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Badge-Wearing Criminals Object, But You Can Film The Police

January 7, 2013 by  

Badge-Wearing Criminals Object, But You Can Film The Police

An Alice, Texas, man standing in his own yard filming a police stop was kidnapped by a uniformed, badge-wearing thug who is obviously either ignorant of the law or believes he can make up laws on the spot.

Gabriel Cabrera spent several minutes watching and filming the stop and providing commentary on why one should never consent to a vehicle search during a police stop. He was in his own yard and was too far away from the vehicles to have been hindering police operations in any way.

But Officer Nicholas Juarez apparently took offense to the Cabrera’s activities. Cabrera had been filming for more than 10 minutes when Juarez approached Cabrera.

Even though Juarez was informed he was on private property, he continued to approach Cabrera and then unlawfully demanded identification “in case this ends up on YouTube or something.” When Cabrera refused to provide his ID, Juarez placed him under arrest and threatened him with additional charges.

Federal courts have ruled there is a specific 1st Amendment right to record police officers. The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review lower court rulings on the matter. State laws differ on when a person has to provide identification to an officer. Typically, it is required only if the officer has probable cause to suspect you are committing a crime. Under Texas law, a person is required to provide ID upon a lawful arrest.

Cabrera had not committed a crime, so Juarez had no probable cause. He jumped the gun in requiring ID post arrest. Juarez also left out his comment about YouTube in the official police report, according to KRISTV.

Assistant Police Chief Alberto Martinez assured a KRISTV reporter “the department will look into the matter to make sure that everything was done appropriately.” Cabrera has retained a lawyer.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dennis48e

    It seems Officer Nicholas Juarez needs to go to re-education camp and learn the laws better.

    • Harold Olsen

      He most likely knows what the laws are. He probably just figures the people he is supposed to serve are too stupid to know what the laws are and they won’t know any better.

      • teddy maher

        This whole system of what used to be Protect and Serve was changed to Law Enforcement while we were watching the game… If ever a group needs to be examined and scrutinized it is Law Enforcement and the individuals we have charged with the authority to take away our freedom…. A very large number of those who wear the badge are drunks,abusers and have dysfunctional private lives… This is not to indict all … I commend those who conduct themselves in a professional manner,but, it is time for those who play by the rules to police their fellow officers who do not….The blue wall will eventually crumble under the weight of the dysfunctional…

      • Bob

        We’re not all as dumb as a cop that’s why their cops and we are not! These police departments need to get sued for their abuses on a regular basis. There is nothing more sacred than our rights.

      • Buck

        I think you are right. Too many of us allow the police and tsa officers treat us like cattle. Why would a parent allow a tsa officer to put his hands in their little girls panties and act like the gov. has a right to do this?
        We need to know the lay and stand up for it.
        God’s best

      • ranger09

        Badge Heavy, But what can you expect from little Mexican Towns run By Mexican Police, Sure reminds me of MEXICO. Heck Texas use to Have good Police, But like most policemen and Depts they protect ea other more than they protect the Citizens.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        I hope that citizen sues them and wins. That will get their attention

    • Michael

      No, Juarez is like about 95% of all US cops today – a thug with a badge, gun and uniform. When the progressives loose the TSA on the population, then we will know how the Germans felt when Hitler turned his Brown Shirts on them.

      • thefiledocument

        2 very different things.

    • Jeff

      Well, it IS Texas, after all. They don’t so much abide by the federal Constitution down there. Effective assistance of counsel (6th Amendment) has a slightly different meaning there (dead drunk is O.K.). But, according to Rick Perry, Texas has “never” executed an innocent man. They think it’s still the Old West and Marshall Dillon (the Governor) decides who’s guilty and of what.

      • Texas Ride

        Yes, Jeff, all good reasons for you to keep your nasty body out of Texas!

    • Harriett S

      My question is: What was the policeman doing that he feared would be made public? If he had nothing to hide there was no reason for concern, was there? Maybe someone should look a little closer at that film.

  • Harold Olsen

    They’ll no doubt investigate and decide that the criminal cop was within his bounds in going onto private property and harassing his victim. This SOB should not be wearing a badge and I hope he and the city get the hell sued out of them. Cops seem to have the attitude that the badge they wear gives them the right to do anything they choose and to treat people however they choose. Thugs with badges is what cops have become. I can’t help wonder if one of the reasons they do it is because Obama wants to turn cops into his own private Gestapo.

    • charlie

      No ‘turning into’ here Harold. We are there.
      Case in point: Prince Georges County, Maryland; police has a situation at one house, (a bogus police report was called in). PGC police went to the complaining house, then decided to canvas the neighborhood. Going to the adjacent house, PGC police confronted the homeowner, and asked if he had any weapons. Not knowing what was going on, the homeowner said ‘yes’. The PGC MD, police confiscated the weapon.

      The Maryland AG passed the buck to the County Executive. The PGC executive proved to be in the bandit group also.
      As the story goes, the homeowner NEVER got the weapon back!
      Maryland is using Gestapo tactics quite proudly.

      • Billy Hill

        Maryland gov O’Malley is a full blown extreme left liberal.Maryland is a sanctuary state for illegals & gays.The guv wants to be prez in 2016.You cannot get a CCW permit there without state police approval,which wont happen unless you know someone or have a extremely valid need & they will cancel the permit if they decide the need has expired.Commit any minor infraction of the law & you are guilty unless you get a lawyer who is a friend of the judge.I was born & raised in Md,but moved to the more friendly state of Pa in 1970

    • Eugene Frana

      Bush did that long before Obama was even heard of. What do you think the Patriot Act and Homeland Security is all about?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Republicans conveniently forget Bush started all this….and they cowardly tried to vote in another unconstitutional criminal named Romney. I don’t tolerate them complaining about Obama when they voted for Romney…..same difference. NDAA & Patriot act supporters – both these men.
        SHAME ON ANYONE THAT DIDN’T SUPPORT RON PAUL….he is 100% constitutional
        You spit on the constitution but one day you will be very sorry. Doesn’t matter to you? IT WILL

        the devil is beating his wife according to Rev. Manning

    • Steven 4 freedom


    • RD

      I’m a former police officer most police officers respect people’s civil rights and take them very serious. There are of course plenty that don’t, usually they are the younger gung-ho types that just want to get into something to prove they are a good cop as they get older they mature and realize how important protecting people’s rights are. Then there are those that let authority go to thier heads and should never have been allowed to wear a badge in the first place, most police depts especially in Texas have field training officers that usually weed those kind out during field training. Yes these officers know the law and in most cases better than the lawyers so that ignorance of the law is not a defense he knew what he did was wrong when he did it. You are correct liberal politicians prefer police over military because they can use the police as a tool to control thier own citizens. They are not worried so much about foreign enemies they see the patriotic American citizenry as thier enemy because they are fully aware of what they want to truly do to this country.

    • BigIron

      Check out the recent NC case (2012) where Rodney Dale Class, acting as a Private Attorney General using an 1866 law, successfully proved that the Police (among many other ?public? officials and agencies) are actually JUST “private” contractors and are not protected by “public” status and thus subject to “private” lawsuit and “private” liens. When the police misbehave (act unlawfully) ALL of their “stuff” is on the line! … they have NO public immunity (and really never had).

    • Dee Andrews

      Harold, I agree with you. The problem is most states have a limit on how
      much you can recover from police depts. It is very low. Most lawyers won’t touch
      police harassment cases because they might have to do some work to earn a
      little money. This is mandated by the government so they won’t get sued.
      I have seen first hand numerous lawyers turn down good cases.
      How about a woman being almost beaten to death in jail by other inmates, all
      on video and taken to the hospital while in state custody. Doesn’t the state have
      a duty to protect someone in jail,who hasn’t even been convicted of anything yet.
      Apparently not because they get away with it.

    • http://yahoo Rocco

      Sure Harold, cops never abused their power before President Obama came into office. Get over it.

  • dalek

    I have a question. If the cop went on private property when no law was broken and he was not asked to come there, why can the cop not be charged with trespassing? I don’t know the laws where this happened so I’m just curious.

    • charlie

      Good question.
      The answer: In Prince Georges County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC, the cops got a bogus call at a house.
      PGC police responded and could not establish any fault. The PGC police didn’t even charge for a false report.
      The cops found an opportunity, the PGC cops did not let a ‘good crisis’ go to waste. They canvased the neighborhood and found a homeowner that admitted to having a gun.
      The PGC police confiscated his weapon.
      Subsequent contact with the Maryland AG, passed the problem to the PGC Executive. The PGC Exec passed the problem to a staffer. NO redress of the grievance.
      In short – the old run-around. To retain an attorney, would take $3000, and no guarantee of a recovery.

      The question now is, do you throw good money at a situation with a slim chance of getting a $600 item returned, or take the loss. Remember, the cop is fighting you with your money (as always), and you are required to fight your money, with MORE of your money.

      One might ask if the American, Russian, Korean, and Chinese governments are designed this way – if you answer yes, you win a prize!

      Remember, it’s not about the gun – it is about CONTROL.

      • dalek

        Sounds like the same deal as asset forfeiture doesn’t it? Is it worth it to fight it?

        This is one thing I liked about the old west. Disagreements were settled pretty quick. The guy with the faster draw was right, every time. lol

  • Jonathan

    Harold, this stuff was happening before Obama came along LOL. Divide and conquer. The government sticks together but the people don’t. If the people would start holding gatherings and agree to stick together through thick and thin than they could do something. The gay’s stick together and they get things done, “sad to say.” Any movement that gets together and sticks together gets something done. Why don’t the normal citizens do this against this government???

    • Robert Smith

      Johnathan asks: “Why don’t the normal citizens do this against this government???”

      Because those in the middle are constantly influenced by those on the sides.

      Fortunately for those supporting freedoms in America eventually win against those who are out to deny equality and freedoms to others, but the battle is never ending.

      Sadly not all Americans have learned that to deny another freedom to marry who they want, have an abortion, to own guns, or to die as they may wish are denying themselves freedoms.


      • Shorty

        We’ve got a wolf in sheep’s clothing here fellas. Trying to equate gay marriage and abortions with 2nd amendment rights is something only a liberal would try to do.

      • Bill

        Shorty, you are right,
        Show your true colors, Robert and don’t BS us

      • Steve E

        Robert want so bad to marry another man, that he can’t help but bring that issue up.

      • OneGuess

        Looks like Shorty, Bill, and Steve E have got your number, “Rob”. Ha!

      • Texas Ride

        Agree with Shorty. The only way progressives can try to pass-off their idiocy as legitimate is to try and link the idiocy with an actual personal right given them in the Constitution.

      • Vicki

        Texas Ride says:
        “The only way progressives can try to pass-off their idiocy as legitimate is to try and link the idiocy with an actual personal right given them in the Constitution.”

        The Constitution gives them NO rights. It gives you and me NO rights. The Constitution is a contract between all of us and the government. In that contract the government is tasked and required to PROTECT our rights. ALL of them. Even the rights of the not-yet breathing.

        We might ask Rob that if he is so set on people marrying whomever they choose why is he so interested in murdering some of them before they are old enough to make that choice?

      • Cameron

        Robert sounds more like a libertarian than a liberal with his comment. Those who disagree with him love big govt when its on their side. I suppose Bill and Steve E need the govt to ban same sex marriage so they wont be tempted to come out of the closet.

        • Harriett S

          This started out to be a power mad policeman infringing on the rights of a private citizen who was not commiting any crime. Where did all this ‘gay rights’ get into the picture? Were any of those three persons being hazed because they were gay? So let’s just stick to the subject, please!

      • Benjamin Fox

        When are you going to marry your dog or horse Robert? Two men can’t be married because they can’t decide who the wife is going to be from one night to another, the same for women. They have every right but, that isn’t what they want, they want to redefine marriage and that is demonic and sick.

      • http://yahoo Rocco

        Jonathon, the gov’t is just that, people sticking together. The same with political parties. It is amazing to me how many people forget that. If you do not like how they are doing things, vote, run for office or start your own movement.
        Bill and Shorty, freedoms are freedoms. gay rights, gun rights, are all the same. If you start denying others their’s, they have no reason to protect yours. You do not have to agree with what they want to do, but you must respect their right to do what they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else.

      • judge

        Oddly Robert most dont care if you want to marry a duck but dont ask me to give you benifits because you do. If you desire to do something I believe is murder dont ask me to pay you for it now or your medical problems in the future because of it. These are the things that create the questions of your ethics. They want these things to be paid for by others. You and they want other people to take the responsibility for your actions.

        • Harriett S

          Judge, you are absolutely correct. Most people want to do their own thing, but want someone else to pay the price if their are consequences. That attitude is even extending into the bedroom where it is mandated that birth control measures, abortions and related issues be paid for by the taxpayer. Good grief! What it boils down to is this: A married man is having an affair. His mistress requires birth control or an abortion, so the wife is halping pay for all this through her tax dollars. Disgusting.

          • Jeff

            That philandering husband also drives to his mistress’ house on roads paid for by his wife’s tax dollars. Something must be done about this outrage.

          • dalek

            Do what Texas does. You catch your spouse cheating, you can kill them both. If I recall correctly, you have to give your best shot to kill BOTH tho, not just one. I haven’t looked at the specific laws but have read where it has happened, more than once I might add.

          • Harriett S

            To dalek — You have a great sense of humor. But you forgot to mention that the car might also be her name also and she is the one who irons his shirts! lol

    • tim

      Because the normal citizens are ignorant to the law and are usually chicken [expletive deleted]!!!!

      • ranger09

        Not ignorant, Just Chicken. Sheep just following the Bell. Police Powers not for the People, But for the powers to be. people get your power back.

      • Vicki

        Chicken of the man or of his gun?

    • wandamurline

      Conservative, constitutional Americans have a place to ban together and it is called the Tea Parties across America….had it not been for the Tea Parties that got control of the House, we would already be in a 20 trillion debt, gun control would already be past and your taxes would have gone up even more than they already have. If you are not a member, find one locally, we are all over the US and we ban together to try to make a difference. If you believe in smaller government, less intrusion into our private lives by government, changes to the IRS code for less taxes and a government that abides by the very law that has made America a great nation (the Constitution), then you are on the right track to make a difference. Of course, the liberals are demonizing the tea parties because they are afraid of We The People and the changes that we stand for…at first they laughed at us and when we made real change, they decided that we were an enemy that they must demonize by lies and the lame streat media. We are just ordinary people who have banned together to make positive changes to try and keep our Republic that is in danger of collasping and becoming a dictatorship. Everyone is invited to join, anyone no matter what your religion or skin pigmentation…we are Americans first and foremost.

      • Vicki

        And don’t forget to drop into and let your representatives know your opinion on any of the several related and good campaigns there.

  • Rick Booker

    I hope he sues the city of Alice into bankruptcy and are forced to change the name to Gabriel TX. I’m sick and tired of the government, feds, state and local and it’s agents urinating on people’s rights guaranteed in the Constitution of United States of America. There MUST be a stiff price to pay when these jackbooted thugs do this.

  • peter

    Those who believe that a police state is inevitable may not be so misguided at all. Those who label them as nutters should re-evaluate their position. It may become necessary for Obama to become a dictator in order to control the masses and further his agenda. So far, I am still unable to gauge his sincerity. To me he is just another Hollywood celebrity in whom the average American citizen places all their adoration and faith. Small wonder he smiles so much, maybe he knows how stupid we all are………. after all, Clinton and Bush did, so why should he be any different and he obviously enjoys what he does, albeit so very little with honour and integrity.

    • Buck

      You are right. I get sick hearing how great the Bushes’ are they are just as bad as obama if not worst.

      • Vicki

        You must be spending too much time on other sites. People here have not shown any strong love for President Bush. What we have noticed is that President Bush is NO LONGER in charge. Something that liberals seem to forget.

        Now since he has not been in charge for almost 4 years and the first 2 of them Democrats had full control of Congress and the Presidency, why were none of the “evils” of the previous (Bush) administration eliminated? in the 2nd 2 years why was the NDAA passed and signed into law? The democrats still had the Senate and Presidency.

        We find it interesting that when we object to ANY of obama’s policies, liberals call us haters.

      • Jessie

        Vicki wrote:
        > the first 2 of them Democrats had full control of Congress and the Presidency

        Not exactly. Al Franken was only seated in July 2009, and at that point Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy were both too ill to show up for votes. The Dems only had a filibuster-proof majority from the time Paul Kirk was appointed as interim Senator from Massachusetts, after Kennedy died, that is to say from September 24, 2009 to February 4, 2010, or about three and a half months.

        I also think that on-and-off for much of those three-and-a-half months, Byrd was too ill to vote. (He died in June 2010)

      • Vicki

        Jessie. How many times in those years were any of President Bush’s “evils” brought up for a vote (to repeal) and if so which ones?

      • Jessie

        I’m not saying they were, and I agree with you that Obama is virtually indistinguishable from Bush on most issues. I’m just contributing the technicality that they did not have a filibuster-proof majority for very long.

      • Vicki

        Since they are not known for letting a good crisis go to waste we can presume that 3 months of full control would have them doing anything they really wanted to.

    • Benjamin Fox

      peter you hit it on the head, obozo-in-chief will soon be messiah-in-chief and will even try to dethrone his god allah. Wow, only the blind, dumb and stupid evil people could vote for this marxist kenyian.

      • Jeff

        Foxie Ben:

        I do hope you’re leaving your brain to science. They have so much to learn.

  • Peter

    Everyone in the western world (I am in Australia), lives in a police state. Those who ‘rule’ over us have very conveniently forgotten that they are our servants, elected by ‘we the people’, NOT our masters. Yet still they persist in this masquerade of power that the 95% of unthinking masses blindly and blithely go along with, because they refuse to think about what is happening, and are goat-tethered by the butt-sucking and utterly corrupt mainstream media (on both sides).
    Thought and critical analysis is required people.
    This wonderful thing called the internet has brought us all together to learn from each other despite our nuances of individual government and culture.
    There are injustices occurring around the globe we need to become both aware of, and actively involved in solving, but this is also why the elites want to curtail the internet.
    Please do not let that happen.

    • Jonathan

      The people need to get together more than just on the internet, they need to get together in their communities. I’m not talking about yelling and screaming about things. I’m talking about intelligently dealing with things.

      • Robert Smith

        That ain’t gonna happen until those who use religion as an excuse to dominate others goes away.


      • Steve E

        Robert, go ahead and marry a man. I won’t let my religion get in your way.

      • Texas Ride

        Rjobert is probably already married to a man. The most obnixious progressive tend not to be real men… Gays are particularly venomous and attacking religion is one of their first priorities.

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “That ain’t gonna happen until those who use religion as an excuse to dominate others goes away.”

        And what of such well known religious figures as Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, and Pol Pot?

        The real problem is that Robert has the same inherent error of thinking that gun grabbers do. He blames a belief (Though a cross is also and inanimate object) instead of the actions of the person(s).

        Should wee follow that logic my keyboard is responsible for all mis=spellings. Airplanes, or buildings or gravity (take your pick) killed ~3500 people in the early fall of 2001. Cars kill more people than guns.

        On a brighter note Robert claims to support the 2nd Amendment.

        • Jeff

          “Blame” implies a moral judgment. If you just look at the numbers, we have more guns per capita than the rest of the world by a mile and we have the highest gun death rates in the civilized world by miles. If you can’t see the connection, give my regards to Wayne LaPierre.

        • Harriett S

          l really feel sorry for Robert and others who think religious people use their faith to dominate others. It only demonstrates how little they know about true faith. There are a few radical groups that are guilty of such unchristian activities, but these people are not truly religious. There is a wide gulf between that kind of fanaticism and true religious faith.

      • Vicki

        Jeff says:
        “If you just look at the numbers, we have more guns per capita than the rest of the world by a mile and we have the highest gun death rates in the civilized world by miles. If you can’t see the connection, give my regards to Wayne LaPierre.”

        Apple, Orange. If you can’t see the connection (fruit), give my regards to your public education.

        (comparing world and civilized world. No definition given for “civilized” )

        • Jeff

          It is impossible to make someone understand something when his livelihood (or ideology) depends on his not understanding it. You can play all the word games you want and make ridiculous analogies, but facts are facts. More guns mean more gun deaths. You may think the trade-off is worth it, but you can’t honestly deny the facts.

      • vicki

        Jeff says:
        “More guns mean more gun deaths. You may think the trade-off is worth it, but you can’t honestly deny the facts.”

        What facts would these be jeff? Actual facts say your assertion (more guns=more gun deaths) is in error.

        Now lets consider the tradeoff that jeff claims and see if it is worth it? How do you measure the value of 2+ million lives against ~16000 lives?. Per YEAR. How does jeff feel about the murders committed by scalpel (or whatever is the best tool for abortionists)

        • Jeff

          Your mind is a veritable treasure trove of non sequiturs. Are you now claiming more guns mean fewer abortions? I don’t see the connection myself, but then I’m pretty nearly sane.

      • oh oh

        Vicki, that’s an inconvenient fact that they never deal with honestly.

    • Steve E

      In Australia, they have already curtailed your guns.

      • Peter

        Yes they have curtailed our guns, but not before my Dad taught me how to use a gun properly and responsibly.
        Robert Smith, how on earth did you manage to pervert a discussion about non-violent rebellion against the political and corporate elites into a rant against religion? I mean I can see how you could make a closeted connection, but why on earth would you do it? It has zero to do with the topic at hand!

  • Steadysteve

    I suggest all of you look up “When should you shoot a cop” from
    It’s on YouTube. Don’t be put off by the title, it’s very thought provoking.

    • dalek


  • Ben Gardner

    Unfortunately, some paid-off judge will either uphold the cop or DWOP the case while absolving the cop of all culpability. They he will refuse to hear any counter suit from the victim. That has been the standard pattern all over the country. By this time, the cop has undoubtedly destroyed any evidence that Gabriel Cabrera filmed against him.

  • trp878

    Just another “Badge Heavy” cop who abuses his position. The Chief is not doing anything but appears to be trying to buy time to figure an angle for a cover up. Courts will figure the outcome, but not necessarily the truth.

  • Tom Cook

    Hopefully the citizen will sue the copprick and his department for it is certain that his “chief” will sweep the cop’s illegal actions beneath the rug. Cops no longer have my respect: they prove themselves to be stupid, vicious, lying, criminal bullies who hide behind laws that often they just fabricate and they are always protected by corrupt police chiefs, judges, and district attorneys.

  • ibcamn

    Hate to tell you all,but what started all the “god complex” in the police,they have a brotherhood of police men thing,oops i’m sorry,i mean union.they can do what they want because they cover-up what they screw-up.that’s what the union does for them,and not to mention police have been crooked for ever!in the turn of the century in New York city,if your house was on fire they(the police) would stand there(watching fire men rob the very same house as it burned)and wait till you paid them to let fire men put out the fire!(fire men would do the same in turn if no police present)and this type of mentality was passed down through generations of police men and their families,and it’s passed on to their partners on patrol and they back each other up in reports and lie for each other!just recently,i had my brother bring a son he didn’t know he had into my house,this son,a police officer in Wisconsin,this officer and his wife drank large amounts of beer and shots and even(may or may not have,i didn’t see)pot!later my brother got into a fight with another brother(who may or may not)have gotten the best of him and his newly found son went to his car came running back with his weapon!!pointing it at every one there and threatening all!i guess the police figured it was no big deal,nothing has been said or done!(that’s not over yet)but any ways,he figured the best way to deal with the situation was just kill every one or what,and i was the sober and smart one,a biker,go figure!i got a million stories about nasty and messed up encounters with the police and why i carry a weapon to protect myself!the police in this country are the biggest armed gang in the world,most of them have mental health issues that get swept under the rug,and they have athority to use weapons as they see fit, they have weapons(they have high suicide rate),they steal cheat and lie,it’s their creedo so to speak!i have said before here too check out the story of what happened here in Wisconsin in mid 90′s with police(in small town wisconsin rapids)

  • JW M

    When they stopped calling themselves Peace officers and started being law enforcement was the beginning of the end. Which I’m afraid is not far off.

    • Rob

      That is a very good observation.

  • Bill

    Good lawsuit material,
    As well as going after the police department, they should go after Saurez, criminally and civily. Make him pay for letting his power go to his head. He should lose his job, benefits and have a financial judgement against him.

  • Motov

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Those in power usually end up abusing it. It should start with the Executive Branch, before we get to the police stations. The ultimate cop POTUS should be setting the example, for the rest to follow. We have a lying smooth talking unconstitutional bully in office. So the example is extremely a poor one at that.
    There are few who take the law of the constitution seriously, Those that don’t are well known in communities. It is really a shame that it take just a few to mess it up for all.
    I have on more than one occasion been subjected to sobriety tests where I blow a big fat goose egg on their breathalizer, then asked to perform balance tests in which I tell them I have balance issues because of a disease known as Parkinson’s, I verbally tell them I will fail them, but I’m not drunk, Usually a supervisor cop shows up and lets me go, and I bet he has some words to tell these young know-it-all cops.
    If you cannot hope the cops will do the right thing. The criminal already won.

  • Steve

    Just see a lawyer and sue for false arrest. If there is money involved, the police department will first of all protect itself, and then blame the policeman.
    Since the policeman was uniformed at the time, and performing is duties as a policeman, then the jurisdiction would be liable for any wrong doing.
    If criminally liable, the policeman would face charges, but for any professional action, the jurisdiction would face the financial liability.
    Was the video confiscated.
    This would actually be criminal appropriation of property and would be the closest thing to a felony, and if a jury is involved, they would be interested in the contents of the video.
    Was there actually something on the video which indicated there was some kind of problem with the police activity.

    • Vicki

      Taking the recorder would also be tampering with evidence if this becomes a criminal matter.

  • Voice of Reason

    “A house divided against itself, shall not stand”, Abraham Lincoln. Folks, we have been living in a “police state” for some time. It began with the “War on Drugs” in the 70′s that allowed illegal search and seizures as well as liberal interpretation of “probable cause”. I agree that the “special interest groups” are organized and we are not! We, for some unknown reason, still believe in the system and haven’t faced the reality that it’s broken!

    9/11 was the next big impetus that gave us further invasion of our privacy rights in the name of “homeland security”. “those who give up liberty for security, lose both”. Again the government can reinterpret “probable cause” for their own devices.

    I realize that both drugs and terrorism are very real threats but the loss of our liberties represent a greater threat to America. It was Kruschev who stated that we will be defeated from within, not from without.

    I know several police officers who are honorable and principled people. But I also know of many that think they ARE the law rather than public servants. Power corrupts, that’s just a fact. We keep giving up more and more of our liberties for this illusion of security. How many times have the police prevented a crime versus how many times the ordinary citizen prevented the crime or became victims of the crime?

    Do more restrictions on guns prevent gun caused violence? Do more traffic laws and red-light cameras prevent auto accidents? Do more drug laws prevent drug crimes? Does throwing more money at a problem solve that problem (e.g. our educational system!!!)?

    Morals are learned at home and in church. We have lost both of these institutions as our moral conscience.

    This past election codifies the flagrant ignorance of the masses. It is frustrating and sad at what we have become.

    We, who see the problem, are independent thinkers. This is part of the problem, essentially we want to be left alone. We will defend our freedom but are not “joiners” for the most part. Liberals ARE “joiners” by their very nature and are not independent thinkers so they fall for anything that allows them less responsibility and allows them to “feel good”.

  • Ed

    Cabrera is wasting his money on a lawyer. No court in Texas is going to convict him of anything.

  • http://midcontent range rider

    I wouldn’t be too sure, remember the mug ugly brain dead sow Hillary, said when the Bengazi mess happened, and the socialist/marxist and the socialist/communist were planning their CYA moves, all which proved to be false crap. Then the old hag tripped on her psudo cahonies and biffed her bean. Mean while the poor wanna be film director had to through a staged arrest and get jailed, to passify the pacify the pedophile worshipping , rug scrubbing perverts, you know them by diapers on their heads and will use and abuse their families and even kill them, with out any repercusions of any type. As long as the socialist/communist democrats, and the socialist/cmarxist.leader keeps talking smack, gun sales will kee buying smoke sticks. Also reloading supplies keep flying off of shelves.

    • Jeff


      I’m curious. Does it hurt a lot to be so stupid?

      • Texas Ride

        Do you disagree that there is a mug ugly brain-dead sow running the State Department, Jeff: If you do then you are naive and ignorant.

        Do you disagree that the pedophile, rug-scrubbing perverts, wearing diapers on their heads, will kill their own familites? If not, then you are naive and ignorant.

        That is the problem with “the ignorant” they haven’t the guts to acknowledge “truth” because they live in a fantasy world of their own.

  • BigIron

    It would seem to me that Cabrera has another recourse other than a ??? lawyer and the ??? courts.
    Check out the recent NC case (2012) where Rodney Dale Class, acting as a Private Attorney General using an 1866 law, successfully proved that the Police (among many other ?public? officials and agencies) are actually JUST “private” contractors and are not protected by “public” status and thus subject to “private” lawsuit and “private” liens. When the police misbehave (act unlawfully) ALL of their “stuff” is on the line! … they have NO public immunity (and really never had). This “police officer” appears to have behaved “unlawfully” (perhaps through faulty training) and appears to have caused “common-law injury” to Cabrera … and any who try to cover it up would also seem to be party to the injury and thus their “stuff” may also be on the line!
    To this officer I give this unsolicited biblical advice: “Agree with your neighbor quickly lest ye be taken before the judge.” (He should NOT try to cover up his mistake but apologize to Cabrera and ask his forgiveness as is proper).

  • 45caliber

    As a lawyer told me one time, it is impossible to not break at least one law a day simply because there are so many laws. Even the police know this. So if they want to arrest you, they can find a valid reason if they wish to look for it. Since it is difficult even for lawyers to find out if there is some law a policeman can quote, you generally do not have the ability to know when there is a law and when they are making one up. Even judges know this but they also know that it takes time (and money) to look so they simply agree with the policeman if he seems reasonable and you don’t.

  • Tracy Patterson

    Sounds like a case of a Spanish speaking person being given preferential treatment over an English speaking candidate in the selection process. Then once he is out in the field he is determined to show “Gringo” who is boss. Why should English speaking people feel disadvantaged in their own country?

  • Cyber Ed

    It’s interesting that the job of “Police Officer” ranked #7 on the list of the “Top 10 Jobs Likely To Attract Psychopaths” … it’s even worse now that we have developed into a police state and the majority of law enforcement agencies no longer do psych exams on new recruits!

  • Benjamin Fox

    I believe Robert Smith is just eddie, teddy 47 ways to be a commie. When did anyone ever hold you down idiot and make you believe in their religion, never idiot. I have preached the Gospel in 52 different countries and 20 years in a taxi, never used a gun, never tied anyone up, and if a person didn’t want to talk about the Gospel I’d talk about any other thing they wanted, so quit your cry baby lie’s, because that is all they are, idiot.

  • cawmun cents
  • http://yahoo sylvia

    i completely support Mr Cabrera. the officer was totally wrong. by the way, being Mexican has nothing to do with being a policeman. there are good, there are educated, and there are those who are just plain evil or ignorant…. these come in ALL colors.

  • Andy

    “Thank You! Officer for unlawfully harassing and arresting me.” “I’d just as soon to have your money as anybody’s, and I’m sure my attorney will feel the same way.” “Too bad for you that you have not kept up with the latest thing from the U.S. Supreme court on this topic. I’d have thought your police chief would have made sure that all the officers in this police dept. would have known of this finding by the Supreme Court to be able to avoid events like this where the city must raise taxes to pay the settlement to my attorney and myself.” “Yes, PLEASE ARREST ME FOR FILMING YOU FROM MY PRIVATE PROPERTY IN MY YARD!” ” I can certainly use the money.” Andy

    • Harriett S

      As tempting as it would be to make such a statement, it would probably result in charges of resisting arrest, threatening an officer in the performance of his duty, or some other thing which would lead to a legitimate charge. He’d find something that would stick.

      I think I would just smile sweetly and say, ‘Thank you, officer for making me a very rich person!” Then remain silent no matter how badly I wanted to give him both barrels verbally. I have learned that approach makes the other guy wonder just what you know that they don’t, and their lack of information puts the worry onto THEM.

  • lukn003

    This BullChit is going to continue As Long AS, We the People, the Taxpaying Employers OF these city, county, state, And federal government *employees*; dont Get a Grip and reign in the *employees*!

    ~+~Keep UP the Good Fight Americans~+~

  • Gary

    The remarks I have been reading upset me in the fact that most of the remarks are made on what you have read and not based on all the facts. I am a retired Police Officer and you statements are mostly aimed at all police officers. I myself had taken a camera from someone and removed and exposed the film. Before you make a judgement on me, I first want you to tell me what the person was taking pictures of. “No idea” He was taking pictures of a dead 4 year old bot that was hit by a in and thw boy was all mangled up. I am not attempting to defend the officer, but I wanted to point out that all the facts should be known before judgement is made. I also wanted to point out that it is noy all the police that are bad and that most are good honest men/women.

  • Dee Andrews

    Lawyers don’t want those cases. They don’t pay enough. There are limits
    on how much you can collect from a city. Thats all planned by the
    powers that be too. I have seen many of these cases turned down by lawyers.

    • thefiledocument

      So much for all the hungry lawers looking for a case to make money out of.

  • thefiledocument

    Seriously what good does his filming do. And if he had a real reason I bet he would definatly continue regardless of what the cop told filmer, and if the cop continued the citizen would put the cop under arest.


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