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Barack Obama And Mitt Romney: An Issues Overview

June 4, 2012 by  

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney: An Issues Overview

Now that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reached the Republican Party’s “magic number” of delegates needed to be named the GOP candidate, Americans will be subjected to five months of red herring mudslinging and distractions from both him and President Barack Obama. Here’s where they stand on some of the top issues about which Rasmussen says Americans care the most.


Obama: Believes that stimulus is the answer to creating more jobs to fix the economy. His first term was marked by a recession that began in the previous Administration and “officially” ended within six months, though Americans continue to feel economic pain. Implemented an $800 billion stimulus plan and provided bailouts for the automobile and financial industries.

Romney: Favored 2008 financial bailouts but opposed automobile industry bailouts. Promises to cap Federal spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product by the end of his first term. Says he will cut Federal workforce by 10 percent, end subsidies to Amtrak to the tune of $1.6 billion and cut $600 million from government spending on arts and broadcasting. His plan would allow the military to spend $4 for every $100 the economy produces, amounting to about $2.1 trillion over 10 years.


Obama: Implemented Obamacare, the individual mandate portion of which — requiring almost everyone to obtain health coverage — is currently being considered by the Supreme Court. The biggest changes under the plan are set to take effect in 2014, among them: banning insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing illnesses, providing tax credits for middle-income and low-income people to subsidize premiums, giving people without work-based insurance access to government options, and expanding Medicaid and small business insurance options.

Romney: Wants to repeal Obamacare, even though it was based largely on a plan he implemented as Governor of Massachusetts. Instead of subsidizing insurance premiums, proposes expanding the role of tax advantaged savings accounts in helping low- and middle-income families pay healthcare costs. Does favor subsidies to help retirees buy health insurance, along with still allowing the option for Medicare, with an increased age for benefits. Would allow for insurance to be sold across State lines to increase competitiveness.

Government Ethics And Corruption

Obama: During the campaign for his first term, promised to revolutionize government transparency.  On his first full day in office, declared that “government should be transparent” and said that his Administration “is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government.” Issued Open Government Directive in 2009. Despite rhetoric, uses many of the same tactics of wartime secrecy in government as George W. Bush. Has failed to provide protection to whistle-blowers who expose government corruption and waste.

Romney: Supports a “tough on terror” stance similar to that of both Bush and Obama, making it likely that he will continue wartime secrecy policies. Has said that he is not interested in auditing the Federal Reserve.


Obama: Central to his plan is to let tax cuts expire for couples making more than $250,000. He claims this will generate more than $700 billion over 10 years. Favors a 30 percent tax rate on taxpayers making more than $1 million, which he says will generate about $47 billion over 10 years.

Romney: Wants to lower all taxes by 20 percent while curtailing deductions, credits and exemptions for the wealthiest people. For families making less than $200,000, he wants to end capital gains taxes. Would cut the corporate tax from the current 35 percent to 25 percent.

Energy Policy

Obama: Has continued to push green energy agenda. Subsidized failed solar energy firm Solyndra and has continued to push for automakers to make more “green” vehicles despite lack of success selling them. Rejected Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Romney: Would cut back the push for green energy and proposes to remove carbon dioxide from the list of pollutants on the Clean Air Act to lower cost of compliance with environmental regulation for industry. Promises to reduce obstacles to coal, natural gas and nuclear energy development, and accelerate drilling permits.


Obama: Has given States the ability to opt out of some of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind requirements if they improve student evaluation procedures. Got approval for a college tax credit of up to $10,000 and increased funding for Pell grants for low-income college students. Has asked Congress to put in place reforms that would deduct Federal aid to colleges that raise tuition too high.  Has been complimented by many Republicans for his efforts to rein in teachers’ unions.

Romney: Supports many of the policies set forth in No Child Left Behind. Once said the U.S. should do away with the Education Department, but in 2007 reversed his view because he believes it is a valuable tool in keeping teachers’ unions from becoming too powerful. Agrees with student testing, charter-school incentives and teacher evaluation standards of Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition among the States.

Social Security

Obama: Has yet to propose a comprehensive plan to address Social Security’s long-term financial problems. In 2011, proposed adopting a new measurement of inflation that would reduce annual increases in Social Security benefits.

Romney: Wants reform, but no changes for people who are already retired or 55 years of age and older. For others would lower the rate of inflation growth in the benefits received by higher-income recipients and keep the rate as it is now for lower income recipients. Plans to “add a year or two” to the retirement age under Social Security.


Obama: Attacked States like Arizona for controversial, tough-on-immigration legislation, claiming passage would create a “patchwork system” and undercut overarching Federal immigration regulations. Sent unmanned drones to patrol the border and ramped up deportations in an effort to appease States considering immigration legislation. Criticized for pushing for more visas for educated and highly skilled math, science and engineering workers to come to the United States.

Romney: Wants to builds a U.S./ Mexico border fence. Would not offer legal status to illegal immigrants who attend college, but would do so for those who serve in the armed forces. Wants more visas for holders of advanced degrees in math, science and engineering who have U.S. job offers. Would award permanent residency to foreign students who graduate from U.S. schools with a degree in those fields.

National Security/War on Terror

Obama: Promised to close the military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, yet failed to do so.  Reauthorized Bush-era Patriot Act that allows for spying on U.S. citizens and immensely grows the Nation’s defense apparatus. Signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the indefinite detention or assassination of American citizens deemed terrorists by the government. Continues to use drones to kill suspected terrorists in countries with which the United States is not currently at war. Ended war in Iraq, but has not been able to do so in Afghanistan. Reached agreement with Congressional Republicans to cut $487 billion in military spending over a decade. Never served in military.

Romney: Supports Patriot Act. Supports NDAA. Believes Obama was wrong to begin reducing troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as he did. Wants to increase the size of armed forces, including the number of troops and warships, and would add almost $100 billion to the Pentagon budget by 2016. Says Obama has been too lenient on Iran and agrees with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that a strike on Iran will likely prove necessary. Was eligible for draft in Vietnam, but received a deferment for missionary work in France.


Following is a list of the organizations whose individual members, employees, owners or PACS donated the most to the candidates, according to

Obama Top Contributors

Microsoft Corp. $347,916
DLA Piper $297,027
University of California $261,846
Sidley Austin LLP $240,846
Google Inc. $212,719
Harvard University $194,458
Comcast Corp. $184,706
Skadden, Arps, et al. $153,059
Morgan & Morgan $135,145
U.S. Department of State $131,032
Time Warner $129,314
U.S. Government $126,164
Stanford University $124,115
Kaiser Permanente $111,781
National Amusements Inc. $109,389
Columbia University $108,247
Mayer Brown LLP $108,032
Wilmerhale LLP $106,061
University of Chicago $104,617
Jones Day $100,100

Romney Top Contributers

Goldman Sachs $573,080
JPMorgan Chase & Co $415,075
Bank of America $398,850
Morgan Stanley $373,850
Credit Suisse Group $317,410
Citigroup Inc. $301,550
Kirkland & Ellis $248,052
Barclays $228,400
PricewaterhouseCoopers $214,250
Wells Fargo $204,300
HIG Capital $191,000
UBS AG $190,500
Blackstone Group $182,550
Bain Capital $149,000
Marriott International $132,827
EMC Corp $129,200
Citadel Investment Group $127,125
Elliott Management $125,975
Deloitte LLP $124,250
Bain & Co. $123,050


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    More proof of why our “democracy” is a sham and why true grass roots do not reflect straw polls.

    • Norm

      Adolph Hitler was true grass roots. Beware of radical movements in times of discomfort.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Laugh out loud! I think if James Madison were alive today and was witness to the political scene and goings on’s of the government, he’d jump off of the tallest building he could find. I’d say he’d shoot himself but after he found out he needed a license he couldn’t wait! I don’t think Hitler had true grass roots support until people started disappearing. Much like our rights and liberties are as we speak and if you don’t think it will continue for the next four years with Robomney, you refuse to look at facts or you receive a government check.

        • T i m

          RON PAUL has been blacklisted by the media from the beginning . I have not read / heard he has dropped out . If he is still in it ….EVERY ONE NEEDS TO SCREAM OVER ALL THE REST OF THE ” NOISE ” ……RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . …….The Republican party is following ROMNEY IN BLIND FAITH since the Bush family said so , last fall . ………………….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT …………..

      • Will Billiams

        @Speed, Given that Romney flip flops so much, even if he were to adopt some of Ron Paul’s policies, you know it would be just talk…nothing more!

    • Thomas Gunn

      In fact, this is technically not correct. The Official Nominee is not confirmed and selected, until the Republican Convention in August.

      Republican Delegates Can Ignore Any “Committment” to Vote for Mitt Romney, and Can Instead Vote for Ron Paul If They Want

      Washington Post
      June 2, 2012

      We noted last week that it’s still possible for Ron Paul to score an upset win over Mitt Romney.

      Indeed, the nonpartisan Center for Voting and Democracy (CVAD) reported last December that the the legal counsel for the Republican National Convention said delegates can vote for whoever they want at the National Convention:

      As set out in the Rules of the Republican Party, delegates have the ability to vote according to the delegates’ preference, even if that is contrary to the outcome of each state’s primary. According to one source, the legal counsel for the Republican National Convention in 2008 stated: “[The] RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.” Thus, if a delegate were to challenge his or her ability to vote as a free agent, he or she would have grounds under Rule 38.

      Ironically, the legal counsel rendered her opinion when a Utah delegate wanted to vote for Mitt Romneyin the face of the Utah delegation as a whole going for John McCain.

      CVAD continues:

      For further clarification on the meaning of Rule 38, it is instructive to look to the debate in 1964 when the RNC debated whether to strike the Rule 38 language from a proposed amendment that was adopted that year. The debate begins on page 64 of this source. The RNC voted 59 to 41 to keep the rule in the amendment, noting that it helped to clarify a longstanding practice that a delegate was free to take exception to the roll call, and was free to vote his or her preference. Those who sought to strike the rule feared that its inclusion in the rules would give delegates freedom from both a non-existent legal obligation and a moral obligation to vote according to instructions from their state. However, even these opponents of the rule admitted that there never has been any legal obligation for a delegate to do so.

      In other words, all Republican delegates – no matter what state they are in – can vote their conscience … even if someone tells them they have to vote for a particular candidate.

      • T i m


  • sean murry

    This goverment is a sham.

  • tncdel

    Perhaps the issue of abortion is not important to Mr. Livingston, but for many of us Conservatives it is. So why was it left off the list?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear tncdel,

      You write: “Perhaps the issue of abortion is not important to Mr. Livingston, but for many of us Conservatives it is. So why was it left off the list?” Your answer is found in the first paragraph.

      Best wishes,

      • profhambone

        The sad fact that abortion, like marijuana, is something that will never go away as people want access to it and there will always be an underground in the USA which will provide what is wanted on the black market. Like prostitution, these things should be regulated. You would think that after Prohibition (which was required through an ammendment to the Consitution) people would see the handwriting on the wall…..maybe its because they are a bit illiterate………..

  • tg sherman

    Where do they stand on the 2nd amendment??

  • roger gunderson

    I would call the American electorate “ignorant”. Both Obama and Romney are losers. They both want more military, indefinite detention, patriot act, no child left behind. Neither want to reduce the deficit. The fact that people can’t discern what they hear, read and see about our politicians is what going to keep America in the doldrums

    • boyscout


    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yep….most are dumber than 2 dead hogs

      it’s why we have candidates like Romney and Obama

  • Greg

    How can the U.S. Government contribute to Obama’s campaign? The only way it gets money is from our taxes. Who said they could use my taxes to fund Obama?

    • Vigilant

      USG is not contributing. INDIVIDUALS in USG organizations are contributing. No law against that, as there is no law against US military personnel contributing to political campaigns.

      • Will Billiams

        Correct! It is individuals making the contributions. I would like to point one very important detail regarding the military donations.
        So far, to date, Ron Paul gets more donations from the military than Obama and Romney (and all the other repoublican candidates) combined! That speaks alot!

  • CEO

    Before declaring either Romney or Obama their parties candidates we need to see who gets nominated at the national conventions. Romney may be racking up popular votes but the delegates need to be selected at the local and state conventions. Ron Paul continues to accumulate delegates to the national convention.

    • Norm

      Ron Paul is done!!! Get over it.
      He represents the views of about 25% of the voters on his best day.

      • Steve E

        But those 25% are the people with the highest IQ.

        • T i m


      • Average Joe


        Ron Paul is what?….LMAO…..Psssst…Norm is clueless…deal with it…..
        We’ll see you at the conventions…numbnuts….

        Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

      • Will Billiams

        If you read what he said, NOT what the news wrote, you would know he did NOT drop out. He simply said that he would focus on spending the money stategically (because of SuperPAC’s) that he would focus on the delgates rather than the “beauty contests”. If that means dopped out to you…then i guess keep believing that, just like Romney has reached the magic number….which he hasnt. But i am sure you wont really do the research. Bottom line (facts) is Ron Paul has NOT dropped out….and Romney has not reached the delegated count!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Well Norm….a recent Rasmussen poll stated that only 19% thought Romney & Obama were the best candidates for the job….SO….I guess Ron Paul has the majority then


        Rasmussen poll came out showing
        just 19 percent of likely voters believe Romney and President Obama are the two best people running for the presidency.

      • Carl Manning

        Good point, Rhonda! Here’s the Rasmussen poll she was referencing…

        81% of the Electorate do not care for this Hobson’s choice between two high-paid hookers. The Dems have to be salivating at their good fortune. This does not portend well at all for the GOP, but what do I care, I support Ron Paul because I am a Christian. Romney’s choices for VEEP will come down to three people: Ohio’s junior Senator, Rob Portman, GOP Establishment favorite Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, or Senator Marco Rubio, the GOP TEA Party “plant”. None of these Establishment Neocon globalist sellouts and/or GOP TEA Party Co-op stealth “plants” has any appeal whatsoever to Ron Paul supporters. They are as despicable as Romney himself. The globalist banksters will not allow Romney to bring on Rand Paul as VEEP. The Bilderberg gang is on record now recently stating that they wish Ron Paul were “dead”. Rubio gave a speech to the CFR globalists in NYC on May 31st, and Mitch Daniels attended the globalist Bilderberg meeting which just ended Sunday. He was the Bilderberg favorite for the VEEP slot. If Obama wins, some of us like Talk radio host, Neal Boortz, will have to “head for the mountains and go off the air” as he recently said because the show will most definitely be over for America. The Amerikan Iron Curtain will have descended over us. What was once the “land of the free and the home of the brave” will then become most assuredly “the land of misery and the home of the slave”.

        For me, the choice is simple: Ron Paul 2012 or Camp FEMA

    • Debs

      Ron Paul has dropped out of the Presidential race. HE himself , has taken himself OUT….what part of that don’t his supporters understand??? A vote in November for a man no longer in the race, is a vote for Obama, because those opposed to Obama will be splitting their votes between the official Republican runner and a man who ISN’T RUNNING at ALL! What is wrong with you people??

      • T i m

        I DO NOT SEE ANYTHING ABOUT RON PAUL . DEBS , YOU NEED TO SHOW ME , WHERE DID RON PAUL DROP OUT . Last I read , he is not campaigning all over the country . He is still in it to win it . Listen to the radio news shows . Most I hear is talking about so much UNCOMMITTED VOTERS , not associated with Romney or Obama . …ROMNEY HAS BEEN PUMPED TO BE THE PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE , BECAUSE THE BUSH FAMILY SAID SO IN THE NEWS LAST FALL . ….The Republican Establishment is following the BUSH family in BLIND FAITH , because daddy Bush said so . ……I NEED TO READ WHERE RON PAUL HAS QUIT . MEDIA HAS BLACKLISTED DR. PAUL FROM THE BEGINNING ……………ROMNEY WILL BE NO BETTER THAN OBAMA . ………………. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . My name is T i m . ………….SHOW ME WHERE HE HAS QUIT .

        • Debs

          Tim, you are correct . I apologize. I was under the misconception from various articles I had read and news reports I had heard that Ron Paul had dropped out, not merely switched his focus. I naively didn’t bother to follow him after that. I do understand his platform and why so many people endorse him but despite that..I still feel that he has no chance of winning because he stands for an ideal that too many politicians will not endorse because he wants to rock their cushy boats. He WILL split the anti Obama vote…and Obama will be in office for the next 4 years. I do not like Obama because I do not believe he is capable of running our country because he lacks the knowledge, strength and experience needed. He is so arrogant and self rightous he can’t concede the fact that he is in so far over his head he will never see the top of the water. I just do not trust him! plain and simple. So please accept my apology about Paul dropping out…you are right and I should have followed up on the news reports. I hope you are happy with Obama, because you will be seeing him in the White House for another 4 years as long as Paul has support from so many people as passionate as you are.

          • T i m

            As you have agreed …DR. PAUL IS NOT DONE YET . Dr. Paul has a lot more support than media will tell . And, you , being correct in your words , Dr, Paul is radical in his message . Wants to do things , should have been done decades ago . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . CONGRESS KNOWS AL THIS . Gas price at the pump should be around 5 0 cents per gallon . Every governor in every state can create jobs tomorrow . Dr. Paul wants to bring all the troops home , tomorrow . AMERICA CAN PROTECT OUR SELVES FROM OUR OWN BORDERS ….ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE G – 2 0 ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES . YOU DO NOT SEE ANY OTHER NATION IN AMERICA’S BACK YARD . This will interrupt the payday , of any memeber of CONGRESS who owns stock in anything supporting the military . Dr. Paul wants to get rid of DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE , WHICH IS WHO SETS THE RATE FOR AMERICAN COST OF LIVING . Dr. Paul and Mr. Perry , both said , GET AMERICA OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS …..STOP FOLLOWING THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF. ………….The welfare population and teachers union helped put Obama in the White House ….IT IS UP TO YOU AND ME TO CHANGE THAT . The Republican Establishment is following Mr. Romney IN BLIND FAITH , BECAUSE DADDY BUSH SAID SO . ……………….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

      • Steve E

        Ron Paul supporters are having a three day rally just before the Rebub National convention.

      • Will Billiams

        Debs i dont know how you can speak so confidently when you are 100% wrong! Ron Paul has never said one word reagarding dropping out! But i wont really get into that, because i think you know that, but you are just a Romney supporter. But then i wonder, since (if) you like ROmney…why dont you like Obama…they’re nearly identical in voting and policies. Not to mention that Romney’s campaign is commiting election fraud. Why would he do that if he were actually the nominee? I know why, because is is NOT the nominee! Debs, leave the lying to Romney and Obama. We dont need any more lies, they spew enough.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        woooohooo 3rd party run then

      • T i m

        B T W , for those who do not know …..Obama did what the world government put him here to do . Because AMERICA is part of the G – 2 0 world government , he follows world government instructions , just like all other nations . Obama was put in WASHINGTON , TO WAKE UP THE APATHETIC SLEEPERS . AMERICA has followed the leader in blind faith for so long , it is our way of life . OBAMA HAS CHANGED THAT . THE REASON AMERICA DOES WHAT IT DOES , IS WRITTEN ON THE DOLLAR BILL YOU HAVE IN YOUR POCKET . You best be sitting down when you read it . Read the definition of the great seal of the UNITED STATES . The welfare population and the teachers union are too big to fight . ……………..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

  • Norm

    Great article.
    It’s refreshing to see the facts presented without spin and lies.
    It’s also good to see that religion and right wing social issues were not mentioned. These issues are not the business of government, especially in the tough economic times that we now “enjoy”.

    • speedle

      I agree with Norm here. Let’s keep the social issues out of politics for the most part unless they involve public funds. We have enough trouble trying to ride the fence between protection against terrorists and the sanctity of our individual freedoms. But at least these kind of problems have potential to be solved. The abortion issue is an argument with no end, and should not be a political football if we want to accomplish anything useful.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        do you mean shaddow govt. terrorists or the other kind?

        Get the hell out of their countries and leave them alone and you won’t have to worry (except false flags from Israel)

      • speedle

        Hey Rhonda, I mean the kind of terrorists that blow up malls, airplanes, restaurants, buildings, and things like that. What you need to understand is that no matter whether or not we have troops on the ground, contracts with oil producers, or CIA operatives running around undercover in these God forsaken countries. They still hate our guts because they are religious extremists, and they will stop at nothing to kill Americans (not because we are in their country but because of who we are. They are a threat and will continue to be a threat, and if you enjoy the freedom of sitting in your office and writing on blogs (or whatever other kind of personal freedom you enjoy), you should be prepared to pay for whatever the costs are in keeping these mad dogs at bay.

        • T i m


    • boyscout

      Come on Norm; politics as America knows it (and as super-pacs espouse it) will not cease to cloud the issues or sling any dirt(real or imagined). Ain’t it great to have politicians running the affairs (no pun intended) of this nation ?

  • Sirian

    Good article Sam – very important points addressed on a comparative basis. Isn’t it unusual, as well as somewhat funny, that Obummer’s PAC contributors are from the very large Universities, MSM control corps plus a major internet server? Whereas Romney’s comes from the financial/banking arena. One side gives you Socialist/Marxists while the other provides you financial control of your money no matter how long or how much you’ve earned. If these simple comparisons can’t open peoples eyes and minds, what will?

    • profhambone

      Aren’t many of the Magic Underwear Man’s supporters the same people who rocked the world economy with derivitives and AIG insurance scams, received a massive bailout from Bush/Obama, and then awarded themselves large bonuses? And still did nothing to revitalize the economy…..Or went to Vegas to party?

      Obama or Romney…..a choice between Dumb and Dumber…..and a Congress that cares only for its own re-election and an electorate that will give them what they want even though they only respond to the oligarchs (read: $$$$ people)……the best days of the USA are now behind us, gone with the greatest generation……

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    Both represent one coin, each one on a side but both controlled by same elite.
    Obama is a pseudo christian who is pro Islam. Romney is a mormon steeped in masonic occultism.

    • SPEED

      It’s down to a choice of “the lesser of two evils”:
      - OB has lied to us from the beginning. His agenda appears to be to destroy our Constitution (birther issue … a done deal) and to financially destroy our economy (promoting entitlements … including OBcare) … how’s that ‘CHANGE’ working for you?!! No trust here!
      - In comparison, Romney is a saint.

      • T i m

        NO BODY TALKING ABOUT …………RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT ………I have not read / heard he has quit . RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

      • SPEED

        I think the writing is on the wall here for Romney’s nomination, however I agree w/ Ron Paul’s philosophy and I hope Romney is listening to him.

      • T i m

        Romney IS listening . He is now quoting Dr. Paul on things Dr. Paul has said from the beginning . Mr. Romney said last fall , AMERICA must get out of CHINA . Rick Perry and Dr. Paul have been saying that from the beginning . The Republican Party is following Romney , in blind faith because daddy Bush said so . …..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

      • Jazzabelle

        Was it Willy Wonka who (aprochryphally) said, “You vote for the lesser of two evils? … So, how is voting for evil working out for you?”

  • Kevin Johnson

    Despite all the statistics of types of contributers to the campaign funds of each men, Disregarding the campaigning ‘promises’ made of each party, The most important issue is,,,which man do we expect to live up to his promises?
    Do you want a proven track record of a Romney, who clearly desires to help himself and his cronies to America’s immense wealth?
    Or do you want a President Obama ‘s plan to spread America’s opportunities to wealth for the entire nation to prosper?
    Clearly, it’s a simple choice!

    • T i m


    • 45caliber

      Definately not Oblama!

  • brett

    it’s all about the economy, least that’s all i hear the media say. a vote for romney and the gop will keep us ( repeat, keep us ) in the trickle down capitalism economy that has everything to do with our budget and financial issues. if you were to run a business utilizing trickle down; not investing in infrastructure or maintenance, not investing in training or fair pay and benefits for employees, essentially, not rolling profit back into your business as in a proper capitalism model, but instead, keeping all the profit for yourself, well you would become very wealthy while running your business into the ground. firestone and hershey are both fine examples of welfare capitalism. ‘isms are just words, ideas. they are meaningless when they are misrepresented or misused.

  • Will Billiams

    So i am assuming that most people now realize that these two people are one in the same. Given that….people should look to a 3rd and 4th option….
    There is still a republican candidate worth looking at (although the corrupt establishment will tell you Romney is the nominee) . The best Republican choice it Ron Paul….perhaps the best choice period!
    The other is independant Gary Johnson! I was surprised when i checked his website….even Gary blows these two away. Times are changing, our government is failing, and it is time to vote for principle rather than who wins the “beauty contest”.
    If you ask the military….the soldiers…ask them who they support! Ron Paul gets more that Obama and Romney combined. In fact Ron Paul gets more donations from the soldier than Obama and ALL the Republicans combined! Now that is some serious support!

    • T i m

      UN Fortunately , the military support is like having a dime and needing 1 0 0 0 ‘s dollars , UNLESS THE TROOPS CAN CONVNCE ALL THEIR FAMILY AND EVERYONE ELSE , THERE IS NO ” CHOICE ” . ………………RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . …There is a simple sollution to AMERICAN ECONOMY . SIMPLE SOLUTION TO GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP . ALL OF CONGRESS KNOWS THIS . T i m

      • will billiams

        I understand that. I was just making a point as to the military support of Ron Paul. I think it is important to note that these people who are dying (our soldiers) and who they support. I believe it is because they realize that the wars are started on lies by our goventment, and that they are realizing that rather than fighting a war, we are actually terrorizing other countries. Its one thing to declare war, fight it, win (or lose) and end the war. But we go in saying “Hey i hear you have (whatever they feel like pursuing at the time)” And a war we go! I know these soldiers have the courage to fight and die for this country, but when you fight a politicians war, for corporate gains, this is no longer about defending your country…this is merely bullsh*t!

      • Wildey

        It’s a fact, more people have been persecuted by their own government than by invading armies.
        Police are trained to be judge, jury and executors of the actions they see.
        The military is trained to be executioners, no questions asked.
        The government we serve is forming a military like the gestapo and SS. Most of those people in the service don’t even realize it. All the wars we’ve been in since Korea were fought without the benefit of a declaration of war by the congress. Everyone taking part has broke or is breaking our constitution. When they’re sworn in it’s to protect and serve our constitution.

        The mind is a very dangerous thing if its not fearing, respecting, God and His laws.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I liked Johnson at first but he’s saying some rather RINO things lately

      He appears to be selling out and his foreign policy stinks

      it will be CONSTITUTION PARTY for me if Ron Paul doesn’t run
      Screw Obamney

  • Donna Sangsiri

    Has anyone noticed that Eddie is no longer around now that Mr. Livingston named him for what he really is? Like all the Eddies in the world – can dish it out but can’t take it.

    After reading your article I know for sure that I don’t want Mr. Romney either. This kind of article should be made public for everyone not just this website. It really is informative.Thank you for writing it.

  • Steve E

    Looks like there is no true conservative to vote for this election. Perhaps better luck in 2016.

    • DavidL

      You got that right, Steve. Romney is a closet liberal.

    • Wildey

      They’re both republicrats so how do you pick one? They’re rotten apples from the same tree. Power hungry tyrants wanting to impose their will and appetite on Americans. It’s like Hitler battling with Stalin and us taking the lumps. When two are out to get you, does it matter which one does?

    • Rhonda Reichel

      No hope as long as we keep accepting the 2 party farce….the lesser of 2 evils is still evil

      time to vote 3rd party and show them we mean business

    • dufas magnet

      So, Steve, what your saying is, “To hell with the next four years, maybe if we survive we will then get what we want”.. Well it’s never happened before (as all our Presidents have been chosen by an elite few) and as such I do not see anything changing in the near or far future where candidates are concerned.. You’re given a choice (whether it be a lesser evil or not) and from that choice it is expected you must decide. Well, I decide my way and not some toady’s and if I see it’s either tit for tat or dumb and dumber, I will seek out a more realistic choice.. I refuse to be a part of our destruction according to a small group of billionaires and traitors. You say Ron Paul is now a has-been, that the independent Gary Johnson has turned into a RINO and has no chance.. Do you know what that leaves us? The very same flunkies that our wanna-be masters chose and they’ll get their way unless you open your eyes, realize their past accomplishments and what led them to those decisions and understand that no matter what they say.. No matter how well they agree with your ideals, (1) their not in court under oath and (2) you can not teach an old dog new tricks. What worked for them in the past is exactly what they will tell you to do on the hill. I’m voting Ron Paul until he tells me personally that he’s no longer running then I’ll look toward Gary Johnson and do some extensive investigation and if he fits the bill I will vote for him.. I will not vote for tweedle-dumb NOR tweedle-dumber no matter how much wool they attempt to pull over my eyes.

      • Jazzabelle

        There’s also a chance that Eric Madsen will be elected President this year. Of course, he’s interested in being President of the American Republic, not president of USA, Inc.
        You might want to look into him. and

  • DavidL

    I don’t believe a word Romney says. He is saying the exact same things today as he said when he ran for Governor of Mass, and his disastrous results were the opposite.

    Think he is going to repeal Obama’s health reform? Sure about that?

  • brett

    funny, when you keep history within its’ proper context, this country was founded on liberal ideals.

    • 45caliber


      Where did you get those ideas? From what the Founding Fathers said, their foundations were NOT considered liberal! The only “liberal” idea MIGHT have been voting in rulers rather than making them heireditary. And that is no longer considered a liberal idea since the libs want to keep Oblama and others until they die of old age.

      • Wildey

        Lenin us the one that changed the definitions of words to get people thinking like he wanted them to think. Liberal was a label for statemen, not politicians. If you read things written by Liberals around the turn of the 20th century. you’d see they were more conservative than Ron Paul. Socialist went in like termites and took a good label and made it unfit for consumption. They Almost have the Republican Party. They’re Chameleons. They say what the people want hear and once they’re in there the scum comes to the surface.

      • brett

        thank you wildey, 45 you jumped too fast and miss my point entirely. one must always be careful when they allow passion to out trump reason. speaking of socialist; i find it even more interesting as to how perceptions of what democracy, socialism, capitalism, and communism used to mean and how they are portrayed to us. i ask, how can you have capitalism, which quintessence is the undisturbed trade of capital, with so much capital ( wealth ) pooled ( collected ) within such a small segment of our economic system?

  • 45caliber

    Why is the government and agencies of the government allowed to donate money to anyone’s compaign fund?? That is totally wrong since it donates money from taxpayers who don’t support that person for office.

    • Wildey

      I hate to say this but the governments for sale to the highest bidder and you can see the type of government we have by who the purchasers are. Why should any business be able to contributes one dime? I says: Of the people, By the people and For the people, not of the business, by the business and for the business.

      Until the 17th “change” in the Constitution. Senators were appointed by State legislatures, not elected. Senators answered to their states, not the highest bidders. Looking at todays Constitution is like looking at Iraq before we invaded and after.

    • boyscout

      It is not the government or agencies but gravy sucking individuals (ins) within such who contribute so as not to be replaced by their gravy sucking counterparts (outs).

  • Wildey

    Their lists of contributors says it all to me. Obama is a communist, government ownership / government control whils Romney is a Fascist, private ownership / government control. Their major contributors will dictate to them, like you didn’t know that. On the surface Romney would better than Obama but underneath they’ll both continue to take America down. I’m writing in Ron Paul. At least my conscience will be clear. I don’t believe in moving the deck chairs. I believe in plugging the holes.

    • brett

      my main issue with libertarians is their tendency to place their liberties before others’. i have considerably more issues with what i agree smacks of fascism, but if i were to have my choice, well, there is a hugh difference between what is being represented as communism and social or welfare capitalism. firestone and hershey here are both fine examples. we were all created equal in a society that has become more disadvantaged and under privileged. despite what stossel may portray, most homeless you don’t see are vets.

  • Kevin Knows

    Yikes. Thanks, Mr. Livingston for making it clear where some of the taxpayer funded bailout of Wall St. is going. “The banksters have made their choice and they are putting our money on the the venture capitalist Romney.

    So, to summarize the past several presidencies, the powers that be have found it more cost effective to just get their guy into the White House rather than having to lobby or bribe a president. Bush/Cheney were the oil industry’s choice. Romney is Wall St.’s guy. And Obama was the fall guy, who made sure that any hope for change was thoroughly crushed.

    • T i m

      Please do not leave dearly beloved RONALD REAGAN out of the credits . He de regulated the Department of Commerce , after Carter created it . Department of Commerce sets the rate on all cost of living . Gas price should be around 5 0 cents per gallon . ALL THE REST IS TAXES . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY …………………….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

  • boyscout

    Clear and informative and presumably as accurate as sources will allow. And, as usual, the voter is persuaded to choose which toxin to swallow. Oh, and please disregard any other option that might jeopardize the two party single objective arrangements.

  • r.p.

    Mr. Rolley: Good article but it seems there is a discrepency in your “donations list”. From a previous editorial here and from what I’ve found from other sources, both Obama, and Romney have received support from Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan. Sometimes it seems that the truth is REALLY hard to find. But some lists seem to indicate that many donors are contributing to both parties in an effort to hedge their bets. As for Dr. Paul, his donations seem to be comming from the likes of you and me, the Armed Forces personnel and small businesses across the country. I don’t think you will ever see his campaign expect or accept $35,000 a plate fundraiser dinners from his contributors. As for all the “doubters” here, Dr. Paul is still very much in the race. He’s just running in the “economy mode”, saving the “hard earned money” he’s received from his supporters for when he can effectively use it (that’s a very fine way to show respect and honor his supporters). After all, he doesn’t have to remember all his lies, therefore he doesn’t need to make constant 30 second soundbytes to promote his delusional accomplishments as some sort of “truth”. Which a certain president has been doing for the past two to three weeks now. And a certain “media darling” is soon to begin his campaign of rhetoric.

  • Carl Manning

    Let me state for the record that I will be writing in Ron Paul for the 2012 ballot, because the Global War on Terror is based on the horrible 911 lie as most of us intelligent Ron Paul supporters, over 1700 engineers and architects, and over 300 commercial pilots and aviation officials are quite aware, just as the Apollo trips to the Moon were all a lie, albeit a forgiveable lie not near as costly in innocent lives. However, I would like to offer one more salient point that I believe should have been included in this side-by-side analysis, particularly in regards to National Security:

    Obama supported the destruction of up to 80% of our nuclear arsenal, which is a blatant act of HIGH TREASON!!! This would put us on par with China and allow Russia to have military superiority. This is the dead giveaway, as if we need any more proof, that Obama is Putin’s Marxist Poodle and KGB “plant”. Any candidate opposing Obama should be hammering this point home endlessly between now and the election. Romney should look Obama right in the eye in the debate, if indeed there even is an election this year, and ask him why he supports this TREASON???

    • T i m

      WAS THE STAR WARS TREATY Dearly Beloved RONALD REAGAN sign with Russia a joke . If it is real , WHY ARE WE WORRIED ABOUT NATIONAL SECURITY . We are supposed to be able to intercept any invasion before it gets to AMERICAN SHORES . REAGANN SIGNED IT 3 0 plus years ago . Was it real . RON PAUL WANTS TO BRING ALL TROOPS HOME . We can defend our borders from right here . ………THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . CONGRESS KNOWS ALL THIS.

    • dufas magnet

      Yes, I read that idiotic article and it reeks of guilt trips.. Infowars say’s, “Sadly, most Americans have bought into the propaganda that the threat of world war is permanently gone and that we don’t even need nukes anymore.”.. That’s BS!! Every day our g’ment is into (undeclared) wars that we allow to progress and often applaud from the bleachers .. Americans have nothing to do with the decisions of it’s political traitors.. THEY are the one’s doing this and don’t believe other wise. Just like in 1967 when our nuclear arsenal reached a peak of “more than” 31,255.. We didn’t have a choice then nor do we have one now if they choose to drop it it 300 or less. Our fault revolves around the slime balls we elected to represent us.. THEY are our enemy so long as they determine our future without first asking our voted opinion. Of course their mistakes will become our down fall as well but up until we can convince the congress to oust a political monster and they don’t hover behind rocks in order to ignore their responsibilities toward the voter.. Until we fight back and either vote the traitors out (ALL OF THEM PRESENT OR FUTURE) else storm DC and kill each and every one of them, we will have to put up with their “behind closed doors” policies that put us into danger of the rest of the world. We can not do anything about it because by voting them in we gave them authority over us. So, this little infowar guilt trip (to me) is nothing more than saying if anything does happen then it’s ALL OUR FAULT!.. BS!! Romney is not going to ask Obama why he does this or does that because he’s just another traitor who will do that and do this.. A negative mirror image of the man you all love to hate.

  • Carl Manning

    Once again, it comes down to PICK A WHORE. Both of these guys are in the George H. W. Bush Crime Syndicate. Both have participated in the money laundering schemes orchestrated by the FED, Wall Street, and the CIA – you know, the missing 16 TRILLION dollars. Romney, Barry & Michelle Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Michael Herzog, Paul Gwinnett, Josef Ackermann, George Bush Jr, Alan Greenspan, JEB Bush, Ben Bernanke, Joe Biden, many government officials, foreign and domestic, and numerous anonymous signatories are all in this crime syndicate. It would be beyond hilarious if their crimes were brought to light before this election and both were arrested for their involvement in this money laundering/bribery scheme.

  • BigBadJohn

    Interesting, Romney list is ALL BANKERS AND WALL STREET TYPES.

    Remind me again how we had that banking meltdown???

    Who’s fault was it?

  • RMAC

    Seems for the moment that we have two choices: Obama who wants to take away what seemingly little freedom we have or Romney who will do everything possible to help “The Fed” and the banks take every penny we we make. Why can’t we the people come up with a better Solution/President. Both of these choices are deplorable…

    • T i m

      RON PAUL

  • Carl Manning

    Why, oh why, oh why, do any TRUE Conservatives waste our time voting for the GOP when they have completely betrayed us over and over again??? Why, oh why, oh why, have so many of us refused to form a Third Party to end the stranglehold of HIGH TREASON in the District of Criminals??? Why, oh why, oh why, have we persisted with Battered Wife Syndrome continuing to believe the incessant lies and promises???
    The GOP is OUR ENEMY Conservatives. After we gave them victory and control of OUR MONEY in 2010, they just laughed all the way to the bank. I wish Ron Paul would galvanize the formation of a Third Party or confederation of Third Parties and inspire Third Party candidates to run for Congressional and Senate seats. The American People are starving for another political party. This GOP-led Congress ran up more debt than the first 97 Congresses combined. The government’s cooked books puts that number at 1.6 trillion dollars in 15 months. More properly, if standard GAAP accounting procedures were used to compile this number, it would be 5 TRILLION dollars ran up in 15 months by the GOP-led Congress. The GOP has controlled the Congress for most of the years since Reagan. When Reagan was in office, the national debt was 1 Trillion dollars. As of May 31st, it now stands at 15.77 Trillion dollars thanks in no small part to the GOP which controlled the government’s purse strings for many of those years.

    • T i m


  • Sondra C.

    What better way to honor the many that have made the ultimate sacrifice than to demand the “hired help” in Washington [remember how they beg for the job] abide by the law they swear to uphold, Our law, Our Constitution, to support & defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign & domestic. Just in the last 10 years 6,500 dead, 40,000 wounded, many suffering from horrors most of us cannot imagine. We must all stand together & end the unlawful actions of those we once trusted to represent us.
    No more taxation without representation.
    Ron Paul for President. We The People making certain the Constitution is honored.

  • Debs

    As much as I may like Ron Paul and all his wonderful ideas for turning this country around…we have to remember that if he were elected, he would still have to work with the Senate and the House. And just as any other President before him, many things he would WANT to change would be stonewalled and never see the light of day. Unless of course, he acts like Obama, and just goes and does whatever he wants without ANY approval of anyone as insignificant to his power as Congress. How many ‘Czars’ do you think he could appoint? Do you think Ron Paul could be the next “King Obama” ?

    • Carl Manning

      Ron Paul would have the power of the bully pulpit to completely humiliate these TREASONOUS Congressmen and Senators, and to educate the American People about all of the lies the Neocon Socialist GOP Establishment and Zionist/CIA/Mossad Criminal cabal controlling our media have been telling them. Reagan used the bully pulpit to maximum potential and effect. He humiliated the Democrats on live tv in front of all their constituencies, which was priceless. I can still remember vividly one of his State of the Union addresses when he slammed about 25 pounds worth of Congressional bills on the podium for all sorts of ridiculous things and started reading them off one-by-one on live tv. As the camera panned the entire joint session of Congress, you could see the Democrats and many RINO’s sitting on their hands. They might as well have had dunce caps on their heads. It was a watershed moment in American history for CONSERVATISM. With control of the Justice Department, Ron Paul would also be able to investigate the corruption and criminal activity of the FED, which will implicate many former and current Presidents, Senators, FED Chairmen, Treasury Secretaries, and Congressmen. He could also appoint special Commissions to properly investigate the CIA and Secret Service coverup of the JFK assassination, the CIA/Mossad/MSM inside job of 911, and even the fake NASA Apollo landings on the Moon. This, too, would be a watershed moment in American history for the TRUTH!!! It would also be refreshing if a Ron Paul Justice Department investigates and prosecutes the government perpetrators of 911 and those who enabled the coverup of all of Obama’s numerous crimes including his ineligibility. This would necessarily entail reversing all of Obama’s and Bush’s un-Constitutional legislation based on the lie of 911.

      • Sondra C.

        Carl -Thanks, sounds great. Meanwhile We The People will be demanding the “hired help” in all our capitols uphold the Constitution.

        • T i m


      • T i m

        I am not sure that is completely correct about Obama’s elegibility . …SEEMS THE WORLD GOVERNEMNT DOES NOT CARE HE IS NOT LEGAL . Obama was given the Nobel Prize , 2 months after he signed in . Those things do not happen over night . In my opinion , Obama was groomed for WASHINGTON from birth . Obama was put in WASHINGTON , to wake up the apathetic sleeping giant . HE HAS DONE THAT . ………RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

  • profhambone

    Here is something that Ron Paul, President would not do that Obama and Romney will do: Ron Paul will not attack Iran when Israel demands us to whereas Obama and Romney have both conceded control in the Iran nuclear issue to Israel (the same Israel that turns Americans into spies for Israel like they did the Pollards)……And what is more American than attacking other countries without a Declaration of War? So if Ron Paul does NOT do what Israel wants the US to do then I question if he is a “real” American…..After all, Israel has between 300-400 nuclear weapons and the rockets to deliver them onto Iran whereas we have over 5,000 and the ability to deliver them anywhere we want to. And the IAEA means nothing if they say Iran is not making bombs. They may be allowed to see the Iranian facilities (where they are not allowed into the Dimona Reactor in the Negev Desert or on any Israeli nuclear facility) but we know that Israel is right every time….After all, they are mentioned in the Bible a lot……Ron Paul for President? Have we got Bibi’s permission?

  • Debs

    Just wanted to letyou case you hadn’t seen…the primary results in New Jersey from yesterday are in…

    Romney , Mitt 184,732 votes 81%

    Paul , Ron 23,612 votes 10%

    Santorum , Rick 11,892 votes 5%

    Gingrich , Newt 7,094 votes 3%

    With these kinds of results, with even Santorum and Gingrich getting votes ( have they dropped out or not?) what chance does Ron Paul have of ever being elected? I still say, that despite how right he may be for the office, a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama, because he will just be taking votes away from whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be. Democrats will still vote for Obama, no matter what he does to this country so splitting the votes against him, will insure he wins another 4 years. I’m not sure that this country can survive another 4 years of his “reign” and still remain the land of the FREE.

    • T i m

      Please do not quote any exit numbers . THEY ARE NOT CORRECT . You remember , SANTORUM won Louisiana ,…….STATE DELEGATES GAVE IT TO ROMNEY . ……….RON PAUL IS DOING LOTS BETTER THEN HE GETS CREDIT FOR . Republican elite do not want Paul ….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLES CHOICE . Romney said last fall , during the 1 st I O W A practice vote ….HE IS NOT CONCERNED WITH THE PEOPLES CHOICE , HE IS GOING AFTER THE STATE DELEGATES . Daddy Bush said last fall , Romney will be next president . ..THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS FOLLOWING ROMNEY IN BLIND FAITH , because Daddy Bush said so . …..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT ……….

      • Debs

        these weren’t exit numbers they were the final numbers the following day.

      • Thomas Gunn

        The reason that Romney will “win” (qua – be appointed to) the presidency in November is easy to explain to those who are paying attention. Obama (the current appointee to the job) was to usher-in as much damaging marxist socio-ecomonic policy as possible; in order to further eradicate property rights as well as to position the US Dollar for its final collapse.

        However, the end-game intended for this country by the ruling class; must be executed by someone that they and the media can put forward as a “conservative” — someone they falsely portray as a “capitalist”; in order that they can ultimately discredit capitalism and free-market economics …to be replaced by full-on Corporate Socialism altogether. Much as JP Morgan is portrayed in our history books as the poster boy of capitalism, so too is Romney now portrayed as a “free market capitalist” as “evidenced” by his tenure in “the private sector”. Neither of these is true; as these men are MONOPOLISTS…….NOT Capitalists. True free-market capitalism (which consists in FAIR competition on a level playing field) is NOT COMPATIBLE with Monopolism (which depends upon UNFAIR competition, with rules skewed in the monopolist’s favor). It is for this reason; that TRUE free market capitalism depends upon the rule of law and proper regulatory oversight, to ensure that no monopolistic power can be acquired by a single individual or corpoation, thus ensuring the “level playing field”. This is clearly not how America operates today, as we see more and more corporate monopolies, and industry duopolies squeezing out small-business entrepreneurs on a daily basis; essentially FORCING the entire middle class into a life of corporate servitude, desparate for employment by some huge corporation, while being perpetually indepbted to the bank that owns them.

        The conundrum facing the American people today, is the same one that the colonists faced more then 230 years ago….it is about Property Rights, the value of your Labor. It is about centralized -vs- distributed ownership, of the means of production.

        The Romney presidency will be the final act, in a decades long theater of “false flag capitalism”; where this country has been incrementally and systematically driven further and further toward a socialist oligarchy; presided over by a small ruling elite cartel of monopolists and bankers. This is evident in the on-going consolidation of the huge global corporations involved in the fundamental activities on which we all depend (transportation, food, energy, communications, and healthcare).

        What America has been practicing since 1913 is NOT Free-Market Capitalism…..but CORPORATE MONOPOLISM; which is another form of centralized control of all means of production (the definition of SOCIALISM). Long ago, before most of us were even born, the USA was transformed into a Socialist Corporatocracy; while in the mean-time…..what they have done, is to indoctrinate the vast American population (through a corrupt unionized public education system, and the corporate-owned media) with the idea that we are a free market capitalist system (which is a lie). After the economy and the US Dollar along with it are finally collapsed, rendering most middle-class Americans into full-on poverty and perpetual debt-slavery, they will blame it on “evil capitalism”, instead of the actual corporate-socialism that we have been forced to live under for the past 50 years. This is the essense of “false-flag capitalism”.

        The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance:

        As any intelligent observer surveys the world’s economic and political landscape today, he has to be disturbed – even dismayed and frightened – by the gravity and number of problems that mark the horizon. We’re confronted by economic depression, looming financial chaos, serious currency inflation, onerous taxation, crippling regulation, developing police states and, worst of all, the prospect of another major war. It seems almost unbelievable that we are talking about the US – which historically had been “the land of the free”.

        How did we get here? An argument can be made that miscalculation, accident, inattention and the like are why things have gone bad. Those elements do have a role, but it is minor. Potential catastrophe across the board can’t be the result of happenstance. When things go wrong on a grand scale such as we are witnessing in the US and the world today, it’s not just bad luck or inadvertence. It is by design; and it’s because of serious character flaws in one or many – or even all – of the players. So is there a root cause of all the problems I’ve cited? If we can find it, it may tell us how we personally can best respond to those problems.

        In the following commentary, I’m going to argue that the US government, in particular, is being overrun by the wrong kind of person. It’s a trend that’s been in motion for many decades but has now reached a point of no return. In other words, a type of moral rot has become so prevalent that it’s institutional in nature. There is not going to be, therefore, any serious change in the direction in which the US is headed until a genuine crisis topples the existing order. Until then, the trend will accelerate.

        The reason is that a certain class of people – sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions. Their beliefs and attitudes are insinuated throughout the economic, political, intellectual and psychological/spiritual fabric of the US. What does this mean to the individual?

        It depends on your character. Are you the kind of person who blindly supports “my country right or wrong,” as did most Germans in the 1930s and 1940s, or the kind who dodges the “duty” to be a helpmate to murderers and thieves ? The type of passenger who goes down with the ship, or the type who puts on his life-jacket and looks for a life boat to save himself and his family ? The type of individual who supports the merchants who offer the fairest deal or the type who is gulled by splashy TV commercials?

        What the ascendancy of sociopaths means isn’t an academic question. Throughout history, the question has been a matter of life and death. That’s one reason America grew; every American (or any ex-colonial) has forebears who confronted the issue and decided to uproot themselves to go somewhere with better prospects. The losers were those who delayed thinking about the question until the last minute. I have often described myself, and those I prefer to associate with, as a “gamma” male. You may recall the ethologist’s characterization of the social interaction of rats as being between a few alpha rats and many beta rats, the alpha rats being dominant and the beta rats submissive. In addition, a small percentage are gamma rats that stake out prime territory and mates, like the alphas, but are not interested in dominating the betas. Gammas are more “individualist” in nature. The people most inclined to leave for the wide world outside and seek fortune elsewhere are typically gamma personalities.

        You may be thinking that what happened in places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and scores of other countries in recent history could not, for some reason, happen in the US. Actually, there’s no reason it won’t at this point. All the institutions that made America exceptional – including a belief in free-market (laissez-faire) capitalism, individualism, self-reliance and the restraints of the Constitution – are now only historical artifacts.

        On the other hand, the distribution of sociopaths is completely uniform across both space and time. Per capita, there were no more evil people in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Amin’s Uganda, Ceausescu’s Romania or Pol Pot’s Cambodia than there are today right here in the US. All you need is favorable conditions for them to bloom, much as mushrooms do after a rainstorm.

        Conditions for them in the US have become quite favorable. Have you ever wondered where the 50,000 people employed by the TSA to inspect, degrade, and humiliate you came from? Most of them are middle-aged. Did they have jobs before they started doing something that any normal person would consider demeaning? Most did, but they were attracted to – not repulsed by – a job where they wear a costume and abuse their fellow citizens all day long.

        Few of them (the TSA) can imagine that they’re shepherding in a police state as they play their roles in security theater. A reinforced door on the pilots’ cabin, and a two armed pilots is probably all that’s actually needed, although the most effective solution would be to hold each airline responsible for its own security and for the harm done if it fails to protect passengers and third parties. But the 50,000 newly employed are exactly the same type of people who joined the Gestapo – eager to help in the project of controlling everyone. Nobody was drafted into the Gestapo, it was a purely voluntary organization.

        Indeed, though we all know the old saying “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”; what is more important to understand, is that the access to power, attracts the corruptible. As such, powerfully structured institutions will always become fundamentally corrupt, it is just a matter of time. The founders knew this, and for this reason, constructed the original US Government with LIMITED, and SEPARATED powers. Unfortunately, the sociopaths who have slowly and incrementally infiltrated our government over the past century; have successfully expanded, and consolidated their power. One of the best examples being Franklin Roosevelt, who during his 12 years in office, managed to appoint 8 of the 9 supreme court justices; ensuring that subsequently every socialist agenda passed through and signed into law; would remain forever on the books unchallenged.

        What’s going on here is an instance of Pareto’s Law. That’s the 80-20 rule that tells us, for example, that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your salesmen or that 20% of the population are responsible for 80% of the crime.

        As I see it, 80% of people are basically decent; their basic instincts are to live by the Boy Scout virtues, and the golden rule. 20% of people, however, are what you might call potential trouble sources, inclined toward doing the wrong thing when the opportunity presents itself. They might now be shoe clerks, mailmen or waitresses – they seem perfectly benign, living during normal times in a kind of “holding pattern”. They play baseball on weekends and pet the family dog. However, given the opportunity, they will sign up for the Gestapo, the Stasi, the KGB, the TSA, Homeland Security or whatever. Many are well intentioned but likely to favor force as the solution to any problem, particularly if they are charged with the authority to wield it.

        But it doesn’t end there, because 20% of that 20% are really bad actors. They are drawn to government and other positions where they can impose their will on other people and, because they’re enthusiastic about government, they rise to leadership positions. They remake the culture of the organizations they run in their own image. Gradually, non-sociopaths can no longer stand being there. They leave. Soon the whole barrel is full of bad apples. That’s exactly what’s happening today in the US.

        It’s a pity that Bush, when he was in office, made such a big deal of evil. He discredited the concept, and desensitized the American public to its existence right here in our own ranks. He made Boobus americanus think it only existed in a distant axis, in places like North Korea, Iraq and Iran – which were and still are irrelevant backwaters and arbitrarily chosen enemies. Bush trivialized the concept of evil and made it seem banal because he was such a fool. All the while real evil, very immediate and powerful, was growing right around him, and he lacked the awareness to see that he was fertilizing it by turning the US into a national security state after 9/11.

        Now, it is clearly out of control. The US is already in a truly major depression and on the brink of complete financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting yet another major war abroad, probably against Iran or North Korea. Since they are economically illiterate, they will just continue with what they know, quantitative easing, printing money, and bailouts for their corrupt Wall Street friends, eventually (soon actually) leading to hyperinflation. This is not a possibility, but an inevitability. To me, this is completely predictable. It’s what sociopaths do.

        There are seven characteristics I can think of that define a sociopath, although I’m sure the list could be extended.
        Sociopaths completely lack a conscience or any capacity for real regret about hurting people. Although they pretend the opposite.
        Sociopaths put their own desires and wants on a totally different level from those of other people. Their wants are incommensurate. They truly believe their ends justify their means. Although they pretend the opposite.
        Sociopaths consider themselves superior to everyone else, because they aren’t burdened by the emotions and ethics others have – they’re above all that. They’re arrogant. Although they pretend the opposite.
        Sociopaths never accept the slightest responsibility for anything that goes wrong, even though they’re responsible for almost everything that goes wrong. You’ll never hear a sincere apology from them.
        Sociopaths have a lopsided notion of property rights. What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs to “re-distribute”, or keep as they see fit. They therefore defend currency inflation and taxation as good things for you, while protecting themselves and their own assets from it.
        Sociopaths usually pick the wrong target to attack. If they lose their wallet, they kick the dog. If 16 Saudis fly planes into buildings, they attack Afghanistan.
        Sociopaths traffic in disturbing news, they love to pass on destructive rumors and they’ll falsify information to damage others.
        The fact that they’re chronic, extremely convincing and even enthusiastic liars, who often believe their own lies, means they aren’t easy to spot, because normal people naturally suffer from “normalcy bias”, and assume another person is telling the truth. They rarely have handlebar mustaches or chortle like Snidely Whiplash. Instead, they cultivate a social veneer or a mask of sanity that diverts suspicion. You can rely on them to be “politically correct” in public. How could a congressman or senator who avidly supports charities possibly be a bad guy? They’re expert at using facades to disguise reality, and they feel no guilt about it.

        Political elites are primarily, and sometimes exclusively, composed of sociopaths. It’s not just that they aren’t normal human beings. They’re barely even human, a separate subspecies, differentiated by their psychological qualities. A normal human can mate with them spiritually and psychologically about as fruitfully as a modern human could mate physically with a Neanderthal; it can be done, but the results won’t be good.

        It’s a serious problem when a society becomes highly politicized, as is now the case in the US and Europe. In normal times, a sociopath stays under the radar. Perhaps he’ll commit a common crime when he thinks he can get away with it, but social mores keep him reined in. However, once the government changes its emphasis away from protecting its citizens from force being used against them (the only proper role of government); to itself initiating force against its own citizens with onerous laws, taxes, and confiscation of their property; those social mores break down. Peer pressure, social approbation and moral opprobrium, the forces that keep a healthy society orderly, are replaced by regulations enforced by cops and funded by taxes. Sociopaths sense this, start coming out of the woodwork and are drawn to the State and its bureaucracies and regulatory agencies, where they can get licensed and paid to do what they’ve always wanted to do: gain power over their fellow citizen and then abuse it.

        It’s very simple, really. There are two ways people can relate to each other: voluntarily or coercively. The government is pure coercion, and sociopaths are drawn to its power and authority to use force.

        The majority of Americans will accept the situation for two reasons:

        One, they have no philosophical anchor to keep them from being washed up onto the rocks. They no longer have any real core beliefs, and most of their opinions – e.g., “We need national health care,” “Our brave troops should fight evil over there so we don’t have to fight it over here,” “The rich should pay their fair share” – are reactive, comforting, and emanate from the daily bombardment of propaganda media. The whole point of spin doctors is to produce comforting sound bites that elude testing against reality.

        And, two, they’ve become too pampered and comfortable, a nation of overfed losers, mooches and coasters who like the status quo without wondering or caring how long it can possibly last. They prefer to hide comfortably behind the lie, rather than to deal with the uncomfortable truth; or are simply oblivious to it due to their normalcy bias.

        It’s nonsensical to blather about the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave when reality TV and Walmart riots are much closer to the truth. The majority of Americans are, of course, where the rot originates – the presidential candidates are spending millions taking their pulse in surveys and polls and then simply regurgitating back to them from a teleprompter, what they all want to hear. Once a country buys into the idea that an above-average, privileged lifestyle is everyone’s minimum due, when the fortunate few can lobby for special deals to rake something off the table as they squeeze wealth out of others by force, that country is on the decline. Lobbying and taxation rather than production and innovation have never been able to sustain prosperity.

        The wealth being squeezed took centuries to produce, but it is not inexhaustible.

        In that light, it was interesting to hear Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, speak about the lower, middle and upper classes recently. Romney is an empty suit, only marginally better than the last Republican nominee, the hostile and mildly demented John McCain. In any event, Romney is right about the poor, in a way – there is a “safety net,” now holding 50 million people on Medicaid and 46 million on food stamps, among many other supposed benefits. And he’s right about the rich; there’s no need to worry about them at the moment – at least until the revolution starts. He claims to worry about the middle class, not that his worries will do anything to help them. But he’s right that the middle class is where the problem lies……. It’s just a different kind of problem than he thinks.

        People generally fall into an economic class because of their psychology and their values. Each of the three classes has a characteristic psychological profile. For the lower class, it’s apathy. They have nothing, they’re ground down, devoid of hope, and so they don’t really care. They’re not in the game, and they aren’t going to do anything; they’re resigned to their fate, of accepting whatever scraps are thrown to them. For the upper class, it’s greed and arrogance. They have everything, and they think they deserve it – whether they do or not. The middle class – at least in today’s world – is run by fear. Fear that they’re only a paycheck away from falling into the lower class. Fear that they can’t pay their debts or borrow more. Fear that they don’t have a realistic prospect of improving their quality of life, while they are constantly bombarded by the media with false hope, that their lot will improrve and their future will eventually be secured; both of which are a lie.

        The problem is that fear is a negative, dangerous and potentially explosive emotion. It can easily morph into anger and violence. Exactly where it will lead is unpredictable, but it’s not a good place. One thing that exacerbates the situation is that all three classes now rely on the government, albeit in different ways. Bankruptcy of the government will affect them all drastically.

        With sociopaths in charge, we could very well see the Milgram experiment reenacted on a national scale. In the experiment, you may recall, researchers asked members of the public to torture subjects (who, unbeknownst to the people being recruited, were paid actors) with electric shocks, all the way up to what they believed were lethal doses. Most of them did as asked, after being assured that it was “alright” and “necessary” by men in authority. The men in authority today are mostly sociopaths.

        WHAT TO DO

        One practical issue worth thinking about is how you (assuming that you are someone with TRADITIONAL AMERICAN – qua – libertarian – values), will manage in a future increasingly controlled by sociopaths. My guess is poorly, unless you take action to insulate yourself. That’s because of the way almost all creatures are programmed by nature. There’s one imperative common to all of them: Survive! People obviously want to do that as individuals. And as families. In fact, they want all the groups that they’re members of to survive, simply because (everything else being equal) it should help them to survive as individuals. So individual Marines want the Marine Corps to survive. Individual Rotarians want the Rotary Club to prosper. Individual Catholics leap to the defense of the Church of Rome.

        That’s why individual Germans during World War II were, as has been asserted, “willing executioners” – they were supporting the Nazis for the same reasons the Marines, the Rotarians and the Catholics support their groups. Except more so, because the Reich was under attack from all sides. So of course they followed orders and turned in their neighbors who seemed less than enthusiastic. Failing to support the Reich – even if they knew it had some rather unsavory aspects – seemed an invitation to invading armies to come and rape their daughters, steal their property and probably kill them. So of course the Germans closed ranks around their leaders, even though everyone at the top was a sociopath. You can expect Americans to do the same.

        Americans have done so before, when the country was far less degraded. During the War Between the States, even saying something against the war was a criminal offense. The same was true during World War I. In World War II, the Japanese-Americans were all put in concentration camps on groundless, racially based suspicions of disloyalty. The examples are legion among humans, and the US was never an exception. It’s even true among chickens. If a bird has a feather out of place, the others will peck at it, eventually killing it. That out-of-place feather is deemed a badge of otherness announcing that its owner isn’t part of the group. Chicken Autre must die.

        True Conservatives (not RINOS or Neo-Cons), Individualists, and Libertarians, who tend to be more intelligent, better informed and very definitely more independent than average, are going to be in a touchy situation as the crisis deepens. Most aren’t going to buy into the groupthink that inevitably accompanies war and other major crises. As such, they’ll be seen as unreliable, even traitors. As Bush said, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” And, he might have added, “the Constitution be damned.” But of course that document is no longer even given lip service; it’s now a completely dead letter.

        It’s very hard for an individualist to keep his mouth shut when he sees these things going on. But he’d better keep quiet, as even HL Mencken wisely did during both world wars. In today’s world, just keeping quiet won’t be enough; the national security state has an extensive, and growing, file on everybody. They believe they know exactly what your beliefs, desires, fears and associations are, or may be. What we’re now facing is likely to be more dangerous than past crises. If you’re wise, you’ll relocate someplace where you’re something of an outsider and, by virtue of that fact, are allowed a measure of eccentric opinion. In truth, however, security is going to be hard to find anywhere in the years to come. The most you can hope for is to tilt the odds in your favor.

        The best way to do that is by diversifying your assets internationally. Allocating your wealth into real assets (gold and silver). Linking up with sound, like-minded people who share your values. And staying alert for the high-potential speculations that inevitably arise during chaotic times.

        And finally, the last and most important puzzle piece that sadly fits in place for the fall of the US is its astounding debt crisis. Real property rights and homes will be further confiscated through more onerous property taxation. This will eventually be extended to any other REAL assets individuals might hold, such as gold and silver; as FDR did in the 1930′s declaring gold ownership as illegal. More controls over the labor market will be instituted through high unemployment (with concurrent propaganda claims to the contrary, as we already see false reporting of declining unemployment numbers). The inevitable hyperinflation that is to come, will NOT affect the value of your property assets (they won’t appreciate — and those will by and large already have been confiscated). The hyperinflation will NOT be accompanied by a proportional incurease in your earnings to compensate; since the semi-controlled labor market always lags inflation by several years; and hyperinflation is a far more rapid degeneration in direct buying power, than any possible consequent increase in salary or wage that you can expect, which will be off-set by skyrocketing tax increases anyway. Instead, the inevitable hyperinflation to come will render the basic cost-of-living in America as unaffordable to most of the middle class. The cost of food, water, transportation, and communications will skyrocket. Low-wage earners will find that the cost of just getting to and from work, will make it counerproductive to even have a job. Thanks to “Obamacare” (which is not a law about providing REAL health CARE, but is about forcing individuals to purchase health INSURANCE……. administered by financial bureaucrats rather than doctors), REAL medical care will be rationed or difficult to obtain if at all, but EVERYONE will be FORCED to perpetually pay for and retain a substandard insurance policy whether they want it or not.

        The globalist model has ensured that there is no safe haven, even for those with the knowledge and skill to identify and find one. All fiat currencies, the US$, the Euro, the Yen, are disintegrating in value and yet the printing presses are run with reckless abandon. To some of us, it is becoming obvious that this process is accelerating, rapidly. On the eve of electing (– qua — validating); yet another corrupt presidential administration; the propaganda ministry is in over-drive with false-hope reporting. On May 23rd, a CNN celebrity actually claimed before millions of viewers, that “recent signs of a housing recovery could lead to a restoration of America’s AAA credit rating”, ignoring fundamental ecnomic principals that the latter is entirely unrelated to the former and such an assertion is therefore utter nonsense. Just hours later it was reported by the London Finanicial Times; that another increase in the US debt ceiling would lead directly to yet another downgrade in the US rating. Meanwhile, aside from reporting false economic data, the US media hype spends most of the rest its valuable air-time on subjects such as, gay marriage, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife’s new love interest, the Trayvon Martin shooting, free contraception for Georgeown University students, and the next American Idol.

        Once again, be advised….neither Obama, nor Romney; both sociopathic narcissits, has the skill, the knowledge, the capability, or the will to change the self-destructive trajectory that this country has been on for decades. On the contrary, they have both been charged, by the nation’s clandestine ruling class, with the same responsibility; to destroy the dollar, eradicate individual property rights, further enslave the middle-class to an unescapable system of perpetual debt servitude, and bring the US another step closer to being a subservient lackey to the United Nations and their vision for “Global Governance”. And lest those voters who believe that a Romney presidency would be less damaging to the few remnants of the Republic than an Obama presidency; remember that in selecting the lesser of two evils….one is still selecting evil. It won’t matter whether it will be Romney or Obama who sits in the White House, because the only difference between the two are their tan lines. Only those with the foresight to prepare for the shifting trends that lie in store for us, have a shot at survival during the challenging times ahead.

        Are we past the point of no return ? It certainly appears so, but that doesn’t mean we should give up trying to recapture this country from the usurpers. To paraphrase Thomas Jeffersion; An American Revolution intent on liberty and justice for all; will never end.

        Therefore……..In the mean-time…. VOTE RON PAUL ……….Good Luck….and keep your powder dry.

        “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies, and the issuing power (of money) should be taken from the banks and restored to the people (Congress), to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson

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