Avoiding The ‘Riot Beast’


In light of the growing concern among law enforcement agencies in Florida over possible riots in the wake of a verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, we wanted to provide you with some information you can use to help you stay safe. Since the trial began on June 24, the “Twitterverse” and social media have been alight with threats of riots and attacks on whites if Zimmerman is acquitted. Once they start, given the fact that President Barack Obama, his Department of Justice and the New Black Panther Party — aided by their propagandists in the mainstream media — have advocated on Martin’s behalf and heightened tensions, riots probably won’t be confined to Florida.

This article first ran March 5, 2012 under the title Responding To A Major Riot. Personal Liberty contributor David Morris also wrote an excellent article on what to do in a riot. That article can be read here.

In August of 1965, a reported act of police brutality touched off riots that consumed the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts for five days. When it was over, more than 34 people were dead, at least 1,000 were wounded and $200 million in property was destroyed by looting and fire.

Twenty-seven years later, the acquittal of four officers in the beating of Rodney King sparked more rioting in Los Angeles that lasted three days and resulted in the death of 54 people and destruction of $1 billion in property.

This is what can happen when social order breaks down. The “riot beast,” as some people call it, grows quickly and can suck in innocent bystanders as easily as it can the fringe criminal element just looking for an opportunity to strike.

Do you know what to do if a riot begins in your area? It’s not always possible to avoid a riot, as most of those injured or killed are innocents caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself from getting caught up in the worst of it:

  • Be prepared. If you know that tensions are brewing to such an extent that a riot is possible, but you can’t avoid the area, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wear clothes that make you look like part of the crowd, but take care not to wear colors that could signal allegiance to one group or gang.
  • Plan possible escape routes for the duration of your journey outside.
  • Keep cash on hand to arrange for transportation or pay off looters.
  • Remain calm. Riots bring intense emotions to the surface, and you have to keep your emotions in check. Think rationally at all times.
  • Get inside and stay inside. Stay away from windows and doors, try to get into the middle of the structure to put as many walls as possible between yourself and any bullets fired from outside, and lock all entrances into the building. Keep in mind you need to have at least two escape routes. If rioters gain entry to your building, leave in a hurry and try to find law enforcement authorities.
  • Stay on the sidelines.
  • If you’re caught up in a riot, don’t take sides. Try to be inconspicuous and move slowly, but purposefully, to the outside of the mob.
  • Move away from the riot. The longer you spend in it the greater the chance you will be injured or killed. But move out slowly. Think of it as escaping the undertow, and move toward the outside so you can find an alley, side street or doorway to get into.
  • Avoid major roadways, as this is where the crowd is liable to be the greatest.
  • Avoid public transportation. The stations may be particularly dangerous because of the chance of large crowds and difficult egress.
  • Don’t stop your car. Drive away from the riot and don’t stop until you are in a safe place with no other people, except maybe law enforcement, nearby. If people try to block your course, honk your horn and continue driving carefully through them.
  • If you’re in the midst of a riot and police begin using chemicals, such as teargas, try to stay out of the line of fire. Try to stay away from the front lines, which will bear the brunt of a police action. If the air gets thick with chemicals, get low for fresh air.
  • Do your best to stay on your feet. If you fall, you are likely to be trampled. If you do fall, curl into a ball and protect your face and vital organs.

Should you believe that riots or looters may soon affect your neighborhood, you may deem it prudent to leave your home until the situation stabilizes. Most people think that simply locking their doors and leaving is sufficient. But this won’t keep out rioters who are not bound by the rule of law and certainly don’t respect the locks on your doors and windows. So you need to prepare your home to make it as looter-proof as possible before you leave. To do it properly, you will have to have prepared in advance by purchasing and storing the needed materials.

Note from the Editor: Round two of the financial meltdown is predicted to reach global proportions, already adversely affecting Greece, Spain and most of Europe. It appears less severe in the states because our banks are printing useless fiat currency. I’ve arranged for readers to get two free books — Surviving a Global financial Crisis and Currency Collapse, plus How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization — to help you prepare for the worst. Click here for your free copies.

You’ve probably seen video or photographs of homes along the coast being prepared for the onslaught of a hurricane. Keep this visual in mind as you begin to make your home looter-proof.

Plywood over the windows and doors will confound most looters because the riots that fuel the looting are generally somewhat spontaneous. It’s difficult to remove plywood covers without the proper tools, and the odds are against looters carrying pry bars, hammers and screwdrivers when a riot breaks out. Don’t forget to cover skylights and other soft points as well.

If you have a large screened or glassed-in porch, the best bet is to secure the small door that allows access to the home. Sacrifice the glass or screen on the porch.

Garage doors can be problematic to cover. If you have a metal garage door, you probably should just trust it to keep out looters. A wooden door can be breached with a swift kick to one of the panels. Cover each of the panels with plywood as if they were glass.

The plywood you use should be at least 3/8 inch thick. Any less and you may as well have no protection at all. Use screws to secure the wood. The screws should be 1½ to 2 inches in length.

If your home is boarded up and other homes in the neighborhood are not, yours will likely be spared in lieu of the easier pickings.

If your house is hooked to natural gas or a propane tank, turn off the gas at the gas meter and water at the main valve. Turn off the electricity at the breaker or fuse box.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    The author left out one other thing to do. Get a concealed weapon permit and then ALWAYS CARRY! As a last resort you will then have a way to defend and save yours and others lives. Again I say for the benefit of the alarmists, hand-wringers, and anti-gunners, AS A LAST RESORT!

    • IHateLibs

      I Already DO. And carry a 357 mag. To be exact

      • hippybiker

        9mm with hollow points, here.

        • David Wallace

          .45 or 9mm depending on what I’m wearing, Hydra-Shok or similar.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Must be overcompensating for something. Just saying.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Your hand in his wallet?

    • jdn

      Desert Eagle 44 mag and 2 extra magazines . Don’t look so much for the riots but an increase in attacks and murders . The police actually made an effort to be prepared rather than wait and try to respond . I know the radicles will and are calling that racist also .

      • David Wallace

        Actually my grandson went to the park yesterday to play basketball and there was one knockout fight over the verdict, It’s still simmering. I live down the road from the courthouse, a few miles from Sanford.

    • FreedomFighter

      I already have a shotgun for home defense and a personal carry weapon. The only thing different I have done is load the 50 round drum for my Thompson along with the 20 round sticks to add to my home defense plan — my version of personal riot control. I seriously don’t expect to need them and will put them back in the heavy duty vault soon.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • FreedomFighter

        M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun .45ACP

        For those unfamiliar with old tech.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

  • Al Chemist

    Keep cash on hand…to pay off looters? What?

    • LarryK357

      that means they get your money first and then kill you.

      • Al Chemist

        Right. Those rioters and looters are not out looking for a tip from you for a job well done. Keep cash on hand, the criminal looters see it, and you are the first one they are going to beat the (bleep) out of..or kill.

  • hippybiker

    The riots never happened here in Florida. Thats because it is estimated that 1 in 12 people and growing carry a concealed weapon here. Street Negro’s may be stupid, but they are not dumb.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Racist comment.

      • hippybiker

        Oh, I see. And, “Creepy Ass Cracker” is a cultural statement? “Negro, Please.”

        • Doc Sarvis

          So you want to stoop to that level??? Maybe it is not such a stretch for you.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            So Doc, are you saying this guy is wrong?

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Have you noticed that when the Liberal Progressives are asked tough questions, they don’t respond?

          • vicki

            I have noticed that a lot.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Here’s an interesting point of view:


          • vicki

            Nice point there. Though the real point is that humans are ALL the SAME race. And they all have their bigots.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        For once you have a point. But even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    • David Wallace

      Hey I resemble that remark. :-)

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Same goes here in Arizona where people are allowed to protect themselves even if it does offend some Liberal sensibilities.

  • Barb Leigh

    The best thing to do is stay home lock and double lock all doors and avoid any confrontations. Anything we do just to defend ourselves will be played up by the true racists and the racist media. If a black man killed a teenage white boy the same way and he was found not guilty that would be all it would be over. Any outcry would simply get us all called racists again. Maybe all this rioting, oops excuse me, marching will finally get us kick started in defending ourselves and our country!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie

    Why do you advise that folks stay away from protesters or rioters? Are you not the people who demand the rght to stand your ground. Is it not you who states that Americans have the god given right to be anywhere they like? To be consistent you should be defending the rights of Americans to stand anywhere they like even if it is in the middle of an angry crowd. You should also remind them of their god given right to carry whatever weapon they want. Then if someone shoves them or even bumps into them they can pull out their heat and shoot them dead. And if the crowd reacts to that they then have the right to self defense and they can start blowing away entire groups of people standing there. Golly gosh dernit. You betcha’.

    • Robbie

      No you’re not. You have your right to stand your ground. You have your right to stalk and follow someone and then if they get upset you can blow them away and claim self defense. Oh, and always keep a gun or two on you in case the person you are stalking gets uppity. Then just shoot them.

      • Brian

        I guess you where there when this happen because what heard was that Zimmerman was heading back to his car when marten aprotch hi

        • Vigilant

          Robbie as this conspiracy theory that the prosecution was paid off to empanel only those jurors who are white racists.

        • Robbie

          You know if folks like you had their way the story would be that Trevon shot Zimmerman!

      • TIME

        Dear robbieee,

        I see yet again your ability of comprehension of the evidence presented by the State Prosecution failed for the obvious reasons, as in they had nothing it was all political, nothing more nor less.

        As in your stating facts to that did not exist, thus you are creating a case that never was.
        Oh but wait, your just following the mass medias hype like a well trained puppet.

        I sure hope you never find yourself in trouble and the mass media makes you the villain.

        Thus ~ Perhaps you should review all the evidence as well explore the case in full before you spout more of the mass media’s twisted rhetoric, like a talking parrot.

        Really, again if I were you ~ I would ask your money back on the Three Degree’s you paid you acquire.

        • independent thinker

          I suspect his “degrees” were purchased mail order from Montgonery Ward.

        • Robbie

          Martin shot Zimmerman. Pass it on.

          • vicki

            Magic bullet? Or didn’t your straw-martin know which end the bullet came out of?

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Give it up, Robbie. Anybody, who has read your comments, knows that they are conjecture, based on Hopes and Dreams — NOT facts.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Lighten up on Robbie, guys. He is legitimately afraid that someday there might be enough enlightened people to stop him and his Gang from stealing other peoples’ money and Forcing their way on the rest of us.

    • vicki

      hmmm. Comment shows much violence in this one.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Unfortunately, Robbie, for you that is, the truth is that More Guns mean Less Crime:

      • Robbie

        I’m not so sure you are correct. In Canada we have both less guns and less crime and generally folks don’t live in fear that they might get blown away by some freak. Of course in a way I agree with you because the U.S. is, at this point, so far gone that muliplying the guns out there just might be the only way to keep things together. Sad but true.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Here are some facts, Robbie:
          Notice how the number of states allowing concealed carry grows from 1986 to present.
          Notice also how the violent crime rate peaked in 1991 and has declined steadily since.
          While this certainly doesn’t prove that violence rates declined as a result of increasing guns on the streets, it is notable that the trend is exactly opposite of what Liberal Progressives claimed it would be.
          There are now 5 states that allow concealed carry with no permitting. My home state, Arizona, is one of them, and I feel safer now knowing that when some whacko threatens peoples’ lives there is a much better chance that somebody will be armed and stop his sorry arse.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Robbie says — “In Canada we have both less guns and less crime and generally folks don’t live in fear that they might get blown away by some freak”.

          What does that mean, Robbie? Less guns than the US? Less Crime than the US? Or have your crime rates dropped since gun control? If that is your claim can you back it up with stats?
          You say people don’t live in fear that they might get blown away by some freak. Why? Does gun control stop people intent on killing people from getting a gun? I mean we’re talking about the most heinous crime known to man — murder. Do you think a person willing to commit that kind of crime will care a lick if you say it’s illegal for them to own a gun, Robbie?
          Here is a history of Gun Control in Canada:
          And here is a history of violent crime in Canada:

          • Robbie

            We have strict gun control laws. It’s hard to get a gun in Canada and as a result we just don’t have the mass murder sprees like Newtown and the Colorado theatre massacre. Something like walking around with a concealed weapon is simply foreign to us. Americans visiting Canada are stopped at the border if they have guns in their car. I know this seems odd to you but there you have it. Part of the reason for our attitude is how our western area was settled. As the British moved west up here the famous Mounted Police tended to preceed the population so that when folks started arriving there was already law and order whereas the American west was settled in a much more spontaneous way shall we say where order was based on whoever had the biggest gun. Actually kind of the way it still is. We are shaped by our history often without even knowing about it.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Did you read my comments, Robbie? You’ve been slam-dunked. Canada has 5 times the violent crime rate as two of our most pro-gun states. You just keep Hoping and Dreaming, Robbie. I’ll stick with reality.

          • Robbie

            You get the slam dunk every time some freak who didn’t have to go through a background check gets his hands on a heavy weapon and blows away a bunch of Americans.

          • vicki

            If you were really interested in considering things as you claim above you would notice that those cases you like to point out happen in government created Gun-FREE zones and don’t involve heavy weapons.

          • Robbie

            That’s why gun laws have to be national – not just state wide or community wide.It’s actually dangerous for one area to be “gun free” while right next door is not.

          • vicki

            Since the nation can not keep out drugs it won’t keep out guns. Guns in the hands of the law abiding DOES reduce or eliminate the carnage of gun free zones.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          A Brief History of Gun Control in Canada Part 1:

          A Brief History of Gun Control in Canada Part 2:

        • vicki

          Robbie writes to TODH:

          I’m not so sure you are correct.

          No worries Robbie. Your lack of certainty has not changed reality nor what those who have common sense know.

          The gun IS civilization.


          And it is worth noting that
          ~300 Million Americans didn’t shoot anyone. Not even by accident.

          Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a VERY few.
          Stop it
          Stop it NOW.

          • Robbie

            I guess a lack of certainty wouldn’t be anything you ever experience.

          • vicki

            I notice you do a lot of guessing.

          • Robbie

            Always considering and reconsidering and evaluating and fine tuning if you will. Because – as Hericlitus noted – nothing is permanent except change itself. I’ve always been amused by those who know everything for sure all the time with iron clad certainty.

          • vicki

            Here is something else to consider should you really consider considering.

            In the last year alone

            ~300 Million Americans didn’t shoot anyone. Not even by accident.

            Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a VERY few.
            Stop it
            Stop it NOW.

          • Robbie

            Congratulations. 300 million Americans didn’t shoot anyone. Yea!

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Some Canadian reality:

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          This is good.
          The violent crime rate in Canada was 951 per 100,000 in 2006:
          The violent crime rate in Vermont was 137 per 100,000 in 2006:
          What does Vermont have that Canada doesn’t? Vermont was the First State to allow unrestricted conceal carry.
          The violent crime rate in Utah was 225 per 100,000 in 2006:
          What does Utah have that Canada doesn’t?
          Utah is ranked lowest of the 50 states for gun control by the Brady Campaign:

          What does this demonstrate? That you can’t take the word of a Liberal Progressive whether Canadian or US citizen.

          • Robbie

            No, what it demonstrates is how easy it is to get the results you want by comparing an entire country to a tiny rural state. Well done but what’s the gun kill rate per 100,000 in the U.S.& A. versus Canada?

          • vicki

            A more useful questions is this. You can do it for Canada using the same method.

            in the last year
            ~300 MILLION Americans didn’t shoot ANYONE
            Stop passing unconstitutional anti-possession laws that only punish the innocent.
            Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a very few
            Stop it
            Stop it NOW.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You’re mixing apples and oranges, Robbie, which is what Liberal Progressives do in lieu of factual debate. Canada and the US have different heritage, different geography, and different cultures. Comparing Vermont and Utah, both pro-gun states, to Canada is no different than you comparing Canada to the US.

            By the way, Robbie, the population density of Utah is 27 people per square mile. And in Vermont the population density is 67 people per square mile. The population density of Canada is 4 per square mile. You lose again. A normal person would have slunk away with his tail between his legs several comments ago. But then you aren’t normal, Robbie, you’re a Liberal Progressive.

          • Robbie

            Do you know who will lose and lose again and again? The sad Americans who in the coming months and years will get blow away by freaks who will find it easy to get their hands on heavy weaponry. That’s who will lose. It might even be you. Who knows where you’ll be when it happens. Maybe it will happen to you when you are sitting innocently in a movie theatre or when you are in the mall parking lot or when you are in or near the school down the road from where you live. You’ll just be there and some nut who got a gun without having to go through a background check will spot YOU and blow your head off. Buy, hey, he has his right to be part of a well regulated militia and do that kind of thing. That’s what freedom is all about. Enjoy.

  • red neck

    Remain locked and loaded!…

  • Nadzieja Batki

    So the human predators have become true to form.
    The race baiting groups and DOJ are going after Zimmerman even when he was found not guilty so like predators they will start tearing and eating the animal while it is still alive.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Widespread rioting and martial law when the verdict comes out. That is what I read from posters on this site – DID NOT HAPPEN. More Fear peddeling as usual.

    • red neck

      Doc…… you must get all of your information from the cartoon network.

      • Doc Sarvis

        So you dispute the fact that no widespread violence is occurring?

        • red neck

          I would say that you may be jumping the gun….

        • WTS/JAY

          Trayvon Martin protesters block freeway, clash with LAPD

          A protester is arrested on the 10 Freeway after demonstrators angry at the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin walk onto the freeway stopping highway traffic. (Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images / July 14, 2013)

          LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said some demonstrator threw rocks and D-cell batteries at police near the corner of Washington Boulevard and 10th Avenue. Police responded by firing less-than-lethal rounds at the demonstrators.

          It was unclear if anyone was hurt.

          The LAPD called a citywide tactical alert after demonstrators protesting the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmermancase blocked traffic on the 10 Freeway in the Mid-City area Sunday evening.

          The California Highway Patrol said “police activity” around the 10 Freeway and Crenshaw Boulevard has jammed traffic. Motorists are urged to avoid the area…


    • TIME

      Dear d

      No what was posted to this sight is what the people all gleaned from the ” Mass Media’s HYPE”
      As in MSN/MSNBC/ NBC/ ABC/CBS/CNN/HLN/ FOX/ ~ but as you never seem to be able to comprehend any issue nor its genesis, why would anyone think this issue would bare different fruit from you.

    • independent thinker

      According to news reports the protests are becoming more intense. There has already been some instances of the crowds damaging businesses.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Really, you must be a pretty sensitive person. Still, no widespread rioting or martial law .

        • independent thinker

          Doc are you deliberately stupid or naturaly stupid. I never said there was widespread rioting or martial law nor have I ever predicted it. An intelligent person would conclude from my remarks that there is a possibility of the demonstrations continuing to increase in intensity until they became full blown riots but that it is not a certainty.

        • Neal Avery

          Rioting in Hollywood is pretty widespread, all the way from Florida.

    • vicki

      Or proof of successful prayer.

  • Vigilant

    This article seems to be a day late and a dollar short. The coordinated nationwide effort went out with a wimper, not a bang.

    • Nadzieja batki

      Pay heed, it may not be over. The choreography of this particular staged dance may not be finished. The life you save may be your own.

      • Vigilant

        Tme will tell, time will tell.

  • Fran

    Has it occurred to you that this Zimmerman/Martin was a set up from the beginning. WHY should Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Obama himself zero in on THIS case when numerous killings of black youth are taking place in Chicago, Detroit etc. are ignored. I think it is a way for Obama to start Marshall law in the USA…a dictators plan.

    • TIME

      Dear Fran,

      The reason is quite simple, the two you noted were paid by the DOJ on the American tax payers dime to bring bus loads of people from up north down to Florida to insight a division between the people of this nation.
      Keep in mind the old saying: ” Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

      Hence; a good crisis that all started from {two person’s} who perhaps should have handled the moment better than they did.
      But non the less what happened – happened ~ now its long over.
      { As well the Mass media made a massive mountain out of a mole hill.}
      On that note I don’t believe that violence is the answer to anything, many times just talking with folks can resolve most all issues, sadly that’s no longer the case with what happened in this case.

      Peace and Love

      • red neck


        That is what is really wrong with what happened obama sending agitators to Florida is disgusting and to think that obama is “running” this country… How pathetic!… And now the DOJ is going to use anything that they can to convict George on something / anything.

        • guest

          Obama is ‘running’ nothing except running the US down for his own purposes. To be the dictator in a communsit country.
          easy when you have half of the demoncrap party who in reality, are and were communists and belonged to the communist party. They changed only to be able to be elected but their dead hearts (if they have one) are still communists.

      • Karolyn

        There is proof of this?

        • TIME

          Dear Karolyn,

          Yes there is, Thanks for asking its all quite easy to find as it was a FOIA issue placed by a watchdog group that filed for the doj info on this topic.

          Peace and Love

          • TIME

            Dear Karolyn,

            PS: Also the Florida State DA that filed the charges has also has been { indicted for FRAUDULANT information } that brought about the State bringing charges thus arresting Mr. Zimmerman. Again this is all very easy to prove, anyone can do it.

            {This whole event is nothing more nor less than a Political SCAM } ~ all framed within criminal actions on all levels of all political scales, and yes the GOP is also involved, as I keep tell all of you. ” There is no difference between being an D or and R, only YOU think so, and you all have been trained to think that way by the mindless Doctrines you have been ” IN-Doctrinated” into.

            Again all very easy to prove, as well conversely the very reason why O’Bama now claims he needs to control the content of the information flow, so as to cover up what his masters are really doing.

            Thus keeping the sheep all in line, as in the total control over all information ~ then the FOIA would also be something that the American people can not gain access to any longer.

            In plain words: “The complete and total destruction of the 1st Amendment.”

            Peace and Love

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      I think you’re right on target, Fran. Government has been using the Blacks as unwitting dupes for the gain of Big Government since the War of Aggression against the South.
      The races would have learned to get along many decades ago if not for Government meddling.

  • Alan

    Odd that rioting was not a threat with the verdict on O J Simpson.

    • red neck

      Have you noticed that the only ones that bring up race in the equation are the blacks!…

      • Alan

        Very true.

      • WTS/JAY

        Where was NAACP and media when two black teenagers shot a white baby in the face?

  • hungry4food

    If the Feds want to pursue the Charge of Racism against
    Zimmerman why can’t Zimmerman change the same claim against the state and the
    FED and neutralize their False claim ? I mean this is racism isn’t it ?


  • Karolyn

    I see nothing is happening except for the lie that was written about on a conservative site yesterday using footage from a previous event.

  • Karolyn

    No too many posts here. I think everybody is tired of the hype and exaggeration already. It just goes on and on and on and on, ad infinitum.

    • WTS/JAY

      Much like your idiotic rantings; they just go on and on and on, ad infinitum!


    The liberal media conducted a vicious, months-long campaign of divisive race-baiting that smeared George Zimmerman as a racist and now they are fueling the racial turmoil in the wake of his acquittal. Here are just a few examples of race-baiting in the months prior to the trial:

    For a full week in March 2012, NBC News ran audio tape of George Zimmerman’s 911 call before the shooting – that tape is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit against NBC for its allegedly deceptive editing to make Zimmerman sound racist.

    The AP, CBS, MSNBC and other outlets erroneously reported that Zimmerman was white, and eventually The New York Timesand Reuters decided he was “white Hispanic.”

    NBC employee and MSNBC host Al Sharpton agitated on- and off-air, demanding Zimmerman’s arrest.

    On March 21, 2012, Sharpton’s colleague Joe Scarborough called Zimmerman a “murderer,” and “the man who murdered Trayvon Martin.”

    Slate.com suggested that Zimmerman killed Martin due to something called the “racial empathy gap.”

    Now, with the verdict in and Zimmerman acquitted, the media continue their race-baiting narrative:

    Immediately after the verdict was read, an AP reporter tweeted “So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking.”

    On July 14, writing for POLITICO, Scarborough doubled down, saying that it is “my belief that George Zimmerman is a racist idiot who chased an unarmed teenager through a neighborhood for little reason more than he was a black man wearing a hoodie.”

    Also on July 14, CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, “Do you think the American justice system is innately racist?”

    On July 15, on NBC’s “Today,” anchor Savannah Guthrie wondered whether there hadn’t been enough race in the trial, asking Sharpton, “Do you think the prosecutors missed an opportunity there, that they didn’t explicitly make this case about racial profiling?”

    The race-baiting media owe George Zimmerman an apology. A jury of his peers has spoken. Zimmerman was acquitted, and that’s that. Any continuation of the media’s unrelenting, divisive, hate-mongering coverage is an absolute disgrace.

    Cynical, race-profiteering troublemakers like NBC’s Al Sharpton, Joe Scarborough, and Savannah Guthrie are stirring hatred because it fits their biased worldview and boosts ratings. Race-baiting persists in America because it’s encouraged by the press.

    Sharpton and his ilk in the media will have to answer for any violence perpetrated against George Zimmerman or anyone else in the name of Trayvon Martin. Martin’s death was an absolute tragedy, but that doesn’t give the liberal media carte blanche to encourage racial violence and mayhem for ratings.

    It’s time the left-wing media are held accountable for their actions.


    L. Brent Bozell III
    Founder and President
    Media Research Center



    Here’s more of the poison fruit from Obama’s war on America. Oh yes, this is Obama’s doing. This was a clear-cut case of self-defense from the git go. It’s why charges were not filed. It wasn’t until Obama’s troglodytes began agitating for a race war that this took off.

    Trayvon protesters burn flags, smash cop car after verdict and news photographers were roughed up during Zimmerman protest…


    • goneagain

      Actually it was not a clear case of self defense from the get go. It was more likely a clearer cut case of manslaughter. The lead detective in the case in fact cased filed or verbally recommended charges which were declined by the states attorney’s office. The cheif of police does not bring charges against anyone although he can circumvent the process by veto of an officers decision to case file with the state. Everyone seems to have forgotten, with the overwhelming attention placed upon the nonfactor of race in the incident, that Mr. Zimmerman’s real saving grace in the case was most likely his fathers connections as a former florida supreme court justice. I am willing to bet all the higher ups in the decision making process were aware of this fact. The only thing that matters in any investigation of a crime is the determination as to whether or not a crime was committed. The state chose to go with the media driven charge which required them to prove Mr. Zimmerman actions were born out of hatred (2nd murder) as to opposed to bad decision making (manslaughter) which he should have been able to anticipate based upon the circumstances and his possession of a gun. Now what we have are the dividers,servants and unwitting dupes of of lucifer (the prince of the air) are using this as they intended when it went mainstream. To continue what was begun long ago. The devil will have his day as the bible states. The only thing that matters is peoples spirit and belief foundation. To many are running around just as the architects for the god of this world disires them to do and aligning themselves with people based on color,gender nationality etc. The only thing that matters if you agree on the authority and GOD Yahway and his chosen one JESHUA/JESUS the christ. Far to many are inclined to believe that all white americans are of one mind and all black americans are of one mind. This is very good for the devils nwo architects as they continueally play us off of each other.

      • WTS/JAY

        goneagain: Actually it was not a clear case of self defense from the get go. It was more likely a clearer cut case of manslaughter.

        Voluntary or involuntary?

        goneagain: The lead detective in the case in fact cased filed or verbally recommended charges which were declined by the states attorney’s office.

        True! The lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case wanted to charge Zimmerman because (he) he did not believe Zimmerman’s version of the events, but prosecutor Norman Wolfinger overruled him.

        goneagain: The cheif of police does not bring charges against anyone although he can circumvent the process by veto of an officers decision to case file with the state. Everyone seems to have forgotten, with the overwhelming attention placed upon the nonfactor of race in the incident, that Mr. Zimmerman’s real saving grace in the case was most likely his fathers connections as a former florida supreme court justice. I am willing to bet all the higher ups in the decision making process were aware of this fact.

        I don’t buy into the implication, and for the obvious reason; there simply wasn’t enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with second degree-m, or manslaughter, as there were no witnesses! So there was no need to play the, “George’s dad was former SCJ so he’l pull some strings for his Son”, card.

        goneagain: The only thing that matters in any investigation of a crime is the determination as to whether or not a crime was committed.


        goneagain: The state chose to go with the media driven charge which required them to prove Mr. Zimmerman actions were born out of hatred (2nd murder)…

        An impossible task!

        goneagain: as to opposed to bad decision making (manslaughter)…

        At best, involuntary.

        goneagain: which he should have been able to anticipate based upon the circumstances and his possession of a gun.

        Assumption. You were not there.

        goneagain: Now what we have are the dividers,servants and unwitting dupes of of lucifer (the prince of the air) are using this as they intended when it went mainstream. To continue what was begun long ago. The devil will have his day as the bible states. The only thing that matters is peoples spirit and belief foundation. To many are running around just as the architects for the god of this world disires them to do and aligning themselves with people based on color,gender nationality etc. The only thing that matters if you agree on the authority and GOD Yahway and his chosen one JESHUA/JESUS the christ. Far to many are inclined to believe that all white americans are of one mind and all black americans are of one mind. This is very good for the devils nwo architects as they continueally play us off of each other.

        Conversely, there are many who oppose “lucifer” and “work” for the glory of JESHUA/JESUS.


    Breaking: “Trayvon Rioters” have shut down a freeway in LA, they are starting fights and throwing objects at cars. LAPD has issued a citywide alert.

    Who else is ticked off at the fact people will riot over this but not do a thing about the Obama & the elite destroying our country?



    A Nation of George Zimmermans Awakened – Understand The Fraud – Post Verdict of Acquittal ….

    Posted on July 14, 2013 by sundance

    We have not yet had true justice – We have merely stopped ONE aspect of injustice. So long as these people remain in social, political, or legal power – No-One is safe from becoming the next George Zimmerman.

    The Attention of A Nation Should Be Directed To The Fraud That Was The State Of Florida V. George Zimmerman: These Are The People Behind the Justice For Trayvon Martin™ Scheme Team agenda: Natalie Jackson, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks

    It begins with Tracy Martin reaching out on February 28th to his sister-in-law attorney Patricia Jones, she in turn contacted Benjamin Crump from Parks and Crump law firm in Tallahassee. Crump contacted Tracy Martin February 29th and took the case March 1st…




    This horrible case is exposing all of the corruption and conspiracy at the state, federal and local level, is it not? On the federal level, we now know that Obama’s Department of Justice organized race riots in concert with Al Sharpton. On a local level, Trayvon Martin’s involvement in burglaries and other criminal activity was covered up by the media, school, police.

    And now this. Ben Kruidbos, an employee of the Florida state attorney’s office, testified before Zimmerman’s trial began five weeks ago that Martin’s cellphone contained images of the teen blowing smoke of marijuana and deleted text messages concerning a firearm, and that those images had not been given to the defense. For that he was fired.

    It is astonishing that Zimmerman was acquitted, considering the immense forces of the Obama administration and the institutional left working furiously to convict him. The decked was so stacked that it was nothing short of a miracle…

    source: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2013/07/florida-state-attorney-staffer-fired-over-testimony-that-prosecutors-withheld-evidence-from-george-z.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook



    This is outrageous. A lynch mob sanctioned by the President of the United States. A lynch mob stoked by the Department of Justice.

    I am not a Dershowitz fan, but he nailed this one.

    “Alan Dershowitz vs. Angela Corey over misleading Affidavit of Probable Cause” Legal Insurrection, July 14, 2013

    There should be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate this special prosecution.

    In early April 2012, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey decided not to take the George Zimmerman case to a Grand Jury, opting for the filing of a Criminal Information which then was presented along with an Affidavit of Probable Cause. The Court found probable cause for the charges.

    It turned out, once pre-trial discovery was exchanged, that the affidavit upon which probable cause was found had not disclosed a lot of significant exculpatory details. There was no mention of the significant injuries to Zimmerman, or of John Good’s eyewitness account that Martin was on top of Zimmerman hitting him Mixed Martial Arts style. All the Affidavit said on the subject of the physical confrontation was that there was “a struggle.”

    The Affidavit identified the voice screaming for help as that of Martin based on an interview with his mother, but did not reveal what we now know, that Martin’s father initially denied it was his son.

    The Affidavit also was inaccurate, such as alleging that the 911 operator “instructed Zimmerman not” to follow Martin — a false fact which lives on in the media mythology of the case.

    Alan Dershowitz was livid.

    From the post, If Angela Corey threatened suit against Dershowitz and Harvard, she needs to step down from Zimmerman case, June 7,2012, Dershowitz was prophetic:

    source: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2013/07/appoint-a-special-prosecutor-to-investigate-the-special-prosecution-of-george-zimmerman.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

  • TheOriginalDaveH



    “White folks was in the caves while we was building empires…We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” -Rev Al Sharpton, 1994 Wall Street Journal

    • guest

      Who and what is this fool talking about?
      What empires?
      This idiot does not even know how to speak proper english.
      Educated? I think not!

      • Robert Zraick

        He is a ranting racist. That is all he is and all he will be. Anyone who falls for his BS is a racist as well.
        Black racism has gotten completely out of control. In the quest to eliminate racism in America, white people have done much more than black people.

      • Timothy Sullivan

        They also invented Ebonics!

    • Cliffystones

      The question I have for Al, “so wtf happened?”

    • elda

      Then what happened to them? In all history not one “empire” run by blacks except Egypt….if they were black has ever been successful. They have all been the powerful controlling the starving masses.

      • mnkysnkle

        The first pharaoh [1st. dynasty] of Egypt was a white man with fair hair. Narmer was credited with uniting Egypt under one rule. He is credited with the invention of papyrus [paper] and chariots, among other things. Around the mid dynasties the pharaohs began to be brown [Nubian] from the upper Nile. This was the time of conquest and slavery by the Egyptians and the beginning of the collapse of the Egyptian civilisation. The last pharaohs [Ptolemy & Cleopatra] were appointed by Alexander the great. Ptolemy was one of his Greek generals. That was the last dynasty of the pharaohs [approximately 300 years] which was under Greek rule until Rome took it over. This is just a general summary, please excuse any omissions.

    • Corsica

      Why does Al Sharpton sound like he just came off a plantation when he speaks? I mean, he was born in Brooklyn NY. I look behind him to see if there’s a bale of cotton when he speaks. Oh yeah Sharpton claims that blacks invented science, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, engineering, the arts and architecture etc. Just look at any African country today and see what a utopia it is! LOL! Blacks don’t have the intellectual capacity for such things.

  • spyderdalton

    How many”spacial prosecutors are needed now for how many Obama Holder crimes?

  • Chris

    Those who riot are idiots.

    • elda

      They are idiots, but only idiots can be even bigger fools. That is what they really are because they are so easily used by people that never get their hands dirty but reap the profits of the trouble….like Obama.

    • jjet

      Chris, those that riot, are just goofing on whitey, and having great fun robbing and stealing without worrying about being arrested. It’s all planned by the Sharptons and his like. They are taking advantage of the dumb white progressive libs stupidity and having a good time. And sadly, all the other white phoney sheep will give them a pass because of their maufactured white guilt. Many good decent Blacks are not only ashsamed of this, they are Still enduring this garbage which was corrected, but the condicending white idiots of the Dem party not only laid ground work to “help” the poor blacks because they felt they had to lower education, work, Etc.” Standards” lowered for them to catch up. Bull! They needed a hand up. And now 40 yrs. later, how much progress have millions of those poor kids made? The white guilt belongs to the jerk politisions, and the weasles like Sharpton, Jackson who are millionairs sucking off the exploytation of their own people. And THAT is the TRUTH.

      • Chris

        Someone wrote a letter to the editor of my local free tabloid stating you didn’t see whites rioting when O.J. walked away a free man. Here we go with race again. Why should other people and businesses have to suffer by being attacked and properties ruined because of the outcome of a trial or WHATEVER “reason”…….there IS no reason to do this EVER because the wrong people are being harmed due to the IDIOTS not being “happy”………..well………what gives them the RIGHT to do this? THAT is NOT how a “civilized” society acts………that’s how SAVAGES act………and they want to be taken “seriously”? And if those so-called higher-ups are being blamed for inciting riots, then that is ONLY because those who listen to them are “followers” with NOTHING BETWEEN TWO EARS. Rioting and looting is only an EXCUSE used by the scum of the earth………and scum comes in ALL colors.

  • american citizen

    During the riots in S.F. a Korean business owner was shown protecting his business with a revolver. No one even came near his store and all was well. That is how we should protect our property and our lives. Looter should be shot.

  • guest

    Is this the reason the gun removal and the breaking of the 2nd amendment is being pursued so madly? To allow these rioters to kill knowing the people have no guns? Or, will they?
    This is such a frightening situation especially when the weather is hot and tempers are also.
    Of course the Dept. of Injustice will do nothing.
    This country has become a third world country already and it is sickening.

    • elda

      Don’t think the DOJ is doing nothing, they are in face doing a great deal. They have been behind all the trouble from the first day. They are the ones that pushed for a trial, they organized all the protests, they are still keeping the trouble going by saying they have begun another investigation in to NOTHING so they can keep the news focused on this rather than BENGHAZI, NSA, IRS, and every other rape to this country.

  • MarcJ

    The FBI, after an investigation, has been unable to find any elements of racism in the case Zimmerman-Martin, contrary to the shouting by Holder, Sharpton, Obama, and other black racists. Wrong! When that young black 6’-2” criminal-in-the-making attacked the much smaller 5’-8” “white Hispanic” neighborhood watchman shouting “You’re gonna die tonight – creepy ass-cracker!!” – that was clearly a racist attack. And by that I mean Black Racism!

    • elda

      Now remember…..he said “cracka” which means law enforcement, which is different than “cracker” which we all know means white slave owner. What he was saying with creepy was he believed Zimmerman was homosexual and he was just going to give him an old fashion whoopin.

      • MarcJ

        Thanks – I sppreciate the corrections! As for the MSM description of Zimmerman – first as “white” and then as “white Hispanic”; accordingly Barack Hussein Obama is not an “African American” but a “white African”.

  • netandyawho

    Its interesting to note that the racist sitting in the White House pushed open the riot envelope a little more yesterday with his “surprise” appearance at the news conference by taking the ‘poor little old down trodden me’ racial excuse for calling in the strong arm of the Federal Government. I think he suffers from Alzheimer disease. After all if he would crack himself in half he would remember he is equal parts of both. Maybe that’s why he has a split personality who doesn’t know what he really is. And acts so evilly weirdly.

    • Robert Zraick

      I agree. Obama is a nightmare. Vote every democrat out in the next election. Cripple the congress from being able to support anything Obama does. Put in people who will oppose him. It will help the country survive. If we do not do this, revolution is inevitable.

  • elda

    You know…..we should find a large community that supports Zimmerman and move him and his family to the center and it anyone comes to get him they can protect him. How much that would chance this country.

  • Corsica

    It’s a shame that this beacon of the world, great country has, for 50 years, been held hostage and “mugged” and terrorized by a savage, unproductive, useless, irrelevant people. They contribute not a fkg thing to this country except crime and squalor.

    • Chris

      Funny you said that Corsica……..a black man made a comment to my husband one day that white people don’t want black people moving into their nice neighborhoods……..to which my husband replied “can you blame them? Look at the neighborhood after it becomes all black.” And while that IS a valid point, I have to say in all fairness there ARE trashy white neighborhoods too………..it’s all about the people, not the color. No matter WHAT color, If the good people in the neighborhood could try to instill pride into the low-lives, then maybe all neighborhoods could become nice. But people can help in other ways too……like if a family is pretty poor, even though the parents are trying by working and they own their own home but it is an eyesore to the neighborhood because it is in bad need of a paint job which the poor owners cannot afford, then the neighbors could all pitch in and donate a little money each to get it painted for them. There are sooooo many poor people in this country who are just trying to survive………it would be nice if HGTV did over some homes for THOSE people and not the people who don’t really need it.

      • jase

        I think he was talking about politicians.

  • Jerry

    You know Abe Lincoin was the one who freed the slaves in America, I wonder if any black americans know, he was a republican, which to me shows that the dems. are the ones keeping the black people under there thumb, and under there controll by telling them we care about you , when in reality all they care about is your vote, and they accually could care less

    • Robbie

      Clearly you have not the slightest idea about how much the political party philosophies have changed over the many decades since the civil war.

      • Progressive Republican

        It took less than two decades for the GOP to sell out to the robber barons. So much for their founding principles of fiscal and social responsibility, eh?

        Pretty sad/disgusting.

        Check out the opinion from Corsica below. He could easily be referring to the Rethuglicons.


    If WTP do not take out the trash and clean houses, the government corruption is not going to stop, it will grow.
    Term limits no retirement and a ballot drive national sales tax to regain the loss of representation is where to start……

  • Paul

    What is wrong with you people?! Think about it… this government is bent on separating the people for their own purpose! Real simple! It has nothing to do with black, white; liberals or concervatives; it is ALL about votes and control. The government IS the enemy. Just look back in the history of humanity if you don’t believe me. You’ve heard of the Fall of the Great Roman Empire. Since that time, many nations have risen and collapsed as a result of government and religion and it is still going on in our world. Think of all the wasted lives for the sake of government and religion. If we don’t unite as a nation of people, history WILL repeat. I guess it really doesn’t matter; Revelation is unfolding right before our eyes and few see it or can stop it.