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‘Baby, My Cash Money,’ Colombian Prostitute Speaks Out

April 20, 2012 by  

‘Baby, My Cash Money,’ Colombian Prostitute Speaks Out
Allegedly, a Secret Service agent owed a Colombian prostitute $800 but wanted to pay only $30.

One of the women involved in the Secret Service sex scandal said in a recent interview that she was paid a small fraction of the agreed-upon price.

She claims they had agreed upon $800, but the next morning the Secret Service agent wanted to pay her only $30.

“I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money,’” the women, who prefers to be called an escort, told The New York Times.

“You have higher rank,” she said. “An escort is someone who a man can take out to dinner. She can dress nicely, wear nice makeup, speak and act like a lady. That’s me.”

She told The Times that the men ordered two bottles of vodka while at the club.

“They never told me they were with [President Barack] Obama. They were very discreet,” she added.

According to the woman, the man refused to pay and forced her out of the room, calling her an expletive. The situation escalated and eventually a hotel security officer arrived.

The escort lowered the amount to $250, the price she has to pay the man who helps find her customers. The agents eventually gave her a combination of dollars and pesos worth about $225, and she went on her way.

The woman did not know who the men were until the story broke on local news.

“This is something really big,” she said. “This is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time.”

A U.S. official said the woman’s account seems to be consistent with other findings. “On the whole, it’s pretty accurate,” the official said.

So far, three Secret Service agents have been forced out of their position. Eight others have had their security clearance suspended and are on administrative leave.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Vigilant

    “According to the woman, the man refused to pay and forced her out of the room, calling her an expletive…The escort lowered the amount to $250, the price she has to pay the man who helps find her customers.”

    “Expletive” = “whore.”

    “Escort” = “whore.”

    “…the man who helps find her customers” = “pimp.”

    For those of us who call it as we see it, i.e., not politically correct. Could have saved yourself a few words.

    • jimster

      Prostitution is legal (it not moral) in Columbia. Like any other transaction you must pay the contracted price.

      • Don

        A “hoe” is a “hoe” is a “hoe” is a “hoe” is a “hoe.” A “hoe” by any other name would be a “prostitute”…still a “hoe.”

    • TIME

      OMG, V.

      Dude, get real – she “proformed a service” thats the bottom line its not what the service may be. She had a oral contract with an alledged Honest person, {she did her job} – and based on what I know of High Class Escorts I am sure that the service was done to a very high standard.
      Now be it as it may, just who are you to pass judgement on anyone, as in anyone who works for a living, no matter what their job may be.

      So we are square on the base point, { if anyone has a JOB of any kind } they to are in fact no more or less than a Prostitute, as they both preform a Task and for said task recieve a payment agreeded on by both partys. Its a case of a “simple contract.”

      As we are all, as you put it; ” WHORES.”

      Peace and Love

      • Don

        Nice play on words…how do you know that she had an “oral” contract. Are these agents leftover from Slick Willie?

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        Agree 100%. We all prostitute ourselves for money. We just happen to call it work. Well, these are just working women. If anyone should be upset, it would be the mens wives, if they were married,

      • TIME

        Hi Don,

        As I recall from law school there are; Written Contracts, – or Oral Contracts.
        Peace and Love

    • Ellen

      The idiot who tried to cheat her out of their agreed upon rate has caused a huge scandal and will result in many job losses. If he just paid her, would any of this have happened?

      • Charlie

        Just the underhanded pigs in the Obama administration, and there are a lot under him, to include him.!!!!

  • cawmun cents

    Is it just me?
    Or has the economy tanked so much worldwide that prices are just too darn high?
    I have heard of Columbian Gold before,but I didnt think it came in the form of a vagina.
    Thats peart near a weeks paycheck for a fling!
    Where is the”rent is too damn high”guy when you need him?Does she think she is in Vegas or something?This woman must know about Obama’s stimulus package,right?
    That pimp of hers must have told her to drive the price up to reflect the downturn in the economy.huh?
    Remember the statement that Obama made about energy?Prices will necessarily skyrocket….(to paraphrase the pres).Far be it from me to suggest gouging,or overinflation,but if this is a sign of things to come,we may want to batten down the hatches(economically speaking).The exchange rate isnt what I thought it was anyhow,sheesh!
    $800 for a Columbian escort?
    No wonder the guy balked.
    To suggest that she is more valuable because she can be seen in public places with him?
    Thats a pretty steep price to pay for her vanity isnt it?
    I have never purchased sex,and at those prices likely never will!
    I thought fuel was expensive!
    Thats 250,000 a year folks…..give or take a buck or two.
    Whores must have taken a pay hike out for themselves,much like congresspersons.
    Ah!…..the hook.
    Isnt that what we pay our representatives to do?Jump in bed with whoever for whatever,on our behalf?
    Based on extrapolation,I can see why members of congress vote themselves pay raises on a constant basis now….they need to keep up with Columbian whores.
    Would you like to be the lawmaker who made less money this year than a Columbian prostitute?
    Talk about a steep price for vanity.But I am willing to bet that the Columbian woman will have performed her job at a better standard than our congressfolk do.But then again regulation and fees aside,these two jobs are very similar.If prostitution was gubment run….I am thinking that eventually they would price themselves out of work.To me,it is a miracle that we havent demanded more bang for our buck,no pun intended.But then again…..
    What do I know?
    Apparently very ilttle…..

    • bsg

      If Sandra Fluke had only thought of this she could be paying for her own sexual exploits and have enough left over to contribute to the tax coffers.

      • cawmun cents

        She just should have had her puddy speyed,and that would solve the condition as well.

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      I NEVER pay to have sex,,,,I pay them to leave and not wake me up.

  • dan

    …a woman just wants to be valued and appreciated….whores just want to get paid for their time . Lawyers,call it billable hours …but it’s a screwing any way you look at it..

    • Vigilant

      The difference is that lawyers KEEP screwing you after they’re paid.

      • Don

        A good “screwing” or STDs…the gifts that keep on giving…hmmmm…a Hallmark moment!

  • JoMama

    Hey – just so you know -
    I make alot less than that dirty, filthy, disgusting “escort” – I mean whore – but I can look at myself in the mirror & I don’t get “nervous attacks & cry all the time” – AND I am the kind of woman that can dress up nice with make-up & take out to dinner, too. I just don’t have to screw everyone for it.

    • cawmun cents

      Yeah…but how many are lining up to take you out to dinner?
      Or pay you 800 smackeroos?
      If the line is small,then you are my kind of gal.
      You see I appreciate virtue.
      Thanks for having some.

  • Chester

    Why is it her price keeps going up with every new article I see. First time anything came out, she was still owed about $170, and now it is up to $770. And I thought the price of cars jumped fast.

  • eddie47d

    I thought it was mainly Haliburton that did all the price gouging but apparently they are in the same bed as prostitutes.

  • Steve E

    They should have signed a contract first for the amount of services rendered. If they want a “change order”, it should be amended in writing in the contract amount.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    With all the uproar and indignation, I have yet to hear anyone explain how the Secret Service extra-curricular activities interfered with their on-the-job performance.

    • Ellen

      2War, The concern is that governments use prostitutes to get information out of people like this. They get drunk and say things they shouldn’t. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the spy game.

      • Charlie

        Now how would you know that Ellen ????

  • Charlie

    Thats all she’s worth anyway. Who in their right mind would pay a women 800 for a couple of hours anyway, STUPID !!!!!!

  • Bill

    These agent’s attitude reflect the entire cavalier and elitist attitude of the Obama administration. The only difference is Obama is screwing the entire country.

    • Brad Pitt

      At least the agents paid their own money to screw the prostitutes.

      Obama is screwing the country using OUR money!

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        I’m sure it would have been on their expense ticket. Just find the hat.

  • nik

    I have seen this behavior before in corporations, partying like there is no tomorrow, because the government employees know that this profligate spending will end with a collapse of the government if the American people don’t get ahold of the politicians in Washington DC. Obama wants more revenue to be thrown in the toilet like this. He is going after the hard working and saving people so that their offspring can be as poor as the Ghetto kids. He could cut the budget 10% across all bureaucracies for 5 years, until expenditures were exqual to the revenues. The bureaucrats know where the fat is. And yes even the DOD. Generals waste 3 million each time they change offices just to redocorate. At this point Obama could be accused of trying to bring about a collapse to take over as a socialist swamp. He is a red diaper baby, trying to bring about the desires of his American hating parents. If he is not deliberately doing this, then at a certain point incompetence is indinguishable from evil.

    • nik

      I can’t believe the naive comments on here (apparently from guys who are fond of prostitutes) The secret services first training and rules are regarding these issues. Prostitutes can be used by foreign enemies to gain information from the guy’s room while he is drunk or drugged. Why hadn’t he thrown the prostitute out before the morning? Then they are subject to blackmail because they will lose their job, obviously this is true because they did lose their jobs. These agencies must have nothing but straight arrow boys. Apparently the whole culture is so squalid now, that men will get on here and defend what happened.

  • Daniel Perkins

    In 1987 at my first duty station as a PFC during an in ranks inspection I was ordered to be escorted via my squad leader SGT by my 1SG to Sachsenhausen. In my 20+ years of military service the first thing I learned rule #1 don’t get caught #2 don’t argue,#3 don’t be cheap.

  • Ben W.

    Hey TIME. Thats a hell of a play on words isn’t it ?Would you call the people you work with Whores?The big difference here is that when I work; I pay with time and sweat(which is Moral).Its like using the word “GAY”.That word used to mean Happy,Glad.But I will addmit,it all depends on which side of the fence your standing on ..As far as I’m concern,everyone of those people needed their #ss fired.So much for our great, and wonderful GOVERMENT For The people,by the the people and “TO” The people!!!!!!!!(Mostly ” TO” the People!!!)

  • jopa

    Just about every one of the agents being discussed is active or former military that served in a skirmish or war from Nam to Afghanistan.You people are pretty quick to judge someone willing to give his life or limbs to protect your silly asses just so you can spout off about what should be done with these so called evildoers.You want the men in question fired if not locked up for a boys night out on the town and a lady of the night was shortchanged.Where were you folks when the real war criminals like Bush and Chaney were torturing people according to the Geneva Convention.The Secret Service story is a not even worth talking about, and going after our war heroes is just sick.There wasn’t even a law broken here, just a matter of pricing.


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