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Banking While Packing

September 5, 2012 by  

Banking While Packing
Firearms are welcome at the Chappell Hill Bank in Texas.

The Chappell Hill Bank located just north of Houston may be the oldest continuously operated bank in America. It didn’t close on President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s bank holiday in 1933.

It’s been robbed five times in its 100-plus year history, most recently in March 2010. Bank President Ed Smith didn’t want it to happen again. To send this message to would-be robbers, he took down the “No Firearms” sign posted on the bank’s front and posted the new policy on the front door:

Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises. Management recognizes the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as an unaliienable (sic) right of all citizens. We support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons.

The policy applies to his tellers as well as customers. Seven women tellers are licensed to carry.

“No damn Yankee is going to tell us what to do,” Smith said. He means what he says. He had to stand up to regulators over the new policy. It’s not the first time he’s had to do so. An examiner once tried to get him to remove paintings of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the bank’s walls.

“You don’t know that (customer) Mrs. Middlebrooks doesn’t have a .38 in her purse right there,” Smith said. “And, if you try something nefarious in the bank, you might wind up in a horizontal position. Come in here, and you might leave feet first.”

The policy seems to work. The bank hasn’t been robbed since. A number of new customers have come on board in response to the policy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://personallibertydigest wyatt48

    Looks like there may be a few banks left that run on common sense as well as our money.

    • jim

      “…Looks like there may be a few banks left that run on common sense as well as our money…”

      You got that right! Finally, someone has come up with the best solution to the problem! We all know that the first line of defense is not the police….they always show up after the fact! It is those present at the moment of offense that can make a difference! Imagine if there were a number of ‘concealed carry’ weapons on hand at the Aurora, CO. theater? Perhaps less people would be killed and the shooter would be dead!

      • Old Henry

        Like the saying goes jim: “I carry a 45 because a cop is too heavy”.

      • Chuck

        John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime”, said that that theater was one of four close to the shooter’s home. It was the only one with a no guns allowed policy. Maybe every other theater would have had some concealed carry people present.

      • boove199

        You are right about the police, Jim. Many have tried to sell me alarm systems but the only thing they do is let someone know I’ve been burglarized and the burglars are long gone. I’ve had the experience. Police can’t sit outside every home just in case. They respond as fast as they can (usually) but burglars, in particular, are very fast at what they do.

      • JC

        Average response time to a 911 call – 23 minutes.
        Average resonse time of a .45 – 1200 fps.

      • Pete Curtis

        A few years ago several local teens took it upon themselves, at the “request” of the local drug pusher who lived next to me, to beak into most of the sheds in our neighborhood and steal everything they could push or carry. Every shed on my block, except the ousher’s and mine were broken into. The reasons mine was not bothered are: I have two very noisy little dogs. I did another neighbor a favor. He was (now deceased) a licensed gun dealer. He had just bought a couple of Russian 7.62 sniper rifles which had never been unpacked and cleaned. I voluteered to help him. At the time the “children” were walking down the street in front of my house, after getting off the school bus, I was sitting on my front porch cleaning one of the rifles, and making a big show of it. The next day I was cleaning one of his shotguns. No break-ins or burgleries. I wonder why. Oh yes, the drug pusher moved.

    • independent thinker

      I quit using a bank in part because they banned the carrying of firearms in their branches so Hooray for this bank.

    • Flashy

      100 ears, held up five times. One every 20 years. the last time was 2010. So the next would be due around 2030 if the average stays true.

      to state that this sign was a cause of the bank not being robbed is to say “hey, you are stupid!”

      So…ya believe the article when it implies the sign may be a reason for no robberies since 2010?

      • Opal the Gem

        I see one of the governments useful idiots has shown up.

      • Charlie Tall

        I’ve heard it said that figures don’t lie, but liars can figure, and Flashy here has proven that beyond a doubt.

        Flashy, if you don’t know why this is true, you’ve further proven my point.

        Would you care to hear a fact that has been supported by experience in the last thirty years? Probably not, but here it is anyhow:

        Concealed carry permit holders have the lowest serious crime rate of any demographic. Lower, even, than US Congress-critters or judges, and far, far lower than police officers.

        Indeed, police officers are responsible for the deaths of many more bystanders, percentage-wise as well as total, than are concealed carry citizens, while private citizens account for more dead criminals every year than do the police.

        Recently, in NYC, nine innocent bystanders were shot during a shootout between police and a gunman. All nine were shot by the police who were supposed to be protecting them.

        It is apparent that New York City would be far safer if the police were disarmed and law-abiding citizens encouraged to carry (and Michael Bloomberg can kiss my ass, too).

        The reason for their proven superior performance is that permit holders are the cream of the crop of the population: no criminal records, financially stable, and socially responsible. They also tend to have strongly held beliefs in religions other than Islam, the religion of peace (peace be upon the Prophet Mohammad and his murderous faithful).

        So, Flashy, go figure.

      • 45caliber


        I was at a gun range once not long ago to target practice. A policeman in the next lane was doing his yearly qualification. Normally they do it on their own range but that day their range was down. I watched him shoot. He was shooting at a man-sized silloutte target at 7 yards – 21 feet. If it had been at ten yards, he’d have missed half his shots since he barely hit the edges with over half his bullets. And if anyone had been on the other side, they would have been in serious trouble. A friend of mine used ot work in a local bank. Bank robbers came in a couple of years ago while she was there. Their guard – an off duty state trooper – and the robber had a shootout. The robber shot until his gun jammed and he gave up. The trooper – who generally gets about 95% on his field tests – fired 13 times. They were about 20 feet apart. The only shot that hit something was the trooper’s bullet which went through a wall and hit a secretary in the leg. Too many people get excited and can’t shoot straight in such a position and he was one of them. After seeing the one shoot at targets and then knowing how the other shot, I would prefer to stay well away from both the criminal AND the police in such a shootout.

        (What was really sad was that after the policeman left who had qualilfied, I stepped to his position and put all my bullets into a 2″ circle. Why couldn’t he have done the same? Perhaps I should go with him to protect HIM!)

      • TopCop

        “Flash-in-the-Pan” wrote:

        100 ears, held up five times. One every 20 years. the last time was 2010. So the next would be due around 2030 if the average stays true.

        Flash: you are assuming facts not in evidence.

        Get back to us when you can document that this bank was robbed “One every 20 years;” to-wit: (counting back from 2010) in 1990, 1970, 1950, and 1930 (not to mention 1910; since the bank was chartered in 1907:

      • Old Henry


        That police officer probably did not have the advantage of an old gunfighter’s advice.

      • Ogrrre

        Well, gee whiz, Flashy! If that bank gets robbed every 20 years on the nose, why they could just not open on the day they were scheduled to be robbed. That way, they’d be safe for the next 20 years. Do you feel foolish yet? You should. “On average” means exactly that: on average. So, a bank could be robbed twice in one week, then not robbed again for another 40 years, and on average it would be robbed every 20 years.
        This short lesson in statistics is probably casting pearls before a liberal swine, but you might actually learn something from it. I doubt it, though.

      • Casey

        Why not reverse that argument? One school shooting in Colorado which affected around 20 people has caused an outcry and changed the actions of schools across the nation. One chaotic, unfortunate event affected 350 million people.

        Guns in the hands of citizens help stop such events.

      • Christopher Romero

        Hey Flashy, you must be a liberal or very very very stupid.

      • citizen1

        I like the banks policy, but flashy does have a point. A bank that has only been robbed 5x in 100+ years not be robbed in 2 years does not say much. Would be meaningful if all the robberies were in the last ten years. I would like to see a bank that has been robbed several time in recent history adopt this policy.

    • Sarasota John

      Yes, but just because any bank puts up a sign no weapons doesn’t mean I take mine off. Who would do such a thing and they have no right to me from carrying a legal weapon in a bank.

  • nnicko

    I wish that bank was located where I live. That is a bank that I would do all my banking at. Honoring American rights is good business. Hooray for Houston.

    • Bill Scantlen

      I plan on banking by mail until I move there.

  • Krizma

    If this bank was in my town, I’d be a customer!

    • Mary

      Me too. The president of that bank it’s a real man. I’m glad there still some good genes out there. My next year vacation it’s Houston Texas.

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Gary Katocs

    That’s an average of one robbery every 20yrs..I support the 2nd amendment but sooner or later some one will want to challenge this bank’s policy with a my gun’s bigger than your gun..and that won’t be making anyone’s day

    • Rob

      Would-be robbers would also have to watch out for the tellers to be packing as well. So it’s not just a question of my gun being bigger, but who has more. I’d bet on the tellers and law-abiding customers, especially those that revere the men in the paintings on the wall.

      • Hooboy


      • Old Henry

        Yes, most robbers are cowards and would not / will not put themselves where they will be very much out numbered, which would be out-gunned.

        There are many other banks who have made the choice go be gunless and will be easier “targets”.

      • 45caliber

        About two years ago at Conroe – north of Houston – two men came in to rob the bank. There was a shootout and one was killed. The survivor was upset – it was his son who was killed. He insisted the guards shouldn’t have been shooting since “he was only teaching his son the family business”.

      • Old Henry


        I’m going to be a racist here and stir things up with this question. What, ah, ethnicity were the robbers?

      • 45caliber



      • Manny

        He should take it up with his union rep. !

      • Pete Curtis

        You make a good point. While I do not own any guns right now (that is going to change very, very soon) I have had quite a bit of experience with them. I was always an excellent marksman doing my early years. At close range I can make a 22 work just as well as a 45. If you hit someone in the eye or the thorax the size of the bullet doesn’t make much difference. I used to shoot running squirrels and rabbits with my 22. I have even killed quail with it (I couldn’t afford shotgun shells). I plan to buy a 12 guage and a couple of 380 automatics in a day or two. I can’t carry a cop either, and I’ll be dead if I wait for one.

    • DaveH

      What’s keeping them from doing that to the banks without such policies?

    • firefight

      Your point is well taken and I say, Bring it on. If a would be bandit wants to hit a bank that gives this kind of warning, he has a death wish, not a money wish.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So are you saying that this bank made a bad decision.
      There will always be bigger human predators but it does not mean that noone should take a stand out of fear.

    • Tim

      Gary, point taken, but the studies and statistics say that is VERY unlikely. Criminals like “soft targets”, ..if they think they will meet opposition, they will go elsewhere rather than risk their own lives. This why they rob houses when noone is home, etc.

    • Tom T

      There is an absolute truth you are missing is that the term “an armed society is a polite society” contains more truth to it than you think. Criminals may not be smart but they aren’t stupid either. Why take the chance of taking a bullet when you can hit the bank down the road that takes pride in making sure their customers are unarmed and easy prey.

      • Ogrrre

        Tom, you almost have it with “criminals aren’t smart, but they aren’t stupid, either.” Well, some are really, really stupid, but I’m not commenting about that. Criminals are lazy and cowardly. Laziness is why they rob instead of work, and cowardly is why they choose old people, stove up people, and businesses with the “victims here” stickers on the doors.

  • peter

    See now, there are some men left in town. They should run for President of the USA, those who don’t pussyfoot around, say it like it is and don’t take any shit from useless empty suits and are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. Ed Smith has my vote too!

  • gunner48

    Lets hear it for Houston and for Texas. I salute your Moxie !

  • Bryant

    The Second Amendment is the only thing that protects the First Amendment.

    • DaveH

      As contemptuous as the Politicians are to our Freedom and Property Rights now, imagine how it will be when we are disarmed.

      • JC

        I think it will be very quiet and smoky from all the spent residue in the air. ;-)

    • boyscout

      It certainly does. Unfortunately, it is quite disagreeable with the Patriot Act’s agendas. If we would all disarm and allow a surveillance monitor to be rectally inserted, proper police response time could be halved.

      • Wumingren

        I am reminded of certain places I’ve lived in Asia, where apartments and hotels are staffed by persons who take too much interest in your comings and goings. I once received a letter from my sister in the States that had only my name and country on the envelope. She had accidentally mailed it before entering my street address, which was in Chinese and which she needed to transcribe from a letter I had sent her. Letters and packages were always taped, indicating that someone had opened them on their way to or from me. No doubt, any time I took a taxi, my travels were reported to some authority or other. I keep hearing Obama’s voice saying, “There’s a lot we can learn from China,” and I shudder to think of what he means by that.

  • Howard

    Kudos to Mr. Ed Smith!! Perhaps if the theatre in Aurora, CO hadn’t been a “Gun Free Zone” there would have been fewer, if any, casualties.

    • DaveH

      For sure they would have been able to stop the “lone nut” (yeah right) — whoever he really was.

    • firefight

      I live in Colorado and your sentiments are echoed by everyone I talk with. Everyone, and dI mean EVERYONE I have talked with about this incident say the same. Gun free zones are the coward’s targets. What we need is to get rid of the mindless, uneducated morons that impose these restrictions. Personally, I pack everywhere I go and that includes theaters, banks and Chick-fil-A.

      • Ro

        That’s why they call it concealed

    • nnicko

      Can you imagine in the “darkness of the theater” a 357 with a laser would have been the main attraction to red dot that idiot out. No trial, no Jury, no incarceration!

  • Bob

    I LIKE this Guy… too bad Chappell Hill is so far.. I would bank there in a heartbeat..

  • Sirian

    Now this is my kind of Bank!! It may be in the wrong state for me to use but it’s for sure in the right state of mind!! :)

  • Chester

    Gary, my gun is bigger than your gun is fine until the reply comes, “Okay, but how about the four others aimed at you now.” With the current practice in that bank, I, for one, would NOT want to attempt an armed robbery, unless I had ten pounds of C-4 hooked to a deadman switch, and no promises that would work.

  • Alex Frazier

    I don’t pay much attention to the No Concealable Weapons signs. I’d rather risk the misdemeanor than be defenseless in a bad situation. I only comply on government property where it’s a felony.

    I’d have been armed at the Colorado movie shooting. That’s a fact, not speculation.

  • Hooboy

    Is Katocs trying to say something? Without any leanings toward surrender, let me say I support the Second Amendment “full bore”, the bigger the better.
    We all need to quit allowing the many sneaky forms of freedom limitations being pushed upon us from every direction by the many would-be dictators.

    • Old Henry

      ALL gun laws are illegal laws per our Second Amendment. What part of shall not be infringed do they not understand?

      Also, if any of you get to serve on a jury where someone is being tried for a gun law violation you can, and must, find them NOT guilty. A little known fact is that ALL juries, Grand and Petit, have the right to nullify illegal laws.

      • 45caliber

        Old Henry:

        And the government is doing its darnedest to insure that few people do learn that the jury has that power. Further, a jury is NOT required to give a sentence that the judge says they must do – they can give any sentence they want. A jury in AR years ago sentenced a man who had shot his wife to a 1 day suspended sentence for murder because she deserved to be shot. (And she did. I knew her.) The judge and prosecutor had a fit but there was nothing they could do since the “criminal” didnt’ appeal the verdict.

      • Old Henry


        That is GOOD information, and a great story.

        However, even with a 1 day suspended sentence will he not still have a murder conviction on his record?

      • 45caliber

        Yes, he will have the conviction on record. He pleaded guilty to it. All the trial was based on the sentence, not on whether he was guilty or not.

      • Ro

        Check out if you want to know how juries are REALLY supposed to decide cases. It’s NOTHING like the directions/instructions the judges order you to obey.
        In the jury room, YOU are GOD ! You have more power than the judge (would want you to believe or even know).

  • Bud. USMC

    If I lived close to Chappell Hill Bank it would be my bank, I don’t like to disarm when I go any where. Like Alex only where I have to and not completely any where just a different legal weapon.

  • John R. Howell

    In the state of Florida, even if one has a concealed carry permit, it is a felony to carry a gun into a bank, a sporting event, a bar, or a government building. This creates a problem, because when I go into a bank, I have to take my gun out of my pocket and leave it in the car. This means that I have no protection when I am walking from my car across the parking lot to the bank, and back to my car again. I have had experience. Once 4 thugs approached me clearly intending to beat me up, thinking that I was an easy mark. I was 72 at the time. They suddenly found themselves looking down the barrel of my .38 pistol, so they ran away. On another occasion, a thug chased me around a parking lot, clearly intending to rob me. I rounded a car, drew my pistol, and when he rounded the car coming after me, he came to a screeching halt when he came face to face with the business end of my .38. He froze, so I cocked the hammer, fully intending to blow his brains out if he came another step. He ran away screaming. In both cases, I simply went home and did not make a police report. They could have arrested me for brandishing a gun. John R. Howell

    • Old Henry

      Like the saying goes Mr. Howell: “Never piss off an old guy. If he’s too tired to fight, he’ll just kill you”.

      You should put a silencer on the .38. Then you could quietly shoot them and drive away – without a police report. Sort of adding some chlorine to the gene pool.

      • John Snidow

        Careful with the advice on a silencer. I get the point but a .38 would likely be a revolver. The breech of a revolver is not locked up like a single shot or a semi-auto, both of which can be fitted with a silencer.

      • CZ52

        You can fit a silencer or more accurately a suppressor to a revolver but it won’t do any good because of the cylinder gap.

    • CZ52

      Provide proof it is a felony to carry a concealed weapon into a Florida bank. Everything I can find says it is legal unless posted otherwise.

    • Ogrrre

      Who ever told you it is a felony to carry a concealed weapon into a bank in Florida, gave you bad information. Here is the website with the correct information.
      Banks are not on the list of prohibited places.

  • hipshotpercusion

    I live in SWC Florida and carry a gun most everywhere I go. The only place i have ever seen a no firearms allowed sign was at a Sheriff’s station. Of course schools and court house are naturally a no carry zone, as well as bars.

  • Deborah

    Doubt if Bank of America or Wells Fargo would ever do this since they are owned by the govt. Serve your local and small businesses. Save America from the bottom up!


    I have always said “and unarmed people are easy to govern” that is the reason we have the 2nd Amend. in the first place my fellow citizens… I love this bank, wish we had those when I was a cop, I would not have had to respond to so many bank robberies, I am sure there would have been a lot of dead bad guys though. hehehe would have saved a lot of money on that….. oh, and by the way BUY A GUN KEEP AMERICA FREE

  • dan

    Robert E Lee….damned Yankees… I sooo miss living in Texas. Checking to see if I can carry
    in bank although I good at the drive-up…but if I’m in the SUV I’m running over their ass

  • Bill

    An armed citizenry ia a polite one

    • Wumingren

      People would be even more polite, and especially not take offense on behalf of someone else, if they were required to seek satisfaction by dueling. Bring back the duel and a lot of people will mind their own business.

      • 45caliber

        I not only agree but insist that every adult should be required to own a gun and encouraged to carry it (without a CCL) when outside their home.

        The reason that dueling was made illegal was because many of Louisiana’s politicians were challenged – and LA has always had crooked politics. The politicians banned dueling to prevent being challenged.

      • boyscout

        We might also get something accomplished in the House and Senate.

      • 1955thekeeper

        “MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS” Well, I can’t agree with the absurdity of bringing back dueling. Too much of what is the problem in our country is that too many people simply don’t want to get involved in the world in which they live. “That’s not MY problem so let someone else like the government take care of it.” I grew up in a small Texas town in the 60′s and 70′s and let me tell you that most of the time when a kid did something within the town boundries, that kid’s parents were getting a call from the one offended or from a third party who wanted to see the wrong righted. And guess what, the parents of the bad kid thanked the caller and then took care of the situation. Seldom did anyone sue anyone else for a real or perceived wrong or tell the caller to f-off and mind their own business. In a way, it was understood that we were all together in this thing called life. We demanded a higher level of responsibility from one another than we do now. Today, almost anything goes. That is until it is so heinious that it can’t be ignored or swept under the rug.

  • Jake Green

    For all the hand wringers who make stupid statements like, “I support the 2nd amendment but sooner or later some one will want to challenge this bank’s policy with a my gun’s bigger than your gun..and that won’t be making anyone’s day” The whole point is by posting the sign it now makes robbing the bank a very high risk proposition for the would be robber. Which mean the robber will just pick a bank who’s policies reduce the risk. In other words the robber like any criminal will always pick the place where resistance to their criminal act will likely be nil.

    • Rob

      The first defense against crime is always to deter it.

      • 45caliber

        And a robber knowing that people inside will be carrying a gun will certainly deture any crime!

  • Wellington Green Santa

    Don’t mess with Texas. LOL

  • John Snidow

    Here in SW Virginia I have never seen a bank ban concealed carry on the premises. Perhaps BB&T has changed their policy (I’ll check today on the way into town) but without a prominent sign on the door it is absolutely legal to carry inside banks in Virginia. Some gun stores have the prohibition but will tell you that known customers and concealed carry permit holders are encouraged to carry. Banks near multiple Interstate highways in population centers are already at increased risk and these are the areas traditionally most resistant to an armed citizenry which further increases the risk of robbery. Interesting!

  • Antonio

    I sure wish Chappell Hill Bank was a little closer to my home, they would have another customer! I don’t support the local Carmike Cinema nor Magic Mart, neither of which offer a securityforce, with my business for that very reason. If they are unaccepting of my Constitutionally guaranteed right to protect myself, they will get no business from me!

  • Rob

    I just checked the carry laws in GA as well. There is nothing prohibiting a person from legally carrying into a bank.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      You also can carry in banks in Arkansas.

  • Patriot Diva

    I’d bank here if I lived close enough! Love this guy!!!

  • strighttothepoint

    Good Going!!!!!!!

  • Rick Ames

    Smart man have citizens guard money that is insured its a damn BANK not your wife it should get robbed so they know how it feels

    • Ogrrre

      Rick, FDIC insurance does not cover bank robberies, but covers losses due to embezzlement or the bank’s misfeasance or malfeasance.
      “It should get robbed so they know how it feels.” Can you get any more stupid? Should your home be burglarized so you know how it feels? Should your wife be raped so she knows how it feels? Good grief, man! Grow a brain!

  • James Maxwell

    Sounds like a bank with a manager that I would be proud to do business with. Gives
    me a 2nd reason to go to Chappel hill also, they make some extremely good sausage
    up there too. GOD bless America and those who defend her from our enemies.

  • http://none George

    No robber is going to think a bigger gun will give him or her an advantage. Thats a stupid theory that doesn’t hold any water. A .22 will kill just the same as a .50 and no one wants to take the chance of getting shot with any caliber unless they are a complete moron or suicidal. I used to live in Houston. The weather sucked but the people were great!! Straight forward, big hearted but with common sense. Ed Smith your a smart man and a true American! Sure hope more banks follow your lead.

    • 45caliber


      I saw an article yesterday where a 92 year old man had a breakin. He got a .22 and waited. When the burglar walked into his room, he shot and killed him. He said it wasn’t any different than his fighting in WWII.

      • Lurker

        That happened in NKY, near Cincinnati where I live. The gentleman had his home broken into 3 times in a 12 day period in August. Local reaction has been “Way to go!”

      • 45caliber


        I’m not surprised at the local reaction at all. They had a case in Houston a few years ago. A thief in a low rent housing district would go to each apartment complex in turn about two days after SS checks were received. Those who were drawing SS were supposed to cash their checks and then take him the money while he sat on the steps. One 70+ year old bought a gun instead, walked out and shot him six times. The police tried to arrest him for murder but the residents considered him a hero and had a fit. They finally didn’t charge him.

  • Jillian

    There are more than a few “Yanks” who couldn’t agree with you more. Robert E. Lee was a great man and should be saluted in our history.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    I was very delighted to read these posts this morning. There were no stupid lefty usual anti gun idiots to spoil a very common sense conceal carry group of Americans. Carry on

    • Firefly

      They are probably glued to their TV watching their wanna be king run for a second term. He has a real problem though. If he thought things were bad four years ago look at the mess he is inheriting today. The Debt Clock says we are over 16 THOUSAND BILLION IN DEBT NOW and the dam of higher inflation is creaking and making funny sounds. Romney might relieve some of the pressure but the current administration just wants to keep piling on the taxes for all small business making over $250,000. Those are the millionaires and billionaires (?) who will be paying 90% of his new taxes. Forget the middle class. Obama certainly has.

      • Doug

        Personally, I believe Obama deserves a 2nd term……………..a JAIL term !!!!!

        People always scream, “Let’s take back our Country!”…..

        Howver, I’m affraid that that time has passed us by already, to actually take back America. They’ve run our debt up so high that we’ll never be able to pay it off. Not in my lifetime, my daughter’s, or my grandkid’s. And no one has the balls to do what needs to be done !!!!!!!

        Washington is full of a bunch of treasonous traitors and we all know what should be done with the entire lot of ‘em. There is little difference between the 2 partys. I’m sick of having to choose between the “lesser of two evils”…….

        God Bless America !!!

  • Chris

    Hey Chappell Hill………….Touche!

  • JimH

    I was told, The difference between a Yankee and a damn Yankee is, a Yankee is someone from the north. A damn Yankee is someone from the north who came south and decided to stay.
    Could one of you fine southerners please confirm or set a Yankee straight.

    • phideaux

      ” A damn Yankee is someone from the north who came south and decided to stay.”

      Some would add and tries to make the South into the place he left.

    • Old Henry

      That’s good JimH, that’s good! Now I have to get the Windex and clean the coffee off my monitor.

    • 45caliber


      That is true. It is said here in Texas that there are three things a Texan hates to see pulled – a black pulling a gun, a Mexican pulling a knife, and a Yankee pulling a U-Haul.

      • Old Henry

        I gotta get outta here before I ruin my new monitor. RALMAO!

    • MJB

      I thought a “Damn Yankee” was one of those guys from the band!!
      You know, Ted Nuggent, Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw… LMAO!

      • JimH

        Hi MJB, I saw them in concert. Great show.

  • Vonov

    “I’d rather be tried by twelve people, than carried by six…” If you get in a situation where you have the need to defend yourself with deadly force, at least you’ll still have your life afterward. If you are trained in the use of it, and are legally authorized to carry a gun and don’t, you might just as well go, “Baaaaaa…” when one of the human wolves appears, as he did in Colorado. My family knows that I am always armed, even at home, and it’s always concealed. I’m sure the gentleman in Connecticut, whose wife and daughter were followed home by a pair of two legged wolves, now realizes that the world is a far more dangerous place than he ever dreamed possible, and must be in agonies of anguish over being unable to save his wife and daughters, one of whom was under the age of twelve, from being raped and burned alive afterward.
    After 25 years in law enforcement, one statistic I learned in rookie school stuck in my mind:
    in any given sizable human population, one to two percent will prove to be totally sociopathic. The only thing that keeps them in check is a fear of consequences for their actions. In a country of 330 million people, that means there are roughly somewhere north of 3.5 million potential Dahmers, Berkowitzes, etc, running around loose. Most of them, thankfully, will never develop into full-blown psychopaths. However, once they encounter our broken criminal justice system, and realize there ARE no real consequences to their actions, at that point they can become very dangerous indeed. My point is, be prepared, because as surely as you are unprepared, trouble will find all of us sooner or later.

    BTW, the government does honor Robert E. Lee. Both Leesburg, VA, and Ft. Lee, also in Virginia, are named after him.

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    I see all these comments that suggest that if guns were outlawed there would’nt be any criminals. They are very wrong. Criminals by their very nature DO NOT respect any law that restricts their desires. They would simply turn to knives to commit crimes. With concealed carry, they don’t know who is armed and who isn’t. Slows them down some..
    Fastcat in Houston

  • 45caliber

    Please note that this is Texas. People here LIKE to be able to protect themselves – and that includes in banks. So the banker’s move will be a hit. I’m not surprised that it has picked up more customers – and I suspect his action will encourage more banks in this state to do the same thing. Unfortunately I’m an hour south of Houston or I’d change to it myself.

    • Old Henry


      Just a thought, think electronic banking.

      • Ro

        Old, Where would I get my TWO DOLLAR BILLS ?!?

  • MJB

    What is irritating about this is the contradictory statement on the posting itself!
    The posting CLEARLY states that it is every Citizen’s RIGHT to carry, yet they contradict themselves by saying “licensed weapons”… If you have the RIGHT to carry, that is your “license”… no paperwork required!!

  • Third_stone

    So why is this guy saying the no damn yankee going to tell him what to do? How long ago did his people come there from the North and take the place from the Mexican indians?
    Does he think bank regulation is a yankee plan? Or is it that only yankees can see the potential peril of having a dozen people in the bank who have never gunned anybody down, all excited, drawing their gats and blasting away from every direction?

    • 45caliber


      Apparently you didn’t read all the comments. A Yankee is someone in the north. A Damn Yankee is someone who comes down here and tries to tell you what to do. Anyone born here is a Texan – it doesn’t matter when your ancestors came here. And being a Texan is a way of thinking – not a location. There are Texans here who were NOT born here – because they think the same way as those born here do. A Yankee MIGHT become a Texan – a Damn Yankee never will.


    Congratulations Flashy, for continuing your current streak of “never being able to say one God Damn positive thing in any of your posts”! Your negative life must truly suck!

  • Jonathan D Yellowbear

    I carry a Gun, because a cop is way too heavy.

    • nnicko

      Jonathon….would that be a doughnut eating cop or a salad bar type?

  • Filbert from Hilbert

    I went to our local G.M. dealer to look at a pickup i had seen in the paper.I told the salesman i would make up my mind and call him the next day. I then noticed they had no guns allowed sign on the door. I told the guy that was not for me and he could keep his truck.( there are lots of trucks out there) My phone rang the next morning at 8 am. Guess who it was. The sales man told me they had a sales meeting that morning and decided to take the sign down.I bought the truck. The sign is still down and had better stay down due to the fact i buy all my vehicles there.

  • http://Facebook Don Rogers

    Make perfect sense to have a sign saying concealed weapons on premiss, the crooks won’t take a chance. With the no guns allowed the crooks know that they are not going to get shot and just an invite.

    • 45caliber

      True: But libs aren’t allowed to place that at their houses to prevent breakins. They are to set up signs that state that their houses are gun free zones …

      • Vonov

        I like the sign in front of the guy’s house, who had a liberal neighbor who thought guns were basically tools of Satan. The gist of the sign was that burglars were warned that the owner of the yard in which the sign was displayed, was not only a homeowner, but a gun owner as well, and also pointed out that his neighbor, with an arrow to indicate the particular house, possessed no firearms…lol

      • JimH

        The sign I saw on a house said,” Guns don’t kill people,I do”.

  • cslagenhop

    If you are near this bank, open an account here, support people who fight for your freedoms.

  • Steve

    Im a damn Yankee and I agree with him 100%, the govt fears well armed citizens.

    • Lynn

      Well said!!!

  • Bill Irwin

    ive said it before and i will say it again i believe that it should be a law that every amercian citizen should own a gun be trained in it and carrying it should be optional

  • Lynn

    I was robbed twice as a teller in Dallas in Sept.’83 and Jan.’84. The teller in the stall next to me was robbed in Nov.’ 83. Wish this sign had been posted and I and others were packin

  • John Bradley

    where can I get a dozen or so of those signs?

  • http://personallibertydigest hiltonsgnlvr

    One way to find out..Go rob it and let us know..if you can’t tell us we’ll know it worked.

  • old hillbilly

    Nice to read so many sane comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you!

  • William 1

    Thank you Obama for helping us with the 2nd amendment! Good for this banker time to do that at all banks, atms, restaurants, schools, any public gatherings football games etc and see where these robbers will try and strike next!

  • Jay

    The notion that guns are evil is one of the most dishonest and hypocritical arguments of the left. The fact that Rosie O’Donnell ranted and screamed about banning guns, then employed an armed bodyguard for her kids, should have given any intelligent person cause to distrust the anti-gun crowd. “Whether or not my family is in need of armed guards,” she told People magazine, “that doesn’t change my position on gun control.”

    Ironically, Rosie maintained that she and her three children needed protection because of threats made against her as a result of her outspoken stance on gun control. In other words, if she and her family are threatened, then they should be protected with guns. However, if you and your family are threatened, you should not be allowed access to guns. Very nice.

    The gun-haters start with the basic premise that guns are bad. You shouldn’t have them in your house because they’re dangerous, they say. Yet handguns are used for protection against criminals in America nearly 2 million times per year. That’s up to five times more often than they’re used to commit crimes and nearly 128 times the total number of murders in the United States.

    Those stats alone are good enough to blow any anti-gun argument out of the water, but there’s more.

    According to the National Crime Victimization Surveys, people who use guns to defend themselves are less likely to be attacked or injured than people who use other methods of protection or don’t defend themselves at all.

    • 45caliber

      Jay, you said, “You shouldn’t have them in your house because they’re dangerous, they say.”

      That is it exactly! YOU can’t have a gun because THEY think they are dangerous. BUT THEY will have a gun because they fear that you might cause them problems!

      Every anti-gun person I know about in politics or movies either has a gun or has armed guards. Yet they don’t want YOU to defend yourself! Feinstein (who carries a gun) stated that once guns are banned she will have to continue to have and carry one because “there are people out there who might attack me!” But you don’t need one. If fact, if you harm someone who is attacking you, YOU should be in trouble. In other words your life is worthless, the attacker is worth more than you, and both of you are enemies of the anti-gun person who is worth more than all put together.

  • hoosier farmer

    Democracy is two wolves arguing with a sheep on what’s for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep is carrying a sidearm.

  • Adam

    SO SO SO awesome!! If it did nothing else but offer this kind of support for our 2A rights, this bank deserves all the business it can get—were I a Texan (rather than a WAshingtonian) I’d certainly offer mine. Kudos, bravo, and plaudits to Chapell Hill Bank; much success to you!

  • James Oates

    I absolutely love this policy…

  • Michael Alan Bridges

    here is a thought: US code of laws (title 10 section 311) defines the unorganized Militia, YOu can look up the definition yourself, but What a militia is supposed to do according to the federalist papers, is “to take charge of the situation until proper authorities arrive” (paraphrased) what it boils down to is to many folks are taught to let the police handle stuff, don’t get involved, be a good little victim and let Uncle Sam sort it out for you AFTER THE FACT! This is contrary to the founders intent, everyone has the right and the responsiblity to defend themselves to the best of their ability, and if they can legally carry a firearm, then by all means if you need it DON’T HESITATE!

    • Casey

      Or do, Mike. You own the bullet, where-ever it goes.

  • Norma Morciglio


    Long live the 2nd Amendment, thanks to our forefathers and God.

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