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Back to the Land!

February 4, 2010 by  

Back to the Land!

In the coming months and years, self sufficiency will be the most important concept to our survival. In fact the words survival and self sufficiency are interchangeable and synonymous.

The idea of self sufficiency and survival are hard and harsh concepts to Americans who are in every way dependent on the system. I fear that most may one day be very hungry and forced to resort to stealing their food.

I have often remarked that an honest man will steal if he and his family are hungry. And if desperate enough, he may plunder or may even kill.

The only exception to this is the age group that was born in the 1930s. This small group could easily revert to the land without having a nervous breakdown.

If you have ever watched the movie, Gone With the Wind, you remember the desperate conditions people endured just after the Civil War. Prior to the war Scarlet O’Hara had the finest things that life in the Old South could give, but the war and devastation reduced her to poverty. When the war was over she still had the land. But with everything gone except the land, Scarlet was reduced to living on turnips and whatever she could grow literally with her hands.

That scene happened for real in Germany during World War I. Turnips became survival.

For more on food and water storage, and everything you need to prepare for the hard times that are coming, see my special report, How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you if you take small but determined action while there is yet time.

Oh, you have trouble believing that Scarlet’s plight could happen to you? Suppose you take my suggestion and prepare, and of all horrors, nothing bad happens? Well, everything that you have done to prepare—everything you have stored—you can consume.

Plus, you will have on hand food bought before the coming inflation makes limited food available at very high prices.

Most low-income people are having trouble getting affordable food now. Look around and you will see all the people who are overweight because they only get mostly low-cost high-carbohydrate food.

Some readers have asked lately how to go about storing food and how they can prepare for when times get rough. Here are answers to some of them:

What food items to store? Try to store food that has shelf-life and always rotate it. I bought a ton of brown rice 40 years ago and I am still eating it, after raising my children on it. I used diatomaceous earth to preserve it. Diatomaceous earth dehydrates bugs in grains.

Canned goods—fruits, vegetables and meats—have an expiration date. Buy extra every trip you make to the grocery store and be sure your rotate your stock to use the oldest first.

There are food kits available online and in some survival/outdoor stores that will sustain you through emergencies. Some of these contain all you need for survival and are marked to show how many people can survive off the food included and for how long.

How much to store? That is an individual problem and a difficult question that contains no set answer. The best bet is to watch what your family eats in a week and make note of it (how many servings of meat, vegetables, fruit and grains). Then you’ll have an idea of how much must be set aside for each week you think an emergency might exist. As for water, experts say each person needs about two gallons per day for drinking, cooking and hygiene. A minimum of three days supply should be kept on hand, and more is better.

Store seeds in your refrigerator. All who want a garden should store natural seeds, not hybrid seeds. Store some each year from your crop.

(Editor’s note: For more detailed information on surviving food and water shortages and more, see my special report, How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization. I have also reviewed an excellent book on food and water storage entitled Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook. Click on the title to read the review and for a link to purchase the book.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robert

    It would be great to but a parcel of land so that one would have something to fall back on in the event of a total collapse of the economy. Plant seeds to feed yourself and family. Drill a well so you have water. This would be a fine strategy in the past but not today. Government could threaten this back up security one might have. We see peoples properties being confiscated under the guise of eminent domain. Washington is trying to pass legislation that would effectivelly put all water in the US under government control. I’m sorry friend, but until the American people take back our contry from these criminals who call themselves politicians, this alternative is too risky for anyone to take the chance of buying land for their needs.

    • DaveH

      I’m inclined to agree with you Robert. The survival techniques would only be a temporary fix. The more permanent solution is for the people to wake up, get together, and take our freedom back. Speaking of temporary fixes, the Republicans are not going to be the long term solution to our problems. We need to educate people to the concepts of real freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. Get Big Government out of our life choices.

      Vote Liberatarian!

      • Robert

        Just finished reading the Libertarian platform. Thanks for adding the connection on your other replies. Will be visiting that sight to learn more. So far, I like most of what I read. Those that I didn’t like right off the bat I will be looking at the sight for more info so I can better understand their position. At least it not the same old blah, blah, blah, etc,etc,etc you find on the other two parties sight.

        • DaveH

          You can get answers from these websites:
,, and

          One of the biggest problems people have with the Libertarians is their drug stance. But History provides the answer. With Prohibition the worst segment of society (organized crime) was enriched, innocent people were caught in the crossfire, and it just didn’t work. And keep in mind that drugs come in much smaller packages making them much easier to transport than was alcohol. Also, most of the crimes attributed to drugs stem from their ridiculously high prices which result from their illegality.
          If people want to poison their bodies, only a totalitarian society would even have a chance of stopping them. The cure is worse than the disease.

          Here is an article from Cato on the drug wars:

          • TeresaE

            Dave, with all due respect.

            Most of the crime associated with drugs comes from the illegalities of it.

            Do the majority of liquor store owners sell to underage kids? No, they will not risk their family’s survival for some punk kid.

            The corner drug dealer is already breaking the law by existing, it doesn’t matter if he sells to kids or seniors.

            LEGALIZE, tax it and control it, much like alcohol.

            Drugs are not illegal because they are dangerous (and the same percentage are addicted today as before the “war”), they are illegal because it gives the government an excuse to grow, spend, pay for life and then control, regulate and confiscate OUR personal property. And we sheep bought the lies, hook line and sinker. Save us, protect us, keep us safe and punish the evil ones.

            The truth is right there if we would only look. And turning a nation that had 20% of teens smoking pot, into a nation that has 40% of teens on mind-altering, health-killing pharmaceuticals is NOT the answer.

          • Meteorlady

            Drug on the street are a problem because they eat up law enforcement dollars. If you study Europe, lots of places are legal. Amsterdam and a lower crime rate because of legalization. That means that the money they save can be passed over for interdiction programs. Each morning a van goes through and picks up anyone that want to stop using. As for pot, it’s not anymore harmful than alcohol and does probably less damage. Why is it not legal? Probably there are a lot of people making a lot of money off the illegality of it. Drugs are a personal choice and should be left that way.

          • kodster5

            MeteorLady, you’re right on the money. The ones who benefit the most by the prohibition of legalizing pot is big pharma, chemical companies (including Big Oil), and the organized crime syndicates. Does anyone realize that up until 1937, pot was legal in the US? In fact, our founding fathers ALL grew it. It was a mandatory crop, that was used as a cash barter. It has SO many uses, including a food source, a fuel oil that works more efficiently than fossil fuels, and it is a renewable resource. Yet, the federal government chooses to outlaw it, because of companies like DuPont, because they cannot patent a naturally-occurring commodity. And NO one has ever died from using pot… not in over 6,000 years.

          • http://Don'thaveone Sally

            I have always been for legalizing drugs and prostitution. When I lived in Panama both were legal. The houses of ill repute were inspected regularly by the health department so that they wouldn’t be passing on sexual transmitted diseases. If you were tall enough to put your money on the bar, you could buy alcohol or drugs, it didn’t matter. There were no problems. Only problems were burglars however, if you awoke they wouldn’t kill you, they would just run. Burglarly was condoned by the Catholic Church there because they said if you were poor and in need, you could rob from the rich.

          • DaveH

            As you stated, the teens are doing it anyway. In fact, I believe that the illegality of it thrills rebellious teens who are desperately seeking freedom. The wildest teens I knew when young were from very strict families (cops’ kids, ministers’ kids, etc.). I, on the other hand, ran unsupervised when a teenager because both parents worked. And I have only used drugs once in my life, and that was one drag on one joint. I didn’t inhale though (just kidding). I raised my daughter the same way and she got into her share of trouble but quickly learned from her mistakes because she had nobody to rebel against.

          • Curtis S

            Kodster… Marijuana was NEVER a mandatory crop. You’re thinking of hemp. HEMP is a food source, a fiber source, a paper source and so much more… EXCEPT you can’t get high smoking hemp. Hemp and marijuana are very closely related, look identical but are NOT the same plant. Hemp has many uses Marijuana has ONE use, to get high.

          • L, USA

            THC found in cannibus is a chemical compound which acts upon the human living cell structure on the chromasomal level, by splitting it into morphosis. This can produce, among other effects, birth defects in the conception of children. Also, the probablitiy of cancer formation is greatly increased beyond the norm. Drug use is one of the major propensities of a socialist society.

          • denniso

            The force behind keeping drugs illegal and fueling the drug war and the billions wasted on it,is almost totally the rightwing religious faction who want to dictate what people do to their bodies. If the more sane rightwingers would push the Repub party away from that position,we might make some progress against what is one of the most ridiculous,harmful and wasteful policies we’ve ever engaged in for so long. The Dems are afraid of confronting the issue as long as the Repubs are willing to use it politically…do something productive and get your ‘conservative’ leaders to stop the absurd ‘war on drugs’!!!

          • Yandle

            Reading your comments, it sounds like you have already overdosed on drugs. We who still have our sanity will not allow you drug pushers to get our children addicted to your mind destroying substance. This nation is on the brink of destruction because of people with a mindset like yours who love darkness rather than light. Drug addicted people affect our whole society and not only themselves. We have three parties in this country: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Hallucinogenic Drug Party (which you support). History provides the answer alright and you only need to go back to yesterday and look at our drug addicted society or you can go back a couple of thousand years to see how it destroys people.

          • denniso

            OK Yandle…first,just because you don’t understand a point in an argument you shouldn’t jump to ridiculous conclusions…childish. I assume from your comment that you are in favor on outlawing all alcohol and cigarettes,since they are the two largest areas of destructive drug use?? If not, why not? More death, pain and destruction and societal cost are involved w/ the 2 main drugs used in our country. I can imagine that you are a puritan hypocrite and probably drink and maybe smoke…
            For your info, I don’t smoke,drink or do any drugs. The drug war and it’s cost to society will be recognized in the future as one of the stupidest and absurd and totalitarian policies in our country. Smarter people will look back at the people like you who kept the drug war going for decades and shake their heads in amazement at the terrible folly of our time.

          • Yandle

            denniso, I do know what hallucinogenic and mind altering drugs do to people and that God forbids abusing our body with such. I believe I will trust God instead of you.

          • denniso

            And, alcohol isn’t a mind altering drug’??? You and people like you want to pick and choose which drugs you get the gov’t to outlaw,and like most hypocrites,you want to do the same. Alcohol is way more destructive and damaging to people and all society than a simple weed like ‘pot’. Have you considered that you are doing the bidding for the hundred billion $$ alcohol industry,to keep out competitors from their ‘drug industry’???

          • Yandle

            denniso, You are an idiot and therefore cannot have an intelligence discussion. A simple weed (?) is not the only thing involved here. We are talking about something that destroys lives and KILLS. Your promotion of the means to take these lives makes you a MURDERER and YOU will answer to Almighty GOD for it, period. You cannot legalize sin with GOD. The end of our conversation! May GOD have mercy on your soul!

          • denniso

            Yandle…take it easy. You didn’t answer my question…are you going to push to ban alcohol? It destroys far more lives than pot ever could,and is also a ‘mind altering’ drug. At least be consistent. And for the record, like I said before, I do no drugs and am personally against them…the point is that the drug war makes things worse and is NOT EFFECTIVE.

      • JessD

        Sorry DaveH, but that would only make things worse. The people who are not now, but would switch to the Liberatarian party are currently voting Republican. That means the conservatives would lose votes and the Damnocrates would win elections. NOtice that the Republicans will punish their own when they mis-speak or cause problems for the party (example- Newt G), while the Damnocrates cover, excuse, and reward their worst people.
        The solution is the work within the Republican party to promote the best of the conservatives and get rid of the ones who only talk conservative but vote, live and side with the liberals.

        • Meteorlady

          Your view is exactly what the media and current parties want you to believe. If you look at it like this – NO VOTE IS WASTED if you cast it by becoming educated about your candidate, they are the loosers. If we keep thinking that we are taking votes away from a particular party/candidate, we will never have anything other than what we have now. Who said it – I can’t remember, but goes like – you cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Even an internet campaign for a write in candidate might work if enough people got behind it. Think about the power you have in just your vote and then add others that think the same and that power goes beyond your expectations.

          • DaveH

            That’s right Meteorlady. If we keep voting for the lesser of two evils we will never achieve a reducition in Government.

          • bigbendmarshall

            It’s called the definition of insanity,”Doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

          • Bon, from the Land of Babble

            I am a teacher in a low income area where all of the children receive ‘free’ breakfasts and lunches.

            Lately, they are complaining of being hungry and I’ve noticed the ‘free’ meals have been reduced quite a bit and look meager as compared to previous years–anything left over is immediately hauled back to the school cafeteria and locked up. Last year, leftover milk, fruit, etc. was distributed freely to the kids. Not so any longer. I’m guessing that for a lot of these kids, school is the only place they eat all day.

            I live in California which has been run into the ground by the Bolsheviks and is dead broke due to massive overspending, unfettered illegal immigration and a large, growing welfare underclass that has replaced the productive class which has been driven out due to satanic taxes and regulations.

            What did Milton Freeman say about free immigration and a welfare state being incompatible?

            I am preparing for the coming food riots. Remember, water may not be potable so I’ve bought water purifying tabs and a set of straws (from a camping store) that filter out parasites and bacteria down to a very small micron.

            I would only add to your fine article to not forget your animals in your preparations. I have a large, fierce, pit-bull/police dog mix that loyally guards our property, the small yappy dog is the sentry–his sensitive little ears pick up any unusual activity well before the large dog and he sets off the alarm–but once the large dog is alerted and appears, a few deep growls sends anyone quickly across the street. These dogs are my first line of defense!

            It is also getting hard to procure ammunition in California, luckily, we began stocking up over two years ago when the financial advisors I follow began recommending preparing for large scale riots sure to follow when hyper inflation hits–the rich will be targeted, that is anyone who has anything. People will be desperate and if they’re starving they will kill.

            One financial newsletter mentioned that a reader wrote in that he drives a fuel tanker and lately has been receiving a lot of orders to fill large hidden fuel tanks on wealthy properties–he said he’d noticed that many of these properties were in the process of re-fortifying their walls, re-building their fences much higher and topping them with spikes, installing large generators, and building outdoor cooking areas. Seems they know something about what’s coming.

            Here is an excellent list compiled by ‘Sarajevo Survivor’ of the 100 most important things to stockpile.



          • JC

            Bon, I checked out the link. Excellent.
            And it leads to a lot more good information.

          • J C

            I don’t see the point in trying to prop up the existing mainstream parties. They are corrupt beyond redemption and voting for one out of fear of the other is what we’ve been doing for years and look what it has gotten us…more of the same over and over. Insanity.
            Go ahead and vote Independent, Vote Constitutional….Vote Libertarian. You might be surprised to see a landslide effect.
            Whatever percentage the third party(s) get will be a precentage that is not working against you and we have to start somewhere.

          • L, USA

            The true definition of insanity is to be without the “fear” of God. The inaccurate definition is actualy defining patience. Ex. If your new islamic master begins whipping you up across the head and shoulders with cords, your “atheist” [where a=no, theist or theo=God ..forme] a s s may just stand and resist for a short time, but you w i l l move. It’s just a matter of time. Even the muslims get it. Who knew?

      • kodster5

        Libertarian is not the answer! It’s educating people to the truth that has been veiled from our eyes. It’s the “liberals” who have re-written and hidden our true history, what our founding fathers, and even the original pilgrims arriving on our shores, and why they did what they did. It’s getting people to open their eyes and believe that this is NOT what our country was meant to be like. And then to stand as a group… ALL of us together… to stand up to the dragon of big government, and say NO! We’ve had enough, and we’re not going to stand for it any longer.

        Mark Kirk of IL was selected as the Republican candidate in IL. He is, in reality, another standard issue GOP… a milque toast of a candidate. He is a Progressive. The Progressive movement is what got us into this mess. We need candidates that stand on our US Constitution, our founding principles, and understand that it’s going to take a handful of people with similar conservative morals and standings, to bring down Congress from inside the system. That, and the people revolting, tax-wise, to choke the dragon off. Are we up to that??? I feel that we must, or we are definitely going to experience what Bob Livingston predicts will happen in the next 6-24 months.

        • Meteorlady

          You just described the Libertarian party.

          • J C

            He sure did ;). Funny isn’t it? How people will reject something they don’t understand, just because they don’t understand it.

        • Jockamo

          “On February 4, 2010 at 9:06 am Kodster5 wrote:
          Libertarian is not the answer! It’s educating people to the truth that has been veiled from our eyes. It’s the “liberals” who have re-written and hidden our true history, what our founding fathers, and even the original pilgrims arriving on our shores, and why they did what they did …”

          You have GOT to be kidding. Our founding forefathers WERE liberals. Look up the definition of “liberal” and stop subscribing to the Bush definition that tries to reapply a new definition to the term to that of an insult or a bad thing. A liberal is one who is for the most freedoms guaranteed under the law, period. The Bush admins and the Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly-morons continue to ply the (incorrect) Bush definition of “liberal” and people like you continue to buy into this bullshit. Many people continue to misapply the term as if it is a bad thing. I for one am PROUD to be a liberal. One only has to look up the definition in any dictionary to find how a large segment of educated and uneducated do not understand what the term really means. Sheople like yourself continue to parrot what they hear regarding the term “liberal” despite the fact that they are simply placing their ignorance on display for the masses. The dumbing down of AmeriKa (SIC)continues. Think for yourself people and stop letting the political parties do it for you …

          • kodster5

            No, our founding fathers were RADICALS, not Liberals. Even Jesus Christ was considered a RADICAL. Those are people who truly believe in change, not Socialist Liberals.

          • kodster5

            Here’s an interesting article from the Chicago Tribune archives… defining what liberalism is. To me, it pretty much condones Big Government… let’s take care of the unfortunate who are too lazy to take care of themselves. When liberals, who are a small portion of the population, and force their viewpoints on the majority… again, it is the eliteist thinking that they know how to take care of the rest of us. Thank you, but no thank you. I have taken care of myself and my own very well without government assistance. There has been times when I had hand-ups, but not hand-outs… i.e., unemployment insurance claims, welfare, and food stamps… but not a permanent lifestyle, as so many have become generationally dependent on Big Government. These programs were never intended for people to become complacent on. They were only meant to be hand-ups, to get people from point A to point B, between jobs. That’s why I agreed with Jesse Ventura’s plan to limit welfare recipients to two years… in which time they were to get schooling, job training, etc., and then get off, unless they could prove otherwise.

            This is where “liberals” have gone too far, and I don’t agree with their viewpoints. I agree with the states that limit hand-outs… like MT being a right-to-work state… they discourage people getting used to living on the dole, but rather, force them to work, by limiting access to dollars. That is why MT is succeeding in having a balanced budget, along with other states that limit such drains on their budgets. That is why CA is failing and going bankrupt… too many people tapping out their resources, along with other states… too many liberals who don’t want to contribute to the wealth.

            Did you know that liberals are really some of the most stingiest people in the world? Look at your hero, Obama… he contributed exactly $386 to charity on his last tax return. Yet, he wants to spend, spend, spend everyone else’s money. However, conservatives and Christians (not necessarily one and the same) open up their wallets far wider and share the wealth more easily, when they can control their own pocket. I hate have liberals reach into my pocket and steal what they want, without me having a say in it.

          • DaveH

            The original founders were indeed Liberals in their time. But we now refer to them as Classical Liberals which is really the same thing as Libertarians. Freedom from Big Government is what our Founders advocated.
            The people referred to now as Liberals advocate the growth of Government to cure all problems (which it can’t do).

          • DaveH

            And Kodster,
            Good point. My experience has also been that the Liberals want to share the money of others, but when it comes to sharing their own they are very stingy.

        • bigbendmarshall

          Why has no one breached the topic of term limits? Wouldn’t that automatically solve at least some of the problems in congress, ie… greed and a uncontrollable lust for power. Just a thought…

          • DaveH

            I think somebody has.
            Term Limits would create a disincentive for our legislators to perform, like socialism saps people of incentive. Why would they care if they knew their time was limited? Imagine, for instance, if all the current Democrats knew they were out next fall. Do you think they would be more or less prone to pass HealthCare, and Cap and Trade?
            The only good answer is for the people to get more politically educated and active.

          • Curtis S

            I’m not trying to be difficult but why do you need term limits? Isn’t that what voting is all about? Shouldn’t the electorate dictate term limits? (In theory I guess this is how it’s supposed to work.)

      • http://N/A Patriot

        Vote Lib if you choose but please know that you might as well stay home on election day. We currently live in a two (2) party system. Face that fact, IT IS A FACT. Vote Dem vote Rep I don’t care but every other party is just splitting the ticket. That’s how we got a socialist in the White House. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see a 3–4–5 party system, but it’s not here, and it won’t be in my lifetime. Pick the party that is closest to your views and vote for them. I have talked to a LOT of Liberals and Independents and they agree with Rep views on most issue. New Years Day I spent over seven (7) hours talking POLITICS with a staunch Dem. We agreed on every single item we discussed, and mind you I am a staunch Conservative Constitutionalist. He is as fed up with the Dem’s as I am with Rep’s but by GOD one of the two will always prevail at the National Level, so vote for one of them or stay home. On the local level vote any way you want and maybe some day “YOU” will be able to establish another “VIABLE” party. I’ve tried and I Pray you can accomplish what I could not. Again on the National level there are two parties—PICK ONE !!!!

  • Chris Botha

    When are we all going to stop complaining about this criminal elements in our society to day that call themselves learner ed friends of the people the politicians . Nothing will ever change if we don’t stand up for our rights and take back that rightfully belong to us . I think they were left alone for to long to do as they please. It is going to take a lot of guts and a very strong leadership that will have to come to the for and take control of these criminals.Its like we have fed a bunch of kids sweets for a long time and now we are going to take it away from them . There will definitely be a revolt and a fight that we will have to prepare ourselves for .
    They are not just greedy but are spoiled to hell and gone by us .This must stop and the sooner we take action the better . America stop talking and take action .

    • DaveH

      You’re right Chris, a large segment of society has been spoiled and it isn’t going to be easy to unspoil them.

  • DaveH

    Here is a speech given by Jimmy Carter in 1979. At the time we were experiencing skyrocketing prices which were blamed on the Oil Companies (always the scapegoats), but in reality were due to out of control Government spending, Government regulations, and excess money creation:

    Keep in mind that just a year later we threw the bum out and Ronald Reagan rolled back government regulations, and spending, and money creation. The results were almost immediate. Gasoline shortages were erased, and prices plummeted. Gasoline went from an average cost of more than $1.30 cents a gallon to below $1.00 a gallon, and stayed there for about 20 years.
    Ronald would have accomplished even more, but his own Republican Party members in Congress were doing their best to control his freedom loving ways.

    • DaveH
      • JessD

        For the Libertarian party to become a viable party for the office of President, the party must establish a grassroot level of elected positions at the city, county and state levels. They must also show by example that their policy work better than the other parties. Right now, those few areas where the Libertarians have good control, are having the same problems as the rest of the country. The Libertarians are not at this time showing them selfs to be better managers or have better policies.
        I would support any local Libertarian if any were running in my area, but as of now, I have to support conservatives in the Republican party to help keep the liberal/socialist out.

        • DaveH

          Actually Jess,
          I think Libertarians would appeal to members of both parties. Many Democrats just don’t like Republicans telling them what they can drink, or smoke, or who to have sex with, etc., but they don’t subscribe to stealing the money of others (redistribution of wealth). And many Republicans don’t believe in protecting people from themselves, but they don’t like Big Government helping themselves to their money. I think these people would embrace Libertarianism if they understood the principles of the Libertarian Party. Our major problem is getting the word out. John Stossel on Fox is doing a great job of spreading the message.
          In a nutshell, we believe that a person has inalienable rights to his/her own body and legally acquired property.

      • Al Spiker

        I intend in all certainty to vote. I will NOT vote for ANY incumbants and would encourage everyone to do so. If we can do this we will essentially set our own version of “TERM LIMITS” which we badly need!

        • http://N/A Patriot

          Right now term limits is the fastest way to change things in D.C. Vote ALL incumbents out NOW. It will send a message to both parties and be the quickest way to establishing a 3rd “VIABLE” party.

    • DaveH

      I didn’t realize this wasn’t the full speech on the video. Here is the full speech by Jimmy Carter:

  • james shelton

    Please GOD send us a leader to bring the country YOU gave us back to you.
    In JESUS’ name I pray AMEN

  • http://N/A Garrett Rutledge

    Food, medicines, clothing, and knowledge are all vital, but several issue may be just as, if not more important. I’m talking about firearms and the knowledge how and when to safely use them, and general practice runs. I’ve got all the materiel I think I need and have practice many times in the Alaska wilderness, Alaska being where I live. When my son was young, we would go on one to two week backpacking trips in the Alaska wilderness, taking only some canned and freezedried veggies, shooting or catching (fishing or snaring} any and all protein we ate. We became quite adroit at this and neve went hungry or thirsty. But it’s coming and going to get worse. One had better be ready both physically, mentally and most of all spirtually for the coming trials. Best of luck.

    • JC

      Garrett, I’m with you. Not only should you own guns. You should know how to take them apart and clean them. You should know safety, (make it muscle memory) and you should learn to load your own rounds.

    • denniso

      If our society ever does collapse totally,the hordes of starving people will get you in short order,all of your guns notwithstanding.I’ve got a radical idea…why not work w/ the millions of others who are trying to keep things going so we don’t collapse? Is that too boring and productive for the mountain men on this site?

      • J C

        denniso, that would be a nice idea if the idea of “keeping things going” wasn’t also the death march of our freedom. Sorry, but the starving hordes will have to suffer whatever fate their own sheep like behaviour brings them.

        • denniso

          So, are you one of the people who actually want the system to collapse in order to remake it in your image? If so, that’s a terrible way to get ‘improvement’ in a society.

          • J C

            Not in “my” image. In the way the founding father’s layed the foundations for a Republic with limited Federal powers. Do I want the country to collapse, of course not. Do I want the Leviathan Anti-Constitutional Federal System of Crony Capitalism to collapse? Absolutely. What we have now is criminal and needs to be severely punished as a lesson to future legislators. America needs to be reborn…as America. You know, Land of the free, home of the brave…land of liberty. The opposite of what we’ve become.















  • Harold Olsen

    I agree that an honest man will steal to feed his family and himself. The question is, what excuse does Obama, Pelosi and Reid have for stealing from us?? The only hunger they have is a hunger for power.

  • Harold Olsen

    The first income tax levied in the United States was during the Civil War. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled it unconstitutional. That didn’t last very long. There are many people today who believe, and they may be right, that the income tax is unconstitutional. But, it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be overturned. Our politicians are too damn greedy. As far as they are concerned, the money we earn is theirs, not ours!

  • Susan

    Robin Sing;; Sounds like The Borders that Countries have That were created during the DAYS OF NOAH. Up until the FLOOD OF NOAH all LAND MASS was CONNECTED. I have always believed If One Took all the LAND and Pushed it all together borderwise. The Pieces would all fit together. FOR The FLOOD in Destroyed everything and everybody that had also NOT BELIEVE Noah building the ARK was for a PURPOSE because the rain was coming that GOD CAUSED. THE FIRST RAIN STORM, On a DAY to begin ON GODS timeing NOT mans. Does anyone remember THE WORD of OUR LORD. already written “First and latter rain”? the first rain destroyed all accept GODS SAVED Noah, His family of EIGHT. GOD CREATED in 6 Days=thousand years, Rested on the 7th, The number 8, 9,10, are three more days, after the day of rest. God’s time? has never and will never be the same as ours. With the LORD GOD, One day is as a thousand years one thousand years as a day. Mans days are 24 hour. 7 days a week, 52 weeks, 365 days our year. God used Numbers He did not name them He Numbered them. God Created all that Mankind would need BEFORE HE created MAN. OR fashioned the woman for him. The Latter rain Did not Happen UNTIL GOD ALLOWED THE SHEDDING of HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SONS BLOOD. REMEMBER THE death of the First ADAM, had to be before the Second Could be. without SIN, there would not have ever been a reason for THE LORD GOD TO GIVE HIS SON FOR THE SIN OF ADAM. GOD NEVER TOLD EVE THE WOMAN ANYTHING BEFORE SIN WAS COMMITTED/ THE LORD GOD GAVE MAN HIS ORDER, RULE, DO NOT FORGET ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY GOD FOR THE MAN it was THAT first man THAT was TOLD by HIS FATHER THAT GAVE HIM LIFE. WHAT TO DO. SO WHERE THEN does THE FALLEN ANGEL come from. I HAVE YET to have HEARD, or Read anything about GOD HAVING SAID anything about CREATING ANY ANGELS in HIS IMAGE. GOD THE HEAVENLY FATHER, DID NOT SPEAK for the First day, the second day, HE Spoke On the Third day, When GOD SPOKE. HE said “LET THERE BE.”He did not Cease Speaking Until the Sixth day he RESTED on the seventh.

    The Rest of His DAYS and ours are History. with the number 8,9,10, Not forgetting that HIS TIME has Never been OUR time. The First rain he destroyed by RAIN STORM WATER TO FLOOD the EARTH and DESTROY ALL ACCEPT THE MAN and HIS FAMILY HE THE LORD CHOSE. TO BUILD THE ARK. =Ship=Boat= GOD led all the animals. that would be needed. THE OLD was the New is still Truth So the first rain was the evidence we have to this day. After the Storm. the latter rain has yet to be manifested and known by all. THE LATER RAIN has been EVER SINCE. THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON WAS GIVEN to BE THE SALVATION FOR THAT that OUR LORD GOD THE FATHER had MADE. OUR LORD MADE THE FIRST, AND GAVE ALL TO SAVE WHAT HE HAD MADE.

    History forgotten….. Sometimes Memories are as much a curse as they can be a Blessing. There are the few. that Remember What THUS the LORD hath SAID HAD WRITTEN AND DONE. BECAUSE GOD is the same Yesterday, Today, and HIS WORD will Still remain and be the same TOMORROW. Whom then shall anyone, called Man Male, Woman Female SAY THE Lord has made a mistake and does not DO just as HE has PROMISED both in the WORD OF OLD. and WORD OF THE NEW, When JUDGMENT comes to any of us We are Guarrenteed to Face HIM without anyone But the CHRIST JESUS to be The ONLY ONE to SAY. NOT GUILTY. or Depart from NOT this person. No This He has already also written Only the Young. the most Innocent Can know TIME and Age tends to Give men and woman forgetfulness. For the many. There have been those few. that to not forget is both a curse and blessing. a mcurse because of knowing HIM AND HIS TRUTH, and a BLESSING because WE know His Heaven and His Hell and THE LAMB of GOD IS risen. Waiting NOT for Us in OUR TIME. ONLY BY the FATHERS TIME. Mans time has never been HIS.

    This None of us can Change.

    Predestination Is also a word So is destiny, Our Death and our Life, Our cursing and our blessing is not ever and can never be our our will Only in the choice we make as Flesh we have made bad choices NONE can say they have not LIED about something at sometime. MOST OF US ignore THE truth of the SIN WE ARE GUILTY OF COMMITTING. SOME OF US CANNOT FORGET our SINS WE ARE GUILTY OF. BECAUSE WE KNOW TRUTH OF WHOM WHAT AND IN WHOM WE HAVE BELIEVED AND WHY. WE KNOW OUR SALVATION IS BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD SHED NOT because IT never happened No because it did. GOOD NEWS of THE GOSPEL OF a man BORN in BETHLEHEM CALLED the MAN from Galalee A man in the middle between two guilty. That is the LOVE MERCY AND GRACE that NONE but HE could GIVE for any OF we that Will DIE a Physical material death. The Latter rain WAS his RESSURRECTION. THE BODY was NEVER stolen. THE SPIRIT of THE WORD can never be Stolen , Killed or Destroyed By MANKIND. HIS KINGDOM IS FOREVER. SO is THE PROMISE OF DEATH FOR THE PHYSICAL Born Once Die Twice, Born twice die Once. HE waits

  • JC

    If you dig long enough and hard enough you will find that the IRS operates at “arms length” from the government. That’s because they are not a government entity at all. They are the collection branch of The Fed and it’s owners. They lend the government the money and they also get to collect the return capital and interest. In turn the government is allowed to borrow endlessly against our labor.
    They are an entity we didn’t vote for who are responsible to no one.
    Its a beautiful scam. You have to admire Mayer Rothschild (criminal though he was) for coming up with this.
    Again…the government creates “nothing” but debt. And our elected officials seem to have no trouble at all subjecting “we the people” to this criminal ponzi scheme.

  • David Forde

    Good advice!

  • R Spears

    Turnips were used in Germany during WWII not WWI to avert hunger.
    WWI was not fought on German soil.

  • Dee Dee

    You’ve got that exactly right! So what do WE THE PEOPLE do???? We have such a corrupt, greedy, power hungry government. It is so depressing and draining…

  • TIME

    Power is what they seek, money is not the goal. When you have the power money comes along with it. So step one is POWER.

  • Michael

    First we need to de-politicize the DOJ and IRS. Then pass legislation that would require an audit of every member of both Houses of Congress and the Federal Reserve, their spouses, children, extended families and pets if necessary.
    Audit, indict, prosecute, imprison (no cutting deals) and confiscate their ill-gotten booty.
    This would send a message to future leaders.
    This also will not happen. So prepare. A little gold, silver and a lot of copper-coated lead.

  • DK the Pontificator

    If you didn’t learn any lessons from Y2K, learn this one … the more people that become dependent on government to be their nanny, the more government will happily oblige. Politicians in DC are in this game for two reasons: (1) the pension they get; and (2) to manipulate, control, tax and spend virtually every so-called “dollar” they get like a drunken sailor. This government is writing checks its body can’t cash.
    If you want to change the way things are … demand our government file bankruptcy … remove the federal reserve and the UN from this country … restructure our government under a new currency backed by gold or silver so it maintains some extrinsic value … and start becoming more protectionist of our land. Wishful thinking? It will take another Revolutionary War of national proportions to fix that.

  • John H Brewer

    Well all i have to say about the matter is that when the people are ready to stand up to the Government and take back their rights i will be right there with them.

  • Robin from Indiana

    First get out the criminals. Second audit, audit, audit. Third enact the Fair Tax.

  • Robert

    THE PENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wake up America, some of these SOB’s are collect 4,5,6 or more government pensions. Guess who’s paying for it? And their pension money IS in lock box. Not like Social Security. The only think in it is IOU’s signed by URSTUCK(That would be Every Washington Senator and Congressman).

  • Marv

    Yes I agree with all of the above. we need to clean house in washington. I mean a complete cleaning boot them all out and then limit them to no more then two terms. Also stop the retirement and put them on social security like every one is. we need to get GOD back in our lives. He created us equal. Not to have some better than others. May he bless our children and grand children. Most of them are to young to remember any bad times like it was in the twenties and thirties. Be of good cheer as better times are are coming when we get our country back and we will.

  • kodster5


  • Meteorlady

    Are you sure we have any gold left in our vaults? I agree with the post though.

  • http://N/A Patriot

    Right ON: Unfortunately I think your last solution is the only way out.

  • DaveH

    And with the Fair Tax should come a dramatic decrease in our Meddlesome Big Government.

  • ken

    I agree Robin. I have felt this way for many years. So much so I moved to Southeast Alaska about 15 years ago. My family now lives in a wildlife and fish rich place where we will be just fine WHEN this wreck occurs. My suggestion is this. If at all possible sell everything you can sell and get the hell out of Dodge. I don’t care how much food and water you store it won’t be enough. Our only chance is to spread out and get back to the land.

  • Michael

    Understand one thing. We have been and are still be manipulated.
    FDR once stated “In politics, nothing happens by accident.If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.
    A great read, written when our national debt was $455bil, that was recommended to me “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”.

  • goose

    HEY!!! Don’t cut down sailors like that! Most sailors I know are good folks. Comparing them to politicians is like saying black is white. It just doesn’t fit.

  • DaveH

    Study the concepts of freedom and why it works. Then spread the word.

    Some good websites to start that journey:

  • kodster5

    Join in a literal tax revolt. Refuse to pay any more federal income taxes. If you have a job, then submit a new W-4… exempt yourself out. Or claim the maximum deductions. Get your deductions down to zero. If enough of the American people did this, there is no way that they could come after all of us. We would overburden the system with as many tax cases in court that would create. There is no way they could imprison us for tax evasion… there are not enough prisons to hold all of us that would join together to do this. If we starve the dragon, the dragon would find out in a pinch who is really in control. The people.

    You would still continue to pay your sales taxes, etc., because a large portion of those taxes go to your state and local governments. They need the money more than the federal government does. The federal government does nothing but share the wealth. Your state and local governments will use your dollars for YOUR benefit, as well as the rest of your state and local residents. Then you know that your money is going for your benefit, not to another state’s residents.

    We enable, by our dollars, for people to remain on welfare, for people to live off our own hard labor, while they get on entitlements. It’s time for them to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. That’s the means for self-sufficiency. Look at what the people around the world did, when they were pushed by circumstances. They didn’t sit down and wait for someone to come along and help them! That’s how come our free market system has been so successful! It’s time for us to do the same. Stop ALL the entitlement programs! Even the pilgrims who landed at our shore to establish the first colony in VA figured that out, after two years working as collective, per their sponsors’ orders in England. They almost starved to death, because people didn’t want to pull their equal share of the work. The third year, they changed to the free market system… the capitalist system… and from there, they survived and prospered. They knew that if they didn’t, they would die. We’re in that same collective, now… where honest people have become enslaved to the ones that want the handouts for nothing… and where is it getting us? Starvation as a people.

  • kodster5

    The US Constitution originally did not authorize any income tax. However, it does provide for amendments, and the 16th Amendment, which specifically authorizes the federal income tax, was proposed on 07/12/1909. It was ratified by 38 states (2/3rds) on 03/07/1913. The only states to reject it were NH, AR, CT, RI, and UT. Therefore, the people of the USA approved it, since ratification is done by ballot by the people, not by the individual states’ legislation. We asked for it, we got it. Now, we regret it, because now, it has caused big government to grow even more hungry for more dollars. In that aspect, we are responsible for our own downfall.

    Has anyone compared the downfall of Israel and Judah, in the Old Testament, to America’s downfall? How, we turned away from God, just like the two kingdoms of Israel? Yes, there were two kingdoms, ruling over two separate regions of Israel, if anyone would read their bible. However, we are receiving the same treatment as they did, by turning from God. This country was formed by God, on His principles… and when we started turning away from Him, we started on the same path as Israel did. As such, we are going to suffer the same consequences… dissolution. That’s why we’re not in the Bible, specifically.

  • TIME

    There is no law that allows the IRS to collect taxs from a working person, from corporation yes, but as a single person based on your pay for your work, there is NO LAW that has ever been passed, its all 100% RHETORIC that has been repeted countless times to make you think you have to pay.

  • kodster5

    That’s what my husband and I are planning on doing. We’re looking at off-the-grid properties in remote mountain areas… enough land where we can plant a garden to provide our own food and livestock for our consumption, as well as enough to provide for bartering purposes… wells and septics already installed, etc. I’ve already purchased two seedbanks of natural, heirloom seeds, which I’m glad, because as Bob suggests, the modified type will not reproduce seed for following seasons. This is what our forefathers did… keep back seed for the next growing season.

    Our selection of properties will have enough land that we can be secluded, hidden away from the major metropolitan areas that will be chaos, because those that get trapped in those areas will not have the resources to survive. Think back to Katrina in New Orleans… that was only a hint of how bad it’s going to get in the next few months.

    It’s time for the American public to get their heads out of their derrieres and realize that we’re headed down a path of no return. We’re pretty much at the point of no turning back. The next few months will be the deciding period.

  • desertpooch

    I agree with you Ken, getting away from the cities is the big answer. Don’t forget, it will take at least one season to get started, it won’t happen over night, but the coming wreck will. If you start even this year it will take this summer to get things in order. If “O” has his way we may not have another summer to work this out. May the good Lord bless and keep you in your effort. Desertpooch

  • Fred Friederich

    I am not at all sure America has the guts and that is what it will take to take this Country back.
    about half of us would not fight, for our Freedom, and the Government is aware of that fact, I can
    only hope I am wrong.

  • Mark

    You are absolutly, 100% correct. This nation’s turn from God has set it on a course for destruction, Led by Obama and it’s followers, the Illuminati who have siezed control of every aspect of government FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF IT’S DESTRUCTION. Obama is a TRAITOR, a COMMUNIST, and needs to be IMPEACHED. We might be doomed as a Great Nation, but AMERICANS WILL FIGHT ALL THE WAY DOWN.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    You are 100% correct. Next what happened was that God allowed the Babaloyians to take over Israel and tare down the temple. I forget how long of time, that the Hebrews were in captivity, I think 40 years before a reminant was releast to go back and rebuild the temple. Anyhow, you are also correct of why USA does not play any part in Revelation because we will be a non entity. This spiral did not start with this administration, but the Carter Administration. If one will look, when the Reps were in it didn’t go as fast but during the last three years with the Dem controlled House and Senate and then add the gasoline to the fire, Obama, here is where we are. Before the anti Christ can come into being, the USA has to be reduced so that it is not a world power anymore and the only way to do it is bring her down financially. What Bob Livingston has laid out before us, all that can should take head – also lay in much amunition because you won’t be able to buy any, and if the people thing you have layed away food will be robbing at gun point. Put some money in pre-1964 silver coins, at least you can barter with those and for heavens sake don’t keep all your liquid cash in the bank. Do youself a favor and read the small print concerning the FDIC. They have ten years to pay you by that time you could have starved to death.

  • s c

    Michael, manipulation is a government’s #1 tool. With a big government, coercion and manipulation are standard features. When big governments are about to fail, fear, intimidation, secrecy (via obummer’s ‘transparency’) and treason go into high gear (and, of course, a willingly prostituted media serves to reinforce every whim of that big government).
    In the matter of FDR, there are several very good reasons why FDR is NEVER singled out in history courses as a SLIME BALL, ultraliberal progressive. Isn’t it curious that presidents are fond of presidential libraries, and yet many of FDR’s papers are still classified as SECRET? For those who don’t know, FDR died a LONG TIME AGO. What’s the old so-and-so have to hide after all these years? You’d think FDR jocks (supporters) have something to HIDE from us. Food for thought, eh?

  • Julie Gorelik

    Yes God Is the only hope we have for restoreing this “One Nation Under GOD!!”My friends and I(and I know lots of other believers),are praying for the return of God and true rightous leaders who will protect US-U.S. citizens,from tyranny and treason.The God given “Constitution of the United States of AMERICA”-is intended for US-we have a society(government)who took that precious document and perverted it.The only ones using OUR “Constitutional Rights”,seems to be the crooks and now even animals-have more “CIVIL RIGHTS”than WE do.Until we get as aggressive and “SUE” like They DO, and get the Tea Party PEOPLE TOGETHER and DEMAND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ALSO-forget it.The right needs to fight for our RIGHTS!They were fought for with alot of precious BLOOD.Including my own family.My Father fought for this country,and came out alive only by the Grace of God.My own uncle however was not so lucky,he was killed on a Navy ship during WW11.My daughter is a U.S.Marine,and also my son-in-law to be.He already was deployed to Iraq-so I DO have a right to speak.Unless one is willing to fight for this country-they should’t complain.The gov.IS sooo spoiled and used to getting everything they want with OUR $$$$$$$-it absolutely makes me SICK.We need WEALTH CARE(OUR WEALTH)NOT HEALTH CARE!!!Give us back OUR MONEY HONEY!!!!Everyone I KNOW IS BROKE&HURTING-WE ALL NEED MONEY-The GOVERNMENT HAS IT ALL!!Their intent all along.OUR $$$.OUR JOBS.OUR FREEDOM.OUR FAMILIES.OUR HOMES.Their intention ALL ALONG, and people are JUST starting to get it??HELLO??We need to file civil RIGHTS/CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS law suits-the ONLY thing they GET.They don’t give a FLYING FLIP how we feel,or what we SAY!!They never did unless it was THEIR POLITICAL OWN SELF INTEREST-$$$$$$$$$$$&CONTROL.But hey-don’t be CRUEL to an ANIMAL??(no one loves animals more than me)but PLEASE!!It was never intended they have more frickin RIGHTS THAN US!!!We’ve sat back and listened and ALLOWED this crap for SOOOO long, we sure HAVE just about lost our Country.I thank GOD for the “Tea Parties” rising up-we had one already Jan.16th 2010 in the middle of some random farm land,in WI.,freezing our butts off,and about 4,000,people attended!!It was awesome,and it gave me the FIRST real hope for taking our “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” BACK!!!

  • s c

    Kodster5, back in the ’70s, I was told that the only rule to use in locating is whether or not you can get IN OR OUT of that community in 15 minutes or less. The implication is that those who live in population centers (NY, CA, FL, etc) are in deep stuff when something goes wrong.
    Good luck with your locating process (consider getting composting toilets). Grow your own food, get healthy and let your MD live with the idea that you’re healthy and independent WITHOUT his overpaid, pseudo omniscience.

  • roger

    Chopping off the tail does not stop the beast.Removing the head does.To much harm is done to the young as a the result,if the head is not removed.Lying to the public to gain an office,should be considered
    criminal and prosecuted to the max.I believe public hanging should return to our system.

  • M1 Chris

    The “Basic four” foods that can be stored pretty much forever are
    Salt, Wheat, Honey, and Powdered milk. The best thing to do is to move to an area that has a natural source of food and water.

    In these times it is best to get strong and get prepared for the worst.

    “Peace Through Strength”

  • iowaheretic

    All of you talk the talk,but none of you walk the walk! All any of you care about is watching the Human Experiment(which your all too cowardly to utter a word about out loud) to see how long you can starve an honest man and deprive him of his human rights before he turns dishonest!And you people that keep talking about America being founded under God,are so damn ignorant,it makes me sick!Why don’t you look up at least a little bit of REAL history and quite being such sheep.The greatest of our founding fathers and the one’s that accomplished the most were all Deist’s(no matter what religion they were born into)(all you have to do is read thier writings),and remember that when you set a precedent(like taking away someones rights for an experiment in life),it will eventually come back around to YOU,and thats what is happening now. Christianity gave NOTHING to this world except misery.Every basic principal in life(including our system of laws and ethics) were all thought of and developed 2000 years BEFORE CHRIST! I hate to see society going backwards in this modern day and age, but most of you really do deserve to live under the rule of Roman Emperor Constantine! Just read about your first great Christian Emperor and how he treated his own people.And then read about Socrates,and you will know how I feel(right to the bitter end).

  • TeresaE

    Over two years ago, I decided it was time to wake up and face reality.

    Fiat money system is going to fail – it always does.

    We have reached the tipping point where more than 50% of the voters BENEFIT from the nightmare – so we CAN’T change anything.

    Once society crashes, burns, millions die, then maybe we will find the fortitude to rebuild under the roadmap our Founding Father’s laid out.

    Until then “we” the people are too well-fed (on poisonous food), too coddled (with cable & cell phones for welfare recipients), too entrenched (with unions and their retirees whom will be buying summer homes while the rest of us work 3 or 4 jobs to keep the lights on), too ignorant (vaccines, medicines, doctors, schools, colleges all killing us AND convincing us it is for our own good) and too lazy (American work ethic? Maybe in one out of 20 or 50 – and I am being generous).

    Wake up people. NOTHING is going to change the path this country is on until the worst happens. NOTHING.

    Protect yourself and your family the best way you can. Good luck to us all.

  • Debra Schechterle

    I noticed you said you bought brown rice 40 yrs ago and are still eating it…everything I have read and learned through survival books & classes is that most grains (with the exception of wheat) last about 2 years, that they will go rancid. I was surprised you are still eating that rice!
    clarification please!

  • kodster5

    There were only THREE Deists in our founding fathers’ makeup… Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the third one wasn’t even AT the convention for the drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independent. Here is the site that proves you wrong… showing the breakdown of the denominations of that first convention…

    This site, among others similar to it, points out that “The denominational affiliations of these men were a matter of public record. Among the delegates were 28 Episcopalians, 8 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Roman Catholics, 1 unknown, and only 3 deists–Williamson, Wilson, and Franklin–this at a time when church membership entailed a sworn public confession of biblical faith.” So, to state that our founding fathers were ALL Deists is false rhetoric. You fail to include the definition of what a Deist is, as well. I’ll save you the time and trouble… “Noun •S: (n) deism, free thought (the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation)”. Considering that Jefferson and Franklin were both scientists, that definition would apply to them very well.

    You also fail to relate that Benjamin Franklin, a Deist, would state the following at the drafting of the Declaration of Independence… when the whole venture was on the verge of collapse. After he stated this, the delegates were able to put aside their differences, and got the purpose of the convention completed… the completion and signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is also why there continues to be a chaplain that opens each day of Congress in federal, as well as state legislatures, across the nation, with prayer. He states, no less than FOUR separate references to scripture in this appeal to his fellow delegates:

    “And have we forgotten that powerful Friend? Or do we imagine that we no longer need His assistance? I have lived, sir, a long time and the longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured, sir, in the sacred writings that ‘except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.’ I firmly believe this and I also believe that without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.”

    So, for you to use that lame excuse that ALL of our founding fathers were Deists, and to act that Deists do NOT believe in God, is a false, outright lie. You must be an athiest, yourself. And if that is the case, then even you believe in something, rather than nothing… athiesm is a religion unto itself.

  • Meteorlady

    If you pay your taxes you are just as much a part of the problem as all the people on this site that you rant about. Would we be better off without churches and their morality teachings? I don’t regularly attend a church, but I don’t know any people that regularly go to church and support their community that are dishonest criminals. So what the heck was your point?

  • Meteorlady

    I think there are more people not paying taxes than there ever was. It’s just not publicized because the government does not want the public to know. They prosecute high profile people to make news and scare us. You are entirely right-if we stop they will have to reassess what they are there for.

  • DaveH

    Nice sentiment Kodster, but if we stopped paying they could just create more funny money and make what we have worthless eventually.
    There is no substitute for educating ourselves in politics and voting all politicians out who don’t promise (and carry out) to cut back the size of Government dramatically.

  • kodster5

    My husband communicates with a VP with Goldman Sachs on a regular basis, and the VP has agreed to allow us to share the following email he sent my husband recently. We thought that you should read what he sees, from the insider POV, since Goldman Sachs’ leadership is on Obama’s advisory committee. Thank God that there are people with integrity on the inside who choose to be stay there, rather than abandon the ship, so that the truth can get out.

    “Indeed this country is in distress. When your country’s debt servicing costs soak up 17 percent of tax revenue (more than half of our entire defense budget, even with 2 “wars” going on) and at a mere 3 percent interest; alarm bells should be going off in peoples’ heads. If the “bond vigilantes” suddenly visit themselves upon our country, debt servicing costs could skyrocket to 30, 50 percent or more of revenue. That would bring us to a crossroads of choosing either national default, hyperinflation, or a final economic death spiral brought on by onerous taxation. There’s no getting out of this. Hard choices need to be made and very, very soon.

    The Treasury Department, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve are making some pretty dangerous bets against the bond market(vigilantes), but Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will likely go down before we do, as will the UK, a little later. In the course of all this, the Euro is going to crash and the U.S. dollar will rise substantially over the next 6-18 months with the illusion of safety provided by the dollar’s reserve currency status. In time this illusion will evaporate and the Great American bond sell-off will then likely begin. God save us when that day arrives…..

    My own feeling is that the dollar has one, last great hurrah coming its way, courtesy of the sovereign debt crises coming in Club Med. I believe this will prove contagion to the Eurozone in general and as such, the dollar will benefit temporarily, even as stock indexes crater here and elsewhere in the coming months. Therefore I’m currently a “hold” on Gold and short both equities and commodities. This position will reverse in due time however, after the chaos in Europe has run it’s course. By that time, I believe the Dow will have fallen below 5000 and the S&P below 600, even as Bernanke, Geithner, and Congress have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the market in trying to stop its fall. About then is when the “bond vigilantes” will show up to collect their due (after they have seen the utter failure of “Quantitative Easing”) and the price of gold will begin a rise to new, unheard of levels. That day is going to scare the hell out of everyone because they have no idea what is going to happen after that. Face it, most people today can not even feed themselves unless they run down to the local super market. I just hope America holds together…. and that the Constitution remains in effect. I would guess we have 6-18 months left, maybe 24 before things really start to come apart.”

    This was in the news this morning… Notice that the reference to the three countries that our friend refers to in the email above… Greece, Portugal and Spain, are listed in the article… the Dow has started to fall already in regards to these three countries are within 24 hours of declaring bankruptcy. In case anyone wonders who the “bond vigilantes” are? It’s China and Japan!

    Wake Up People!

  • Meteorlady

    We certainly have the guts, but not the numbers if we keep letting immigrants into this country. Not that I’m against a certain culture or race, it’s just that we have changed the political landscape of this land by allowing all these people into the country. Most come from countries with corrupt governments or the country is socialist – both the same really. They get here and expect to have the same benefits only better. The churches actually help them apply for aid once they get here because then they become good members of the church that represented them. We need to reassess our immigration laws, do as Canada did some years ago and limit the influx and make sure they can support themselves when they get here. Our people are very giving, but enough is enough – we have people in this country that our money could be spent on for education and other programs that would help them be self-sufficient, not on government assistance.

  • Al Spiker

    I’m 60 years old, but if it came to battling for our freedoms with our own Government all I can say is “lock and load”

  • http://N/A Patriot

    If it’s any encouragement our numbers are growing daily.

  • Yandle

    kodster5, AMEN brother.

  • iowaheretic

    I am an Atheist, which is NOT a religion, it simply means I don’t believe in God(or any gods).If there is a life force,there is no proof whatsoever that it requires any sort of worship or subserviant behavior of any kind. All religion is Man-made. I didn’t say ALL the Founding Fathers were Deist’s. I said the “greatest of them and the ones that accomplished the most were Deist’s”, and that WOULD be Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. George Washington and John Adams were born into a religion of their parents(as most people are until they decide for themselves),but according to thier letter’s,their thoughts were very much on the Deist side.Thomas Paine was another great Deist that did very much for the founding of this country. The main point of my comment(in my own thought)was my referral to Roman Emperor Constantine and to Socrates, because it seems that is what’s happening in this country.I know that it’s happening to me(only worse),being done by a group of people that are above all the laws of this country,because they think they answer to “God’s law”(including the powerless law enfarcement agencies of America). What a waste of the Enlightenment Years and the Age of Reason! Even the Supreme Court of the United States of America considers King Hammurabi(Babylonian ruler 1792-1750 B.C.)as their forefather to the Code of Law and Ethics, not God. Why are christians so persistant in forcing their views of what they call “morality” onto everyone? This is nothing but legislated morality, something the Founding Fathers fought to get away from(even the Christian one’s). I personnaly think Christian leaders and a majority of their followers have morals that would shame a rattlesnake! I don’t consider myself morally superior to anybody, but I won’t let my mind be dictated to by ANYONE. Hence,my referral to Socrates.

  • DaveH

    Actually Kodster,
    I am an Athiest, but I follow the Ten Commandments more than most Religious people I know. I think that Religious people are trying to be good at least, which is more than I can say for most Liberals I have known.
    I’m not alone, so it would probably be smarter for the Religious people to not assume that all Atheists are Liberals.
    I advocate Freedom for Religious people as well as non-Religious people.

  • Meteorlady

    I have stocked up on can goods and long term survivalist items. It does not matter if the government takes over the water supply, I have a filtering system that will let me get water from any source. I live in a community that will support each other – I hope. We started growing vegetables as a hobby, but since they tasted so good we continue to increase the size of our gardens each year. Then if we have too much we share.

  • Al Spiker

    It is not necessarily led by Obama and his followers. Government bending to the desires of a very few people started moving us in that direction years ago.

  • Steve

    I agree totally agree, Semper Fi, till I die, and to Jehovah God, and Jesus Christ be the Glory,Amen!
    Cpl. of Marines, USMC, 1968-72

    Steven P. Epps

  • Yandle

    If we were to get back to GOD, we would get back the government. Be like our fore-fathers and we would have a country like our fore-father. Read a real history book!
    Back to the Land! But there is no land to go back to anywhere and get away from government.

  • kodster5

    Actually, the movement to take the country down started with Woodrow Wilson’s administration. FDR was the next major Progressive that pushed the agenda further. Anyone wonder why Obama likes FDR and Wilson so much?

    For a president who was not raised or educated from childhood about the history of our country, but rather the history of Indonesia, etc… and who claims to be a constitutionalist professor of law… he sure doesn’t act like he has taken it to heart. He doesn’t understand or get it that it wasn’t FDR’s programs that brought us out of the Great Depression, but rather, WWII. The Progressive movement knows that they are almost to the end of creating their Human Experiment here in the US… the same experiment that has failed in every other country that has done it… that they are pushing it so hard now, before the people of the USA realize it. The Great Awakening of the American people is happening, and they realize they are living on borrowed time.

  • Lisa

    Sarah Palin is the anti-christ!

  • denniso

    Unfortinately,Palin is only a joke…If she were a Dem,she would be pilloried by the right for being ‘shrill’, ‘witchy’, an over the hill ‘beauty queen’, and of course a completely dazed no nothing. The scary thing is that Reagan was a joke and got elected, and Shrub was a joke and got elected and wrecked the world. The rightwing loves jokers…

  • Yandle

    What part of the BILL OF RIGHTS do you not like since that is what Palin stands for!
    You need to read the Bible and you will find the antichrist is a man.

  • denniso

    Yandle…Most everyone in this country stands for the bill of rights. So what? Palin is trying to jump up to AAA ball from A, and I give her credit for the effort,but she still belongs back in that little Alaskan village where she was mayor. People w/ an education and ability to think a little can tell she’s not too bright and out of her league. She couldn’t even finish her term as governor so she doesn’t even have that to claim as a credential for moving up. She quit because she was being pursued for legal issues during her term. She’s a quitter..simple.

  • Yandle

    denniso, I did not say I wanted Palin for president but she is a God fearing woman with sound constitutional principles versus trashing someone without reason.
    Most elected democrats in this country don’t stand for the Bill of Rights.

  • denniso

    Most elected Dems do stand for the bill of rights…i can guess that you would challenge their stance on the 2nd ammendment? Some of them just believe that in a large,hi tech society filled w/ crime and murder,that some controls and limits on the right to own a gun are appropriate and that the founders never could have imagined things like armour piercing bullets and fully automatic ‘street sweepers’…not to mention things like rocket propelled grenades and N-weapons.

  • Scott Brown

    Here is some more good advice: Buy 25 lb. bags of organic brown rice and green lentils. One lentil and 2 grains of rice = 1 complete protein, plus plenty of excess carbs for energy. You could get by on two bags of rice and one of lentils for 2-3 months. They can be boiled together in about 1/2 hr. at sea level, no soaking necessary. They can be mortar & pestled to make a high protein flour for baking or pan frying. To avoid scurvy, sprout some of the lentils in water for 3-4 days, expose them to sunlight for a few hours, you now have a source for vitamin C. If two food items were all you could store in preparation for disaster, these would be an excellent choice for numerous reasons.

    It is relatively easy to store dried lentils and rice for indefinite periods of time in a very compact space (water-tight surplus ammo cases are excellent). Ordinary organic lentils not only sprout easily, they can be planted like any bean to make a whole year’s crop.

    Once you’ve solved for immediate dietary survival (a year or so), then concentrate on luxuries: mined sea salt (for flavor and minerals), assorted other vitamins (tablets, and additional sproutable seeds such as clover, alphalpha, radish, parsley), oils (sunflower and flax seeds for both eating and planting), spices (both dried and plantable–such as peppers, parsley, garlic, sage), and so on.

    In an Armageddon situation, by the time you reach the end of your stores, there may be a few small communities of tough, organized survivors like yourself. Join one.

  • iowaheretic

    Meteorlady, try not paying your taxes and see how far you get! I pay my taxes(and ALWAYS have)because I don’t want to sit in prison. The only people that don’t have to pay taxes are religious leaders and prostitutes.Do you fall in either catagory? I don’t! NO ONE ever said anything about getting rid of all churches or religion in America,just keeping it out of government and dictating EVERYBODY’S way of life to them! That was the whole point the Founding Fathers and the Constitution made. George Washington and John Adams and the Founding Senate stated; “The government of the United States of America is in no sense founded on the Christian religion.
    How can the Religious Right Bible Thumpers keep trying to put other meanings into the founding of this country? Those are the EXACT WORDS. The meaning can’t be changed. The Religious Right want the right to legally execute ANYONE they deem not fit for society(being an Atheist and standing up for your OWN rights and not submitting to their infantile beliefs is one of them).

  • ohsaycanwesee

    Does anyone know what will happen if your only income is S.S and it is stopped….if you still owe a home mortgage… will the gov. make you move out of your house?

  • jbird

    Iowaheretic, you said: George Washington and John Adams and the Founding Senate stated; “The government of the United States of America is in no sense founded on the Christian religion.

    That is not correct. The quote comes from Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli signed in 1796. Neither Washington nor Adams were signatories. It was signed by Joel Barlow, agent plenipotentiary of the United States.

    Granted, the treaty had to be ratified by the senate, but there are many quotes by the founders as to God’s influence on the affairs of men.

  • coal miner


    I agree with you,I was raised in a pentecostal religious envirement and had that religious bulls***t ram down my throat every since I was born.If you didn believe or belong to their so called faith,you weren’t fit to be around them.They can make it very unpleasnt for people they feel are not their kind or religion.This thread brings back old memories.When I came on,it seem like I was back home at that old pentecostal church.That was the worse time of my life.You are atheist,I am agnostic.Please to meet you.

  • http://Livingston ANTHONY WILLIAMS

    In 1913 Woodrow Wilson slid the Federal Reserve Act through while most congressmen had gone home for Christmas. As a result we’ve been paying taxes to the Royal Crown in Great Britain for almost 100 years now. Most people are aware that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel. That would be the Rothschild, Morgans, Rockefellows, and how many more I do not remember. Probably all the board members of the Bank of England. I get so tired of hearing people talk about the national debt. As far as I’m concerned we actually owe very little. If I could be King President right at this moment, I could have the national debt paid off before the end of the month. I would pay them back with the same kind of fiat paper money they loan to us. I would be delighted to hand the Federal Reserve a paper 100 trillion dollar bill, and tell them not to let the door hit them in the tea cup on the way back to England. YOU’RE FIRED! Then I would bring all of our troops home, and we would go to England and TAKE BACK all of the gold bullion they’ve stolen from the American People. My next move would be that of Abraham Lincoln. He shut the National Bank down, printed our own money, and loaned it to the American people interest free. That was what got him assassinated, not slavery, or the Civil war. You see, Great Britain saw how our economy took off, and they understood that the U.S. would be the most powerful nation on earth. It was even printed in the London Times (or whatever the paper was) that the United States must be destroyed. They’ve done it through banking. Obama is merely their puppet, just as many politicians are. If you want to know true history, read the book of the century, it would be, “THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND,” by G. EDWARD GRIFFIN. It’s a very long read, 600 pages, but when I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve almost read through it twice. It is awesome. Banks have cause every depression and recession this country has ever seen including this one. And there has been more than one great depression in America. You’ll devour the book. I read about twenty books a year, and I’ll put this one on top.



    Regarding voting for a third party and legalize drugs:

    *** In the past any third party such as Libertarina party or even Ron Paul had less than 10% votes in every election. You would waste your vote when you vote for a third party or the Libertarian party.

    Don’t let Dems trick you. The Democat Party tries to discourage voters from voting for the Republican Party. IF YOU VOTE FOR THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OR A THIRD PARTY YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR VOTE.

    *** Also legalize drugs or Marijuana , that’s what the ruling elites want you and your kids to drown in drugs. In this way you and your children can be easily manipulated and controlled.

  • kodster5

    And may I add, the Treaty of Tripoli was NEVER ratified by the US Senate. It took almost 7 months for it to get from Tripoli (Libya) to Washington DC, with a detour to Amsterdam.

  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    Yo jbird-Gotta love that Andy Rooney—————————-
    DID YOU KNOW? As you walk up the steps to the building which houses the U S Supreme Court you can see near the top of the building a row of the world’s law givers and each one is facing the one who is in the middle who is facing forward with a full frontal view of Moses and he is holding the full view of the Ten Commandments!

    DID YOU KNOW? As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, the two hugh oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door.

    DID YOU KNOW? As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see the wall, right above where the Supreme Court judges sit, a display of the Ten Commandments!

    DID YOU KNOW? (homeland security) There are Bible verses etched in stone all over the Federal Buildings and Monuments in Washington, D.C.

    DID YOU KNOW? James Madison, the 4th president, known as ‘The Father of Our Constitution’ made the following statement: “We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God”

    DID YOU KNOW? Every session of Congress begins with a prayer by a paid preacher, whose salary has been paid by the taxpayers since 1777.

    DID YOU KNOW? 52 of the 55 founders of the Constitution were members of the established orthodox churches in the colonies.

    DID YOU KNOW? Thomas Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority and instead of interpreting the law would begin making law an oligarchy the rule of few over many. How then, have we gotten to the point that everything we have done for 232 years in this country is now suddenly wrong and unconstitutional?

    UNDER GOD; It is said that 86% of Americans believe in God. Therefore, it is very hard to understand why there is such a mess about having the Ten Commandments on display or ‘In God We Trust’ on our money and having God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why don’t we just tell the other 14% to Sit Down and SHUT UP.

  • kodster5

    well… if what I’ve seen lately, the banks and the government have declared a moratorium on foreclosures. The banks have too many bank-owned properties on their books, and they don’t want to get any more because that makes them look bad to the government… they’re not using the TARP money correctly, and the government will take over their business. They don’t want that. So, they’re not foreclosing. The government is buying up foreclosed properties, themselves, and they’re running out of money, too, to do that. So, I’d say you’re safe, for the time-being. Don’t be surprised that the term “homesteader” comes back. There are so many properties that are on the glutted real estate market for sale, and vacant, that people are going to become squatters.

  • DaveH

    The banks have the political connections, so I think anything is possible. However, there is safety in numbers and I think the baby-boomers are a large enough voting block that the government will be hard-pressed to stiff us on our Social Security.

  • kodster5

    England doesn’t own the US! LOL! If anything, we owned England at one time (between WWI and WWII)… that’s how we became a superpower. We did not give England back to them. We took over their debt. Now China and Japan have taken over our debt, and they own us! Get your facts straight!

  • Perdido

    Fair Tax is not the answer. We’ll end up with a Fair Tax and an Income Tax.

    Most Americans are so jealous of their meager possessions they won’t take the risk of gaining freedom. Many would be frightened to death of the true implications of individual sovereignty.

    Don’t get your hopes up. They make the money, they have the money, they make the rules. They have no qualms about breaking the law and have no respect for what we revere.

    Educate as many as you can. Protect yourself. Be realistic.


  • Yandle

    Atheism is the mother of anarchy; the reigning power of God exhibited in the true religion is the only security for the human commonwealth. A belief in God is the foundation and cornerstone of a well-ordered state. God said “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” and that is the only hope for the United States as it always has been.
    There are only two religions which are “the children of God” and “the children of the devil”. This is the message that we have heard from the beginning, as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother or Abel who offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous. Jesus said,” Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin”. No man can serve two masters, you cannot serve God and mammon. You do sin, For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
    If you want the start of the “Code of Law and Ethics” And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. Gen. 2:16-17

  • jim

    Just some levity, Since athiests don’t believe in God or Satan,or Heaven or Hell, the definition of a recently deseast athiest is, All dressed up and no where to go.

  • Yandle

    There are no atheists in hell!

    How will unbelief look in the flames of hell?

    There are no infidels anywhere but on earth!
    There are none in heaven, and there are none in hell.

    Atheism is a strange thing. Even the devils never fell
    into that vice, for “the devils believe and tremble.”

    And there are some of the devil’s children that have
    gone beyond their father in sin, but how will it look
    when they are forever lost?

    When God’s foot crushes them, they
    will not be able to doubt his existence!

    When he tears them in pieces and there is none to
    deliver, then their sophistical syllogisms, their empty

  • jim

    Hi Dave, Just a joke. I do find just dead and gone less scary than eternal damnation though. I also agree with the treating others as I would like to be treated. I used to work with a guy who is an athiest and he would give you a ride if you needed one and if he saw you strugleing with something heavy would come over and help you lift it. The Bible thumpers would just walk by and ignore you. My athiest friend was more of a Christian than the Christian.

  • J C

    Dave like you I am a Libertarian. We both know that this more than a political ideology. It is a way of life, and with that way of life comes natural morality. That puts us in line with the 10 commandments “as a way of life”.
    Unlike you however I am not an athiest. I believe in a power greater than myself. In my case, having been raised a strict Catholic (Nuns, uniforms, corporal punishment and a vengeful God) I have little or no respect for organized religion. But I allow that others are free to worship as they see fit and respect their right to do so. I pray in my own way and lead the most decent life that I can.
    All in all…I maintain a live and let live (classic liberal) approach to life. and demand that I be treated with the same respect.
    And that, it seems to me, are some of the basic tenets of being a Libertarian.

  • PD

    I am AGAINST BIG GOVERNMENT, but LOVE BIG BUSINESS, and tax breaks for the rich. Let’s increase the already gigantic corporate welfare our government now gives to CORPORATE GIANTS by taking from welfare cheats and giving those tax dollars to BIG BUSINESS (which won’t be much compared to what the corporations already get, but given it to them will help make them bigger.) Already, our wonderful Supreme Court has recognized that our constitution guarantees Corporations all the rights of an individual citizen.

  • DaveH

    The Mexicans come to our country because their own economy sucks. And it does because they have a heavily regulated economy. As Government grows, Corruption flows. If we could just harness that experience they could be useful to us instead of a problem.

  • DaveH

    Isn’t it interesting that the educational system has managed over the years to instill an association of Anarchy with chaos? Isn’t it convenient that public school teachers would push such a concept? Of course they want us to depend on Big Government which they are a part of. And To say that Anarchy leads to chaos is completely unsupported.
    People are self-governing to a great extent, and advocating Limited Government is not Anarchy.
    In fact I contend that too much Government leads to chaos as people deprived of freedom can be unpredictable, not to mention the unpredictable behavior of leaders with too much power.

  • Yandle

    The educational system of the USA has removed GOD from it and that leads to chaos.
    Anarchy by definition: 1.Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose. 2.confusion; chaos; disorder.
    Anarchy Origin:
    1530–40; (< MF anarchie or ML anarchia) < Gk, anarchía lawlessness
    To say that Anarchy leads to chaos is completely supported, check your history.
    I did not say advocating for Limited Government is Anarchy. I am for Limited Government but the Libertarian Party is not the answer.

  • J C

    Dave H, Good observation re” Anarchy v. Chaos. I’ve always said the Anarchy is merely the opposite of Hierarchy…not necessarily chaos.
    But the powers that be need to instill the idea that without them…we would have chaos.

  • DaveH

    I don’t think there is anywhere to go after death. We’re just dead and gone. Scary isn’t it?
    But I do believe that our Heaven or Hell can be experienced right here on Earth depending on how respectfully or not we treat our fellow human beings. I like the rule of treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

  • DaveH

    You are wasting your vote if you vote for people that don’t really represent your principles. Voting for the lesser of two evils leaves you with evil. Why bother voting in that case?
    I vote for the only Political Party with sustainable Principles.
    For Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government, there really is only one choice. Vote Libertarian.
    The more votes we get the more exposure we will get, until we reach the size to win.
    The Liberals have plied their trade through such patient baby-steps, at least until this election cycle when they have decided to go for broke (too soon I think).

  • DaveH

    They are individuals, a collection of individuals. Just as any organization (including Government) is just a collection of individuals.


    For Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government and more, vote Republican . As Republicans have been trying very hard to stop Obamacare, his spending bills/bailouts, etc…

  • Allan

    Dave, the problem is that the current situation for America is too precarious to wait for the fourth or fifth largest party to succeed. Due to individual differences, and the intoxication of power, Libertarians will have the same problem governing as all parties do. Term limits are far more important in the short term, and we’re not going to get that either. The extreme liberal agenda has pushed the United States to a brink financially, and in the realms of security and world leadership (both of which magnify the financial danger). The truth, I fear, is that the far left doesn’t care what happens to our system (which they believe to be fundamentally flawed), and that is why their rhetoric is often unbelievable. They do not care what anyone thinks or what the consequences are, because they look forward to their own equivalent of Heaven here on earth. I truly believe that today’s liberal left, and some moderate democrats with rose-colored glasses, are ready to see the United States fall over a cliff. I think they believe that in the aftermath, a new global social order will provide for them, and their lives will be as good or better than they are now. I predict that relations between diehard leftists and the rest of the country will worsen dramatically and result in increasing confrontation. I am trying to be as prepared for this as I can.


    Republicans could not and can not do all that because Democrat party controls boths houses and the White house. Libertarian candidates, most of them are liberal. And they always support and go along with the Democrat plans.

    You are not just wasting your vote when you vote for candidates who do not recognize your principles, but they will take away your rights, your retirement and your social security; and don’t forget they can destroy your children’s future and this great nation as well.

  • Claire

    JC–I am with you on this one!

  • BCM/TX

    If you are looking for a different approach to selecting a county, state, and federal representive check out Tim Cox has come up with a plan to be able to know your representive and to hold their feet to the fire if they do not perform as they stated they would.

  • maggiemoo

    REALLY good advice, Scott. I especially like that you recommended sprouting! I’d like to add that people should learn to grow at least some of their food, even if it is in a pot on a balcony. Also, if you can find a small farmer or homesteader (like me) you might barter for fresh eggs, veggies, milk, etc.

  • J C

    That you recommend storage in water tight ammo cases tells me something else about your preperations. ;)
    Good Post! I would add stock up on guns and ammo too.

  • Yandle

    When he tears them in pieces and there is none to
    deliver, then their sophistical syllogisms, their empty
    logic, their brags and bravadoes, will be of no avail!

    Oh, that they had been wise and had not darkened
    their foolish hearts, but had turned unto the living God!

  • Sandy

    The concept of ‘hell’ is nowhere in the Bible. The definition of hell in the time of Jesus was “an open pit grave, usually for the extreme poor who could not afford a proper burial”. The definition of ‘damnation’ was “to be so poor that when you died you would be put in an open pit grave.” These ‘hells’ were occasionally burned to reduce content to ash, reduce odor, kill bacteria, etc., etc., etc.

    God is LOVE. If my father on earth could not would not… no matter how awful a person I was, confine me in a burning pit for an eternity of suffering, then certainly God would not (since God has a capability of love far greater than any human being).

  • Yandle

    Sandy, You don’t know the Bible. You sound as if you never opened it.

  • L, USA

    Susan, Please search an un-molested version of the Holy Scriptures, Bible, for the references that JEsus the Christ made to hell. In, fact, He warned of it much more than the mention of Heaven. Read an early (1612) version, or even better, ‘read’ it in the original Hebrew and Greek text. The example (true) of a certian rich man who lifted up his eyes in hell, being in torment, is one of the best. Also, the casting of everyone who did not know God, into the lake of fire which was prepared for the deciever and his angels (created before man). We must not ignore nor take lightly His warnings. Need to realize that He declares to exist in eternity. No escapes from Him, take the free gift of His blood. He gave it(life) for you.

  • L, USA

    Sandy, You need to read the scriptures [Holy Bible] originaly written in Hebrew and Greek. Jesus the Christ warned over 500 times to avoid the hell that you so foolishly misrepresent and ignore the eternal existance of. He made reference to Heaven much less than hell. Hell is described as: first hell, the grave (where every body that dies goes first, but the spirit of life in those who know God will be with Christ then0. second hell is the place of flame and torment (where the certain rich man lifted up his eyes, being in torment) where all who die without Christ go. Third hell is the Lake of Fire, made for the deciever and his angels, but all who “knew not God” are brought to judgement before the Throne of God in eternity and found guilty of rejecting the Lamb (Jesus the Christ) of God. Much better to be washed in His blood (life, He gave it for you) than to lose your own soul in the end.

  • Dave K

    Allen, You have just summed up my conclusions perfectly. I resisted the ugly truth for as long as I could, but the writing has been on the wall for decades. The political left is devoid of compassion for any who even dare to question the wisdom of their vision. In other words, they are fascists in the truest sense of the term.



  • J C

    Which is why you are a person and not an individual in the eyes of the law. The law dictionaries sat that a “Person” can be an Individual OR a Corporation. So they deem you a dorporation and tax away. You’re property to be fleeced, not a citizen.

  • J C

    You get power by controlling the money supply, the food supply, the fuel supply…and that takes money. Money to buy the politicians, legislators, judges and media outlets. Once that is done…you have power. You have the power of life and death over “we the people”.
    And whether you get to vote for the tyrant’s red or blue representatives is a dog and pony show…it’s completely irrelevant.
    We are at that stage now. The American democracy is in its death throes. And naturally a new world government is waiting in the wings.
    We’re not going to beat this with anything less than fearce armed resistance, but that’s just an opinion and I hope I’m wrong.

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  • J C

    2 Billion dollars in bullion was removed from a vault below one of the towers the night before the planes hit…no one knows where it went….

  • http://N/A Patriot

    No we have Tungsten in our vaults. Google: “Fake Gold in Fort Knox”

  • J C

    A whole bunch of us have been preparing for a few years. A place in the mountains and all of us hunters. Community will also be a key resource.

  • J C

    We need to reactivate an actual justice system. One that allows for the most severe penalties for breaking the laws as set forth in our Constitution. That would very probably clean the White House right out.

  • J C

    Good summary – Good advice.

  • Sandy

    Hear!! Hear!!!

  • J C

    The Republican Party is as big a waste of time as the Democrats.
    Both parties have been unnecessarily growing government to increase their power for a very long time. The whole thing is a useless dog and pony show that has been non functional for “we the people” almost since its inception.
    It is absolutely time to vote them all out.
    It is absolutely time to arm yourself.
    It is absolutely time to stop buying into the rhetoric of the two party system. They’re both out to steal everything you have.

  • JC

    Linda, yes I’m a Libertarian. I tore up my Republican card when Bush invaded Iraq. It was more hypocrisy than I could stand.

  • J C

    Okay…dorporation is not a word. lol
    Finally found my glasses. :)

  • Linda

    I thought you are “S C”, but you’re not. People easily get confused between S C and you (J C), but I can tell S C is a Republican and you’re a Libertarian.

  • denniso

    The IRS is NOT part of the FED…wrong! But,I agree that they have too much power and very often abuse citizens and most of us live in some degree of fear from them. But,why didn’t all the rightwingers who say the IRS is part of the evil gov’t force their hero Reagan or Bush to do something about it? No, you guys sat back basking in the warm glow of two of the dumbest prsidents ever being elected and once again,followed like sheep. Where were the ‘tea party’ shouters under the 16 yrs of Repub power? I would love to see the IRS abolished and replaced w/ a fair sales tax or value added tax..but no,you guys now want to lay it all on the Dems and conveniently forget your opportunities to have done something constructive.

  • J C

    denniso, just a thought…I am not “you guys” and I am no longer a Republican. Haven’t been since we invaded Iraq.

  • denniso

    J C…I’m pleased to hear you’ve dumped the ‘party’ over the Iraq war.It does seem to me,though, that you tend to agree w/ the vast majority of the extremists here…if I’m wrong,I stand corrected and will try to note any difference between you and the ‘you guys’ here. Maybe you only mean that you’re not a guy??

  • JC

    I’m a male with a family. I’m also a Constitutionalist which puts me squarely at odds with both of the hamster wheel parties and in the Libertarian corner.

  • denniso

    J C….Nothing wrong w/ the libertarians,except they can’t elect anyone and they are naive and too idealistic in their thinking and that it can work in a modern superpower society and complex global structure. If it worked,why aren’t there any models in large countries around the entire world?

  • J C

    denniso, its one thing to work with a complex global structure, it’s quite another to be absorbed by it and lose our sovereignty and national identity to it. I’m all for genuine free trade with other nations. I don’t believe that our government needs to coordinate it though, in fact if anything history proves that their involvement is always a corrupting force.
    The more government we have…the more control they exert. How is that “free trade”?
    As for Libertarians being naieve? I submit that we identify very closely with those that fought a bloody revolution to procure our freedoms and if wanting to reeinstate those freedoms is naieve then so be it. But you might also notice that if this is the case, there is a growing movement towards this naievity. People are getting very angry, very quickly. And since a usually find myself at odds with your views I would like, this once, to offer some friendly advice.
    Get ready. The progressives who want globalism are going to suffer greatly when this blows up, and it will. There may even be great retribution visited upon those who advocated our demise. Protect yourself and maybe take another look at what it means to be an American. That individual freedom coupled with personal responsibility are the founding principles of who we are.
    Give it some thought.

  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    J C – I’d make a bet Cheney knows where the money is just like the other missing money is that wandered off when he awarded Halliburton the unbidded contract in Iraq. Also, I wonder if Halliburton ever payed the government the money they charged for the food they did not supply the troops with. Lot’s of questions and very few truthful answers.


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