Baghdad Airport Temporarily Closed


BAGHDAD, Aug. 31 (UPI) — Baghdad International Airport was closed because of a potential threat to the safety of the airport and aircraft, the Iraq Civil Aviation authority said.

An airport official said U.S. forces ordered Iraqi airspace closed and barred activities at the Baghdad airports Tuesday without providing a reason, al-Sumaria reported Wednesday.

The Iraq government reopened the airport after an hour. The nature of the threat was not known, an Iraqi official said.

“U.S. forces warned us today [Tuesday] that there is a potential danger threatening the airport’s and airplanes’ safety. For that reason we closed the airport,” Iraq Civil Aviation Authority Director Nasser Hussain al-Ameri said. “The airport was reopened after authorities took preventive measures to prevent any incident.”

U.S. troops have not turned over security of Iraqi airspace completely to the Iraqi government, Ameri told al-Sumaria.

“Iraq government controls 15 feet of the airspace and below, while the airspace above 15 feet is controlled by the U.S. forces,” he said.

Ameri said Iraqi officials would assume control of Iraqi airspace soon.

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