Paradigm Shift In How Citizens View A Sitting President

When was the last time you remember rooting for a leader of one of America’s traditional enemies instead of its own leader? I can’t recall that happening in the 40 years I have been following politics.

According to a recent poll, Americans favored, by an almost 2-1 margin, Russia’s Vladimir Putin over our President in the handling of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis.

The view of the office of the Presidency of the United States has undergone a fundamental change since Barack Obama, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, was elected in 2008.

Although Presidents come and go, good ones and bad, most have at least tried to give the impression of trying to do what is best for America, even if they’re not — until Obama. Unlike former occupants of the office, Obama clearly does not consider himself to be accountable to anyone: not to the law, Congress or the American people. He does not even appear to attempt to cover up his lawlessness against the Constitution or his alignment with America’s enemies like al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. His arrogance knows no bounds. For possibly the first time in American history, a sitting President is seen by a growing number of U.S. citizens as an enemy of the people and America itself.

It is commonplace anymore to read blogs and hear callers on radio programs calling the President of the United States a traitor and even have them side with our traditional antagonists like Russia. Obama is also often viewed as an enemy of our longtime ally, Israel, for his aiding and abetting terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and refusing to do anything about Iran’s nuclear buildup. Even when reading posts from people on news sites like Yahoo, hardly an advocate for conservatism, Obama news is typically overwhelmingly critical of him and often in the strongest terms. To hear Obama referred to as a Manchurian candidate is also not an uncommon occurrence.

In short, Obama is viewed by a growing number of people as being an enemy of America and against anything that could be good or beneficial for the country. That represents a paradigm shift of how the office of President is now perceived. If you care about liberty and the law, call the White House and demand accountability from Obama.

–Lorne Dey

District Attorney Targets County Assessor

Nye County, Nev. — Corruption has become the order of the day throughout our Nation from top to bottom. One doesn’t need to look too far to find it on all sides. Though corruption existed before, it gained momentum three years ago in Nye County, Nev., with a meeting in Pahrump attended by Nye County District Attorney Brian Kunzi.

The discussion was to welcome him as the new DA, as well as to discuss prior corruption in the county and address questions regarding what lay in store for the future. During the discussion, Kunzi’s phony, angry outbursts confirmed everyone’s concerns. They got a blast of the man’s real attitude regarding corruption. Today, this writer has little doubt about Kunzi and certain other dirty Nye County officials.

Nye County Assessor’s Position

During the election of 2010 for County Assessor, incumbent Sandra Musselman signed on to run for re-election. Shirley Matson signed up as the challenger. As the deadline to withdraw from the election passed, names could not be removed from the ballot. Corrupt Nye County officials thought the incumbent Musselman was a shoo-in. Then, Nye County started offering early retirement buyouts for employees — employees, now, mind you. Danelle Shamrell of the Nye County Human Resources Office determined that Musselman, an elected official, was considered to be an employee eligible for the early buyout package. Mussleman took the buyout. Due to the election rules, she could not remove her name from the ballot; but come hell or high water, she was going to take the buyout. Do Nye County citizens consider this corrupt? A withdrawn candidate was on the ballot, but not running, who was about to get a little taxpayer bonus.

The Attack

The challenger won the election. That’s when the trouble started, as Matson’s opposition didn’t want her to be in that position. Almost immediately, Kunzi and other county officials proceeded to harass Matson. They have orchestrated attack, after attack, after attack.

Shortly after Matson’s election, forged checks appeared that looked like the Assessor’s checks (even to sequencing of the numbers), leaving Matson with questions about the integrity of the account. Several States contacted the Assessor’s office asking if certain checks were valid. They were all written for $3,200 each. The total of the checks amounted to more than $24,000. It had all the appearances of an inside job, especially coming so soon after the election. The newly elected Assessor, suspecting something suspicious, innocently called Kunzi and requested an investigation. The checks had Matson’s name (superimposed) on them, and immediately those who opposed Matson started accusing her. I have received information that the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and other law enforcement attempted to appear to investigate this matter, but the investigation went nowhere — except that it was used to launch a concerted effort to publicly attack Matson and destroy her. Evidently, if you forge checks, you get a free pass. Could it be that all of these high-power law enforcement agencies were simply used by Kunzi and some inside power brokers in Nye County to start the attack on Matson? What is Kunzi and his cohorts worried about? What don’t they want Matson to uncover?

It Gets Worse

An ethics complaint was filed against Matson. She was never advised by Kunzi, who represents the elected officials and employees, that she should notify the county insurer of her plight. Instead, Kunzi participated in the complaint against Matson. She personally paid all expenses for her defense, to the tune of $45,000. The insurer should have defended her. After the fact, Matson now knows she should have had access to the insurance. She is currently — and rightly so — requesting coverage from her insurer, but the insurer is refusing to cover her costs. Adding insult to injury, the Pahrump Valley Times ignored the facts and brutally attacked Matson. Editor Matt Ward reportedly inserted words in news stories written by his reporters, then conveniently left out his name. He allegedly came up with headlines like “Packagegate” in an obvious effort to publicly trash Matson, as he has slithered around Pahrump like a snake on its belly. Would you consider this good journalism? It’s beginning to appear that Kunzi is the snake charmer.

The Crooks Are Running Scared

The bulk-mailing machine for all the Nye County offices in Pahrump just so happened to be in the Assessor’s office. An employee in Matson’s office reported that Matson removed a letter from the mail stack, but the employee had no idea why. Within hours, Kunzi, accompanied by Nye County Assistant Sheriff Rick Marshall, two FBI agents, a Federal marshal and others beat it over to Matson’s office, where she was questioned about stealing mail having to do with confidential information relating to evidence about a criminal complaint being sent to the Clark County Grand Jury. To make things look good, the PVT was called to be there. According to sources, Ward and his photographer had been alerted and were waiting outside of the Assessor’s office. This is corruption at its worst, it is possibly criminal in nature and I have no doubt whatsoever that Kunzi orchestrated it. They had exclusive information along with a picture of the Assessor being met at her office entrance.

There were accusations flying everywhere but none substantiated. The FBI and Kunzi had no interest in the check fraud attempted against county funds, but showed exceptional interest in a piece of mail addressed to the FBI, left at the Assessor’s office and personally delivered to the post office by Matson. The question is who brought this letter to the Assessor’s office? How in the world was Kunzi ready to attack Matson within hours of her delivering the envelope to the Post Office? The person who allegedly called to report that Matson had the envelope also reported that Matson had taken the disk and copied it to her home computers. Kunzi’s corruption squad confiscated Matson’s home computers. They made sure that the local newspaper reported all this to the public so they would think that Matson was crooked, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Has Kunzi No Shame?

Shamrell received a request from Jolyne Zimmerman, an employee in Matson’s department. Shamrell then sent correspondence ordering the publicly elected Matson to refrain from any communication with her employee, Zimmerman, who was on medical leave. What does Matson’s employee know that Shamrell et al. want to keep secret? This is not only a clear violation of county policy — to have a county employee (Shamrell) order around an elected official (Matson); it’s a perfect example of Kunzi’s involvement, plus his turning a blind eye. Or could Kunzi’s eyes have been open all along?

US~Observer Bone Of Contention

Nevada has a law equal to the Federal Freedom of Information Act called the Nevada Public Records Act (NPRA). It’s based upon the premise that all records are open to the public unless declared confidential by law. NRS 239 states confidentiality defaults in favor of disclosure. Requirements for disclosure “must be construed liberally,” according to the act, while exemptions allowing confidentiality must be “construed narrowly.”

Human Resource’s records are determined to be public records, with Social Security numbers and medical information to be treated as confidential. A public records request by this reporter was refused three times. The fourth request produced only in a redacted copy of all 39 applications to the position of Assistant County Manager. The public has a vested interest in the selection process, the qualifications and who gets hired and why. To hide this information under protection, as Kunzi has done, is to cause grave concern and suspicion about more rampant corruption in Nye County.

An investigative reporter for the US~Observer and — believe it or not — the editor himself, Edward Snook, requested these copies without redaction. Both were refused outright. Kunzi’s condescending response to Snook infuriated Snook to the point that he informed Kunzi that he was being a “smart ass,” which, of course, he was. The US~Observer will now pursue this charade with a vengeance, dragging Kunzi and all his corrupt cohorts in complicity into the court of public opinion by informing all Nye County citizens of this allegedly sordid, filthy, corrupt District Attorney who needs to be replaced before he wrecks two cars like his corrupt, drunken forerunner Robert S. Beckett did.

All of this is important because it pertains to a reported blatant scheme to place an existing Nye County Commissioner into the position of Assistant County Manager, paving the way for the late Commissioner Joni Eastley to ascend to the throne of County Manager someday. This entire gig was all orchestrated by most of the Nye County Officials right out in plain sight. Can you believe even during Board of County Commissioner meetings? They took a vote on it (Eastley’s acceptance) on Dec. 18, 2012. It failed, so they turned around on Jan. 5, 2013, and passed it after questions were addressed to Kunzi about legality and Eastley having no qualifications. Kunzi blessed it, and the rest is history. You have to hand it to them; they got corruption down to a science. If you look up there by Nye County Manager Pam Webster’s throne, you’ll see Eastley smugly sitting on her right- hand side.

Ethics Complaint

A state ethics complaint was filed about the hiring process of Eastley, and the Ethics Commission never held a public hearing. If you violate hiring practices in Nye County and the DA favors a certain individual, there are no consequences. How peachy! Citizens have complained about past hiring practices, but it’s a waste of time in Nye County as long as Kunzi is involved and the whole county is incestuously connected by families. Nye County: a taxpayer-funded, family-operated business. There is no question about corruption in Nye County: It’s pervasive.

–Andrew Alberti

Edward Snook’s Note: District Attorney Brian Kunzi has slandered Shirley Matson, whom I consider to be a very fine human being and an honest, outstanding public servant. In my opinion, Kunzi is no better than his predecessor, District Attorney Robert Beckett. The only difference I see is that he hasn’t started drunken driving yet, and he hasn’t been arrested in front of Heidi Fleiss’s House.

The US~Observer sincerely hopes that the citizens of Nye County, Nev., wake up and put a stop to Kunzi’s corrupted bullying. My personal message to Kunzi: Brian Kunzi, you are indeed a bully, and you will find our future relationship to be far more challenging than the one you have had with Assessor Shirley Matson. Prepare yourself to reimburse Shirley Matson the $45,000 that was withheld from her through political chicanery.

It’s truly amazing that the all-important District Attorney of Nye County, Nev., finds it necessary to beat up on a helpless woman. What isn’t amazing is the fact that Kunzi is almost frantic in his efforts to destroy Matson. Kunzi appears to be hiding some things that are extremely important (damning); and rest assured, we will find out exactly what they are.

If supposed “public servants” like Kunzi possessed any real intelligence, they would simply do what is right. Sadly, and at their own demise, they rarely do so. In other words, “a leopard can’t change its spots.” Kunzi will never be able to say he wasn’t given the opportunity.

Anyone with information on Kunzi and his Nye County cabal is urged to contact Andrew Alberti at 775-513-6056 or email

Where Is The Person Of Principle?

Are cowardice and narcissism the price for material prosperity? Jesus asked the question: “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Will an individual today give his soul in exchange for anonymity and material prosperity? In America today it seems there are plenty of people who will give just about anything — including their principles, if they had any to begin with — in exchange for those two possessions.

A person of principle seems to be a damn rare commodity these days.

Where are people of principle in law enforcement? During President Barack Obama’s most recent manufactured government crisis (the Federal government shutdown), officials with the National Park Service claimed they were just following orders when they broke their oaths of office and willfully followed unlawful edicts from Obama to close national parks and other government facilities and make life as miserable as possible for veterans and other U.S. citizens. What did they get in return for their part in the lawlessness — the privilege to keep their jobs?

Where is the politician of principle? Conservatives mistakenly thought that since Republicans controlled the U. S. House of Representatives, we had some safeguard against Obama and the other Democrats and their Marxist policies. Boy, were we fooled, as a majority of Republicans regularly cave to Obama’s Nation-killing agenda.

In my State of Colorado, I live within the Congressional district of Mike Coffman, a Gulf War veteran who I thought was a conservative and a safe bet for not giving in to Obama. But Coffman sold out his constituents and his country when he voted, along with the liberal Republicans in the House of Representatives, for pretty much everything the power-crazed rabble in the Democratic Party wanted. What did Coffman exchange his soul and principles for? More power? More money? More favor from those above him who could further his career in politics in any way and at any cost — just like his other complicit Republican comrades?

Sadly, for liberty, what Coffman did is all too common in both the House and Senate anymore. Where our Founding Fathers risked all to resist the evil of their day, our modern politicians prostitute themselves by getting in bed with evildoers in order to bolster and increase their holdings and prestige.

I also foolishly thought that since Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was known to be a conservative judge and could hopefully be counted upon to uphold the Constitution, Obamacare would be struck down. We all know how that went. What did Roberts trade his soul for?

Where are the people of principle in any profession these days?

There don’t seem to be many even in our so-called Christian churches. I personally know several professed followers of Christ who voted for Obama in the 2008 election even though ministries like Focus on the Family, then-headed by Dr. James Dobson, exposed him as a God and Bible hater at least six months before the election.

A Christian church that my wife and I have been attending is between pastors. The board of elders has found a pastor it is going to ask to fill the position. I talked with one of the elders whether it had been determined how much the church was prepared to offer this new pastor in terms of salary. The elder commented that whatever it was, it was going to have to include at least $24,000 a year to pay for Obamacare for the new pastor and his family of five. Even my own church appeared to have every intention of just going along with the evil within its midst in order to get along and not have their good 501(c)3 status with the government compromised. So where is the Christian of principle?

Are you a person of principle? What will you give in exchange for your soul? Is there a line in this life that you will not cross even in order to preserve your position, money and/or possessions? Is this short, temporary life too dear to you? Do you lack a fear of death and ultimately standing before a righteous God who will ask you to make an account of your life one day in the fast approaching future?

Now, in probably this Nation’s darkest hour since its inception, we desperately need good people of integrity who will risk all in every profession to stand by their principles and resist the evil at their doorstep.

–Lorne Dey

Local Citizen Involvement Wanted? Whatever!

This article first ran on US~Observer as an exclusive.

Jackson County, Ore. — It is an absolute and fundamental responsibility for citizens to be involved in their local government structure. In fact, the county documents in Jackson County, Ore., display an organizational chart depicting the head of the county to be the citizens themselves; next in the organizational hierarchy are the Commissioners, then the Administrator, and on down to every county department head. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. As a citizen who has decided to be involved and attends the county commissioner meetings, and who dares to question the details or authority, I can testify to the fact that if I am one who stands “in charge,” the commissioners did not get the memo. Their televised meetings begin playing the regal music with verbal dialog to “come and experience the process” by attending the meetings. Apparently, experiencing the process means come in and shut up.

In addition to claiming tyrannical control by functioning as the executive, legislative and judicial branches, the Commissioners are in charge of keeping the citizen who might dare to question or express their opinion in an open forum of intimidation.

The Commissioners have sent a written formal request that I stop asking questions. They have written guest editorials in response to my opinion letter to the editor, calling me a liar or an idiot too stupid to understand. As a journalist, I have been asked to submit a weekly report of county activity and business to my small local paper. My articles have consistently been rebuked in person, by commissioner editorial and by relentless phone calls. Their defensive posture to purposefully discredit my involvement and intimidate me is unprofessional, unscrupulous and completely unproductive.

Commissioner Doug Breidenthal has certainly accepted the challenge to degrade any citizen with questions:

  • His verbal response to a question I asked, which addressed another Commissioner, was that it “rubbed him the wrong way” and in his opinion, was not appropriate.
  • A call to the editor of the local paper, complaining of my behavior.
  • An email that stated, “I also believe you owe Mr. Jordan (the Administrator) a THANK YOU for responding to your request without any of us giving him direction to do so.”

His arrogance and contempt for the people that he works for gives credit to Curt Chancler’s evaluation of Breidenthal in his article It’s The Constitution, Stupid – Administrative Rule Be Damned!.

The usurped power, contempt and arrogance of the Board of Commissioners in Jackson County will be stopped only by the demands of the people, either by the collaborative assertive and successful supervision by the people, or by removing these elected individuals from their posts. Then, perhaps, we will have won back a county government for the people, by the people and of the people.

–Colleen Roberts

Oregon City Is Every Bit As Politically Corrupt As Chicago

Grants Pass, Ore. — I’m a good citizen, work hard, own a house and property and pay my taxes. Why then, did FBI Special Agents visit my private shop Tuesday?

It was retribution, pure and simple — an attempt to intimidate me because I use my 1st Amendment right to free speech by writing letters to the local newspaper, illuminating the morally bankrupt local government.

Special Agent Jeffery Gray from the Medford, Ore., FBI office explained that the official reason for the visit was that the FBI received a tip that I had threatened Grants Pass city councilors. If they feel threatened, it’s because they know I may write the truth about their actions. They are threatened by the 1st Amendment.

I was elected to the City Council. But after seeing the corruption, I couldn’t stomach it and resigned.

To alert the public, anything I’ve said or written about Grants Pass city government officials since has been out in the open, in the public domain — usually in published letters to the local newspaper or letters to the official City Hall email.

Back in 2006 or 2007, I did go beyond that when I reported the Grants Pass city government to the Secretary of State for violating State laws. They routinely held their annual Grants Pass City Council planning session far outside city limits at a luxury lodge. That made it nearly impossible for local citizens to attend to listen or participate. State government officials immediately recognized the illegality and forced Grants Pass to cease and desist.

In 2010, the Grants Pass city manager, assistant manager and police chief were found guilty of violating State election laws for illegally influencing a public vote on a safety levy tax increase. When the three went to Salem to appeal, I wrote a letter to the City Council protesting the use of my tax dollars toward their defense. I documented a pattern of behavior that made me feel they weren’t worth defending.

Shortly thereafter, I received an email from Police Chief Joe Henner insisting that I: “cease and desist” speaking about him or the “next communication will be from my (his) lawyer.” I forwarded his benign threat to the Secretary of State.

When former Mayor Mike Murphy appointed city councilors in a secret backroom deal with no public input or media observers, I paid for a full-page newspaper ad exposing his brazen flaunt of the democratic process.

Last year, when a former strip club DJ, Mark Gatlin, allegedly turned Christian and ran for City Council, I dug onto my own pocket again and paid for a citywide postcard mailing warning voters of his background.

In several open letters published in local newspapers, I have been critical of the lack of real work and huge overcompensation that the city’s firefighters’ union has managed to extract from the citizens under the complicit eye of Henner.

Upon the recent announcement of Henner’s planned retirement, I wrote a letter criticizing his management style and lack of scruples.

On Tuesday, someone connected to the Grants Pass city government sent the FBI to rattle my cage. I don’t rattle. I grew up in Chicago, and the corruption and moral decay in Grants Pass government and politics is nothing I haven’t seen before.

–Bob Anderson

US~Observer Editor’s Note: Bob Anderson is an example of a citizen who stands against corruption on the local level by demanding accountability. We could all take a page out of his playbook and begin holding our own officials’ hands to the fire. Thank you, Bob, for not rattling.

Bob may be reached by emailing

‘New’ IRS Abuse Is The Same Old Story

Here we go again, or rather, it just keeps on going.

The Internal Revenue Service, the same agency that took lavish trips on the taxpayers’ dime and discriminated against conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status, is up to its old tricks of threatening criminal charges against people who for years have sought to work out their back tax issues.

“All too often the IRS  just isn’t interested in working out a tax debt, but rather want to criminalize people for their personal beliefs,” said Edward Snook, editor-in-chief of the US~Observer.

Tom Curry is a reasonable man who doesn’t push his beliefs on others. He simply works hard and wants to be left alone. He doesn’t believe in victimless crimes. He also doesn’t believe it is right for a government to continually fund other countries and waste our money on resort vacations while our citizens are put to the ever increasing task to pay for it.

When Curry was taken in by the works of Irwin Schiff, an anti-tax evangelist, he believed so wholeheartedly in what Schiff was selling that he stopped filing his personal income taxes, believing that it was a completely voluntary system of taxation.

After being contacted by the IRS and informed he did have to file and pay his personal income taxes, he decided not to fight them and he set about hiring several individuals to file his returns and also to run the administration of his Boston-based landscaping and snow-removal business.

The IRS kicked back his returns as fraudulent. They also set the tax debt to Curry’s gross income, ignoring any legitimate deductions for business costs and pricing it beyond any possibility of payment.

It didn’t stop Curry from trying. He hired tax-settlement negotiators.

Acting in good faith, however, didn’t stop the raids on Curry’s home, the confiscation of personal belongings or the threats of charges against his wife, who loosely worked for the business.

And it hasn’t stopped U.S. Prosecutor Victor Wild from seeking to imprison this man who reasonably has tried to work it all out.

It’s time to demand accountability – to act. Call Wild’s office at 617-748-3100 and demand he settle this situation rather than prosecute a man so willing to be reasonable and pay his taxes. And submit your phone call experience in the comments below.

The US~Observer has written up all of the details regarding Curry’s predicament. You can read it here.

US~Observer Staff