Bad Diets And School Shootings


Celebrity vegan trainer John Pierre, who visited Capitol Hill Monday to tout the benefits of a plant-based diet, told Congressional staffers that school shootings could be a result of poor nutrition.

“The average child is drinking over 50 gallons of soda pop a year… and every time you eat or you drink sugar it destroys B vitamins… which are for brain function,” Pierre told staffers as they enjoyed healthy snacks at the Capitol Visitor Center. “Now you couple that with violent video games, pornography, violent cartoons, violent music. And then is it any wonder that children are going berserk? And going into schools and shooting one another?”

Pierre, who trains celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, may have a point about the impacts of America’s processed-food diet on brain development. Unfortunately, his message to staffers is that laws need to be enacted which control how people eat and feed their children—a message that is guaranteed to be un-liked by conservatives no matter how health conscious they are.

H/T: Washington Whispers 

Sam Rolley

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