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Bad Call

January 4, 2011 by  

Bad Call

This past weekend, I sat in front of the television watching football and trying to ignore the headache I’d earned on New Year’s Eve. 2010 was a wild ride for me, but just like 2009, I managed to avoid committing any felonies. I deliberately complicated no criminal investigations. I did no time at any Federal penitentiaries. And for sport, I tortured and killed exactly zero dogs.

Despite this impressive year’s worth of credentials, I received no phone call from President Barack Obama. I didn’t even get a Christmas/Ramadan/Kwanzaa card.

Before the Obama apologists begin howling about his busy schedule or my lack of sufficient import, let me point out that the President DID make time to call Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. Obama didn’t ring up Lurie to discuss the multi-millionaire’s ideas to rescue the national economy Obama and the Democrats have driven into the same swamp Nancy Pelosi neglected to drain. He wasn’t looking for tickets to an Eagles game. He wasn’t seeking Lurie’s tips on where to get a great cheese steak. He wanted to applaud Lurie for offering employment to the convict, Michael Vick.

I’m well aware that any discussion of Vick is likely to inflame some passions. Some people are appalled by the idea of hanging, drowning and electrocuting puppies, and others are all right with it, as long as the perpetrator can run 40 yards in less than 4.5 seconds (and promises he’ll never, ever electrocute Fluffy for kicks again).

Evidently, we can count Obama amongst the latter. And maybe Vick should be back in the NFL. After all, it’s not like he’s Rush Limbaugh or anything.

According to Lurie, the President said of Lurie’s hiring of Vick: “So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance.”

That’s true. Of course, so many people who serve time can’t throw a football 65 yards without a counterweight trebuchet. In fact, I’m going to throw a flag on that play. The idea of Michael Vick serving as any kind of real-life example to his erstwhile Leavenworth huddle-mates is laughable. That’s presuming the remaining population of the nation’s penitentiaries isn’t as good as Vick is at reading blitz on third down.

Vick committed unspeakably ugly acts of barbarism for laughs and then did everything but hide in the locker room in an effort to avoid the sack by law enforcement. He went to a Federal prison, got out and immediately went back to a multi-million dollar job to which most prisoners — most EVERYONE — will never get closer than the TV.

Hey, I love a comeback as much as the next guy. I think it’s terrific that MSNBC gave Rachel Maddow a gig as Keith Olbermann’s Igor after that whole hate radio thing didn’t work out. And I certainly understand the appeal of the outlaw image. I can quote “The Godfather” like every American male. However, neither moronic television personalities nor mobsters tend to get sympathetic phone calls from the President of the United States. Well, at least mobsters don’t. I hope.

Of the many ex-cons who are actually leading productive, non-Snoopy murdering lives since their release, how many of their bosses will get a Presidential back-slap?

For that matter, a question for the President: Of the millions of Americans who haven’t electrocuted puppies, how many of their bosses is he planning to congratulate?

“Is this Sam Smith? Of Sam the Sham’s Shack O’Stuff? This is President Barack Obama. Sam, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for letting Bob Jones come back to work each day after not committing multiple felonies and then lying to investigators about it. You’re an inspiration to the bosses of people who lead law-abiding lives everywhere.”

To be fair, being President is full-time work. America is facing tough times at home and turbulent conditions abroad. And two weeks of golf, surf and sun on the taxpayer’s nickel in a tropical paradise is a serious undertaking. He barely had enough time to call the owner of a sports team to offer congratulations for generosity toward Cruella De Vil’s dream date.

Never let it be said that Ben Crystal wasn’t there to support his President in a time of crisis. Tell you what, Mr. President: I’ll handle the back nine at Luana Hills. You need to start dialing.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • MJ Montana

    Good God, a column wasted on Mike Vick as a dog killer. Check out the rap sheets on the NBA, the NFL, the Majors. Scores of them are felons.

    I am no defender of Vick and what he did to dogs. And I sure as heck am NO Liberal. Yet I find it interesting that Mr. Crystal picks on this all-pro QB because of what he did to dogs and not a mention of another all-pro quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, who likely committed rape last year.

    All yucks aside, is it because you Mr. Crystal value dogs over women? Or does it have something to do with your predisposition about an athlete being black, instead of the white?

    Please stick to what you do best Ben and talk about politics. Let ESPN and SI write about the pros and cons of forgiving Mike Vick.

    • JeffH

      MJ, “Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, who “likely” committed rape last year”…likely? You’re right, Ben should stick to politics and I sure wouldn’t want to see you doing jury duty…I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty?

    • Dan Burke

      We read this and some think it is great that Vick’s “repented,” paid his dues to society and so forth and is going to work. Some of us think it is terrible that Vick should be held up as a role model. Both sides are right.

      The problem I have is the President and his stand on this issue. I don’t trust the President, sadly. Not one bit. Unlike Vick whose done time for his crimes and has vowed to do it no more, the President is going for his agenda now through regulations it seems, EPA, FDA, and FCC to name a few.

      Plus, for this phone call, I wonder if the President isn’t motivated by racism. If this had been a penitent white man that had done time for a crime and was being welcomed back into professional football would the President have called then? I doubt it.

      I am sorry, I don’t really trust the President of the United States right now. Our President may not be torturing and killing animals personally, but as far as I can see he does show some of those same unrepentant traits Vick appeared to have before he was brought to justice. However, unlike Vick, there is nothing as far as I have seen thus far to really show he’s penitent after his “shellacking” in November.

      • jim

        Who care’s about RAPEBUGER what a scumbag raping young ladies .The Scumbag should have his nuts cut off.The N F L should rid thereselfs,of this scumbag and the PERVERT farve.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Good point in paragraph #3.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Referring to MJ Montana’s post.

    • S.C.Murf

      mj you are one person that definitely needs to make that POPPING SOUND,[offensive term removed]!

    • http://yahoo richard

      but how many of those felens did the pres. call

    • Eric

      I don’t think this article is as much about Michael Vick as it is the fact that the President of the United States took time to congratulate the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for hiring Vick. Why take time to congratulate someone for hiring a convicted felon, regardless of the offense they were convicted of. If Obama is going to recognize employers for hiring convicted felons, why not make some phone calls to all the fast food chains, convenience stores, and other establishments that have hired felons in the past. The whole thing makes no sense to me either way. Wouldn’t you think that the President would have things to do that are slightly more important?

      • libertytrain

        It is more about the campaign money he is hoping to get from the owner – nothing else.

    • http://none THOMAS PAIN

      Ill take a dog over a women anyday. at least the dog is loyal.and will lay down their life for the one they love.which is their master. will a woman do that for their man??????????????????????????

      • LeRoy Z.

        Thomas….sure, a woman will lay down her life for her man if he’s Muslim…she won’t have a choice, especially if he wants to guard his ‘honor’.

    • Bruce D.

      MJ there are two sides to every story. Would Ben Roethlisberger being white have been congratulated by President Obama if it was a case that he got a second chance? Why inject race into the issue when it was not implied or mentioned? It is people like you MJ who keep the idea alive that blacks are inferior and have to be protected because of their race. It is not the sixties anymore. Get off the soap box. Michael Vick deserves a second chance because he seems sincere in recognizing the brutality of his acts.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Bruce D–And why are you bringing up the race card??? Seems like you are the one with the problem concerning race. I can tell you how I feel, I wouldn’t give a damn if Vick was black, white, chinese, japanese, whatever. Race doesn’t mean a damn thing to me regarding this issue. This person is lowlife, regardless of color. I would be posting my angry comments regardless of the color of the person’s skin. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty and to hell with the race of the person involved. This person tortured animals and why? To get his kicks? Don’t throw the race card at me. It won’t work.

        • Bruce D.

          I was responding to MJ about race. That is why I said MJ. If you are going to respond to my posts you should think a little before you post.

    • http://deleted Claire

      MJ Montana– Race has nothing to do with this issue.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Especially as far as I am concerned–I call it like it is. Obama may have a different theory but that is his choice, not mine.

    • Dan

      You dope!!!! This article is about the fact that our moron president called to congratulate the Eagles owner on employing Vick. The story is about the pres not Mike Vick. Stick to politics? You should probably stick to reading junior high level fiction. You should sterilize yourself to save humanity the extra trouble.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Dan–Who are you calling a dope?

  • JeffH

    As much as I love dogs and abhore animal cruelty and what Vick did, he served his time and took the hit. Lets face it, in proffessional sports it’s all good as long as you win. As for the call from Obama…I could care less who he calls and won’t waste anymore time with it.

    In all honesty Ben, and I do love your style, this commentary isn’t worth responding to as it pertains to Obama.

  • Claire

    It was a “Bad Call.” Why waste time and energy calling and giving praise to a person that spent 18 months out of a 3-year sentence for dog killing when he should have served more time? Vick may have paid his time, but why call NFL and praise Vick? Wonder if Obama spent any time calling about the economy, jobs, the war, etc.? As far as some of the other players, they committed horrific acts themselves. Sure, everyone needs a second chance but when a person has the choice to conduct themselves like decent human beings, why do they commit these acts in the first place? Seems to me if a guy, regardless of their debatable character, can play good football, they got it made and to the NFL and NBL this is all that counts. I would not want these people to be examples for my children. I find no excuses for the behavior of Vick nor some of the other players. I find no excuse for Obama either. Human beings can help themselves, animals are at our mercy. You darn right I place animals’ welfare before some of these creepy people. If this makes me a Liberal for caring about animals then so be it.

    • Claire

      BTW–I find no problem with this article, keep up the good work, Ben Crystal. I “got” your message loud and clear.

      • Sue

        Claire, thanks for saving me the typing time – you are so right.

        • kate8

          Claire – I’ve gotta side with you on this one. This guy is scum and, like other famous folks who’ve been exposed for the creeps they are (Tiger Woods comes to mind), they only became repentant when they were caught. Otherwise, they’d still be at it.

          I’m unimpressed by their crockadile tears and pleas for mercy. As far as I’m concerned, that only counts when they confess BEFORE they’re caught. Afterwards, it’s just a ploy to minimize the damage to their careers.

          Obama should be tending to matters that involve the nation, not publicly inserting himself into situations of no real import. Besides, it always smacks of racism when he does.

          I thought this article presented another good case for what an unseasoned amateur this POTUS is, and what kind of issues he finds worthy of his attention.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Katae8–Regarding this stunt of his, I agree.

          • Carol

            Also, remember that this is a man who got a dog simply because the President is supposed to have a dog. Has he ever had a pet before this???

          • http://deleted Claire

            Carol–Probably not.

    • JeffH

      Claire, I fully agree with you on this.

    • Walt

      Clair, just to tell you liberals and democrats do not give a rat’s butt about anything but themselves. The one big Point that is pointed out is that barcrap hussien obama is a racist. A keyan for POTUS.

    • Dogma-Free

      I think I hear what you’re saying here.

      The reason most Republicans condone torture on human prisoners, but not animals, is because pets are at our mercy, whereas prisoners…er…wait, no…I guess that doesn’t really work…

      Okay, so why is it that most Republicans condone torture on human captives (as long as it’s not happening to our own soldiers, of course)?

      • Dan

        Dogma – If you compare waterboarding and scare tactics used on militant combatants to electrocuting and drowning innocent dogs, you have absolutely no brain.

  • dr john

    wrong you are–the punishment and killing of hunting and fighting dogs has been going on in the south for hundreds of years..handed down from family members–this doesnt make it right but also jail time doesnt cure the problem either–only hard physical work and monetary punishment works..How much money was wasted keeping mike in jail and how much money and work was lost by not making him pay

    • http://aol time to act

      he should be cleaning dog pens

    • FlaJim

      Didn’t Vick end up a bankrupt after his crack team of lawyers cleaned him out?

      • Karolyn

        That’s what I heard. Plus the fact that a large amount of money went to the dogs themselves for their care for life. I also heard he took the rap for his brother. In an interview he came across as a changed man.

        • S.C.Murf

          Ya right changed-as soon as he got out he was at a friends house and gun shots were reported and the police responded. He’s not supposed to be hanging around with this type of individuals according to probation records. But he’s right back at it, seems a zebra cannot change his stripes. You all want to clean up the gov’t., well you had better start at home with your own morals thinking.

          up the hill

          • http://deleted Claire

            S.C. Murf–You are correct, I remember reading about his “party” and the shooting.

        • Bruce D.

          It is difficult to know what is in a man’s heart especially when so much money is on the line for changing it. I agree Vick seems sincere. If people sincerely want to change and do it is better for society as a whole to allow them the chance to do so.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Sincere alright–about as sincere as a diamond-backed rattlesnake.

        • Claire

          Karolyn–Vick did not pay for the care of the dogs. A number of people went there and rescued the dogs. Vick didn’t pay for that. Two ladies from my town went there and took some dogs. Vick sure as hell didn’t pay them for gas money, dog food and the time it took for these women to rehabilitate the dogs. Vick (human being is questionable) is a creep. Sure he deserves a second chance–a second chance on a football field alright–penned in along with about 25 pit bulls. He would get just what he deserved. Second chance? What about the poor dogs and puppies he tortured? They sure as hell won’t get a second chance. I can’t stand this person–he is the lowest form of lowlife. This filthy man took innocent puppies, dogs and used them for bait so that his pit bulls would be the killers they became. They did horrifc acts of torture just to make those poor dogs fight. Disgusting. This entire issue concerning Vick makes me mad as hell.

          • kate8

            Claire – Torturing animals is the lowest of the lowest. Animals and kids.

            It makes me sick to think of helpless, trusting beings being treated in this way. I speaks loudly to what kind of person this guy is. As far as I’m concerned, he should have to endure similar torture, so he can think twice before even thinking about it.

            Some people have no conscience. I say, such people are too dangerous to be on the loose.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Kate8– Yes, animals and kids. People that torture kids should be put to death or serve a life sentence. Better yet, make them suffer the same torture.

    • JIBBS

      Dr. John, you make it sound like this a fun thing to do in the south just to waste some time. I’d have to say that he should have served out his complete sentence, and a fine over one million dollars. You might say that is way too much, well look at some of the fines that the regular “JOE” gets in court. He should not be playing football just for the fact that people and kids look up to sports stars as hero’s and try to aspire to that level………Vick is just a piece of human garbage, and to think that he said he want’s another dog, well let me tell you, rather than give him another animal, give him just what he handed out. Pet’s are dependent on their owner’s.
      P.S. I live in the South and it is not condoned like you might think it is.

      • S.C.Murf

        Thanks JIBBS

    • Pooh

      AND “the North.”

  • Richr

    Nice job Claire, I agree, I think Ben was merely pointing out how much of a racist MJ’s potus is. What’s next, a full pardon for OJ.

  • Dale

    What Vick did was more then fight dogs, he tortured them to death. In law enforcement this is a red flag as most serial killers start with animals and then progress to people. This is not to say every animal abuser is a serial killer but, it is a serious indication that there is a serious problem inside of the abuser.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Dale–You are correct.

  • andy stone

    actually OJ didnt do it , his son did but that has been forbidden to talk about ..american double jeopardy laws saved his ass and his kid got away with murder

    • pennsyltuckian

      Another conspiracy theory? So did his son kill JFK as the shooter on the grassy knoll?

      • andy stone

        Do some research , You might actually learn something.
        But i somehow doubt it..
        Your reaction to my post is pretty self evident that your going to attack anything that doesnt fit your idea of how the world works ..
        good luck

      • Dogma-Free

        No, JFK was likely killed by the CIA.

  • FlaJim

    The earlier posters to this article are missing the point. That the usurper holding the title of president has so much time on his hands, he would make this idiotic phone call is the crux of the situation.

    Once again, the Kenyan has demeaned his office and, by extension, all of us. For one thing, Vick is a sports figure. He gets paid absurd amounts to play a game once a week for less than six months of the year. It would be much different if the subject was someone who’d been exonerated and actually did something important.

    • kate8

      FlaJim – Thanks. That’s what I was trying to say. You just said it better.

    • JeffH

      FlaJim, I get it. I just felt that it is a waste of time to even give the usurper in chief the print. Dan Burke’s paragraph 3, as was pointed out ealier ,holds a lot of water regarding the POTUS phone call.



    When the party was nice, the party was jumpin’ (Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo)
    And everybody havin’ a ball (Hah, ho, Yippie Yi Yo)
    I tell the fellas “start the dogs fightin’” (Yippie Yi Yo)
    And the girls report to the call
    The poor dog show down

  • Pathfinder

    I find it amazing that killing dogs gets a person sent to prison while murdering unborn children is just fine. I don’t want to hear another word about animal cruelty until we stop murdering unborn children. As far as I am concerned, animals do NOT have rights : PEOPLE DO !!

    • JIBBS

      Did you vote for obama ?, you need to look at the law makers that you voted for to stop abortion, Laws protecting pets are already on the books. Did you call your reps. to tell them to stop abortion, did you speak out about to them, fax them, phone them, or just think about it?
      Thinking about something has never fixed anything. If you have not done any of the above, shut your piehole. Maybe you should experiance what that piece of shit did to those dog’s. I sent almost 3000 faxs from abortion to amnesty, healthcare, ect, ect. not to mention phone calls. What did you do?, did you speak out or JUST THINK ABOUT IT?

      • JIBBS

        I meant 300 faxs

    • http://deleted Claire

      Pathfinder–Yes, people have rights and they also have CHOICES. It is the people that are killing their own unborn children. Yes, if they kill their child, they should go to prison. Some are getting by with killing their children. These people can help themselves but obviously they choose to kill their babies. My point is that they have a choice and could choose to do the right thing, but they don’t.

  • jimmy joe

    Mr.Crystal makes a great point.Not just about the N.F.L.But the heartsless,souless Immoral state,that has become of this country.And the message it sends,about who we are as a people anymore.And as long as you produce for me,What satisfies me.Their is no immoral act i won’t accept.Not to mention the hypocrisy.And roger goodell,And the N.F.L. Are the godfather’s of hypocrites.If you Are A drug dealer,a gangmember,drive-by shooter,Murderer,rapist,or habitual sex offender.And yes a dog killer.A Slap on the hand,A Fine.And as long as you’re are exempt.If you are an enemy of america,One nation under god,and If you call our troops war criminals,In the middle of a war.You get A top spot on Sunday night footballs analisis team.As was the case last year.On N.B.C.But If you happen to be pro america,pro military,Pro-Life of dogs,and humans,Pro equality,Pro god,and pro freedom,equalty,and justice for all.Who dared speak truth.About the politically correct direction of the N.F.L.Was headed.The last great hope where merit got you the job,And not the color of your skin.Pity,fear,And guilt employment,And economics.Like the rest of society has taken this once great nation.This person(RUSH LIMBAUGH)Is not allowed to participate into the free enterprise system,and into the N.F.L.For telling the truth about the politically correct sports pundents desperation.To make Donovan McNabb into an automatically ordained joe montana.Based only on the color of his skin.As history always bears the truth,Rush was exactly right.Donovan mcnabb.Although he seems like a great guy,And not the jeffry dahmer of the animal kingdom,Like michael vick.Unlike joe montana. mcnabb was never a closer only flash,And excitement.That doesn’t win superbowls.A dream for the great black quarterback.There was one,Politically correct sport pundent morans.He took the washington redskins to the superbowl.where’s this mans kudo’s.A Black man who didn’t recieve equalty,and justice in the N.F.L.Barry sanders.For being denied release from the detroit lions,And was forced to retire early,And denied a shot at a superbowl.Thats Injustice;and I don’t believe they killed any dogs either.As michael vick will never see a superbowl win.Except as a viewer or back-up.And in the end its not just about winning.but how you play the game Isn’t It?They are already saying that brett favre should not be automatic first in hall of famer in 5 years.for text messenging another woman,or women.Fine with me character should matter.But do you think they would make the same call for any black athelete.For the same offense.Roger goodell is A politically correct coward,and a major hypocrite.And all who denied rush limbaugh.You are the epitomy of civil rights violators.As for you rush limbaugh.As always you were right again.

  • Sniper

    The problem is not them, it is US! We have REAL problems in this country yet we still choose to occupy our time and thoughts with these “Sports” diversions. NOBODY is worth millions of dollars to play a game; ANY GAME! What are these modern gladiators contributing to the economy? No, I am not referring to the local drug, booze, car, women, or Bling economy either. Just watch their antics on the field; any team, any day. Whenever they do what they are (Over) paid to do, they act like “Look at ME! See what I did!”!
    What they are doing is promoting their dress, sponsor companies, and especially (Unfortunately) their malicious actions. Without the financial means to do so, today’s youth’s turn to crime to obtain the possessions of their “Hero”.
    It is time we start promoting the REAL heroes that we should strive to be, businessmen! Not just businessmen, but REAL Businessmen who create jobs for, and employ Americans. Not some third-world child laborer who makes “Nike” shoes for $0.10 so they can be sold to impressionable inner-city youths (for hundreds of dollars) so they can be just like their overpaid and nefarious “Heroes”…

    • eddie47d

      Love your comments and so true.

    • 45caliber

      Sniper: I agree. Further, I believe that if the government wants to regulate safety, they should start with football. I seriously doubt if a single game has ever been played where at least one player didn’t receive what OSHA calls a recordable injury.

      And just think! If they did start regulating football, we’d have a new government in a week!

  • michael

    Yet another reason I’m glad I don’t watch sports. So now not only is it still a complete waste of valuable time and brain-cells watching other men run around in matching little uniforms, and invest emotions (or God forbid – money) into overpaid womanizing animal-torturing buffoons who never mentally matured past high-school… I also have the satisfaction of knowing there’s one more difference between myself and Obama.

    • TIME


      Great post.

    • andy stone

      Legend !! :)
      organised team sports are for brain dead automotons ..who would rather follow and cheer for someone they do not know , than think for themselves on issues which actually have some relevance and importance in todays rapidly changing world
      Keep on not following garbage .. 2 thumbs up for you sir!!

    • http://deleted Claire

      michael–I agree.

  • Average Joe

    I’m sorry Ben, you got it all wrong. You see, I heard from a friend…who heard from a friend…that “Bo’s” been messing around…and that Obabma was just trying to enroll Bo into the Michael Vick Advanced School of Dog training. You see, Barrack doesn’t have enough time (with all of the wonderful things he’s been doing to…er.. I mean for the country)to properly potty train ole Bo.
    They’ve run out of paper ( those old Hemp Documents will only hold so much urine and feses before they start to break down, don’t you know?).It is obvious that Barrack doesn’t have any newspapers to use (because he doesn’t read them…otherwise he’d know that the economy is in the crapper)….So , ijust wanted to set the record straight.

  • nathan

    my fellow dumb americans. we still don’t get it. it is not the president’s choice to make these calls and have a beer summit with the police and professor friend. no, it’s his savy advisors who are pandering to the blacks for their votes. you do remeber 2012 is right around the corner. are we really stuck on stupid. oh by the way I am Black….

  • Les

    The Point Here: Our elite rulers applaud (ex. Rangle’s standing ovation) the other American royalty. They didn’t applaud Joe the plumber when he beat the flood of attacks and IRS assault for telling the King he had no clothes. It is another shout out to an insane leadership of a failing nation.

  • eddie47d

    I guess the 3rd time is a charm. Ben Crystal and company get’s obsessed with certain subjects and plays them over and over. If he didn’t sway enough people the first time try try again. I watched a movie last night A Love Divided (true story) about a Catholic community in Ireland. Several Protestant families lived there also and the mother wanted her kids to go to the Protestant school. The father wanted these 2 girls to go to Catholic school. The head Priest demanded that the girls go to the Catholic schools and to make sure, all Protestants and their businesses were boycotted . Protestants were beaten up,farms burned and families turned against family. The mother left the country with the 2 girls but eventually came back. The girls were home schooled and the Catholic church was ignored by this family. I see Ben Crystal forcing his listeners to accept his version of events and if not he’ll bring out the torches and “persuade” his audience to see it his way. Ben Crystal is far from being a priest but has his own way of arm twisting.

  • bob wire

    bunch of disassociated mumbo jumbo.

    leaving me to guess, what it all means?

    Nothing! Dogs , football, Obama, vacations ??

    Let’s get back to work and make something happen, shall we?

    Seems the GOP is hell bent to waste congressional time with efforts to appeal HCR, holding on to their illusions of representing a majority, reading “in” ~ some kind of unspoken overriding mandate with 2010 election results. Much of the same notions and claims of a Majority of a minority we’ve been hearing about for two years. They won when they lost in 2008 and won when they won in 2010 ~ Let’s fact it! They just winners regardless!

    I’m wondering how many weeks or months they plan to waste time, beating their head against the wall while serious national business needing to be addressed?

    I hate to see the 112th congress start out on the wrong foot but it seems they have received a directive from GOD, so let’s get started and get through it.

    Not that HCR was so good ~ but the “powers that be” on capital hill seemed unwilling or unable to strip anti-trust immunity from health care providers or withdraw federal tax credits offered to select employers, offering to make the cost of health care within the reach of more Americans.

    The number of Americans that oppose present HCR are the same number that enjoyed the benefits offered by any disparity. I wouldn’t expect them to like any change that attempted to balance the load more evenly.

    That would be much like attempting to take a “Tax Cut” from a wealthy man!

    ~ It’s not seen as “gift” or “present” or “windfall” but as something that belongs to him and you are attempting to take it and deprive him of it!

    So there is no such thing as a temporary tax break,~ It’s forever! ~ There is no appreciation of this “employer tax credit to employees” that the rest of us tax payers pay. ~~ They are deserving ! because? I’m not sure why.

    I got my insurance ~ you don’t ~ that’s your problem and not mine! ~ You can do what I had to do, go to work for a blue chip company or government or government affiliation or vendor!

    ~~ Screw the dairy farmers, lumbermen, bus drives, Day care personal, Cab drivers, plumbers, newspaper delivery, pizza man, counter salesmen, hospice care, painters, tree trimmers, room service, cooks and dish wasters, cable guy, writers, ~ screw all the people that work for themselves, ~ screw the small independent businessman ~` screw anyone that don’t have a great paying job with perks like mine.

    ~ boy! I feel better!

    • http://yahoo richard

      since the democraps wasted two years passing it why not take a week getting rid of this pos

      • andy stone

        Blaming any of the parties is missing the point .. they ALL serve the same masters with the same agenda ..choosing between a douch’e or a turd is no choice at all.
        There are NO “parties” any more just business managers who serve the world elite global corporate ruling class , who dont get elected and are in power behind the scenes and stay there for a very long time ..even these are puppets for the REALLY rich men of this world..
        ROTHSCHILD’s estimated value $500 trillion dollars ..forget your gates and your soro’s they just toyboys for the big players!!

  • Jerry

    Speaking about Osama, er, I meant Obama, I think if we can keep him on vacation or studying the black athletes world, Maybe we can get Our nation back on a sensable and sane track to recovery. JK

  • BobfromCt

    Like Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Obama only got involved because Vick is black. So much for a post-racial presidency. Our current perverse society idolizes athletes to an absurd level while somewhere someone is working on a cure for cancer. Somewhere a doctor/nurse/emt is saving a life. Someone is feeding a hungry child. policemen and firefighters are heroes, not Vick or Ben R. I have many trophies in several sports but professional sports today makes me ill. And race is a significant factor as it has provided the venue for African-Americans to achieve fame and fortune. How else do you get into college with a 1.5 gpa? If one is a great athlete you get a private tutor (white or black)If pro sports were all white it would never have such dominance in our lives. Blacks need to aspire to other paths besides sports and entertainment. Is it possible to field a team of moral, ethical, worthy of role-model status men and women?

    • Sniper

      “…moral, ethical, worthy of role-model status men and women?”
      That used to be called the PGA…

  • Bill

    Vick will be busy this weekend when Green Bay knocks him and the Eagles out of the Playoffs!

    • http://deleted Claire

      Bill– I sure hope so- Go Packers!!!!

  • LRR

    Once again for the prez or press to make a call for vic and the congratulation for a good job on hiring vic and about giving second chances. vic is sorry he got caught and he should not be allowed to own an animal for the rest of his life. Maybe dogfights and their cruelty are OK in kenya, and did somebody say something about probation? It looks like, If you can throw a football, you can get away with anything and start right up again. I have’nt watched a football game since vic came back. I like football and I like dogs but I gave away my 3 German Shepards away because my neibors pit bull would sometimes get out and attack them, even the one that was a pup, and after callin animal control way over 20 times and they did nothing so I gave them away to keep them out of harms way. They had been together their whole lives as much as they could be with one being 7 years old and the mother of one and the youngest 6 mo. NO I DON’T LIKE PIT BULLS but no one should torture them just because they are not the strongest of the pack or for any reason, besides if he did’nt have fighting dogs(illegal), he wouldnt have to torture or kill any of them.

  • Donna

    So much for dog-killer Vick, at least we know who BO thinks is important. Makes no dif to me, I still think over paid grown men rolling around in the dirt doesn’t do a thing for me !!!!!!!

  • jopa

    Like I said before that Vick is a scumbag and also that kid of Huckabees that slaughtered his neighbors cats and dogs while they were still alive.He probably didn’t even go to any kind of rehab or maybe he was just forgiven by his father.They should both still be locked up.

    • http://deleted Claire

      jopa: I agree.

  • mom1954


  • Dee

    Can you imagine how those poor dogs and puppies suffered? They didn’t deserve to be treated this way. They should have done the same thing to Michael Vick. That’s the way Ted Bundy started out.
    Is Michael Vick now going to start on humans?
    He sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten this job in the NFL if he wasn’t a football player. He makes me sick.

  • American Citizen

    Obama keeps showing his stripes and they’re mostly black. Why he thinks he needs to interject himself into things that are of not importance is beyond me. But then, isn’t that why he thinks it’s OK to take myriad vacations on the taxpayers’ dimes? Rather, millions of dollars?

    If fans would quite attending or watching those pro games, maybe the leagues would clean them up.

  • Eddie Shruba

    Vick should be executed for what he did to those dogs.
    Our society has failed.
    As far as the Obamer goes “where’s the damn birth certificate”!!!

  • wisdom

    Politicians pick sides. The President went with the cats.

  • chuckb

    the previous comments by “bobfromct” hit the nail right on the head.we have a double standard in sports. i quit watching all sports on tv, mostly because of the caliber of players. the owners no longer have standards for the players, they would put a murderer on the field if he could out run the competition, it’s all for the money. some of these current players have been accused of rape, murder and drugs, not just one here and there and the public seems to care less, they keep idolizing these same people. of course, this is our liberal society, the hell with the rules.


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