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Avoiding The ‘Riot Beast’

July 15, 2013 by  

Avoiding The ‘Riot Beast’

In light of the growing concern among law enforcement agencies in Florida over possible riots in the wake of a verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, we wanted to provide you with some information you can use to help you stay safe. Since the trial began on June 24, the “Twitterverse” and social media have been alight with threats of riots and attacks on whites if Zimmerman is acquitted. Once they start, given the fact that President Barack Obama, his Department of Justice and the New Black Panther Party — aided by their propagandists in the mainstream media — have advocated on Martin’s behalf and heightened tensions, riots probably won’t be confined to Florida.

This article first ran March 5, 2012 under the title Responding To A Major Riot. Personal Liberty contributor David Morris also wrote an excellent article on what to do in a riot. That article can be read here.

In August of 1965, a reported act of police brutality touched off riots that consumed the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts for five days. When it was over, more than 34 people were dead, at least 1,000 were wounded and $200 million in property was destroyed by looting and fire.

Twenty-seven years later, the acquittal of four officers in the beating of Rodney King sparked more rioting in Los Angeles that lasted three days and resulted in the death of 54 people and destruction of $1 billion in property.

This is what can happen when social order breaks down. The “riot beast,” as some people call it, grows quickly and can suck in innocent bystanders as easily as it can the fringe criminal element just looking for an opportunity to strike.

Do you know what to do if a riot begins in your area? It’s not always possible to avoid a riot, as most of those injured or killed are innocents caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself from getting caught up in the worst of it:

  • Be prepared. If you know that tensions are brewing to such an extent that a riot is possible, but you can’t avoid the area, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wear clothes that make you look like part of the crowd, but take care not to wear colors that could signal allegiance to one group or gang.
  • Plan possible escape routes for the duration of your journey outside.
  • Keep cash on hand to arrange for transportation or pay off looters.
  • Remain calm. Riots bring intense emotions to the surface, and you have to keep your emotions in check. Think rationally at all times.
  • Get inside and stay inside. Stay away from windows and doors, try to get into the middle of the structure to put as many walls as possible between yourself and any bullets fired from outside, and lock all entrances into the building. Keep in mind you need to have at least two escape routes. If rioters gain entry to your building, leave in a hurry and try to find law enforcement authorities.
  • Stay on the sidelines.
  • If you’re caught up in a riot, don’t take sides. Try to be inconspicuous and move slowly, but purposefully, to the outside of the mob.
  • Move away from the riot. The longer you spend in it the greater the chance you will be injured or killed. But move out slowly. Think of it as escaping the undertow, and move toward the outside so you can find an alley, side street or doorway to get into.
  • Avoid major roadways, as this is where the crowd is liable to be the greatest.
  • Avoid public transportation. The stations may be particularly dangerous because of the chance of large crowds and difficult egress.
  • Don’t stop your car. Drive away from the riot and don’t stop until you are in a safe place with no other people, except maybe law enforcement, nearby. If people try to block your course, honk your horn and continue driving carefully through them.
  • If you’re in the midst of a riot and police begin using chemicals, such as teargas, try to stay out of the line of fire. Try to stay away from the front lines, which will bear the brunt of a police action. If the air gets thick with chemicals, get low for fresh air.
  • Do your best to stay on your feet. If you fall, you are likely to be trampled. If you do fall, curl into a ball and protect your face and vital organs.

Should you believe that riots or looters may soon affect your neighborhood, you may deem it prudent to leave your home until the situation stabilizes. Most people think that simply locking their doors and leaving is sufficient. But this won’t keep out rioters who are not bound by the rule of law and certainly don’t respect the locks on your doors and windows. So you need to prepare your home to make it as looter-proof as possible before you leave. To do it properly, you will have to have prepared in advance by purchasing and storing the needed materials.

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You’ve probably seen video or photographs of homes along the coast being prepared for the onslaught of a hurricane. Keep this visual in mind as you begin to make your home looter-proof.

Plywood over the windows and doors will confound most looters because the riots that fuel the looting are generally somewhat spontaneous. It’s difficult to remove plywood covers without the proper tools, and the odds are against looters carrying pry bars, hammers and screwdrivers when a riot breaks out. Don’t forget to cover skylights and other soft points as well.

If you have a large screened or glassed-in porch, the best bet is to secure the small door that allows access to the home. Sacrifice the glass or screen on the porch.

Garage doors can be problematic to cover. If you have a metal garage door, you probably should just trust it to keep out looters. A wooden door can be breached with a swift kick to one of the panels. Cover each of the panels with plywood as if they were glass.

The plywood you use should be at least 3/8 inch thick. Any less and you may as well have no protection at all. Use screws to secure the wood. The screws should be 1½ to 2 inches in length.

If your home is boarded up and other homes in the neighborhood are not, yours will likely be spared in lieu of the easier pickings.

If your house is hooked to natural gas or a propane tank, turn off the gas at the gas meter and water at the main valve. Turn off the electricity at the breaker or fuse box.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ron r

    So, no riots no Helter Skelter. So disappointing to you. Find something American to do besides inciting riots. Try voting.

  • Brandon

    Thank God so far!!! It’s happened before, “to ignore the past is being doomed to repeat it” enough said!

  • shadow1776

    I believe Zimerman was over zealous in trying to make an impression on the police. They said he wanted to be a cop, but one thing he hasn’t learned
    , is to follow directions. They said not to follow. Do I think he was attacked.? Yes. But you don’t know what that boy was thinking. Someone is following you, how would you react.? I believe he defended himself, but it didn’t have to end that way. I believe if people riot it’s because they are looking for an excuse, not because of what actualy happened.

    • Ron r

      Tragic , one life lost the other changed forever

    • Tommy cunningham

      This was a Bad situation , however if I saw someone I didn’t know in my neighborhood after a string of break ins I’m gonna ask a few questions, and see what there up to, not illegal” nor is it a act of aggression.

  • flashy

    Ummmmm …. Pardon me, but I haven’t read anything about riots starting yet. Wishful thinking on the part of the whacked right? Perhaps wishful behavioral transference of how the TP/American Taliban would have reacted had he been convicted ?

    • Ron r

      True that!!

    • Brandon

      Reciting fable after fable!!! There are congressional hearings happening on these “fables” as we speak you apathetic, self serving mentally challenged person!!!

      • flashy

        Given the GOP tendency to hold hearings on fables..Not surprising. Tell us, please, of all these ” hearings” , what has been the results? Other than highlight the witnesses are cherry picked by the GOP …

    • Brandon

      You obviously did not see the news in LA this morning, throwing stuff at cops and vandalism doesn’t sound peaceful to me

      • flashy

        Read that after I posted. What was it…100 people ran amok out of thousands ? It ( reaction) is no where near what the crazed wacked right have been darkly stating would occur as a fact. People in this country may not agree with the verdict, but they acknowledge the basic justice in our jury system. Only the TPers, American Taliban and the like show continuous and daily disdain for pur justice system, our Constitution, and our system.

        Only the extremist right demand absolutes…and only absolutes as they decide what the vast majrity should be forced into. What the majority state is good and a possible solution, the crazies scream against inventing’rights” one with rational awareness would claim. Only the right wing extremist demands their invented ” right” take precedence over any and all other Rights.

        Solutions? A foreign strange forbidden thought to the TP and American Taliban directed minions.

    • Tommy cunningham

      Uh, Oakland???? Believe it was the left pushing for riots and those in the Martin camp….. New black panther party!?!….. From the get go the left has been yelling racism, when in fact the only racism was those yelling racism. Never was a black- white issue, but the left and some racist blacks tried to make it one….

    • Chris

      They thought Zimmerman was Jewish and we know that obastard and the Muslims he runs with hate Jews.
      He was a Mexican too bad his son trayvon attacked the man maybe with a family who showed him how to really be a man he would’ve went hole instead or called the law himself. Instead he assaulted him halfway too death and got killed. Too bad but there are many cases the exact opposite which turned out exact sake way the powers that be represent haters and are illegally in office destroying the constitution when they do we mine if us will have a country worth sheeting in. That’s the facts these haters the white folks the so called devils racist lol were not rioting destroying anything. We’re watching the real racist do it under the guise of racial hate on them when the only racial hate out there abd visible is theirs.

    • Kathy

      The only reason you are not hearing about the riots is because you’re once again listening to the wrong network. At least 4 people have been attacked by mobs and 1 has died, the mobs have been starting fires, trashing businesses and vandalizing police cars and businesses. In one case they ‘road blocked a woman trying to rush her granddaughter to the hospital and attacked the mother when sh tried to explain her urgency. This doesn’t even include all of it. Look it up!!! You’re acting like you’re deaf and blind. But that’s what the mainstream ‘news’ will do to you. Wake the hell up!

  • Brandon

    I placed this in another forum but it is a valid point here!
    I think what spawned a lot if this were the racist comments by blacks using this trial to target a group they wanted! That would be whites! Even though the person on trial was Hispanic! Obviously their threats were heard loud and clear by law enforcement and were taken seriously enough to make a statement! Again, facts not emotion!

  • wisom

    If there are riots it would not be about white versus black. It will be about injustice and this word doesn’t have a color. It would be about the politics of this country. Conservatism vs Liberalism. Republican versus Democrat. Think about it Fox news supports Zimmerman and every other news outlet supports Justice for all. This is the difference. But there’s too many functionally illiterate people on the right that allow conservatives to stoke fear in them with matters they themselves are not concerned about. They will be alright. But the poor people who follow their doctrine are the sacrificial lambs. They need to ask themselves what they will gain out of it.

    • Brandon

      So are you also playing ignorant to all the scandal after scandal, the fact that Obama has been stacking the political deck by illegally appointing unqualified people to positions while senate and congress are in recess, pushing through hurtfull legislation you don’t even know about!!! Your ok with with him trying to gut the Constitution (calling it outdated) trying to infringe on the rights it provides under THE BILL OF RIGHTS , failing the American people with this train wreck of a health care bill, that has already cost more to try and implement than it will ever save! ask med proffesionals about this absurdity!! The outright lying to the people about the criminal activity this administstion is involved with from the sale of his senate seat, paying for votes, not allowing military oversees ansentee, allowing illeagals to cast bote without id, unchecked RECORD spendind, FAST AND FURIOUS, BENGAZI, IRS TARGETTING and harrassing political apponents before an election! The lengths he has gone to to keep his college records hidden!!! And the fact that everyone ignores that he, Obama said in his book he was born in Kenya!!! You actually back this farse!!! Democrat or not!!!

      • flashy

        Other than reciting fable after fable, all parts of chain emails proven false time and again….you’re point is what? That you have to believe in lies because you thrive on being ignorant ? Seriously ….

  • Brandon

    Brandon on July 16, 2013 at 12:03 pm
    Reciting fable after fable!!! There are congressional hearings happening on these “fables” as we speak you apathetic, self serving mentally challenged person!!! Never mind what is actually happening, because you want to believe its not, must be true right? Are Americans dead because of a stand down order in Benghazi? Is there blatant refusal to answer those questions about it and fast and furious? Are there congressional hearings on IRS scandal? Fables? You must be out of your mind!

  • Brandon

    Also, I think you should look up the definition of ignorant

  • Brandon

    Oh yeah, it has been proven about illegals voting, it made the news on a pathetically small 3 occasions, I know you remember Obama phone lady! Why were they giving away phones, for votes maybe, and what was her job? Getting state ID’s for illegals! Please stop while ur way behind!!!

  • Jeff

    I have watched this whole mess from the beginning. I watched Zimmerman being demonized and I saw Martin being described at a street thug. Here’s my opinion.

    Zimmerman could have done things differently. He didn’t follow instructions to stand down and stuff happened. However, Maetin was not the little angel that his parents portray him to be as they show a picture of him as a 12-year-old boy, and they flaunt their new Rolex watches. He was found with illegal drugs in his system and he was trying to buy or sell illegal guns.

    Martin was a kid but he was well on his way to a life of crime. Did he deserve to die for that? No. He would have eventually been gunned down anyway or locked up.

    The parents are getting rich off of their dead kid. They believe that Whitey should be locked up and maybe he should, but we can’t know what he was thinking. I know that if some kid attacked me and I was armed (which I usually am, thanks to the 2nd Amendment) I probably would have shot too.

    The riots aren’t happening.


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