Moderate Establishment Republicans Are Killing The GOP… And America

Lies are killing America. The biggest lie comes from Barack Obama, moderate Republicans and the media elite, who are all in bed together, trying to convince us that only “moderation, cooperation and compromise” can save the GOP… and America. This is one of the greatest lies ever told.

John Boehner Must Go; Here’s Why

John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of the United States of America and the leader of one of America’s two major political parties. Is he the best and brightest we have to offer? Are you kidding me? No wonder the GOP Congress loses at every turn to Barack Obama. We are led by a fool.

The Jobs Report Is A Phony

Small-business owner Wayne Allyn Root doesn’t need Barack Obama, the Federal Reserve, economists or the media to tell him how the economy is doing. He lives it! “And I’m telling you,” Root says, “We’re all being lied to. The economy is not getting better, it’s getting worse.”

Proof That The GOP Suffers From Stockholm Syndrome

The country is going under. All appears lost. And the GOP fumbles, retreats and apologizes. It’s tragic, but it’s now clear to see: One party is filled with frauds, crooks, socialists and out-and-out communists out to bankrupt the U.S. economy, wreck capitalism and destroy America. And the other party is filled with weak-willed cowards who are either scared of their own shadow, in cahoots with Obama, or suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.