It’s time to remove Obama from office — before he gets us all killed

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Only a madman would gamble with our lives, our children’s lives and the entire American economy. Why would President Obama play Russian roulette with the future of our country? It’s a gamble no sane leader would take.

The life and death issue is Ebola. The president is more concerned with political correctness (and golf) than taking common-sense precautions to prevent a deadly pandemic. Why does this president not see his responsibility is to keep the odds as low as possible?

There are three simple, common-sense actions any president who cared about American citizens would take:

No. 1: Ban all flights from the Ebola zone and quarantine all travelers coming from any Ebola zone. This is an absolute no-brainer. Time is wasting. It should have been done months ago and may already be too late. Who knows how many people in America right now (or flying here tonight or tomorrow) are already infected?

No. 2: Secure and seal the border — now. Any day, any minute, illegal immigrants sick with Ebola could be walking across our border.

Worse, how easy is it for our radical Muslim enemies to send Ebola-infected terrorists across the border? How simple is it to infect and send hundreds of Ebola suicide terrorists into our hospitals and children’s schools?

All our radical Jihadist enemies have to do is inject tainted Ebola blood into volunteer suicide bombers or, worse, innocent children and send them across the border. Undetectable, they walk across our southern border showing no symptoms and surrender to U.S. border agents. Obama disperses them across the country where they sneeze or cough on their lawyers, caretakers and classmates. It’s that easy; it’s that simple to start a deadly Ebola pandemic across America.

Equally disturbing, what if Ebola spreads to Mexico, Central or South America? Suddenly panic ensues and hundreds of thousands of their citizens (or even millions) run for the U.S. border looking for America’s medical system to save them, spreading Ebola like wildfire… into your home and mine.

Our border is wide open to bring death and disaster, ending America as we know it. Yet President Obama is unwilling to do a thing to secure it. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

The question is why?

No. 3: Return all U.S. troops from the Ebola zone. Obama’s decision to send troops to Africa is pure madness. No good can come from sending 4,000 U.S. troops into harm’s way of an invisible deadly germ.

Can you imagine the panic that will ensue if any of our troops contract Ebola? What if a ship becomes infected? Would it stay at sea while most die and until the survivors are deemed safe? Will returning planes be diverted to military bases where every soldier is a ticking time bomb that could infect friends, family, entire communities?

Mr. President, it’s time to tell the truth about Ebola. It is far easier to become infected than doctors or health experts are telling us. We are told becoming infected is an extremely remote possibility. Really? An NBC cameraman got Ebola without ever touching a sick patient or entering the room of an Ebola victim. A nurse in Dallas got Ebola while wearing heavy protective gear. More than 200 doctors and nurses in Africa are dead despite wearing protective gear, washing hands with bleach and knowing exactly what they were dealing with. Still, they are powerless to stop it.

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” focuses on economic murder. Ebola is the embodiment of this murder. An Ebola pandemic will kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Americans. But separate from the human tragedy, the economic cost will overwhelm and bankrupt our country.

The cost of treating just one Ebola patient is beyond comprehension: special ambulances, isolation chambers, hazmat suits, weeks or months in the hospital, quarantines for every person that came into contact with the Ebola victim, decontamination teams for their homes and even special handling of bodies for burial.

We’re talking about millions of dollars per Ebola patient. Multiply that times thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of victims. If Ebola gets loose in a crowded urban area, America’s economy will crumble.

Then there’s the death of tourism and commerce. Restaurants, hotels, airlines, shopping centers, movie theaters, sporting events, tourism and entertainment of all kinds will be shut down. Sports seasons will be canceled. Americans will be trapped in their homes, frightened to go outside. Commerce will grind to a halt. Jobs lost by the millions. The economic devastation will be unimaginable. America’s economy (already on the ropes) will be in ashes. The result could be total economic ruin.

Yet knowing all this, Obama does nothing. He refuses to secure the border. He sends our young military men and women into the death zone to face an invisible killer. He even purposely chooses to refuse to do something so simple and common sense as ban flights and quarantine travelers from the Ebola zone.

Our president is putting all of our lives, our families, our economic survival at risk. He is gambling with our children, our jobs, the future survival of America. Yet none of this has to happen.

Why take that gamble? Why risk economic suicide? Why not take all possible actions and precautions to limit the possibility of a widespread epidemic?

Is Obama criminally insane? A madman? An ignorant, delusional fool? Or is he doing this purposely to overwhelm America’s economic system? Does it matter?

By the way, as America’s first case of Ebola transmitted on U.S. soil was announced, where was Obama? Playing his 200th round of golf as president.

Any American who isn’t blind can see something is very wrong. It’s time for patriots and political and military leaders to speak up. Our president is clearly reckless, irresponsible, incompetent or evil. Regardless of the reason, for the sake of our families and for our physical and economic survival, it’s time to remove Obama from office.

Now… before it’s too late. Before he gets us all killed.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Note from the Editor: Round two of the financial meltdown is predicted to reach global proportions, already adversely affecting Greece, Spain and most of Europe. It appears less severe in the states because our banks are printing useless fiat currency. I’ve arranged for readers to get two free books—Surviving a Global Financial Crisis and Currency Collapse, plus How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization—to help you prepare for the worst. Click here for your free copies.

Latest jobs report is pure fraud and fantasy

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Here we go again. The latest jobs report came out last week, and it’s pure fraud and fantasy — lies and propaganda passed off as “good news.” The reality is this new jobs report is a disaster for America and our middle class.

The “facts” released by our “honest and transparent government” report 248,000 new jobs created, beating expectations by a mile. The “facts” report unemployment dropping to 5.9 percent, the lowest rate since 2008.

It’s as if President Obama is saying, “If you like your job, you can keep it.”

But you can’t. It’s no more truthful or realistic than “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” Same fraud. Same lies. Same propaganda. Same banana republic mainstream media reporting lies, fantasy and propaganda as truth.

Here are the real facts about the latest jobs report.

First, the reason unemployment dropped to the fantasy level of 5.9 percent is that 315,000 more Americans dropped out of the labor force last month.

Where did they go? Most of them dropped off unemployment to get on welfare, food stamps or disability. Job categories used to be listed as policeman, fireman, scientist, butcher and baker. Now we should add “government dole.” Millions of people get up late, watch Judge Judy and Dr. Phil and get off the couch for the first time all day to open the mail to find their government check. This is the Obama economy. Obama uses the fact that millions of Americans are not working as a reason to lower the unemployment rate.

Where will America get the money to pay for all these welfare, food stamp, disability and Social Security checks for citizens who will never work again? We’re already broke. This just adds to the crushing unsustainable $18 trillion debt.

This isn’t good news. It’s a disaster.

Adding to the misery, the labor force participation rate just dropped to the lowest in 36 years. There are now 92.6 million working-age Americans not working.

This isn’t good news. It’s a disaster.

Like those late night infomercials say: “But wait. There’s more!”

How can 248,000 new jobs be a good thing if average hourly wages are stagnant or dropping? Because they are. That fact was buried in the latest jobs report.

Even the Americans lucky enough to have a job are drowning in quicksand. As Democrat Bill Clinton just admitted, “The average family is making less, adjusted for inflation, than they were the day I left office.”

The middle class isn’t getting richer, it’s getting poorer. Even Clinton understands that under Obama the middle class is struggling to survive and struggling to pay bills — that’s if they still have a job.

This isn’t good news. It’s a disaster.

The bad news is coming in waves. The media forgot to tell you that inside last week’s jobs report was this nugget of reality: The only people being hired are your grandparents; 230,000 of the new jobs went to those in the 55- to 69-year-old age group. In the prime working-age group of 24 to 54 years old, 10,000 jobs were lost.

Holy freaking Batman! What is happening? It means grandma and grandpa are desperate and willing to take grandson’s low-wage job to survive until Social Security kicks in. Or perhaps they need to work until the day they die to supplement Social Security. But that’s very bad news. The U.S. workforce is now the oldest in history. If grandpa or grandma has to work (out of desperation) until the day he or she dies, there will never be any decent jobs for the grandkids.

This isn’t good news. It’s a disaster.

But I’ve saved the two worst bits of news for last. What good is the news of 248,000 new jobs, if they are all part-time or low-wage jobs? Four of the 5 new jobs were in the lowest-quality categories.

Obama is creating a nation of desperate, government-dependent minimum wage workers. If you lose your $100,000 job, get ready to clean toilets, flip burgers, mow lawns or work at The Gap — because that’s all that’s available among the new jobs.

That’s if there are any jobs at all. I believe the numbers of new jobs are pure fraud, made up out of thin air. Want proof? The government’s own JOLT report came out on Tuesday. It says that monthly hiring has plummeted, dropped off a cliff.

It was down 294,000 positions last month. That’s the worst drop since 2010 — and the third worst number since the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.

So now I ask you: How could there be good news about jobs created at the same time the government’s own report shows a severe halt to hiring? Somebody’s cooking the books, folks.

And how come the mainstream media only reports on the fraudulent report showing jobs created but never mentions the other report showing plummeting hiring? Good question. The media is obviously in on the fix. The media has a conflict of interest. The media is big business. The media is owned by billion-dollar companies. Their advertisers are billion-dollar companies. Their own media companies are publicly traded on Wall Street. They are in on the fix. They desperately want you to believe all is well, so their advertisers keep spending and so their stock prices don’t plummet. They need to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Can you spell “banana republic?”

Welcome to Obama’s America: where up is down, where bad news is reported as good news, where old is the new young (because only old people work anymore), where minimum wage is this president’s obsession because minimum wage jobs are the only jobs in the Obama economy, where it’s good news that people stop working and join the welfare rolls because they are now more likely to vote Democrat and where, as Nancy Pelosi claims, “Food stamps, unemployment and welfare are the best ways to grow the economy.”

Oh, my God! This, folks, is an unmitigated disaster. This, folks, is the murder of the middle class.

And this latest jobs report is pure fraud and fantasy.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week for another dose of raw truth. God bless America.

Obama is no Derek Jeter

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Derek Jeter (aka “The Captain” of the New York Yankees) played his last game on Sunday. Amazingly, he ended his career with an RBI single in Boston, after ending his career at home in Yankee stadium with a game-winning, walk-off, RBI single. Jeter defines a leader. He has the sixth highest hit total in the history of baseball. He was the captain of five World Championship teams. But his qualities go so much deeper.

Jeter never bragged. He never used words like “I.” He gave credit to others for his achievements. He never demeaned or denigrated others. He always made the people around him feel better. He always played like a gentleman, never cheating or trying to gain unfair advantage (which is why Jeter is beloved by even his opponents). He refused to accept defeat. He, therefore, made the people around him better.

The result? In 20 years as a Yankee, more than 2,700 games played and more than 11,000 at bats, he played in exactly four games in which his team was not in playoff contention — four games in 20 years, four games out of almost 3,000 games played. Basically, in every single game he ever played in over 20 years, his team was in the hunt for a championship. For virtually every single game he played in during a 20-year career, he was a winner. For virtually every single game in 20 years, Jeter’s team had a chance to be the world champion. Amazing.

Oh, and once he got there to the postseason, he rose to the occasion. His 200 postseason hits happen to be the most in baseball history. When it counted, when all the chips were on the line, Jeter played at his best. That’s the definition of leadership.

Now let’s compare Jeter’s attributes to President Obama’s leadership skills and attributes. Obama brags incessantly. He uses the “I” word dozens of times in every speech. He denigrates and demonizes his opposition every chance he gets: “You didn’t build that.” He plays dirty. He uses the IRS and other government agencies to intimidate and destroy the lives of his critics and scare the biggest donors of his opposition. He divides people into class, race, gender, religion, political affiliation. He lies: “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” He encourages hatred, jealousy, bitterness and strife. Obama’s rhetoric has led to more racial strife and division than any modern president.

The American people have noticed. In polls Obama is rated the worst president since World War II, lower than Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush and lower even than Richard Nixon, the disgraced ex-president.

Now let’s compare the actual record of Jeter versus Obama: Jeter’s five world championships, 200 record-setting postseason hits and the streak of 20 straight years of being a winner in virtually every game he played in versus Obama.

What are we No. 1 in under Obama? Working-age Americans no longer working. Food stamp creation. Asset destruction for the average American. Salary reduction for the average American. Small-business failures. Middle-class angst and hopelessness. Those are the achievements of the past six years.

But name something positive that we are No. 1 in.

Has our economy been a winner in any category for six straight years?

Have we been a leader in middle-class job creation in any day in six straight years (as opposed to the few crappy low-wage, part-time jobs created)?

Has there been a day when middle-class Americans were better under Obama than before?

Has the U.S. been a world leader on any day in past 6 years: respected, feared, considered a role model or moral beacon?

Do we feel like world champions? Does Obama make us feel as if anything is possible?

Name the category. I dare my liberal friends. I double dare you.

Of course, all Kool Aid-drinking Democrats will immediately recite one answer: the stock market.

That’s it. That’s all Obama’s got. In six long years, the stock market is the only thing Obama can claim as a winner.

Except it’s not true. It took almost $8 trillion in new debt to make the stock market go up. That’s the most debt in world history. That’s just about double the debt added by George W. Bush. That’s more debt by the time he leaves office than all previous presidents combined.

All that fake money printing has to be paid back — by our children and grandchildren. The rising stock market was all a mirage. All achieved by cooking the books. Take away almost $8 trillion in debt and trillions of dollars printed by the Fed and sprinkled over Wall Street, and the stock market would never have gone up. We’d have been in an Obama Great Depression. Instead, it was all covered up by fake money printing and deficit spending with money we didn’t have.

Now we are left with $8 trillion in new debt to pay back. It was like using a credit card to buy $100,000 in toys. But now you’re broke, jobless and owe back $100,000 at 18 percent interest rates. It was all short-term, instant gratification. Everything you bought will be confiscated by your creditors. The party is over.

Obama created Ronald Reagan’s “peace dividend” in reverse. Reagan spent billions of dollars on national defense and military buildup to bankrupt the evil Soviet Empire and end the threat of Cold War. As a result, we enjoyed 20 consecutive years of his “peace dividend,” thereby allowing Bill Clinton to reduce military spending and take credit for success and prosperity. Reagan set the stage for years of success. That’s leadership.

Obama has done the reverse. He has spent trillions of dollars to make himself look good, while the next guy holds the bag. He turned the stock market into a rigged craps game, thereby enriching his biggest donors (billionaires and unions) and pension funds, who, in turn, dipped into this piggy bank to fund Obama’s re-election. Obama took credit, but the middle class is stuck with the bill. That’s quite a Ponzi scheme.

Obama’s actions will destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s quality of living. His debt will destroy the American dream. This is the murder of the middle class. Obama’s legacy is the opposite of Jeter’s (or Reagan’s). Obama has left destruction, debt, failure and misery in his wake.

Jeter defines a leader, winner, champion and role model. There isn’t an owner in all of sports, anywhere in the world, who wouldn’t build a team around Jeter. He is everyone’s first pick.

Would any owner build a team around Obama? Make him “The Captain?” Keep him as manager after six straight losing seasons?

Obama was my college classmate (Columbia University Class of ’83). One thing I can tell you: Barack Obama is no Derek Jeter.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The immigration message that leads to a GOP landslide

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The GOP has a golden opportunity for a historic landslide in November, taking control of the Senate and expanding control of the House. But they must stay on message. There is no bigger winning issue than illegal immigration and our unsecured border.

America’s Southern border is being invaded — but not just by poor, desperate, government-dependent illegal aliens who will bankrupt America’s middle class with their need for welfare, food stamps, housing, education, prison costs and free healthcare. The border issue has escalated far beyond that! It’s now a life-and-death issue.

Let’s call it BET (bankruptcy, Ebola and terrorism). These three disasters, pouring across our Southern border, are the three biggest threats to America’s future. They all intersect at the border. Our children’s future is on the line. BET is the winning message the GOP must ensure America’s voters hear.

An unsecured border is open to invasion by ISIS and al-Qaida terror cells. With our economy in such a weak state, any terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be catastrophic to the economy. The economy would plunge into depression.

The same holds true for an Ebola pandemic. If illegal immigrants cross the border with Ebola, it will quickly spread and cause a pandemic. That would shut down commerce from coast to coast, as consumers stay home from shopping malls, theaters and restaurants. Economic collapse would ensue.

The GOP message should be: “BET (bankruptcy, Ebola and terrorism). Obama is gambling with your children’s life by leaving the border wide open. That’s a bet the GOP is not willing to take — for you, for your children or for our nation.”

That’s a winning message — if it’s backed up by a detailed plan. Blame alone is not enough. The GOP must provide solutions. Here is a short, simple, three-step plan to deal with illegal immigration. If only the GOP had the brains and courage to present this plan.

Step 1: Demand we secure the border before anything else gets done. There is no negotiation. Period. Barack Obama has lost the immigration issue. While they won’t admit it, Obama and his socialist cabal want millions of additional illegal immigrants to keep crossing the border simply because they see them as millions of poor, dependent, future Democrat voters. Of course, they can’t admit that, so they distract voters by claiming a border wall is too expensive and can’t work.

This is 2014. We don’t need to build a real wall. We can build a virtual wall with high-tech surveillance: drones and cameras. No one can cross a border protected by thousands of drones with border patrol or National Guard positioned to swoop in the moment anyone reaches the border.

Obama has already created a Soviet-style surveillance state that snoops on its own law-abiding citizens. He directs the NSA to listen to all our communications without a warrant and tells the IRS to intimidate his political opponents. He wants our skies filled with drones. But when it comes to protecting our border, he conveniently forgets how to use the same high-tech tools. Drones and cameras can create an impenetrable virtual wall, quickly, and at a reasonable cost.

Step 2: After the border with Mexico is secured by a virtual wall, and only after, let’s give illegal immigrants who are already here a path to become permanent legal residents (over a long period of time, meeting certain strict conditions), but never citizens.

They’ve broken the law. They’ve given up the right to become citizens (and, therefore, the right to vote). Millions apply to become legal citizens. Most wait a lifetime and never get in. So the compromise is that those immigrants already here get to stay. They never have to fear that knock on the door in the middle of the night ever again. They are free to work. They are not threatened with jail or deportation. They can sleep soundly at night.

What a gift. But they can never be citizens and they can never vote. Period. They gave up that privilege when they broke the law. But in return, the border is sealed forever. No other illegal immigrants will ever get in.

Step 3: The GOP is sadly disconnected from its own voters. Conservatives welcome immigrants who want to work and contribute (like the rest of us) to America. Unfortunately, immigration reform never differentiates between those who come here to work and those who don’t. That must change.

No entitlements, no welfare, no food stamps, no free healthcare, must be a key requirement. Ever. That’s the agreement. You can become a legal resident, but only if you came here to work, not to collect handouts. That’s the key question we should be asking before we let anyone into America.

America is generous. But it’s time to stop being stupid. We’ll let you in, but only if you’re here to work. We won’t let you in, if you’re here to mooch off us.

You can bet 90 percent of illegals would love this opportunity. This is the gift of a lifetime to work and create a better life for themselves and their children, while sleeping soundly without fear of deportation. Of course, 99 percent of Democratic politicians will oppose it because they don’t really care about helping immigrants; they only care about more Democratic voters.

“BET (bankruptcy, Ebola and terrorism)” and the gamble Obama is taking with your children’s life by leaving our southern border wide open — should be the GOP immigration message to ensure a landslide victory in November. But the question remains: Does the GOP have the brains, courage or cajones to take this winning BET?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

How To Save America And Create 20 Million Jobs Instantly

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. And do I have a plan for the Republican Party — if the Republicans want to win elections by a landslide, if they want to save the economy and if they want to create 20 million middle-class jobs almost overnight.

Back in 1994, a Contract with America won Republicans control of Congress. In my latest book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” I lay out the Middle-Class Contract with America that will help do it again in 2014 and 2016. If only the GOP would listen, we could turn around this terrible economy, save the middle class and return America to greatness.

Republicans need to do more than be against Barack Obama. They need to present their vision and a detailed plan for how to reinvigorate the economy and create millions of high-paying, middle-class jobs. Here is the 10-point plan that can stop this long-term decline and dysfunction and once again make America’s middle class the greatest in the world. A Middle-Class Contract with America created by a small-business owner (that’s me) can do it again.

This is a common-sense contract to protect, save and serve America’s middle class. This “contract” has only three goals: Support, stimulate and reward middle-class job creation.

Start with a national income tax vacation. Ronald Reagan already proved a radical plan that gives power (and money) back to the people will turn even the worst recession since the Great Depression into the biggest economic expansion in world history. Reagan saved America from economic ruin by cutting taxes from 70 percent to 28 percent. This idea is Reagan on steroids! Obama wasted more than $2 trillion dollars (the updated cost) on a “stimulus to nowhere.” He gambled on big government and lost. Six years later, there is still no recovery for small business or middle-class jobs.

Like Reagan, I’m betting on the private sector. Government cannot save us from this Obama Great Depression. Only the taxpayers, investors and small business owners can save us. So my version of “stimulus” goes to the group of citizens that pay the taxes and create the jobs.

My national income tax vacation lets taxpayers take a vacation from income taxes and keep 100 percent of their income for one year. Sit back and watch the greatest economic explosion in world history. What will they do with their windfall? Start businesses, build businesses, expand businesses. Buy stocks, homes, autos. And go on a consumer-spending binge. And, of course, an orgy of spending by the citizens creates real jobs (as opposed to spending by government).

This plan puts the money in the hands of the financial first responders, not government. The people who pay taxes and create jobs by starting businesses will save America — just as they did under Reagan. Millions of jobs will be created (and they won’t be part-time, low-wage jobs flipping burgers). Obama’s belief in government has failed the middle class. This plan puts the power in the hands of entrepreneurs and taxpayers.

Critics will ask, “How do we pay for it?” The total cost of my income tax vacation is $1.2 trillion (that’s all the personal income taxes in America for one year). That’s less than Obama’s 2009 stimulus. How come no one asked where Obama would find the money for his stimulus?

This economy is even worse than Jimmy Carter’s economy. So we need a radical game changer. We need Reagan squared. This is how you save America: by inspiring and rewarding all the people who actually pay taxes, instead of punishing them and stealing their money to reward the freeloaders with their hands out. Obama proved that idea is a disaster.

Next step: Return from the one-year national income tax vacation to the 0-15-0 tax plan. The country needs a game changer. My 0-15-0 tax plan is exactly that. It is modeled after Hong Kong, the greatest booming economy in the world (with 3.5 percent unemployment). We return from the one-year personal income tax vacation (the “0” in the 0-15-0) with a 15 percent flat tax.

It’s important to note that Hong Kong allows deductions for mortgage and charitable deductions. It works. Copy it. You hear me, GOP? Stop trying to eliminate mortgage and charitable deductions with a flat tax. That’s just plain stupid. The economy depends on real estate and home ownership. Churches and charities depend on deductibility of donations. Hong Kong’s booming economy proves a flat tax works with both of those deductions included.

Secondly, Hong Kong also has a zero capital gains tax. So does our No. 1 competitor in the world: China. We must match China or lose market share. A zero capital gains tax will motivate an explosion in investments and start-ups. That’s how you jump-start a middle-class jobs explosion.

The third plank of my plan: Jump-start job creation with an Angel Investors Tax Deduction. Two of every three new jobs are created by small business. A majority of these new jobs are created during the first three years of a new business start-up. We need to encourage more start-ups. I propose offering an Angel Investors Tax Deduction. Under my plan, investors receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to 50 percent of their income tax bill (up to $25,000) for investments in new business start-ups. This isn’t for millionaires. It’s tailor-made just for middle-class investors. Over a decade, any middle-class American can invest $25,000 per year; and after 10 years, they save $250,000 from the clutches of the IRS. If any of those businesses succeed, middle-class taxpayers can build a million-dollar nest egg for retirement. More importantly, millions of jobs will be created with all this money flowing into business start-ups. What do all new businesses need? Employees.

Plank No. 4: Create a reverse inversion. Inversion is when U.S. companies run away from America because we have the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world. I want to cut the corporate tax rate to a flat 15 percent, so companies across the globe will want to practice reverse inversion by coming to America — not running away.

Secondly, encourage U.S. companies to bring all their offshore money back into the United States. Financial experts estimate American corporations have more than $2 trillion parked offshore because of high U.S. corporate tax rates. My plan allows companies to bring their foreign earnings back to America with only a small 10 percent tax/penalty. Companies will rush to take advantage, thereby instantly producing about $200 billion in new tax revenues to be applied to debt reduction. Better yet, the remaining $1.8 trillion dollars will be pumped into the U.S. economy.

Third, model the great (and booming) state of Texas and pass a national Loser Pays Law. You want corporations to bring back jobs from overseas? Reduce frivolous lawsuits and watch what happens. Anyone want to bet? Do these three things and every company in the world will want to move to America. Watch millions of jobs be on-shored, instead of offshored.

Plank No. 5: We need an Endangered Humans Protection Act. The average energy job in Texas pays about $150,000 per year. These are the kind of jobs that can save the American middle class. Because of technological advances, America is in the middle of an energy revolution. If only the Obama administration would take the shackles off, America could become the energy capital of the world.

How do we create millions of great jobs? Approve Keystone XL, increase energy production, encourage more fracking and clean coal, and ease regulations so we can export more of America’s No. 1 product to our allies in Europe. That’s how we defeat Russia, too. We become the energy supplier to the world.

Oh, and kill the EPA. Today. As in, this minute.

The energy industry has more of a direct impact on middle class Americans than any other issue. Creating high-paying energy jobs would lower unemployment, boost the tax base, lower the debt and dramatically lower everyone’s energy bills, leading to increased consumer spending. The middle class is saved by $150,000 energy jobs. It’s destroyed by job-killing green energy. The party that offers that vision sweeps to landslide victory.

Plank No. 6: Legalize, regulate and tax “sins” like marijuana and online gambling. This is what we do in Nevada, and the result is we are able to afford zero state income tax and zero business income tax. We should be replicating this model through the United States because it works. Are you listening, GOP? Get out of our bedrooms, as well as our boardrooms. Let people do what they want. Stop sticking your head in the sand, tax it and reap the benefits. By the way, this is how you create even more jobs.

Plank No. 7: America desperately needs a gold standard. The dollar has lost in the neighborhood of 98 percent of its buying power since 1913 (since the Fed was founded). We need a gold standard to back the dollar with something real and tangible. This prevents politicians from spending us into bankruptcy by making spending promises with money we don’t have. It also reduces the likelihood of a debt crisis, dollar collapse or the loss of world reserve currency status.

Plank No. 8: Repeal and replace Obamacare with a health freedom plan. The economy cannot improve without the repeal of Obamacare. Health insurance premiums are up more since Obamacare started than in the eight previous years combined. Heck, they are up 88 percent in liberal, Obama-loving California alone. This is bankrupting middle-class consumers and destroying our economy. Obamacare is also a middle-class, high-wage-job killer. There can be no good-paying middle-class jobs until the regulations and taxes of Obamacare are repealed. Period. Obamacare has to go or nothing else will work.

Plank No. 9: Seal the border and reform immigration policy. After the border is sealed with a virtual wall (protected by thousands of drones), create a path to permanent residency (with work permits) — but never citizenship for any illegal immigrant. They’ve lost the right to vote by breaking the law.

Our wide-open border is leading to disaster for the economy. Millions of poor, desperate immigrants arriving here to demand welfare and food stamps will bankrupt our economy and force massive tax increases. But a terrorist attack or Ebola pandemic on U.S. soil is even worse- and both can happen tomorrow because the border is wide-open. One terrorist attack and this already vulnerable economy will drop off a cliff. One Ebola pandemic and commerce will grind to a halt. People won’t leave their homes out of fear. The border is the key to all of this. Seal it to save America’s economy from destruction.

Plank No. 10: Follow the U.S. Constitution to limit the power of Congress and all branches of the federal government. This starts with term limits. I believe all politicians should be limited to two terms: one term in office and one term in prison.

That’s a brief summary of my plan to save this economy and country, direct from the pages of my book, “The Murder of The Middle Class.” We need hope, not just criticism. This plan is all about hope.

America is in decline, but it’s still savable. We can turn it around. There is still time, but the window is small. This plan will create 20 million new jobs quickly — just as Reagan’s tax cuts did in the 1980s.

It restores economic freedom. It rewards entrepreneurship. It stimulates small-business job creation. It limits the power of government — just as the Constitution demands. It puts the power back in the hands of the people. Most importantly, it will restore the American dream for middle-class Americans.

This answers all the liberal critics who claim all conservatives or libertarians do is complain and criticize. They ask: “What’s your plan?” Well, here it is. Now, shut up and get out of the way. You’ve done enough damage. You caused enough chaos, crisis and pain. It’s time to let the responsible adults take over.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

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Could We Have Beaten The Nazis With Obama As President?


Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

What if Barack Obama had been president during World War II? Could we have beaten Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? I think it’s clear we would all be speaking German right about now.

There is no way anyone can make the case that Obama would have gone after both Germany and Japan with the tenacity of a Franklin D. Roosevelt. I may not have agreed with FDR’s economic policies; but when it came to war, the man in the wheelchair was a lion, not a shrinking violet or peacenik. He understood how to win a war; there were no rules for FDR (or for Harry Truman).

We killed who had to be killed. We firebombed. We used flamethrowers to kill Japanese suicide bombers hiding in caves on Okinawa. We didn’t cry or suffer nervous breakdowns over unintended civilian deaths, i.e., collateral damage. We didn’t put lawyers in charge of military decisions. And in the end, to protect American lives, we even dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese.

The only goal of Presidents in those days: to protect American lives. We dropped atomic bombs — a horrific decision — to save American men from having to die in an invasion of Japan. Americans cheered that decision in those days. That decision might have saved my father’s life. (He was stationed in the Pacific waiting for the invasion of Japan.) But would Obama or any Democrat make that decision today? No way.

And don’t forget the leadership and teamwork involved. To win World War II, we built a coalition of like-minded allies willing to sacrifice and risk everything and to do anything to win — not a coalition of lawyers and pacifists, but a coalition willing to kill evil people. We even teamed with Josef Stalin to defeat the Nazis. It was do or die. That’s the way you fight wars.

None of that could happen today under Obama. He just doesn’t have it. Killer instinct? He can’t even take off a round of golf. Obama plays golf while ISIS kills thousands per day. He plays golf after announcing beheadings of Americans. He goes to “sleepy sleep” while our embassy in Libya is under vicious terrorist attack. He goes to fundraisers in Vegas hours after a national tragedy (our four heroes killed in Benghazi, Libya). He goes to Washington, D.C. film festivals while Russia attacks Ukraine. He goes on vacations while the world — the Middle East and Ferguson, Missouri — burns.

Our commander in chief even tries to order our great ally Israel to stand down while Hamas fires missiles at its citizens. He does nothing to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. He laughed when Mitt Romney called Russia our biggest threat and said: “The 80s are calling. They want their decade back.” Now, Russian President Vladimir Putin is laughing and mocking Obama as he restarts the Cold War and threatens to retake the entire Eastern Europe. Obama is like a fly on the tail of Russia — annoying but, in the end, meaningless. No enemy of America cares about anything Obama says. No one fears America under Obama. We’ve become neutered.

This is a combination of madness and comedy. Obama is a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Obama could never have led the allies to victory in World War II. The reason that’s important is that World War III may have already started.

How would we know? Who announces the start of a world war? History books will assign that date 20 years from now. But you don’t know it when you’re living it.

I don’t know if World War III has already started or if the events that will set it off are smoldering right now across the globe. I don’t know if World War III will be fought between America and Russia or China or Iran or ISIS — or perhaps all of them, in a final battle of good versus evil.

But I do know that our Southern border is wide open. I know thousands of illegal foreigners are coming across every week. I know our enemies are smart and ruthless. I know they know Obama has left our border wide open. I’ve warned for months that radical Muslim terrorist cells are walking unmolested into our country. And they are here to attack America. I know our president refuses to do a thing. And by any definition, that is either dereliction of duty or treason.

Any day, we could fall victim to another 9/11-style terrorist attack. And it’s clear Obama doesn’t care. He won’t even visit the border. Obama’s Democratic friends just indicted the only governor willing to send troops to the border: Texas Governor Rick Perry. Something is very wrong and very rancid in America.

It’s clear that Obama could never have beaten Hitler. And he won’t beat Putin or ISIS either. Our enemies know his, too.

Here’s what anyone who isn’t blind, deaf or dumb can see and feel in his heart and in his gut. I know Israel is in grave jeopardy with Obama in charge. I know Eastern Europe is in grave danger with Obama in charge. I know Putin is making plans to further test our will at this moment because bullies are always emboldened by weakness. They keep pushing; and if no one pushes back, they take it all. See Hitler.

I know China’s Navy is going to soon be bigger than ours, and China has plans to use it. I know our military is in disarray, depression and poor morale. I know many of our generals and the majors beneath them — our entire military leadership — have been fired by this president over politics. I know our military forces have been cut dramatically at the very moment we need them at full strength.

Worst of all, I know ISIS is here on American soil right now. Something very bad is about to happen. Anyone can see and feel that.

“Houston, we have a problem — a big problem.” His name is Obama. This isn’t some joke. This is our country, our children’s future and our lives on the line. And it’s not looking good. If I were betting in Vegas on the survival of America, I’d bet the under.

Whether what walks over our wide-open border leads to poverty and the bankruptcy of America or a devastating Ebola pandemic or a massive 9/11-like terrorist attack.

Whether World War III may have already started with Russia or ISIS or China or all of the above plotting to destroy America or whether we are days away from the terrorist attack that sets it all in motion. It doesn’t really matter. It’s clear we are headed for very bad times that will test our will, threaten our lives and leave our children’s future in doubt.

We have decisions to make if we want America to survive. We have to decide if our president is incompetent or mentally ill. Or if he’s delusional and really believes all the answers to the many crises facing America are found on a golf course, or at a Democratic fundraiser. Or whether this is treason.

Republican leaders are going to have to do more than talk or whisper in the halls of Congress. Someone is going to have to take action to remove our president of his command because I know we aren’t going to make it with Obama in charge for two more years.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Is A Devastating Stock Market Crash On The Way?

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Is everyone asleep at switch? Stuck in La La Land? Delusional and detached just like our president? Whistling past the graveyard? Because a combination of my crystal ball and just a little common sense says a major stock market correction is in our future.

Does anyone on Wall Street read the news?

Security experts warn a terrorist attack on America soil appears imminent. Only days ago, the federal government agreed.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

Where would the terrorists come from? Our Southern border with Mexico is wide open for anyone to walk across. Our border is under siege. Barack Obama has no strategy to stop or even slow the invasion of America by desperate, poor masses expecting billions of dollars in welfare from cradle to grave. Just the cost of educating the new illegal children in this school year is more than $700 million.

America is already bankrupt and almost $18 trillion in debt. Where will the money come from?

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

But our unsecured Southern border with Mexico could bring more than terrorism. Ebola is spiraling out of control.

World health experts are quietly preparing for an Ebola pandemic infecting as many as 100,000. If it reaches America’s shores, the resulting panic could overwhelm the healthcare system, shut down commerce, close schools and result in transportation and supply interruptions. All it takes is one infected illegal immigrant crossing into America, after exposing hundreds of others in cramped unsanitary conditions during the border crossing.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

The situation in Ukraine just got much worse. There are over 20,000 Russian troops at the border. NATO just proved with satellite imagery that Russia has physically entered Ukraine. The invasion has begun: a worst-case scenario.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

EU leaders and military experts are publicly warning this could be headed for World War III.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza may have been just a precursor of things to come. It, too, could lead to World War III.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

Yet all of these threats pale compared to ISIS. ISIS is the game-changer. ISIS is perhaps the biggest threat America has faced since Nazi Germany. And our president admits he has no strategy to combat this threat to our very existence.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

Then there’s the economy. Taxes are so high that companies are running away from America. Take just the latest example, Burger King.

My CEO friends tell me virtually every billion-dollar company in America is plotting and planning the same escape. It’s a “jailbreak.” Everyone in corporate America wants out of Obama’s America.

So do thousands, or perhaps soon tens of thousands, of high-income individuals. Last year, an all-time record 3,000 Americans renounced their citizenship. As more corporations and wealthy citizens run for the door, who will be left to pay America’s taxes?

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

Who will be left to pay our enormous world-record setting debt? The federal debt is up an unimaginable $7 trillion since Obama took office.

A staggering one-third of America is now on welfare.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

Where will anyone on welfare find work? Ninety-two million working-age Americans are not in the workforce.

Since Obama became president, more than 11 million working-age Americans have left the workforce.

Twenty percent of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

And the citizens who actually still have a job, i.e., the consumers who buy the products sold by publicly traded companies on Wall Street, aren’t faring too well either.

U.S. jobs pay 23 percent less than in 2008. That’s an average of $47,000 versus $61,000. That’s $93 billion in lost wages.

The net assets of the average American household are down by one-third since 2003 — and almost half since 2007.

Small business is in crisis. For the first time in America’s history, more businesses fail each day than start up.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

There is no recovery. That’s just government propaganda. Home sales just plunged for the 10th month in a row.

Retail sales are stuck in quicksand.

Obamacare has caused health insurance premiums to rise more since it started than in the eight previous years combined.

As a result of all this terrible news, should it come as a surprise that consumers are in a foul mood? The latest polls show that Americans are “unhappy, worried and pessimistic.” That’s a bad combination.

Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.

In the face of all of this, stock prices continue to rise to all-time heights, all based on one thing: the Fed being forced to keep printing fake money so Wall Street and stock investors can get rich on the misery of the rest of us.

Trusted economic guru Robert Schiller’s consumer price-earnings ratio (CAPE) is now at 26.5. That’s the fourth-highest ratio since 1881. Throughout history when stocks hit a ratio this high, the result is a 30 percent (or higher) drop.

Add it up. Delusion abounds. Investors are ignoring history. Danger signals are flashing like never before. America is in severe trouble. The middle class, i.e., consumers, is in shambles. But the stock market keeps just keeps rising to the heavens.

We’ve all seen this story before. It never ends well. The stock market crash of 1929. The Great Depression. The Great Tulip Bubble. Common sense tells me that this time isn’t different.

My gut instincts are at “DEFCON Level.” I suspect we are one black swan event away from either a devastating stock market crash, or a long-term deep decline. I don’t know when it will come. No one can predict that.

But history says prepare. Because it’s coming.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

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I Stand With Police Officer Wilson

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. As one of America’s most high-profile Libertarians and an outspoken defender of civil liberties, I am not always a fan of the police. I’ve written before about the frightening implications of the militarization of America’s police. I’ve written before about police use of excessive force. So I don’t take police shootings lightly — or police occupation of an American city.

That’s precisely why my opinion should carry weight here. Because in this case, I stand strongly behind police officer Darren Wilson. We are witnessing a modern-day, high-tech political and media lynching of an innocent police officer who clearly acted in self-defense — if anyone is actually willing to look honestly and fairly at facts. That’s something that President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and various rabble-rousing, race-baiting black leaders appear incapable of doing.

Damn the facts. Obama and Holder are railroading an innocent man to fit their narrative of racism in America. The president needs an indictment and conviction to please his last remaining group of supporters: black Americans. Remember polls show that Obama is now considered the worst president since World War II — lower-rated than even Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter. Yet in the last election Obama received 93 percent of black votes. This is called sacrificing one police officer’s life to placate your last remaining loyal supporters.

If by chance Obama and Holder can’t get an indictment (and my bet is they won’t), it’s a sure thing they’ll charge an innocent man with trumped-up civil rights violations.

I ask my fellow Americans to do something Obama, Holder, the media and those crowds in Ferguson, Missouri, don’t want to do: examine the facts as we now know them.

Fact: The “victim” Michael Brown allegedly had just robbed a store. Not just any robbery. This was a “strong arm” robbery, involving thug-like behavior — all caught on video.

Fact: Blood tests confirm he had drugs in his system.

Fact: The use of force is justified if you believe your life is in danger or you are facing a person intent on doing you bodily harm.

Brown was a monster of a man: 6 feet 4 inches, 290 pounds. What would you do if a giant thug came charging at you in an attempt to run you over, knock you down and take your gun? Wouldn’t you believe your life was in danger if the man charging you had already punched you in the face and, as a source claims X-rays now prove, broken your eye socket?

Fact: There are now a dozen witnesses who corroborate Wilson’s account of the story.

Fact: Wilson struggled with Brown. Reportedly, Brown “severely” beat the officer before running away.

Wilson followed and ordered him to stop. Brown turned and charged at Wilson. The only witness claiming that Brown was shot in cold blood, with his hands up, was his cohort Dorian Johnson — who has an outstanding warrant for theft and was arrested in the past for lying to police. You mean rioting, burning, looting and national outrage and condemnation were all based on a lying suspected criminal?

To make matters worse, St. Louis media are now reporting that Johnson has recanted his story.

Was this Brown’s first run-in with the law? I think knowing that is very integral to this case. Brown’s supporter’s claim he had no “adult criminal record.” Interesting wording. Well, he just turned 18 only months ago. But did he have a criminal record as a minor? Investigative reporter Charles Johnson has filed a lawsuit to force Missouri to open Brown’s juvenile records. Johnson has been told by police that Brown had a juvenile criminal record, but it’s been kept from the public. Why? Does it ruin Obama and Holder’s narrative?

The narrative that Wilson did not know Brown allegedly had just robbed the store is unimportant. What is important is that if indeed Brown did it, he knew. Why? Because the criminal fears being caught. He assumes the cop is pulling him over because he knows. The criminal is then emboldened to take action to escape the police officer.

As the facts show, once again this is an overzealous reaction to a police shooting that was never based on racism. A police officer was defending his life from a hulking, giant thug who had already punched him, possibly broken his eye socket and tried to take his gun away.

What would you have done? Let a 290-pound thug knock you down, wrestle away your gun and kill you? This police officer was just doing his job. All he wanted was to go home safely.

There is no end to the hypocrisy of liberals and civil libertarians up in arms about the militarization of police called in to defend taxpayers and small-business and property owners from criminals, many of whom are carrying guns and other weapons. Yet those same liberals and civil libertarians said nothing when armed-to-the-teeth, militarized Bureau of Land Management agents showed up at the Bundy ranch for a civil matter.

Why is militarization versus violent criminals with weapons and Molotov cocktails bad, but militarization against salt-of-the-earth ranchers and taxpayers who have not committed a violent crime acceptable? Where were these outraged hypocrites when the Bundy ranch was under siege by jackbooted, heavily armed government paramilitary agents?

Black-on-black violence is an epidemic in America. In any given week there are 25 dead black Americans lying on the streets of one city: Chicago. As Fox News’ Juan Williams pointed out in a recent commentary, more than 90 percent of young black men are killed not by police or white people, but by other black men.

Murder is the No. 1 cause of death for black males between the ages of 15 and 34. Why does the black community not take action to stop this tragedy? Where is the outrage? Where are the protests?

Isn’t it absurd that one black man (who just committed a robbery) being shot by a white police officer causes a nationwide uproar, while thousands of black males being murdered by other blacks receives a yawn? Where are the black leaders? Where is our black president?

Just last week, a young male was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City.

The police officer was black. The unarmed victim was described as “white-hispanic.” But there was no national outrage. There was no violence, looting or burning. Why is it racism if a white officer shoots a suspect of color, but just fine if a black officer does? Is it possible both officers were defending their lives?

Would there be protests if a black officer had shot Brown? Would there be national outrage if a black officer shot a white suspect who was charging at him, after already possibly breaking his eye socket? Would there be rioting in the streets of Ferguson if a black male murdered another young black male? Of course not.

And where is the outrage over black-on-white crime? Race-based hate crime surged in Washington, D.C., last year. Almost all of this increase involved black criminals and white victims. Where was the national outrage? Where are the protests? Where is Obama?

And if white police shooting blacks is a national issue, why isn’t black criminals’ gunning down of police a national issue? In just the past 60, days five white police officers were murdered by black criminals. Why hasn’t this sparked national outrage? Here are the names of the dead policemen: Detective Melvin Santiago, Officer Jeffrey Westerfield, Officer Perry Renn, Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares, Detective Charles Dinwiddie. I feel for their families.

I have a few questions for our president. Why has President Obama never said a word about out-of-control black violent crime in America? Why has he never said a word about police officers gunned down? Why were there more U.S. government dignitaries at Brown’s funeral than at Margaret Thatcher’s? Why has Obama made the Michael Brown incident into a national outrage, but he says and does nothing about a hero Marine being held for months in a Mexican prison on trumped-up charges? Strange priorities.

I, for one, stand with Officer Wilson. I will raise money for his defense if needed. I will organize protests against any attempt to prosecute this police officer, either for murder or on trumped-up, politicized civil rights charges.

Have no doubt; Wilson’s life and freedom are in danger. It will take the silent majority of taxpaying, law-abiding American citizens to stand together to stop an innocent hero police officer from being railroaded to satisfy political correctness and the racist agenda of an unpopular, embittered president.

The real irony is that Holder seems intent on appointing a special prosecutor to railroad Wilson, when the special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the serious crimes of Obama and Holder.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Do We Have A Sociopath In The White House?

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Things aren’t going so well for America. There was major rioting all week in Ferguson, Missouri. There are still no jobs for middle-class Americans. Our southern border is still under siege. Obamacare is a disaster. Our veterans are dying at the hands of the incompetent VA. ISIS threatens to create a radical Muslim empire in the Middle East. And the world (from Israel to Ukraine to Syria to Iraq) is literally on fire.

Where is our President? On vacation… again. 

This time, even the media are whispering. “Where is Obama? Isn’t his indifference to the problems of America and disconnect from reality, strange?” The simple answer is, “No.” This is how he’s been his entire adult life. It all started at Columbia University.

I believe we have a president who is an arrogant, egomaniacal sociopath.

Here is the definition of a “sociopath” from the Urban Dictionary online:

A person with antisocial personality disorder. Probably the most widely recognized personality disorder. A sociopath is often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.

My new book “The Murder of the Middle Class” presents the story in vivid detail. I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983. I’ve been trying to tell America about Obama’s “problem” for seven long years now.

By college, a person’s personality, attitude and behavior are fairly well set. That’s why Obama’s Columbia days tell us so much about his behavior as president today. Where was he? Why does virtually no one from Columbia remember the future president of the United States? Why did the future president make an impression on none of his classmates?

Things rarely change. Thirty years ago, my classmate was rarely seen. Thirty years later, he rarely is seen conducting the business of the presidency. No one should be surprised.

What do I know about Obama at Columbia? Nothing. I never met him. As I’ve reported countless times to the media, Obama and I shared the same major: political science. We were both pre-law. It was a small class (about 700 students). The political science department was even smaller (maybe 150 students) and was a close-knit group. I thought I knew or had at least met everyone in this department.

But I never met Obama. Never even heard of him. Worse, neither did anyone I knew at Columbia. Think about that. Our classmate is president of the United States. Yet he didn’t leave a footprint.

In all my years of publicly questioning Obama’s absence at Columbia, I know of only two possible sightings. Two people called me claiming to be classmates. One caller claimed that he thinks he saw Obama once in a bar across from Columbia blowing smoke rings. Another called to say he thinks he saw Obama in the cafeteria at Barnard (our sister school for women only).

Two possible Obama sightings in 30 years: one smoking in a bar, the other at a women’s cafeteria. Isn’t that the perfect guy to run your country?

Obama defenders and the media (I know; they’re the same) interpreted what I said wrongly. I never said Obama didn’t attend Columbia. I said he was never in class, perpetually absent, missing in action. Sound familiar?

Obama acts exactly the same today as president as he did as a student at Columbia. Obama has always believed that Obama is brilliant and better than the rest of us. He’s arrogant and detached. He thinks he’s too smart to have to actually do the work the rest of us do. He’s above it all. Why attend class? “What could someone as smart as me possibly learn in class?”

It’s the same story today. Obama rarely attends meetings, even with his cabinet. He’s too busy playing golf, taking vacations or attending fundraisers.

This past February, Obama skipped two national security meetings focused on Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. He was too busy to attend a meeting about a crisis that could lead to World War III.

Even if Obama wasn’t concerned about Russia invading Ukraine, certainly he finds America’s jobs crisis important, right? Wrong. Obama never bothered to convene one meeting of his own Jobs Council in a full year, even with unemployment and underemployment at crisis levels.

Even more remarkable, within two weeks of that story, Obama closed down his Jobs Council — with 12 million Americans still counted officially as unemployed.

So what is so important in Obama’s life? Golf and fundraisers., the nonpartisan fact checker, confirmed our President golfed often and attended 106 fundraisers during just a six-month period wherein he could find no time, or interest, to attend even one meeting of his own Jobs Council.

And where was Obama the night of the Benghazi attack? Both Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey testified Obama was absent that night.

Four brave Americans died while Obama was “absent.” What could be so important that Obama never checked in to ask a question or discuss a rescue attempt from 5:30 p.m. until the next morning (when everyone was dead)?

The track record is consistent. Just like his college days, Obama believes he’s too gifted to do the actual work of president. He’s just too busy to have to worry about the plight of unemployed Americans. He’s even too important to worry about young black males killing each other in Chicago, or being shot by police, or serious unrest, rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri. He’s got more important things to do than stay in touch as a U.S. embassy is under attack. Hamas is lobbing missiles into Israel. Who cares? “I’ve got a golf game in the morning.”

To be exact, Obama has played 186 rounds of golf and counting versus Bush’s 24.

Does Obama ever work? Sure. Every once in a while he throws a “Beer Summit.”

Nothing much has changed since Columbia University. Not Obama’s personality, not his attitude, not his behavior. Either Obama is detached and just couldn’t care less or he just doesn’t like America very much, so he’s purposely fiddling while Rome burns. Or like O.J. Simpson, maybe he’s searching for the answers to all of these terrible crises in the holes and sand traps of America’s greatest golf courses.

This is most certainly “The Murder of the Middle Class.” And the death of America.

I believe we have a sociopath in the White House.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The Rage And Revenge Of The Middle Class

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root of Personal Liberty. Barack Obama and the Democrats are facing a disaster at the voting booth in November. His ratings have hit all-time lows. Seventy percent of the public believes America is headed in the wrong direction.

Polls rate Obama the worst president since World War II — lower than even Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter.

And Obamacare also rates at all-time lows. Remarkably it just experienced one of the biggest month-to-month opinion drops in the history of polling.

Yet Obama and his Kool-Aid-drinking Democratic supporters are so ideological, delusional and out of touch with middle-class America, they don’t understand why this is happening.

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” is about how America and our greatest middle-class asset (the middle class) are being destroyed from within.

It is important to know this murder is not just due to misguided, inept or amateurish policies. It is a deliberate, purposeful and planned destruction. Every day, the middle class sees their jobs being destroyed and replaced by low-wage, part-time jobs and/or government checks. Every day, their bills for gasoline, electricity, groceries and health insurance go up. Every day, their job prospects, income and assets go down.

Little by little, the proud middle class is being forced to grovel for government checks or subsidies just to survive. It is not happening by accident, mistake or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan, and it is succeeding. How do I know? I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, where we studied this exact plan that he has been implementing for the past six years.

It took a while, but middle-class Americans are finally realizing that with friends like Obama, who needs enemies? They’re finally learning to watch what Obama does, not what he says. The middle class is finally understanding that when Obama says he wants to “save” the middle class, the proper reaction is to reach for our wallets.

What made the light bulb go off? What turned the middle class against Obama? In a word: Obamacare. The reason is simple. Obamacare is no longer a theory in a campaign speech. America’s middle class is now living and experiencing Obamacare.

Here’s a story that sums up what is happening in the real world — outside Washington, D.C. I landed at the airport last week and hailed a cab. With no prodding, and as cab drivers are prone to do, the taxi driver wanted to vent. About what? Obamacare. He believes Obamacare has ruined his life. His words, not mine.

This taxi driver had just heard from his insurance agent. He and his wife are in their late 40s. They just found out their premium will double starting Jan. 1. But that’s only the start of their pain. Their co-pay is tripling from $10 per doctor visit to $30. Their surgery coverage is going from 90 percent to only 80 percent. And their deductible is doubling from $500 to $1,000. Add it up and this middle-class couple faces a tripling of healthcare expenses.

The reason, of course, is because Obamacare demands this middle-aged couple pay to cover pregnancy, prenatal care, sex change surgery and abortions — none of which they’ll ever need in his remaining lifetime. And, of course, the middle class has to pay double or triple to cover the costs of 30 million poor people receiving Obamacare free.

While I don’t know if this cabbie understood the reasons why his healthcare costs were tripling, he certainly understands the effect these dramatic Obamacare cost increases will have on his middle-class lifestyle. It will destroy it.

He also clearly understands his options. He said his options are to:

  • Go without health insurance (now against the law) and pray no one in his family gets sick.
  • Or declare bankruptcy, give up his home in foreclosure, and move into a small apartment.
  • Or quit his job and live on the government dole.

These are the choices left for middle-class Americans because of Obamacare.

My personal story is similar. Before Obamacare, my family’s health insurance was $500 per month. Today, it’s $1,700 per month (but about to get much worse). Aetna just canceled my policy (effective Jan. 1). I’ve never been sick. They blamed it on the mandates and costs of Obamacare.

Will the new policy be $2,500 per month? $3,000? How high can it go? Few small-business owners can afford $30,000 or more per year for health insurance. This is a disaster. This is financial ruin. As small business owners like me close our businesses or lay off employees to pay for Obamacare, that’s the death of full-time jobs in America.

This is the murder of the middle class. This same story is playing out across America. The middle class is being financially murdered, and they know it. It’s hitting their pocketbooks hard. While many of us conservative pundits predicted it, the cat is now out of the bag. Obamacare is no longer a theory on paper or political lies at a campaign rally. Obamacare is the law. People are experiencing it, and it is destroying middle-class lives from coast to coast.

So finally, the slumbering giant has awakened. The middle class understands the truth: Obamacare isn’t helping us. Obamacare is our enemy. We now know Obama committed fraud when he said, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” We know he lied when he said our prices would go down. We know he lied when he said our quality of care would not go down. We know he lied when he said we could keep our current doctors. We know he lied when he said Obamacare would help the economy. We know he lied when he said it wouldn’t kill jobs. We now know that Obamacare is the death of our middle-class quality of life.

But that was the plan all along. It was never about improving healthcare. It was always about income redistribution to shift the cost to the middle class. It was always about making the middle class poor and dependent on government.

Yes, Obama has been successful in his purposeful plan to murder the middle class. But wait until he sees what we’re going to do to him and his Democratic allies in November. The middle class is enraged like never before. And we will have our revenge.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Legendary Business Owner Warns Of Economic Collapse

Hi! I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I just interviewed one of the most successful businessmen in America today — a small-business owner who became a business titan. He is living proof the American dream used to work. But no more. His story not only proves the American dream used to work, it also proves why it no longer works. Wait until you hear what he has to say about trying to run a business in this economy.

My new book, The Murder of the Middle Class, paints a picture of economic devastation throughout America. Because of big government overreach, onerous taxes, debt, regulations, lawsuits and increased Internal Revenue Service attacks on business, the odds of starting a new business and succeeding have been badly damaged. This is precisely why there is a severe shortage of new full-time, middle-class-wage jobs. Small business traditionally creates a majority of new jobs, yet small business is under withering attack by the Barack Obama Administration, the judicial system and our political class.

I can quote hundreds of factual statistics proving the American economy is in severe decline. Recently, we learned American household wealth has declined by more than one-third in only 10 years. Over the same time period, electricity, water, fuel, food and tax costs have soared by as much as more than 100 percent.

But why deal with sterile statistics? Let’s go right to the source. Let’s hear the reason for the decline of American business direct from a superstar businessman who has “boots on the ground.” He understands exactly what it takes to succeed… and exactly what’s wrong with today’s American economy.

Wayne Gorsek
SPECIAL/Wayne Gorsek

Wayne Gorsek is the quintessential American entrepreneur. He has lived the American dream. Raised and adopted by his grandparents (who lived in a 14-by-70 single-wide mobile home), Gorsek started a tiny vitamin company in Springfield, Ill., out of a basement in 1994. Gorsek grew his small company into the most successful online vitamin retailer in the world. His company became one of the few in history to earn “Inc. 500 Hall of Fame” status. For 15 years, Gorsek’s company grew at a remarkable 50 percent a year pace for more than 15 years. He became “America’s King of Vitamins.”

Gorsek was living the American dream. He took his company public on Nasdaq in 2009 for a $320 million valuation. Along the way, he gave well over 1,000 Americans a full-time job with good middle-class wages and benefits. Many of his employees and investors made a fortune when his company went public; the average return to investors was measured in thousands of percent. Gorsek retired at the age of 42 and bought not one, but two, new private jets and earned two single-pilot jet-type ratings. His story is a living, breathing example of how capitalism, combined with hard and smart work, can produce extreme success for everyone involved.

But today, Gorsek has a new story and a message every American needs to hear. Unfortunately, his updated story is proof positive that no recovery is coming and no middle-class jobs rebound is possible.

Here is the eye-opening Part 2 of this story. Gorsek got bored by retirement and decided to get back in the game. He took about $26 million of his own money and started two new vitamin companies called and (you’ve seen the brand at His company also manufactures Martha Stewart’s new vitamin brand, sold at Walgreens.

That’s where the story gets interesting.

Gorsek reports on how things have changed. “It doesn’t surprise me that there are 92 million working-age Americans no longer working; and, even worse, 108 million are now on one or multiple forms of welfare. It doesn’t surprise me that for the first time in history more businesses are failing each day than starting. I’ve now seen the reasons for the murder of the middle class up close and personal.”

Gorsek says things have changed dramatically since he started his first company in 1994 and not for the better. “I have found it three times more expensive and far more stressful and difficult compared to 20 years ago. The differences are stunning. I did not have to risk $26 million of my own money to build a state-of-the-art vitamin manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. I did it to create jobs; to lower vitamin prices and significantly improve the formulations with ‘Made in USA’ vitamins for consumers; and to help turn around the economy.”

Gorsek continues, “Don’t forget my timing; I made the decision to invest $26 million during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Shouldn’t entrepreneurs and financial risk-takers like me be thanked and rewarded? Instead, I feel demonized, denigrated, targeted and punished. Fear and uncertainty of the government is reason No. 1 why there are [sic] a lack of quality full-time jobs.”

But Gorsek sees many more problems. “A trillion [dollars] a year in welfare spending incentivizing people not to work has made it hard to find quality employees. Why work when you can stay home, sleep late and collect dozens of different welfare checks, free food, free cellphones, free healthcare and many other freebies from government?

“Then there are the much higher income taxes and capital gain taxes; employment taxes; hundreds of thousands of pages of onerous regulations, fees and fines; plus the lawyer and accounting costs to comply with a maze of city, county, State and Federal laws.

“Now add in Obamacare, the biggest job killer ever. Because of the massive costs of Obamacare, many employers have no choice but to lay off employees, or create only part-time, low-wage jobs. When I started my prior company in the 1990s, healthcare costs were $1 trillion per year; they are now at nearly triple that insane level to $2.8 trillion per year.

“Lastly, the ease for employees to file frivolous lawsuits is truly a disgrace. Lawyers are job killers, but guess who runs government and makes the laws? Lawyers. It just doesn’t pay to risk your money to start a business anymore when the chance of failure is now near 100 percent, and the government has monopolized the wealth and power to the Fortune 1000 companies (because they are the only ones that can afford to ‘pay to play’).”

Gorsek’s advice is simple, if only our political leaders would listen. “If Americans fail to elect politicians that will actually reduce the taxes, regulations and make it harder to file frivolous lawsuits (with loser-pay laws), as well as reduce the size and spending of government, while providing incentives for businesses creating the jobs, you will see the continued decline of the U.S. economy, the death of good jobs and the murder of the middle class. We’re staring at the end of the American dream.”

That’s priceless, common-sense advice from a proven business builder and job creator who has tried it twice and who sees the stark differences in America today. Gorsek’s conclusion is simple: Because of these changes, the second time around is much more difficult, if not impossible. At this moment in time, the American dream, small business and the middle class are being murdered.

Gorsek wanted me to end this story by reminding everyone to buy only “Made in USA” brands whenever possible to support those companies creating jobs in the United States. A man who lives his own advice, Gorsek drives a Ford pickup — not only because Fords are made in the U.S., but because Ford is the only American automaker that didn’t accept a bailout. Gorsek is an all-American hero.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you right back here next week. God bless America.

Here’s How To Impeach Obama: For Consumer Fraud

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. One-third of Americans want to impeach President Barack Obama. That’s before they even understand the charges.

Although many Republican leaders like House Speaker John Boehner think there are no grounds for impeachment or just not enough evidence to convict, the group that supports impeachment thinks there is more than enough evidence ranging from the Internal Revenue Service scandal to Benghazi to Fast and Furious to various instances of government overreach and violations of the Constitution with executive orders.

I believe they’ve all got it wrong. The perfect impeachment charge isn’t any of those. It isn’t even the soon-to-be-charge of violating the Constitution by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through executive order (rumored to be coming within 30 days).

The perfect impeachment charge is fraud.

It was a fraud when Obama knowingly lied, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” And “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” And “Your insurance premiums will not go up.” There is no question Obama knew they were lies when he said them.

And that is clearly fraud!

This crime has 300 million witnesses. This crime was recorded on television dozens of times. This crime is easy to prove. You can add in all the other scandals, frauds and lies as Articles of Impeachment 2 through 10; but Article 1 addresses the Obamacare lies.

And here’s the important part: This crime resonates with the average American. This crime hits home. It’s costing them dearly (in the pocketbook) and also some with their lives (cancer patients who have lost their insurance). Americans already talk about this crime in their living room and around the kitchen table.

This crime is simple, easy to prove and easy for the average American to understand. Obama knowingly used fraud, lies, misrepresentation and coercion (by the IRS) to induce Americans to support Obamacare, knowing that if he told the truth, they would never support it. We the citizens of America are victims of a massive criminal conspiracy. The man at the center of this world-class fraud is Obama.

If you have any doubt this was a criminal act, let’s compare the crimes committed by Obama to those of convicted TV infomercial con man Kevin Trudeau. Remember him? His 30-minute infomercials ran day and night on cable TV for the past decade. This past February, Obama’s own Administration convicted and sentenced Trudeau to 10 years in Federal prison for knowingly making untrue statements about a weight-loss book he was selling.

I don’t question whether Trudeau is a fraud. I’m sure he got what was coming to him. But Trudeau is a small-time crook compared to our President. Obama scammed millions of Americans out of their health insurance, raised prices dramatically (thereby damaging and bankrupting the middle class), killed millions of jobs (ask the Congressional Budget Office about that one) and arguably contributed to a number of deaths (with many more to come).

In my new book, The Murder of the Middle Class, I made the prediction that we’d soon hear about sick Americans who died because of Obamacare. The wait is over. Linda Rolain, a Las Vegas woman, lost her battle last month to brain cancer after a three-month delay due to the faulty design of the Nevada Obamacare exchange.

The government accused Trudeau of lying and exaggerating to sell his weight-loss book. The argument is that he called weight loss “easy” on TV; but then when you actually read the book, you found out it’s pretty hard to lose weight. The government argued that without the lies he couldn’t have sold the book, and that is fraud.

Isn’t that exactly how Obama sold Obamacare? He knowingly lied again and again. He painted a picture of 30 million new patients, but no cost increases. As a matter of fact, he claimed costs would be reduced. He relied on words like “free,” “no cost,” “prices will go down,” “the debt will go down,” “no jobs will be lost” and “Obamacare will help the economy.” All lies, and he knew it all along — pure fraud, the kind of fraud that results in long prison sentences for private sector CEOs.

The biggest whopper of all: “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” He told this lie while his own internal White House reports showed that up to 93 million Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare.

Obama told the middle class a lie to sell his product, because he knew if he told the truth, no one would buy it. How does that differ from Trudeau?

Like Trudeau, Obama could never have sold Obamacare to the American people without lying and misrepresenting. But Obama’s fraud didn’t cost us $30 each. Obama’s fraud is costing each of us thousands of dollars per year. Obama’s fraud may add up to the first-ever trillion-dollar scam. Bernie Madoff, get out of the way. Obama is arguably the biggest thief in world history.

And some of us will lose our lives because of his fraud. Ask Rolain’s family about that.

If Trudeau deserves 10 years in prison, shouldn’t Obama receive a life sentence for the fraud he’s committed?

While it is my personal belief that Obamacare was always the centerpiece of Obama’s purposeful plan to murder the middle class and kill capitalism, there is no possible doubt that legally and Constitutionally the lies told by Obama (on camera) to sell Obamacare are an impeachable offense.

P.S. Days ago, the health insurance policy for my family of six was canceled by Aetna, which blamed the cancellation on the mandates of Obamacare. Under Obama, my health insurance premium went from $500 per month to $1,700 per month. Now, it is canceled.

I can testify as to the fraud committed. I am a witness to the murder of the middle class. Obama must pay. If no business is too big to fail, I think we can all agree that no political leader is too big to jail.

It’s time for impeachment.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I hope you’ll read my newly released book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore, Costco or Sam’s Club. Or, of course, you can order at right now. See you next week. God bless America.

Send The Invasion Of Illegals To Beverly Hills And Georgetown

Hi! I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The massive illegal immigrant invasion of our southern border is more than just a national crisis. It’s part of the greatest conspiracy in world history — a purposeful attempt to create catastrophe, overwhelm the system and force the American people to make a dreadfully wrong decision under duress.

Barack Obama wants our good-hearted Christian Nation to see women, children and families begging for help, begging to live the American dream. He wants immigrants to be in the worst possible shape after a long journey from Central America — starving, injured, diseased and in such terrible shape our hearts break and we agree to take them all in.

He is purposely creating a crisis, hoping to force us to overreact by agreeing not only to help these new arrivals, but to grant amnesty for 12 million other illegals already here.

He wants us to approve government expansion and billions of dollars in new spending. Will he use that money to “solve” the crisis? No! He’ll use it to pay for lawyers for each illegal immigrant (to prevent deportation) and to hand them billions of dollars in welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, education and, of course, free meals at school — all paid for by the middle class.

It’s a two-for-one. This is how you create a permanent, loyal Democratic voter bloc at the same time you bankrupt the middle class.

As I explain in my new book The Murder of the Middle Class, this is a purposeful plan right out of the Richard Cloward-Frances Fox Piven playbook. How do I know? I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. We learned this plan at Columbia. My classmates vowed to someday put it into effect to overwhelm the system, collapse capitalism, crash the U.S. economy and force America to its knees.

From that position of crisis, weakness and panic, they vowed to “fundamentally change the country.” Recognize the plan? It’s happening right now.

So how do we fight back? Obama and his socialist cabal are liars, frauds and hypocrites. Yes, they want to help the poor and downtrodden — but only with your money.

Yes, they want to house the world’s homeless — but only in your home.

Yes, they want to let in the world’s poverty-stricken immigrants — but only into your backyard.

None of this “dirty work” ever touches their mansions, yachts, private jets, private schools or, God forbid, their precious children.

Last I checked, Sasha and Malia Obama won’t go to school next to shoeless illegal immigrants with lice, scabies and tuberculosis. Last I checked, illegals with gang tattoos from head to toe won’t be mugging old ladies or dealing crack in front of the Georgetown mansions of lobbyists, lawyers and politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe they will. 

Bringing this flood of illegal children (have you noticed how with liberals it’s always “we’re doing it for the children?”) into nice, middle-class communities to destroy their neighborhoods, schools and budgets is all part of Obama’s plan to overwhelm the system and murder the middle class.

It’s time we counter these liberal, elite hypocrites. First, we must stand and fight to the last breath. The answer is so simple: Send them back.

Then take action to secure our border.

The last thing any Republican should do now is support any form of amnesty. Are we that stupid? That message would result in millions more poverty-stricken illegals coming.

But in the meantime, let’s demand these hordes of illegal immigrants — many carry disease; many, if not most, are not “innocent minors” but are tattooed gangbangers, hardened criminals, drug dealers and murderers — be housed in Beverly Hills, or the Upper East Side of Manhattan, or fashionable Georgetown.

Georgetown is the part of Washington, D.C., where all the liberal, elitist hypocrite politicians live. If Obama and his socialist cabal want illegals in this country, let them step over them as they get into their limos or shop for their $2,500 dresses.

But don’t stop there. Let’s send them to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Scarsdale, Great Neck, Malibu, Westwood, Brentwood, Palo Alto, Napa, Atherton, Menlo Park, Carmel –and don’t forget the ritziest neighborhoods in Boston and Chicago.

These rich enclaves have the money and resources, so let Obama’s socialist cabal live among the poor, huddled masses.

Give them jobs at the Ralph Lauren store on Rodeo Drive, or the Armani store on Madison Avenue, or at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Why doesn’t Rachel Maddow hire one of them as the booker for her MSNBC show?

Since Obama is so quick to sue American companies for daring to demand English be spoken at the office, Michelle Obama can hire a few to work in key positions at the White House. Perhaps they can speak Spanish only, while directing national security?

Perhaps Clinton can get one of these illegals a $600,000 minimal-work job at NBC, like she got her daughter Chelsea.

Why are we sending this needy horde of illegal immigrants to struggling middle-class neighborhoods? Why are they being sent only to red States? Because this is all part of Obama’s purposeful plan to destroy America.

Let’s turn the tables. Let’s bus them to the elite, snobby liberal towns. If you liberals like illegals so much, you take care of them.

While we’re at it, let’s demand they go to school at elite private schools. Start with Sidwell Friends School, where Sasha and Malia attend school. Let’s see how Michelle Obama reacts when her precious daughters come home with lice, or cough with TB, or party with tattooed gangbangers from El Salvador.

There’s the ticket. It’s time to turn the tables. Let the wealthy liberals who support Obama and weep for illegal immigrants practice what they preach. It’s time to send the illegal crisis to the doors of Beverly Hills and Georgetown.

That’s how you turn around the murder of the middle class and take back our country.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I hope you’ll read my newly released book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore, Costco or Sam’s Club. Or, of course, you can order it at right now. See you next week. God bless America.

What Is The Murder Of The Middle Class?

The greatest nation in world history is being destroyed, plundered and looted by the premeditated murder of the middle class. This is no accident, mistake or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is the boldest, grandest criminal conspiracy in world history.

Although the man at the center of this massive world-class fraud is Barack Obama, there are many moving parts and co-conspirators. These include famous billionaire businessmen, corporate CEOs, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street bankers, central bankers, government employee unions, the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Security Agency, the Bar Association, assorted communists and America-haters, and even some well-known D.C. establishment Republicans. It’s quite a shocking list of conspirators.

Lies and fraud are at the center of this murder of the middle class. Obama and various big-government politicians need to distract the middle class from their real agenda. Lies are their weapon of mass distraction.

So they claim Obamacare is about “saving the sick and uninsured,” when the real objective is income redistribution (through higher taxes and higher premiums) to make the middle class poor and dependent on government.

They claim environmental regulations and green energy will save us from global warming, when the real objective is bankrupting the middle class by tripling utility bills, gas bills and grocery bills.

They claim immigration reform is about “protecting innocent children,” when the real objective is to create 12 million new low-wage employees in the labor force, depress middle-class wages for generations to come, create 12 million future Democratic voters and assign all of them lawyers at the expense of middle-class taxpayers to enrich the Bar Association, the biggest donor to the Democratic Party.

They claim higher taxes are to “create equality,” when the real objective is income redistribution and starving the biggest donors to conservative causes and candidates: small business and the middle class.

They claim higher education spending is “for the kids,” when the real objective is enriching teachers unions so they can funnel hundreds of millions of dollars back to Democratic politicians.

They claim bailing out General Motors was to “save jobs,” when the real goal was saving bloated pensions for auto union members, whose unions kicked back hundreds of millions of dollars to Democratic politicians.

The Fed claims quantitative easing is “to save the economy,” when the real goal was making crony capitalist Warren Buffett $12.7 billion richer last year — while the children and unborn grandchildren of middle-class taxpayers owe back $17 trillion in debt used to fund a fixed craps game on Wall Street.

It’s always about lying to cover up the real agenda of murdering the middle class; redistributing wealth; making it impossible for small business to compete with big business; rewarding lobbyists, lawyers and crony capitalists; keeping politicians in office for life; and putting big government in control of our every move.

But the biggest lie of all is when politicians like Obama claim: “It’s all OK. Things are getting better. We’re in a recovery. Look away; there’s nothing to see here.”

It’s not OK. I was just notified by my health insurance company that my family’s policy has been canceled. When Obama was elected, my bill was $500 per month. Today, it’s $1,700 per month. But now, my family will have no insurance at all because of Obamacare. Tens of millions of middle-class Americans will soon receive the same notice. This is no mistake. This was premeditated fraud upon the middle class.

My grocery bills have skyrocketed. How about yours? My electric bills are at all-time highs. How about yours? Gas prices have doubled since Obama became President. How can middle-class people survive without becoming dependent on government? Ah, that’s the point.

All this occurs while the economy is in crisis and collapse. The gross domestic product for the first quarter was negative 2.9 percent — one of the worst showings in history — six years after Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus promised to “save” the economy. That stimulus went to Obama’s voters (the poor) and Obama’s donors (the super rich). But the bill (in the form of debt) goes to the middle class for decades to come.

No, things are not all right. Here are just a few of the facts that support that the middle class is being murdered:

  • China is set to pass America as the world’s No. 1 economy based on consumer spending this year. It will be the first time since 1872 that America has not been the No. 1 economy in the world.
  • For the first time in history, America’s middle class isn’t No. 1 in the world. Canada’s middle class has passed us.
  • For the first time in American history, more businesses are closing each day than starting up.
  • There are now 70 percent more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” versus 86 million “makers”), a fact provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • The average full-time male employee now earns less (adjusted for inflation) than 40 years ago.
  • 20 percent of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.
  • Record numbers of Americans are not in the workforce (more than 92 million).
  • The number of working-age Americans without a job increased by about 10 million in Obama’s first five years as President. That means each and every year of Obama’s Presidency, 2 million more Americans disappeared from the workforce.
  • America’s second largest employer is a temp agency.
  • 70 percent of Americans believe we are still in the middle of the economic crisis or that the worst is yet to come. And they are correct.

There is no doubt the great American middle class is being murdered. We must have the courage to save the middle class and preserve the American dream. This fight is just getting started. Get informed and join the battle.

I hope you’ll read my recently released book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore; or, of course, you can order at today.

See you next week. God bless America and save us from the murder of the middle class.

A Conservative Response To Maureen Dowd Of The New York Times

My new book, The Murder of the Middle Class launches this Monday, July 14, across America. I’ve spent the past year piecing together the most evil conspiracy in world history. It’s about how America, the greatest Nation in world history, is being destroyed from within, by the purposeful “murder of the middle class.” It is not happening by accident, mistake or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is a widespread criminal conspiracy that even the Mafia could not imagine. This is a conspiracy that the robber barons could not imagine. This is a conspiracy that Bernie Madoff could not imagine. This makes the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy look amateur by comparison. I name the names involved, including the Federal Reserve, famous billionaires, the captains of big business and RINO Republicans.

So it was a shock to see that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, known as “The Queen of Liberalism” and the great defender of Barack Obama, must have been reading an advance copy of my book. In her July 4 column in The New York Times, she made every point in my book about “the murder of the middle class.” She simply forgot to point out who the perpetrator is.

Nonetheless, thank you, Ms. Dowd. You just accomplished something those of us on the right have warned about for decades. Pay attention, America. It’s now fact. Dowd just made our case. She proved in her July 4 column that liberals are idiots, fools and delusional. Even more importantly, Dowd proved that liberals are dangerous to America’s survival.

Dowd’s column was a masterpiece of liberal thought. It should be framed on every sane American’s wall and included in every U.S. history book for the rest of time. It should serve as a warning of what happens when liberals are in charge. Even Dowd, the queen of liberalism, openly admitted that America goes to hell.

Can you imagine buying a beautiful home, in a wonderful, safe neighborhood, with great schools and then — through a combination of incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and purposeful intent — turning that home into a garbage-ridden, graffiti-covered crack house? In short order, the entire neighborhood goes to hell. The good people escape. Drug dealers and welfare addicts move in. The streets become dangerous. The schools become cesspools of crime, drugs, gangs and teen pregnancy. And then the landlord, who allowed this to happen (by being the worst homeowner on the planet), has the nerve to complain about how the neighborhood has gone downhill. Can you imagine the nerve?

Well that was Dowd’s New York Times column on July 4. Dowd admits America has become a disaster, a country in shambles, a country in decline. She says we are “scared of our own shadow.” Collapsing. Crumbling. Defeated. We’ve lost our confidence. We’ve lost our swagger. No more hope about the future. A country no longer “exceptional.”

This is the picture she paints, not me.

Bravo, Maureen. It’s all true. It just happens to be the exact same picture we conservatives have been warning about and predicting since Obama took office. This, from a woman who undoubtedly has Obama ornaments hanging from her Christmas tree and probably keeps a shrine to him in her home. This, from a woman who writes for The New York Times, the official propaganda outlet of the Obama dictatorship. Even that woman recognizes what America has become under Obama. A disaster. A crumbling, mumbling shadow of its former self. Obama has done exactly what he promised. He’s fundamentally changed America.

Dowd asks, “[A]re we losers who have soured our DNA?” She worries if we’re “forever smaller, stingier, dumber, less ambitious, more cynical. Have we lost control of our not-so-manifest destiny?” Yes, Maureen, some of us are dumber.

Dowd supported Obama through thick and thin. She campaigned for him. She defended his every socialist policy — the same socialist big government policies that turned Detroit into a Third World hellhole in the middle of America. The same socialist policies that destroyed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and even France (where the Labour Minister last year admitted, “France is totally bankrupt”).

These places are all run with the same exact policies that Obama has implemented in America. Dowd has defended these same policies in every column for six long years. Now she looks out at the wreckage, reports on the concrete results, but doesn’t notice who is to blame.

Just to be sure we are on the same page and that Dowd can’t wiggle out of this one, these policies are: big spending, big taxes, big regulations, big debt and big government. Those are the “big five” that murder the middle class all over the world. Add in free healthcare and income redistribution. They are all policies staunchly supported by Dowd, Obama and leftists worldwide.

Let me give Dowd credit. In her July 4 column, she perfectly describes the unimaginable results of six years of relentless spending, taxing, regulating, adding to the debt, growing government, Internal Revenue Service attacks, income redistributing and free healthcare by Obama. She describes the exact damage to our economy and psyche. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

The problem is, Ms. Dowd, you are the problem — you, Obama and your whole leftist cabal. It’s obvious you’re not completely blind, because you’ve correctly laid out the tragic results. You just conveniently forgot who was in charge when all this happened. Twice.

Yes, it has happened twice. And it is not a coincidence. Two extreme radical leftists caused the same misery and malaise in America – twice. Everything Dowd describes happened first under Jimmy Carter and now is happening under Obama.

Ironically, Maureen, you nailed it. You hit the bull’s-eye. You are describing what happens to America every time liberals, progressives or socialists (whatever you’re calling them nowadays) take charge. You forgot to mention that the first time (under Carter) Republican Ronald Reagan came along and saved America from ruin.

Your column also described exactly what happened to Detroit with Democrats in charge for more than 50 straight years. But with no Reagan riding to the rescue, there is no hope for Detroit. It is a “lost city,” a Third World hellhole in the middle of America.

Your column also described what happened to New York City with liberals like Abe Beame and David Dinkins in charge: economic ruin and out-of-control lawlessness.

Then Republican Rudy Giuliani came along and saved New York from ruin.

You are describing what happened to all the European socialist states, along with Cuba and Venezuela. Those people lost their swagger and hope for the future, too. Those people lost their jobs and gross domestic product. They lost their hope because of “fundamental change.” In Venezuela, they even lost their toilet paper!

Don’t laugh. In Detroit thousands of residents just lost something even worse: their water.

Are you sensing a pattern? This is always what happens with leftists and socialists in charge.

This is an open plea to Dowd and her leftist friends at The New York Times: It is you, and those who think like you, who have turned our beautiful home (America) into a dangerous, drug-infested, poverty-ridden slum filled with hopeless, helpless, government-addicted addicts. Before you complain about it, you might want to look in the mirror — or watch a 2008 Obama speech where he promises all the very policies that have led to this disaster.

But ironically, Dowd just did us all a big favor. “The Queen of Liberalism” just documented the destruction of America by liberal policies.

Dowd just proved in one column what I, and conservatives like me, have been warning about for 30 years: Liberals are insane and dangerous to our very survival.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I hope you’ll read my book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore starting on Monday, or of course you can pre-order at today. Inside you’ll find more than just criticism of Obama and his socialist cabal.

My book contains 400 pages of: solutions to save America, the middle class and the U.S. economy; unique ideas for how to create jobs by the millions; and branding campaigns the Republican Party can use to fight fire with fire, win elections, win back the Senate and Presidency in 2014 and 2016 and to successfully brand the Democratic Party as “the party of economic suicide.” This is a roadmap for taking back our country.

See you next week. God bless America and save us from the murder of the middle class.

How Donald Trump Can Save America With $50 Million Reward

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. It’s the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day. Do you really want freedom from tyrants like Barack Obama? Well then, I have a hero for you; his name is Donald Trump.

Trump is a brilliant guy. I have a way for him to end Obama’s destruction of capitalism and the U.S. economy and save America at the same time. Are you listening, Donald?

“The Donald” is the world’s king of branding and promotion. But he’s more than a billionaire businessman and branding genius. He’s a patriot who loves his country and clearly sees that Obama is ruining it.

Like me, Trump is one of the loudest, boldest and most outspoken public critics of this President.

Like me, I’m certain Trump understands the terrible decline and disaster of the U.S. economy under Obama is no mistake. It’s a purposeful plan by a radical Marxist tyrant who has always hated America and capitalism — starting in his college days at Columbia University.

What mistake? Obama is the greatest spender in the history of America (and the world).

Obama is the greatest debt creator in the history of America.

Obama has imposed more regulations than any President in history. And Obama is the greatest taxer in the history of America. Obamacare alone is the largest tax increase ever.

But worse, Obama has tried to impose 442 new taxes that were blocked by a Republican Congress.

If he were allowed to get his way, Obama would have turned America into Cuba, Venezuela, East Germany or the old Soviet Union. So the failure of the economy is no mistake. There is a plan. It’s working.

Trump must understand time is running out for America. Obama has two years left to finish the job. So how do we stop Obama?

That’s where Trump comes in. It’s time for Trump to play hero. Trump has billions of dollars. To him, $50 million is a pittance. It’s like pulling $50 from my wallet. It’s time for Trump to put on his white cowboy hat and become the hero who saves our country.

I’m calling on Trump to offer a $50 million reward to any Internal Revenue Service employee (or employees) who comes forward with information leading to the impeachment of Obama or the conviction of his top White House aides. The IRS scandal is the smoking gun. My gut instincts say that the orders to target, persecute, intimidate and destroy critics of the President came directly from the Obama White House.

Obama knew. He was in the middle of the conspiracy. Obama was there when the game plan was devised. Can he be directly tied to it? Probably not. I’m betting nothing was ever in writing. But his top aides gave the orders to IRS officials. That’s precisely why the emails were destroyed.

How do I know? Because the “dog ate my homework” excuse by the IRS is so pathetic and embarrassing, it proves that those emails held direct evidence of a White House conspiracy. Why else would smart and important people tell such a pathetic lie? Because the alternative is impeachment and prison. Looking like a fool, idiot or liar is OK compared to wearing prison stripes for five or 10 years.

I’m betting this Obama/IRS criminal conspiracy was coordinated by his top aides (Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel). John Gotti could not have thought up a more cunning, vicious crime to punish and intimidate his enemies. Everyone involved must go to prison.

Well, let’s test my gut instincts. The IRS scandal is the best shot we have to impeach Obama, destroy his Presidency once and for all and put a stop to his conspiracy to destroy America, capitalism, American exceptionalism, the U.S. Constitution and Judeo-Christian values.

It’s time to play hardball. This isn’t badminton at the country club. The future of America is at stake. Our children’s future is at stake. This has to end… and end now.

The IRS scandal is the key. Using the IRS to go after political opponents sunk President Richard Nixon. It was the second Article of Impeachment.

This Obama IRS scandal is far worse. Obama used the IRS to go after Christian ministers, pro-Israel groups , pro-Constitution groups, veteran groups, conservative groups, Tea Party groups, cancer victims and leading media critics like me. Now it turns out IRS official Lois Lerner was targeting a GOP U.S. Senator. All of this happened while the head of the IRS was meeting at the Obama White House more than any other cabinet secretary — and while the head of the IRS employees union was meeting with Obama personally the night before the targeting began.

But this goes far beyond targeting enemies and trying to silence free speech. Obama had lost in the biggest landslide in modern history in 2010. The Tea Party groups had to be stopped. So Obama used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. Then he appointed big Obama donors to head the IRS and lead the investigation into the scandal.

Then the IRS made sure thousands of emails (the key evidence) were destroyed. This is the grandest boldest conspiracy in world history.

It’s also the greatest chance to destroy the Obama Presidency, impeach Obama and convict his top aides of criminal conspiracy against the American people. Or don’t you remember how many of Nixon’s top aides went to prison? What they did is child’s play compared to this IRS scandal.

Only Trump can make this happen with his money, his mouth and his celebrity. Offer $50 million. Make the offer so grand that it gets everyone’s attention.

Obama can’t control or spin this one. Fifty million dollars will loosen sealed lips. Even Lerner might talk for $50 million. It’s worth a few years in jail to collect $50 million. That’s enough money to get all the rats on the IRS ship to start talking. As they come forward to collect their millions, Obama is history. He will go down as the dirtiest President in history. A man who tried to kill free speech. A man who stole the {residency in order to finish the job of destroying the greatest Nation in world history.

Think I’m wrong? Let’s bet $50 million. Let’s see who comes forward. I’m betting the floodgates open. I’m betting this is the end of Obama Presidency.

Now it’s time for “The Donald” to get to work. Donald, here’s your chance to save America. Good luck and God bless.

Oh, and if Trump wants some partners in the deal, I have a funny feeling Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn are available.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Wouldn’t Obama’s impeachment and his top aides going to prison be a great gift on Independence Day? God bless America.

Mississippi GOP Primary Proves We Are Rome

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

Are we Rome? Is Nero fiddling while Rome burns? Is Thad Cochran’s close victory in Mississippi symbolic of a modern-day Nero?

Have you seen the latest economic figures? The U.S. economy is in free fall.

We are headed for economic Armageddon. Our economy is shrinking at an alarming rate. We may already be in a Barack Obama Great Depression. At the root of all of it are debt and spending. Both are expanding at a record-setting pace.

Yet establishment D.C. politicians — even GOP politicians like Cochran — save their jobs by promising more Federal spending, more welfare, more food stamps, more government contracts and loans. All this bribery is offered so a desperate, 76-year-old career politician can keep his job until the day he dies.

We have met the enemy, and it is us. It’s Washington DC. It’s the establishment saving their lifelong jobs by spending taxpayer money, putting us all into debt, and destroying our economy and our children’s future. One old Mississippi career politician hanging on for his fourth decade in the U.S. Senate is Exhibit A of the decline and destruction of America.

This race had special importance to me because I just returned from “ground zero.” I spent days barnstorming the State of Mississippi, speaking at Tea Party Express rallies for Chris McDaniel. I’m proud to now call Chris a friend.

Tea Party and conservative groups should hold their heads high. A political newcomer came within a whisker of pulling off one of the greatest upsets in modern political history against powerful elitist and D.C. special interest groups. We tried to save America from obscene and unsustainable spending. But the voters of Mississippi (by the slimmest of margins) chose fantasyland. They chose to keep the checks coming at all costs — even if there’s no money left to give. They chose the continued looting and eventual bankruptcy of America.

The rallies that I witnessed across Mississippi are the perfect “model” for the looting of America. The stark contract in the rallies for McDaniel and Cochrane pinpoint what is happening to America: elections are being won by the government class offering bribery with taxpayer money. Desperate politicians pull out razor-thin victories only by pandering to those benefitting from government jobs, checks, loans or grants.

I spent three days crisscrossing the State for McDaniel. I spoke in places like Tupelo, Biloxi and Pearl. Everywhere the Tea Party Express went we met loud, wild, enthusiastic crowds. But what is most important is who was in those crowds: average, middle-class Americans. I met homemakers, police officers, firefighters, small-business owners, veterans and taxpayers. These are the citizens who made America great.

As I was leaving Mississippi, I happened to stumble onto a Cochran rally at the Biloxi airport. It was sparsely attended. Who were the few attendees? Political operatives, GOP establishment politicians and government employees. Everyone at Cochran’s rally made a living off either politics or government (or both). No one was there because he wanted to be there. Cochran’s supporters were paid to be there. Their jobs or careers depended on his staying in power.

This is what the establishment GOP has become. How sad. Just like Democrats, their entire lives and careers are based on fleecing taxpayers and common citizens to pay for their government jobs, political jobs or their companies that are funded by government contracts.

Then there was the last-second plea by Cochran to save his six-term Senate career. This supposedly conservative Republican appealed to black Democrats and union members to cross over to vote in the GOP primary. He reminded them of the Federal money he has brought to Mississippi for four decades.

Cochran also campaigned at military bases and plants manufacturing military equipment to remind voters that only he can “bring home the bacon.” His TV ads actually listed the Federal money he’s brought back to each specific Mississippi company.

Sound familiar? Appealing to Democrats who want bigger government and more checks — isn’t that what career Democrat politicians do? Appealing to union members and government employees — isn’t that what career Democrat politicians do? And outspending your opponent by about 3 to 1 with funds donated by corporate interests and the Chamber of Commerce — isn’t that called buying the election? Is this what the Founding Fathers wanted for America?

This is the perfect “model” for why America is in decline. One candidate (McDaniel) stood for the middle class, small business, the citizens. Yet he lost to a career politician who has spent four decades in corrupt Washington, D.C., where he learned to buy votes by promising more Federal spending, more entitlement checks and more crony capitalism.

It’s amazing and sad to note that this strategy of crony capitalism and bribery still wins elections while the country is insolvent, with more than $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton was right. It does take a village to succeed. In this case it took an entire city: Washington, D.C. It took the power of government and millions of dollars in big business and special interest spending to ensure a career politician can stay in office until he dies.

The problem for the Thad Cochrans of the political world is that this strategy is in its final days. The country is broke and living on Fed printing of fake dollars. What will the career politicians do when the spigot runs dry?

The Cochran victory brings up the question: Are we Rome?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The Greatest Scam Artist In History

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The greatest scam artist in history has scammed America — again. A terrorist mastermind gets Miranda rights on American soil, while a U.S. Marine hero has no rights in Mexico. That’s par for the course in Barack Obama’s America.

Look around. America is in free fall. The Internal Revenue Service scandal is exploding: The IRS says “the dog ate Lois Lerner’s emails.” The very evidence that could lead to the impeachment of the President has disappeared into cyberspace. At the same moment, Obama is still taking heat for releasing five Jihadist mass murderers in a swap for a deserter. At the same moment, Iraq is crumbling. Everything we fought for, the trillion dollars we spent “liberating” Iraq, the many brave men who died… it’s all being erased as Iraq falls to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Soon, Baghdad will fall; the writing is already on the wall. This is the greatest foreign policy embarrassment in U.S. history. Then there’s the Veterans Affairs scandal. Under Obama’s leadership, the Nation is in crisis and dramatic decline.

So what does the greatest scam artist to ever occupy the White House do? He pulls out the WMD (weapons of mass distraction). He “wags the dog” to distract the masses. He gives permission for U.S. special forces to capture the architect of Benghazi — a terrorist hiding in plain sight for the past 20 months. Presto. The Kool-Aid drinking mainstream media call Obama “a hero.” Amazing. No one can be this dumb, can he?

But the scam is much deeper than it appears. The capture of Benghazi terrorist mastermind Ahmed Abu Khattala isn’t just a cover-up for the PR mess Obama is in. The capture itself is the biggest scam of all.

First, we let this Benghazi butcher enjoy life in plain view for 20 months. Suddenly, Obama decides the time is right to capture him — right at the exact moment Obama needed to change the headlines. Pure bread and circuses. I’m surprised he didn’t just call for the start of the “Hunger Games.”

But the second part of Obama’s scam is far more dastardly. Obama is sending the terrorist mastermind to the U.S. instead of Guantanamo. He will be read his Miranda rights, like any other American citizen innocent until proven guilty. Why? Guantanamo was built for exactly this kind of unique situation, to house “the worst of the worst” enemy combatants and to interrogate them without the need for Miranda rights.

This scam was all planned out for months — 20 months, to be exact. Obama wanted the perfect timing — to hide a country in disarray and decline. And he wanted the perfect circumstances — the man with the knowledge of what happened at Benghazi protected by Miranda.

Abu Khattala is the definition of a “high-value target.” He can put Obama’s fingerprints at the scene of the crime. He can testify that Benghazi was a terrorist attack from Day One, that no protest of a movie was ever involved. He can testify that his terrorists used weapons supplied to Libyan rebels by the Obama Administration to kill our own brave men. He can testify that even the terrorists were shocked that Obama never sent a rescue mission. He can say: “We all expected to die on a suicide mission, but your President was too weak to fight back. Because of Obama, this was a great victory; and we lived to brag about it.”

So how do you shut up the terrorist mastermind? You read him his Miranda rights. You tell him he has the right to “lawyer up.” You protect him from enhanced interrogation. On American soil we can’t touch him. No Jack Bauer-style creative interrogation. No loud music. No threats to his family. No nothing. Here it’s just nice questions asked by polite FBI agents who could lose their pensions if they don’t mind their manners.

Here in America a high-profile trial like this will take years to happen — two, or three, or four years. Just enough time that Obama is safely out of office. So even if the terrorist talks at trial, which is unlikely, no one will hear about it until Obama is enjoying life as a billionaire author and global speaker at his Hawaii estate.

This is how you silence a dangerous witness for years. This is how you keep him from ever disclosing the secrets that can bring you down. You bring him to America and give him a team of lawyers. You can bet Obama’s top enforcer, Attorney General Eric Holder, will make sure Abu Khattala has an O.J. Simpson-like “dream team.” Game, set, match. The terrorist provides cover for Obama. His capture makes Obama look good. But he’s guaranteed to never talk.

Now compare this situation with our hero Marine being tortured in a Mexican prison. Sgt Andrew Tahmoorisi has been given no Miranda rights. He made a wrong turn at the border and wound up shackled at four points to a bed, while Mexican guards kicked him in the ribs. Then he was denied food and water. Our hero Marine has no rights… for the crime of bad driving. Yet a mass-murdering terrorist mastermind is protected by Miranda rights on American soil.

It’s all going bad, folks.

Obama plays chess at a higher level. The GOP is led by weak-willed cowards and idiots. The Republican leadership is playing checkers… without a board. The greatest scam artist in the history of the White House wins another round.

And the death of America continues unabated.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

How Mexico Defeated GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. U.S. Congress Majority Leader Eric Cantor just lost in perhaps the biggest upset in the history of politics in his country. In D.C. they don’t understand what just happened. Well, I’ll tell you what happened.

I’ve written about the plight of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He’s being falsely imprisoned by our “friend” and neighbor, Mexico. He’s been mistreated, beaten and, some would say, tortured. Isn’t it time President Barack Obama did something? Isn’t it time for GOP leaders to demand action?

What does this have to do with Cantor’s stunning defeat? Everything. The people who represent us in Washington, D.C., are off the grid. They are tone-deaf. They don’t care about what “we the people” care about. Cantor probably doesn’t even know about our hero Marine stuck in a Mexican prison. And that’s the problem. Our leaders are out of touch with the people — and with reality.

Separate from the plight of our hero Marine in Mexico, we have an invasion going on right now on the Mexican border.

Our borders are no longer enforced. Thousands of illegals are pouring over the border, and they aren’t even bothering to hide from police or Border Patrol. They are walking into America in plain sight and searching for police. They are thrilled to surrender to authorities because they have all heard the news: Obama has created de facto amnesty.

Obama and Holder are ignoring the law of this country. They have spread the word: “Bring your children, cross the border, we’ll feed you, house you, and we’ll provide you with civil rights lawyers at taxpayer expense. And you can stay indefinitely.”

So they’re coming by the thousands — from Mexico and Central America. They are young, poor and uneducated. They will cost billions of dollars to house; to feed; to provide entitlements, healthcare and public education for; and, in many cases, in the cost of police, courts and prison. America is already bankrupt and more than $17 trillion in debt. This is the tipping point.

And it’s no mistake, accident or coincidence. Obama never has to face voters again. He is out of control. He is hell-bent on the destruction of America — and the Republican Party — in his remaining time in office.

Yet moderate, establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C., say nothing. Cantor said nothing. This is a purposeful plan by Obama to overwhelm the system — to flood America with poor, dependent illegal immigrants. This is how you flood the country with future Democratic voters. Keep in mind where the government is dumping them: Arizona and Texas.

This is a purposeful plan to punish GOP Governors and turn red States into blue States.

This is an invasion. This is criminal. The President refuses to secure the border. He refuses to send back criminals. He empties our prisons to purposely dump illegal immigrant felons back on the streets (36,000 last month, to be exact).

He spends your taxpayer money on lawyers for illegals. He gives them sanctuary against the laws of America. He spends your taxpayer money to run advertising campaigns in Mexico to tell illegals in America they should request food stamps.

He orders the Internal Revenue Service to target and persecute GOP donors and conservative critics, but to look the other way while the same IRS pays $4 billion per year in “earned income tax credits” to illegal immigrants who paid no taxes.

This is the final destruction of America. Still, Cantor and his clueless moderate establishment Republican leaders in D.C. said nothing and did nothing.

Now, add in our hero Marine rotting in a Mexican prison for no good reason for two months (and counting). Yet Cantor said nothing and did nothing.

So at this very moment — with our borders under attack, with a wave of illegals invading America to overwhelm the system, with Obama emptying the prisons of foreign felons, with Mexico falsely imprisoning and torturing a hero U.S. Marine — what do Cantor and the GOP do? They say they support immigration reform and want to rush it through Congress before the November election.

Folks, this is insanity: first, because it’s time to stop rushing passage of controversial bills before anyone has read them.

Didn’t we try this with Obamacare? Didn’t we hear that if we liked our insurance we could keep it? Didn’t we hear we could keep our doctors? Didn’t we hear our health insurance premiums would go down? All lies. Complete fraud. Now, Republicans want to rush through a bill their own base does not support before reading the details? Madness.

But worse, any idiot knows that the GOP stands a great chance of winning big in November. Why would a GOP leader want to ruin that by upsetting his base? Why would you thumb your nose at your best customers? Why would you ignore what your most loyal voters are telling you? Madness.

There’s dumb, but then there’s dumber. Cantor was both dumb and dumber. If the GOP wins big in November, it will be in a position to dictate terms of surrender to Obama over the issue of immigration reform. Right now, the GOP is at a big disadvantage. Come next January (only a few months away), the GOP will be sitting pretty. Why would anyone with a brain try to push through an immigration bill now in the waning days of a Congress where you are at a disadvantage? Madness.

No one can be this dumb or tone-deaf.

I haven’t even gotten to the most important point. At this moment in time — with Mexico laughing in our face, imprisoning and torturing our hero Marine, and with our border being overrun — who in his right mind would even consider amnesty for millions of people already here illegally? Why would we even think of rewarding a country (Mexico) that is laughing in our face? It is sending its poor, jobless citizens to us — so we can pay the welfare, medical, education and prison bills it should be paying. Next, like Fidel Castro, Mexico will empty its prisons to send us its worst criminals.

Mexico is a desperately poor country. They are trying to stick all their bills and responsibilities on American taxpayers.

Anyone not blind can see what’s coming. Obama has erased the border. He’s obliterated the law. He’s bankrupting the economy. In the bargain he’s enriching his favorite donors: lawyers. He’s overwhelming the system with spending and debt. The plan is accelerating.

This is the invasion of America. This is the bankruptcy of our economy. This is the end of the GOP. Cantor, are you blind, deaf and dumb? GOP leaders like Cantor are either complete idiots, cowards afraid of their own shadow or traitors complicit in the destruction of America.

So wonder no more about the stunning defeat of Cantor. I say good riddance. Now, it’s time to throw out the rest of the tone-deaf fools in Washington, D.C.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless.

Obama Makes Worst Trade Since American Indians Sold Manhattan For $24

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. President Barack Obama has done it again! He’s found an unimaginable way to both damage and embarrass America at the same time.

Remember how the American Indians gave up Manhattan? The Indians were robbed. They were conned into selling Manhattan for $24 of trinkets in 1626.

That was the worst trade in history. Until now.

Obama’s trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl now tops the infamous list of “Worst Trades in History.”

In the sports world there have been many legendary bad trades. Julius Irving. Kobe Bryant. Nolan Ryan. Hershel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for an entire team of players and draft picks that led to three Super Bowl victories for the Dallas Cowboys.

But the worst sports trade ever was the Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red Sox didn’t win another title for 86 years. The Yankees became the greatest American sports franchise in history. They won seven World Championships with Babe Ruth.

It was called “The Curse of the Bambino.”

Executives got fired for those horrible one-sided trades. Teams were embarrassed. Legends were created. Billions of dollars of franchise value was created (and lost). But none of those trades led to danger, disaster or the potential death of thousands of Americans.

Obama takes the cake. He traded one obvious deserter for five of the most cunning, vicious mass murderers and America-haters in history. Mass murderers and friends of Osama bin Laden were freed by America.

What did we get? A traitor who purposely walked away from his base, searching for the enemy to surrender to:

And here’s the most bizarre and disconcerting thing of all. At the White House ceremony announcing the trade, Bergdahl’s father spoke in Arabic. It is reported the father converted to Islam.

That’s what we traded five mass murderers for? That’s what Obama broke the law for?

The trades of Manhattan and Babe Ruth are both looking pretty good by comparison.

Keep in mind those five sworn enemies of America — mass murderers all — haven’t even gotten back on the battlefield. Yet.

But when they do, remember they were set free by our own President, to rain hell down on our American hero soldiers. Remember they were set free by our own President to plot a new 9/11 that could kill thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Americans (think dirty bomb).

The world is shocked and horrified. America’s enemies are laughing and high-fiving. Our military is demoralized. Our economy is in free fall. Our dignity and legacy are in tatters. Our reputation across the globe is shattered. One man has destroyed the once-great America.

Why did Obama break the law to trade for one deserter? Why would he risk all hell breaking loose for one traitor who cost the lives of as many as 14 military heroes? Two reasons:

  • First, Obama was desperate to get the Veterans Affairs scandal out of the headlines. He had to change the topic away from neglect and fraud causing the death and suicide of American military vets under his leadership. How better to change the subject and erase the scandal involving abuse, neglect and even murder of military vets than by appearing to be a Commander in Chief rescuing an American military prisoner of war. Obama had delusions of grandeur, overnight going from bum to hero.
  • Second, my sources in military command positions tell me that the CIA reported to Obama that Bergdahl was about to go on global television to denounce America, call our military evil — and do it all in Arabic. Obama would have been humiliated. His narrative of being such a big victor over al-Qaida and the Taliban would have been destroyed in front of the whole world, live on global television.

So here was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. But it all backfired as word got out of the betrayal by this American soldier, the deaths of 14 of his military brothers searching for him, his father speaking in Arabic, the danger that the release of those mass murderers presents, Obama claiming we will “keep eyes on them” and then, within minutes, an official in the Mideast counteracting Obama’s words and reporting these mass murderers are free as jaybirds to roam Qatar for the next year — and then free to return to the battlefield.

Obama is either a complete fool; a reckless, naive idiot who doesn’t understand who he is negotiating with; or complicit in a crime against America. You decide. But either way, he broke the law by making the deal without informing Congress.

Forget the humiliation of selling Manhattan for $24. Forget “the Curse of the Bambino.” Forget all the humiliating trades in history. This one takes the cake. Babe Ruth is rolling over in his grave.

This curse won’t lose seven World Championships or three Super Bowls. This curse could cost America our international credibility and lead to more kidnappings of American soldiers and the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of deaths to Americans if these mass murderers are emboldened to create a new 9/11.

This is the “Curse of Barack Hussein Obama.” America may never recover.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless.

Here’s What Obama Should Say To Mexico’s President

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Memorial Day is over, but we are reminded of the sacrifices of our military heroes by a high-profile story in the news right now. We have an explosive international incident developing over the false imprisonment of a U.S. Marine hero in Mexico. Remarkably, our President and Secretary of State have not even chosen to bring this issue up with Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico.

I believe the United States would have great leverage in this situation — if we had a real leader running this country. Unfortunately, we have the weak, feckless, neutered, bowing Barack Obama. Our President doesn’t understand American exceptionalism. Our fearful leader doesn’t believe in the greatness of our military. He certainly doesn’t understand what Donald Trump would call “the art of the deal.” It’s time to explain the situation to our southern neighbor. It’s time to make an offer he can’t refuse. This is the letter a real leader of the United States would send to the President of Mexico to rescue a true American hero and patriot, who is languishing in a filthy, dangerous Mexican jail under false pretenses.

Dear President Enrique Peña Nieto:

Greetings from the United States of America — you know, the great Nation just above your crime-ridden country, that has taken in millions of your citizens and spent hundreds of billions of dollars in welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, healthcare, education, police and prison costs, free meals at school, and income tax credits on your citizens here in our country illegally. I think you owe it to us to listen to what we have to say.

I write you today because you’re holding one of our citizens hostage in one of the hellholes that you call a federal prison. The citizen you are holding is my Marine. His name is Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He is an American hero. During the four years he served in the U.S. Marines, he did two tours in Afghanistan. While on the battlefield, he saved the lives of eight Marines from the Taliban; and in a separate incident he saved a Marine from bleeding to death after that soldier lost both legs from an improvised explosive device explosion. This American hero is now languishing in your prison in Tijuana, Mexico.

What crime did he commit? Murder? Robbery? Kidnapping? Drug smuggling? No those are the things that happen to law-abiding citizens in your country every day. But Tahmooressi didn’t do any of those bad things. He accidentally drove across the border in his own vehicle with three legally owned guns. Yes, that’s his “crime.” Bad driving. This American hero entered your country because of poor signage leading to your border outside San Diego (possibly combined with confusion from his post-traumatic stress disorder).

As a result of that honest mistake, my Marine has been under constant death threat from Mexican drug gangs in your prison. Because you can’t control your own violent prisoners, my Marine has been isolated in a filthy prison cell, chained to his bed for weeks. This is called torture, and it is a violation of his civil (and human) rights.

I want to make sure you understand the gravity of this situation. Your Mexican citizens enter our country illegally, and we let them live and work here. Our citizens are kindhearted enough to oppose deportation of millions of your citizens for fear of breaking up their families. We hire your citizens and provide them with a better life than they ever had in Mexico. They send money home to Mexico that keeps your economy afloat. That money comes from our citizens and taxpayers. Even Mexican felons are treated better in our prisons and legal system than they are in your country. That’s why your citizens are willing to die to escape to our country.

Let’s also discuss your military. This U.S. Marine hero made a mistake wandering into your country. But your military has purposely wandered onto U.S. soil many times, which is a violation of U.S. laws. But we have chosen not to arrest your soldiers. We’ve given our neighbors the benefit of the doubt. Is this how you treat us in return?

Let’s review the direct military aid we’ve gifted to your country. Between 2008 and 2011, the Department of Defense gave $428.7 million worth of equipment to Mexican security forces, including planes, Black Hawk helicopters and scanners. Last year alone, we trained more than 3,000 Mexican troops. All this money came from U.S. taxpayers — like Tahmooressi’s parents.

My Marine was armed with three firearms because he has the Constitutional right to own and possess those firearms in the United States. I understand that your country does not have those same rights. That’s too bad for you and your citizens. I’ve noticed that even though you have disarmed your citizens, gun violence is out of control in Mexico. It’s strange how in your “gun-free” country, there are incredible numbers of gun murders. It appears that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens has not worked out very well for your disarmed citizens.

I understand that you have “issues” keeping your citizens from crossing over into our country and keeping drug lords from smuggling drugs into our country. Until now, we have never properly addressed these issues with you. I think that time has come. But we will deal with those issues at a later date. Right now, we have only one issue on the plate. Rest assured, the future of American-Mexican relations depend on the resolution of this issue.

I hope you will consider this a formal (but friendly) request, as one neighbor to another. As the Commander in Chief of Tahmooressi, I’m giving you until 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time tomorrow to return my Marine (along with his truck and weapons) to the U.S. border crossing in San Diego.

I will have the appropriate U.S. officials and military officers waiting there at precisely 5 p.m. to inspect the condition of my Marine and to report his physical and mental condition to me immediately. I expect him to be in perfect health.

If you choose to disregard my simple and reasonable “friendly” request, please be aware that I have already ordered the U.S. Marine Corps commandant at Camp Pendleton to have his 100,000 Marines “stand to” and ready to proceed into Mexico to retrieve my Marine. 

One way or another, my Marine is coming home — whether you send him home or we have to come get him. We leave no man behind. If we are forced to retrieve Tahmooressi at great effort and expense to the United States, we will also send you a bill for the $500 million or so we’ve spent on training and equipment for your military since 2008.

I’ll deal with the hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve spent on housing your citizens illegally in the United States at a future date — after this incident has been resolved to my satisfaction.

This is not a threat. This is a promise. I pray, for your sake and for your citizens’ safety, that you choose to do the right thing, neighbor. But know one thing: One way or another, my Marine is coming home by tomorrow evening at 5 p.m.



The President of the United States of America

P.S. Semper Fi.

That is the message a real American President would give to Mexico. Instead of bringing our Marine home from Mexico, Obama chose a photo op in Afghanistan on Memorial Day. That’s all you need to know about Obama. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America, and please bless that heroic U.S. Marine chained to his bed in that rotting hellhole of a Mexican prison. Let’s all pray for his swift release.

Bad News On Memorial Day: We Are All Veterans Now

Hi, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. It’s Memorial Day weekend and the national scandal and disgrace at the VA (Veterans Affairs) is the perfect example proving once and for all what a disaster Obamacare will be. We’re about to find out what it’s like to receive healthcare from the government. With Obamacare as the law of the land, we are all veterans now.

The VA scandal is proof positive that with government in charge of healthcare, it will bankrupt the entire country and countless Americans will die through incompetence, neglect, waiting lists and fraud. Just like our veterans have already experienced.

But this VA scandal is nothing new. Conservatives have warned about the dangers of government-run healthcare for many years, often using the VA as Exhibit A. My national bestselling book “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” was released in April 2013. Almost everything hitting the news about the VA today was already known way back then. Let me quote from my book:

Take the Veterans Administration. A federal appeals court has ruled the VA suffers from “unchecked incompetence.” That incompetence is killing our brave veterans. I bet you didn’t know 18 veterans commit suicide per day. Or that 85,000 vets are on waiting lists for care. Even a severely depressed vet can wait eight weeks to see a psychiatrist. Still want government to run your healthcare?

That’s direct from my book — written 18 months ago. So who couldn’t see this disaster coming? Government mismanagement. Substandard healthcare. Vets being treated horribly. Vets dying while waiting on long waiting lists. Vets committing suicide. We knew it years ago. This isn’t new news.

About the only thing we didn’t know back then was that there was outright criminal negligence that could lead to murder charges. We didn’t know government employees kept secret waiting lists to cover up the long delays — even though they knew patients had life threatening illnesses. That sounds like murder to me.

What a surprise! Conservatives like Sarah Palin and I screamed about “death panels” and “death by rationing” years ago. I predicted in the media long before today’s VA scandal that sick Americans would be committing suicide after dealing with government bureaucrats. I warned grandma might die if the same government that runs the Postal Service and the VA was put in charge of grandma’s cancer surgery.

We told you so… a long time ago. Government is a walking disaster. Government screws up everything it touches, while losing billions of dollars of other people’s money. How could putting government in charge of healthcare for 317 million Americans possibly work out?

Long before this new scandal, many of us pointed to the U.S. Postal Service. By law, there can be no competition, yet our Postal Service still manages to lose about $16 billion every year. No private sector company in history has ever managed a feat like this.

Or look at Amtrak. The government took over about 40 years ago and has lost about $40 billion since then. To this day, the taxpayers lose $32 every time a butt sits in an Amtrak seat.

All the wars in America’s history have cost about $7 trillion. Yet the war on poverty has cost $20 trillion and counting (adjusted for inflation). And poverty is still at all-time highs. What a massive failure and waste of taxpayer money.

The Federal Reserve has one main job: to protect the value of our dollar. Yet the dollar has lost 98 percent of its value since the Fed was founded.

The government couldn’t even run a whorehouse and make a profit! In my home state of Nevada (where prostitution is legal in some rural counties), the government took over a $100 million brothel and in one year drove it into bankruptcy. How can anyone lose money on sex? I told crowds at Tea Party rallies across the country, “If you can’t run a whorehouse and make a profit, get your damn hands off my healthcare!”

In case you think that’s an anomaly, look no further than Off Track Betting in New York. Yes, horse track gambling run by government also went bankrupt — even though the government skims their take off the top, before the bettors are paid. It’s impossible to go bankrupt with that scenario. Government found a way!

The same government that brought you failing gambling operations, failing brothels, failing post offices, failing trains and pretty much failing everything else is now in charge of your healthcare (as well as 17 percent of the U.S. economy).

The same government employees that brought us $17 trillion in national debt are in charge of healthcare, yet Obama promised Obamacare would save money and reduce the deficit. He also promised you could keep your health insurance if you liked it. And you could keep your doctor. And your insurance premiums would not go up.

Do you now understand what Obama has done to America’s healthcare system? Forget the threat of losing your insurance, or your doctor, or your medicine. The real threat with government in charge is losing your life! Either government’s incompetence or criminal behavior will kill you or, after dealing with the idiots that run the government, you’ll just kill yourself.

Happy Memorial Day. We’re all veterans now. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. Happy holiday to all our veterans. God bless you. And God bless America.

Will Conservatives Soon Be Sent To Re-Education Camps?

Hello I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Silly me! I thought free speech was legal in America. I thought this was a republic with a Constitution guaranteeing our right to express ourselves? I didn’t know speaking your mind or expressing your opinions could result in the end of your career or the confiscation of your property.

Don’t look now, but it’s happening — if you’re a conservative.

It’s time to start getting nervous about expressing your views publicly — if you’re a conservative.

It’s time to worry about bans and witch hunts – if you’re a conservative.

What’s next? Re-education camps, where our fellow citizens are taken away to be brainwashed into changing their views or attitude? Don’t laugh; it’s already happening (see below).

Let me give a few examples of political correctness run amok. Interestingly, in each case I personally disagree with the views expressed, but vehemently disagree with the actions taken against those who expressed the views.

Let’s start with Michael Sam. On Saturday, he became the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL. I say congratulations. I’m happy for Sam and personally thought he should have been drafted higher.

But have we traded one prejudice and civil rights violation for another? Many Americans were offended by Sam’s publicly caressing and kissing his boyfriend on national TV after his selection. If it’s called “progress” and a sign of “freedom” that two men can openly kiss on national TV, what is it called when someone offended by that same kiss is fined and suspended from his job? Is that progress? Is that free speech?

Ask Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones. He tweeted that he was disgusted and offended by the kiss. Jones was immediately fined and barred from team activities until he finishes “training for his recent comments made on social media.” Training? You mean like a “re-education camp?” You mean the NFL now believes it has the right to “train” its employees how to feel and think? Who determines which thinking is accepted?

Jones’ comments undoubtedly hurt Sam’s feelings and were offensive to gays. But that’s not the issue. We are allowed to be as “politically incorrect” as we want in America. We are protected by that silly little thing called the U.S. Constitution. Just because you disagree with someone’s opinion, does your employer have the right to suspend you from your job? Fine you? Can that same employer demand “thought training” to get your job back? This was tried with the Vietnamese “re-education camps.” Millions of people were imprisoned. More than 165,000 people died of abuse, starvation and torture.

This is a football team. Whether you are gay or straight should not matter. But neither should your views on two men kissing. All that should matter is how well you tackle in the open field.

I may not agree with what Jones said publicly, but I think the Miami Dolphins and the NFL should be sued for $100 million dollars for violation of the employee rights of Jones. He has every right to believe and say what he wants. Where is the public outrage? Where is the American Civil Liberties Union?

You are allowed to express your opinions in America, even if others find them heinous. Didn’t the ACLU defend the rights of a neo-Nazi group to march in Skokie, Ill. (a city with a large number of Jewish Holocaust survivors)? But in this case, all an NFL player did was say he was grossed out by two guys kissing. He wasn’t marching with Nazis. Yet the ACLU is surprisingly silent. Have the “thought police” successfully squashed dissent in this country?

If we allow employers like the Dolphins to censure, fine, suspend or fire a player for his thoughts or his political or religious beliefs, have we made progress? Or have we just switched sides? A different group is now in the closet. A different group is running the witch hunt.

It’s happening across America. Free speech is no longer tolerated by the left. Take the case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She was supposed to receive an honorary degree from Brandeis University as a courageous campaigner for women’s rights. But her honorary degree was canceled because of student protests.

What were her critics angry about? She is a fierce critic of radical Islam and the way women are treated (and mistreated) in Muslim societies. So in response to her pointing out that dissent is suppressed in Muslim societies, her free speech was suppressed at Brandeis University.

Even CEOs of a private business are under attack. Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich recently lost his job for making a donation to support Prop 8, the ballot initiative that barred same-sex marriage in California.

Once again, I happen to disagree with the opinion of this CEO. I personally think government should stay out of our boardrooms and bedrooms. I don’t believe government should be involved in “allowing” or not allowing marriage. It’s a personal and religious issue. But the issue here isn’t gay marriage, it’s freedom of speech. Should a CEO in America be fired for his personal belief that marriage is between a man and a woman? Worse, he wasn’t fired for leading the battle, but rather just for writing a check to a cause he believed in.

This isn’t supposed to happen in America. Where is the public outrage? Where is the ACLU? Is the free speech of a NFL player, or conservative CEO or courageous women’s rights crusader worth less than the free speech of a neo-Nazi group?

I think it’s great that being gay is now openly accepted in America. But does that mean that others should now be forced into the closet? Is that progress? Or is that trading one civil rights violation for another?

For the first time, I’m rooting for the ACLU to take a stand. If not, soon in Barack Obama’s America, Christians who oppose gay marriage or abortion will be forced to the back of the bus. CEOs will be forced out of their jobs for publicly opposing minimum wage increases. We’ll see signs openly displayed at businesses: “Republicans need not apply.”

Someday, the entire college education system will be taken over by radical leftists who refuse to hire a conservative educator or who ban conservative speakers at college graduation ceremonies. Oops! That’s already happened.

Where’s Alan Dershowitz when you need him?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.