People that read this will not understand what i am saying, BUT a few will. SEE a few Men and Women And Even Children have spent their time in HELL and they know who they are, And if you look back maybe you will see that we are all HEROS to someone, BUT only a Few deserve the Title HERO as it was ment to be used.

    • 45caliber


      Sorry, I disagree with part of what you are saying. While I agree that not all military, police, or firemen are heroes, I disagree that someone simply doing his job is also a hero.

      A hero – to me – is someone who places his/her life in danger to save the lives of others. The teen who died trying to get his younger siblings out of a burning house is a hero. Someone who simply signs and passes along paperwork isn’t. Someone who is shot trying to protect innocent people is a hero; someone who issues a traffic ticket – even if he does a good job of it – isn’t.

      The real problem I see with the name “hero” is that so many people want it – without risking their lives to gain it.

      As was said before, an “adventure” is someone ELSE putting up with bad conditions and danger while we sit at home reading about it or watching it on TV. The same goes for heros.

  • stRanger

    I think it’s way past time for Americans who are disgusted with Obama’s Imperialism to recognize the fact that while the Democrats support His Lowness it is the Republicans who EMPOWER him. All I’ve heard from the Elite Right is platitudes and the only thing Darrel Issa has done since he became Chair is to issue press releases and sound bites.

    Obama knows he can walk all over Congress because he knows that the Globalist/Socialist Right is pointed in the same direction he is.

    Tell me someone, please, just why is the GOP so flamingly hypocritical to deride ObamaCare and Illegal Immigration while at the same time working so hard to shove Mitt Romney into the White House? Romney is the Father of ObamaCare and has openly said he will not work to overturn it. He has also said he will not address illegal immigration in any meaningful way.

    So why bother with an election, if his Imperial Majesty Barry the First will allow one, when the result of one will change nothing?

    Get rid of that Internationalist body of Elitists known as the GOP and replace it with REAL opposition or get used to having your face in the dirt and tail in the air while the Obamunists march your families off to detention.

    And I ain’t kiddin’ one bit. The escape proof FEMA “emergency” camps are open for business.

    • 45caliber

      The reason so many people are pushing for Romney to go to the White House is because he is most likely to continue what Oblama is doing. Unfortnately, many of those people call themselves Republicans. The ONLY reason I’d ever consider voting for Romney even for dog catcher is because I’d consider his opponent so much worse. And very few other than Oblama are worse.

      • cawmun cents

        Unfortunately 4t5,I am going to have to disagree with you here.
        The reason the GOP wants to run Obomney,is that he paints a prettier picture to those who need aesthetics to believe in a political figurehead.
        It is about the Hollywood good looks and charm.
        Since he is not married to a b-movie porn queen,or basking in his celebrity like Charlie Sheen,Obomney nees only to look pretty and stay on message.They will get back to him when the election is over.
        They will tell him to go home because Omamba is staying in the Ivy League Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals(or what we used to call the White House),if you run Obomney against him.
        This is clearly a ploy to induce comatose-delusion on the unsuspecting Republican Party regulars,hoping to catch them much like John Kerry caught the Dems back in 04.Lagging behind again.
        Lessons from the historybooks will not be learned from those who wish to watch the TV Lifetime TM version of events that are taking place currently.Daytime television has numbed the collective minds of the masses,but thats okay because they vote as a collective anyhow.
        Most folks like their scat candy coated,but I dont think they realize just how much they can eat just yet.So they look for the handsome dude to ride in to town and save the day.Just like they did four years ago before the debacle that is Omamba took office.
        Omamba,or Obomney.
        That is the question.
        That,and just one more.
        If things continue as they are now,irrespective of who holds the offal office,How long can our nation last?
        Apparently folks,we all are along for the ride unless a stranger rides in and changes the way things are done.
        Ron Paul 2012.
        He may not be charismatic,or holler like God is on his side,but he has a plan to stop business as usual.That is more than I can say for the rest of the bunch.

  • jopa

    Rumor has it that the Republicans in DC can block any new bills they want.How did they stand on the National Defense act if it was able to pass so easily?Apparently it had a lot of support not mentioned here.

    • 45caliber

      They can block some but I wouldn’t say all of the bills. However, there is also some “Republicans” who will normally vote with the Demos, such as the two Senators from Maine. Further, there are many bills that are desperately needed that have tons of “amendments” that add many other things that are bad or not necessary to the bills. If you want the necessary things, you must grit your teeth to accept the bad ones. Both parties know this and both parties tend to add amenedments of these types. And BOTH parties can vote against any bill if they wish.

  • ranger hall

    Sometime ago In VIETNAM a Lt.Colonel Was shot Down. In the rescue that followed 14 American Soldiers were killed Plus some So.Vietnamese Soldiers trying to rescue this Lt.Colonel. The rescue was completed by a Seal and his Vietnamese Scout. The Seal received the MEDAL OF HONOR. The Vietnamese Scout that took him there and back only received the Silver Star. YOU would think that the Vietnamese Scout would all so receive the Big One. All so you never HEAR about all the other men that DIED trying to rescue this Colonel, Or what Medals they Earned. There also was a lot of Reg Soldiers lost or missing that was not worth the men or EFFORT to try and rescue. BUT i Guess a Pilot and Being a COLONEL is worth more then a reg Soldier.

    • 45caliber

      As a Vietnam veteran, I can say that not once while I was there were any soldiers of any rank who disappeared not sought. They weren’t always found but we looked – hard. And men were killed finding them, even when we were pretty certain that they were dead already. None of us complained about it. So I would not say that the military looked any harder to rescue an officer than they would have done to rescue anyone else. I was Airborne Infantry so I was certainly involved in most of the action that went on there.

  • Buck

    Listen , I would just as soon have Obamass the dictater running the country as the demonrat progressive socialists , neither way will America ever be America again . RON PAUL for President , put America back on her constitutional track so we never have to suffer the likes of another Obamass again .

  • eddie47d

    I know the author and some of you have gotten your 15 minutes of fame bashing the OWS protesters and calling them fleabaggers.Now that might be fair enough with the Tea Party being called Teabaggers. The real tragedy of this name calling is that the original message has been lost. The loss of civil liberties,Constitutional issues and financial misdeeds have been lost to the politicians once again.Ron Paul keeps the Constitutional issues burning bright yet the rest of the pack ignores it including Obama. Economic issues are muddled by all or never fully explained and the march to war seems to be their main vote getter. I think we will all have to be handed barf bags along with our ballots in November.

  • 45caliber

    Michelle stated during the first week or so after Oblama took office that the Presidency was the equal to any king or queen in the world – and therefore they should like in the same manner. She wanted to make the position more “regal”. It appears to me that both have tried to do just that since. And, in history, every time someone gets into such a position and enjoys all the perks they tend to want to remain there. I don’t expect these two to be any different.

  • jerseyart

    If this is the way a sitting president who is running for re-election
    behaves. How will he behave if he isn’t able to run for re-election.

    This individual must go!!!

    • mark

      Not necessarily. He may be reelected. And he does have the right to run again under the Constitution. See the XXII Amendment. People who want to subvert elections and resort to violence to achieve their political ends are traitors. Don’t like Obama? In 11 months you will have your chance under the Constitution to vote him out.

  • eddie47d

    I know the OWS folks got it right but like relatives overextending their holiday gathering the welcome mat is wearing thin. They need to consolidate their issues and place them into the ongoing political process instead of trying to be an island onto themselves. The Tea Party people although weakened themselves took the issues into the political process. There are many who support the OWS message and want it to become a greater part of the American conversation. Including Investment firms themselves who don’t approve of what Wall Street did. John Hussman who is a money manager in Baltimore and others support the OWS protesters. He said “The basic function of the financial markets has been corrupted into what I’ve grown to view as a self-serving carnival of speculation” He also disapproved of the Wall Street bailouts which he thinks will only encourage more wild speculative risk taking. Laura Goodman who is a housing analyst for mortgage securities (mainly for UBS)is also mad as heck at the mortgage speculators. She also says that foreclosures will increase not decrease with an additional 10 million by 2018. Her quote against Wall Street is “Many of the rules in place now are extremely large bank friendly,but borrower and investor unfriendly”. There is a “conflict of interest ” in their operations. Another gentleman Barry Ritholtz a Research Chief for Fusion IQ and talk show radio host says; “Have investors figured out that these agencies are corrupted,conflicted,unable to honestly discharge their duties…that they suck at what they do”? Americans “haven’t figured out they’re getting screwed and should take to the street en masse”. He brings up an excellent point about the 80′s Savings and Loan scandal where 801 bankers went to jail and today few if any have gone to jail. He does blame Washington for that because they are so deep in money influence that they would also have to indict themselves. He goes on to say,”That if you pitch a tent on Wall Street you will be thrown in jail(OWS) but if you bring the world to the brink of economic collaspe,you get a big fat check for your troubles”. “it’s all absurd” in who the real crooks are he implied about Wall Street and probably Washington. Lobbyist spending is now up 100 million compared to 2001 so influence peddling is getting worse. Another one angered by Wall Street misdeeds is Michael Mayo who wrote Exile on Wall Street and worked for UBS. His biggest beef is the practices that allow executives to enrich themselves even if that company performs poorly. Also the fact that those executive received about $5 million in 1998 and by 2010 those same CEOs made $12 million.Even when their company stock dropped by a third. He is quoted as saying, “they show no humility”. He thinks Congress should get involved and “give shareholders more power and be able to act like the owners they are”. The OWS protesters are not the enemy but those on Wall Street and in the halls of Congress.

    • 45caliber


      You spoke of the savings and loan scandles. Perhaps I might point out a few things I learned from my wife’s aunt, who was a vice President of a banking company.

      The loans were made per government laws based on taxes. Lawyers and doctors were allowed to take out the loans to build office buildings and apartment complexes. If the offices and apartments were not rented out, the government would allow the owners to deduct the amounts from their normal taxes for up to seven years. This was done because the government insisted that there weren’t enough apartments and offices for those who needed them.

      As a result, they insured that they had enough non-rentals to cover all their taxes from their firms. The savings and loan companies were giving loans to doctors and lawyers (mostly lawyers) who could certainly afford to make the payments.

      But then the government changed the rules. They could no longer make these tax deductions. The government had decided that they were losing too much taxes. The lawyers and doctors who were taking out these loans had done so for tax reasons and hadn’t attempted to build the buildings where they would get some use. And the law still allowed them to deduct takes for bankruptcies (and all their new buildings were in seperate “businesses”.) So they declared bankruptcies and left the savings and loan companies holding the notes. But the lawyers, etc. did NOT want the news to ruin their reputations and the government was willing to accomodate them. So the STORY was that the savings and loan companies had made many bad loans.

      Basically, you can blame all those problems on the government.

    • eddie47d

      That’s too much sugar coating it Caliber and doesn’t excuse the private sector.

  • healthnut

    AND…this black face with a darker heart did take The Oath to abide by THE CONSTITUTION…Since he lied when he uttered those words…it is sufficient enough to declare him “traitor” and impeach his sorry lying a– and send him packing back to his “mother land” Kenya is waiting…

    • mark

      Oh and your a racist, too. How original for this site.

      • 45caliber


        You seem more concerned with racism than you are with the topic of this article. And I’ve found that most of those who are constantly concerned about it are almost always the most racist themselves. Is that true of you?

        • mark

          I call’em as I see’em. Many incredibly racist statements are made on this site against African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Arabs, Asians, etc. We should debate and challenge everything on this site – except racism? Look at Mr. Bimbam’s post at the bottom of this site. Note that I am the only one to call him on it. As far as everyone else is concerned what he says is apparently fine. The rules at the top of this site state: “but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments…” Bimbam’s comments don’t fail this test?

          I also don’t get your statement that those who condemn racism against people of color must obviously be racists themselves? You lost me there. So MLK and Nelson Mandela who condemned racism all his life were obviously racists themselves? Really? If you criticize the giant U.S. military establishment and its policies of intervention like Ron Paul always does that means you are actually in favor of a giant U.S. military and constant interventions. I condemn racism because I am against racism. It is unjust, demeaning towards our fellow human beings, and unfairly paints with a broad brush a whole slew of insulting stereotypes against an entire race or ethnic group. That is why I oppose it.

          • Bimbam

            Then you must condemn BO and Mexicans for being racist.

            BO has stated he indentifies only his negro side and cared not for his white side. *gasp* IS THIS NOT RACIST???

            What about Mexicans wanting to take over the Southwest with the “La Raza” or the RACE. Obviously THEIR RACE!!! *gasp* is IS THIS NOT RACIST????

            Why Mark you are not only a racist but a BIGOT!!!

          • Kate8

            Well, there you go, mark. Just as I suspected. More false accusations on your part. Bimbam was just commenting on your own racist rant, handing it back to you.

            Gotcha. Again.

    • 45caliber


      Actually he flubbed the Oath in public. Supposedly he took it again later in private but …

      • mark

        Obama didn’t flub it. Chief Justice Roberts did! Look at the tape. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and he could not even memorize the very short oath of Presidential office that he is required to administer? Incredible. It just gave fodder to all these conspiracy and birther nuts.

  • Bimbam

    BO is simply exihibiting negro traits that are not compatible with white thinking.

    Some negro trait incompatibility:

    Negroes are racist
    Live off of whites
    Never invent anything
    Never farm
    Jive is an accepted way of life
    Do not like to work
    Will have lower IQ than general populace.

    It is no wonder the negro is bringing America down. Do we blame him? No, we only have ourselves to blame, the negro will be a negro after all. We all knew this, but we like to give people a chance.

    Only this time we gambled the family jewels trying to be “nice” and forgeting negro traits disastrous results. They are obviously not meant to lead, I mean that’s pretty obvious by now.

    • mark

      Bimbam’s post is an incredibly racist statement far beyond the pale of any legitimate political discourse. Why is it not removed from the site?

      • Bimbam

        Because it’s the TRUTH. We need to actually remove your post for lying or not being able to prove what I say is a lie.

        I gather my observations by my own experience and with what others say who live and work with negroes in the most unbiased and unobjective way.

        We all conclude the same thing when liberals and crybabies are not around. We talk the truth and walk the walk. We are NOT AFRAID to speak the truth.

        Sure, this does not apply to all negroes, but remember 90% of negroes voted for the *gasp* negro. Is this not racist???

        • Kate8

          mark – Okay. What I will grant you is that what Bimbam says is politically incorrect.

          But it’s his opinion. Personally, my experience is that large numbers of ethnic groups are racist, especially against whites. But no one expects nor demands of them not to be racist. Only whites aren’t allowed to prefer their own. Now, just how does that work?

          • cawmun cents

            Okay,first let me say that Bimbam is obviously not a diplomat.
            But all things being equal,though I do not necessarily share his opine,at least he says what he believes without reservation.
            Thats a start.
            Where we find that it is acceptable for someone to say this about whites,is where you find the historical implications of being white(I prefer to be called Indo-Eurasian American),and having done things which others find reprehensible.(Note:what I am about to say will be seen as racist by the folks who think that about Bimbam too.)
            We came,we saw,we conquered.
            WE displaced millions,through slavery or driving them from their homelands.(the story that is not told,is that most of the folks who were sold into slavery,were victims of their own races capitalism,and that those who were driven from their homelands,were routinely driven from their homelands because of harsh weather conditions,necessitating constant migration.)
            “Then came the white dog(as Mr.Nugent duely noted)with his thick and empty head,couldnt see past the billfold,wanted all the buffalo dead.”
            While this statement could be seen as true,plains natives werent exactly thriving well when the whiteman showed up.Bison hunting wasnt all it was cracked up to be.Occasionally it was successful and darn necessary!
            Expansion of the railroads required removing the giant herds so that trains would not derail.Not an excuse.Just an explaination.
            Fences to keep a three thousand pound Bison from derailing a train would have been expensive.
            Solution:Eliminate the herds.
            Shiny yellow metal was found at Sutters encampment,and nobody was going to stop the flood of get rich quickers from going west young man!The only alternative was to brave the seas south of Tierra Del Fuego,and that is not a nice place for humanity.So we have the history lesson which gets me to the crux of the issue at hand.
            Clearly we have white folks who take advantage of opportunities when presented to them.Just as clearly in both the slavery case,and the native peoples case,there were stone age folks meeting forces which werent extant in their world heretofore.Could the stone age folks have survived(while keeping their stone age ways forever?)Possibly.
            But there was going to be a change in the world that they knew sooner or later,and it just happened to be white folks who brought it.
            Can you imagine what the Chinese or Japanese might have done if they had showed up first?Some will say that they did,but historically that dog doesnt hunt.The Pacific ocean is a far larger barrier to travel than the Atlantic,despite the calmer weather.As for Vitus Bering,he was a white guy.
            Necessity is the mother of invention.
            White folks are excellent at invention.Other folks can copy and innovate,but white folks have the patent on invention.If the United States had not come to be,invention would have been stifled by the religious fanatical monarchs of Europe.Ther madness was inherent.
            So white folks came to enjoy freedom from that kind of fanaticism,opening the dawn of the indutrial revolution to American capitalism.Bang!It was as if a new universe was created.Beer drinkers unite and cause the factory,and the mass production to be born.
            Now we are hated for the fact that we are the ones who got the ball of the space age rolling.No more smoke signals or sending a runner out to tell someone the current issues.They are seconds away anywhere on the globe,if you have coverage.
            Invention means stepping on folks toes.It means superstitions must be ground into the dust of time.It means that progress is the opposite of congress.Folks dont like to be told that they have to leave the stone age at the door,to make way for the futre,so they try to keep grounded in whatever they have been doing for thousands of years.Take tribal warfare for instance.Street gangs,and cartels aside what is that environment except stone age rock throwing?We must all hang together for we will surely hang seperately.The wise man once said,”We rally round the family,with a pocket full of shells!”
            But what does this conventional warfare give us?Division.The smart gamble is knowing how the enemy operates.
            He is out to win the war not by force but by defeating your minds.
            That is what the white man does.He defeats your minds.He is also ready for you to try and defeat his mind.Good luck Wal-mart shoppers.

          • Kate8

            CC – Assuming that the historical accounts, as we’ve been taught, are true…I still maintain that the white man is not the only race guilty of these deeds. Not in the past, and certainly not today.

            Look at the brutality of the Islamic peoples, for example. They were out to slaughter other tribes from the beginning. And they still practice slavery of non-Muslims.

            How about the Chinese? Certainly a brutal lot. Even many of the African tribes slaughtered and enslaved (and ate) other tribes.

            The American native tribes warred on each other.

            Be that as it may, it is only small factions of whites who have been behind these conquests of other peoples. I truly believe that without these elite power mongers, who manipulate the minds of the populations, people in general just want to live in peace. Just because a few are miserable and inhuman should not condemn an entire race, no matter who they are.

      • Karolyn

        I don’t think Bob Livingston has seen it yet.

    • Karolyn

      Wow! Are you one of the Founding Fathers reincarnated?

      • cawmun cents

        nope.But at least he is willing to learn.

  • JimO

    Obama is following Hitler’s game plan. Mein Kampf = Audacity of Hope. Watch for the crisis that allows Obama to institute martial law and disband Congress. What is Congress going to do when he ignores them? So far the answer is “Nothing.”

    • mark

      Right, he is following Hitler’s plan. How brilliant. Do you mind explaining this in detail? Didn’t think so.

      • Kate8

        mark – Do some research and check out just the steps Hitler took in his aspirations as dictator. You will see that they are exactly the same as Obama is taking todsay, step by step. Even the employment of IBM to categorize everyone according to race, religion, party affiliation, and so much more. (You’d think they’d have some shame after Hitler, but, no…)

        Everything is the same, including the criminalizing of conservatives, Christians and Jews. Go ahead. I dare ya to look and learn.

  • JeffH

    The newest legislation by “our representatives” in Congress. This is Senate bill S. 1698, entitled as the “Enemy Expatriation Act.” This bill is two pages, a novelty in the age of 1,000+ page bills, and states (relevant parts):


    (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481) is amended—
    (1) in subsection (a)—
    (A) in each of paragraphs (1) through (6), by striking ‘‘or’’ at the end;
    (B) in paragraph (7), by striking the period at the end and inserting ‘‘; or’’; and
    (C) by adding at the end the following: ‘‘(8) engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.’’; and
    (2) by adding at the end the following:
    ‘‘(c) For purposes of this section, the term ‘hostilities’ means any conflict subject to the laws of war.’’

    (b) TECHNICAL AMENDMENT.—Section 351(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1483(a)) is amended by striking ‘‘(6) and (7)’’ and inserting ‘‘(6), (7), and (8).”

    ————— End of Bill
    For those not familiar with legislative bills there may not be anything that stands out from the above bill wording – and that is by design. By just reading the words above, under the title of “Immigration and Nationality Act”, we see that this affects those people who are “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.”

    One would reasonably conclude that what they are talking about would be those terrorist spies who come to America and gain citizenship and use that access to attack us, right? I’m sure that is part of the reasoning but who else is caught up in this legislation and would be affected by it?

    Well if we look at the underlying US Code that it is modifying we see that the “who” this is targeting is (8 U.S.C. 1481):

    “(a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality—“(Emphasis added)

    Just as the wording was placed in the NDAA to include US Citizens here too you have to follow the crumbs of obfuscated law back to the source. And if you have any doubt that a national, born or naturalized, is a “Citizen of the United States;” Black’s Law Dictionary, Version 7 gives the generic and specific definitions. The common term national means simply “a member of a nation.” Then under the specific “national of the United States,” and this is who our laws are written for, it states “A citizen of the United States or a noncitizen who owes permanent allegiance to the United States… Also termed U.S. national; U.S. citizen.” In the eyes of the government the terms are synonymous.

    This law could have been written to be very specific by stating that any naturalized citizen engaged in these activities would fall under this law, but they did not. Are they inept, stupid, morons? Some may think so; I think they knew exactly who they were targeting.

    We have seen and heard from the Department of Homeland Security of persons they consider a threat to national security and to the government of the United States. They are returning combat veterans who would have the skill of arms and combat, single issue voters such as abortion, gun rights, 10th Amendment, etc., people with Ron Paul bumper stickers or gun rights bumper stickers, or people who believe in the Constitution. These people have been portrayed by the DHS, and the FBI as potential terrorists.

  • Karolyn

    Ron Paul came in 2nd in NH! Last I saw it was 37% to 25% – Not bad. I will be campaigning (in my own little way) for him here in SC for the next week. I saw some of his signs up today. We vote next Friday.

  • Elba Saravia


  • Tom W.

    Couldn’t Stand The Weather
    by Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Runnin’ through this business of life,
    rarely time if I’m needed to
    Ain’t so funny when things ain’t feelin’ right,
    then daddy’s hand helps to see me through
    Sweet as sugar love won’t wash away,
    rain or shine, it always here to stay
    All these years you and I’ve spent together,
    all this, we just couldn’t stand the weather

    Like a train that stops at every station,
    we all deal with trials and tribulations
    Fear hangs the fellow that ties up his years,
    entangled in yellow and cries all his tears
    Changes come before we can grow,
    learn to see them before we’re too old
    Don’t just take me for tryin’ to be heavy,
    understand, it’s time to get ready for the storm

    • Lizzy

      Right on.

  • Lizzy

    How is it we expect the parties running the Government to work together when none of us can? Everyone has an opinion yet when we don’t agree, we resort to name calling, badgering and abuse. Human nature hasn’t changed at all, therefore, history WILL repeat itself. Like Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I hope humanity wakes up soon because IT is about to hit the fan once again. The “freedoms” you think you have are about to be taken away. You’ve worked hard to have homes, social security in old age, retirement and the same for your kids. You’ve entrusted your hard earned dollars to people who clearly have no regard for you, the law abiding, tax paying citizen. We just hand it over, hoping the wise people of the goverment will spend it well, protect and care for us. Like sheep being led to slaughter. Greed and power are the name of the game. All of the mud-slinging isn’t going to get us out of this mess. How can we come together for the good of all?

    • Tom W.

      I hear ya Lizzy! I wish I was as smart as these fellas.
      “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”
      ― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
      “In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent , the omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by it’s examples. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” – 1928 Supreme Court opinion by Justice Louis Brandeis

    • Tom W.

      How about another Stevie Ray classic Lizzy?
      Caught in the Crossfire
      Day by day night after night….Blinded by the neon lights
      Hurry here hustlin’ there….No one’s got the time to spare
      Money’s tight nothin’ free….Won’t somebody come and rescue me
      I am stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      Stranded….Caught in the crossfire.

      Tooth for tooth eye for an eye….Sell your soul just to buy buy buy
      Beggin’ a dollar stealin’ a dime….Come on can’t you see that I
      I am stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      I am stranded….Caught in the crossfire.

      I need some kind of kindness….Some kind of sympathy oh no
      We’re stranded….Caught in the crossfire

      Save the strong lose the weak….Never turning the other cheek
      Trust nobody don’t be no fool….Whatever happened to the golden rule
      We got stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      We got stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      We got stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      Stranded….Caught in the crossfire
      Help me
      Lyrics by: Thomas Smedley, Reece Wynans, Bill Carter, Ruth Ellsworth, and Chris Layton

  • Sam

    Since everone has given up there sovereing state citizship for 14th Amentment United States citizenship and we no longer have any constitutional protections/rights. What is there to stop Obama from going around the Congress and acting as a dictator if that’s what he wants to do. We are definately in the same situation as the colonists were in when they rebelled agaainst the King. Be prepared to break out your wepons if you want to change things. We are in a shooting war


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