‘Bad Mothering’ Lawyer Allegedly Put His Kids In Client’s Will


BARRINGTON, Ill., (UPI) — An Illinois lawyer who helped his adult children in a “bad mothering” suit against his ex-wife allegedly wrote his kids into an elderly client’s will.

Steven Miner, a Barrington attorney who helped his adult son and daughter file the “bad mothering” suit against his ex-wife in 2009, is facing disciplinary action for allegedly writing his children into an elderly client’s will and stealing $500,000 from the client’s estate, the Chicago Tribune reported in Monday’s print edition.

George Collins, the attorney representing Miner, said his client plans to contest the disciplinary charges.

Miner is accused of putting the names of his children on the will for client Glenn Burren. The will said Miner’s children would get 40 percent of the estate and the rest would be split between Burren’s three children.

Miner and Burren had been acquainted since the 1970s, with Miner dating Burren’s daughter for a time and Burren later dating Miner’s mother. The two remained close and Miner called Burren “Pops,” an appeals court ruling said.

Miner helped his children sue his ex-wife in 2009, alleging “bad mothering” with offenses including refusing to take her daughter to a car show and telling her son she would call police if he didn’t buckle his seat belt when he was 7-years-old.

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