Bachmann: We Need NSA Spying To Win War On Terror


Outgoing Representative and failed Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) said that she supports National Security Agency spying and that she would vote “no” on efforts to curtail it at the Heritage Foundation’s monthly “Conversation with Conservatives” event.

Getting into a verbal dispute with Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) over his proposed amendment aimed at cutting funding to NSA data collection efforts, Bachmann said that government spying is necessary to “win the war on terror.” The Congresswoman also said that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to phone records.

“I’ll be voting ‘no’ on the Amash amendment,” she said. “And the reason why is because with the business records exception, section 215 [of the Patriot Act], there is no expectation of privacy.”

“I believe that we need to win the war on terror,” the Congresswoman later added. “We need to defeat the goals and aims of Islamic jihad and for that reason, I will be voting no on the Amash amendment.”

Amash responded to Bachman, urging her to ask her constituents how they feel.

“All you have to do is go home to your constituents and ask them whether they think they have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their phone records, or any of their other records that are stored by a third party, and they will tell you yes,” the Michigan Congressman said.

Furthermore, he argued, that if section 215 is allowed to be used loosely by the Federal government, any digital records Americans have stored on third party equipment could be subject to snooping.

“You might as well throw the Fourth Amendment out the window,” Amash said.

Bachmann also made very clear that she considers NSA leaker Edward Snowden a “traitor” and an enemy of the U.S.

At publication of this article, House lawmakers were debating the Defense Appropriations Bill that includes Amash’s amendment.

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Sam Rolley

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  • MaxEffectUSA

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little personal safety deserve neither liberty or safety (Benjamin Franklin)

  • Scott

    The NSA is a waste of $13 Billion. They can’t keep a secret. Even Alexander ‘can’t hack in’, he says. But Snowden, a high school dropout in an entry level desk job can hack in. Under the Freedom of Information Act papers were ordered to be furnished by NSA, and after weeks NSA responded, “We can’t find them”. It’s a money pit with no value whatsoever.

    As with Obama’s ordering of targeting of conservatives by the IRS, it’s likely Obama has ordered spying on all Americans for political reasons.

    Bachmann is suckered.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Snowden’s past is in question as well. Bachmann isn’t “suckered”. That would imply she’s been fooled into betraying her oath to defend the Constitution. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing but doesn’t care because she won’t be running for re-election.

  • $23331171

    Now she lost me: Good riddance!
    There is no war on terror: Only a war on the Constitution.
    Does anyone still need further proof that is not Republicans vs. Democrats. . . Is Washington DC vs. America!

    • sonofrepublic

      Well said and what you said says it all for me!!! She is nothing but a stinking traitorous RINO!!

    • Justsomeguy151

      LMAO it took this for you to realize she was a RINO? She’s always been this way.

      • $23331171

        I have always been a Libertarian: I simply tolerate some RepublocRAT to a certain degree. . . She just appeared to be not as bad as most of them.

        • Justsomeguy151

          Well as a fellow Libertarian, I thought she was one of the most deceitful of the lot. She also made some ridiculous and baseless accusations against Dr. Paul. If you got a problem w/ Ron Paul, you really got a problem w/ the Constitution and yrself.

          • $23331171

            I never had a problem with Ron Paul. I thought that he was the ONLY choice.

            In fact, I coined the phrase that the RepugnicRATS wanted Americans to chose from:
            A communist Muslime from Kenya or
            A communist Mormoron from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

          • Justsomeguy151

            That wasn’t directed at you, I meant people in general, if they don’t like Ron Paul, its because they have no respect for the Constitution and also for Ron Paul. Bachmann had made some accusations against Dr. Paul re: one of her aids quitting and joining his campaign or some such. She claimed that he paid off this person. Yeah right, pull the other one. Bachmann was always trying to punk Dr. Paul which told me exactly who she was.

          • Keith Luxton

            Personally I prefer the term “Repugnicans” fits quite well Can’t think of anything more repugnant than politician betraying their constituents.

          • $23331171

            Since there is no real difference, I just bundled both.

  • Paul Anthony

    She was a Tea Party favorite.
    Even the Tea Party has failed to vett it’s candidates. There are too many politicians who really don’t understand the concepts upon which this nation was built.

    • Justsomeguy151

      The media tried to make her a favorite, she never really was.

  • squeeze127

    Recording all phone records by Americans to Americans in the CONUS is spying on Americans. What was originally intended was Americans to foreign countries and vice-versa.

    • SpudPicker

      Under Clinton the system, under project names Echelon and Carnivore, was supposedly used to detect “organized crime activity.” (No, not the government; the Mafia! Their competition….?) Under Bush, post 9/11, it was supposedly redirected to do U.S. to foreign country surveillance to detect terrorist activity.
      Don’t know how Clinton’s program worked. Bush had some luck with his.

      But looks like Obama is more interested in catching and getting the “goods” on political opponents. From what I understand, they ignore communications to and from Mosques but look at and track “extremists” here at home.

  • wandamurline

    Wow, she has become as big a disappointment as Marco Rubio….seems she needs some psychological help…the Patriot Act is Unconstitutional….TSA groping at the airports is Unconstitutional….NSA opening your mail is Unconstitutional…if America has no reasonable expectation of privacy, then why did our Forefathers give us the first amendment in the first place….because of administrations such as what we now have and they foresaw the power grabbers in the political field….they had just signed a pledge of their fortunes and lives to rid America of the biggest power grabber of all….King George. After hearing this from her, I am glad that she is retiring….too bad she can’t go before she gets to vote yes for more invasions of privacy. As far as Snowden, I want to thank him for exposing this treachery to America…the real terrorists are the ones running Washington.

    • Warrior

      Secretly, the “ones” in the “know”, know that “profiling” is taking place. So they find it “acceptable” to grope a few “grandma’s and children”. Heaven forbid they be accused of being non-PC!

  • dave

    So, I guess Ms. Bachmann is a Rino in the true sense of the word. She must agree with OBAMA that Americans will be willing to give up a little liberty for security. Seems I remeber reading from one of the founding fathers that “those who would give up liberty for security, deserve neither”. But it might not matter to Ms. Bachmann. She already has her Swiss (I believe) passport.

  • Warrior

    Listen kids, our current goobmint is now one big jobs program. It has become the antithesis of a “productive” society. All brought to you by “progressives”.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis

      I haven’t seen the GOP trying to reduce the size of government, have you???

      • P8RIOT

        Of course not… D or R, they are in bed together. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

    • $20580097

      you mean by government not just liberals

  • Dr Moon

    Bachmann is wrong!!! Why is it not surprising that the one issue both parties agree on results in Americans losing our freedom. I’m sick of politicians, if you find ones you agree with on economics then they pull crap like this. Here’s the scenario; You accidentally find a memo saying the government is planning on exterminating every person over the age of 70 to keep our government from going insolvent. I guess this idiot would keep her mouth shut because she would be a traitor for exposing the plan and causing the government to shutdown. Bachmann and all of you EX-CONSERVATIVES exposing an unconstitutional act IS NOT TREASON. It’s the ACT itself that is treasonous. Remember THE PEOPLE OWN THIS COUNTRY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. YOU WORK FOR US AND IF YOU CAN’T DO WHAT WE SAY GET TF OUT NOW!!!

  • rbrooks

    another of those conservative christians that so many of the posters on this site love.

    now those same christian conservatives will claim she is a rino, liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, atheist, gay, etc.

    this is ironically hilarious.

    she represents all of you radical right wing con-servatives.

    keep voting them in. you deserve it.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Not Me ! She is what i call a crazy christian , She would sell out the country in the blink of an eye if it would help the zionest .

    • pissed off conservative

      were you born with a brain?? or are you just that dumb

    • JeffH

      bahhhhhhhhhhhh, bahhhhhhhhhhh, bahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Ibn Insha

      Can you say that in English?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    She is crazy as a bedbug !

  • Libertarian Soldier

    glad she’s not going to be our president.

  • pissed off conservative

    i new all along she was a phoney conservative ..she makes me just as sick as pelosi and fienstien,ried,mc cain, boner the bone head..and the list just keeps growing..and dont forget rubio,another traitor.. they will get theres..maybe not in this lifetime..but come judgement day..ill enjoy watching them thrown into the lake of fire

    • Vis Fac

      The applicable label is RINO

    • Keith Luxton

      Cannot wait for doomsday! We need them all in the showers for mental cleansing

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    She’s just another Neocon nutjob still drunk on the 9/11 Kool-Aid believing the government’s fairytales. It’s a damn shame we have so many idiot lawyers in our government. I wish for once that we had engineers, scientists, and architects in our Congress and Senate who could set these clueless dingbats straight on COMMON SENSE!!!

    • Vis Fac

      Being an electrical and mechanical engineer I can be certain that I don’t have what it takes to be a politician. I do not fudge facts or data and tell it like it is and the laws of physics still hold sway – up is up down is down and atmospheric pressure at sea level is still 14.696 PSI I am the least politically correct person I know so if you really don’t want and answer to a question you had better not ask. (Bosses don’t like this attitude) I served Honorably in the armed forces and defended OUR constitution In combat disobeyed ridiculous orders (superiors don’t like this attitude) but chose to protect those under my command. No I would not make it as a politician. Semper-Fi

      • SickOfGovtBS

        Run for office. if I’m a potential constituent, you’d get my vote.

  • antiliberal00

    She is no different than George Bush or Obama. They will claim “national security”. every time they violate the constitution.
    Republicans are no more conservative then democrats. BOTH parties are trampling all over the constitution and BOTH support anti-American policies.
    NEITHER party should be allowed to hold office and neither of them represent the citizens of this once great republic.
    Think hard before voting in the future.

  • P8RIOT

    People willing to give up freedom for a little security deserve niether freedom or security. Bachman was an idiot during the primaries and still showing her stupidity today. She, along with Pelosi, Reid, and all the other anti-constitution morons need to be gathered up and tried for treason. Snowden is a hero not a traitor. To place him in their realm is as rediculous as the uninformed voters that put them where they are.

    • chris

      I like your view

  • Michael Shreve

    MANY erroneously believe that the “WAR ON TERROR” justifies UNRESTRICTED government spying. MANY believe that the U.S. Constitution MUST be ignored WHENEVER required by “special circumstances”. IF the agencies CHARGED with defending us from terrorist attacks are so INCOMPETENT that they MUST violate our RIGHTS to protect us the TERRORISTS HAVE WON THE WAR. IF the U.S. Constitution can be IGNORED when convenient, THE U.S. IS NOT A FREE COUNTRY.

  • Marshall Watson

    It is a good thing the female is not going to run for office again, as I believe she would be very embarrassed by her failure. I pray that whoever runs for her seat has more sense than her. Note I called her a female, not a woman, a real woman would never make such foolish statements

  • SpudPicker

    Those that give up liberty to obtain safety will lose both.
    Forgot who said that.

    But, the TSA and it’s grope-a-dope mentality is a prime example.

    • US Army (retired)

      Benjamin Franklin was the author of that phrase

  • Ibn Insha

    Both, Democrats and Republican, are tripping over each other to violate our constitutional rights or more appropriately tripping over each other to see who can flush constitution down the toilet faster.