Rand Paul, American Hero


Hugo Chavez just died, and many of us said “good riddance” to a tyrant who defrauded his own people, intimidated his political opposition and left his economy and country in disarray. Senator Rand Paul seemed to be reminding us: “Why would we want a tyrant in America, too?” That was the point of Paul’s nearly 13-hour filibuster on the U.S. Senate floor last week.

Yes, Barack Obama is cool and hip and fancies himself “a man of the people.” But with each hour Paul kept up his filibuster, you could feel Obama’s popularity melting away. Paul seemed to be saying: “Does it really matter if he’s hip if he wants to kill you, an American citizen, on American soil? Does it matter if he’s cool and the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with, if he wants you dead without a trial?”

In the end, Paul won. Obama blinked. But Paul’s filibuster accomplished much more than forcing the President to admit he cannot kill Americans on American soil without a trial.

Paul proved the Tea Party is alive and well — and America’s best hope to stop Obama from shredding our Constitution and destroying the America we love.

Paul proved “the emperor has no clothes.” This was a big public embarrassment for Obama.

He made liberals, the American Civil Liberties Union and the media look foolish for never saying a word about something so important as our right not to be assassinated by our own President.

Paul showed people like John McCain and Lindsay Graham how a U.S. Senator in the opposition is supposed to act, how to stand up to the President while he violates our Constitution. And they sure felt embarrassed: See how they viciously attacked Paul after he showed them up.

And in 13 hours, Paul got out of his father Ron Paul’s very large shadow, became his own man and became a leading contender for President of the United States in 2016.

We must never forget that Rand Paul had to conduct a 13-hour filibuster and put a national spotlight on Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder before they were willing to publicly concede that they can’t kill Americans on American soil without ever hearing the charges, without ever facing your accusers, without hearing your rights, without a lawyer, without a trial.

Paul made Obama look like King George. And the President’s ratings not only collapsed, they’ve continued to go down ever since.

But I think this was about much more than drones. I think this was symbolic. Paul is a brilliant strategist. This was about Obama’s nonstop abuse of power, disregard for the U.S. Constitution and destruction of the U.S. economy.

Maybe this woke up the sleeping giant: the American people. Maybe this woke up Congress. Maybe this woke up the ACLU. Maybe this woke up the media. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

In the future, I suggest a series of nonstop filibusters to shine a light on what Obama is doing to America.

Let’s filibuster until we find out what happened in Benghazi, Libya, to four American heroes that Obama allowed to die, without giving them the proper security before the attack or the proper rescue attempt during the attack.

Let’s filibuster until we find out why, if America is so broke we can’t afford White House tours or afford to keep illegal alien felons in prison, then how come we have hundreds of millions of dollars to spare for Muslim Brotherhood radicals in Egypt who hate America, want to destroy Israel and terrorize and murder Christians on a daily basis?

Let’s filibuster until we find out why Obama is so desperate about disarming Americans, banning our assault rifles and taxing our bullets, yet at the same time Obama’s Homeland Security is buying record quantities of assault rifles, armored vehicles and enough bullets for a 30-year war and building a private civilian army that answers only to Obama.

And perhaps most importantly, let’s filibuster about why Obama and the media are able to keep calling this economy “in recovery” and report to us that unemployment is “improving,” at the same time disposable income just suffered the biggest drop in 54 years, homelessness in New York City is the highest since the 1929 Great Depression, food stamp use just hit another all-time record (an unimaginable 20 percent of eligible Americans are now on food stamps), and there are a record 89,304,000 able-bodied, working-age Americans unemployed. Incidentally, while the Federal government claims 236,000 new jobs were added last month, this statistic shows that 296,000 jobs have been lost since January.

By the way, Paul, this last one about the economy is so important, and the lies we are being told so massive, I suggest at least a 48 hour-filibuster.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for PersonalLiberty.com. I’m headed to the airport to fly to Washington, D.C. I am honored to be one of the invited speakers at CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference). I’ll be joining an exclusive group of speakers that includes Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee; Governors Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal; former Vice Presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan; Donald Trump; and Dr. Ben Carson. What an honor. See you right back here next week. God bless America.

How Mitt Romney Can Save The GOP… And America


What if I told you Mitt Romney can solve two of America’s biggest problems? Yes, the man whose mediocre Presidential campaign almost sunk the entire GOP can now save it. Even better, the same Mitt Romney, now an unelected private citizen, can also save Detroit — and, by doing so, prove the conservative model for the U.S. economy works and become an American hero. Let me tell you how.

Regardless of the lies the Administration and media are telling us, we are sliding into the abyss.

Folks, the U.S. economy is going down like the Hindenburg.

Why is this happening? You can see America’s future by studying Detroit. Barack Obama’s policies are damaging the entire U.S. economy, the same way that socialist policies (Democrats call them “progressive”) have destroyed Detroit. Detroit is a microcosm for everything ailing our economy.

For almost five consecutive decades, Detroit has been run by liberal Democrats following the exact policies Obama is now forcing on the U.S. economy: bigger government, more government spending, out-of-control entitlements, too many government employees, obscene pensions, high taxes, too much debt and an economy run based on “fairness” and social justice. Just look at the results; you’ll get sick to your stomach. The Obama economic model has been on display forever in Detroit (1961 was the last time Detroit had a Republican in charge). The result is a bankrupt Third World hellhole in the middle of America.

I wrote a commentary here at Personal Liberty back in December reporting on how far Detroit has fallen. Here are just a few select highlights:

Under Obama, these kinds of results are now happening across America. The only difference is that Democrats had a 50-year head start with Detroit.

But life is funny. All this terrible news actually brings up a great opportunity. First, we learned just days ago that I was right: Detroit is now officially bankrupt, and the Governor is about to appoint a manager to try to save Detroit. Second, did you see the Romney interview on FOX News? Romney is retired, sitting on the sidelines, playing with his grandkids, chomping at the bit to use his lifetime of business experience to save the U.S. economy. Anyone can see that he desperately wants to get back in the game.

Here’s where opportunity meets a lifetime of preparation. Here’s a chance for Republicans and Democrats to stop debating, arguing and yelling at each other. Here’s an opportunity to prove by real-life example that when it comes to the economy, jobs and money, we need adults who know how to run a business in charge. Conservatives and capitalists are the ones who have the ideas and know-how to save America.

Fate is calling. Romney was born for this role. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder should appoint Romney to oversee the turnaround of Detroit.

Last week, I mentioned here at Personal Liberty that Romney was the perfect person to become President of the United States at this moment in time. And some of you didn’t get what I meant. Yes, Romney was a lousy candidate. No debate there. No, he’s no inspiring speaker. No debate there. And he sure isn’t a principled conservative like Barry Goldwater or libertarian like Ron Paul. But I wasn’t talking about any of those things. America at this moment in time needs a businessman. A Mitt Romney or Lee Iacocca or Ross Perot. We need a no-nonsense CEO and turnaround specialist who knows how to cut budgets with a buzz saw and a bazooka.

Romney not only may be the greatest business turnaround expert of our time, sitting bored on the sidelines, just looking for a way to contribute; but he’s also a Michigan native. He’s the hometown boy. This is the perfect situation.

I’m betting that within a year this world-class brilliant businessman can give Detroit’s residents hope, and within three years put Detroit on the road to recovery. How? By undoing the damage done by five decades of Democratic policies.

It’s time to put a responsible adult in charge. It’s time to show the difference between a CEO running a city or country versus a community activist and socialist. I’m betting Romney will turn the Detroit economy around, just like he turned a failing, bankrupt Salt Lake City Olympics into one of the great successes in Olympic history. Just like he turned around dozens of major companies. Just like Ronald Reagan turned Jimmy Carter’s economy of misery, malaise and 21.5 percent interest rates into the greatest economic expansion in world history, with 20 million new jobs created almost overnight.

This doesn’t take brain science; it takes cutting government, cutting spending, cutting entitlements, cutting government employees and cutting bloated salaries and pensions. It takes running a government for the taxpayers, not the unions and welfare addicts. And it takes a leader with the courage to do it.

Let’s give Romney a chance to show what he can do. I’m the guy who predicted that President Mitt Romney would turn around the U.S. economy in record time — not because I agreed with his politics (I think he’s way too moderate, wishy-washy, nanby-pamby, Northeast liberal for me), but because saving the economy is about understanding business.

Ninety-nine percent of even the most fantastic conservative and libertarian politicians have never created a job. So let’s try an experiment with Detroit. We have nothing to lose; it can’t get any worse. Let’s see what a talented CEO with a wealth of business experience can do with a hellhole created by Obama-like economic policies.

Then, after Romney saves Detroit, the voters will finally have a proven model. There will be proof that Obama’s ideas are a failure and that fiscally conservative ideas are what will restore the American economy and the American dream. This isn’t a game. Our jobs and livelihoods and the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. It’s time to prove lawyers and community activists shouldn’t be running our cities or States or country. We need to put adults and businessmen and businesswomen in charge of the finances.

Mr. Obama, are you game? Do you really want to save America? Do you really want to create jobs? Do you want to get people off food stamps? Or are you afraid this experiment might actually work?

As they say in poker, I’ll go “all in.” I’m betting on Romney as the guy to save Detroit and, therefore, show the way to save America. This isn’t about politics. I’ve never been a big fan of Romney’s politics. But this is about business. It’s simple: Government needs to be run like a business. It has to be run for the taxpayers. It has to be run on a budget. And if you don’t have the money, you cut spending. It’s time to put adults in charge. Here’s our chance.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God Bless.

How Jimmy Carter Ruined America Twice


Until Barack Obama came along, Jimmy Carter held the title “Worst President in U.S. History.” Now, Carter may have taken the title back. You would have thought he’d be satisfied with almost destroying the U.S. economy and almost breaking the spirit of our country once. But, no! Thirty-three years later, Carter is now instrumental in helping Obama finish the job he started.

As President from 1976 to 1980, Carter came close to wrecking our economy and our entire country. An ultra-liberal, politically correct do-gooder, just like Obama, Carter announced his Presidency would be dedicated to “compassion” and human rights. And, just as had happened during Obama’s tenure, the leftist gobbly-gook “feel-good philosophy” led to disaster.

The Carter nightmare included four years of crippling high unemployment, stagflation of 13.5 percent, unimaginable 21.5 percent interest rates, record gas prices, shortages and gas lines, a doubling of the deficit from $27 billion to almost $60 billion, U.S. embassy personnel in Iran held hostage, an unsuccessful hostage rescue attempt, the embarrassing decline of our military, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. America almost did not survive Carter.

Along came a true patriot and American hero, Ronald Reagan, who turned Carter’s malaise and misery and the worst economy since the Great Depression into the greatest economic turnaround and expansion in world history. Reagan showed the world that America was indeed the “shining beacon on the hill.” Reagan made us great again and, by doing so, exposed Carter as an incompetent, ultra-liberal laughingstock. To make matters worse for Carter’s legacy, the U.S. hostages in Iran were released on Reagan’s Inauguration Day. Carter never forgave Reagan or America for leaving his reputation in tatters.

Carter wandered the wilderness for the past 33 years, growing more angry and bitter with each passing year. He took out his anger by embarrassing the United States and meddling in foreign affairs. He spent the past 33 years denouncing Israel, praising nations that supported Muslim terrorists, defying the U.S. travel ban to Cuba and praising tyrants like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito and North Korean despot Kim Il Sung. He oversaw election fraud and corruption in Venezuela and Haiti and declared everything fair and square. The man has spent 33 bitter, disgraceful years venting his hatred for America.

Now, Carter has finally gotten his revenge. Angry at America’s success since Reagan, including those 40 million new jobs created since the early 1980s, Carter might be the man most responsible for Obama’s re-election, allowing him to continue the destruction Carter began all those years ago in 1976.

How did Carter help re-elect Obama? Mitt Romney was poised to do to Obama exactly what Reagan did to Carter. A brilliant businessman and turnaround specialist, Romney was the perfect man to again save America. He would have turned around this Obamageddon economy in two years with low taxes, reduced spending and smaller government — exactly how Reagan saved us from Carter. But along came that secret tape where Romney discussed “the 47 percent” of Americans who want government to give them checks and will vote for the politician who keeps the checks coming. The release of that tape was the beginning of the end for Romney. His reputation, likeability ratings and Presidential campaign never recovered.

Well guess who released that damaging tape? It was Carter’s grandson, Democratic operative Jimmy Carter IV, getting sweet revenge for Grandpa.

Carter’s grandson said: “I’ve been hearing all my life people making fun of my grandfather, or saying that he was a bad president, or things like that, and I’ve just gotten used to it. And it’s nice to be able to hit back.”

Upon seeing the tape of Romney’s remarks, the former President said in an email to his grandson: “James: This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa.”

It may not have been the only reason Romney lost, but it certainly did more damage to his campaign than anything Obama said in months of campaigning. And so, with the help of Carter’s grandson, history was changed. Instead of a modern-day Reagan, we got stuck with a second, disastrous term of a modern-day Carter. If Carter had been re-elected back in 1980, there very likely would never have been 40 million new jobs over the next 25 years. America’s military and economy probably never would have recovered, and we’d have a lower standard of living and gasoline prices of $8 per gallon — just like in the European socialist countries both Carter and Obama want America to emulate.

But thanks to Carter’s grandson, it’s Groundhog Day. Carter gets a do-over. We’re about to see what would have happened if we’d never elected Reagan and had given Carter a chance to finish the job of destroying America. We’re about to see if Obama can finish the job of destroying the U.S. economy in a second term — all in the name of tax and spend, compassion, fairness, social justice, and human rights.

Once Obama is done using Carter’s ultra-left policies to gain retribution and redistribution, I can imagine only that America will be a shell of its former self. America’s military will decline, the U.S. economy will continue in misery and malaise, inflation will return to unimaginable heights, debt will continue to rise, and gas lines and rationing will once again be part of our lives. America will be anything but exceptional.

Congratulations, Carter. It took 33 years and your grandson’s help, but you’ve finally gotten your revenge on the American people and American exceptionalism.

Sadly, just like a second term of Carter, I can promise you, this will not end well.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. Same time, same place. That’s when I’ll present to you the solution, the perfect model to save America and the U.S. economy. Carter and Obama won’t like it. But it is proven to work. See you next week. God bless America.

Sequestration Ponzi Scheme


Don’t panic about the so-called “sequestration.” It’s just another President Barack Obama scam. There are many more things to panic about that are more important than sequestration. The economy is in free fall. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Wal-Mart calls its sales to start 2013 “a total disaster.”

Now those are things to panic about.

But, hey, the President is on the job. Our fearless leader, Obama, is just back from a swing State (you know, the kind of place where you work on your golf swing). He was consulting on the economy with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon, while Michelle Obama was playing in Aspen, Colo. You wouldn’t accept this storyline if it was a fictional movie script. Too unrealistic. This country under Obama is becoming one big scam. A Ponzi scheme. Obama is the guy running the Ponzi, playing the role of Bernie Madoff. But the mainstream media are certainly playing the role of his accomplice.

Exhibit A is the so-called “sequestration.” It was the Obama Administration that gave us sequestration. Even Bob Woodward, the famous investigative journalist, said: “The sequester was Obama’s idea.”

Now Obama gets back from his tough golf weekend with Tiger and claims sequestration is the end of the world. Funny, Obama never mentioned it was his idea. He never mentioned that the specific Obama lackey who created the idea was Jack Lew, who, Obama has just nominated to become Treasury Secretary.

That’s right: Sequestration is such a bad idea, causing such an economic crisis, that Obama is rewarding the guy who thought it up by putting him in charge of the entire U.S. economy. Where are the screaming headlines in the mainstream media pointing out that Obama is the world’s biggest hypocrite?

To make this “Saturday Night Live” skit even funnier, Obama — the man of the working people, the man of the middle class — picked a tax cheat, Tim Geithner, as his first-term Treasury Secretary. Then for his second term he picked Lew, who invests his money in a Cayman Islands fund housed in the building that Obama has called “the largest tax scam in the world.”

With guys like that in charge of the economy and our tax system, it sure sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Obama also claimed that the sequestration cuts will cause job losses among police officers, firefighters and teachers. Why aren’t the media pointing out that police officers, firefighters and teachers are hired on the local and State level. Oops, Obama is caught in another fabrication. It’s all part of the big scam that is the Obama economy.

And, by the way, aren’t there other government employees besides police officers, firefighters and teachers? Shouldn’t the media point out that to bring up only those three classes of employees is complete deception, like a con man selling his con?

Did you know the average government janitor is paid $600,000 more over his lifetime than a janitor working in the private sector?

Why doesn’t Obama mention janitors when we talk about cutting government spending? It’s because the image of a government janitor or meat inspector would not bring tears to voters’ eyes. It wouldn’t sell his Ponzi scheme. The media say nothing.

Why don’t the media point out that Obama spent us into bankruptcy by adding almost $6 trillion to the national debt in only four years? If anyone loses his job, it’s not because of the minuscule $85 billion sequestration. That’s a spit in the ocean. It’s because of the $6 trillion of reckless spending over the past four years. Obama is the one to blame for people losing their jobs. Why don’t the media point that out? Their silence makes them accomplices in the Ponzi scheme.

Why aren’t they pointing out that the economy is in shambles, gas prices have risen 32 days in a row, Wal-Mart executives are calling sales to start the year “a total disaster”  — that’s a quote — while Obama, a Democrat who supposedly cares about poor people and working-class people, golfs with Tiger Woods in Florida, works on his golf swing with Butch Harmon and parties at billion-dollar resorts on Valentine’s weekend with the world’s most notorious womanizer, with the press denied access and with his wife on a separate vacation in Aspen? Do you think the media would be silent about all this if the Presidential couple partying in Florida and Aspen were Ronald and Nancy Reagan?

The reality is we have an economic crisis bordering on a total collapse because of specific Obama policies. He spends too much. He taxes too much. He wastes our money on green energy. It isn’t working. The chickens are coming home to roost. The first quarter is “a total disaster” because Obama raised income taxes on the rich and payroll taxes on the middle class. When you tax people, they have less money to spend.

At the same time, everyone is getting hit with rocketing gas prices while Obama wastes your money on solar energy scams, on wind energy scams, on electric cars that no one wants to buy and on fraudulent biofuel standards that are impossible to obtain. Obama declares millions of acres of oil-rich lands off-limits to drilling. His Environmental Protection Agency policies drive coal out of business. And we wonder why gas and energy prices are skyrocketing?

The economy is in meltdown because of Obama’s policies. In response, he spends his weekends consulting with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. Yet the media say nothing. It’s just another day in Obamageddon.

The sequestration isn’t the threat, folks. The greatest threat to the future of America is Obama.

Obama’s State Of Denial


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. There are a lot of things you can change in life, but you can’t fix stupid. Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday wasn’t a State of the Union. It was a “State of Denial.” It was denial mixed with delusion. It was a state of addiction to spending. It was a modern-day fairy tale in the middle of a Great Depression. It was a “Let’s sing ‘Kum Ba Yah’ and hold hands while we solve the world’s problems with money we don’t have” speech. It was insanity squared.

Here’s how Obama solves problems. In the middle of a Great Depression, he wants to raise the minimum wage by almost $2 per hour. Delusional. Like a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

In the middle of a Great Depression he wants to raise taxes again — only days after he just raised them. In Obama’s world, we raise taxes every few weeks.

In the middle of a Great Depression with our government $100 trillion in debt, he wants to spend money on a long wish list of leftist fairy tales: from early childhood education to infrastructure to green energy to climate change to government employees to redesigning high schools to — get this one — eradicating poverty around the world.

We’re broke with $100 trillion in debt and he’s worried about poverty around the world? One in three Illinois residents lives in poverty. Maybe Obama should worry about his own State before he tackles world poverty. Denial and delusion.

Obama says we’re seeing progress, we’re in recovery, we have jobs, we have “cleared away the rubble of crisis” and we have a “strong state of the union.” I guess he wants you to forget that the 4th quarter gross domestic product was negative. Our economy is actually in contraction. And 11,000 Americans join the food stamp rolls every day. This isn’t a recovery; it’s an economic disaster. Denial and delusion.

Obama said jobs are doing better. I guess that depends on your definition of “better.” According to data from Bloomberg, from December 2011 to January 2013, nonfarm payrolls were down by 587,000. During just the past year of Obama’s “recovery,” we lost more than half a million jobs. Denial and delusion.

With a loss of 587,000 jobs, 8.5 million Americans dropping out of the workforce since Obama became President and the real unemployment number (U-6) at almost 15 percent, did you hear that Obama closed his Jobs Council last week? They hadn’t met in a year. Now that the election is over, he just closed it down. No need to meet at all. Why talk about jobs anymore? Denial and delusion.

But it fits perfectly with Obama’s claim that we can create so many middle-class jobs with wind, solar and other green energy projects. Complete denial of the fact that Spain is the “Green Energy Capital of Europe,” yet its economy has collapsed — with 26 percent unemployment and 56 percent youth unemployment. The proof is in: There are no green jobs. Denial and delusion.

Obama said we sold a lot of cars last year. What he didn’t tell you was your tax money propped up the sales. Federal government purchase of cars was up by more than 70 percent last year. It’s all government. We live in a one-company town. Denial and delusion.

Obama also gloated about the housing recovery. So let’s see, if your home went from $500,000 down to $100,000, but in the past year it soared up to $125,000, Obama gloats and declares victory. But that homeowner is bankrupt, underwater and in foreclosure. That lousy $25,000 increase versus a $400,000 loss during Obama’s first term just isn’t very helpful. Denial and delusion.

And to celebrate a housing recovery while demanding the end to what Obama calls “loopholes” must be some kind of joke on the American people. That “loophole” Obama refers to is our mortgage deduction. He wants to take it away in the middle of a housing collapse already worse than the peak of the Great Depression, thereby overnight causing another housing collapse. We’d all lose 40 percent of the value of our homes overnight if our mortgage deduction was eliminated. Denial and delusion.

But the funniest claim of all was Obama stating that he’s already cut $2.5 trillion from the budget. “We’re halfway home to $4 trillion in cuts” he said. This is Chris Rock funny. Nothing was cut. The fiscal cliff deal just added $4 trillion to the national debt. The few tiny cuts that were made were revealed by the Office of Management and Budget to be money that was never going to be spent anyway. Obama cut nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The man who promised to cut the deficit in half but instead doubled it, who called President George W. Bush a disgrace and “unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the national debt in eight years but who added $6 trillion himself in only four years… that same guy says “we’re halfway home” to solving our debt problem. Denial and delusion.

The same man who thinks the sequestration that cuts only $85 billion out of a $3.5 trillion budget is “harsh, devastating and reckless”… that man claims he’s going to solve our debt problem? He thinks more debt spent on green energy and early childhood education will get us “halfway home”? Denial and delusion.

Hell of a plan. But when you raise the minimum raise for millions of employees, the businesses they work for raise prices for the rest of us. Picture Wal-Mart, Target and every other retailer in America raising prices by 15 percent in the middle of a Great Depression to pay for Obama’s minimum wage increase. Then watch this Obama economy continue its death spiral.

Obama’s State of the Union was a “State of Denial” proving that you can change a lot of things in this world, but you can’t fix stupid.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. Same time, same place. God Bless America.

The Tax Rebellion Begins


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Mr. Obama, you have a big problem. A tax rebellion has started.

Phil Mickelson is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is worth in the vicinity of $100 million. Last year, he made almost $50 million. Yet he doesn’t want to pay California’s high taxes.

Tiger Woods is far more famous and worth far more (more than $1 billion), yet he agrees with Mickelson. He recently admitted that he left California in 1996 for the exact same reason: high taxes.

In the same week, famed boxing promoter Bob Arum announced that superstar boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s next fight will not be in held in America. The man who makes tens of millions of dollars per fight refuses to pay Barack Obama’s higher U.S. income taxes. He is considering Mexico City, Asia, or Dubai for his next fight. Can you imagine?

Then, Tina Turner went public. She is renouncing her U.S. citizenship to become a citizen of Switzerland, which just happens to have lower taxes than Obama’s America.

But these are just the rich celebrities courageous enough to go public. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The rich are fleeing in droves. The Obama tax-and-spend Ponzi scheme is imploding.

What changed? The technology revolution has made it possible to do business from places where the taxes are lower (or nonexistent) and where the government treats people better. Obama had better learn this lesson fast, because this tax rebellion is spreading to millions of Americans with far smaller incomes or assets than Woods’, Mickelson’s or Pacquaio’s.

The signs are everywhere that a tax rebellion has begun. The latest U.S. census showed us that the States with the lowest taxes enjoyed the fastest population growth — States like Nevada, Texas, Florida and Arizona. Not surprisingly, the States losing the most population are all high-tax States like California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and, of course, Obama’s Illinois.

These States that Americans are running from are all governed just like Obama wants to govern the entire country. Soon, these same Americans running away from California, New York and Illinois will instead be running away from America.

Ask the co-founder of Facebook, who recently renounced his citizenship and left for Singapore (where the capital gains taxes are zero).

Ask big-time Democratic contributor Denise Rich, who recently renounced her citizenship to leave for Austria.

The trickle is turning into a torrent. Record numbers of wealthy Americans are giving up their citizenshipeight times more than before Obama became President.

Of course, we already know that only one year after the U.K. imposed a millionaire tax, two-thirds of the millionaires in England disappeared off the tax rolls.

We already know that millionaires are escaping France at a record pace because of high tax rates imposed by the new Obama-clone Socialist President of France. Even actors like Gerard Depardieu have been forced to abandon the country they love.

The famous actor isn’t alone. Requests by citizens to leave France are up by 500 percent.

But then came the coup de grace. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has just announced he is leaving France because of taxes. High taxes are even chasing away the former Presidents from their own countries.

High taxes work great in France. The nation’s labor minister announced just this week that France is “totally bankrupt.” His words.

I understand all of this only too well. I’ve got my own “escape from taxes” story. I arrived in sunny Southern California in 1989. I fell in love. I thought I would never leave. I woke up every morning to walk on the beach and to watch dolphins swim from my deck.

Unfortunately, during the next decade, California grew more and more desperate. Taxes were raised again and again. There were so many rules, regulations and lawyers that it became impossible to run a business in California. So I escaped to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is “America’s Monte Carlo.” It’s a place with no State income tax, business income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax, and it has the 16th lowest property taxes in America. It’s a place where the State constitution bans income taxes, limits the time politicians can meet and welcomes guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. I call it heaven.

Mr. Obama, the secret is out. Taxes do nothing for productive people (like business owners or high-income earners). Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. It’s like burning your money in the fireplace. I’m a witness. I lived in New York for 27 years, then California for a decade. What did I get for all those taxes I paid? Nothing. But I did gain something fantastic: a much higher quality of life. The money I saved paid for home-school tutors for my oldest daughter. She was accepted to Harvard University. She’s now attending Oxford in the U.K. Would she be attending the two best universities in the world if I had sent her to public school? Lower taxes changed my life — and the lives of my family members.

Science magazine reported on a study of the unhappiest people in America. They all happen to live in high-tax States. The happiest people happen to live in low-tax States. Coincidence?

Maybe these citizens are happier because the economy grows so much faster in low-tax States. The Wall Street Journal reported on a study from the Kansas Policy Institute that shows that States without an income tax have significantly higher growth (59 percent versus 42 percent) over the past 10 years. They increased the number of jobs by 4.9 percent while jobs in the rest of the States declined by 2.6 percent.

Examples abound of Americans with high incomes and assets escaping from high-tax states. Between 2000 and 2010, 551,914 people left California just for one State, Texas, taking $14.3 billion in income.

Maryland has much higher taxes than Virginia. Between 2007 and 2010, more than 40,000 residents escaped from Maryland to become Virginia residents. They took $2.17 billion with them.

But New York is the poster child. The Tax Foundation reports that 612,520 people left New York and moved to Florida in the past decade, taking with them $19.7 billion in adjusted growth income.

Overall, 1.3 million residents escaped from New York in the past decade, taking with them $45.6 billion.

You know what they say about pigs: They get slaughtered. California is certainly a pig. Just like the PIIGS in Europe (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) all chased away their richest citizens and business owners. Now they have nothing left. Their tax bases are destroyed. Add France and the U.K. to the list. They’re all going down.

If we let big-government progressives have their way, California’s sad story and Europe’s tragic story will also be America’s sad story. Obama is killing the American dream. Mickelson was only vocalizing what millions of business owners in America are thinking right now.

Here’s the reality: The high-tech revolution has killed the progressive and socialist dream. You can’t tax us to death, simply because you don’t own us. We have iPhones, iPads, iPods, smartphones, laptops and satellite TV. We can do business from anywhere in the world: from a beach in Sydney to a mountaintop in Nepal to a forest in New Zealand to a luxury high rise in Hong Kong. It’s called freedom.

Sorry, Obama, your dream is about to collapse. Ask Mickelson or the former President of France or all those millionaires missing from England or, soon, half the business owners in America.

Tax-and-spend is DOA (dead on arrival). I’m Wayne Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. God bless capitalism, smaller government and lower taxes. God bless America.

The Lesson Of The Amazing Harbaugh Brothers


I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. For one week, let’s take a break from President Barack Obama and politics. This week is all about the most popular and celebrated event in the world: the Super Bowl. And there is a very special lesson in this year’s game for all of us to study, learn and implement in our lives.

John and Jim Harbaugh are American idols. They just became the biggest story, on the biggest stage, in sports history: two brothers who rose quickly to the top of their demanding high-profile profession, two brothers who now face off in the biggest event in the world – literally. More than 1 billion people across the globe will be watching as these two brothers, who grew up sharing the same bedroom, fight for victory in the Super Bowl. And because of the made-for-television drama of two brothers fighting for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, this will undoubtedly become the most-watched program in the history of America. There is a gigantic lesson to be learned.

The lesson is the importance of enthusiasm.

It could not come at a better time for Americans experiencing this horrible Obama economy. The reports on debt, taxes, unemployment and foreclosures are dismal. That’s the bad news.

But there’s good news, too. What’s happening around you doesn’t matter. In the Great Depression, amid all the pain and wreckage, there were success stories. It was the greatest wealth transfer in world history. A select few made a fortune. What was the secret? It’s an attitude that enables anyone to beat the odds, to overcome any challenge, to make the impossible possible. Few people have it. Many on the left disparage it. It’s called enthusiasm.

Exhibit A: the Harbaugh brothers, John and Jim. They are just a year apart, and they spent their entire childhood sleeping inches apart in the same bedroom. Today they are National Football League head coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. What are the odds? One in a million? One in a billion? Well the odds before now were zero. Because in the 93-year history of the NFL, it never happened before. At least not before PHE, the pre-Harbaugh era.

But enthusiasm sells. The Harbaugh brothers grew up with one saying on their minds 24/7: “Attack this day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

That saying was drummed into their heads daily by their football coach dad, Jack Harbaugh. Years later, in 2011, they found each other coaching two of the best teams in the NFL and, remarkably, facing each other on national TV on Thanksgiving night. That competition excited America so much, that game became the most watched cable TV show in the history of Thanksgiving.

But that was just a warm-up for Super Bowl Sunday. Jim and John Harbaugh will be leading their teams onto the field that day. They are the two coaches left standing out of 32 NFL teams. They will be playing each other for the greatest prize in all of sports. And the foundation of all of that success — hard work and enthusiasm — was drummed into their heads by their father/coach Jack Harbaugh.

The first Coach Harbaugh understood that enthusiasm is contagious. Now it has led to his two sons’ beating out every other coach in football to reach the Super Bowl. Most coaches, no matter how good, will never make a Super Bowl in their entire career. These two brothers both made it in the same year.

Enthusiasm works in any field.

Barry Goldwater is the father of conservatism in America. Yet he lost the 1964 Presidential election by a landslide. Ronald Reagan took Goldwater’s exact philosophy, but spread it with tremendous enthusiasm. With the exact same political philosophy and agenda, Reagan won the Presidency in two landslides. Enthusiasm was the big difference.

There were many great generals in World War II, but only one instantly comes to mind today: Gen. George S. Patton. He exuded confidence and enthusiasm. He inspired his men to do remarkable things. They’ve since made Broadway plays, books and movies about the legend of Gen. George S. Patton.

Can enthusiasm promote religion? Ask Billy Graham. The most enthusiastic preacher ever, he traveled the United States with his evangelical Billy Graham Crusades in the 1950s. Millions of people came out to see this passionate, enthusiastic communicator. But those were all “country people.” When Graham announced he was going to preach evangelical Christianity in the middle of New York City, the critics laughed. They predicted his show would close in a day, like a failed Broadway play.

Graham was undeterred. He went ahead with his plans with unmatched enthusiasm. Well more than 2 million New Yorkers came out to see Graham preach at Madison Square Garden — an all-time record. Graham’s revival in New York City was extended. Enthusiasm had sold even evangelical Christianity in the middle of cynical New York City.

Soon thereafter, NBC offered Graham $5 million (in 1957) to host a television variety show. Even Hollywood was sold by his enthusiasm. His lifetime audience is now stands at 2.2 billion people. More than 15 million of them came to the front of the stage and took Jesus as their savior. No preacher in history has reached more people.

There have been many fitness gurus over the years, but only one “godfather of fitness.” Jack LaLanne’s fitness television show ran from 1951 to 1985. He opened the nation’s first chain of gyms. He sold millions of juicers on TV infomercials. At the age of 54, he beat a 21-year old Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding competition. LaLanne celebrated his 70th birthday by pulling 70 people in 70 rowboats through San Francisco harbor — with his teeth. He wrote his last book at age 95. His enthusiasm for life made him one of America’s biggest stars for seven decades.

What makes all these legends successful? What makes them leaders? The answer is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes people want to follow you anywhere — even through hell (ask Patton or Robert E. Lee or Winston Churchill).

On Sunday, sit back and watch John and Jim Harbaugh work their magic. They are the greatest family coaching duo in the history of sports. And while you’re watching, just think of the brilliant words that made it all happen: “Attack this day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

Is Obama Smarter Than A Communist?


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. You know that famous TV show “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” Well that show has inspired me to ask: “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Many socialist and communist leaders seem to have learned a lesson that Obama has not.

Remember when Obama said, “I just want to spread the wealth around”? If income redistribution works, if tax-and-spend is a model for America, why are Greece and Spain bankrupt basket cases threatening to bring down the entire European Union? Greece and Spain have both been led by Socialist Party politicians. They both have big taxes, big spending, big unions, big governments — just like Obama wants. Yet both Greece and Spain have unemployment rates above 26 percent and youth unemployment above 56 percent.

With that record of devastating failure, why did Obama just raise U.S. income tax rates to the levels of Greece and Spain? Greece’s income tax rate is 40 percent. Spain’s top rate ranges from 40 percent to 50 percent. In America we just raised the top rate to about 40 percent, plus add in Obamacare taxes, plus add in State and local taxes, and, of course, Obama took away deductions, too. Can you even imagine? We chose to emulate Greece and Spain right at the moment of disaster, at the moment of devastation, at the moment of 26 percent and 56 percent unemployment — right as they are headed into economic oblivion. With Obama’s re-election we chose Greece and Spain.

By the way, with high income taxes and value added taxes (a national sales tax), why are Greece and Spain both bankrupt and insolvent? Why would Obama want higher taxes for America, when Greece and Spain prove the model doesn’t work? Each country is going through a national nightmare. Thousands of trees are missing… because citizens can no longer afford to pay for electricity or fuel to heat their homes, so each night they go into parks and forests to cut down trees for firewood. Families are digging through dumpsters for food. Government employees go unpaid for months. This is what socialism and high taxes get you. And we chose Obama for another four years? Maybe we should check whether American voters are as smart as a 5th grader.

All those Greek voters elected socialist politicians because they promised fat pensions, free healthcare and lavish early retirement. Does that sound familiar? Now, they face unimaginable poverty for years to come. This proves that when politicians promise chocolate cake with no calories, they should be put in prison for fraud.

Cuba has been a Marxist state since before I was born. Its leader, Raul Castro, is a proud communist. Yet Cuba recently passed the most sweeping reforms in its history. Castro is slashing more than 1 million government jobs, cutting entitlements, encouraging more private sector entrepreneurship, giving more power to private companies and reducing state spending.

One of the trademark features of Cuba’s socialist system — the universal monthly food ration — will be phased out. Castro said the ration given all Cubans since 1963 had become an “unsupportable burden” for Cuba’s bankrupt and crumbling government.

So get this: A Cuban communist leader is cutting 1 million government jobs and eliminating Cuba’s version of food stamps. Meanwhile, Obama keeps adding government jobs and food stamp use is setting all-time records in America; 47.7 million Americans are on food stamps. Tell me again: Who’s the communist and who’s the capitalist?

Even Russia’s Vladimir Putin (then serving as prime minister) seemed to have learned a common 5th grade history lesson on socialism, when during a 2008 speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he stated: “In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state role absolute… In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly.”

Putin and Castro have learned their lessons from experience. But Obama? It sounds like he needs to attend re-education camp. Or at least do over the 5th grade.

Obama just raised our income tax rates to 40 percent and eliminated deductions; and, of course, he’s already passed a raft of new Obamacare taxes. He wants to take the cap off Social Security taxes and add a VAT tax (national sales tax). Add it up. Under Obama, Americans could soon have a tax rate above 70 percent. Not the super rich. These rates will apply to small business owners.

Now contrast those taxes with today’s tax rates in formerly Communist countries:

  • Russia: 13 percent flat tax.
  • Bulgaria: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Georgia: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Romania: 16 percent flat tax.
  • Czech Republic: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Albania: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Kazakhstan: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Lithuania: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Slovakia: 19 percent flat tax.
  • Bosnia: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Serbia: 12 percent flat tax.
  • Hungary: 16 percent flat tax.
  • Estonia: 21 percent flat tax.

So ask yourself again, “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Looking at those tax rates, it would be easy to mistake the United States under Obama for a socialist country.

While the big-tax, big-spend, big-government economies of Europe are floundering, examine how the low-tax model is performing around the world. Hong Kong, with its 15 percent flat tax and no capital gains tax, has 3.3 percent unemployment. That’s down in the 4thquarter of last year from 3.4 percent in the quarter before that.

Singapore has a tax of 3 percent to 20 percent, with unemployment at a remarkable 1.9 percent.

Obviously, high taxes kill jobs. Case closed. Obama must have missed that 5th grade lesson.

So I’ll ask the question again: Is Obama smarter than a communist? Perhaps someone should sit Obama down with all these communist and ex-communist leaders and get him educated. Fast. Before the U.S. economic collapse is beyond repair. Before the America we know and love is gone forever.

A National Day Of Mourning


Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day is coming up next week. Despite what the Obama-adoring, Kool-Aid drinking liberal mainstream media tell you, Obama’s inauguration is not a celebration. If the media were honest, we’d declare it a “national day of mourning.” Our economy under Obama is in shambles. Things are not getting better; they are getting worse by the day. Now we have four more years of more of the same. Will we survive?

We are already in an Obama Great Depression, and I have the facts to prove it — facts the mainstream media refuse to disclose. I’m about to give them to you. The key to understanding all this is to study the real facts and statistics. You know, the kind not manufactured out of thin air or manipulated by Obama, the government or the media. Facts are facts.

The facts below clearly indicate that the economic collapse is far worse than most Americans understand yet.

Judge for yourselves:

Obama is the biggest spender of any politician in world history.

Not to be outdone, Tim Geithner is the biggest-spending Treasury Secretary in history ($13.6 trillion).

Under Obama, the national debt has increased by 50 percent. Obama is on track to add $12 trillion to the national debt: a staggering three times more than George W. Bush added in his eight years as President:

In only the past 16 months, the Obama Administration added $2.1 trillion to the national debt, which is why we need the debt ceiling raised again.

Under Obama, the national debt now exceeds the entire output of the U.S. economy.

Obama is not only the first President in history to produce four consecutive years of deficits above $1 trillion, but those four years’ worth of deficits are more than produced by all other Presidents in history combined.

The national debt is increasing by a mind-boggling $3 million dollars per minute.

What did we get for all that spending and massive debt?

The U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. With Obama’s re-election, get ready for more credit downgrades to come.

The net worth of the average American is down a whopping 40 percent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, household income has fallen for all four years under Obama. It’s down a startling $4,000 per family since Obama became President.

The housing collapse is now deeper than at the peak of the Great Depression.

Unemployment was more than 8 percent for an unimaginable 43 consecutive months. That’s more months of unemployment above the 8 percent level than during all the Presidencies from Harry Truman’s to the younger Bush’s combined.

According to economist John Williams of shadowstats.com, if you factored in all of the short-term discouraged workers, all of the long-term discouraged workers and all of those working part-time because they cannot find full-time employment, the real unemployment rate would be more than 20 percent, which is higher than it was for a majority of the years during the Great Depression.

The employment rate under Obama has been less than 59 percent for 39 months in a row. That means less than 59 percent of those capable of working are actually employed. So how can the jobless rate reported by the government (and mainstream media) be improving?

Since Obama has been President, more than 8.5 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce.

The Labor Force Participation Rate among men is the lowest since 1948 (just after World War II). In 1950, 80 percent of all working-age men had a job versus today with only 65 percent working.

The average unemployed worker has been unemployed for 40 weeks. At the peak of the deep recession of the early 1980s, with unemployment close to 11 percent, the average length of unemployment at its highest was only 21 weeks.

If you gathered together all of the unemployed people in America in one place, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world.

The United States has roughly the same number of jobs today as it had in 2000, but the population is well more than 30 million people larger. To get to a civilian employment-to-population ratio equal to that in 2000, we would have to gain some 18 million jobs.

Back in 1980, fewer than 30 percent of all jobs in the United States were low-income jobs. Today, more than 40 percent of all jobs in the United States are low-income jobs.

Fifty-three percent of all college graduates in America under age 25 are either unemployed or under-employed.

Black unemployment is at 14 percent. When did you hear that trumpeted in the media during the Presidential election? Obama received more than 99 percent of the black female vote, yet his first term produced horrendous damage to African-Americans.

A record 47.7 million Americans are now on food stamps.

Under Obama, we have added more than 16 million Americans to the food stamp rolls. That’s an increase of a stunning 50 percent in just four years.

Under Obama, the growth of Americans on food stamps is 75 times greater than job growth.

Forty years ago, one out of 50 Americans received food stamps. Today, it is one out of 6.5.

Forty-three percent of all immigrants who have been in the United States for 20 years or longer are on welfare.

In 1965, one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid. Today, about one out of every six Americans is on Medicaid.

Medicare alone faces an unfunded liability of almost $40 trillion dollars. That’s more than $328,000 per U.S. household.

The number of Americans now on disability (a record 11 million) is larger than the population of New York City, as well as the population of 39 of the 50 States. Since Obama became President, 5.5 million have joined the ranks — most of them after their unemployment benefits ran out. Now they get an income and free healthcare for life.

More than 100 million Americans (almost one out of every three Americans) are getting some form of welfare. That does not include Social Security or Medicare.

About 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in poverty or are defined as low-income.

It is being projected that about 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

For the first time in history, more than 1 million public school students are homeless.

Total student loan debt is now more than $1 trillion, with defaults at record levels.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, in the third quarter of 1980 under the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter, there were 76,885 delinquent mortgages. Shockingly, in the second quarter of 2012 under Obama, there were 3,107,247 delinquent mortgages.

Obama says real estate is in “recovery.” Yet in one city, in one month, $120 million of commercial real estate went into default. This isn’t an isolated instance; it’s happening across America. The commercial real estate collapse is just starting. Does this sound like a “recovery” to you?

New business start-ups are at the lowest level in 30 years.

In the World Economic Forum’s rank of global competitiveness, the United States has fallen four years in a row under Obama.

The United States also joins Ireland as the only advanced economies in the world to have lost economic freedom the past five years in a row.

The government reports that banks are doing better. Yet Bank of America just reported more than $64 billion worth of delinquent mortgages (more than six months late). None of these have even entered foreclosure yet. That’s more than half of the market cap of BofA.

Obama denies he’s a socialist. He says he merely wants to move America towards the European model of social capitalism. Then you realize Europe is a bankrupt welfare state, with an all-time record 11.8 percent unemployment and 24.4 percent youth unemployment across the Eurozone.

Twenty-six million Europeans are unemployed. Greece and Spain both have more than 26 percent unemployment and more than 50 percent youth unemployment. Something is very wrong.

Well, if the bankruptcy of America is the goal, don’t look now, but it’s happening. Apple, Inc. (the iPhone company) has more cash in the bank than the U.S. government. Maybe the U.S. government should start selling something that people actually want.

But Apple isn’t alone. Twenty-nine different companies have more cash in the bank than the U.S. government.

One of three residents in Obama’s home State of Illinois lives in poverty. Soon that will be you.

We are experiencing unimaginable economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast. None of this is a coincidence. This is a cold, calculated plan to collapse the U.S. economy, damage or bankrupt business owners (particularly small business) and destroy capitalism.

And it’s working.

So don’t get out the party hats and balloons too quickly for Obama’s inauguration. Instead, we should all be wearing black… to represent a national day of mourning for America.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. Same time, same place. God Bless America.

Obama Teams Up With Big Business To Destroy Middle Class

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Let’s get to the story of Obama, the ultimate crony socialist teaming up with big business to wipe out small business and the middle class.

I’ve said it before; I’ll prove it again. President Barack Obama is a unique breed of socialist. He is a hybrid socialist/fascist. He understands that he needs “cover” to destroy America. He needs the support of famous billionaires like Warren Buffett and credible fat cat corporate CEOs like Jeffrey Immelt of GE to convince the masses that he is not out to destroy capitalism. He needs to show that rich people are on his side, that these rich guys agree with him that tax increases on the rich are “fair.”

And the rich fat cats of big business will be glad to help him, as long as they share in the spoils. They’ll be glad to pay an extra $100,000 a year in taxes as long as long as Obama spreads the wealth around — to them. As long as he hands them billion-dollar tax credits, stimulus, bailouts, government contracts, corporate welfare and loopholes big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through.

That’s exactly what’s happening in America today. The super rich and the big corporations have teamed up with Obama and his socialist cabal to wipe out the middle class, upper middle class and small business. They’re doing it with taxes, rules, regulations and mandates. Obama claims they’re aimed at the rich, but in reality they are aimed squarely at the middle class, upper middle class and small business.

Big business loves taxes, rules and regulations because they have the lobbyists and armies of lawyers and accountants to either avoid it, shelter it or deal with it all. But small business doesn’t. So the competition of big business gets put out of business.

Obama, on the other hand, has many reasons for targeting small business. First, he knows that’s where the money is. That’s where he will get the bulk of his massive tax increases. There aren’t enough billionaires or $100 million men to pay for all of Obama’s plans. He needs trillions of dollars to create his cradle-to-grave welfare state.

That’s where small business comes in. There are several million taxpayers in America who make $250,000 to $500,000 per year. Almost every one of them owns a business. I’m one of them. We are the target. These are the independent thinkers. These are the self-made capitalist evangelists. These are the stubborn, principled fiscal conservatives who despise Obama and his plans for equality, social justice and income redistribution. Small business makes up the heart of the resistance.

Secondly, small-business owners fund Obama’s political opposition. We make most of the contributions that fund conservative candidates and causes. Small business will never sell out conservative fiscal principles. Never. So Obama is at war with small business. He can’t win without confiscating our money and getting us under his thumb.

Besides, what does Obama care about a $250,000-per-year small-restaurant owner? That person is insignificant to him. But the CEO of a billion-dollar conglomerate is very significant to Obama. That company can write $100,000 or $1 million checks to Obama’s campaign or his inauguration or the Democratic National Committee or an Obama-supporting PAC. And that Fortune 500 company has teams of lawyers and lobbyists, all willing to write big fat checks.

The ground has shifted in America. There used to be a team fighting for conservative fiscal principles. Wal-Mart, Wall Street, big banks and most of corporate America partnered with small business to support capitalism, conservative candidates and causes. Today, there’s been a sea change. A divorce. A “War of the Roses.” Big business and corporate America have sold out to Obama. They couldn’t care less about small business, or capitalism or conservative fiscal values. They aren’t capitalists anymore; they are crony capitalists.

And they are in bed with Obama, the world’s biggest crony socialist.

It started with the bailouts and stimulus. Big business begged, lobbied and received billions of dollars. Small business got the shaft. All we got only the bill. It’s our kids and grandkids who will still be paying the interest on bailouts and wasted stimulus generations from now. Wall Street cheered as the stock market soared. But for small business down on Main Street, it’s been a Great Depression for four years under Obama. Small business is dying.

The irony is that small business creates most of the jobs. Since the first day of the Ronald Reagan Presidency, about 40 million jobs have been created in America. The entire net of 40 million jobs was created by small business.

But small business owners don’t have lobbyists or connected Washington, D.C. law firms. We can’t afford to each give millions of dollars to politicians, so we get shafted. Look around the room. If you can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you. Small business is the odd man out. We are the sucker. We are the target of Obama and his socialist cabal and now his newest partners in crime: big business.

Then came Fed policies. Obama orders the Fed to print trillions of fake dollars to keep the economy afloat. Where does it all go? To big business. To banks. To Wall Street. To publicly traded multinational companies. None of it has ever reached Main Street.

Then came Obamacare. I never in a million years imagined big business would support Obama’s big government, nanny state healthcare scheme. Back in the 1980s, big business teamed with small business to stop Bill and Hillary Clinton’s attempt to socialize medicine and put government in charge of the entire healthcare system. Not this time.

This time, big business took Obama’s side. Health insurance and Big Pharma were bribed with billions of dollars in new revenues sent their way. The rest of big business went along with Obama because he promised them lower corporate taxes.

Then came the coup de grace: the so-called “fiscal cliff” crisis. Small-business owners pay their taxes as individuals. They own Subchapter S and LLC corporations that pass all income down to the individual small-business owner. The lawyers and lobbyists of big business saw an opening. The goal was simple: Ask small-business owners who file individual taxes (mom-and-pop stores that create all the new jobs) to pay dramatically higher taxes and lose valuable deductions (like charitable and mortgage deductions), so that big corporations (many of which move jobs offshore and keep billions of dollars of profits parked offshore too) could dramatically reduce their taxes.

The Wall Street Journal reported on groups like the Business Roundtable (made up of 150 corporate titans) and the RATE Coalition (AT&T, Ford, Lockheed Martin, Home Depot) publicly endorsing and blessing big tax hikes on mom-and-pop America.

The $625 billion tax increase passed. Big business didn’t get their corporate tax cut… yet. But boy did they get goodies: $40 billion in crony capitalism payoffs. The new tax bill gives away $78 million in tax breaks to benefit NASCAR, $62 million in tax credits for companies operating in American Samoa, $222 million of tax rebates to rum companies, $430 million in tax rebates for Hollywood film producers, $12 billion (with a “B”) in tax credits for wind power phonies like GE, $2.2 billion to renewable diesel companies, $650 million to manufacturers of energy-efficient appliances and $222 million in accelerated tax depreciation for businesses located on Indian reservations. Many of these companies will pay no taxes at all because of these rebates and credits.

Mom-and-pop small businesses just had their income redistributed to Big Business. Billion-dollar companies ripped off small businesses on Main Street under the guise of a “fiscal cliff.” If we were on a cliff, how could we afford to give $430 million to Hollywood film producers? This was the greatest swindle since Bernie Madoff.

I predict this was only the start of Obama’s payoff to corporate America. I guarantee you that Obama told the corporate lobbyists that he’ll give them $40 billion in tax credit gifts now. So be patient and wait for 2013, when we will implement serious “tax reform.” That’s code words for fleecing small business and middle America again. This means even higher taxes and more loss of deductions for individuals, in return for “tax reform” that dramatically cuts corporate tax rates. Anyone want to bet?

It’s all part of the Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven plan. Build an alliance with big business to fund your plan to overwhelm the system and socialize America.

Obama’s big government, socialist agenda isn’t aimed at the super rich. That’s just a head fake to cover the truth. That’s just the propaganda he uses to sell his con game to the masses. Obama’s destructive agenda is aimed squarely at you: entrepreneurs, small-business owners and the middle class.

Obama’s goal is to create two classes of Americans: the super rich (who support and contribute to Obama, who then rewards them with bribes, stimulus, bailouts and government contracts) and the poor (who loyally vote for Obama to receive the handouts they need to survive). In Obama’s view of America, the middle class and small business must be destroyed, and the poor must be kept in their place (that place is hopeless, helpless and dependent on him).

The cat is out of the bag. The crony capitalists are in bed with the greatest fraud of all time: Obama, the crony socialist.

It’s now every man for himself.

That’s my commentary for today. Bad things are happening in America under Obama. If you are middle class, upper middle class or a business owner, your livelihood and quality of life are in danger. Your children’s future is in danger. The American Dream is on life support.

I’ll see you next week. Same time, same place. Right here at PersonalLiberty.com. God Bless.