Poll Results: $700 Billion Bailout… Good for America?


Here are the results!

The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 150,082

1)Who is most to blame for America’s current economic crisis?
 64% voted: Democrats and US Congress
16% voted: The Bush Administration
4% voted: Wall Street
13% voted: Banks and sub-prime lenders
2% voted: Real estate and mortgage professionals
0% voted: Investors
1% voted: Home buyers
2)Do you agree a government bailout was the answer to America’s financial crisis?
 9% voted: Yes
81% voted: No
10% voted: Undecided
3)Do you believe the American taxpayers should have to foot the bill for our financial systems mistakes?
 9% voted: Yes, we have to or we’ll end up in a prolonged recession or worse a depression.
70% voted: No, America is too far in debt already.
21% voted: Absolutely not, the American people should never be responsible for bailing out the private sector.
0% voted: Undecided
4)Do you believe the government bailout will ultimately rescue our country’s financial system?
 9% voted: Yes
32% voted: No
56% voted: Undecided
5)Do you believe Barack Obama was the best choice to handle the country’s future economic policy?
 19% voted: Yes
73% voted: No
8% voted: Undecided

Thank you for your participation.