This GOP presidential ticket tells liberals to go to hell

Hi, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The GOP keeps bringing a knife to a gun fight. The result is we’re getting killed. We’re getting defeated and humiliated even after we won the most historic landslide in modern history. It’s time to change strategy.

The media tells us to play nice, be “gentlemen” and compromise. Look where it’s gotten us: a bankrupt country with over $18 trillion in debt and income taxes at about the same level as bankrupt, socialist Greece. Worse, the labor force participation rate is at all-time lows. And for the first time in history more businesses fail each day than open.

We are facing the end of the America dream and death of the greatest middle class in world history because we have played nice, acted like gentlemen and compromised. We’re standing around acting like “gentlemen” while Barack Obama turns America into Detroit. Like in that movie “Network,” it’s time to open our window and scream: “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

It’s time for a GOP dream team of street fighters to take on the evil that is destroying America by making us all dependent on big government. It’s time to kick ass and take no prisoners. It’s time to stand up to the evildoers and tell them to go to hell.

It’s time to get behind one nominee and then name our entire team and announce what that team will do to save the U.S. economy, the middle class and the American dream.

It’s time to inspire passion and enthusiasm by showing we stand for something. That something includes smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, paying down the debt and giving more power to the citizens. Let the liberal media try to call that “extreme.” The American people will vote for that vision.

Liberals and the media told us we’d lose if we ran an “extremist” like Ronald Reagan. Instead, he won in two historic landslides. Since then, every milquetoast moderate we’ve run — George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney — lost.

The key to victory is the passion, energy, intensity and enthusiasm of your base, combined with inspiring independents and undecided voters by painting a picture of hope, prosperity and patriotism. You have to get people excited. Being “moderate” doesn’t excite anyone. Although it’s a little early for me to endorse anyone, here is a look at a potential GOP dream team.

Scott Walker as the GOP presidential nominee

Here’s a man from the Midwest, without a college degree and with a blue-collar mentality. Here’s a man who fought the money and manpower of every union in America and won — not once, not twice, but three times in blue-state Wisconsin. He didn’t do it with kindness. Despite death threats against his wife and children, Scott Walker never gave an inch. He turned a $3 billion deficit into a billion-dollar surplus, and then handed the money back to the taxpayers. That’s a fighter. That’s courage. That’s a leader with a spine, who won’t fold when the biased-liberal media tries to slander and destroy him. Walker’s a man bringing a bazooka to a gun fight.

His choices for vice president are plentiful. The GOP bench is fantastic and diverse, from Latino men like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, to women like Carly Fiorina, Gov. Susanna Martinez and Gov. Nikki Haley, to libertarian heroes like Rand Paul, to a brilliant African-American brain surgeon like Dr. Ben Carson, to a genius policy wonk like Gov. Bobby Jindal. The list is long.

We’ve been governed by inept political hacks for far too long. It is time for a dream team of experienced, committed adults who will kick ass and never fold when the going gets tough. The GOP presidential nominee needs to name his entire dream team.

Do that and we’ll put the fear of God into liberals and the media. Here is how we differentiate ourselves, paint a picture of hope and inspire our base! Here is how we win 270 electoral votes.

Name our dream team from top to bottom

Attorney General Ted Cruz: Let’s put a true defender of the Constitution in a place where he can do just that. Can you imagine the fear we’ll drive into the heads and hearts of law-breaking liberals and Marxists? No compromise, no mercy.

Treasury Secretary Rand Paul: Put a libertarian in charge of the economy, taxes and the IRS. Watch the U.S. economy enjoy the greatest expansion in history with a true, free-market libertarian in charge. Rand Paul is a fighter. No compromise, no mercy.

Defense Secretary Allen West. Here’s the man born to stand up for the honor of the military and defend the greatest nation in world history. No compromise, no mercy.

Secretary of State (you’re going to love this one) Donald Trump: Rather than weaklings afraid of their shadows, turn the world’s greatest, pit bull negotiator loose on our adversaries like China and Russia. Let him negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran. No compromise, no mercy.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ron Paul: The first father-son cabinet team will stand up to, audit and rein in the Fed before the Fed destroys our economy. Ron Paul’s entire life has been preparation for this. No compromise, no mercy.

Homeland Security Secretary Trey Gowdy: Protect our borders with a pit bull, not a pussycat. No compromise, no mercy.

ICE Director Joe Arpaio: Need I say more?

Health And Human Services Secretary Ben Carson: Here’s the guy born to dismantle Obamacare. No compromise, no mercy.

Labor Secretary Darrell Issa: Here’s a street fighter who will stand up for America’s workers, not union bosses. No compromise, no mercy.

Energy Secretary Sarah Palin. You want jobs? Take off the shackles and drill, baby, drill! No compromise, no mercy.

Commerce Secretary Herman Cain. Here’s a brilliant businessman and unabashed capitalist who will get American working again. No compromise, no mercy.

Special Economic Advisers Mitt Romney, Jack Welsh, Steve Wynn, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump (doing double duty): Put politics aside and put people who understand business in charge of the economy. No compromise, no mercy.

Education Secretary Bobby Jindal. Here’s the brightest guy in the room, bar none. Put him in charge of taking on the teachers unions with creative ideas to turn around our failing education system. No compromise, no mercy.

(Now, a personal plug) Wayne Allyn Root, in charge of the Small Business Administration: Small business is the economic engine of America. I know how to motivate, inspire and empower the millions of mom and pop businesses on Main Street, not Wall Street. I stand for giving power to small business, not the welfare state or illegal aliens. No compromise, no mercy.

This is how you win an election — by exciting and inspiring Americans with an experienced, all-star GOP dream team that actually stands for something: America first!

And this is how you tell liberals to go to hell.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Pray for Hillary

If you’re a conservative, Libertarian, limited government Constitutionalist or patriot, pray for Hillary. She’s our best hope for 2016. I love Hillary Clinton. I’m rooting for Hillary. She is a gift from heaven. I pray for her nomination every morning.

No, I’m not a fan of Hillary. No, I don’t support her policies. No, I don’t want her as president. But I sure want her as the Democratic nominee. She is “the gift that keeps on giving.” Hillary has so much baggage her campaign should be sponsored by Samsonite.

If the GOP has any hope of winning in 2016, Hillary has to be the nominee. Before I get to the scandals, let’s start with the obvious. Hillary is old news, over the hill, tired, worn out, spoiled milk. She is just going through the motions. She doesn’t even look or sound like she cares. Hillary herself can’t think of a single compelling reason for why she should be president. She’s just been waiting around a long time. And she’s a woman. That’s it. That’s her reason.

She’s so old and entitled that the guy who managed her campaign for U.S. Senate, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, refuses to endorse her for president. He basically just said what I said. She’s old news. She has no new ideas. She offers America nothing new. That’s one of her closest allies speaking.

Every candidate needs a brand. Hillary’s brand is “Entitlement. It’s my time. Oh, and I’m a female.” Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

If Hillary is the nominee, she can be destroyed and branded with so many scandals, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Destroy her with her own words, “What difference does it make?” Those were her words in front of a congressional committee about the Benghazi tragedy. Four heroes were murdered. She participated in a coverup and all she could think to say was, “What difference does it make?” Meaning, those young heroes are all dead, so who cares?

Her own TV ads in 2008 bragged about her decision-making abilities at 2 a.m. when the important call comes in. Well, we now know what she said when that call came in during the attack on Benghazi. She heard our heroes were about to be murdered and she said, “What difference does it make?” Then, she went back to sleep. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

I suggest TV ad campaigns featuring the parents of those four men abandoned by Hillary and Barack Obama and left to die at the hands of a radical Muslim mob, who clearly were supplied with their weapons by … Hillary and Obama. Let’s ask the parents how they feel about Hillary. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

Is she scared of her role in Benghazi? Well, she erased 32,000 emails. She should be called “Tricky Dicky Hillary.” She was a lawyer on the committee investigating Richard Nixon’s scandals. She knew all about the erased Nixon audiotapes. She learned well. That must be where she got the idea to delete 32,000 emails and wipe the server clean. Like Nixon, she decided what we the people needed to know. Then she pressed “delete.” Run those TV ads 24 hours a day. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

What difference did she make as secretary of state? Name her accomplishments? The world is in flames, the Middle East melted down, ISIS was born, Iran laughed in our face while building a nuclear program — all under her leadership. The world is a far more dangerous place. What difference did she make? Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

“We were dead broke when we left the White House.” There’s another great line. Let’s play it 24 hours a day. Maybe that’s why the Clintons stole the china and furniture on the way out the door. Maybe that’s why $6 billion went missing at the State Department under her watch. When you’re broke, $6 billion can make a big difference. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

Hillary says she is a “woman of the people.” She’s one of us. But she hasn’t driven a car since 1996. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

Hillary is all about the middle class. She has decided to make the middle class the centerpiece of her campaign for president. But “Mrs. Middle Class” demands $300,000 for a one-hour speech and a Gulfstream private jet to take her there and back.

She also gets the presidential suite at a five-star hotel, or she won’t show up. No Marriotts, Hiltons or Holiday Inns for Hillary. Run those facts 24 hours a day. Let’s see how middle-class women respond to her list of demands. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

Hillary is all about honesty and transparency. But it turns out she bought 2 million fake Facebook fans. I guess those are the things you have to do when you ask middle-class college kids paying obscene tuition to pay for your $300,000 speeches and private jets. It must be hard to find real fans! Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

But I saved the best for last: The Clinton Foundation. The Clintons have raised more than $2 billion dollars in donations from the wealthiest people, companies and foreign governments in the world. She’s not “conflicted.” Hillary is bought and paid for. If she wins the presidency, she should wear pantsuits custom designed with patches from corporate sponsors. You know, like NASCAR. She should have Penske and Valvoline patches on her pantsuits. The White House should say: “America’s House, Brought to you by the government of Saudi Arabia.”

Hillary says she fights for the rights of women. Yet she accepts hundreds of millions in donations from Muslim governments that stone women, make them hide behind veils, don’t allow them to drive without a man in the car, don’t allow them to be educated, and arrest and whip them (occasionally even execute them) for being the victims of rape. She could be the biggest hypocrite in the history of politics.

Here’s a great line for TV commercials: “When a Muslim country gives a $10 million check to The Clinton Foundation, then stones a woman, what does Hillary say? ‘Thank you!'” Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

She says she fights for the rights of gays. She tweeted her horror at the new Indiana law protecting religious freedom. But she gladly accepted multimillion-dollar checks from Muslim governments that stone gays and drop them off roofs of buildings. This is the biggest fraud and hypocrite in the history of world politics. Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

Remember Hillary’s TV commercial about that important phone call at 2 a.m.? We need to run TV ads 24 hours a day asking, “When that call comes in at 2 a.m. and it involves one of those countries that gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, do you trust Hillary Clinton to make the decision that is best for America, for your interests, for your children? Hillary Clinton: bought and paid for by foreign governments.” Pray this is the Democratic nominee.

And if you’re a Democrat, you’d better start praying that Hillary is destroyed before she wins the nomination — and early enough that there is time to find and vet a credible replacement. This woman is a ticking time bomb. It’s not a matter of if, but only a matter of when, she implodes or some scandal comes rushing to the surface to blow her campaign to tatters. Maybe it’ll be Benghazi. Or the 32,000 deleted emails. Or maybe it’s the Clinton Foundation. Or maybe it’s her chief of staff and constant woman at her side, Huma Abedin. That story smells worse than all the others.

But I know one thing: Hillary is the most flawed candidate in the history of politics. And I’m praying on bended knees that Hillary gets the nomination.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Why Obama, Democrats and Apple CEO Tim Cook are hypocrites, liars and frauds about Indiana religious freedom law

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The religious freedom act in Indiana has been the biggest news in America for a week now.

This is all a joke, a distraction from what’s really being done to America by Barack Obama and his Marxist cabal of America-haters. Or haven’t you noticed an Iranian nuclear deal that allows Iran to gain nuclear weapons, or a new crisis of illegals at the border, or debt escalating out of control, or 40 straight months with more than 46 million Americans on food stamps, or GDP growth of zero now projected for the first quarter and a disastrous jobs report?

First let’s “out” the opponents of this law. Let me start by saying I’m a true fiscal conservative. But when it comes to social and bedroom issues, I’m a libertarian. I believe in live and let live. I want government out of my bedroom and boardroom. The government shouldn’t be regulating marriage; only churches should marry people.

And if a gay couple wanted a wedding cake from me, you know what I’d say? “How big?” But that’s just me. I’m a capitalist, I’m happy to sell my products to everyone. That’s the American way.

But if people ask me to violate my personal values, morals or religious beliefs, or if I just don’t like what they asking me to do, as a business owner, of course I have a right to opt out. I’m not hurting them, or stopping them. That’s called free will. That’s called free speech, protected by the Constitution.

The radical gay agenda is infringing on our rights as Americans, as Christians and as business owners. And it’s going to backfire. The proof is the small-town Indiana pizzeria whose owners told a reporter they would refuse to make pizzas for a gay wedding. How silly. Weddings aren’t catered by pizzerias in the first place. But instantly they were inundated with death threats and even a local coach asking others on Twitter to join her in burning down the pizzeria. The family that owns the pizzeria closed its doors and ran for their own safety.

Then something interesting happened. Americans supported them — to the tune of more than $842,000, donated by strangers on an online funding site. This pizzeria owner won the lottery. He should thank God for the radical gay agenda.

But back to the hypocrisy and fraud. First, the Indiana bill is a copy of a federal law signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1993.

Isn’t Clinton a friend of gays? Aren’t gay activists supporting Hillary Clinton for president? Yet not one gay activist blamed the Clintons.

This is just like the radical feminist activists who loved Bill Clinton and never said a word as he used his position of power to have sex with a young intern.

Isn’t that the very definition of sexual harassment? If it were a Republican president, the same radical feminists would have screamed for resignation. But when Clinton was the perpetrator, not a peep from the feminists. Hypocrites.

Then there’s Obama. What a hypocrite. Iran’s leaders don’t discriminate against gays; they murder them. They throw them off roofs after torturing them. It’s barbaric. Yet Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are doing business with Iran. Why are they willing to sit at the table with these gay killers?

And if gay rights are really so important to Obama, why isn’t the right to not be murdered for being gay not part of the Iranian nuclear negotiation? Hypocrites.

Then there’s Apple CEO Tim Cook. He’s was all “fired up” by Indiana’s new law. Yet Apple makes billions of dollars selling its products in Russia, where gays have no rights; and in Muslim countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where gays are murdered for their sexual preference; and in China where no one has any civil or human rights. Why doesn’t Apple stop selling iPhones and iPads in those countries? Why doesn’t Apple close its Moscow store immediately? Hypocrites.

And then there’s the Pandora’s box liberal gay activists just opened up:

  • Should a Muslim baker be forced by government to bake a cake for a gay wedding?
  • Should a Muslim butcher be forced by government to sell pork?
  • Should a gay baker be forced by government to bake a cake with anti-gay profanity on top?
  • Should a gay photographer be forced by government to photograph a rally where religious speakers are telling gays to go hell?
  • Should a Jewish owner of a security company in Skokie, Illinois, be forced by government to provide security for a Nazi rally?
  • Should a churchgoing Christian mother be forced by government to cater an awards gala at a porn convention?
  • Should a churchgoing Christian mother who owns a print shop be forced by government to make banners for spring break that say, “Show me your breasts!”
  • Should an Obama-loving liberal business owner be forced by government to rent the stage at his event center for a Tea Party rally?
  • Should a black baker be forced by government to bake a cake with racist profanity and a black man in a noose for a KKK birthday party?

Where does it end? This is insanity. Government has no right to take away our rights of free will, free speech and free association. But if you’re going to force Christian business owners to do things they don’t choose to do, then it goes both ways. The law has to be fairly applied to everyone, or it’s clearly discrimination and a violation of our civil rights.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I have a feeling liberals and gay rights activists are going to be very sorry they opened this door.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Create $200 million conservative super fund to convict Obama and Hillary

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Loose lips sink ships. Here is how Republican donors can sink the ships of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Democrats claim all rich people are Republicans. Not true. The superrich are actually a mixture of Democrats (mostly trial lawyers and spoiled brats who inherited their money) and sleazy sell-outs who are willing to play both sides or sell out either party to get what they want.

But there are more than enough rich conservative super donors (think Koch brothers, Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, Vince McMahon and — don’t forget — Mitt Romney). Why aren’t they stepping up to the plate? Put your money where your mouth is. The media is dominated by biased liberal frauds. Conservatives can’t win in the media. We can win only by going over the media’s head. It’s time to make a PR splash.

It’s time to use capitalism and the power of greed (the things Democrats claim to hate so much) to save America. We need a group of wealthy conservative donors to pool their money together to offer a series of rewards to break open the criminal conspiracies of both Obama and Clinton. It’s time to make an offer too big to refuse.

Conservative billionaire donors like those I named above need to pool together a reward pot of $200 million. For a group of billionaires, that’s “chump change.” That’s like you or me taking $100 out of our wallets.

But it’s enough money to get the attention of America. Two hundred million dollars will loosen lips. For $200 million in reward money, everyone who knows something will talk.

Here is how we save America

No. 1: Offer $50 million to implicate Obama and top White House aides in the Obamacare fraud.

We already know from Jonathan Gruber’s lips that Obamacare was total fraud, deception and misrepresentation. Gigantic lies were made up to sell it. Like Watergate, the crucial question is: Who knew and when did they know it? 

We need witnesses to come forward to report the names of everyone at the meetings when it was agreed Obamacare could pass only by lying about not losing your doctor, not losing your insurance policy, not raising health insurance premiums for middle-class families, not creating massive debt and not killing jobs. And how about the inside details of the $1 billion of taxpayer money wasted on foreign companies (who just happened to be friends of the Obamas) to build and fix a defective website?

This was a classic criminal conspiracy. Everyone involved needs to go to prison. This was the world’s first trillion-dollar scam. Fifty million dollars should get people talking. Maybe Jonathan Gruber himself would take $50 million and immunity from prosecution versus spending the rest of his life in a prison cell.

No. 2: Offer $50 million to any IRS official who comes forward to report on who in White House gave the IRS its marching orders to target, intimidate and persecute Obama critics and opponents (like me).

Obama himself is in this criminal conspiracy up to his neck. We know the chief of the IRS officials practically lived at the White House during Obama’s first term — far more than any other Obama official (or even Cabinet member). We know Obama met with the head of IRS employees union the day before the IRS targeting started. If you can tie Obama or his closest aides (like Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod) to the crime, $50 million is yours. With that kind of money, you don’t have to worry about going to prison for a year or two, or losing your pension.

No. 3: I’ve saved best for last. Here’s where you offer the really big money. Offer $100 million to any hacker in the world who can recover Clinton’s 32,000 deleted emails.

Knock Clinton out of the race now. She is badly wounded and bleeding in the ocean, with sharks swimming around her. The Democrats have no Plan B for the 2016 race. It’s Clinton, or they are up the creek without a paddle.

Clinton’s 32,000 deleted emails can be recovered by the same talented hackers who hacked Sony Pictures or Target or the Defense Department.

I guarantee you there’s a reason she deleted them. The words on those emails would not only end her political career, they could send Clinton to jail. And if I’m right, the messages she sent about Benghazi, Libya, will end Obama’s presidency, too. Clinton wiped her server clean for a good reason: She was hiding the criminal cover-up of a massive foreign policy blunder that makes Watergate look like a ticket for jaywalking.

This is how we save America, by thinking out of the box and going over the heads of the media (who refuse to do their job investigating Obama or Clinton). This is how we turn the tables on the media. This is how we do their jobs for them.

This is how we:

  1. Stop the most corrupt president and administration in history.
  2. Save capitalism and the middle class from utter destruction at the hands of Obama and his socialist cabal.
  3. Finally get rid of the Clintons once and for all.

It’s three for the price of one — for the bargain price of $200 million.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The Gestapo is alive and well in Obama’s America

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Barack Obama is going rogue. By every metric, the Obama economy is melting down. We are seeing the beginning stages of another recession, at best, or a total economic meltdown, at worst.

At the moment, there are no decent-paying jobs in America. Obama has opened the border and given amnesty to at least 5 million illegal aliens already in the country, thereby putting them in competition with working-class and middle-class Americans.

Think I’m wrong? Did you know the government is giving businesses a $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born Americans?

Did you know cities are hiring noncitizens (and even illegal aliens given amnesty by Obama) as policemen? All you need is a work permit. Someone in America illegally can wear a badge and enforce the law against you. Don’t believe me? Ask USA Today.

Did you think the border crisis was over? Obama’s amnesty has encouraged a new wave of poverty-stricken illegals at the border.

And in a bankrupt nation with more than $18 trillion in debt, Obama has used amnesty to give illegals access to food stamps, free healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, earned income tax credits. And by issuing drivers’ licenses and Social Security cards, they will be able to vote immediately (because States don’t have the technology to tell the difference between a legal citizen or a noncitizen).

The Obamacare fiasco gets worse by the day. The middle class is being bankrupted by skyrocketing increases in their health insurance premiums; hospitals are being bankrupted by the flood of illegal aliens accessing services; and the economy will drown in the new debt caused by Obamacare.

Obama’s claim that ISIS is on the run is a proven fraud, ripped bare by America’s embarrassing military withdrawl from Yemen. 

Obama is going nuclear in his hatred for Bibi Netanyahu and Israel, force-feeding the world a weak nuclear agreement with Iran that is so bad, even France is fighting for stronger sanctions. Meanwhile, Obama threatens to become the first president in history to abandon Israel at the United Nations. 

But I haven’t gotten to the bad part yet. Is it possible the terrible news about the economy, the border, ISIS and Israel is all just a distraction? Because the really important news is that Obama has created a modern-day version of “the Gestapo.”

The Obama government is using an initiative called “Operation Chokepoint” to force legal businesses it doesn’t like out of business, by threatening and intimidating banks and credit card processors.

At the same time, the Obama government is urging banks to call the police to report citizens who withdraw $5,000 or more from their own bank accounts. Yes, I said banks are urged to call the police when you withdraw your own money.

This comes at the same time that FEMA announced it will no longer provide FEMA disaster relief funds to states whose governors deny “climate change.” 

And let’s not forget Obama used an FCC party-line vote to take over the Internet and institute sweeping new changes to a system that is working perfectly as the form of communication for most Americans.

Obama’s first goal is clearly massive new taxes on Internet usage, just another way to destroy the middle class and redistribute income. But is his real goal is controlling communications on the Internet — specifically the anti-Obama criticism and anti-government message so prevalent on the Internet.

But let’s circle back to the most Gestapo-like Obama initiative ever. It’s called “Operation Chokepoint.” This is your government’s attempt to put morality controls (just like those in Iran) on the American public by shutting down gun stores, precious metals companies, casinos, tobacco distributors, telemarketers and short-term money lenders.

How can they close legal businesses you ask? By threatening and intimidating banks and credit card processors to close accounts for businesses the government doesn’t like. Just like an Iranian ayatollah, if Obama doesn’t like your business, he will “choke off” your ability to stay in business. Hence the name, “Operation Chokepoint.”

Never forget Obama has been on a six-year-long relentless crusade to raise our taxes and take away our tax deduction for charitable donations, choking off contributions to churches. Yes, Obama is trying to “choke off” the funding that keeps churches in business, too.

Why is this happening? First, because Obama despises capitalism. He needs to put prosperous businesses out of business. By murdering the middle class’ ability to prosper, he creates his utopia of equality (i.e., “shared misery”), making everyone dependent on government in a classless, socialist society. Think Cuba and Venezuela.

Second, there is an obvious reason Obama hates these particular industries. The subtitle of my 2009 book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian,” says it all. The subtitle was “Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” Is it a coincidence that virtually every item I mentioned is under attack?

The businesses on the list of “Operation Chokepoint” are all dominated by people that Obama would describe as capitalists, patriots, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Christians and supporters of the Constitution. Not coincidently, those are the same groups targeted by Obama in the IRS scandal. 

And then, of course, if Obama can’t close your business or “choke off” your ability to prosper, he can force banks to call the police if you dare to withdraw money from your own account.

Folks, this is eerily reminiscent of the Gestapo, or the Soviet KGB, or the East German Stasi. Is this the America you want? The NSA spying on your every move, the federal government in charge of your healthcare and now your free speech on the Internet, the IRS auditing enemies and critics of the government, the federal government forcing legal businesses they deem “unacceptable” out of business, and banks spying on their own customers and being forced to call the police when customers withdraw too much of their own money.

Yes, under Barack Hussein Obama, the Gestapo is alive and well in the former “Land of the Free.”

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Update: A link in this story has been changed for purposes of clarification.

The perfect answer when media ask: ‘Does Obama love America?’

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

When Rudy Giuliani said he thought “Obama doesn’t love America,” it set off a media firestorm.

You know, those same fine ultraliberal Americans now running the mainstream media — who, while in class with me at Columbia University, cheered the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and who today, no doubt, support students at California college campuses who voted to remove the American flag — criticized Giuliani for stating the obvious.

Naturally, the media decided to play “gotcha” with GOP presidential candidates and ask them if they agree that Obama doesn’t love America. As usual, GOP candidates panicked and ran away from Giuliani’s statement.

Well, I have the perfect answer to that question. Scott Walker, are you listening? 

The answer is I believe Obama loves America the same way Fidel Castro has loved Cuba for the past half century. And I believe Obama loves America the same way Hugo Chavez loved Venezuela, the same way Josef Stalin loved Russia, the same way Ho Chi Minh loved North Vietnam and the same way the socialist presidents of insolvent, bankrupt EU countries like Greece, Spain and France today love their countries.

I’m sure Obama loves America the same way they all loved their countries and their people. Yet they managed to destroy their countries and economies. That’s what socialism, communism or Marxism (whatever you want to name it) does. It destroys everyone and everything it touches. Ask the people of Detroit now living in an abandoned city.

It’s not a matter of patriotism. Obama may very well love America, just as I’m sure Castro would say he’s the biggest Cuban patriot ever. Castro loves his people, and he will love Cuba until his dying breath.

Yet look at the results. Castro’s country lies in ruins. The Cuban people own nothing, not even their own thoughts or free speech. Disagree, protest, speak out publicly, and the Castro brothers send you to prison to rot or die. People living in the country that Fidel Castro loves so much have spent the past half-century escaping through shark-infested waters in boats made of spit, glue and rubber tires. The Cuban people were willing to die to get away from the man who loves his country to death.

In all socialist countries “the state” takes care of you. “The state” knows what’s best. “The state” tells you what to think. In each and every case, all that love (and smothering state control) ruins your life.

So does Obama love America? Perhaps, but it’s clear his version of love is similar to the husband who beats his wife, all the while proclaiming “I love you honey; this is for your own good.”

That’s exactly what Walker and other GOP presidential candidates need to say when the media ask, “Does Obama love America?” That’s the perfect answer. Watch the media turn ash white and look sick to their stomachs.

No one can prove whether Obama loves America. But I do know he is destroying America. I do know Obama is Castro.

The people I trust who have dealt with Castro — the parents and grandparents of my friends in the Cuban community — all say Obama is Castro all over again. They’ve seen firsthand the lies, corruption, fraud, propaganda, massive taxation and regulation — the tyrant saying with such sincerity that he loves his country and is here to “save” it. They’ve heard him say that everything he does is for “the good of the people.” They recognize Castro when they see him, and Cubans who lived under Castro are certain Obama is Castro.

It’s not just Castro. Every socialist tin-pot dictator is the same. They all channel Saul Alinsky. Everything they say is the opposite of the truth. Everything they say is to deceive and distract. Everything they do is to bribe the poor with free stuff stolen from the middle class and business owners. The politically correct name is “income redistribution.” But it’s theft. It’s the central tenant of communism and Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”

Rip off your opposition to make them poor and redistribute the stolen loot to the dependent poor, buying their loyalty and votes. That’s socialism. That’s Castro. And that’s Obama.

I have one more recommendation to GOP presidential candidates. When asked what you think of Giuliani’s comments, tell them you’ll answer only when they’ve asked Democratic presidential candidates if they agree with Obama’s comments that Muslim terrorists have “legitimate grievances?”

Do Democratic candidates agree with Obama that “Muslim” and “terrorist” can’t be used in the same sentence? Do they agree with his use of illegal executive orders to make law or his use of the IRS to destroy political opponents? Do they agree that illegal aliens given amnesty should collect up to $24,000 in income tax credits even though they paid no taxes?

Do they agree that $8 trillion in new debt added by Obama could destroy our economy and our children’s future?

Tell them you’ll answer their questions when you hear the Democrats’ answers to these.

It’s time to fight fire with fire. It’s time to stop bringing a knife to a gun fight. This is war. This is a battle for the very survival of America, American exceptionalism, small business, capitalism, free enterprise and free speech.

Sure, Obama loves America — just like those communist tyrants loved their country. That is, as long as they own it, control it and fundamentally change it. So perhaps the corrupt, Marxist, Muslim sympathizer, sociopath, tyrant in the White House loves America, too. You can quote me.

It’s time to speak up now, before America is gone. It’s time to stand up to evil. It’s time to stand up to bullies. It’s time to take back America from the tyrant who loves it… to death.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Why not prosecute Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, or Jon Corzine?

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Here we go again. The OCF (Obama Crime Family) is in full enforcer mode. Obama must have been up late two weeks ago watching “Godfather Part II” on HBO. That’s the movie where Michael Corleone takes revenge on everyone who has ever wronged him or his family. He kills them all.

After watching Obama for the past six years it is clear he’s a psychopath and ego-maniacal tyrant who doesn’t care about morality, the law, checks and balances, or the U.S. Constitution.

I’ve written extensively about the many times this administration has intimidated, persecuted and punished its critics. Obama has used the IRS, NSA, FDA, SEC, EPA; every 3-letter government organization possible to destroy his political opposition.

Take me, for example. I spoke out on Fox News, CNBC and on hundreds of conservative talk radio shows about the criminal actions of this socialist tyrant. During a NBC News special covering “a day in the White House,” NBC’s cameras even showed Obama officials panicking in the war room in reaction to my comments on Fox News.

But I’m not just any critic. I am also Obama’s Columbia College classmate, Class of ‘83. I spoke out publicly about how I believe he committed fraud to gain entrance to a college he never in a million years had the grades to get into. And guess what? His college records are sealed. At one point Donald Trump offered $10 million to the charity of Obama’s choice if he’d just release his records. But not a word.

What’s in those records that is so deadly Obama can’t let them see the light of day? You’ll notice Obama released the birth certificate, but never the college records.

You think I caught his attention? Or Valerie Jarrett’s? Suddenly, I was the victim of a vicious, over-the-top IRS attack. Five days after I won a complete victory in tax court, I was hit by a new IRS attack. Five days! Tax attorneys told me they had never heard of this happening in U.S. tax history.

Here’s the thing folks: If someone in the Obama White House made a call to the IRS to destroy Wayne Root… a crime was committed. As in a “go straight to prison” crime.

Well I’ve got news on that front. Government watchdog Judicial Watch demanded my tax files from the IRS and after a 14 month battle; we now have them in our possession. I’ll release that story with scandalous new details direct from my IRS files in the next two weeks. This will be big news. I’ve already been in contact with United States Senate investigators.

But now Obama has gone even further; with the prosecution of Democratic U.S. Senator Robert Menendez.

It’s clear Obama has tried to intimidate a member of his own crime family. Obama is sending a message to his fellow Democrats — “Embarrass me, fight me, I’ll ruin you, too. No one is off limits. I’m the king and you either follow my orders, or prepare to be destroyed.”

What did Senator Menendez of New Jersey do to Obama to deserve prosecution for a minor offense? He had the nerve to publicly disagree with Obama over Iran and Cuba. Just two days before the indictment announcement, Menendez gave a rousing speech at AIPAC condemning Obama’s Iran policy. Next thing you know: INDICTED. Coincidence? Not likely.

What were the charges? Sitting on a donor’s private plane, then doing the bidding of the donor. Are you kidding me? Every Senator and Congressmen in America does that. They’re all bought and paid for.

Hillary Clinton owed $25 million in campaign debt after her 2008 primary loss to Obama. Then she endorsed Obama and it was quietly paid off. Who made the payments? Over $2 billion dollars has been donated to the Clinton Foundation from billionaires, multinational corporations and foreign governments.

You mean there’s no conflict there? Hillary never accepted a plane ride from any of these same corporations or donors who paid off her massive debt, or funded her Clinton Foundation? She never supported a bill after receiving a donation or free plane ride?

How about her new scandal: She deleted over 30,000 emails. She has multiple email accounts. They were insecure. She claims she had the right to determine which emails were private. She made the decision what to delete. This woman was involved in prosecuting Richard Nixon. It’s clear she learned well from watching Nixon. She is the modern day Tricky Dicky. I guarantee you all her emails relating to Benghazi were deleted. The woman is a criminal.

How about Jon Corzine. He lost the New Jersey governor’s race, went back to Wall Street, and proceeded to lose $1.6 billion (with a B) of his clients’ money — money that was supposed to be protected in escrow accounts.

But Corzine was a major bundler for Obama (twice).  Lo and behold, the U.S. Justice Dept decided not to prosecute. His life moves forward without a blemish. One critic of Obama gets indicted for free plane flights, but the Obama donor is let off scott-free for stealing $1.6 billion from innocent clients.

How about Harry “Whorehouse” Reid. He could be the dirtiest politician in the U.S. Senate. He entered the U.S. Senate with little or no assets then proceeded to become one of the wealthiest men in the Senate on a $170,000 annual salary. Really? All the while doling out billions (with a B) in government contracts and green energy “investments” that ethics watchdogs call “influence peddling.”

Harry put himself in a position of great power to hand out billions. Somehow he got rich. Do you think the two are connected? But no prosecution or indictment of Harry Reid.

Interestingly, all the money that was funneled by the big Democratic donor to Menendez came through a PAC controlled by…wait for it…Harry Reid. Reid’s PAC collected $700,000 of this “dirty money” then gave $600,000 to Menendez. So why isn’t Harry Reid being indicted?

Senator Menendez poked his finger in Obama’s eye and the government decided to ruin his life. Harry Reid has been Obamas’s water boy for six years, enabling all of Obama’s deadly policies to take effect and blocking all attempts to slow him down. Harry is rewarded with no indictment, even though he was smack dab in the middle of the same alleged crime

Folks this smells…and it smells bad. It’s government intimidation and selective persecution at its finest. It’s a message from the OCF — the Obama Crime Family — to follow the orders of Obama, or face ruin, disgrace, destruction and prison. And you can bet the message was heard loud and clear in Washington.

But the worst one of all is Obama. He is the Chicago crook of all crooks. The Marxist tyrant of all tyrants. The sociopath of all sociopaths. Who will save America from the coming two-year reign of terror?

It’s clear Obama is sending a message. His last two years will be like nothing America has ever seen. The question is, after my IRS attacks, after Menendez’s indictment, who has the courage and chutzpah (besides Benjamin Netanyahu) to stand up to the tyrant?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

-Wayne Allyn Root

Bibi destroys Iran and Obama with one masterful speech

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

Wasn’t that refreshing? Don’t you wish we had Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu as president instead of Barack Obama? I took a sampling among my friends — all smart, educated business owners, men of substance. Every one of them said if they had a choice, they’d choose Bibi over Obama for president… of the United States.

The media will concentrate on the substance of the Israeli prime minister’s speech. But let’s first look at the style. I am a business and motivational speaker who speaks all over the globe, often to audiences in the thousands. I understand communication, charisma, chutzpah and salesmanship. Bibi gets an A+ in all four categories. He delivered the speech of a lifetime.

Americans and the world just got a lesson in chutzpah. That’s the Jewish word for “balls.” No one else in the world could have pulled off what Bibi just did. Talk about a masterful speech. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu walked into a joint session of the U.S. Congress like he owned it, like he was the President of the United States. He received 29 standing ovations. If you just dropped in from another planet, you might have assumed you were watching U.S. President Netanyahu give his State of the Union.

Keep in mind Bibi is the leader of a tiny nation with the population of some anonymous, obscure African nation. Yet he held court over the U.S. Congress for almost an hour like he was the most powerful man in the world, like he was the leader of America, Russia, China, the U.K. or Germany. That takes chutzpah.

Can you imagine the looks on the faces of Barack and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett. I’d have paid a million dollars to be a fly on that wall!

Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the leaders of every Muslim nation on Earth? The anger, shock, jealousy. Why Bibi? Why is he presiding over the U.S. Congress? Why are they fawning over his every word? Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the leaders of Iran or Qatar or Afghanistan.

How about the looks on the faces of the leaders of ISIS? Can’t you picture them saying: “Israel’s leader gets the attention of the world by addressing a joint session of Congress. We have to set fire to prisoners in cages to get anyone’s attention!”

And that vibe. Bibi gave off the vibe that he alone holds the key to saving the world. And just maybe he does.

Now to the substance of Bibi’s speech. Bibi walked onto the biggest stage in America and embarrassed Obama. He schooled him. He took him to the woodshed. And here’s the masterful part: He killed him with kindness! Bibi pulled off a speech ripping America’s president to shreds in front of the political leadership of America, in front of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, in front of the American people. And he did like only a master of communication, chutzpah and salesmanship could: by first praising him, by thanking Obama, by showering him with compliments. Then he proceeded to strip him naked and pummel him into submission.

What was the main takeaway of the speech? That you can’t reward bad behavior. That you must punish bad behavior. That you can’t agree to deals with tyrants, terrorists, liars, thieves and murderers whose word cannot be trusted.

That the only deal worth doing punishes Iran and takes away the Iranians’ nuclear capabilities until they change their behavior; until they stop supporting and funding terrorism; until they stop vowing to annihilate their neighbor Israel and kill all the Jewish people; until they check their aggressive support of militant, radical Islam all over the world. That to allow any nuclear capability for a militant Muslim nation is suicide for the entire world.

Do you understand the chutzpah of Bibi? The leader of tiny Israel was giving Obama lessons in negotiation. This was more entertaining to conservatives like me than watching “American Sniper.” I asked my family to pass the popcorn.

Bibi made three great points that emasculated Obama:

No. 1: The art of negotiating. Bibi compared negotiating with Iran to negotiating at a Persian bazaar. Hilarious, and so true. “If they threaten to walk away, let them.” Bibi said. “Because they’ll be back.” It takes an Israeli to understand the human nature of Persians, that threat of walking away is just part of a negotiation. Bibi understands that.

Can Obama be that stupid? Bibi sure made him seem that stupid. But I know Bibi knows what I know. He just can’t say it in public. Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s not on Israel’s side. So Bibi had to play a masterful game of chess with Obama. So he painted him as naïve and stupid. He embarrassed him in front of the world. He made it clear the deal Obama has negotiated is Neville Chamberlain all over again. It’s a repeat of the worst deal ever agreed to: Chamberlain’s deal with Adolf Hitler.

No. 2: Secondly, Bibi made it clear that Iran is not a normal country. It shouldn’t be treated like a normal country. It is a militant Islamic country. Obama can’t even use those words. He thinks “Islamic” is some kind of compliment. Remember we’re dealing with a man who claims Islam was a founding religion of America. Bibi understands who he is dealing with.

Bibi pointed out that Iran is a rogue terrorist state no different than ISIS. Iran is the enemy of ISIS, so Bibi had to make a very interesting point. Iran and ISIS are the same people. They want the same thing. They say it. They tweet it. Iran wrote it in its constitution. They are dedicated to killing, conquering, converting and enslaving first the entire region, then the world. Iran is fighting ISIS only to determine who gets to do it in the name of Allah. Bibi then drove the nail home, “The enemy of your enemy is your enemy.” Great line! I hope Obama was wearing a cup. If not, he may be down for a while.

No. 3: Thirdly, Bibi made a simple, clear point that the American people can understand. Forget intellectual arguments. Forget the fancy words of lawyers and Ivy Leaguers like Obama, meant to obscure, confuse, distract and deceive the people. Bibi spoke from the heart. He painted a picture of militant radical Muslims like ISIS and how they act: They cut off heads; they torture; they throw gays off buildings; they parade prisoners in cages; they set people on fire; they kill women and children; even babies are cut in half and mutilated at the hands of militant radical Muslims. And Obama wants to allow them to possess nuclear weapons? And he thinks that’s OK? He thinks they’ll change? He thinks they’ll stop being angry and aggressive with a nuclear weapon now in their hands?

No one watching can forget Bibi’s lesson: No militant Islamic state can ever be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, or it will certainly use them. No one in the world will be ever again sleep soundly. No one’s children will ever again be safe. Bibi made it clear Obama’s deal with Iran allows the country to possess nuclear weapons. It’s only a matter of when. That cannot be allowed to pass.

I think I could hear Obama and Valerie Jarrett screaming at the TV set inside the White House “war room.” Bibi embarrassed them, thrashed them, emasculated them. By the way, not only is it clear Obama does not like Israel, that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, that Obama is trying to weaken Israel and put her people in danger; but the ruler of Obama’s White House is Jarrett. Where was she born? Iran.

Obama’s actions and negotiations are no mistake, fluke or coincidence. They are not done out of naiveté. Bibi knows that as well as I do. So he had to deconstruct this president and his Iranian-born Svengali in a nice way: in front of the Congress, in Obama’s own house.

Bibi had to kill Obama with kindness. He could not win over the American people by ripping our president in our own home stadium. So he never once named Obama as the bad guy. He never once blamed Obama for a bad deal or bad negotiations. He never said out loud, “Your president is trying to hurt Israel.” But he didn’t have to. We all know.

Bravo, Bibi. You just showed us all what a real leader looks like: someone who stands up to evil, instead of negotiating and compromising in the face of another Hitler. Bibi made his point subtly, as subtly as a jackhammer and blowtorch. Congrats Bibi, you made a lot of smart Americans wish you were our president instead of Obama.

And the bonus is we all got two for the price of one. Bibi’s speech destroyed both Iran and Obama. A two-for-one sale on the floor of the U.S. Congress? It’s kind of like a Persian bazaar.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

I stand with Rudy Giuliani

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty, and I stand with Rudy Giuliani. Great job, Rudy! I just hope you have the guts to withstand the withering media attacks and stand your ground. Do not retreat. What you said was perfect. Giuliani just said what tens of millions of Americans already were thinking.

As if questioning out loud whether Barack Obama really loves America is such a controversial thing to do. How ridiculous.

Let me count the ways that would indicate to anyone who isn’t blind or a complete blithering idiot that Obama doesn’t appear to love America, is “different” in his thinking than any other president and certainly gives the strong impression his true feelings are anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Israel.

Before we get to exact quotes direct from Obama’s mouth in the past few surreal days, let’s start with the obvious. Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America, when he shows loves and support for communist Cuba and the Castro brothers… but shows nothing but disdain for Israel?

Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America when he meets with gusto with the head of Jihad-supporting, radical Muslim-supporting Qatar, but refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

What about when he opens a White House terrorist summit with Muslim prayer, includes primarily Muslim participants and warmly welcomes the head of Russia’s spy agency (formerly known as the KGB), while excluding the head of America’s FBI?

What about when he refuses to admit Muslims are terrorists, while his Homeland Security lackeys label those who believe in individual rights and smaller government as the biggest terrorist threats facing America?

The media thinks it’s a “stretch” for Giuliani to see and hear all that and conclude the White House might be occupied by a radical extremist Marxist and Muslim sympathizer who doesn’t appear to love America? Maybe that’s because when I was Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, my classmates cheered and celebrated the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan… and today many of my classmates are in the national media. Those are the “unbiased” people judging Giuliani.

Well, I stand with Giuliani. I believe Giuliani is a hero for having the courage to state publicly what so many millions of Americans are thinking. I think Giuliani hit the nail right on the head.

In my national bestseller “The Murder of the Middle Class,” I predicted Obama would throw aside all attempts at moderation and compromise in his last two years as president. Since he never had to face voters again, I predicted the real Obama would emerge and that he would unleash a radical anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, anti-Israel agenda. There is no doubt that is exactly what he has unleashed in the past few days.

We have a president who actually said Muslim terrorists have “legitimate grievances.” I wonder if Obama believes the Nazis had “legitimate grievances,” too? After all, both groups share the same grievance and goal: to murder every Jew in the world.

We have a president who described the attack by a radical Muslim who murdered four Jews in a kosher deli as “random folks shot in a deli.”

We have a president who described 21 Coptic Christians beheaded on a beach in Libya by Muslim terrorists as just some “Egyptian citizens.”

As the Islamic State beheads and burns to death prisoners in slick promotional videos, Obama’s spokeswoman proposes the solution is finding them jobs. Yes, at the direction of the president, she says this is about “jobs for jihadis.” So I ask the crucial question, “Who’s hiring?” How about Obama? I hear there’s a need for White House interns. Just keep them away from gasoline and matches.

We have a president who won’t use the words “Muslim” and terrorist in the same sentence, even at a White House terrorism summit.

That summit opened with a Muslim prayer, primarily included Muslims, excluded the head of the FBI and welcomed the head of the former KGB.

Even the former head of the CIA, James Woolsey, was flabbergasted and worried by Obama’s statements.

We have a president who claims Muslims have been “woven into our country’s fabric from the first day” — even though this is a complete lie.

There were no Muslims present at the founding of America, but we did interact with them. America’s first war as a new nation was against Muslims (the Barbary Pirates).

We have a president who not only won’t tie Muslims to terrorism, but amazingly considers conservatives and anyone who believes in individual rights to be the biggest terrorist threat.

It’s not as if we don’t have a terrorist threat from radical Islam right here, right now. It was just Sunday that we heard about a serious jihadist threat against the Mall of America — with Somali immigrants in Minnesota at the center of this frightening episode.

Yet we have a president desperate to bring more and more Muslim immigrants to our country, including Syrian refugees coming direct from the home of the Islamic State, leaving even our own even intelligence community shocked and frightened.

In the midst of all this, Obama chose to scold Christians at the annual White House prayer breakfast for actions taken hundreds of years ago during the Crusades.

Obama doesn’t just blame Christians. He blames Jews, too. He refuses to meet with the prime minister of Israel; at the same time, he meets enthusiastically with Jihad-supporting Qatar.

In light of these statements and actions of just the past few days, what exactly is wrong or “extreme” about Giuliani’s statement about the president? What conclusion would you draw? Whose side is Obama on? Obama’s thinking can only be described by any normal American as “foreign.”

Personally, I think our president is moonlighting with a second job: as the new chief lobbyist and PR man for the Muslim world. Well, at least Obama has found one job he’s good at.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Martin Luther King Jr. was right

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Martin Luther King Jr. “was fascinated by the idea of refusing to cooperate with an evil system.” King believed that “the Christian doctrine of love operating through the Gandhian method of nonviolence was one of the most potent weapons available to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom.”

It is time to adopt MLK’s “doctrine” to defeat Obama. Our nation is upside down. A lie is called the truth. The truth is called intolerant or racist. A Great Depression is a “recovering economy.” Record cold and snow are signs of global warming. Low gas prices are attributed to the man whose stated goals and policies are to drive energy prices ever higher. The way to “save” the middle class is by taxing it more. Illegal aliens have the same rights as any American-born citizen. And, of course, we can’t use “Muslim” and “terrorist” in the same sentence, even if every terrorist attack is conducted by Muslims.

America’s future is going bad… fast. We have to fight back. We have to act now to take back the country from the evil destroying it.

How bad are things? We have a president who described the attack by a radical Muslim who murdered four Jews in a kosher deli as “random folks shot in a deli.”

We have a president who described 21 Coptic Christians beheaded on a beach in Libya by Muslim terrorists because they were Christians as “Egyptian citizens.” 

We have an administration that, as ISIS beheads and burns to death prisoners, proposes the solution is finding “jobs for jihadis.”

We have a president who has set up a hotline for illegal aliens to complain about border agents “violating their rights.”

We have a president more concerned about the rights of Muslim terrorists, Gitmo detainees and illegal aliens than you and me.

We have a president more willing to negotiate with murdering mullahs in Iran than negotiate with Republicans in Congress.

We have a president who orders the release of tens of thousands of illegal alien felons, putting them back on the streets to rob, rape and murder.

We have a president who orders the IRS to audit honest businessmen… but gives $24,000 checks to illegal aliens.

Thanks to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, we know we have a president who committed fraud to sell Obamacare and bankrupt the middle class he thinks of as “too stupid to understand.” He told lies, including “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” and “The average middle class consumer’s cost will go down.” All lies, fraud and misrepresentation.

King advocated nonviolent resistance to fight evil. Here are four nonviolent actions we can take to slow or stop the evil that is destroying America and our children’s future:

Action 1: The New York City police showed us the first way. Mayor Bill de Blasio made clear his distaste and disrespect for the police, the same way Obama has made clear his distaste for the military, law enforcement, border agents, business owners and the U.S. Constitution.

Just as police stood with their backs to de Blasio, concerned citizens and patriots — especially Republican senators and congressmen — need to turn their backs to Obama wherever he appears.

King knew visual images like this change public opinion. Turning our backs on the individual perpetrating the evil can paint a picture that independent and “undecided” citizens need to see. They need to know it’s deadly serious and it’s time to stop worrying about political correctness.

GOP political leaders need to stop making believe we don’t have a Muslim sympathizer in the White House, a fraud willing to lie and illegally target, persecute and intimidate his critics. They need to stop making believe he isn’t a criminal willing to violate the U.S. Constitution. They need to stop making believe Obama isn’t consciously implementing a purposeful plan to destroy America by bankrupting taxpayers under a blizzard of taxes, regulations and debt and by showering illegal aliens with amnesty, massive entitlements, free healthcare and, of course, the right to vote without being citizens.

Stand up, America. We must all admit the truth and show our anger by standing with our backs to the president. What Obama is doing to America is no different than what de Blasio is doing to the New York City police. Standing with our back to Obama is a perfect example of King’s nonviolent resistance.

Action 2: We must use the courts, filing lawsuit after lawsuit against Obama’s illegal actions. On Monday, a federal judge blocked Obama’s amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. We must use the liberal trick of “law-suiting” Obama to death. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Another perfect example of King’s nonviolent resistance.

Action 3: We must use states’ rights to destroy Obama’s plans. Exhibit A: Each state, at least those led by GOP governors, should pass a law making it a crime for noncitizens to attempt to register to vote with a mandatory five years in prison, $100,000 fine and deportation after prison. Then start a PR campaign in Spanish and conduct high-profile prosecutions. Democrats will find it very difficult to get illegal volunteers to the voting booth. Another perfect example of King’s nonviolent resistance.

Action 4: Our GOP Congress must find the courage to impeach Obama. Simple. There are so many obvious and clear charges. Lead with Obama’s use of fraud to pass Obamacare. Charge Gruber and force him to give evidence and roll over on Obama to avoid life in prison for being the architect of the first trillion-dollar fraud in world history.

This is how we stop evil in America. Without resorting to violence. King would be proud.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Did Obama really say: ‘I will stand with the Muslims?’

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Do words matter? I think they do. I think we all need to take a man at his word. Barack Obama’s words from his own life story are under debate, yet should be of interest to all of us. Many conservatives attribute these words to Obama from his autobiography, “I will stand with the Muslims.” Those were not his exact words. But his actions indicate it is exactly what he meant.

Many defenders of Obama say that is too simplistic of an interpretation and the words have been taken out of context. The reference came in a paragraph where Obama discussed prejudice against different races and religions. He made it clear that it’s unfair for people to jump to conclusions and tar all members of one race or religion with the deeds of one small group of people. Defenders of Obama believe he promised only to defend Muslims against that kind of prejudice. They interpret his words to mean he promised to defend Muslims against the kind of unfair internment faced by Japanese-Americans during World War II.

I agree Obama’s remarks are open to interpretation. The problem is his actions today are so toxic as to convince many of us that he meant the words, “I will stand with the Muslims.” Judge for yourself. Actions speak louder than words.

Obama just made the most amazing statement at the National Prayer Breakfast. He blamed Christianity for “terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” 

Did Obama really go there? A supposed Christian condemning Christianity for something that happened in the Dark Ages. The president of our nation condemning Christians for something all warriors for every religion did a thousand years ago: kill in the name of religion.

But today, only one religion is still killing like it’s the Dark Ages: Islam. Today, there are only “terrible deeds in the name of Allah.”

Were Americans who elected and re-elected Obama like the Jews of Nazi Germany, too naive to understand or believe a leader’s own words? Hitler said he’d kill the Jews. But Jews just couldn’t believe it. “It’s just hype and propaganda to get votes,” they thought. They guessed wrong.

Have Obama’s defenders guessed wrong, too?

Obama refuses to actually fight the Islamic State (which Obama calls ISIL) with a real plan. Yes, he’ll drop a few bombs from thousands of feet in the air, to make it look like we’re fighting ISIL. Yes, he says he’s got ISIL defeated. Results prove that’s an absurd lie. ISIL is stronger than ever. Ask that Jordanian pilot burned to death in a cage. Ask Kurds fighting for their lives.

Even decorated generals believe Obama has no plan to fight ISIL. But why would Obama make false claims when there is no plan? Is he stalling for time? The more time Obama wastes, the stronger ISIL becomes. If Obama stalls long enough, ISIL will become unbeatable. ISIL will be “here to stay.”

But why would any U.S. President have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama has no serious interest in helping Israel defeat Hamas either. Moderate Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Araba Emirates are giving more support to Israel than America under Obama.

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama has left our Southern border with Mexico wide open for six long years. Even Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein believes Islamic terrorist cells have slipped across our border.

An ISIL operative claims that 4,000 terrorists have been smuggled into Western states. What kind of a president would keep our border wide open and unsecured? What could be his agenda?

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama (in concert with the United Nations) has suspended immigration laws to import thousands of Muslims into America from war zones like Iraq, Somalia and Syria. He’s bringing the same violent, radicalized Muslims to America who have led to crisis, intolerance, terror attacks and crisis in Europe.

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama and the Democrats are in such denial about who our enemy is that dozens of Democratic leaders in Congress (including the vice president of the United States) are threatening to boycott the address to Congress by the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, as if to emphasize where he stands, Obama goes back to the Dark Ages to blame Christianity for the sins of Islam today. He lectures us about “terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Using Obama’s logic,

  • Should we blame all African-Americans today for the “terrible deeds in name of the Black Panthers of the 1960s?”
  • Should we blame all Germans today for “terrible deeds in name of Hitler in the 1940s?”
  • Should we blame every Japanese American for “terrible deeds by Imperial Japan at Pearl Harbor?”
  • Should we blame all white Southerners today for “terrible deeds by the KKK?”
  • Should we blame all baseball players today for “terrible deeds by racist baseball players in the 1950s?”
  • Should we blame all Italians today for “terrible deeds in the name of the Roman Empire?”
  • Should we blame all American Indians today for “terrible deeds in the name of Apache Indian raids on American settlers?”

How absurd to go back in time hundreds or thousands of years to try to twist logic and common sense, so as to deflect proper blame for something happening today.

There is one enemy of America, Christianity and good people of faith all over the world today. It isn’t Judaism or Christianity or Buddhism or Catholicism; it is radical Islam. It is Islamic terrorism. It is ISIL. It is jihad. Spell it how you want. Obama is taking great pains and irrational leaps to cover up for Islam.

Yes, Obama’s words are open to interpretation. He did not say verbatim “I will stand with the Muslims.” There was nuance. There was a second part to the statement. He couched his statement based on unfair prejudice and even internment. Obama did exactly what his mentor Saul Alinsky taught him to do- disguise your statements, distract the masses, camouflage your true intensions and hide your radical agenda. But at the root of Obama’s statement was the truth.

I believe Obama’s actions make the true meaning of his words clear. Obama may not have said the exact words “I will stand with the Muslims.” But he sure meant them.

Now we know what side he’s on. The real question is: Just how far will he go?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

My neighbor, Harry Reid

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. My U.S. senator is perhaps the worst in the history of the U.S. Senate: Harry Reid. He’s certainly the worst senator of my lifetime: the past 53 years. Amazingly, Reid isn’t just my senator, he’s my neighbor. Reid and I live only a couple of blocks apart in Henderson, Nevada, inside beautiful Anthem Country Club.

Can you imagine? We should do a reality TV show together called “The Odd Couple.” Harry Reid, the enabler for the Marxist agenda of the worst president in U.S. history, lives only a stone’s throw from “the Capitalist Evangelist” and ultimate Tea Party warrior Wayne Allyn Root. What a pair of neighbors. One in a million.

From my second story deck, I’m looking at Reid’s home. I’m just a stone’s throw away. And there are times I’ve thought of throwing that stone. Just kidding. Besides, Reid is doing a good enough job of hurting himself. A while back, he fell while jogging. Just a few weeks ago, he hurt himself lifting weights. Reid’s so feeble, in such decline, I actually feel sorry for him. I wish him a wonderful retirement. It’s clearly time for golf, grandchildren and cruises to Mexico. But one thing is for sure: Reid cannot continue as one of the leaders of the U.S. Senate and one of the most important and powerful men in the free world.

This is getting embarrassing. Poor Reid has clearly reached well beyond his “past due” date as a U.S. Senator. If he were an airline pilot, he would have been forced to retire a decade ago — long before he started falling down and hurting himself. If he were a CEO, his board of directors would have forcedly retired him years ago. If he were a typical government employee, he’d have retired to a life of leisure at age 50. That was almost three decades ago.

So why is Reid allowed to stay in his U.S. Senate seat until the day he dies? Will he be allowed to serve in the Senate while he’s pushed to his seat in a wheelchair and spoon-fed by a nurse?

At what age is enough enough? Shouldn’t a world leader be held to the same standards as a pilot? That pilot has to retire at age 65 — even if he’s in perfect mental and physical shape. Why? It’s because after age 65, people start to fail. Bad things start to happen. You can’t let a pilot decide for himself when it’s time to go. For the good of society, that decision is made for the pilot at a specific age.

We can’t have elderly pilots flying planes with 200 or 300 souls on board when they suffer a stroke, seizure or heart attack or fall down and can’t get up. So why would we want a U.S. Senator, whose actions affect our economy, jobs, taxes and healthcare, still making important decisions, long after their “past due” date?

Is Reid capable of making competent decisions at this point? We know for a fact he has suffered strokes while in office. He fell down jogging and got a nasty black eye not long ago. Then, weeks ago, Reid had a far more serious episode. The claim is he was badly hurt while exercising. He claims to have been using a band-based weight machine when the band snapped, hitting him in the face and knocking him unconscious with severe injuries. He had broken ribs, a severe concussion and terrible eye injuries that threatened the loss of his sight. From exercise?

I’m a fitness enthusiast. I understand exercise very well. It’s been the foundation of my life for 38 years. In all those years, I’ve never heard of someone getting a black eye from jogging. In all those years, I’ve also never heard of a serious injury from using an amateurish, cheap band weight machine.

To make matters worse (and stranger) Reid’s staff further disclosed his injury occurred in the bathroom of his home. His bathroom? Do you know anyone who lifts weights in the bathroom? The story is just too strange to believe. But either way, this is clearly not a man capable of doing the most important job in our country.

Here’s a man who did great damage to our economy and country as U.S. Senate majority leader. He was the chief enabler and water-carrier for the massive expansion of government, spending, taxes, regulation and debt under President Obama. Reid enabled Obama to depress the private sector with the most regulations in history, killing millions of jobs, suffocating the middle class, destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world, making the coal industry extinct and blocking the Keystone Pipeline (thereby dramatically raising all of our electric bills), giving amnesty to illegal aliens and allowing Obama to violate the U.S. Constitution again and again.

Reid achieved all this while purposely preventing the U.S. Senate from voting on any bill that might help the economy, or undo the damage of Obama’s socialist nanny state policies. Reid refused to allow bills to be voted on, for fear of hurting the re-election campaigns of his fellow Democratic senators. He even presided over “the nuclear option” that he swore he’d never allow to pass — for the first time in history, allowing bills and appointments to pass the Senate with merely a simple majority.

Term limits would have forced Reid out of the Senate before any of that could have happened. What a blessing that would have been for America and the U.S. economy.

Now add in Reid’s declining health and fading ability to competently take care of himself, let alone the country, and you have a clear recipe for disaster. Reid is indeed the poster child for term limits.

From now on, I’d suggest “The Harry Reid Rule.” All politicians should be limited to two terms: one term in office, and one term in prison.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The amazing arrogance and stupidity of Barack Obama

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Remember when George W. Bush damaged his presidency and legacy by arrogantly proclaiming “mission accomplished” on an aircraft carrier as he announced the end of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? He looked foolish when thousands more American soldiers came home in body bags and tens of thousands more were badly injured.

The reality Bush didn’t understand was that this was only the beginning of a guerrilla war using terrorist tactics. The biased liberal media, of course, never let the American public forget Bush’s mistake. They called him dumb and arrogant.

The question now is what do you call someone stupid enough to repeat the same mistake as his predecessor? You call him Barack Obama.

In his State of the Union address, a smug, arrogant Obama just declared “mission accomplished” on multiple fronts. He gloated that the economy is booming and the “fact” that he has defeated ISIS. Obama told Americans the recession is over, that it’s time to move on. He said it’s old news and it’s time to ignore any mention of hard times.

Really? If Bush was dumb and arrogant for announcing “mission accomplished,” what does that make Obama for repeating the same mistake? Is there a word for stupid squared?

It’s clear ISIS isn’t defeated. If anything, ISIS is getting stronger every day. The terrorists are laughing in our face as they behead more hostages, capture more territory and actually publicly threaten the president of the United States.

And the economy? Within days of Obama’s State of the Union “mission accomplished” speech, bad economic news came in droves. Obama’s policies and never ending new regulations are not helping the economy; they are destroying it.

Only days after Obama’s speech, it was disclosed that 50,000 bank employees were laid off in December (only days before the speech). Yes, I said 50,000 in one month.

But Wall Street wasn’t alone. EBay announced massive layoffs only days after Obama’s State of the Union — about 7 percent of its workforce.

American Express just laid off 4,000 employees (about 6 percent of its workforce).

Baker Hughes announced layoffs of 7,000 (about 11 percent of its workforce) the same week.

Energy and oil companies announced the layoffs of thousands and predicted 20,000 more could lose their jobs in one North Dakota town by summer.

Forbes is reporting that IBM will soon announce layoffs of 100,000 employees (25 percent of its workforce), although IBM denies that number.

Teen clothing retailer Wet Seal just declared bankruptcy and closed 338 stores.

Retailers like Macy’s and J.C. Penny are closing stores and laying off thousands of employees. Retailers are closing thousands of stores after a poor Christmas shopping season and laying off hundreds of thousands of employees. A poor Christmas shopping season? Funny, but that doesn’t sound like Obama “saved” the economy, does it?

Durable goods orders in America have literally collapsed.

Earlier this week, the stock market plunged 500 points on news of disastrous earnings reports from major companies across the U.S. Not only are companies reporting terrible fourth-quarter results, but they are severely downgrading their 2015 sales and profits predictions.

More terrible news. The entire EU is on the verge of collapse. It just happens to be America’s No. 1 trading partner.

Recovery? For the first time in history, a majority of public school students in America live in poverty.

For the first time in history, more businesses are failing each day than opening.

For the first time in history, there are more people on welfare, food stamps and other handouts than working in the private sector.

Americans on disability are up by 50 percent.

Food stamp use topped 46 million for the 38th straight month.

We have the lowest workforce participation rate in modern history.

Almost 100 million working-age Americans aren’t working. 

And 107 million Americans are on some form of welfare. Is it a coincidence that about the same number are unemployed as collecting welfare?

And all of this “success” and “saving” of the economy was achieved by adding $8 trillion to the national debt in only six years. Obama has exploded the debt by an unimaginable 70 percent.

The Director of the CBO just called the debt “unsustainable” and predicts we are the verge of fiscal crisis.

Not surprisingly, economist Robert Johnson reports the wealthiest hedge fund managers and other assorted Wall Street bankers and billionaires fear instability, unrest and riots and are busy buying farms in New Zealand to escape the violence to come.

Oh, and even if you believe the lie that the economy is doing wonderful, it’s all at the expense of our future. Interest rates are at zero. Raise them even a few points and just the interest on our skyrocketing debt will eat up the entire U.S. budget. Now add in the cost of Obamacare (just revealed at $50,000 per person over the next decade), and all the taxes in the world won’t pay for the interest on the debt. Our economy will be overwhelmed. Like Humpty Dumpty, no one will ever be able to pick up the pieces again.

The Great Recession isn’t over. We may actually be in the eye of an economic hurricane. Remember, it’s calm and quiet in the eye of a hurricane. It seems like the worst is over. But the worst is yet to come — it’s on the other side of the eye.

The stats above make it clear there is no recovery. Obama didn’t “save” the economy. He simply lied… again. He just made it up. Obama is proof of the saying “Liars make the best promises.”

So now you can add to the list of the great lies of all time:

  • “Mission accomplished.”
  • “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”
  • “The shadow of the crisis has passed… Tonight we turn the page…”

Those words are a testament to the arrogance and stupidity of Obama. Get ready for the second more deadly half of the hurricane.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

An important message for Bill Maher

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. And I have an important message for Bill Maher and his HBO show: Stop lying!

I sat in amazement watching Maher’s HBO show a couple of weeks ago. How many lies, exaggerations, misrepresentations and delusions can HBO — and guests like Jay Leno and even Republican Carla Fiorina — allow Maher to get away with in one show? Yes, Maher is only a comedian and entertainer, not a serious journalist. But here’s why it matters. Maher’s lies and propaganda are exactly the same lies as those told by every Obama supporter, Democratic members of Congress and the mainstream media.

Each of these lies is easily debunked. That’s why Maher only allows conservative guests who are boring, weak-willed, milquetoast and afraid to challenge him — and makes certain they are outnumbered and intimidated.

Call out the lies and aggressively debate Maher, and he won’t allow you on the show ever again. How do I know? Because it happened to me. I was a guest on Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect” four times in one year. His producers told me that was more than any other guest in America that year. Maher’s producers said they booked me repeatedly because I was (and I quote) “a dynamic, entertaining communicator and one of the few guests gutsy enough to aggressively debate Bill.” I actually got ovations from his liberal audience.

That was a combination Maher could not allow. And after my fourth appearance, the producers told me Maher would never allow me on the show again. The irony is this is the same man who spent half his show defending the importance of “free speech” in the wake of the jihadist terrorist attack in France.

Each week, Maher finds a way to label anyone with my conservative and capitalist views “radical” and “extreme.” That’s despite the fact that only 11 weeks ago these same views won in the biggest national landslide in the history of modern politics. That’s despite the fact that polls prove that in all 50 states conservatives outnumber those identifying themselves as liberals.

When liberals like Barack Obama, Harry Reid or media hotshots like Maher call popular views like mine “radical” and “extreme,” they are lying and committing slander. This slash-and-burn strategy was created by communist Saul Alinsky. They get away with it by repeating the lie again and again — and by banning anyone who can win a debate from appearing on the same stage.

Maher’s show has deteriorated into three or four liberals ganging up (bullying is probably the right word) against one frightened and intimidated conservative. Those of us who can’t be bullied are banned from Maher’s show.

Since Maher is too insecure to debate me face to face, let me tackle his lies right here.

The narrative provided by Maher is that the Obama economy is doing great: GDP is up dramatically, unemployment is way down, healthcare costs are down and Obama has lowered the deficit. Maher basically dared the GOP to run against the magnificent Obama economy. These are the same lies told by every Democratic member of Congress, and the GOP lets them get away with these lies. Here is how you debunk them.

First, no sooner was I out in the media trashing this idea that we are in “recovery” and Obama policies have produced a good economy than the news came out that 50,000 jobs were terminated last month in just one industry: banking.

Why were they terminated? Because bank revenues are the lowest in eight decades. What was eight decades ago? That was smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression. Does that sound like a good economy to you?

The economy is not “recovering” or “healthy” for anyone but corporate elite and billionaires, although the news of 50,000 bank employees terminated in one month may be proof even the corporate elite are now joining the suffering. Join the club. Main Street and small business have been dying for six long years under Obama. Just as my bestselling book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” warned, the American middle class has been systematically slaughtered. For the first time in history, our middle class is no longer No. 1 in the world; Canada’s is.

For the first time in history, more businesses are failing each day than opening.

For the first time in history, there are more people on welfare, food stamps and other handouts than working in the private sector.

We have the lowest workforce participation rate in modern history.

For men, it’s the lowest in recorded history.

As a matter of fact, there is only one place in all of America where the labor participation rate rose under Obama: Washington, D.C. The only one hiring is Obama, and he’s doing it with your taxpayer money!

Almost 100 million working-age Americans aren’t working.

In this Obama economy, 40 percent of American workers now earn less than the minimum wage in 1968.

Some 107 million Americans are on some form of welfare.

If we add in Medicare, Medicaid and people working for government, more than 165 million Americans — about half the population — are dependent on a government check.

This is Maher’s definition of success? This cannot go unchallenged by conservatives.

Obama’s supporters claim healthcare costs are down while GDP is up. Really? Here are the facts. Health insurance premiums have gone up more in the past year than in the eight years prior to Obamacare.

In California individual health insurance premiums are up as much as 88 percent.

Many families across the country are paying double or triple, yet are stuck with higher deductibles and fewer benefits.

And that is precisely why GDP was up. Almost the entire increase in third quarter GDP was fueled by the massive increase in healthcare costs due to Obamacare.

So let me get this scam correctly. Obama’s voters get “free” healthcare, while middle-class America and small business gets bankrupted with the huge bill. Our health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, destroying our quality of life, and Obama calls that proof that GDP is up. That’s an achievement?

Conservatives need to attack aggressively. The idea that GDP is rising because of higher healthcare costs that are bankrupting middle-class Americans is not a reason to celebrate. It’s a reason to hang Democrats!

But wait, the lies get bigger. If the GDP increase for one quarter was primarily produced by increased healthcare spending, then how can Obama’s defenders claim that healthcare spending is down? Where did they get that lie from? Jonathan Gruber? The left just makes up lies, and no one challenges them. My health insurance bill went from $500 per month to $1,700 under Obama. Challenge these lies. This message will resonate with middle-class consumers (and voters).

Next, Obama’s defenders claim unemployment is down. How could it be down if the workforce participation rate is the lowest in history? The answer is fraud. The government doesn’t count the people no longer looking for jobs or who don’t want a job (who would rather sit home collecting welfare). True unemployment is at Great Depression levels.

Worse, the jobs being created are crappy, low-wage, part-time jobs.

I’m basing this on facts. Think of the most liberal city in America: New York City. From 2008 to 2013, only 194,000 jobs were created in New York City. That’s a disaster. But listen to this: 191,000 of them were low-wage or part-time jobs. Only 3,000 were middle-class jobs.

Can you imagine what liberals would say if a white Republican were president and every job created was flipping burgers, mowing lawns or cleaning toilets? They’d say he was trapping minorities in a life of poverty and hopelessness. But a black liberal president receives congratulations. Amazing.

Democrats also crow about the stock market under Obama. Republicans go along with this narrative. Well, a rising stock market based on good news and positive economic fundamentals would be great. But a rising stock market based on fake money printing by the Fed, misleading economic stats and massive debt is not so great. Actually, it’s a tragedy. Our stock market under Obama resembles the subprime mortgage crisis. It’s a debt bubble about to pop.

The stock market is up because Obama has added almost $8 trillion in debt. Fact: The debt is up a staggering 70 percent since Obama took office.

This is the “secret sauce” that has produced Obama’s “success.” It adds up to the world’s largest Ponzi scheme. We’ve printed trillions in fake dollars to make the stock market go up for the corporate elite (Obama’s biggest donors), to prop up union pension funds (to benefit Obama’s biggest union supporters), and to pay for 107 million Americans on welfare and food stamps (Obama’s most loyal voters). But the mountain of debt is like a credit card credit line that will soon explode, destroying our country and our children’s future. Every politician who supported it should be in jail.

Anyone can use credit cards and mortgages they can’t afford to look like they’re rich. But when the bill comes due, the whole scheme comes crashing down. America under Obama is one big fraud. The “prosperity” is a mirage, propped up by debt. We are living on borrowed credit.

Debt is a cancer that kills every country it has ever touched. Study ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. Or ask Venezuela. They are following the exact Obama game plan. They now have massive unrest, starving citizens, food and toilet paper shortages, and the highest stock market in history!

Obama has corrupted and destroyed the system. It’s rigged to make the stock market go up, while hiding the fact that he’s piling up the most debt in world history, mortgaging our future, destroying the middle class and driving most of the workforce into poverty and government dependency.

Then there’s the lie that Obama has reduced the deficit. Well, this fantastic “reduced” deficit is still higher than the highest deficit under Bush. But let’s give credit where credit is due. The deficit is down due to you and me: the taxpayers. Obama pushed through the highest tax increases in history. We’re all paying much higher taxes. That’s why the deficit is down. How is that an achievement?

Middle-class America has been fleeced so Obama can brag he’s reduced the deficit. Is the GOP really this stupid? They can’t figure this out? Higher taxes have produced the highest inflow of government revenue in history, which has reduced the deficit.

That’s not an achievement; it’s a rip-off.

Finally, let’s throw in one more massive lie. Government claims inflation is low. Really? Electric rates are at an all-time high. Health insurance premiums are at an all-time high. College costs are at an all-time high. And food you buy to feed your family is at an all-time high — from beef to chicken to eggs to veggies. It’s all up dramatically under Obama.

But our corrupt government removed all of those middle-class staples of life from their inflation index. It’s pure fraud. While they claim no inflation, we all have no jobs, no wage increases for anyone lucky enough to still have a job and massive inflation on all the products that matter.

The entire Obama economic “recovery” is a lie. It’s all based on lies, misrepresentations, pure fraud in some cases, higher taxes, massive debt and on the income redistribution of money from the middle class to the poor and the corporate elite. The rest of us are either drowning or hanging on for dear life.

Hey, Bill Maher, are you reading this? I’ve got an important message for you and your show: Stop lying! By the way, I’m available anytime to debate your lies, fantasy and propaganda. “Call me. Let’s do lunch, babe.”

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

When it comes to Islamic terrorism, is Obama on our side?

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. As a kid, we used to say: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” We were wrong. Words are dangerous. Words can be deadly. Words (or the lack of them) can inspire terrorism. As radical Islamic jihad threatens our countries, our children and our free speech, there is a new Neville Chamberlain. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

The problem is in the words Obama says and doesn’t say. The words he uses to praise Islam and the words he refuses to say to denounce radical Islam are dangerous to America.

Ask any general. The key to fighting a war is to know your enemy. In the history of warfare, no one has ever been afraid to say the enemy’s name out loud. Until now. Until Obama.

Why can’t Obama connect the words “Islam” and “terrorism”? It’s not as if there isn’t enough evidence:

  • 9/11 was Islamic terrorism.
  • The Madrid train bombing was Islamic terrorism.
  • The London subway bombings were Islamic terrorism.
  • The Mumbai, India, hotel attack was Islamic terrorism.
  • The Kenyan mall attack was Islamic terrorism.
  • The Benghazi embassy attack was Islamic terrorism.
  • The burning of entire villages and wholesale murder of women and children in Nigeria is Islamic terrorism.
  • The murder of more than 100 innocent children at one school in Pakistan was Islamic terrorism.
  • The attack on Canada’s Parliament was Islamic terrorism.
  • The Boston bombing and Fort Hood massacre was Islamic terrorism.
  • The beheadings and slaughter of thousands of women and children by ISIS is Islamic terrorism.
  • The attack on the coffee shop in Australia was Islamic terrorism.
  • The attack and murder only days ago of cartoonists in Paris were very much Islamic terrorism.

If our President can’t put those two words together — if he can’t say “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence — then something is very wrong. Remember this is the same guy who denies that ISIS has anything to do with Islam.

It’s clear to anyone but an idiot or a liberal (I know, I repeat myself) that the world’s enemy is radical Islam. But sadly, it’s more not just “radical Islam.” Let’s stop being politically correct. Islam itself is a problem. Millions of Muslims who aren’t “radical” support and even celebrate intolerance and terrorism.

This is a battle being fought since the Crusades. Even Thomas Jefferson, the original libertarian isolationist, made an exception for Islam. Jefferson wanted no wars, no big military expenditures and no “entangling alliances.” Yet under Jefferson, we fought five long years of war versus Islamic terrorists (then called Barbary pirates).

As you can see, nothing much has changed. Call it Islam, call it radical Islam, call it jihad or call it fundamental Islam. The fact is Islam is producing hate, intolerance and death. Yes, it is the radical faction that wants to kill us, murder our children, drop gays from rooftops, stone women who show an inch of ankle, throw acid in the face of girls who dare try to educate themselves and, worst of all, murder anyone who speaks, writes or even draws cartoons with which they disagree. But there is more at work here than just a few “radicals.”

I was born a Jew. My relatives were murdered in Germany. Not every German was a Nazi murderer. But almost every German went along with the Holocaust. They knew what was happening. They let it happen. They remained silent while 6 million Jews were tortured, enslaved and gassed. That made them complicit in the murders.

What is happening today is eerily similar. Not all Muslims are bad people. Ninety-five percent will never murder anyone. Ninety-five percent will never be a terrorist. But like Germans of the Nazi era, most Muslims remain silent about the horrific acts of their brothers and sisters.

Even Muslims in America are guilty of silence. Have you seen any marches in Detroit by American Muslims denouncing terrorism? That makes them complicit. You are either for intolerance, terrorism and murder… or against it.

And that is why what Obama doesn’t say is such a problem. He, too, is silent. He, too, refuses to place blame on Islam. He refuses to call it what it is: Islamic terrorism or jihad. He refuses to call out American Muslims for not taking a strong public stand against terrorism.

Obama’s words (or the lack thereof) are dangerous. But his actions are even more dangerous. Here are but a few:

  • When a “unity rally” against Islamic terrorism was held in Paris this past Sunday, more than 40 world leaders were there. But not Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry or Eric Holder. The U.S. sent no top officials to attend. Even Turkey’s prime minister participated in the rally that Obama had no time to join. But Obama sent three White House officials to the funeral of thug Michael Brown. What was the message to the world? Maybe the important question is what message was Obama sending to radical Islamic terrorists?
  • Obama has left our borders wide open for terrorists. ISIS and al-Qaida terrorist cells are very likely in this country right now, ready to attack. Don’t take my word for it. Democratic U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein just announced it. It’s a shame she doesn’t understand her own president is the enabler.
  • Obama (in concert with the United Nations) has suspended immigration laws to import thousands of Muslims from war zones like Iraq, Somalia and Syria.
  • He’s bringing the same violent, radicalized Muslims to America that have led to crisis, intolerance, terror attacks and crisis in Europe.
  • Obama has repeatedly condemned Israel for defending itself.
  • It was Obama who in 2010 criticized the now-infamous French magazine Charlie Hebdo for daring to publish cartoons offensive to Islam.
  • It was the Obama administration who banned the word “Islamic” from being associated with terrorism in FBI, law enforcement and military manuals.
  • Obama’s negotiations with Iran over its right to build a nuclear bomb can best be described as “surrender.”
  • Obama is releasing radical Islamic leaders from Gitmo, many who have already vowed to kill more Americans.
  • He’s even freed a nuclear terrorist.

What is Obama’s agenda? It certainly isn’t to protect Americans, our country or our children.

Does Obama suffer from complete ignorance? Crippling political correctness? Is he blinded by his childhood in Indonesia? I don’t know. But I know something is wrong.

Forget “I am Charlie.” We should all be asking publicly: “Who is Obama, and what is Obama’s agenda toward Islamic terrorism? Is he on our side? Is he here to help us, or to hurt us?”

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

The great media conspiracy about race

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Why do the media lie about race? Why do they commit fraud to cover-up for Barack Obama? It’s started out as embarrassing and pathetic. But it’s moved on to pure fraud and widespread conspiracy.

Why do the media allow Obama to give press conferences about the handful of black Americans killed by police officers, but never mention the police officers murdered by black criminals? It happens all the time, but Obama never says a word about it.

That’s his prerogative. But it’s the media’s job to question him, to point out the inconsistencies, to call him on the hypocrisy and what looks to both police officers and law-abiding citizens as a dangerous double standard that incites violence against police.

Why do the media allow Obama to call Tea Party activists bad people, violent or radicals when there is not one instance in history of violence or anyone recommending violence at any Tea Party rally. Yet the same media has video proof of protesters at the anti-police rallies Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder encourage, screaming in unison: “What do we want? Dead cops.” It’s all on video.

Then when police officers are murdered, the media never assign any blame to the president.

Why do the media allow Obama to give press conferences about the handful of black Americans shot by white people (like George Zimmerman or police officer Darren Wilson), despite these cases being rare, but:

  • Never mention the hourly murder of blacks by blacks, including the fact that 93 percent of all black murders are committed by blacks?
  • Never mention black-on-black storeowner crime (like looting and burning in Ferguson, Missouri)?
  • Never mention black-on-police crime?
  • Never mention the genocide of the black race perpetrated by black criminals in inner cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore or Memphis, Tennessee?

Where are the nationwide protests for the thousands of innocent black lives taken by black criminals? Is there no money or media headlines or political gain in those kind of protests?

Why don’t the media ask the president if black-on-black crime matters to him? If so, why has he never chosen to speak out about it? Why don’t they ask Obama to name one victim of black-on-black crime in Chicago this past weekend? Can he name anyone in the past year? Why are their deaths unimportant, insignificant and anonymous?

Why not ask Obama and Holder why there aren’t teams of Justice Department investigators and prosecutors assigned to black-on-black murders in Chicago (Obama’s hometown)? Why isn’t the same amount of “boots on the ground” assigned to overwhelm black-on-black crime scenes as aimed toward a white police officer like Wilson in Ferguson?

Shouldn’t the media question why the federal government calls it a “hate crime” if a white person kills a black man (even if it was in self-defense and the black man had a criminal record), but there are black-on-white murders every day. One happened to a white Bosnian immigrant driving through a black neighborhood in St. Louis only days after the Ferguson verdict.

His fiancée watched him being murdered by a gang of black criminals who had allegedly yelled out, “Kill the white people.”

Yet there is no “hate crime” designation for that murder, no civil rights investigation, no federal intervention, no national media headlines, no coast to coast protests and no press conferences by the president or Al Sharpton. Where are the media? Silent.

What about Sharpton? Shouldn’t the media be pointing out that a known racist rabble-rouser who was allegedly involved in drug dealing, who was filmed negotiating cocaine deals, who was a federal informant doing business with the mob, who tried to destroy the lives of police and prosecutors back in the ’80s based on false rape allegations (see Tawana Brawley) and who owes more than $4 million dollars in back taxes (as reported by The New York Times) is one of Obama’s BFFs (best friends forever) and has visited the White House 81 times to give the president of the United States advice on racism and race relations.

Are you kidding me? “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t make this story up.

Where are the media questioning the role of a “race pimp” and con man (Sharpton) hanging out in the White House with the president? What’s the difference between Sharpton and David Duke? Both are racists and haters. Both have made money trying to cause racial division and stir up violence. The only differences I can think of are that Duke was never involved with the mob, has no background in drug dealing and doesn’t owe the IRS more than $4 million. Shouldn’t the media be asking Obama why he isn’t embarrassed and ashamed to have a man like Sharpton step foot in the people’s house?

Shouldn’t the media be asking what’s the difference between white Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Sharpton? Bundy owed a disputed $1 million in back fees to the government, so the government raided his ranch with militarized SWAT teams, airplanes, helicopters and assault weapons. But Sharpton owes more than $4 million to the same government; and there’s no raid, no threats or intimidation by government and no police surrounding his New York City headquarters.

Remarkably, that same guy (Sharpton) gets to pal around with the president of the United States. That same guy gets to give advice on race relations to the president. That same guy gets a national TV show on MSNBC. That same guy makes a living extorting corporations in the name of “racism.”

If they pay his organization a “consulting fee,” he either says nice things about them or shuts up. But if they don’t pay, he organizes national protests against them. Isn’t that called a “mob shakedown?” Don’t white men with Italian surnames go to prison for decades for the same thing? But a black man involved in the same mob shakedowns gets the red carpet rolled out at the White House? Heck, the president speaks at Sharpton’s events and the media say nothing.

Shouldn’t the media be asking these obvious questions:

  • Don’t police lives matter?
  • Don’t white lives matter?
  • Don’t black kids slaughtered by black criminals matter?
  • Don’t mob shakedowns matter?
  • Doesn’t tax fraud on a massive scale matter?

Apparently, none of it matters to the nation’s first black president — as long as the people committing all this violence, murder, fraud, shakedowns, racism and tax evasion on a massive scale are black. And the media say nothing.

Folks, it’s official: We are now living in a banana republic.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America and protect us from this group of shysters in the media and in the White House.

Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate Obama!

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Many of you know that I am Barack Obama’s college classmate from Columbia University, Class of ’83. Back in 1981 when my Columbia classmates heard my hero President Ronald Reagan had been shot, they erupted in joy. They celebrated by jumping up and down, cheering, hugging and giving each other high-fives. They screamed, “Yes! Reagan is dead. They got the bastard!” I witnessed it all, firsthand. My radical leftist classmates thought a conservative legend was dead, and that was cause for celebration. I remember thinking, “They are celebrating like it’s New Year’s Eve.” After all that’s what you do on New Year’s: celebrate!

That memory inspired me to write a column celebrating Obama as we approach New Year’s 2015. Let’s not rehash the bad stuff, the disastrous stuff, the tragic stuff, the decline and perhaps even death of America at the hands of a radical Big Brother tyrant. That’s not the way to celebrate New Year’s. Let’s look at the bright side. You know: The glass is half full.

You might ask: “What is the positive side of the Obama presidency?” Well, there are a few groups that should celebrate.

For my fellow constitutional and 2nd Amendment patriots, Obama is the greatest gun salesman in history. Over 70 million guns have been purchased since Obama took office. This man opens his mouth, reads from the teleprompter and, instantly, Americans are inspired to buy all-time record quantities of guns and ammo. If you’re a fan of the 2nd Amendment (or a gun dealer), Obama has been the answer to your prayers.

For my fellow fiscal conservatives and capitalists, Obama is the greatest gold salesman ever. Conservatives love gold. Gold, after all, is the antidote to a debt crisis and lack of confidence in a reckless or incompetent government. That’s why record sums of gold were bought during the past six years. Central bankers worldwide bought more gold in one recent year than in half a century (since 1964).

Fiscal conservatives (and gun dealers) rejoice. Obama is a walking billboard for God, guns and gold!

Obama is also the greatest thing to ever happen to print shop owners. While the rest of us are struggling to keep our heads above water, print shop owners can’t keep up with the demand for “Going Out of Business” and “Home For Sale by Bank” signs. And what about all the protest signs funded by communist groups announcing “What Do We Want? DEAD COPS.” Print shop owners, rejoice! You’ve never had it so good.

And then there are “English as a Second Language” teachers. There may be very few good jobs left in Obama’s America, but if you speak both English and Spanish, the sky is the limit. With the border wide open and Obama announcing amnesty for illegals, celebrate if you are a teacher of “English as a Second Language.” You have the most in-demand job in America. Unfortunately, demand for prison guards may soon surpass you.

Obama is the greatest thing to ever happen to government bureaucrats. The future is bright if your goal is to sit in a windowless office handing out checks for welfare, food stamps, disability and unemployment, while complaining you are overworked and underpaid. With almost 20 percent of all Americans on food stamps alone, there’s enough work for you to last a lifetime… or at least 20 years, until you retire at age 45 and collect an obscene pension for the next 40 to 50 years for not working.

And what about the boom in basements? With Obama and his socialist cabal in control for another two years, basements are the new hip living space for young adults. At this moment, 31 percent of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents.

Obama’s high taxes and massive regulations guarantee millions of college graduates will either stay unemployed or underemployed in low-wage jobs, forcing them to live in mommy’s and daddy’s basement for years to come. Basements are no longer lonely dusty places to store old furniture. In the age of Obama, they are where you store your 30-year-old unemployed children.

Pharmaceutical companies are celebrating. A record 30 million Americans are dependent on antidepressants.

There would be many more, except millions of depressed Americans self-medicate with alcohol. If you sell drugs or booze, give a shout-out this New Year’s to Obama, the greatest salesman for your products ever!

And then, of course, there are the cop haters who are celebrating. To think you used to be misunderstood, hated pariahs. Today you are in favor — with Obama praising you for hating cops. He encourages you to protest, loot, burn and act like exactly what you are: idiots who have no interest in getting a job. But, no worry, this New Year’s you can come out of the closet, celebrate and be openly you!

Unfortunately, the rest of us are hiding in the closet, because you’re on the streets.

If you’re a radical Muslim terrorist, or just someone who sympathizes with radical Muslims (i.e., a Democrat) — celebrate! Obama is the best thing to ever happened to you. Under Obama America has become a politically correct shell of its former self. Rest easy. No more “enhanced interrogations.” And if you’re caught, you’ll live like a king at Guantanamo, provided with a Koran, prayer rug, religiously approved food, basketball courts and expensive lawyers. Then once you are rested up, you’ll be released back to the battlefield, ready to again cut off heads and slaughter women and little children. Obama is the best thing that ever happened to you.

If you’re Fidel and Raul Castro, celebrate Obama. By opening relations and trade, Obama saved Cuba from economic collapse and the certain death of communism. He asked for nothing in return. You get to remain a communist nation, jail your political opposition, steal the people’s income, while enjoying the prosperity that comes from doing business with America’s biggest companies. Celebrate Obama — the savior of communism — on New Year’s Day!

Finally, we come to Vladimir Putin. He’s celebrating “like it’s 1999” this New Year’s. God handed him “the gift of a lifetime” in the form of Barack Obama. Obama pulled off a miracle for Putin and the Russian people. He made a bankrupt, decaying country look like a world power again. He gave a demoralized military swagger again. Obama managed to do something even Putin couldn’t do — put Mother Russia in the driver’s seat and America in the back seat.

The only question is: Is this a coincidence, or was this Obama’s plan all along?

Yes, there’s certainly a lot to celebrate this New Year’s. Unfortunately, it’s the enemies of America, American exceptionalism, the American dream, Judeo-Christian values, capitalism and cops who are doing most of the celebrating.

For the rest of us, it’s two long years until we can celebrate “Obama-free America.”

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Thank you for all your support in this past year. I greatly appreciate your reading my column. I read each and every comment under each column. I love to hear what you think. Happy New Year and enjoy your food, celebration and football today! God bless America in 2015. See you next week.

My holiday wishes for Obama

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Merry Christmas to all my friends, fans and loyal readers at Personal Liberty. This is a day for reflecting on this great country and thanking God for all of our blessings.

Now, many of you probably think I don’t like President Obama. That’s not true. I’ve actually been thinking of what gifts to give to my old Columbia college classmate for Christmas. I’ve come up with 15 holiday gift ideas for Obama and his family. Every one of them fits him like a glove.

Here are the 15 perfect holiday gifts for Obama:

No. 1: To remind Obama of the economy he created, may Michelle work in a part-time, low-wage job with no benefits. It might do her some good to experience the real Obama economy.

No. 2: I’d like to see Obama’s Secret Service disarmed, since he doesn’t think rest of us need guns for protection. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

No. 3: I’d like to remove the fence around the White House. Since Obama doesn’t think we need any fence at our Southern border with Mexico, why should he need a fence around the White House? Either fences or walls work, or they don’t. If we don’t need one at the border (and Obama says there’s no border problem), then obviously a fence isn’t needed at the border to the White House either. Let’s all live with “the honor system.”

No. 4: A Christmas dinner at White House prepared and served by illegal immigrants who just arrived from the Ebola zone, since he thinks the rest of us shouldn’t worry about Ebola (or illegal immigration). Good luck and bon appetit. Oh, by the way, you probably think the Ebola threat is gone. That’s because the media has agreed to partner with the Obama administration to cover up the truth. It was revealed just days ago that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring more than 1,300 potential Ebola cases inside America right now. Did you know that? I didn’t think so.

No. 5: Of course, that White House Christmas dinner should be prepared with careful adherence to the standards of Michelle’s “nutritious” public school lunch program. I hope Obama enjoys one stick of celery and one cracker. That should be yummy!

No. 6: Just like Obama, I believe in “fairness” and “equality.” What could be fairer than seeing Obama’s health insurance canceled like the rest of us. He promised: “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” I just lost mine. So have millions of others. It’s time for Obama to enjoy some of his own medicine. Besides, Michelle’s policy doesn’t provide coverage for pregnancy, Viagra or mental health issues. That’s not “fair.” So it’s gotta go!

No. 7: The end of all criminal background checks for any black employee hired at White House. Why not let Obama enjoy the same policy that his Equal Employment Opportunity Commission tried to enforce on every business in America? You didn’t know that, did you? Obama’s EEOC actually tried to ban background checks just for black potential employees. The courts struck it down.

No. 8: May Sasha and Malia enjoy their 2015 school year at a fine inner-city public school. After all, Obama believes those teachers unions really “care about the kids.” Let’s try out his theory in the real world on his own kids.

No. 9: Since Obama is such a believer in climate change, may he spend the last two years of his presidency riding around in a Prius, instead of his heavy, gas-guzzling bullet-proof limousine. And of course, Air Force One has to go, too. From now on, Obama flies coach — on American (the perfect airline for a guy who wants to fundamentally change America).

No. 10: If Obama comes under withering fire from terrorists, may he call his favorite general and find him asleep with orders that he not be disturbed for the night. A little taste of the last moments of our heroes at Benghazi might be the ideal Christmas gift for Obama!

No. 11: Since Obama doesn’t want any of us to have coal anymore, I hope he gets coal in his Christmas stocking hanging above White House fireplace. May it always remind him of the plentiful cheap energy he took away from middle-class Americans in order to bankrupt and punish us for — and these were his words back in 2008 — “clinging to [our] guns and Bibles.”

No. 12: Also in that Christmas stocking I’d like to give Obama two books he ought to read: the book that best describes what Obama has done to America, my national bestseller, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” and then there’s the biography about Obama’s life called “The Audacity of a Dope.”

No. 13: Don’t forget an intrusive IRS audit under the tree, ordered by Valerie Jarrett. I hope this IRS audit extends to Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare who accepted over $1.4 million dollars to design a healthcare program to deceive the “stupid voters,” and Jack Lew, the U.S. Treasury secretary who keeps his money in the Cayman Islands. And of course, the IRS audit should extend to Michelle Obama’s Princeton Black Alumni classmate whose company received hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to design the Obamacare website (that did not work).

No. 14: I give the Obama family a week underground in an Israeli bomb shelter, fearing for their lives alongside the citizens of Israel whose lives Obama has placed in peril again and again with his support and sympathy for radical terrorists, Palestinian terrorists, Iran’s nuclear bomb and, of course, the wonderful “Arab Spring” — not to mention his incompetence towards ISIS. Yes, you’ve made the world a much safer place, Mr. Obama, for all of the enemies of America, freedom, capitalism, Christianity and Israel. Is that a coincidence?

And finally my last Christmas wish for Obama: Impeachment in the new year, fraud convictions and prison time for every Obama aide involved in the Obamacare deception and the IRS scandal, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Wow! Wouldn’t that list make for a happy new year?

I haven’t even gotten to Obama’s anti-police propaganda, inciting the cold-blooded assassination of two New York City policemen only days ago, or Marxist Obama doing a big favor for his communist comrades Fidel and Raul Castro by saving Cuba from imminent economic collapse. I’ll save all that for next year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. God bless America.

The illegal immigration story Obama doesn’t want you to hear

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. And I’ve got good news! A federal judge has just ruled that Barack Obama’s executive action on amnesty for illegal immigrants violates the separation of powers and is, therefore, unconstitutional. Glory hallelujah! We’ve finally found one judge in all of America who actually recognizes the law and is brave enough to enforce it.

But in our country and our republic it’s not just the legal court that matters; it’s the court of public opinion that finally determines winners and losers. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is Obama’s “home court” because he is a master salesman who understands that “facts tell, but stories sell.” Emotional personal stories are always necessary to close the sale. If you want to sell anything from a used car to stocks to a dishwasher to public policy, there is no better way than telling a great, emotional and compelling personal story, preferably a tear-jerker.

Forget the facts. Obama never uses facts to sell his policies because liberals never have facts on their side. He uses stories — great stories. Take illegal immigration. No country in history has survived with open borders. A welfare state (like today’s America under Obama) that allows in millions of poor, desperate, uneducated illegal immigrants with open hands and open mouths, looking for cradle-to-grave welfare, can never survive. Obama won’t tell you what illegal immigration has done to California’s budget: the massive increase in the cost of police, courts and prisons. He won’t mention the destruction of public schools or the massive welfare debt turning California into a bankrupt hellhole like Greece — or Detroit. He won’t mention that California’s taxes are now among the highest in the nation because of the costs of illegal immigration.

Or look at my hometown of Las Vegas. Obama announced his amnesty plan here. But he won’t tell you that 70 percent of the public school students in Las Vegas take English as a second language, while about 70 percent of the students receive free breakfasts and lunches at school. That’s not a coincidence. The costs of illegal immigration are taking away the resources to teach the children of legal American citizens reading, writing and math. School budgets are drowning under the weight. Illegal immigration is literally bankrupting our school system, medical system and legal system. The taxes necessary to pay for all this is burying the once-dynamic American economy.

Since Obama can’t sell his illegal amnesty policy with facts, he has to tell stories. So he tells the story of a young illegal immigrant gal in Las Vegas studying for her master’s degree. “Do we want to deport her?” he asks. “Is that the kind of country we are?” Obama is trying to say that this young Vegas gal represents “the American dream” and she is representative of all illegal aliens. Brilliant! He’s playing on our heartstrings — no facts, just emotional personal stories.

Well, two can play at that game. I’ve got a compelling personal story from Las Vegas for the GOP to use. Thanks to my friend Chuck Muth for passing on this story. Muth is one of the great conservative activists in this country. He’s also one of the few conservative leaders who understands how to sell conservatism — with personal and emotional stories. This one is a powder keg. This story not an American dream; it’s an American nightmare. Tell this story from coast to coast, and Obama’s plans for illegal immigration amnesty are DOA (dead on arrival).

In Las Vegas, days before this past Thanksgiving, a Las Vegas grandfather named Michael Grubbs was walking his granddaughter in a stroller alongside the road was struck and killed by a reckless, possibly drunk, driver. Worse, that driver never bothered to check if the grandfather or the baby was alive. The driver gunned the gas and sped off, leaving a good man to die in the street. That’s called “hit and run” — one of the most heinous crimes in our society.

Days later, Galina Kilova decided to turn herself in (through a lawyer). Did she wait days because she was “under the influence” and wanted all drugs or alcohol to clear her system? We’ll never know.

What we do know is this terrible person, this alleged hit-and-run driver is an illegal alien. The Las Vegas Sun reported: “Records show Kilova entered the country in 2006 on a nonimmigrant visa, which permitted her to stay in the country for six months…”

We know she was arrested before, back in 2007, on charges of — can you guess? — “driving without a valid license, failure to use due care and driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Was she deported then? Of course not. Why? Because of bleeding-heart radical community activists like Obama. Or perhaps she was working on her master’s degree.

If the law had been followed and this illegal alien deported then, Grubbs would still be alive and would have celebrated Thanksgiving with the family he loved. One-year-old Brooke would grow up with a beloved grandpa. But now that will never happen. Brooke will never even remember her grandfather. Grandpa Michael will never see or hear or touch his family again.

Worse than even that, after turning herself in on a felony hit-and-run charge, this illegal alien was soon released from jail. Again. The system doesn’t work. Why? Because of liberals, lawyers and radical community activists like Obama.

Finally, on Dec. 9, a week after being released on bond, the Bulgarian-born Kilova was taken into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

This is the story that needs to be told by the GOP day and night. Make 1-year-old Brooke and her dead grandpa, Grubbs, the faces of the anti-amnesty story. Stories sell. And this story is a nuclear weapon that blows Obama’s dreams to smithereens. Shout this story from the mountaintops. Put the faces of Grubbs and Brooke on TV commercials 24 hours a day. Like Willie Horton, the murderer paroled by Michael Dukakis who obliterated Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign, this emotional story will obliterate Obama’s illegal amnesty.

GOP, are you listening? Facts tell, but stories sell. This story trumps any story Obama tells. This story kills amnesty forever. This story seals the border. Or this story ignites a revolution by law-abiding, taxpaying, legal American citizens. We need an emotional story that incites “we the people” to wake up and take charge — before our country is gone forever.

This Christmas season remember Grubbs and his little angel, Brooke. Then call your congressman and senators. Let’s stop amnesty dead in its tracks by taking a page from Obama’s playbook. Facts tell, but stories sell. Like Obama, conservatives need a plan to overwhelm the system. Instead of Cloward-Piven, I’ll call this plan “The Michael Grubbs and Brooke Trinidad Memorial Plan to Secure Our Borders.”

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Obama should wear a body camera

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. President Obama is right — finally. This could be the only time in six years that I’ve agreed with Obama. He says that police officers should wear body cameras. Bravo. That’s the only smart move of his presidency. That’s what I’d call a no-brainer.

Of course, Obama wants it for a different reason than I do. He is suspicious of cops. He thinks cops are often bad guys. He thinks cops are racist.

I think cops have an impossible job. I think cops deal with terrible people all day long. I think if people treated cops with respect, 90 percent of all violent confrontations with police and shootings by police would never happen. Body cameras are the perfect solution for both concerns.

It doesn’t matter who is right: Obama or I. Body cameras solve the problem. Police will act completely differently, knowing they are on camera. And so will the people that cops deal and interact with every day. I’ve been in the television business my entire adult life. I’ve hosted, created and produced multiple hit television shows. And I can tell you that people always act differently when they know cameras are rolling.

So body cameras work for both Obama and me. Obama wants cops to stop beating and shooting unarmed or innocent citizens. Well, you can bet cops will think twice before escalating a confrontation, knowing it’s all being recorded. And, of course, so will the people on camera interacting with the police. Everyone will be on his best behavior.

The main reason I support body cameras is far different than Obama’s. I want to avoid or drastically reduce lawsuits against the police, thereby saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually. If a police interaction with bad guys is all captured on camera and the video proves the cop conducted himself professionally, there are no longer grounds for a lawsuit. Case closed.

My message to the bad guys is, “Smile, you’re on ‘Candid Camera!’” The cops and the taxpayers are the big winners once cops put on body cameras. I’ll bet Obama didn’t think about that.

But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If Obama is such a fan of body cameras for police officers, why shouldn’t politicians wear them too?

History proves politicians like Obama are far worse for the citizens and taxpayers than any police officer. Politicians are liars, crooks, frauds and criminals at a far higher rate than cops. Heck, at one point last year, we suffered a crime wave by Democratic politicians from coast to coast. Many of them will go to prison.

But the worst example of lies, fraud and taxpayer abuse is Obama himself. He lies about virtually everything. He said, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” Not true: Millions of Americans have had their insurance canceled, with millions more to come. He promised we could keep our doctors, too. Not true. He said rates would go down $2,500 per family, per year because of Obamacare. Instead, rates went up dramatically during Obama’s presidency. Now, because of Obamacare they are going up dramatically again. Our deductibles and co-pays have doubled, too. He also claimed it wasn’t a tax, yet it turned out to be one of the biggest tax increases in history.

Don’t take my word for it. Just watch Jonathan Gruber (the architect of Obamacare) on video. He says Obama lied. He admits Obama and the architects of Obamacare committed fraud to fool the stupid voters. He admits they couldn’t tell you the truth, or you wouldn’t have bought the product. That’s fraud. And we got him on video saying it. See how valuable video cameras are?

Don’t forget Benghazi. Obama and Hillary Clinton claimed that fiasco was all due to a movie that no one in the Middle East ever watched. That’s called a cover-up. Wouldn’t you have liked a body camera in the room as Obama and Clinton made up that story?

Don’t forget the IRS scandal. Obama claimed it was tiny, unimportant and never rose above a few bad apples in one office in Cincinnati. All of that has been proven untrue. The attacks came from many IRS offices across the country. The attacks just happened to be aimed at groups and individuals that criticized the president — like me. I was targeted and attacked from the Las Vegas IRS office.

Next, we found out thousands of IRS emails had been destroyed — emails that could implicate the White House in the targeting. Just last week, we found out that the IRS handed confidential and private tax information to the White House. Why? Wouldn’t you have liked a body camera in the room as Obama met with the heads of the IRS and the IRS government employees union hundreds of times to plan and plot this massive scandal?

The list of lies, fraud and violations of the Constitution by Obama is long and seemingly endless.

What a cop does to some random perp doesn’t affect my life. But lies and crimes committed by politicians like Obama dramatically affect all of our lives.

The deals they cut in the backroom should be watched and heard by all of us. We, the taxpayers, pay their salaries. It’s time that politicians — in particular, presidents — wear body cameras. It’s time for real transparency. It’s time for politicians to live by the same rules as the rest of us.

So let’s agree with Obama about putting body cameras on cops. Then let’s make him live by the same rules as the rest of us. It’s time to watch the politicians.

Look at the bright side. If nothing else, we can finally learn how good Obama’s golf game is.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Is The New York Times guilty of attempted murder?

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The New York Times recently published the home address of former police officer Darren Wilson and his pregnant police officer wife. Once it was publicly ridiculed for this reckless action, The Times took down the story but, inexplicably, left up the name of Wilson’s street.

Is the New York Times trying to incite murder? How could any respectable journalist publish the address of a police officer, knowing there are thousands of violent criminals who’d like to kill him? Why would a newspaper purposely make Wilson a marked man? If someone kills Wilson or his pregnant police officer wife or mistakenly kills an entire family living in the home next door, isn’t The New York Times liable? Isn’t this a billion-dollar lawsuit? Have liberals lost their minds (and their judgment)?

This time, they’ve gone too far. And it’s time to teach our friends at The New York Times a lesson — because this type of reckless, dangerous behavior by the media cannot go unpunished. I think I have the answer. A three-pronged attack is necessary to insure this never happens again.

First, Wilson and his new wife should announce a billion-dollar lawsuit against The New York Times. That will send a strong message. Don’t wait for someone to get killed. That’s murder. But in this case, The New York Times is inciting attempted murder. The Times needs to be punished now — before something very bad happens. Let all of the liberal media be put on notice. If you play with fire, you will get burned. Hit ’em where it hurts: in the wallet. If all goes well in court, Wilson could wind up owning The Gray Lady.

Second, we need laws in the states of New York and Missouri to prevent this terrible situation from every happening again. In California it is a crime for anyone (media or otherwise) to publicly print the home address of a police officer. But it’s not a crime in New York or Missouri — yet. This has to change before someone gets killed. If this horrible breach of ethics occurred on California soil, the two New York Times reporters, their editor and their publisher would be “perp walked” out of the newspaper building in handcuffs. That should be happening right now in New York.

Third, isn’t what’s good for the goose good for the gander? Isn’t turnabout fair play? Suppose a team of angry police detectives decides to do a little research and they print the home address of the Times reporters and the entire executive team of The New York Times. What would The New York Times think about that? Some would say it’s fair play for the hunters to become the hunted.

Maybe it would do the staff of The New York Times some good to feel the same pain and fear as Wilson and his pregnant wife. Remember a grand jury of Wilson’s peers looked at all the evidence (for many months) and decided he was an innocent man acting in self-defense. The jury was given four charges to contemplate.

The grand jury could have chosen any of them, including the lowest level of criminal charges. This jury of Ferguson, Missouri, residents (three of them African-American) knew if they chose no charges they could wind up starting a riot that would burn down their own town. They knew they themselves could become marked men and women. Yet they still chose no charges. It was that clear to them that Wilson was an innocent man: 100 percent innocent. They couldn’t live with themselves if they charged an innocent man with murder in order to satisfy the lynch mob waiting outside the courthouse.

Yet into this fray dropped The New York Times. Has The New York Times become judge, jury and executioner? Is it the media’s role to incite mob violence?

The Gray Lady has stepped over a line. Either the people running The New York Times are reckless or mentally unstable, or liberals have decided it’s fair to incite lynch mobs to maim, murder or burn down the homes of innocent police officers involved in race-based shootings.

Either way, The New York Times obviously needs a change of ownership. Wilson is now retired and looking for a new career. My hope is that we are still a nation of laws, not of mob violence. If so, I’m rooting for a court of law to make Wilson the new owner/publisher of The New York Times.

Oh, and Darren: If you’re looking for an executive editor, you know where to find me.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Lessons from the Ferguson verdict — from a middle-class white guy

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

The Ferguson, Missouri, rioters put on one heck of a show for all the world to see on Monday night, didn’t they? That was not your traditional American Thanksgiving display. But what do I know? I’m just a middle-class white guy. I was raised to respect property, respect police, never say “F– the police,” never desecrate the American flag, never burn down stores in my own neighborhood, love my country, believe in the American dream, study hard, get straight A’s, work hard and good things will happen. And funny enough, my life has worked out pretty well.

Maybe there’s a lesson there for the Ferguson protesters.

I’ve watched the proceedings in Ferguson from August until the verdict was read on Monday night. I watched on Monday night as the Ferguson crowd rioted, set police cars on fire, set buildings on fire, fired shots at police, threw bottles and stones at police, and attacked small businesses.

And to me, the lessons of Ferguson are crystal clear.

First, if the verdict had gone the other way (against the police officer) and angered law-and-order conservatives like me, conservatives wouldn’t have rioted, or thrown bottles, or burned our neighborhoods down. We don’t do things like that. We have too much respect for law and order and property rights.

We also own homes and businesses, so we have too much to lose. Maybe the people protesting and rioting should learn a lesson here. Liberals and media elites will say “people riot and loot because they have nothing.” I believe the opposite is true; people have nothing because they riot and loot. It’s their attitude that causes them to have nothing in life.

Secondly, it’s not smart to burn down your own community. The rest of the world stops feeling sorry for you and just wants to avoid you. The stores you’re burning or looting are often owned by blacks, or other minority small-business owners. They will be forced to leave and never come back. The rest of the world won’t dare replace them. Who’d want to invest in a neighborhood where people burn, destroy or rob their own community businesses?

Third, I was taught by my father that when a cop stops you or asks you a question, you hand over your ID and say “Yes, sir” or “No, sir.” Respond politely, with respect. That could be why no policeman has ever hurt me, shot me or killed me — or anyone I’ve ever known. If you choose to curse, or shove, or punch, or struggle with a man with a badge and gun, there is a strong likelihood you’re going to wind up injured or dead. So instead of complaining about racism, or protesting, or rioting, how about saying “Yes, sir” or “No, sir.” Then you won’t have anything to protest or riot about.

Fourth, open your eyes and mind to the truth, not to liberal media propaganda. Millions of people are surprised, saddened and shocked by the Ferguson grand jury’s verdict. Really? Why? My educated guess about the case was published here at Personal Liberty in August (“I Stand with Police Officer Wilson”). My gut instincts about what happened that day — only days after the incident — have proven to be 100 percent accurate.

From simply taking the time to look at the facts in multiple media, I figured out what happened. Evidence that anyone could find in the media left me convinced the officer had probable cause to stop Michael Brown. He probably knew (or quickly figured out) that Brown was the suspect in the strong-armed robbery of a convenience store nearby and he struggled in the car with Brown, where a gun went off. Brown ran from the officer, then decided to turn around and charge the officer, who clearly felt his life was in danger and responded in self-defense. Those were my educated guesses from the first days after the shooting.

The prosecutor (and grand jury verdict) just declared all of my original gut instincts to be fact. How did I know all of that — back in August? I educated myself. I read. I listened. I watched. I wasn’t biased. It was all right there for anyone to see — back then. I predicted the police officer would never be indicted — back then. This is not brain surgery. You only have to have common sense, think for yourself and ignore rabble-rousers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers, trying to stir up trouble and profit from crisis and racial strife.

The truth isn’t black or white. It isn’t conservative or liberal. It’s based on evidence and fact. It was clear to me the police officer was justified from the first days after the shooting.

Then there’s lesson No. 5; I call it “the Obama lesson.” That split TV screen of Obama pleading for calm and praising Attorney General Eric Holder for the work he did to promote peace and calm next to the other screen of rioting, looting, burning and shooting is the perfect image for the entire Obama presidency. The iconic image of Obama is a perfect mixture of incompetence, cluelessness and lawlessness. Some might call it “the money shot.”

It was as if Obama was saying, “If you like your city, you can keep your city.” That promise would’ve held as much truth as, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.”

But the final lesson is perhaps the most important. The Ferguson verdict is nothing but a weapon of mass distraction. It pales in comparison to really important developments like Obama’s violating the Constitution and breaking the rule of law by ignoring Congress, checks and balances, and the will of the people to issue amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, i.e., criminals; the words of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber indicating deception, misrepresentation and fraud were used to sell Obamacare; and plans for 3,415 new federal regulations being publicly announced on Thanksgiving eve when no one is paying attention.

Brown’s death is a tragedy for the Brown family. But it has very little effect on the daily lives of the rest of us. On the other hand, 3,415 new federal regulations will badly damage business, kill jobs and dramatically raise consumers’ costs and energy bills, thereby driving the economy off a cliff. That’s the real tragedy. That’s the real definition of “deadly.”

So my big takeaway from Ferguson is: Use common sense and keep your eyes on the things that really matter in your life like your job, or your health insurance, or the U.S. Constitution, which has given us the greatest nation in world history. Watch what the president does to you — and to that Constitution.

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t charge at an armed policeman. But, hey, I guess I’m just a middle-class white guy. What do I know?

Obama appears to hate everyone

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. We all know Barack Obama is a hater. It’s crystal clear from his comments about “fundamentally changing America” and, of course, his policies that have caused chaos and crisis in our economy and foreign policy that Obama hates America.

We know from his actions and policies — including his statement, “You didn’t build that” — that he hates business owners.

We know from his statement about Middle America — that they “cling to their guns and Bibles” — that he has disdain for middle-class Americans.

But you might be surprised to learn that he hates his own core supporters. What other conclusion can you draw when you hear the facts? On Election Day, two weeks ago, Obama got 89 percent support from black voters and 66 percent support from Jewish voters.

Yet the facts I’m about to report indicate that Obama is out to hurt African-Americans and Jews. This guy really is a world-class hater. He appears to hate everyone — at least everyone inside America. The question is why don’t African-Americans and Jews see the truth that’s staring them right in the face? Why are African-Americans and Jews voting against their own self-interest? Why are they voting for a guy committed to hurting them?

As an American (and a Jew), I couldn’t think of a more dangerous or damaging plan toward African-Americans or Jews than the one being carried out by Obama.

Let’s start with black Americans, and let me be blunt. As a successful businessman, Obama’s plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will not greatly affect my life. However, it will it crush the lives of millions of poor and lower-income black Americans, especially those striving and working hard to escape poverty and achieve the American dream.

After six years of Obama’s presidency, African-American unemployment is more than double that of whites.

Obama’s policies haven’t provided jobs (obviously). But he has provided record levels of welfare, food stamps, disability and other handouts from government. Is this a man out to help you? With friends like that, who needs enemies? But I digress.

It’s about to get worse, far worse. Obama’s imminent amnesty plan will allow millions of illegal immigrants to compete for jobs at the lowest rung of the economic scale, a disproportionate number of whom are black Americans. With total disregard for their welfare, hopes or dreams, Obama will snub his nose at all struggling lower-middle income Americans by allowing millions of uneducated, hardworking, desperate-to-support-their-families illegal aliens to legally fight them for low-wage jobs.

These illegal immigrants aren’t going to take the jobs of Obama’s liberal Ivy League friends. They aren’t going to take the jobs of his millionaire bundlers. They aren’t going to take the jobs of his billionaire limo-riding, private-jet-flying, Democratic donors. They pose no threat to Hollywood celebrities. Millions of illegal immigrants suddenly legalized will be taking low-wage jobs from black (and other lower-income) Americans.

After Obama finishes his dirty, illegal amnesty deed, black Americans will either have a hard time ever finding another job or the wage pressure created by all these new job seekers means any black American with a low-wage job will never again see a raise. And forget about young people, especially those without college degrees, ever finding employment at any wage.

Am I wrong? Well, guess who agrees with me? Obama himself. Obama wrote in his book “The Audacity of Hope” that illegal immigration harms the wages of blue-collar workers (especially black Americans), depresses wages and strains the overburdened safety net. That’s what then-Senator Obama said in his own book in 2006.

So if, as a senator, Obama understood the damage illegal immigration does to black Americans, why would he, now as president, open the floodgates to illegal immigration? Why would Obama want to harm blue-collar workers and depress wages? Is Obama a racist out to keep black Americans hopeless, helpless and dependent on crappy government checks for the rest of all time? I can’t tell you what’s in his heart. But I can tell you: Obama is no friend of black Americans.

The next time you walk into a voting booth, remember Obama and the entire liberal political establishment stay in power by keeping their voters poor and dependent.

Now, let’s examine Obama’s treatment of Jewish Americans. Let me repeat: I am a member of that tribe. Israel’s right to exist is of paramount importance to most American Jews. The list is long of things Obama has said and done that indicate he is no friend of Israel. Let’s start with his nonstop supportive rhetoric toward Palestinians and Israel’s other radical Muslim enemies.

Then there’s his demanding Israel withdraw to borders that would weaken its defenses.

There’s his threatening to withhold military aid unless Israel stops defending itself against terrorists shooting missiles into its residential neighborhoods.

There’s his fomenting the Arab Spring so that Israel is now surrounded by radical extremist regimes dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

Then there’s his publicly embarrassing Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu. (Obama aides went so far as to recently call Netanyahu “a coward.”)

And now, Obama is about to do the unthinkable: enter into a sham agreement that will allow Iran a nuclear weapon, which puts the lives of 7 million Israeli Jews at great risk.

Let that deed be on the hands of every Jewish voter who pulled the lever for Obama and his progressive cohorts.

Consider this.

Obama’s true feeling towards Jews and Israel can be summed up by his nomination of Loretta Lynch for U.S. attorney general. As a law student, Lynch was active in a radical group at Harvard Law School that each month brought in to speak Jew-hating, pro-terrorist radicals dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Giving a platform to Jew haters like this tells you all you need to know about the mindset of Obama. A history like that should automatically disqualify anyone from ever getting near the U.S. Justice Department, let alone running it.

Who would choose a person with Lynch’s background to run Justice? With friends like Obama, Jews don’t need enemies.

By the way, if a white Republican conservative supported policies that hurt blacks or Jews, that resulted in more than double the rates of black to white unemployment, that allowed in millions of competitors for the jobs of black Americans or nominated someone to head the Justice Department with that kind of an anti-Semitic background, what would blacks and Jews say?

Folks, if someone hits and hurts you once, it might be a mistake. If he does it twice, perhaps it’s a coincidence. But if he attacks and hurts you repeatedly, it becomes clear it’s a purposeful pattern and you’re the target. It’s time to admit the other guy doesn’t like you.

So my message to black and Jewish Americans is simple: It’s time to consider that Obama isn’t on your side.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.