Conservatives: The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Conservative Americans like to think they are defending the founding principles of the United States, defending individual rights and the Constitution. They are doing no such thing.

Don’t get me wrong. Conservatives study, express, believe in and support American principles. But defending? No.

Conservatives are a lot like a militia. The notion of a militia goes back at least as far as the Roman Empire. It is that armed property owners will fight tooth and nail against anyone coming to unjustly take their property from them. For that reason, they are a reliable defense against invading armies, insurrections or other overt threats. But they are not willing to go on the offense when they are not directly under attack. They would much rather tend the farm or business and care for their families than go make trouble for someone else.

Current threats to America’s principles and Constitution are not overt. Enemies of the people work quietly, relying on media silence, to adjust the laws of the Nation until the American Constitution is no longer in effect. Conservatives exercise their right to free speech, protesting and waving around signs. They formed the Tea Party to get a couple of people elected to ineffectual defensive positions in the government. What is the effect? Insidious forces continue fundamentally transforming the American system until it no longer resembles the American way.

Constitutionally prohibited actions include importing tens of millions of foreigners to outvote Americans, making schools into gun-free zones to make children into easy targets, infringements against 2nd Amendment protected firearms, suppression of free Christian expression, a massive surveillance system and developing a police state.

If Conservatives were actually interested in defending America and the supreme law of the land, they would be doing to our corrupt politicians what those mobs in Egypt did to Mohammed Morsi — forcefully removing from power the corrupt politicians. This has been done before in the United States; and it has, for a time, restored the rule of law.

The most obvious example is the American Revolution. For years, the Founders protested abuses of their Rights by their own government. But people in power happily ignored the protests. Ultimately, the problem was resolved when the people took up arms and forcefully removed from power anyone abusing their rights and the rule of law. The result was the U.S. Constitution, with an admonition that the people have a Republic only if they can keep it.

More recently, the Battle of Athens, Tenn., demonstrated the necessary remedy to abusive public servants. Stuffing the ballot boxes, corrupt politicians had eliminated fair elections. The townspeople protested; they appealed to other levels of government; they received no help. So they took up their military firearms (those protected by the 2nd Amendment) and set out to kill their politicians and the police officers defending them. Wisely, the politicians surrendered. Fair elections and the rule of law were restored.

With massive election fraud occurring today, is it any wonder that anti-American politicians are scrambling to disarm the American people?

Conservatives (Americans who believe in American principles) can wave signs and protest all they like with no effect. Under totalitarian rule, they are simply ignored. The rapid transformation of the United States into a leftist state continues unabated. It’s all well and fine to talk about having the 2nd Amendment to protect one’s rights, but only through direct action can that be accomplished.

Otherwise, the American people will lose their Republic. If they wait to act until government agents in uniform knock on the door to take their arms, it will be too late.

Sometimes, the best defense is not defense.

Think about it; demand accountability.

–Victor Sayre

A US~Observer exclusive used by permission.