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Bachmann’s Migraines: ‘Incapacitating’ Or ‘Bogus’?

July 20, 2011 by  

Bachmann’s Migraines: ‘Incapacitating’ Or ‘Bogus’?

Every migraine sufferer knows that the intense headaches can ruin your day, make working difficult or even send you to the emergency room for treatment. However, a recent article alleges that Representative Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) migraines may be severe enough to prevent her from performing Presidential duties when stressed.

“The Minnesota Republican frequently suffers from stress-induced medical episodes that she has characterized as severe headaches. These episodes, say witnesses, occur once a week on average and can ‘incapacitate’ her for days at time. On at least three occasions, Bachmann has landed in the hospital as a result,” read an article for The Daily Caller.

The news site claimed that “(t)wo sources independently provided detailed accounts of Bachmann’s condition. A third source confirmed that Bachmann frequently suffers from debilitating headache episodes,” but the sources declined to be named “because they were providing information only a select group of people could know, at great professional risk.”

“She has terrible migraine headaches. And they put her out of commission for a day or more at a time. They come out of nowhere, and they’re unpredictable,” one source, an adviser to Bachmann on her 2010 congressional campaign, said. “They level her. They put her down. It’s actually sad. It’s very painful.”

The article alleged that stress was a contributor to the migraines, and that Bachmann takes multiple prescriptions to manage them.

However, Alice Stewart, a Bachmann spokeswoman, denied the “incapacitating” nature of the migraines in quotes to The Daily Caller, and later reiterated her disagreement to POLITICO: “Stewart later added that the claims from the ex-aides are ‘bogus’ and said she has never seen anything resembling what was described in the story from Bachmann, for whom she’s been working since the beginning of June. She added that Bachmann maintains among the most ‘grueling’ and ‘intense’ schedules of any of the candidates, and has been doing it in high heat over the past week, and hasn’t missed an event.”

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  • pete the simian


    It’s hard to believe that Michelle Bachmann, who looks like she is in her mid 30′s is actually 55 years old ….

    She needs to use a netti pot – that will get rid of her migraines ….

    • Cathy

      What the heck is a netti pot? I have a migraine right now!

      As far as her looking younger than 55, ever hear of face lifts, etc.? I know that my Congresswoman had one since I saw her before and after pictures at my plastic surgeon’s office. :)

      • Cawmun Cents

        I heard that Pelosi had so many facelifts that the only way to find her nipples is to shave her head.-CC.

      • TIME

        A {Netti Pot} is a small vase that hold luke warm water with sea salt, you put up your nose and clean out your sinus passages.
        These are really great for any sinus issues and have been used by the Tibetan’s for thousands of years.
        Or if you live in near the Gulf of Mexico or the 50ths state just go take a swim daily and breath the water up your nose and spit it out.

        I use this weekly, sometimes three time per week or more depending on the weather etc. and my gigs.
        It helps keep me so I can sing with out that nasal over tone so I can get a deep dark blues tone out of my voice rather than a Niel Young or Tom Petty nasal tone.

      • coal miner
      • coal miner
    • coal miner
    • coal miner

      pete the simian
      That doesn’t any sense.Neti pot is a product for your sinus,not migraine head aches.

      • coal miner

        pete the simian

        That doesn’t make any sense.Neti pot is a product for your sinus,not migraine head aches.I left out make.SORRY!

    • Karolyn

      You need to take a better look. She looks her age, although I’ve seen 50 year olds where I live in the rural south who look 70.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        tell you what without seeing you, and having seen Bachman, I’ll take my chances with her. SHE doesn’t live alone in the hills and complain about men, if you get my drift!!

  • TIME

    My God I have a pain in my head let alone my ass every day when I wake and see that Congress still has not taken action against Barry Soetoro for his Fake Birth Certificate or his laying waste to this nations Constitution & Bill of Rights daily.

    But I can still get my work done so if someone with a pain at both ends can do their job, simple head pain should be a easy to work with and it seems so far she can do her job with out issue.

    • Raymond Garbericy

      Who wouldn’t have migraine headaches with Obama in office. As soon as he is out of there, her migraines will dissapear.

    • Karolyn

      TIME – “simple head pain!” Have you ever had a migraine? I used to get something close to it and would not be able to do anything and not even able to sleep to get away from it. I’ve known people who have had to stay in dark rooms for days at a time, totally incapacitated. It renders one unable to think straight.

      • TIME

        I had nasal cancer so yes I understand what pain is, as in it would have felt better to just shoot myself in the head.
        But thanks for asking. You have nice day. ;-)

      • Maurice

        Even if Michelle had three migraines per month and each one incapacitated her for five days each, we’d still get about 15 more good, productive days per month than we have gotten from Obama!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          AMEN!!! BADDA BING!!!!

  • DW

    And THIS is all the LEFT can find to dig up on this great American???
    Just think..should she be able to win the Presidency next year, she can take off from the job and take as many vacations as Barry has taken during his tenure so far! You’re doing all the right things Michelle or they wouldn’t be after you so hard and fierce!!!!!

    • Karolyn

      Uh, this is not a leftist blog.

      • eddie47d

        Dw doesn’t know his left foot from his right foot.

      • http://naver samurai

        Then why are you and edduh here? Good points DW. If she wasn’t a threat to them, they would leave her alone. I guess they don’t want a Christian in the White House. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • soldiermom11

    I am giving Bachmann the benefit of the doubt. I believe she cares about our country enough that she would not do anything to put America at risk. Unlike obummer who only does what he can delegate or will help him win the next election.

  • Jeep

    This is a non-starter. There is not much else to say…

  • AJ

    My God what is it with these polititions from Minnesota? An aid from the governors office leaked that Dayton is only good for about 4hrs of the day because of the psychiatric meds he’s on. His aids have to hold him up for the other four hours of the day. Of course you won’t see that in the liberal news media in Minnesota. Are Minnesotans that stressed?

  • RCB

    The press must be kidding. Who cares about this migraine?
    I have more uncomfortable days having to use the bathroom.
    Her schedule is grueling -what do you want? Enough said.

  • cc

    I agree….compared to the pain Obama is giving us, what is a little migraine? I’m having an aneurysm!!

    Heaven forbid another candidate might have a toothache, or a sore throat…good grief! Or play gold every day!!

    • eddie47d

      You must not be a fan of Marcy.

  • enufisenuf

    It is very obvious that MSM and even parts of the GOP hope she fails. I for one will support her to the very end – she believes in the Constitution and wants to return this country to the fundementals that made it a great nation. She really wants the Crumb in Chief out as bad as I do –
    She is probably liberties last best chance of survival from the Crumb and his destructive behaviour and policies

  • Rayma Dorsa

    I say go for it Bachmann,If you get done what you do, then we can get that “headache” out of the White House,men seem to have a problem saying “no” to Obama, maybe a woman can clean up this country. I don’t understand why they won’t bring Obama up on FRAUD charges and get him and his wife OUT before our country is totally destroyed, and then FUMEGATE the place.

  • Rennie

    An oxygen tank and mask would work, it’s constriction of blood vessels in the muscles around the exterior of the skull, not inside the brain. Maybe she could just take 11 hours to decide on killing Bin Laden, blame her predecessor, take another vacation, go play golf, or say what the teleprompter tells her, like our current president, when she does have a migraine? From experience I know your tolerance for BS drops and you just want to get things done and make them work, and maybe even set alone in the dark, alone with your thoughts, that would be terrible for someone in a leadership position to do, wouldn’t it? In otherwords you don’t feel like being jerked around like a AFL-CIO, SEIU or Soros puppet when you have a migraine. People who smoke, drink heavily or do drugs are more likely to have a lack of oxygen INSIDE their skulls where it matters the most. I think a brain scan of Obama vs. Bachmann would prove whose brain is functioning better. Better yet, have them debate an hour with no teleprompter or earphone.

  • Pedro A Delgado

    The Left is worried about Michele Bachmann so much that they come up with whatever comes to their minds to hurt her.

    The brass of the GOP is also very much trying to do to do damage to her as they did to Palin.

    Both will fail, as the people are waking up to the fact that they are the ones that we got to get rid off, if we want to get our Country back before they destroyed it totally, and this is not hyperbole.

    • Karolyn

      it was a conservative site that broke this story.

  • s c

    OK, let’s talk about migraines. If the woman has problems with it, let her seek out and FIND an MD who has the guts to treat people without relying on AMA methods/treatments.
    She can always ask the twit in the W H what he takes for migraines. He must have migraine attacks every day. The way it interferes with him doing his job is getting to be a first-class rump pain for me AND America.
    I’d ask if Bummer takes a certain OTC pill, but some progressives might find a way to think of the question as somehow ‘sexist.’ Like I give a flying ^#@%.

  • Karolyn

    I could just see here in a tense world crisis falling apart in pain!

    • Allan

      I could picture Ted Kennedy needing the bottle during a crisis, but I doubt that would have stopped liberals from voting for him.

    • http://naver samurai

      You sound the same everytime you come on this site. How about Clinton needing to be with Monika during those stressful moments? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • eddie47d

        Monica gave him an uplift (not saying it was right) and Migraines can be a downer for days.Big difference. That in it’s self shouldn’t stop her from running for President yet she may have to turn some duties over to staff during those episodes.

        • http://naver samurai

          Possible, possible. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jopa

    Well if Sarah was VP she could take over for a few days until Michele got better.Sarah has more VP experience than any woman ever had and is just so totally qualified because she can kill a timber wolf with a stick.I also thought Michele looked better than the first time I saw her so I had to go out and get new reading glasses.The make-up on her face or the lift makes her look good but they always miss the neck.She isn’t too shabby for her age though but still not qualified to become a president.I think her husband is becoming the excess baggage in her run now with the shenanigans he has been up to.

  • pete the simian

    Netti pots are good for vertigo too !!!

    How about a Ron Paul/Michelle Bachmann ticket ?

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican primaries, I’m voting Democrat – just to see them Republican con artist drown (politically). Hopefully they will disappear – like the Whig party !

  • J.M.R.

    oo i forgot on this blog you can’t speak your mind censorship comes first.

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlert Wolverine2

    Neither migraines nor PMS has ever prevented a woman to keep focused on what she has her mind set on. One has to admire Ms. Bachman’s determination and tenacity. Have you heard that she has missed attending a session in Congress, or dropping the ball on any issue? Then, don’t worry about it. Marcy Bonebright is perhaps one of the many Obama’s army of Obots spreading rumors , because they are worried about loosing the election. Believe it or not the” presi” does have around 100 or so of those Obots spreading wrong information to all of the media outlets who are gullible enough to spread smear.

  • Bob Livingston

    Dear Wolverine2,

    You are far too intelligent for us. You figured it out. I started a newsletter 42 years ago and a website three years ago and fooled everyone into thinking I was an ultra-conservative just so I could bring on an Obama troll to spread rumors about conservative candidates.

    The gig is up.

    Best wishes,

    • http://naver samurai

      Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Mr Livingston,
      How could you?!?!?!?!? Now I’m beginning to doubt Santa and the Easter Bunny!!! Keep up the good fight, sir!!

  • JC

    Yet another despicable attempt to scuttle an honest, patriotic American’s try for the White House.

    FDR was confined to a wheelchair. It didn’t keep him from serving four terms! Reagan (who incidentally, DIDN’T tear down the Berlin wall), finished his term with mild Altzheimers. Clinton was busy having sex with interns. Bush was just plain STUPID. (That didn’t seem to matter to his supporters.) Obama is so full of himself that it’s a wonder he has time to govern.

    So Michelle Bachman will deal with her occasional headaches the same way we all deal with headaches. If terrorists are attacking, she will take a pain killer and get the job done.


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